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November 14th, 2005, 2:46 PM
'Then there will be two men in the field; one will be taken and one will be left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one will be left.'
Matthew 24:40-41

The year is 2025 and technological advances keep getting made everyday. As the days progress, the world is getting closer and closer to a one world currency.
There is alot of talk about a young United Nations representative known as Stanaly Luci, originating from a place not too far from the Panama canal in the America continents. After many attacks by various countries around the world to Israel, Luci declares that he is going to make a Peace Treaty for seven years with Israel.
Little does everyone know, this seven years will not be normal. It will be the age for the biggest events in the history of the earth...
Not too long before the signing, an awful lot of strange activities have been happening. Mainly one big one. Many people, Christians incidentally, have been disappearing. Many people have different theories for the cause of this. Aliens, new weaponary, the Bemuda Triangle. But, no. This is a force greater than those put together - God Himself.
It's official, Jesus Christ, Son of Man, has returned for his people, just as John the Revelator predicted. And those who weren't marked as God's own have been left behind to suffer the seven years of Tribulation.
While others who have barely heard of God grieved for their loved ones, those who thought themselves to be Christian enough begin to find answers. Others, whether raised Christian or not, have tried to find work with the new Luci.
You happen to be one of those who have been left behind (It's only an RPG, don't take it as if it's really happening right now. :p) and you want your answers. Will you prevail over Satan's evil ploys to join the dark side?

NAME: (Who you are. If you want a nickname, include it in the middle of your full name. I won't force you to use last names. :p)
APPEARANCE: (I want to see a good amount for this. 2-3 lines of information at least)
PERSONALITY: (See Appearance)
GENDER: (So there aren't any cuffuffles. ;) )
AGE: (At least over 10, remember, children do get Raptured)
LOCATION: (Where you are. Could be anywhere as long as it's not made up.)

NAME: Joshua "Giga Hurtz"
APPEARANCE: A slightly overweight boy who is still struggling through adolescance. He is beginning to get some acne and his voice sometimes goes squeaky (Like that teen on Simpsons. :p). He's fairly tall and has longish nails (Not too long but not too short). Has longing brown hair and bright blue eyes.
PERSONALITY: Josh was raised a Christian but kind of fell away from the Lord, doing some things his own way and doing things knowing they were sinful. He is quite good at computers. Prefers to be alone at times, makes a few jokes every now and then. Sort of nice, but don't get on his wrong side.
AGE: 13
LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

Easier to base some things off myself. :p

November 14th, 2005, 3:11 PM
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