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March 6th, 2004, 8:38 AM
Ok, a few things you should know.

Micky is based on me, bits of this story will have bits from my life involved in it.

There is a lot of lengthy description (People have told me to use it and not to, Im going to keep it since it makes me look like a better writer) so please dont tell me about that.

My email address is: [email protected] so if you have any comments please message me/email me on there.

This is my 1st Fan fiction so give me a break if you think the story sucks.

Ok lets get on with things

Theres gonna be a bit of swearing in speech & the term pissed off outside of speech since I can't thin kof a word to replace it with.

Chapter 1 - Friend or Foe?

"I want to be in another place, I hate when you say you dont understand" - Linkin Park, A Place for My Head

The world renown Captain Stern was eight days into his expedition. At least three hundred under the surface of the Sootopolis ocean, currently navigating Water Route 127, the submarine Searcher 1 had yet to discover anything, until now. Captain Stern stopped the submarine, gazing through the murky water the submarine lights stood still, revealing a large golden object. It was an egg, much larger than that of a normal egg, at least three times larger. Um, Captain, dont water Pokemon lay their eggs closer to the surface? One of Sterns colleagues emerged behind him.

Yes Jay, they do Stern replied calmly, not allowing his excitement to show. He knew what this egg was, it was what hed been searching for throughout the entire journey, although he didnt inform his colleagues that this was his purpose. Stern slowly moved his hands over to a joystick, manoeuvring a submarine claw to pick up the golden object.

Several years later the egg hatched. A head popped out first. It was a white slender fur neck leading up to a cute shaped head. Its nose was a golden yellow and its ears stood at attention as if it was listening to the sounds of the lab. Its eyes were a sapphire blue glimmering. Its eyes adjusting to the outside world. It cracked the rest of the shell revealing a rounded body. It had two stick like sensors sticking out of its back. They were the same golden yellow colour as its nose. It had two small wing like arms of the same colour. Its body was the same white as its neck but as it went down to the stomach it became a golden yellow all the way down to its small feet. It had a sky blue triangle on its stomach and Professor Birch immediately knew what this Pokemon was.


Ok class, please welcome Michael Hardy. Hes just transferred here from Cambridge High School. The Teacher introduced a tall boy of fifteen. He had long black hair extending down his back. His eyes were a hazel brown. His skin was a tanned peach. He stood just shorter than six feet tall wearing grey trousers, a white shirt and a Maroon Blazer with a bird symbol on it. He stepped through the brown oak doors of the classroom. There was about twenty students in the class. Hell be joining us for today and will continue with us after the holidays. Do you prefer to be called by anything else? a women of around thirty asked. Her hair a short chestnut brown, her eyes hidden by glasses.

Most people just call me Micky he replied in a low depressive tone. He never like going to school. He wished his dad had allowed him to go on a Pokemon Journey. His grades were good enough for allowing him to leave school when he was ten. However his dad was determined to make sure Micky became a lawyer or doctor or something else highly paid.

Very well, Class, please Welcome Micky the Women replied. She was clearly the teacher of the class. The students replied with his and hellos. Micky walked towards an empty desk near the back of the class. It was in a corner. The desk appeared to be made of plastic. It was grey and had steel legs. Micky sat through a two hour class on law. He was bored mindless but he knew he would pass the class by the end of the year.

After school ended Micky headed home. His school was just outside Lilycove City. A bustling Metropolis. Cars would zoom over the white stone roads. The pavements were always busy. Micky would have to squeeze through crowds of people on his way home. Buildings ranged from being one storey high to skyscrapers of twenty storeys. Lilycove was also home to the largest Pokemon Department store in the Hoenn region. If it was Pokemon related, it could be found in the Department Store. Trainers from all over the world would fly to Lilycove during a sales time when certain items were incredibly cheap. There was also an Art Museum which Mickys old school had visited on school trips in the past. The thing that Micky loved the most about Lilycove was the beach. It was one of the main tourist attractions. The sand was soft on the skin. It gave a beautiful view of the horizon as the sun would set. Micky would usually do his homework on the beach until the orange glow of the sunset would come down. It was his favourite feature of Lilycove. This day he decided not to go to the beach. It was the last day of the week and now the Summer Holidays began. Eight weeks off of school.

Micky walked up the stairs to his room. He dumped his bags on his bed. He changed out of his school uniform and into a Red Shirt, black trousers bearing two red stripes on either side of his and wore a black jacket. He picked up a wallet and stuffed it into his pocket and then charged down the stairs jumping past the last few steps. He busted out of the door and slammed it behind it. His key was attached to his wallet for convenience. He charged down the road which was empty of cars considering his neighbourhood was quiet. Micky immediately heard a screech from the air. Pidegeottttttttt. Micky turned to look at the sky. He couldnt make out much more than the figure of a large bird since the rays of sun were blinding him.

Heya Micky. An immediately recognisable voice came from the bird as it landed.

****, Peter? A boy of similar age to Micky appeared riding the large bird. He had short ginger hair and ginger-peach skin to match. His eyes were a turquoise blue and he stood several inches above Micky. He wore a simple White and Red Jacket, a Black shirt with a Pokeball symbol on its front, and black trousers. Around his waist Micky noticed a white belt with six red and white Pokeballs attached.

Yeah dude, hows you doing? His voice was light and calm unlike Mickys who was still in shock. He hadnt seen his old friend Peter in five years since he left on his Pokemon journey. Micky had always been jealous and resentful of Peter. He felt he had turned his back on Micky when he left Lilycove five years ago although deep down Micky knew, had their positions been switched he would have done the same.

Uh, Im fine.. Micky wasnt sure how to answer this. He was doing ok until his friend had shown up practically rubbing it in his face that he was a Pokemon trainer. Uh, how you bin? The reality was Micky didnt want to hear this answer. He didnt want to hear how happy Peter was about being a trainer and how hed met so many new people who were so much better than Micky.

Im great. Being a Pokemon Trainer owns ***. There it was, the first emotional bullet wound through Mickys heart. He had missed an opportunity at happiness because of his dad. Dude, you wanna see my Pokemon? Micky did want to see his Pokemon but he knew it would be bullet wound number two.

Uh, sure. Micky mumbled his reply to hide his resentment.

Well, firstly, meet Pidgeot. He directed his hand to the magnificent Bird to his right. It stood at a similar height to Micky. Its eyes appeared to have black eye-liner around it. Its beak was pale. Its wings were spread wide across. On the outside its fur was a pale oak brown but the inside fur of its wings were a crme white. Its chest and stomach were the same crme colour however the rest of its fur was the pale oak colour. A giant Blood Red mane started from the roof of its head. It extended finely down its back. Near the top there were bits of yellow on its mane but that disappeared as it extended down the fine bird back. Its tail was of similar colour. A combination of Red and yellow feathers.

Pidgeot the bird chirped with glee.

Erm, yo?? Micky replied unsure of how he was suppose to speak to this magnificent Bird that stood before him staring him in the eye.

Let me guess, you dont know how to speak to Pokemon? Yep, Peter hit the nail on the head, Micky had absolutely no clue. Just treat them like they were people, they dont need to be patronised.

Ok, hello Pidgeot, can you lend me some money Micky said sarcastically.

Uh god. Anyways. Peter reached down to a Pokeball on his belt. He aimed it towards Pidgeot withdrawing the bird to the ball. The transference was a strange spectacle. A beam of a see-through light red beamed at the bird. As it connected with the bird Pidgeot became a figure of the same see-through red colour. In a second it started fold its shape and retract to the Pokeball.
Anyway Micky, I can tell your not enjoying this much sowhere the **** are you heading? If Peter remembered his friend well, which he did, Micky would usually be heading towards the beach with his homework to get it done in the warmth of the suns rays.

I was heading to Fortree city to watch Winonna do some gym battles. You know, like we used to. Micky remembered when he and Peter were only eight or nine. They would hike up Route 120 to Fortree City bypassing several trainer battles, the so called ancient ruins of a Powerful Pokemon, and the beautiful River Tours. Those days were over though. Micky would trek up there himself. It was tiring with no one to speak to. The time used to fly by but now it went slower than ever allowing the pain of the several hour hike to synch in. Micky looked on the bright side of this. It made him physically fit over time and he was almost fully adjusted to hiking those several hours through the bumpy hills and tall grass.

Cool, your going to Fortree? Thats my last gym. Peter opened his jacket revealing seven glimmering gym badges. Gym badges were earned through defeating gym leaders of certain cities. A Pokemon gym was the one thing Lilycove lacked. I was gonna go there today. Just came by to see my old mates first. Micky got that sense of resent again. His friend had earned seven gym badges. It pissed him off so much that his father hadnt let him leave on a Pokemon journey.

Uh, well guess we gonna hike up there together like old times then?
What, walk? **** no. I have Pokemon remember. We can fly. Peter removed two Pokeballs from his belt. They began as small objects but hitting an activation button would enlarge them to hand size and would make them release its contained Pokemon when thrown to the ground. Peter pulled back his arm and threw the Pokeballs high into the air. They spun elegantly before opening. With that two shapes appeared in the red glimmer. Micky immediately recognised one as the bird from earlier known as Pidgeot however the second one was unfamiliar to him. It resembled a huge dragon. As it took form into its genetic body it revealed itself to be a pale blue. It stood on all fours and remained to be taller than Micky. Its head was shaped with several spiked bines around it. The wings of this beast were a blood red. It bore eyebrows of the same colour. Its neck and stomach was a dark crme, almost like crme had been placed over the blue. It opened its mouth revealing sharp fangs looking to be capable of removing Mickys head with one bite. It had a long tail of the pale blue its body possessed which looked strong enough to crush Mickys house with one swing. The beast let out a giant roar shocking Micky making him step back several feet. Dont worry Micky. Salamance wont harm you. Well unless I was to order him to. Micky glared at Peter. He sounded serious and at that moment he feared him. Was he really that psychotic? Dude Im just kidding. Come on hop on Salamance. Peter patted the giant dragon on its head before climbing onto his Pidgeot. Micky slowly made his way towards the intimidating Dragon. Micky, he can smell fear, and he dont like it Peter pointed out cautiously.

What so bravery is gonna cover up the smell of my tender flesh? Micky replied sarcastically slowly making his way to the giant beast. He clambered onto it gripping onto its neck tightly.

Ok, come on guys, head for Fortree. Pidgeot flew up first leading the way, seemingly knowing where to head. Salamance followed with Micky gripping ever tightly. The flew high above the sky scrapers of Lilycove and Micky feared for his life knowing that one slip would make him fall to his death. As they flew Mickys long hair dragged behind him. It glided in the air gracefully. Micky was enjoying himself at that moment. He had never experienced flying in his life but he was loving it. The wind rushing passed his face cooling his skin. He looked down below noticing the forests surrounding Route 120. Although he couldnt see much more than the tall trees shading the ground below he knew all sorts of amazing creatures lived there. He heard the cries of each Pokemon occasionally.

They landed just outside of Fortree City only twenty minutes later. Micky thought of how little time it took these magnificent creatures to make it through a Route which took Micky several hours to transverse. Well then Micky, time to head to the gym. Peter pulled out the two Pokeballs which stored Salamance and Pidgeot and withdrew them. He then attached the balls to his belt and started walking towards the gym of Fortree. This city was unlike a normal city. Houses were built in trees high above the ground. There were wooden ladders for climbing up to the houses which were all allocated onto wooden bridges, almost like the streets of Lilycove. Each bridge had a street name and each house connected to the bridge had a number. No cars were in Fortree obviously which made the air pure and clean. People and Pokemon lived happily together.

March 6th, 2004, 8:39 AM
The cities gym was famed for Bird Pokemon as Micky knew well from years of watching the gym battles in the gym. Micky knew full well that Peter would need to use Electric, ice or rock type Pokemon to take down Winonnas elegant birds. Peter stood outside the gym doors. They could here commotion within. Cheers and explosions lit the whole city with sound. Micky pushed open the gym doors but was greeted with a huge beam of light. He dived out of the way just in time to avoid injury as did Peter.
Impressive move Brian. A womens voice was heard from to the left of Micky. He looked over to see a tall women in her mid twenties standing just outside the battlefield of the Pokemon. Her hair was a dark brown and stretched behind her back with elegance. She wore white jeans, a blue shirt and a white scarf. Her eyes were a crystal colour and they gleamed to the other side of the battlefield.

Why thank you. A sarcastic voice from the opposite side of Winonna was heard. A boy of around twenty stood there gleaming back. He wore no shirt showing off a six pack that looked like it had been chiselled in stone. His body was tanned all the way to his head. He had short brown hair and beady black eyes. His trousers were tattered but Micky could make out black underneath the dust. Micky now glared at the battlefield. The first thing to catch his eye was a goose like bird which was a glimmering Blue. It floated in the air, surrounded by a something white and fluffy that can only be described as a cloud. This appeared to be the wings of this Pokemon which Micky knew as Altaria. On top of this birds head was three blue feathers of a slightly darker blue than the creatures body fur. It was a mane that trailed down its back, similarly to Pidgeots. The other Pokemon on the battlefield was human shaped. It was nothing like a human other than how it stood however. It had sharp pointy gold ears, a gold face, a sharp pointy nose just like its ears. It had a white moustache which curled downwards. It was a long moustache stretching down as far as its thin gold neck. From there its body became a thin shape. On it were brown plates that appeared to be armour on certain parts of its body. On its shoulders, chest and knees. In its human like hands it grasped two silver spoons. This Pokemon was a Psychic. The spoons were used to help this creature focus its psychic powers. It would practice on many occasions bending the spoons with its mind.
Alakazam! the man called. Hit Altaria with an Ice Punch. With that the human shaped psychic launched towards the cloud surrounded bird. Its fist appeared to turn an icy blue as was the technique of this move. The spoon in Alakazams hand was no longer visible and the giant bird stood a high chance of taking critical damage from this move.

Altaria, dodge it with agility Winonna yelled. With that the Bird sprung out of the way of the punch with speed as it turned to watch Alakazam fall to the ground fist first. As it landed its fist seemingly shattered as the ice around it broke. Ok Altaria, hit it with dragon breath. With that the Altaria took in one deep breath and spewed green flames from its mouth towards the psychic Pokemon.

Alakazam the man screamed. Tele He was too late to give an order. The green spew of Altaria was already upon the psychic. It writhed in pain trying to clamber to its feet. After several seconds of enduring the spew of dragon breath Alakazam was released. Its body blackened from where the dragon had sprayed it. Alakazam clambered to its feet spoons placed in front of its face in a defensive position, but then, the Psychic fell onto its back unconscious. Alakazam? Brian cried loudly.

Alakazam is unable to continue, therefore Winonna wins the match a Man announced loudly. The crowd erupted in cheers for their gym leader as Brian rushed over the battle field to check on his psychic.

Keep at it Brian, you done that battle Winonna smiled as she said that to the trainer who had retracted Alakazam to its Pokeball. Winonna walked towards the back of the gym towards a set of double doors.

Dammit Micky. It was peter. Micky had completely forgotten about him since he was lost in the fight.

What is it Pete? Micky asked.

I gotta wait until tomorrow before I get to fight her.

Seriously, stop *****ing dude, watch the rest of the todays battles, pick up Winonnas tactics and then find a way around them.

Dude, you sound like you know what your talking about? Peter didnt like how Micky had almost challenged him. Peter felt he was an experienced enough trainer to not need advice so he replied to Mickys advice in a condescending tone.

Dude, Ive been watching Winonna battle since I was nine. You stopped after a year, shes advanced in her tactics since you left. She aint a push over. Micky was angered at his friends arrogance and stormed out of the gym.

Where you going? Peter questioned thinking Micky was gonna stay with him.

Is it any of your business? Micky was highly pissed off at his friend and at that moment he wanted to be left alone. He walked to the west of Fortree towards Route 119. This route was by far Mickys favourite. It had a tall mountain were a river began. This created several Waterfalls that came crashing down to the River Flyer. He would normally climb up to the top of the first waterfall giving him a view of most of the route. Climbing to the top of the Mountain would take him almost the entire day. Although it wasnt impossible it was seemingly pointless.

Half an hour past and Micky stood at the top of the first waterfall. There was several berry trees here and a few Pokemon stood by, licking water from the river. Micky wondered up to a large berry tree. It stood around about nine feet in the air and possessed large berries. Micky picked one. It was red and spiked. He peeled off the spikes revealing an oval shaped berry. It was soft and wet. Micky went to take a bite but spat it out immediately. Holy **** thats spicy. His tongue felt like it was on fire. He dropped the berry and raced over to the water scaring off the few Pokemon drinking the water. He immediately started splashing water into his mouth hoping to rid himself of the taste. Suddenly something smacked right down to his side. It was a fish that appeared to have fell from the waterfall to Mickys right. It looked to be a huge drop and Mick was amazed at the endurance of this fish. It was a rather large fish with Imperial yellow scales. Its fins were white and it possessed a glum look on its face. Its mouth was wide open revealing a red tongue.

Karp, Karp, Karp The creature cried flopping around on the river bank.

Hold on little guy. Micky tried to pick the creature up to place it back into the water but it was difficult considering the creature kept splashing out of his hands. Eventually Micky managed to push the creature into the river which seemed to please it. It turned to look at him as if to say thank you. Youre a strange coloured Magikarp Micky said. Most of the creatures known as Magikarp were a red orange colour. Hey you want some berries? Micky questioned the creature who seemed to not understand a word of what Micky had said. Micky ran over to the tree and picked off three berries. They were the same spicy berries Micky had tasted before. He peeled off the spiked skin and fed the small fish the berry. It seemed to enjoy the taste and quickly finished it off. As Micky went to peel a second one the fish dived underwater in fear. Hey, where you go dude? Micky was shocked to see this fish disappear on him as he was feeding it.

Grr, Hound. A loud bark was heard behind Micky. He turned to see five dogs behind him growling. Each was black with brown chests and necks. They had bone white Horns and several similar coloured bumps sticking out of their back and ankles. Their tails were thin but became sharp points at the end. One opened its mouth to bark and it revealed a full set of large sharp teeth, appearing quite capable of ripping Mickys arm right off.

Uh, hi Houndooms, erm, you guys want berries? Micky held out his hand in a feeble attempt to win these dogs trust but to no avail as one drew in breath. Micky knew flames would be coming out and he dived into the water.

Ok guys, just dont Micky trailed off when he realised he wasnt strong enough to fight the currents. He was being washed off of the edge of the waterfall and he could think of no way to stop it. The dogs barked loudly at him seemingly wishing he didnt do that. The Houndooms wanted to eat him Micky believed.

Mickys body washed off of the edge of the waterfall as he fell for about sixty feet. He tried to swing his body into a diving position so he would land more softly into the water that laid below but he failed. His body landed hard on the water smacking against his back and splashing water all over the place. He fell down to the bottom of the river, alive but in pain. His mouth opened releasing air and he tried to swim to the top of the river. He made no progress. He couldnt swim any higher. He looked down at his feet and opened his mouth again in shock. A jellyfish like Pokemon was gripping at his ankles with its two tentacles. It had a blue rounded head with two red lumps on either side. Micky saw no way out of this. If he didnt do something he would drown but if he struggled the creature would surely secrete poison into his ankles. Micky thought for a moment and then kicked the creature in one of the large red bumps around its head. He felt a sharp sting in his ankle and saw blood begin to release from his ankle. He knew the creature had unleashed toxins into his bloodstream and he had to get to people fast or he wouldnt last long. As he swam to the surface his ankle went numb. As his head crashed through the water he breathed in air. It tasted so sweet in his lungs but he knew he couldnt spend forever enjoying the air. For one that creature could grab him again and secondly he believed he was poisoned, although how bad he was not sure.

As he clambered to shore he was met with an unwelcome surprise. Seriously please just **** off Micky said out of breathe to the pack of Houndooms who had quickly made their way to the shore. Micky looked at his leg seeing the blood trickle from his ankle. The savage dogs licked their lips at this sight and Micky knew he had only one option. Run for it. With that he charged for the thick forests of Route 119. He couldnt feel the pain in his right ankle through the numbness but it felt as though his leg would snap right off. He heard the dogs bark behind him. Micky was running for his life at a surprisingly fast speed. The dogs were catching up though. One slip up and Micky was dead. He dove into the forests maintaining his speed. He leaped over logs, mud hills and even Pokemon although most had moved out of the way at the sight of the Houndooms. Micky had charged far but hed reached the end of his run. He tripped over a tree root and the dogs pounced on their opportunity.

The dogs scratched and bit and Mickys tender skin causing wounds pouring out blood. Micky tried to kick some away but to no avail. He rolled as fast as he could but the dogs continued to chase his body as it rolled until Micky came to a small cliff edge. He was unaware of it and fell about ten feet head first into a rock. His head cracked open and Micky knew he was done for. His face became a crimson mask as blood gushed from the left side of his head. Through the blood he could make out the figure of one of the dogs, followed by two others and eventually the last to. They had Micky trapped. His head in pain, his mind numb as he slowly crawled to the cliff edge feebly trying to back away from the vicious dogs. With that the leader of the back drew in breath. Micky knew a flamethrower was coming. Of all the ways to die Im gonna be a barbeque for a pack of dogs Micky thought. He didnt bother to try and move since he knew he was as god as dead at that moment.

He gazed through the blood towards the dog waiting for the blaze to hit him. He closed his eyes but after a few seconds realised nothing had happened. He opened them and saw the five dogs laying unconscious on the ground. Holy **** a Miracle Micky gasped through his shivering voice. From there Micky noticed something float down to the ground from above the dogs. It was shaped like a bird but was much different. It had a cute round nose at its front of a golden yellow. Its eyes were a glimmering sapphire staring towards Micky sweetly. It had two stick like sensors sticking out of its back. They were the same golden yellow colour as its nose. It had two small wing like arms of the same colour. Its body was the same white as its neck but as it went down to the stomach it became a golden yellow all the way down to its small feet. It had a sky blue triangle on its stomach and two tiny feet complete with only two feathered toes. It glared back at Micky. Was it friendly? Or did it want to eat Micky itself?

"Adrenaline keeps me in the game, Adrenaline, you don't even feel the pain." - Gavin Rossdale, Adrenaline

Author Notes: The event from my life in this is getting my head cracked open by a group of rude-boys. Who are represented by the Houndooms. Peter is based on my friend and more people I know will be inc in this story.

March 8th, 2004, 12:56 PM
I'll give it a 7/10.

Good vivid descriptions, quotes added a nice touch, good cliffhanger, but a few typos here and there.

PS: I'm not the best rater, I'll never give a 10...

March 8th, 2004, 12:58 PM
Ah, so its a good thing you didn't give a star rating then.

Yeah, occasionally the typo's don't show on MS word, infact when I read it through sometimes it doesn't show just cos of the fact its usually like Brian/Brain which when is hard to notice. There was assed in place of asked in chapter 2 I believe & it took ages for anyone to notice

The Vince Knight
March 9th, 2004, 3:25 AM
Nice I will give a 7/10 too.
Nice story...

March 9th, 2004, 4:32 AM
Hate to be a jackass, but isn't that a bit spammy (Didn't say why, yes I'm trying to boost my ego here)? lol

Chapter 2 - Sight of the Past, Voice of the Future

Where do I take this pain of mine? I run, but it stays right by my side. - Metallica, Until it Sleeps

A girl sat curled up in the foetal position in the corner of a padded room. She was in her mid twenties. Her hair was a fair brown, it was straight and went down to the floor. Her eyes were navy blue. Her skin was pale, her lips dry from being locked in the room for so long. A table lay in the opposite corner with a notepad and pencil sitting on top of it. The girl was a mute. She lost her voice through fear. She had not spoke for fourteen years. Ever since the death of her mother. Her mind locked in thought and she started to have flashbacks.

Come on Mum. They say a legendary Pokemon lies here. An eleven year old girl climbed up a steep set of stairs. Her hair was blonde, reflecting the small light that broke through the tower she was climbing. Her skin was tanned unlike the present.

Hold on Kerri. Im not as young as you, its more tiring. An older women of around thirty five replied. Her hair was raven black. She was a similar height to her daughter. About five feet and a bit. Her eyes were the same Navy Blue as her daughters. She clambered up the stairs behind her daughter. She wore blue jeans, a pink top and a black jacket. An oak brown belt around her waist contained five Pokeballs.

Yeah mum, Im aware Kerri replied giggling, flicking her blonde hair behind her. She wore a red tank top and black trousers with a rose symbol on its side. She started to run up the stairs. Laughing as she went. She wore a white belt with three Pokeballs.

Her mother giggled her reply What did that blind guy say this creatures name was? Kerri and her mother were previously in Pacifidlog Town. A city on the water. They visited a blind man known only as RAGE. He was mutated as a child in a lab. He hid his entire body under a black cloak and grey gloves which showed only three large bulbous fingers.

I didnt say this creatures name. A low creepy voice from behind Kerri and her mother bellowed. The blind man followed behind them. He was believed to be psychic for although he could not see, he walked as though he knew where he was going. I still suggest you do not find this beast, for it possesses more power than any Pokemon alive.

I thought you said you wouldnt come with us Kerri said turning back towards the cloaked man.

Well, you seem intent on trying to capture this beast, so I will show you the way to his lair, but I will go no further than that Rage replied in a deep voice.

Well, thats all we need Rage Kerris mother replied in a cheerful tone.

The group of three headed towards the top of the stone staircase. When they reached the top they saw nothing but a huge hole in the ground. Light did not reach here and Kerri pulled out a torch and Rage pulled out a lantern. He lit the candle within the lantern giving an orange glow. Rage pulled out a couple of underwater breathers. You will need these. I assume you have water Pokemon? Rage questioned. He knew what lay in the whole.

Of course we do, its my specialty Kerri replied. Her three Pokeballs contained three Pokeballs. A Kingdra, a Maril and a Sealeo. She triggered the Pokeballs to make them grow in size ready to release the contained Pokemon.

Not yet young one. First you must climb down there. Rage Pointed towards the hole in the ground which seemingly had no bottom. With that rage pulled out a large coil of rope from underneath the cloak he wore. He tied it to a nearby pillar and tossed it down the hole. When you reach the bottom there will be a small lake. From there you will need your Pokemon to dive with you. It will take a good few minutes so use the breathers. There will be several routes in which you can take. I forget which one it is that leads to the beasts lair but those breathers should let you last at least twenty minutes. With that Rage backed away down the stairs leaving Kerri and her Mother on their own, leaving behind the lantern on the floor giving off little light.

I thought he said hed show us the way to his lair? Kerri said after she was sure Rage was out of ear shot.

I guess he only meant he would only tell us the way. Kerris mum was also curious as to what this man meant since he said he would show them the way.

Well I guess we should climb down then.

KERRI! KERRI! She snapped out of her thought and turned to see one of the Doctors at her mental hospital. Kerri, your fathers here. With that the doctor left and a man of at least fifty entered. His hair was a short curly brown. His eyes were hazel brown. He had a large moustache of brown was underneath his sharp pointy nose. His lips were dried, just like his daughters. There were strands of grey in his hair from his age. He wore a black suit with a white shirt underneath.

How have you been Kerri? her father asked. Kerri scrambled over to the desk to reach for her notepad and pencil.

What do you think dad, Ive been locked in here for 14 years. She wrote in a scribbled pencil, however her father had adjusted to seeing it since he visited every couple of weeks.

Well Kerri, you havent shown any signs of recovering. Her father spoke calmly.

Hows Micky? She preferred to speak to her brother. He was nicer than her father. They related better since they both liked Pokemon whilst her father never got over the idea of a Pokemon murdering his wife.

Your brothers fine Kerri.

Have you let him become a trainer yet? She had spoken with Micky before and she knew he wanted to become one.

You know he doesnt want to become one Kerri. He would rather follow in my footsteps and become a well paid Lawyer, or a doctor. Kerri knew that his dad had no idea what he was talking about, but she had tried to convince him of his want to become a trainer but she guessed that Micky had denied it. He knew he couldnt leave his father on his own. She signed in defeat. She didnt want to ruin her father and brothers relationship, no matter how rocky it already was.

When can I next see him? She was anxious to see her brother. She hadnt seen him in months and he was the closest thing to a friend she had for almost fourteen years. Since Micky was aged five they would discuss all sorts of things and despite the age factor and her inability to speak.

Hes busy with school work her father stammered, annoyed that his daughter wasnt too keen on seeing him.

Look dad, I know you hate seeing me so just leave, send Micky my love. She practically told her dad to leave, she didnt want to speak to him. She was twenty five but her father still spoke to her as if she was still that scared eleven year old. She believed it was him who insisted on her stay at the Mossdeep Sanatorium. She believed he hated her for taking her mother with her into the sky pillar. She wished shed died there too instead of being subjected to a life in a mental home.
Fine, goodbye Kerri Her father replied shaking his head as if to say your never leaving here with that attitude. With that Kerri curled back up in the corner of her room, staring into nothingness yet again.


Micky stared into the sapphire eyes of the creature standing before him. It closed in towards him and stared at him, its head only a hairs length from Mickys face. The blood continued to trickle from Mickys head and ankle. Are you an Angel Micky asked delirious from his blood loss. Suddenly his mind went numb and he could hear a voice.

No I am not. Micky was sure he heard these words as his head became stable again.

Crap Micky said holding his head. Was that you ****ing with my head? The creature nodded. So your not gonna eat me? Micky was still unsure of this but he was almost totally positive that the Creature wasnt going to kill him. The creature shook its head. Uh, good. Well, can I call you Angel anyway? Micky wasnt sure what this creature was but he had to give it a name. The creature appeared to sign before nodding. Well Angel Micky clasped his head wound trying to stop the blood from a escaping. Can you, like, uh, help me out here. Micky ripped at his red long sleeved shirt removing one sleeve which he tightened around his leg, trying to slow whatever toxins the water creature had injected into his body from flowing around his bloodstream.

After Micky was done creating a bandana like bandage for his head he tried to use the creature for leverage to bring himself to his feet. He fell back down to the ground, his body to limp to stand on his own. Help Micky whimpered, his voice trembling through his blood loss. Mickys mind went numb again and he swore he could hear a voice again, and knew the creature he called Angel was speaking to him.

Ok, dont be scared, Im going to lift you onto me and take you to Mauville City. With that Micky began to glow and was lifted psycho-kinetically onto Angels back. His blood dripped onto the fur of the creature and with that Micky passed out, knowing the creature would keep him safe.


Mum, I think its in here Kerri whispered to her mother. They were both soaked from being in the water but they believed it was worth it. They saw a large stone tablet on a granite wall. There was something in dots but neither Kerri or her mother could understand it.

How do we get in Kerri? Her mother questioned seeing no obvious way in.

Well, we could try to break down this door, send out your Electrode and make it use explosion, Im sure that could put a hole through this thing.

Uh, fine, Electrode go. Kerris mother activated her Pokeball and released a ball shaped Pokemon. It looked just like a Pokeball only the lower colour was Red and the upper colour was White, the opposite of the standard Pokeball. Also, a face could be made out. A huge grin on the lower side of the ball and eyes on the upper side. Kerri take cover. Kerri and her mother backed off behind a broken pillar which lay on the floor sideways. Ok Electrode, use Explosion.

Electrode!!!! The ball Pokemon screamed before glowing a brilliant yellow and causing a huge wave of sound and destruction. Kerri popped her head up first from behind the broken Pillar. Dust began to settle from the Explosion the Pokemon made. At first Kerri could see the Ball shaped Pokemon. Its eyes closed, its grin gone. It was unconscious.

Mum, you better withdraw it Kerri warned. Its not good for Pokemon to be unconscious out of their Pokeballs for too long. Her mother pulled out its Pokeball and the red glow formed and withdrew the unconscious ball. The dust settled and Kerri could make out the stone tablet yet again. Your kidding me right? The stone tablet was undamaged. Not a single scratch or indent was visible.

Well, now what do we do? Kerris mother asked. The ground shook below them. Kerris mother feel to the ground while Kerri managed to keep her self stable by leaning on the Stone Tablet. What was that? her mother asked, trembling in fear, her lips shaking as she spoke, teeth chattering as though a blanket of ice was placed upon her.

I, II dont Kerris voice trailed off. She looked towards the stone tablet. The dots that were on it originally had reformed in shape. The made out picture of a snake like beast.

The loud screech was heard, followed by a loud roar. Kerri ran over to her mother, hugging her in fear. The stone tablet started to crack at the sound of the roar. The stone tablet collapsed apart. Spreading the stone all over the floor. The dust lifted up as it crashed. Kerri and her mother could make out a shadow, but they couldnt tell what it was.


Mickys eyes opened. Blinded by light. He couldnt make out much more than a yellow blur. He started moving his arms, trying to hold something. He heard a crash, as though he knocked a glass over. As he turned to the sight of the crash he could see clearer. The light was no longer in his face. He could see a broken glass on the ground, water spread around. ****, I only bin awake for a few seconds Micky mumbled, still not fully awake. He rubbed his eyes and turned to his right. There it was. The Pokemon that saved him, the one he knew as Angel.

Are you feeling better? The doctors were worried. He could hear the voice in his yet again. Wait dont speak. You dont need to, I can read your thoughts. Save your strength and just think what you wish to say. Micky wasnt quite sure how to react to this, he went to speak opening his mouth but just as he was about to let it out, he saw sense on what this Pokemon had said.

March 9th, 2004, 4:33 AM
Im feeling better Angel. He wasnt quite used to this way of speaking and was worried other thoughts would slip into his conversation.

You should take a look at your head. The doctors had to place seventeen stitches in it. Was Angel serious. Micky sat up on his bed first and slowly made his way to the mirror in the room. He felt around his hair until he felt stitches. Brushing his hair aside he looked in the Mirror. It was a huge gash in his head. He was glad he grew his hair so long since it would cover up the scar in his head.

Thanks for saving me Angel. Even the voice in his head sounded thankful. What are you though? Micky had never heard of a Pokemon that was so well acquainted with English. Many over time would learn through training what certain moves meant, most knew them before they began training, but none had ever held conversation with a human.

I am a the child of a legendary Pokemon Micky was starting to see how this Pokemon could have destroyed that pack of Houndooms so easily. No Micky, I am not very Powerful. My potential still hasnt been reached. Those Houndooms were just very weak. Ive spent much of my life in a lab. A professor known as Birch is studying me. Well he was, I ran away. So she wasnt very powerful? Well that shocked Micky a lot. Still, he was grateful of this creature, powerful or not, however he felt compelled to contact this Birch person. He was curious about this Pokemon, who claimed that its power was not realised. The Pokemon opened its mouth. From it a Pokeball fell.

What the **** do you Micky was interrupted by thought from Angel.

Your fathers coming, I sense he dislikes Pokemon, hide me. With that Angel tapped its nose against the Pokeball withdraw button and was absorbed into the Pokeball. Micky quickly hid it underneath his pillow and awaited his fathers arrival.
My god Michael, how are you? Well that was a shock to Micky, he was showing care. Micky was half expecting to be told off for venturing so far out of Lilycove.

Uh, Im fine dad. His father sighed in relief.

What the **** were you doing on Route 119? Yep, there it was, his dad being totally pissed off.

I was just Ok Micky needed to think of an excuse, and fast.

You were admiring the scenery. That caught Micky by shock, Angel can speak to him even through its Pokeball.

I was admiring the scenery. Micky flopped back on his pillow, he knew one wrong move could get him in a huge amount of trouble, and slamming back on is pillow was that wrong move. A red glow shot out from underneath his pillow. Angel started to take form and eventually appeared.

Oh well done Micky, your ****ed now. Angel had even adapted to swearing? Well that took Micky by surprise but he couldnt spend more than a second pondering that for his dad had reached boiling point, his temper about to explode.

What the **** is this? Angel ruffled her fur. She didnt seem to happy with being called This. Dont you try to intimidate me. Mickys father was completely red. His face looked like it could explode.

Dad, dont call him a this. Micky stood up for Angel but was interrupted quickly.

Im a girl.

What? Micky knew what it meant, he just needed time to process this in his mind.

Im not a he.

Dont call her a this dad. He.. She. Micky corrected himself quickly, he wasnt used to referring to Angel as a she. She saved my life dad. I was about to be dog meat. Micky voice was high, as though he had just breathed in helium. Micky hated arguing with his father. His father was the only family he had really, aside from his sister who he hadnt been aloud to see in along time.

What are you doing catching Pokemon? Mickys father screamed at the top of his voice. He believed that Micky didnt want to become a Pokemon trainer, he felt betrayed. Micky knew this would be hard to explain.

Look dad, I didnt catch her, she just gave me her Pokeball. Well ,that didnt sound right. It made almost no sense and his dad wasnt buying any of it, even if it was true.

You expect me to believe that Michael? Micky didnt expect him to believe it. It didnt sound at all true. So Micky was left with few options. Try to make up a believable story from where he left off. Faint, or try to argue his way out.

NO I ****ING DONT DAD, YOU DONT BELIEVE A WORD THAT COMES OUT OF MY MOUTH, YOU HEAR WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR. Mickys throat hurt from that. He waited for his dads reply, which he knew full well would begin, with something like dont take that tone with me.

HOW DARE YOU TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME. Micky knew his father too well. I thought you decided you didnt want to become a Pokemon trainer, that you wanted to follow in my footsteps at become a lawyer. Or become something else well paid.

NO DAD!! Mickys voice went. You decided that! Tears started to form and fall from Mickys eyes. It had been seven years of hiding this from his father and now he finally let it out.

What son? His father slumped down onto a chair behind him.

Its true Mickys dad. You decided it, not him. Angel spoke into the mind of Mickys father, shocking him.

Crap, did that.thing, just speak to me? Mickys dad pointed towards Angel.

Angel, whyd you speak to him? As if he isnt freaked out enough. Micky questioned Angel there. He definitely didnt think his dad knowing that Angel could speak to him was a good idea.

Yeah dad she did. Shes an intelligent Pokemon. Micky spoke calmer than he thought. Angel could sense he didnt like the idea of his father knowing she could speak.

Tell her not to speak to me again Mickys father stood backed in the corner of the room, as far away from Angel as he could get. Micky looked to Angel and started thinking.

Dont speak to him ok, hes a bastard when it comes to Pokemon.

Are you speaking to her? Mickys father wasnt sure since all Micky was doing was staring at Angel. Well from his point of view that was all that was happening.

Yeah dad, she can read minds. I just need to think it and she understands. Micky remained calm as he said that but he was expecting a bad reaction from his father.

Look son, Ill continue this conversation tomorrow, when we get home. Is there anything you need?

Anything you want Angel?Micky questioned the Pokemon. He figured she hadnt eaten in a while although he could be wrong.

A few Sour Pokeblocks maybe.

Well dad, can you get me a box of sour Pokeblocks and maybe a KFC meal or something.

Uh, ok. Mickys father left the room quickly. He feared Angel, knowing it was capable of reading his mind and telling Micky his thoughts.


Two days later Micky was let out of hospital. His head and ankle were better and although he had a few scars from where the dogs had ripped at his skin, the doctors said it would grow back in time. Micky had a bandage around areas of his body that had been attacked, his head and his ankle. The Pokeball containing Angel was placed in Mickys pocket. His father had brought him a new set of clothes on the day which felt good to get into, although Micky was desperate for a shower since he could still feel the dried blood in his hair.

The car journey home was in silence. Micky sat in the backseat away from his father. The radio wasnt even on. The only sounds were the people outside and the sounds of car engines vibrating. When Micky got home he charged upstairs. He tossed Angels Pokeball on his bed and made his way to the shower. The water showered the blood out of his head, turning the water a thinned colour of blood red. He watched it wash down the drain. It took at least seven minutes to get rid of it all but eventually he was done. After getting dressed into his unusual form of clothing. A see through netted white shirt, black trousers with two white stripes down either side and a plain black jacket he flopped onto his bed, laying in the comfort of being in his own bed again. He looked around his room. It was covered in posters of heavy metal bands. In the corner he had a laptop on top of an oak table. He had an office seat that spun around with a pile of clothes on top of that. In another corner of his room was his guitar. It was most likely Mickys most treasured present from his father. He got it when he was twelve for his birthday. It was the coolest guitar Micky had seen. It was black however on it there were several Mirrors. Hed seen ones like it on television. It reflected light and shimmered greatly. Micky wasnt exactly a great guitarist but when he was depressed it would cheer him up to practice on it, and at this time he was depressed.


Something moved forward through the dust. Kerri could make out a green head. There were two huge ears sticking out of the roof of its head that were larger than her arms. Its eyes were an evil yellow. Around its eyes was black shaped like Egyptian mascara. Its lips had a light red colour surrounding it. As it opened its mouth to roar Kerri could make out a large set of teeth. The roar blew Kerris hair back and it felt like a hurricane. The dust settled further and Kerri could make out a snake like body. Along it was a yellow symbol stretching down its body, shaping into stranger symbols. It had two arms, at least the size of her body each. It ended in claws, like that of a tyrannosaurus rex. Around its body were two large bumps which appeared to be wings, although they looked too small to be able to lift such a large beast, yet Kerri was proved wrong. The creature started to seemingly float. It flew right in front of Kerri and her mother.

Kingdra, Maril, Sealeo go! Kerri screamed throwing all her Pokeballs out. The creature blew flames from its mouth directly at the Pokeballs. Kerri watched her Pokeballs disappear into ash. What? She feared for her Pokemon. They were converted matter inside those Pokeballs but they were destroyed. Quick mum, do something.

Kerris mother reached for her Pokemon belt. Her Electrode was unconscious so she couldnt reach for that ball but she reached for a Pokeball. As she threw it the legendary Pokemon breathed in and fire another flamethrower melting that Pokeball to ash. The mouth of the creature started to glow. Kerri was pushed out of the way by her mother and watched in horror. The giant creature fired a beam of light from its mouth. It glowed in the darkness. Kerri felt as though time had stopped. She tried to do something but she couldnt. That second felt like a year. As it past so slowly Kerri thought about all her mother had done for her. Coming with her on her journey. Giving her first Pokemon to her, Horsea. Now her mother would die because of her being so foolish to not heed Rages words of warning. The second past, the beam hit her mother, tearing through her body going right through it. Kerri tried to scream but she was frozen in fear. Her eyes refused to close, her body refused to move, her eyes refused to cry. She seemed like she was frozen in time as she watched the creature severe her mother until all that lay was a charred corpse with a giant whole through its stomach. The creature then looked to Kerri, murder on its mind.


Look dad Micky said stepping down the stairs. Ive been looking into the owner of Angel, his name is professor Birch, and he gives out starter Pokemon to trainers, and well, I want to get one. His dad was sitting on a couch looking up at him.

Fine son, fine! he said shaking his head in distain. Your old enough to make your own decisions I guess. Mickys father looked depressed. Hed always hoped his son would become a well paid lawyer like he was. He feared for his sons life out in great wide world. He feared the same thing that happened to his wife would happen to him. I guess Kerri wasnt lying, when she told me you wanted to become a trainer, go pack your things son. With that Mickys father left the house, Micky wasnt sure why but he ran back up the stairs packing all he could. Several sets of clothes, his laptop, and Angels Pokeball.

Several hours later Mickys father returned to the house. He had a white card in his hand. If your mother was around shed do this for you, but I guess, since she isnt I should. This is a trainer card apparently. It works like a credit card but it has some sort of tracking device and makes you an official trainer. I put your college fund on it. Mickys father handed Micky the card. He was pleased beyond belief. Hed always wanted to become a trainer and now he was. He saw in the corner of his card an ID number and his name underneath it. Below that he could see that he had $35,000.

Thirty-five thousand? Micky never knew how large his college fund really was.

Yes son, a lot of that was from your mother, some of it was from me. Every year of your life Ive placed a thousand dollars into your account. Micky started doing the maths in his head to figure out what his mother left him. Well son, call me every week, I dont want to lose touch, and He was out of things to say.

Thanks dad. Micky went up and hugged his dad, tears of joy rolling down his cheek. Micky stepped out of his house. His bag in hand. His dad closed the door behind him after waving one last goodbye and Micky stepped out into the street, looking forward to life as a trainer.

All I want to do Is be more like me and be less like you. - Linkin park, Numb

Author Notes: The only truth in this is near abouts the college fund, the stitches, and the dad who gives up easy.

March 17th, 2004, 7:48 AM
Chapter 3: The Adventure Begins

And I know, I may end up failing to. But I Know, you were just like me with someone disappointed in you. - Linkin Park, Numb.

Now how the **** do I make it to Littleroot? Micky said frustrated that he didnt think it through. If he asked his dad he would have been able to come up with something. Still, now it was to late, him turning back would show weakness, well at least in Mickys mind it would. Uh god, well, Thirty-Five Grand should be able to get me somewhere. He looked towards the beach, viewing the sun set beautifully over the horizon. It brought an orange glow over the bustling city of Lilycove, calming it as people retired to their homes to sleep while the night life began for those more youthful or with more time on their hands.

Micky walked his way down the beach, passing several people retreating to their homes, or Pokemon Centers were trainers would dwell in the dormitories. His mothers grave was along this beach, hidden away in a small cave. Mickys father had buried her here, he thought it fitting since it was her favourite place to be. About twenty-five minutes later Micky had reached the cave. There was a small Lantern laying just inside, Micky pulling out his lighting and giving a small glow inside the cave which was pitch black. Raising the lantern to the gravestone he read:

Caroline Jane Hardy, 3670 May 17th - 3705 June 13th. Beloved Wife and Mother.

The gravestone was a black and crme marble cubical with the writing inscribed. Above it was a crucifix of the same texture and colour design. The marble was cleaned every week by his father or occasionally himself resulting in a shiny clean tombstone. Behind it, buried several feet below, was his mothers ashes.

Heya mum. Micky breathed in a sigh. Dad finally let me become a trainer, but I think I tore our whole relationship apart. He sighed again. But I promise mum, if I cant make him proud. Ill make you proud. A tear dripped down his cheek, his emotion getting to him.

Micky!! Micky knew this voice but he still posed the question.

Peter, is that you? Micky turned to see his friend standing there. He wore black trousers, a green shirt and a purple jacket.

You can bet your *** it is. I dropped by your house, your dad said youd be here so I flew over. Hear your heading to Littleroot.

So? Micky saw no reason for him to state this.

Want a lift?

Micky coughed a chuckle. Thanks dude. Peter released his Salamence, his Pidgeot was already out. Micky figured he was suppose to hop onto Salamence and took a tight grip around its neck again as it took off. As the wind brushed by Mickys body felt cold. His jacket hung loosely on his body leaving his stomach and chest exposed to the wind, aside from the thin net lining on his body. About half an hour into the trip Micky posed the question How long is it gonna take to get to Littleroot! screaming as he asked.

Dude, were making record time already, were like half way across Hoenn already, stop your *****ing! Peter shouted back as loud as he could yet it still sounded as though he mumbled. Another half an hour or so of Micky and Peter shouting questions back and forth they reached Littleroot. From above it appeared to a tiny village, not a town. It was less than a quarter of the size of Lilycove, houses were made of wood, it appeared to be Aspen wood, although Micky couldnt tell for sure. This village lacked a Pokemon Center however it had a laboratory which Micky had looked up on the internet when looking for Professor Birchs location. Micky and Peter stood before a large building, made of the same materials as the houses, except it was much larger. Micky could tell it led to a field at the back, quite likely to be for Pokemon to live and play, although Micky couldnt see any. It was late and they were probably back in their Pokeballs.

Well Micky, are we gonna step in or not? Peter asked sarcastically.

Yeah dude we are. Micky stepped forward in front of his friend to the large red door leading to the interior of the lab. He pushed it open and a bell rang, most likely to inform someone that people, or Pokemon, had entered the building. Peter followed after withdrawing his Pokemon back to their balls.

How can I help you? A man spun a seat around from his desk. He looked to be about thirty-five or so. He was rather large, but not disgustingly as it fitted his height which was almost seven feet. He had brown hair, not short but not long either, somewhere in between. He also had a beard of dark brown that extended along the bottom of his face, yet he lacked a moustache. His eyes were also brown. He wore shorts of lime green that were tattered with mud, most likely from the outside. His shirt was navy blue and was covered by a white lab coat. It seemed strange to Micky but instead of shoes he wore brown sandals revealing disgusting hairy toes. Micky snapped out of it and replied to the mans question.

Uh, hi, is Professor Birch around here? Micky stuttered since he was busy checking out the lab around him. It had white wall paper, several computers and many desks. There was a bookcase filled with books, most likely about Pokemon. There was several boxes filled with Pokeballs. Each was labelled with names such as Gary, Jamie, Kent and others.

Thats me, and who might you be young man? The professor addressed Micky, totally ignoring Peter who stood in the background trying to remain unnoticed.

Uh, hi, Im Micky Hardy, I think I got one of your Pokemon. Micky placed his backpack on the ground and pulled out Angels Pokeball.

Is that Latianne? Micky wasnt sure, it may have been.

Im not sure, I just been calling her Angel, did this Latianne run away? And can it talk to people through its mind? Micky was pretty sure it was the Pokemon the professor spoke of but he wanted to be sure.

She spoke to you? The professor sounded stunned at this, was it really that strange. She spoke to Mickys father, so whats so special about this form of communication.

Uh yeah, is that anything unusual? Micky moved his face in a way to show his confusion as he spoke.

Well yes. As far as I know the only other person she has ever spoken to was me. Micky handed the professor the Pokeball. He in turn released Angel from her Pokeball. Hello Latianne. The professor addressed the creature known as Latianne who appeared to be sleeping.

Wake up Angel Micky thought. Angel appeared to pick up on this thought and opened her eyes, stunned to see that she was back in the lab.

One thing professor, why did she run away? Micky was worried Angel was being mistreated here, although it seemed near impossible since she could quite easily injure the professor if she felt threatened considering what she done to the pack of Houndooms.

Im not sure why, maybe she wanted to explore the world? The professor looked at Angel and Micky was sure they were communicated through thought. Well she said she sensed danger? The professor couldnt quite understand this but he accepted it doubting that Latianne would lie to him.

Well, he saved my life, maybe thats what she sensed?

With all due respect Master Hardy, many people get into bad situations, dangerous ones, I doubt of the millions out there that she can sense she would leave just to come to one persons aid. Micky saw sense in this, although he didnt like being patronised like he was.

Well, uh, I was also wondering something? Micky wasnt sure if it was rude to ask this or not but he went for it. I heard you give out starter Pokemon to new trainers and well I just became a trainer today. Micky removed his trainer card from his pocket and presented it to Professor Birch as proof of this since on its day of creation it stated 5th of July, also known as today.

Dont worry I trust you the professor said waving his hands signalling Micky to move his card back to his pocket. Im afraid I have none with me at the moment. Its not the time of year for trainers to receive them. The professor saw Micky sigh in disappointment and he tried to think of something fast and then it clicked. In Oldale town, the person who provides me with my starters, I think his name is James Yeoman, maybe hell have an early hatchling or something. A glint caught Mickys eyes, hope refilled his heart.

Well Micky, off to Oldale we go then Peter sad from the back of the room.

Wait, Peter? The one from five years ago? The professor recognised him.

Yeah thats me, surprised you remember.

I never forget a face, hows my Mudkip doing? Micky guessed this was given to his friend as a starter.

Hes doing great, in fact, hes a Marshtomp now.

Really? He evolved a lot in your care. Micky was getting tired of this conversation and made a grunted cough as though he was clearing his throat.

Yeah, we better get going, Ill catch you later. Peter said waving goodbye. Micky said his goodbyes through thought to Latianne and proceeded to leave the lab behind Peter. He released his Pidgeot again outside.

Well dude, guess Ill see ya later. Peter hopped onto his Pidgeot.

Hey wait, Pete, what about me? Micky was expecting to get flown to Oldale town.

Dude, its like a ten minute walk down route 101, Im sure you can handle it. With that Peter took off leaving Micky on his own. Micky proceeded north seeing a sign saying Route 101. It was dark and gloomy and Micky tripped several times but he made it to Oldale pretty fast.

He looked around the town. It was small but it was nice to see light again. The houses were made of red brick, all of them appeared to be two storey terrace houses. No cars were visible on the streets although there were small roads for them. Wondering around the city Micky spotted several food restaurants, a Pokemon Market, and a Pokemon Center. The Pokemart was closed but the Center remained open so he decided this was the place to get information on where to stay. As he entered the building he was surprised to see the double doors didnt open automatically which resulted on him walking face first into them. When he finally realised it was push not pull he entered the building. It was brightly lit. The floor was white, just like the walls and roof. A couple of Pokemon transference PCs, a large map of the Hoenn region, a couple of sofas, several green plants and a couple of flyers for Pokemon trainers. At the back was a red counter, behind it was a large machine used to treat Pokemon.

Erm, hello, I was wondering, are their any cheap hotels around here or anything? A nurse appeared from under the counter. Her hair was blonde tied into a ponytail hidden under a nurse hat with a red cross symbol on it. She wore a white dress with a Red cross symbol on it as well. She had a pretty face with cute blue eyes.

Well, if youre a trainer you can stay in the rooms out back, although most trainers move on to Petalburg City which has more room and better facilities. Micky shuffled through his pocket and handed the nurse his trainer card. She verified it in no time and led him through a door to Mickys left. There was a hallway which led to ten rooms, five on either side. The Nurse led him near to the end and opened the door. Inside were two bunk-beds with dark green covers. There was a door near the back and Micky guess it led to a toilet of some kind. The nurse pointed towards the door. Back there is a shower and toilet but youll need to bring your own toiletries aside from toilet paper. Micky nodded to indicate he understood. If you need anything just come to the desk and ask. There are four towels back there as well. The nurse exited the room and Micky guess she headed back down the hallway. He dumped his bag on the top bunk of the bed to his left and brushed his fingers through his hair. After checking out the bathroom he dropped by a small store to get some shampoo, some hair conditioner, toothpaste and a toothbrush. After brushing his teeth, showering and drying his hair he dropped off to bed.


March 17th, 2004, 7:51 AM
Kerri remained in the corner of her room almost all her life. Always trapped in thought. Occasionally shed scream what she said in the Sky Pillar. She flashed back into thought.

Mumu.mum. Kerri was in shock. Her mother destroyed in front of her eyes by this mythical beast. Her eyes allowed tears to trickle down her cheeks, although the shock refused to let her move she could feel the warmth her tears brought to her cheeks, the only warmth she had at that time. The beast turned to the air, eyes staring a hole through her body. She managed to build up enough strength to crawl backwards. She tried to get to her feet, collapsing to her feet a couple of times but she managed to dive into the small pond by her. Her hands felt cold in the water she crawled into. The creature followed close behind, flying in the air behind her. It drew in breath and Kerri saw the same light in its mouth. She knew she was going to suffer the same fate as a her courageous mother.


Uhhhhhhhh. Micky let out a huge yawn as he woke. He rolled over his side but fell right off of the bed landing hard on the floor below, emitting a huge bang throughout the room. ****, ****, ****, **** Micky cursed feeling the pain dash through his back.

Are you alright? Micky heard a girls voice from above although he couldnt see where it came from since his eyes were closed in pain. This girls voice was sweet and calming. Micky opened his eyes to see a girl of similar age standing over him. She was in a white gown for sleeping in Micky assumed. Her eyes were a calm sky blue. Her skin was white, slightly tanned. Her hair was brown hanging gracefully behind her. She was beautiful in Mickys eyes, he thought he was still dreaming but the pain made sure he knew he wasnt.

Not really. Micky gritted his teeth after this trying to withdraw the pain. Hold on just give me some space. He motioned his hands to ask her to move back a bit.

Uh, ok. With this Micky flicked up to his feet trying to impress this girl, clearly failing, however she seemed relieved to see he was fine. I take it your ok then? The girl asked not sure what to think.

Uh yeah Im fine. Who are you by the way? He was immediately infatuated with this girl and with good reason.

Im Purity Campbell the girl said placing her hand out to shake. But dont let the name fool you ok. Micky shook her hand and introduced himself.

Im Micky Hardy. I take it you havent just began your Pokemon journey then? he could tell this girl was at least fourteen and most people started trainer at ten.

Good guess Micky. Nah I been training for five years now. Im gonna challenge Norman of Petalburg gym for my fourth badge. Well, now Micky knew she was reasonably experienced.

So, how many Pokemon do you have? Micky had no clue but he was curious to see how many Pokemon he should have by his third badge.

Got three. A Ninetales, Milotic and a Kirlia. What you got? Micky wasnt sure how to answer this. He felt a little embarrassed but he had to confess that he didnt have any.

Got none, havent started. Mickys face turned red in embarrassment considering this trainer seemed pretty experienced and he didnt want to seem like an amateur.

Dont be embarrassed she giggled. We all started somewhere, but you dont look ten.

Im not, Im fifteen. Purity looked shocked. A fifteen year old had only just started his adventure?

You serious?

Yeah, I kinda had an argument with my dad about it and finally allowed to be a trainer.

Hmm, interesting, well I gotta head to Petalburg and you gotta go, erm. She started rolling her hand asking for help.

Im seeing a James Yeoman, hes a breeder of some kind.

Well yeah, well I gonna have a shower get dressed and head off, its nice meeting you Micky. Purity picked up her bag and headed towards the bathroom. Micky was still in his netted shirt and black trousers from the previous night and he couldnt be bothered to wait for Purity to get ready. He headed towards the front desk of the Pokemon Center requesting directing to James Yeomans house. After receiving some he headed out into Oldale Town yet again. Up to the north of it, near Route 103 there was a large house. Like Professor Birchs lab there was a field out in the back. Micky stepped forward to knock at the door. After about twenty seconds he tried again but to no avail. On the third try he noticed the door was open. He entered assuming James would encourage that, after all his door was opened.

Hello.Anyone here?? Micky spoke loudly, his voice echoing throughout the house. He felt someone tap him on the shoulder, catching him by surprise making him jump in surprise.

Who are you? A soft, hostile male voice spoke. Micky saw an old man, at least sixty. He was bald on top but had a large, long, white beard. He wore a brown shirt and dark brown jeans.

Hi, Im Michael Hardy, Birch said you might have a Pokemon for me? Micky said nervously staring at a rake in the mans hand.

Professor Birch sent you? The small tone of hostility went from his voice and he encouraged Micky to come with him. He led him to the field out back. Micky looked around to see many Pokemon. There were several far in the distance who he couldnt identify, close up was a large Pokemon, its body like that of a human yet it looked somehow related to a chicken. Its body was red, in different shades, except at its head where it had a long blonde main like that of human hair. Admiring my blazey? the man asked seeing Micky staring at it.

Uh, yeah sorry. Micky continued to follow him until they came by a horse like Pokemon. Its fur was crme, however its tail looked to be made of fire. Its mane, it had flames around its hooves and the cutest black eyes Micky had ever seen. Is that my Pokemon? Micky said pointing towards the large Pony.

If you want it, its known as Ponyta. Did Birch give you a Pokedex? Micky wasnt sure what this guy was on about. I take it from your blank look he didnt. A Pokedex compiles information on all Pokemon. You can check on what moves a Pokemon knows by pointing it at its brain where it scans it. The Pokedex is a very hi-tech device. Micky stared blankly, not sure what to say.

Uh, cool.

Its essential for all trainers. Here come with me, Ill give you one. After a few minutes Micky was testing out his new Pokedex on the creature known as Ponyta. The Pokedex appeared to be a red book which opened up to be a screen revealing the information on the Pokemon it was used on.

Ponyta - The Fire Horse Pokemon. Although the fur on Ponytas body appear to be on fire they are actually not, however they can be made to harm the bodies of those touching it when Ponyta decides it wants to so beware when touching them.

The Pokedex spoke in a stale robotic voice.

Micky directed the Pokedex towards Ponytas head, assuming thats where its brain was and watched the Pokedex load information seeing a Loading information message.

This Pokemon knows: Ember, Quick Attack, Agility.

Is that all? Micky asked confused finding it to be unusual for a Pokemon to know so little.

Im afraid so James said. You see, three months ago, a Rapidash I was in care of laid an egg. I kept it until it hatched one moth ago, so you see shes a rather young Pokemon. Micky nodded. So, do you want this Pokemon?

Of course Micky said happily. The man disappeared into his house, and returned quickly with a Pokeball in his hand. He held it out to Micky who quickly took it.

Thanks a lot, really Micky said a tear of joy almost escaping his eyes. He encouraged his Ponyta to follow which she did chasing after him. It was shorter than him and looked smaller but that just added to its cutely looks. It followed Micky out of the field and to a Pokemon Center. Micky withdrew his newly received Ponyta and walked up to the counter.

The Pokemart was like a normal shop. All the items were held on shelves. There was a desk where the store clerk sat. Micky looked around the store for Pokeballs. He picked up a Pokeball belt for holding them around his waist as well as picking up five Pokeballs, two antidotes which were held in dark yellow cubical flasks, six Potions, held in pink bottles, and a paralysis heal, held in a light yellow flask of the same design as the antidotes. He brought them to the front desk. It cost him a total of ninety dollars. He left the building, items stuffed into his black backpack. He headed back towards Route 103, knowing from the Pokemon Center map that it led to Rustboro City, although hed probably have to run to reach there by the end of the day.

Reaching Route 103 he saw a large trail leading into what appeared to be a forest. The trail seemed to turn out of the distance and Micky could tell this would be no easy trip. He released Ponyta out its Pokeball. Heya girl. Do ya think your strong enough to carry me to Rustboro? The little Pony looked at Micky for a moment, guessing how much he weighed before shaking her head. Eh, guess thats alright, youre a tiny lil thing. The Pokemon charged on ahead into the woods. Hey wait up! Micky chased after her, clearly being out ran. Eventually Micky caught up seeing the Pokemon staring at something. There was a small worm like creature crawling along the ground. It was a tanned brown colour with several body segments. It possessed a large red nose, the same colour as the feelers below its body. On its head was a stinger and one of similar size was on its tail. Micky pulled out his Pokedex to investigate this creature.

Weedle - The Worm Pokemon. Although it appears to be small, the pin on its head can secrete deadly poison into the blood stream. Its tail can fire sticky string which slows its foe down to its slow speed.

Fine, Ponyta, use Ember. With that the fire horse took in a deep breath and breathed three fire balls towards the tiny worm. The creature was buried amongst flames and when the flames cleared up the creature was lying on its back unconscious. Well that was easy. Micky pulled a Pokeball from his black belt and threw it towards the worm like creature. The ball hit the Weedle and bounced off about a foot away before opening and sucking in the creature. The ball didnt shake, instead it just clicked shut sparking off a yellow buzz. Maybe this wasnt such a great catch? Micky spoke towards his Ponyta. I wander what I should name it. Micky thought for a moment and then realised something. I havent even nicknamed you yet. Ponyta looked at him as if to say Well duh. Hmm, Strider sound ok to you Micky said thinking off the top of his head. Ponyta nodded but gave a not bothered look. Well, anyways, back to naming my Weedle.

Dont bother, Weedle sucks. A kids voice came from behind him. Micky turned to see a kid of at least fifteen standing behind him. He was shorter than Micky. His hair was short raven black, he had an evil looking smirk. He wore a navy blue shirt and light blue jeans. He had two Pokeballs on his belt. So, a two on two sound ok to you?

**** no, one of my Pokemon are unconscious! Micky shouted.

Well revive him. The kid through a triangular bottle at Micky who caught it in his hands. Releasing his Weedle he placed the revive in its mouth. The creature opened its eyes and aimed its stinger at Micky.

Yo dude, dont try it, I caught you fair and square, youre my Pokemon now. The creature seemed to understand.

Go Poochyena the boy cried throwing a Pokeball to the ground. A dog like Pokemon appeared. It had a grey fur all over its body except around its mouth, neck and feet where it was a very dark grey, almost black. Its eyes were yellow and its nose red.

Pooch It growled loudly. Micky pointed Weedle towards the dog. The Pokemon slowly made its way towards the dog who was growling at the little bug.

Ok Weedle, use silver wind. The bug looked back at him as if say You expect me to know that. Erm Micky looked embarrassed and pulled out his Pokedex pointing it towards the Weedle. In this time the Kid had ordered his dog to tackle it. Mickys bug went flying across the forest into a large willow tree. The Pokedex lost its connection with Weedles brain and disconnected. Micky had no clue what to do. This Pokemon wasnt fully rested, it was injured by Ponyta previously and was clearly hurt now. He withdrew Weedle, sighing as he did, disappointed in the weakness of the Pokemon. **** it then, Strider go. Ponyta took a moment to realise he meant her and then she dashed off in front of the tiny dog which stood at about a quarter of the ponys size.

Bite it Poochyena. The dog bit at the legs of the pony but leg go immediately. It caught fire from biting the flame fur. Poochyena? Micky smiled while the kids evil grin disappeared into a look of worry.

Come on Strider, take advantage of this, hit it with an Ember. Ponyta drew in breath before releasing five fireballs at the Dog. It rolled around writing in pain before being reabsorbed into its ball, it was mercy for the dog.

Ok you got off easy there but you aint getting off easy now, Treecko go. A tiny gecko like Pokemon appeared standing on its two feet. It had giant yellow eyes with black striped for pupils. Its stomach was orange and it bore a dark green tail about the size of its body.

Treecko!!!!! it screeched.

Thats it Treecko, use quick attack. The Pokemon charged towards Ponyta head first.

Use agility and run it out of energy! Micky screamed. Treecko chased Ponyta through the woods out of view of Micky and his opponent. So, who are you? Micky asked looking towards to his opponent.

Im Shane, well most know me as Shaneo the kid replied. You?

Im Michael, mostly called Micky. With that Ponyta came charging out of the woods in front of them. Treecko followed behind breathing heavily. Nicely done Ponyta, now blast it with an Ember. Ponyta drew in breath for several seconds before releasing an amazing eight fire balls followed by charging the burning Pokemon into a tree. Shane withdrew his clearly unconscious Treecko whos eyes were swirled.

Well, uh, well done, I guess. But Ill catch up to you Micky some time, you can bet on that. Shane ran off back towards Oldale town whilst Micky stroked his Ponyta on his fiery mane.

Well done Strider. Micky congratulated his pony. Oh, by the way, thought of a name for that Weedle. Rough. Ponyta gave him a strange look as if to say Ok explain now. Well think about it, its been treated rough for the past few minutes. Ponyta just shook her head as if to say, your choice. With that Micky and Ponyta ran off down the path that Micky believed led to Rustboro.

And if the wind blows east, would you follow me. And if the wind blows north. would ya stay your course. And if the wind blows west, would ya second guess. And if it blows to the south, would you count me out. And if the sun don't shine, would you still be mine. And if the sky turns grey, would you walk away. Would you say I do, if I say I'll be, And walk this road through life with me. - Kid Rock, Lonely Road of Faith

Author Notes: Well Purity, Peter and Shane are gonna have much bigger roles to play later on. Thats about it. Im aware this chapter was kinda sucky, but its sorta crucial thing

March 23rd, 2004, 4:57 AM
Chapter 4: The Lost Town of Harville; The Route to Rustoboro

Die by my hand, I creep across the land, Killing all of man. - Metallica, Creeping Death (Edited slightly by me).

Micky was running through the night. He could see very little, his fire horse had long since fell asleep and remained in Mickys Pokeball. Micky turned on his laptop, uploading a map of the Hoenn region. Harville? Micky noticed within the dense forests on the road to Rustboro was a tiny town known as Harville. Micky switched on his cell phone uploading a navigation feature, checking if he was heading north. He was going north east so Micky changed his course slightly to head north for the town known as Harville and charged forward. His black jacket was zipped up, keeping his body warm where the layer of thin net was. He could still taste the cold on his face, his mouth tasted of sweat, he hadnt drunk in hours since he and his Ponyta, Strider, had finished off his last bottle of coke. Micky could see very little, the sky gave off a dark, creepy, blue glow which barely lit up the forest enough for Micky to see any further than three feet ahead. Hed been charging through the forest for several hours, several cuts and scratches leaked blood from his face and hands.

Crap! Micky shouted loudly awakening several bird who let out several chirps to each other, warning themselves of the human who trod through their territory. Micky had tripped face first to the ground, mud sinking into his small cuts. Wiping the mud out of his face Micky charged ever forward hoping to reach Harville. The map indicated it should be only a few more minutes until he could see it, and fortunately it was right. Micky charged forth seeing light glimmering in the distance like a lighthouse in the ocean. Micky charged forward to see what appeared to be a bomb site. Rubble that looked several years old lay on the grounds. Few houses stood, many appeared to be abandoned all except one which was the beacon that Micky was looking for.


Kerri braced herself for the huge beam of light that was about to destroy her. Her eyes gripped tightly, eyelid clenching eyelid. Several seconds later she opened her eyes. The creature was flying up into the air until it reached ceiling. From there it dived head first into the lake behind her.

The creature didnt swim, it burrowed through the water, its serpent like body fitting perfectly through the tunnel back down to the bottom before heading up through the entrance way. It swam upwards again through one of the eight possible tunnels. Of the eight tunnels al but two were dead ends designed to drown hunters of the beast. One led to its lair and one led to the top of the Sky Pillar. The creature knew where it was going and charged up, eventually breaking through the surface of the water and flying through the large pit that Kerri and her mother had climbed down before. The creature had made it through in no time. It flew through to the air above gazing over the Ancient Mountains where the Sky Pillar had been hidden for years, very few people knew its whereabouts and of those Rage was the only who was known to tell people. A top the sky pillar, standing hidden under the staircase ceiling was the cloaked man Rage, gazing at the majestic beauty of this devastating creature. The hole above the deep pit leading to its lair brought light, although the blind man could not see it, he sensed it. Did you spare them? Rayquaza. Rage asked the beast in his deep bellowing voice. The creature fired breathes of flames into the air, he was about to unleash himself onto the world yet again.


Micky stumbled up to the house that had lit the way for Micky. He was out of breath panting, leaning on his knees. His physical fitness was no match for what hed been doing for the most part of the day. Micky rang a bell to his left. It was nice to be able to see stuff yet again. The door opened, light beaming out of the house to Mickys fast, momentarily blinding him. He could make out the figure of an old man. Can I help you young man? he asked. Micky was reminded of James by this person. The beard was similar however this man possessed a grey beard, complete with moustache, grey hair on his head and many more wrinkles. Still, at this point Micky wasnt bothered, it was nice to encounter human life.

Yeah.Isnt Micky panted these words and had to catch his breathe again to complete his sentence. Uh, isnt there a Pokemon Center in this place?

Ah, a trainer. You better come in, you look to be in bad condition. Micky panted some more before replying a thank you. The house was tiny, a hall way leading to a living room containing a couple of sofas, some colourful plants, a green rug and a television. The TV was set to news. Micky ignored the most part of it but he heard something about a Captain Stern, discoverer of Latianne is believed to be searching for the mystery of the Sky Pillar. The word Latianne caught Mickys attention, but not for too long as the man came into the room. So, where have you travelled from? the man asked.

I bin travelling all day from Oldale. The mans eyebrow rose in shock.

You must be in very good shape then, its a good few hour drive to reach here from Oldale, at least thirty odd miles of dense forest. That route is very difficult to drive through, since so few people use it. Only those in desperate need to get to Oldale fast. Micky took this as a compliment and brought a small smile up. So, you were looking for a Pokemon Center.

Yeah Micky puffed still catching all of his breathe.

The man laughed. There hasnt been a Pokemon Center here for at least fourteen years. Not since the disaster. This caught Mickys attention, a disaster?

What disaster? Micky asked, curiosity controlling him.

Never mind, its in the past, well, I have a spare bedroom, you can sleep there, tomorrow Ill give you a lift to Rustboro City. Its not good for a young one to over exercise. The man led Micky down the hallway to a room with a white bed laid down in front of him. Ill prepare a dinner for you, Im sure you want to have a bath. The man beckoned Micky towards him whilst Micky dumped his bag on the bed. The room next to Mickys room led to a bathroom. There are towels there the man pointed to a shelf to Mickys left holding several white towels. Any preference on food, I could make you a roast chicken meal with potatoes and vegetables, or spaghetti, its up to you.

The chicken meal will be fine thank you Micky said gratefully. He was starved but he was desperate to clean himself as well. The man walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Micky locked the door and began to run a bath, using lavender bubble bath liquid.

The steam rose from the white bath surrounded majestically by wood as if it were a hot spring. Micky laid down in the bed, the warm water cleaning his every pore. It relaxed his entire body, he forgot about the shooting pains in his legs and back. As he was relaxed his thought drifted off as though it were elsewhere. He could see images in his head. He saw himself riding what looked to be a larger version of his Ponyta. Latianne was in the background flying by their side.

Micky awoke from his sleep, hearing a knock at the bathroom door. Are you ok? The man asked.

Huh, oh yeah, almost done.

Ok, well your food is ready. Micky washed his hair, clearing out the mud, he could still feel the stitches in his head, wondering when he would be rid of them. He went to his room, dressing in Black Trousers and a Black shirt with a red dragon drawn onto it like that of a tattoo. He tied his hair back in a Ponytail, soaking out the last drips of water onto the towel that lay below him before entering the room. Food I this age was all processed to resemble that of former foods. It was in fact healthier than original foods. What Micky was eating was in originally made from a Combusken Pokemon combined with vegetables. With the new system of food processing created at least two-thousand years ago, not only did the planets vegetation grow freely, except when it interfered with peoples lives, it also made Pokemon plentiful and over time has constructed the bond between Pokemon a humans.

So, I never caught your name the man said, asking Micky his name.

Im Micky, you? Micky asked after swallowing the food in his mouth.

Im Martin Charston. But just call me Marty. The old man replied and stuck out his hand for Mick to shake. He was also eating the same food as Micky whilst watching the television. Micky and Marty discussed all sorts of Pokemon related subjects, but when Micky asked what the disaster was Marty went silent before changing the subject. Micky took the hint and didnt ask again, knowing he was at risk of losing his room in the house and his free ride to Rustboro.

Eventually Micky retired to his room, sleeping comfortably, his bags and Pokemon belt by his side.

Micky awoke the next morning at about lunch time. He walked into the living room to find Mr Charston wasnt there. He checked outside and found a few children running about outside. Uh, do you know where Mr Charston is? He asked a young girl of about five. She was running about chasing several other children in some game.

Yeah, hes at my house. The girl pointed towards log cabin, similar to the house hed stayed in. All the houses here appeared to be made like that. As Micky entered he saw Marty cooking food with a women of about thirty. She had blonde hair, her face was tanned.

Ah Micky, I suppose you want a lift to Rustboro City, just give me a second to get the food ready to take there. We sell food in Rustboro that we prepare specially with home grown spices. People love it.

Here try some The Lady said to Micky handing him a chip.

Dam, these are great.

An hour or so later Micky arrived in Rustboro. Marty dropped him off outside a Pokemon Center. Micky stared in amazement. It was a huge building. The walls were white with a big sign on its side saying Rustboro P.C. The roof was red, the building being at least two storey high, at least three times as wide as the one in Oldale Town, and definitely larger than the Lilycove Pokemon Center.

If you need anything call this number. Marty handed him a piece of paper with his number on it. See you around Kid, good luck with your journey.

Micky waved goodbye then stepped into the Pokemon Center, the doors were Automatic, unlike the Oldale Center. Inside it was similar, except larger. There were more trainers, more places to sit, several computers for transporting Pokeballs and what appeared to be a trainer lounge. Micky queued up for access to the counter, several nurses took in peoples Pokemon. A women, similarly dressed to the nurse in Oldale. Her hair was a fair brown, eyes of emerald green controlled the queue Micky stood in until it was finally his turn to get his Pokemon healed.

Hi, how long does it take for that machine to work, I dont think my Ponyta is that badly injured but my Weedle is screwed big time. The nurse giggled at Mickys comment.

I take it you dont know how it works then?

Nope Micky said bluntly shaking his head.

Well, depending on how badly injured your Pokemon is depends on how long itll take, if you look in your Pokedex it should give you all the info you need. Anyway, do you want me to heal them?

Yeah Micky said grabbing the two Pokeballs from his belt and placing them on the red counter. She took them placing them into a smaller machine.

Your Ponyta will take half an hour but your Weedle is going to need most of the day, you may need to pick him up tomorrow. Micky thought about it for a moment before replying.

Well, Ill pick up Ponyta in half an hour then, and Weedle when hes done.

Very well, and you are?

Im Michael Hardy.

Uh, can I see your trainer card please. Micky pulled his wallet out and removed his trainer card handing it to the women. She scanned it through her computer before handing it back. Ok then, come back in thirty minutes and your Ponyta will be ready. The nurse taped a tag to Mickys two Pokeballs before placing them in the large machine at the back which Micky assumed was the healing machine.

Micky exited the Pokemon Center and sat on a small wall looking through his Pokedex for information on the machine. He set the Pokedex to speak, and its robotic voice explained the machine.

The Pokemon Healer - Created by William Aboideau. The Pokemon Healer, also known as Pokeheal uses the computerised matter form of a Pokemon to heal its injuries.

March 23rd, 2004, 4:58 AM
By this stage Micky was already bored and closed up his Pokedex and headed out into the streets. Many cars drove through the streets, reminding Micky of Lilycove. Looking around Micky saw flyers for something called The Premier Ball event. Micky was curious about this and ripped one of the flyers off of a nearby lamppost and took a read.

The Premier Ball event, for all trainers to enter to win a fabulous prize. All entries should be handed to the Pokemon Trainer Academy by 31st June. Trainers are only allowed to use one Pokemon for a set of elimination battles to determine the winner.

Underneath was a submission form which had the address of the Pokemon Academy. Micky rushed back to the Pokemon Center and obtained a pen, filling in the form for the event which was to take place in one week. He filled in all the information before walking down to the academy.

The Trainer Academy was a large three storey building. It was secluded on the inside of a park. Several Pokemon and their trainers wondered around the parks greens. The initial building itself was a dark brown with windows everywhere. The front door was a huge mahogany door, standing at least ten feet tall and fifteen feet wide, splitting into double doors. Micky rang a door bell which emitted a huge ringing throughout Mickys entire body. About half a minute later a women answered the door. She stood at similar size to Micky. Her hair was a light black or a very dark brown. She had her hair tied with a red bow into to bunches at the back whilst it let two long stretches of hair dangle down her back. She wore a pale blue jumper which covered her entire upper body aside from her neck and head. There was a small drape of silk tied around her neck that lay over her jumper. She wore a black mini skirt and pink tights underneath. Her eyes were a unique red brown colour. She smiled. Can I help you? she asked.

Um, is this where I leave my submissions for the Premier Ball competition? Micky replied his entry in his hand.

Yes it is, follow me the women said leading Micky through the doors. Micky gazed at the hallways. Staring at either end. They were shimmering marble floors of a light grey. As Micky walked down the hallway following the women. On either side were rooms with windows giving Micky a chance to peer in on what was happening in each room. They were classes. Each of about twenty being instructed by a tutor at the front. Eventually Micky was led into a room. It appeared to be some form of Principals office.

May I see your trainer card the women asked. Micky proceeded to take out his card. The women checked the information on his entry form and his trainer card before handing it back. OK, everything seems fine here. She placed the entry in a pile of what appeared to be other entries. Come back on the thirty first to compete and best of luck. I can tell by your card your not extremely experienced which is ok since youll be competing with students from the school and any pre-badge entrants. The women led Micky out of the room and towards the door.

The half hour had passed and Micky returned to the Pokemon Center retrieving his Ponyta. With that Micky set off into the city. The city was large and bustling, just like Lilycove. Skyscrapers of similar size shaded the streets while people pushed shoved through the streets. Micky made his way to a bench and pulled out his cell phone and dialled the number of Mr Charston. It rang a few times before he answered.


Hey Marty, its Micky, whereabouts are ya? Micky said loudly down the phone trying to cover the sounds of the city.

On the other end of the phone stood Marty. He was standing by a large stool, frying the chicken similar to the kind Micky had tasted earlier. Oh Micky, how you enjoying Rustboro?

Its ok, whereabouts are you?

Well, if you look for the Devon Corp building. Im outside selling fried chicken.

Ok, Ill be there soon Micky said closing his cell phone to cancel the connection. Now where the **** is the Devon building? Micky shouted shoving his cell phone into his pocket.

I believe the Devon Corporation Skyscraper is on thirty third street a bypassing man said. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue and white horizontally striped shirt. He was wearing a blue bandana over his head. He had brown eyebrows and grey eyes. Micky noticed three Pokeballs around his waist belt.

Thanks Micky said pulling out his laptop to pull up a map of Rustboro.

About twenty minutes later Micky arrived at the building, seeing Martys food stand. Marty waved, flagging Micky over who waved back and made a half run to his stand. Hows business going Marty?


A half hour later Marty had sold all the food Micky and him sat talking. Marty, when you said something about a disaster, what did you mean? Martys face turned cold. He started describing it to Micky, lost in thought as he done it.


Marty was driving home. Route 103 was lush in vegetation. Nidoran ran across the sandy trail leading to Harville. They were tiny little creatures. They had skin like that of a reptiles yet their bodies were shaped like that of a rabbit. The males were purple with darker purple dots, each bearing two ears standing at tension, the insides were green and their teeth bucked. The females were a light turquoise. It had darker turquoise identity dots on its reptilian like skin. The insides of there ears were the same colour. There eyes pure blood red, their teeth bucked like the males.

From the sky a large shadow bore down, heading over Oldale and down Route 103. Pokemon ran back into their forest homes. They knew what this creature was, but the people of Harville just stared up in astonishment. The creature was the same beast that Kerri saw. Some people on the ground below screamed and tried to take cover in their homes, others just stood there frozen in fear. Marty froze in fear staring at this great creature from about a mile away. Rayquaza drew in breath, it stared coldly at the people below before bearing flames upon the town. Buildings crumbled under the sheer pressure of his flames. Bodies burnt, people in flames rolled around the ground frantically, their bodies a mere black shadow underneath the flames which danced around their dying corpses.

The creature dropped down to the ground, crushing several people below its giant, slender body. It sat up, standing about ten feet in the air, using the other half of its body as support. Some people ran from it, other were frozen to the spot. Rayquaza pulled out his arms. Although they appeared tiny compared to its body, they were like that of a humans. Attached to these arms were three claws a piece. Each claw the size of a sword but twice as sharp. Rayquaza started slashing at the people in front of it. Some frozen in fear were decapitated in one blow, others who tried to avoid it suffered lost limbs before finally suffering a deadly stab from a claw. Rayquaza tore through the people of Harville with ease. It swung its tail smashing down any buildings in its way. Some who tried to drive away suffered the huge beam of light that Kerris mother received, at with that the cars exploded. It was a merciful death for those inside, compared to the slow torment those who failed to die swiftly endured.

Martin gazed at the horrific slaughter from afar. He couldnt make out much of it but the screams were heard all over Hoenn. Martin could see buildings crumbling, cars flying through the air through the sheer strength of the beast. In front of him, no more than three hundred metres away from him was a women and her child. She was running with her child, no older than five, gripped to her shoulder, tears running out of his eyes. The women was running for her life and Martin knew he had to do something. Driving forward, he tried to get close, slinging the passenger door open. He was no further than twenty metres away until the creature landed in front of them. It bore its teeth at the women. The child cried for its life, his mother knew she was dead. She made a feeble attempt to back away but was stopped in her tracks by the menacing eyes of the creature. The child on the other hand ran as fast as he could. Rayquaza opened its mouth wide, it lounged its body forward, its mouth covered the womens entire body before it tossed its head back up, seemingly swallowing the women whole. Martin saw its body shake as the womens body fell through, she was clearly still alive, her screams were heard each time the creature opened its mouth. Rayquaza slithered forward, stalking its next victim. The child. Martin was frozen, he couldnt move, he wanted to be sick. He stamped his foot hard on the gas pedal, driving forward at a fast pace, but he was too slow. Rayquaza, using one of its sword-like claws decapitated the child before slicing the rest of its body to pieces. The organs of the child lay soaked in blood on the sandy trail.

Rayquaza flew up, and turned his attention towards Martin. His yellow eyes beamed at him, staring a hole through his body. He growled viciously, making the car vibrate. Martin expected to be destroyed in one swift blow. Rayquaza didnt reach his expectations. Instead, Rayquaza flew up high into the air, as though it was heading towards the atmosphere. Martin couldnt believe his luck. Although in his mind he wasnt sure if it was luck at all. Almost everyone he knew had been destroyed. With that though he threw up all over his steering wheel and the front window of his car.


Micky was frozen in thought. The destruction that Marty had described ran through his mind. He could visualise the corpses laying all over Harville like a battlefield, blood everywhere, buildings crumbled under flames. Dude, Im, Im sorry Micky wasnt sure how to speak, he was shocked that this man wasnt traumatised like his sister.

It isnt your fault Micky. Martin sighed. It isnt your fault he repeated patting Micky on the shoulder. Anyways, your welcome to stay at mine a few more nights if you want, its not a particularly long drive from Harville to Rustboro.



Kerri crawled to her feet. She picked up her mothers body. It was stiff, but it was lighter than before. The loss of some of her stomach seemed to have made a difference, although Kerri couldnt tell. She picked up her mothers body and walked towards Rayquazas lair, which was currently empty. Inside was a large room, lit by candles by the walls. Each let out an eerie glow throughout the room. Kerri saw a staircase leading out the back. It was thin, only suited for one person. Kerri, mother in her arms climbed the stairs, tears slowly making their way down her cheek, dripping onto her mothers corpse.

Eventually, after hours of climbing the staircase, Kerri was led to a dead end. She dropped to her knees, placing her mother down onto a step. She slumped back and cry, placing her head into her arms. There were lights lined on the staircase, candles giving out a similar eerie glow. They appeared to have been where they were for centuries. Wiping a tear from her eye Kerri looked up. There was an arrow pointing towards the dead end with similar dots to the entrance way inscribed on it. Kerri noticed the dots on the door as well and ran over, rubbing her hands over the dots. She could feel it forming words in her head, she recognised being taught it at school. It was Braille. She started making sense of it.

Your escape is what you seek,
Although your chances look bleak,
Too your left is freedom is yours,
See if you can open doors.

Kerri looked to her left. There was a candle, she looked closer. As she did she gripped the handle, nudging it slightly. The staircase started rocking, light poured into the staircase. Kerri could feel the rays hit her face, then her tears froze. A chill went over Kerris body like a blanket of ice. The cold froze her face, she could taste it on her lips. Kerri ignored this factor and carried her mothers body outside. She was atop a mountain. She could see for miles. It was the highest mountain in the legendary range, where the Sky Pillar was hidden. The stone door closed behind Kerri with a hard thud and Kerri was subjected to the cold, alone.

She survived atop the mountain for two weeks, surviving on the snow melting in her mouth and the Aspear berries which were the only known berry to survive in cold weather like that. Before being found by a mountain ranger. At first a Fearow found her. A large bird. Its feathers were brown trimmed with crme, it had a long, sleek, yellow beak, and a light red mane on its head, with same coloured feet. Afterwards the ranger came atop the Fearow. When Kerri tried to thank him, she couldnt. At first she thought her lips were frozen solid. The she realised, she couldnt speak. She opened her mouth trying speak but she couldnt. She knew the words, but they wouldnt come out.

After fourteen years she had given up. The doctors tried all sorts of therapy, but eventually they came to the conclusion that she was too traumatised to speak and they locked her up in the Mossdeep Sanatorium.


Micky lay in the spare room of his new friend Martin. He was half asleep, although he could still hear the sounds of the outdoors. He heard chirps, rustles and even what appeared to be laughter. But then he heard a shrill cry. Micky shot up from his bed. He thought he was hearing things but then he heard it again.

FREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Micky slung himself to the window, sliding the curtains out of the way. He could see very little, there was a navy blue glow given out by the stars from above, but aside from that nothing. Micky couldnt see where the cry came from but he knew it was real.

I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you - Evanescence, Taking over me.

Ok, this chapter official sucks *** IMO, I hope fore my sake you guys think differently. I think I made this just about readable by adding mass murder and the Kerri explanation makes it an important chap.

March 28th, 2004, 2:06 PM
this is really good! post more!

March 28th, 2004, 2:09 PM
Oh my god, I got a reader, yay

Chapter 5: Cry of the Free

Hope, there's a reason, For questions unanswered I just don't see everything - Drowning Pool, Tear Away.

Micky grabbed his Pokeball belt, not even bothering to tie it around his waist. He didnt bother to get dressed, he was worried about what was going on outside. It was only until he opened the door that he realised hed forgotten to clothe himself. He considered running back to his room to get clothed but then he heard the scream again.


With that Micky charged outside. The air wasnt to cold, but in between the wind and his lack of clothes Micky felt the cold cling to his body. Micky couldnt see much, nothing further than ten feet away was his limit. Strider Go! Micky screamed grabbing one of his Pokeballs from his belt. It slammed to the ground unleashing a huge red glow, taking shape into his fire horse. The glow Ponyta gave lit up the area around him. Strider head towards that cry. Ponyta looked back up at Micky completely oblivious to the fact that she had been nicknamed by Micky. Strider? With that Ponyta realised she had been nicknamed but continued to stare at Micky until she heard the cry as well. With that she charged towards the forest. ****, I really wish Id got dressed Micky said looking at the forest thinking about how many cuts he was going to get.

Charging after his Ponyta Micky ran through the forest. His feet in pain from stepping on sticks and stones, his legs and arms were also scratched, making his skin more sensitive to the cold air. Ponyta was quite a way ahead of Micky but in the dark she stood out clearly. Eventually Micky was out of the forest, now charging on open fields. Ahead of him he could see his Ponyta had stopped. Micky, eventually caught up. His Ponyta stared at the ground. With that Micky looked down himself. On the ground lay a butterfly shaped Pokemon. Its body was a lavender purple, with tiny shoe like feet of cyan. It had tiny little cyan hands and a cyan nose. Its eyes were huge on its head and were a rose red. It had purple antennas sticking out of its head. Its wings were large, they were white and patterned with a very dark lavender, trimmed around the edges as black. Free! it cried lightly. Micky picked up the creature. He noticed its back was scarred with charred black marks. He placed the little creature on his Ponytas back. Strider, take it back to the cabin Micky said lightly. With that Strider charged back through the forest, Micky following shortly after.

Back at the cabin Micky had awoken Marty. I dunno whats wrong with it, it calls itself free or soming.

Its a Butterfree, its bin badly burned Marty said calmly looking at the Butterfree which lay on his table underneath a clothe.

Well, what da we do? Micky said frantically fearing the creatures life.

Come on well drive it to Rustboro Pokemon Center. Theyll know what to do.

Well lets go then Micky said.

Um, clothes? Marty said sarcastically looking at Micky who was shivering.

Huh, oh right. With that Micky rushed to his room, slinging on a pair of black trousers, striped with yellow, and a red shirt. He didnt bother to co-ordinate his clothing.

An hour later Micky and Marty arrived outside the Rustboro Pokemon Center. Micky with the Butterfree in his arms charged into it hitting his arms on the automatic doors which didnt open in time. Micky rushed to the counter, placing the Butterfree on the counter. This Butterfrees bin badly burned, and it stopped saying stuff on the journey here, I think its in a coma or soming Micky said frantically to the nurse in front of him.

You should know to place it in its Pokeball when it gets that badly injured the nurse replied calmly, starting up the Pokeheal behind her.

Its not my Pokemon, I found it outside, it was crying out free and stuff Micky said rubbing the creatures head trying to bring it awake.

Well, we cant treat it unless its in a Pokeball the nurse replied looking at Micky. He realised he had to use one of his Pokeballs and immediately grabbed one from his belt tapping it onto the butterfly. Butterfree was absorbed into the ball and didnt even try to escape the Pokeball.

Here Micky said handing the Pokeball to the nurse. She took it, placing a label on it saying Butterfree, knowing there wasnt time to waste getting the trainers name and information. She placed it in the Pokeheal and looked at the machines summary of the Butterfly.

It should be fine, itll take three days for it to fully heal but you brought it here just in time. With that Micky sighed in relief. Um, can I take down your trainer information please the nurse asked, now calmer knowing that the creature would be fine.

Uh, yeah Micky said bringing out his trainer card. The nurse swiped it through a computer to her left and it brought up all the necessary information. Ok, I see you have a Weedle being stored here as well, is that right? Micky thought for a moment before realising he had a Weedle.

Yeah, is he done yet? Micky asked, awaiting his bugs return to his team.

Yes he is, let me get him for you. The nurse headed into a room next to the Pokeheal and returned in several moments with a Pokeball in her hand. Here he is, as good as new the nurse said smiling.

Thanks, Ill come back in a few days to pick up that Butterfree. With that Micky walked out of the Pokemon Center, slowing down at the doors to allow them to open.

On Marty and Mickys return home Micky slumped himself onto his bed immediately, falling asleep with ease.

Awaking thirteen hours later Micky rolled off of the bed. Rubbing his eyes he walked out of the house, still dressed in the clothes he wore he previous night. He looked around Harville. He know knew the reason for the piles of rubble. They were placed atop the land the victims of the disaster were buried as monuments to them. There were four rubble piles, each marking the corners of the town. Looking around Micky saw no sign of Martys car. He saw very few people. Guessing most were in Rustboro. Well, I may as well get some training done Micky said mumbling to himself. With that he unleashed his two Pokemon, Weedle and Ponyta. He pulled out his Pokedex and aimed it towards his Weedles head.

This Weedle knows: Poison Sting, String Shot.

That all? Rough you know like nothing Micky said speaking to his bug. His Weedle seemed offended by Mickys comment. Ok, Rough, you know this area, show us some good training spots. Weedle started to crawl along the ground on its tiny red feet down to Route 103, heading towards Oldale town. Micky followed and about twenty minutes later they encountered a wild Pokemon. It was a caterpillar. It had green skin with a crme underneath. It had black eyes with yellow around its eyes. It had a red feeler at the top of its head, it was one sticking on its head splitting into two as it went above its head.

Well, its an opponent, Weedle, use Poison String. With that the little bug rammed the sharp point on its head at the green caterpillar. The caterpillar retaliated by charging its head at Weedle but as it went the sting on Weedles tail moved into its way, this time it clearly injected a purple ooze into the creature who fled soon after.

Most of the day was spent training against wild Pokemon, Mickys Ponyta learned a move called Take Down which involved Ponyta throwing its body at the opponent trying to crush them under its weight. Returning from Route 103, reasonably successfully Micky finally saw people again. They were all in a crowd around two people. It appeared to be a trainer battle.

Magnemite use Thundershock A boy cried. He wore blue tattered jeans and a grey shirt with a yellow lightning image on the front. His hair appeared to be short since he wore a light blue cap which appeared to show signs of hair. In front of him, floating in the air was a ball, appearing to be made of steel. It had one giant eye on its front. On its head was what appeared to a screw which stuck out of its head. Similar objects were beneath its eye, sticking outwards. On its sides were two magnets. On its right was a magnet of black, its upper end a blue and its lower a red, indicating the north and south poles of the magnet. On the opposite side was another magnet of black, its upper end red and its lower blue. The Pokemon responded to its trainers orders by charging up electricity on its Magnets, launching it towards its opponent.

Its opponent was a duck like bird. It had crme brown feathers with a crme breast. Its beak was a giant yellow bill, its feet were three webbed toes. In its wings it held a what appeared to be a leek. Farfetchd, use agility, get out of the way its trainer cried. She was about the same height as Micky. She had blonde hair tied in a bunch. She had black leather heeled boots, around her legs she wore bleached jeans leading up to a light blue top with a sun flower sketch print on it and a bleached jean fabric jacket. Her eyes were an emerald green, they shimmered the reflection of the battle. On her shoulder was a yellow mouse. It had a tail almost the size of its body shaped in a lightning bolt. All of the fur on its body was yellow except on its back were several brown fur stripes. Its ears stood at attention, at the end lined with black. Its eyes were tiny and black, reflecting the battle like what appeared to be its trainer. It had two rosy red circular patches on its cheeks.

The electricity charged in the magnets of Magnemites formed one giant charge consuming the entire body of the steel ball. In a moment the charge of electricity fired as a giant jolt towards the duck billed Farfetchd. Farfetchd moved out of the way just in time allowing the bolt of electricity to hit the ground, charring some of the grass below. Now Farfetchd boost your strength and do a Sword Dance. With that the bird placed its leek into its bill and spun. What appeared to be miniature knives started flowing around its head.

Come on Magnemite stop him now! The male trainer shouted. Use Thundershock! Magnemite done what he did previously, charging the electricity from its magnets aiming it towards the seemingly dancing bird. Farfetchd! The female trainer called to her bird. Dodge it and hit it with a leek slash. Removing the leak from its bill and holding it in its wing it flew past the Magnemite, hitting it with the leek as it passed. Magnemite appeared to lose its focus as it was hit and the charges on its magnets seemingly stopped. It rolled backwards, remaining floating on its same level as though it were the ground for this strange creature. Magnemite, emit Metal Sound! The male trainer covered his ears as the steel creature made the sound of a cat scratching a blackboard. Everyone else covered their ears after a second of the sound. Micky felt like his head was going to explode, his body feeling limp as his spine felt like it was melting.

March 28th, 2004, 2:09 PM
Now, Thundershock the male trainer shouted. The female failed to notice this until the magnets started charging.

Quick Farfetchd move but by the time she completed her sentence the bolt of electricity crashed into her bird. Farfetchd writhed in pain, its eyes clenched shut trying to endure the pain, its feathers turning black until it was finally released from its electric torture, collapsing from the air to the ground with a hard thud, sand lifting into the air, coating the fur of the bird. The leek laying above its head. With that the trainer pulled out her Pokeball absorbing the bird in a red glow. She picked up the leak from the ground and placed it into her bag. Well done she said lightly, showing her disappointment and with that she headed off towards Rustboro. People gathered around him, congratulating him on the victory.

Hey, dude Micky shouted over towards the trainer. Dude, you up for a battle? Micky said as the crowd started to give way to him.

Sure why not, but you sure you can handle my Pokemon? the trainer replied in a ****y tone.

Well well see wont we, Two on Two ok with you? Micky replied smirking.

Two on Two it is then he replied throwing a Pokeball to the ground. It opened up unleashing a red glow as he flew back to his hand.

Hey, how you do that? Micky said oblivious to the fact there was a Pokemon right beside him. It was an orange coloured bug. It had an armoured like body, with six tiny legs and two large orange claws. It had large, beady white circular eyes with a big circle of black in the centre. It had two red mushrooms sticking out its back, each mushroom had dots of orange on it. Hey, dont blank me how you do that? Micky demanded.

Um, the battle? He said pointing to his Pokemon.

Fine fine Micky said running over a few metres from the trainer. Rough go he shouted throwing a Pokeball to the ground, unleashing his worm like Pokemon before Picking it up and re-attaching it to his belt.

You named your Pokemon Rough? The trainer laughed.

Yeah ha-ha, I was running low on ideas Micky said back. Ok, Rough, Poison Sting Micky said loudly for all to hear. With that the little bug slung its body forward, its head like a spear aiming for the mushroom Pokemon I front of it.

Paras, stun spore. The two mushrooms on its back started to emit gases of some sort as Weedle collided with it. Rolling head first along the ground as it bounced of off the so called Paras, Rough started to show some effect from the stun spore, shaking its head as though it were trying to clear its brain. Ok, now scratch the trainer shouted. With that Paras flung itself into the air, using its right claw to cut across Weedle. The little bug started to trickle what appeared to be its blood. It was a disgusting crme yellow, dripping out of its side. Rough started to squirm out of the way.

Um, rough, string shot. The little bug turned to Micky as if to ask Please just let me back into my Pokeball before turning its tail towards Paras and firing out a stringy white substance from its tail towards Paras, coating its eyes, blinding it momentarily.

Giga Drain Paras he shouted. Paras started to flick its claw around frantically, still unable to see its target. Wipe your eyes the trainer shouted.

Rough, Poison Sting again Micky shouted. With that his bug threw its body towards Paras tail first, ramming its tail into the spine of Paras, right in between its Mushroom like spores releasers. Paras gave out a loud cry as the Weedle continued to jam its spike into the back of Paras. Inject the Poisons Micky shouted. His Weedle stood tail first on the Paras, its eye clenched shut.

Paras, roll it off you its trainer screamed frantically knowing the battle could end any time soon. Paras rolled slamming Rough head first to the ground. With that he started glowing.

Hey, is this a new move Micky said quickly pulling out his Pokedex and aiming it towards his bug.

This Pokemon is Evolving

Sweet Micky said loudly a smirk forming on his face. The bug started to spray a some form of coating from its tail onto its body. When the glow lifted Micky could see something completely different in front of him. It had grown a little bit longer, its body was a golden tan, its body shaped in separate layers until it reached a round top, its bottom in a spiked point. Its eyes were a large pure black, not even glimmering, seemingly without any form of liquid over it.

Kakuna - The Cocoon Pokemon. When a Weedle evolves it wraps itself in a silky liquid to prepare itself for its final stage of evolution. Kakuna mainly relies on its iron hard defence to survive although it can still sting its opponents with the lower part of its body.

Um, Kakuna, Rough, whatever, use Poison Sting. His Pokemon remained unmoving, it stayed stationary. Um, dude, listen? Micky said embarrassed that his Pokemon didnt do anything.

Ha ha the opposing trainer laughed. Paras, Slash it. The Orange mushroom bug charged at the Cocoon, its claw poised to cut.

Um, Rough, do the defence thingy. With that his Cocoon shimmered a grey colour just before the Paras hit him. As the claw connected with the cocoon it snapped back, seemingly bouncing off of the defences. Paras fell back first to the ground, its left claw bleeding a green ooze. With that the Cocoon started to spray a white foamy liquid onto the mushroom bug before throwing its body, point first at the creature who was now trap under a string shot. The point jammed into the body of Paras as Kakuna stood on its opponent, who was seemingly unconscious. With that the opposing trainer pulled out his Parass Pokeball and as the red glow beamed from the ball converting the organic matter, it withdrew the defeated creature, leaving Mickys Cocoon standing on its point triumphantly.

Fine, you won that round but Id love to see you try and beat this Pokemon. Pelipper, go! With that he threw a Pokeball towards Kakuna, it landed just in front of Micky's newly-evolved cocoon. As the red glow cleared it formed the shape of a large bird. Most of its body was its beak, which was a large yellow bag, looking capable of placing Kakuna in its mouth. The other half of its body was white fur, except at the tips of its two long wings which had a sky blue tip of feathers, the same coloured feathers were above its head as well. Pelipper, use Water Gun! With that the bird started to spray water at the Cocoon, trying to act quickly Micky shouted out to it.

The defence thing! Micky screamed. As its body solidified the water hit. The defence had no effect and Kakuna went flying across in front of Micky. Its eyes glared up at Micky, it seemed to be telling Micky its his fault for not knowing what to do. Um, Kakuna, get back in there and do String Shot Micky shouted to the Pokemon laid in front of him. The large beaked Bird flew towards Kakuna.

Hit it with Wing Attack! As the trainer shouted Kakuna started to spray its white liquid string at the bird. It hardly covered the beak and failed to have any effect. Kakuna was hit hard with the wings of the bird right into Mickys feet. He picked up his cocoon in his arms, its eyes were shut. Micky pulled the Pokeball from his belt and tapped the white button at the front beaming red at the cocoon, withdrawing it to its ball. As Micky returned the ball to his belt he pulled off Striders ball with his free hand, throwing it onto what was the battlefield for Micky and his opponent.

Out of the red glow came Mickys fire horse Ponyta. Strider, hit that bird with Ember! Micky shouted. Strider opened her mouth and shot out a ball of fire towards the large beaked bird.

Water Gun Pelipper the opposing trainer shouted. With that it sprayed water onto the fire ball, turning it into black smoke before the water smashed into Striders head.

Crap! Micky shouted. His knowledge of Pokemon was rather limited but he knew that a fire type like Ponyta would take serious damage from a water attack. Strider, Agility! With that the fire horse, at an incredible pace, charged out of the waters way. Thats it, now Take Down! Strider jumped into the air, ready to slam her body into the bird. She was slightly higher in the air than the bird and was crashing down, but just in time for the bird it dashed out of the way, Strider came crashing down to the ground, the sand kicked up over its body. Strider are you ok?

Ha, risky move, didnt pay off, Pelipper, Water Gun. Strider tried to get herself back to her feet however as soon as she was on her feet she was hit by the spray. Her eyes clenched trying to endure the water.

Strider, Quick Attack! Dashing out of the water Strider charged head first into Pelipper at lightning fast speed, ramming her head into the large mouth of Pelipper. The bird rolled back landing on its back on the ground. Strider ran up in front of it, throwing her weight onto her hind legs as she stood, ready to slam her feet onto the bird. Never seen her do that Micky mumbled to himself.

Water Gun now! The opposing trainer shouted loudly. Before Striders feet crashed down onto the bird a large charge of water crashed into her stomach sending her onto her back. The Bird flew back into the air. Ok, now, Hydro Pump! The Birds beak started to leak water, it appeared to be storing water in its mouth. Micky knew he had to do something fast, pulling Striders Pokeball out he triggered it to withdraw her. The glow caught her just in time, pulling her back to her ball as the bird unleashed a huge blast of water which flooded the entire battlefield, soaking Micky and several others feet. Micky shook his head in disappointment, looking down at his Pokeball before re-attaching it to his belt. Dont be ashamed, you did well the opposing trainer said, this time not in a ****y tone.

Thanks Micky said, with a half hearted smile.

Laying on his bed at night Micky thought to himself about the day. He had a somewhat successful day. He had sort of captured a Butterfree, his Weedle had evolved and his Ponyta had learned two new attacks. Still, he couldnt help but feel disappointed about his first loss in a trainer battle. He couldnt help think whether there would be a lot more too come or whether hed start of a winning streak, starting at the Premier Ball Tournament which was due to start in a few days.

It's not your fault that you're always wrong, the weak ones are there to justify the strong - Marilyn Manson, Beautiful People.

Author Notes: Well, a somewhat better (IMO) than the last chapter. Well, Mickys starting to form a team. Getting some practice writing full battles now, which will come in handy obviously.

March 28th, 2004, 2:15 PM
The story has lots of detail and its really cool how it relates to the author in parts

March 28th, 2004, 2:16 PM
Thanks, its a good way to relieve aggression, anger depression etc in a ocnstructive manner, that may even be ok for english coursework :paranoid:

April 3rd, 2004, 1:58 PM
Chapter 6: Golden Ball

We are the ones that wanna choose, Always wanna play but you never wanna lose - System of a Down, Ariels.

Micky lay sat on the sofa of the Rustboro Pokemon Center. Hed been waiting since the morning for some information on the Butterfree he had rescued. Are you hungry, youve been there for hours. Micky snapped out of his daze, noticing a ginger haired nurse said to Micky, acknowledging Mickys existence, unlike so many other people who had passed him.

Nah, Im fine Micky said politely. Any news on Butterfree? Micky said looking over at the Pokeheal.

Itll be about half an hour, you should grab a bite to eat, youve been here since my shift started. The nurses shift had started hours ago, shed noticed immediately when she came that there was a boy sitting on the sofa, seemingly unconscious yet his eyes were open.

Uhyour right Micky rubbed his eyes and wondered out of the Pokemon Center.

Upon his return he was greeted by the little butterfly. Hey there lil guy Micky said running over to it patting its head. It cried out free before being interrupted by the nurse.

Shes a she, the nurse said.

A what? It started to strike Micky that asking these pointless questions when he knows the answer was rather stupid. Wait, dont say, Im slow ok Micky said smiling putting his hand out in front of the nurse as if to say stop.

Ok, she seems happy to see you the nurse said with a smile on her face handing him the Pokeball.

Why you giving me this? Micky asked assuming the Butterfree would just be released.

Well, I think shes warmed up to you, considering you saved her. Micky noticed that Butterfree was sitting on his shoulder.

Free she cried into his ear. Micky patted her on the head before walking out of the Pokemon Center.

So, what the **** do we do now? Micky said looking towards the Butterfree as he sat on the step. She just stared back, using Mickys hair as a grip for her tiny little hands. Micky pulled out his Pokedex and uploaded the move feature. Aiming it towards the Butterfree he prepared himself for the stale robotic voice.

This Butterfree knows Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Confusion, Silver Wind, Shadow Ball, Supersonic, and Double-Edge.

Holy crap, you know a lot! Micky thought for a moment and then thought about the up coming premier ball event. Ya know, this could work out very nicely Micky said smiling at his little butterfly.


The last few days had been spent training with Butterfree. Micky had grown to learn which moves done what and was now fully adjusted to his newest team member. Butterfree had been out of her Pokeball ever since being picked up from the Pokemon Center. She sat on Mickys shoulder most of the time although she would fly around at times as well. Now was testing time, standing outside the huge doors of the Pokemon academy, Butterfree upon his shoulder, Micky opened the large doors entering. Immediately he was greeted by the same women he had met a week ago. She was wearing pretty much the same thing she wore last time, except her hair wasnt styled. Ah, the last entrant, I take it this is going to be the Pokemon you will be using? She titled her head towards the Butterfree sitting on Mickys right shoulder.

Yeah, Im using Free.

Very well, follow me. The women led Micky through the hallways until they finally reach a large room. Inside were many trainers, all of them looking to be much younger than him. Ill just need to check your trainer card. Micky handed her the card whilst Butterfree flew off of his shoulder, flapping its wings it checked out some of its competition. There were more trainers then Pokemon, so obviously some of the people here kept their Pokemon hidden which, itself was a good tactic, that way planning ahead against them wouldnt happen. There were stands with many people sitting, waiting to view the up coming battles. Ok, just sign here the women said pointing towards a piece of paper with a pen next to it and hand me your Pokeballs, Pokedex and Bag.

Hold on, why do I have to get rid of my Pokeballs and my bag? Micky didnt mention his Pokedex since he didnt give dam about it, it had the most annoying robotic voice and was only useful for checking moves.

In order to prevent healing Pokemon with items, checking on opponents moves and switching Pokemon of the same specie.

You sure no-one will steal them? Micky started to remove his Pokeball belt and slide his bag from his shoulder.

I promise, look Ill take care of them ok, just ask for Roxanne when your finished. Micky was comforted by this, he now had someone to blame if his stuff was lost.

Um, ok Micky replied handing her his bag which he had stuffed his belt into.

Well, you first battle will be with Melvin Connor, you will see your name appear on the screen along with your Pokemon choice. Roxanne pointed to a large screen on the wall. On the screen there was two names already up there.

Kelly Peterson vs. Jamie Amole
(Wigglytuff) (Rhyhorn)

Micky looked towards the centre of the hall. An old man stood up to a microphone.

Welcome young trainers he said for all to hear. The room echoed his voice for a few seconds. Free landed on Mickys cap assuming it was time to stop flying about and prepare for battle. Lets begin with our first battle, best of luck to both trainers.

With that a girl of about ten and a boy of similar age took their places on either side of the arena. The battlefield was marked in white; it took up much of the hallway and had a line through the centre with a Pokeball painted in the exact centre of the line. They released their Pokeballs respectively, sending them hurling only several feet from each other. White glows spat out of the balls and took form.

The first to be noticed by Micky was the girls Wigglytuff. It was just over half Mickys height, its body was rounded and its fur was pink. It had large, cute emerald eyes. Just below its eyes was a large white pelt stomach which covered all of its frontal fur until it reached its feet. It had a small mouth at the start of the white fur, centred in between its eyes but just below. It had two large rabbit like ears of pink, the same pink as its body. This colour of fur was the same as its tiny little arms, which lacked hands or fingers but instead ended in a curve. Its feet were the same, no toes just rounded at its tips, although that they were a bit larger. Centred in between the two emerald eyes, just above was a small swirl of a pink tuff, the root of its mane.

The other white glow had taken form to a giant rhino of rock. At its front, upon its nose was a sharp spike, seemingly made of rock as it was a slate grey. The rest of its body continued like this, spiked into several layers of armoured plating. Its body was very close to the ground, its feet holding it barely above the ground. It had two red eyes, centred on its foe, the Wigglytuff. As its mouth opened to roar it revealed a red tongue and a set of spiky white teeth.

The battle commenced, the male trainer was the first to shout an attack. Earthquake! he shouted. Micky didnt like the sound of this move and for a good reason. The large beast bounced its body only several feet off of the ground before coming back down. As it landed the entire room vibrated. A large line of breaking ground headed towards Wigglytuff.

Leap over it the female shouted. Wigglytuff jumped but was still caught by a lump of rock which hit it directly in its stomach. It fell to the ground, just next to the broken pieces of the arena. Come on Wigglytuff, Focus Punch! The little creature rolled onto its injured stomach then clambered to its feet, its left arm started pulling it up whilst its right arm lay tucked away.

Horn Attack! The male shouted. Rhyhorn charged forward head first, its horn pointed towards Wigglytuff. As it was about to make contact Wigglytuff hit it in the face with its right arm, diving to its right at the same time to avoid the deadly horn. Rhyhorn landed on its side, clearly feeling the impact of the hit, yet it still had enough strength to roll back onto its feet. Its eyes showed the pain it was feeling inside unlike its hard rock body. Micky figured one of its ribs were broken, considering it charged pretty fast and the punch hit hard. Wigglytuff wasnt doing brilliantly either however; it shook its right arm clearly showing injury.

April 3rd, 2004, 1:58 PM
Wigglytuff, Ice Beam. Micky thought to himself An ice attack? in shock. Micky never thought the cute pink blob had that sort of power in it. The little pink creature fired a white and light blue beam towards Rhyhorn. Little pieces of ice were visible inside this beam and as it collided with Rhyhorn they shattered around it, giving out a large cracking sound with each split second that Rhyhorn was forced to endure. A few seconds later Wigglytuff had finished with its Ice Beam. It took in a deep breath 7 then looked to its foe.

Rhyhorns condition was critical. One side of its body was frozen, included its front left foot. There was a glassy shimmer reflecting the shimmering light into Mickys eye. The Rhyhorn groaned and then heard its masters call. Rhyhorn, Megahorn. Rhyhorns large spiked horn began to glow. It was a large bright white glow. With that, ignoring the fact that half of its body could hardly move, it charged forward, the ice breaking off of its injured leg. Wigglytuff looked forward to the beast as the horn drilled into its body. The pink blob flew back out of the marked arena into the way of some of the contestants. It was leaking red blood from its stomach from a huge pierce mark through its body.

Wigglytuff the girl cried in a fearful voice as she ran across the battlefield to her cute pink blob.

Wigglytuff is unable to battle; therefore, Rhyhorn and Jamie Amole are the winners. The girl withdrew her Wigglytuff to its Pokeball before running off, probably to a Pokemon Center. The male trainer ran up and gave his Pokemon a hug on its large side, although its body stood at similar height to his.

Several battles later it was Mickys turn to prove himself. He was confident in his Butterfrees abilities but he wasnt so sure about his abilities. These people seemed to be students of the academy, or at least reasonably experienced trainers, and although Micky was older, his trainer experience was nothing further than watching gym battles in Fortree and occasionally on television. Butterfree flew to the centre of the battlefield which was now further ripped as well as charred from burn marks, several splashes of water and a couple of frozen lumps of ice. Mickys opponent was an Adam Calloway. He possessed an Azurill. As it released from its Pokeball it revealed itself as a tiny mouse, sitting on a ball attached to its tail. Its body was sea blue except for two tiny ears above its round body which were pink on their inside. It also had two little dots of white on its cheeks and one on the ball on its tail. It had two tiny feet hanging over the ball it sat on and two tiny arms o the same size, and just like Wigglytuff they were just rounded at the end instead of possessing hands.

Azurill, bubble. The tiny mouse started firing bubbles at Butterfree.

Free, dodge it then Double-Edge. Dashing out of the way of the bubbles Free charged head first into the little mouse, hitting directly making it fall off of its ball and land hard on its back. Now scatter a stun spore. Flapping her wings, Free spread green dust down onto the air below Azurill.

Azurill, roll out of the way and slam it with your tail! Azurill was on its feet in moments and flipped into the air, its tail slamming into the right wing of free, making her twirl down a bit before flying away. As it flew the dust kicked up back towards Azurill. After having one breath of it, Azurill could feel its bones stiffen.

The spores hit it Free, now finish it off with Silver Wind. Frees wings began to glow. She started to flap her wings violently, creating a breeze, but in that moment its wings released their glow into the breeze. As little sparkles of light flew along the breeze Azuril stood helpless, being hit in moments with the deadly attack. Cuts began to show on its body. Free then charged its head into the body of Azurill. Falling quickly to the attack, Azurill collapsed to the ground back first. Micky was announced the winner and the opponent withdrew his Azurill as Mickys Butterfree returned to him triumphantly.

The next battle Micky and Free were to take place in was a much harder challenge. It was a fire type known as Numel. It was a tiny camel, only a couple of feet in height. It was a tanned yellow colour of short fur. As it began to grow to the tip of its back there was a grass green patch of fur, dotted around beneath the large patch were little specks of green. At the very top of its humped back was a tiny hole, probably for spewing flames out of. Its belly was a lighter yellow and it bore a small mane of hair only in between its tiny ears at the top of its head. Its eyes gave it the impression of being drunk and it looked to be useless. MEL!!!! Numel cried as it stepped closer to the centre of the battlefield which was scarred from the previous battles that had taken place.

Dont worry Free, it may have the type advantage but you can pull this off. Micky wasnt sure who he was trying to reassure more, himself or his Butterfree.

Numel, ember the opposing trainer shouted. Numel released three fire balls from its mouth whilst charging forward.

Free, dodge it and hit it with a Shadow Ball. The flames darted to Free as did the Numel. The first ball missed the left wing of Free but was soon followed by the second. This one skimmed the left wing of Free, causing little damage except a tiny black char mark, however it distracted Free long enough to allow her to be hit directly by the third fire ball. Crashing into her body, the fire ball took her to the ground. Numel leaped upon its opportunity and without order from its trainer threw its entire body towards Free. She now knew to take her own instincts and roll out of the way, knowing Micky would want her to. Getting her body out of the way just in time she allowed the Numels body to crash head first into the floor. Free flew back into the air while Numel rolled back onto its feet, bearing a small blood mark from the scratch she received as she landed. Executing her trainers previous order Free prepared a Shadow Ball. Her big red eyes focused, her wings flapping hard until the glowed, she finally created a black sphere around her body.

Numel, Double-Edge the opposing trainer shouted. Numel, running head first yet again charged for Free.

Move out the way and unleash that Shadow Ball! Micky shouted, knowing that his Butterfree wouldnt last very long if she took that hit from Numel. Free moved out of the way of the tiny camel that came crashing onto her feet but rolled on her landing. Pouncing on her opportunity, Free released the dark sphere surrounding her body directly at the Numel. The yellow camel was hit side first, however, unlike a physical move, the ball just went right into the Numel before disintegrating. Its effects were clearly visible. Numel started sparking of black charges, its body started to tremble. It slowly tried to move across to its trainer as if to beg him to put it back in the Pokeball however Micky knew this was the perfect opportunity to win the match.

Double-Edge both trainers shouted at the same time. Looking at each other as if to say hey, that was the move I wanted to use their eyes clenched evilly at each other. In the mean time Free was making its way swiftly across the battlefield, charging head first, whilst Numel, still in pain from the Shadow Ball, tried to leap forward. Dodging it with her supreme speed advantage, Free allowed the Numel to miss completely and become off balance before charging head first from behind, sending the Numel rolling along the ground from the impact. It looked to be unconscious and the judge appeared to accept this.

Numel is unable to compete, Michael Hardy and Butterfree are the winners. Another important victory for Micky. He was beginning to feel confidence in himself, he had overcome a trainer who had the advantage.

A couple of hours had passed, and it had came to the final. Micky and a male trainer, Mark Copeland. Mark was using a Tyrogue. It was slightly larger than Butterfree, was less than half Mickys height. It stood like a human would. Its body was purple and very slim. It had what appeared to be shoes over its feet that were red. Similarly, it had what were appeared to be boxer shorts of the same red. There were white marks around its stomach and around its wrists. Its arms were tiny compared to its body.

Tyrogue, Mach Punch! The tiny Purple Human shaped Pokemon dashed across the arena, left fist first towards Free, at incredible pace.

Free, send out some Sleep Powder! As the punch headed for her, Free released a green coloured powder from her wings. Tyrogue went right through it however, Punching Free stomach first. As Tyrogues hit connected he landed in the centre of the powder. Its eyes started to look drowsy. It knew to get out of there quickly and ran out of the cloud of powder. Free on the other hand had recovered and was flying high, quite a decent distance from Tyrogue.

Tyrogue, show of em muscles, Bulk Up! Tyrogue flexed its muscles, focusing its energy into them.

Free! Micky tried to think of something effective to use and then it clicked. Use Shadow ball! Free began to execute the attack she had used earlier. Several seconds later she was surrounded by a black sphere.

Brace yourself Tyrogue! The opposing trainer shouted. Tyrogue stood there, eyes clenched, preparing to endure the next attack.

Free, keep on building it. Micky trailed off, hoping to say now, but the Tyrogue remained focused, until one eye blinked open. Now Free! She unleashed the ball of energy at her foe Tyrogue. Just as the ball was about to make contact Tyrogue leaped out of its way, letting the ball of energy disintegrate onto the floor below.

Mega Kick! Now was Marks chance, Free was in Tyrogues range. Leaping up, left foot first, Tyrogue prepared to finish of the battle.

Free, dodge it, Stun Spore, then Silver Wind. It paid off, tilting her body to the right slightly, Free avoided all contact. Tyrogue landed on its feet, but landed awkwardly, twisting its ankle. Wings flapping, Free released a yellow powder from its wings into the air around Tyrogue. In no time Tyrogues had inhaled some of the spore. Its body began to feel stiff, it turned its neck, cracking it slightly, and from the corner of its eye it saw Free flapping her glowing wings. Tyrogue felt a breeze on its body, but it couldnt move. Instead, it prepared for the attack, fists up and eyes clenched it tried to endure the upcoming attack. The razor sharp blades of light travelled across the breeze, ripping into the flesh of the purple body of Tyrogue. Little trickles of blood seeped out of the wounds; it re-opened its eyes, fists ready only to encounter yet another wave of Silver Wind. This time not so prepared, it felt each little slash go right into it. It fell to its knees, one hand grasping its stomach, the other grasping its head. There was still fight left in it.

Tyrogue! Mark thought for a moment. Free seemed to dodge every move that he ordered his Tyrogue to execute, so maybe he should try a different approach. Tyrogue, Counter! Micky had never seen this move before. Not sure how to react, Micky decided he had to order an attack.

Free, Double-Edge.

The judge looked on, he knew full well what would happen if this failed to knock out Tyrogue. Free, charging head first into Tyrogue, she was grabbed in mid air and slung face first to the floor. Scratching along the surface of the battlefield, the momentum of the Double-Edge carried them both a few feet before free was finally locked in what looked to be a very painful move. Her body as held under the weight of Tyrogues, her neck being pulled back by both arms. FREE! Micky screamed across the battlefield. Poison Powder. Mickys voice trembled, he wasnt sure if Free could release the powder whilst grounded how she was. Still, Free tried her best. Her wings secreted a purple liquid instead of a powder. A smell started to develop that both Free and Tyrogue could sense. Tyrogue knew it had to move, these toxins had come from Frees body so she must be able to endure them better than Tyrogue could. Pulling once more on her neck, Tyrogue rolled off of Frees body until he was a good distance from her. Pulling herself to her feet, Free hovered away from her toxins, which were leaving a chewed away scar on the floor.

Nice move Mark smirked. This was the first communication between the two trainers. Mega Punch! Tyrogues fist started to glow. He ran forward, as fast as he could towards the injured Butterfly, fist aimed to her head.

Free, fly higher and drop down Poison Powder, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder! Micky wasnt even sure himself if she could secrete all three at once, but she succeeded in avoiding the punch, allowing the Tyrogue to go flying into its trainer, hitting him in the stomach. Tyrogue immediately ran back into the battlefield only to inhale a yellow spore. Its body stiffened harder this time, some of its joints had already suffered this, but now the rest of its body was. Then there was a green coloured spore over Tyrogues body. Its eyes began to tremble, trying to stay conscious, knowing if it gave in to the spore the battle would be over. Free finally spread purple powder from her wings. As it landed on the skin of Tyrogue it began to burn into its skin. It yelped in pain, unable to move and in pain. Free, finish this off, Double-Edge! Mickys favoured move on his bug. She flew back as far as she could, keeping distance for acceleration. Faster than ever, she dashed confidently head first into the body of Tyrogue, knowing there was no way it was moving after enduring all those spores. As she connected she sent Tyrogue back several feet, near to its trainer, who was still gripping his stomach, winded from the failed Mega Punch. Her wings began glowing, she didnt bother to wait for her trainer to order her to use Silver Wind, she done it from instinct since in a situation like this, Micky would ask this of her. Her wings began to glow; both Tyrogue and Mark could feel the breeze. Tyrogues bones remained too stiff to allow it to move. Mark moved out of the way of the breeze seeing the glow leave Frees wings into the breeze. More slashes went into Tyrogues body, until it finally collapsed head, first, blood leaking onto the floor. Mark grabbed his Pokeball quickly from his belt, letting the red glow withdraw Tyrogue. He groaned once more in pain.

The winner of the battle is Michael Hardy and Butterfree. Free looked Micky in the eyes, she could see he was overjoyed to hear this, it was his first big win. Nothing small from a tiny hidden away one on one like when he battled Shane, or the wild Pokemon of Route 103, it was a huge victory for the both of them. As Free flew back to her trainer Micky hugged her, whispering a Well done into her ear.

Micky and mark stood before the old man who had announced at the start. Mark received a white Pokeball first. Micky leaned over whispering to Roxanne Why is he getting the Premier Ball?

She whispered back Thats not the first prize. Micky was next to receive a Pokeball. It was heavier than most, it was made of gold, well at least the outside, Micky figured the rest of it worked like a Pokeball. The only part of this Pokeball that wasnt gold was the white release button, and the white line through its centre, which was for allowing it to open.

Choose the Pokemon you use it on wisely The old man said, before blinking and tilting his head to tell him he could leave, sensing he wasnt comfortable with being in front of large crowds. After receiving his bag and belt again, from Roxanne, he tucked the ball safely into his bag, ensuring he wouldnt lose the precious item.

He left Free in the Pokemon Center, to allow her wounds to be healed whilst he headed off to look for Marty, to tell him of the day. He then realised he should tell his dad as well, maybe he would be proud to know his son is already becoming a successful trainer after less than two weeks of training. Pulling out his cell phone, Micky dialled home. Several rings later, his father picked up. Hello? he said in his deep voice.

Hey dad Micky shouted down the phone. Hold on let me set it video. He placed it onto a nearby bench and then looked into it, his father had set it up the same, Micky could see his father. He had a gloomy look on his face, Micky figured it was just a bad day at work.

On the other end his father could see a huge smile o Mickys face, and he knew it wasnt the call he was hoping for, the call when Micky would finally give up trainer and come back home to follow in his fathers footsteps. Yes son? He questioned his sons reason for calling, wondering if there was any point.

I just won a tournament dad! Micky smiled, rummaging through his bag for the Golden Pokeball he had won.

Mickys father looked at it, thinking it could be sold for a lot of money. How much is it worth? His father said greedily, thinking it must be worth enough for Micky to make up for the money spent trying to be a trainer.

Dad, its a Pokeball, and its something that shows Im a good trainer, Im not gonna sell it! Micky was offended at his fathers greed. Money seemed to be the way around his father. Whenever he was in trouble he knew could have just bribed him to get out of trouble. Im saving it for a really great Pokemon! Micky placed it back into his bag.

Well son, tell me when you want to come home, good luck. With that he shut off the phone before Micky could even say good bye. Inside the house his father looked around. He threw the phone into a wall, letting it smash to several pieces. He growled loudly, annoyed at his sons arrogance, or annoyed at his own? He slumped back onto his seat, a mean look on his face and a tear trickling down his cheek. He huffed one last time before throwing the remote control that lay beside him into the television in front, smashing the screen.

Tear a hole so I can see my devastation - Disturbed, Remember.

Author Notes: Well, this chapter has been mostly battles, Im pretty pleased with the last one, I feel it was a pretty worthy battle. Plenty of action in the Premier Ball tournament. By the way, I just loved the idea of a Golden Pokeball from rFergusons Fic (Journey of a Champion on Serebii) [Im sure there was one in the Anime as well]. Near to the end we build Mickys father into more a of a character, the relationship between Micky and his Butterfree becomes a lot stronger. Also, Ive decided from now on to call Pokemon He/She/Him/Her instead of it when Micky doesnt know their genders, since the previous battles were really annoying to write.

April 11th, 2004, 3:07 PM
Chapter 7: The First Gym Battle

Evolution is a mystery, full of changes no-one sees - Motorhead, Evolution

Eight days had passed, Micky and his Pokemon had been training hard. Kakuna evolved into Beedrill.

Beedrill - The Poison Bee Pokemon. Its three poisonous stingers can be highly dangerous. Beedrill gather in large hunting swarms and overcome almost any opponent. Although its battle is usually fought airborne, it is unable to endure long flights, and therefore doesnt make a good choice for air based battles. The first spotting of the Beedrill family in the Hoenn Region was in 2997 when the Ninja, Koga, former Elite 4 Member of Kanto, came over, bringing his team of Fuma Ninjas into the Region.

Micky slammed his Pokedex shut; hed been studying his newly evolved Beedrill for days, learning his moves and good tactics to use when battling with him. Micky stood before a large building made of rock. Slate grey stone spiked out of the building side, some of it getting into the dirt pathway. He was wearing silk black trousers, lined with two red stripes on each leg leading up to a line of red just below his Pokeball Belt. His Pokeball Belt held three Pokeballs. Butterfree, Beedrill and Ponyta. His two bugs balls were on the right side of his belt whilst Ponytas was attached to his left. He wore a red long sleeve shirt with a dragon image sketched on in black. His backpack was left in Martys car, he felt he didnt need it at this time. Micky was glad to finally see wood. An oak door stood before him, pushing through he stepped into an arena. The floor was made of pure, flat rock. It surrounded the white outlined battlefield. Centred was a rock symbol, in place of a Pokeball. The battlefield had several rocks scattered around, and the flooring looked to be bumpy. Micky was glad that he had two flyers for this battle. Micky looked around to see no spectators in the stands. There were a few people gathered around talking on the other end of the room however. Micky stood where he would stand if he was battling, on one end of the battlefield, facing towards what Micky assumed would be the gym leader. Um, excuse me, is the gym leader here? Mickys shout echoed throughout the arena. He could see the people turn to him.

You have to sign up! Micky couldnt hear the man speak. He rushed over, moving through the battlefield himself. He was about half way across when he tripped. He was about to land on his face but saved himself just in time with his hands, cutting his left one the little. Micky could hear the people whispering something, probably mocking him but then he turned to see he didnt trip over a rock. He tripped over a rock that moves, most likely a Pokemon. Her eyes opened. They were a cold white, with large black dots in the centre where her pupils were. Her body was shaped as a spherical boulder, except it had many dents in its rock. Some of the dents seemed to form what looked to be eyebrows. It had two human like arms. They appeared to be muscular; dents made it look like steroid pumped veins were upon its arms. Her fists were the same. Five fingers a piece, dented like they were wrinkled. Her entire body was like a light brown crossed with a pale green. She opened her mouth, revealing a mouth with black insides, but bearing no teeth.

DUDE!!! She spat into Mickys face in a low groan.

Yeah, dude, dont kill me Micky said shaking his crawling back slowly, trying to get to his feet. The rock dude used her fists to lift her body above the ground. She walked on her fists towards Micky. Hey dude, I said dont kill me! Micky shouted at the creature.

Dont worry, she wont harm you a familiar womens voice said from behind Micky. He turned to see the same women, Roxanne, from the trainer academy. She walked up to pet the rock before helping Micky up. This here is a Geodude, mine in fact She said. Im guessing from your call you wish to have a gym battle? Micky turned to her and nodded. She put out her hand. Im Roxanne, gym leader of Rustboro. She did a small female bow with her skirt to Micky, shaking his hand.

Wait, youre the gym leader? Micky couldnt believe it. She could have been no older than twenty and considering she seemed to work at the Trainer Academy Micky figured that must have been her job.

Whats so amazing about that? She led Micky off of the battlefield as she spoke, her Geodude following behind.

Youre so young? Micky spoke shaking his head, trying to justify his case, but in the end he realised, there nothing particularly amazing about it. Gym Battles didnt last very long, and being a gym leader she must be a great teacher at the Academy, so it made perfect sense. Uh, never mind. She giggled at the compliment shed received.

Well thank you, but you wish to battle? Micky started rubbing his left hand on his trousers, making sure there was no dirt getting into the small cut he had received earlier.

Well yeah Micky said raising his eyes brows as if to ask Why else would I be here?.

Well, follow me, theres a free spot for later on, so if you can kill off a couple of hours and come back we can compete. Micky signed up, showing his trainer card as seemed to be standard. Micky had a couple of hours left to kill; he researched into his Pokedex about this Geodude, guessing it would be in Roxannes team.

A couple of hours passed. Micky already had Beedrill out of his Pokeball, ready to use him as number one in his line up. Beedrills body looked more like that of a wasp. A large oval tail with yellow and black coils, with one tanned yellow stinger below it. On top of his oval tail was another tanned segment, more of a spherical shape, leading up to his head. He had big evil looking red eyes, with two black antennae, curled from the top of his head, slightly above it, drooping down until they lay just above his eyes. He had black, thin legs on his body and two thin arms, however on the end of each arm was a giant silver coloured spike or stinger. These were his main battle tools. His wings were just like that of a wasp, two see-through silver-white wings, sticking out of his back.

Im right on time Roxanne Micky called out. Ready for me? Micky in fact wasnt particularly confident in his ability to beat Roxanne, however, he realised showing any sign of weakness could be capitalised on in the same way weakness in battle could be.

Dont be over confident, you were facing beginners in the Premier Ball tournament, I assure you, Im no amateur at Pokemon Battles. Roxanne stood leaning on one leg, the other relaxed, a Pokeball in hand, holding it with the tips of her fingers as if to say lets go then. Micky looked around, there were several people watching, although the arena was nowhere near its full capacity Micky guessed there were at least a hundred or so in the arena. He recognised Marty in the corner, he told him that hed battling Roxanne today.

Well of course youre no amateur, youre a gym leader after all Micky smirked. Anyways, lets get thing going, Beedrill go! With that, Beedrill flew to the centre of the arena, hovering just above the rock symbol, indicating the centre of the battlefield.

Roxanne threw her Pokeball only a few feet from Beedrill. Geodude, I choose you! Out of the white flash of light formed the boulder that Micky had encountered previously.

I thought as much Micky mumbled to himself.

The following gym battle will be a two Pokemon each gym battle an announcer echoed into a Microphone for all to in the arena to hear. Micky thought, yep that sounds right when he checked the box for a two on two battle. The challenger, Michael Hardy, will be allowed to switch between Pokemon, Roxanne on the other hand must keep her Pokemon out until it is declared unable to fight or she feels it is time to switch it. He left the Microphone and Micky decided to attack as soon as possible.

Beedrill, Twineedle! The wasp like Pokemon charged towards Geodude, right spike aimed forward first, its second one prepared to jab in as well. Geodude closed her eyes as Beedrills first spike connected with the roof of her head whilst the second jammed into her right arm. He tried to remove the spike but it remained jammed inside her arm. The crowd cheered this, seeing the advantage turn to Geodude.

Not a good move Michael, not a good move She shouted across cockily. Geodude, Mega Punch. Geodude left fist began to glow, she pulled it back and then crashed it into the centre segment of Beedrills body. The force un-jammed his left spike and sent him flying all the way back, just a few feet from Micky.

Beedrill! Are you Ok? Beedrill glanced at his trainer, pulling himself onto all fours before flying up again. Orite, new approach, Poison Sting. Beedrill charged towards the Geodude, tail stinger first. His tail began to leak a little purple fluid, preparing to secrete a poison into the blood stream, if this Pokemon had any, of Geodude. His tail went in between the eyes of the Geodude. Beedrill secreted all the poison he could before tying to detach. The Geodude showed no signs of being harmed.

Another bad move Michael. Geodude, Rollout! The Geodude curled her arms around her stone body, making an even rounder shape. She bounced up once, flipping forward in mid air, before rolling along the ground, Beedrill being crushed as she moved. Her pace kept quickening and she was eventually rolling so fast that he couldnt even see Beedrill. She eventually stopped, Beedrill laying a foot or so away from her on his back. He tried to move his body onto his feet. He again tried to hover, but his wings were crushed and curled up. The crowd roared, impressed with how quickly Roxannes Geodude destroyed Beedrill.

Dont worry bout it Beedrill, return. Micky sighed as he withdrew his Pokemon, thinking his false confidence caused no intimidation. Micky re-attached the Pokeball to his belt and pulled off his Butterfrees.

Free, kick some ***. He tapped the button and unlike Roxanne, didnt throw the Pokeball, seeing as he still hadnt adjusted to it springing back to the users hand, usually crashed into his head instead.

FREE!!!! she cried as she hovered at least eight feet above the ground. Some mutters began in the crowd, thinking why Micky was using two bugs.

Double-Edge Micky screamed. Free charged head first into the rock, only to bounce off, a cut left on her forehead from the impact. She flew back a little bit, trying to shake off the ringing in her head.

Geodude, Rollout! Geodude curled up again, bounced once again and started rolling extremely fast into towards the close to the ground Butterfly.

Quick, move out the way! Butterfree moved on instinct anyway, narrowly avoiding contact. Geodude continued to roll in the direction she was heading, towards a curved rock. Roxanne knew what was happening; they had designed the battlefield especially for this. Geodude flipped back towards Butterfree, several feet in the air. Her body crashed right into Butterfree, bringing the both of them to the ground, landing on top of the Butterfly before rolling off. The crowd cheered again, still firmly behind Geodude.

Butterfree lay on the floor, writhing in pain, rolling herself back into the air. Free, fly up high. Free shook off the specks of dust from her wings and flew a good distance above Geodude. Ok, Silver Wind!

Roxanne looked on giggling, she knew the perfect attack for this situation and she was just about to get Geodude to execute it. The Butterfrees wings were glowing and flapping hard. Geodude, now, Rock Tomb! Micky had never seen this before, but he was just about to see it to his horror. Geodude bounced her body up, before slamming her fist down into the ground, sending chunks of rock flying into the air. One rock connected with one of Frees wings, making her lose her focus and flip to her side. Her wings stopped glowing, but there was no time to focus on that. The rocks came back down as quickly as they went up, this time all of them covering her body and sending her crashing to the ground, buried underneath the Rocks.

Free? Mickys shout showed his fear. His false confidence left him, he feared the worst. When he heard no returning cry he knew it was time to throw in the towel. **** it, I forfeit. With that Micky ran onto the arena and tried to slide the rocks away, managing only to move one rock off of the pile. He jammed both hands into a small crack and started separate the rocks, glancing in he saw his Butterfree laying unconscious, shaded under the rocks. He brought out his Pokeball and withdrew her, the flash of light unseen within the rocks. He sighed once more before banging his head against one of the rocks lightly, ashamed at his failure.

Roxanne walked over to through the battlefield and patted his back. You tried your hardest, you were at a disadvantage, dont be too hard on yourself. Maybe come back when you have a bit more experience. Micky walked out of the arena gracefully, not showing signs of weakness on his way out. As soon as the oak door slammed behind him he ran as fast as he could for two reasons; for one he didnt want any feedback on how he battled, figuring he would be mocked, and he also wanted to get his two bugs healed, since the Geodude had inflicted critical damage on the two of them.

Marty came out of one of the doors and called to him. Micky, hold up, its not like you did bad or anything. Micky slowed down and turned to speak to him.

I aint running cos of that! I wanna get Beedrill and Free healed as soon as possible!

Well, wait for me! Marty started to jog over to him, but gave up quite quickly, his age getting to him.


April 11th, 2004, 3:08 PM
Hours had passed, Micky made his way back towards Rustboro gym, this time only armed with Strider. He was determined to figure out a way to beat that Geodude. He re-entered into the crowd seats, dropping down hard on his *** as he sat in the front row. There were still quite a few people, Roxanne had a new opponent. The trainer was a female, just over five foot. Her hair was a light brown, with blonde highlights; it was made into two curtains at the front on either side of her forehead and tied into a ponytail at the back, starting near to the top of her head. She had sky blue eyes, un-mistakable from where Micky sat; her nose was a perfect shape, leading to perfect rose lips. Her skin was slightly tanned, probably from travel. She wore a white shirt, a bird sketch imprinted upon it, covered with a thin blue jacket. Beneath that she wore a black mini-skirt, leading down to perfect legs in black high heels. She clearly wasnt a novice since Roxanne was using what appeared to be more advanced Pokemon. She seemed somewhat familiar however.

Golem, Rollout! Roxanne was using a large boulder like Pokemon. He was spherical in shape, a green-brown colour. He was almost five feet in radius, except the cracks in between each stone. However, that was just his shell, inside was a brown reptilian like body. His head was like the head of a snake, except it had no scales, it was flawless, plain mud brown, with white eyes tinted with red. Its arms and feet had white claws for nails; however its skin remained the same style. He popped all of his body parts into his shell and started rolling towards the female trainers Pokemon.

The Pokemon belonging to the female was only about a foot tall. She had a skirt of leaves. Dark green, then light green. It took up almost half her body. The rest of her body was a light green, lighter than the leaves on her skirt. Her head had two red flowers on either side of her head, each facing away from each other, as well as two tiny arms, seemingly unable to do anything. Bellossom! Magical Leaf! the female shouted, and immediately Micky recognised who she was. It was Purity, the cute girl he met in Oldale town. Although Micky paid no attention, Bellossom spun, firing two glowing leaves from her skirt. As they travelled through the air, spinning as they went, they kept changing colours from aluminous red and green, however Micky was still fixated on Purity.

Golem rolled right into the leaves as the two sliced into the stones, breaking right through them, leaking out thick red blood, stopping it in its tracks. He removed his arms and legs from within his shell, revealing a large gash along his left arm. Ok, now finish it off with a Solarbeam. The flowers on her head started to glow, and soon a yellow beam was fired, twirling as it went, before crashing into the shell of Golem, send him rolling backwards off of the Battlefield and crashing into a wall. Roxanne gasped before rushing over to tend to her fallen Pokemon.

Golem is unable to compete, Purity Campbell is the winner! a judge announced. She ran across and picked up her Bellossom, hugging it and lifting it up above her head. Micky saw Roxanne hand something to her soon after, followed by taking her training card to a room at the back on the gym, Micky guessed it was some kind of card update. When she exited Micky realised he had a pretty good opportunity to talk to her. Firstly, he had the hots for her, and secondly he could do with some direction as a trainer.

Rushing out of the building towards the pathway that led to the challenger entrance Micky cut her off. Hey Purity Micky said. She turned to speak to him.

How dya know my name? She asked with a confused expression on her face.

I met ya in Oldale town a couple a weeks ago. Immediately she recognised who he was: the idiot who fell off his bed.

Oh hi, Micky isnt it?

Yeah Micky said, relieved that she didnt think he was some sort of stalker. I was wondering if you could help me out. I had a battle with Roxanne today, and, well Micky felt ashamed to say this in front of a girl he wanted to impress. She kicked my ***! But I noticed you seemed to slaughter that boulder.

You really have no idea what youre doing do ya? She guessed this quite easily, seeing as he had no idea that grass attacks are very effective to use versus rock types.

Aint got a ****ing clue Micky said shaking his head.

Well, I need to heal my Pokemon, I spose I can give you a little lesson while I wait.

Thanks, that would be great. Micky realised how much of a dork he sounded like after saying that, fortunately it didnt seem to change Puritys view on him. Micky thought it was pretty obvious she thought he was some sort of weirdo.

A few minutes later they were both seated on a sofa in the Pokemon Center, Micky was being given a huge lesson on Pokemon. Purity seemed to enjoy explaining it to Micky, maybe it made her feel better about herself to know much more than he did, or maybe she just liked teaching things. So far all Micky had learnt was that using Grass and Water attacks on Roxannes Pokemon would be his bets shot. What Pokemon do you have?

Well, I have a Ponyta, a Beedrill and a Butterfree. Purity nodded as Micky said this.

Well, those Pokemon dont fare to well against Rock attacks.

Yeah, Ive learnt that from getting my *** kicked, my two bugs are still being healed.

Well, Micky, I believe that all of those can learn Solarbeam, probably the most powerful grass attack, but youre gonna need to train them real hard to get them to pick up how to do something like that.

Wait, you could help me couldnt you, I mean, your Bell-a, Bell-a Micky started rolling his hands asking for help, seeing as he couldnt remember the Pokemons name.

Bellossom she smirked.

Yeah, Bellossom, you know how to teach a Pokemon Solarbeam, so you could help me couldnt you. Micky gave a look of desperation.

She sighed. Well, I havent really got that sorta time to spend in Rustboro. I mean the Pokemon league is gonna be coming up pretty soon, and I still have three badges to get as well as complete the Victory Road challenge.

Well, I could come with you? I mean, where youre heading theres gyms right?

She sighed again, she wasnt sure if she wanted some amateur struggling along with her. You sure about that, I mean, you strike me as a city boy, and too be honest, I usually only stop by towns and cities to get food and drinks, not to sleep. You sure you can handle that? Micky thought for a moment, he wasnt sure whether he could, but he wasnt just going to let a girl he fancied and a great trainer just get away because he doubted himself.

Im sure I can handle it Micky smirked confidently.

Ok, fine, just dont hold me up ok? Micky nodded to this, knowing if he shook his head, it wouldnt help his claim that he could handle it.


A few hours later both Micky and Purity had their Pokemon back. Micky noticed four Pokeballs on Puritys belt. He knew one was Bellossom, but he was curious as to what the others were. Purity was taking him to get some travelling gear, seeing as he explained that he didnt have a tent, sleeping bag or travelling gear. They walked into a shop labelled Campers R Us in black writing, on a green background. It was a small building, with windows labelled similarly to its roof. Entering it they saw a large selection of tents and several boxes labelled with brand names of sleeping bags. Well Micky, pick which ones ya want.

Hed picked out a cameo green tent with a black sleeping bag, along with a large bag for carrying it. Just one thing Purity, where do I put my food?

Well, it, Vita Bread doesnt take up much room. She was kidding him right. Vita Bread was plain bread, loaded with vitamins and made for quite a filling meal. Most hikers and travellers took it with them. It was efficient, but Micky had adjusted to normal food.

Your kidding right? Micky could tell by the look she gave him that she wasnt. Well, ya know what, Ill get Strider to carry this stuff and Ill carry REAL food in my bag. Micky made sure she understood what he meant by real food.

Hey your choice she giggled, shrugging her shoulders. Trust me; the routes I take are very difficult for a pony to transverse though.

Eventually Micky had given in. He bought some Vita Bread, stuffed it in the pocket of his tent back pack, along with some other necessities: his hair conditioner, shampoo, cell phone, toothbrush and paste and of course his laptop, which had to be shoved into the tents section with him. He said his goodbye to Marty thanking him for letting stay with him for so long, leaving his annoying Pokedex with him, considering he had quite a grudge against its voice.

Anytime Micky, if you ever come by my way again, drop in, these words stayed in Mickys head, thinking hed now have to adjust to sleeping out in the wild. Micky and Purity headed north of Rustboro City, up Route 115. Micky was already beginning to regret his decision to join her. It was an uphill hike for most of the journey. The path was bumpy, definitely not designed for cars to use, barely even designed for people to use, however Purity seemed to find this easy, showing no signs off being worn out. I suppose thats how she got such a perfect body, bloody hiking, he thought to himself, breathing heavily. Eventually, after at least four hours of hiking, night began to fall. The two of them set up their tents, sheltered from the wind by a cliff edge and a forest of tall green pine trees.

Well, get some firewood.

What! Me? Why me?

Hey, theres gotta be an upside to having you around.

Micky walked off into the Pine forest, picking up fallen sticks and breaking off some branches whilst he was at it. Yeah Micky, lets join her cos shes hot, god dude you are such a jackass, Micky started mumbling to himself, a huge pile of sticks in his arms. He returned with them about a half hour later, dumping them in a pile, several sticks scattering away. Satisfactory? Micky said sarcastically.

Purity giggled. Itll have to do. She hurled a Pokeball to the ground, catching it as it sprung back. From within came a crme furred canine. It had ruby red eyes and pointy fox ears. From in between these ears was a mane of crme fur, curving over its head and halfway down its neck. It had a slender body armed with four legs which lacked sharp claws upon its feet. Where its body ended, nine crme tails began, each huddling with each other but yet clearly separate. Ninetales, Flamethrower. The fox breathed out a small flame from her mouth onto the pile of sticks, lighting them brightly and leaving singed grass around it.

Interesting Micky scoffed, annoyed that his fire hors couldnt do a Flamethrower as of yet. Micky moved his tent closer to the flames before he went to sleep. The warmth kept him comfortable as he closed his eyes.


The next morning Micky woke up. He scrambled out of his sleeping bag and pushed through his tent. The flames from the previous nights camp fire had died down, smoke still rising from the crisp sticks. Ah!!!!!! The loud scream from within the pine forest echoed. Several birds flew from the trees. Micky turned to see what the commotion was, standing in his black boxer shorts.

What the ****? Micky had learned from his previous encounter with Free. He made sure he didnt repeat his mistake and put on a pair of black trousers, striped with two red lines on each side, a pair of black shoes and shoved on a long sleeved red t-shirt backwards; this time forgetting to grab his Pokeball belt. Purity has started to stir, awoken from the scream but Micky ignored her and rushed into the forest. After running through the forest as fast as he could Micky saw what the screaming was about. He stood at a cliff edge, outside of the forest, looking over a beach. There stood a teenager, most likely older than him, backed into a corner by the cliff edge. He had on tracksuit bottoms of blue, and a white t-shirt. His hair was a short black. Micky couldnt make out his face but he knew he was scared. In front of the teenager stood a six foot tall mantis. Its entire body looked like a suit of armour. Its feet had three clawed toes, dug into the sand of the beach. Its scaly skin was a light green as well as a pale yellow. Its feet were large, appearing to be wrapped around its a pale yellow legs. Its body was thick, it had indents on its crotch skin. Above that was another small patch of pale yellow skin, but it was then followed by a thick chest and torso of green. Its head was like that of a dinosaur, it was shaped viciously with piercing white eyes. Its ears went sideways and were like spikes. The wings on its back were outlined with skin covered bone. The wings themselves were the pale yellow that it possessed on its body. However, the things that struck fear into the teenager were two large scythes, attached to its arms. They were curved like a samurai sword and looked to be just as sharp. They were white and reflected the sun at its edges, showing just how sharp they were.

The Pokemon drew back its left scythe. The teenager scrambled out of the corner trying to get away only to have the creature fly right into his way. The Pokemon stood as tall as the human, facing him square in the eye.

You love the way, I look at you, while taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through. - Linkin Park, Points of Authority.

Author Notes: Ok, definitely not my best chapter. It seemed to go really slow (IMO at least) however I have high hopes for the next chapter since Ive set it up. On top of that Ive added in my 2nd Main character which is a big part of this fic. Micky has experienced 1 major *** kicking (Sure Dragonfree will be pleased with that lol, since she was so happy about the chap 5 *** whooping).

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April 13th, 2004, 10:51 AM
Chapter 8: Clash of the Blades

You will be the death of me - Muse, Time is Running out.

The teenager just stood there, stuck to the ground through fear. The creature gave him one last piercing look before drawing both its arms back. With that he sent both his scythes through the teenagers body, slicing him right at the waist band. He still stood there. His eyes looked down at the blood leaking from his sides. With that the Pokemon jammed his right scythe into his chest, holding the teenager upright as his lower body fell. As it fell, Micky saw pints of blood come pouring down. As this was happening his intestines dropped out, landing in a coiled pile. After that the teenagers stomach came out, making a large splat of blood scatter. Finally the teenagers lungs came crashing out, each of them rolling into separate directions. The final loads of blood fell out before the creature used his other scythe to push the upper body off of his right arm. As he did this Micky could see the heart of the teenager clipped onto the creatures scythe, giving out one last beat. Micky wasnt sure if he was hallucinating through sickness or whether it was real. He looked one last time, seeing blood leaking onto the sand from the lower body and the upper body. The boys white shirt was now entirely soaked with blood, becoming a sick blood red.

**** Micky gasped, throwing up the previous days meals onto the floor in front of him. Some of it dripping down the cliff face. Mickys cursing had caught the attention of the creature. The creature turned to him, giving him an evil glare as if to say Youre next before he began to fly up towards the forest that looked over at the cliffs edge. Micky stared in fear, trying to back away into the forest. Strider go! Micky gasped; still out of breath from throwing up. He reached to his waist only to realise he didnt have any Pokemon with him.

Scyther! The creature said in a sick voice, as though it wanted more blood. He eventually landed in front of Micky. His right scythe leaking blood from the heart stuck on it, his legs with drips of blood on him from where the organs had splashed onto the ground, his face with a few drips on it. It walked up until it was at the point where Mickys body lay between his legs. The creatures legs parallel with Mickys waist. The creature used his left scythe to remove the heart from his right scythe, letting it fall onto Mickys chest. He then followed to place his scythe to his neck. Micky was frozen in fear. There was nothing he could do. The chances are that if he done one movement the creature would slit his throat. But he didnt move the chances are hed be killed anyway. He started thinking about the life hed lived. The short life hed lived. Thinking back to his first memory, when he walked for the first time. It was a fuzzy memory, badly he could remember a blur ahead of him, wandering forward. He moved on a several years, remembering the first great gift hed ever received from his dad: his mirrored guitar. Moving on a few more years, only back a couple of weeks ago when he was saved by Latianne. He remembered the fear that the Houndooms had struck in his heart, then even further, the fear that Latianne had struck on Micky when she first appeared. He finally focused on the moment right now. He rolled his eyes downwards, seeing light reflect on the scythe. But then, he saw something else. He couldnt make out what it was but he only had a split second to try before he saw the creature get forced backwards, a beam of light aimed at his chest. He sat up, seeing the creature back off into the air, still reasonably level with the cliff. He turned his eyes and smiled.

My guardian. Micky let out a small gasp of joy, a tear of gratitude falling down his cheek. My Angel. In front of him, standing on its two tiny feet, feathers ruffled, eyes focused on the menace that tried to kill Micky, the light shimmering in her cute sapphire eyes. Micky crawled up towards Angel, trying to get behind her. Micky could feel a small trickle of blood at his neck, he wasnt cut badly, but he was still cut.

Scy! The creature cried at Latianne, as if he was trying to tell her to back off. Latianne moved forward in front of Micky, making sure she was in between him and the creature. Scyther!! He growled angrily, his eyes piercing into Latiannes.

You have no idea how glad I am to see you Micky thought to himself, hoping Latianne would read his mind.

Yes I do Micky. Micky smiled, tilting his head to the left to see whether the creature that referred to itself as Scy had backed off yet. It gave one last piercing look before turning its head and flying off down to the beach, eventually disappearing out of sight. Micky got to his feet, his legs feeling like jelly from the fear. He collapsed forward to Latianne, hugging her neck, scoffing a small laugh. Latianne appeared to return the hug by patting her nose on his shoulder. After about a second or so of this, Micky collapsed to the ground, landing hard on his ***. He let out another laugh, seemingly finding it funny how hed just came so close to death. His laugh was soon stopped when he turned to his left, seeing the corpse of teenager that Scy had previously killed. He threw up again. Latianne turned away from Micky, not wanting to see Micky throw up his former days dinner.

Micky, are you ok? He heard the sweet voice of Purity behind him. She ran up behind him, sliding across, holding his back before she turned her eyes away, clenched shut when she realised Micky was throwing up.

Micky wiped a piece of yesterdays lunch off of his lips before turning to her. Look down there, and you will feel just the same Micky said out of breath, shaking his head and pointing behind him at the decimated body of the victim of Scy. She looked over and immediately turned away, putting both hands over her mouth and walking off, in a shock. Micky pulled himself back to his feet, rubbing his small neck wound. Come on, I need to reach my phone. Micky stumbled along, back towards the camp that he and Purity had set up, motioning Latianne and Purity to follow with his hand.

He shoved his hand into his bag and reached down for his phone, dialling 999 for the police.

Nine nine nine emergency a womens voice replied, speaking quickly.

A Pokemon, just killed this guy. Micky couldnt think straight and had no idea how to describe it.

Well need your trainer ID, well track you down from there. Micky scrambled through his back further, eventually finding his jacket. He pulled his trainer card out of his pocket and looked to the top corner.

Its. Seven. Eight. Six. Seven. Two. Two. One. Nine. He recited it slowly, just like how he read it.

Ok, give me a moment. Micky could hear something in the background, probably the women writing it down. Ok, we have you currently tracked on Route 115, is that correct?

Yeah Micky nodded as he spoke.

Ok, well be there as fast as we can get there. Please stay put. With that the women hung up. Micky slung his phone to his side and looked up to Purity.

Theyre coming. Micky was still uneasy after seeing what took place a few minutes ago. Latianne, Birch no youre here? Latianne shook her head, closing her eyes as she did. Better give him a call after the cops arrive. Purity too looked over to Micky. She could tell clearly he was having a conversation with Latianne when she saw her shake her head. She thought to herself theres more to this guy then I thought. Although Latianne picked up on this she didnt reply. She could sense Micky fancied her and she figured it better that she thought Micky had some sort of magical gift for communicating with Pokemon, rather than explain that the reality is she can put her thoughts into peoples minds and read the thoughts of other people.

Micky heard some cries from above. It was the police riding their Fearows, the standard air based Pokemon for a Policeman. The Fearows landed in their camp, three, each with a cop on their backs. They were majestic birds. Long sharp beaks at their front, leading to brown feathers all over their body, their heads had a small ruffle of red hair. There necks were long and slender, their bodies perfectly suited for riding, their wings like handle bars on a bike. Their wings were spread out revealing crme feathers beneath. They stood on two chicken-like legs, three toes spread out with a sharp point at the end of each toe.

Where was this murder? One of the policeman said. All three policeman wore officer uniforms; navy blue trousers, black boots and a black protective jacket over a navy blue shirt. Their badges were on their waists alongside six Pokeballs and a silver pistol. The one speaking to Micky had short brown hair. His eyes and moustache struck fear into Mickys mind. Latianne picked up on this and ruffled her feathers again, walking up to Mickys side quickly.

Its ok Angel he said motioning her to back off a bit. She did just that however still focused on the officer. It happened over there. Micky pointed his fingers towards the forest.

Can you lead us to it?

Yeah, brace yourself, its not a pretty sight. Micky walked over towards the forest, leading them through it, Latianne walking at the back of the group whilst Purity stayed at the camp. The two at the back seemed to say each other. They both had blonde hair; however one had a darker coloured blonde than the other. They didnt look as threatening as the officer but they had guns on their waistbands so Micky wasnt going to just come up to them and make a conversation with them.

As Micky saw the light break through the forest he stopped and pointed them through. I dont wanna look at it again Micky said shaking his head. The three officers continued forward.

Oh god! One of them said loudly. One of the blonde haired officers threw up to his side whilst the leader of the group turned back towards Micky.

What happened?

Micky started to recall it. Well, I was sleeping and when I woke up I heard a scream. When I rushed over I saw this guy backed away in a corner and some sort of thing with sword arms. He started rolling hands trying to remember what he called himself. Um, I think its called a Scy

Scyther the policeman interrupted.

Yeah, that was it. And it cut the guy in half, then it came over to kill me, if it werent for Angel I wouldve bin dead he said pointing his thumb back towards Angel.

This isnt the first report of that Scyther killing someone. Its already killed ten people in the past week, this poor guys number eleven Micky was starting to think he should have watched the television at some stage in the past week. I suggest you and your girlfriend get out of here. Micky thought for a moment, his girlfriend, then he realised he meant Purity. He was about to argue that comment but then thought, Hey, why not, sounds good to me.

Ok. Micky headed back towards the camp, Latianne behind him. They started conversing through thought on their way back to Purity.

You like that girl dont you?

Yeah Latianne, I do

So ask her out then.

Angel, this is just infatuation at the moment, shes hot, Im horny, simple.

Whatever ya say Micky. Micky could swear he heard her giggle. He shook his head as if to say Dont mock me without actually thinking it. They returned to the camp, finding Purity sitting down eating a piece of Vita Bread.

Whats gonna happen Purity said with her mouth full.

Suggested we go to wherever we were heading. Micky slumped next to his bag and started pulling down his tent.

Want some Vita Bread? Purity said placing out her piece to him.

Yeah, I feel real empty inside after puking so much. He immediately scoffed down the bread, ignoring the plain taste.

After about twenty minutes Micky and Purity had packed up everything. Micky had adjusted his shirt and put on his black jacket, placing his trainer card and phone into his pockets.

Angel, you better get back to Birch, hes probably worried sick. He patted Angel on her head, rubbing it. She eventually let Mickys hand drop down to her mouth and licked it goodbye before setting off into the air. Micky waved goodbye to her as she flew off into the horizon. Micky then turned to Purity. So, where are we heading?

Over there! She pointed up a mountain. The top was visible, but it looked to be a huge climb.

Um. Micky didnt know how to react to this. Youre not serious are ya? She nodded, giving him a look as if to say I warned ya.


Micky and Purity were about half way up the mountain. Micky loaded up his laptop to get a picture of the area. He could see it was entire range of small mountains before they reached the next town, Mt Chimney Village which was built around a dormant volcano. However, there was another Route Available. They could go over Meteor Falls to Fallarbor Town, then go from there to a cable car leading up Mt Chimney.

Look Purity Micky motioned her to come over to his laptop, then pointed to the map. If we go over, or through Meteor Falls, then go to Fallarbor, we can take a cable car up to Mt. Chimney, then go down to Lavaridge.

Micky, dont be lazy she smirked.

Whatever. She wondered over to set up her tent, Micky followed behind, about to argue his case.

Look, Purity, we can save ourselves time, and I can have a shower he smiled. She turned to him but then stopped, jaw dropped open. Micky could see the reflection in her eyes. He turned to see Scyther, standing there, scythes shimmering. He stepped forward, crushing Mickys laptop as he moved.

Purity. Run Micky muttered under his breath. He turned his head to her. RUN!! He screamed. With that she ran down the mountain side, speeding down as fast as she could. Scyther just glared evilly at Micky, he wanted to kill him for surviving previously. Micky just dropped his jacket down to the ground and backed up slowly to pick up a standing pole for the tent. He was filled with confidence this time around, thinking that Angel would save him if anything bad should happen, he just needed to stall for time. He motioned his hand to say Come get some whilst holding the metal pole in his other. A sick smile moved onto Scythers face. He charged forward left scythe first. Micky backed away quickly, avoiding the slash but he soon had to duck the right scythe, hitting Scyther in the ribs as he moved. Scyther didnt show any sign of pain, however he hissed at Micky, annoyed at his feeble attempt to harm him. Scyther charged forward again, left scythe aimed in front of him, ready to stab Micky. Where are you Angel? Micky thought loudly, jumping out of the way of the left scythe.

I didnt see this coming Micky! This thought distracted Micky for a split second and Scythers right scythe headed for Mickys neck, trying to decapitate him. A reflex action of fear made him shoot up his left arm, blocking the shot with his metal pole. The scythe cut halfway through the pole. Scyther drew out his left Scythe and went to slash his head off again. Micky dropped beneath this, Scythers left scythe got caught in the pole as well, leaving Scyther with no scythes to attack with.

In your face jackass Micky said with his tongue out pointing at Scythers face. He just growled in anger. Micky kicked him in the leg as he rushed over to grab his Pokeball belt. As this was happening Scyther managed to release his right scythe from the pole as the left scythe slung the metal pole towards Micky, knocking him out cold. He felt the metal slam against his head, falling to his knees, his sight started to blur, before everything faded to black and he ended up flat on his face.

Scyther walked up slowly, stalking his unconscious prey. He flipped him over onto his back. He licked his left blade sickly before placed he on Mickys chest. He cut across his shirt, marking an X to aim for. With that he drew back his left scythe as far as he could pull it back, ready to jam it through his chest. Attack! A man called. His face was hidden under a purple mask of cloth, revealing only his eyes. His body was cloaked in a similar style, purple cloth all over his body except around his waist, where a black belt was tied around, a sword being held tightly against the mans waist. He stood at a similar height to Scyther. His left arm was pointed towards Scyther. From behind him came a few Pokemon. With that Scyther jammed his blade through Mickys chest quickly and prepared for battle, leaving Micky lying there with blood leaking from him.

April 13th, 2004, 10:51 AM
The first was a floating gas bag. One side was a large Purple Ball with what appeared to be warts on him. His face made it look like he was being sick, the mouth was in such a shape that it showed two teeth from each the upper and lower side of his mouth. Each tooth was flattened and in a squared shape. His eyes didnt help this image out, they looked like he was sick of being him. The other gas ball looked to be the same. They were like Siamese twins, attached at the head was a slightly smaller version of the original. Connecting them both, aside from their joint head was a small tube, a ball in the centre, with warts just like the two heads. Weezing Weez they groaned simultaneously.

Behind Weezing was a large human shaped beast. His entire body was cyan and muscular. His head was the shape of a humans. Atop his head, in place of hair were three plate-like lumps, each a bleached bone colour.
His eyes had pupils of red, his mouth was large, spreading across his entire face, his lips coloured like the lumps upon his head. He had almost no neck, hidden under so much muscle. He had four muscular arms, looking to be able to rip a person limb from limb. He had a thick six pack and strong muscular legs complete with human like feet.

To this huge creatures side was a large pile of purple ooze. She had one large arm, soaked in the ooze so that the actual body couldnt be distinguished. Her eyes opened, revealing normal white circles with a beady dot in each. Her mouth opened to groan. Inside her mouth was a large black-purple tongue.

Finally from behind this group of three came a tiny insect. His body was pale brown, a single segment with a head attached. On his back was some grass green skin, lined on either side. His eyes were a grass green as well, unlike the normal white, yet they still had a black pupil. He had two legs at his back, the same coloured skin as that of his body, however the front legs were more like claws, a mud brown colour. In front of its face were two long feelers. It scurried along the ground trying to catch up with group ahead, staying a good distance behind the four-armed human shape that could crush him by standing on him.

Weezing, Sludge Bomb! The large double headed Gas Ball threw up a large pile of dark purple sludge from its larger head. Machamp, hit it with our karate combo! The four armed human shape charged towards Scyther as the pile of sludge landed on him. Muk, Flamethrower. She breathed in before releasing a perfectly straight line of flames towards Scyther. Still drenched in sludge Scyther felt the flames over come him. Charred, Scyther looked up to see a fist smash into his face. Machamp continued to kick him and punch him at rapid pace, knocking him to the ground. The masked man the addressed the small bug Nincada, I hope you learned something from this.

The man then ran over to Micky, picking him up onto his shoulder. God we, gotta do something for you quick. He grabbed the Pokeball belt, assuming it was his and handed him to Machamp.


You gotta help! Purity screamed as she ran down the hill. The three cops from before were still there, along with many others investigating the scene of the killing.

What is it the lighter blonde said.

Micky, hes in trouble she shouted, a tear running down her cheek. She felt somewhat responsible for what could be Mickys death.

She led them up to their camping spot only to find him gone, with a puddle of blood on the rocky ground. Oh god she shouted in a fearful voice before turning away. The policeman ran to the spot, trying to find Scyther, but he was long gone. The police were suspicious however when they found the puddle of sludge they were confused. They also noticed that part of the tent was burnt.

What the **** happened here one of them said loudly.

Wheres his Pokeballs? Purity screamed, looking around to find no sign of his Pokeball belt in his bag or on the floor.


The cloaked man had entered a cave lit by candles attached to the walls, the place which he called home. Within it was a bed and several supplies including food, water, medicines, a first aid kit and money. He asked his Machamp to slump Micky onto his bed as he grabbed his first aid kit. He removed the mask from his head as it was uncomfortable and unnecessary whilst he was within his cave. He revealed an aggressive looking face, his eyes were black, just like his thick eyebrows and his thick hair. He ripped Mickys shirt to reach the wound Scyther had put into him. He removed a line of thread and attached a needle. He then proceeded to sew up Mickys wound, although cutting some of his flesh it was better for him to have these small holes in his body than have a large gaping wound leaking blood. After fully sewing it he wrapped a bandage around his chest area, covering the now closed wound. A small patch of red started to form, although the wound had been closed it hadnt fully stopped bleeding. Machamp looked over to him as if to say Do something, hes still bleeding but he just looked back. Machamp, theres nothing more I can do for the boy. He lay Mickys Pokemon belt over his chest and walked out of the cave, his sword drawn.


Scyther wiped the sludge from his body using his scythes to remove the sticky acid from his skin. He looked over at his scarred body. His left arm was black from burns just like the left side of his body. His body was bruised from the attacks Machamp had dealt him but worst of all, hed been beaten twice in one day. He was determined to kill Micky, if it was the last thing he done. He hissed once more, spitting out blood onto the ground. He had Mickys scent, he knew exactly where to go.

He was hovering just outside the mans cave. He was still cloaked in purple however now his face was revealed. They each growled at each other, Scyther dropped down to its feet. Wind started to pick up, dust from the rocky ground lifted into the air, swirling majestically around the two competitors. The ground was a flat footing, giving a distance of around ten feet between the two. Machamp, Muk, Weezing and Ninacada watched as their master charged forward, sword aimed for Scythers head. Scyther charged forward at the same time, using his left scythe to move the blade whilst slinging his right at the man. He twirled quickly after being re-directed and blocked the scythe just in time. The two were at each others face, hissing at one another. Scyther prepared to use his left scythe at the mans head. It was a pre-emptive move to him and he ducked underneath it slicing across Scythers body as he went. Scyther let out a yelp of pain as he felt the blood trickle from his abdomen. The man prepared to stab this creature in the chest but Scyther was much faster than he thought. Scyther sliced the sword out of its way and slashed at the mans leg sending him falling to the gorund, his sword going the other way.

Machamp and the other Pokemon knew this was the time to step in. Machamp was first to run towards Scyther. The other Pokemon figured he could handle him however they were wrong. As Machamp aimed his fist at Scyther he turned leaving his right scythe out letting Machamps torso get sliced into. After that Scyther stabbed into his back. Red blood leaked from Machamps torso, back and chest. Muk started to slowly make her way forward with Weezing by her side.

Weezing tried to slam into Scythers body but was only met by Scythers razor sharp right blade, cutting into the smaller head. Green ooze started to fall out as the two gas balls came crashing to the ground groaning in pain. Muk prepared to fire a Flamethrower at Scyther. She breathed in tightly, bringing up the worst fluids from her body to fuse into the flames. She then continued to spew the flames at Scyther. He moved out of the way swiftly and popped up behind her. He jammed both scythes into her back. Red blood started to leak over the purple slime. She collapsed down to the ground, her face gazing at the floor. Scyther grinned evilly at Nincada who was now standing in front of Scyther. Nin it hissed.

Micky started to stir, he sat up from the bed. His memory was a blank. He wiped his head and tried to get up, feeling a sharp pain in his chest. He looked to see his chest taped. Still, he fought the pain and slid off of the bed, getting to his feet. He looked outside; he could make out a large mantis with two sword-like arms. He recognised it, yet he failed to remember why. He saw it approaching. He tried digging through his memory, trying to find out if it was a friend or an enemy.

Scyther drew his right scythe. Micky just took a guess that he wasnt friendly and slid in between the creatures legs. Scyther turned quickly to see Micky running for his life. He failed to notice Nincada on the floor and tripped over him. He slid along the ground, scraping his skin, ripping at his taping and hurting his wound. ****! He shouted.

He rolled over onto his back, clasping his chest as he did. He saw Scyther approaching, licking his left scythe.


GIVE ME CONTROL OF YOUR BODY! Rage bellowed from within his log home. His room was surrounded by candles, giving an eerie glow. From the window children came, hearing Rages shout, thinking he would do something amazing. Very little was known about Rage. The story he told was that at birth he was left in the sky pillar in front of the Great Beasts lair. He said he grew up in there, being raised by the creature until one day he turned on him and burned him badly, blinding him. It was then he realised he had psychic powers, because although he couldnt see he knew what he was doing. However, most of the town didnt believe a word of this, saying hes just a man who went mad and developed psychic powers. They didnt want to believe what could have quite easily have been the truth. He knew the way to the Great Beasts lair, he could levitate objects, bend spoon and so forth and most likely the most un-nerving of all, he could read minds.


Huh Micky gasped, not sure if he heard this voice or not.


VERY WELL Rage shouted, scaring the children who ducked beneath the window. The reality was that it was pointless, he was Psychic; he could see where they were in his mind. I SHALL TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY BY FORCE.


Micky heard these words and then felt a sharp pain in his head and then Rage felt control of his body. Mickys mind could do nothing, he could see through his own eyes, he could think with his own mind, but he could not move his own body. Rage turned Mickys head to see a blade within reach of his right arm. Rage made him grab it then forced his body to spring up from the ground. Mickys hand clasped the cold handle of the sharp samurai sword. Scythers left scythe went in for a cut but Mickys arms shot up in time to block it. As soon as Scythers left scythe connected with the blade his right shot out. Again, Mickys arms moved the blade into a defensive position swiftly. Again Scyther went to cut at him but Micky controlled the blade like a Master Ninja, blocking each and every shot with ease.

Micky looked on through his eyes in disbelief, he expected at any moment to be decapitated but the being controlling his body didnt let him down. Instead it began to control the fight. Soon Scyther was struggling to defend itself. Mickys arms moved swiftly, his legs placing perfect kicks to knock the scythes out of place as the sword went around Scythers body, placing slashes all over his body. Micky took his right foot and swiftly placed a kick to Scythers neck, stunning him for a split second. Mickys body took advantage of this. With precision placement Micky severed Scythers left and right arms before sweeping him with his left foot, sending him falling head first to the ground. Scy he screamed in pain, looking over at the two wounds on either side his body, watching his red blood squirt out. His eyes rolled backwards as he slipped into unconsciousness. The man that saved Mickys life previously got to his feet, still in shock at Mickys skills.


Rage released his control over Mickys body. He saw the damage hed caused to his room from his mind. Candles had fallen to the ground, burning holes into the log floor, several tables were upturned and a few vases had broken. He sensed the presence of the children from the window and used his psychic powers to lower the curtains, much to the displeasure of the children.


Micky felt a sharp pain in his brain again, but he was soon distracted from this by the wound on his chest. He grabbed it, placing pressure on it and fell to the ground *** first. Are you ok the man asked, picking up his Weezing, placing his hand in Weezings head wound to try and slow the bleeding. Machamp was tending to his own wounds as well as Muks.

Micky looked up to the man who was now holding his Weezing in his arms. I dont know Micky said under his breath, confusion in his eyes. Who am I?

Now That the War Is Through with Me, I'm Waking up I Can Not See - Metallica, One

Author Notes: Finally a Chapter with lots of Gore making the R worthwhile. I reckon this got off to a good start, the middle chunk wasnt as good as the start in my opinion, but then again, I love gore. Dont tell me you forgot about Latianne and Rage now. Well, now Ive made Rage into a furtherly mysterious character as well as told a little bit of his back story, and now we know Latianne has some flaws.

April 17th, 2004, 12:07 PM
Chapter 9: A Ninja's Destiny

Now that the War is through with me, Im waking up I can not see - Metallica, One

An imperial yellow glow came at dawn as the sun rose, its light beaming through the gaps in the mountain range. The heat finally beamed to the outside of the Ninjas cave. Micky lay on a cameo green hammock. His hair was still soaked in blood from the previous day, as were his clothes. As the light finally went upon his face the warmth woke him from his slumber. He blinked has the light filled his eyes he turned, finally throwing himself out of the hammock, slightly harming his chest wound. He stroked back his hair, rough from the dried blood that occupied it. He looked over towards the cave. Outside it lay Scyther. Although armless he still survived, the Ninja saved his life, although Micky didnt understand why, he believed the Pokemon deserved to die. Scythers body lay still except from his chest, moving with each breath. Micky approached him, fighting the temptation to strangle the mantis. He approached the Ninjas cave. He saw the Ninjas Pokemon laying on the ground. Weezing taped up with bandage, Machamp lay on his back, his four arms covering his many bandages, Muk laying as a pile of ooze, her eyes close and finally, Nincada, the tiny little bug, his beady black eyes open, glaring at Micky as he approached. Koga Micky said loudly about to be shaking the Ninjas body as he slept. Before his hand even connected with Kogas body he was already locked in some form of arm breaker. Ninjas never sleep? Micky hissed in pain. Koga let his grip immediately after seeing who it was, allowing Micky to drop to his knees before scrambling back up, rubbing his left shoulder.

Never wake a Ninja. Koga spoke viciously.

Ill remember that next time Micky said sarcastically, a small smirk forming on his face.

What you want this early? Koga questioned Micky as he slung his blanket off of his bed, revealing a purple robe.

Well ,I wanna get back to civilisation as soon as possible, so if anyone knows where I was, its you.

I cant let you return yet. You have no control over that Scyther. Micky didnt understand this. He thought Koga was going to let it go, or keep him for himself. Since Micky told him what happened when he fought Scyther he had been acting strange about it.

But, I cant keep that thing, its psychotic Micky protested. He had gathered he was a Pokemon trainer, and he knew Scyther was a powerful Pokemon, yet, he still didnt want him. He didnt trust him and probably never would.

Kid Koga shouted loudly, making Muk, Weezing and Machamp stir from their sleep however Scyther still remained snoozing. That creature cant be let back into the wild, and by right, he should be yours Koga said in a much lighter voice. He is yours, and Im gonna make sure you can control him. With that Koga slung himself out of bed, Nincada hopping off as well.

But, but.. Micky tried to think of a way to contest this but it was to early for him to think of an excuse. Well, where can I wash my hair? By now Koga had already began to make his way out of the cave, Micky following close behind.

Theres a waterfall down there Koga said, pointing to his right which was north.

Waterfall? Micky questioned. Although he couldnt remember his past, his name or anything like that, he still remembered how to live life hygienically. Please tell me you have a toilet Micky said fearfully, realising that if this man cleaned himself in a waterfall he probably done his business in the woods.

Yeah! Micky sighed in relief. Koga smiled. Everywhere is toilet he said smirking, waving his arm across the entire mountain range.

Your kidding right? Micky gulped in disbelief.

Im afraid not Kid. Koga let out a small chuckle seeing as he was used to this way of life.

Know what. Im gonna go to the waterfall Micky said sarcastically, heading north in his tattered clothing, not expecting a towel. Trainer instinct told him he should go with his Pokeball belt but laziness said different. He marched down in anger, his hair in a mess behind him. The trail was a sandy rock path going steeply downhill.

It was about a ten minute walk before Micky finally found it. A clear fall of water came crashing down to a river, leading to another waterfall that fell into a cave. Micky wasnt in the mood for exploring where it led to so he removed his tattered shirt and walked under the fall. The water was cold, however the weight of the fall was enough to remove most of the dried blood from his head, letting a small red trail go down the river. He shook his head side to side letting his hair sling either way, shaking off some of the water as he brushed it out with his hands. His body was soaked, some leaking to his trousers as he lay his tattered shirt in the water, trying to soak out the blood. He looked to his left. The waterfall was near to the cave entrance, although it was quite a way down to the actual entrance itself. He looked over, his curiosity practically begging him to go inside but his common sense saying youd be an idiot if you did.


Purity still wasnt sure what to do. She was crying all through the night in guilt. Even in her dreams she saw sick images such as Mickys corpse being mangled. She knew it was her duty to call Mickys father, his number was in Mickys mobile, but she didnt know is she could do it. How would he react? She blamed herself, it was her fault for taking him out there, no matter how others tried to convince her to believe differently. She lay, eyes staring at the ceiling upon the top bunk of a hard Rustboro Pokemon Center bed. She closed her eyes, thinking what to do.

Eventually she slid out of bed to Mickys bag. She closed her eyes once more and took in a deep breath before reaching to the bag pocket to pick up Mickys silver cell phone. She turned it on, shuddering as it beeped hello. Entering the phone book she scrolled down to dad as a tear trickled down her cheek. She gulped as she hit the green call button and place the phone to her left ear, sitting down on the lower bed as she did. She felt sick at the pit of her stomach with each ring. She shuddered as she heard a voice grunt Hello at the other end and prepared to tell Mickys father what happened.

Is that Mr Hardy? Purity voice was filled with fear and was a chillingly silent.

Yes, whos speaking He demanded.

I, I. She paused. She regained her composure and focused. Im Purity Campbell, I was with your son

Oh god, please dont tell me he got you pregnant. Purity thought on this. How could his father think so little of him.

No no. I was with him on Route 115 and She stopped to regain her composure again. ..And there was this Scyther, and it She couldnt continue and she broke down into tears and slid to the floor. And, hes missing she gasped with a last breath before fully breaking down into tears.

Hes dead? Mickys father gasped.

I dont know she moaned back, shaking her head, her eyes turning red from the tears.

Where are you? He sounded absolutely fine, the small tint of fear completely gone from his voice.

Rustboro she said, still broken with guilt.

Ok, bye he replied with anger. Purity turned off the phone and dropped it to her side before curling up into the foetal position rubbing her tears into her knees.


Mickys father clenched the black plastic phone in his fist. He started clenching it tighter, the vein on his forehead starting to throb. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment before throwing the phone at a large glass picture on the wall. He burst into tears and slammed his body onto the sofa. His only proper family was dead, at least thats what he thought. He tugged at his thick dark brown hair in rage before standing up again, kicking over a small table that he used for placing his beers. It crashed down hard, one of its legs snapping as it did. He growled loudly and stomped around before collapsing to his knees in front of the shattered picture

It was a picture of the entire family, just before Kerri and his wife left. Micky was just at baby, a tiny little pink blob wrapped in a white blanket. Kerri was only eleven, a short girl with blonde hair, navy blue eyes and tanned skin, smiling, holding Micky in her arms. David, Mickys father stood next to his wife, holding her at his side. Her hair was long Raven Black, her eyes Navy blue like her daughters. David then looked at himself. A chubby yet built man standing almost a foot above his wife and daughter. His face smiling, not showing his teeth. His nose pointy leading up to his two brown eyes. He broke another bunch of tears.


A call for you Miss Hardy a blonde man in a cotton white shirt spoke, entering Kerris room. Kerri reached for her pen and notepad.

Who is it?

Its your father he said, holding a portable white phone in his hand.

What does he want?

He says its really important. He says to give the phone to you? They both didnt know why. She couldnt speak. Still she reached her hand out for the phone and placed it to her ear.

Kerri, is that you her father said. Press a button if it is. She pressed a the keypad making a beeping sound. Ok, Kerri, I know we arent exactly a great family but I feel I should tell you this personally. Kerri braced herself, she couldnt think what it could be, although deep down, she knew it had to be about Micky, the only common interest they had. Its about your bother Kerris heart stopped. Micky was her only proper friend, considering everyone else in her mental home were very crazy. Hes, hes.. David couldnt bring himself to say it but Kerri knew, she just needed those final words to confirm it. Hes dead She could hear him on the other end breaking into tears and she did as well. Look, Kerri, I got some business to take care of, but after that Im gonna come visit. Kerri couldnt believe it, but she was glad he was going to visit, she needed comfort.


Micky returned to the cave. Scyther was now awake hovering about armless. Upon seeing Micky he hissed. Koga was sorting out the scythe-like arms. No Scyther Koga grunted as the giant mantis hovered out of Mickys way. Good to see you return Kid Koga said with a smile emerging on his face.

It is?

Koga chuckled. Well Kid, at least you have a sense of humour, but we need to start training you so you can handle Scyther over here. He motioned his hand to Scyther. Scyther just glared back evilly at Micky. Although in his own way, he respected Micky, he still hated him and couldnt wait until his scythes returned to him.

Training? Micky thought hed just teach hi ways to control Scythers anger, not train him in the ways of the Ninja.

Well, if youre gonna need to be as good as you were last night to survive against Scyther should he attack you, and since you told me it wasnt you, I know you have the ability to do it, you just need to know how. Micky saw sense in this, and honestly, he thought I would be cool to be able to do something like that. He totally forgot about the lack of civilisation and smirked.

Well, lets get started then Micky said in a cocky tone.

Very well, you three, keep an eye on the cave and Scyther he said to Weezing, Muk and Machamp. Kotaro, come with me. The tiny bug known as Nincada chased after his master and scurried as fast as he could. Kid, grab your Pokeball belt. Micky down as he was told, although he couldnt understand why he needed it.

Koga led Micky down a long mud path for hours. Mickys legs were used to this kind of hike although he didnt know why. Mickys belt dragged along the ground, not to Mickys notice. He was more concerned with the fog that began to surround them as they went further down the long downhill path. Koga, I hate to be a whiney *****, but, where the **** are we heading?

We are heading to my secret training grounds Koga replied in a clam deep voice.

Cant we go to your well known training grounds, walking is getting boring, and hard to see, and did I mention boring Micky replied in a whiney tone.

Patience is one of the key things a ninja must master.

Cant I just be the violent kind? Mickys voice continued to be whiney.

Well, were here Kid he said, halting. In the corner of Mickys eye he could see the tiny bug Nincada in the corner of his eye as well as mud hanging off the edge of his black Pokemon belt.

This is it? Micky looked around. Through the fog he could make out a Pokemon Battlefield of cut grass surrounded by tall stalks of grass reaching up to Mickys height. The muddy pathway led directly to it and it appeared that Koga had edited the environment for this. Wow, this was so not what I expected.

Koga let out a small laugh before heading towards the tall grass, sticking his hand in and retrieving two thick sticks about the length of a sword. He tossed one to Micky who tried to catch it but ended up dropping it to the ground, picking it up from the grassy floor again. And Im suppose to do what with this? Micky started shaking his head as if to say You fool Koga.

Youre suppose to do this Koga said, using his stick to hit Micky sideways in the ribs. Micky barely saw it coming and as soon as the stick connected with his body he grasped at his ribs in pain.

Ow, that really hurts Micky said gasping for air as he dropped to one knee.

Youre never gonna stop Scyther with reactions like that Koga said laughing.

Its not funny, it hurts a lot Micky hissed.

Oh come on you oversized baby. Micky took offence to this and the thought what would a ninja do, and he done just that. The stick was in hand and with Koga distracted by laughter Micky pounced on the opportunity and went to slam his stick into Kogas leg. To Mickys surprise Koga was ready for this. He jumped over the stick before kicking it out of his hand. Well, you tried. But look at me. With consistent training, I think I can make you somewhat decent as a fighter. Micky didnt know whether to take this as an insult or a compliment. Still, he got to his stick again and started to face off with Koga again.


David left his house. He phoned into work saying he had An important family issue to solve and so far had told no-one aside from Kerri about what had happened. He strutted confidently through Lilycove towards the docks. It was the busy time of day, David had to push and shove through the crowds in the streets until he finally reached the large Lilycove Dock. A huge building capable of holding at least four first class cruises as well as many minor boats. As he entered he saw a huge line of people queuing for the SS Anne, one of the largest Cruisers in the world. To its side was the SS Tidal, another large Cruiser, still smaller than the SS Anne but this one wasnt as queued. Its next voyage was to Slateport City, although its a long trip its nothing compared to its normal trips from region to region. Its job was minor and most people would make the drive, unfortunately Davids car was being engineered.

The luxury liner was expensive to board, yet to David, cost meant nothing to him, he was one of the best paid lawyers, hired by many infamous companies like Team Rocket and the Uma Corporation as a defence lawyer. Although the liner offered many activities, Davids mind was set, he wouldnt accept any distractions. He was imprisoned in thought that his son was missing, most likely dead.


Purity hadnt left Rustboro since returning there with the police. She couldnt get over the fact that Micky was probably dead. Her focus on competing in the Pokemon League had faded away in guilt. Angel had been picking up on this. She couldnt hear Mickys thoughts anymore. She couldnt figure out why. She was beginning to accept the fact that he could be dead, just like Purity. Professor Birch couldnt help her, no matter how hard he tried.


Hours had passed as night began to fall, Mickys body was sore and bruised and he was yet to get the upper hand against Koga, no matter how much progress Koga had claimed he made. The scarlet sun beamed over the grassy field, the fog now cleared. Well, lets call it a day Kid Koga said offering his hand to help Micky off the ground.

Thanks Micky said, blinking as he moved feeling the bruises cause him pain. One thing Koga..

Yes Kid?

What is he could for? Micky said looking towards the Nincada known as Kotaro. I mean, just look at him, all I gotta do is step on him and he dies.

Koga laughed. Go ahead he said motioning his hand to Kotaro.

Seriously Micky said sarcastically.

No, go on. Micky thought for a moment before going to step on him. Harden Kotaro Koga shouted. Just as Mickys foot was about to crush the little creature its body glowed gold. Micky felt like hed stepped on a very hard rock.

Ok, point taken Micky replied sarcastically.

The two marched back towards the cave, Kotaro following close behind. It was only when carrying his Pokeball Belt that he hadnt used it. Koga, whyd you get me to bring this? Micky held up the Pokeball belt, indicating attention to it.

Was hoping to start training your Pokemon to do a technique called toxic. Of course, you were so slow today we didnt have time.

Toxic? Micky had never heard of this move before and was curious to see what it was like.

Yes, Toxic, a technique perfected on Fuma Ninja Pokemon for generations. Very deadly. Almost any Pokemon can master it, however it takes much time and patience, just like it will to make you able to control Scyther.

Again, cant you just control Scy?

Sorry Kid, he is rightfully yours, and I refuse to take him from you. Micky sighed and gave up the conversation, knowing he wouldnt be able to convince Koga to take him. Maybe he feared Scyther, or maybe he truly believed Micky was the right trainer for Scyther.


April 17th, 2004, 12:08 PM
Micky woke from his sleep. He heard what sounded like rustling but could see nothing. The sky was purest black, stars hidden under clouds. He titled his head to his left. A light was in the distance, in the direction of the training ground. Scyther was gone, as he checked Koga the other Pokemon belonging to Koga were gone as well. Micky grabbed his Pokeball belt and tied it around his waist and started to run down the muddy path heading towards the light that seemed so distant.

As Micky charged down the path he felt the wind against his face as he started to slide down the steep slope. The light was much closer now. He could make out three human like figures in the distance, as well as a floating blur that he assumed was Weezing. Maybe a twenty minute run was left and then he would be there, asking why Koga was up so late. As he got closer he saw what was happening. He could see Scyther wrapped in a metal suit all over except his wings and scythes which were gleaming in the fires light that was at the centre of the battlefield. Opposite him stood Machamp, all four arms holding a sword each, his body covered in a metal armour coat just like Scyther. Keep this clean you two, remember, this is just training, not a proper fight. With that Machamp leaped over the fire towards the mantis, his right upper arm swinging its sword at Scythers head. Scyther retaliated with a block from his left scythe whilst taking Machamp off of his feet with his right scythe, the blade not cutting into the metal armour. Machamp, Im disappointed, one point to Scyther. Scyther flew a small distance from Machamp triumphantly. Machamp nipped up from the ground and turned his body to Scyther, growling, clearly not liking being tripped so easily. He done a little show boating, twirling his blades, drawing Scythers attention to the upper right and lower left blades, slowly making his way towards Scyther without him noticing, Scythers focus drawn to the twirling blades that even dazzled Micky.

Stop showing off Machamp Koga was not impressed by Machamps skills, however all the Pokemon seemed to be, their eyes focused on Machamps twirling blades. In one swift movement Machamp threw his lower right blade at Scyther who blocked it quickly but didnt have time to block the upper left one which connected with his stomach armour. Machamp charged in then, his upper right blade knocking the two scythes down as the lower left blade cracked into Scythers metal helmet, making a loud bang before sending Scyther to the ground, his scythes holding the back of his helmet, the sheer force of the two metals connecting being enough to hurt his head. Impressive Machamp, two points.

Now, this sword fights cool and ****, but why are you doing it? Micky asked, making all the Pokemon and Koga turn their heads swiftly to see Micky emerge from the shadows.

Why arent you asleep?

What you think I came here to ask you? Micky laughed.

Hmm, Machamp, help Scyther up Koga ordered turning his head to Machamp who done as he was told, tossing his blades into the tall grass.

And another thing, whyd you give Scyther back his Scythes?

He needs to re-adjust to using them if hes going to be a good Pokemon for you.

Um, havent I stated before, I dont want that psycho? This was a rhetorical question but Koga just let out a laugh.

Im afraid you have no choice Kid. Scyther is yours and you will take care of him just like he will take care of you. Micky didnt like hearing this although Scythers eyes seemed to say fine.

Scyther is a psychotic bastard, I am not trusting him to take care of me.

Kid, you dont understand do you. He may hate you for defeating him, however he has a respect for you. You spared his life and he owes it to you. Although Scyther may be an angry Pokemon, they live by a code that they always keep to, he will protect you with his life. You only have to worry about him being brain washed, which is were you taking care of him comes in.

But.. Micky really didnt like this situation, he had Latianne to take care of him but there was no way of convincing Koga of this.

Just accept it Kid Koga ordered. Kogas voice was commanding, he clearly would make a great dictator.

Uh, whatever. Micky had given up all hope for arguing with Koga, he knew there was no way he could win. Scyther hovered over to Micky and landed about a foot in front of him. His beady eyes glaring through his metal helmet. Micky looked him directly in the eye and at that very moment, Micky knew Koga was right, Scyther would defend him with his life, he could see it in the eyes of the psychotic mantis which served as a window into his mind. Micky smirked, raising his eyebrow slightly. So Scy, we cool then? Scyther nodded. Well, wanna meet my Pokemon team then? At that very moment Micky realised, he didnt know what his team was. He only knew there were three. He didnt want to seem like an idiot in front of Scyther however so he removed the three Pokeballs in his hand and threw them towards the battlefield. Micky stared in awe at his Pokemon. A beautiful butterfly formed, its wings sparkling a purple, a pony that had a flame like mane and tail as well as a large wasp with sharp pointy stingers, gleaming in the light of the fire like Scythers blades did. Micky didnt know what they were called however, hed forgotten. Um, Koga, a lil help here, what they called?

Koga chuckled. The wasp is Beedrill, the Butterfly is Butterfree and the horse is Ponyta.

Ah Micky nodded. Scy, meet Beedrill, Butterfree and Ponyta.

Scyther glared at them all, intimidating them. Scy he hissed loudly, as if he was telling them not to mess with him.

Free! The Butterfree cried in retaliation, making sure Scyther knew she wouldnt be intimidated.

Free, that was it, I called you Free Micky shouted, some of his memory coming back. At that moment Beedrill and Ponyta realised he had forgotten everything although their suspicions had aroused when he couldnt remember what his Pokemon were. Both Mickys Pokemon started praying that Micky had no memory of their nicknames. Micky pointed to Beedrill who started to shiver, hoping Micky had forgotten what he called him. And I called you Micky said trailing off into thought. It began with Ro, or doe or something, it was um? Beedrill looked at him as if to say please give up but then it clicked. Rough! That was it. Even Koga laughed at the name. Dam that sounds crap. Beedrill let out a cry of glee. But, since you seem to like, Ill continue calling you it. Beedrill couldnt believe what hed heard. Micky misinterpreted his happiness and on the spur of the moment, in fury, Beedrill charged forward stinger first to hurt Micky. Scyther stepped in immediately, his left Scythe blocking the stinger. Whoa, Scyther, dont kill him, he was just coming to hug me. Beedrill and Scyther both knew he wasnt but Scyther done as he was ordered and didnt attack the angry wasp.

Well, this re-union is nice n all but we have some training to do Koga shouted loudly. Ponyta turned to Koga, thankful that hed interfered before Micky remembered what he called her.

The night of training continued, Muk was teaching Ponyta how to do a Flamethrower, a long blast of flames, apparently more effective than the fire balls of an ember. Beedrill and Weezing were practicing a move Koga called Sludge Bomb which involve spraying out a large blob of purple ooze that stank worse than Muk. Scyther continued to fight with Machamp sword to scythe whilst Butterfree tutored Nincada the move Silver Wind, one of Mickys favoured moves. Micky sat on the ground next to Koga, encouraging his Pokemon with comments such as Your doing great or That looked well good. Koga was silent during all of this which unnerved Micky. He wasnt giving out any You can do better or Stop showing off comments to any of the Pokemon.

Whats up with you now Koga? Micky finally brought up enough courage to ask however his voice still sounded scared.

Im thinking Koga replied in a fearsome, deep voice.

Bout what? Micky realised it could be the giant mantis. Scyther?


Why? Are you thinking about why he was so violent.

No, I already know why! Im thinking about the past we have

Whoa, wait, you knew that psycho before it went on a killing spree? Micky said in shock, his eyes opened wide. Why did it go killing people anyways?

It was recently escaped from the Uma Corporation. They were going to kill him for failing to kill me

What, you mean that thing is an assassin?

Yes, it is, born for that purpose. In the past two years it has successfully killed eight Fuma Ninjas. Koga turned to Micky, his eyes piercing his mind. One of them my brother.

Wait, that thing killed your brother? Micky said in shock pointing to Scyther. And you didnt kill it, in fact you put its scythes back on.

Yes. He was following his trainers orders.

Still.Wait, you say Fuma Ninjas? Micky suddenly remembered what his Pokedex had said about Beedrill. You mean, youre the guy who brought Beedrills over here?

Ive done a lot more than that Koga chuckled.

Such as? Micky started rolling his hands asking for input.

I was the gym leader of Fuschia City, was in the Elite four of Kanto and I was the leader of the Fuma clan

Wait, you were a gym leader?


Cool, but what was the Fuma clan?

Kogas eyes rolled to his side as he flashed back into his memory. Four-hundred years ago, a Ninja clan formed, promising to protect all the Pokemon of the world. My family formed this clan. We perfected a deadly technique, toxic, and with this technique we came into control of Fuschia gym. A hundred years ago, the Uma Corp began. They began in Fuschia city, but now they are a well known world wide organisation. What people dont know, even oblivious to many of its employees, is its dark underbelly. They take part in many illegal activities. Pokemon stealing, murder and worst of all, Genetic Engineering. As soon as we learned of this we became determined to stop them. A secret war until twenty years ago when we made a mistake. We bombed a building of innocent employees and since then weve been on the run from the law as well as the Uma Corporation. I left my daughter, Janine in control of our gym and havent spoken to her since. The Fuma clans favoured Pokemon, Beedrill came with us. The death of their trainers set them free as one by one, assassins like Scyther over there, took member after member to their graves. As far as I know, Im the last one left.

Whoa.. Micky was in shock, Kogas life was unbelievable. So, why did you spare Scythers life?

Although he has tried to kill me, and has killed many of my friends, the Fuma clan was built to protect all Pokemon, and that is what I shall do. In a way it made sense to him but I another way it didnt. Still, he could see this was breaking Koga on the inside and he left the discussion as it was.


Morning light broke. Mickys father had stayed in a Mauville hotel the night. He slept in the clothes he wore on his way to Slateport, a change of clothes not on him. He ordered a Taxi to Rustboro City Police Station, his mind focused on one thing. Upon his arrival he exited the yellow taxi and stepped forward to the double doors of the huge building. A giant, navy blue skyscraper, the best in Hoenn. A small Jail kept at the roof, training near the middle and the bulk of the force close to the bottom. White, automatic double doors opened for David as he walked forward into the main reception. A giant grey walled room, a grey-green marbled floor leading to a black desk with a ginger haired women at the front. Hi, Im David Hardy, Im here about my son.

Your son? The receptionist wasnt sure who he was on about.

Hes missing, thought to be dead.

Oh, Im sorry sir, we havent found him yet. The receptionist felt guilty about not realising immediately but that guilt soon left her.

Yes, and what are you doing to find him?

Well, we have several squads out searching for him, and it was on the news she replied quickly and desperately.

OH YEAH, THATS WORKING SO WELL he shouted in anger. Some security guards started to approach, seeing that David could go mad at any moment. Oh, and what are you guys gonna do? he asked sarcastically.

Sir, calm down, we are on your side.

YOU EXPECT ME TO CALM DOWN. MY SONS BODY IS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE AND YOU GUYS CANT EVEN FIND IT. On the spur of the moment Davids anger took over him and he swung his right fist at one of the officers, knocking him to the ground in one blow. He then elbowed the other in the nose causing him to bleed as more officers approached. The fight soon ended, he got one more punch in before he was locked to the ground in an arm lock and was soon arrested and being dragged kicking. He used his phone call to talk to his daughter, telling her his situation before being interviewed by an attorney. Purity was called of the incident as well which added more to her guilt.


Purity didnt sleep the previous night, it showed in eyes. Her usually calm, sky blue eyes were red around the blue which was more of a grey blue. She didnt yawn, it was guilt keeping her up and she didnt feel the urge to sleep. She wore a black mini skirt that brought out her depression, black boots and a red shirt cut at the belly button. She dyed her hair black on an impulse as her depression and guilt started to show in her dress style. When she finally reached the upper levels of the skyscraper, she was led to a white interview room where she met face to face with Mickys father, all that stood in between them was bullet proof glass.

So youre the ***** who got my son killed? Davids left eye was black from the trip up there. It was hidden from Puritys view due to the way he titled his head.

Look Im sorry, but you think Micky would want you getting yourself arrested?

You think Micky liked being killed because of some *****?

Look Im sorry and She couldnt think what to say, she knew it was hurt fault no matter how much she tried to convince herself it wasnt her fault. Right then she burst into tears and ran out of the room, unable to talk to him anymore.


A week or so had past. Mickys father remained in prison due to constantly attacking the guards. Purity had given up Pokemon training and was back at home, still living with her Pokemon as pets as well as her parents. During the week Micky had made much progress as along with his Beedrill. The other Pokemon had finally learned toxic. Scyther, Nincada and Micky had been getting along well to, learning moves from each other, Micky had even picked up how to do techniques from them so he could tutor other Pokemon it. More importantly, Micky had much more enhanced senses and abilities. The week of hard training with only five hours sleep a night paid off. He was going to face Koga one on one. The agreement was, if he could take Koga off his feet just once, Koga would believe he can handle Scyther long enough to withdrawn him back to his Pokeball should he be brainwashed.

The warm Hoenn sun beamed light across the mountain range. The training ground lit up all over, the Pokemon taking shade in front of the tall grass, just out of the suns reach as the prepared to watch Micky and Koga fight. Are you ready Koga said in a deep voice. He wore a white robe tied with a black belt around the waist. He held a kendo stick in hand.

You bet Micky smirked, slamming his Kendo stick at his palm. He wore the same clothes hed been wearing all week. He had cleaned them everyday however, finally getting rid of the blood stains. His hair was tied in a ponytail at the back, stretching down to his waist with two curtains dropping at each end, one that was red and one that was blonde. He shook his head to lose his last trail of thought before charging at Koga, his Kendo stick drawn back as he went to crash it into Kogas skull. In one movement Koga had ducked under this and thrown Micky over his shoulder. Micky had been training a lot for events such as this and using Kogas back as though it were a floor he flipped himself forward, landing on his feet. Koga, being an experienced Ninja, knew not to turn his back on an opponent and turned immediately, before hed even straightened his back out. Micky went for a kick to the head with is right leg but Koga just blocked it and grabbed it with his free hand. He went for a sweep with his Kendo stick however Micky jumped this and landed a kick right to the back of Kogas head. Koga dropped his Kendo stick and grabbed his head. Hed underestimated Micky and never saw it coming, yet he stayed footed. Micky landed on his side after planting the kick but nipped up again and started to attack with his Kendo stick. Koga was caught in the ribs with the first shot but soon started to block with his arms and legs. His flexibility allowing him to block each and every hit until he finally caught it in both hands and broke it in two with his knee and then held the two as weapons.

****! Micky shouted backing off quickly. His gaze turned to Kogas former kendo stick in the corner of his eye as he rolled forward to grab it. The two continued fighting. Neither of the two making any progress on he other until got a small shot to the leg with Kogas in, the small distraction enough for Micky to take advantage and hit Koga in the back of his head before doing a grounded sweep sending Koga face first to the ground. Although Koga sprung up in only a second later he felt a sense of accomplishment, he managed to get the advantage over a Ninja leader, something for him to be proud of, even though had it been a real fight hed have been dead a moment later.

Impressive he said rubbing his head in disappointment and pain. But you know had that been a real fight Id have killed you before youd even started.

Yeah yeah. Although Micky knew it was true he had an ego and wanted to defend it.

Well, as I agreed, I will take you back to where I found you, hopefully itll bring back memories. Micky had the same hope. Just one thing, Im sure youve noticed Ive made good friends with, Rough as you call him he said, using sarcasm fingers as he mentioned Mickys Beedrills name. And I know you like Kotaro


SoI was thinking, do you want to trade?

Trade, as in you keep Beedrill and I keep Nincada.

April 17th, 2004, 12:09 PM
Yeah Koga said with a smile on his face. Hed never really built a bond with Kotaro, he was a newly born Pokemon, only a few months old, and Kotaro didnt seem to like Kogas training style.

Um, what you think Rough? Micky looked towards Beedrill who was hovering in the shade. He seemed to like the idea, for one, Koga didnt think Beedrill liked being called Rough, also he preferred Kogas style of training, he knew what he was doing whilst Micky hadnt a clue. He seems to like the idea, yeah sure, why not? Koga laughed in glee.

Great, Ill give you his Pokeball then, come back with me to the cave.

They made their way to the cave, a long walk, not for Mickys Pokemon however, all, including Beedrill, were returned to their Pokeballs except Scyther who remained hovering, still not possessing a Pokeball. Upon their return, Koga entered the cave an exited with two Pokeballs. He returned Nincada to his Pokeball and handed the other to Micky. Use that for Scyther Koga said. He done just this, withdrawing Scyther, still suited in his armour coat, into the Pokeball. Never remove that Metal Coat until he evolves. His body isnt fully functional, the coat keeps him stable.

Ok, got it, dont get rid of the coat.

And now for the trade Koga smirked. Micky removed Beedrills Pokeball and handed it to Koga in his right hand and accepted Kotaros in his left. He attached it to his belt where Beedrills place was and took a last look at Beedrills Pokeball before seeing him released from his Pokeball. He waved goodbye before turning away and walking.

Hey, wait a min, I dont know where Im going? Micky said, realising what an idiot he appeared to be. Koga just laughed.

Follow me he said laughing, waving his hand to motion Micky to follow. A twenty minute walk finally led them to a flat stone ground soaked in dried blood. This is it.

Um, this isnt what I expected? Micky said confused, expecting to be closer to a city.

Well, over there Koga pointed to the north is Fallarbor Town. He pointed to the south afterwards and said And down there is Rustboro City, have fun Kid he said smirking and tapping Micky on the shoulder. Micky just watched him walk away into the distance, wandering what to do, whether to go north or south, still not sure of who he was.

If you wanna Step Up then Step Up cos your gonna get knocked down - Drowning Pool, Step Up

Author Notes: Well, less gore than 8, a bit more action IMO, my longest chapter yet. Davids reaction was a bit like my reaction when I heard my dad was dead. First there was just a shocked reaction but as soon as it sunk in I went mental. Whens Micky getting back his memory though :P.

Holy **** It was bigger than 40,000 characters

April 18th, 2004, 3:27 AM
This is a great Rp I love it!!!! More, more, I want more!!! If I don't get more I'll go on a killing rampage like that scyther!!!!!

April 18th, 2004, 7:31 AM
lol, *POSTS next chap*

Chapter 10: Re-Union

I tried to kill the pain but only brought more - Evanescence, Tourniquet.

Kerri sat in her padded room, feeling that life was not worthwhile. She blamed herself for her family falling apart. It was her fault that her mother got killed. Now she felt it was her fault that Micky left to become a trainer and was probably laying face down in a ditch somewhere, and now her father was locked up in prison and it was all her fault, well at least thats what she thought. Shed sharpened her pencil to the point it could break the skin and prepared to take her life. She hid behind her table, out of the doctors view and pulled back the pencil, ready to stab her left wrist vein. She sobbed a last tear before jamming the pencil down through her vein. Blood started to squirt from around the pencil, all over the white floor of her padded room. She removed the pencil which was soaked in blood before dropping it to the floor. She started to feel numb all over her left arm as the blood started to drain from her. She grabbed the white bars that covered the window and looked over at Shoal Cave in the distance. Shed seen a magnificent bird there once. Ice blue feathers, a dark grey parrot like beak, a snow white breast, stunning red eyes, topped by three dark ice blue feathers. A long magnificent tail thats trailed through the sky behind its dark grey legs, clawed at the end. She was hoping to see that magnificent bird again, before she died. She placed her hand through the bars and touched the window, soaking it in the red that leaked from her wrist.


Micky stood gazing over at the sea. He saw some white birds flying in a flock in the distance as the sun shimmered over the ocean. He still had no idea which way to go. South was Rustboro City and North was Fallarbor Town. He sat for a moment, glancing in each direction before he remembered something. By the waterfall was a cave that intrigued Micky. **** it, cave it is Micky shouted to himself, running over towards the waterfall.

The water crashed down hard on the river bank, white foamy water at the base of the waterfall forming from the impact. Micky brushed his hand through the clear water and then stroked back his hair, darkening it in the moisture. The crash of the waterfall covered a rustling sound in the background, however, in a split moment Micky noticed it, jumping to his feet and turning to see a yellow rodent in front of him which looked strangely familiar. He stood about one foot in the air, his ears twitching. They were tipped at the end in black, his eyes beady and black. His cheeks were a rosy red, his nose black and shaped like that of a cats. He dropped to all fours revealing his tail. A yellow tail spiked in the shape of a thunderbolt, chestnut brown fur at its base. His back was striped in chestnut brown fur as well. He started to run forward to Micky, his tail dragging along the ground in a line. He stood at Mickys feet and then put himself back onto all fours, glaring up at Micky. Pika! Pika! he shouted in a loud cute voice.

What what? Micky said, not understanding what the little rodent wanted.

Pika-Pi he shouted again, pointing his left paw towards the waterfall that led into the cave.

Hey little rodent! He shouted. There is no way Im committing suicide cos a tiny rat told me to.

PI-KA-CHU!!!!! the rodent shouted at the top of his lungs, pausing in between each syllable.

Saying it loudly and slowly does not make it any easier to understand dip-**** Micky shouted back at the creature, frustrated with the rat.

Pika-pi the rodent replied.

Get a new vocabulary Micky shouted back angrily.

PIKA the rodent shouted back.



NO! Micky shouted back angrily, turning his back to the creature who just ran in a circle in front of him. Please, ****, Off, Little, Annoying, Rodent Micky shouted back, pausing in between each word.

Pika the little rodent shouted back shaking his head.

Dont make me set Scyther on you! Micky shouted, reaching for his Pokeball. The rodent saw Mickys hand reach for that Pokeball and seeing that the only way he could get Micky to follow him, he quickly leaped up, grabbing the ball from his belt and dashing off to the edge of the Waterfall. No little Rodent, come on, I didnt mean it, come on, give me back Scyther, hey, Ill you what, if you come with me to Fallarbor, Ill get you a Pokeball and catch you, hows that sound? Micky was fearful of losing what was most likely his most powerful Pokemon. The little rodent just shook his head and dived into the river, being dragged down the waterfall. Micky let out a small sob. ****ing Rat Micky shouted grumpily, shaking his head and running towards the river, diving in at the end, being taken down by the waterfall.


Purity still hadnt got over the fact that shed led someone to what was probably his death, she feared she never would. She still had Mickys bag, it lay in the corner of her room. She would have given it to Mickys father but since he was in prison, she doubted it would be a good idea. The objects inside would probably get stolen. The one that attracted her attention the most was the golden Pokeball, hidden in a pocket inside the bag. She wondered where Micky got it. She noticed that Micky had plenty of money from his trainer card, still, shed never seen anything like that Pokeball before. As tempting as it was to take it ,she resisted the temptation, the guilt of getting him killed was bad enough, let alone the guilt of stealing a Pokeball from him. She figured that it could be used in his grave if they couldnt find his body. She slumped back on her bed, her elegant fox Ninetales to her side. Ninetales had a crme fur all over he body, straight clean crme fur on much of her, in between the tails and breast, a crme mane, fox ears of crme standing at attention, a thick crme breast of fur, a long elegant mane of crme, ruby red eyes, a wet black dog nose and a tail that split into nine, long elegant thick tails, twirling gracefully, each moving with a mind of its own. All of Puritys belonging from her Pokemon adventure were upon an oak shelf. Her black Pokeball belt with her five gym badges attached to it. Her trainer card laying flat on the shelf, her red Pokedex, now useless, standing upright, opened along with her bag, full of items such as potions and Pokeballs.


Micky got washed up onto a rocky bank, well, it felt like a rocky bank. Only a small crack of light broke from the gap that Micky was washed through, still, not enough for Micky to make out where he was. Little Rodent? Mickys shout echoed throughout the cave, any person in there would have heard it. Micky could here some flapping in the distance before he heard the cute voice of the rodent.

Pika-Pi He shouted loudly over to Micky.

Thingy, come on, gimme back my Pokeball Micky shouted back desperately. He started to crawl in the direction of the rodents voice. Micky could see a small light form in the rodents direction until it became a fully glowing white light. He could make out the rodents thunderbolt like tail, glowing a brilliant white. From this glow Micky could make out some of the rodents yellow body. He could see the Pokeball he was after being held tightly in his mouth. Come on yellow thing, gimme back my Scyther he said desperately, his hand out hoping for the ball to be dropped onto it. Instead the little creature placed it into his hands and ran off. Micky climbed to his feet and chased after the rodent, unsure of where he was going, only knowing that he had few choices left and only one led to him getting back his Scyther.

The rodent led him deep into the cave. Micky could make out several Pokemon in the shadows, they seemed to ignore the rodent and his presence. He tripped several times, one time was over something moving, probably a Pokemon, fortunately it didnt react, it just groaned. The little rodent was still running ahead, letting out Pika every now and then to make Micky catch up. He eventually saw the mouse stop, eventually catching up to him.

Ok give me back ball now! Micky shouted into the rodents ear.

His ear twitched and he let out a Pi-Ka-Chu as he pointed his finger forward. Micky looked at what he was pointing at and saw a long cliff-face heading downwards. He saw something, a large glowing yellow object, spiky in shape, un moving.

Um, you want me to do what?

Pika-Pi. He pointed again, drawing Mickys attention to a girl, lying dead next to the glowing object.

Sorry little bugger, I dont raise the dead Micky said, not shocked at all, seeming to have memories of worse.

Pika the rodent said running down some sort of ledge towards the girl. Micky chased after him, determined to get back his Scyther. When he finally caught up to him, the rodent was holding the girls hand, ignoring the Pokeball that hed stolen, dropping it to the ground. Micky re-attached it to his belt and turned away, climbing up the cliff face. Pika pi the rodent shouted.

What, sorry dude, I refuse to carry a dead person, and to be honest, that glowing object is really creeping me out.

Pika Pi the rodent replied. Micky walked back to him and knelt down beside him.

Look little Rodent, Im sorry if this was your trainer, Im sorry shes dead, and Im sorry, well Im sorry for everything, but do me a favour and **** off, please! The rodent grabbed Mickys hand and place it onto the girls neck. He could make out the girls figure, she was thin, probably younger than him. She was wearing a white shirt and what appeared to be jeans. Her hair was a long blonde, getting over his hands. But then he realised why the rodent had made him touch this dead girls neck. She wasnt dead at all, she was alive, he could feel her neck throb. **** Micky shouted in shock as he felt her neck throb. Um, what do I do, she not dead, she, dead, but like not, dead? What the **** am I saying, that makes no sense. Micky was confused, he didnt know what he was doing, hed never paid attention in medical class.

Pika Pi. Although Micky didnt understand he guess it was something along the lines of Im a Pokemon, how do you expect me to know?

Um, CPR, aint that it? He shouted. He remembered something to do with punching peoples chests. Um, know, thats to wake dead people up, um, its Micky strained his thought and slammed his fist against the glowing spiky object beside him. He heard the object grunt. Oh, ****, **** **** **** **** **** **** Micky shouted, seeing the object starting to move. Um, the girl he shouted, slinging the girl over his shoulder and running up a pathway.

The creature started to unfold. Its wings were a bright electric yellow, spiky in shape, beneath it, its feathers were a pure black. Its eyes opened, revealing a sickening dead white, lined with black around it entering a pure black centre. Its beak was a long, orange spiky point, looking capable of ripping through flesh with one swipe. It started to move forward on its orange clawed feet, warning off Micky and the girl he was carrying. As it saw them start to leave, the creature curled back up into its spiky ball shape.

Micky charged forward, unsure of where he was going. He was just following the rodent in whatever direction he went. The cave seemed to be an endless circle. Pokemon that lurked in the shadows hissing at Micky and the mouse for awakening whatever the creature was. PIKA the rodent shouted, being a long way ahead of Micky, trying to encourage him to catch up. The rodent clearly didnt know where he was going. He led Micky through bumpy paths sending him falling. Fortunately the unconscious girl took most of the falls when ever he tripped. The rodents tail gave out little light, only enough for Micky to make out the path he was taking and the figures of the Pokemon looking on. The little rodent finally led Micky out of the cave. The light hurt Mickys eyes as he squinted. Hed adjusted to the dimness of the cave, the sun bore down to brightly as Micky dropped to the ground, dropping the girl on her back as he did.


Shane glanced at his Dynamo Pokemon badge that clipped nicely to his jacket. He brushed back his spiky black hair and let out a smirk as he headed towards the cave known as Fiery Path, hoping to get a new addition to his team. He wore crme-brown trousers, grass stains covering much of the left leg from his training with Grovyle, the evolved form of his Treecko. He wore a navy blue short sleeved shirt, a camouflage vest atop it. His Pokeball belt was black, tied around the waist, three Pokeballs attached. He had a brown bag slung over one shoulder. He slowly made his way to the caves entrance. The cave itself was the inside of a volcano known as Mount Chimney. Inside was the home to many fire Pokemon. Deep inside rivers of lava flowed, the veins of Mount Chimney giving the cave the name Fiery Path. Shane slowly removed a flash light from his bag, flicking it on as he took his first step inside the cave. The air was much different than on the outside. It smelt thicker, smog like. Shane could feel the water droplets in the air, any water inside the cave had surely evaporated from the heat. He couldnt make out much in the cave, the flash light was too small to light up much more than the ground he was about to tread on.

Shane heard a small rustle. He turned his flashlight to its source as fast as he could but saw nothing. He heard the rustle again. He turned the flashlight again, still no sign of where the movement came from. Nervously, he made his way forward again. The rustle continued, Shane kept turning to see where it came from but to no avail. Eventually, he was drawn to a passage way. Smoke was rising from the ground which felt rough, like it were a sandy path. His flashlight started to flicker. Micky tried to smack it stable again with his hands but failed to influence it in anyway as it finally went off, leaving Shane in dark. He held his hands out, rubbing them against the cave walls, trying to keep himself in a straight line. He felt something brush across his leg. He quickly slammed himself to the walls edge, trying to stay out of the way of whatever had rushed past him. He heard something cry BEE!! e reached for his bag and removed his Pokedex. As he flicked it open the small light it cave out revealed enough for him to see something right in front of him. He backed away quickly, sliding on his *** through the sandy trail. The creature started to step forward, stepping on the buttons of Shanes Pokedex.

Ok, get away or Ill get my Pokemon on you he said in a threatening voice, reaching for one of his Pokeballs. The creature started to growl, small drips of fire started to fall to the ground from the creatures mouth. Shane kept backing away, his right hand clenching the metal sphere in his hand tightly, tapping the activation button, ready to defend himself should the creature attack him. He brought himself to his feet quickly and started to run. He could hear the creature charging behind him. He turned his head to his behind, seeing the figure of the creature still charging after him. He went to open his Pokeball but caught a glimpse of something in the corner of his eye. He turned his attention to the amazing sight in front of him.


Kerri gripped the white bars tightly, feeling her body go numb. She pressed her head in between the two bars she clenched, tears running from her eyes. She suddenly felt the urge to look away and threw herself onto her bed, bleeding red onto the blankets. She didnt know why but she covered her eyes. She heard a huge explosion to her side. A beam of light crashed through the padded walls. Kerri prepared herself for whatever was going to come through the gap in her wall. She expected the creature from her nightmares, the one that killed her mother. However the head that stuck itself through the wall was not the sick twisted face of Rayquaza. Instead, she saw a cute little head pop over. The creatures sapphire eyes looking so innocent and caring, the golden fur that sat atop her head making her look like an Angel.

Latianne started to speak to Kerri in her mind.
Come on Kerri, the doctors will be coming through there soon

Who are you?

Well, your brother calls me Angel.

You know Micky?

Yes, now come on!

Kerri took her chances with the creature, trusting what she said. She jumped onto the Pokemon, gripping her neck, staining it with the blood from her wrists. Latianne flew off before any of the doctors could break through the door. All they found was a lot of wreckage and blood.


April 18th, 2004, 7:31 AM
Shane stood in awe. What appeared to be an endless river of lava washed along in front of him. It glowed majestically, lighting up everything near it. The heat was practically unbearable however, making Shane cover his eyes and try to turn from it. He was met by the creature that was chasing him. The Pokemon stood about two feet in the air. He had a small tail, small legs and small arms, all the same length as each other. Much of the creatures body was a light red, all of it except his stomach and lips which were a light yellow. The creatures eyes were white centred with black. His head was puffed up in bulges as though it were popcorn building up inside a bag. His claws were white, three on each hand and foot. The creature opened his mouth. Magby! he shouted, trying to force Shane to back away. Shane done just that but also threw his Pokeball to the ground. He was after another member of his team and now was the time to get him.

Grovyle, Go! Shane shouted at the top of his lungs. The white glow started to form into the shape of a gecko. Upon Grovyles wrists were three turquoise leaves, two sticking in opposing directions, one staying straight above his arms. Much of Grovyles skin was a light green, starting from his streamline head to his two-toed feet. Grovyles eyes were a sickening yellow, a tiny black dot were his pupils were. At the top of his head started a long turquoise mane that stretched all the way past his tail. His tail itself was like two long turquoise leaves, stretching long behind him, slightly tapping the ground. Underneath the chin of Grovyle started an orange coloured skin, travelling all the way down to his stomach which then rounded, one green line through it. Grovyle hissed at creature that stood before him. The two were of similar height, however, Grovyle was the quicker of the two, starting the battle off by jumping over the creature, stepping over his head as a taunt.

Grovyle, Slam that thing with your tail. Grovyles leafy tail hardened as he twirled to hit the creature across the face. A loud slap-like sound emitted as the tail of Grovyle connected with the odd shaped head of the creature. The creature retaliated simply by jumping onto Grovyles back. Grovyle tried to shake him off but as he did one, his left arm caught on fire. Grovyle, Leaf Blade Shane shouted. Grovyle stalled for time, letting the leaves on his wrist catch on fire before slinging his fists sideways, intentionally missing the creature with his fists, letting the flaming leaves slash along the creatures face, drawing red blood as he did. The creature fell to his *** as Grovyle tried to shake the flames off of his body, eventually successful when he rolled on the ground. Nice work Grovyle, now Zubat, go! From Shanes Pokeball a bat came. It had small wings, lined with lavender on the inside. Most of the bats body was a dark purple. He had two small fox-like ears, lined with the same lavender as its wings on the inside. The bat had a thin body leading down to two small feeler like legs, not capable of anything more than feeling what it touched. The creature relied on sound to determine where she was going. She opened her mouth to let out a supersonic pulse and sensed where the creature was. She bore four sharp teeth inside a pure black mouth that dribbled a purple acid in place of saliva.

Zubat, Poison Fang! The bat charged forward, fangs out as far as they could go, secreting a purple liquid from inside her gums. As she went to clamp down on the opposing Pokemon, he just dodged out of the way, releasing a fire ball from his mouth at the back of Zubat. She let out a huge cry as the flames started to burn her skin. Seeing his fellow Pokemon in trouble, Grovyle threw himself at the back of the fire breathing foe, sending him to the floor face first. Pouncing on her opportunity, Zubat slammed her body into the back of the creature before biting into the creatures neck as though she were a vampire, sinking the poison into the blood stream of the strange creature. Shane pulled a Pokeball out of his bag and threw it at the weird creatures head, sucking him into the sphere. The ball rocked three times on the ground before it finally sparked, indicating that it had locked the creature in. Shane then withdrew his other two Pokemon, placing them onto his Pokeball belt with his newest team member.

He slumped down to the ground, rubbing his sweating eyebrow clean. He saw bubbles start to form at the surface of the lava river. As one bubble popped a new one formed. The started to pop and form faster and faster until Shane saw something rise. Its body was a rounded orange-yellow shape, rising from the ground. Two large flame like wings rose from the lava. Yellow-orange feathered with flames. The creature rose its long rooster like neck from the lava revealing a slender long beak attached to a small rounded head. A mane of fire trailing down its neck. It turned its attention to Shane. The creature started to flap its huge wings, lava dripping down its body, splashing onto the lava river below. Eventually, two long legs were revealed from the flames. A dark orange in colour, three claws on each foot. Shane thought more lava was going to fall but it turned out to be its tail, a long yellow line of fur, seemingly on fire. Its eyes pierced through Shanes body as he slowly backed away. Shane wasted no time in running down the path he came from, trying to get away from the giant flaming bird. He picked up his Pokedex from the sandy path and headed into the pitch black.


Micky had followed the rodent down the side of a mountain, the girl slung over his shoulder. He didnt know why he was still bothering with the rodent. Maybe he felt sorry for him or maybe he was attracted to the girl. Either way, he was following the yellow mouse down a long path. He saw a sign saying Route 114 but it was a long time ago and he was probably off of it. Micky was starting to tire. He was in good shape but he was not used to carrying people as he hiked, and he was nowhere near muscular. Please let me sit down, your trainers heavy Micky moaned to the mouse that charged ahead of him. The rodent just ignored him, continuing to run ahead. Hey, dont blank me! Micky shouted, annoyed that the rodent has ignored him previously.

Pika Pika he shouted back.

Look, why dont you evolve, and carry her? Micky shouted back sarcastically.

Pika! The rodent proceeded to run ahead of him again as Micky followed. Eventually, the rodent stopped, letting him rest. The rodent brought him a berry of some kind, probably a token of thanks. Micky accepted it, enjoying its sweet taste. The girl started to stir, tossing and turning and making small noises. Micky didnt know what to think of this but the rodent simply ran over to her, tapping her, trying to get her conscious.

Come on thingy. We better get her to a hospital or something, she starting to spasm. Micky slung her over his shoulder again. Come on, you lead the way, I got amnesia, I dunno where Im going. The little rodent ran ahead of Micky, leading him along the path further. It was at least a thirty minute run before Micky finally saw signs of civilisation. A wooden bridge went over a river leading out of the mountain side, probably connected to the waterfall that Micky came from initially. Beyond that bridge Micky could see some sort of town. Nice work rat, you finally done something right. The yellow mouse seemed to take offence to Mickys comment and shocked him slightly, making him drop the girl as he did. The girls head hit the ground head first, not that Micky noticed, he was too busy fiddling with his left index finger where the rodent had shocked him. You little **** Micky shouted, only just noticing the girl starting to move. Crap, she waking up! Micky shouted, dropping to his knees to try and wake her up.

Pika Pi the little rodent shouted, probably saying something along the lines of thank you captain obvious. Micky started to slap the side of her face, trying to get her to wake faster. As her eyes opened she noticed Micky slapping her. She hit him as hard as she could with her right fist, thinking he was attacking her. Micky fell to his side grabbing his left cheek as the girl got up and grabbed her rodent and started to run. The rodent slithered out of her arms and ran back to Micky, checking on him.

Pikachu, come on the girl shouted in a sweet yet worried voice.

Pika the rodent named Pikachu shouted in defiance.

Why arent you coming?

Micky shoved the Pikachu out of his way. Cos *****, I was dumb enough to save your life Micky shouted, grabbing his cheek in pain. Ah ****, you got and strong right hand he shouted again, spitting in pain.

Wait, you saved me? she said, her voice now confused.

Yes Micky growled. Hence me saying, I was dumb enough to save you. Micky turned his attention to Pikachu. God, I cant believe you wanted me to save this ***** Micky shouted. Pikachu seemed to take offence and bit him in the ankle. Ah ****! Micky shouted, kicking at the rodent.

Pikachu stop the girl cried out. The rodent stopped biting Micky and ran over to his trainers side.

Ok, thats it little Rodent Micky shouted, pointing to the Pikachu. He bent down to grab his ankle. I swear to you, one of these days, Im gonna kill you! Micky threatened.

Ok, calm down, sorry for punching you, I thought you were like, trying to do something to me the girl shouted, frustrated at the little battle that was going on I front of her. Im Karen Parkerson sticking out her arm, for a hand shake. Micky just ignored it.

Im, um Micky started to think, trying to bring back memories of his name. I dunno, for the past week I been referred to as Kid. Thats about all I know he said bluntly, still gripping his cheek.

You dont know your name? Karen giggled.

I got amnesia ok Micky growled.

Youre serious, arent you? Karen said, shocked.

Yes, I am Micky said angrily. Anyway, what was with you and the unconsciousness-ness? Micky asked, getting himself into a tongue twister.

Well, I saw that glowing object, and when I went down to it, some floating rock down something to me, and then, I like, fell asleep she said, not sure of herself.

Great, freaking great, I carried a sleeping girl out of a cave thinking she was dying Micky said, banging his hand against his head in anger.

Look, come with me to Fallarbor, we can find out who you are and stuff she smirked.

Whatever Micky said, not bothered.


Latianne landed outside Professor Birchs lab with Kerri on her back. Latiannes fur coat was soaked in the blood of Kerri. Shed tried to stop the bleeding but to no avail. Fortunately, she knew Birch would be able to help. She indicated to Kerri to go into the lab and spoke to Birch through her mind, telling him what had happened.

Why did you do this to yourself? Birch questioned, his hand covering the wound, squeezing tightly. Kerri tried to do some signs to tell him what happened but Birch failed to understand. Eventually Latianne explained she was a mute. So your Mickys brother? Birch asked, bandaging her wrist at the same time. Kerri nodded. I know you must think hes dead, but Latianne has assured me that shes positive hes alive, she just cant locate him because he doesnt seem to know who he is. Kerri sighed in relief, a good excuse for why Micky was missing.


Hi, Im looking for the missing peoples department Micky said bluntly to the receptionist at the Fallarbor police station.

Do you want to report a missing person? If you do can you fill out this form the receptionist said handing a paper and pen to Micky. You have to wait for them to have been missing for twenty four hours however.

No Micky said, dropping the pen and paper to the counter. I am a missing person, I wanna report me being alive!

Ok, whats your name?

I dont know! Micky shouted desperately. I got amnesia.

Ok, do you know what the situation was when you went missing?

Yeah, it had something to do with a Scyther.

Wait, you say a Scyther?

No, I said a Pikachu, what do you think I said? Micky growled sarcastically. The women picked up a phone and started to talk to someone on the other end, saying she thinks shes found the boy who got killed, and he hasnt been killed.


Night was about to fall, Micky and Karen just sat around on the ground. All of Mickys Pokemon were out of there balls, the same with Karens. Micky recognised her Pokemon from somewhere, but he still couldnt figure it out. She had some sort of duck Pokemon as well as the little rodent known as Pikachu. The duck flew about, his outer feathers were a pale brown, under his wings and at his breast were crme feathers. His beak was a duck bill where he carried a leek. Micky was asked to wait there by someone apparently. He still had no idea why but he agreed, curious to see who it was that wanted to see him. In time a yellow taxi pulled up next to them. Micky got to his feet, ready to greet whoever it was. All of his Pokemon stood still, waiting to see who it was, Ponyta and Butterfree having a decent idea of who it was. Karen got to her feet and stood beside Micky, coming up to just under his shoulder. The door opened. Micky saw one leg come out first. Slightly tanned before another came out. A girl exited and Micky recognised her immediately, feeling memories start to come back. The girl smiled and hugged Micky as hard as she could, feeling all the guilt leaving her. I was so worried bout you Micky she said happily, almost in tears of joy.

Micky hugged her back. God thats right, Im called Micky he said, finally remembering who he was. He left the hug and turned to his Ponyta. And your Strider he said smirking. Ponyta shook her head as if to say You had to remember didnt you. Everything started to flow back to Micky. Purity picked up two bags from the backseat of the taxi and handed one to Micky. Im guessing this is mine Micky said sarcastically, feeling a little overwhelmed as his memory started to come back.

Yeah she smirked. Im guessing you found him? Purity said turning her attention to Karen.

Actually, he found me she smirked back.

No, actually, that annoying rat over there Micky interrupted, pointing to Pikachu found me and dragged me through a cave until I found her Micky said, pointing to Karen.

So, why didnt you tell someone sooner? Purity asked, trying to figure out why Micky didnt just go to a police station immediately, instead of waiting a week.

Well, I got a bit of memory loss, of course, seeing you brought back quite a bit he smiled. He could see the tear of joy in Puritys eye but then felt his mind go numb.

Welcome back he heard a voice say in his head, immediately realising who it was as everything started to flow back.

Hi Angel he thought to himself.

Was worried about you.

Yeah, I was worried about me to.

Im with your sister, Ill see you soon.

Micky rummaged through his bag until he found his cell phone. He flicked through his phone book until he found home and clicked call. The phone continued to ring until it finally came to the answer phone. The joy of memory all went when he thought to himself the possibilities of what had happened to his father. He hid his sad emotions from the girls however and just placed his phone back into his bag, claiming he was checking on his messages.

The group spent the night in the Fallarbor Pokemon Center, Micky laying on the top bunk thinking, hearing the girls snores which didnt help him get back to sleep. It was nice to finally have a change of clothes and a proper shower, his hair feeling so much cleaner after using shampoo in a shower rather than a waterfall. He closed his eyes, trying to focus on sleep, however, all through the night, the whereabouts of his father bothered him. He conversed with Latianne all through the night in his mind, trying to learn every little detail, but even Latianne wasnt sure of what had happened to his father. In time his mind finally drifted into unconsciousness as his body prepared for the next day.

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Well, amnesia sub-plot is over *Be happy Trip* and the trainer story continues. If you havent guessed, those three birds will have a big part to play later on. Karen is going to be a permanent part of my fic (Based on the 1st proper follower of my Fic Shiny May) and theres still a few more characters to be introduced. Mickys rival Shane makes his 2nd appearance and Micky now has an annoyance with him (Pikachu and Micky, the hate relationship :P). Over all, this chapter was more of a filler/explanation chapter than anything, sorry about that, nowhere near as good as its previous which was one of my favs. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it.

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April 26th, 2004, 10:46 AM
Chapter 11: A Trip to Lavaridge

I see the future and the future is bleeding - New Abortion, Slipknot

Mickys eyes started to blink open. He heard the spray of the shower, the water droplets pounding against the tiled floor, wondering which of the two girls was in there. He rolled to his right, the blanket sliding off of him as he went hurdling to the ground, landing with a hard thump. ****! he screamed loudly, shooting pains in his back. Purity started to stir upon hearing the loud thump, finding Micky laying there on the ground, rolling around grasping his back in pain.

She smiled. De-ja-vu she smirked, climbing out of her bed to help him up.

From now on, you sleep on top bunk Micky shouted.

Keep it down Karen moaned grumpily, clearly still tired. It took Micky a few moments to realise that if she wasnt in the shower, and Purity wasnt, then who was?

Wait, Karen, if youre here, whos in there? Micky said confused, pointing his finger to the door that led to the shower.

Some guy who was here last night she mumbled, dropping her head into the pillow, her blonde hair in a squashed mess, nothing like Puritys which was still as perfect as normal. Micky rolled his eyes practically telling himself duh, its not like we own this room. Micky reached under Puritys bed, grabbing his black bag, removing a set of clothes. Black trousers, two white striping on each side, a black shirt, a white dragon in print upon it. Two white fishnet wrist bands, stretching from the wrist to the top of the arms and his black cap, all in his arms, waiting for the bathroom to be empty so he could get dressed.


Mickys Pokeball belt tied tightly around his waist, his hair dropping down just below his shoulders, his back pack in his right hand, hanging by its strap. The four red and white orbs, Strider, Scy, Kotaro, Free al ready for activation. Micky knowing which ball contained which Pokemon. Fallarbor Town, although large, was nowhere near the size of Lilycove, most likely half the size. There was no Pokemon gym here, in fact, very little to do with Pokemon training. However, Pokemon Contests were a big thing here.

The group were heading to Karens house for lunch. Too far for the group to have journeyed to the previous day, quite a walk away, on the edge of the town, several miles from the Pokemon Center. The walk there was interesting. Micky passed several trainers with their Pokemon. Although tempted to challenge them to battles he could tell they were contest trainers just by their style. They would train with their Pokemon, co-ordinating their moves, controlling them with Pokeblocks, the equivalent of Candy to Pokemon.

About an hour later they finally arrived at Karens house. It was further out of Fallarbor than Micky initially thought, a good trip down Route 113. The house itself was more of a cottage. Only one floor however very large, probably as large as his home back in Lilycove had they placed both floors next to each other. The outside was painted in white, thick black planks of wood for decoration on the outside like that of a Tudor house. The roof was thatched with brown straw, a chimney puffing smoke out from the roof. The front garden was fenced by a small hedge. More of a boundary marker than something to keep people out. The front garden had many berry plants growing. Micky recognised some of the berries however many were new to him. Karen rang the door bell as a loud chime emitted. A women answered. About as tall as Karen, her hair was black, a lot like Mickys, a deep dark colour. Her eyes were blue, standing out from her hair. Too bright a colour to go well with her hair. She didnt look like Karens mother but Micky guessed she was considering the hug Karen gave her. Micky and Purity greeted her with a handshake and followed behind Karen into the house.

The inside of the house was floored with dark oak wood. The walls were painted in light uplifting colours. Yellows and oranges down the hallways. In the living room the walls were painted in Sky Blue. The room itself was cosy. A fire burning on one side. Two sofas, both crme with brown pillows upon them. The room had several large pictures. Micky could tell immediately it was people from Karens family. Her mother was in one, next to a Ponyta similar to Mickys. Gold and Silver Trophys were inside some form of Trophy case. A chestnut brown Mahogany Case with a thick layer of glass protecting the Trophys. A silver lock on the right hand side opened. Micky was tempted to open it but knew it would be rude of him and resisted the temptation to take a first hand look at the Trophys. He slung himself onto one of the sofas next to Karen.

Ill be right back the women said to the group, disappearing into what Micky guessed was the kitchen. There was a nice smell coming from the room she entered. It smelt like a roast chicken with all the trimmings. Micky was mentally licking his lips at the thought of this, forgetting his worries about his father that hed kept in so tightly from the girls.

Take it thats your mum Micky said, leaning over to Karen.

Yeah she replied bluntly.

You look nothing like her Micky whispered, making sure her mother didnt over hear.

Dont be so rude Purity said loudly, slapping the back of Mickys head, not so much to hurt him as to say dont do that.

Yeah, Im adopted Karen replied.

Ah! Micky said, everything making sense now. So, whos trophys are those? Micky said pointing to the Trophy cabinet.

Theyre mine a low mans voice said from behind Micky, making him jump to his feet. Calm down kid the man chuckled. Micky guessed he was Karens father, since he didnt look anything like her as well. He was about six foot tall. His hair a thick ginger mess. His eyes were brown, welcoming in their own way. He was quite large, a jolly fat man look. He was wearing jeans and a white tank top that revealed his very hairy arms. He was stained in some form of oil.

Dad, get dressed properly Karen moaned at him.

I will, I was just outside sorting out the car.

That explains the oil and the sweat smell Micky thought to himself.

So, what are these trophys for? Micky questioned.

Pokemon Co-ordination.

Wait, youre a Pokemon Co-ordinator? Micky asked.

Well, I was. Ive stopped now. Leaving it to my son and daughter now. It took Micky a moment to figure out that Karen must have been a co-ordinator and took him several moments to realise she had a brother.

Wait, you have a brother? Micky said turning to Karen.

She sighed a Yeah showing her distain for him.

Yeah, hes in his room. Karen, why dont you introduce them before lunch. Karen sighed and got up, heading out of the lounge, Micky and Purity following behind on instinct. Karen led them through the hallways again until the reached a white door marked with a red sign. In white it said Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again. Not exactly welcoming but Karen walked in without knocking anyway.

Hi Mark she said grumpily. A boy of similar height to Micky stood in front of them. He looked to be the same age. His skin a pale white, creepy, seemingly like he was dead. His hair was a short jet black. His eyes were brown, quite similar to his fathers. He looked like he was related to Karens parents. He was wearing a black shirt, grey sweats and white sneakers. His room had posters all over it of music bands. Drowning Pool, Metallica, Slipknot, however, one thing caught his attention. Something that looked like a punching bag. It was about five feet tall. A purple-blue. It was rounded at the top, getting thinner as it got down to the bottom. Micky couldnt help himself. He approached it.

Cool, you got a punching bag he shouted. Mark was about to say something but before he could Micky was testing it out. He smashed it hard with his right fist. It dropped down onto its back before shooting back up and colliding with Mickys crotch. He fell to the ground, grasping his privates in pain. Your punching bag attacked me he shouted. It only took him a moment to realise it must have been a Pokemon and it was only a moment later that he got confirmation.

WAA-BAA the creature shouted. His eyes opening to reveal two tiny black dots. Nothing compared to his huge mouth which revealed a massive rosy pink tongue.

Let me guess Micky said sarcastically, feeling out of breath from the pain he was feeling at his privates. Woba the Punching bag Pokemon he said sarcastically.

Actually hes a Wobbuffet.

Whatever the **** he is, I demand vengeance Micky shouted, bringing himself to his feet and running at the Wobbuffet, kicking him in the head. Wobbuffet just fell onto his back and sprung back up, head butting Micky in the groin again. Micky grasp his privates again, jumping up and down in pain, making sure he didnt fall to the ground.

Ok, stop Mark said. Your not gonna harm him more than he harms you. Hes got a unique way of doing double the damage inflicted against him back at the aggressor.

What the **** did you say? Micky said, confused at what Mark had just blabbed.

Anything you can do he can do better Mark replied bluntly.

Oh really? Micky said, as though it were a challenge. Micky approached Wobbuffet once more and punched him in the head. As he saw Wobbuffet drop to the ground he jumped out of the way, letting Wobbuffet miss him. Ah, in your face punch bag Micky laughed aggressively, pointing his finger at Wobbuffets head. Wobbuffet, seeing an opportunity to inflict pain back at Micky opened up his wide mouth and clamped down on Mickys finger. Micky cried out in pain, trying to push Wobbuffet off of his finger. Wobbuffet refused to relinquish his finger until Mark told him to. Micky jumped away from Wobbuffet, shaking his finger, still grasping his privates in pain a the same time. Purity slapped him on the back of his head. Not so much to inflict pain, more of a Stop being a twat slap.

Do you mind Purity, Im in enough pain as it is Micky snarled at her.

You quite down hitting Wobbuffet? Mark asked sarcastically, finding humour in Mickys stupidity.

Yeah yeah he growled, dropping to the ground on his ***.

Ignore my idiotic friend here Purity said, putting her hand out to Mark. Im Purity.

He shook her hand. Pretty name he replied. Karen shook her head in disgust, seeing her brother had taken interest to Purity. Micky would have as well, but he was to focused with himself and the punching bag like Wobbuffet.

Karen, Micky, Purity, Mark all sat at a long wooden table. The surface was smooth, well carved, only broken by the navy blue table mats that lay in front of each of the teenagers. Micky sat facing Purity, Karen and Mark growling at each other across the table. Micky was sat next to Karen, not particularly comfortable since Pikachu was at her feet, his tail brushing against Mickys trousers, unnerving him. Karens mother started to advance from the door, a large silver plate holding a golden brown turkey. Behind her, Karens father advanced, two plates, one in each hand, the trimmings of what looked to be a delicious roast. Wow, this looks delicious Purity shouted enthusiastically. How long did it take you Mrsum Purity trailed off.

Parkerson Karens mum interrupted, taking a seat at the far end of the table, her husband seating soon after her on the opposite end. But just call me Anna.

Ok Anna Purity smiled. So how long did this take? she asked quizzically, looking in awe at the golden brown turkey, sweet smelling smoke rising from it. Karens father went up to it with a knife a fork in his hands, starting to cut it apart.

So, what do you kids want? he asked, cutting into the side of the turkey.

Ill have a leg dad Mark said immediately.

Mark, let our guests choose first. Micky had recently noticed Marks interest in Purity, an immediate sense of competition fell over him, even though he didnt even really know if he liked her that much, after all, she had almost got him killed. Still, Micky felt he had an enemy in him.

Ill have a leg please he smirked, trying to spite Mark.

Ok then. Micky soon received the turkey leg, much to Marks distain. Karen took the other leg, just to annoy her brother, although Purity was reluctant to choose before him, showing her interest in him as well.

It took almost an hour before the group had finished everything. Micky and Mark had started an unofficial Who can eat more contest, Micky losing by several potatoes. Micky was fighting the urge to burp, Mark looking pretty satisfied with himself, glaring evilly into Mickys eyes, almost telling him You cant win. Karen and Mark helped take away the plates whilst Micky got out of his seat, trying to shake off the stuffed stomach feeling he had. Purity started stroking Pikachu, tickling his rosy cheek, much to Pikachus delight. Both Karens parents had disappeared into the kitchen to help their children leaving only Micky, Purity, Pikachu and Wobbuffet in the room. Micky was tempted to make some kind of move but Wobbuffets eyes were glaring at him, making him feel uncomfortable and distracting his attention.


The four of them sat in Karens garden. The time was nearly three in the afternoon, the sun pounding brightly on the soft green grass. All the Pokemon were out of their Pokeballs. Scy was off doing his own thing, far from Mickys view, whilst Kotaro, Free and Strider were playing some form of tag game with Kirlia, Ninetales, Bellossom, Pikachu and Farfetchd. Wobbuffet and Micky were participating in a staring contest, neither of them taking their eyes off of each other. Mark was busy trying to charm Purity, Karen was keeping her eyes on the Pokemon, occasionally turning to the group, ashamed to look at them. She could sense some sort of rivalry building between Mark and Micky, in a way she was glad it was happening. She didnt like her brother because he always seemed to be the favourite. He was her parents real son, he was always better at contests, he was always the smarter one at school, he was older and got more privileges. She also had some distain for Purity as well. She seemed like a total **** to her, always confused as to how her parents named her. She also disliked Micky as well. He always acted like a total idiot, although she was starting to believe it was natural and not just some faade, and he hated Pikachu. However, she did like him for carrying her out of that cave after a Pokemon had put her to sleep, so, in a way, he was her favourite.

As night began to fall, Micky and Wobbuffet were still left staring each other. Micky eyes telling the story, looking bored and in pain. The Pokemon had returned from the game, now laying down, resting their bodies. Scy was still out doing his own thing. Purity was still leading Mark on, much to Karens distain, no matter how little she liked him. The group were now focused on Micky and Wobbuffet. Micky Karen shouted loudly, almost singing his name as she did.

What? Micky growled, not even slightly moving his head.

Dinner time is soon, and the amount of food you ate today, Im guessing you like my mums cooking.

Ill eat when I beat Wobby here Micky replied, still in a grumpy growling voice.

Purity wondered over to Karen a whispered in her ear Thats not gonna get his attention. She then wondered directly behind him and grinned, enjoying her idea. Micky she shouted, enticing Karen, Mark and the Pokemon to see what her plan was.

What Purity?

Turn around. Mark and Karen let out sighs of disappointment, expecting something better.

No Micky replied bluntly.

Pikachu, come here, help me get Micky to turn around she said, slapping her knee to get Pikachu to run over to her. Pikachu started to advance to her.

You really think your gonna get me to turn around just to see that annoying yellow rat? he spat sarcastically.

Hey Pikachu, give me back my bra she shouted in desperation. It only took Micky half a second to turn and another half to realise he was a total idiot for turning. She smirked evilly. Got ya. Micky shook his head in disgust with himself. Mark seemed to find humour in falling for it as well.

***** he spat evilly. He then turned his attention to Wobbuffet. And you Wobby, Im gonna beat you at something one of these days he shouted aggressively, poking him. Wobbuffet poked back harder, living up to his competitive personality. And you Pikachu he said turning to the yellow rodent. Im gonna do something to you he said slowly. Just dont know what he said evilly, getting to his feet and walking back into Karens house, annoyed that the last few hours hed spent in the staring contest with Wobbuffet had failed. Purity felt a little bit guilty considering how long Micky had spent on that staring contest but she knew it was for the best since he stood no chance of winning.


April 26th, 2004, 10:47 AM
The group stayed for the night. Micky and Mark sharing one room, Karen and Purity in another, neither Micky or Karen pleased with the arrangement. Micky was busy trying to shake off the bloated feeling from the amazing dinner the group had as he lay on the soft mattress. The bed was cool, the window had been open all day, finally closed at Mickys request. You like her dont you? Mark said, half chuckling it. Micky stirred for a bit, taking a moment to figure out what he was saying.

Who? Micky replied, knowing he was on about Purity, still, feeling he should make sure.

You know you idiot Mark replied sarcastically. Karen, you got the hots for her, I can tell. Micky took a few moments to take this in. He was busy trying to come up with a reason for not liking Purity as he spoke, it took him several seconds to finally reply, all the proof Mark needed to believe Micky fancied Karen. See, I knew it. You fancy my sis.

I.. Micky really hadnt the mental capacity to think up an answer so he just stopped there, laying back on the pillow. He could here Mark laughing through the night under his blanket, finding humour in believing that Micky fancied his sister.


Micky dressed himself. From what the radio had said the previous night it was going to be a warm day. He wore a long sleeve fishnet shirt, basically a thin laying of red over his skin which was half visible through the netting. He stuck with his normal red striped trousers and tied his hair back in a pony tail. Mark was half dressed, a tank top and white boxers. His hair was a scruffy mess from the previous night, hed probably slept funny. He barged into the on suite shower before Micky, not showing any courtesy. Micky was stuck in an uncomfortable position, with the ever annoying Wobbuffet. He decided not to bother waiting for Mark to complete his morning routines and wondered out into the hallway. No one else was awake. Just Micky. He could hear the girls, a light snoring, cute in a way, coming from their room. Micky wondered further, looking in around in the lounge. Still no sign of anyone. He flicked on the television, lowering the volume as soon as he could so that he didnt wake anyone.

This is Channel Four news. Today, the world renown Captain Stern has set off on an Expedition to find the legendary Rayquaza a new reporter announced. It changed from the reporter to footage of Captain Stern speaking. He was by no means a clean cut man. He looked nothing like a sea captain. He had half shaven rugged facial hair around his chin and cheeks. His hair was a mess, much like Marks when he had just woken up and he wore thick black glasses, making him look like a total nerd.

Yes, it has long been argued whether we should search for this beast he spoke in a low powerful voice, making up for his wimpy looks. However, I believe that if we can use the power this creature posses, it would be for the better of the world. I think he would be a solution for the global warming that we have felt recently, and judging by scientists calculations, if we dont do something soon, the ice caps could melt, causing global floods. Legend says that Rayquaza has the power to control the weather, as written in the prehistoric legends of Kyogre and Groudon, Rayquaza was the one who controlled the immense weather effects these beasts put upon this world and sent them away. If we can raise him again, I believe he can stop the global warming that is sure to get worse. This program was intriguing Micky quite a bit. A legendary Pokemon being searched for. Sounded like a worthwhile project. We are going to receive funding from the Uma Corporation and hope to begin our search in a months time. Micky couldnt shake the name Uma Corporation out of his head. It sounded familiar but he couldnt think where. He just figured it was something that he still hadnt remembered from the amnesia.

The broadcast turned back to the reporter. In other news, preparations for Pokemon International One Hundred have begun. The president of the Pokemon International has promised this to be the greatest spectacle the world has ever seen. If the last ones is any indication it truly will be. The one held four years ago at the Indigo Plateau of Kanto was voted the best so far in the five hundred year history of Pokemon International. The event, due to be held at Ever Grande City will be the largest ever. It will be done over a two month period, twice as long as all the others. Entrants are required to have obtained all eight badges of either the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Baxton, Meier or Sheddon. Just like all the other Pokemon Internationals, this one will have all three tournaments. Singles Battles, Double Battles and Partnership Battles. Micky stopped paying attention there, sensing something in the room. He turned to see Pikachu glaring at him from his shoulder. He leaped off of the seat, making Pikachu giggle. He flicked off the television and wondered off towards Marks room, snarling at the rat.


Micky and Purity set off again, leaving behind Mark and Karen after an amazing breakfast. They told their plans to the Parkersons before leaving, Purity giving off another flirt to Mark, much to Mickys distain. Micky gave the middle finger to Pikachu and Wobbuffet when no one was looking before they left. The two of the decided to take the cable car route to Chimney Village and then take a hike down to Lavaridge Town where Micky would attempt his second go in a Pokemon Gym for his first badge whilst Purity went for her sixth badge, clearly out of Mickys league training wise. Micky was determined to collect all eight of the Hoenn Region gym badges by next year when the Pokemon International came along. If there ever was an opportunity to prove to his father that being a Pokemon Trainer was right for him, it was at the Pokemon International One Hundred.

The route started to get dirty. Micky and Purity had to trudge through ash soaked grass fields. The ash most likely a side effect of being so close to a volcano. It was a very depressive site. Trees soaked in grey, fields of smelly ash, no sign of trainers or Pokemon. Micky was starting to see Puritys reasons for wanting to go through the mountain range. Micky was hoping to see some Pokemon, nice additions to his team of four before he challenged the Fire Gym of Lavaridge. He still had no idea how he was going to manage this. He knew all of his bugs would be extra weak to the flames of the fire gym and Strider had no real advantage in there either. From what Purity had told him, a good strong Water type or Rock type would be his best bet. Hed been looking over his Pokemons moves. Scy was probably his best sided with Free. He still intended on using Strider, knowing she could do with some more experience. Micky and Purity had barely said a word to each other since leaving Karens home. There was just nothing to speak about. Micky was a bit jealous of Puritys flirting and he was pretty sure Purity could sense that. It was an awkward situation to be in. Micky only finding comfort in the fact that it could just be his imagination that she could sense his jealousy.

The cable car ride was worse. At least when they were walking they were actually doing something. Now they were trapped together in a cramped box for about twenty minutes with nothing but some weird music in the background that was driving Micky to the point that he wanted to jump out of the car and fall to his death. So Micky trailed off, trying to get Purity to say something.

So she said rolling her eyes as if to say this situation is bad enough as it is, dont make it worse.

You like Mark then? he said, not so much in a tone of interest, more of a I dont care this is just for conversation tone.

Not particularly she giggled. Its fun to lead guys on she smirked. You fancy Karen from what Im told she giggled. Micky felt like slapping himself for not arguing with Mark the previous night. In a way, he thought it was a good thing. It made it seem like he wasnt interested in her, lifting that awkward I have the hots for you situation.

A bit Micky said, just to convince her he was interested in Karen and not her. She just giggled, shaking her head.

Stupid little Micky she smirked in a patronising tone. Micky raised his eyebrow in confusion. Why didnt you ask her to come along with us then?

Well, um.. Micky was starting to see that lying wasnt really working for him. Well, shes a Pokemon Co-ordinator, and plus I hate that Pikachu. Seemed like a plausible excuse.

Whatever she chuckled. The conversation continued in a similar fashion, making the twenty minute journey go so much faster. As they exited the cable car they could smell the change in the air. They could smell a sweet scent. Almost uplifting. The ash was so much cleaner up here, almost soothing. Much nicer than the thick smog that clogged up much of Route 113. The town look like it was made of chocolate. The buildings were all made of wood, or at least what looked like wood. The ground was flat brown and black rock with some sand paths spread around. What appeared to be the Pokemon Center was more of a weird hotel. All towns are required to have a Pokemon Center but this town seemed to be having a laugh. It was just a tall brown building with Pokemon Center painted in black on a sign just outside of it. Still, Purity and Micky made their way to it. The door wasnt even automatic. It was a basic wooden door. When they went in they were in for a big shock. It was just as nice as the Rustboro Pokemon Center. The floor was tiled in white, shimmering clean. The walls had many paintings over a light red wallpaper. An uplifting atmosphere. A pretty blonde nurse sat watching a television. Micky was about to speak but Purity stopped him. Down boy she giggled in a whisper to his ear seeing his immediate attraction to the nurse. Let me do the talking she whispered. Excuse me she said loudly to the nurse.

Oh, hi she replied. Clearly not having to have done anything all day. She made her way to Purity. How can I help you? she asked.

Were Pokemon Trainers, we were hoping to get a room here she said bluntly.

Ah. We rarely ever have Pokemon trainers come by here. Theres very little use for a trainer that this town has. You two are the only ones who have come by here in a week she said. Anyway, you can take a look at the rooms, decide which ones you want. She pointed to a red door near the back. Micky and Purity made their way through it. A staircase led them up to three different floors, each floor having four rooms each. They both selected top floor rooms. Micky dumped his bag In the room, taking only a jacket, his Pokemon belt and his trainer card. He knocked at Puritys room, trying to get her to leave her room. He found on the phone. She waved at him to go away which he did. She came out of her room about a minute later. They planned to check out the town for anything interesting.

The town was pretty useless to Pokemon Trainers. More of a stop over or holiday place. There was only one thing of interest. The Mount Chimney Lava lake. Just as it sounds. A Lake of Lava where the volcano could erupt at any time. It had been dormant for almost a thousand years, yet it still, it was clearly active. The lava bubbling, heat rising in smoke clouds. It was an interesting sight for both Micky and Purity. An ideal training ground she smirked. Micky hadnt much of a clue what she was on about and just looked at her strangely. Around here she said. Its rugged, its bumpy, absolutely perfect for training.

I guess Micky said shrugging his shoulders.

Well come on then, lets train them. After all, thats why your with me isnt it. So I can teach you how to be a good Pokemon Trainer. Why your travelling with me aint it? Well, it was half true what she said. He was travelling with her for that reason. He was also travelling with her because he was attracted to her but he wasnt going to just straight out say that.

Yeah, I guess so he replied.

Well, you were saying about Solarbeam. Lets see if we can teach your Pokemon it then. Purity proceeded to throw a Pokeball to the ground, releasing Bellossom. The weird plant like Pokemon that he could swear was wearing a Hawaiian Grass Skirt. Micky threw all four of his Pokeballs to the ground, releasing all four of his Pokemon. Well, they are all potential Solarbeam users she said. Whether they have the mental capacity to learn it or not is another thing though.


It was long and tiring trying to teach it to them. Free seemed to pick it up quickly and had the hang of it. She blasted apart rocks with the powerful beam of light. Kotaro has some idea of what he was doing. His Solarbeam couldnt break rocks, but he could put dents into them. Strider had only mustered up enough strength to leave a black mark on the practice rocks. Scy, on the other hand, refused to even try, eventually being returned to his Pokeball. The night was falling, both Micky and Purity eventually deciding it wasnt light enough for the Pokemon to be able to continue, sunlight being the power source of Solarbeam.

April 26th, 2004, 10:48 AM
They headed back to the practically empty Pokemon Center. The nurse was still watching television, barely greeting them, just put up her hand in a hey. Micky waved Purity good night and slung himself onto the bottom bunk of one of the two bunk beds. He drifted into a deep sleep with ease.

Everything started to look hazy. Grey smoke seemed to cloud the grass field which he stood upon. Why Micky was there he didnt know. He looked around. Nothing, no one except the fog. He reached for his Pokeball belt only to find it wasnt there. He was still In the same clothes. The red fish net shirt and the black trousers striped with red. On instinct he started to walk forward, well, at least what he thought was forward. He blinked and everything changed. The fields, the smoke, it was all gone. He was in a wooden room. It was large, the size of the bottom floor of a house. It was made entirely of wood. The floor, the walls, everything. There was a table, a water stain upon it. He looked around. Nothing to be seen, not even a door. He step towards the walls, starting to grab at them, scraping at the surface. He turned away from it. His heart jumped and he slammed himself against the wall, trying to create some distance between the two. The person stood at almost seven feet tall. Micky could see nothing. A black hockey mask covering the persons face. Cold white eyes were visible through the peepholes of the mask. Micky could tell immediately that this person was a man just through his cold stare. White scars were painted on the black mask, looking to be designed for intimidation. This man hid his body under a large purple cloak that hung off of his body, forming rolls. He could see three large bulges where his hand was, hidden under a black glove, the other hand just the same. The cold eyes went from the sick white to the glowing red.

Michael Hardy he said in a deep low voice, sending chills down Mickys spine. He slowly slid to the ground, through fear and astonishment. The man looked down to him. You have a very big role to play in the future. You and I, we will change his world, together he trailed off. He raised his right hand slowly. Micky started to rise up, being lifted telekinetically until he wasnt even touching the ground. Do you understand? he snarled in a much more threatening voice.

Who, who, who are you? Micky stuttered fearfully, his eyes widening in terror.

In time you will know.. he growled. He then proceeded to thrust his left hand forward, sending Micky through the wooden walls.

Micky awoke from his sleep, sitting up so fast that he ended up slamming his head on the bottom of the upper bunk. He fell back onto the bed, his head in pain, yet he was so short of breathe that he couldnt even gasp a curse word. He gripped his head in pain and rolled to his side. Landing on his knees on the floor. He looked up, brushing his hair to the side, allowing him to see properly. Morning light beamed through the white curtains. I slept that long? he gasped, still out of breathe from the dream. He heard a knock at his door.

Are you alright? Micky sighed in relief. Puritys sweet voice seeming to make the whole dream disappear.

Yeah Micky gasped.

Ok, get dressed, I wanna make it to Lavaridge soon she shouted.

Ok! he shouted back to her, heading towards the shower.


Micky put the dream behind him, classifying it as just another nightmare. The day was going to be cooler than the previous one. He dressed himself in black trousers, double-striped with white. He wore a white shirt, a dragon imprint in black. He had a long wristband of black along his arm, stretching from the starts of his fingers until out of sight under the short sleeves of the t-shirt. It was made like it were a thick spider web, huge gaps visible, worn for fashion and not for function. On his right arm he put a white elbow support on, his arm aching from sleeping uncomfortably. He shook his head like a dog would to get rid of the water in his hair before picking up his bag and carrying it out of the door and down to the lobby of the Pokemon Center. Purity was waiting for him at the bottom. A different nurse sitting at the bottom. The two of them sitting on a green sofa watching the television. Micky slung down next to Purity. Much of the space on the sofa was taken, eh was very cramped up next to her. Micky felt strangely calm being so close to her. Maybe it was something in her perfume. He could smell a lemon scent in her hair, a soothing rush through his brain. Micky turned his attention to the television. It was on the Pokemon Battle Network. They were watching the World Trainer Federation. Most likely the most famous division of a Pokemon Trainer League aside from the official ones that took place every year. It was places like this that money was to be made out of being a good trainer, and good money it was. The W.T.F was one of the most recognised organisations. Many winners of the Pokemon Leagues joined this federation. This was the kind of place Micky wanted to end up in. Earning great money, living the high life, and doing something that he was beginning to love.

And we prepare to watch what is bound to be a brilliant much for the W.T.F Heavyweight Singles title. Micky knew what this meant. It would always be a one Pokemon on one Pokemon battle, except in the cases of the team battles. There were two divisions. Cruiserweight division. Where all Pokemon must weigh two hundred pounds or less, and the heavyweight division, were all weights were legal. The heavyweight division usually being the main highlight of any organisation similar to this. Tonight, we see Necromancers Gengar, known as Poltergeist, take on Johnny Conquerors Slaking, known as Ace. the announcer continued. Micky hadnt watched this program in ages, not since he was a young child. Still, he didnt want to see other people living out what he wanted to do, he wanted to do it himself. He nudged Purity. She took the hint and got up. The two of them said goodbye to the nurse and headed out of the door. Micky heard a sick gong come from the television. It was a church bell sound, edited to sound sicker and more freaky. Micky felt it in his spine, the sound really freaking him out, making him think about his strange dream again. He shook his head to get the thought out of his head and stepped out of the Pokemon Center, following Purity.


Micky and Purity had made their way down about half of the mountain side. Still, Micky hadnt seen a single Pokemon. He was starting to get desperate. If the gym leader requested a four on four Pokemon battle he had no idea how he would do it. The mountain was very steep. The only way to keep balance was to use the many rocks that littered the steep grey slope. The air was much clearer than up at Chimney Village. Micky guessed it was the wind blowing the ash away. Purity he shouted down to the cute girl who was charging her way down the mountain side.


Can I take a rest?

Fine! she shouted. Micky slumped down on top of a rock. Ill see you at Lavaridge Pokemon Center. She laughed and then continued to run. Micky slowly pulled himself to his tired feet and slowly stumbled down the side of the cliff. Purity seeming to be miles ahead.

Finally, very slowly, Micky had made his way nearly to the bottom of the slope. He could see Purity quite a way ahead, talking to someone. It wasnt to long before Micky could see what was going on. Purity pulled a Pokeball from her belt and through it to the air, it landed hard to the ground and fro within came her nine tailed fox. Her opponent turned, and Micky recognised him immediately, no blur of amnesia at all. Wait a sec Purity he shouted.

Purity? the guy smirked sarcastically.

Yes Purity she spat back. The guy raised his eyebrow in sarcasm, looking at her dress style. A mini skirt and a shirt cut at the belly button, didnt quite spell the name Purity.

Shano is my rival Micky shouted, jumping down the last ten feet of the slope.

Micky Shane said rising his eyebrow at him.

Shaneo, hows you bin? Still crap at Pokemon Training? he smirked.

Well, thats settle this with a battle then he smirked, a Pokeball in his hand. Micky grabbed a Pokeball from his belt, knowing it was Scy. One on One ok with you then?

You bet Micky growled. He was thinking of this as an opportunity to impress Purity. The both of them threw their Pokeballs at the same time. Scy exited Mickys Pokeball whilst an odd shaped red reptile exited Shanes. His head was weird bulges, like popcorn bubbling up inside his head. Micky was regretting his choice in Pokemon, seeing that Shanes choice was a fire type.

Magby the creature shouted.

Scy was the growl Magby received in return.

Scy, hit that ugly ***** with a slash Micky shouted.

Magby, flamethrower! Scy flew towards Magby as the weird creature sprayed a long twirl of red flames at Scy. He barely dodged it but was distracted to much to hit Magby with his Scythes. Instead he just crashed into Magby with his back sending the two to the ground. Scy flew to the air as fast as he could whilst Magby nipped up like Micky usually did when he was knocked to the ground. The two Pokemon faced off again, waiting for orders from their trainers.

Scy, Fury Cutter! Micky shouted loudly. Scy flew at Magby with both scythes glinting like the metal coat he was wearing. Scy jammed his left scythe forward, Magby, moved to his side but was caught in the back by Scys left scythe. Blood started to draw from Magbys back as he yelped in pain. Scy then flew up high, right scythe dripping with blood, his left scythe drawn, ready to be soaked just like his right. Magby dropped to his knees, and looked up to Shane, almost begging him to return him to his Pokeball.

Magby! Shane shouted, as he saw the sun shining from behind Scythers body, gleaming onto Magbys face. Scys eyes glinted evilly as he dove down, left scythe pointed sharply, aiming for the chest as he dove down, at lightning fast pace. Magby rolled out of the way on instinct, Scys blade jamming into the ground, half way deep into the soil. Micky could see Scy trying to pull his blade out from the soil, using his feet as leverage. Magby, Flamethrower Shane shouted.

Scy! Micky cried out, endure he screamed, not able to think of any other move. Scy clenched his eyes shut as the flames over came him. Scys skin started to melt into the steel. He was unable to breath. What was only a few seconds seemed like years. Finally Magby stopped breathing out the flames and caught his breath, revealing a charred Scyther. His entire body was scarred in black, except on the opposite side of Magby, which was still green and silver, although partially charred.

Magby, another flamethrower! Shane shouted.

Scy! Get out of there Micky shouted. Scy was trying to get his scythe out of the ground but to no avail. The heat overcame him again as he lost all consciousness. When Magby stopped breathing out the flames Scyther was half laying on the ground, only being slightly held up by his scythe which was still stuck in the ground. Micky withdrew him to his Pokeball in surprise. **** he spat. Dam it!

Shane smirked evilly. I see that you still suck at Pokemon training.

So, you beat me once, I beat you once Micky said cockily. Next time Ill beat you Shaneo, trust me! Micky growled.

Purity shook her head. Come on Micky she said grabbing his arm, dragging him out of his stare of with Shane.


They arrived at the Lavaridge Pokemon Center. Micky was anxious to get Scy healed before taking on the Lavaridge gym leader. The plan was in fact to be in Mauville city by the end of the day. Micky was unsure if he would be ready for the gym leader in time. He was trying to think of a way to beat a fire gym leader with only two bugs and a fire horse. He took a step into the Pokemon Center, Pokeball in hand and hoped he would be ready.

[/I]I just don't wanna stay and wait for a wonder - The Rasmus, In the Shadows

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April 27th, 2004, 12:34 PM
It was a good chapter even with the lack of battles

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Chapter 12: Overwhelming Odds

Do I have the strength, to know where Ill go? - Metallica, Frantic

Im afraid he will be In the Pokeheal for at least the rest of the day the nurse said to the distraught Micky.

But, we need to be in Mauville City by the end of today Purity interrupted. Micky still couldnt see why Purity wanted to be in Mauville so badly but Micky wasnt going to protest against it.

Well, we could send your Pokemon to the Mauville Pokemon Center, assuming youd be able to pick it up.. the nurse trailed off raising her eyebrow.

Yeah we can, come on Micky, we got a gym to beat Purity said quickly, dragging Micky away from the counter by his hand.

Purity had already arranged the gym battles in advance for the two of them. Micky was to participate in a four on four originally, fortunately, he managed to arrange it so it was a three on three after explaining his situation. Purity was going to participate first though, a four on four battle. Micky took a seat before the crowds would gather. He had a nice position, front row centre, perfect view of the battlefield. A very large arena, this gym would probably be able to hold some Pokemon league qualifier matches. The field itself was the size of a football pitch. It was brown rock, much like that of Chimney Village. There were many holes in it, steam rising from each one. The gym leader was a pretty girl, probably about nineteen or so, about six foot tall. She had sort of a rock girl look. Wearing jeans, ripped at the knees and a black t shirt cut at the belly button, a fire symbol on the chest. She was a fiery red head, most likely dyed to suit the gyms fire specialty. It was tied up like it were flames, raise high above her head, eventually dropping down to her shoulders at the ends.

Crowds gathered within the half hour building up to the match. The gym leader, known as Flannery, played to the crowd, waving to them and blowing kisses, even throwing her green jacket into the crowd where a few people fought over it. She was clearly a very popular gym leader, attractive, young, and most likely a brilliant trainer. Micky watched closely, hoping to find a weakness in Flannerys battle style to even up the odds.

Purity entered, Pokeballs already in hand. A few guys whistled, annoying Micky in a way, but he held in his anger at their behaviour and stayed focused. The following contest will be a four on four Pokemon battle for the Heat badge. The challenger is allowed to switch between her Pokemon, however the gym leader is not. There will be no time limit to this match! an announcer shouted. Trainers, select your Pokemon! he said. Go! he shouted as the two Pokeballs flew into the battlefield. Puritys ball exploded in a huge flash of blue see-through light forming into a long snake of about fourteen foot. As it started to clear, the creature started to coil herself, eventually standing her head about seven foot into the air, using the other half of her long streamline body as balance. The creature was a clean light crme all over. Two pale red long ear like covers dropping down each of her side from her head, laying on the ground. At her tail was four peacock like feathers, coloured in turquoise, lightened with a shimmering red, scaled in red and blue, like that of a snake, linking slowly to the end of her long body. Her eyes were pure black all over, coated with red. A long crme point stuck up her head, two thin curled lines, like antennas, stuck out of the sides of her head.

Flannery had released a small white camel. The same specie Micky had faced In the Premier ball tournament. A small yellow camel, shaped almost like a toy horse. The hump of her back coloured with dots of green, a small tuff of fur on the roof of her head. A Numel. This one was slightly larger than the last Micky had seen. Her eyes stared into the crowd, looking around. There was a few seconds gap between the release of the Pokemon and the battle beginning. Both trainers Pokeballs rolling back to their feet, picking them up and placing it on their belts. Numel looked around at the crowd, locking eyes with Micky for a split second before focusing on her opponent.

Milotic Purity shouted. Water Gun! The creature opened her mouth, a thick slit across the front of her face, no teeth, as far as Micky could tell there was no tongue, it was just a black emptiness, until a blue spray of water came flying out towards Numel. The tiny yellow camel dived out of the way, narrowly avoiding the spray which drained into the holes on battlefield. Milotic started to sliver her body forward, slowly crawling her way towards the Numel who was cowering in the corner of the battlefield, awaiting an order.

Numel, Rock Tomb! Flannery shouted. Micky had seen this move before. A deadly trap, although Milotic seemed to large to be trapped as easily as Free was. Numel, ran close towards Milotic, dodging a second and third Water Gun before leaping into the air, over Milotics streamline body, landing hard on the other end. The ground seemed to bulge below her body, Milotic rolled to her side as some lumps of rock crumbling over the surface, breaking the originally smooth rock battlefield. Numel charged forward head first, knocking one of the broken rocks into the neck of Milotic, making the crowd roar for Flannery. Milotic slithered along the crowd. Numel, tackle!

The tiny camel charged towards Milotic, her head lowered. Milotic, Iron Tail! Milotic threw her body up, the tiny camel running right underneath her, jamming in shock, tripping slightly. Milotic then dropped to the ground and spun herself, her long slender body, right to her tip shimmering in silver before she struck Numel hard with the tip of her hardened tail, sending the tiny Camel into the crowd. Flannery knew if her Pokemon did not return to the battlefield by the count of ten she would be counted out. Flannery doubted if Numel was even conscious after being hit so hard. Still, the camel showed heart, slowly clambering out of the masses, trudging down the steps. The announcer had reached a count of nine, both Purity and Flannery knew there was no way Numel would make it onto the field in the next count, and she didnt. The announcer ordered a bell ring to indicate the elimination of Numel, much to the crowds dismay. Flannery returned her camel to her Pokeball and then threw another to the battlefield.

From within the Pokeball came a similar Camel, though much larger. His body stood about two metres In the air, two grey volcano shaped humps on his back. His entire body was covered in red hair, except on his sides. Each side of his body had three circular patterns of pale blue. His eyes were glum, almost like he was asleep. Around his face was a large brown nose and mouth, both mixed into each other. Erupt! he groaned.

Milotic, return Purity cried out, withdrawing her long snake like creature to her Pokeball. She threw another towards the field. Her fire fox Ninetales formed, pacing backwards and forwards gracefully, her eyes focused on her foe. Ninetales, Will-o-Wisp! Purity cried out. The large camel just looked glumly as his foe charged forward. Ninetales opened her mouth, moaning something along the lines of tails before breathing out a pumpkin shaped fireball towards her foe, who was showing no signs of trying to dodge the attack.

Camerupt! Flannery shouted. The pumpkin shaped ball of flames crashed into the head of Camerupt, still he showed no sign of reaction as the ball broke, tiny fire balls floated in the air around Camerupt, until, finally they exploded, spraying flames all over Camerupts face. Amnesia! With that, Micky could see it in the dull eyes of the camel. Camerupt rolled his eyes into the back of his head before blinking, his eyes facing forward again. Micky guessed that this move makes the Pokemon forget any pain its in previously. Now Camerupt, Earthquake! Flannery cried out. Camerupt took a small leap off of the ground before crashing back onto the battlefield. A long line of cracks started to form in a straight line, heading towards Ninetales. Ninetales tried to jump out of the way but was taken off of her feet by the braking rocks that sprung off of the battlefield. Ninetales lay on the ground, her left fore leg bleeding, not a good sign.

Ninetales, Quick Attack! Micky watched as Ninetales clambered to her feet slowly, picking her spot before making a quick dash across the battle field, colliding into the side of Camerupt who had barely moved since being released from his Pokeball, and showing no signs of wanting to change that, allowing Ninetales to knock into his side. Camerupt practically shrugged it off, as though he hadnt been hit.

Camerupt! Flannery called out loudly. Eruption! she shouted. Camerupt closed his eyes shut, his body seeming to grow fatter before taking one deep breathe in. His body went completely thing for a moment as large balls of fire started to explode out of his two humps, liquid fire dripping down his sides as more and more balls of fire came out. His body relaxed again, dripping with liquid fire as the balls of fire came crashing down onto the battlefield, several landing hard onto Ninetales. She was soon buried underneath three flaming balls, they were like burning rocks, almost like another version of Rock Tomb. Ninetales moaned loudly as the final explosions of the miniature Armageddon ended. Now all that was heard was the announcers count. A space of about three seconds in between each count until he finally reached the count of ten. He signalled to the person controlling the bell as it sounded, indicating Ninetales loss. Purity returned Ninetales to her Pokeball, the heap of burning rocks still lying there.

Purity took a deep thought as to which Pokemon she was going to use now. She was considering Milotic again, since she had the powerful water attacks, and unlike Numel, this Camerupt didnt like to jump around trying to avoid the hits. On the other hand she could also use Kirlia, a powerful psychic. No matter what, she didnt want to have to resort to Bellossom who would most likely be destroyed with one hit, being so fragile to fire. She knew time was counting down on her. Flannery opened her mouth and cockily shouted We aint got all day girl! Purity made her choice. She grabbed the a Pokeball and hurled it towards the battlefield, thinking to herself if her choice would pay off.


Kerri sat on the roof of Professor Birchs Laboratory, Latianne by her side. She was where she had always wanted to be. She loved Pokemon, and now she was with them. She wasnt trapped in some padded room, or tied in a strap jacket. She was free. She could wonder through Littleroot Town whenever she wanted. Best of all, she had someone to talk to. Latianne. The could speak through mind, no need for pen or paper, no need for sign language, all thought. She hadnt been this happy since the day she won her first gym badge. Latianne was in tune with Mickys mind, almost keeping an eye on him. Latianne and Kerri would help Birch out with the Pokemon, caring for them, keeping their eyes on some of the eggs, even a little bit of research help.

Kerri was even considering trying to become a Pokemon trainer again, maybe if she could some how legally be freed from the Mossdeep Sanatorium. Until then shed just befriend the many Pokemon she was surrounded by, her favourite obviously being Latianne.

Is Micky ok? Kerri thought to herself, locking eyes with Latianne.

Dont worry, hes ok.

Whats he doing?

Watching a battle, well, I think so, Im just going by his thoughts.

Is he battling?

I dont think so.

I wish I could read minds like you can Kerri thought. She turned her eyes away from Latianne and focused on working at the lab again.


Puritys Pokeball sprung open, a red glow forming. Both the crowd and Flannery gasped in shock at Puritys choice. She had chosen Bellossom, the unique flower Pokemon. Micky stood up, wanting to shout to Purity Why did you choose her? but before he could Purity had already ordered Bellossom to use Petal Dance. The grass skirt like lower body started flash between silver-blue and silver-purple before Bellossom jumped up, firing two leaves from beneath which also glowed between the silvery colours.

Camerupt, Eruption! Again, the large camel seemed to get bloated but before he could even send out his burning rocks of Armageddon, he was hit by the first set of leaves. Small tears in his skin could be seen as blood started to leak out from beneath his thick fur. Bellossom sent out another set of leaves which again connected with the large camel. Micky heard him groan in pain as he began to move properly for the first time. Camerupt! Earthquake! Flannery ordered, fear in her voice, knowing that Camerupt was weakening. Camerupt tried to leap into the air but was caught in the face by one of the leaves sent from under the glowing skirt of Bellossom. He fell to his side, most likely from shock than pain. He rolled to his side and eventually back onto his feet, shaking his head to rid the cobwebs of shock out of his brain.

Bell-a! Bellossom cried in her cute light voice.

Bellossom, Sludge Bomb!

Camerupt, Overheat! Flannery cried. Bellossom squirted purple ooze from the two flowers on her head. In a big splatter it collided with Camerupts body. Camerupt stood still for a moment, focusing his mind. He began to glow a fiery red and within a moment he spewed a long trail of flames towards Bellossom who was frozen to the spot in fear. The flames went right into her, a silhouette of her figure visible through the thick flames. The attack lasted only a few seconds but as soon as the flames had cleared Bellossom was visible underneath, flailing around, her body on fire. She rolled to the ground, a feeble attempt at clearing the flames. Now, Stomp! Flannery shouted. Camerupt made his way over to Bellossom and took a leap into the air before landing feet first on the burning flower. Purity withdrew her to the Pokeball rather than waiting for the count to begin, knowing Bellossom, even if she could stand after the count of ten, had little chance of survival. It counted as a forfeit, returning a Pokemon to its Pokeball during a count so the bell sounded to indicate the loss. Two Pokemon had fallen two this Camerupt and she knew it was time to get a type advantage and threw her Milotics Pokeball to the battlefield.

Milotic! Hit that thing with a Hydro Pump! Purity ordered. Camerupt knew he couldnt move in time to avoid this so instead he braced himself for what would be a very painful attack. A couple of bubbles emerged from Milotics mouth as water started to dribble from the crack in her mouth. Milotics eyes closed, Micky could see her body moving as the water was climbing up her throat. She snapped her eyes open and took one last aim on her target before unleashing a thick spray of water, much wider than a water gun, much faster than a water gun, and by far, more powerful than a water gun. Camerupts eyes were closed tight as the water collided with his already bleeding body. He stood his ground, groaning in pain as he endured second after second of the Hydro Pump. After ten seconds he was finally released. He tilted from side to side for a few moments before finally collapsing onto his right side, unconscious. A smile formed on Puritys pretty face, shed evened up the odds. Flannery sighed and returned her Camerupt to his Pokeball. She frowned at Purity and threw a Pokeball toward her Milotic.

From within the Pokeball came a slug that appeared to be made of lava. His entire body was glowing red, his body a widening at the bottom as though it were lava spilt from a cup. He had a sick sadistic grin on his face, two red lumps dripping from either side of his mouth. His eyes were glowing yellow, sick beady black pupils. Upon his back was a grey rock shell, just like that of a snails, marked with dents that formed circles. A small flame rose from his neck, in between his head and shell. Magcargo! Flannery shouted out to the red blob. Fire Blast! The rocky shell on the back of Magcargos body glowed red before he breathed out a thick fire ball. The fire ball rolled along the ground like it were a football. As it collided with Milotic, it exploded into an X shape of flames. Milotics sight was blinded by the flames and she failed to see Magcargos next move. Without order, just through instinct, Magcargo fired a beam of white light. It took no time to collide with Milotics body. The attack only lasted a second but the damage was done. Milotic fell to the ground, rolling in pain. Milotic moaned a whale like cry as the announcer began to count her out.

Come on Milotic, get back up! Purity cried in desperation. Please! she shouted once more. The announcer reached a count of six before Milotic finally raised her head up.

Rock Slide! Flannery cried.

May 3rd, 2004, 10:25 AM
Almost a split second later, through instinct, Purity screamed Protect! Magcargo fired rocks from his mouth towards Milotic. The snake like water Pokemon covered her body in what looked to be a see-through blue coat. The rocks broke as they collided with the protective force field. Ok, now, Water Gun! Milotic released a thin spray of water from her mouth, connecting with the sadistic face of Magcargo whos eyes were clenched in pain as he was soaked. Milotic took another deep breathe before spraying another load of water at her foe.

Return! Flannery shouted, forfeiting her Magcargo, knowing that something as slow as a slug wouldnt be able to dodge any more water attacks so only had one option, to endure them, which he was failing to do. Go, Torkoal! she shouted soon afterwards, throwing her Pokeball to the battlefields centre. From within came a large tortoise, about half a metre in height, similar in diameter to Camerupt. Her body was a fiery orange, five claws on each toe, shimmering white. Her skin was scaly, lines of grey-black. A tortoise like face, she breathed white smoke from her nostrils. Her shell was a coal black. There were four glowing red stones indented on her shell, surrounding her centre which was a hole, like a volcano. Smoke was also rising from within her shell as well, escaping from what acted like a chimney, the volcano hole upon her back. She opened her eyes, a glowing red evil peepers. She groaned angrily as more and more white smoke escaped from her body. Smokescreen! Flannery shouted. More and more white smoke escaped from her body until all that was visible was a black outline of where her body was. The entire battlefield was hidden, Purity was coughing as the smoke started to cover where she was. Even areas of the crowd suffered the smoke, including Micky who had already covered his face with his sleeve.

Twister! Purity shouted, choking out her order. Milotics silhouette began to spin. A tornado shape started to form with the smoke, much to the crowds relief as all the smoke that steamed from Torkoals body was poured into this twister. The tornado grew stronger and stronger, wind was picking up within the arena, cold and strong. Now, finish the job! Milotic leaped out from the Twister, seeming to back flip onto a landing as the tornado moved forward towards Torkoal, sweeping her off her feet and slinging her across the battlefield, her body dragging along the ground roughly. She swung her body to her side and got back to her feet, shaking her head violently, regaining focus.

Torkoal, Smog! Torkoal puffed up her cheeks before blowing out. Out of her mouth and hole atop her shell came purple smoke, much like that of the smokescreen, only this was poisonous. Fans switched on to blow the smoke ay from the crowd and towards the battlefield.

Milotic, blow it away with a Hydro Pump! Milotic took a deep breath in but as she went to fire out water, nothing came out, just air and a tiny spit. She tried again but failed to conjure up anything. The smog came closer to her and soon she was being choked by the poisonous purple gas. Her moans were heard throughout the gym and by the time the smoke had cleared she was laying unconscious on the ground, being counted out. She failed to hear Purity begging for her to get up and was counted as unconscious, the bell sounding to indicate her loss. It was now down to a one on one. Kirlia verses Torkoal. Purity withdrew her Milotic and threw Kirlias Pokeball towards the battlefield.

Kirlia stood at about three feet in height. She had thin legs of alien green, what appeared to be a skirt, which was actually her scaly skin flapped in both directions, a pale white. Her body was of the same colour, tiny in size. Two handless arms stood out on either side, leading from the shoulders to a thin neck. Her head was shaped as a sphere, two brown-red eyes gleaming around the arena. She had a helmet like cover around her spherical head, two sides dropping down over her ears, similar colour as her legs. She had two blood read antenna stuck out from either side like another set of ears, used for emitting psychic pulses. Ok Kirlia, Psychic! Her two blood red sensors began to glow white as Torkoal began to rise from the ground. The tortoise looked around desperately, scared out of her mind, never having experienced this type of attack before.

Torkoal, flamethrower! She took a deep breath in, still being levitated in the air.

Light Screen Kirlia! Purity shouted. Her sensors stopped glowing white and began to glow purple. Torkoal was dropped to the ground, losing balance and stumbling as she fired flames at Kirlia. A ball of see-through purple surrounded Kirlias body, the screen about one foot away from her body. The flames clashed with the purple Light Screen and bounced off, firing towards the ceiling, a black burn mark was left as a result. Ok, now, Hypnosis! Kirlias antennas began to glow white again, her eyes glowing a sick red, enticing Torkoals focus.

Torkoal started to rock side to side, her mind going numb. Her eyes slowly closed and she to the floor head first. Torkoal! Sleep Talk! Whether she heard the order from Flannery or not wasnt obvious but her mouth began to move, practically kissing the battlefield. She slowly brought herself to her feet, still snoozing. She breathed out fire balls into random directions, an ember attack. Any that came close to Kirlia reflected off of her Light Screen.

Kirlia, Hidden Power! Kirlias entire body began to glow a blinding white. Micky shielded his eyes, but saw moved his hand just enough to see Kirlia fire a beam of light from her head at Torkoal, sending her flying to Flannerys feet. A splash of water was left at the end of it, Torkoal lying unconscious at Flannerys feet. The young gym leader dropped to her feet and held her tortoise by her head, trying to bring her conscious again but to no avail, Torkoal eventually being counted out as the bell sounded. Flannery sighed and withdrew her Torkoal back to her Pokeball and re-attached it to her waist.

A person behind her handed her a small black box, much like the kind of box youd store jewellery. Purity was busy hugging her Kirlia in celebration, as Flannery started to walk towards the battlefield centre, box in her left hand. She snapped it open. Micky stood on his feet and looked in, taking a direct look at the beautiful object. It was no bigger than a buttercup flower. It was shaped like a flame, the bulk of it was made of a shiny ruby, around its edges it was golden, it was a Hoenn gym badge. One of the eight required for entering the Pokemon League of Hoenn or the Pokemon International, something Micky was determined to be a part of. Micky was now looking forward to his gym battle, an opportunity to win a precious jewel such as the heat badge that Purity was being presented with. She removed a black case, similar to the one containing the heat badge. Inside Micky could see five badges all lined next to each other as she placed the sixth into the box. She had two more badges to go, whilst Micky still hadnt even received his first badge. Hed found only weakness in Flannerys fighting style, her Pokemon lacked speed, that would be his one advantage, his bugs could outrun her fire types. He shook his head and walked off, heading towards the outside, ready to congratulate Purity on her hard fought victory.


There was a large pool made of slate stone outside the Pokemon Center. Smoke was rising from the pool, giving it a clouded look. It was open to anyone within the community and their Pokemon, seemed like a good idea to Micky, his Pokemon were resting inside and by it, Ponyta not wishing to dip into the Water and Nincada and Free resting on the soaked sides. Micky patted his Ponyta on her head as he walked over to check on his Pokemon. The old couple who were there before had left, it was now empty aside from Mickys Pokemon and now Puritys, the ones who were still conscious, Kirlia, Milotic and Bellossom, Ninetales completely out of it. The others just injured, resting their wounds in the pool. It was only a few moments later before Purity had dived in, shed disappeared into a changing room and was out within a few moments in a black bikini, jumping into the pool alongside her Milotic. These People are right, this is relaxing! she shouted in glee, partially from her victory and partially from being in the warm pool. Micky just shook his head and petted his Ponyta, thinking to himself you got the best chance of all of us in our match.

Micky wondered off towards the Pokemon Center again, hoping to get an update on his Scythers condition. Where you going Micky? Purity asked, leaning on the pools edge.

See if Scys ok Micky said in a nervous tone of voice, knowing in only an hour or so hed be facing Flannery.

Nervous arent ya? Purity said cockily.

Yeah Micky muttered.

Nothing to be ashamed of Purity giggled, guessing he was muttering because he felt it was a sign of weakness. Come here she giggled again. Seriously, loosen up, relax a lil she said. Micky wondered over to her, more lured to the fact that it was her than the idea of calming his nerves.

What? Micky muttered, not believing she could calm him down at all. He had a mental figure of himself in his head, shaking as though he were wrapped in a blanket of ice.

Hop in, its well relaxing she muttered. Seriously! Micky just shook his head.

There is no way Im getting my clothes soaked, I aint even got any swimming stuff Micky said bluntly, breathing half a laugh.

Oh come on she shook her giggling. You know you want to she said in an enticing tone, still laughing. Micky still shook his head. This time it was more of a I dont wanna admit I like you argument than a I dont wanna get wet. Instead Micky just sat on the edge of it, his *** being slightly soaked. Purity laughed, she had an idea to get Micky into the pool, most likely a way that would take his mind off of the gym battle he would be having. She grabbed him by his hair and threw him in, sending in under the water on his back. Micky gasped for air and desperately pulled himself above the waters surface. He spat out water and then coughed, choking out the last drops before shaking his head like a dog trying to dry its hair. For a moment he actually liked it. He saw it as Purity showing shed warmed p to him, but he soon shook that out of his head and began to moan about what shed done.

What the **** are you doing? Micky shouted at Purity who was laughing her head off.

Laughing at you she spoke as she continued to giggle. Micky slowly clambered his way out of the pool, Strider moving out of his way, wanting to avoid being splashed with any water. Oh calm down Micky, its only water she smirked. And now you dont need to worry about getting your clothes any wetter so you may as well stay in here. In a way Micky saw sense in what she was saying, and the water was relaxingly warm. He brushed his hair to one side and slid into one of the corners. Puritys idea had worked, hed totally forgotten about the gym battle, he was too busy being agree with her and relaxing in the warm pool. Kotaro crawled by Mickys side, letting out a small chirpy sound.

I dont believe you sometimes Micky said shaking his head at Purity.

My idea worked though she smirked cockily. Micky clapped sarcastically at her.

Well done, ***** he spat.

She just laughed it off shaking her head. Takes one to know one she giggled childishly.


Micky was shaken awake by Purity, hed fell asleep in the comfort of the pool, still fully clothed. What Micky moaned grumpily, his head hurting from sleeping oddly.

Come on, you got a battle to go to She said, slapping his face to wake him up, still looking as hot as ever in her bikini.

What what? Micky moaned, shaking his head and blinking his eyes.

You against Flannery, you got about ten minutes to get dressed and get ready to battle her. Micky was still figuring out what she was saying but he soon leaped up and out of the pool in shock.

****! he cursed loudly.

He quickly jumped into the changing room and dressed himself. He was dressed in plain black still trousers this time, still in a white shirt, only a different one, imprinted in black with a flame. He grabbed his Pokeball belt and withdrew all his Pokemon and rushed off towards the gym.

Upon entering he was greeted by the announcer and what seemed to be a warm welcome from the crowd, although he soon realised it was for Purity and not him by the whistles the guys made at her. When Flannery entered there was a much bigger roar for her. Micky blew his hair to his side and thought over his battle tactic in his head one last time. He grabbed the cold sphere that contained Strider from his belt. The announcer went through the standard stuff and finally, the moment came. Trainers, select your Pokemon he announced. It was the moment of truth for Micky. A chance to see if he was a worthy trainer. He hurled Striders Pokeball to the battlefields centre and watched as his fire pony took form, a Numel, smaller than the one Flannery used against Purity. Micky shook his head, wiping his hair behind his shoulder and glared at the battlefield.

Numel, tackle! Flannery shouted.

Agility! Micky shouted in response. With ease, Strider dodged Numel and raced around Numel. Now, Take Down! With all her strength she threw all her weight at the yellow camel. Numels ribs felt crushed as she rolled to escape a second hit from the pony. As Numel rolled onto her feet she was met with a kick to her small head. She rolled back again, avoiding a second kick . Flamethrower! Strider sprayed fire into Numel, sending her further away. Mickys confidence was building, Strider was ruling Flannerys Numel with ease. Another Take Down! Micky ordered, wanting to keep the aggression on. She acted on it, crashing down on Numel yet again. The crowd cheered for Micky and Strider, liking their aggressive style. Even Purity and Flannery were impressed. Purity had never seen Micky battle before but she was wondering how someone with so little experience could be so dominating.

Numel, Double-Ed Flannery trailed off as Ponyta knocked her down again. Strider hadnt taken a hit yet Numel was barely able to crawl up by the count of six. As soon as she was back up she was knocked down again. Ember! Flannery cried. Strider dodged the fire ball with ease and rammed her head into Numels side, sending her to ground, scraping across the ground. Screw it, return! Flannery shouted, forfeiting her Numel, knowing there was no chance of Numel defeating Ponyta at the pace she was going at. Well done Flannery spat sarcastically, boiling up with rage. Go, Growlithe! Flannery shouted, throwing a Pokeball towards Strider.

May 3rd, 2004, 10:26 AM
Out of the ball came a dog. Much of his fur was a fiery orange, marked with black tiger stripes on his back and legs. His face was like that of a dogs although his ears were a lot like a tigers. He had a crme-orange bushy tail, shaped like a flame. A large tuff of crme-orange hair was upon his chest and shaped like a flame on his head as well. He growled viciously at his foe, Strider. Growl! he barked.

Growlithe, Agility! Flannery shouted. Within moments Growlithe was dashing around the battlefield.

Do Agility as well! Micky shouted. It was soon becoming a speed competition between the two Pokemon. In time the two collided. Strider fell to the ground, shaking her head, trying to rid herself of the pain. Growlithe remained on his feet, growling.

Crunch Growlithe! Flannery shouted. The dog leaped upon Strider and bit at her neck. Growlithe tasted blood, however, he didnt have that killers instinct, spitting the blood from his mouth and biting at another area.

Strider, Quick Attack! Micky shouted in desperation, feeling his momentum beginning to stop. Strider swung her body to knock Growlithe off and sprung to her feet, ramming head first into Growlithes side. This only angered him further and he leaped into Strider, eventually biting at her right front leg, again, drawing blood. This time, he was in rage and continued to bite, ignoring his lack of a blood lust.

Knock him back! Micky shouted to Strider. She tried to attack but couldnt get an aim on him, breathing fire all directions. She eventually shook him off and sprayed fire at him. He returned the blast twice as hard. Strider shook her head as she collapsed backwards. Slowly, she pulled herself back to her feet, bleeding from all over. Quick Attack! Micky ordered again. Again, Strider charged head first at the dog. Growlithe dodged the attack with ease and then tackled her legs, sending Strider back to the ground. With a small hiss of fire she distracted Growlithe enough hot bring herself to her feet.

Return Micky shouted, withdrawing his Pony back to her Pokemon, substituting her for Free, who he sent out immediately afterwards.

You sure about that? Flannery questioned cockily, seeing the flying bug was clearly weak to her fire type.

Shes right, its not a good move, you should stick to Ponyta Purity whispered behind him.

Strider is getting her *** kicked Micky whispered back to her. She needs a rest. Micky then turned his attention to the battle again. Free! Stun Spore! he shouted. Growlithe wasnt even paying any attention to the battle, he was still stunned at Mickys choice. The yellow dust secreted from Frees wings as she flew over the dog. Growlithes bones started to stiffen as he inhaled the spores.

Growl! the dog moaned in a puppy like voice.

Now, Double-Edge! With the advantage of speed Free rammed her body into Growlithes side, knocking him to the ground. Without waiting for the order she prepared a Silver Wind, her wings glowing a light gold. Growlithe winced his eyes open to see the wings glowing. He knew what was coming and wouldnt allow it. Ignoring his trainer he sprayed a flamethrower directly into the stomach of Free. She was knocked down to the ground in a second, her body burning. She was completely unconscious, not even moving a wince. Grudgingly, Micky withdrew Free back to her Pokeball. Just like Purity, he was left with a tough decision. He could either send out his fresh Kotaro into a disadvantaged battle or he could send out Strider again who wasnt fresh at all, in fact, he doubted she even had the strength to go on. He was wishing he still had Scy. He could handle this battle with ease, a combination of Power and Agility.

Come on kid, we aint got all day! Flannery shouted, smirking at how easily Free was defeated. He sighed and threw Kotaros Pokeball forward. As the tiny bug formed, some of the crowd began to laugh.

He could hear their whispers. What an idiot, Does he even know what hes doing?, Hes gonna get his *** kicked so bad! and stuff like that. Micky blocked them out from his mind, just focusing on Puritys encouraging words. She was the only one in the arena who had any faith in him. Micky had never fought a battle with Kotaro, he had only helped him with practising whilst he was with Koga. This was his time to see if the two of them could work well as a team.

Kid, you really dont know what your doing do you? Flannery smirked. Growlithe, Flamethrower she giggled. At least Free was fast and airborne, Kotaro was grounded and slow. The dog spewed his flames towards the bug, even in his own mind he was laughing, although this soon turned to horror as the flames went right into the bug but were soon reflected off, having had no effect. The crowd looked closer. They could see a see-through blue field about a centimetre from his body, a Protect. This only enraged Growlithe further and he sent a second flame at the tiny bug. In one moment, the bug leaped from his position and dodged the flames.

Kotaro, Dig! Instead of clawing a hole of his own he took advantage of the holes that spewed steam from the ground. Inside the hole was a large floor of warm sand that released steam. Mind Reader! Micky shouted to his bug. Kotaro heard the orders from above and focused his deep black eyes. He turned his senses to sonar and picked his spot. He walked just below Growlithe, a tiny bit behind him. He leaped into the air and dug into the ground that was above him. In a moment he had popped up underneath Growlithe, ramming his entire body into his stomach. Growlithe went flying into the air, shocked by the power of the creature. Now, Shadow Ball! Kotaros black eyes glowed a sick white as a small black sphere formed in front of him. Small jolts of purple electricity sparked within the ball before Kotaro sent it into Growlithes face. Unlike Frees the ball exploded in his face. Just like Frees, Growlithe seemed to be showing after effects, small purple jolts sparked off of him as he laid on the ground unconscious. The entire arena was silent in shock, all but the announcer who began to count out the dog. Flannerys face was dropped with shock whilst Mickys lit up with surprise.

The bell rang as the announcer reached ten, the unmoving Growlithe finally returned to his Pokeball by a gym leader shaking from shock. She removed a warm sphere from her belt, she was after a new tactic. She wasnt going to try and burn this bug, she was going to crush it. She threw her Pokeball to the battlefield with all her might. From within, a Pokemon of around three feet tall came a human shaped chicken. She had clawed dark brown feet like that of a rooster. Three long claws at the front, one small claw at the back. Above the dark brown ankles was thick fiery red feathered legs. At her waist began a sun yellow feathered upper body with two long arms on either side of the same colour. Three clawed fingers with a sharp thumb on either hand. Her face was also like that of a roistered. Sun yellow with three fiery red feather sticking on the top of her head. Burning orange eyes glared at the bug, a similar coloured small beak at the front. She hissed Combust at the bug before standing at a stance, right leg only tapping the ground, left leg purely being used as balance, arms up in a defensive karate stance.

Combusken, Step on that bug! Flannery shouted. The chicken looked at her trainer strangely, wondering why she didnt order a fire attack. She then proceeded to do has her trainer had ordered and prepared to stomp her foot onto the bug.

Harden! Micky shouted, remembering how he had done that to the bug before. As Combuskens dropped down to Kotaros back she was met by the tough solid body of Kotaro. She looked down, thinking shed stepped on a rock but she still saw the bug glaring up at her. She then proceeded to keep on stomping on Kotaro in rage, but to no effect. When she finally gave up Kotaro pounced on the moment and sank his claws into her ankle, sending blood spraying from her right foot. Combusken fell to the floor, her cries like sounding like a horrible screech. He then leaped onto her back and jammed his right claw into her spine. Again, Combusken cried loudly. Flannery just stood in shock, her jaw dropped as far as it would go.

Combusken.. Flannery trailed off slowly, looking into her Pokemons eyes as she started to fade away in the blood loss. The sun yellow feathers were drowned in blood stains as the announcer counted to eight. The crowd were still in pure shock as the announcer finally reached ten. The bell sounded.

Micky stood in shock still, taking a moment to let the victory sink in. He felt someone leap onto his back, screaming congratulations into his ear, Purity. Small smirk started to form on his face. Ownage, Own-****ing-nage he shouted loudly, gripping Puritys head as he did. He couldnt believe it. A victory against all odds. He stared directly into Flannerys brown eyes, in his mind he was saying And you thought I was an idiot. The two knew what he was saying. Flannery was in pure shock still as a man approached her from behind, the black box in hand. Micky smirked thinking about the shiny badge that lay inside.

It took Flannery quite some time to build up the strength to walk over to Micky who was currently picking up his Nincada, celebrating the victory. Eventually, she finally walked over to him, still gazing into nothingness in her confusion and shock. As she handed Micky the box he flicked it open and smirked. A beautiful heat badge that he had earned. As he exited many people ran up to him, congratulating him on the amazing upset victory. He made his way to the Pokemon Center again, making sure Scy was going to be sent to the Mauville Pokemon Center later in the night.


Mauville City, the gambling Centre of the world! Micky shouted in glee.

Yeah, and your to young to do anything Purity giggled at him sarcastically.

Well, I can always try, I hear they let off kids around here Micky smirked back at her.

Trust me Micky, your going to be too busy with the gym here. She said, making sure he didnt lose sight of the main purpose of coming their. But I have a surprise for you She sang mysteriously.

Micky truly was in for a surprise. When the two arrived at the Mauville Pokemon Center he was met but his worst enemy. Pikachu leaped up onto his shoulder and shouted PIKA! into his ear before being pushed off. Micky closed his eyes, praying not to see what he expected to see when he entered the Pokemon Center.

WOBBA! was shouted as a sarcastic greeting to him from Wobbuffet as Karen and Mark started to say their hellos to Purity and Micky.

Your kidding me right? Micky said at Purity. Now I aint got a problem with Karen and, well, Mark, he bugs me but the thing Im more worried about is these two! Micky shouted, pointing at Wobbuffet and Pikachu. Why did they have to bring Chu-Toy and Punching Bag! Micky shouted in rage.

What do you expect? Mark laughed sarcastically at him. I aint leaving Wobby behind.

Yeah, and Im not leaving Pikachu behind Karen shouted and Micky, although she gave him a look that said Im flattered that you like me but no thanks. Micky gave an evil glare to Purity which said I cant believe you told her that.

It was definitely an uncomfortable night for all four of them. They all shared a room in the Center. Micky slept on the bottom bunk, below Mark. Purity slept opposite them on the lower bunk. Although she didnt know it, Micky was staring at her, lost in thought as he did. Mark was oblivious to this, just like Micky, but he also was staring similarly, in awe of Puritys perfection. He Micky sighed loudly and slammed his head onto the pillow, trying to go back to sleep, the box containing his Heat badge in hand. Mark, looked at her a bit longer before he finally collapsed unconscious. Wobbuffet was asleep in the room corner however Pikachu had watched the whole thing from Karens bunk, sitting next to her. He let out a small laugh, the two of them falling for the same girl. He got pleasure from imagining the two of them fighting over her, liking his sadistic sense of humour. He hated the both of them. Mark was always mean to his trainer Karen and Micky was just plain to him. Personally he felt them to fighting was something they deserved.


The prison warden opened Davids jail cell. David was to be released this morning, free to leave. He was informed of his sons survival. He blamed Micky for the situation eh was in. If it wasnt for him leaving on his Pokemon journey and getting himself nearly killed he wouldnt have lost his senses and attacked the police officers. He had an evil glare on his face as he coldly stared a hole through every prisoner and guard. All he had on his mind was making sure Micky would not continue his journey. He had ordered a taxi ahead. Hed heard that he was in Mauville city, so he ordered a taxi bound for Mauville. A vein was forming on his forehead just thinking about talking to Micky about it.

He arrived at the Mauville Pokemon Center at about eight in the morning. Micky, Purity, Karen, Wobbuffet and Mark were all still snoozing. Pikachu was awake however and ventured out of the room, travelling through the halls and eventually into the front room. David was sat there on the sofa, glaring back at him, waiting for his son to come out from his room. Pikachu stared back at him, his rosy red cheeks sparking electricity of anger and intimidation. He hissed before standing at a stance, ready to shock David should he approach him.

Im the man, Im the King, Im the one thats Pure Inside. - Soil, Halo.

Well, what will happened to MickyIm creating a bit of a rivalry between Mark and Micky. Im also gonna turn Purity into a bit of a ****, basing it on two of my friends (No offence Ally and Emily :P well even though they will never see this, Ally as the personality basis and Emily as the dress basis). I think I made some pretty good battles, now why did Koga give up Kotaro, maybe next chapter all will be explained:P. Anyways, I quite liked this chapter, hope you guys liked it.

May 9th, 2004, 2:11 PM
Chapter 14: Electric Battle

You've taken everything and oh I can not give anymore - Here to Stay, KoRn

The red glows finally formed. Scy nearest to Micky, his metallic upper body attracting the electricity towards him. Opposite him, a metal ball with two magnets on either side made her shape, levitating above the ground. Micky had already encounter this Pokemon before, she was a Magnemite, just as large as the last Micky had seen. Her one eye glared at Scy as her magnets started to spark, charging electricity. Scy! Slash Micky ordered. Scy shot forward, right blade pushed to his left side, left blade at his front, standing straight up in, in perfect line with his nose, a line between his eyes. As he passed the floating ball he shot his right arm forward while sending his left back, a double cut as the force of the two blades connecting sent Magnemite spinning away to his left while a calm Scy landing on one knee in a meditating position. Both scythes formed a cross and on instinct he performed his sword dance, an X at his front, then sending both in a diagonal downwards position, an upwards stand, upwards diagonals and finally back in a cross at where the scythes passed just in front of his groin. He hissed his name sickly and turned around with a confident glint in his eye. Somehow, the unique routine had boosted his chi and inner-confidence. He was ready for anything.

Magnemite remain floating as she twisted her magnets in some form of a dance. Ha Ha Watson laughed loudly, impressed by the dance of Scyther. He applauded slowly, mocking Micky, Scy not liking it one bit and feeling rage building up inside him. I heard about you from Flannery. She was impressed and shocked, but rookie tactics will not work on someone as experienced as I. Slashing metal does nothing and youre gonna have to try harder than that Watson said loudly, stalling the fight. Charge! Watson ordered. The battle was back on and both smirked, though Purity had a worried look on her face, not feeling the confidence Micky had, though when he looked back at her she had to show faith in him and gave him a confident nod.

Micky turned his head back to the battlefield to see Magnemite spinning her magnets all around her metal ball like moons orbiting a planet but much faster. Spiral Kick! Micky ordered. This is something Scy had yet to test out in battle. The two of them had been practising it back at Chimney Village. Scy ran forward, wings not moving as he leapt into the air about a metre in front of Magnemite and began to turn, spinning his back to hr as he levelled his body sideways. In mid air hed turned entirely and was now ready to attack, a metre in the air with his right foot level with her head and his body horizontal to the ground.

In a moment of realisation, with reflexes kicking in quickly he shouted Tackle, Magnemite reacting quickly. As Scy was in mid air Magnemite ducked and dipped under the body of Scy as the giant mantis missed the kick but use his athletics to turn in mid air, landing on his feet dropping a few steps backwards as he landed, facing Magnemite. Before Scy could gain full balance Magnemite crossed her magnets in front of her face as she threw herself forward into the chest of Scy. Scy attempted to cross his scythes in front of himself but failed to do it in time. The tackle took in down perfectly, landing on the upper of his back and the back of his neck. The metal was unforgiving and his back felt it, sharp pain stung his back as the cold floor chilled his skin. His body bounced once as his arms flopped down and his eyes sharpened with the pupils being a door to his agonising pain.

Scy! Micky cried out. He knew something was wrong, that landing just too bad for anything to be ok.

Ha Ha Watson shouted again with a huge smile on his face. The mighty Scyther falls he chuckled, by far the most cocky of gym leaders out there. These words stung Scys ears like a screech in the ears of a young child. He twitched, his neck shooting his head to his left as both his scythes twitched and flicked up before collapsing again, almost like he was having back spasms.

Scy! Micky cried out, half a mind to withdraw him. Come on dude! Micky begged, not wanting to go down in such a humiliating way.

Ha Ha. Heres a lesson you will never forget, both of you! he said with a cocky smirk. Centre your charged energy Magnemite. Bring it within and release the most devastating Thunderbolt you have ever used he ordered sickly.

Scy heard this and it was now and never time. The pain making him stronger and Watsons words making fuelling his desire, he drew in all his strength as Magnemite hovered above him. The charged glow of yellow that surrounded her centred at the screw that was at the upper of her ball shape. A ball of sparks formed, almost like it were balancing on the screw as all her electrical power charged. Her eye blinked once and it was now or never. The moment her eye opened the bolt would be released. Sucking up all the pain and agony Scy nipped up to a vertical standing, knocking Magnemite to send her eye upwards as she released her Thunderbolt into the ceiling, hitting three of the lights as a charge of at least three seconds of electricity cut apart the lighting on the left side of the arena. A huge smile grew on Mickys face as Magnemite was sent spinning back by a knock from Scys powerful left blade.

Alright Scy! Micky shouted, fists clenched ready to raise in victory and face smirking with a focused look of determination. Rapid Spin! Micky ordered. Using his wings to pick himself into the air, Scy twirled rapidly as the techniques name implied, continually spinning like a bey blade as both scythes stuck out. Magnemite couldnt do anything as the fast spinning Scy sent himself into Magnemites direction, his scythe cutting so quickly that it dug right into Magnemites metal ball body and dug in at least half the way through, just below the giant eye. Scy stopped spinning after a second when he felt Magnemite on his scythe, the stopping revealing the Magnemite stuck on Scys left scythe.

Shock Wave! Watson ordered.

Shoulder tackle! Micky ordered. Magnemites weak body attempted to generate electricity from her weak magnets as Scy pushed her off of his left scythe with the right, following it up with a shoulder tackle with his left shoulder as he used a swift agility to launch himself. Whatever power Magnemite had charged was lost in the tackle as she fell back again, barely able to levitate any higher than a foot above the ground. Now hit with one **** of a powerful stomp Micky ordered with a sinister smirk on his face. Scy was very happy to do this and with a sadistic smile he pulled his right foot up as the Magnemite shut her eyes tight, wishing she hadnt been created. Scys right foot stomped right down in a flash, so powerful that the metal below his foot shattered and thee metal ball was sent down into the ground along with his foot. He ended up on his left knee, his leg all the way in the hole, the length of his leg at least two feet which proposed the question, How deep down is this Magnemite?

Watson was no rookie and he knew his Magnemite was completely out of it. Watson ran onto the battlefield after receiving a nod from the referee and placed his Pokeball just above the hole and withdrew his fallen. He ran back to his normal stand quickly, grunting curse words as he picked out his second Pokeball. Throwing his ball directly down and letting it skim he released his Pokemon, the ball shooting back to him via magnets after a few seconds. His second choice was an Electrode. A giant ball of about four feet in diameter. He was a giant Pokeball in appearance. The upper half of him white, the lower half red. He had a clear face on him. Two dots for eyes with narrowed eyebrows above them that frowned sadistically. A huge white teethed grin on the lower half of his body smirked his sadistic thoughts. E-lect-trode he said robotically.

Scyther Scy hissed in reply.

Mega Kick! Micky ordered.

Rollout! Watson ordered in unison. Electrode began to roll forward, being slow at the start but picking up speed as he got ever closer to Scy. Foot glowing, Scy lay in wait, his right leg kneeling behind him as his left kneels in front. Electrode rolled around Scy picking up speed until he had enough. He powered himself at around eighty miles and hour as he charged at Scy. Now was Scys moment and just before Electrode could do anything, Scy kicked, scooping with his toes underneath him and launching him like a football up into the air, Electrode crashing into the ceiling of the thirty foot high arena as another light was destroyed, this one on the centre of the ceiling. Hitting the ceiling was just the start of Electrodes pain as he came back down to the ground with a few junks of the brick ceiling and a couple of lights following. He crashed and bounced like a basketball as the rest of the pieces came down on top of him, firstly the lights that smashed apart on his rounded body and then the bricks which smashed into the spherical body and inflicted huge amounts of pain as each bit collided.

Watsons jaw was dropped as Micky ordered Basement dropkick to Scy. Mickys giant mantis charged forward, one agility forcing him forward quickly as he dropped horizontal to the ground just an inch above it as he sent his two feet into the Balls face. The last minute agility gave him that needed boost to send the Ball flying back at full force, crashing into the barricade between the audience and the arena.

Scy nipped up again, making a kung-fu stance with his scythes as he waited for his next order. Screech! Watson ordered to Mickys surprise as his mouth opened, ready to make an order. The crowd and Watson covered their ears but Micky and Scy were slow to think as a deafening Screech filled the arena. Mickys mind felt like exploding as he collapsed to his knees with eyes clenched as Scy cried out, both trainer and Pokemon suffering greatly for at least ten seconds, though it wasnt like the crowd, judges and gym leader were let off easily, no amount of ear covering could drown out the sound of Electrodes screech as the giant ball rolled to what would most likely be classified as a standing position, despite the creatures lacking of legs, but in basics his face was looking towards Scy.

Micky opened his eyes, laying on the floor in agony with a ringing remaining in his ears. He rolled to his side to Scy in a similar position, writhing in pain, on the floor. For some reason he was affected much worse than Micky, maybe his ears were extra sensitive or maybe he was just playing possum. Either way, Micky began a barrage of orders. Scy! Get up Micky barked loudly in Scys direction. Hes gonna attack. Nip up! Do something Micky shouted desperately, seeing Electrode rolling around trying to pick up speed.

Ha Ha! Watson laughed, smelling victory. Rollout! he ordered.

The moment Scy heard this he knew it was now or never again. He shot up from the ground but he was too late. The red and white sphere shot at his chest sending him back down to the ground. He nipped up again but Electrode knocked him back down. Scy, Super Kick! Micky ordered. He nipped up again, but this time more prepared, leapfrogging over Electrode as he made Another pass in an attempt to knock down Scy. The shock of missing Scy made the ball stop and make a leap in the air attempting to knock Scy down from the head. All he was met with was a stiff side kick from Scy, the giant reptilian foot hitting Electrode square in the teeth, sending the ball twirling back to the ground. Wing Attack! Micky ordered.

Volt Tackle! Scyther twirled up in the air before diving downwards towards Electrode as the ball charged a jolt of electricity and tackled the Scyther in the stomach. It was barely anything but Scy had been fighting so long and the effects of Magnemite were catching up to him and he collapsed as all the pain shot through him again, however, Electrode was in just as bad a state, barely able to role himself for what would be considered Standing to him. A battered and bruised Scy rolled to his side and pulled himself to one knee before fully standing but Electrode put him back down again with a small jolt of electricity. The battle had been cruel to both of them and Micky had to think of something smart, and he had to think of it fast.


Charge and then Thunder Watson ordered with aggression, interrupting Micky. Electrode formed a ball of yellow light around his body as he charged energy.

Micky added up the odds of Scy moving in time and he realised Scy wasnt going anywhere, he could see it in his eyes. There was no fire in them, no will to win, no desire, his spirit was broken by wounded bones and as Electrode looked ready to fire Micky sighed and withdrew Scy to his Pokeball dropping his head in disappointment, mostly disappointed with himself and not Scy.

Micky grabbed another ball from his belt and tapped himself on the forehead, the cool metal sphere helping clam his frustrated mind, his skin red with rage. He threw his ball stylishly and unleashed Strider, his Pokeball zooming back to him due to magnets set around the arena. Micky didnt want breathing time for Electrode and ordered Ember immediately. The fire pony shot some balls of fire but Electrode rolled out of the way immediately and was left untouched.

Swift! Watson ordered. The oversized ball dipped himself back slightly as he formed three stars at his left, right and top, sending them in stereo at Strider. She galloped out of the way but Swift was known and used for its homing ability. The stars made a U-turn as they missed and charged at Strider, hitting her from behind the second time, knocking her off balance as she skidded to the ground.

Headbutt! Micky ordered. Rolling back to a vertical standing, Striding charged in Electrodes direction.

She was too fresh and Electrode was too battered for this to be a fair contest. In an act of desperation Watson made his order. Explosion! he cried out. Even Electrode didnt want to do this but the moment his trainer ordered an Explosion his mind would switch itself off and he would glow white. As Strider leapt in the air to ram her head into the ball he exploded like a bomb. The entire arena filled with smoke as Micky shouted out to his fire horse, fearing for her life.

Strider! Micky shouted. Come on! Micky ordered with desperation. Say something, do something, come on Micky said, getting more desperate with each call. The arena was covered in black smoke until someone turned on the fans and the smoke was sucked into a vent, revealing a hugely scarred battlefield. Electrode lay inside a wide crater that looked like something youd find on the moon. Somewhere near the craters edge lay Strider, severely injured barely moments into the battle.

Both Micky and Watson knew their Pokemon werent going to move again and withdrew them in unison. Watson gave Micky a nod when he saw Micky clenching a Pokeball in his hand and in unison they threw their Pokeballs, a fair way to do things. Out of Mickys came his favoured bug Kotaro while out of Watsons came a sight that gained Chu-Toys attention. A female Pikachu, looking the exact same to Karens in everyway, except Micky didnt have a grudge against this one.

May 20th, 2004, 12:14 AM
He could hear Karens Pikachu cheer for his fellow specie from the crowd. Kotaro wasnt so friendly to the rodent. He wasted no time in waiting for orders and leapt from the ground at the Pikachu. He jammed his two claws towards the Pikachus neck but was no match for the little rodents speed. He got kicked back, sent rolling along the ground back to his feet as the rodent rose to her feet, sparks charging from her cheeks.

Pikachu! Thunderbolt Watson ordered. Pikachu went ahead and fired a huge bolt of electricity at her opponent. Kotaro leaped out of the way, letting the electricity mark the steel in a brown black colour. Pikachu sent a second bolt of electricity but was yet again unable to hit.

Kotaro, Shadow Ball! Kotaros eyes glowed a sick white, Micky enjoying how this move worked watched as the sparking dark ball formed. Pikachu wasnt going to hang around and let herself be harmed and let out an electric shock on the bug, distracting his attention from his shadow ball, leading to its destruction.

Pikachu! Quick Attack! The tiny rodent charged head first towards Kotaro. The bug wasnt going to be hit that easily though. He dived out of the way, slashing the Pikachus stomach as he narrowly avoided contact. Pikachu rolled on the floor, grabbing her stomach where she was caught by the slash. Leaking blood onto the cold steel.

Pika-Pi she cried in a moan. Chuuuuu, Chuuuu she continued to cry. Karens Pikachu leapt from his trainers lap and jumped over the guard railings and in front of Kotaro, stopping him from reaching the fallen Pikachu.

Chu-Toy, what you doing? Micky shouted at Karens Pikachu.

Pika-Pika he spat back at Micky, glaring his eyes at Kotaro. Karen started to make her way to the guard rails but was stopped by a security guard. She started to call out to her Pikachu but he showed no sign of changing his mind. He felt it was his duty to protect another of his kind, especially from someone like Micky.

Look Chu-Toy, either you get your *** out of there or Im gonna get your *** out of there personally Micky threatened. Watsons Pikachu rose to her feet as Micky spoke. She walked up to Karens Pikachu and began conversing with him, in their language, although Karens Pikachu still refused to take his eyes off of Kotaro.

What they saying? Micky thought to himself, also thinking Latianne, read my thoughts as loudly as he could to drag her attention from the Pikachus.

The female was saying His threats may be as empty as his skull but I still think you should leave, youre gonna get me disqualified and the male is arguing pretty basically.

That Chu-Toy said I got an empty skull?

Yep Latianne giggled. Micky just shook his head in anger.

Ok, enough of this crap! Micky shouted, drawing both the Pikachus attentions away from each other and onto him. Kotaro, slash them both Micky ordered. Kotaro didnt take a moment to think about this. He didnt know Karens Pikachu well at all and he was pissed off with him anyway, considering he had interrupted what was likely to be a quick victory. Firstly he leaped onto Karens Pikachu, cutting at his back and then his chest. He wasnt fast enough to catch Watsons Pikachu however and missed the cut by an inch or so. Watsons Pikachu didnt take to kindly to this sneak attack and whipped him with her tail. Her attack was only enough to slightly injure his face and send him back a few steps. Kotaro hissed at her but was caught off guard by Karens Pikachu who kicked him to the side.

Pikachu, get out of there! Karen pleaded loudly. Pikachu ignored her completely and continued to move on the attack.

A loud siren started to sound as the announcer spoke into the microphone. Due to outside interference, Watson has been disqualified. The crowd were not too pleased with that decision, and started to boo. Even Micky wasnt pleased with the decision, though he wasnt going to argue considering a win is a win. It just seemed like a tainted win morally. Watson was also not going to contest the decision, he knew not to argue with officials, although he was planning to have a stern word with his security. Karens Pikachu and Kotaro were still attacking each other. Pikachu didnt bother with any precision strikes with electric attacks, being a contest Pokemon most of the time didnt allow him to perfect the art of damaging attacks.

Micky didnt want to but he had to. Despite his want to see Chu-Toy destroyed by Kotaro, it wouldnt make him look to good in front of Purity to allow it. He brought back Kotaro to his Pokeball and gave the middle finger to Pikachu. Pikachu didnt take kindly to this and ran towards Micky. He leaped up towards him to bite him but Micky just dodged it and kicked him back. He was tempted to continue to attack him but Latianne got in between the two. With just a stare at either one of them she made them back off.

Pikachu eventually ran back to Karen and Micky saw his friends leaving and took it upon himself to walk over to Watson to collect his badge. Watson had no problem with handing Micky his new badge, however he didnt show any sign of pleasure in handing it over, no sign of seeing Micky as the better trainer, just an admittance to his bad security around the battlefield. Micky walked off with his shiny new badge inside his jacket pocket, following after Purity and Angle who were on their way to leave the arena. Micky only received boos from the crowd but he just returned to them his middle finger.

Micky locked eyes with Pikachu at the first sight of him, very annoyed with him screwing with his match, completely ignorant of his usual staring contest rival Wobbuffet. Micky didnt even say two words to any of his companions. He simply nodded his head at them to follow him as he made his way towards Rustboro along Route 117, as he and Purity had planned in Lavaridge.

I dunno even what to say. Im an idiot a loser - Take a Look around, Limp Bizkit

Well, finally re-written from that absolutely appalling original. I figured itd be interesting to build the hate relationship between Micky and Pikachu if he actually won Micky a match. Anyway, nothing special about this chapter, however thanks to Iveechan whos interesting conversations enabled me to draw enough bother to re-write this, thumbs up to ya :D. Micky has good crowd control hehe

Chapter 15: From the Grave

To cry is to know your alive - Buried Alive by Love, HIM

Micky didnt say two words to any of his companions. He walked at least ten feet in front of them at all times, letting their whispers to each other fall into the cold wind. He felt like a failure, winning a battle through a simple disqualification of his opponent, thanks to Karens Pikachu. The night began to fall upon them. Theyd been walking along Route 117 for hours but saw no sign of anyone. The road was as silent as a grave and as spooky as one as well. Fog was starting to form across the road as the sky started to fade away into darkness, leaving a creepy twilight from the distant stars that gave an eerie glow through the thick fog.

Micky could hear a crunching sound in the background. It sounded like footsteps on broken glass. Micky ignored it for the time, just assuming it was one of the group. It was soon brought to Mickys attention that it wasnt part of the group by Angel as she started to tell him she sensed something unusual around them. Micky started to grip at his Pokeballs, stopping in his tracks. What is it? Purity whispered into Mickys ear.

Angel says something unusual is nearby he replied through his gritted teeth. Where is it? Micky asked Angel in his mind. The crunching sounds began to get louder and Micky clicked the buttons on his Pokeballs, making them ready to be released. His team wasnt at their best, Scy and Strider still injured from the battle at Mauville gym.

Its getting closer Angel replied. Micky began to look around, seeing nothing through the fog. Micky raised his four Pokeballs to a higher level and let them drop to the ground, releasing all four members of his team. Strider was scarred with black from her previous battle, Scy also scarred, but nowhere near as bad. Micky picked up his Pokeballs from the ground and re-attached them to his belt as Purity released her three of her four Pokemon, the snake-like Milotic too large to fit on the road..

A black silhouette was visible through the thick fog. It looked human. Whatever it was, it stood at around about seven feet tall. At its head there were two lines like the creature was wearing a cowboy hat. Micky was almost totally positive this was a person, seeing the arms and legs of the shadow walking forward. Who are you? Micky shouted out loudly. There was no reply, just a cold silence. Micky nodded his head at Scy, making him get set for a fight. Who are you? Micky shouted again, a bit of desperation in his voice.

Gar! was the reply Micky finally got. A creepy breathe of the creature that sounded like it was throwing up. Whatever this was, Micky was now convinced it wasnt human. The shadow-like silhouette stopped approaching. Micky was breathing heavily with fear, hoping his Pokemon could destroy whatever this was should it try to harm him.

Two red lights began to shine next to the silhouette. Micky hadnt a clue what it was for a moment until he realised they must be eyes. Two shining lights, glowing a creepy blood red next to the silhouette of a person. Ok, enough of this crap, who is this? Micky shouted, now a combination of fear and anger.

Purity began to cower behind her Kirlia as the silhouette began to approach. Micky clenched his fists tightly, not moving an inch backwards, standing his ground, preparing himself for whatever was going to approach. The road is not safe at this hour a deep dark male voice spoke, sending chills down Mickys spine. One should not come so close to Grave Mansion when light is gone he continued. Micky brushed his hair behind him, his attention partially focused on the two red eyes that were still a small distance from him.

Who, are, you? Micky stuttered one last time ,pausing in between each syllable.

Is it any of your business? the man replied.

Yeah, I think so Micky nodded as his voice showed both sarcasm and anger.

I am Necromancer the man replied, still in his dark creepy voice. And you are trespassing in my territory He continued.

Wait Purity spoke, no longer scared knowing who this was. Youre the trainer of the W.P.F Champion arent you? Purity said. That Poltergeist thingy she continued.

Necromancer let out a evil chuckle. It is nice to be recognised he replied.

Who is he? Micky asked to Purity, still having no clue who she was on about.

Dont you watch T.V Mark shouted, now approaching the one who was originally scaring the group.

Um, youve met my dad dip-****, you really think I got to watch Pokemon related Television? Micky said sarcastically.

Ok, whatever. The W.P.F, World Pokemon Federation. This guy is like the best trainer there he said pointing to Necromancer. The eyes that were in the distance began to approach.

Yes, your friend is correct Necromancer said, still in his bone chilling voice. And this here is the champion himself he continued, his right arm now pointing towards the shadow that approached through the fog. This here is Poltergeist he continued. From the fog finally came the so-called champion. The creature walked on the ground, standing about six feet in the air, just a bit above Micky. His entire body was a pale violet. It seemed like it was fur on his body although not entirely visible since this creature was see-through. A ghost of some sort. He was mostly a rounded body, shaped a little bit like an egg, except at the top and bottom of his body it was flat. His legs and arms were only a foot or so in length. His head was part of his main body, not connected by a neck, seeming to have no shoulders. In between his two tiny arms was his huge mouth. A sadistic smirk that stretched all over his face, grinning with a mouth so open that his bone white teeth were visible. Above this mouth were two blood red eyes, a black pupil in the centre of each eye. Above these were two fox like ears, same colour as his body, the pale violet. What looked like a small tail dangled behind him, partially visible between his legs. One thing just didnt seem right about this creature, and soon Micky knew what it was. Micky stared directly into its eyes and he realised what he was doing. Looking down, Micky saw a golden urn floating off of the ground. It was almost like a trophy but without any arms for holding. Micky looked to Necromancer.

Yes, in there is what you think. How did he know what Micky was thinking is what questioned him.

You mean? Micky stared oddly. Someones ashes? Necromancer nodded.

Whos? Micky asked in confusion.

My fathers he replied.

You dads? all of them asked in unison.

Yes he nodded. I shall explain later he continued. Micky turned to Poltergeist, the creepy ghost Pokemon, still playing with his Urn. It is not good for you lot to be wondering around in the dark, especially around here. You can stay at my house for tonight he said, still in his chilling voice. Micky couldnt quite make out what this guy looked like however he noticed some sort of trench coat trailing behind him. Micky withdrew his Pokemon to their Pokeballs, assuming hed be safe enough with Angel nearby. The rest of the group followed Necromancer, Purity, Mark and Karen seeming to be excited to meet this person, Micky still pretty clueless as to who he was, he just assumed he was some freak.

Necromancer was at the head of the group leading them to what looked like a giant mansion. At the back of the group was Poltergeist, still playing with his Urn. Aside from Kerri and Micky the entire group seemed to be in amazement that theyd actually be sleeping in the house that Necromancer lives in. A long trail of hard mud surrounded by grass led to an entrance way. A large black gate held up on either side by two stone pillars. From the pillars was a long black fence, lined like the bars of a prison, sharp spikes on top of each black bar. Necromancer pushed his hand forward, about a foot away from the entrance. As he pushed his hands forward the doors slammed apart making way for the group. The group all stared in awe at what appeared to be Necromancers psychic powers, although Angel knew it was in fact Poltergeist who made the doors move. The group made their way along a stone path that led to the doors of what was a huge gothic mansion. The walls were stained as though theyd been burned. All the tiles were black, the windows showed no sign of light, everything was an eerie black.

Necromancer stood at the front door. The door itself was huge, at least ten feet in height and width. It was made of thick dark brown wood scarred with black burn marks. Necromancer stood in front of it for a moment before it finally opened, again it was thanks to Poltergeist. The group started to make their way into the pitch black that was Grave Mansion. Necromancer stopped in the middle of the front room. He put both his arms out on either side as candles all over the place began to light. The candles in this house werent on tables or hanging on the walls, they levitated in the air. Theyd rise above you if you came towards them as though they had a mind of their own. The room was half visible in the eerie light given by the candles. Paintings floated in the air just a few inches from the walls, twirling around, dancing like their were real people. Most of the paintings were of people, old and young. There was a long stairway leading up to a corridor on the second level. All the carpets were black, patterned with what appeared to be trails of blood. Freaky house Mark said, seeming to be very pleased with it. Where we sleeping? he asked, still smirking as if hes gonna love sleeping in this house.

May 20th, 2004, 12:15 AM
Poltergeist, show them to the guest rooms he ordered. Poltergeist levitated his golden urn up the stairs. Micky assumed he should be following it and so he did, everyone else following behind him. The urn floated down the corridors. More creepy candles were down the hallway. It seemed that the urn was following the trail of blood, whether that was a good thing or not is what Micky wanted to know since it was unnerving to be following a trail of blood to where he was going to be sleeping. The urn finally stopped at the end of a long corridor. The blood trail had also stopped and ended in a huge splatter. The urn nodded to either side, pointing at the doors. Micky opened a black door to his left and began to investigate it whilst the rest of the group dispersed into separate rooms.

Mickys room was nothing like he expected. The room was huge and in the centre was the mattress, king sized. There was no wallpaper. There were blood stains up and down the wall and one painting of an old man with a slash through it, most likely the effect of a knife. The windows were open, the wind blowing black netted curtains either side. Floating candles were also in this room. It seemed like nothing in this house had electricity. Micky dumped his bag down and changed his clothes to silk black trousers lined with two white stripes on either side and a white shirt with black tiger stripes imprinted on it. He left the room, saying bye to the candles which seemed to return what he said by jiggling side to side before flicking out their flames. Micky walked down the corridor, carrying the golden urn with him, figuring he should return it to Necromancer.

As he descended down the stairs he saw no sign of Poltergeist or Necromancer. With the golden urn still in hand he started to check out the giant mansion. He made his way to a room on the right. Micky guessed this was the living room, or one of them most likely. Three red sofas sat facing a large burning log fire place. This room also had the floating paintings but also it had something different to others. Dead roses in a vase were in every corner. Micky moved onto the room next door to this one. This room was a kitchen. The floor was tiled like a chess board, black and white squares wall to wall. Wooden tables with a large array of knives prepared but no sign of meat to cut. Everything was pretty medieval, an oven which requires log fire, a huge spit for roasting meet, it all seemed so barbarian like in the age of imitation food and balls that can absorb living matter.

Micky finally came across Necromancer, in the room across from the living room hed been in. Black sofas littered this room, along with more dead roses and another fire place. His face was blocked by the black hat that he wore on his head. A pure black hat, ringed around its edges like a cow boy hat. He was still wearing a long black leather trench coat. Micky could make out a slightly lighter colour of black leather on his trousers. He was wearing what appeared to be a black cotton tank top, although Micky wasnt entirely sure due to the trench coat. There was no sign of Poltergeist however so Micky just put the Urn on a nearby table. He sat down on a sofa opposite him and looked over readying himself for a conversation with Necromancer. So Micky started. You live here? Micky asked, knowing the answer would be yes.

Very perceptive arent you? he replied in his cold chilling voice, the sarcasm missing under the deathly growl.

So dude, what the **** is up with this place? Its creeping the **** outta me Micky said pretty bluntly.

Its a long story he muttered back.

News Flash, theres no TV here, I aint going nowhere Micky replied sarcastically. Seriously, where and how did you find this place and what the **** happened to it to make it so creepy?

Its called Grave House he replied. It was built over a thousand year old graveyard a few hundred years ago. It has been famed for ghost sightings, people going missing and unsolved murders. Necromancer took in a deep breath before he continued. I was buried alive here with that very urn he said, turning his face to the urn, still not fully visible under the hat, although Micky could make out what looked to be a black goatee beard.

You were buried alive? Micky asked, starting to realise why this guy was so screwed up.

When I was five, my father died, because of the house. Something in here, killed him...and well my mothershe. he was interrupted by the arrival of Karen, Angel and Kerri. Micky just assumed they should end the conversation there and they did.

Hi, Karen, sis, Angel he greeted to the three of them. Necromancer was as silent as a grave.

Hi Karen replied to Micky. Kerri just waved to both Micky and Necromancer.

It was only a matter of time that Purity and Mark eventually made their ways down. Purity was dressed in a white dressing gown whilst Mark was still in his street clothes. So, whats for dinner? Purity asked Necromancer. He just tilted his head either side. Although his face wasnt visible it was obvious he was shaking his head. No dinner? Purity asked in shock. Dont you eat?

Hey, Purity, give him a break, he given us somewhere to sleep for the night, cant expect him to feed us as well Micky said, feeling sorry for Necromancer about their previous discussion. We got anything proper on us? Micky asked. The group started to shake their heads, even Pikachu and Wobbuffet did. Finally Micky noticed his sisters hand in the air, drawing attention to herself to say she had food. What you got on you? Micky asked. She ran up the stairs, returning in a few minutes wit ha bag and what appeared to be microwave food. Well, thats nice and stuff Kerri, but, we cant cook that Micky said to her bluntly.

Theres food in the cupboard Necromancer said in a dark mumble. Micky didnt realise he had spoke at first and when he finally figured it out he still had to do what he always does and ask what he said again. He replied in the same tone with the same words, yet this time slightly louder. Micky headed towards the kitchen, followed by the group leaving Necromancer all alone. When they got to the kitchen they started flapping open cupboards until they found one that had tins of food. Tinned Sausage imitations, baked beans, sweat corn, all sorts of tinned food, probably enough to last a year, and it seemed to be that they had been in that cupboard for years. They were still edible so Micky started up a fire with the medieval oven and started to boil the tinned food.

The group had made a somewhat decent meal and placed it all out on plates for all of them and Necromancer. When they brought it back to the lounge Necromancer was nowhere to be found. The candles remained floating around but gave no sign as to what direction he went. The urn was gone and there was just silence. The silence was soon broken by the group speaking about the house as well as other stuff, ranging from childhood stuff to conversations about the stuff leading up to the lot of them meeting. Eventually they all started to leave, beginning with Kerri who felt a little out of place having to write down what she wanted to say, Angle leaving with her. Karen left afterwards and feeling a bit out of place, Purity did so to, leaving Micky and Mark talking to each other. It wasnt the easiest conversation for them to have, in between them both liking Purity and Mickys hatred for Wobbuffet, they werent exactly good friends. The conversation was mostly about Pokemon until eventually Mark said he was tired. Micky had no intention of sleeping in this house and just lied saying hed be up soon.

Micky wanted to know where Necromancer had gone off to, also interested in how he ended up how he was. He headed down the corridor, waving his hand to encourage some candles to follow him. Micky could see no sign off him in the house and was ready to give up until he finally found what appeared to be him. Laying on a long brown table, laid out like he were about to be cremated was Necromancer, the golden urn floating above him. Micky took a moment to think what he was going to say before finally blurting out a So this is where you got off to.

The moment Micky finished speaking he sat up, breathing in air loudly before turning his head to Micky. He was no longer wearing his black hat, Micky could see his hair and face. His eyes were cold and dark, no sign of colour within them. His hair was long for a guy. Nowhere near as long as Mickys but it stretched down to the bottom of his neck. It looked to be dirty and greasy, probably going for the been dead for years hairstyle. He had black beard, moustache connected with it, seeming never shaven in his life. His skin was a pale dead white, a chilling sight. Micky was right when he assumed this guy was wearing a black tank top, baring his arms that were as pale as his face, aside from the tattoos that were printed on them. Micky could depicts some, zombie like creatures in green flames, all sorts of other stuff that resembled pain and death also upon his arms. His cold eyes never left Mickys face, always staring at him waiting for him to continue speaking.

Micky sensed he should continue speaking, seeing as Necromancer seemed to be in no mood to start off a conversation. So.you werent hungry? Micky said, hoping for some kind of reply.

No he replied coldly, still focused now staring at his eyes, mentally burning a hole through him.

You wanna tell me the rest of what happened? Micky asked, hoping to be answered with yes.

His eyes focused away from Micky, now staring into nothingness in thought. You dont have to you know? Micky said in a somewhat caring way.

My mother lost her mind when my father died. His death was unexplained. He was found hanging from a chandelier, a few feet above the ground. He paused for a few moments to take in the emotion that he must have locked away all his life. Him and I were the last of the family bloodline that owned this house and so the deed was turned over to me. I was only five, still not understanding what had happened. My mother fired all the maids and servants that worked for us. She started to lose her mind, losing self control, obsessed with blood, writing Murder all over the walls. Micky was lost in the story, just listening and imagining life from his position.

She held a party the night we cremated my father. I woke in the middle of the night to find the main ball room empty. When I flicked on the lights I found everyones body hacked to pieces, yet no trace of blood. That was barely the start of the nightmare. I tried running up the stairs but I was welcomed by a tidal wave of blood. There was so much of it, almost every drop that could have came from the bodies that lay on the ball room floor. I could feel myself drowning as I fell down the stairs from the force of the blood. When it finally ran out I found myself laying on the concrete outside, blood soaking the front doors, concrete and even the dirt. I sat up to find my mother digging a hole in the ground. I tried running to her for comfort but she was having none of it. She smashed my skull with the spade. I lay there, my vision blurred under my own blood. She picked me up and threw me into a coffin, next to my dads urn. She slammed the coffin shut and I can only guess she threw it into the hole. I felt my body fall almost ten feet. I scratched, clawed and screamed trying to get out but my mother wouldnt hear me. I could hear her throwing dirt onto the wooden cell that I was trapped in.

He closed his eyes, Micky could only guess to try and hide tears. He knew this guy was definitely the tough guy kind of person. Micky could tell he wasnt going to speak no more when he slammed himself back into the dead position. Micky walked off, thinking about everything Necromancer had said to him. He lay awake in bed, watching the floating candles dance in their own little twirls, circling Mickys bed, and creating patterns that soothed him off to sleep. Micky could finally see why Necromancer would keep these creepy things around. He finally drifted off to sleep, starting to dream what Necromancer had told him.

Put me in a homemade cellar, put me in a hole for Shelter. Someone hear me please, all I see is hate, I can hardly breathe and I can hardly take it - Purity, Slipknot.

Well, the basis for Necromancers behaviour, look and style is based on WWEs Undertaker. The story is a mix of The Shining and the story of Purity from crimescene.com which is about a girl being buried alive by an ex-boyfriend as well as a bit of my own of course, And before you ask, yes the name Purity is taken from the same girl from the story, although she is actually based on people I know, just the name is taken from it. I am also aware this is left on a cliff hanger but meh, just means youll have to read the next chapter :P.

Well, your finally up to date with TPM with my fic so expect the next chap this sunday and the next 1 the sunday after etc

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Yeah I know this seems pointless and stupid but I'll post it any way. Your Fan Fic Rocks!!!!!!!!!! There is no way to describe how good it is. Well I hope that you continue with this great Fan Fic!!!!!!

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Well, I intend to finish it off but here it seems to be pretty much ignored.

Anyways, posts next chapter which he finished yesterday.

Chapter 16: Date With Death

Let this heart be still - Mama Said, Metallica

Necromancer shot up into the sitting position from the table, awaking from his sleep to the sound of rattling. He rolled to his feet and grabbed an axe from under the table, his self defence against an intruder. He knew full well this wasnt an intruder. This was something that would happen every night. This house wasnt safe for guests and he knew that full well. Attached to his Axe were five Pokeballs, an efficient way to keep all his defence in one place. With one brush of his hand hed knocked off all five Pokeballs and released his four Pokemon. He motioned his hand as he sent them an order. Five different rooms were being occupied, five different ghosts would protect the occupants.

He placed his hat upon his head and covered his arms with his trench coat. Slowly he made his way towards the staircase, axe at the ready for any physical being, as unlikely as it was. He was hoping for the cause of the racket to have been Poltergeist, but he was almost guarantied that it wasnt. A white silhouette dashed across the upper hallway right in front of Necromancer. For him it was nothing but a normal occurrence. A ghost of one of the victims of the house. This one was often seen by him. The maid of his great-great-great grandfather, found stabbed in her bed, knife in her back with no traces of finger prints, footsteps or any indication of who done it, the first victim of many to the houses bloodlust. Necromancer dropped his axe to the floor, now positive it was no intruder. Now all he could do was hope his Pokemon would stop the restless spirit in time.


Purity rocked side to side in her sleep, the result of a nightmare that was soon to become reality. The white silhouette of the former maid started to slip through her bedroom door. A sadistic smile formed on the half visible face of the womens ghost. From under the door she picked up her knife, the weapon of choice that she had slid under the door. A small huff of breathe left Puritys lips as a strand of her blew away from her. The maid walked up to her like a mother checking on her baby, a sign of love and care in her stride, re-living her days of life when she would take care of her masters child. She brushed Puritys hair from her cheek, revealing her beautiful face totally in her sight. The care left her stride, the grin returned to her face as she raised the knife up, holding it with both hands tightly, ready to puncture her chest. Purity started to stir, noticing her hair had moved subconsciously.

It was now or never time for the maid to kill Purity. She thrust the knife down with all her might, only missing her heart by an inch. Blood sprayed violently from the wound as the maid pulled the knife from her body. Puritys eyes shot open as she cried loudly in pain, only to be silenced by falling into an unconscious state. The maids ghost dropped the knife onto the white torn blanket and rushed off through the walls, knowing it was only a matter of time that someone would burst through the doors, hearing her cries. Slowly, the red stain spread along the blanket, staining up through the sheets. Kerri was first to burst through the bedroom door, her loss of voice making her unable to scream. She just covered her mouth and closed her eyes turning away and running for Mickys door for help.

Necromancer was in the room in no time, watching three of his Pokemon pass him by, trying to chase the maids ghost. When Micky got to the room his jaw dropped, almost preparing himself for tears. He wanted to be sick but he was in such a state that he couldnt. He looked over to Necromancer and he could see it in his eyes. He knew full well there was a homicidal ghost in the house and he was still fine with putting him and his friends at risk. So many emotions rushed past him. Depression, sickness, but the one he let out was anger. He threw his right fist right into Necromancers jaw followed by a kick to the groin, sending him down. Micky leaped onto him, pounding his face as hard as he could, getting at least five punches in before he was dragged off by Mark upon his arrival, shouting sense into him, telling him they needed to get Purity to hospital as soon as they could. It pained Micky to admit it but he was right. He called an ambulance from his mobile as soon as he could and tried to find a way to stop the bleeding for the time being.

Mickys hands were soaked in Puritys blood when the ambulance arrived, some of his face and hair when he tried to brush it aside. Tears washed some of his face, somehow managing to break out of the steel cold eyes from the stare of hatred he gave Necromancer. Mark and Karen went in the ambulance with Purity, Micky said he wanted to be left with Necromancer but Kerri knew he would snap and wasnt about to leave her younger brother alone. The eyes of the two were so fixated on each other it was like they were having a conversation. Both eyes were as cold as steel, Mickys telling Necromancer how much he blamed him, Necromancers saying it wasnt his fault and hes never going to take the blame for it. Latianne tried to talk some sense into Micky but he blocked out all her mental pleas.

After about twenty minutes of Micky and Necromancer staring holes through each other, Mickys cell phone rang. Micky ignored the noise it emitted, not wanting to take his eyes off of Necromancer. Kerri took the phone over to him, prodding his shoulder with her finger to make sure he knew she has brought it to him and to make sure he was aware it was ringing. I know! Micky hissed through his grit teeth to his older sister. I dont want to be told that she is dead he continued, still through his gritted teeth. Hang it up! he ordered to her. She refused to so Micky snatched it from her and done it himself. He proceeded to drop it to the floor and continued to stare a hole through Necromancer.

The phone rang again. This time Micky crushed it with his foot, slowly stamping it into pieces. Kerri didnt like the way this was going at all. She gave Micky a look of desperation that begged Micky to see sense. Micky barely caught a glimpse of it, his eyes were too focused on watching Necromancer. Part of him believed it was perfectly possible that Necromancer did stab her, or even sent out whatever killed Purity on purpose. Both Micky and Necromancer had their eyes locked on each other through the night like they were insomniacs. As light broke through the cobweb covered windows the both of them hissed. Kerri was totally unconscious, Angel was still locked away in her Pokeball, not making a mental peep. Micky knew he had the perfect opportunity to take a strike at Necromancer. Necromancer was thinking in the same way. Everyone is asleep, hes gonna attack me. He prepared himself to block anything Micky would send at him.

Micky and Necromancer would have been nose to nose if it wasnt for the one foot height advantage Necromancer had. Micky strained his tired stiff neck upwards, glaring at Necromancers creepy face. Micky struggled to restrain his hate, but to no avail. The size difference, the location and the fact that his sister would shoot awake any time soon was nothing compared to what his anger wanted him to do. Micky, with all his might, threw his right fist into Necromancers stomach. Fully prepared for this, in less than a second of Mickys punch connecting with Necromancers stomach, he had Mickys throat held in his right hand in a choke. He pressed him against the walls, holding him in the air with his one arm, using the wall for some leverage. Now you listen here! he grunted. It is not my fault that your friend died. I did not know one of the ghosts would wake and I do not, and I repeat, I do not like you! he hissed through his gritted teeth. He pressed his face so close to Mickys that their noses were crushing each other. Mickys eyes focused on Necromancers, Necromancer returned this gesture as both said their words to each other. Kerri started to stir and Necromancer dropped Micky down to his feet. The shock of it made Micky fall to his left knee as Necromancer turned his back to him, his trench coat dragging behind him.

Micky spat to the ground in distain as well as the feeling of failure, letting Necromancer get the last word. He rose to his feet and shook his sister awake. She gave a look of shock, her eyes blurred. Come on, were going to Mauville hospital he said quickly. Micky now wanted to know what the phone call was about, now that his mind was off of Necromancer.


After a short ride on Angels back, both Micky and Kerri landed outside of the Mauville Hospital. The giant building was like a skyscraper. The bottom floor was the lobby, where all information about the patients were kept. The walls surrounding it were all badge stone. A giant red cross sign stuck above the automatic glass doors. Above this floor were more than twenty floors of glass, small black lines all equally split along each side, representing the whereabouts of the thin walls that separated groups of patients. Micky withdrew Angel to her Pokeball and handed it to his sister. The both ran to the lobby front desk, somewhat reminded of a Pokemon Center by the red tiles and white walls. All that was missing was the trainers. Everyone in the room seemed to be depressed about something. Still, no sign of Mark or Karen so they knew theyd have to ask where they were.

They were directed to the ninth floor by the receptionist, saying Purity and two people who came with her were sleeping there. As the doors opened, the stench of illness entered their noses. Micky wanted to hurry this up as much as he could, Kerri seemingly in agreement. Both made their way around until they found the five of them. Purity laying unconscious with something hooked to her arm, beeping away, her body hidden under the white blanket. Karen was sat with Pikachu in her lap, sitting upright with her eyes closed on a chair next to the bed. Mark was laying on a bed nearby, Wobbuffet next to him, looking just as clueless asleep as he does awake.

Feeling a certain rivalry between Mark and himself, he chose to wake Karen by poking her with his index finger. She shot awake within the first poke, no wake up stalling, no trying to figure out what was going, it was like all this time her eyes had just been closed but no unconsciousness. She sighed in relief once shed taken a moment to calm down from the shock of being woken. Finally, you got here she said, relieved to see he actually cared, considering he hung up the phone on her the previous night.

Yeah he said, not showing any sign of emotion, just a simple reply. How is she? he said, a slightly more depressed tone.

Shes in a coma she replied. The shock of the stabbing put her body into a lifeless state. She shook her head a huffed in sadness. She may never leave this coma she continued, a tear starting to form. What did Necromancer say? she asked, hoping that maybe he had the answer to how to help her.

Nothing important Micky replied in a hiss.

Is he coming? she asked, hoping to hear what he has to say, knowing Micky was lying about him saying anything.

Not with me here Micky replied, still having his teeth gritted tightly.

Do you wanna call her parents? Karen asked, hoping she wouldnt have to deal with their reactions.

No Micky replied bluntly. I need to get to Rustboro, I cant waste time calling people he said. He couldnt believe he was saying this but he didnt want to spend time hanging around in depression. As emotionless as he appeared, he had to leave.

Your still gonna continue Pokemon Training? she said shocked at his lack of care.

I cant sit around grieving, especially over someone who isnt dead yet he replied, now digging out his most hateful uncaring side to hide his depression.

I cant believe you she said loudly and hatefully. Youre just gonna run off when your friend is on the verge of death.

Micky looked away in anger, a vein forming on his forehead. He grabbed her like Necromancer grabbed him, gripping her throat tightly with his right hand. Now listen here he said, just like Necromancer had said. Ive known her for less than a month, therefore, it is not my duty to hang about until she dies. The loudness of his voice woke mark, finding his sister in what appeared to be a threatening position.

May 21st, 2004, 4:48 AM
Being his duty as the bigger brother, he leaped from his sleep to attack Micky. Kerri tried to restrain Micky but Mark was already laying fists into him before she could. He busted Micky open with his right hand, drawing blood from the left side of his forehead. Micky retaliated by slinging him over to the ground and laying punches into his face. Kerri managed to drag him off but only to be pushed to the side, Micky now totally focused on destroying Mark. He pounded away at his face and nose, drawing huge amounts of blood all over his fist. Doctors eventually dragged Micky away, trying to restrain him. He pushed them away and took one last shot at him, kicking him in the chin, before finally running off, heading back towards Grave Mansion. Mark was helped onto a hospital bed, trying to restrain him as well as stop the bleeding, Karen hiding away in fits of fear.

Now on his own, with no one by his side for comfort, the feeling of isolation consuming him. His feet ached from the pain of running, the more it hurt, the faster he ran. The sun was still rising, Micky was yet to have breakfast, still surviving on what hed eaten the previous night. Hours into his run he finally saw the giant gloomy mansion in the distance. He clambered over the fences, the gates closed since his sister and his leaving.

His shirt, now torn from the steel fences. His feet were soaked in blood, several toe nails broken to the point they drew blood, but nothing was stopping him from getting at Necromancer, or so he thought. The door was locked and no matter how hard Micky pounded and kicked it wouldnt open. The more inventive side of himself kicked in. A small statue of a Pokemon known as Gastly was at the steps. Micky picked it up and took aim at a window before shattering the dirty glass. A giant hole stood out among the dusty glass as Micky leaped through it, breaking whatever survived the statue. Glass sliced into his skin as he landed on his side onto a carpet of broken glass. His right arm was slit in multiple places as well as his right leg, although his already bleeding forehead seemed to be untouched.

He slowly rose to his feet, small pieces of glass piercing his hands as he rose up. Necromancer! he shouted loudly and hatefully. Get out here! he screamed as he continued to shout. I know youre in here! he shouted. He grabbed a large chunk of the broken glass in his hands and clenched it tight until it drew blood from his fingers. Come on you sick freak! he spat. There was pure silence except from the sound of Mickys blood dripping onto the floor. Eventually, Micky slowly heard a sound. Not footsteps. It was the sound of something rolling. That something soon became visible. Necromancers Urn appeared near the stairs, rolling on its side. The Urn began to roll its way down the stairs, bouncing as it dropped down each step. Slowly the golden Urn rolled to his feet. Micky turned his face from in like hed just had a sniff of a Muks droppings. It tapped his foot again. Micky expecting to see Poltergeist somewhere but no sign of him, just a sign of his powers. Micky picked it up in his hands to be surprised by the top popping up. He dropped it to the ground. It made a loud bang as it crashed to the floor as a wrapped up piece of paper rolled out. Basic curiosity made him pick the paper up and unroll it. It was a note from Necromancer.

Micky, I figure I should write this since I do not wish to say it to you in person. After what happened to your friend, Im afraid I cannot stay in this house no more, although it is not directly my fault I cannot help but feel partially guilty.

Partially? Micky spat sarcastically. It is your fault. Still, Micky continued to read.

I have the urge to tell you the rest of what happened to me. You are the first person to ever hear anything about it.

And what makes you think I care? Micky said, as though he were talking to Necromancer rather than reading what hed written.

After what happened Im sure you dont care much.

Wow, what a news flash he said sarcastically.

Still, Im going to continue. I was stuck in that coffin. If you loo where you slept, youll find a coffin underneath the bed. I was trapped in the box with nothing but my fathers ashes. I started to feel light-headed and my vision blurred away. I was slowly fading away. I heard a clutter above me, the sound shocking me back to consciousness. The coffin started floating up and the door flung open. I sat up quickly, just like I did last night. My mother was laying on the floor dead, her eyes missing from her skull. Floating above her was a ball of gas. He was the un-evolved form of Gengar, which is currently what Poltergeist is, and will be nothing more, Gengar being the last evolution form of his kind. When I first found him, juggling my mothers eyes, he was a Gastly, as gas ball. I tossed my mothers body into the hole and Poltergeist moved the mud over her, she was registered as another missing person from the house and I was the last of my family line left. Since then, Ive become a Pokemon Trainer, raising Poltergeist through the ranks of evolution until he became what he is today, a champion. Still, I hope your friend Purity gets better, I honestly do, but it was not my fault. Can you do me the favour of locking up the house please? I also left you a gift in the coffin that was under your bed. Anyways, this is the end of my letter.

There was a line of pen where the full stop was drawn, like he was dragging the pen off of the page. Micky made his way up the stairs, the letter still in his right hand, now stained with blood. He entered the room in which he slept to find the coffin, now in the centre of the room, no bed now. He slowly approached it, backing away every now on then, hoping to flick it open in one movement, not having to get to close. After circling it a few times he just ran up to it and shoved it over, sliding it open. Out of it, five of the floating candles rose. Micky smirked. Not a bad gift he said, being accustomed to them. Not to mention their practical use for when he was out in the world.

He exited Grave Mansion via its door, locking it on the way out as well as boarding up the broken window. The five candles following behind him. He walked away from it, heading towards a mountain, the way to Rustboro City. When hed made his way to the top of the small mountain he gazed back towards Grave Mansion. It was still easily visible, the size really making a difference. The candles seemed to wave goodbye to the house before following Micky along the mountain path.


Purity shot up awake, her coma lasting a mere twelve hours. She could feel the pain of the stab wound still, screaming loudly for the time she didnt. Karen tried to hug her better like she were a sister, mark on the next hospital dead with a broken nose from the previous attack. Doctors came rushing to her, injecting morphine into her arm, claming her down again. She woke again, the drowsiness of the morphine putting her out for about three hours. It was reasonably late at night, about eight. Her wound still hurt, but only when she moved in certain directions. It was hard to adjust to, but she was starved and before she even bothered asking what happened, she demanded food.

She ate dinner with mark and Karen, Kerri had already left, feeling guilty about Marks nose. Once shed finished with the meal, the first question on her mind was Wheres Micky?

Karen had to think how to reply to this. She wasnt expecting her to leave the coma condition so quickly. He left, leaving Mark a souvenir. She nodded her head over to Mark, obviously implying the bloodied nose. Just like us, he thought youd still be in the coma. The doctors mustve made a major mistake, they said youd probably never leave that coma.

Sowhere is he? she asked, hoping to get an answer, since hed been her closest friend for almost a month.

Dunno she said bluntly. He stormed off and he destroyed his mobile so, I just dont know she continued.

Well, you gotta get me to Rustboro, he must be heading there she said.

You just been stabbed Karen replied, shocked at how she wants to be friends with a guy who practically said he didnt give a **** about her.

So, hes my friend, and hes thinking Im dead thanks to you she replied, now blaming her, even though she knew it wasnt her fault.

Look, just forget about him ok, he went and assaulted my bro and me, whatever respect I had for hi before is gone. Just forget about him, doubt he was a good friend anyways.

Dont tell me who to be friends with Karen Purity threatened back to her. He obviously gives a **** if he snapped that much she continued, gripping her chest from shouting so much.

Look, whatever, just dont expect us two to come with you, I dont want anything to do with that jackass she said to him, moving her fingers between Mark and herself when she said two.

Fine! Purity replied, knowing that Karen was bluffing. She slumped back on her bed in a strop and stopped the conversation there. Grudgingly, Karen started to discuss the prospect of re-meeting with Micky.

Im Ok, Just Go away and into distance let me fade - Invisible Kid, Metallica.

Author Notes: Well, Id like to think someone would react the same way as Purity would if I were to just run off, but that aint likely, but oh well, my fic, my imagination, my rules :P. Well, next chapter, Micky is all by himself except those cool little candles. I think its time another Pokemon got caught or at least evolves so that might (MIGHT, not will) happen. Oh, by the way, as tempting as it was to kill Purity and Mark I just couldnt. Would **** up my future plans to much *I have the ending all set out and unfortunately, them two have a part to play, although Purity is starting to **** me off and, well mark is to.*

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I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!

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Yeah, you're gonna have to wait until I complete it now, lol, Pokecom is fully up to date with TPM as far as my fic goes now.

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Chapter 17: Battle Mountain

Every time I lose myself, you find me, Redefine me - Redefine, Soil

A yellow taxi pulled up outside Rustboro City Gym. Karen, Pikachu and Purity exited, Purity barely able to walk with her knife injury. They still hadnt told her parents and she had no intention to, it would be the perfect excuse to make her stop Pokemon training. Mark was totally against the idea of finding Micky, as far as he was concerned he was nothing to him, and despite his liking for Purity there was no way he was gonna endure Mickys annoying personality, especially after what hed done to both him and his sister. Karen wasnt keen on seeing Micky again either, however Purity was starting to grow on her like the sister she never had and although what Micky had done was unjustified, he had saved her life at one stage and the way she saw it, it evened out enough for her to forgive him.

The three of them made their way to the gyms entrance, Pikachu unsure of entering since it was a rock and ground gym and any argument that lead to a fight would result in him losing most likely. The three of them knew there was little chance of Micky being there already but there was no harm in asking. They walked around to the back to enter the reception area. They requested to speak to Roxanne but were told she had yet to arrive at the gym. In a way it was a good sign, Micky wouldnt have left Rustboro without obtaining the stone badge. Still, now they had to make sure they would know when he did arrive, and they needed Roxanne for that.


Micky woke to find the sun burning down hard on him. Hed slept on his jacket during the night, his sleeping bag left behind in Grave Mansion accidentally. He boiled himself some water and made a pot noodle for breakfast. He fed the candles some paper, the way they ate apparently, burning paper in their flames. Seemed odd to Micky but it was cheap and efficient. Micky tidied up where hed been, sorting out his hair and his clothes. He changed from all black to just his boxers, practically walking around naked, the weather too hot for him to be able to wear his clothes.

The mountain path itself was empty. The ground was smooth, covered in smooth sand. It was clearly not designed for cars; a tunnel that went through the mountain served that purpose. It seemed that few people were interested in walking the mountains slopes. Micky however, was interested. He was determined to find another Pokemon, he realised his team was unbalanced, three bug typed Pokemon. I nice strong Rock type would benefit his team greatly and he was determined to find one. The smooth path was fine, but Pokemon wouldnt take routes like this, they would be in the tough hiking areas, living in caves and thriving in holes and drops.

Eventually, after walking a good half a mile or so of the mountain path, he found a low cliff-face, small enough for him to climb up, only fifteen feet or so. He directed the candles to float up top as he started to climb, gripping the pale brown stones that stuck out as stepping stones to the above. It took Micky about half a minute to finally grip the top of the cliff face. He could feel grass and mud on his fingers as he tried to swing his right leg up. He finally hooked himself on top of the cliff and rolled to his side, his practically naked body covered in sand from the climb. When he finally got his feet he knew hed found what he wanted. His eyes saw what appeared to be natural stone pillars, six of them. He took a close look at them. They were about ten feet tall marked in what appeared to be Braille, language of the blind. The six pillars were surrounding a big giant rock which looked like a cave with no entrance. There were two pillars at the front, one on either side and to at the back, seeming to be in perfect symmetry.

Micky circle the thing several times but eventually gave up. If he wanted to get in this cave hed have to use Pokemon. He reached to his bag, removing his Pokeball belt. He threw his four Pokeballs one at a time, first releasing Scy, then Strider, then Free and finally Kotaro. Free, Strider, Solarbeam! Micky ordered. Kotaro, Shadow Ball! Scy, Silver Wind! His Pokemon gave him a look that said you gotta be kidding! Micky looked at them for a moment in confusion, almost as if he were demanding them to explain why they wouldnt. Guys! Micky shouted in frustration. His Pokemon still refused to attack the large rock. Enraged by their disobedience, Micky withdrew his Pokemon back to their Pokeballs and slung his Pokeball belt over his shoulder, tying it around his arm. He flicked his hair back in anger and spat to the ground. He knew a powerful Pokemon had to be inside that cave. Anything with Braille inscriptions and six stone pillars surrounding it had to be worth catching. Micky started to walk away from the rock, continuing to move away from the cliff-face hed climbed in search of a rock Pokemon.

You shouldnt be disturbing great Pokemon a familiar voice called. He knew immediately who it was by the smug, self-absorbed sound of his voice. Your Pokemon know that and so should you he continued, speaking like he was some great professor of Pokemon. Micky turned to face him. He was successful at matching the voice to the person. Standing there, atop the rock that stood about fifteen feet in the air was the creepy sadistic face of his rival Shane. His pointy nose and evil smirk making Micky want to smash his face to pieces with his hands, still covered in dried blood from the previous day. He jumped down the fifteen feet of the rock and landed perfectly on his feet, only a few feet from Micky. He was dressed well for the weather. Wearing pale green shorts that revealed his incredibly hair legs. His shirt was like that of an archaeologists, a short sleeved crme t-shirt. All he needed was the hat and a camera and hed be perfect for the look. Even his Pokeball belt was like an archaeologists, pale brown. Micky could see seven Pokeballs attached to that very belt. Not a good sign for Micky to see his rival so far ahead in Pokemon, still, Micky knew it was always quality over quantity seeing as the longest battle they could have was four on four. Miss me? Shane smirked sarcastically.

Oh yeah dude, I missed you loads! Micky replied sarcastically. How did I last so long without having a thorn in my side? he questioned rhetorically at his rival. Let me guess, you want to battle, seeing as me and you are one a piece. Micky really had too much on his mind to be able to focus on a battle. Although he hid it, he was deeply worried and depressed by her condition, however, as a training he could not reject a battle challenge should Shane propose it, and Micky knew he would. The floating candles circled above Mickys head like a halo as though they were reading his depressed thoughts.

Youre running out of insults dude, you only managed to piece together a crappy sentence. I am disappointed with you he said sarcastically.

Oh you have me so wrong Shane Micky replied. Its not that I cant find insults for you, its just there are so many that if I were to list them all Id be here for years, and unlike you, I have things to do with my life!

Ouch Ouch! Shane replied with total sarcasm. So harsh dude, so harsh! One thing though. Whats with the lack of clothes? I mean, come on! he started to laugh. You should be trying to hide that little thing, not trying to get him out!

And you think Im harsh? Micky replied, continuing the tradition of sarcasm as he raised his eyebrow. A shot below the belt, dude, I am ashamed of you.

Shane just smirked and shook his head at Micky. Come on dude, lets get this battle started. Here, Ill even make this easy on you, seeing as you lack talent, Ill send my Pokemon out first giving you a chance to select a Pokemon with a type advantage. Shane had already observed which Pokemon Micky had from atop the rock and he knew what Pokemon to use. A nice strong fire type could handle three of his Pokemon so he knew Micky would send out his Ponyta just so he didnt get the type advantage. His Magby had the power to destroy the fragile pony with ease so he chose his Magby. He threw his half red half white orb to the ground and from out of the pink-red see-through glow came his two foot tall fire Pokemon.

How predictable Micky smirked. And now I suppose Im supposed to throw out my Ponyta?

Makes sense dont it? Shane said.

Yeah, dont it just Micky said. Micky removed a Pokeball from the belt tied to his left shoulder. Shane narrowed his eyes onto it as if to say what you waiting for, just send that **** pony out already but Micky wanted to let him bask in his own confidence. Micky remembered how Kotaro destroyed the fire types in Lavaridge gym and he knew there was no way Shane could have been s skilled as Flannery. Micky spat to his right before throwing his Pokeball forward, only an inch away from Magbys face. The glow took shape and formed his underestimated bug Kotaro. He let out a small chirp as Micky picked up his Pokeball, Shane looking in shock at Mickys choice.

Um, dude, you wanna rethink your choice? he said, his plan completely shattered. He now had to revert back to his spray the bug in flames tactic.

Nah Micky said. Kotaro, Dig! Micky ordered, not giving Shane a moment to think out his new plan.

What?! Shane shouted. You gimp, we havent even started properly. We aint even decided how many Pokemon were using! Shane complained, knowing that even his flamethrower plan was screwed until the bug rose to the ground again, and chances were hed get the advantage by getting a cheap shot in.

Ok, how does four on four sounds? Micky said quickly, brushing some sand off of his shoulders.

Fine Shane said shaking his head with wide eyes as if to say that all you gotta say for yourself you cheating bastard.

Great, Kotaro, Mind Reader! Micky shouted, loud enough for the bug to hear beneath the dirt. Although it appeared that nothing had happened, Magby knew his mind was being read and that his position on the ground had been identified. He started leaping around, hoping that Kotaro would rise up and miss him as he jumped.

Magby! Shane thought for a moment about what he could do. Endure! Magby stopped his prancing about now focused on toughening his body to take the hit he was about to receive.

Kotaro! Micky shouted. Surface Cut! he shouted. Kotaro twirled himself to the surface of the grassy ground, leaping out just behind Magby and slashing his foes back with his right claw. Magby let out a growl of pain, his mind still focused on surviving the attack. The blood started to spray from Magbys spine like it were leaving a hose. Kotaros attack had hit a major blood vessel in Magbys back and unconsciousness would arrive soon to the fire type. Shane had too much pride to let his Pokemon go down without a fight.

Magby, Ember! He ordered, knowing he could take down the bug in one shot if it hit. As much pain as Magby was in, he took in a deep breath.

Protect! Micky ordered just before Magby let out his breath. A line of fire shot from Magbys mouth at Kotaro, only to be met by a see-through jade green protective sphere that surrounded the bug. The flames got absorbed into the shield and failed to have any effect on the bug. Micky smiled a self-pleased smirk before ordering his Nincada to use Faade. The bugs body glowed a bright white before leaping at the bleeding Magby. The sheer speed of the bug knocked Magby to the ground. He jumped about a foot away and narrowed his eyes on his target, awaiting orders. Magby tried to rise to his knees but he just slipped on the soft grass, breathing out a small puff of black smoke from his mouth.

Kotaro! Micky shouted, more of a warning Shane to withdraw his Pokemon order rather than a start to an order he was going to give to his Pokemon.

Shane let out a breath of disappointment as he withdrew his Pokemon. You cheated dude, thats the only reason why you won Shane said, trying to hide his embarrassment at losing when he had the type advantage. Grovyle, go! he shouted. He now sent out his two foot tall grass gecko, seeming like it were a bird with its wing like arms that would shoot leaves at his foe. The bug and grass type glared at each other for a short time, awaiting their orders. Grovyle heard the commotion from his Pokeball and felt a certain respect for his foe. Overcoming his disadvantage, something even he doubted he could do.

Finally, the tension starting to bug Micky, he decided on his order. Kotaro Micky growled, pointing his finger forward like a fascist, letting the sweat exit his pores as the sun boiled down hard on him. Silver Wind! he ordered.

Agility! Shane ordered to his Pokemon, not wasting any time. The Nincadas eyes started to twinkle as his claws shimmered a silvery green as the gecko started to run circles around his foe, preparing to avoid the attack he would soon receive.

Mind Reader! Micky ordered yet again. Kotaro was having a difficult time now. Not only did he have to focus on preparing the silver wind, he also had to read his foes mind to determine his position. Realising his mind was being read, Grovyle used his sharp claws to scurry up one of the stone pillars before leaping to the top of the large stone tomb. This was only a minor set-back for Kotaro. He aimed his claws towards the top of the large rock and readied himself to scatter silver wind cuts across Grovyle as soon as he came into range.

Solarbeam! Shane ordered. Ignoring the fact that he was likely to be hit by Silver Wind, Grovyle leapt from the top of the rock using his lightning fast speed to totally avoid the spot Kotaro was aiming for. The sun bore down so hard that it was only a matter of seconds before Grovyle had absorbed enough solar energy to fire a huge beam at Kotaro. As he past over Kotaro he took the light in using his leafed wings. As he landed he rolled himself into a turn and face Kotaro who had already turned to face his foe. He was met by a long beam of yellow light that twirled majestically in the split second it took to hit its target. The Nincada went flying back ,the force of the light beam sending him back first into the giant rock. The huge blast stopped after a few seconds, allowing the Nincada to slide down the rocks face, letting it slowly roll to the grassy floor in an unconscious mess.

****! Micky cursed loudly, completely shocked that this happened. Micky was now left with the choice of three Pokemon. His Ponyta, Strider, would have the type advantage but she lacked experience and was likely to be outrun by this Pokemon. Free on the other hand had plenty of experience prior to her capture and during the time Micky had her, however she had no true advantage over her foe. Then it came to his psychotic Scyther, Scy. Not once had he won a battle when used by Micky, but Micky knew if Scy could keep his temper hed be able to pull off a win against Grovyle. Determined to make this successful, he spat to the side and brushed his hair back, wiping the sweat from his forehead as he did. He removed Scys ball from his shoulder and threw it to the ground, letting him take his full form at just above six feet tall.

Still got that piece of crap with you? Shane smirked, knowing that if he could enrage this Pokemon it would make victory so much easier. Scy growled and narrowed his eyes on Shane, looking at him as if he could be another victim of his scythe. Unfortunately, he had given up that life, his respect for Micky made him feel that it was his duty to protect him, and that was a full time job. Shanes hairstyle and evil look reminded him so much of his former trainer, so focused on becoming the best that he had no care for anyone else. He would put him in his place, he had to prove to Micky he was a worthy Pokemon as well as destroy his foe. Quick Attack! Shane shouted to his Pokemon. Both Micky had Scy were completely unfocused and within a second of receiving his order, Grovyle had knocked his opponent to the floor, using all his speed to his advantage. Scy got back to his feet as quickly as he could, but he wasnt fast enough. Using his right, wing-like arm, Grovyle threw his body at the waist of Scy like he were a spear and took the giant mantis off of his feet and back to the floor, skidding himself back to his feet.

Scy, Double Team! Before pulling himself to his feet, Scy figured out what he was going to do. Grovyle charged at him again but this time Scy flew above him, letting the geckos momentum send rolling along the ground. When Grovyle got back to his feet he was met by three Scythers. Or what appeared to be three Scythers. The nature of double team was for the Pokemon to leave an image of itself in a place it was. It was rare for a Pokemon to be able to use this technique and Micky had only recently learned of it, but he was already pleased with how it was working. Grovyle had no idea which to aim for and looked over to Shane for advice.

Attack the middle one! Shane shouted. Grovyle speared his body at the centre image of Scyther but went right through it. He landing on his side, scraping his back along the ground. The middle Scyther was now gone, leaving him with a choice of two others. Both Shane and Micky had no idea which one was Scy, he moved too quickly for them to get a good look. Shane ordered Grovyle to aim for the one on his left. Grovyle again attacked in his spear like quick attack but again went right through it. This time he was more hesitant in his attack and lowered his momentum enough to avoid falling to the ground.

Ok! Scy, now hit that thing with an Ariel Ace! Micky ordered. The Scyther didnt move an inch. Scy! Micky shouted desperately.

Guess he doesnt like taking orders Shane laughed. Grovyle, hit him with a Double-edge! Shane ordered. Grovyle had no hesitance in his attack. He took aim and fired his body at the Scyther skull first. Again he went directly through the Scyther, so much momentum in his attack that he went sliding almost six metres. Both Micky and Shane looked on in confusion as the Scyther illusion disappeared from view. Grovyle pulled himself to his feet, his back bleeding from the speed of him scraping along the ground. What the **** do you think your playing at Micky! Shane shouted desperately, never encountering something like this.

May 24th, 2004, 9:37 AM
Scy! Micky called out confused. Where are you?

If that piece of crap dont show itself when I count to ten, you can consider it disqualified! Shane shouted, convince Micky had cheated and withdrew him to his Pokeball. One! Shane counted slowly. Two! he continued, narrowing his eyes on Mickys Pokeball belt, expecting to see Micky throw him out again, caught red-handed cheating. Grovyles focus was where Shanes was, focused on Mickys Pokeballs. Three!

Scyther! a sadistic voice hissed. The three of them started to look around in circles, wandering where hed popped out of.

Scy! Micky shouted, now positive he was going to win, happy knowing his Pokemon hadnt chickened out and ran. Ariel Ace! he ordered. Grovyle looked around desperately, awaiting an attack from the giant mantis. From the corner of his eye, Shane spotted the glint of the metal coat upon Scy from the top of the rock.

There he is! Shane shouted, pointing to the top of the rock trying to get Grovyle prepared. Shane was too late though. Scy glided down from the rock swiftly and cut across Grovyles face as he flew past him. Grovyle fell back and done a backwards roll before landing flat on his stomach, taken out by shock and power. Blood leaked from his cheek from where the scythe caught his face. Scy now prepared to stab right through the spine of this Pokemon. He was going to put this Grovyle out of action permanently. He gave Shane a look as if to say You want this thing to last any longer, I suggest you withdraw him now! Shane was having none of it, shouting at his Pokemon to get back up. Scy had been in the same position as Grovyle before, belonging to a trainer who cared more about victories than his Pokemons health. He hated to punish Grovyle but it was the only way to teach a lesson to Shane. Scy sharpened his right scythe and flew up to the air, about twenty feet above Grovyles body. The gecko could barely squirm, trying to rise to his feet only to fall back to the ground. Shane had one last chance to withdraw his Pokemon but he didnt. Scy took only a second to drop his scythe down the twenty feet right into Grovyles back. Grovyle cried in pain as blood started to squirt from his back. He continued to cry until he began to cough up blood. Scy forgot how much he enjoyed this, the cry of others, maybe belonging to Micky wasnt such a bad idea.

Micky turned away at the sight of the blood spurting from Grovyles back. Scy pulled his scythe from Grovyles back and licked the blood from it. Shane had no choice but to withdraw his Pokemon back to his Pokeball. Your sick! Shane spat at Micky. What kinda **** has a Pokemon like that! he shouted in disgust, knowing if it were him hed be happy to have a Pokemon like that, but this wasnt him, it was Micky and to him it wasnt fair. Hey! Asshole Shane shouted at Scy. Try cutting this! he shouted, throwing a Pokeball forward.

The Pokeball split open and the red glow took form. The creature stood at about three feet tall, although standing on all fours. Her body was at least a metre and a half in length. Her body was arched, from front to tail it was scaled in silver metal, each new scale spiked with a rounded lump with two black holes on either side as though it required screws to keep the plates on. Beneath these metal scales was a dark grey rock body, with four equally sized legs. Around her each ankle was a metal line, beneath those were her feet, each with three silver toes. She opened her mouth to growl revealing a pink tongue, not what Micky expected. Her eyes were a steel-cold blue, targeting on Micky for some reason.

Scy! Micky had to think what he could do to this. It was obvious that something made of steel wouldnt be easy to cut. On the other hand, charging into it would probably fail as well.

Lairon! Rock Slide! Shane ordered before Micky could even think of a move to use. Lairon opened her huge mouth and from within it she fired several small rocks at Scy. The sheer force of the rocks made them smash on impact. Scy showed clear signs of being affected. He clenched his eyes shut as three of the rocks smashed on his skull, one of them busting a hole in his head. Scy fell to his knees, disorientated from the numbness caused by the adrenaline rushing to his head. Now, Tackle! he ordered. Micky was still clueless as to what he should order. Lairon charged her heavy body into Scys ribs. He was too disorientated to move out of the way and was knocked to the ground, the heavy Lairon using her front left foot to crush Scys ribs. Unlike Shane, Micky wasnt going to let his Pokemon suffer. Much to Scys dismay, Micky withdrew him back to his Pokeball.

Micky took a moment to brush his hair back and re-think his strategy. He needed something that was fast but relied on attacks that worked effectively against metal. He knew the perfect choice. Fire was good against metal and ponies outrun huge chunks of rock and metal so he threw to what was Shane and Mickys battlefield his fire pony. As she was released she twisted her neck side to side and puffed out some smoke from her nostrils. Strider! Ember! Micky ordered. In no time Strider had fired three balls of fire at her foes face. Lairon just closed her eyes and let the fireballs explode on her skull. Small black burn marks remained on her skull but she showed no sign of being harmed.

Water Pulse! Shane shouted. Micky doubted the big chunk of metal would be able to do that but he was in for a huge shock. Lairon gaped open her huge mouth a fired a thick spray of water towards Strider. The pony dodged the attack just in time.

Strider! Micky shouted. Flamethrower! Strider ran towards Lairons side and sprayed a long line of flames at the chunky metal and rock side of Lairon. A huge circle of burn marks formed on her side as the flamethrower stopped. Still, Lairon showed no sign of give and waddled her body to face her foe.

Earthquake! Shane shouted. Lairon used her forelegs to push her self onto her two hind legs, holding the standing position for a few seconds before finally slamming her two front legs to the ground. Cracks moved swiftly in a straight line towards Strider. The line of broken ground stopped about a metre away from Strider as the ground beneath her seemed to crack in a large circle around her, jolting upwards before falling apart in two semi-circled pieces with the Pony trapped in between the two. The sheer force of the attack had the pony disorientated and injured, not to mention trapped. Now, Skull Bash! The pony, her sides scarred, tried to use her three free legs to pull her left hind ankle from the ground but to no avail. Lairon lowered her head to the point she could barely see where she was headed, relying on the fact that shed already taken aim and was only going to run in a straight line, her foe not going anywhere. With one last desperate attempt to save herself, Strider sprayed a long line of fire towards her foe as she charged forward. Lairon charged oblivious to the flames that burned her skull. Micky had no choice but to return her, bringing her back to her Pokeball just in time to save her from being hit by the burnt skull of Lairon.

Micky had no choice left now, he had to send Free out. He slung the Pokeball forward as his Butterfree shot out, as chirpy as ever, floating circles around and around. Free, Sleep Powder! Micky ordered, not giving her time to enjoy the fresh air outside her Pokeball and not giving Lairon a second to take aim on her opponent. Butterfree above Lairon dropping a thick fog of green mist that held small silvery spores. By the time all the spores had hit the ground Lairon had her eyes clenched shut, totally asleep, rolling to her side as though she wanted her tough belly rubbed. Free wasnt going to grant that. By instinct of battle orders shed received previously, she started up Silver Wind. Her wings began to glow the golden colour they always did before she finally started to flap her wings hard, sending the small cuts of light towards Lairon. Each leaf shaped Silver Wind cut through the tough stomach of Lairon as blood began to trickle from her wounds. Micky smirked as the helpless chunk of metal lay their, receiving the torture Free laid upon her. Shane didnt need to be told, he knew Lairon wasnt waking up any time soon and unlike his treatment of Grovyle, he withdrew her.

Free flew around celebrating her triumph, her wings singing soulfully, flicking between their usual white colour, to a glowing purple to a glowing green, as though she were trying to intimidate Shane. Shane knew that he needed something fast to take down this Pokemon and he knew the perfect choice. His newly evolved Golbat, evolving from his Zubat in Lavaridge Gym. He through the Pokeball forward, his Pokemon breaking out of it before it hit the ground. From out of the Pokeball came a huge bat, at least five foot in height, each wing about two feet in length however only one foot in height. Just like Zubat, her body was mostly a pale purple, her wings a light violet on the inside but the same pale purple on the outside. Most of her body was her mouth, stretching at least four feet of her five foot tall body. Inside this mouth Micky could clearly make out a long black tongue and two huge white fangs on the upper and lower parts of her jaw. She had two thin legs with wide, yet thin feet, designed for balance most likely. Her ears were tiny, just tiny triangular lumps sticking out of her head. Unlike when she was a less evolved Zubat, she had eyes now, white circles with a black bead in the centre, the gift of sight pretty pathetic since she saw only in black and white, but still she had never experienced any better and to her this was a brilliant new sense. She decided to stand on the ground and wait for an order, rocking from side to side, balancing on one foot at a time, wrapping her wings around her body, hiding her mouth.

Golbat! Poison Fang! Shane ordered. In no time the bat was off of the ground and flying, her fangs dripping a purple liquid.

Free, dodge it and Stun Spore! Micky ordered. Just like she was told, Free flew to her side, leaving a yellow powder in Golbats way. Golbats mouth was stretched so wide that there was no avoiding the spore for her. As she flew through the yellow powder she breathed in some of the silvery spores into her lungs, hidden away at the back of her throat. Her lungs being so tiny, they filled up with the spore fast and started to pump them around her body, assuming it was air. Golbat felt her body stiffen as the spores circulated around her body. She gagged, trying to throw them up, but to no avail. She dropped down to the ground, trying to shake off the stiffness in her body. Now, Double-Edge! Micky ordered.

Sludge Bomb! Shane shouted as a retaliation order. Free glided down as fast as she could, her skull a battering ram, powered by her own speed instead of toughness. She wasnt met with what she wanted. Golbat spat a thick purple liquid over Free as she glided towards her and dived out of the way just in time to let Free ram the ground head first, fortunately she landed in grass and didnt take too much damage. Still, she was blinded by the hot acid that burned her skin. She clenched her eyes shut, knowing if any got into her eyes blindness would follow unless she got major surgery quickly.

Body still stiff, Golbat waddled over to the poison soaked Free, jaws gaped wide open, ready to finish her order from earlier, a deadly poison fang. Her mouth was so wide that she could probably fit Free inside it, however all she had to target was a vein. She considered this revenge, Free put a paralysis spore in her bloodstream, shed put toxins in Frees. All four fangs leaking poison, she clamped down on Frees body, targeting two different veins on her back. Free cried out in pain as Golbat clamped down on her and Micky knew the severity of the attack. He withdrew her before Golbat could even open her mouth to let Free out. It pained Micky to admit defeat but he had to, his Pokemon was going to faint quite soon if let out of her Pokeball any longer, at least inside her Pokeball the poison would be slowed. Typically, Shane was very happy about his victory, a huge smirk all over his face when Micky withdrew his Pokemon. Shane withdrew his Golbat to her Pokeball, still smiling all over.

Clapping could be heard in the distance along with the flapping of wings. Both Micky and Shane tuned their attention back towards the giant stone tomb. Sitting there, still clapping his hands slowly was Mickys good old friend. Standing next to his Pidgeot stood Peter, no change in his appearance aside from his clothing. He smirked at Mickys failure, finding it funny that his friend was so far behind him. Still an amateur Micky! he smirked sarcastically. And whos this then? he said, his attention now turned to the person who defeated his friend.

Shane, and who the **** are you? he replied, not welcoming Peter at all, considering how patronising he was to both him and Micky.

Hes my friend Peter Micky sighed. And despite the asshole personality he is still my best friend he continued.

And why am I not surprised that youre friend would be an asshole Shane replied sarcastically.

Peter jus laughed at the twos behaviour. He could tell immediately these two were rivals. It was pretty standard for a trainer to find another trainer of similar level to compete with often. Clearly, Micky was the weaker trainer, though he had only seen the last battle of the two. What Shane and Mickys purpose for being here was he didnt know, however his purpose for being here was to visit the tomb of a Regi, one of three tombs that no one could open. So, what are you two jackasss doing here? Peter asked bluntly, curious to how these two ended up in the same place.

Passing by Micky said.

Meditating Shane replied. Peter laughed at this, he was not one to take stuff like meditation seriously.

Well, why were here, any of you two up for an *** kicking? Or in your case Micky, another one. Micky really didnt like Peters cocky attitude, he knew full well he had a five year head start and in anything else Micky would easily kick his *** all over the place.

Well, your friend just had all four of his Pokemon destroyed by me so I guess its me and you isnt it.

I guess so Peter replied. The both of them gripped at a Pokeball, Peter not going to start with his Pidgeot, as much pride as he held in her, he wasnt sure it was a smart idea to send out a Pokemon that this guy knew about.

Hold on a sec Micky shouted. Last time I checked you were *****ing that we didnt say how many Pokemon we were using Shane Micky said smugly.

One on One fine with you? Shane asked to Peter.

Just fine he replied.

Well, go! Micky said sarcastically, making his way towards the stone tomb, hopping onto Pidgeot asking him to fly him up to the top so he could get a good look at the battle. Pidgeot seemed to like Mickys logic and stayed up their with him as the battle was about to commence.


Purity and Karen had waited for two hours until finally, Roxanne arrived. You here for a battle? Roxanne said sweetly, finding it cute to find the two of them laying there in a deep sleep on a couch, using one another as a pillow.

What? Purity muttered, still regaining consciousness from her sleep.

Are you here for a battle? Roxanne repeated, leaning over to her ear so she could hear her better.

Huh? It took her a moment to process what she said, her mind moving slower than usual. Oh, no, I already beaten you she said shaking her head.

Is your friend here for one? she said, looking over to Karen who was still out of it.

No, were waiting for a friend to turn up. We were going to ask you for a favour she said.

What kind of favour? Roxanne replied, a little annoyed at Puritys rubbing it in.

He doesnt know Im ok and he stormed off. We think hes coming here for a battle and we were hoping you could give us a call if he came. Were worried about him, hes in quite a state she said.

Oh, of course Roxanne replied, quite willing to help. Whats his name?

Michael Hardy, hes got black hair, a bit less than six foot.

Ok she replied. Ill tell my receptionist to inform me if a Michael Hardy signs up for a battle. Whats your number? she asked.

Its 0783459786 she replied, her number memorised. Thanks she said, still a bit blurry from lack of sleep.

No problem Roxanne replied nicely, wandering over to her receptionist to give her the information.

Come on Karen Purity said, shaking her friend awake.

Keep Searching, this search goes on - Frantic, Metallica

Oh well, this chapter was going to include the Peter vs. Shane battle but it was getting a bit long so I figured Id post it as it is and do the next battles in the next chapter. I found this chapter quite easy to write, things are starting to pick up IMO, and now we know the Regis are in the fic as well as the legendary birds, may as well have them in it, getting a little legend heavy but you guys know full well the end of the world is going to happen in this fic and we need plenty of all-powerful-Pokemon trying to stop Rayquaza dont we? Anyways, the next chapter will come along soon, after all, the rate Im going at this fic will be done by summer holidays.

May 28th, 2004, 10:30 AM
Chapter 18: Battle of the Best

One, Two, Three Go! - Step Up, Drowning Pool

Two red and white orbs landed on the grass and sent out their respective Pokemon. From Peters a Pokemon known as Swampert emerged. A Pokemon that stood at five foot tall and at least a two hundred pounds of sheer muscle. Her head was wide and oval shaped, like an egg on its side. Her head was a sea blue which carried two large fins above her head that were a much darker navy blue. Her eyes were yellow with black pupils that gave the cold look hatred. Out of her two cheeks stuck out two giant orange whiskers, most likely for underwater swimming. She had two muscular arms of sea blue, each having two orange fins sticking out of the lower part of the arm, just above her three fingered hands. Her stomach was wide yet flat, a pale grey, however this colour was only found at her front. Two thick muscular legs stuck out on her sides, now back to the sea blue colour. The orange fins were also on her legs, probably to help her swimming. Finally, at the back of her body was a huge fin like tail, its length the same as the height of her body, about five feet and very thick, probably a very powerful battle weapon. Micky had seen this Pokemon before, used in Fortree Gym. Whether Peter would use similar tactics as the trainer of it when Micky saw it remained to be seen.

Shanes Pokemon was human shaped and stood at about four feet tall, an Alakazam, something Micky became familiar with in Fortree Gym. He was nothing like a human other than how he stood however. He had sharp pointy gold ears, a gold face, a sharp pointy nose just like his ears. He had a white moustache which curled downwards. It was a long moustache stretching down as far as his thin gold neck. From there his body became a thin shape. On him were brown plates that appeared to be armour on certain parts of his body. On his shoulders, chest and knees. In his human like hands he grasped two silver spoons. This Pokemon was a Psychic. The spoons were used to help this creature focus its psychic powers. It would practice on many occasions bending the spoons with his mind from what Micky understood about Psychics.

Both Micky and Pidgeot who was next to him knew this would be an interesting battle, two fully evolved Pokemon in the hands of very capable trainers. Oh the tension Micky said sarcastically, taking the **** out of their waiting ,letting their Pokemon get a good look at each other and determine their strengths and weakness.

Alakazam! Ice Punch! he ordered. Alakazam tossed the silver spoon in his right hand into the air and clenched his right hand in a fist as it started to glow an ice blue. He charged forward at Swampert, ready to launch his attack.

Swampert! Protect! Shane ordered. Swampert pushed her right hand forward as a see-through green see-through shield formed in front of her, Alakazams punch shattering on the screen, the ice on his fist breaking on the screen. He fell back on the floor *** first, the spoon hed levitated falling on his head due to loss of concentration. He reached for the spoon but only to be met by Swampert stamping her left foot on top of it, gazing down on the fallen Alakazam. Using his Psychic powers he sent her flying back, making her stumble backwards upon landing. Quickly he grabbed the silver spoon in his right hand.

Kinesis! Shane shouted. Micky and Pidgeot stood in awe of this move. Alakazam slung the silver spoon from his left hand towards Swamperts head. It cracked in between her two eyes and landed on the floor. Alakazam drew the spoon back to his hand with his psychic powers and turned his head to Shane for an order. Blaze Kick! he shouted. His right foot started to glow white, around his ankles fire began to start as he ran towards Swampert, lifting his right foot forward and leaping up, kicking him around the face, leaving a black mark from the burn around her cheeks.

Swampert, Ocean Surf! Peter shouted. Alakazam tried to block the attack but to no avail. A huge spray of navy blue water that knocked Alakazam to the floor and kept him there until he was released from the powerful blast that left the bowels of Swampert. Body Slam! Peter continued, knowing he could pounce on the moment. Swampert put her arms out on either side and dropped on top of Alakazam belly first, crushing him under her two-hundred pound weight.

When she rose back up to her feet Alakazam was gripping his ribs in pain, trying to roll onto his feet. Psychic! He shot his right hand forward and pushed Swampert back again, taking the time to rise to his feet before shooting her back once more.


Focus Punch!

Shane and Peter spoke in unison. And their Pokemon reacted similarly. Swamperts eyes glinted as she took aim on Alakazam. At the same time, Alakazams eyes closed as what appeared to be a twirling see-through black hole hit Swamperts face. She fell to the ground, her focus shattered, landing hard on her huge tail.

Now, Thunder Punch! Shane ordered, seeing now to be the perfect chance to destroy his opponents Swampert. Alakazam ran forward, right hand freed of the silver spoon that was now levitating in the air, sparks of yellow escaping his clenched fist.

Ocean Surf! Peter ordered again. Confusion was easily seen in Swamperts eyes, the blast of psychic power messing with her mind. She tried to focus on her foe that was charging towards her but to no avail. She sprayed her foamy water in a completely different direction. Alakazam saw her use of the move as a blessing and shoved his fist into her throat, the electricity conducting and entering her bowels, shocking her insides. Alakazam leapt away from her as she started to cough, her insides suffering a strong electric current that torn at her organs. A white foam started to escape her mouth, before a load of a liquid brown dirt was thrown up, almost like liquid mud. She fell to the ground, coughing up more of this liquid mud. She turned her gaze to Alakazam who was standing waiting for an order. Micky didnt think this would be happening. Someone who had completely the Hoenn Region Badge collection being beaten by someone who had about as much experience as Micky, well at least thats what Micky assumed.

When the battle looked like it was finished, Swampert shocked all five of them. She sprayed the liquid mud at Alakazam, soaking him in wet dirt, blinding him long enough for Swampert to get the advantage. Without waiting for an order, Swampert pounded her muscular right fist to the ground, sending crack lines speedily towards Alakazam, the crack stopping a foot in front of him as the ground below him jolted up before falling in half, just like what happened to Strider, the move classified as Earthquake. Alakazam fell down, just like Strider, he got trapped in between the two broken semi-circles, unlike Strider, it wasnt his foot, it was his long moustache. Nice One! Micky shouted out to Peter and Swampert. Micky was almost positive Swampert smiled at him, liking to be cheered on.

Alakazam! Shane shouted to his Pokemon. Get up! Alakazam looked over to him as if to say you get trapped in this and try and get out.

Swampert, finish it off with one more Ocean Surf! Peter shouted, knowing this finally blow would end the battle. Swampert tried to focus her insides properly, even though they were torn and ripped, the two different stomachs mixing their fluids, she managed to pull off what looked to be the same move shed pulled off before, firing a long twirling spray of navy blue water at Alakazam, the force of it ripping him out of the crack and sending him skidding along the ground. Dirty and wet, Alakazam still managed to pull himself up, however he was met with another Ocean Surf that pushed him back to the ground, taking him down from the legs, his head cracking hard on the wet muddy grass. Crush Claw! Peter finally ordered. She carried out this order, slamming her right palm straight into Alakazams face, pushing his head deep into the mud, clearly unconscious. You want to do the count Micky? Peter smirked, now just rubbing it in Shanes face that hed lost.

Micky was all for Peters cockiness when it wasnt directed at him and felt like rubbing it in Shanes face that hed lost. One! Micky said sarcastically, sticking out his right index finger to indicate where hed counted to. Two he said at least five seconds after his first count. Shane took the hint and knew his Alakazam wasnt rising to his feet any time soon. Grudgingly, he withdrew Alakazam back to his Pokeball.

Yeah Yeah! Shane shouted over to Micky. You seem to be forgetting who kicked whos *** five minutes ago! he continued, determined to bring Mickys mood as low as his was.

We have a nice set of battles going on here, mind if I join in? a voice shouted from above. This was the first time the group had actually looked to the sky. Up there they could see some form of dragon flying in circles, his shadow now visible as it blocked the sun out on the floor below. Slowly, the dragon circled his way down towards the ground until a person became visible on his back. The dragon slowly dropped to the ground, letting his trainer hop off. He was much shorter than all three of the trainers, standing at about five foot three inches, maybe four. He carried dark brown shaggy hair, looking like hed never cut it in his life. He was of white skin just like the others, hazel peepers below his brown eyebrows. His body was pretty average in size, nothing too muscular but nothing too puny. He was definitely dressed for the occasion, wearing grey shorts, a camouflage shirt and a brown backpack.

His Dragon also looked designed for the occasion, having a huge Dragonfly as a Pokemon. About seven feet in height, carrying wings of about three feet in length and one foot in height was what looked to be a very powerful Pokemon. At the roof of his head was a long tuff of dark green hair. His eyes were huge and shiny, taking up almost all of his head. They were like two chunks of red amber with a fly in the centre as their pupil. His mouth was rounded at the front, just a slit on his leaf green face. He had a long thin neck of the same colour, ideal for holding when he flew. His neck began to widen about a foot beneath his small bob of a head and at that point his wings appeared. They were both shaped like diamonds, the sharp pointy end attached to what would be counted as his shoulders, although in reality it was like he had no shoulders. Around the outside of these wings was a thick red lining, inside was cameo green skin. His body started to round below the wings, forming something as wide as a horses back, two small tyrannosaurus rex like hands, thin with three claws at the front ,probably too small to be of any use. His legs were big at the thighs, however very tin below that. Upon each thigh, half way up, was dark green skin that looked like a coating of dust. His tail was long, striped with his leaf green skin and his dust-like dark green skin, ending with three leaf like points, each, like his wings, cameo green on the inside, lined with red on the outside.

Trip Ericson, your next opponent he greeted himself to Peter, his left hand out for shaking, his right hand withdrawing his dragon back to his Pokeball.

Peter Mills Peter replied shaking Trips hand. Very abrupt and straight to the point arent we now Peter said to him.

Its the only way to get things done these days isnt it he replied.

I suppose Peter replied.

Hey Hey Micky shouted, waving both hands like he were trying to land a plane. Did I just become invisible?

Yeah, and what about me? Shane said loudly.

No one cares about you Micky shouted.

Why dont we have a Pokemon battle and see whos cared about then? Shane shouted.

Why dont we have a fist fight and see who comes out on top then? Micky replied.

Boys, Boys Trip said in a calming patronising tone. Theres no need to fight he continue, shaking his head at their childish behaviour. You he said, turning his attention to Shane. Who are you?

Shane Cullen he replied.

And you? Guy with so little fashion sense that he can only choose his underwear, who are you? He said to Micky, taking the **** out of the fact he was wondering around in his white boxers.

Im Micky Hardy he spat. And you wanna talk about appearances? Micky shouted at him, annoyed with Trip for barging in and taking the **** out of him. Lets ask your barber when you last got that piece of **** on your head cut.

You wanna talk about hair cuts? he replied. Why dont we ask the barber when you last got yours cut, I was a bit turned on until you talked, then I realized you weren't a girl. he replied.

Dude Dude Peter said, getting in between Micky and Trip, despite the distance between them already. You really dont wanna go there he said. He gets well touchy when people diss his hair and he has a great right hook, trust me, I had to get surgery on my jaw Peter said, remembering when Micky snapped at him when he was drunk.

Whatever Trip said.

Besides, you wanna battle me, hes the weak one Peter continued.

This should be good Shane laughed, spitting to the floor. Battle of the big mouths and small brains.

Micky actually found this quite funny, something he wished hed said. Kick his *** Pete! Micky shouted.

Trust me Micky, the only *** your gonna see kicked is this guys he said, pointing to Peter.

Thats yet to be seen hasnt it Peter snapped back.

Three on Three fine with you? Trip asked.

You bet Peter replied. Trip backed off a good distance from Peter, marking the already scarred battlefield which was at least fifteen metres in length. He nodded at Shane as if to say **** off boy, this is my spot now! Shane left the stop, taking a seat next to the rock, not bothering to join his rival Micky or Peters Pidgeot.

Kneazy, go! Out of Trips backpack came a Pokemon. The Pokemon that came out landed on her feet, raising herself upright, standing at about three feet tall. Almost all her body was a dark turquoise. She had tiny thin arms and legs, looking to be very agile. On the ends of both her arms and legs were two sharp grey claws, so agile that she could balance on the point of just one of them. Her head was a sphere, in between her white eyes dotted with red pupils was a golden gem, several black eyelashes curled above either eye. She had two different ears, her right ear was a tiny dark green triangle, the other a large rabbit like ear, blood red in colour. She had a tiny body, barely any fat or muscle on her. On her *** were two blood red tails, leaf shaped, stream-lined in design, matching her agile appearance.

What the **** is that? Micky shouted, never seeing anything like it in his life.

Here Trip replied, grabbing a red book-like object from his bag and throwing it to Micky.

Micky flicked it open and knew exactly what it was. The dreaded, stale, robotic computer, the Pokedex. He aimed it towards Kneazy and let it talk in its annoying voice.

May 28th, 2004, 10:31 AM
Sneasel, the Claw Pokemon. Sneasel scales trees by punching its hooked claws into the bark. This Pokemon seeks out unguarded nests and steals eggs for food while the parents are away.

There was more information but Micky couldnt stand its voice any longer. Micky through the Pokedex back to Trip.

Pidgeot, go! Peter shouted. In a moment, Pidgeot shot away from Micky and landed on the battlefield.

Gee-ot he chirped.

Pidgeot! Peck! Peter shouted.

Agility! Trip ordered back. As Pidgeot flew in to poke Kneazy with his beak, the Sneasel leapt to her side. As Pidgeot flew in for another attempt, Kneazy scratched up some mud at flicked it into Pidgeots eyes, blinding him until he crashed into the ground. Slash! Kneazy used her long claws to slice into the fallen Pidgeots right wing, removing several feathers. Fury Swipes! Trip continued. Using both claws this time, Kneazy cut apart at her foes right wing again. Crying in pain, Pidgeot finally flew from the ground, his eyes finally clear enough for him to see where he was going.

Pidgeot, Tackle! Peter ordered. Right wing bleeding, Pidgeot flew head first towards the abdomen of his opponent. Again, Kneazy dodged the attack, letting Pidgeot miss.

Kneazy, Shadow Ball! Her eyes glinted just before they began to glow red. She made a sphere shape with her hand, creating a black ball as they past over, purple sparks shooting out of it as she sent it firing forward. It exploded on his neck, the purple sparks still remaining, jolting in and out of his neck. Now, Sword Dance! Pidgeot was stunned, his body entering a state of paralysis as he fell to the ground. What looked like swords began clashing together around Kneazy, her eyes glinting at the same time. Finish him off with Slash! Trip ordered.

Feather Dance! Peter shouted, much too late. Kneazy had already pounced on top of Pidgeot and had her right hand claws glinting high above her head. She used her left hand to move his head to the side and took aim on a large vein on his neck. Just before she slashed down on his neck, Peter returned his Pidgeot to his Pokeball, throwing another forward.

Out of this Pokeball popped something Micky was familiar with. This Pokemon was huge, looking like it could be ridden. He was six feet tall from his front legs to his head. His body was patterned with tiger stripes, although his actually boy shape was that of a dog. He had a long crme mane that moved in the wind like it were fire, stretching from the roof of his head down to in between his two fore legs. His entire face was of the same fur coat. The only change on his face from the fur coat was his ears, just like his body, an orange short fur. He had wolf-like eyes, the look of murder visible in them. He had a wet black nose, just like that of a normal dog. Around all four of his tiger like ankles was more of the flame like fur. His tail was very similar, though on a much larger scale. It stuck up in the air, six feet in the air just like his head, flopping down at the top. Unlike a tigers tail, it was much bushier, a huge lump of fur, more like a larger scale of a squirrels tail. He opened his mouth to roar Arcanine! revealing a perfect set of teeth. Four major Canines sticking out above the others, all a clean white. His tongue stuck out, dripping saliva and sweat probably like other dogs, releasing his sweat by his tongue.

Return Kneazy! Trip said, knowing his Pokemon had a type disadvantage. Sneasel, agile as ever made her way to her masters side in no time. Portal, go he shouted, throwing a red and white orb forward. From within the Pokeball came something very unique. The Pokemon floated in the air, looking like a bunch of different pink and blue polygons put together, about two feet in length and one foot in height. His head was shaped like roughly, multiple sides to it with corners that appeared like they were tidied up with sand-paper. At the tip of his nose was a sky blue polygon, attached perfectly to the rest of his light pink head. He had two white eyes on either side of his head, tiny dots of black on each one. Instead of having a neck, his head was connected to his body by the tip of each polygon, the bottom of his head and the top of his main body. The main polygon of his body was sky blue at the front, however it cut off about one eight of the way into it, a visible line dividing the two different colours, light pink and sky blue. A big stick of sky blue stuck upwards out of the back of his main bodys polygon, much like a tail. On either side of his main body were two equally sized triangular prisms of sky blue. Almost like feet, though he didnt need them since he was floating. The only part of his body that move was his head. His body stayed stationary, aside from floating through the air.

Porygon, the Virtual Pokemon Trip said before Micky could even ask what he was. I downloaded him from virtual reality to reality from a computer and caught him on the spot. Trip then stopped and prepared to give an order. Psychic! he shouted. Portals head twirled in unison with both of his leg polygons, the first time Micky had seen his legs moving. He then twirled his entire body whilst spinning his body parts. The twirl from what appeared like a see-through black hole appeared in front of the Porygon before hitting Arcanine. The giant dog stayed his ground although he clearly showed pain from the attack, his eyes shut tightly as if to say its not there to the pain. Tri Attack! Trip shouted, following up on his advantage. From the tip of Portals nose, three triangles fired, one of red, one of yellow and one of blue. They twirled, forming a triangle shape, leaving behind a trail of red, blue a yellow light before crashing into Arcanines face, again forcing his eyes shut but remaining on his spot.

Arcanine, Fire Blast! Peter ordered, knowing he wouldnt win by letting his opponent hit him over and over. Arcanine breathed in hard and fired a huge ball of lava like fire. As the ball hit Portals body it exploded into five big liens of fire before dissolving into the air. Almost like an X with an l sticking upwards out of its centre. Portal remained in the air, back-flipping as he was hit. Extreme Speed! Seeming like he hadnt even moved, Arcanine had pounced on top of the Porygon and was biting away at him. It was pretty feeble to try and destroy the Porygon since he wouldnt bleed, however he could be destroyed and Arcanine was getting pretty close to doing that with his sharp teeth.

Conversion! Trip ordered. The Porygons body set on fire, huge flames came bursting from his body, shocking Arcanine long enough to set himself free. Thunderbolt! His legs twirling and his head spinning, he began to charge sparks out of his body before he finally fired a beam of yellow light that sparked off electricity. As it hit Arcanines face he flinched, originally going for an attack, now having his focus shattered. Hyper Beam! Now this was an attack Micky was rather familiar with, an often used attack in Pokemon battles. Porygons nose began to glow a bright white where there was once blue before firing a long beam of white light into Arcanines face. From this attack, there was no standing his ground for the large dog. He was knocked to his side as soon as he was hit, sent rolling back several times. Portals attack wasnt finished, rather than continuing to fire in the original direction, he aimed downwards, now hitting his foe whilst he was down. After almost half a minute of the attack Porygon was all powered out. Black marks remained on the orange body of Arcanine, the fire dog still shivering in pain, his eyes half open and half closed as they tried to forget what their body was put through.

Pete! Micky shouted. This is when you should withdraw your Pokemon!

Peter hated knowing that Micky was right, but he had to accept it. He took back his injured Arcanine and threw his final choice to the battlefield. Heracross, I choose you! Peter shouted. As the Pokeball set free its Pokemon, Trip withdrew his Pokemon, knowing that after a move as power consuming as hyper beam, his Porygon wouldnt have the strength left to fight on effectively. Peters Pokeball revealed a huge human-shaped bug. His Pokemon stood at about two feet shorter than Peter, most of his height being in his foot long horn. This entire Pokemons body was pale blue except for his claws which were all bone white. His horn split at the top into two smaller horns that looked like antennas. For most of his horn it was a couple of inches thick. Beneath that horn was his two eyes, the horn just above the centre of both eyes. Both eyes were white with clear black pupils visible, similar size to a humans. Below the centre of both eyes was his nose, shaped like a pigs except it was blue. To the right a left of his right a left eye respectively, were two ears, although unlike normal ears, they sat atop several inch long sticks and were spherical in shape. His body was like a box, the upper part of his body larger in width than the lower part which was dented with several lines. Two either side of his body, just above the centre of it were two arms, in length they were like a teenagers, although in width they were no bigger than a young childs. His arms were accompanied by two blades on each arm that stuck out like razors. Two claws were upon his two fingered hands. His legs were pretty similar, long but lacking in size. There was only one razor sharp blade per thigh, and only one toed feet, somehow balancing on one large foot claw, clearly not a Pokemon that was good at his kicks.

Sleepax! Go! Trip cried, hurling a different kind of Pokeball. Like most Pokeballs, its lower half was white, yet the upper half was black marked with yellow. Still, when it came to releasing its Pokemon it was no different. It exploded open, releasing the red blur of light that began to form a Pokemon. At first, all Micky could see was his back, a dark pale blue, topped with cat like ears. This creatures body consisted mostly of his stomach, Micky could make out a wide stomach even from behind. His arms seeming tiny compared to his body. His arms were just one foot, no bending in the middle, probably making them rather useless. His legs were the same, only a foot in length on his seven foot body, two big foot like feet that kept only three claws but left a circular print on the floor. The creature now turned to face his opponent, his front now coming into sight. His face was strange, fat and chubby with eyes that squinted so tightly that they looked like two small liens on his face. His mouth looked to be smiling, basically like a black slit through his crme facial skin, although when his mouth opened to yawn, it turned from a small line to a huge gaping hole that could probably swallow Micky whole. This Pokemon must have had an eating obsession, his stomach was pretty similar to his face. Chubby and rounded in shape, almost like Buddhas stomach, seeming to connect with his chin being so huge that it hid any sign of a neck. The huge creature that looked to weigh a whole ton dropped onto his huge ***, seeming to make the earth shake as he did.

Snore he groaned out of his huge gaping mouth. Snore, Snore, Snorlax! Micky guessed his name was Snorlax or Snore-Snore or something like that, though he was nick named Sleepax.

Megahorn! Peter shouted to his Heracross. The giant bugs horn glowed white as he rammed it forward at the huge stomach of Sleepax. As his two-pointed horn connected with the sumo-like Pokemon he failed to have any visible effect, his horn simply bouncing off of the creature, the sheer momentum knocking him onto the floor back first, almost comical in the way he bounced off of the huge creatures belly.

Sleepax, Body Slam! Trip ordered. Sleepax rose back to his giant feet before taking in a breath and dropping on top of Heracross stomach first. Heracross tried to cover his eyes from what was about to crush him as the huge body of Sleepax crashed down onto his foe, something like a ton of weight falling on top of Heracross. The giant Pokemon finally rolled off of Heracross, probably feeling uncomfortable having his giant belly on top of a clawed Pokemon like Heracross. Although he left his position on top of Heracross, he did not rise to the ground, instead he just lay by his side, probably too lazy to bother doing anything else. Heracross was left there unconscious, his body pressed into the mud from all the weight.

One! Micky shouted, feeling this was the time for him to take the **** out of Peter.

**** You! he shouted back at Micky.

Two he continued, sticking his tongue out. Peter growled, swallowing a lot of pride even considering bringing his Pokemon back after he was only hit by one move. Three Micky shouted out loudly.

Peter growled once more before muttering **** it! and withdrawing his Heracross from the ground.

Now Peter, Im no Pokemon expert, but losing after one move is bad isnt it? Micky said sarcastically.

Youre right Micky Peter said, surprising them all. You arent a Pokemon expert he spat.

Sleepax, return! Trip said, withdrawing his giant Pokemon back to his black and white Pokeball. You didnt even knock out one Pokemon Trip laughed. Peter growled, ready to punch Trips face until he couldnt see daylight again.

Calm down Ladies! Shane shouted, noticing Peters hissing and spitting. So Trip, why are you here? he asked.

Probably the same as you guys, checking out the tomb of one of the legendary Regis.

Am I the only one here who found this by accident? Micky shouted.

Yes! Peter shouted, annoyed at his best friend who mocked his loss. Only an idiot doesnt know this is the tomb of a Regi!

And only a **** trainer loses all his Pokemon without taking one down of his opponents Micky shouted back, needing some form of come back.

So what were you doing here Micky? Trip asked.

Was hoping to add another Pokemon to my team, then you lot showed up.

Heading for Rustboro as well? Trip continued to question.

Yeah Micky replied.

Same here Peter said. He was in fact lying, he was only there to visit the tomb of the Regi, this being the last tomb he needed to visit of the three. He just didnt want his friend to become better friends with this Trip person, especially after he was beaten by him. Guess Ill tag along with ya he said, pushing Micky into a corner that made him let his friend join him whether he liked it or not.

Um, ok Micky said, knowing he couldnt just say no, I just wanna go with Trip for both the reasons that it would upset his friend as well as make him appear attracted to another guy.

Oh so your just gonna leave me out then? Shane asked loudly.

Yep Micky nodded, not too keen on Shane.

Youre a bit cruel aint ya? Trip stated.

You dont know this ***-clown like I do Micky replied.

What the ****? Shane shouted. You barely even know me dip-****.

I know you well enough Micky replied.

Hey Hey Trip said, waving his arms as if to say tone it down a notch. Shane, you wanna tag along?

I suppose since Im heading for Rustboro Shane replied. Micky was rolling his eyes back into his skull as if to say I come here looking for a Pokemon and I get these three ***-clowns following me.


All four of them had made it about half way to Rustboro City now, however the night was falling and they needed to rest. Micky had no idea what hed do if a Pokemon turned up, all of his being badly injured. The group had seemingly set up a camp. All three of the sleeping opposite each other making what appeared to be an X around the main camp fire, created by Trips dragon-fly, a Pokemon known as Flygon, nick-named by him Tarokuntei. One thing Micky noticed was Trip liked to keep Kneazy out of her Pokeball. She was a lot like Karens Pikachu, wandering around wherever she felt like wandering. Shane and Micky had no relationship of this kind with any of their Pokemon, however Peter seemed to have one similar to that of Trips with his Pidgeot, although Pidgeot did go in his Pokeball when he wasnt needed. Peters main reason for keeping her out, according to him was He makes a nice scout for Pokemon worth catching as well as shortcuts and the like. It did make sense but Micky was sure he had a tighter bond than just that. The three of them stayed up, telling each other tales of their journey, their past at the such. Micky felt a bit left out, hearing Trips tale of being trapped in Ice Cave or Peters tale of the Underwater Cave near Mossdeep City. Micky guessed this was all bull**** but he couldnt help but sense truth in what they said, even if it was only part true. It now came to Mickys turn. What kind of tale could he tell, I fell off of a cliff when three Houndooms were chasing me which probably would last five minutes, or how about I got stabbed by a Scyther. Strangely enough, the two sounded like intriguing stories, still, Micky doubted they would believe him and to be honest, his mind was totally focused on the fact he left Purity behind lying on a bed awaiting her death. He just said he hasnt been a trainer long enough to have an interesting story, however he could tell that Shane was making one up.

I saw a giant bird fly out of a river of Lava! All three of them agreed it sounded like Bull**** but Shane insisted it was true and continued to tell them how it all happened. It was a good enough story to send Micky into a deep sleep until he would wake in the morning.

Where I lay my head is home - Wherever I may Roam.

Well, Micky gets 3 more *** clowns to come with him to Rustboro and we learn a lil bit more about the Regis whereabouts and that all 3 of them are in it some how. Trip is a better trainer than Peter and Shane is just as much of an *** clown as ever. Also, Trip is in fact Trip the mod on Serebii (and the guy on TPM and BMG). Anyways, I present to you, Chapter 18.

June 1st, 2004, 11:05 AM
Chapter 19: Whisper in the Willow

Off through the new days mist I run - Of Wolf and Man, Metallica

Micky a heavenly womens voice spoke softly into Mickys ear, somewhat familiar. Wake Up Micky the voice continued.

Wha-What? Micky said, his eyes blinking open.

Come to me Micky! the voice whispered, the sweet sound seeming to travel on the light breeze. Micky sat up, rubbing his eyes, still in his boxer shorts, his Pokeball belt laid by his side. Micky looked on at his three friends, all laying there snoozing as well as Kneazy. Come on the sweet voice continued, trying to draw him way from the distractions around him. Without even bothering to think about it, Micky wondered in the direction of the voice, his body too numb from awaking to realise how cold it was in the early hours of the day, before the sun had even rose. Your walking in the right direction the voice said, encouraging Micky to keep at where he was going. It was only a matter of time before he was met with his first obstacle.

What do I do now? Micky asked after walking face first into a cliff-face.

Climb the voice replied. Without thinking, Micky began climbing, cutting his knees and arms on sharp stones that poked from the cliff-face. Climb, Climb! the voice ordered, still sweetly.

Im Trying, Im Trying Micky replied. When he finally got to the top of the cliff-face, his body finally recognised the temperature, beginning to shiver all over as his teeth began to chatter, slamming into each other. Its Micky tried to say through the sound of his chattering teeth. Its very cold he whined.

Come to me and the warmth of life will come over you. Micky was too entranced to bother arguing and believed every word this heavenly voice spoke. Slowly, Micky made his way to the whispers call, trampling over leaves that were soaked with the morning dew. His feet were starting to wrinkle in the cold water, turning a very light peach as warmth drained from them. Micky eventually dropped to his knees, his feet so numb that they couldnt keep him up. He was crawling, his hands digging into the mud as he dragged his body forward.

Where am I going? Micky shouted.

To a better place the voice replied. Micky continued to crawl in the direction of the voice until, finally, he came to some sort of shrine, tucked away in the mountain. Even in the dark, Micky could make it out. The base stood at about two feet tall and six feet in diameter, made of rough crme brick held together by black cement. There was a statue atop this basing, it was of what appeared to be a women. She had a goddess like face and a thin body like that of a models. Almost entirely naked except for what looked to be a clothe that covered her private parts as it twirled around her. She had long hair carved on the statue, being so long that it covered her ***. If this statue was of a real person she must have definitely been treated like a goddess, possessing such a perfect body, long legs, what seemed to be perfect hair that had some form of crown made of leaves on top of it. This entire statue was made of perfectly smoothed crme rock, although why it was placed in such a remote location remained a mystery.

Are you here? Micky called out to the surrounding trees.

Yes the heavenly voice called out. Micky immediately turned to face the statue, his knees trembling. The five foot tall statue began to glow a bright yellow, so bright that Micky had no choice but to block the light from his eyes with his hand. As the light died down, Micky could make out the body moving. The light finally disappeared and Micky could make the beautiful women. Her skin was a light peach, not a single speck of imperfection. Micky soon became fixated on her eyes, a beautiful bright blue. Her hair was brown, somewhat familiar. He soon realised who he was staring at. Her bpd half covered by a white clothe, Micky was staring at Purity. It all came together for him, the familiarity of the voice, the beauty of the statue.

Pa Micky was hardly able to breath, not even sure of what was going on, whether it was just some sweet dream or whether it was real. Purity? Micky asked. She nodded. Micky felt like he was going to collapse, overwhelmed by the situation. His knees went entirely numb as he collapsed forward onto her. She grabbed him as he fell, the clothe still somehow remaining in place. She started bringing him to his feet, his eyes looking up at her in awe of her beauty, still unable to believe she was there. He could feel her, see her, hear her, she was no dream at all, she was there.


Kneazy started to stir, waking up earlier than usual. She started to scurry through Trips bag, looking for breakfast. Her claws may have been useful for battling ,but when it came to opening bags all they could do was tear. She had three options that resulted in food. Option one was to rip the bag open and hope to find food inside his bag and in turn, face the consequence of annoying him. Option two, wake up Trip and face the consequence of annoying him. Option three, wake someone else up and annoy them. In Kneazys own mind, she figured she wouldnt be seeing the rest of them again, so she went to wake one of them up. The nearest was Shane, snoring away, after the loud snorting noise he would make the horrible nose whistle. It amazed her that he didnt get awoken by the sound of his own snores. She started to prod him with her long claws. He didnt react at all.

Snee- Snee she said, trying to get him to wake up. She eventually gave up, seeing she wasnt going to wake this guy up without hurting him. She then turned for Mickys sleeping spot, him being so stupid that he forgot his sleeping bag. When she had made her way over to his spot, all she could find was his bag and his Pokeball belt. She started to look around for him, scurrying in all directions, finally, finding his footprints heading off into the mountain. The last time she saw him, he was asleep in his boxer shorts and from the looks of things, nothing had changed. A fifteen year old boy wandering practically naked through a mountain with no Pokemon by his side in temperatures nearing freezing point. She had no choice but to wake everyone up, and she was going to wake them the best way she knew. She took in a deep breathe before releasing a horrible sound, like cats nails scratching at a board, she released the sound of a move known as Screech.

With huge pain in their ears, Peter, Trip and Shane shot out of their sleeping bags, Peter being trapped in his bag and unable to cover his ears. Stop! Stop! Trip shouted to his Pokemon. She done as she was told, although the effect lasted, Peter barely able to hear, a ringing remaining in his ears.

What the **** was that about? Shane shouted, enraged by the Pokemon. She started to point at the spot where Micky was. All three of them realised why she had woke them.

Micky! Peter shouted loudly, an echo remaining afterwards. Micky!

Dude, that is not gonna work Trip said bluntly.

Well, do you have any idea what would work? Peter asked sarcastically.

Try sending out Pidgeot to scout the mountains whilst we follow his footprints Trip replied. His idea was good but Peter had too much pride to just give it up like that.

Yeah, I was thinking of that, I just figured Id shout for hi first he said in a feeble attempt to cover the fact that Trip was right and he looked like a jackass.

Bull**** Shane said. Pure Bull****! He quickly gathered up Mickys gear and shoved it all together in his bag and started carrying it in the direction of Mickys footprints. He then turned to face the other two who were picking up their stuff. Well come on then! he ordered, surprising even himself at the fact that he was actually worried about Micky.


Micky knelt in front of her, gazing in awe, her hands so comforting, resting his head in her arms. Micky felt like he was dying, the shock of seeing her making him barely able to breath. His teeth were chattering as his body shook all over from the cold. She sat behind him, almost hugging him to try and keep him warm. It was only the that he started to see. He gripped her hands tightly, feeling like he was going to die. He suddenly realised how cold her hands were. His sight was starting to blur but he could make out her hands had changed colour. They were now a cold light grey, all the blood drained from them. He turned to look at her face. She looked so different now. Her face was bloodless now, except for a few clots of purple where the blood had been trapped in the deadness of the cells. Pure-Purity? Micky asked, wondering what was going on, almost delirious now. Her formerly beautiful sky blue eyes began to turn grey, eventually rolling back into her skull as her head dropped backwards like it had broke. Micky let go of her hands, letting her body drop onto the floor. Micky slowly rose to his cold feet and looked on. Lying there was what he considered dead perfection. He felt tears rolling down his eyes. He didnt know why he liked her, hed only known her for a month or so, but now she was dead.

You like her, dont you? a deep dark voice said into Mickys ear from behind him.

Micky was in too much emotional pain to even turn to see who was speaking to him. Through Chattering teeth he replied Yes in a sulking voice. I do he continued.

Do you want to see her alive again? the voice asked.

Of course he said, almost bursting into tears. But thats never going to happen.

I can make it happen the voice said, speaking about himself as though he were god. Micky turned to see him, ignoring all the emotional pain, seeing a chance for what he wanted to happen.

You can? Micky asked, his attention entirely directed at this person. He recognised him from somewhere. The three bulges hidden under black leather gloves. The endings of the gloves invisible under the brown monk-like cloak. His face was hidden under a black hockey mask, no sign of hair or anything under the hood of the cloak. Wa-Wait a minute Micky said, now recognising him. Youre that guy who-who Micky started to stutter, the cold getting to him. Youre that guy who attacked me in my sleep he said finishing off his sentence by pointing at him.

With Micky recognising him, Rage had only one option. It was highly unlikely hed be trusted by Micky after assaulting him in his dreams, but now, this was reality. With his left hand he slapped his pointed finger down whilst with his right hand he grabbed Mickys head and rammed it into the base of where Puritys statue once was. As Mickys shivering body went head first to the ground Micky took one last glimpse over to where Puritys body lay, only now, it was no longer there. He finally realised it was all imaginary, she was never really there.

Mickys skull bounced off of the stone base, left temple first. The sheer force of the collision sent him right back up to a vertical basis with blood spraying from the broken vein on his left temple. He took another look into the black eyes of this unknown person before his head was slammed down another time. This time, he went down forehead first, his legs collapsing below him as he drifted into unconsciousness, the blow was less powerful, the grip of his adversary loosening when his legs gave way. Still, he did not fail to bust Micky open a second time. With his forehead smashed open and leaking blood along with his temple, Mickys eyes started to blur as he prepared for death. Micky rolled to his side almost on instinct, falling from the stone basing to the muddy floor. He knew it would be the last thing he felt as the dew covered grass tickled his numbing back. He looked upwards to find this person staring down on him, only a human-shaped blur of brown and black. If you ever want to see that pretty little friend of yours again, I suggest you quit Pokemon training. That is, assuming you survive the man said deeply and darkly, only faint last words in Mickys mind as his eyes closed and he drifted off into another world.

Hold on to me love, You know I can't stay long, all I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid - My Last Breath, Evanescence.

I know its a short chapter but I wanted to leave you all in suspense. Will Micky be alive when Trip, Peter and Shane find him or will this be a good excuse to end this fic before it gets any crapper. Oh well, at least Micky got to see that ***** Purity before he went into the other world. Anyways, I missed Rage so he had to make another appearance, this fic is nothing with out that Mental ****er :-P (Well it is but I still like him).

June 7th, 2004, 2:51 PM
Man how do you write so well? I tried making a fic, had three good characters and everything but I didn't know what to write so I never really started it. Anyway I hope I get to see the end of this, I love it!!!!!

June 10th, 2004, 12:23 PM
I dunno how I write, just natural I guess :laugh:

Chapter 20: Bleeding in the Wilderness

Wake me up Inside, Call my name and Save me from the dark - Bring me to Life, Evanescence.

Purity shot up out of her bed, her and Karen sleeping in the Pokemon Centre. Her entire face was covered with sweat. Shed been having a nightmare all throughout the night shed been dreaming of what it would have been like had Micky been in her position, the only difference was Micky died, and she didnt. But what wouldnt stop going through her mind was the fact that he could already be dead. Wandering into the mountains on his own wasnt a smart idea, especially for someone with as little hiking experience as him. She also couldnt stop thinking that he had committed suicide. Karen said when he left the hospital he was in such a state that it was perfectly possible for him to have gone out to commit suicide. She started to roll down from the upper bunk. She was so tempted to tell Karen about her nightmare, it was bugging her so much. But she couldnt wake her over something as feeble as that. Instead, she headed out of the door, wearing a white night gown. She slipped on some white slippers and headed for the Pokemon Centre front room.

She wanted to wash her face but didnt want to wake the people she shared her room with. Instead, shed use the public one at the front room. As she reached the front room she noticed the nurse asleep. A rare sight to see a male nurse, usually the job applied more to women, seeming to be more patient then men and more able to cope with the many strange people that would enter Pokemon Centres. Coincidently, the Pokemon Centre faced the mountains that Micky was wandering through, or at least she hoped he was still wandering through them. She wondered up to the window, gazing on that mountain. For some reason she felt drawn to it, as pathetic as it seemed to expect to see Micky when there was a several mile distance between the Pokemon Centre and the mountains as well as the fact it was pitch black, she still stared on. She scanned the mountain side to side, her forehead pressed up against the moist window. After almost a minute of staring, she saw an explosion near the top of one of the mountains. She knew immediately that Micky was up there, maybe it was just instinct, or maybe it was just hope, but either way she raced as fast as she could to wake Karen.


Rage lay on his back, felled to the ground by an explosion behind him. He was amazed that he didnt see it coming, his mind so focused on Micky that he didnt even think to use his psychic powers to warn him of the explosion. Still, one mere attack from behind would not keep him down for long. Swiftly, he nipped back up to a vertical basis, nipping up with ease, so much faster and effective than Micky ever could. Micky still lay there, completely unconscious, possibly even dead since there was no sign of him breathing so if he was alive, he was breathing very lightly. Mickys entire body was drenched in his own blood, head to toe, barely a single spot that showed sign of human flesh.

Rage now felt the fury building up in him, angered by this cheap assault that was done onto him. Rage now stood facing a two headed gas-ball known as Weezing and his psychic powers told him this wasnt the only Pokemon that was going to be attacking him. The double headed gas-ball Weezing unconscious on the floor, the effect of a move like Explosion. Rage prepared himself for a physical fight, turning his hands into fists. It was very tempting to use his psychic powers, but at a time like this, it wasnt necessary to strain his mind. He could easily destroy his foes with his fists and for him, it would be a lot more fun.

Come on then! Rage ordered loudly.

Leave the Kid alone a voice replied to Rage.

Or youll do what? Rage replied calmly, hiding his outrage at the sneak-attack that was done onto him. A blast of fire came from the top of a tree, burning the leaves as it passed them. Rage leapt to his side, diving onto the statues basing. Again, his psychic powers werent finely tuned today, he was unfocused and the need to leap to his side completely took his mind off of things. A bolt of electricity struck him as he landed on the statue, his movement was a too obvious move. He could do nothing to stop it by the time his mind had picked up on the coming jolt. His entire body shot straight as the electricity travelled through his blood stream. His back began to arch as he tried to think of a way to stop this. He had no choice now, this was no enemy to toy with. He felt it necessary to get out of there, sensing more than just one Pokemon out there, and these Pokemon were not ordinary. This trainer was beyond anything hed expected. He leapt into the air, twirling upwards as he levitated being caught directly by a flamethrower again. He let out a growl of pain before disappearing.

A beam of Pokeball light absorbed the unconscious Weezing. Whoever protected Micky now decided to step forward. He was barely visible in the dark but had Micky been conscious he would have recognised him immediately. He ran over to Micky, dropping to one knee to check on him. He motioned his finger towards one of the treetops, calling his Pokemon forward. From out of the tree glided down the powerful Poltergeist. Electrical charges in his eyes, burn marks around his mouth. Necromancer removed the glove from his left hand and felt Mickys neck. Still got a pulse he whispered. He tried to wipe the blood from his face but to no avail. The slight movement of his body jolted more blood from his skull, soaking his face further as well as soaking Necromancers. He wiped his face, slinging the blood to his side. Poltergeist, we cant do nothing about this he hissed in his dark voice. He brushed Mickys hair to his side before rising to his feet, hearing the tramples of feet nearby. Chances were his Weezings explosion attracted attention. Necromancer knew that if he stayed any longer it would look like he had done this to Micky. Swiftly, Necromancer rose to his feet and ran, moving very fast for a big guy. Poltergeist had no trouble keeping at the same pace as his trainer, gliding with ease through any obstacle that lay in his path.


Rages silhouette began to form inside his house before finally turning into him. Upon his teleportations completion he immediately ripped off his burning cloak and threw it to the floor. His psychic powers were so quick he managed to fill a pale with water in a second before slinging it over his cloak.

Oh my God! a young voice screamed. Pacifidlog was not a town to have people up late at night so what someone was doing up Rage didnt know.

Huh he grunted, his head shooting across to face the window. He was met by the horrified look of a child, a peeping Tom, ironical called Thomas. The small child, maybe only seven or eight lived next door to Rage. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was a prostitute. This child was just as deranged as Rage. Unloved and mentally scarred. He held great interest in Rage, the curiosity of a young childs mind Rage thought to himself usually, seeing this child many days outside his window, almost like a stalker. Today was no day to stalk him though.

Young Thomas began to cry, his face hiding behind thick glasses and a brown fringe which covered most of his head. The poor child had been exposed to the disgusting body of Rage, so twisted and disfigured. The child was lucky that Rage hadnt removed his black hockey mask, otherwise he would have been exposed to Rages horrible face. Thomas stood there, paralysed in fear and disgust. This was the first person to see Rages body in over twenty years and he wasnt pleased. He circled his hands, making the window shoot open and levitated the boy into his house. He couldnt open his mouth to scream again, it was clamped shut in fear. All he could do was tremble in fear and pray that Rage wouldnt punish him too much. You have stalked me since you were five, am I right? Rage hissed. The child was forced to nod by Rages psychic power. Do you think you should pay for the annoyance you have caused? he hissed again. The child was left with no choice but to nod, Rages psychic powers not allowing him to do anything else. Then I shall make you pay he smirked.


Shane, Peter and Trip ran, side by side with Mickys footprints, Pidgeot flying in the air above, hoping to see a ranger of some sort if Micky was injured. Micky Peter shouted, soon followed by Shane and Trip saying it soon after him. They continued to run, Shane with a flash light in hand following Mickys tracks with the other two behind him. Their ten minute run had led them to Micky. There he was, just how Necromancer had left him. Unconscious and blood soaked. Shane removed a bandage from his bag whilst Peter ran over to his friend, checking his pulse and trying to find some sign of him being awake. Trip searched the perimeter for help and any danger. There was no one in sight, it was just the three of them trying to save Micky.

Hes alive Peter shouted, to Trip and Shane, half a smile on his face despite the fact that his situation was only getting worse. Shane rushed over with the bandage, wrapping Mickys forehead, his hair getting in the way making it a rather difficult task. Still, Shane managed somewhat successfully.

Now what? Shane asked Peter, his hands drenched with blood and small spurts of it that had squirted onto Mickys face.

I dunno Peter replied.

Either of you got a Cell Phone? Shane asked.

Yeah, I have one Trip replied, now by Mickys side.

Get help then! Shane ordered. Trip done what he was asked, dialling for an ambulance.

Wha-Wha Micky mumbled, starting to regain consciousness.

Micky! Peter shouted at him, cradling Mickys head in his arms. Micky! Do you know who this is? he continued, a test of Mickys memory.

Youre Micky said thinking, pointing his bloody finger at Peters face. Youre um Micky continued to think. Peter, right? he said, his vision still blurred, relying solely on his hearing.

Yeah dude he said, now smiling. His friends mind seeming to be doing fine and he had full knowledge that Mickys body could take this kind of punishment. This wasnt the first or second time hed got his skull cracked. When they coming? he shouted to Shane.

They coming now, we just need to signal them to our whereabouts he replied.

I have that covered Trip interrupted, throwing a Pokeball into the air. Out of it flew the dragonfly which the group had first met. Flamethrower Trip ordered to the Pokemon that was already above the tree tops. Mickys sight was starting to return to its original ways as he viewed the spectacle that was flames leaving a dragonflys mouth. The helicopter got a good look at this and landed on the nearest safe spot available, a patch of grass near to the dusty road, part of the pathway Micky took to end up where he was.


Purity had seen the helicopter fly by and she was already in the hospital awaiting its return, Karen half asleep by her side. She was almost entirely positive Micky was aboard the vehicle and making his way back to the hospital. Wake up! Purity shouted into her friends ear, shaking her as hard as she could.

Karen just slapped her mumbling lemme sleep before dropping sideways onto Puritys lap. Purity just sighed loudly, shoving Karens head off of her lap and getting up to wonder to the receptionist.

Has that helicopter arrived yet? she asked desperately.

Its almost here the receptionist replied. Why do you ask?

I think my friend is on it she replied.

Umm, how can you be sure? she asked, not quite believing what this girl said.

Hes an inexperienced teenager who went wandering through the mountains she said sarcastically, flicking her hair back.

The receptionist shook her head sighing. If you go to the roof and say what you told me Im sure they will let you see him.


The helicopter landed on the roof of Rustboro Hospital. Two paramedics carried Micky on a stretcher. Trip mounted upon his Dragonfly Flygon and Peter mounted on Pidgeot followed closely behind, landing on the hospitals roof in unison. Trip withdrew his Flygon immediately however Peter kept Pidgeot out for a little bit, taking the time to run to Mickys side to see if hed regained consciousness before finally withdrawing his Pidgeot.. He hadnt, still with his eyes closed. His head was now better bandaged, the blood no longer flowing, not that it mattered. He wasnt going to be a happy kid when he woke to find his cherished hair soaked in dried blood. Shane hopped out of the helicopter after Micky had been carried out, both his and Mickys bags on his shoulders, the creepy candles now awake and active. Micky! Purity cried out running to his stretchers side, nudging Peter to one side. What the **** happened she to her right, directly into Peters ear.

I aint a ****ing clue he shouted back at her, his voice being drowned in the sound of the nearby helicopter. We just found him unconscious in the mountain bleeding from the head.

Youre the chick who was hanging out with him near Lavaridge aint you? Shane shouted, recognising Puritys pretty face after his battle with Micky.

Yes, aint you that jackass smug mouth bastard who bugs Micky? she replied, not liking to be referred to as a chick.

Yeah sure, whatever he replied sarcastically.

Are you lot done arguing? a paramedic shouted. Your friend here is gonna need several stitches, hes gonna be ok, probably gonna have to stay here overnight.

Is that a good thing? Purity shouted back to the paramedic, covering her ears as the helicopter began to take off again.

It could have been worse he shouted back at her, another medic rolling Mickys stretcher into the building. Follow me he said loudly as the helicopter reached the peak of its loudness, just as it took off.


Rage was re-dressed, he now wore a night black cloak, his mask a new one, silver and metal, different to his hockey mask, more of a skull of metal. Thomas floating behind him, chin up high and his toes pointing down, discomfort and fear on his face. Youll like where were going Rage whispered evilly. They were heading up a steep slope of stairs, seeming to never end, though this was no struggle for Rage, having to transverse this route many times. Light brown steps that led through a tunnel to the sanctuary of Rayquaza and if anyone knew how to punish Thomas, it was Rayquaza.

It took at least thirty minutes for Rayquaza and Thomas to make their way up the top of the tower. The moonlight left a twilight glow around the deep hole atop the sky pillar. Rages skull shaped mask shimmered in the moonlight as he turned to face Thomas. Behind his thick glasses was the crying eyes of a scared child, his short jeans long soaked in his urine, the happenings of the past forty minutes to much for his bladder to take, his red shirt covered in tears. The young boy clenched his eyes shut tightly as Rage placed him above the hole, forcing his eyes open as he rose his left hand up, revealing it from the long cloak. It was hideously deformed, three bulbous fingers, a dead white, defiantly looking to have been burned, cut and never treated. With this hideous hand he waved goodbye to Thomas before slamming his right arm down, dropping the poor child down the hole.

Young Thomas shot down the tube shaped hole like a race car, Rage still in control of his body and the air around it. Only one foot away from crashing to the pool below, Rage finally made him stop. Taking a moment to swirl the water to form a deep tunnel just wide enough for Thomas to fit through. With practically no effort at all, he sent the boy down and up through the difficult to transverse tunnel, eventually shooting up back to open air. His entire body was soaked, though not from water, but even more urine, the poor child so terrified that his body couldnt take it no more. Unfortunately, he was upside down at the time of excretion.

Rage through him forward, onto a bed of grey sand that was like a beach, the lake that covered the surface of the hole washing up against the bay. Little Thomas, lay there, soaked in his own urine crying his little eyes out. He had the sense to step into the lake, washing some of the smell out of his clothes. He now had no alternative though, he had to follow what appeared to be a path to a broken wall. His curious little mind was in full function, alongside his fear and escape instincts. He clambered over the tattered remains of what appeared to be a wall and made his way to the tomb within. In the pitch black all Thomas could make out was two yellow glows, almost like glinting gold diamonds. He had no idea why, but he felt that he had made a huge mistake in walking in. He turned to face the way he had entered, only to find the wall had been replenished and he was locked in. He backed up to the wall as fast as he could as the glinting gold diamonds moved closer. He began to cry as he tasted the every breath of the creature in front of him. The space between the eyes were as large as his head and he was smart enough to know this indicated a large mouth, probably capable of fitting his entire body inside. He let a small yelp out before closing his eyes and awaiting his fate.

All of my endings are waiting to begin' - Circle, Slipknot

Well, pretty basic clean up from my last chapter. A little chapter time for Rayquaza, big time Chapter time for Rage as we promote him a little more. We unite everyone (except that jackass Mark who is left out for reasons behind the scenes) in Rustboro and Micky gets another visit to the hospital and *SPOILERS for chapter 21* new friendships can be made next chapter, another rivalry for Micky will be started and a friend makes his chapter return in the next chapter.

For the big 2 0 this turned out pretty ****.

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You know what I mean. Anyways, your fic is excellent in description and all and has a very good plot !!

KEEP IT UP DB !!! ^_~

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lol, you even call me that here, typical SG

Anyways, my 21st chapter (and IMO my best chapter)

Chapter 21: Calm before the Storm

What Ive felt, What Ive known, has never shined through what Ive shown. Never free, Never me, so I dub thee Unforgiven - The Unforgiven, Metallica

Purity shot up awake. Back in the Pokemon Centre bedrooms. Still sharing with Karen and the other two trainers that were with them. She didnt pay much attention to either of the three, too worried with Mickys condition. This was the second time he had wondered off without her and the second time he got injured. She was determined to be with him from now on when it came to leaving the safety of the city. He was just too in-experienced to make it through the mountains and forests of the Hoenn Region without someone to accompany him, and she felt she was the one to do that, although after meeting Trip and Peter she was pretty sure that if she left him with one of those two hed be okay, as long as he didnt go wandering off like they said he did. She wasnt too sure about Shane though, he just didnt seem right. It was like he was pure evil or something, some spiteful glint in his eye or something like that which left her automatically disliking him.

Is it morning? Karen asked, everything blurry in her sight as her eyes adjusted to the light that made its way through the crme curtains of the window, Puritys shadow walking around towards the bathroom.

Yeah Purity replied.

Did I dream all that Micky stuff? she asked, full of questions of the previous night.

No you didnt. Hes in hospital with a severe head wound. The think a day or so in the hospital and a week away from journeying will be all he needs to make a good recovery.

Does that mean were in Rustboro for a week? she mumbled.

Well, I am. Its up to you if you wanna stay Purity said, knowing Karen wasnt going to leave, the way their relationship had been going they almost considered each other the sisters they never had.

Nah, its ok, Ill stay. Theres a Pokemon Contest Hall around here thats doing a contest, might be worth my while she mumbled, now fully awake and ready to start her day.

Both of them took about ten or so minutes to get dressed before walking out of the room, leaving the other two trainers snoring away. Purity knocked on the room Peter, Trip and Shane were staying in, waking them and another grumpy trainer from their sleeps. The five of them all made their way to the Rustboro Hospital, prior to having breakfast or even a cup of coffee. Shane moaned the entire way, the rest of them just keeping their mouths shut. Purity had control of Mickys bag and Pokeballs. She was incredibly tempted to ravage his bag to see what he had but she just couldnt bring herself to do it. Despite her curiosity and even the slight bit of her that said You travel with the guy, you have a right to know what kind of stuff hes carrying with him was still not enough to break Mickys trust.


Rage was up all night meditating. When he woke in the morning he sensed no anxiety from any of Thomass relatives about his whereabouts. In fact, his mother had yet to notice. His father on the other hand couldnt give a ****. He just figured he was out playing or fishing or something like that. Rage just smiled upon this. Heartless souls will soon Perish he muttered to himself. He rose to his feet, his hands still only covered by the size of his long black cloak. He got up from his cross-legged sitting position and picked up two black gloves from his drawer. He slowly covered his hands before opening his front door. He took one step out before picking up the smell of the sea breeze that coated the water city of Pacifidlog. It was a refreshing, almost uplifting scent.

He took a look around. As useless as it was having eyeholes when he was blind, he did enjoy having them there. Not revealing much of his mangled face to the outside world but still letting the cool air touch his face, one of the few pleasures he had in life. He saw everything around him in his mind, hed never experienced normal sight. Hed never bumped into anyone, knocked anyone over existentially or anything of the sort. His enhanced senses allowing him to move out of the way with ease. He was known well around the town. Not often would people encounter a psychic person, let alone one as powerful as him. On many occasions he had proven the more powerful psychic against even some of the toughest of Pokemon. There was no doubt he was something abnormal, but over the time hed been living in Pacifidlog people were used to him. He was nearly the longest member of the Pacifidlog town, living there since birth and nearing the age of one-hundred and thirty.

He took much pride in this town. A lovely scene of calm and peace. Flocks of seagull-like Pokemon flying over the city, not releasing a single dropping upon the town, having so much respect for the town. Why and who made it was always a myth. Some say that the one rock that holds Pacifidlog once sunk a ship, and the survivors made a town around the rock using the broken pieces of the ship to make the town. Others believed that an island was sinking and the people inhabiting in their desperation began to make rafts from the forests, as the island sank the rafts survived and they began to link them together to form a town. Still, everyone knew these were all preposterous beliefs. Still, these myths always added a touch of mystery to the town. One of mans greatest achievements in Rages opinion was this town. The town hall covered a sacred rock, rumoured to be the resting place of one of the almighty guardians that would protect this world in times of crisis, though it has never appeared in the past twenty thousand years that man and Pokemon had inhabited the lands. The entire town was made from a special wood that failed to rot. All of it was planks of wood, laid down and stuck together, holding together so finely that despite the motions of the waves it never rocked, though there was never a moment that the town didnt have slippery streets.

With a population merely of five hundred, the town was pretty impressive, producing great water Pokemon trainers, swimmers, and the like. The kind of thing youd expect from a town totally surrounded by water, though there was a special nearby island known as Tri Island, well known for the three guardian beasts known as Entie, Raikou, and Suicune. The island itself was merely a place to put the dock, entering the forest that lay there was entirely banned, for disturbing the legendary beasts would spell disaster. They protected a special underground cave, something that was so large that the entire population of the Hoenn region would be safe down there, giving Tri Island the nickname Bomb Shelter. A special place for all people to hide should a war begin or an ultra-powerful Pokemon rise.

Rage just spent his time walking, no reason. He wasnt hungry, thirsty, in need of a swim or even bored. He just wanted to appreciate the scenic view one last time. Rayquaza was sure to have a taste for human flesh and Pacifidlog was the nearest home to man for him to reach. Rage sat, splashing his gloved hand through the water. Not a single Pokemon was visible. Pacifidlog was home to many water Pokemon but not a single one was out to play. Rayquazas time to rise was soon and all the Pokemon knew it. He sensed the Seagull-like Pokemon flew east towards Slateport City, the shark-like schools heading west for Evergrande City and the fish swarms swimming north for Sootopolis. All Pokemon that were grounded barked, growled as soon as they were freed from their Pokeballs, knowing what was coming and just wishing their owners would understand them. Some even tried to swim but failed to get far before getting withdrawn to their Pokeballs, most Pokemon that hadnt already escaped being the bad swimmers. Rage didnt bother to gather his belongings. He dived headfirst into the ocean and never looked back at Pacifidlog. Not a single person noticed him dive and not a single person noticed he was gone, he just disappeared into the shadows.


Wake up Micky Purity sang in her heavenly voice into his ear, her sweet words leaving her soft lips and entering the cold ears of Micky. His eyes started to tremble as he was starting to wake from his dream. He turned to his side, feeling Puritys warm breath on his ear. At first she was just a blur, but then he soon realised it was her. He didnt know how to react. On one hand, this could be real and she really was alive and well, but on the other hand, this could be another trick to hurt him. All he remembered from when things were real was that she was in a coma and would probably no leave it for at least six or seven months, as far as Micky could tell, she was fine so unless he was in a coma for longer than her, this couldnt have been real. Still, in the state of mind he was in he couldnt help but believe this was reality.

Micky shot up a dove opposite Purity, landing perfectly on his feet on the other side of his bed. Your dead he said with a confused look on his face, pointing at Purity.

No Im not, the doctors just got it wrong. I was just unconscious she said trying to reason with him, the others just looking on, Micky still not even noticing them.

No, but I saw you icky trailed off, straining his thought, realising that it was all illusion and he didnt really see her die. Hed only just noticed the others were there, looking at him strangely trying to find reason for him losing his mind when he saw her. Um, hi guys? he said, holding left up hand up as a hello.

Dude, what the **** were you thinking wondering off in the middle of the night? Peter shouted, showing his anger at him for causing so much worry.

I werent thinking ****-head he replied, not liking to shouted at. Its a long ****ing story but in basic terms for a dip-**** like you, I was Sleep Walking he replied in anger, not liking to be shouted at and rather grumpy considering hed had a rather disturbed night of sleep.

God, you all behave like lil kids Trip spat sarcastically. Pete, the Kids just had a **** load of stitches put in his head and Micky, your mate is just worried bout you he said trying to calm them down. Not to the mention the fact that this is a public place and you dont need to curse so much he continued, noticing there were five other people asleep nearby that would probably not want to be awakened by the sound of Mickys swearing.

Ok, first things first Trip, I am just as old as you so you cant call me a kid, secondly Micky trailed off realising he couldnt think of a second thing. Dammit! he spat realising his stupidity. How many ****ing stitches are in my skull? he shouted.

Forty Six, and you got twelve on your stomach as well a doctor said, dropping in when he heard the commotion. And could you please keep your voices down he asked nicely, worried about the other patients.

Forty Six! he shouted in shock. And why did my stomach need stitching? he questioned.

We found a half sown stab wound on your stomach.

Oh yeah he said, remembering when his Scyther stabbed him.

Sorry Purity said on behalf of Micky. Hes jus at bit edgy.

Edgy! Micky shouted at her, not taking too kindly to being described that way.

Hell be fine once hes had something to eat and gotten changed she continued, completely ignoring Mickys detest for being described as Edgy. He only just realised he wasnt dressed how he wanted to be, wearing one of the hospital gowns that were given as standard.

Crap, what am I wearing? he spat, looking down at his clothes. Purity, gimme my bag, I am definitely getting changed.

She threw the bag onto the bed as the doctor left the group of them. Where the **** did you get a stab wound? Karen asked.

You know my Scyther? Micky replied, letting them fill in the blanks.

Wait, you mean that Scyther was the one that attacked us Purity shouted at him. You said the one you caught saved you from it she continued, her former liking of that Scyther gone.

Well, its not like youd accept it if I told you otherwise he reasoned.

You have a mentally deranged Pokemon that assaulted you and you still using him she said in confusion.

He respects me, I kicked his *** he replied, removing his hospital gown and going through his bag for clothes.

You what? she asked, not understanding how Micky could have kicked a Scythers ***.

Ill explain later he replied, putting on his white shirt with the dragon imprint. Peter just looked at him in a new manner. He always knew he was a tough fighter, hed even been on the wrong end of his fist before which resulted in a lot of blood coming from his nose, but beating a Scyther up just seemed unreal. Micky continued to get dressed whilst the other just waited. He finally emerged from behind the bed in his generic black trousers striped with red and black trainers.

Well, lets get some food he said to them all, acting like the previous shouting hadnt happened. He looked at Shane suspiciously however, surprised that he hadnt said a thing, usually being the loudest mouth out of everyone he knew. On the journey out of the hospital he was told by a doctor that he had to come back later on in the day for a check up and he obtained his Pokeball belt yet again.


June 13th, 2004, 7:37 PM
Thomas hid in the corner. Whatever it was that he was with hadnt touched him. He just had to deal with the intimidation that came with facing such a beast. He knew full well who it was, remembering the stories Rage would tell the kids of the mythical beast known as Rayquaza. Rage was the only person who knew how to reach the Sky Pillar, or if he wasnt he was the only one who told people how to reach there. He made a business of it, one hundred Pokeyen for him to guide a poor trainer to their doom. Thomas got a free tour to the top of the Sky Pillar and into Rayquazas lair, and unlike others he didnt have to walk. He still hadnt seen what Rayquaza looked like, not a single light inside what seemed like a tomb which Rayquaza stayed in. The legend of Rayquaza was at the beginning of all time, three Pokemon existed. The creator of all Pokemon, Mew, and two of his creations. Groudon, the god of the land, and Kyogre, god of the sea. The soon became rivals and started ripping apart the world that man had inhabited, killing many innocent lives, so Mew created Rayquaza to stop them. Rayquaza defeated both gods and sent them underground, never to rise again. The people of the world built a Giant Pillar for Rayquaza for live in and called it the Sky Pillar. All of this was myth and legend however and almost no one believed it, including Thomas. Now he started to. The Sky Pillar was real enough and what appeared to be Rayquaza did exist so now he believed all these tales. The trouble was it was too late for him to believe them. It was only a matter of time before Rayquaza would get hungry and from what the myth said, Anyone who disturbed him would face death and as far as Thomas was concerned, he had disturbed the beast.


Where we gonna eat? Shane asked, the first thing hed said to Micky all meaning.

I know a guy with a stool where he sells well good food, jus around the corner he replied.

What kind of food? Karen butted in.

Chicken imitation, Rice, all sorts of stuff, mostly oriental kinds of food.

Sounds interesting she replied. Its nice right?

Well duh, thats kinda what I meant by Well Good he replied sarcastically. The six of them walked around, looking almost like a gang of trouble making Pokemon trainers. Kneazy now awake and active, walking in front of them with an intimidating look in her eyes. Pikachu was still inside his Pokeball however, Micky insisting he stay in there since he couldnt stand the sound of his cute little voice. The six of them passed the corner and there it was. Martys van, a table set up outside of it with food being placed on it. Chances are hed only just arrived and probably needed help.

Marty! Micky shouted running towards the van.

Martin titled his head for a moment, he recognised that voice. He turned around and looked out of his van. He recognised Micky immediately, despite the large white bandage that wrapped around his forehead. Micky, what you doing here? he chuckled. Hed shaved his beard since last time Micky saw him, now he had no beard or moustache, just a white uncovered face.

Micky picked up a tray of food and helped placed it on the table, giving him a hand with his work, after all, it was the least he could do since he took him in that night about three weeks ago. Came back to challenge Roxanne he shouted back to him as he placed the tray on the table.

Whats with the bandage? he asked, worried about his health.

Its a long boring story Micky replied, knowing full well it wasnt.

You here for breakfast? he asked.

Yeah, my friends as well he said, doing sarcastic finger gestures as he said friends, not really considering Shane and Trip as friends yet. This was the first look Martin got of the other five, his attention directed at carrying the trays of food to the table.

Hi Shane said, flicking up his hand as a hello in a nervous manner.

Thats Shane Micky spat pointing to his pointy nosed rival. Karen he continued, pointing to Karen who was dressed like a generic Pokemon trainer in red and white. Trip he said pointing to the newest member of the group. Peter and Purity he said dancing his finger side to side at the two of them, hiding away at the back.

Hi Martin said to them all, dropping another tray onto the table before finally stopping, three trays of chicken, rice and noodles there. As odd as it seemed, he had many regular customers who would stop by, take a seat as though he ran a restaurant and would eat there for lunch and breakfast. A rather successful street business that combined with his pension left Martin in a pretty comfortable financial position. He offered a free meal to the group of them which was eagerly accepted and enjoyed very much by the six of them, his cooking probably being one of the best in the world.


Rayquaza sensed it was time to rise again. He glared sadistically at Thomas one last time, thinking about whether he should kill him now or save him for dessert after his killing spree on Pacifidlog. If he didnt kill him now, chances are hed find a way to escape, however if he did, he d be flying into Pacifidlog with a full stomach. He licked his right index claw, sharpening his sword like scythe. He moved closer to Thomas and sliced at the boys leg, severing his right foot off with one swipe. He yelped in pain as his leg was removed, blood spraying from the wound into Rayquazas mouth. He had a sip of the blood, drinking it like water. He finally gave him one last look, almost as if to say you stay there before firing a beam of light at the wall, shattering it in one blast.

Crying in pain, Thomass eyes started blurring. However, he caught a glimpse of Rayquaza, light from the outside shining in, revealing his green snake like body. Thomas tried to crawl out of his corner but he stopped when Rayquaza turned his face to him and hissed, spitting some of his own blood back into his face. Thomas knew there was no point in trying to escape now, not when Rayquaza could see him. He wiped the blood from his face and backed away again.


So you have to stay in Rustboro for a week? Martin questioned, referring to Puritys comment that hed have to keep the stitches in for a week.

Yeah, I guess so Micky replied.

Where you staying? he asked.

Pokemon Centre most likely he replied.

Why dont you stay at my place again? he asked, liking the company Micky offered. You know your always welcome there. Micky liked this comment, it was nice to feel welcomed somewhere, considering his father had basically disowned him.

What about them? he asked, pointing to the rest of the group, knowing that his house was too small to house all six of them and Martin.

Dont worry. Its summer, got a couple of beds on my roof, the bed in the room you stayed in, my room and the sofa which Ill sleep on he said, rather selfless of him considering it was his house and hed be taking the most uncomfortable sleeping spot.

Well, I wont be hanging around anyway so thats one less person to worry about Shane said, rather rudely.

Why not? Karen asked, Micky smiling at the thought of being rid of him, not needing him to gloat about his two victories over him to Martin.

I only have three badges, still got five to go.

You got a year til that Pokemon International five hundred thing Karen replied, figuring thats why he wanted the eight badges so he could enter.

I know, but I wanna be able to rub it in Mickys face when I completed it and hes still got two badges he smirked, his competitive asshole side showing very clearly.

Up yours Shane, doubt your ever gonna get passed badge number four Micky spat.

And this is coming from the Kid who keeps getting his *** kicked by me? he laughed.

No, this is coming from the kid who disabled your Grovyle he replied, knowing that Grovyle was Shanes first Pokemon and when his Scyther put it out of action it was like driving a nail into Shanes hand.

You disabled one of his Pokemon Purity shouted at him.

Scy did actually, dip **** one-o-one over there didnt have the sense to withdraw his Pokemon when it was down he said, pointing to Shane when he called him dip **** one-o-one.

Shane had no reply to this, he knew full well it was his fault just as much as Mickys that his Grovyle wouldnt be able to battle again. Instead of replying, Shane just glared evilly at Micky. That Scyther really needs to be sorted out Purity said to Micky, not liking it a single bit when she found out it was the one who attacked Micky and her.

Hes mentally ****ed up Micky exclaimed gleefully. Hes perfect!

Except he dont listen Purity interrupted, trying to convince Micky against the use of Scy.

Yeah, but he knows what hes doing Micky replied, smirking at her.

Ya know what guys Shane said turning his head side to side. Im gonna go to Petalburg City, kick another gym leaders ***, then off to Dewford and do it again.

Yeah, sure, whatever Micky spat, rolling his eyes.

See ya he said, getting to his feet and slinging his bag over his back. Thanks for breakfast he said to Martin, waving his hand up as he walked off into the distance.


Rayquaza dived into the lake outside his tomb, his streamlined body fitting perfectly in the tunnel, drilling his body all the way until he shot out of the roof of the Sky Pillar. Swiftly, he shot all the way into the sky, above the white clouds that covered the Hoenn Sky. His sick yellow eyes glinted as he broke the sound barrier above the town of Pacifidlog. The horrible screech was heard all over Hoenn, people as far as Lavaridge Town hearing the piercing sound. A man drinking a beer on his roof in Petalburg City feeling the glass smash in his hand as the sound shattered it.

Everyone fell to the floor in Pacifidlog, some rolling into the water, burying their heads in the thick ocean to hide themselves from the horrible screeching. The glass on the windows of the wooden hut-like houses shattering sending glass everywhere. The sound finally stopped after a minute, Rayquaza stopped circling the air above Pacifidlog. Now he was just a black shadow in the sky. Everyone looked up, trembling from the sound, barely able to find strength in their knees to keep their bodies upright. Rayquaza coiled his body, turning him into a black sun shaped sphere. People looked in awe, paralysed in disbelief. People in the water felt the vibrations as Rayquaza shot up to the atmosphere of the world, only just inside the air trap of the earth, almost able to see the stars despite the brightness of the day. He had ten thousand feet to drop before he would reach Pacifidlog. Everyone on Pacifidlog didnt move an inch, not even those in the water, they just floated there, waiting for this thing to come down, only praying they would live through this.

Great old one. Forbidden sight. He searches, Hunter of the Shadows is rising - The Thing that Should not be, Metallica.

Yay, Ray-Ray is back and hes gonna commit murder, *celebrates*. Be happy Dragonfree, your next chapter will be your favourite. This is a complicated chapter *like why didnt Rage warn anyone for example.* Anyways, I liked my description of Pacifidlog and I liked my ideas on Rayquaza movements, hope you did to. (Has anyone noticed Metallica seem to have lyrics for everything? There's been about two chapters that haven't had Metallica lyrics in them)

June 18th, 2004, 8:05 AM
Chapter 22: Quenching the Thirst

Timeless sleep, Has been upset. He awakens, Hunter of the shadows is rising - The Thing that Should not be, Metallica

What the **** was that? Micky shouted, making his way from under the table. Car alarms screamed whilst shattered glass lay all over the streets. Such an over-developed city was home to many buildings with glass windows. Micky dreaded to think what happened to the Denham Tower, one of Rustboros pride and joy, made entirely out of different coloured glass; the walls, floor, and roof. Micky knew that the hospital would be filled with injured people, so much destruction caused by one piercing sound.

Ouch Purity moaned as she tried to get to her feet, holding her head, trying to calm her mind from the horrifying sound.

Everyone ok? Peter asked, rising from the ground, falling off of his chair when the sound came.

Yeah Micky spat, gripping his left ear tightly, almost positive blood was going to come pouring out of it.

Im fine Marty replied, being helped back to his feet by Micky, not in quite as good shape compared to his youth. Groans could be heard from the streets, people trying to stand, many with cuts all over them from stray glass. Micky took a look at Martys van. All of the glass at the front was shattered, so much for the Shatter Proof promise its makers put in the adverts.

Pikachu burst out of his Pokeball, shooting from Karens side. Pika Piii! he moaned, obviously in the same pain as everyone else, even the safety of the Pokeball unable to hide the sound.

Yes Chu-Toy, we know how you feel Micky spat in distain of the rodent. Just suck it up he growled. Micky dreaded to think what Scy would do if he escaped his Pokeball, being as psychotic as he is without the sound angering him further.

Everyone on the streets were up again, the sound of car alarms in the distance along with the sounds of ambulance and police sirens. Micky dreaded to think what it was like for anyone in the air. Helicopters would have crashed, people flying their Pokemon would have fallen to their deaths most likely. One police car passed by, the officers inside covered in their own blood from the glass that shattered into their bodies. However, their intentions were clear. It was their duty to protect the people and that is what they would do. Everyone seemed to have collected themselves now, anyone that was getting up was up and now it was a matter of helping the ones who wouldnt be rising to their feet. Just when it all seemed safe, the second wave of sound came. This was even worse than before, twice as long and at least three times worse.


Rayquaza twirled around near the atmosphere before driving his body down, breaking the sound barrier again. The people of Pacifidlog, frozen in fear, finally woke from their trance at the sound of the screeching, gripping their heads once more. No one got a good look at Rayquaza, Everyone turned away by the sound. In one minute he had shot down from the top of the atmosphere directly into the town hall of Pacifidlog. The entire building split apart in an explosion of dust and wood. People nearby the scene of the crash choked on the dust as others fell into the ocean from the force of the crash. Anyone nearby the town hall was crushed under the broken wooden walls of the former glory of the town hall. Hissing and roaring was heard as Rayquazas silhouette was seen inside the cloud of dust. People stood in shock as the looked at the size of this snake like creature, no one having the sense to run.

A young child screamed, being so young she knew of nothing else to do in a situation like this. The sound of her cries brought a smile to Rayquazas sadistic face. The dust was half way to the ground as he shot out of the dust cloud at the young girl. She was the first person to get a good look at Rayquaza, but it she only got to see him for a split second. Rayquaza past right above her, right hand dragging along the plank like pathway of Pacifidlog. He went right above her, the young girls long blonde hair shooting back as he passed in half a second. Everyones attention was turned to the girl now. Rayquazas first victim was seemingly untouched. The girl had stopped screaming, frozen in shock. Rayquaza was entirely ignored by anyone who had seen him pass. They had to see what would be happening to them. For at least a second nothing was seen, the girl just stood there in shock. Then, blood started to leak from above her forehead, a line of blood forming all the way down the centre of her face down to her neck and all threw her body. Her eyes rolled downwards as she looked at the blood spilling from the perfectly straight cut down her body. Her eyes then rolled into separate directions as her body fell apart, her left side falling forward and her right side falling backwards, all her cuts rolling out for all to see. As soon as she fell apart the panic began, people were frozen in confusion before, now there was no doubt about it, Rayquaza didnt just look and act like he could kill anyone with ease, he could.

The screaming and running commenced. Some people dived into the water, trying to stay out of Rayquazas sight, other people ran into their homes, trying to grab some possessions before leaving, and some stood their to fight. Almost every trainers Pokemon left their Pokeballs. Some trainers ordered them to attack Rayquaza. They knew full well who this was even if the people of Pacifidlog didnt know. There was no way they stood a chance of even grazing Rayquaza, let alone putting up a fight.

Rayquaza shot back into the sky again, taking in a breathe as he did. He circled the air above Pacifidlog before choosing his mark. A giant wouldnt pathway leading to Tri Island. If anyone stood a chance of survival they would have to reach Tri Island, and Rayquaza wouldnt let that happen. He shot passed all the people and turned as he reached Tri Island. He then shot back again, spraying flames along every inch of the pathway. Some people dived into the water, in hope of swimming to Tri Island whilst others tried to run away. It took her twenty seconds to burn every body that stood on the wooden pathway. His flames so powerful that they burned the bodies in one shot, the wood of the pathway and the bodies of the people turning to ash.

Rayquaza shot down into the ocean. He now had to stop anyone from escaping by sea. He focused his mind, letting small sparks of electricity leave his body as he swam, moving like an eel in the water. He twirled just once a caused a thirty foot tidal wave to rise, sending it into the city of Pacifidlog, crushing half of the town under the sheer weight of the water and drowning many in the taste of salt water. At least two third of Pacifidlogs population was in the water and he knew a quick and simple way to finish them off. His body sparked stronger and stronger as he shot out of the water. His entire body glowed yellow as he shot a huge beam of electricity at the water. For at least a one mile radius, the ocean lit up, sparks of electricity shooting up at least ten feet in the air from where Rayquaza had sent the surge. He stopped the attack after one minute, his jolts of electricity at least ten thousand volts in power. Bodies started to float to the oceans surface, all blistered and bleeding from the electricity. Not a body breathing. As it rose to the surface.

Rayquaza turned his attention to the rest of Pacifidlog, still seeing half of it standing, the only part that wasnt hit by the tidal wave. People cowered together, parents hugging their children, couples holding each other for the last time, and trainers withdrawing their Pokemon for their protection just waiting to see how Rayquaza would finish them off.


Micky lay on the ground, writhing in pain as he gripped his ears, trying to recover from the sound. His arms were all cut, little bits of glass jammed in them. He tried to climb to his feet, only to fall down from the ringing in his ears. His friends didnt seem to be doing any better. Peter was collapse on the floor, trying to reach for a Pokeball, probably under the assumption that they were under attack. Purity was half way to her knees, using her chair for support. Micky was trying to get his head around what happened, trying to come up with an explanation for the sounds. He look in front of him to see the police car turned over, mashed up against a wall. The driver probably swerved as the sound came over him and crashed. Everyone ok still? Karen asked in a moan, hugging Pikachu who was freaking out.

****! Micky spat loudly. My ears are killing me!

Join the club Trip groaned sarcastically.

**** you Trip Micky said, barely able to raise his middle finger to Trip.

Both of you! calm down Purity shouted aggressively, totally not in the mood for listening to the two of them arguing.

Everyone on the streets started rising to their feet. It looked like something out of a Zombie movie. People rising to their feet slowly then looking around as if it were the first time they had seen the world, although the way the world looked at the time was a new experience. The first wave of sound had just shattered the windows. The second had caused electrical wires snapped, some cars had exploded, fire hydrants were spraying water everywhere, it was sheer anarchy. Some people ran into the shops, seeing a chance to rob the place in the moment of chaos. Others tried to help the wounded to their feet whilst others just ran for their lives. It was decision time for Micky. On any normal day he would have joined in thieving from the shops, but he didnt want to look like scum in front of the others. Instead he simply asked What we gonna do?

I think we should go back to my house Martin said. From the looks of things its going to get more chaotic at any moment. It was sensible thinking and Micky was pretty sure the entire group agreed, though part of him did feel they should go in the direction Shane went just to check if he was ok.

Yeah, I agree Micky said, still gripping his head. Micky took a look at the van. It was in pretty good condition aside from the shattered glass which lay on the car hood and the seats. They were lucky it withstood the sound wave, unlike the other vehicles which werent strong enough and simply exploded.

I second that Peter interrupted, already making his way to the passenger seat in Martins car.

Theres not enough room for all of us in it Trip pointed out.

Get in the back then Dip **** Micky spat.

Shut up **** head Trip replied, just as immature in his insult as Micky.

Please, just shut it you two Purity pleaded in a groan. Micky was about to have a go at her, something along the lines of Shut your face *****. Strangely enough though, he didnt. His subconscious told him to keep his trap shut and he didnt know why. But he did and made his way into the back of the truck. Fortunately, Pikachu was in the front with Peter and Karen, leaving Purity, Trip and Micky in the back. It was tempting to argue again, but the group of them sat in silence. They left the back door open for light and to relieve the feeling of being trapped. Something Micky had only just learned about Purity was her claustrophobia. They passed by many people, almost everyone thieving from stores or laying unconscious on the streets. The speed Martin was driving at got them out of Rustboro in no time, Micky assuming they were going to Harville as the sirens of ambulances and police faded into the distance.


Rayquaza wasnt sure how he wanted to finish off the rest of the town. There were so many options available to him. Being so powerful his body was capable of so many attacks. He had two stomachs. One that could produce fire and one that could produce water. Not to mention his ability to freeze the water just as it left his mouth. He was also capable of decapitating them one by, swallow them hole or fire a beam of light that could tear them apart in one strike. Instead, he decided to be more inventive. He began twirling, almost appearing like a green sphere, the wind around him starting to form a twister. Slowly, he dipped his body downward until it had just tapped the ocean surface. The half visible twister now became a giant tornado of light blue water. The tornado went from being about ten feet tall to at least forty feet tall. His spherical shape was visible at the top of the tornado, a black silhouette of a ball that appeared hazy through the fast spinning water.

He started to make his way towards Pacifidlog, bringing the twister with him. The spray of the water started to hit the faces of the soon to be victims. He then sent the twister through the centre of the leftover Pacifidlog town, tearing it in half, absorbing anyone who got in the way into his tornado. The twister was unmatched in power, nothing could withstand its power, anything in its way getting ripped apart, including people. It was clearly visible that the people sucked in were dead. Red stripes of blood formed on the outside, disappearing after two or three spins into the watery body of the Tornado. Rayquaza took the giant twister a good distance away from Pacifidlog before returning, almost like he letting the tension build up for the people whod soon suffer its effect.

Rayquaza drove the twister to Pacifidlogs side before drilling it at Pacifidlogs centre again, creating a perpendicular line through it, a large cross of wreckage forming. Now there were only four chunks of Pacifidlog left. Each one holding about ten or fifteen people each. On each chunk, Everyone was huddled together. Children were screaming whilst the adults tried to shield their eyes from seeing what was about to happen. Rayquaza had to make his mind up now, which Chunk would be destroyed first? Rayquaza circled the perimeter of what was left of Pacifidlog, taking a good look at who was left, seeming to be judging them to decide which chunk to aim for. Eventually, he stopped in the centre of all four chunks, anyone likely to meet his wrath.

Rayquazas back was turned, and one man saw his chance to escape. Hoping not to be spotted. He dived head first into the water and started to swim away. Rayquaza was just too smart for this person however. As soon as his face met the water he heard the splash. His head shot directly towards him and he hissed loudly, his breath floating over the people of the mans chunk. He let the individual try to escape however, letting him swim at least one hundred metres from Pacifidlog before Rayquaza decided it was time to stop him. He turned to look at Rayquaza, and then he realised that Rayquaza was just stalking him, deciding when he felt like killing him.

June 18th, 2004, 8:06 AM
In desperation the man turned away and swam faster than he ever had before, but he was no match for Rayquazas aerial speed. Rayquaza shot forward, his right hand aimed downwards so that his middle claw dragged into the waves. As his claw touched the man he curled it upwards, flying upwards as well. He had scooped this man from the water perfectly, leaving him still alive but in agonising pain. Rayquazas scythe like claw had cut into his genitalia and had hooked at his left shoulder, the rest of his upper body untouched. He flew in front of the people of Pacifidlog, showing him off as if he were a warning to say let me decide which one of you to kill first or I will do this to you. The man tried to yelp in pain but he was stopped immediately by the left claw of Rayquazas right hand, Rayquaza drilling it into the mans neck so perfectly that he was still alive.

Rayquaza showed him off, letting his blood spill onto each chunk of Pacifidlog before he finally showed mercy to the man, closing his hand into a fist, letting the three finger-like claws and the one thumb-like claw cut into the mans flesh until it finally chopped him apart into four separate pieces, dropping each bit of the mans body into the ocean bit by bit. His entire right hand was soaked in blood now, going from the bone white to blood red. He spun in the air once more to get a quick look at everyone before deciding what he wanted to do next. Hed only just realised that he had barely spilled any blood. He picked a target and jammed his left middle claw into the poor persons stomach. Everyone dove out of Rayquazas way, seeing he was only after one of them.

His new victim was a women, probably in her mid thirtys. She was hooked on Rayquazas middle claw by her ribs, her stomach ripped in two on the inside. She was fading away fast and Rayquaza knew this. If he wanted to inflict any more pain on her hed have to do it quickly. He opened his mouth nice and wide before dropping it down just above her shoulders. The women felt his saliva drop onto her head before he clamped his teeth together, slicing her head clean off her body. He was done with the body now, throwing the body back to where he got it. The headless body squirted blood everywhere as soon as it was released from Rayquazas claw. Soaking everyone on that chunk of Pacifidlog in blood. Rayquaza was about to pick another victim, but the a strange noise disturbed his thoughts.

What the **** is that? the helicopter pilot questioned, staring at the giant beast Rayquaza who was only about three hundred feet away. The helicopter was for channel fours news coverage. It had survived the two sound waves without having its glass shattered, due to it being locked in a soundproof room. It was the channels pride and joy, being protected at all costs when it was not chasing up a story. It was the fastest helicopter in the world, being able to travel at two-hundred miles per hour. It was small and versatile and very tough, once it was hit by a tornado during a live coverage of the story and it still survived, though the camera upon its roof was ripped right out. As soon as the first screech was over, the scientists working for the company detected its source. The best news crew was loaded into the helicopter as well as the two best pilots.

I dunno, Gary, are you getting this? the female news reporter asked to her camera man. There were two cameras, one attached to the top of the helicopter and one controlled by the camera man. Both cameras footage was sent live to the studio where TVs still functioned despite being made of glass, since the whole studio was sound proofed from the rest of the world. The people back in the Slateport City Channel four studio looked on in horror at Rayquaza. The giant beast stared directly at the helicopter, his sick yellow eyes acting as a window to his mind, and everyone knew he had sick intentions. The four people aboard the helicopter were in great danger now, the silver vehicle about to face its toughest test yet. It may have been able to survive tornados but it would not be able to survive Rayquazas power.

****, move this thing! the camera man shouted to the pilots in desperation, his camera getting a perfect look at Rayquaza who had just opened his mouth, a sphere of white light forming in between his upper and lower teeth. The pilots saw this to and the main pilot immediately jolted his joystick sharply to his left. The helicopter tilted to its left quickly before turning away from Rayquaza. The camera man, unaware of his surrounding due to having his focus on the camera fell to his side. His cameras weight dragged him out of the helicopter as his body fell out of the helicopter. He was fortunate, his right foot getting caught in the helicopters landing bars.

Bob! the female reporter shouted, dropping to her knees trying to reach the camera mans leg without falling out of the helicopter.

Help! Bob screamed back, still holding onto the camera, the studio getting an upside down view of Rayquaza. Help me, help me! he pleaded ,trying to reach his free hand up to the female reporter. The helicopter continued to jolt away from Rayquazas line of sight, the giant beast firing the beam of light just off of target, missing the helicopter by an inch. Bob felt the heat of the beam, the one second of the beam passing near to him made him drop the camera, letting it fall to the ocean.

Grab my hand the female reporter pleaded. The co-pilot of the helicopter made his way to the back, a difficult task considering the main pilot was jolting side to side, trying to see where Rayquaza was aiming.

Holy ****! Bob said, his attention drawn away from reaching his hand to the female reporter. He was now staring at Rayquaza, who was charging directly at the helicopter, looking to be more than capable of out running it.

Move! the co-pilot shouted, seeing Rayquaza coming right for them. The pilot jolted the helicopter to the right , narrowly avoiding Rayquaza as he charged by. Bob felt his ankle breaking as the helicopter jolted, the ligament ripping through the flesh. Bobs sight started to get blinded by blood that squirted out of his ankle. He screamed in pain loudly, his arms flailing in all directions, just praying for someone to take his hand.

Rayquazas miss only encouraged him further, liking the chase. He quickly made a U-turn and headed for the helicopter again. Hes coming back! the co-pilot shouted again, grabbing Bob by his uninjured ankle, trying to pull him in, the reporter helping him by unhooking Bobs broken ankle. The pilot turned again, and this time Bob wasnt so lucky. The reporter and co-pilot hit the sides of the helicopter as turned and the sheer impact of banging against the sides made them drop Bobs ankle. The camera mans large body dropped downwards as the helicopter turned away from him. Rayquaza had only just missed the helicopter again, but he didnt miss Bob, Bobs large donut filled body hooked onto his right claws, his middle and right claw of his right hand jammed into his body. The female reporter screamed as she saw it happen, the camera atop the helicopter aimed backwards getting a perfect shot of it happening. On normal occasions, Rayquaza would have toyed with the body, but this was no ordinary occasion. A helicopter was successfully avoiding him and he wasnt going to let that happen. He ripped Bobs body apart with his two hands and flew for the helicopter again.

Oh god! Oh god! the reporter repeated, hands over her mouth in shock that Bob was dead. She was in too much shock to seal seatbelt herself properly so the co-pilot did it for her, slamming the open door of the helicopter shut before returning to his seat. The lead pilot could see Rayquaza behind him, looking at the screen which showed the helicopters roof cameras view. Rayquaza was gaining on them again. He jolted to his right, just as Rayquaza had expected. Rayquaza slipped his right hand out just as he passed by the helicopters back. His sharp scythe like claws torn a large hole through the back of the helicopter, just below the helicopters tail. The reporter screamed hysterically as she watched the claw tear through the back of the helicopter.

****! the co-pilot cursed loudly. We cant outrun this thing he pointed out to the pilot who already knew this. All he could do was try to tire the creature out until they could outrun him, but Rayquaza didnt seem to tire at all.

I know! I know the pilot shouted, flying forward again as Rayquaza started to gain on them again. As Rayquaza began to gain on them again, he opened his mouth to release flames from his mouth. The helicopter pilot was not fast enough to dodge this. The entire helicopter became engulfed in the lava like heat of Rayquazas flames. That was the studios last look of Rayquaza, the flames melting right through the camera. The helicopter only just survived, the pilots reactions quick enough to only leave the helicopter in flames for a second, but without the camera they couldnt see Rayquaza. The situation started to loo desperate for them as the co-pilot left his seat, trying to look through the rip at the back of the helicopter. The reporter was still alive, but she was in total shock, unable to do a thing except, shake, bite her nails and scream. The co-pilot couldnt see any sign of Rayquaza through the tear in the back. He had no choice but to open the helicopters doors once more. He leaned out and immediately saw Rayquaza, but he was too late. Rayquaza had already formed a sphere in his mouth and fired the beam at the helicopter just as the co-pilot had opened his mouth to shout to the pilot.

The survivors on that remained on the broken shards of Pacifidlog looked on as the helicopter exploded, the leftovers of the smoking wreck bombing into the ocean and sinking upon impact. The stalling from the helicopter was over and now it was their turn to die. Rayquaza seemed to do some form of victory dance, twirling upwards before dropping down again. He zoomed right over the broken Pacifidlog, the people thinking he had forgotten about them. The ones who werent totally traumatised began to celebrate, hugging each other whether they knew the person or not, but their celebration was too early. Rayquaza turned around to look at them turning his entire body around. His time for toying around was over, he spewed fire all over the broken chunks of Pacifidlog, quick and painless deaths for the survivors who became ash the moment the flames hit them. Rayquaza shot away from Pacifidlog, finally done with the killing for the day. Corpses and wreckage lay behind him as he flew back to the Sky Pillar.


The group was back at Martins house in Harville. There was no real change from what it was like when Micky had left, aside from every house looking like theyd been broken into. Still only having four log cabin houses. As soon as the four of them entered Martin started showing them around.

Theres two hammocks on the roof Martin said pointing upwards.

In unison Micky and Purity said Im sleeping up there without realising the other was saying the same until theyd finished, giving each other a strange look that said dont copy me afterwards.

Fine by me, I dont like sleeping outdoors Trip said, shrugging his shoulders.

Same here Karen continued. Now everyones eyes were on Peter, seeing what he wanted to do.

I aint even staying, I wanna get to Evergrande City by the end of today, I wanna do that Victory Road Challenge thing he stated.

Laters dude Micky said, waving his right hand as a goodbye to his best friend.

Aint going yet, gonna stick around for dinner, this guys cooking rocks he said nudging his head to Martin.

Thank you martin said, blinking his eyes like a bow.

What you making for dinner anyways Marty? Micky asked.

Youll see he trailed off, making it into a bit of a mystery.

Micky dumped his bag next to the sofa and collapsed onto it back first, getting his leg kicked by Karen for taking up so much room. He folded his body up to make room for her and Trip whilst Peter and Purity sat opposite them. Do you want any drinks? Martin shouted from the kitchen. I have coke, orange juice, and I can make coffee or tea he continued.

Coke please Micky shouted first.

Tea will do fine, thank you Karen followed in a more polite manner than Micky who felt at home in the house.

Tea as well please Trip shouted.

Coffee Purity shouted, in unison with Peter who shouted Coke please.

Micky got up and headed for the kitchen to help Martin, strangely feeling that he should, feeling like he was part of the household and not a guest. He came back with the drinks, receiving thank yous and thanks from the other four.


The sun began to set in the west, giving an orange glow over Harville. Everyone was out now. The two kids Micky saw the last time he was here were out, along with what Micky assumed was Martins cooking partner who he met last time. The total population of Harville seemed to be about nine people, unless there were some people missing. It had a real family atmosphere, Everyone gathering together to feast on Marty and his cooking partners food. There was an old couple sat in rocking chairs, rocking back and forth on the log porch outside their house. The husband of Martys cooking partner was chasing after the two children, Micky just assumed they were his. There was also another couple there, looking to be about the same age as Mickys father. Micky just guessed they did have a child but he was off doing what he was doing, trying to become a Pokemon champion.

Karen seemed to enjoy showing off her two Pokemon to the kids who were very entertained by the cuteness of Pikachu and the speed of Farfetchd. Purity was helping Marty with the cooking, probably being one of the girls who was brought up helping her mother in the kitchen. Peter and Trip were discussing something on the floor, probably something related to Pokemon, both of them being very impressive trainers, both done with the badge collecting of Hoenn, though from what Micky understood, Trip had also completed badge collecting in Kanto. Micky smiled at this, such a nice atmosphere to be in. For the past month or so hed be trekking through rough muddy routes, mountains and cities. Hed been injured over and over, been disowned by his father and stalked by some guy in a cloak that seemed obsessed with him. It was nice to just stop, almost like everything had came to a halt so Micky could just take a break, let his body recover, before starting it all again.

Micky felt one of his Pokeballs vibrate on the side of his belt. He looked down, recognising it as Striders. He slowly made his way from the gathering, slipping silently into the woods. He released Strider from her Pokeball and let her run about. Whats wrong Strider? Micky asked nicely, patting his Pokemon on her head.

June 18th, 2004, 8:06 AM
Strider roared a Nee-Ya as a reply to him. Micky just figured she wanted to get out in the open air for a bit. Micky figured he should let them out, throwing Free and Kotaros Pokeballs to the ground to release them. Free recognised where she was, the place she grew up in. Kotaro enjoyed the new experience, climbing up a tree to get a good view of the forest. Micky sat down, breaking some fallen leaves as he did. Free floated down and sat on his head, whistling a tune of some sort. It was a nice picture of peace for Micky, something he hadnt experienced in a long time. He was tempted to let Scy out of his Pokeball but he figured it would be a little risky, being so close to people and not in a controlled area.

Whyd you wonder off a girls voice said from behind. Micky recognised it immediately as Purity. He shot to his feet, scaring Free away, letting her fly off to a tree.

Pokemon wanted to get out he replied quickly.

Why dont you let them out back there? she asked, pointing towards the gathering area of Harville. After all, those kids seem to like Karens Pokemon, theyd love yours she continued, stroking Striders head.

Just thought Id let them enjoy the forest area Micky replied, his true reason being he just wanted a small moment to enjoy the peace of self-chosen loneliness.

Come on Purity said, gently grabbing Micky by the wrist. Micky just followed, completely enslaved by her touch. Strider followed whilst Free carried Kotaro to the ground before flying after Micky, letting the tiny Nincada Kotaro make scurry along after Micky. Micky rejoined the gathering, right behind Purity who was back to helping with the cooking. Micky observed. In a giant bowl, Marty and the women were making rice, more than enough for everyone. Micky knew it would be nice, Marty adding two eggs to the dish, eggs being a rarity in the new age of processed food. Everything he was making looked to be real. A vegetable stir fry, noodles and soup were to join the rice. A very oriental meal that looked absolutely delicious.

The meal was done about half an hour later. A long table was set up in between all the houses, two long benches placed on either side, even a small round bowl was placed on the far end for the Pokemon to enjoy, Pikachu and Strider even having their own plates. Free, Farfetchd and Kotaro seeming to prefer the more traditional bowl on the floor. Micky sat opposite Purity, next to Peter and Karen near to the Pokemon. The table soon became fool of noise, conversation and eating combined. Micky felt a bit out of place, being the only one who hadnt mastered chopsticks, but it was no big deal. It was an interesting dinner for him. He started to learn a lot more about Pokemon and Pokemon Training. He learned about the Victory Road Challenge as well as a lot about the elite four of the Hoenn region from Peter, who had every intention of becoming Pokemon Champion of Hoenn.

The Victory Road Challenge involved a contestant who had obtained all eight Hoenn region gym badges entering a deep dank tunnel. Very little information about the tunnel was known but many contestants entered at a time and there were plenty of wild Pokemon inside. At the end of this illusive tunnel was the Elite House. Five gym sized stadiums that linked together, each one holding a member of the elite four and the final one holding the champion. If Peter wanted to become champion hed have to battle all five trainers on the same day. The only advantage he had was he knew what Pokemon they used. The first member of the Elite Four, Sidney, was a trainer of Dark typed Pokemon. The second member, Phoebe, trained ghost Pokemon. The third member, Glacia, trained Ice typed Pokemon and the fourth member, Drake trained Dragon typed Pokemon. After this there would be a one hour break for the challenger to revive his fainted Pokemon and treat his injured before moving o not take on the Champion. Its an uphill struggle all the wall but from what peter said it sounded well worth it. As he described it, Its an uphill struggle but once you get to the top, its a great view.


What you are about to see, is unedited footage, of what happened today where Pacifidlog town once was. This video is of a very graphic nature and this station suggests Viewers of a nervous disposition should turn away now a reporter on channel four said lightly, showing emotion in what he said. The group sat watching an image projected on the wall, the normal television screen being destroyed like all the other glass objects from the days screeching. Purity was in a white robe, shed just had a bath, Trip was dressed but his head was still soaked, a scruffy wet mess. Karen was running her bath now, standing behind the sofa watching the television. Micky figured that everyone in the world was watching this, finally an explanation for what had happened.

The video tape started playing from the point the pilot said What the **** is that? From there it was unclear what was happening, however there was one clear shot of the beast that caused the devastation in the day. Micky realised who this was immediately. Having flashbacks of her sisters drawings of the creature that killed his mother. It was the creature on the television. Micky knew it was. It was in the same place, the same viciousness and fit the description that Mickys sister had written. Micky couldnt bear to watch the television, in his mind just realising that his sister hadnt lost her mind and that everything she said was true. He started shaking his head, shielding his eyes from seeing the television screen with his hand, walking up the stairs uncomfortably. When he reached the top of the stairs he walked right up to the balcony and stared up at the moon, wiping his face as if he was trying to clean it of seeing the beast that had killed his mother and drove his sister to insanity.

Whats wrong? Purity asked caringly, running up the stairs after Micky.

Micky pressed his left hand into his temples trying to think how to explain it all. Its Micky couldnt even think of a way to finish off his sentence. Its Micky repeated, shaking his head. He slumped his back into the balcony and fell to the floor, pressing his face into his knees, hiding it from Purity. Youre in for a long night Micky said looking up at her, finally deciding he had to tell her. ItIt all began when my sister became a Pokemon trainer. I was a little kid and well Micky trailed off. My mother went on the Pokemon journey with my sister. They went to Pacifidlog in search of a legendary beast Micky said, raising his eyebrow to Purity.

You mean the one on T.V? Purity asked, looking down the stairs, noticing Trip and Karen were listening. Guys, for ****s sake she said, slamming the door shut.

Thanks Micky said gratefully, not liking to have people eves-dropping in his conversations.

Go on Purity said, dropping down next to him. Wait, hold on she said, walking back towards the door. She opened it and Karen and Trip were there trying to listen into Micky and Puritys conversation. She gave them a **** off look and they left, saying stuff like Whatever, you can talk all you want. She slammed the door shut again and slumped next to Micky once more, tilting her head to say continue.

Well, Im not sure about the details of it, but from what Kerri has told me, they entered its lair he said, doing hyphenations with his fingers on its. From what I understand when they found him he wasnt too pleased and attacked, killing my mother, but something called it away from Kerri and made him leave them. When Kerri finally got out she was traumatised to the point she couldnt speak. As you can guess, my dad has been Anti-Pokemon ever since.

Purity nodded, starting to make sense of Mickys life. So thats why you started training so late she asked.

Yeah, was only after I got my *** saved by Angel that I decided I wanted to become a trainer.

Angel? Purity asked, not sure who he was on about.

The cute white and gold Pokemon that Kerris friends with Micky replied.

Oh yeah she replied, remembering when Angel saved them from Scy and when she turned up after Mickys father disowned him.

And, well, Ive been getting stalked by some person Micky continued, almost one hundred percent sure the person that was appearing in his dreams had a connection to the beast that killed his mother.

Youve been stalked? Purity asked, not understanding what he was on about.

When Scy attacked us, after youd ran off, a guy named Koga rescued me he said.

Koga? Koga Fuma? The ninja guy that the authorities are after? That guy is stalking you? she repeatedly questioned, being right about everything except him stalking me.

Yes, that Koga, and no hes not stalking me. He saved me but he got defeated by Scy. Then Scy came back for me and someone spoke to me Micky said.

Spoke to you? she questioned, wanting a little bit more of an explanation.

He said either let him control my body or hed take it over himself. He basically saved me from being killed and I, well he, cut off Scys arms, hence the metal coat thing. When we were in Chimney village, he appeared in my dream and attacked me Micky said, bringing back the memories of how real that dream was. And, last night, he attacked me in person Micky trailed off. He used you to attack me in person he said looking at her in the eyes so she knew he wasnt joking.

How did he use me? she asked, worried that Micky blamed her for the gash in his head.

I dunno, he lured me away from Trip, Pete and Shane, then he attacked me he said, trying to make sense of it all.

But why? Purity asked feeling a bit guilty despite knowing it wasnt her fault.

How am I spose to know? Micky spat in frustration.

Sorry, I just dunno what to say in a situation like this she said out of desperation, not sure what to do.

Micky shook is head in thought before replying with Look Micky stuttered. Dont worry about it, Im just gonna go to sleep. He opened his bag letting out his creepy candles and curled into a ball on his hammock. Purity sensing that Micky didnt want her to push the matter, wondered down the stairs and Micky didnt see her again as he drifted into a deep sleep.


Rayquazas head surfaced through the lake outside his resting place. He took a look around, shaking the water off of his body like a dog would. He slowly slithered his way into his lair, the rocks that once were the Braille wall that sealed him in were nothing more than tiny shattered stones. He looked the blood from his claws and turned his attention to the young human boy who was in his lair. He still ay there, still alive but unconscious through the blood loss. He now had to think what to do with this boy. His blood lust had been satisfied but one more person couldnt hurt. On the other hand, he could have a meal whenever he felt like it, so long as the body didnt rot.

Thomass eyes started to blink his eyes open. It wasnt all a scary dream, he Rayquaza before him, hissing warm saliva all over his face. He quickly dragged himself to his foot, only to remember losing one leg and tripping to the ground. He moaned in agony as his face tore on one of the rocks in Rayquazas lair. He was much more feisty compared with when Rayquaza had first met him. He was more determined now and Rayquaza knew that this boy would turn out like the last person he had left alone in his lair, a young girl who seemed intent on catching him. Whatever happened to her he didnt know, but he knew he wasnt going to make the same mistake again. He knocked the boy to the ground with one swipe of his left hand, making sure not to let his claws dig into him.

Thomas felt Rayquaza press his hand down on him, he was trapped in Rayquazas clasp, the four claws of his three fingers and thumb slowly beginning to dissect his body each time he moved. Slowly, Rayquaza pressed one of his right-hand claws at Thomass neck, sickly caressing his head with the sharp blade, drawing blood out of the his skull. Thomas slowly felt himself fading away as more and more blood trickled out of his body, slowly sliding like a stream in front of his eyes. He made one last attempt to escape, a very feeble one. Almost like he were trying to do a press up, he pushed his body off the ground with his right hand, effectively killing himself as he forced Rayquazas claw deeper into the back of his head. Rayquaza, lifted his right hand up and threw Thomass body to his side and slithered into a curled ball, sleeping away the terror hed spread during the day.

Cult has summoned twisted sound. Out from ruins once possessed, a fallen city living death. - The Thing that Should not be, Metallica

Well, go The Thing that Should not be making a record of 3 references. I couldnt think of any better song for this chapter that Id heard before. Anyways, heres my 22nd Chapter, which would have made a much better big 2-0 compared to chapter 20. Anyhow, Ive got my sound card back now so Ill probably listen to a lot more songs from my downloaded stuff *considering Slipknot and Metallica are the only bands whos albums I bought and I couldnt listen to my downloaded stuff without my sound card* so yeah, you wont be subjected to Metallica no more. The title Quenching the Thirst was originally Quenching the Blood Lust but that sounded bull**** so I just went with quenching the thirst.

June 19th, 2004, 7:48 PM
I just love how this rp is heaps different than normal fics, most people are too afraid to use blood and guts and swearing in pokemon. I can't wait till its finished!

June 19th, 2004, 8:20 PM
Great. I just read this page and it was cool. Brave of you convert the seemingly 'nice' world of pokemon into something more violent. Awesome chapters, got to read the beginning later.

June 20th, 2004, 7:24 AM
Thank you. I don't think it's THAT brave to make it a lot more violent, I just trying to boost it to a more teenage suitable thing since the Anime really bugs me, being so 'happy' and stuff. Still, thansk for the coments

June 24th, 2004, 4:14 PM
Chapter 23: A Different kind of Pokemon Battle

You could be my someone you could be my scene. You know that Ill protect you from all of the unclean - Blurry, Puddle of Mudd.

Mickys eyes shot open. He tried to sit up, completely forgetting he was in a hammock, falling sideways, landing shoulder first on the concrete. ****! he spat loudly as his right shoulder collided with the floor, his face rubbing against the warm ground as he rolled forward to get his legs untied from the crme hammock.

Micky? Purity said, just awaking ,rubbing her eyes clear as she looked at her friend writhing in pain on the floor.

Yeah? Micky asked, wondering why she bothered speaking rather than not trying to help him up. His landing wasnt the worst hed ever had, thinking back to when he rolled off the cliff when trying to escape those Houndooms, but he had definitely bruised his shoulder.

You ok?

Does it look like I am? Micky spat in rage, feeling the grumpiness from waking so early. Micky had another thought though. Realising that this girl at the moment was his best friend and being spiteful to her wasnt the best idea. Look Micky huffed. Sorry, Im just freaked out by this whole stalking thing and the whole destruction and everything he said, rolling his right shoulder to try and relieve the soreness.

Everyones a bit shaken up she smiled, dropping down to his side, rubbing his shoulder in half a hug. What woke you up?

I dunno Micky said, only now noticing that night still coated the sky, not a single star in the sky, almost a tribute to what happened the previous day. I justwoke up he said with a blank expression on his face, almost wishing he could say something like Someone assaulted me in my sleep again or I think I know where that creature is but no, it was just a basic boring I dunno.

You gonna be ok? she asked, seeing hed stopped whining about his shoulder.

Probs, dunno if Ill get back to sleep though. He looked to her as if to say stay up please, suffer with me and she sensed he didnt wanna be alone all night trying to sleep.

Wanna talk? she asked, brushing her hair with her hand, trying to sort out the mess it was in.

Yeah. Can I start with howd you get your name? He let out a small laugh at the thought of her parents going What should we call her? I know, Purity.

Wanna know the truth? she asked sarcastically.

Why you think I asked? he replied with just as much sarcasm.

My real name is she stalled for a moment. Her real name hadnt been spoken for what was soon to be six years, ever since she left home to become a trainer. Its Jemma she said quickly, hoping Micky didnt hear her properly.

Jemma? Micky asked, just to make sure he heard right.

Yeah she groaned, not liking her real name Jemma Campbell.

So whered Purity come from? Micky asked.

I had a group of friends I was with, its a long story but they ended up nicknaming me that she said, leaving Micky wondering why she wasnt with those friends anymore and why they nicknamed her Purity of all the names they could have nicknamed her. And no I aint saying anymore she giggled, looking at Mickys confused expression.

Micky let out half a laugh, feeling a little special that he knew her real name and a little disappointed that he didnt know why. So, what about your Pokemon? Micky asked, not making himself particularly clear.

What about them? she asked.

Where did you get them and when? he asked, turning the conversation in a totally different direction.

Well she said, dropping back into memory. My first Pokemon was a cute little red fox called Vulpix, now my Ninetales she said, looking towards her bag as though she wanted to get the elegant crme fox out of her Pokemon.

That the one you used against Flannery? Micky asked, remembering that day, probably the best battle of his life.

Yeah, and by the way, you kicked *** in that match she mentioned.

I know he laughed back, no sign of modesty and for good reason, knowing that the win was difficult and very lucky.

What about the others? he asked, curious where he got all her interesting Pokemon she had, their battle style as elegant as she was.

Well, my Milotic used to be an ugly fish called Feebas, one tip you should know about Pokemon raising. If a Pokemon is seemingly useless, chances are itll evolve into something great she said. Micky already knew this in a way, knowing the pathetic Caterpie evolved into one of his most Pokemon Butterfree, as well as Weedle evolving into Beedrill.

Yeah, I know Micky replied.

She half smiled, knowing Micky didnt and was just trying to look smart in front of her. Well, I caught an Oddish last year which is now Bellossom, the one who was teaching your Pokemon Solarbeam. And just before I met you I caught Kirlia she finished but then continued seeing Mickys blank expression when she mentioned Kirlia. The floating ballerina-like Pokemon she said.

Oh yeah Micky said remembering her from the battle against Flannery.

What about you? she asked. I havent seen you ever catch a Pokemon yet you have four.

He breathed a small laugh realising that despite the fact that almost all his journey hed been with Purity and yet every Pokemon he caught was when he was separated from her. I received Ponyta as my starter from some Pokemon breeder in Oldale Town, I totally forgotten his name. On the same day I caught a Weedle which eventually evolved into Beedrill, caught the Weedle the same day I met Shane in fact, and I beat him he smirked.

Thought he beat you? she asked.

No, that was just our last two encounters, and one of them was fluke Micky said, trying not to look bad. Then I met you, then we went off into the mountains and we ended up in hugely deep **** he spat in a laugh.

Yeah, I admit, it was my bad making you go through the mountains.

Never had much luck in them have I? he asked rhetorically. The first time I end up getting stabbed by Scy, the second time I get my skull bashed twice by some freak.

Still, go on she said, wanting to know where Mickys Nincada came from.

Well, in that week that I was Dead he said, doing little quotation marks with his fingers, I was getting trained by a guy named Koga to control Scy, and during it I became very well accustomed to his Nincada, and he did the same with my Beedrill, so we ended up Trading he said, again putting words in quotation marks.

Purity noticed there was one he was missing though. Whether it was his or not remained a mystery to her but she knew he and the Pokemon were very close. You left one out she smirked, thinking of all the Pokemon hed mention that this one would be the first.

What? Micky asked, thinking for a moment and realising who she was on about. Oh, Latianne? he replied, checking this was the one she meant.

Yep, whats the thing between you and her? she asked, assuming that the Pokemon was a female by her behaviour and appearance.

Well, just before I started becoming a trainer, I was attacked along Route 119 by a pack of Houndooms, and there she was. I was have unconscious with a pretty bad head wound and loads of blood pouring out of me and through the blurriness of sight, there she was, kicking all their asses he said, making it more of a big deal than it really was.

What about that day that Scyther attacked us? she asked, that being the first time shed saw him. You were talking to her she continued.

No I wasnt? Micky said, almost a question as to when?

I dunno how, but you two were communicating in your minds she said, remembering how Micky was totally silent around Latianne aside from when he was speaking to her or someone else.

Oh yeah! Shes like ultra-smart and mega psychic, she can read your mind so if you think words then shell think them and you can practically have a conversation in your mind. She has a tendency to come along when she senses theres Micky started to yawn, having to pause. He shook his head letting out the cobwebs of the yawn before finishing. Sorry, she comes along when Im in trouble and stuff.

You should go back to sleep Purity said, seeing it in Mickys eyes that the yawn he just gave wasnt going to be the last of the night.

Yeah Micky replied, sensing the tiredness within him as well. He slowly crawled his way to his hammock, dragging his body onto it. Goodnight he said in a whisper to Purity.

Night she replied, smiling at him, although not sure why. Probably just how pathetic he looked when he made his way to his hammock. She laid down on her hammock and watched Micky fall asleep before she went to sleep, making sure shed be there if Micky wanted to start talking again. He didnt and she slowly dropped back to sleep.


Watch as they all fall down, Watch as they all fall down, Watch as they all fall down, WATCH AS THEY ALL FALL DOWN! a voice shouted through the darkness of Mickys dream. Pictures started forming, first they were different coloured lines, then they started making circles and squares and other shapes, and then finally, they were full coloured visions, almost like watching a movie. People were lined up like dominos as Micky floated over them, his body not in his own control, he just floated almost like he were a camera filming these people in their line. The terrain was unfamiliar to him, looking to be a desert, grassy plain and ocean all in one.

Watch them fall! the voice said again. Mickys sight turned away from the people and now faced to the sky. From above came a long snake-like creature. Micky recognised it immediately, the same one from the television, the one known as Rayquaza. Micky braced himself, his heart thumping like it were about to break. Micky was expecting Rayquaza to attack him, but soon realised that Rayquaza wasnt heading towards him. Micky looked down in horror as Rayquaza started to pass by the people, about one foot above them but with his scythe like claw down. All lined up, not moving at all, these people were sliced in half. It wasnt a bloody mess though, just a hazy vision of people falling apart.

Micky shot up, sliding sideways shoulder first to the ground again, not used to waking up on a hammock. He looked to his left. Puritys hammock was empty. The sun was up, baring down on Mickys body. Micky threw his thin blanket to the ground, unlike Purity he wasnt neat and tidy and unlike her, he didnt place it in a nice folded pile atop the hammock. He ripped his bag open quickly and dragged out some clothes. Pretty much the same clothes as always. Black trousers with double-white stripes on either side and a white fish net long sleeve shirt that barely covered his body, his figure visible through the tiny gaps in between each thin strand of netting, matching well with Mickys bandaged forehead. He slowly made his way downstairs, the others most likely were awake and eating breakfast, or even lunch judging from the way the sun was baring down on Martys rooftop.

Micky was still a little shaken from his dream, his veins feeling cold from the dream, his heart still pounding. He had no idea how pale his face was until he was all the way down the stairs, greeted by Trip saying You ok? You look well Pale. Micky didnt reply immediately, still shaken from the dream that his focus was totally off.

Huh? Micky said, still a little dazed, letting everything sink in before replying. Oh, am I? he asked, trying to find a mirror.

Yeah, you look like you seen a ghost he replied. You go for another walk about or something?

I dont think so Micky replied, but the facts were he had no idea. He didnt even realise what happened on his way to Rustboro was real until he woke up in the hospital.

Such a dumb-*** he muttered in laughter. Purity made breakfast, bacon and eggs. Shes a pretty good cook he said, Micky completely ignoring him after he said breakfast. Micky wondered around, following his nose towards the food.

Took your time Purity said, greeting him as he wondered into the kitchen. Sleepy one have a nice dream? she said in a patronising down, talking to him like he was a baby.

Huh? Micky said, still dazed and half asleep.

She clicked her fingers in front of him. Wake up! she said at the same time.

Mickys entire body shook in shock at the sound of her fingers clicking. Wha? he said in shock.

You have a nice dream? she asked, giggling. Seems like you still having it she continued, still giggling.

No, I didnt he said seriously, breaking the ice and making Purity feel uncomfortable and guilty for laughing.

Was it another?.. she trailed off, not wanting to say Another Stalker Dream.

I think so Micky muttered.

Sorry she replied, coming to his side trying to comfort him. Micky wasnt having any of it, darting out of her reach immediately. You hungry? she asked, trying to the change the subject and feeling racked with guilt.

Yeah Micky mumbled.

What do you want? she asked, hoping to make up for her previous behaviour.

What you got? Micky mumbled back.

French Toast, Bacon, Fired Egg and Sausage she replied.

Micky couldnt help but think someone really loves cooking but replied with a less sarcastic Ill have a bit of everything feeling his stomach rumbling in excitement at what it was soon to be filed with.

Ok, want anything to drink? she asked, her back now turned to him as she started to put some food onto a plate for him.

Dont worry, I can make it myself he replied in a hostile manner. He wondered over to the white fridge and took out a carton of orange juice. He started searching the cupboards for a glass but only found shattered glass.

Theres no glass from yesterday she said, holding the plate in hand, French toast on one side, bacon egg and sausage on the other. Theres a couple of cups in that cupboard that arent broken she said pointing towards the cupboard next to the one Micky was searching in.

Thanks Micky muttered, both he and Purity could tell he didnt mean it though, feeling a bit hurt by what happened before. Purity handed hi ma knife and folk with his plate and he wondered outside into the centre of Harville, eating on the long bench from yesterdays meal.

Pika-Pi a whiny voice chanted. Mickys worst enemy leapt onto the table of the bench and ran right up to his side. Pika? he spoke cutely, tilting his head sideways at Micky.

Hungry? Micky asked, cutting up his sausage.

Pi-Pi he replied, nodding his cute little head. Micky put his folk out towards the rodent. As Pikachu went to bite it Micky immediately pulled it away and ate it.

June 24th, 2004, 4:15 PM
Tough luck Micky spat in despise of the electric mouse. He turned away from Pikachu, not wanting to see the annoyance on his face. Instead of whining, Pikachu took action, using his agility to dive across Mickys plate, grabbing the French toast from the plate and running off out of Mickys reach easily. You bastard, you better give that back Micky shouted, rising from his seat and walking towards Pikachu. For every three steps Micky took ,Pikachu ran at least an extra ten feet away. Give it back Micky said, using the gimme gimme hand gesture. Pikachu just shook his head and ran off into the woods. ****! Micky spat loudly, walking back towards his food in disappointment. Micky finished off the rest of his food swiftly, expecting Kneazy or another Pokemon would pop up and steal the rest of it.

Micky wondered back into the house, grumpier than before after Pikachus thievery. He dumped the plate and cutlery into the sink and wondered into the living room. Get ready! Karen shouted at him the moment he walked into the living room.

For what? Micky asked.

Ive got a Contest in an hour! she shouted back at him.

A what-what.

A Pokemon Contest, its like a Pokemon battle but your trying to impress people, not put your opponent unconscious Purity explained.

Oh yeah, we got hose back in Lilycove.

Well get ready then Karen shouted at Micky, looking forward to it. This would be her first major Pokemon Contest and Pokemon Contest battling was in her blood. Her parents done it, her brother done it and so would she.

After what happened yesterday, I doubt theyll be doing it Micky said, feeling like it was his duty to be the downer of the day.

No, I called, they are doing it Karen replied with glee, so hyper about it. Micky rolled his eyes and wondered upstairs to get his shoes, trainer card and Pokeball belt, just in case he ran into a trainer who wanted to challenge him.

When he returned he replied satisfied? to her, arms out showing off his dressing.

Youre wearing that? she asked.

Yes he stated stubbornly so she knew he wasnt going to change.

Fine she stated. You look like such a freak she snapped at him.

Wup-de-do he replied rolling his finger in the air. Does it look like I care? he spat sarcastically.

Lay off him Purity interrupted. If he wants to dress like a freak let him she continued, giggling again, thinking a little light humour would mend the rift between Micky and her.

Like you can say much Micky huffed at Purity, looking at her clothes. She was wearing a black mini skirt and a no shoulder black top cut at the belly button and long black socks cutting at her knee. Her red thong was visible just above her waist at the skirt and she looked like a total **** with make up that matched the **** look, although after the edginess between them in the morning Micky thought she was one anyway.

Ok, cut out the fighting, its really getting on my nerves Trip shouted at the three of them, sitting in front of the wall watching the projected image of television on the wall with Kneazy sleeping on his lap like a cat.

**** it, lets just go already Micky spat in anger.

Were waiting for the taxi dip **** Karen said in sarcasm.

Whatever, your paying he spat at her, slumping onto the couch next to Purity. Micky still had no idea of the reason for that nickname. Unless she was a goody-goody church girl when she was with her group of friends she looked like a total **** and probably was one. Micky realising he knew barely anything about her after knowing her for about a month.

Nope, you are she snapped back at him. Mickys eyed widened before he realised she was joking. Got ya she giggled, still behaving like a ten year old despite being thirteen.

Whatever Micky spat, arms crossed.

Pika-Pi Pikachus voice shouted not Mickys ear behind him, making him jump from the sofa in shock. Karen, Purity and Pikachu erupted in laughter, Trip too busy watching some sort of Pokemon Battling show to notice. Pikachu walked along the shoulder of the sofa giggling in his little rodent voice. Micky wanted to strangle him but he knew he couldnt do that in front of Karen and Purity, but he knew one day hed get him.

Why are you being extra annoying today? Micky shouted.

Pika Pika he replied, probably Cos I feel like it.

Youre gonna get yours, I promise Micky spat spitefully.

No he aint Karen giggled, dropping onto the couch where Micky once was and hugging her Pikachu.

Micky walked out of the house, leaving everyone in confusion about hwy he was so grumpy. He sat hugging his legs on the dusty pavement outside Martys house, just in front of the grass plain that lay in between the five houses of Harville. He brushed the mud coloured dust from his black trousers and let it rise before falling slowly. Every little detail of the day seeming like a tiny knife in his body. He felt so uneasy every since realising he had some tie with the Rayquaza incident. The only time he felt any form of comfort was when he was talking to Purity, but at this very moment he couldnt help but get the thought of her being a total **** out of his mind.

Whats wrong? Purity asked, dropping next to him.

Just so uneasy ever since seeing Rayquaza on the television he replied.

She went to hug him at her side and this time Micky didnt move, needing the comfort of feeling lie someone cared. Anyone would feel like that Micky. You bin through loads since I met you. A Scyther attacking you, being disowned by your father, getting your head bashed open and now this she said, something about her voice comforting Micky.

You left out what happened to you he said, turning to her and smiling. She just smiled back, the smile on her face telling Micky it was all gonna be ok. Thanks he said, feeling so much better after those few seconds speaking to her.

Taxis here she said, looking over to see a yellow vehicle marked with black paint wit ha little sign on its roof saying Yellow Cab. The both of them rose to their feet, Purity shouting into the house for Trip and Karen.


It was a pretty boring journey to Rustboro. Basic stuff like How are you feeling being said to Karen in regard to her first major contest. In a way, Micky could relate to how she felt, remembering his first gym battle, although it didnt turn out quite how hed hoped. He remembered the butterflies in his stomach, the chill in his spine and special feeling he got when he and his Pokemon were in the spotlight. He knew Karen would be having the same feelings but at least this time shed have the three of them to cheer her on, something Micky didnt have in his first battle.

They stepped out of the Taxi right next to the Contest hall, Karen paying quite a sum of money for the journey. The streets were still tattered, a clean up effort made the previous effort did not hide the broken windows on every home or clean the blood from the floors. The Contest Hall was pretty badly battered and nowhere near as large as the one in Lilycove. The windows were all broken but the glass had been cleaned away. There was a large crowd outside, people waiting for the contest to begin. There was a big outside saying Only Contest Entrants entering please which explained the crowd. Probably wanting to get everything sorted out. It was still twenty minutes until the contest started but it was already crowded and busy as though it had already began. So much less organised than a Pokemon Gym Battle, although part of it was probably due to the happenings of yesterday. Trip Purity and Micky werent sure whether to enter with Karen but in the end they did, feeling they needed to support her every step of the way. They entered to find several contest trainers standing about with their Pokemon, giving them their final pep talks and a little petting and love. There was another Butterfree as well as other Pokemon including a pink kitten, a red and orange chick and a blue mouse with a rounded stomach that was most of its body, pale white on its front, sort of reminding Micky of a water-type Pikachu. Speaking of which, the annoying rodent was sat firmly on Karens shoulder, awaiting his first contest ever.

Welcome, and you are? someone at the front desk said to Karen, assuming she was the entrant.

Im Karen Parkerson she replied.

The receptionist looked on his list before saying Ah, and youre entering with Pikachu he said, looking at the little yellow mouse that clung onto her side.

Karen and Pikachu replied Yeah and Pika-pi in unison, showing no sign of nervousness.

And you three are? the receptionist asked looking towards Micky, Trip and Purity.

Were with her Purity replied on behalf of all three of them.

Ah he said. I was hoping you were new entries. We are short of many due to what happened yesterday. We need one more to even things out for the qualifying rounds. Would any of you care to volunteer? he asked, hoping to sort out the problem.

Sorry Trip said. Not my style of battling he continued.

Same here Purity said.

The receptionist now turned his attention to Micky who was in a realm of his own, paying attention to the blue Pikachu which he preferred way more than the Pikachu he knew, giving it lots of attention and tickling its belly. And you? the receptionist shouted to Micky, gaining his attention.

Huh? Micky asked, completely ignorant of what was going on.

He wants to know if your willing to enter the contest Purity said.

Id be no good he replied.

So no different than any other Pokemon battle Trip added sarcastically.

Screw you Trip he shouted back to him, the hostility building between them.

It doesnt matter, so long as you have a Pokemon and you can battle he replied.

Um Micky thought for a moment. It would be a new experience, but in the end he declined, not wanting to make an *** of himself in front of a large crowd. The group of them hung around in the contest lounge, giving extra attention to Pikachu except Micky who was totally behind the blue Pikachu apparently known as Maril.

Fifteen minutes passed and the receptionist started to get desperate. No one seemed to want to enter and he was starting to think he had to get rid of an entrant. Purity saw this and then looked at Micky. She knew his care for Pokemon was just as good as any co-ordinators so she wondered over to the receptionist and whispered a plan in his ear to get Micky to enter.

Miss Parkerson he said, calling over Karen who was oblivious to Puritys plan.

Yes? she asked.

Im afraid that we have no final contestant and you being the last to sign in, Im afraid we have to remove you from the contest he said grudgingly.

Karen was almost about to break into tears and Micky saw this. Cant you ask in the crowd? she asked, stuttering in sadness.

Im afraid not, its too unprofessional and would make us seem disorganised he replied. Micky was just thinking What an asshole in his head before realising that if he entered that would even things up and Karen could stay in the contest.

It was probably the most selfless act he ever done but he fell right into Puritys plan. Hey, contest dude Micky shouted over to the receptionist.

Yes? he asked.

If I enter, can she stay in? he asked.

Well yes but you said

Never mind what I said, Ill enter he stated interrupting him. Karen immediately hugged him, so happy that he would enter to keep her in the contest. Purity smirked, feeling like a genius at how easily she manipulated Micky.

Great! the receptionist said. Just fill it this form and your set he said with glee in his voice.

Micky grabbed a pen and started filling it out. Then he noticed that part that said Pokemon. he had no idea which to use. He knew there were five kinds of contest. Cool, Cute, Beauty, Tough and Smart, but he had no idea which type this was. Um, what type of contest is this? he asked, feeling like an idiot.

Its a cute contest Karen said, wanting to do whatever she could to help. Micky thought Cute and immediately thought this was a job for either Ponyta or Butterfree, but which one he wasnt sure. Eventually ,he ended up flipping a coin, resulting in him choosing Ponyta. He wasnt sure if shed be well suited for the contest but he didnt expect to make it through the first round, this was just so Karen could enter the contest.

You will be battling Greg Taylor the receptionist said to Micky.

Hey, youll be battling me a guy said behind him. He was about the same height as Micky with rugged black hair. Micky only just realised that he was the owner of the adorable Maril and any form of confidence he had before was shattered.

Hi Micky said, stuttering as his confidence went.

Best of luck, I think its really admirable that your willing to enter this contest to help Your friend. Ill try to go easy on you he smirked, shaking Mickys hand before walking over to pick up and hug his Maril.

Micky took a deep breath in before grabbing a Pokeball from his side and dropping it to his side. Out of it popped Scyther, bumping his head on the ceiling much to his dislike. Scy he growled, blinking as he looked up and the ceiling.

Oops Micky said, withdrawing Scy again. His nerves were shaking, he was walking to his first contest unprepared and he couldnt even grab the right Pokeball. He got it right the second time ,sending out his fire horse Strider. She was a cute Pokemon, probably able to win the judges favour with her looks, though in battle it would probably be a different matter. Micky gave her a little pep talk in her ear, explaining the situation. She seemed pretty eager to enter, way more confidence than Micky.

Would all trainers make their way to the Contest main hall please the receptionist shouted to all the trainers hanging about in the lounge.

Good luck Micky Purity said. Well be cheering for you she said on behalf of Trip and Kneazy. She gave him a little good luck kiss on the cheek which totally confused Micky, but she knew what she was doing. Hed totally forgotten his anxieties about the Contest and she knew full well it would work that way, though Micky was still absolutely confused, having to be dragged by Karen through the pink doors that led to the main Contest Hall.

It was empty aside from the judges. Micky looked around. He was used to sitting in the crowd, watching in Lilycove. But he wasnt used to being in this position, now the one who would be on the one foot high wooden stage. Preparing to battle was much different here. Trainers would all have their Pokemon by their side, listening to the judges. Welcome all! the lead judge bellowed across the room. Im afraid we are missing many more than we would have wished, due to yesterdays incident we will have a two minutes silence in respect for the many lost. I am assuming you all are familiar with the rules, from what I have read you have all entered a contest aside from Miss Parkerson he said, picking out Karen from the crowd. The crowd hushed, Micky not sure why until he started hearing whispers about her parents, apparently Legendary Co-ordinators.

Um, I aint familiar with the rules Micky said grudgingly, raising his hand in the air, but hed rather look like an idiot in front of these guys than everyone when he got himself disqualified.

The receptionist wondered up to the judge and whispered in his ear, probably explaining the situation to him. Ah, I see. Well, we shall begin with the appeal stage where each trainer gets to make an appeal with a move of their choice. After that we shall begin the battling stage, are you familiar with the Cute Contest battling style? he asked.

Sort of, you wanna look cute in front of the judge rather than beat your opponent into unconsciousness? he asked, making sure he was right.

Yes the judge laughed. Micky figured this would come in handy, winning a judges favour by lacking any real contest battling talent would be pretty effective.

I think I got it Micky replied.

The judge walked from the podium, now heading over to the judges table. Micky nudged to Karen. What is it? she whispered, feeling uncomfortable in the crowd of people who knew so much about her parents.

What move should I appeal with, Strider doesnt know anything Micky whispered as he thought of the word to use for it, and then the obvious one came to his. She dont know anything Cute he finished.

Can you get her to fall asleep on command? she asked. Micky looked to Strider and immediately Strider dropped to the floor with her eyes closed.

I think so, but how do I wake her up? Micky asked.

After ordering her to Rest give her this. Karen presented Micky with a berry. It was pretty big, three inches in size, pointy at the top in a pale blue with a pale brown semi-circle at the bottom.

Chesto Berry? Micky asked, not totally sure about his berries.

Yes, its juices will wake up any Pokemon or human for that matter in an instant she said. Sounded like a good tool to use and Micky assumed it was legal if Karen offered it to him.

Thanks Micky whispered.

No problem, you entered this contest so I dont get kicked out, you deserve all the help you can get she finished as all the trainers noticed the crowds coming into the stands.


There was a two minute silence before the Contest began. The appeal stage was done in groups of four, overall there were six groups of people, Mick being the twenty-forth entrant. He was relieved to know he wasnt in the same group as Karen, not wanting to have to face her, although the other trainers would be just as tough, but at least there was no personal relationship between him and them and he could go all out. He was still grouped with the guy with the Maril, his name a distant memory already. He prepared to go, his group the fifth and final. Karen had done well in this stage, her Pikachu using a move called Attract which picked her up an average of eight from the three judges. Micky hoped that this Resting technique would work.

Out of the group of four he would be the third to appeal. The first to go was someone using a Pokemon called Volbeat, about two feet tall with a bee striped stomach of yellow and lavender. His head was shaped oddly, also lavender, with a scarf like head of red, twirls of antennas on his head and two black legs and two black arms with bee like see-through wings on his back. Fit the cute description in a way, appealing with a move called Water Pulse. The move involved spraying water in a twirl above his head and letting it drop to his sides like a fountain for seven seconds before he stopped, wasting three seconds of his appeal time, but no one noticed and he got eight points, just like Karen did.

The second person to appeal was a female trainer, using some form of lobster. She was a blood red in shape with a light crme shelled stomach. Two tiny crab claws, the upper half red and the bottom half crme executed an attack called Bubble. Out of both claws, as they opened, sprays of bubbles released, circling the Pokemon before popping in a spectacle of bubbles, overall earning seven points.

June 24th, 2004, 4:16 PM
Strider, Rest! Micky ordered. Strider dropped to her side and fell asleep in the cutest of positions, her entire body spread out and her mouth open, slowly breathing breath out. The crowd gave out an Aww at this, looking so cute on the floor. Micky figured it was partially a pity vote and aided by the crowd adoration of Strider, but he got an eight and half, a huge confidence boost for him. He could hear Purity out there, cheering for Strider and getting the crowd cheering on Micky. Micky walked over and put the Chesto Berry in her mouth and she shot up awake.

The final move was done by the Maril, the circular mouse executing a move called Ocean Surf which was similar to the Water fountain like Water pulse aside from it ending in rain drops that smelt of the sea, overall getting seven putting Micky in the lead of his group, much to his surprise.


It was now battle time. Micky observed Karens battle very closely, Purity next to him as he leant against the spectator stands. It was interesting. One minute of sparring off moves to impress the judges, totally different to what Micky would normally do. Pikachu used moves that annoyed the opponent more than anything. Pikachu was up against a Pokemon known as Sandshrew. Another mouse like Pokemon, big blue eyes that showed nothing but focus, an entire body that looked like it was part of the desert. His stomach was pale white, turning into pale yellow with rough skin that would suit nicely for his natural terrain. It was patterned like many squares of yellow with black marked around it. On normal occasions, this Pokemon would dominate Pikachu in battle, being a ground type that had the advantage of being immune to electricity.

Sandshrew led with a move called Sand Attack. Spitting sand from his mouth towards the rodent in an attempt to blind him. Pikachu was too fast for this kind of offence, leaping to his left and using a move called Double-Slap which was pretty much a pathetic damaging attack, but its main focus was to annoy the opponent as well as look adorable in front of the crowd. Micky hated to admit it, but Pikachu did look sweet in front of them. Pikachu quite simply slapped Sandshrews left cheek with his right hand before slapping his right cheek with his open left hand, giggling as he did. Sandshrews trainer ordered him to retaliate with a mimic but he didnt have time to slap back, Pikachu jumping behind him and pushing him forward to the floor face first. Karens orders were pretty effective, she knew what she was doing in her first contest. Pikachu started to celebrate, looking even cuter doing cartwheels and jumping around with his fist in triumph shouting stuff like Pika-Pika!

Sandshrew, Flail! he ordered.

Sandshrew tried to execute the move but was stopped by Karen ordering Tail Whip. Pikachu smacked his tail into Sandshrews side, knocking him off balance and easy target for another push, falling back to the ground. The time ran out, a loud beep indicating the end of the minute and Pikachus advance to the next round, earning nine point two points which on top of his original eight, put he and Karen on the top of his group whilst the Sandshrew received only four points which left him at the bottom of his group.


It was now the final battle of the group stages, the one that would determine who from group six would qualify to face the winner of group five. Micky was in the best position with the best amount of points. The first battle winner was the man with the Volbeat, overall earning six points. It wasnt the most impressive of battles, the loser getting three points. All Micky had to do was get five and half or more points and beat this Maril trainer and he was through. Not a half bad tale to tell in the future that his first ever contest and he got through the group stages.

Strider, Hypnosis! Micky ordered on the moment the beep emitted. The latest move she had learned, at least according to Trips Pokedex. Micky was dying to try the move out and now he could try it out. Her eyes started to glow purple before she started to put the Aqua mouse to sleep.

Maril started to teeter from side to side at first, before realising he needed an order now. His trainer realised this to and gave an order immediately. Water gun! he shouted to Maril. The circular blue mouse done just this, feeling a little off his head. He sprayed a blue spray into Striders face and the hypnosis stopped, the attack done huge damage to her, her fiery body cooling as she felt pain. Maril now had full control of his body, the tiredness stopping. Tail Whip the trainer ordered to his Maril.

Strider got hit by the big ball on the springy tail of Maril, not doing an damage but distracting her enough to be hit by another Water Gun, this time knocking her to her side. Strider roared in pain and her eyes glazed over to her trainer, looking desperately at Micky for an order. Ember! was the first thing to come to Mickys mind, despite the fact that he knew it wouldnt have much effect. The battle stopped being cute, from the moment hypnosis was attempted it became serious and using a fire attack at this time was not a smart idea. Strider done hat she was told despite knowing it was a stupid idea and with ease, Maril shrugged it off as though the three fire balls spat at him were rain drops. He retaliated with another water attack, this time the Ocean Surf style attack, the salty smell a give away. Strider writhed in pain and Micky was tempted to withdraw her and throw in the towel but before he could, something strange happened.

As the water was spraying over her, her body began to glow so bright, the sheer size of the glow making Maril turn away and stop her spray. Slowly, the glow got bigger, and Micky realised it wasnt the glow, it was Strider growing in size. Striders legs grew in size, longer and wider. Her body grew with it, under the glow it was visibly getting larger, becoming more of a horse shape. Still glowing, Strider rose to her feet, the glow grew once more, blinding Everyone for a moment as she stood before everyone in her new form.

She was no longer a tiny Pony, she was bigger than Micky, a true horse in size and a stallion at that. She stood at about six foot tall at her head. Her face looked less cute, more like a fighter. Her eyes had changed from a cute deep black to a sinister diamond red. Her head had grown a horn that lay just above her two eyes, crme in colour, just like the rest of her body, a unicorn like horn. Her ears insides were fiery red and the mane of fire had grown by much more, trailing behind her at about the same length as Mickys hair ,but much thicker. Her tail was also longer, a much thicker blaze of fiery fur. Her ankles remained surrounded by small flames and her hooves had grown bigger, but still were black. She was proud of her new body, standing tall with her head up high. She was bigger than Maril in the first place, at least double his height, but now she was about three times taller and much more intimidating. With one hiss she made Maril fall backwards in fear. Maril ran away, hiding behind his trainers ankle.

The battle was over, the beep went off and signalled the end of the fight. Micky walked over to his unicorn like Pokemon, stroking her new mane and tickling her under her chin. She was still the same Pokemon as before in her mind, loving the attention she received, only this time she was bigger than Micky, no longer the tiny little Pony that didnt look able to do anything except spray flames and attack smaller opponents.

Micky looked at the score boards, both competitors received six points for the battle. Chances were that last moment evolution synched Micky and Strider many points, especially after Marils reaction. The judges have declared this match a draw, and due to the previous round, Micky and Strider move onto the next stage the lead judge announced.

Mickys mouth was opened in shock, but a smile started to form and he hugged his Pokemon by her neck. Hear that, we move on he smiled to his Pokemon, so glad that his previous eight and a half points put him above he previous battles winner.


Micky couldnt believe it and neither could Karen, Micky had made it to the second round of a Pokemon Contest. He only had to defeat this next trainer, come in second or first in the second appeal round and beat the final trainer and he would be the winner. These rounds would last two minutes and the final battle would be three minutes and Micky had high hopes of making it that far, already very proud of his and Striders accomplishments so far. He was still stunned in awe of her new form, obsessing over the little changes. She didnt look that different, she was a lot bigger and she had intimidating eyes but even the little things like her the larger size of the flames or the unicorn appearance that her new horn gave her. Still, he had to pay attention to the first of the qualifier contest battles, Karen and the ever annoying Chu-Toy against some guy called Frederick or something like that and his Delcatty, a cat-like Pokemon that walked elegantly almost as if she owned everywhere she moved. Her fur was crme and smooth, around her head she had purple that looked so unnatural, almost like a helmet, although it was part of her body, surrounding her ears making them grab more attention than her cute little cat face.

Pi ka Pi ka Pikachu chanted continually, already acting all Cute in front of everyone. Delcatty didnt take to kindly to this, growling with her teeth gritted in an attempt to intimidate Pikachu which came to no avail, if anything making her seem a lot less cute.

The beep sounded and Frederick immediately began his orders, beginning with Sing as the first order. Well, the move sounded cute enough, but the effect wasnt. The song was beautifully sung but had one very bad effect. It was so harmonic that everyones eyes started to falter and eventually close. It was only by luck that Pikachu punched Delcatty in her jaw whilst she sung that everyone shot back awake, although some had already been soothed into sleep. Tickle! Frederick ordered, one of the few able to stay conscious in the arena.

Double-Slap! Karen ordered to Pikachu. The rodent done as he was told, despite the fact that Delcatty was tickling him under his arms. He couldnt help giggling as he tried to slap Delcatty, missing one of his slaps through the laughter.

Now, Covet! Frederick ordered once more.

Quick Attack! Karen ordered. As Delcatty went to knock Pikachu with her right fore leg, Pikachu dodged and ended up right behind his opponent and tackled her from behind. The technique looked cooler rather than cute but either way, it impressed the audience and the judges as well as giving Pikachu the upper hand, allowing him to use Thunder Wave. Out of his two rosy red cheeks charged blue sparks, eventually sending a wave of sparks into Delcatty which stunned her for at least thirty seconds, passing much of the time of the battle as Pikachu celebrated, showboating and chanted Pi Ka over and over, winning over more points until the beep finally sounded. The judges ruling in favour of Pikachu obviously.

Micky realised this wouldnt be too tough. The first contest battle he had to win and earn points, though this time all he needed to do was win the fight, and with a new strong Pokemon like what trips Pokedex referred to as Rapidash Micky figured this would be easy going. During the second battle, Micky paid practically no attention to the second battle, busy checking out her moves on Trips muted Pokedex.

Ember, Flame Wheel, Hypnosis, Horn Attack, Take Down, Rest, Tackle, Solarbeam

Micky smirked as he saw Solarbeam listed, the Pokedex reader her mind and deciding that the move she had learned was good enough to classify as Solarbeam. The battle seemed to be pretty good, bringing Os and Ahs from the crowd, but Micky had no care, he was focused on his next battle. The winner was eventually an owner of a Combusken, the same kind of Pokemon that Flannery had used as her final choice that got his *** kicked by Mickys Nincada. His next battle was against a Poochyena, a Pokemon Shane used in Mickys first ever battle, and just like then, Micky was confident Strider would make it two for two in her streak against Poochyenas.

Micky walked onto the main stage with pure confidence, Strider in her new form by his side with just as much. He couldnt believe it, but he was getting hugely passionate about Contests. He never looked at them like he did now. At first, back at Lilycove, hed watch all these obsessive trainers walking in, all covered in make up and their Pokemon all changed to look the role, and it was impressive and dazzling, but it all looked so phoney. The battles were about appearance, not about winning, and thats what turned him away. But now, now he was very into it all and all prepared. He had to impress the judges but he figured by making his opponent Poochyena look bad. All the Pokemon were still intimidated by this new Pokemon Rapidash. Poochyena was shaking as he made his way onto the main stage but was reassured by his trainer who stood his ground, not letting a sign of fear show through his cold stare.

The beep sounded and Micky ordered Strider to lead with an ember. The three fire balls missed their target, the Poochyena dodging but this wasnt going to break Mickys confidence in any way. Nice try, Flame Wheel now! Micky ordered. Strider moved herself into a standing position of intimidation, as her body stood on her back legs two balls of fire emitted from her two front ankles, leaving trails of burnt wood as the rolled forward and hit Poochyena in the side before galloping horn first at the poor dog, sending him flying off the stage before his trainer even got to give one order.

The crowd didnt take to kindly to this performance, too vicious for the performance someone in a Cute Contest was giving. Micky gave the birdie to the crowd, his middle finger stuck right up and that was it. The judge wasnt having any of this kind of behaviour from a competitor in a contest. He signalled for the beep to emit earlier than normal and announced Mickys disqualification, his behaviour to the crowd to unprofessional. Micky gave the middle finger to the judge and with a smirk on his face the security appeared. Ill make my own way out Micky spat at them, nudging his head to Strider to make them back away. The security officers were always prepared for something like this, releasing Pokeballs from their belt. Out of Each Pokeball came the four armed muscular being Machamp. Micky had encountered one in Kogas possession, those these ones he had no intention of befriending. Seeing the odds were uneven, Micky grabbed a Pokeball from his side, releasing the already enraged Scy. The six Machamps backed away immediately. Just like Cleopatra, Scy could set a thousand ships, probably never to return out of fear of him and he sure as **** could make four Machamps back away. Exactly Micky spat to the security guards. Now are you gonna let me make my own way out or not? Micky asked sarcastically and rhetorically. The guards and their Machamps split into two sides and Micky made his way towards the door, the fans booing him as he did. Strider led him to the door whilst Scy hissed from behind.

Purity and Trip had no idea what to do. On one hand there was Micky with Scy and Strider by his side quite capable of anything at the time but on the other hand Karen needed their support. Purity looked to Karen and in Karens eyes she could tell she was saying go stop him before he does something stupid. She tapped Trip on the shoulder and he knew what decision she had made and Kneazy by his side, headed for the entrance of the Contest Hall. She burst out to find Micky sitting on the steps of the Contest Halls entrance, his Pokemon withdrawn to the confides of their Pokeballs that sat on his belt. Purity was the first to make her way to Micky, leading with You gonna be ok? as her first words.

Micky let out a small humph of breath before saying never again.

Never again what? she asked.

Am I ever entering a contest, homo-sexual **** heads he spat in distain of the crowd.

She laughed a little bit before saying Youre probably banned from ever entering another Contest Hall now.

Oh well he laughed. Wonder how Karens doing? he said.

Guess well have to wait and find out Trip interrupted, his first words to Micky since he began the contest.

It took about ten minutes for Karen to come out, head down in shame. I got second she huffed, disappointed at the fact she hadnt won.

Thats still good Purity said, hugging her friend by the side. The little electric rodent was by her side, just as disappointed with a silver medal around his neck, the string of the medal coloured brown, the traditional colour of Rustboro.

Yeah, you done better than me Micky laughed.

What the **** was up with that by the way? she asked.

They booed me, I birdied them, simple Micky laughed.

You see the way those security guards reacted? she asked, laughing her head off at their cowardice.

Yeah he laughed with her. Scy, the Pokemon that can wet a thousand pants he laughed, the intimidating power of his murderous Pokemon.

They calmed down a bit, still laughing about the happening of the contests at Martys food stand. He loved the idea of what happened, Scys intimidation power, Mickys one finger salute to everyone and the fact that Karen came second, her efforts paying off nicely, though not as nicely as she would have wished. The thing that bugged Micky the most was he entered because of Puritys manipulation, although it was for good, Micky had a laugh and most importantly, he gained a valuable improvement to his first Pokemon. He knew considering the way the day had started it was turning out rather brightly and on that thought he began to eat his lunch.

Sometimes I remember the darkness of my past, Bringing back these memories I wish I didn't have. Sometimes I think of letting go and never looking back - Easier to Run, Linkin Park

Well, a somewhat surprising Chapter even for me. Initially I was expecting to get the contest and a gym battle in *and evolve Scy* but when I got to the 5th page I jus thought this wont work. In basics, an odd chapter and way too long for my liking but i had to finish the contest no matter how long it took. Somewhat depressive lyrics at the end but they were the best suited as far as I could think *the 1st in ages not with Metallica in it, OMG the world is ending again :p* Anyhow, the previous chapter was hard to follow up so this was the best I could do. On another note, I injured my hand punching the wall, I dont think its that serious, I have broken one of the knuckles but I can still type ok-ish, so it wont effect how quick I pour the chapters out which is what YOU the reader care about.

June 29th, 2004, 12:28 PM
Chapter 24: Re-Match in Rustboro

Somehow it always seems that I'm dreaming of something I can never be - A.D.I.D.A.S, KoRn.

Trip, Micky, Karen and Purity wondered through the Rustboro Shopping Mall. It was nothing compared to Lilycoves, still huge though. Four levels of all sorts of stores, ranging from clothes stores, take away restaurants but most importantly to Micky, Pokemon Stores. Before theyd even been walking for a minute, Micky had already ran off, a large red and white sign saying PokeMasters Micky dashed off, trainer card in hand ready to spend as much as it took to get him fully loaded with Pokemon related items. Purity pushed Trip in the back and he knew she was ordering him to go with him and make sure he didnt do something stupid like buy a Magikarp, which many unsuspecting trainers have done in the past, including herself, except it was a Feebas she bought. However, like she said, the ugliest and most useless of Pokemon can become the greatest.

The moment Micky stepped through the doors he was bewildered by all sorts of useful items. Micky jumped up to take a look at the signs. There were ten aisles. The first sign to catch Mickys attention was Pokemon Pleasers. What it was exactly was a mystery to Micky, but he was about to find out. He started to make his way in between the shelves. A few people were crowding the aisle, looking at the shelves. There was one big box of Poke block Cases next to Berry Blenders. On the opposite shelf were Massage Cases and Massage Oils. Everything in this section seemed to expensive, some of the Massage Oils costing one thousand dollars. Micky shook his head in disappointment, not intending to spend all his money on something so simple.

Trip popped up behind him asking Found anything good? Micky shook his head as a reply wandering out of the Pokemon Pleasers aisle and into the Pokeballs aisle. He wasnt sure why he bothered to. He was already set for Pokeballs, still having two more in his bag alongside his Golden Premier Ball that hed won a while ago in this city, still, there were some interesting Pokeballs here along side the normal red and white orbs. The normal Pokeballs cost one hundred dollars a piece or four hundred and fifty for a pack of six, however there were other options. Micky looked around at the many choices. A Great Ball as it was called. The semi-sphere at the bottom was white just like any other Pokeball however the upper semi-sphere was blue, however, one halo stuck out on the upper semi-sphere, blood red in colour, probably some form of a grip, selling for three hundred dollars and not looking interesting enough for Micky to buy, although they did attract Trips attention, taking three of these Pokeballs and purchasing them at the counter whilst Micky looked around some more.

Mickys attention eventually became fixated on something. In front of him, encased in glass boxes and selling for about one thousand dollars a piece were Evolution Stones. He read their description on the label beneath.

Evolution Stones, essential for the evolution of certain Pokemon. By simply coming into contact with an evolution stone, certain Pokemon can evolve into better forms and these are the only way to evolve them.

Seemed simple enough, but which ones to get was what Micky was wondering. Their were six in front of him, all beautiful stones and all probably capable of serving a purpose. The first was the Fire Stone. Encased inside its glass box, shaped smoothly. Much of its shape was a see-through amber-like solid. Like the mosquito found trapped in amber, this stone had red flame shape within itself. Next to it, also encased inside a glass box was the Leaf Stone. It was a grassy green rock with a dark green leaf engraved on its surface. Next to this one was the Thunder Stone. Another smooth amber-like rock, only this one was green in colour and much like the Fire Stone it held a symbol within, this one a lightning bolt. The beside that was a Water Stone. Another see-through smooth rock, ocean blue in colour with water droplet symbols of sea blue within its centre. They all seemed like attractive items but which to have bothered Micky. He eventually caved into his greed and grabbed one of each despite the cost. Trip hadnt served his purpose in coming with Micky to the shop, Micky grabbing items which he didnt even know how to use and in his naivety, believed they would be of immediate use to him.

He approached the counter, the four glass boxes being carried one atop the other in Mickys arms delicately. Whoa the man at the till exclaimed, amazed at how much this kid was buying. Thats a lot of stuff he continued.

Well, they all looked so tempting Micky said, almost like he was trying to explain a crime.

Well, that will be four thousand please the man at the till said to Micky. Micky handed over his trainer card but before swiping it through his machine, he had to ask Micky one more thing. Would you care to purchase the rare and elusive Sun and Moon Stones? he asked, using words that made them sound well worth Micky while.

I didnt see them on the shelves Micky said, feeling like he had missed something.

We keep them in the safe out back he said.

How much for? Micky asked, eager to purchase them as well, thinking these stones would be able to evolve all his Pokemon to more powerful forms.

They normal sell for about five thousand a piece he replied.

Oh Micky said, disappointed that he wouldnt be able to obtain these elusive stones.

However he continued, feeling that the amount this kid was buying a cut in the price was perfectly acceptable. Since you have been spending so much, I think I can give you a discount he said, Mickys face turning from a frown to a smile. Ill sell them both to you for six thousand he said.

Micky couldnt resist, an over all save of four thousand dollars. Ok Micky replied with a huge smile. Ill take them. The man disappeared, returning in a mute with two golden boxes, opening them to show Micky the two expensive stones. The Moon Stone wasnt smooth at all, shaped like a rough oval or an odd shaped potato. Its colour was a silver grey, looking mysterious and attractive. The other, the Sun Stone, was shaped like the sun, an orange and golden brown in colour. The centre was twirled like it were a fossil whilst the outside was golden brown with flaky flames like the sun.

Be very careful with them, they are very valuable and very sensitive he said, almost as if he would spit on the other stones when he saw those two. He swiped Mickys card and when it was returned he could feel it was ten grand lighter, slightly below fifteen grand left on there. Still, he was pleased with his purchases and received a free PokeMasters backpack with his purchase to place his stones in. He had them removed from their boxes and wrapped in protective foil before leaving, Trip asking him what he had bought when he returned from the shelves, a shocked expression on his face when he found out how much Micky had spent. They had to call Puritys phone from Trips Pokenav before they could find them, searching up and down the lower two levels before finding out they were in the clothes store at the top level.

Micky had the new backpack slung over his left shoulder, the stones weighing more than theyre cost, Micky having to put a lot of effort into staying standing. They made their way through the crowd and into the store known as The Gap, searching high and low for Purity and Karen, eventually Micky sensing Chu-Toys presence that they found their way, Karen admiring shirt and Purity checking out some swimsuits which Micky knew she would definitely look hot in. Micky was greeted by Pikachu barking Pika at him with the purpose of annoyance. Purity held the bikini top in front of her chest and asked What you think? to Micky which was a pretty pointless, even she knew full well hed say looks great even if he didnt think that just because it was polite to say so.

What did you buy? Karen asked, putting down the top deciding it was out of her price range.

Evolution Stones Micky stated with a smirk on his face.

Puritys eyes opened wide in surprise. She knew how expensive those were and she was shocked someone as new to Pokemon as Micky would want to buy something which he probably had no idea how to use. Which ones did you buy? she asked.

Um, what were they called again? Micky asked, already forgetting there very basic names.

Just show them to us Karen interrupted. Micky slung his backpack to the floor slowly and undone it, pulling out the evolution stones one by one to show to his friends. He unwrapped them one by one, Fire Stone first and Sun Stone last. Pikachu approached them out of curiosity, sniffing each of them and he immediately triggered the thunder stone. Both the Thunder stone and Pikachu began to glow and Micky dreaded to accept what was just about to happen. Pikachus shape started to change in the blinding light. His body grew to double his original height, so still only two feet tall and way below Mickys height. His body grew more a lot wider though, a lot more fat forming on him. His tail went from a short thunderbolt to a long string-like mouse tail, tipped at the end with a small Z-like lightning bolt.

The blinding white light finally stopped and Karen stared in shock at the change her cute Pikachu had taken. His fur had completely changed, now a tanned orange with a white stomach. He still had short arms, tipped at their ends with dark brown boxing glove-like fists. His back was still marked, three tiger stripes of dark brown above his long, thin dark brown mouse tail that was tipped with a yellow lightning bolt. His feet were tiny compared to his body, tanned yellow like the rest of his fur but tipped at the toes with dark brown fur. He still lacked a neck, just a slight curve change as his face began, still having the same face shape aside from the new tanned brown colour and yellow circles around his cheeks where there used to be rosy red. His ears were hugely different, curled as they stuck to his head, tipped at their tops, dark brown on the outside, electric yellow on the inside.

Chu-Toy looked at his new body in surprise, looking under each tiny arm and looking to his toes before trying to look at his back, failing to see it all properly, although he saw his new tail and admired it very much. Pikachu? Karen said, still shocked at the change. Micky looked at the Thunder Stone. It was still like green amber, however, the thunder symbol that once lay inside it was no longer there, just an abyss of see-through green.

That bastard broke my Thunder Stone Micky spat in anger, still a little shocked. You asshole, that cost a grand Micky spat again. Chu-Toy could sense Micky was about to charge after him and he already began running. Micky leapt to his feet and began to charge after him. It was a difficult chase, Chu-Toy being half Mickys size and able to dive through the people in the aisles whilst Micky had to push and shove. The new Chu-Toy dove through a clothes rack, gaining a five metre or so distance from Micky whilst he tried to transverse the aisles and clothes racks to get closer to the larger rodent, however he got him cornered by the dressing rooms. He was still the same idiotic rodent and walked into the dressing rooms and was trapped by Micky. Micky started to make his way to the dressing rooms and Chu-Toy realising he was trapped, locked himself in one of the seven private dressing rooms. Micky stormed into the dressing room, looking around seeing no sign of Chu-Toy and he knew he was hiding in one of those rooms.

Micky walked to the nearest one, pulling it open swiftly and finding it empty. The way he moved, it was almost like he was a horror movie killer stalking the final victim. He opened the second room, another one empty. Chu-Toy was all huddled up, feeling like he was gonna wet himself in suspense and fear. It wasnt his fault that he evolved, it was an accident and he didnt want to evolve and now hed be lucky to live to the next day, Micky hunting him with all the fury in the world and little Chu-Toy only able to release weak electric jolts on him which wouldnt stop him from beating the **** out of him. Micky dragged open the third door and he was met with a shock.

What you doing asshole? a women screamed at him, throwing a high-heeled shoe at his chest to get him to get away. She looked somewhat familiar to Micky but the way she was screaming at him he had no time to put his finger on who she was. She slammed the door shut as Micky backed away, his mindset totally off of the new Chu-Toy.

Im sorry Micky shouted looking upwards, trying to get his words to go over the door.

What the **** were you doing perv? she shouted back at him enraged by his actions.

Theres an evolved Pikachu that Im chasing after Micky shouted back to her.

Well hes not in here she replied. And its called a Raichu she said. Chu-Toy over heard this and realised that was what hed be referred to now, no longer cute little Pikachu but big bad Raichu he thought to himself.

Well, he stole my stone and Im mad at him Micky shouted. Sorry to intrude on your privacy he said, real heart in his apology.

Micky saw a security officer making his way into the dressing rooms and he realised that this wasnt going to have a pretty ending. Is everything ok in here? he asked in a stern tough voice.

Yes officer, everything is fine Micky replied in a hope to make him leave.

I wasnt asking you. Maam, is everything ok? he asked, shouting at the door. The door slowly opened and the lady who was inside made her way out.

Yes everything is fine officer she said. Thank you for your concern she replied, speaking in a very posh voice and entirely coherently to make it seem like nothing had happened. As much as she didnt like the situation, she didnt want to see some boy getting dragged off to a police station for something that was clearly an accident and felt no need for that to happen.

Ok maam the officer replied. But Im watching you he growled, pointing his finger at Micky sternly.

When the officer had left Micky said Yo didnt have to do that appreciatively.

Im a forgiving person the women replied.

Micky started to recognise her. Her hair was done up in two bunches and tied with pink ribbons that went nicely with her black hair and her face was pretty, still youthful and looking like someone in her early twenties. Wait Micky said. Youre Roxanne arent you? Micky said, finally, remembering who she was, the first trainer to beat him.

Yeah she giggled, almost like nothing had happened before, Micky lucky that she almost entirely dressed when he saw her otherwise she would have made a much bigger deal out of the matter.

Ive been meaning to sign up for another gym battle. You beat me before Micky said. Im Micky Hardy he said, shaking her hand.

Oh yeah, youre friend, um she thought.

Purity Micky interrupted.

Yeah, she came by, Im spose to call her when i see you, shes worried about you she said.

I know, already met up with her, shes somewhere in this store Micky replied.

Oh, good she replied.

Let me guess, you want to ask for a battle? she asked, guessing they were Mickys intentions, in returning to Rustboro.

If you wouldnt mind Micky said with a hopeful look in his eye. I improved a lot since we last met, I have two badges now he said, hoping somehow his improvement would encourage her to battle him.

Well done she giggled, clearly not giving a **** how much hed improved.

So, when can I battle you? Micky asked, hoping it was some time soon.

If you come by the gym later on you can find out, I dunno these things off by heart she said. Good luck with your training and probably see you later she said, carrying a bag with some clothes inside it away.

As she left, Micky rose to his feet, his door to door search over and he was now going to simply ask where Chu-Toy was. Ok Rodent Micky shouted. Come out, I aint gonna hurt you Micky said, sincerity in his voice.

June 29th, 2004, 12:29 PM
Eventually, the newly evolved Raichu finally made his way out of the door, apology and a sad expression on his face. Micky huffed and muttered Come on before leading the large rodent out of the dressing room. It took the ma while to find Karen and the rest of the group, all of them, especially Karen, frantically searching for the two of them before Micky unleashed his anger on the Rodent. Karen hugged her new rodent has he went running to his trainer for comfort after the shock of change. One grand down he muttered to Trip in distain, taking his bag of stones back from him.


It was a very expensive day for the group of them. Purity bought some new clothes as well as Karen, Trip done pretty much nothing except say Ooh, look at that and I could really use something like that. Micky was grumpy the entire time, still annoyed about spending a grand on a stone that evolved the most annoying thing in his life, though he was thankful that Roxanne was very forgiving and he could probably get another shot at the Stone Badge. Micky insisted on them going to Rustboro Gym, intent on beating Roxanne. The group seemed fine with it, the new Raichu not having the guts to argue with someone who hed just screwed out of a grand.

It wasnt crowded at all, not a single person inside the gym, not even a receptionist. With nothing else to do the group made their way into the gym battle arena. Micky had his Pokemon belt at the ready, memorising where his newly evolved Strider was, defiantly his first choice Pokemon if he could get a battle now. Roxanne was there, surrounded by Pokemon, all of them looking to be of the rock-type. He recognised most of them. The two armed boulder Geodude that kicked his *** last time he battled, the evolution of Geodude known as Graveler and the evolution of Graveler known as Golem. There was also a Pokemon he didnt recognise, standing at about seven feet tall was a Pokemon new to Micky. It was a giant stone statue, standing on two rock legs that looked like the wooden legs youd find on old sailors. His entire body was smooth and sea blue, almost like he was carved like a relic and painted by an artist. His eyes were practically invisible, two indents in his rocky form that were two black eyes, the sort of colour youd find on someone whod been in a very vicious fight. The one feature that stood out on this creature was his nose. A giant pink-red colour, shaped like a human nose but much bigger, at least three times bigger than a human nose, although aside from the legs at the bottom of this creature he looked like one giant face, aside from two tiny arms that rolled at the side of his head.

Um, you told me to come by if I wanted to battle Micky shouted, drawing Roxannes attention.

Oh, yeahum, sorry about there being no receptionist, shes busy with her parents, they are injured she said grudgingly.

Take it theres no battles today then? Micky said in a disappointed voice.

Roxanne thought for a moment, mostly seeing Mickys disappointment and yet the same determination to be the best that she had around his age. She couldnt resist saying Well, I could do a short one on one battle now if you wanted.

Are you serious? Micky asked, his face lighting up with joy.

Yeah she said. Assuming your ready she continued.

Who would referee? Micky asked.

I think one of your friends could count to ten she replied.

Micky looked at them and couldnt resist saying I dont think any of them can count to five, let alone ten.

Raichu giggled and Purity also seemed to find it funny, though Trip didnt seem to like it and took offence saying Ill ref it!

Well great, take a spot over there Roxanne said, pointing Micky to the challengers position, a least one hundred metres away from Roxannes spot. Micky had Striders ball in his grip, just dying for Trip to say the word Begin.

Are you ready? Roxanne shouted across to Micky.

Yeah! he shouted back, Pokeball now in his hand and waiting to be released to the floor.

Challenger, are you ready? Trip asked, acting like a professional referee. Micky nodded in reply and he turned to Roxanne. Gym Leader, are you ready? he asked.

You bet she replied.

Begin! he shouted loudly. Immediately, Micky threw his Pokeball forward, out of the red blur formed his freshly evolved Strider. Roxanne pointed her finger to Geodude, feeling despite Mickys advancement from being a newbie trainer that he was still no match for her Geodude. The double armed boulder curled herself into a ball and rolled forward like a soccer ball kicked by a professional, moving swiftly for a rock. Strider showed no sign of being impressed by this, hissing at the rock as she awaited an order.

Solarbeam! was Mickys first order, knowing this move would tear a hole through the rock if it hit.

Roxanne laughed and ordered Rock Throw!

Micky didnt know why she laughed until he saw why. Striders horn started to glow as she took in as much sunlight as she could, but when she fired the beam it was barely visible, looking like a string of green light that barely tapped Geodude. Theres not enough light in here Purity shouted as an explanation. Geodude retaliated with her order, smashing her muscular rock fist to the ground to send rocks into the air before slamming them towards her foe. The first rock Strider dodged however the second one hit her in the left fore leg as she tried to avoid it. She fell to the ground and became a sitting duck for the third and forth rocks.

Geodude looked towards her trainer for another order. Roxanne gave her what she wanted and ordered Magnitude.

Ember Micky cried to his Rapidash, trying to encourage her Pokemon to fight on. The fire-horse kicked the rocks off of her, not willing to go down yet. She rose to her feet just as Geodude executed her move, throwing herself at least six feet into the air and slamming hard into the ground in a ball shape. The ground shook as the battlefield cracked from Geodude towards Strider. She dove out of the way as the ground where she once was exploded in a spectacle of broken rocks. She done what she was ordered, spraying three fire balls at once at her foe that look so small compared to her. Geodude took the hit like it were a pat on the back, not even clenching her eyes shut as the fire balls exploded on her face.

Its not very effective on rock types Purity shouted to Micky as advice.

****e! Micky shouted back. Um, Double Kick! Micky ordered, thinking quickly back to her Pokedex moves. Strider ran towards Geodude, only twenty or so metres in distance between them when she was caught totally off guard. Without an order, Geodude leapt off of the ground using her tremendous arm strength and grabbed Strider by the neck, dragging her to the floor in a painful hold. Her entire weight kept the fire-horse on the floor, choking the life out of her as her arms wrapped tightly around her throat, her rock-like body scraping along Striders fiery neck. Despite the heat that Striders flaming mane gave off, Geodude held her position, inflicting way more pain on her foe than she was receiving. Strider tried to roar in pain but was cut off by the hold tightening. Strider, roll out of it Micky ordered desperately. She wasnt escaping that Submission hold with ease.

Just give it up, she aint gonna escape Roxanne shouted at Micky.

Strider, get to your feet with Geodude around your neck Micky ordered. Strider looked at Micky like he was insane as she put herself in more pain looking her trainer in his eyes. But she could see he had a plan and started to do what he said, despite the huge weight bringing her neck down. In pain, the unicorn made it to her feet and awaited an order, praying it would be quick. Now, kick Geodude with your legs Micky ordered, seeing Geodude hanging just in front of her two forelegs. Strider down as she was told, kicking twice with her right hoof first before following it up with a kick from her left. Geodude was clearly showing pain from this attack which struck Micky as odd, figuring that rocks would be tough enough to endure this kind of damage, however, Geodude was starting to show signs of give. Her grip around Striders neck slowly dropping with each kick until she finally began to fall, getting caught by Striders right fore foot and sent flying over the battlefield and landing almost into Roxanne, only a metre or two away from her. It was the most amazing kick Micky had ever seen and Strider wasnt done, running in Geodudes direction to continue the punishment.

Horn Attack! Micky shouted to Strider. As she ran she ducked her head down, her horn shining a blinding white like the light during her evolution. She sped to Geodude so fast and Micky was nerved with anticipation, dying to see how much damage this would do to his foe. Geodude lay there, looking directly at Strider before shocking Everyone in the room. She slammed her fist down to the ground hard. Crack lines formed in a rugged line as the went towards Strider. The attack was aimed a little off target but Geodude managed to trip her as she went falling neck first to the ground, a circle of the battlefield exploding behind her as chunks of rock fell everywhere, Micky recognising this attack as Earthquake, and a powerful one at that. Strider lay writhing on the floor, a huge piece of the battlefield holding her down.

Trip proceeded with the count, both Micky and Roxanne looking shocked at Geodudes attack. Micky was already running around the battlefield, trying to reach Strider, shouting stuff like Get up! to his Pokemon in desperation, seeing the tables turning on him. Trip had reached a count of seven by the time Micky had made it near to Strider, running like an Olympic athlete, powered by desperation. Strider was barely able to blink, the fall when she tripped taking a lot of strength out of her and the impact from the chunk of battlefield crashing on her had put her out of action for the rest of the battle as Trip finally counted off to ten. Upon hearing ten, Micky leapt onto the broken battlefield, trying to help Strider, getting at the rock in an attempt to move it. Geodude, being a professional Pokemon helped Micky and her opponent out, dragging herself over to Strider and lifting the rock off of Strider, despite it being at least eight times larger than her. She easily threw it to her side on Mickys behalf giving Micky the chance to help his Pokemon up. Grudgingly, Micky withdrew Strider to her Pokeball, dropping his head to the dusty floor in disappointment.

Dont worry Roxanne said to Micky. Youll find about one in five hundred trainers actually beat gym leaders, youve nothing to be ashamed of she said, patting Micky on his back. Micky shook his head with gritted teeth feeling like a total failure. He eventually rose to his feet and looked at Roxanne as if to say I just dont get it. He got to his feet, shaking her hand as he went in an attempt to look professional.

Micky exited the gym, his three companions and Raichu following behind him as he went towards the Rustboro Pokemon Centre. Purity was trying to convince Micky that it wasnt that bad but Micky wasnt listening to anything she said, disappointment draining the blood from his face so that all you could see was the paleness of his mind. Micky dropped off Striders Pokeball in the Pokemon Centre, not saying any more than Ok. His Pokemon looked to have pretty serious injuries, the nurse replying that it would be at least eight days until he could retrieve Strider back at full form. The day suddenly started to drop downhill for him, the moment Geodude released his final attack signifying the vertical drop of his happiness. Micky was crushed, he really thought he was a good enough trainer to defeat Roxanne but he clearly wasnt, making costly mistakes throughout the match that no good trainer would make, from not realising the lack of sunlight for his Pokemons Solarbeam to ordering a fire attack on a rock type Pokemon, totally unprofessional and senseless, even desperate in its own way. Trip was no longer mocking and vengeful, he didnt take Mickys cocky insult at the beginning of the match to well but it would be going too far to mock Micky in the state he was in. The only person disappointed in his performance was himself but he didnt see that, even Roxanne was impressed with the battle, he began with more than an experience disadvantage, Strider the fire type being hugely weak to Geodude the rock type, not to mention the fact that this was Striders second battle of the day and her first battle in her new unicorn body.

Micky, snap out of it! Karen shouted at him, snapping her fingers in front of his face. He stopped in his stride and growled an evil glare into her face. She froze in her tracks, seeing he was in no mood for orders, even if they were for his own good.

I need some time on my own, Ill see you back at the house later on Micky spat, frown all over his face and a soulless look in his eyes that froze the hearts of anyone who looked into them. He wandered off alone away from the group, Trip wanting to chase him but stopped by Purity, knowing that in a mood like this only bad could come of company.


Micky had wondered through Rustboro for an hour, bumping shoulder first into anyone who got into his way, his mind elsewhere and his body like a zombie, no mind or soul, simply trying to escape. Hed reached the northern mountains of Rustboro, finally finding his mind. Up there in the mountains was where his soul was, his body at first glance of it proceeding to climb up the steep cliff face to the mountain above. His flesh tore on sharp rocks as his body grabbed at any kind of grip it could find, the blood that was spilt merely grip in his mindless body. He was in a world of his own, and this was where he was most vulnerable. Mickys mind and soul were like a ghost of himself, gazing over at the peaceful ocean that lay west of the northern Rustboro mountains, the water route that led to the Kanto Region. Mickys body finally made it up the mountain, clambering towards its see-through white image of itself. Slowly, he walked into place and let his body redefine who controlled it. Micky fell to the floor as both soul and body connected, rising up to find his hands coated in a thick layer of blood and his body tattered and torn. His trail of thought was gone, whatever hed been thinking as his body wandered through Rustboro remained a mystery and what his soul had thought was just the same.

Micky started to wipe his hands on his shirt, staining his white fishnet shirt with red hand prints. You should be more careful a dark voice hissed. Micky shot around immediately, his focus drawn to the mysterious voice, but the identity of the speaker no longer remained mystery. Micky recognised him immediately, even in new attire.

You bastard! Micky spat aggressively. Standing before him, still almost seven feet in height, hidden in a silver hockey mask and a huge black cloak was his nightmare. The one who came of Micky at night, day, sleep and wake for reasons that had yet to unfold before Micky. Why the **** are you here Micky growled, Scys Pokeball firmly gripped in his hand, ready to yank from his belt and throw to the floor.

You should know my friend he hissed back.

I am not your friend Micky spat, almost ready to cry from locking up his anger inside, his body begging him to release every ounce of hate onto this person.

That has yet to be seen he laughed like a maniac.

Micky had had enough. He threw Scys Pokeball to the ground and in an explosion of red light formed the giant mantis. Scy, Slash him! Micky ordered, pointing his finger directly at the cloaked man. Scy looked in the direction Mickys finger pointed then looked back at Micky as if to say Is this some kind of joke? Scy! Micky shouted again, wondering why his Pokemon hadnt accepted his order.

The cloaked person rose his left hand and tapped Scys Pokeball on Scys head, withdrawing Mickys Pokemon. He cant see me, in fact, no one can, Im all in your head he laughed.

Bu-Bu Micky stuttered, trying to say But you smashed my head open.

But I cracked your head open he said. No no, you cracked your head open, I just controlled what you saw, felt and done he muttered, explaining some of what happened.

But, there was someone else Micky said, actually having a real conversation with something that said he was all in Mickys mind.

Ah of course. The one and only Necromancer and his psychic companion, the powerful ghost, Poltergeist he laughed, speaking of them like they were gods. Yes, the one and only saw me, his mind twisted enough to see me.

So why the **** you do this huh? Micky asked in anger.

Why do I do what? he replied, obviously understanding the question.

Why have you been attacking me since I met Purity. Why? First you save me from Scy, then you attack me in my sleep, then you attack me in my consciousness, it doesnt make sense Micky shouted, almost about to burst into tears of frustration.

He laughed, loving to see all this hate cause Micky to suffer, not a single shred of pity shown for the boy.

Not only do I not know the answer, I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE QUESTION IS! - My World, Metallica.

Well, a confusing chapter, officially going to make this 1 day span over 3 chapters. Another evolution, another battle and another visit from big bad Rage. A somewhat enjoyable chapter to write. This broken hand if anything has improved my writing, giving me more determination.

July 1st, 2004, 5:01 PM
Chapter 25: The World Shaken Again.

Realized I can never win, Sometimes I feel like I have failed, Inside where do I begin, My mind is laughing at me - Did My Time, KoRn.

Do ya think Micky is ok? Purity asked in a worried tone. They had all returned immediately, not wanting to miss Micky at all.

Come on, he has a Scyther with him and a Rapidash, he wont have any problems, Im worried about the people he runs into Trip replied, not worried at all about Mickys condition.

I suppose youre right she giggled, picturing Micky and Scyther beating the **** out of every police officer in Rustboro.

Seriously, just watch the television Trip said, watching the World Pokemon Federation, looking forward to the Pokemon International One Hundred, quite possibly the biggest Pokemon trainer event ever, and he had one year to prepare. His entry form was already entered along with hundreds of other trainers, Purity still had two more badges to obtain and a year to do that. The Knuckle Badge of Dewford Island Gym and the Mind Badge of Mossdeep City Gym. She also had high hopes that Micky could get all this done as well, but she wasnt positive that Micky could even obtain all eight badges, let alone prepare himself for the kind of battles they hold at events of this nature, the slightest slip up would get exposed and broken open, nothing like the battles he was used to. The only reason he could beat the current gym leaders was because they werent using their top teams, required to use lower level Pokemon depending on a trainers progress.

Ok she said, dropping down to watch the amazing battles that these top class trainers would put on.


Micky was still face to face with the masked man that haunted his dreams, both of them staring each other down, the masked man clearly winning, not a trace of fear in his body. Hed yet to give Micky a reason for his actions in since Micky had asked. Mickys question remaining unanswered in the minute after he had asked. It took Micky that full minute to realise that if this masked man wasnt real ,then he could simply walk away. Yo dude, if youre not real then I can just walk away Micky said cockily, making his way towards the path leading down the hill.

Too Too Cocky he laughed insanely, putting his right hand out and dragging Micky through the air and in front of Micky.

Hey, you asshole Micky spat.

Watch your mouth he growled, shutting Mickys mouth with his psychic powers.

Micky tried mumbling Let me go **** head but he failed to. Now he reverted to basic human self-defence instincts, kicking a guy in the nuts. The cloaked mans mental powers fell apart as he grabbed his downstairs genitalia. Micky swung his right fist into the silver mask as hard as he could. The mask cracked in five different ways from the centre of Mickys punch, his fist going numb through pain as one of his knuckles dislocated through the force of fist on mask. He tried to moan in pain but the cloaked man retaliated, rolling his hands before releasing the palm of his hand forward towards Mickys chest, sending him flying back, his back scraping along the rough ground, ripping through the thin netting of his fishnet shirt.

Bad move Kid, very bad move! the cloaked man growled at Micky, walking towards Micky, waving his hand over his face just once, mending the silver mask in the moment it was hidden from Mickys sight. He used his left hand to lift Micky back up from the ground and put him level with him, both heads directly face to face with Mickys feet dangling a foot over the ground. With one straight jab forward, the cloaked man slammed his fist into Mickys stomach and let him drop knee first to the floor as he gripped his winded stomach.

Micky lay on the ground accidentally in a bowing position from where he gripped both his right hand and stomach. Yes, Bow to me the cloaked man growled in a sinister voice.

**** you! Micky spat back, punching his foe in the genitals, striking him hard again. He proceeded to grab himself in pain again but with ease he healed his pain with his hands as he punched Micky in the face, drawing blood from his mouth as he fell sideways to the ground, his neck twisting so hard that he lost all consciousness immediately. Behind the silver mask of the cloaked man he smiled, tapping Mickys head with his foot as a way of effectively spitting on him. He walked away, diving off of the cliff face of the mountain, disappearing into the water and never surfacing.


Micky slowly made his way back to his feet, a little dazed and feeling pain all over his face. He tried to use his right hand to push himself up but fell back down from the shock of it. His hand hurt with each movement he made with it and he started to realise that what he thought was his imagination must have happened. His jaw felt bruised at its left side from the punch hed received and his stomach and chest felt like a cane had lashed them, still leaving Micky winded. He made it to his feet with his left hand, ripping his torn fishnet shirt from his body as he gripped his hand. The knuckles of his ring and middle finger couldnt be seen, all inward with a thick layer of bruised skin above them. He was pretty sure they were broken, barely able to move his ring and middle fingers along his right hand. He shielded the wound behind his left arm as he found his evolution stone bag. He released Scy from his belt and told her I need to get to Harville, think you can do it? He nodded and Micky slowly clambered stomach first onto her, gripping her around the neck with his left arm.

Micky gripped around his neck as hard as he could as he flew at about thirty miles an hour, bouncing along the downhill path. The made their way along the outside of Rustboro, slinking passed through the forests, the branches of the trees slapping on the skin of both Micky and his Pokemon, ripping small tears into the tough scales of Scy and the soft flesh Micky. It was at least a two hour journey, Micky feeling faint with a dry throat from the dizziness, his body still trembling. Scy could feel it along his neck, down his back to the tip of his tail, it was a horrible feeling, knowing the person that he battled for was injured badly, spitting blood out of his mouth, probably having a tooth out of place from such a hard punch to his side. Micky dropped from his mantis, falling hard on his back rather than landing on his feet.

He withdrew his Pokemon and stumbled towards the door, the night already putting a purple veil over the sky with loads of stars twinkling light to the ground below as Micky knocked on Martys door with his left fist. He fell through the door as soon as it opened, crumbling into Trip and falling to his feet. ****! he shouted.

What! Karen shouted, running to the door, screaming as she saw Micky laying there. Micky couldnt tell how badly battered his face was, cuts and bruises all over it alongside his bleeding knuckles and shattered look that covered his face. He groaned as he heard the scream, trying to bring himself to his feet with Trips aid, hurting his hand further as he lifted him by his right arm. Micky was dropped onto a chair. Marty had only just left the kitchen, Purity miles ahead of him, the two of them working on dinner in the kitchen.

What happened to him? Purity shouted at Trip.

I dunno, he just came in like this he replied shrugging his shoulders.

She grabbed Micky by the chin, making him look her in the eyes. Micky, who done this to you? she asked.

That guy he mumbled.

What guy? she asked. Micky just looked back and in his eyes she could tell he was saying the same guy who busted my head. Quick! she said in hysterics. Call the hospital she replied.

Theres no point, its just my hand Micky said, lifting his wounded hand up. The rest is barely anything Micky muttered, remembering the previous day and its results, his injuries nothing in comparison. Just get a bandage or something Micky mumbled, wanting to fall asleep, the fight with the cloaked man draining him of all his energy. Purity pulled his right arm to the side as Marty started to encase it with a bandage. Trip ran to get some ice and Karen tried to talk to Micky and pull him out of the parallel dimension he was slipping into, his focus elsewhere yet again.

The newly evolved Raichu snapped Micky out of it, giving him a small shock in his leg that jolted him upright in shock, slamming his hand into the arm of the chair, ready to tear Chu-Toy to pieces. The sheer force of his collision with the chair stopped him, but he couldnt help but hiss at the rodent, kicking him to one side as he disappeared off up the stairs in pure anger. Purity wanted to follow but she knew not to, figuring if she turned up with food it might ease him into calming down, at least around her.

Marty and her finished off cooking, making a vegetable stir fry with rice. She walked up the stairs, T.V tray in hand to check on Micky. He was sitting there, looking up at the darkened sky, staring at the twinkling stars, looking like he was asking the question Why me? Above his head danced the floating candles, their waving flames the only light on at the rooftop. Purity put the T.V tray on the ground and took a place next to Micky like she always did when she felt he needed to talk. What? Micky grunted in a bitter spit from his dried throat. His mind was so set on hate that his natural instincts told him to choke her until she collapsed to the floor lifeless, but he held back his sick urges with all his strength.

I brought you some food she whispered softly. You must be hungry she commented, seeing how dried his lips were.

So what if I am? Micky asked, not a single sign of gratitude.

Then you should eat she smiled, bringing the food over to him. Come on she said, nudging his shoulder. It took me and Marty ages to make, the least you could do is try it. Micky looked into those eyes and caved in with ease, her emotional blackmail so effective. Micky took a bite, adjusting to using his left hand for eating. He didnt want to show it but he loved the food theyd made and he had no choice to but to show it. You like it then? Purity asked, smiling because she already knew the answer.

Its ok Micky muttered, still not in the mood to be nice.

Ill be right back she replied, wandering back down stairs to get her food. Micky burned a slice of cooked lettuce in their flames to feed them. Micky continued to eat, glad he only needed a folk since there was no meat to cut. Purity and Micky just ate in silence, Purity smiling as she did, knowing with each second he got calmer.

When he was finally finished she asked Want more? Micky nodded, still not wanting to talk unless there was no other way. She still could tell he was almost ready to talk, no longer looking as scary as a dragon, more like a small boy hiding in a tiny hole. When she returned, Micky dug into the food again, still using the food in his mouth as an excuse not to discuss the matter with his friend, despite how inevitable he knew it was.

Hed eaten at least three servings of her and Martys food before finally giving up on using it as an excuse not to speak, his stomach feeling like it would explode. His new excuse was I need a bath. Still, Purity new this was just stalling for time and she helped him remove the bandage and got him a towel, striding along confidently to the living room knowing it was only a matter of time before Micky became an open book. She was almost positive she could solve Mickys problem, or at least help.

On the television, the image directed to the wall which gave off a blurred image of the original, there was nothing on The Pokemon Channel in the advert breaks except adverts for the one hundredth Pokemon International. Trips Kneazy looking ecstatic about it, the first of these tournaments that she would have a chance of competing in. Purity had high hopes for it as well, it was the talk of every Pokemon Centre, every Pokemon Trainer and every region, the Super bowl of Pokemon training where legends are made. Karen showed no interest in it however, not interested in that style of battling, preferring her contest battling and wishing there was an event of that calibre for contest trainers, the trouble was that it was only a big thing in Hoenn, all the other regions seemed to show no interest in it.

Pokemon Championship Battling, the P.C.B was being televised, until an interruption happened. We excuse you for interrupting your programming but we have breaking news. The Pokemon referred to as Rayquaza who stormed Pacifidlog Town and caused havoc all over the world has been sighted by a hiker, leaving the legendary mountains north of Tri Island. He is heading towards the Johto region and mass evacuations have already begun. We shall bring you more soon a female reported said.

Um, should we, uh, erm Karen said, trying to say This must have interest to Micky.

I get the feeling he already knows Purity said in reference to what has been happening in the passed few days.

Micky didnt know for sure but sitting in that tub he could only hear things that he thought were just his thoughts. In his mind was Guess whats happening now from the sick voice of the one he hated and the breaker of his hand.

Your death? Micky muttered to himself.

Death has something to do with it he chuckled evilly. Maybe you should check the television!

Why? Micky asked uncomfortably.

I dont give answers he replied.

Micky rose out of the bath, quickly wrapping a towel around his waist and below. He ran out of the bathroom and shouted Whats happening on television? desperately, fearing that what Nightmare had said was in fact a lie.

Karen looked at Purity as if to say Howd you know he knew? before saying Rayquaza has risen again, why did you ask? with a worried look on her face.

****! Micky spat with aggression and worry, knowing for sure he had some role to play now. He was worried that this role was to be one of Rayquazas victims. Why not? Micky thought. My mother was killed, maybe he wants to finish the rest of my family. He rushed up the stairs, water staining everywhere he walked as he shook his soaking head trying to convince himself that this wasnt happening.

Purity followed behind quickly, her arm grabbed by Trip who said give him a minute to get dressed. He had a point, as little as Purity liked it.

The reports interrupted the battle again, this time a video one. On camera were people near the Tin Tower of Ecruteak City, gathering there in hope that another mythical spirit would rise and protect them, the Rainbow Pokemon, seen by few but the protector of many. It was known well for the most common Legendary Pokemon to leave its home, last sighted twelve years ago when it shot down the helicopter of an escaping Team Cipher Leader in the Oore Region. Now they hoped to see him again as the green snake-like creature got ever closer to Ecruteak City. The peoples hopes started to rise, from the roof of the decrepit burn scarred building that was the tin tower started a rainbow. Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, all of them, pouring out of the tin tower. Slowly, all the colours started to change. Every light that lit the worried streets of Ecruteak shut off, every television stopped, every source of power left and the city turned to dark. Now everyones eyes were on the changing rainbow, going from all blue, to all red, to all purple, ever changing in its colour. Rayquazas figure closed in and the black shadow became the only thing people could see in the dim. The people of Ecruteak watched as Rayquaza made circles around the twin tower, dropping ever closer to the ground before he actually game to ground level. The camera looked directly at him, the first true image of his face. He didnt take too kindly to this and sped right at the camera as the television screen turned to static in Martys home, a shocked silence falling over everyone in the house for the moment that the entire world stopped in fear.

Is that the moon? Or just another light that lights this dead-end street? Is that you there? Or Just another demon that I meet? - The House that Jack Built, Metallica

Well, youre probs gonna have a go at me for adding another legend to this fic but with the world nearing its end, dont you think its necessary for the legends to rise? I started to lose interest in this chapter, dunno why. Anyhow, added the current event in my life, breaking my knuckle. Replaced the wall with Rages Silver mask and I figured Micky needs to have a thought of name for Rage so I chose Nightmare. To put it pretty simple, a rather average/below average chapter but meh, is building up to something

Shiny May
July 2nd, 2004, 2:37 AM
hey micky !!
nice chaps I've told you before what I think about them and I stil feel the same and give Karen a bit more airing time !!!!!! :D I deserve better then that :D

July 2nd, 2004, 7:57 AM
:p. It's hard, you have yet to find a huge role to play, a bit liek Trip, I was kinda sent offcourse when we got rid of Mark *for being a Jackass IRL*

So far I foudn roles for most others

Marty: New father figure
Purity: Temptress, eventually hsi heartbreaker
Peter: Best mare, drops in a lot *my future artist*
Necromancer: Protector, sort of rival
Shane: Rival

With Trip he is sort of Peter's rival but Peter needs but with Karen, well, it's just contests and she has not much else to do *not exactly a temptress, more like a sister to Purity* I need to find her a proper role i nthe fic, it was hard to sldie her when her brother was kicked out.

July 2nd, 2004, 6:15 PM
Chapter 26: A Legendary Battle

Im always Ready to die but youre killing me - Metabolic, Slipknot

Micky had only dressed his legs in his red and black trousers when he stopped. He could feel it tingling all over his skin, the candles could as well, it was something not normal. The candles sensed it to, their flames going out in fear. The wind started blowing hard, almost like a helicopter were about to land in front of Micky. His wet hair zoomed behind him, the moisture sliding off of each strand, the moisture on his body soaring up his neck and face until the wind finally stopped, a dark shadow surrounded by an aurora of smoky purple gas formed in front of him, his body shaking in the chilling cold as he was wrecked by fear. He put his broken right hand out of reach as he clenched the left one, ready to take on Nightmare once more. As the figure formed, he realised he wasnt Nightmare at all, though it wasnt like it was someone he wanted to see anyway.

The shadow split into two, on one side, a lumpy see-through purple body formed, two alert red eyes staring into Mickys soul, a long tongue salivating at the thought of eating it. The pointy ears sense the fear and the evil shiny white teeth showed in his smile, the veer famous Poltergeist holding his special Urn in hand stood by his master, the seven foot tall Necromancer, still dressed like a dead cowboy in his black leather trousers, black tank top, black leather trench coat and black Undertaker hat. What the **** are you doing here? Micky spat.

Because you need me he spat back, wiping his hand over his black moustache and beard standing out over his pale ghost-white skin.

I need nothing from you Micky replied defiantly.

You know you do he said back. Micky hated to admit it, but if Nightmares words were true he did, if he could see Nightmare and make him leave then he would be the most useful bodyguard available.

And so what if I do? Micky growled, locking eyes with Poltergeist for a long enough moment for his spine to be chilled as he felt the life inside him get re-arranged. Neither of the two wanted to show any sign of weakness.

Then maybe we can catch this guy he replied.

What the **** are you on about? Micky growled.

This guy seems very keen on finding you Necromancer started to explain. And both me and you know he has something to do with Rayquaza.

So what if we do? Micky growled aggressively.

Then maybe we can stop Rayquaza he said mysteriously. Either way, Micky couldnt argue, they owed it to the world and if Necromancers assumption of Nightmare had some sort of connection with Rayquaza, stopping him may stop the vicious dragon.


People ran screaming as Rayquaza bore blue flames to the ground and surrounding buildings. With each spray the concrete and bricks would explode, any one caught by the blast would be instantly injured if not killed, the force of the bricks like cannon fire. Within a mile radius of the Tin Tower bodies lay like it were a battle field. The rainbow had finally stopped switching colour and from the corner of his eye, the giant beats Rayquaza caught a glimpse of this, his attention immediately drawn away from the masses. Every gasped as nothing but light shined into the sky from the Tin Tower, turning the dark coated sky into an eerie twilight noon.

Slowly, from within the light wings started to rise. The wings must have been at least ten feet in length and two feet high each, the first sight of them revealing golden red thick feathers, as more of it was revealed, about halfway down each two foot high wing it changed about halfway down, thick emerald green feathers glittering in the moonlight that still shined through the artificial noon. A head started to reveal itself slowly, even Rayquaza stared in awe like the crowd. A rooster like head rose through the artificial light that he gave off. She had a long rooster red neck, just before it reached the head a ring of emerald gold wrapped around her neck beneath the thin pointed head. Her face was also rooster red with a beak of gold and a tuff of feathers upon the roof of her head, also of beautiful gold. Her two eyes were huge, diamond red in the centre, surrounded by egg white, black around the actual eye like mascara. It was a dramatic moment for Everyone watching as she finally began to leave her home, however instead of flying out, people took cover as they saw the tin tower start to glow, white beams of light shooting out from the cracks as they knew what was about to happen. The huge tower, almost like a skyscraper, exploded in multiple directions, the rocks knocking down buildings and people alike, however they also effected the floating Rayquaza, knocking him to the floor, the hardest hit hed ever taken in his life.

People started to rise from their shields as the rocks cleared, standing up to gaze once more at the beautiful Ho-oh. At her neck her body cut off into white, rounded like a plump chicken, two big thin chicken like legs sticking out from beneath her, black in colour and sharp at the toes. She had a huge peacock like tail with golden feathers. She went to roar, opening her enormous beak to give a huge cry the could be heard worldwide before gazing eye to eye with Rayquaza.


What in the **** was that? Micky spat, rising up and uncovering his ears from the thick cry that reminded him of the screech that Rayquaza gave off.

Ho-oh Necromancer said.

What? Micky spat in confusion.

Ho-oh has risen from the Tin Tower he repeated but in more detail.

Who or what is Ho-oh? Micky asked.

The Rainbow Pokemon he said in a stale tone, although it beat the Pokedexs voice. Last seen twelve years ago in the Oore region. She has risen again to battle with Rayquaza and drive him from Ecruteak. Micky couldnt help but look at Poltergeist, guessing this is who he was getting the information from. The blinding light flashed from the Johto region, sending Micky covering himself again, however Necromancer and Poltergeist stood their ground. Micky was sick of Necromancers chilling company and flicked open the trap door that led back down the stairs.

Are you ok? Purity shouted, realising something stopped him from fully getting dressed.

Whats happening at Johto? he asked desperately, hoping that Necromancer was wrong, one legendary creature flying around was bad enough, another really wouldnt help.

Reports are saying Ho-oh has broke out of the tin tower and is fighting with Rayquaza in the sky. Mickys jaw dropped, two overly powerful creatures duelling in the sky.

Micky? Karen said in worry, seeing the life draining from Mickys face. Say something she ordered, snapping her fingers in front of his face.

Oh god Micky mumbled, realising Necromancer was right.

What? What is it? Karen asked. Marty was already getting the bandage ready as well as a pack of ice, half expecting Micky to faint. Trip really wasnt that bothered however, sitting on the chair watching the reports.

Necromancers upstairs he groaned.

Necromancer? Trip said shooting up from his seat, now totally interested. He practically praised Necromancer, he was his favourite Pokemon Trainer, having style, talent and power. The Necromancer? he asked.

We met him about a week ago Purity said, seating Micky on the couch.

Can I go? Trip asked.

Karen immediately cut him off saying No!

Why not? Trip asked in a whinge, wanting to see the legend in person.

Because I said so she said.


Ho-oh and Rayquaza fought in the air space of Ecruteak City, only a thousand feet or so above the ground. The people below could see flames being sprayed back and forth. Ho-ohs flames, known as the Sacred Fire were a powerful red, almost like they were the flames of the sun itself. Rayquazas flames known as Dragon Breath were a sky blue, shimmering like sun on water. The artificial noon that Ho-oh had created was gone, it was now a twilight display of power and speed. It was impossible to tell who was doing better in the fight, not a single flame hitting either Pokemon. Rayquaza shot up higher, his speed advantage very Ho-oh very clear, however it wasnt game over for Ho-oh yet, not even close. She shot up with her foe and continued to duel with him into the night sky, their shadows only visible in the moonlight until eventually they were no longer visible. People waited for at least half an hour before finally leaving, now determined to help the others.


Marty re-wrapped Mickys hand in the bandage as he sat, trip whining to Micky about not getting to see Necromancer, Karen and Purity trying to help Micky, but right at that moment, all he wanted was to be alone. His crowded feeling was made larger by Necromancers presence, slowly the trap door opened and the legend himself made his way down the steps, Poltergeist floating behind him. Oh my god! Trip exclaimed seeing his favourite trainer in front of him. It really is you he said. He went to run up to him but Micky grabbed him by the leg with his left hand to stop him, knowing Necromancer wasnt one for fans jumping up and down in front of him.

How is he doing? Necromancer asked.

How did you get in here? Marty asked, feeling his house was at risk to burglars and unwelcome intruders like Necromancer himself.

He teleported in Micky stated.

Why are you here? Purity hissed, still not forgiving Necromancer for not warning the group of the murderous ghosts.

Because of Micky. He is my bait for catching who he calls Nightmare he replied bluntly.

Youre using him as bait? Purity shouted, wanting to punch the man.

He would have been attacked him anyway, I am simply trying to stop this Nightmare person.

Youre sick Purity spat.

We all have opinions he replied, approaching Micky. How are you doing? he said, patting Mickys shoulder in his tough grip.

Im fine Micky growled through his gritted teeth.

Good Good he replied.

Where are you staying? Marty asked, not too keen on having this man in his house.

Ill sleep outside he said.

Ok Marty replied rudely, not offering his home to the likes of Necromancer.

You must be feeling tired! Micky said, more as an order of **** off now rather than a caring thought.

Yes, I must! he hissed, walking towards the door. Trip didnt want to see him go but he knew Micky wasnt letting them two communicate. Necromancer walked out the door, much to Trips dismay however it was a huge relief for everyone else. Micky returned upstairs, Purity sensing now was the time to talk to him. Trip started to discuss with Karen the reasons for the group not liking Necromancer with Marty.

Upstairs, Micky started to put on a black t-shirt before sliding on his long black spider-web wristband over his taped hand. Are you ok? Purity asked.

Im being attacked by a cloaked guy and then that jackass shows up Micky groaned. Why would I be ok?

Sorry, it was a stupid question Purity apologised, putting her left arm around his shoulder and sitting next to him. Im just worried about you she sympathetically.

I know Micky said, leaning his head on hers. I just dunno what to do Micky continued.

Well, you know Im willing to help you with anything she stated.

Micky smiled, feeling cared for replying with I know.

You ready to tell me what happened yet? she asked. Or do you still want to?

Micky huffed before saying I guess you deserve to know grudgingly. Im not sure who he is Micky explained. He says hes not real when I see him, just that when I think hes there hes tricking me and controlling me. Im not sure I totally believe that though Micky said.

Where does he fit into all this? she asked, nudging her head towards the wilderness where Necromancer was wondering.

According to this guy whos attacking me, he saved me when my head was being battered. Purity didnt know whether she wanted to believe this or not. She did want to believe there was some good behind his cold stare but she wasnt sure she could believe that, not after what happened in Grave Mansion. You know, Im tired Micky said, lying but feeling an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, almost like there were butterflies puking inside his stomach, his throat felt like a horde of crickets were rushing through it and his temples were pounding. He was worried this was Nightmares work or even Poltergeists, but he blamed it on the amount of food he ate in his mind, not wanting to accept that it could be something else. He slumped himself onto his hammock, saying goodnight to Purity. She said her goodnights back, sliding Mickys blanket over his back before walking off, leaving Micky alone and thinking.


July 2nd, 2004, 6:17 PM
In the nights sky, Ho-oh and Rayquaza continued to fight, soaring through the clouds like two kids playing tag, only this was a much faster and more vicious game of tag where one wrong move could send one of the competitors falling to the ground and to their deaths. The purple glow the starry night gave was lighted up every few seconds by the sprays of the Sacred Fire and Dragon Breath Flamethrowers shooting back and forth between the two of them, the occasional slow in pace from the leader so that he or she may end up behind their opponent and may get the sight advantage. This fight didnt look like it was going to have a finish anytime soon, all that was clear was anyone who got caught in the middle would have a hard time getting out of the middle.


Since Necromancers arrival, Micky had yet to have a bad dream involving Nightmare, the presence of Poltergeist and him seeming to scare Nightmare away. Micky was actually able to rise out of the hammock without his heart racing and his face dripping with sweat. Theyd spent the past three days in Harville, Marty taking a day off alongside his weekend, Marty eventually accepting Necromancer, although Purity and Karen still held their grudge against him, Micky however took no side, just enjoying not having another injury on his already badly wounded body. Hed arranged a final re-match with Roxanne at the end of the week and was just counting down the days. No word of Ho-oh and Rayquazas location had been heard, however Rayquaza had yet to return to his Lair in the Legendary Mountains and Ho-oh had yet to return to the remains of the Tin Tower. Worrying speculations had began, maybe they had decided to work together against the world, or maybe Ho-oh was dying and Rayquaza had one last blow to deal before returning to what he was doing.

Necromancer shared a breakfast with the group, Kneazy, Raichu and Poltergeist sharing a little table and eating their own meals, Raichu too scared to steal anything off of Mickys plate, however he feared Necromancer even more, at least Micky showed emotions such as anger, hate and disgust that would at least give Raichu half a chance of a warning. With Necromancer, he hid all his emotions under that blank stare, his tone of voice never changing and the loudness of his words barely changing in volume. Everyone feared him though, or at least thats the vibe that Raichu got, but he was wrong and both Necromancer and Poltergeist knew it. Purity no longer felt any fear of him, she only felt distain for him, not trusting a word that left his mouth. Micky also didnt fear him, what Raichu assumed was fear was in fact respect. Micky respected him as a trainer, as a protector, but most importantly, as a person. Micky was the one who knew what happened to him, and he was amazed how he managed to go on without killing himself, but he still did not like the chill in the air whenever he was around.

Blu! Blu! a voice chanted from above. Upon Mickys head landed a Pokemon new to him. It was a tiny thing, about the size of a pidgin. She had a plump body like one but her much smoother feathers, all of them the same colour of sky blue. Her wings were like two one foot long cotton clouds. Her beak was like that of a pidgin small a pokey, grey in colour just like her two tiny feet. She had one tail feather, thick and stern, sticking out of her behind. Her head was connected to her body without a neck, flatly rounded at the roof. At the top of her smooth her was one stalk like feather, split in two at the end, draping down like leaves from the stalk that lay above her head.

Get off! Micky shouted, slapping her off his head. The Pokemon pecked his hand, feeling she had to defend herself from Micky, enraging him as he shot to his feet and by instinct went for his Pokeball belt with his broken right hand, hurting it again.

Aww Karen said, thinking the Pokemon was so cute. Here she said in an adoring tone, holding out some food in her hand. The cute little Pokemon floated over to her and started pecking food from her hand. And what are you called? Karen asked the little bird who was too busy pecking food from her hand to give her Another look.

Swablu - The Cotton Bird Pokemon. Swablu has light and fluffy wings that are like cottony clouds. This Pokemon is not frightened of people. It lands on the heads of people and sits there like a cotton-fluff hat.

Trip put away the Pokedex after Micky gave him a cold stare, the stale voice the most annoying thing he could think of, except of course, Raichu. So you are called Swablu? she asked pointlessly. Swablu nodded once shed finished eating from her hand. Do you have a family? Karen asked, her love of the creature shed just met sickening Micky to the point he had to leave the table out of disgust. Necromancer seemed to have the same feeling as Micky and unlike the rest of the group, followed after Micky as he walked into Martys house to watch television. Mickys had no knowledge of this and at first feared Nightmare had returned when he saw him in the corner of his eye.

What? Micky asked, wondering why Necromancer had followed him.

The same reason as you, its not my style to watch a girl falling in love with a cute Pokemon he said coldly.

Whatever Micky mumbled, turning on the television, Marty finally getting a new glass screen for it. He flicked to the Pokemon Channel again, this time World Pokemon Federation re-runs were showing and both Micky and Necromancer knew watching it was a bad idea, expecting to see a match with Necromancer in it. Eventually, he flicked to a Reality T.V show, a family of six who were absolutely unable to live together. Necromancer didnt show a sign of enjoying the program, the pale stare on his face remaining. Eventually Micky had to ask Are you even capable of showing emotion?

Of course he replied bluntly, no change in expression, tone, or volume, all the same old same old.

Ive got a new Pokemon! Karen exclaimed, running into the house with a Pokeball in hand. It didnt take Necromancer or Micky more than a second to put two and two together and realise that the cotton winged Swablu was the one she had caught.

By any chance Swablu? Micky asked sarcastically.

Yeah, shes so cute Karen said delightfully.

Oh great Micky spat sarcastically, not caring much for a bird that sits on his head whenever she feels like it.

I know youre being sarcastic, but isnt it she said with joy.


Three more eventless days passed. Karen had been introducing her Swablu to the rest of her team, Necromancer had been silent, not speaking unless spoken to and even then he was still pretty brief, still, his job of keeping Nightmare away was working perfectly fine. There was yet to be a single bit of news on Ho-oh and Rayquaza, people were starting believe that the crisis was over and Rayquaza would be gone forever, their hopes to high for Micky and Necromancers liking. The two of them both knew that Rayquaza wasnt going to be gone like that, but at least he was out of their worries for a while, no sign of either Nightmare or Rayquaza. Still, Micky had better things to focus on. His re-match in Rustboro Gym was today and this time he had more in his corner than four people cheering for him, this time hed have the legendary trainer Necromancer in his corner, almost like an advisor as well as a way to get cheers on his side of things.

The journey there was in a limo, Mickys first time in one, Necromancers wallet large enough to afford something like this when ever he felt like it. It was a classy way to enter Rustboro, great finger foods on a tray for them to nibble at, lots of room with leather seats and black windows that allowed the passenger to look outside but the public left unable to see who was inside. Necromancers prized Pokemon Poltergeist was within the confides of his Pokeball, a bit of a distraction if he was out of his Pokeball. The limo pulled up outside Rustboro Gym, crowds already gathering outside the gym as the queued to watch the hometown hero Roxanne in action. The limo pulled up and immediately the crowds attention was drawn to the group. Necromancer was first to step out, bringing a shocked hush from the crowd. Micky followed him as the rest of the group, basically his cheerleaders left the limo. Micky and Necromancer headed towards the trainers entrance as Purity, Karen, Marty and Trip joined into the crowds. Whispers were heard in the crowds, talk such as Whos battling? and If hes getting backed by Necromancer he must be good. This was a partial confidence booster for Micky but the fact that he had such a great trainer backing him was as much a confidence boost that he needed, even if their was still some tension between them.

Micky had to wait for about ten minutes, having a final pep talk from Necromancer, he still didnt change in emotion, sounding as cold as ever, but his words of wisdom were ones that would help. Roxanne uses Rock Type Pokemon as you know well he said bluntly. Lead with Kotaro, the Mind Reader Dig Combo should wipe at least one Pokemon out, try for Giga Drain to boost his energy in the second battle. If he gets any further go by instinct. Free has plenty of techniques for slowing your opponent and possibly knocking them out, and finally, Scy, he is sheer power. That wont pay off in this gym, but when executed in the right places, damage can be caused in huge amounts. Target the weak spots of their rock bodies with the technique Brick Break, its a technique quite capable of breaking steel to pieces when executed correctly. Im sure youll know what to do Necromancer finished, backing away from Micky, his dead cold eyes unblinking as he turned to face Roxannes entrance door. Micky clenched at Kotaros Pokeball with his left hand, the cold of the metal mixing with the sweat of his palms. Slowly, the doors opened and a great ovation was heard for Roxanne, crowd reacting in their numbers, all on their feet for the gym leader. She smirked and nodded her head to Micky as if to say back for more as the referee began to state the rules for the battle. The bell sounded and Micky threw his Pokeball forward, determined to win this time.

Dont let me slip or drop the ball - (SiC), Slipknot.

Firstly, raising Ho-oh was more of a way to go a little further in the fic with Micky not getting his *** kicked by Nightmare/Rage and Rayquaza distracting the world, Im running out of inventive ways to kill. Anyway, the 3rd times a charm so lets all hope it works out, especially with Necromancer in Mickys corner. Well, Karen had a pretty empty team (Raichu, Farfetchd) so I gave her one more and a new competitor for her contests. Again, Trip ahs so little to do *dude, you really put me in a tough position* Anyway, Rayquaza Vs Ho-oh is an excuse to give the chapters a little time away from Ray-Ray til its time for Micky to confront him and Necromancer is to keep the bed bugs away :D. Anyway, not my best but not my worst *My best IMO is reserved by Chapter 22 and my Worst is obviously reserved by Chapter 13*

July 8th, 2004, 10:11 AM
Chapter 27: The Third Times a Charm

Its just how it seems, hot and heavy and dirty and mean - Motorbreath, Metallica

Roxannes Pokeball exploded in a flash of golden light, from within out of the red glow formed the giant blue statue that Micky had seen before, the thing that looked like a giant face with tiny arms and legs with a big fat red nose. Micky couldnt help but think this thing was on drugs, her eyes rolling around like she hadnt a clue where she was. Kotaro was totally out of place, not even a foot in height compared to this seven foot monster. Micky got the nod from the pale faced necromancer and shouted hi first order, Use Dig!

Kotaros jumped up before dropping head first into the ground, his two front claws digging as his body spun, tiny chunks of mud and rock spiralling around. Harden! The already rock hard skin rippled before clearly stiffening, the originally smooth surface becoming rough and bumpy.

Mind Reader! Micky shouted. Beneath the surface of the battlefield, Kotaro picked his spot and spiralled his body through the thick rocks, popping out the ground behind the giant statue and leaping head first into her back, not a single speck of damage done. Um, Necromancer? Micky said looking to his advisor as if to say why didnt that work?

Nosepass is very tough and lacks weak points, any more advice and Id be doing the battle for you Necromancer said bluntly. When Micky turned to face the battlefield again he found his beloved Nincada jumping around, avoiding blue jolts of electricity that fired from the nose of the ably named Nosepass.

Nosepass! Body Slam! Roxanne ordered. Slowly, the huge statue like Nosepass fell forward towards Kotaro, the little bug leaping out of the way as Nosepass was about halfway to the floor. Nose first, Nosepass crashed into the rocky floor, dust rising around him as Kotaro leapt onto the back of Nosepass, his deep black eyes looking to Micky for an order.

Dig into its back! Micky shouted. The little Nincada jumped into the air and dived claw first again, much to Micky and Kotaros surprise he was perfectly capable of the order, twirling his body as his claws ripped into the rough back of the statue-like Pokemon as she groaned loudly, Kotaro disappearing into her body leaving a large gap and popping out of the battlefield about a metre away. Nosepass wasnt moving and it was safe to say she was out cold, probably with some very bad damage that would need a lot of repairing, if a Nincada could make it all the way to the ground via Nosepass.

Roxanne returned Nosepass before the count had even begun and she threw a new Pokeball forward, shouting Aron, go! Necromancer was seeming to be impressed with Mickys performance, his cold eyes seeming to glimmer for a moment before going back to cold and heartless, only Micky getting a view of this. His attention returned to the battlefield. This Pokemon did not look like a rock type. He was about a foot high, still bigger than Kotaro. His body looked like that of an iron puppys, four legs all in opposite directions held up a tiny silver body which had two holes on each half, the front head shaped like a rock, only smoother and silver, two cute sky blue eyes on either side, a hole just above each eye and two below, almost like a nostrils and eyebrows. His stomach was the only rock like thing about him, grey stone, practically touching the floor because his legs were so tiny.

Micky was not even going to allow a moment for Aron to realise where he was, immediately ordering Shadow Ball! The deep black eyes of Mickys Nincada began to glow and a ball of pure black formed, an aurora of purple, small sparks jolting off. He sent the ball skidding along the rocky floor right in between the eyes of Aron, exploding in a bang of black liquid that sparked off purple jolts before disappearing from sight.

Aron had slammed his eyes shut as the ball hit him, opening them just now to see the Nincada following up his attack as he charged claws first towards Aron. Rock Tomb! Roxanne ordered. Aron jumped about three feet in the air and slammed back down, sending rocks flying up below the Nincada who was only a metre from Aron. Kotaro went flying into the air with the rocks, falling in between the rocks after reaching a metre in the air, landing back first as the rocks came down above him, crushing his body in the Tomb that the broken chunks of battlefield created.

Kotaro! Micky shouted, trying to think of an order to free him. Dig outta there! Micky shouted. Underneath the one foot tall pyramid like pile of rock, whatever was happening inside was not visible, all Micky knew was that his order had been given and he could only hope. The count reached seven when the rocks seemed to crumble inward, the referee stopping. Micky smiled, almost positive they crumbled inward because Kotaro had dug a hole. Mind Reader! Micky ordered. He gave it a second before continuing with Now! Hit him!

Aron looked around desperately before being knocked into the air, landing on his iron back which exposed the weaker rock. Giga Drain! Micky ordered. Kotaro leapt onto the rock belly of the upside down Aron and jammed his right claw into the rock, picking the right spot to dig it directly in. He then pulled his claw out, the hole made giving way for him to suck the life out of Aron. From the barely visible mouth of the tiny bug he slid a black tube like tongue out, sliding it into the slit he had made and as he began to replenish his energy. Aron eventually managed to roll the Nincada off of his body after three seconds of his energy being drained, the damage visibly done as he could barely Hold himself up. Now, Slash! Micky ordered.

Take Down! Roxanne ordered in unison with Micky. Aron dodged the left swing from the Nincadas fore-claw, but Kotaro failed to avoid Take Down, Aron flipping himself back first into the body of Kotaro, crushing it under all his weight. Kotaro didnt even managed a groan, just laying flat and empty on the ground as Aron stumbled to his feet. Micky tried shouting encouragement to Kotaro, but eventually the referee hit ten and Micky had no choice but to bring his Nincada back to his ball.

Micky took no time in slamming Frees Pokeball forward, shouting Stun Spore! before his Pokemon had even fully formed, still, Free heard the order and immediately started dropping yellow powder over the battlefield, surrounding Aron immediately. The uphill battle for Aron had already began before Free had been released into the fight, his bones started to stiffen and the fight had gone from an uphill battle to a vertical climb.

Aron was almost frozen in place when he finally got an order, his order being Rock Tomb! again. He barely had the strength to jump and only just managed to get his feet off the ground when Free flew into him, tackling him with a Double-Edge that sent both Pokemon rolling along the rocky floor, Free coming out of it pretty well, still airborne and flying onwards, making a U-Turn to dump more yellow spores on the fallen Aron. The body of Aron was battered but the heart was still strong, defying the pain that ran through him he rolled onto his feet again, his originally smooth metal was now scarred with scratches from the battlefield floor as his stomach leaked a grey liquid that looked like thinned concrete.

Free! Silver Wind!

Aron! Metal Claw!

The orders were given, the limping Aron starting to charge for the flying Butterfree whos wings were glowing a pale gold. Aron leapt forward, right fore-leg drawing out three sharp claws to take Free out of the air and to the floor. The two were only a foot in the air but Frees speed advantage was greatly taken advantage of, Mickys Pokemon dodging to her side letting Aron land hard on the floor, his three claws scraping along the ground as the silvery gold leaf-like cuts of Silver Wind bore down on Arons back, tiny little slices made in the iron hard armour of Arons back. Aron still made an effort to stumble up, but the count was already at six and Roxanne knew he barely stood a chance of standing by ten. At eight Aron slipped and his head rubbed along the floor, just laying there and hearing the heart breaking ten go by. Roxanne withdrew her Pokemon and looked up at Micky as though she was saying having Necromancer in your corner had really helped you.

Necromancer gave a nod of approval to Micky and Roxanne threw her final Pokeball forward shouting Graveler, go!, feeling a sense of desperation with Micky having to healthy Pokemon on his side and she was left with one. Her Pokeball opened and she knew this decision was crucial. A rough pale brown rugged rock came out, about three feet in diameter, his two eyes and mouth on the upper half of the roughly rounded Pokemon. Out of the lower half of his body were two thick legs with no knee, feet like that of a human aside from the rugged bumps that coated it. Near his chest he had two thick muscular arms, no elbows, just a small yet thick arm with human like hands. On top of his head, at the sides were more arms. Big and muscular like the other two arms but this time with elbows, allowing them to bend, most likely the main arms of this creature.

Sleep Powder! Micky ordered.

Spin Punch! Roxanne ordered in unison with Micky. As Free made her way over Graveler, dropping the green spores, her opponent took a swing at her. He spun his entire body, sending the spores away. Frees spores came much to his advantage, the green powder hiding him from Frees sight as he leapt towards her, still spinning. He caught her with the back of left upper arm, Frees neck twisting as her body rolled down to the floor, her right wing slapping down hard onto the rocky battlefield.

Free! Get up! Micky shouted desperately. Even with the one Pokemon advantage, he did not want it to come down to one on one., the last time it happened like that Micky did not come out on top and even with Necromancer in his corner he felt it would not be enough.

He turned to look for advice. A nod was all he got and Micky turned back to the battlefield to see Free had managed to get to her feet, though not in the air. She stood facing Graveler, waiting for that final blow that would put her unconscious, her body a wreck that could only get to her feet from the order of her trainer. Psychic! Micky shouted.

Mega Punch Roxanne shouted back, seeing Micky was not deciding to withdraw his injured. Frees eyes glowed pure white but she did not have the time to launch the attack. Graveler slung his upper right fist forward, the rock hard bumpy knuckles cutting into to the tender flesh of Free and drawing red blood from her body as she fell back to the floor. No amount of shouting and pleading would bring her back up and Micky knew this. Necromancer shook his head and he had no choice but to bring back his Butterfree.

Micky groaned, in his left hand he gripped his final Pokeball, Scy. The technique he had taught with Necromancers help, Brick Break, was new to the both of them. Micky eventually threw Scys Pokeball forward, Scy exploding out, much to the crowds pleasure, all of them knowing a Scyther always puts on a good show, its in their genes and in their pride. His shoulders coated in a metal cover that held them together, his scythes glinting in the light and his mouth spitting in hisses. Scy smirked, enjoying the roar he got from the crowd.

Alright Scy, like we practice Micky said to his giant mantis. Sword Dance Micky ordered. With his body hovering just above the ground, he placed his scythes out straight either way making his body like a cross before turning them sideways, passing them passed his body into an X. From here he banged them side to side to make a metal on metal sound before cracking them edge to edge before jamming them diagonally above his head, his body looking like an X as he remained in the air, finally relaxing his body after a few seconds of stiffening his body, totally focused in attacking his foe.

That may look pretty but this isnt a contest Roxanne said smugly. Graveler, show them how to battle, Comet Punch! Roxanne ordered. For something as big and heavy looking as Graveler, he moved incredibly fast. The rock like creature ran swiftly towards Scy, leaping in the air, taking aim with his upper right fist glowing.

Now! Brick Break Micky shouted, the nod from Necromancer that he received a moment before telling him now was the time. Scy, hovered to his side, letting Graveler begin to fall to the ground as he drove his knee into the exact centre of Gravelers front, a groan exiting the creatures mouth as he fell flipped forward and landed back first onto the battlefield. A visible injury had been caused by the knee to the front from Scy. Gravelers font was dented, small chunks of rock from his body laying broken on the ground around him.

Groaning, Graveler made it back to his feet, the extra two arms a great aid in pushing him up. So there is more than dancing in your Scyther Roxanne smiled, looking at Micky, her eyes saying this really is just a front for the crowd, I know full well you wouldnt come in here without fight in your Pokemon.

Micky smiled at this, feeling respected. He continued to impress, ordering Scy to use Steel Wing! Scys two wings seemed to glint silver as he flew towards Graveler, tackling him with the steel of his shoulder and the hardness of his wing, going right through Gravelers body, knocking the creature into a backwards roll onto his stomach as he chipped a chunk of Gravelers shoulder from his body.

Iron Slash! Micky ordered, sticking to power attacks. Scy took a place hovering by Gravelers left side, almost like an executioner, his scythe the equivalent of an executioners axe. The right scythe hardened and glinted silver as he drew his scythe back, ready to chop Graveler in half.

Rock Tomb! Roxanne ordered, this attack seeming to be her most favoured. Graveler pounded both of his left fists into the floor and the battlefield beneath Scy broke and shot upwards, testing Scys speed and instincts. The rocks shot upwards but Scy managed to escape them, shooting his body back as the rocks flew up in front of him. Rock Throw! Roxanne continued. Behind the veil of rocks Graveler got to his feet, Scy blind to this and Mickys attempt to inform Scy of this failed. Graveler grabbed four of the rocks as they began to fall, the first one launched from his lower right arm into Scys stomach. Scy, totally of guard gripped at his stomach after the rock smashed when it connected with his body. He landed to his feet, practically kneeling as Graveler threw the second rock from his lower left arm, taking him down by the legs, Scy landing headfirst to the battlefield, mostly from the surprise than the force of the attack. The third rock was thrown from his upper left arm, landing hard on the winged back of Scy as he tried to rise to his feet. Graveler took his time with the forth attack, walking just in front of Scy to enjoy the moment. With all four hands he gripped the final rock and slammed it down as hard as he could, smashing apart on Scys head.

Scy! Micky shouted. Get up! Micky ordered desperately. Scys body began to glow a blinding white and Micky smiled as much as he could. He remembered this very well, his Pokemon was evolving, much to his delight. In the blinding white light, Graveler in shock, Scy got to his feet, his body starting to change in shape as smashed Graveler on top of his head, knocking Roxannes Pokemon to the floor. Scys scythes started to turn into thin arms, two huge claws on either end. His head became rounded at the front, three spikes sticking out of top. His body remained thin the pelvis rounded at the bottom. His legs were thick and smooth, loosing feet that were replaced by spiky points. Out of his back, the wings remained, though they looked thicker and stronger. After almost half a minute, the light disappeared and Micky could see Scy in his full new form. He was blood red all over except at his waist, in between his stomach and pelvis was black. He looked like he was made out of iron, having that glimmer and thickness that gave him that appearance.

Scy! Finish him off with a Brick Break! Micky shouted with a huge smile on his face. Scy glared at Micky, almost confused, staring at Micky with his new yellow eyes, like cats with slit like pupils. Scy? Micky asked. He was just as confused as Scy. Micky wondering why Scy wouldnt obey, Scy wondering why this kid though he could order him. Micky turned his attention to Necromancer, the only one in the entire building who wasnt whispering in confusion. Whats going on? Micky asked.

Hes not listening Necromancer replied coldly.

July 8th, 2004, 10:13 AM
Ten out of ten for observation Micky spat sarcastically, clapping his hands. I mean why the **** aint the listening?

It happens sometimes Necromancer replied, still as cold as ever.

Well give me some advice! Micky ordered desperately.

Duck he replied.

What? Micky asked, wondering what the **** he meant.

Necromancer pointed his finger to what was behind Micky and repeated himself, saying Duck once more.

Micky turned around with a confused look on his face but didnt even get around to seeing what was behind him. The huge red claw of the new Scy hitting him in between the eyes and sending him falling to ground like a tree that had just had its base chopped. Necromancer removed his hat and slid off his leather trench coat, never taking his eyes off of Scys eyes. He reached for Poltergeists Pokeball but as he was about to throw it, Scy knocked his hand to the side, sending Poltergeists ball rolling to the side just before Necromancer got to prepare it for releasing its being within. Necromancer saw Scy about to take a swing at his head with his left claw, he ducked under it like a boxer would and took a punch at the back of Scys head. Not a single bit of damage was done to Scy, he simply turned around and glared eye to eye with Necromancer for a moment before kicking him in the leg with his iron hard leg before knocking him down with his left claw. He turned his attention back to Micky. By this point members of the crowd were fainting or trying to throw Pokeballs forward. By law, the security officers had to restrain them against their will. Scy widened his right Claw and gripped Micky by the sides of his ribs, lifting him into the air. Micky could tell in his glare that he was saying this is what people who order me get. Micky was already in a bit of a daze, the hit from Scy not enough to bust blood out of his body but enough to give him a ringing in his ears. Micky could still feel, the claws closing and crushing his ribs.

Graveler charged towards Scy, jumping up a foot in the air before curling himself into a ball and rolling into Scys body. The force of the collision caused Scy to release Micky from his iron grip and send both Pokemon through the arena wall. The two landed on the concrete path outside, cracking the pavement. Graveler was belly to belly with Scy, his advantage of surprise gone when Scy smashed both of his claws onto the head of the giant rock, cracking rocks everywhere and making him limp and unable to control himself. Scy pushed Graveler off of his body with ease and got back to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs that Graveler had caused. Necromancer had also gotten back to his feet but showed no concern for Scy or what he would do, so long as it didnt involve him. Scy did not want to go back for Micky, knowing that Roxanne and Necromancer had plenty of powerful Pokemon that would eventually take him down with their overwhelming numbers. Instead, he turned to look at the city, seeing it as fresh blood for him to spill.

Scy hovered towards the streets of Rustboro, people backing away screaming, knowing that the look in his eye was not that of a peaceful Pokemon. Scy began to target people, the first target was a tall man in a suit, chosen by Scy for the convenience of distance and the fact that he looked so uptight. He charged at him and smashed his face with his right shoulder. The man fell back first to the floor, blood flying from his nose as he did. He was knocked out with the first hit, though still breathing clearly. He wanted to attack him again but some brave but stupid teenager tried to stop him, leaping onto his back. Scy dropped as fast as he could back first into the concrete pavement, sandwiching the teen in between the concrete and his metal body. He rose back to his feet to find everyone else running. Left or right were his options. Standing on both feet he ran to his right, more people fleeing in that direction. He stuck both of his arms out and using his ever amazing agility, ran into the crowds knocking everyone down with his tough metal arms combined with the force of his speed knocked anyone in their way to the floor. As he hit the final person in the crowd he let himself fly into the air, gliding and turning, seeing a couple of those hit trying to get back to their feet. He wasnt going to allow anything like that and glided passed them, kicking them in their face with his tough lower legs, breaking their faces open when he hit them. It didnt take anymore than a minute for a horde of police to be at the scene. There were twenty police officers on foot and one police car, a very appetising fight in Scys opinion. A news helicopter arrived on the scene at the same time as the polices arrival and began filming Scy against his will.


Did you hear about Scy? Karen asked on the video phone. She was busy speaking to Mark and Martys house, all of the group except returning to Martys house except Necromancer and Purity, the two of them by Mickys side alongside Roxanne.

Sort of, what happened?

A lot of injuries Karen replied.

How many? Mark asked inquisitively.

Five broken ribs, broken arms, broken legs, a broken jaw, brain damage and a broken neck.

****! Mark replied in shock. Is Scy still alive? he asked.

Oh, no no, that was the police, Scys fine Karen replied.

Oh Mark replied, almost about to break into laughter at mistaking who received the injuries. Well, how is everyone else? Mark asked.

Puritys fine Karen said, glazing her eyes over, knowing thats the only one of them he cared about.

What about Pikachu? he asked.

Oh, he evolved into a Raichu she said with a smile.

He did? Whered you get a Thunderstone?

I didnt, Micky bought one, and well, its a long story she said.

Turn that **** thing off Trip ordered. Puritys probably trying to call he continued.

Shut the **** up asshole! Karen replied angrily.

I probably should go she mumbled to Mark. Say hi to mum and dad for me she finished, waving goodbye. Mark waved back as she disconnected the phone line.


****, I cant get through Purity cursed, slamming her phone shut. She was in a room with Roxanne and Necromancer, Micky in the surgery room getting the stitches removed from his head and getting his hand x-rayed, the smack around the face and crushing from Scy only giving him minor damage, nothing else for them to do but sort out his hand and stitched head.

Micky wandered back to the group about ten minutes after going in. The doctors analysis of his hand showed a broken bone in his ring finger knuckle that would heal in a few weeks. Necromancer didnt say a word to Micky, not even doing so much as blink when looking at him. It was Roxanne and Purity doing all the talking and convincing that its not your fault that Scy lost it. From what Micky had gathered his Pokemon had evolved into a Pokemon called Scizor, though he was yet to hear an explanation of his Pokemons behaviour. The group escorted him to the police station, the events of the day, though not his fault had the requirement of his side of the story. With Roxanne on his side though, he was convinced hed not be imprisoned, though Scys fate was still difficult to perceive.


It reached late in the day before they could leave, Mickys side of the days events recorded on camera, Roxanne saying shed represent him in the courtroom, much appreciated by Micky, although she explained she felt it her duty being the main trainer of Rustboro. Until then, Scy was in her possession. On the trip home he felt like his Pokeball belt was naked, even with Strider back on it. Scy had always been a core member of his battling team, and now hed evolved hed lost his mind. It was like how Micky first found him, demented and murderous. Necromancer wasnt saying a word to Micky and Micky knew he was feeling some form of emotion, but in his cold eyes Micky couldnt see what. Maybe he felt guilt for not being able to stop Scy or maybe disappointment for Micky not being able to control his Pokemon. Maybe even happiness, in that sick demented mind of Necromancers, Micky thought it was perfectly possible for him to enjoy the damage and injuries Scy had caused.

The limo ride back home just felt so empty for Micky. He knew it wasnt caused by the hit on the head he got earlier, no internal damage had been done and only a little external bruising. Maybe Scy wasnt adjusted to his new body and wasnt able to hit Micky in the right spot to cause huge damage. He actually felt like crying, feeling that had Scy obeyed he would have defeated Roxanne and have badge number three, as well as getting the added bonus of impressing his friends and Necromancer.

Upon arrival, Micky was the one getting all the attention, hearing stuff like Are you ok? and Whats happening? despite the fact that Purity had already called to explain the situation. Micky wasnt in the mood for talking, running upstairs away from everyone else. Purity tried to chase after him but was stopped by Necromancer. Let me talk to him he said.

Like he needs to be depressed more Purity growled back at him.

You really think he needs some **** talking to him? Unless you plan to do the only thing a **** can do to please a guy I suggest you leave him to me Necromancer spat coldly, almost showing emotion as he called Purity a ****.

Dont you dare talk to her like that Marty threatened.

What do you think you can do to me? Old man he hissed.

****ing **** Trip interrupted, getting between the three of them. Shut the **** up! he continued. Just leave him the **** alone! he shouted. If he wants to talk hell say something, until then, just shut up! Everyone in the room was shocked. No one had seen Trip this emotional before, especially on the subject of Micky, but the worst thing for all of them was the fact that he was right. Purity hated to do it but she just gave a look of hate to Necromancer before turning away and grumpily slumping herself on the couch. Necromancer walked out of the house and Marty headed for the kitchen. It seemed like Karen and Trip were the only ones not fighting.

Micky sat upstairs and slid open his bag, removing his black laptop. It was times like these he needed someone hed known all his life. He typed in the number of Peters Pokenav and began writing an email.

Dude, life is really ****ing me over right now. I got a broken hand, three fat *** scars on my head, some ****er who wont stop stalking me, a dad whos disowned me and now one of Pokemon has been taken into custody. Dunno whether youre out of victory road but please, for the sake of my demented sanity, please ****ing get the **** out of there. Im so sick of the *** clowns Im stuck with at the moment. Seriously dude, anyways email back.

After that he loaded up a search engine and typed in Pokemon: Abnormal behaviour in after evolution. Thousands of links popped up but the first to catch his attention was the one that took him to Professor Birchs section on Abnormal behaviour after evolution.

Personality Revolution

Occasionally, after a Pokemon evolves, its behaviour will be different than before. This is known as Personality Revolution. When a Pokemon experiences the first day of its evolution, it may have memories of how it was previously.

There was a Click Here For More Info button but Micky read on, preferring it at the basic level.

Permanent Cases

In some unfortunate cases, the Pokemon will remain the same way when s/he prefers being his or herself before meeting their trainer. This can cause a permanent change in behaviour and usually cannot be cured. The only way known to change this is by changing trainers during a trade since the Pokemon will resent his/her original trainer for changing their personality.

Micky hoped that this wasnt a permanent case. If it was then, from what hed read, he would be forced to trade Scy, and he didnt want to lose one of his most valuable team members. Micky looked over the edge of Martys roof, hearing the sound of someone trouncing through the mud. In the moonlight, Micky could make out Necromancers figure, the hat a dead give away. Micky wanted to shout Necromancer t get his attention and talk, but then he remembered how cold and emotionless he was, and he knew he didnt need that.


Howd it go? Micky asked Roxanne. It was just the two of them sitting in her gym on the crowd stands, three days after the incident with Scy. She had cancelled all the battles for the day, the trial for Scy being held that day, Micky surprised that the trial came so quickly.

Well, hes on warning. Youre lucky that he was fresh from evolution, its like an insanity plea she giggled, despite the fact the situation was serious. She handed Micky Scys red and white orb, placing it in his hand.

Should I let him out or do you think hes still mad?

Up to you she replied.

Do you think this is a permanent personality change? Micky asked, worried about what hed read the previous day on Professor Birchs website.

Theres only one way to find out, Ill get my Pokemon ready she said, reaching for her Pokemon. She threw the statue-like Nosepass, the two armed boulder Geodude and the four armed boulder Graveler as well as a Pokemon that hed not met before, well he had met him before but he never learned his name.

Whats that? Micky asked pointing to a large ball like boulder, his body a shell with his two legs, two arms and head sticking out. The ball was dark brown, lumpy like loads of small rocks stuck together, the arms, legs and head sticking out were a rough brown, looking like the skin of a lizards.

Golem she said. I think its safe for you to release your Scizor she stated.

Micky took a breathe in before letting Scy out, gripping the Pokeball as he released him in fear of him losing it, that way he could easily return him to his ball. When he was released, he found himself surrounded by the four rock type Pokemon, almost like police escorts for a major criminal. Scy! Micky called to his Pokemon. Use Sword Dance he asked, wanting to test if hed obey him yet. Scy hissed and instead of following orders he slammed his right claw into Nosepass and kicked Golem with the pointy end of his right foot, smashing a hole into both Pokemon. Micky didnt take more than a second to bring Scy back to his Pokeball and slumped his head down, the two Pokemon that were harmed groaning and the other two all prepared to attack. ****! Micky huffed,

Dont worry Roxanne said, comfortingly rubbing his back. Im sure hell come around soon.

I dunno Micky said. From what I read, if it isnt permanent it would take him a day or so to snap out of it. Its bin three days now and hes still the same murderous killer I found him as Micky mumbled in a depressed tone.

Well, I wouldnt give up hope yet she replied, still trying to comfort Micky. How did you stop him from being a murderous killer exactly? And you dont mean he was one literallyright?

July 8th, 2004, 10:14 AM
I was being serious Micky said grudgingly. When I found him he literally was slicing a person in half. The only reason why he listened to me is cause I kicked his *** in a sword fight. Roxanne looked at him all confused. Its a long story but beating him in a fight was a once in a lifetime fluke, so that wont work Micky huffed. I think Im gonna have to face the harsh reality that Im not a good enough trainer for him Micky moaned.

Dont say that Roxanne replied, feeling Micky was a good enough trainer and just had some terrible luck. Dont think anyone can control that Scizor if you cant she continued.

Micky couldnt believe he was saying it but from what he read, Scy probably despised his existence and Micky didnt have the power to control a Pokemon that despised him. His mind was made up, he was gonna trade. He got up from his seat and walked out of the gym, Roxanne returning her Pokemon to their Pokeballs. When Micky finally made his way out he immediately had questions like whats gonna happen chucked at him from everyone but Necromancer, still standing coldly and heartless, not even giving Micky a second look.


You have Email a stale computer voice said as soon as he popped his laptop open. Micky smiled, thinking thank god, I need his help. He opened his email inbox and there it was, the reply from Peter. He eagerly opened it, his best friend and clearly a great trainer would definitely have the solution to his dilemma.

Ok dude, Im coming

What the ****? Micky said confused. He tried re-clicking the email just in case hed only gotten some of the email but it was the same thing again.

Just like the email said, Peter was coming, and he did. Only a hour or so after Micky had read Peters email he dropped out of the air outside Martys house, Pidgeot floating to the top and chirping at Micky. He felt like saying I cant believe you when he saw Peter but he found himself thinking but he always does something like this. In the end he greeted his friend with a handshake shoulder hug and a Took your time dude.

Peter just laughed and shrugged his shoulders, smirking. The smirk soon turned to shock when Necromancer stepped out of the door to see what the commotion was. Peters jaw practically dropped as he said Mick, is that who I think it is?

Yeah Micky grudgingly said.

How the **** you meet him and why the **** is he hanging out with you? Peter asked, shocked that a jackass like Micky could land someone like Necromancer as a companion.

Its a long story, my suggestion is to leave him alone and let him do what he does best which is nothing Micky whispered, not wanting to annoy Necromancer, but he heard it all and not to Mickys knowledge, under that cold stare he felt emotion. He felt alienated, just like hed been all his life. But as much as it hurt, hed learned to convince himself that pain only made him stronger, physical or emotional.

So dude, whats the problem? Peter asked, thinking it better be a good one to drag him away from challenging the elite four. He could rest in the comfort of knowing that he had been recorded of completing the victory road challenge and was allowed to challenge any time he wanted.

My Scyther Micky said, suddenly realising it was a Scizor now, quickly snapping I mean my Scizor as his correction.

What about it? Peter said. Scizor is a good Pokemon to have he continued.

He wont listen, in fact hes attacking me and anyone who tries to control it, I think hes had one of those permanent personality changes.

Dude he replied, thinking of something to add on. That sucks he finished, not exactly one of the most inventive things to add on.

Well, what can I do? Micky asked, looking to him since he was so much further ahead of him in experience.

Trade him, I know a great website Peter said enthusiastically.

Wo-Wo-Wo Micky said waving his hand in Peters direction with his broken hand doing the naughty naughty thing with his hand. Rewind a moment. Is there any other way?

Unless you can do what you did to make him like you when you first caught him, then no mate, soz.

Micky huffed thinking I cant beat Scy in a sword fight again before replying with Fine, show me this website then doing quotation marks with his fingers on website.

Micky showed him into the house, introducing his long time friend to his friends. All of them recognised him, all except the alienated Necromancer who was feeling hateful emotions towards Micky, tightly gripping him hands into fists. The house seemed to be getting more and more crowded. Necromancer sleeping outside, Marty on the couch inside, Trip in Martys bedroom, Karen in the spare bedroom, Purity and Micky on top and now there was Peter sleeping in the bathroom. In the end, Peter never got around to showing Micky the website for trading Pokemon.


Micky was laying there, still awake, gazing at the stars. Puritys breathing was a soothing sound, but not enough to put him asleep. He was too focused on Scy to sleep. The night was darker than usual, not so much a twilight, almost like a black netting was covering the stars, making their lights so much dimmer. Necromancer was experiencing a similar thing, though he was being kept awake by the fact that he actually felt emotion, the alienation from Micky really getting under his skin and making its mark in the metaphorical heart of Necromancers that he never thought existed.

Rage was pondering who to strike. He could sense the depression in Necromancer and the hatred he was feeling for Micky, but then again, Micky was an easy target. If Necromancer had no care for him, then who was stopping him for striking once more. Rage was always left pondering to himself the question Why dont I just kill him? He definitely sensed something unpredictable about that boy. He served a future purpose, but whether it was to aid him or not was what bothered Rage. Every time he made contact with the boy, rather making his future clearer, it seemed to shroud it more. He would get visions of Micky standing by his side, unleashing his power on the world through his Pokemon, but then hed see the same scene in his mind, seeing Micky unleashing his skills on Rage. It just didnt make sense and Rage was frustrated by this a lot. He just thought Would Micky being dead really change my future by that much? His mind was eventually made up. He wasnt going to kill Micky, he was going to let Necromancer do it for him.

He focused his mind and began talking to Necromancer, putting his voice in his head. Micky hurt you, he must pay he hissed.

What? Necromancer said out loud, knowing the voice in his head was new to him.

Make him pay, he hurt you once and he will again, unless you stop him. in his sleep deprived state, Necromancer was very vulnerable. He would usually have a strong mind immune to psychic influence, but today he wasnt. He shot up to a sitting position before rising to his feet and looking up.

Micky! he hissed, loud enough for someone awake to hear but not so loud that people in their sleep could hear him.

Necromancer? Micky thought aloud. He slid to his feet off of his hammock and walked to the roof edge, the night suddenly feeling a whole lot colder.

Get down here Necromancer replied, motioning his hand to Micky.

Micky shook his head and rather than waking Marty by going through the downstairs, simply leapt from the top of his roof to the floor, only a ten foot drop that resulted in Micky falling as his feet hit the ground, though how hed get back up remained a mystery. What? Micky asked.

Necromancer tried to think about what he was doing, but his body wouldnt let him think. Partially of his own accord and partially of Rages, Necromancer threw his right hand forward and grabbed Micky by the throat, his thick hands crushing Mickys throat whilst the leather of his glove burned as it rubbed against Mickys neck. Micky tried mumbling Let Go! but he couldnt. Necromancer lifted Micky in the air, his legs dangling about three foot off of the ground as the air started to choke out of his lungs. Micky knocked Necromancers cap off in an attempt to hit him with his left hand, his legs kicking at his chest and stomach too feebly to have an effect. Mickys eyes started to blur and he knew that as much as it would hurt him, he had only one chance of escaping this choke hold. He braced himself for huge pain and smashed the cast that covered his right hand into the left temple of Necromancer. The impact knocked the cast into his knuckles, causing Micky to groan loudly as he was dropped to his feet, tumbling to the ground as he landed. Micky saw Necromancer teetering from side to side, shaking his head, the blow only minor but enough to give Necromancer a ringing in his head.

Micky pounced on the opportunity as he saw Necromancers legs wide open. Still on his knees he slammed his cast into Necromancers privates, hitting them with the upper part of his cast, barely hurting Micky this time but greatly harming Necromancer who immediately reached for his gentiles, falling backwards to the ground. Groaning in pain, still feeling the airlessness in his breath, Mickys airless cries were heard by Purity upstairs, his voice sounding so hoarse. It took her almost half a minute to realise that Micky was shouting as she tried to wake from her sleep. Necromancer sat up, shooting right up. Micky felt terror ripping through him, thinking I hit this guy in the nuts with a cast and he sits right up? Necromancer rose to his feet and disrobing himself of his trench coat and freezing Micky to the spot with those deep evil eyes as he began to walk slowly towards Micky.

Frantically, Purity searched for Micky before finally noticing the sounds of below. She flung her head over the roof walls to see Necromancer walking towards what looked like the front door, Micky out of sight. Necromancer, wheres Micky? she asked completely confused. At that moment Necromancer completely snapped out of the trance he was in. He suddenly started realising what he was doing and now he was showing emotion. He was showing regret, in his eyes Micky could see it and so could Purity. She realised he had done something to Micky and took no time in rushing down the stairs waking everyone up as she did. Micky watched as Necromancer started to run, leaving behind his trench coat and hat, only taking his Pokeball belt. By the time Purity and the rest of them had made it outside Micky was left alone, his back pressed up against a post, his body shaking out of confusion, shock and fear.


Everyone had stayed up all night except Karen who was just too shattered to keep her eyes open. Micky wanted to go to sleep but with everyone barraging him with questions, how could he? Why was the first question to pop out of Puritys mouth. How was he suppose to know? He just muttered back I dunno.

What happened? Popped out of Peters mouth.

Micky mumbled again, this time a Not much. He really wasnt in the mood to talk but his friends didnt seem to pick up on this. Trip seemed to, otherwise he just had no interest in it, and the same went for Marty, though he seemed about as out of action as Karen was, trying to wake himself up with coffee. Eventually ,Micky stormed off to bed grumpily, the rest of them drifting off to sleep, all but Micky and Purity. Purity was determined to get something out of Micky, everything seemed to be surrounding him, like a magnet he seemed to draw trouble.

Why does this happen to you? Purity asked.

What you mean? Micky mumbled, laying on his hammock with his eyes shut tightly.

This stuff. I mean, first Scy, then the **** in the mountains and now this. Why does all the bad **** in the world seem to get drawn to you? she asked sympathetically yet aggressively.

I dunno Micky muttered.

You do she smirked. I can see it in your eyes every time something bad happens, you know whats going on.

Micky was just silent, refusing to state for a fact hat he knew or he didnt know. He really wasnt sure how to reply. He always seemed to know half of what was going on. He knew Necromancers past, but he didnt know what was in his mind at the present. He knew there was something stalking him, but he didnt know why. It frustrated him, and it frustrated him further that Purity expected Micky to know everything about it. In between his frustration and the fact he felt threatened, Micky really had the urge to hit her right around the face. He was just feeling hatred all over. Rage was getting fatherly confused. If Micky out of instinct could fight his way out of murder from Necromancer and was capable of surviving the attack he put on Micky both times then he definitely had some reason for being. It was just so frustrating that unlike others, Rage couldnt foresee his future accurately. All he knew, is when Micky finally finds him, it will be something special.

Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep - Toxicity, System of a Down

Well, at first I was really enthusiastic about this chapter, then I started to lose interest when it became a lil less interesting *probably a small touch of block* Im thinking of proofing all my previous chapters *since Dragonfree is too busy with her new modding job on SPP*, although the next chapter is all in my head and just needs me to get some skill. Anyway, kinda boring after the battle but there ya go, hope it kept you entertained for ten minutes.

July 16th, 2004, 4:13 PM
Chapter 28: Scys new trainer

And I will Just Say Goodbye - Fade to Black, Metallica

Ok dude. Just register here and enter the chat room Peter said, pointing to a red button that said register. It was just Micky, Peter and Purity in the Pokemon Centre. Everyone else was helping Marty at his stool. Theyd entered a special room full of computers. Apparently, with the right equipment you could store objects in virtual reality in much the way Pokemon were stored in Pokeballs, which is why this a Pokemon Centre was the best place to go when you wanted to trade Pokemon at long distances or you left Pokemon with a friend and wanted to retrieve them. Micky filled out his registry form, basic stuff like name, age, address, and there was one new to him. Trainer ID number. He had to ask Peter what this was. Apparently all trainer cards had a designated number, Apparently how a trainer could be tracked. It sprung back to memory how the police done this when Micky first saw Scy. He registered everything, eventually making his screen name on www.trade-a-mon.com as Micky-Onimusha-Hardy in as his screen name when Micky-Hardy failed

He put on some sort of head set and placed his Pokeball belt in a box and in moments, as far as he was concerned, he was in a totally different world. It looked just like reality, however, there were obvious things that told him that it wasnt. In the air floated big signs with writing on them like Bald, you need Mr Hair or Wanna see me in the all, click here! Internet adverts stalking the sky, people Micky had never met were wondering the floor. Eventually he wondered up to someone, a tall long legged blonde, asking for directions. Excuse me, where am I? he asked.

The triple W of course she replied in a bimbo-like voice.

The triple W? Micky asked, not familiar with internet talk.

The world wide web silly she replied.

Oh, um, how do I get to trade-a-mon.com? Micky asked, really only on here for that, though this did seem very interesting.

Well, look for it on a search engine she said.

A search engine?

She shook her head in disbelief of Mickys lack of internet knowledge and eventually pointed to a giant red train in the distance. The search engine she continued. Talk to the driver, say where you wanna go, hell find it for you.

Thanks! Micky said, running towards the giant red train. It looked so old, like one of the trains youd see in a western movie. The man Micky assumed he was suppose to ask looked just like a character out of one as well, thick bushy black moustache, brown cowboy hat and dressed in a one piece jean tank top thing. Um, am I suppose to ask you how to reach a website? Micky asked.

Yep, thatd be me you wanna be asking he replied, sounding like a cowboy. Micky really could swear this was all an act, it was too western for it to be real, but then again, he was surrounded by a freak show. There were all sorts of people here, ranging from the elderly, little kids as well as all branches of society, goths, grungers, townies, rudies, almost every ethic group, they were all here.

Um, can you take me to www.trade-a-mon.com please? Micky asked nervously.

Why of course, you ere must be one o them trainer sorts right?

Yeah Micky laughed nervously, thinking this guy was telling a very unfunny joke.

Well, get out on back and we be delivering you there shortly now! he replied. Micky wondered into the carriage at the back, about twelve other people filling the forty seats that were spread out at two either side. Micky got himself a double seat to himself and after about a five minute wait, the train zoomed off, Micky looking outside the windows only seeing a blur of all the colours of the rainbow.

Places in Baxton! the driver shouted. A man and who appeared to be his wife got out of their double seat and left the train before it drove off again. It was four stops, each with about a five second gap in between them before Mickys destination was finally found. He stepped out of the Search Engine and stared in amazement. There was a sign saying Welcome to www.trade-a-mon.com, we hope you enjoy your stay that stood before what could only be described as a Coliseum and phone booths. This thing was just like the ancient Roman Coliseum, about two hundred feet in height, a strain on the neck to look at. He marched closer, many people passing by, People entered the phone booths and as soon as the door closed it sprung open again, the person inside missing and room for the next to walk right in and disappear as well.

Micky felt like such an idiot, not having a clue what was happening. He ended up poking some chubby kid of about thirteen on the shoulder, requesting explanations for what was going on. The kid replied If ya wanna trade Pokemon, itll take you to the Union Room and from there you can search for the Pokemon you want and see if you can get it. If you want to see Pokemon battles or compete in them walk into the coliseum.

Thanks Micky said gratefully before running off towards the phone booth shaped boxes. The moment he entered the curtain closed. Nothing seemed to happen. In frustration he stepped out and found that something had happened. He stepped into a seemingly endless abyss of a white room, standing in front of a door and a robotic female voice shouted Username and Password please. Startled, Micky jumped to his left before realising what the computer was asking.

A keyboard was presented in front of Micky and he typed in Micky-Onimusha-Hardy and his password Johnny Pot Smoker. The door opened and Micky stepped into what he assumed was Union Room. It was a giant green room, tiled with white in the centre of every eight green tiles on the floor. Micky felt like an idiot again as he had to request help from another bystander. Some girl, probably only ten or so, holding a candy bar in hand began to explain in her sweet little voice. Go to the front desk and get one of these she said, holding a blue cell phone like item. It flicked open and looked like a Pokedex inside. You enter the Pokemon you want to trade in here and when someone wants it will beep, and you can meet with them she said with a cute little lisp.

Thanks Micky smiled, moving through the crowds to the front desk. After getting his name listed he was handed one of these cell phone items called a Union Phone and listed Scy as the Pokemon he wanted to be rid of. After about ten seconds the phone beeped. The moment Micky clicked Answer he was teleported out of the main union room into a white room that looked like it had no end. Feeling a little bit sick, he stood face to face with the trainer after Scy.

Hi the trainer greeted. She looked kind of scary, a little bit taller than Micky and definitely older. Her eyes were a cold icy blue, piercing fear into Micky as he tried to introduce himself. Her hair was about as long as Micky, a natural fiery red. She was pale all over, looking ice cold and starved for food, almost anorexic thin. She was wearing a black cape. She seemed to favour black leather, her tank top, trousers and boots made of it, fitting incredibly tightly on her body. Her voice was so much nicer than her appearance, seemingly nice compared to this cold heartless appearance she had.

Um, hi Micky said nervously, flapping his left hand up.

Zuidra Gonfu she smirked, putting her hand out.

Micky Micky said awkwardly, shaking her hand realising that her skin didnt just look ice cold.

He shook her hand politely as she asked You have a Scizor? with a smile on her face.


Well, I have a lot of Pokemon that Im willing to trade, Ill show you a list she smirked, incredibly determined to get Scy as quickly as she could.

Wait! Wait! Theres something you should know bout my Scizor Micky said, his responsible side getting the better of him.

What? Zuidra asked, worried he had some sort of crippled Scizor, or even worse, he was lying.

Hes a little bit Micky started to say, thinking of a way to described Scizors mentality. Hes a lil, well, very Micky started rolling his hand as he started to think of a good word to use leaving Zuidra tense and on edge, wanting to know what Micky was going to say.. A little bit insane Micky eventually said grudgingly.

Cool she smiled, now totally eager to obtain Mickys Scizor.

Well, it really isnt Micky replied, not exactly the best person at making his Pokemon look great.

I come on she said sarcastically. A mental Pokemon would be perfect as a guard for my base she smiled.

Your base? Micky asked, not understanding a what she meant. All this time Micky had assumed she was a trainer, why would she have a base, unless she meant a caravan of some sort.

Secret Base, my one is huge, my Electabuzz smashed a hole into Ornerier Mountain. Theres huge inner tunnels and a brook for my water dragons that pours out as a spring out of the side of the mountain. Micky really couldnt be bothered to listen to the story of her base.

Well, Im only giving him to you if youre sure you can handle him and when Im sure you can Micky stated, not wanting to feel responsible should happen to this girl referring to herself as Zuidra

Well send him out and see she smiled.

Um, I dunno if I wanna do that Micky said unnerved.

Oh come on, you have the Pokeball, you can withdraw him if he does something stupid.

Micky thought for a moment before grudgingly grabbing the red and white orb in his hand. He tapped the release button and let out the giant steel mantis, his nerves shaking. A smile formed on Zuidras face as Scy formed. Micky stared coldly at him as he turned aggressively to look Micky in the eye. That cold stare soon turned to him attempting to attack Micky. He launched himself at Micky who was already prepared for it, diving to his side and hitting an invisible barrier in the white abyss. Scizor stop! Zuidra ordered, shouting at Mickys Scizor. Scy turned and looked at her in the eye, Micky trying to reach his Pokeball to withdraw him, the red and white orb rolling on the floor from where Micky had let go as he dived. Scizor went to hit Zuidra but he couldnt. She didnt flinch she didnt try to move, she stood her ground as she froze him in place with her ice blue eyes.

Scy, I dunno why youre even bothering, this is the web, you cant hurt me Micky spat cockily, only just realising they were in a cyber world. Come on, gimme your best shot asshole Micky shouted.

Micky its Zuidra tried to say, interrupted by Scy kicking Micky directly in the stomach with his right leg, the hard steel smacking into the bone of Mickys abdomen.

Micky fell back off of his chair as the helmet that put his mind in virtual reality came flying off. He landed hard on the back of his head before effectively doing a back roll onto his knees, gripping his stomach with his left arm and the back of his head with his right. ****! Micky spat.

**** are you ok? Peter shouted dropping down to Mickys side.

****, Pokemon can attack you when you arent in a real world? Micky asked rhetorically.

Yes Peter shouted. And get back in there, youre almost rid of that thing! Against Mickys will, Peter shoved the helmet back on. Micky was immediately back where he was before and Scy was there to greet him, hissing as if to say Sure I cant hurt ya.

Scizor, dont Zuidra asked.

Micky looked up at Scy angrily but Scy knew that this was gonna be a trade and hed do anything to get away from Micky, even if it meant obeying another trainer. He preferred this trainer though, she was fearless and controlling. The kind of trainer he wanted. He didnt want to leave Micky unharmed but he had no choice, at least until he was official no longer under his control. Zuidra withdrew Scy with Mickys Pokeball and tossed it to him. Micky caught it in both hands and got to his feet. Proof enough? Zuidra asked, referring to when Micky said she needed to be able to control Scy before she could get him.

This still isnt real life, I doubt hell act the same then Micky said, still a little reluctant to loose his Scizor.

Jesus Christ, what I gotta do to prove to you that Im a good enough trainer? she asked in frustration.

Look, I dunno Micky muttered thinking. Where in Hoenn are you, I can trade with you personally and see if he obeys Micky said, the best thought he had.

I live in Kanto she said rolling her eyes.

Kanto? Micky said, the thought never occurring to him.

Yeah, I said that didnt I? Zuidra replied the frustration sinking in and becoming rudeness.

Look, whats your screen-name? Micky asked. Lemme think about it and Ill get back to you ok?

Dragonfree she muttered. When do you intend to, cause if another Scizor becomes available Im gonna take it she replied, almost a threat.

Ok. Ill come back on this site tomorrow, Ill get in contact with you, ok? Micky asked.

Very well she groaned back.

Think you can wait that long? Micky asked.


Ok good, now how do I get out?

Your watch she said.

Im not wearing a watch! Micky said, glancing to his right wrist to see a black watch on it. Ah, I see he smirked. She smiled and nodded and Micky pushed down on it. There was a flash of black before Micky found himself staring into the virtual reality helmet. He removed it and found the computer screen as black as what he saw, reverting back to normal after ten seconds. Micky felt the pain on his back and head return and his hand was no longer free from the cast and functioning, now back to being tightly restricted and putting him in pain with each movement. The watch now gone and probably only appearing in the internet.

Well? Purity asked.

Well what? Micky replied.

You know what Peter spat back.

Im gonna speak to her tomorrow Micky said bluntly.

Why didnt you trade now? Peter asked.

I just dont think she knows what shes getting into. I mean, this is Scy were talking about. He kicked almost every **** on the Rustboro police force a few days ago, I really dunno if she can control him Micky said, thinking about what would happen to her if Scy didnt obey and feeling it would be on his conscience.

Ok dude, you are fifteen. Why are you acting like a responsible adult? Peter asked.

What is it with you guys and the word dude? Purity asked. It only just struck Micky and Peter that they seemingly couldnt refer to anyone as anything but dude and dudess. You sound like a bunch of stoners she stated sarcastically.

Thats cause we are Micky replied sarcastically.

Oh ha ha she spat back.

Dudes, back on topic, answer the question Micky Peter ordered.

See what I mean she said.

Yeah Peter spat. Sure Sweetheart Peter continued. He still hadnt totally warmed up to the idea of having her around. He had pretty sexist views of women, really seeing them as mere sex objects and nothing more. He saw no purpose to Puritys existence, in his eyes she was just gonna slow Micky down and he really thought he should get rid of her, Karen as well. With Trip being an experienced trainer, Peter felt a bond with him.

Dude! Dudess! Micky shouted, now intentionally calling them dude and dudess just to annoy Purity. Calm it ok, lets just go find Marty and the others ok?

They eventually agreed with Micky and Micky grabbed his Pokeball belt and the group left the computer room, heading into the crowded streets of Rustboro. With ease they found Marty again and were back to helping him. Karen had all her Pokemon out, all of them helping out. Farfetchd and Swablu floated around the streets with a sign hanging from their beaks advertising Martys store, Raichu used helped pass the plates onto the table but aside from that he was an all round annoyance, Sneasel on the other hand was much better, using her icy powers to keep food frozen until Marty needed it cooked.


July 16th, 2004, 4:14 PM
The next day the entire group escorted Micky to the Pokemon Centre. Trip wanted to use the net and Marty was eager to try it out after hearing about it. Karen ended up chatting to some contest battler in the main lounge of the Pokemon Centre and once the rest of them were locked in the internet Purity and Peter were left alone together. Micky was totally oblivious to the mutual detest that the two had for each other, although everyone else seemed to pick up some of the signs.

In moments Mickys mind went black before it transferred back to the world wide web. He was back at the lobby of the web and he knew where to search. Overnight he learned from Trip the trick to getting to where you wanna be without the Search Engine. He simply had to press down on the Go button on the black watch that appeared upon entering the internet and say the web address out loud. He said www.trade-a-mon.com out loud and disappeared like a Pokemon being withdrawn into a Pokeball, his figure turning a see-through purple before teleporting to the website and re-forming.

The long line was formed in front of the teleportation phone booths but it quickly cleared allowing Micky to reach the white room and enter his password. He made his way to the union room and he called for Dragonfree on his union phone and in moments popped into a white room meeting with Zuidra. Made your mind up Micky? she asked.

Yeahhi Zu, Zu, Zu Micky stuttered, struggling to remember her name.

His face squinted as he tried to remember, eventually aided by Zuidra who said My names Zuidra, hi Micky.

Hi Zuidra Micky replied.

So, about Scizor? she asked.

Well Micky trailed off. Ive decided Im gonna go to Kanto, so if I can meet up with you somewhere in Kanto Micky asked, his decision yet to be ran by his friends.

He he, good luck she giggled. What you gonna do? Fly? Swim? Teleport? she spat.

Well Micky started.

Dont even bother. No Pokemon can teleport ten thousand miles and I doubt a Pokemon has the strength to swim it or fly it whilst carrying a person, and if they can itll probably take a month.

Well actually Micky started to say.

Lemme guess. You got a Speedboat? Sorry sweetie but youll need a ton of fuel to cover ten thousand miles she interrupted again.

Dammit! Will you please let me finish? Micky shouted, frustrated by her interruptions.

Sorry! she said. Fine, whats your plan? she asked.

The Queen Mary Micky said.

Not following she replied.

Its a Cruise. Its leaving Rustboro dock for Vermillion Dock in two days Micky stated. They are still selling tickets. If I get one I can be in Vermillion by next week Micky said, throwing it in her face that she underestimated him.

Ok kid, you got me there she said, admitting her mistake. If youre really that determined to see how Scizor will react to me in person I guess Ill tell you the location of my mountain base she said.

Youre not gonna meet me in Vermillion? Micky asked.

No, I dont leave my base unless Im training she spat.

Fine fine, where is it.

Well ,if I give you my ID number you can enter it into your Pokenav and track me down when you go through Ornerier Mountain.

Pokenav? Micky said, not sure what it was.

God, no wonder Scizor wont obey. Ok, well do this the hard way. she said handing Micky a biro pen. Go to the top of Ornerier Mountain and look for the waterfall she started to explain. Theres a rope bridge. Cross that and turn right and youll be at my base.

Um, Ok, Ill try that Micky said.

Zuidra rolled her icy eyes and said If you get lost call my secret base number. Its 07813431085 she said.

Ok got it Micky said, writing her directions and number on his arms.

Bye then she muttered, clicking exit on her Union phone. Micky exited via the watch and after the flash of black he removed his helmet. To his left Trip was on the computer, from what Micky could tell he was having some kind of internet battle. Marty was seemingly on some kind of cookery site but when Micky turned to see Purity and Peter they were just staring evilly at each other, Puritys usually pretty face was an ugly frown and Peters usual ugly face was just as ugly when he frowned anyway.

Dammit guys, whats wrong?

Nothing Peter spat through his gritted teeth, not taking his eyes off of Puritys.

Yes, theres nothing wrong Purity said, also through gritted teeth.

Micky felt now was the time to break the news to them about his decision. Dudes, Im going to Kanto Micky said out aloud, the ten or so other people in the room who werent on the web now having their attention turned to them.

You what? Purity and Peter said in shock, speaking in unison and turning their heads to face Micky, their frowns now confused looks.

Going to take a cruise to Kanto and drop of Scy in person Micky repeated but in much more detail.

Dude you are too responsible Peter stated.

Purity wanted to say the same thing as Peter but since hed already taken that side of things she had to pick the opposite. Can I come with you? she asked supportively.

I dunno, not sure how much the tickets cost, I might have to go alone Micky stated. Grudgingly

Too responsible dude. Ok? Just trade with her online Micky Peter said.

Oh shut up she spat to Peter. Dont listen to him Purity ordered. Micky suddenly realised he had become the trophy that these two were after, realising that any move to either ones side would result in annoying the other. Micky hated this position but he had no choice now. He was about to shout I am not some trophy for you two to try and rip from one another but a little kid approached, tugging at Mickys trouser jacket sleeve.

He was only about eight or so, coming up to just below Mickys shoulders, a flint in his brown eyes. His hair was brown and styled with gel in a messy fashion, probably some fad at his school. He wore sea blue shorts and a navy blue shirt. Um, big person he said with a cute little lisp. Can you help? he asked

Micky wanting anything other than the conversation he was stuck between with his friends eagerly replied Sure, what is it?

My brother needs to deliver a part to Kanto to his friends he said.

Why doesnt he send it through the net? Purity asked.

He made it himself and the computer doesnt recognise it he said bluntly.

Jamie! a teenager snapped at him. He was quite a bit older, probably about thirteen or so. Dont talk to strangers, mum would snap on both of us if she caught you talking to them. Micky really didnt pay any attention to what he was saying. He was just looking at this guy and thinking What the **** are you trying to pull? He was wearing black trousers and a black buttoned up shirt with white Pokeball symbols all over it, yet he showed no signs of a Pokeball belt. He had a red bandana that pushed his hair back, all of it folded back with gel and clearly dyed, a bright white, so bright that it was near impossible to see it was strands of hair and not a cloth like towel which it appeared like.

Dude, calm it! Micky said. Purity just shook her head at Micky as if to say you gotta get a better vocabulary than dude and dudess. We aint Pedos or anything.

Hes going to Kanto Jamie said with his lisp.

Youre going to Kanto? he asked.

Yeah Micky replied. Whats it to you?

Quite a lot he replied. Im Brendan, can I get you to come with me? he asked.

Ya see, now Im worried your some sort of pedo rapist Micky said sarcastically, taking offence to his mistrust of Micky when he was talking to Jamie.

Oh come on Brendan said sarcastically.

Yeah we can come Purity interrupted, eager to see what was the big deal about this part.

We can only let the person going to Kanto know, its top secret info Brendan stated, looking like a real idiot in Mickys eyes.

Dude! Micky said. Dont even give me that look Purity. You may as well tell them, theyre only gonna find out when I come back.

Brendan shook his head and replied Fine, come with me.

What about the rest of them? Peter asked.

Micky popped his head into the Pokemon Centre lounge and called over Karen, saying Well be back soon, tell Marty and Trip to stay here if they leave the net Micky said. Karen nodded and returned to talking to this contest trainer. She seemed enthralled in everything he was telling her. Micky guessed by the look he had he was a pretty good one, dressed about as stupidly as Brendan but with worse hair.


This is it Brendan said.

This? Micky asked. The group stood facing a forest. You made us walk all this way to see some trees? Please tell me you didnt bring us here to see some trees.

Shut up and let him finish Peter interrupted. If Peter wanted Micky to like him more than Purity he was going the wrong way about it.

No, this is where the Kids Grid Rustboro base is located.

Kids Grid? Micky laughed. What the **** were you smoking when you came up with that name?

I came up with it Jamie said.

Are, the explanations come quickly and frequently. Thats a plus. Now where is this base may I ask? Micky continued to laugh, sarcastically doing quotations marks with his fingers.

In that tree Brendan said, pointing to a huge oak tree that stood a good ten feet above the other trees, and all of them were huge, each being about fifteen feet in height each.

Micky was about to open his hand and motion his finger to that tree and make a sarcastic comment but Purity grabbed his finger and muttered in his ear Juts shut up and listen aggressively.

Come with me Jamie said with his lisp, dragging Micky by the jacket sleeves towards the tree. Hed taken a liking to Micky because he was a Pokemon trainer, seemingly the lead of the group of three. Jamie didnt realise he was the weakest trainer out of the three of them though, he just assumed he was the strongest since he seemed in charge. Micky went with the flow, letting Jamie drag him in the direction of the huge oak. The rest just followed, Purity smiling, finding it quite humorous how much this kid had taken a liking to Micky. When Micky had finally been taken to the tree he realised that this wasnt going to be some crappy tree house. He looked up and invisible at a distance was the start of a huge link of trees. The one Micky stood before was the largest, a twenty by twenty by ten foot rectangular box, the floor huge and spread along the branches, a very impressive creation. There was a vine ladder that the group had to climb up before popping their heads through the bottom of the floor.

Micky was first to pop up immediately amazed shouting Holy **** this is impressive. There were three ten year old looking kids in the room, all about the same four foot height. There was a girl, dressed like a Pokemon trainer in white shorts and a red shirt with her head under a swimming hat-like bandana with her hair pushed to drop down both sides, the back of her head having barely any hair since it was all bunched to fit under her bandana. By her side was a kid in glasses, his hair all neat and tidy, wearing black trousers and a white shirt that reminded Micky of a school shirt. By a computer was another kid, seated typing stuff into it, wearing similar clothes to Brendan with his hair styled the same except his hair was black. There were five computers, all seeming to be linked to the main computer that the kid was at. The walls of the room were surrounded by machinery, all looking very hi-tech for kids.

Intruder! Intruder! one of the kids shouted, the girl. Kippo, get him! she ordered. A tiny blue Pokemon approached. He had ginger whiskers out of the side of his cheeks, almost like whiskers. He reminded Micky of a rabbit in a way. His body was so tiny and punched together like a rabbits, his head was rounded. He had rabbit like eyes as well ,though they stared forward rather than being at his sides, both that deep dark black. The distinguishing features being a huge navy blue fin on his head and one on his back that acted like a tail, this one a much paler blue, almost light purple. Micky didnt have much time to stare in confusion at this thing, a huge spray of icy cold water started to soak his face, drowning his hair in a river of water that dripped all the way down his clothes onto Jamie and the rest climbing below him.

Micky shoved his hands in front of his face as a barrier as he said Im a friend of Jamies not thinking Brendan would be considering Micky a friend.

Stop **** you! Micky shouted as the ably named Kippo continued to spray water. Oh **** this! he cursed loudly, reaching for Frees Pokeball. He let out his Butterfly into the tree house as it flew in the restricted space. Spitting water out of his mouth he managed to gargle Double-Edge! Free zoomed body first into Kippos body and sent him flying into the wooden wall of the tree house in between two bits of machinery. Micky pulled himself up as one of the kids charged at him, the one who was at the computer before. He tried thrashing his arms into Mickys stomach but with ease Micky pushed him down. He wanted to charge at Micky again but he caught a glimpse of Jamie and realised Micky was telling the truth all the time.

July 16th, 2004, 4:14 PM
Hes a friend, Kippo stop! he ordered, holding back the kid who assaulted Micky and turning his head to Kippo. Free looked at Micky as if to ask Should I keep attacking and Micky shook his head. The rest of the group made their way up, Peters head and shoulders were soaked, Brendans white hair soaked and Puritys shirt and hair all soaked.

****ing cold! Purity shivered, seemingly getting the worst of the spray aside from Micky. She proceeded to hug herself as she shivered.

Satisfied? Micky asked to the little girl in the corner who ordered the attack.

Sorry she said regretfully back. Micky handed Purity his Jacket, only soaked on the outside, the interior relatively dry. Micky half-smiled to her and she smiled a thank you back, wrapping herself in it. Peter just shook his head thinking Firstly dude, you can do better, secondly, why are you bothering with all this niceness crap. Alcohol was made for a reason.

Hes going to Kanto Brendan said changing the subject.

Is he gonna deliver it? the guy who was by the computer asked.

Not sure. Are you? Brendan asked turning to Micky.

Is it a bomb? Micky asked.

No he replied.

Poison? he asked again, still being ridiculous.

What you think? Brendan replied sarcastically.

Oh stop toying with them and say yes already Purity ordered, still shivering from the icy cold water that Kippo had sprayed.

Fine. Dunno how long itll be until I deliver it though Micky muttered, now positive he was gonna go to Kanto but he wasnt sure if he could get tickets in time.

Well, as long as you deliver it the kid who attacked him replied.

Fine fine Micky mumbled.

By the way, this is Secc Brendan said introducing the kid who attacked Micky. Wally he said pointing to the kid in glasses who nodded as acknowledgement of Micky. My my lil sis May he said, pointing to the girl who ordered Kippo to attack. And this is my Mudkip Kippo he said picking up the Pokemon who attacked Micky.

Oh, so hes not hers Micky said, surprised at how obedient he was to her.

No, Im getting a Pokemon from Professor Birch soon though she said with a smile on her face.

Good for you Micky said sarcastically. Thats Peter he said pointing to his friend who was across the room.

Hi he said putting his hand up for a moment.

And thats Purity he said pointing to her. She had stopped shivering but still wrapped herself in Mickys jacket to keep warm. She half smiled to say hi but still kept quiet.

Heres the part Secc said, not paying any attention to what Micky had said, too busy rummaging through the drawer. He handed Micky a big brown box. Micky opened it to find what looked like some kind of small computer hard drive. Well show you a map of where to deliver it he said. He loaded up a map on his computer and beckoned Micky over, Purity following, sticking her head over Mickys shoulder. The rest of the Kids Grid stayed in the background as Secc started pointing.

The map was of Kanto, zoomed in on what Micky guessed was Saffron City by the name of the map. Near Saffron Gym theres a manhole that looks like it leads to the Suez. It actually leads to the Kid Grid base of Saffron he said. Micky nodded, writing this all down on a mental notepad, his arm still stained in Zuidras directions.

When youre there can you get me an autograph from Sabrina? May asked, suddenly behind Micky and Purity making him jump in surprise.

Sorry about her Brendan said. Shes got this thing about collecting gym leaders autographs Brendan said. May he said turning his attention to his younger sister. They have more important things to do he said.

Nah its ok Micky said, thinking it was a sweet hobby to have.

You sure? Brendan asked.

Yeah dun worry.

Is that all then? Micky asked.

Yeah, pretty much Brendan said.

Ok, well were going Micky said, withdrawing Free to her Pokeball. Bye he said, picking up the box and making his way down the trap door. Purity followed and then eventually Peter followed, keeping his distance from Purity.


Youre what?! Karen shouted at Micky. Shed only just heard Mickys decision and she wasnt all to thrilled.

More food? Marty asked, everyone hanging about outside his house, dinner almost over, only the group and a few of the towns folk hanging seated at the bench.

No thanks! Micky replied, completely full after the dinner the group had, alongside Martys fellow townspeople, the ten or twelve of them well acquainted with the group now, being there for than a week, this being their second big town grouping for dinner.

Why didnt you just trade on the net? she asked.

Dont even get into that talk Peter warned. Hes feeling responsible and thinks he should see how the trainer does with Scy in reality Peter said. Purity gave him a look of your irresponsibility disgusts me so he added hes a bit of a screwed up dude just to annoy her.

Can we stop talking about this please? Micky pleaded, the endless questions all the same. Its so pointless debating this. Im going to Kanto, nothing you guys can do about it. The conversations were just all over the place, but from that point on not a word was spoken about Kanto or Scy.

In the end, one by one they all disappeared into sleep. Eventually leaving it as Micky and Trip chatting. It must have been at least midnight, and four hours since the last mention of Scy and Trip had to bring it up. Mick, you sure you wanna give Scy away? Trip asked. Ive seen you using him, hes the main fighter on your team, used more than your starter Strider, it just doesnt make sense to give him up so easily.

Ya know Trip, I never actually told anyone how I caught him Micky said, realising this ages ago but feeling it would shut Trip up.

How did you catch him then?

As you know my success of wandering through mountains hasnt been all too high. Me and Purity were wondering around, taking the long cut to Fallarbor town. We rested for the night, setting up a couple of tents. The next morning, all I could hear was screaming. Typically, not even thinking to take my Pokeball I made my way to the noise, and there he was.

What made Scy scream? Trip asked, always seeing Scy as one of those Pokemon whod rather die then show any sign of fear.

Not Scy Micky said eerily, shaking his head. Scys victim.

Victim? Trip asked, feeling like he was being told a horror story, shaking all over and swallowing his tongue as he spoke.

Yeah. Some guy. Dunno who he was, by the time Scy was done with him I dont think anyone could know without DNA tests of some sort.

What did he do to him? Trip asked, enticed by the horror of this story and shaking with fear knowing that Scy was resting in Mickys Pokeball less than a foot away from him.

He drew back both his scythes and he Micky tried to think of a word to describe his actions. He severed him at the waist. This guy was still alive as it happened. He was just silent, not strong enough to scream again. It was just sick. Blood started squirting from his sides and Scy stabbed him in the heart, holding his upper body up and letting his insides fall out as his legs dropped to the ground. I couldnt help myself, I just had to yelp **** or something like that and his attention turned to me. I wasnt fast enough and he caught me way before I could get anywhere close to away. If it werent for Latianne he would have got me.

Latianne? Trip asked. Micky only realised he hadnt met her now.

Saved my life before, my favourite Pokemon Micky smirked.

Oh, ok. So what happened? he asked eagerly, still shaking, just desperate to hear this storys end.

Scy was about to slice me apart but Latianne hit him with a Hyper Beam. He ****ed off quickly, knowing he was out-matched and we field a police report.

Um, you didnt catch him though Trip said, interrupting.

I aint finished dip **** Micky replied. Anyway. Purity was a bit shaken but she wanted to continue. In the end I agreed and we made our way further up the mountain. Scy appeared again and this time there was no Latianne to save me. Stupidly, I picked up one of those metal support bars for tents and tried to get into a sword fight with him as a distraction, hoping Purity could get a Pokeball to help. In the end I got his scythes stuck into this bar and as I mocked him he broke free, sending that thing flying into my head and knocked me out cold. From there, as far as I understand, a guy you might have heard of called Koga saved me.

The Koga?! he interrupted again. Micky didnt quite get what the big deal was about people like Necromancer and Koga, but everyone but him seemed to know who they were yet Micky was always the one meeting them.

Yes Yes. The Koga, Koga Fuma, former gym leader, Mr- Anti-Uma, Yes that dude Micky said losing his temper with all these interruptions.

Sorry, Sorry. Go on! Trip said.

I woke up and found Scy about to kill Koga and his Pokemon. Someone spoke in my head and next thing I knew I was kicking his *** in a sword fight. I ended up slicing both his arms off before falling to the ground in the shock of it all. Thats why he had that coat of metal on his shoulders. Koga dubbed him mine and that was it. Somehow, kicking his *** gained his respect to the point the would lay down his life for me. Now hes evolved that respect has been lost, and I dont think I can get it back Micky finished.

Trip let out a breath before saying Well mate, youve just tired me out so if you dont mind, Im gonna go off to bed Trip said.

No probably dude Micky replied, putting his feet up so that his knees were just below his line of sight, hugging himself in a foetal position, the cold of the night getting to him yet the need to sleep not. As Trip closed the front door behind him and disappeared from sight, a hiss from the bushes entered Mickys ear. He turned around seeing the dark green bushes rustling in the twilight.

Come here a voice whispered. Micky didnt know what to do but he knew Who are you? wouldnt get him an answer.


Over the Baxton region, Ho-oh and Rayquaza battled. Passing over the forest hills of the Paring Valley. The twilight showed the lights of people below. Campers amongst the trees looking above as the Rainbow Wings of Ho-oh shined in the light as they were chased by the snake light body of Rayquaza. A sacred fire ball was shot back at Rayquaza. The ball exploded in Rayquazas face, bits of the sacred flames crashing down to the woodland, landing deep in the centre of the curved Valley. One of the five campers brought out a camera and started filming the fight. Rayquaza, stunned by the hit started to fall towards the ground. For the days theyd been battling not a single shot had hit, fighting all over the world out of the sight of people. Rayquaza started to fall to the ground back first, letting out a deafening screech, though not as powered as the destructive one he made before. Ho-oh cried a beautiful growl as she celebrated the victory, though the celebration came to early.

The dragon breath of Rayquaza spewed into the left wing of Ho-oh as Rayquaza regained his balance. Now fuelled by more hate, he drove himself head first into the other wing of Ho-oh, using his incredible speed to drill himself up so fast that he was un-seen to the eye, a mere blur. Ho-oh started to fall to the ground but Rayquaza wasnt done. She was falling quickly but not fast enough. Rayquaza U-turned in mid flight and fired a huge beam of light into the chest of Ho-oh and drilled her to the ground in a second. She didnt just hit the ground, she went into the ground, breaking through the muddy surface and crashing into the crust of the earth, so deep down that the impact caused the entire Baxton region to shake. The light Ho-oh would usually give was gone, the hole turning to black like Rayquazas heart. He now let off a much happier Screech, still not world shattering but loud enough to injure the ear drums of the on looking campers. Rayquaza didnt care that he was being filmed, in fact, he faced the camera for a perfect face shot before diving off into the night sky.

The didnt know whether to be happy that they had a fortune worth of film in their hands or sad that they potentially saw the start of the worlds end. The campers Pokeballs exploded open as their Pokemon immediately made their way to aid Ho-oh, most of the campers following except one. She was shaken to the bone just by the thought of what would happen next. She dreaded to think what will be Rayquaza next move yet it was all she could think of as the snake like dragons silhouette appeared in front of the giant full moon.

And they say that a hero will save us, Im not gonna stand here and wait! - Hero, Chad Kroeger.

Author Notes: Sorry this took so long to make. I really lost interest with this chapter until the end point so its a little crappy in the centre. Anyway, Ho-ohs done for, whos next? And whos in the bushes? And why did I give Trip conversation time? All those questions will get answered at some stage. Trip really has a background role in this which kinda sucks so Im trying to give him a decent spot, but still, Peter and Purity will still be the main supporting roles. By the way, Dragonfree created the character Zuidra as you can probably guess. Someone at school was asking me 'why is everyone Dude or Dudess' so now I call everyone that in front of him, thats where the Purity thing came from. Another thing I forgot to mention in author notes *edits again* Yeah I played Coliseum and I loved the idea of Kids Grid *When I was younger me and my friends made a little unsafe base in a tree-house, obviously not as hi-tech and when your that young you think stupid. Found it entertaining to put them in. Sabrina is really just added for the sake of something added in. Had to remind people of Ho-oh Vs Rayquaza so I added it in.

July 24th, 2004, 7:10 PM
Just wondering if this is the only place this fan fic is posted? I just wanted to know because if it isn't I want to see what other people think about.

July 24th, 2004, 8:56 PM
It's also at TPM and Shiny May's site. Haven't got that many fans. I started out *chaps 1-15ish* with around abouts 10 or so but overtime I lost them

August 1st, 2004, 9:11 AM
Chapter 29: Welcome Aboard

Youre insecure, I can see the fear that breeds in your heart - Immortal, Adema

Nervously, Micky approached the rustling bushes, left hand covering Frees Pokeball, the injured right hand in front of his face, half expecting a punch to fire out of the bush. He knew it was pointless but he asked it instinctively as his face were within touching distance of the bush. Whos there? he asked.

Get out of sight the voice hissed. Micky slowly brushed the bushes aside and made his way into the Harville woodland. In the shadows the silhouette moved swiftly, darting so fast that Micky couldnt make anything out. Micky chased the figure as fast as he could, eventually frustrating himself to the point he wanted to send his Pokeball flying. As he drew his left hand back a swipe of a stick made Micky drop it, the slap of the stick not to painful but he knew he was dealing with a much faster being. He put himself in fighting formation, left fist clenched, injured hand as clenched as it could get. Its me the voice hissed, now much more recognisable.

Necromancer? Micky asked, now even more ready to fight. Well come on then! Micky ordered viciously.

Im not after a fight. Look, I dunno what came over me but when I attacked you it wasnt me Necromancer tried to explain. He was showing emotion, his voice desperate for forgiveness and Micky fatherly unsure about talking to him. Micky continued to keep his fists raised and clenched. Calm down please Necromancer pleaded, not after a war with Micky. Poltergeist told me you wanted to go to Kanto so I got you these he said. In his hand were what was effectively his bribe. Six, shiny white tickets, all looking real. There are six tickets for you and the rest of your friends to go on the SS Anne he said, handing them to Micky. The SS Anne will take you to Vermillion in Kanto for five days, then Mossdeep island for two, Sootopolis City for three and then Dewford for another two before bringing you back to Rustboro. Overall youll be gone for two and a half weeks if you include the travelling time and as far as I know you are welcome to leave the boat to surf about at any time so long as you dont disrupt its course.

What the **** is wrong with you? Micky asked sarcastically. Where the **** did the emotions from? Micky asked, his fists no longer up and his mindset no longer on Fight.

Aside from Poltergeist youre the only friend I have Necromancer stated bluntly, frustrated that he was saying this. Some guy is ****ing with both our minds Necromancer stated, his voice full of anger and hate but mostly the urge for forgiveness.

Micky turned his head from Necromancer and thought. God this guy really is sad. He may be a legendary trainer but me as his only friend, ****, he really is a screwed up loser his masculine hateful side speaking. Then came the sweet, sensitive feminine side saying Give him a break, he had a horrible childhood and between then and now his entire life is a mystery. People are scared of him so give him a break. Be proud that your helping him. Finally came the very bland side of Micky which was thinking Youre a loser to Micky, your talking to yourself dip ****. Dude, just say I forgive you and be done with it. That was the side Micky listened to as he said I understand to Necromancer, holding out his left hand for shaking saying I forgive you.

Thanks Necromancer nodded, shaking Mickys hand, this time not crushing it under his mighty strength, simply a kind handshake. It took Micky a while ,thinking Necromancer would let go but in the end he had to pull his hand from his loose grip, thinking he needs people skills.

Micky brushed his hair with his left hand to make it seem like he only pulled away to do that and said So, why you sign me up for going to Mossdeep and Dewford Island?

There are three gyms for you he replied. I signed you up for battles there. Micky didnt even know there were gyms on the islands there but he was angered that he was signed up and didnt even know about it.

Why the **** you do that, I didnt even know there were gyms on the two islands, although he knew there was one at Sootopolis. How the **** am I suppose to beat them? Micky asked.

Free will slaughter all of them. Mossdeep Gym is a Psychic Gym, Sootopolis is a Water Gym and Dewford Gym is a Fighting Gym.

Wow, what an amazing lesson Yoda. Tell me of your wise and wonderful secret for HOW THE **** THATS GONNA WORK Micky said sarcastically, shouting at Necromancer near the end in frustration. He really didnt need the embarrassment that losing in the three gyms would bring.

Youll do it he said. You have three experienced trainers and two and a half weeks, youll be fine Necromancer smirked.

Look, whatever, I better get going anyway Micky replied.

He slowly walked away from Necromancer but after making it at least ten feet from Necromancer he shouted Wait to Micky, a Pokeball in hand. It was much different from a normal one, looking to be custom made for Necromancer. The upper semi-sphere was deep black barely visible to the eye in such dark lighting, the shadows cast by the trees hiding the twilight from the Pokeball. The lower half was purple. Upon the upper semi-sphere was the emblem of Necromancer. It was cut into the Pokeball and coloured gold, appearing like a T with an X at the bottom with a point below the centre of the X, its meaning not known to anyone but whenever seen people knew it meant Necromancer. Take Poltergeist with you he ordered, though more of a its for your own good order.

But Micky started, but Necromancer interrupted immediately.

If that freak, Nightmare or whatever you call him turns up, I wont be around and youll be defenceless. Poltergeist will be able to help you, hell know what to do. Just make sure the public dont see him unless its absolutely necessary Necromancer explained.

Micky couldnt argue with that, it made perfect sense and the reality was that the legendary champion Poltergeist by his side, Nightmare wouldnt want to show his ugly face, though hed never really seen it, he just assumed it was ugly by the fact it was hidden from sight. Micky took the Pokeball and clipped it to his belt, hiding it under the loose jacket. Micky started to head back for the house but turned to say goodbye, realising he hadnt said it. There was no Necromancer there to say goodbye to. Hed disappeared from sight. Micky checked his pocket and belt to see if the tickets and ball remained. He definitely had come but how hed disappeared so quickly was what confused Micky.

He made his way through the woodland area and headed for the door, slowly closing it behind him and removing his shoes. He softly made his way up the steps to the roof to find Purity up and awake, sternly staring at him like his father would when he came home late. Where were you? she asked. It was amazing, she had actually turned into a female teenaged version of his father.

Went for a stroll in the woods Micky said sarcastically, though technically telling the truth.

With who? she asked, hearing him faintly in the distance while he was gone.

Myself Micky lied, knowing she would bombard him with questions. His jacket flapped up and she noticed the new Pokeball upon his belt. She recognised it as the custom made ball of Poltergeists. She knew that Micky was talking to Necromancer when he disappeared into the woods.

You were talking to Necromancer werent you? she asked, not liking that at all. She thought of him as a poison, one that if slipped into your mind would slowly turn it to being as psychotic as Necromancers.

So what if I was? Micky asked in a cocky tone, the levitating candles that Micky had received from Necromancer lighting up with joy knowing that Micky had spoken to their previous owner. Micky burned a piece of paper into each of their flames for their days food before turning back to Purity.

Dont you get it Micky. Hes like a virus, if we catch it were all gonna die she stated desperately trying to make Micky hate the guy.

The way Im going, hes the only cure for the virus I got Micky said, referring to Nightmare as he called him.

She had nothing to say to that, she knew that on that case he may be right and in no way could she pin it on Necromancer. Instead she changed the subject to What did he want? asking the question with crossed arms and a grumpy tone.

He wanted to *** rape you Micky spat sarcastically, seeing she wasnt to happy with that comment on her face.

Seriously? she asked.

He gave me these Micky said, taking the SS Anne tickets from his jacket pocket and handing them to Purity. And this Micky continued, grabbing Poltergeists ball from his belt. Hopefully Ill be safe with Poltergeists protection Micky smirked.

Were going to Kanto? she asked, counting the six tickets.

Yep, then Mossdeep, then Sootopolis, the Dewford and then well finally be back here Micky replied. A nice two and a half week vacation Micky smirked to her, thinking See, Necromancer aint that bad a guy with his tongue hanging out childishly in his mind.

Sweet she said, just about as stoner-like as Mickys Dude and Dudess. She noticed Mickys look and tried to change what she was saying going I meant great but she knew Micky had already picked up on her mistake.

See, you sound just as much like a stoner as I do.

So what, its your fault, your language rubbed off on me she said, laying the blame on Micky.

Sure it is Micky smirked sarcastically. You know you love it he finished, still as sarcastic and annoying as ever.

You sure you want to get rid of Scy? she asked, changing it to a much more serious subject. She knew there was no turning back on Mickys mind now he had the tickets, she really just had to be sure Micky felt sure about what he was doing, considering Scy had been the main Pokemon on his team since Micky had got him. His relationship with him the most complicated yet the most special on his team. She just couldnt help but think Why would anyone accept a Pokemon that tried to kill him and actually killed someone else in front of them.

Got no choice. He doesnt like me anymore, in fact I doubt he liked me in the first place Micky said, chuckling half a laugh.

Well, as long as your sure this Zu, Zu she started to think and looked at Micky for help.

I dunno either Micky said, chuckling half a laugh.

Well, so long as youre sure Micky she said.

I am Micky smirked. Thanks he said, grabbing the tickets out of her hand and putting them back in his pocket.

When we gonna tell them about the tickets? she asked.

Theyre going? Micky laughed, for a moment acting like it was just gonna be the two of them. I dunno, tomorrow I guess he replied.

K, g night she said, seeing Micky heading for his Hammock.

Night she smiled back, throwing himself onto it. Purity done the same soon after, clicking her fingers for the candles to go out before throwing herself onto her hammock, smiling thoughts about Kanto and the magnificent Vermillion beaches and the gym battles she could get at Mossdeep and Dewford.


Were going on a cruise? Karen shouted wide-eyed.

You serious? Trip asked.

Yes and Yes Micky smirked.

Cool Trip smirked.

Dude, that is probably the most kick *** thing youve done andwell, ok you aint done many kick *** things but you get the point Peter said, his voice full of glee.

You really are a stoner arent you she said disdainfully to Peter.

And youre a *****, were even Peter replied just as spitefully.

Hey! Hey! Micky said, getting between the two, pushing them apart. Without even realising it he was brushing Puritys hair behind her shoulders, though he didnt know why. Calm down Dammit! Micky ordered. Just be happy dammit Micky ordered again, his tone slightly lighter.

I cant go Marty said, being the buzz kill.

What? all of them asked.

I cant go Marty said.

Why not? Micky asked, feeling like hed paid for the tickets himself by getting himself attacked by Necromancer.

I get sea sick really easily he replied. Mick wasnt sure about Everyone else but he knew this was a lie.

Fine Micky said, acting like he believed him to goad the rest of the group with him.

Gonna be no fun without you Peter said depressively but with easy acceptance of Martys decision. Whos gonna buy the alcohol? he smirked, trying to lighten the mood.

It was a foul stench of separation. Marty had really became one of the group to everyone, with Trip being a very late addition he wasnt sure if he was even in the group, but the tickets to the S.S Anne made it clear to him that he was, along with Marty. Anyway, I have to get into Rustboro to do my job Marty said out loud, changing the subject. Im sure you guys need to get some holiday supplies and so forth so Im assuming youll be coming Marty said, a pretty accurate assumption. Half groaned Yeahs and ks were mumbled from the group and Marty walked outside, leaving the five of them alone to chat. Raichu and Kneazy knew that this was a Human discussion and made themselves scarce.

Well, what we gonna do then? Karen asked the group who had made themselves into a circle facing each other. Purity and Peter still scowling at each other.

I gotta trade Scy, I dunno bout you guys but I gotta go. If he were to break loose again Id be thrown in jail and this trainer looks like shes got the qualities Scys after in a trainer.

August 1st, 2004, 9:12 AM
Karen, I know its gonna be weird not having Marty around but we all knew wed have to leave Harville at some point. Both me and Micky havent got all our badges yet and its not like you can just keep entering Rustboro contests Purity said affectionately yet sensibly.

For once Peter was in agreement with her, but he wasnt gonna say he agreed with her vocally. Fortunately for him Trip was there to open his mouth about it on his behalf. You know she has a point, with the upcoming Pokemon International and the lack of experience, both these to are gonna need to get as much training as possible if they want to stand even half a chance.

Hey! Micky said in protest, not taking too kindly to his comments about his abilities, despite them being true.

Yes Trip asked, rolling his eyes.

**** youre right Micky said, feeling like an idiot.

It just doesnt feel right, deserting him like this Karen continued, despite her want to go on this cruise trip.

Its not deserting him. Its not like he was expecting us to stay here forever. Besides, well be back in two and half weeks. You had to desert youre parents to come along.

But thats different, they have each other and well

Marty has Harville, its practically a family here Micky interrupted.

Oddly enough, that comment made Karen feel a whole lot better about coming along. Before she could even reply Marty had popped his head around the door asking if the group was coming or not. The time had ran out and they left the Marty discussion to join him in the car. It was uncomfortable, almost like they were in the car with a man dying of cancer, really over exaggerating leaving him for two and a half weeks. He dropped the group of at the centre of Rustboro before driving his van off to his part of the street.

The sense of separation was still among the group, most of it on Karen who had her conscience working over time. I still dont feel right about this Karen stated. Shopping for holiday stuff whilst we leave Marty alone. I mean, if were gonna be leaving him for a couple weeks should we really leave him alone today as well.

Ok, this really is doing my head in Karen Micky said grabbing his forehead. Sweetheart, Marty is like King of Harville, he practically rules the town. There are like fifteen people in that town Micky said with a risen voice flailing his arms about. We are gonna be gone for two and a half weeks he said now grabbing Karen by the shoulders and staring at her directly in the eyes. He is gonna be fine Micky finished. Got that?

Ok Ok she replied in frustration with Mickys patronising.


You quite done? Trip asked sarcastically.

Dude, I can kick your *** all over this city, dont take that tone with me Micky smirked. Yes Im ****ing done.

He is really cocky Purity whispered over to Peter, the first real discussion the two of them had. Is he always like this, he wasnt when he was with me.

Peter wasnt too keen on the idea of making conversation with her but he replied anyway, adding in a few lies. He figured if he could make Purity think a lot less of Micky and vicar versa then he could probably get her out of the group and speed up the process of getting Mickys collection complete a lot quicker. He has every right to be cocky. I dunno why hes scared of Scy, hes kicked about the same amount of cops asses Peter whispered back with an evil smirk on his face. In the mean time Micky and Trip had only just finished with their discussion and were approaching the two of them, Purity looking at Micky a lot more nervously than she did before. Karen and Trip followed behind Micky as Micky came towards Peter and Purity. Peter walked by his side but Purity, unlike usual slipped behind Micky out of his sight.


By the time the group had returned to Martys stall it was nearing closing time for him. Purity had bought about ten different bathing suits and bikinis, Karen about a similar amount, as well as buying a inflatable donut ring for Raichu. Micky had only bothered to buy a couple of swimming shorts, not exactly the biggest fan of swimming, although from hearing from Trip that there were several small islands and caves for them to visit on the trip that the S.S Anne would stop by filled with plenty of interesting Pokemon, Micky knew he had no choice but to be ready to dress for that kinda occasion.

Considering this was going to be the last night with Marty, he prepared a huge meal for the entire group, almost like a thanks giving, turkey, well imitation turkey and all the trimmings, including imitation stuffing. Marty was around a the time of the eating of meat being legal, Micky just couldnt get the image of a self baking Torchic out of his head. He said that the food tastes so much better nowadays but Micky had his doubts about that, everything being so fake it couldnt be possible for it to be better than the original. He figured it was like plastic surgery, looks better but doesnt feel as good, except in this case it didnt taste as good, though in this case it did taste good. It was a very interesting send off, completely and utterly filling. By Midnight, or there about, Everyone started to return to their homes, eventually leaving the group finishing off the final bits and tidying up.

In the end Everyone wondered off to bed, Micky again giving his ten floating candles some paper to burn in their flames, before slumping onto his hammock. Purity wanted to say something but she was a lot more fearful of Micky, believing Peters words. In the end it was just silence until the sound of Mickys snoring and the whistles of the Harville wildlife were the only things that she could hear. Whether it was anticipation or not, she just couldnt get to sleep, laying wide-eyed staring into the moon. Eventually, her eyes went heavy and the bright white of the moon was the last thing she saw.


Wake up! Purity soothingly chanted as she nudged Micky with her elbow. She saw him starting to stir and on instinct she soulfully chanted Wake up once more before Mickys eyes opened, blinking constantly as he adjusted to the morning sun.

What time is it? Micky asked in a moan, still wishing he was back in his dreams, feeling so much better without the presence of Nightmare about, still, nothing felt right with Poltergeists presence everywhere.

About quarter to eleven. You sleep way too much she smirked.

You dont let me sleep enough he whined back, rubbing his eyes open and sliding off of his hammock.

Yeah, well, Ill leave you to get ready, you got about three hours she said. Left you some clothes on the side there she said a she pointed to the barricades at the side of the roof. In a neat pile shed left Mickys usual clothes, the black double-lined trousers and a white see through fishnet shirt. Seemed pretty normal for Micky, though Purity still hadnt gotten used to his weird fashion sense.

By the time Micky had forced himself out of bed and gotten dressed he still wasnt fully awake, all groggy and lazy, walking down a small flight of steps all of a sudden a struggle, still yawning and blinking every few steps. Hi, Marty, Trip, Karen he said groggily as he was passing by them, the group slumped on the sofa watching television. As he walked into the kitchen he greeted to Purity and Kerri with Hi, Purity, Kerri as he reached for milk from the fridge. As he poured himself a glass he realised why the girls were giggling. Kerri? Micky asked ignoring the fact that his glass was now overflowing. He turned, dropping the milk bottle luckily on its base and there she was, helping Purity in the kitchen with lunch. ****, what the **** are you doing here? Micky asked, a lot more alert, his shock covering the fact he was pleased to see her.

He cant go three words without swearing can he? Purity smirked to Kerri.

Kerri smiled whilst giggling, one thing shed only recently picked up since escaping from Mossdeep Sanatorium. After sorting things out like the cost of repairing the broken cell, the decided to let her go under the supervision of Professor Birch, though why she was at Martys was what confused Micky.

After giving Purity a look of Shut the **** ***** he began to greet his sister. Why are you here? he still hadnt gotten used to the fact that she couldnt talk, always expecting her to be able to reply in the click of a finger.

She started to fumble about trying to find a notepad and pen on the desktop. Eventually, upon finding it about thirty seconds later in her trouser pocket. She wrote down She invited me and pointed to Purity as she showed it to Micky.

Um, Purity, can we talk in private please Micky said, motioning his finger to her as he walked towards the front door.

Gimme a moment she said sarcastically to Kerri as she followed Micky.

The moment she stepped out the door Micky exploded with a raised voice Its nice to see my sis n all but Marty aint so lonely that he needs a bad cook with him Micky stated.

I aint invited her for Marty, I invited her for you idiot she stated, not happy that Micky took her act of kindness the wrong way.

Why, were going in like three hours Micky replied.

I invited her for the trip she replied back.

I cant afford to buy another ticket, especially this late.

You have an extra one dumbass she replied.

No I Micky stopped as he realised she was right. He felt like such an idiot not even thinking about that.

I believe Sorry and Thank you so much are the words your looking for she said sarcastically with a smirk on her face.

Yeah, youre right Micky said grudgingly. Sorry, thank you so much he continued sarcastically.

There we go she smirked. And by the way, your psychic bird friend is outside Raichu and Kneazy she finished as she went back into the house.

Micky slowly made his way to the back of the house and there they were. The golden and white Angel the endlessly annoying Chu-Toy whod stayed out of Mickys way ever since evolving. Angel Micky smiled as he opened his arms.

Angel rose her head from Raichu, ending their staring contest. Micky she thought, Micky sensing some sort of imaginary smile as she thought that.

Yep he smiled back.

Slowly, Angel floated over to Micky, a smile on her face and a glint in her sapphire eyes. Micky hugged her around her neck, the fur a cosy warm. How have you been? she asked mentally.

Micky let go of his grip and backed away a few steps. I dunno, its been a bit a bit hectic. Some ****er has been stalking me and attacking me, I met Necromancer and hes been a bit ****ed up and I got a broken hand and pretty banged up ribs cause of Scy, who by the way evolved and now wants to kill me. Micky stopped when he realised he was mumbling on and Angel really didnt want to hear about it. How have things been for you and sis with Birch? Micky asked.

Its been fine. I think its doing her a lot of good. Shes started to laugh now, it can only be a matter of time that she starts to feel comfortable enough to speak again.

Are you serious? Micky said shocked that his sister may be speaking again. Hed never actually had a vocal conversation with her in all the time hed known her.

Yes. I really hope she can soon she finished, the glint still in her eyes.


Marty drove all of them to the docks. The giant coast line extended into the ocean, several metal piers sticking out at least a mile into the water, the deep dark blue sea so dark that only the surface showed. White seagull like birds circled the sky crying out Gull as grunting sailors wondered around, wondering around in their white sailor suits and strange hats as they carried cargo onto a nearby liner. A giant long grey battleship marked with the Black X and Green stars of the Hoenn region. As far as Micky understood, regions worldwide had been activating their militarys, awaiting Rayquaza. It was clear even to the naturists that this Pokemon was destructive to both man and wildlife.

The luxury liner, the S.S Anne lay at the opposite side of the dock. A good ten minute walk across concrete as they passed by the metal piers that led to many unique watercraft, ranging from a submarine to a red seaplane, both marked with the grey templar cross of the Uma Corporation. The S.S Anne itself was just as Micky expected. It was like a town put into a boat. It mustve been at least a thousand feet long and about a hundred feet wide, a depth of about a hundred feet visible above the surface, meaning quite a lot mustve been below as well. Micky was trying to picture how big it mustve been inside. Apparently, it had its own fifty by hundred foot Pokemon battle arena, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a mini golf course amongst other things on board. Micky really didnt see any sense in Martys lack of enthusiasm about the cruise.

After many goodbyes, hugs and Well be back in a fortnight speeches the group began to proceed to the boat, Karen running ahead totally excited, despite being the one most consciences of the fact they were leaving Marty behind. Purity and Trip had followed behind pretty closely with Peter and Kerri behind them, but Micky stopped for a moment. He wanted to know why Marty wasnt coming along.

Micky waited for them to get a good way out of hearing distance before turning to Marty. Before he even said anything Marty said Arent you going? sarcastically.

You know what I wanna know Micky replied.

I cant explain, but I got you something that might give you a hand. Out of his bag he pulled some sort of device. There was a black left handed glove and some sort of black mobile phone and a bag of tiny silver squares.

This is? Micky asked as Marty started handing it to Micky.

Put on the glove Marty ordered. Micky done so, sliding it on perfectly, feeling something inside it that wasnt exactly uncomfortable but very unusual to feel, some cold metal-like object. Now attach this to your Pokeball belt he said handing the mobile phone-like device. Micky done so and then Marty handed Micky the bag of metal squares. Attach one of these to each of your Pokeballs, making sure you remember the order you put them in he said. Micky opened the bag and slowly stuck one of the objects on the balls, making sure to number it in order of how he caught or received his Pokemon, leaving Scy out of the loop.

Now what? Micky asked.

Type one into that mobile thing then click OK and see what happens he explained.

Micky clicked in one and the ok and in a split second Striders Pokeball zoomed into Mickys left hand. It hurt a bit but it was helpful. Cool Micky said, very entertained by this.

Click ok again to throw it, then do the same to draw it back.

Ill test it out later Micky said, seeing the group staring at them from the large boat.

Go Marty said, pushing Micky along in its direction.

Thanks Micky nodded as he ran off into the direction of the cruise, no queues as of yet since they were an hour early. He reunited with them on the front of the deck and there was a lot of waving and bad attempts at shouting to him before Marty left.

You should know better than to leave us - Scream, Slipknot

Well, I had a bit of Writers block writing this which is why it took so long and went a bit crap. The lil device at the end is just a handy little thing to make up for the broken hand (which IRL is better now :D), no need to reach no more and as you can guess I planned a Sabrina battle and she is perfectly capable of doing that kinda thing on her own, so Micky just has to even it up with magnetic machinery. Next chapter *crosses fingers* I hope is a huge improvement on this. By the way, the Ho-oH thing, sure someone will ask. These people were in the middle of nowhere, will take them a few days to drag a giant bird to civilisation or get to it without it

August 11th, 2004, 11:33 AM
Chapter 30: Set Sail

The Only Way is All the Way - The Opium of the People, Slipknot

Oh my ****ing god Micky said poetically with a smile on his face. The group had decided theyd check their rooms out one by one, all of them having different rooms, six different keys and four different floors. It was undecided who was getting which room but there were seven floors to the S. S Anne, and the group had two rooms on the sixth floor, two on the third, one on the fourth and one of the fifth. The first to be checked out was of course the easiest to reach, the third floor room numbered three-hundred and fifty five. Micky knew this was his room, the huge smile on his face spelling I call this one. The ceiling had a beautiful chandelier. The bed was a giant king sized bed with silk white sheets. The room was decorated in sea blue, several paintings on the wall. The bathroom was unbelievable spotless and the carpet was soft and cosy in scenic crme. The window was giant with a silk crme curtain, from which the view was perfect, a good look at the sea below, the sky above the world around.

I call this Peter tried saying, immediately interrupted by Micky putting his hand in Peters way.

No dude, I call it Micky laughed, quickly jumping belly first to the bouncy king sized bed.

Yo dude, stop ****ing up my bed man, dont want your stench on it.

Peter, just let him have it, chances are all the rooms are the same anyway. Besides, he got the tickets Karen said, a smile to Micky as a Thank you so much for this.

Listen to the lady man Micky smirked.

Sure, whatever Peter said, making his way back out of the door.

Micky tested out his little magnetic ball catcher thing, unleashing Free into the room. The group looked a little confused, seeing as behind Mickys body they didnt see how be almost psychically shot the ball into his hand. Free, like the room? Micky asked.

Free Free! she chanted, shooting about the room.

Good, keep an eye on it Micky ordered light-heartedly, pointing his right index finger at her.

He walked towards the group, sliding through to the front tossing his key towards his bed as he did. Where we going next? Micky asked with a smirk on his face.

The next room? Peter said sarcastically as Micky passed by.

One by One they investigated the rooms. Seemed that the lower down you got the lighter the wall colour go, the sixth floor wall barely having a hint of blue on it since it was so close to pure white. Overall, it was decided that Peter was sleeping on the fourth floor, Trip on the fifth, Karen and Kerri on the sixth and Purity on the other third floor one that was about twenty rooms down the long corridor that was lined with a velvet carpet. When Micky returned to his room it was clear that Free had made herself at home, cutely laying on her side, her hands on her head as she snored little Free-we-we breaths. Micky smiled as he shut the door, dumping his bag of clothes, his bag of equipment of stones and Pokeball belt in the room.

Mind if we check out the battle arena? Trip said, his first proper word to Micky all day. Several Nods were made followed with ok and for the first time the group were actually following Trip, his first real time taking charge, though Micky was right behind him, somehow always the leader, everything always seeming to revolve around him. He really was the link that held them all together though as Trip clearly realised and he also knew the main reason for this journey over Hoenn was for Micky to obtain the eight Gym badges, two of which had already been obtained.

It was a jaw dropping surprise when they saw the arena. It was as large as any normal Pokemon arena yet some much better. The stands had been replaced with spectator booths, about twenty around the arena, all with velvet drapes coloured in golden brown, everything looking so classy like an emperor belonged in them. The floor was marked with the standard Pokemon battlefield white lines however the rest of it was a tiled floor, a mosaic that formed a picture of historical Pokemon of myth and legend, Kyogre. It wasnt the most accurate mosaic obviously cause it was drawn to the description of Kyogre who at the start of time helped form the present day earth. Whether or not any of it was true was questionable but in basics, it looked like a giant blue whale with huge wing like fins, a thin tail that trailed at the end and loads of red that marked part of Kyogres body. In basics, it looked like a whale on crack. Micky looked at Trip who was completely mesmerised by this battlefield and Micky knew what he wanted to do. Pete, remind me, what is your current record against Trip in Pokemon battles.

Trips attention was caught as he heard his name mentioned and the little notepad at the back of his mind had reminded him what was said and he came out with Yeah Pete, what is the current score between us.

Its one nil to you. But all thats gonna change now. Micky was starting to feel how Purity felt when she tricked Micky into entering that contest. He felt like the puppeteer pulling the strings of a dummy, which in basics was what he was doing with Peter as the dummy. Can we just battle or not? Peter said aloud.

Already Purity had ran over to the front door again, a guard there when they came in who obviously would know. She rushed back saying Yeah go ahead.

With a smirk on his face Micky slinked out of the arena shouting Have fun! as an echo emitted throughout the room. Purity, Karen and Kerri figure they should do as Micky done and soon they all had occupied one of the spectator booths.

Well, go then! Micky said, looking at his two friends staring each other down from opposite sides of the arena, just under a hundred feet of air between them.

We havent set any rules Peter shouted to Micky.

Withdrawing your Pokemon counts as it losing, two on two, standard count out when off the field rule. Now go! Micky shouted, wanting to see this, though Kerri found her brothers controlling behaviour very new and scary.

The moment Micky had shouted go Trip had already slung a Pokeball towards the battlefield. The seven foot tall dragonfly Tarokuntei stood on the battlefield floor as he awaited Peter to choose a Pokemon.

Stupid guy likes to play with Dragons huh? Peter spat sarcastically. Play dragons with this he continued as he through a Pokeball forward. The giant blue bodied red winged dragon Salamence emerged, roaring loudly as he escaped his ball.

Slow clapping was heard as everyones attention was turned to Trip. Impressive. The rarely seen Salamence. You must be an impressive trainer to be able to control one of those. About as impressive as Micky was when he had control of Scy, but we all know how that turned out, wonder how long its gonna be for you he smirked, hitting a sore spot for Micky and clearly insulting Peters skills as a trainer, considering himself well above Mickys level of skill.

Dudess, tell me he did not just say that he said to Purity, almost looking at her to try and control him.

Calm down hes just trying to get some heat out of Peter she said in a feeble attempt to calm Micky, but by now Micky was already reaching for his Pokeball belt, his mindset as Lets see you deal with Scy now jackass but he couldnt find it, in moments realising hed left it in his room.

Salamence, do me a favour he shouted to Peters dragon. Decimate that oversized dragonfly and humiliate his jackass trainer.

Tarokuntei looked at Micky as if to say what I do to you? and Micky knew that was what that face was saying. Sorry dude, but you got a **** of a jackass as trainer he said directly to Tarokuntei. He knew Micky wasnt doing it as a personal strike at him but he still took offence to his comments about his trainer. He marched over to Salamence, tail dragging behind him until both were at eye level, Tarokuntei on hind legs, Salamence on both feet, clearly out sizing Tarokuntei in height and mass.

Tarokuntei, Fly! Salamence looked up as Tarokuntei shot into the air, definitely going to be the faster of the two. It was a good thing that the cruise was so big, it allowed a very tall arena that gave a good one hundred feet of open air for them to fly in. Salamence shot right up after him, though he made it up in about double the time it took Tarokuntei, though it was still fast. Both trainers stared up as though they were facing the white and gold ceiling thinking of an order to give.

Flamethrower! Peter ordered in a snap. The moment Tarokuntei heard Peter say it he dodged to the side as fiery hot flames shot from the giant mouth of Salamence, the flames ending on the white walls of the arena. Oddly enough, the walls werent scarred with burns at all. It looked so odd to everyone, including Salamence, Pokemon and people alike distracted by this. Tarokuntei didnt even wait for an order, he just wrapped his two tiny arms around Salamences neck and gripped tight relying on his amazing speed to take the place of power, which was done successfully. With the tin wings flapping, Tarokuntei swung as he pulled on Salamences neck getting into a neck hold position where Tarokuntei clung to Salamences neck and back. At first it looked like Salamence would be landing back first onto Tarokuntei but Tarokuntei made a mid-air switch getting his left arm around Salamences left fore leg to throw himself onto Salamences front as they both crashed to the floor below with a big crash, however the floor didnt shake, none of the tiled floor broken and everything remained stable as though nothing had happened. It was little too creepy for them but again, Tarokuntei concentration wasnt shattered.

Trip knew what to do and immediately shouted Earthquake! Salamence began to roll, getting to his feet but by the time hed done that Tarokuntei had crashed to the floor, landing perfectly on his tiny feet, yet the technique didnt work. The ground below didnt crack apart, in fact not a single thing happened.

Ok this is just getting creepy. Stop the battle a sec! Micky ordered, figuring himself as referee for the battle. Instead of doing what any sensible person would do, he chose a faster route than the stairs which led to the lobby, he simply stepped onto the barricade of the booth and dropped down at least fifteen feet, landing on his feet but dropping to one knee through the force of the drop. Ill be right back! he said, walking towards the door, determined to find out what was up with the arena. Peter and Trip just looked at each as if to say Whats up with him? and the girls in the booth were just about as confused as the battlers.

In a matter of moments Micky had returned from the lobby and as he walked through the open doors he shouted The room is entirely solid. Its been made so it cant get scarred like a normal battlefield, it cant be dug into, basically, none of your moves will make so much as a dent in this. So in basics, continue Micky smirked his tightly bandaged hand making a continue gesture.

Peter saw this as his chance to take the lead and immediately ordered Headbutt. Before Tarokuntei could even turn Salamence had rammed his head into the shoulder of Tarokuntei, knocking him down sideways into a sideways roll as he flew over him. He U-turned in midair and came back to take a pick at the scraps and clawed Tarokuntei around the face on his return, poking one of the eyes with his sharp claw. Fortunately, the Flygon species were designed with tough eyes, and a mere claw in the eye would have practically no effect. Seeing an opportunity he slammed his tail into Salamences face as he got back to the air, wincing his eye a little bit, feeling a bit uncomfortable like a human did when a pieces of dust got in theirs.

Iron Tail! Trip ordered. The long green tail of Tarokuntei began to harden, slowly turning a steel colour.

He prepared it to its hardest as Peter ordered Crunch. Tarokuntei spun in the air, his tail like shot put as he span around once and released it in Salamences direction, his body dragging along with it. Salamence opened his mouth as the tail came towards him. He knew this would be decisive. Crunching down on the Flygons tail had to be done at the right time, or else he would have his mouth smashed with a steel like tail that would easily knock him unconscious. The moment passed so slowly in his mind and he knew hed do it. The tail swung by and Salamence ducked his head sideways and let it fly over him. He saw it losing its hardness as it passed his head and using all his speed he shot after it in a dash, clamping his jaw to it tightly. Tarokuntei moaned loudly as his tail felt the sharp fangs of Salamence. He struggled but to no avail. He had one choice. A self destructive attack that would be painful to both Pokemon. With all his power he shot himself into the air. Salamence gripping so tightly to his tail was dragged by the mouth into the air, though in moments he was supporting himself. But the move wasnt finished, it had barely begun. Tarokunteis eyes began to glow as he looked down at Salamence. With all his power he drove down head first into Salamences body, both heads colliding in a flash as both Pokemon came crashing down to the ground.

Salamence landed first, hitting the floor hard on his wings and Tarokuntei followed soon after, belly first directly into the ground. The floor failed to shake, the stability of this room completely amazing, almost like a natural disaster would have no effect on it. Both trainers shouted at their Pokemon as Micky started counting them out. Salamence didnt move a single bit, though Tarokuntei stirred a little. Weakly, at around the seven count, Tarokuntei had made it to his hands and knees. His arms were too small to push him to his feet but with the added power of his wings he made it up to a vertical basis as Micky counted out Salamence. He didnt like to say it but Salamence had lost this round and now it was up to Peters next choice to win it. Micky knew he was at huge disadvantage. He knew the Flygon wouldnt last too much longer but now Trip had the advantage of knowing the next choice and having the advantage of using a type effective against it.

Decision time was over and Peter threw a Pokeball forward. Micky recognised the Pokemon the moment he popped out of his Pokeball. A rounded bolder shaped Pokemon. Smooth yet cracked lumps of rock were the things that formed the armour plated body. Clawed hands and a small head poked out of the safety of the rock shell. He was a Golem, just like the one Roxanne had. A dark brown shell with a light brown body. He let out a roar that hinted the word Golem as he escaped his Pokeball.

Tarokuntei. Steel Wing! Trip ordered loudly. He knew he had to hit hard and fast, one attack from Golem and Tarokuntei was screwed.

Rollout! Peter said sadistically with a cruel smile on his face, knowing he was gonna win this battle, definitely carrying the self-confidence of a true champion, but also carried arrogance, and Trip knew this would be a weak point he can capitalise on. Golem tucked in his arms legs and head and bounced once on the ground before spiralling his ball shaped shell towards Tarokuntei. It required no real effort for Tarokuntei to avoid Golem as he rolled passed the first time, but nothing is every that basic in a Pokemon battle. Golem done a sideward turn as Tarokuntei passed over and left himself blind to what was happening behind him. Tarokuntei hardened his wings like he did with his tail, the blood causing his wings to become stiff like steel as the skin on the outside gained a shiny silver tint. Golem picked up more speed and then it happened. In the snap of a finger, Tarokuntei drifted from his spot in the air and slammed his left wing into the boulder with the flat on the wing, making a loud wave of sound as unforgiving rock his a steel like wing. Tarokuntei failed to stay on course from it though. As Golem was sent back the way he came, Tarokuntei was knocked sideways, grinding along the mosaic floor back first.

Golem thumped into the wall as Tarokuntei skidded just below the viewers booth. Trip immediately leapt over to his Flygons side, seeing the glassy look in his eyes as they began to glaze over. Golem began to roll back to his feet and Trip knew it was Game Over for Tarokuntei. He pulled out his Pokeball and withdrew him to the orb, knowing that Tarokuntei had done a good job despite the way it ended. He then turned to see Golem again, Pokeball in hand.

Whats the matter Trip? Peter shouted sarcastically. Dont wanna lose another Pokemon? he smirked. My suggestion, quit while you still got some dignity.

**** you he spat. He didnt even think about it, he just reached for a Pokeball and threw it right in front of him. A leafy dragon formed in front of him. About four foot tall, not even taller than Peter. It stood like a Velociraptor, just like Shanes. A Grovyle, slightly taller than the other Micky had saw. He knew this Pokemon was fragile, seeing how easily Shanes was taken apart by Scy, and Golem clearly seemed a lot stronger, tougher and much better trained. But, with his basic grasp of Pokemon training, he also knew that Grovyle was a grass typed Pokemon, holding a huge advantage over a rock type whos skin easily succumbed to the slick plant power.

Ooh Ooh Peter spat sarcastically in a really bad attempt at a girls voice. Im shivering in my booties, a grass type going against my rock type, why surely you will win he continued sarcastically.

Razor Leaf! Trip shouted, not even gonna play verbal Banta with Peter.

Both Peter and Golem were caught totally off guard by this and the leafy wing-like arms of Grovyle fired two razor sharp glinting leaves as Grovyle jumped up, spinning to fire them. Golem wasnt even paying attention until the first hit him, hitting him right on the chest of his shell and ripping through it with ease, lodging itself somewhere within his inner body, around the left arm area. The latter of the two leaves wasnt too far behind, cutting around the right shoulder area of Golem, twirling through the entire shell, cutting the upper of his right shoulder and going through the other side of his shell, zooming off into the empty areas of the battlefield and landing eventually after hitting a wall. Go-Lem he said slowly as he fell onto the *** of his shell with a hard thud. Blood leaking from the rip in the back of his shell and the two at the front of it.

Dude! Pay attention! Micky shouted to Peter.

**** You! Peter shouted back in frustration.

He still hadnt learned his lesson and trip saw another moment to capitalise. Leaf Blade! he ordered. Grovyle pounced forward with the raptor-like agility his species was blessed with, landing crouched on one knee in front of Golem, swinging his left arm down, letting the leafy edges harden as the cut into Golems skin. Golem rolled to his side as it happened, from under his shell blood was visibly pouring out and fast, almost like a running tap. Grovyle jumped forward again, this time landing in position for his right arms to cut, cutting through the tough armour shell with ease and drawing more blood.

With Golem writhing side to side in pain, Peter had to think quick. His opportunity would be when Grovyle went for Leaf Blade again, but it was a matter of timing the order right. Roll away! Peter ordered to buy some time. Golem tried to roll away from Grovyle but it was hopeless. Easily outmatched by the speedy Grovyle.

Akron! Solarbeam! Trip ordered. Micky needed a moment to think about this. He didnt realise Akron meant Grovyle, the first time Trip had referred to him by his nickname.

August 11th, 2004, 11:33 AM
This was Peters moment. He had gone for a completely unpredictable move and it would work perfectly. It was just a matter of Can Golem take him down fast enough? Get up Golem! Peter ordered. Peter knew Golem was trying and so did the rest of the group, but his effort were seemingly worthless. Hed gotten to his front and was literally having to press up his way to his feet, and it was failing. The strength in his legs had gone, maybe it was the loss of blood or something but he wasnt going to get up. Akrons mouth was wide open as a yellow ball formed inside it, whatever light in the room being drawn to it. Micky knew that when this sphere reached the size of a football it was ready for launch, and Micky had seen this being used on a Golem before in Puritys battle, and its result wasnt pretty.

Release! Trip ordered

Fire Blast! Peter ordered not even a millisecond afterwards. From Grovyles mouth a yellow beam of light fired, twirling as it did which was visible by circular rings around it that formed a slinky like chain. From Golems mouth left a huge ball of fire, growing like a snowball going down a mountainside, getting bigger as it went. The beam of light hit the ball and was merely absorbed into it, the ball at least as big as Golem was by now. Grovyle stared in horror as this ball rolled in the air towards him. The two seconds it took to hit him seeming like hours. The moment the ball collided with the leafy skin of Grovyle it exploded, forming a huge flaming X where Grovyle once was, the sheer force of the blow knocking the Pokemon back several feet, his leafy skin burning as he saw the X slowly drift from a strong fire to tiny dots of ash that floated to the floor in a matter of seconds. The right and left leaf-wings were completely alight, burning like newspaper. His chest was surprisingly only singed, the pale orange-pink visible under the small chars of black. The long grass main that started at his head and ended at his back was burning quickly and the left side of his face was alight.

Rollout! Peter ordered. Golem tucked his entire body into his shell and roll forwards, running right over the body of Grovyle. All that weight crushed the poor plant-reptiles body, leaving him laying there, bones aching from being crushed, skin burning upon him and mind defeated. Trip was struck with shock just like the rest of the group. The bleeding Golem felt the confidence in him and regained a standing position as he stood over his falling foe. All he needed was a nod from his master and he would finish the reptile off but Trip knew better. He remembered how Micky had destroyed Shanes Grovyle and he didnt want that for his. Reluctantly, he pulled out his Pokemons Pokeball and withdrew his defeated friend.

Trip was gripping his head in frustration. He didnt even realise Golems could learn fire attacks, in fact, it came as a shock to all the group. He was so sure that hed win the battle, having such a huge speed and type advantage. He didnt even say two words to Peter, he just pushed himself from his kneeled position and headed for the door, hands at his sides. Micky looked side to side at Purity and Karen trying to see if they were going to do something about it but they were just as clueless as Micky. In the end he shook his head in disgrace at their inability to think of something to do and made his way down the stairs, taking his eyes off the indestructible arena and the only things in there, Peter and Golem. Peter kinda got the hint that Trip had cut his victory celebration short. The three girls also took the hint and headed down the stairs behind Micky, though Micky had already made a good distance away from them.

Dude! Micky shouted at Trip who was a good way down the hallway by now, almost on the outside of the cruise. Considering hed been walking, hed got pretty far. Wait up!

Why?! he snapped back quickly, his head shooting back at Micky, an angry glare on his face.

What the **** is up with you? You lost a ****ing match. So what! Micky said, now pissed off as well. I lose matches to ya know! Micky stated angrily.

Youre a rookie. Youre suppose to Trip spat with aggression. Im experienced. I been battling for five years now. Im not suppose to lose.

Peter has to mate. Sorry, he aint meant to either, the two cancel each other out Micky said sarcastically.

Ive completed five collections of badges Trip stated.

Woo for you Micky said sarcastically. That dont mean your gonna win though. Wave those badges in front of a ten year old and they may back down but Peters been battling just as long as you. Same league mate Micky smirked.

Just **** off would ya Trip said evilly, sick of the fact Micky was right.

Fine Micky said. You go cry like a baby, Im gonna go get some first class food. Micky shook his head, again in disgrace of the people he was hanging out with.

He got back to the outside of the arena and Karen asked Whats up with him?

Nothing Micky lied.

What about Karen started but Micky interrupted immediately.

Food-now-hungry Micky stated robotically, pointing his finger down the hallway to where he assumed the restaurant of the ship was.

After dragging them around in silence for half an hour, probably crossing every inch of the ship, Peter finally spoke up, saying Ok, you dont know where were going do you?

No Micky stated cockily. Was going on basic instinct.

The group was still walking until Karen stopped, looking to her left. Theres the arena. We just walked in a circle she pouted.

Meh Micky said bluntly, not caring, pissed off that Trip snapped at him.

Whats that suppose to mean Karen shouted, feeling like she was being mistreated by being ignored.

Karen Purity whispered behind her. As soon as Karen turned to look she done a swift cut throat motion representing Cut it out.

But I Karen started. Kerri done shook her head cause she knew what Micky could be like, hearing about it from her father and her brother.

Yo. Dude! Micky shouted at the man outside the arena. Know where we can get a bite. Im starved.

Go on top, you cant miss it, right by the pool he said.

Thanks! Micky said, flicking his hand up as Bye as he led them up to the surface of the cruise.

He was right. You couldnt miss it. It was giant. A huge open air restaurant on the front side of the ship, a good thousand or so tables, several hundred waiters and one **** of a bar, manned by a good few people. Only a few people were in the restaurant, a couple of hours prior to leaving seemed like a good time to get on board, but then again, cruises like this never leave on time. Trip was already there, sitting on a table on his own, drinking a coke. Purity nudged Micky and he knew she was just playing him like a violin. In moments he was walking solo up to him again, the group looking on.

SoDude Micky started, taking the risk of sitting down at the table with him. He looked in the corner of his eye to see everyone else looking on from a table about thirty metres away.

What? Trip asked, twirling his fingers around the upper edges of his glass.

Calmed down yet? Micky asked, grabbing a roll of bread from the centre basket of the table.

Why should I. Out of forty battles this is the first lost since completing the Baxton badge collection he groaned.

Well whoop-de-****ing-do for you Micky spat sarcastically. You think your never gone lose a battle in your life? Even Necromancer loses battles. Dude, you may have dreams and aspirations to be number one but lets face facts, even number one has to lose sometime Micky shouted in frustration.

Yeah well Trip started before realising Micky was right. He growled and turned away.

Know what. You act like a jackass, Im gonna by the group a kick *** lunch, courtesy of Necromancer Micky said, knowing if he charged stuff to his room it would cost Necromancer.

As Micky was walking towards them Trip pressed down with his right hand, putting it in a tight hold, feeling like an idiot for doing this. Wait Micky he said out loud. Youre right. I hate it but you are right Trip said.

Gonna grow up? Micky asked sarcastically.

Through gritted teeth Trip replied Yes and Micky nodded, walking him over to the group.

Know what Peter Trip said to him, Micky smirking to Purity saying See, I can get things done to.

Yeah? Peter asked.

You performed well Trip nodded. Better man won he said, putting his hand out to Peter.

They shook hands and Micky shouted Great, lets eat and all seemed well.


With full stomachs they watched the traditional breaking of a champagne bottle on the boats side as it set sail. The boat was now full to capacity, the few thousand people that were scheduled for this classy cruise now aboard. Everyone looked like a snob, the six of them standing out clearly, everyone in suits and dresses whilst they sat their in street clothes and mini skirts in Puritys case. Still, they didnt care. Micky was enjoying himself, making conversation with the rich folk, taking the piss out of their lack of understanding when it came to words like gay and the like, assuming he was on about their technically meanings. Purity and Karen were learning sign language from Kerri whilst Trip and Peter were having Pokemon discussions about stuff like the upcoming one hundredth Pokemon league international whilst all the Pokemon were out freely enjoying the cruise. All except Trip and Peters injured. Sleepax the giant Snorlax was apparently a great swimming, swimming alongside Pokemon such as Swampert and Trips Lapras, a loch ness monster like creature that glided gracefully through the water. Raichu and Sneasel were practising swimming in the Pokemon swimming pool alongside other Pokemon. It was hard to keep track of them all but in the air Angel dominated the air when it came to speed. Micky had even let Poltergeist out, so long as he stayed on invisible mode. Micky finding it entertaining when people walking by felt the chill of his mind.

Not that many trainers were aboard, Micky and the group having the arena pretty much to themselves and twenty or so other trainers, clearly not many capable of affording a ticket on board, the only ones on board were either well recognised celebrities or rich kids, of which few seemed interested in battling. Micky wondered, the ocean spray a sweet feeling, looking below at the Pokemon swimming nearby. Still, Micky couldnt help but think ahead, trying to figure what Scy was gonna be traded for. It could be anything, Zuidra looking capable of training anything she felt like. Then again, maybe she only trained pacific Pokemon which would leave him with little choice.


Micky lay awake at night, wondering what Zuidra had to offer. His Pokeball belt laying on a nearby chair, his clothes laid out on the floor by his bag. The night was too warm for Micky to be under the covers of blankets, so he lay their in his black boxers, the sea breeze entering through his window. Slowly Mickys eyes began to drift down, eventually closing only to shoot open once more. Micky was in a slight daze, shocked into a sitting position by a knocking at the door. Micky needed a few moments to regain his bearings before finally shouting Who is it? to the door.

Its me.

Micky knew immediately it was Purity and shouted Hold on back. Looking like a total slob, Micky dragged himself off his king-sized bed and trying to sort out his junk yard of as he wondered over to it. He looked through the peep hole just to check, it was her, dressed in some form of white night gown, Micky just too tired to pay any proper attention to it. He dragged the door open by the knob and muttered What is it? with half closed eyes and a yawn that followed.

Poltergeist got loose she stated with a sort of entertained smile, trying to make light of the situation.

What? Micky asked, too tired to understand what shed said.

Necromancers Gengar she repeated, a little more description than before.

Micky smirked, understanding her the second time but not believing her. No he aint, hes right there Micky stated, pointing to his Pokeball belt.

Can I check? she smirked, knowing she was right.

Whatever dudess, go ahead Micky stated, walking behind her as she headed for it. Dunno what you expect to find he said, slumping himself onto his bed as she muddled through his belt, finally finding the purple and black ball at the end of his collection.

I was expecting to find this she stated, clicking the ball open. The red flash appeared for only a second before flicking off, nothing inside.

But I put him back in earlier! Micky shouted, slightly worried and totally confused.

Yeah, well, I guess Necromancer put some sort of thing to make him able to escape should you be in trouble.

****ing ****, hes probably giving everyone nightmares on this floor.

Well, he was playing nightmare with me so he probably is.

Slightly pissed off, mostly grumpy only about the fact he had to get out of bed, Micky made his way down the hall behind Purity. No one was about, the time well past night and now into the early morning hours of four of five. Purity most of left her door unlocked but the both of them found it empty inside anyway. Where is he? Micky felt a shiver go down his spine and he knew he had just passed through him. Micky half-choked the words Poltergeist, stop playing tricks and come out of invisibility Micky ordered, holding his heart, Poltergeist walking directly through it. Purity had a pissed off glare as she looked towards his direction, waiting for the ghost to appear

Gen-gar Poltergeist chanted with an evil laugh, clearly enjoying what hed done. A black and purple ball spun to just about his size and disappeared in a flash, from within, floating about seven inches in the air was Poltergeist, grinning with a sadistic smile.

Dude, get back to our room! Micky ordered. Now! he said, an even stricter tone than before.

Poltergeist shook his head with a You cant make me look on his face.

It was clear he could break out of his Pokeball with ease so he was right, Micky couldnt make him. But he knew someone that could. Micky started calling Latianne in his mind, shouting at the top of his imaginary lungs. She replied with a What is it? probably similar to Mickys reaction when Purity knocked on his door.

Poltergeist is being a total jackass Micky stated. Purity was just looking at him in confusion, seeing he was doing something but unsure of what.

What you expect me to do? she asked.

Do something to him, attack his mind or something, he wont leave Purity alone.

Wearily, Latianne used teleport and in moments she was down the corridor with Poltergeist. Whether or not Latianne had the stronger mind was questionable, but being the child of a myth, she had to have some sort of power.

Whatever it was, Gengar just groaned and turned away, floating into Puritys room. Thanks Angel Micky said in his mind. She figured it was time to go and teleported away.

Come on dude, me tired Micky said through a yawn. Gengar muttered some kind of yawn, his red eyes covered by his see-through purple furry eyes. Dude! Micky shouted, frustrated he was being ignored.

*****! she muttered

Huh? Micky asked out of confusion at her comment.

He aint budging she said.

**** it, Ill just go get his ball Micky stated.

As he tried to make his way to his room Purity stopped him. Lets just switch rooms ok. Im too tired to go through all this crap she stated. Just switch rooms for tonight she muttered, wondering in the direction of Mickys former room. Micky just nodded and wondered over to Puritys bed, slumping next to Poltergeist. It was creepy and anytime he rolled hed get shocked by cold, the weirdness of touching a ghosts body, but he coped, the beds so big it was perfectly possible for a human and a fat ghost to share a bed.

As Purity walked into her room, she closed it too lightly, and unnoticed to her, the door was only slightly shut, a tiny gap keeping it open. She was too tired to notice it or even focus, falling asleep the moment she fell onto the bed.


Go wake Micky up! Peter said to Trip. The two of them were sitting at the bar, drinking a coke and orange juice. They were waiting for breakfast but wanted to discuss Pokemon battling with Micky at the table. It was about eleven oclock, still no one but them awake.

K. Whats his room?

Three-Five-Five Peter stated, unaware of the switch in the middle of the night.

Ok, get me another drink while Im gone Trip said, shaking his empty glass which used to have orange juice in it.

Trip headed for the hallways, using the stairs as Micky came up in the elevator. He was barely thirty seconds off of seeing Micky, and both failed to notice each other.

Micky headed for the bar, just natural instinct to get a drink. Dude! Peter shouted, seeing him making his way through the tables.

Micky spotted him and headed for him, still looking a bit tired as his eyes adjusted to the sun. Dude Dude! Micky said back, as he slumped onto a stool next to him.

Wheres Trip? he asked, expecting Trip to be with him, thinking Micky had arrived a little too quickly.

Oo, I love this game. Is he asleep? Micky said sarcastically. How the **** you expect me to know? he said, now in a more serious and pissed off tone for being expected to know.

I sent him to go wake you up Peter stated.

But I switched rooms with Puri Micky trailed off, realising that Trip was going to wake her up. This should be interesting Micky smirked, waiting to see what Purity had to say.

Yes it should be. Why did you switch rooms with that whore? he asked sarcastically.


Trip was only a little bit outside of the door and noticed it was open. It looked unusual, Micky not the kind to miss little things like that. He didnt bother to knock, just pushing it open. His jaw dropped and quickly he rushed out, shouting ****! at the top of his voice.

Get the **** out of the way, I just want to get away from me - The Un-Named Feeling, Metallica

A cliff hanger, how I missed those *evil smile*. What happened to Purity that scared the **** outta Trip? *smirks* Anyway, next chapter, Ray-Ray gets some fic time. Another day of the S.S and, well, that all, probably landing in Kanto as well. And music seems to unable to be as inspiring as it once was

August 31st, 2004, 7:20 PM
Chapter 31: Journey Through Kanto

I'm Waking up I Can Not See. That There Is Not Much Left of Me. Nothing Is Real but Pain Now - Metallica, One

Ho-ohs eyes flickered open as she felt herself being dragged. Her back ached as her once beautiful feathers scraped along the rough ground of the Baxton mud. She cried a gargle of chicken cries as she flipped onto her front with her right wing. The Machamp that was dragging her threw himself forward in shock, turning to see that she really was moving. For two days he had been dragging her. The only Pokemon capable of moving the creature. All the campers didnt want to leave Ho-ohs side, all fearful for her live. She hissed loudly at them all, memory of what happened to her gone. In her mind, she thought these people were the ones who hurt her. Inside her mouth a ball of Sacred Fire began to form inside her long golden beak.

No dont! one of the girls shouted. We havent harmed you she cried out desperately, seeing that Ho-oh was ready to unleash a Flamethrower. She could hear it in this girls cries, she was telling the truth. But now, she had to figure, who did do it to her. She shot her flames into the air and looked at the girl again for an explanation.

It was Rayquaza! one of the boys shouted. Ho-oh glanced oddly at the boy, curious as to who Rayquaza was. Big ugly green snake thing that can fly he continued, explaining who he was a little better.

The memories started shooting through Ho-ohs mind. Now she remembered everything. Every blast of dragon breath, every Hyper Beam, all of it. She had to find him again. With a hard flap of her two wings she made her way into the air, flapping harder and harder. She got about a hundred feet into the air her right wing gave in, stiffening tightly from the pain as she began to fall, left wing flapping desperately hard as she landed hard on her right with a huge thud. Dust picked up around her forcing the campers to shield their eyes as the Machamp leapt away. Now knowing Ho-oh would be ok, or at least able to survive, one of the campers volunteered to leave and he set off towards Apple Vine City.


You bastard! Purity shouted at Trip.

Im sorry Im sorry! Trip shouted back, running down the hallway as fast as he could.

He sped up the stairs, heaving as he made it to Peter and Micky a the bar. Guy! Guys! he shouted.

Dude, you dont look to good Micky said sarcastically, picking up his orange juice. Here, drink something he continued, handing him the drink.

No no, you dont get it Trip was trying to say, suffocating under his lack of oxygen.

Get what dude? Peter asked.

I he started, heaving again.

Yes Micky interrupted, trying to get him to continue.

I just saw Purity he heaved again.

Dot Dot Dot Micky said sarcastically.

She was all wet and he said struggling to say it, feeling so ashamed.

And Peter interrupted.

She was getting dressed Trip finally finished.

Lucky git! Micky laughed sarcastically.

Ok, now give us a detailed description Peter said sarcastically, getting a confused look from Micky.

It was only a matter of time before Purity had found them, half dressed in a short sleeved low cut shirt and navy blue skirt, completely un-coordinated. You bastard! she shouted at trip, clubbing him in the head with the palm of her hand.

I didnt mean to. I feel like such a **** he said, suddenly realising what he said and quickly snapping I mean ***. he stopped again and quickly snapped I mean a boobI mean his mind was on the verge of exploding and he quickly screamed and ran off.

She looked in his direction in disgust as he ran off. Fine fine. Lets hear it then she said to Micky and Peter.

Hear what? Micky asked.

Give me some credit. Dont act like he didnt just come running hear to tell you about what I look like without clothes.

Excuse me. But give us some credit. You think were some kind of breed of cave men that sit around grunting about the female form? Micky said. He came over, said he saw you and ****ed off. We dont just sit here talking about breasts Micky said on behalf of Peter and him.

Ok, Ok! she said. I doubt any of that is true but if it is, Im sorry if I misjudged you she said, really not meaning her sorry. She slowly walked away, shooting her head back at them just to check if they started talking about her again. Micky simply waved bye sarcastically when she turned.

When she was out of sight Peter looked at Micky oddly and asked We do talk about women that way, right?

Yep dude Micky said, clinking his glass with Peters.

Good, cause I was picturing her naked the whole time Peter stated, the two of them drinking to that, really proving that they were both total jackasses.

Purity was on her way back to her room when Trip bumped into her again. He was determined to make things right, he had a speech all prepared and everything, but when he opened his mouth to speak, he couldnt get the image of Purity naked out of his head. What? she asked, frustrated by the fact that he was right in her face.

UmI.. he tried to think of what he was going to say.

Ok, I know it wasnt your fault, you were after Micky, we switched rooms last night and **** happens. Just forget about it, dont mention it again. Your forgiven she stated, wondering passed him going back to her room.

Wait! Trip said, mustering the courage to speak coherently. I really, really didnt mean to walk in on you. And I promise not to tell anyone about what it saw he said in a desperate attempt to win favour.

Thanks she said, half a smile as she did, pushing her way into Mickys current room to get more of her clothes.


Two days had passed and Trip still couldnt say two words to Purity. Micky had effectively became their messenger should it be necessary for them to speak. In the distance Vermillion of Kanto was visible, and Micky was just praying that this would make Trip forget, since Purity was clearly over it. Typically though, Peter was on Trip for details which really couldnt have helped Trip forget.

Two more hours of the sea air blowing passed the S.S Anne they finally docked in the Vermillion Port. It was much better than any brochure could describe. Clean pebbled beaches lay on the west side of the giant seaside resort. To the south was where the S.S Anne had docked, the giant ports, full of liners, catamarans and yachts. All over the south and west coastline of Vermillion were Pokemon, ranging from the jellyfish Tentacools to the ball whale Wailmers and the glum faced Magikarp. A wide array of Pokemon to catch. On the beach line itself, baby Krabbys wondered around rock pools. Shellfish Pokemon lay still in the rock pools, Corsolas resting, Shellder taunting other Pokemon by sticking their tongues out at them. Golden-brown Staryus skimmed along the water, their beautiful red gem centres drawing attention to themselves. It was all too tempting to enter the beach area but by Vermillion law it was illegal to, and the law was upheld strictly, guards surrounding it at every turn. Pokemon here were young, ranging from newborn to six months old. By that age theyd usually escape off into the vast ocean like the Staryus were doing. Those that didnt were usually caught by wildlife officials and given out to trainers when they reached the appropriate age to have a starter Pokemon. It was a nice simple system and it worked.

Word was given to people as they left that they could return to the S.S Anne should they choose, but if they did not return to the boat in five days it would leave without them. Five days was enough time to visit Zuidra and drop of the brown box-shaped computer to the Kids Grid.

All of them got back to their quarters, dressing appropriately. Micky tied his hair back in a pony tail and put on a white fish-net shirt and adding a little variety to his usual clothing, wearing white swimming trunks, cutting at the knees, wrapping a black jacket around his waist that dropped to the same level as his trunks, almost like a kilt at the back of his body.

Stepping out of his quarters he found his friends all waiting, much faster at getting dressed than he was. It definitely wasnt a trouser day, only Kerri in trousers, the rest of the group in shorts or skirts. It took about ten minutes of walking to reach the bustling city centre of Vermillion. Nothing much was said aside from Whoa and Look at that. Seabirds known as Wingull circled the Vermillion port while the sea air filled the Vermillion streets as they passed by a mass of seafood restaurants. The people of Vermillion had some secret to their seafood, even with access only to manufactured clones of fish, it was just a shame Micky had no taste for seafood, but as luck would have it, his group did and against Mickys will he was dragged in with them.

The Shooting Starfish restaurant was eventually chosen. It wasnt particularly crowded, ten or so tables filling the room of which only two or three were in use. It looked like a family business, all the waiters looked like they were brothers and someone who looked like their father was bringing food to the counter. After ordering food Karen decided it was time to bring up a matter that had been on her mind since hearing the group was coming to Kanto. Guys she started. I wanna stay here she said.

Huh? Purity said confused, Karen not making herself clear.

I wanna stay here in Kanto she repeated in more detail.

Um Micky was unable to think of anything to say.

Why? Purity shouted, feeling like she was about to lose a sister. It was more personal for Micky and Purity than the rest of the group since they hadnt known her as long as Purity and Micky had.

Kanto has a contest league she stated. And theres nothing but the odd contest in Hoenn.

It was a long dreary explanation, going back and worth wit similar things like But what about us? and Im sorry with Peter, Trip and Kerri really standing by, all with different opinions on the situation, but there was no changing her mind. Peter was glad she was going, seeing her as an obstacle that was slowing Micky down, Trip on the other hand was going to miss her feeling that they had some kind of bond in being sideline members, Karen not being in the generic battling loop and Trip really only there to give advice to Micky. They now only had five days left with her, well less than that in Mickys case. He had to set off for Ornerier Mountain on that night while Purity would deliver the Kids Grid package. It was a depressing thought, thinking about losing her, Micky unable to forget how he found her, the annoying Pikachu dragging him through **** to find her, and her very effective punch, still, it would nice to be rid of Raichu, although lately hed spent so much time in his Pokeball hed stopped being an annoyance.


Well Karen Micky started. If I dont see ya in Saffron I guess its goodbye now Micky said, trying to make half a smile.

Dont worry, once Im some fabulous contest trainer and all rich and famous Ill drop by and pay ya back for that thunderstone she smirked.

Yeah, you better Micky smiled. She had Raichu out of his Pokeball and even he wanted to say goodbye. Theyd had their ups and downs but Raichu had found Micky to be a big part of his life recently. He waddled over to Micky and hugged him around his waist, Micky in total disbelief of what he was doing got to one knee and gave Raichu a proper hug like he was some kind of little human. And next time I see you, you better be covered in contest ribbons Micky smiled. Raichu nodded at him before realising he had to back away as Micky got up.

Anyway dude Peter started. Well meet up with ya in Saffron, Im sure you can get up Ornerier Mountain and back to Saffron within four days.

Whoa Whoa, hold on a sec Pete Micky started, suddenly realising what was going on. Yo want me to go up that mountain on my own?

Isnt that what you were gonna do in the first place? Trip asked, Micky all of a sudden realising the group all thought that.

Micky nodded his chin up a moment before looking back down from the sky and saying Dudes and Dudess. Let me ask you something. Ive been hiking through two mountains in my life time, you all know that right?

Everyone nodded and said yes or yeah except the mute Kerri.

Let me ask you all something Micky started, a sinister hint of a sarcasm in his voice. WHAT IS MY ****ING SUCCESS RATE WITH CLIMBING UP ****ING MOUNTAINS AND NOT GETTING MY *** **** NEAR KILLED? he shouted at them, totally pissed off that his friends had totally forgotten what had a tendency to happen in mountains. And you guys want me to go up there on my own? he said, slightly calmer.

He has got a point Purity said. Enjoy yourselves guys she said, pushing Trip and Peter forward in Mickys direction.

Hey wait a moment Peter started as he turned his back to Micky to argue with Purity.

He got cut off by Micky as he said Youre trying to get yourself out of this and yet you refer to yourself as my best friend? in Mickys mind he was giving himself a hi-five saying The emotional blackmail card, nice play dude, lets see Peter top that.

Its not that Im not your Peter trailed off, knowing he wasnt going to win this argument. He growled in disapproval as Micky laughed, a smile on Purity and the rest of the girls faces finding it rather entertaining. Micky turned to Trip but he had nothing to say. He actually preferred this route to Saffron. Firstly, thered probably be plenty of Pokemon to catch on the way, itd be great exercise for him and most importantly, itd be a break from Purity, who was on his mind ever since seeing her, and it was troubling him a lot.


There it was, the group was entirely split, boys going on the mountain path, girls taking in the sights of Vermillion and soon Saffron. Micky an the guys were already on their way, now in the forest paths outside Vermillion City. Trip knew where he was going, hed completed the Kanto badge collection and knew the region like the back of his hand, or at least thats what he said, both Micky and Peter having the same trail of thought, You only seem to know the palm of your hand being their s******ed remark. Still, theyd yet to see something again in the two hours theyd been travelling, so that was a sign that he wasnt walking them in circles. It was pitch black aside from the light Rapidash gave off, an orange fire glow shining through the forest like the stars in the sky, bright and beautiful. Eventually, it was Peter who decided it was time to stop hiking, the night was as black as it could get and despite Rapidashs glow, it was dangerous to walk forest paths in darkness, as the saying went There are scarier things than creepy crawlies that wonder the forests when cover of darkness protects them from sight, though it sounded a bit redundant when you considered the fact that theyd be sleeping out there.


Micky felt a cold breeze start to stir as his eyes began to flutter open. The sun was beating down hard on the treetops of the Kanto forest. Trip was working on what Micky guessed was breakfast, something along the lines of bacon and egg while Peter was trying to get at good signal on the radio, sitting at the treetops waving hit about in his hand in search for something. Micky pulled himself up off of the sheet hed laid down on top of the grassy floor, just a thin layer to keep the dirt off of his body which was only curved in his boxer shorts. He rubbed his neck, feeling a bit sore since hed grown accustomed to pillows. How the **** can you guys wake up so early? Micky groaned, still rather tired and barely able to suppress his yawns.

Just routine is all Trip said, poking the bacon that he was cooking.

That and were plain better than you Peter smirked from up at the tree top.

Micky didnt reply, he was too tired to think of a witty remark, instead, without even looking at Peter he pushed his middle finger into the air, facing Peters direction.

Oo, impressive Peter said sarcastically.

Again, Micky didnt reply, he just danced his middle finger side to side.

Peter just let out a small laugh. Weve just received breaking news the radio said. The shock of the radio speaking was enough to make Peter lose grip of the radio. Micky and Trip both turned and looked on as Peter dropped it, seeing his mistake a millisecond to late as he struggled to grab it again, batting with his hand in a feeble attempt to clasp it.

With a huge crash the black hand radio hit the ground and shattered to pieces. Way to go ****-tard Trip shouted at Peter.

****! Peter spat, completely ignoring Trips comment.

B-Breaking news? Micky muttered as he thought. We havent heard anything about Rayquaza in Micky started but stopped, too scared to say what he was thinking out loud.

Peter turned to look at Mickys entranced expression from the tree tops. He knew what he was thinking and he couldnt help think it himself. The wind started to pick up some more, it was turning from a light breeze to a hurricane. Tree tops started to brush to the north, Trips frying pan went flying into the air, alongside Mickys blanket and all the camping gear. Micky had to dive to grab hold of his bag as he gripped at his precious Pokeball belt. Trip and Peter had much the same idea but the wind was getting worse and worse.

Micky rolled himself to a tree and used it as a wall to prevent himself from getting blown away. He looked up, mouth slightly open, hugging his bag tightly as he looked up. Riding through the sky in his direction was Rayquaza, the giant green snake-like beast slithering through the air covering hundreds of metres in seconds, changing from a silhouette to a visible image. Getting closer and closer, each second feeling like hours as Micky thought in his head Come on the you ugly ***** as he saw the thing that had ruined any chance of him having a real family for the first time. His teeth grinded as his fist clenched, the high winds distracting Trip and Peter from seeing what Mickys intentions were.

It's the nexus of the crisis, And the origin of storms. Just the place to hopelessly Encounter time - Astronomy, Blue Oyster Cult

Well, one of the most difficult chapters Ive ever written *due to writers block*. 1stly, special thanks to MistySakura whos random fic conversation helped me write this. I only just realised that despite Rayquazas seemingly endless fic time, Micky has never actually seen him for himself, and now seems like a fine time to bring them face to face. I decided to get rid of Karen because I came to the realisation that shes really had no proper part to play *and Im no good at writing contest battles* but shell be back in the later stages. The title sucks, i know, but it was just so hard to come up with a title for this.

September 3rd, 2004, 11:24 AM
Well, it took me quite a while to sift through all the pages of the thread (it wasn't easy T_T;) but I'll warrant that I got the basic general picture of how your fic was life. First, excellent details as well as length. Although there is a lot of cussing; the suspensions with Micky, Rayquaza and the rest are nicely put. I'm wondering what the breaking news might be, yet I suppose it'll be unveiled in the next chapter.

*waits for next chapter*


September 3rd, 2004, 11:56 AM
oo, a new reader. Cool. Well thanks for reading. Thought the breaking news was kinda obv but it's not fully explained. Sort of about life this fic, more an outlet for my emotions. I added 00ber cussing because I thought "How can you be a teen without swearing" but Dragonfree had a good enough answer. "How can you not go to toilet either?" which I think I'll take into mind if I do another fic. Well, thanks for spending all that time on it (though it would've been easier to read at SPPf though, since I've been proofing the earlier chaps Dragonfree didn't proof) LilyPichu. I'm about half way through Chap 32 but it's quite difficult to write since I put myself in a difficult position.

September 24th, 2004, 12:30 PM
This isn't 1 of my top chaps ever, the title sucks and this wll probably be like Chapter 14 (It'lll get re-written) IMO, it's a lil TOO heroey.

Chapter 32: Revenge

Mass destruction is my function - time to put it to the test - Battle Ready, OTEP

The high winds could be felt all over Kanto. Purity, Kerri and Karen could feel it on the beaches of Vermillion, the ocean picking up and brushing away from the sheer force of it. Everyone knew something was wrong, everyones attention drawn to the source of it. The whole city felt the chill inside them when they saw the snake like figure heading towards Kanto and everyones worst fears had come to life. Hed beaten Ho-oh


Strider, go! Micky shouted as he saw Rayquaza pass over him. Wind still remained, brushing Mickys long hair back as his Pokeball exploded open. The moment Strider formed even she felt the need to struggle, but Micky had no time for that. Slinging his bag over his left shoulder and tying his belt to his right he leapt onto his fire-horse. After him! Micky ordered. Strider looked in the direction Rayquaza and thought to herself Ya gotta be kidding me, right? but she could sense it in his voice. He wasnt. Bad blood had boiled between Rayquaza and Micky, and although she didnt know why, she knew she owed it to her trainer to help. She put aside her fears and galloped as fast she could into the deep woods, Mickys hands wrapped firmly around her neck.

She mustve been running seventy miles an hour at least, not even having a second to avoid anything she saw in her way. She had her senses fine-tuned but it was getting ridiculous now. Shed been chasing Rayquaza for at least a minute and he was still gaining distance from her. She was covered in cuts and scratches from twigs she had to make her way passed. She was tired, she was scared and she was in pain but still she charged on, as hopeless as it seemed. Micky tried to mutter something but fear and dried his mouth. Most of his mind was begging him to come to his senses and turn back, but that part of him, that piece of pride deep inside his heart shouted louder than any voice in his head. He patted Strider on the side of her cheek as a Keep up the good work as he looked up, suddenly realising the treetops were blocking him from seeing Rayquaza, if he was there to be seen.

He looked to his right and remembered there was a mountain up there and thinking quick he shouted into Striders ear Turn right. It took a lot of agility and quick reactions to avoid the endless ocean of trees and the roots that supported them, but she done it. Now she was tired, scared, in pain and travelling uphill, but in Mickys eyes it was paying off. Shed pulled them up to a nice chunk of flat land that sat part the way up the mountain, to its east a cliff-face and to its west another cliff-face, the western cliff-face leading to a twenty foot drop into the treetops of the forest Strider had just dragged them out of. Micky could see Rayquaza in the distance, but he knew Strider couldnt do anything more to help him catch up to Rayquaza. There was only one thing left to do.

Withdrawing Strider to her Pokeball Micky shouted Rayquaza you ugly son of a *****! as loudly as he could. There was no reaction. Maybe he was too far away to hear, or maybe he just didnt care what Micky had to say. Come on! Micky shouted again. Why dont you try and finish the rest of the family off?!

Rayquaza continued on his course much to Mickys dismay. Micky didnt want to but it was his last option. Only one Pokemon could get him close to Rayquaza. He swallowed his pride and reached for the black and purple ball on his shoulder. He tapped the centre button and let him out. Poltergeist was definitely happy to be out, a sick grin on his face with his tongue out, shouting Gengar in his creepy voice.

Oi! Micky said, clicking his fingers to get Poltergeists attention, using his another arm to rest on his knee, trying to stay standing up. Get me to that! Micky ordered, pointing his finger in Rayquazas direction.

Poltergeist shook his head with closed eyes.

Necromancer entrusted me with you. That means you are my Pokemon. You will do as I say! Micky shouted aggressively.

Gengar opened his eyes and gave Micky an evil look. It wasnt the wisest move to start a fight with a W.P.F Champion, but Micky didnt give a ****. Rage was rushing through his veins and revenge was all he could think of.

Turn back Rayquaza! a voice said in Rayquazas head. Who else could it be? He didnt even need time to think about this. Who else but his master would be speaking to him in his head. You have unfinished business. The stupid one wants a fight, I suggest we do as he requested and finish off the rest of the family. These orders were not something Rayquaza wanted to argue with, in fact, he was very pleased with them. A little appetiser before he took on the next beast on his list.

The giant green dragon done a U-turn in mid air and turned to face Micky. He was met with a surprise though. His eyes were like sniper scopes and he could see Micky perfectly. He was no longer interested with getting into a fight with Rayquaza, he was focused on a Gengar. This was clearly an insult in Rayquazas mind and the giant beast curled his clawed hands into a fist ball, just trying to contain his anger. Taking Mickys life wouldnt be sufficient payment for the insult he had given. Rayquaza narrowed his eyes and picked his moment.

Do as I mother-****ing say or I swear to god Ill Micky got cut off by Poltergeist. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Rayquaza coming and he knew his job was to protect Micky. With one quick psychokinetic thought he threw Micky backwards, over the edge of the cliff-face. Micky went back first thinking this was a murder attempt, until he saw why Poltergeist had sent him back. Rayquaza shot headfirst where Micky once was and went right through the Gengar, the ghost able to avoid most physical attacks and objects. Rayquazas own momentum turned against him. His chin crashed into the hard rock as the snakes entire body hit the ground. As his belly hit the ground hed found a way to put himself back into the air and using his arms he pushed himself upwards, in effect curving his entire body towards the air, much of his lower body bleeding where the skin had been scraped off.

Micky only got to be dazzled by this display for a few moments as he realised he was falling. About three feet above the treetops he finally stopped falling. Poltergeist quickly using his psychic power to levitate Micky. Hed given Rayquaza plenty of time though. The giant green dragon forced himself back into the air and turned to face the Gengar that stood in his way. He formed a spherical beam of light in his mouth and picked his target.

Poltergeist could sense this and he had no choice. It was only a ten foot drop from the treetops to the floor and he knew Micky could survive this. He let his focus go as Rayquazas beam of light fired. Mustering all the psychic energy he could he sent a beam of black with a purple smoke-like trim in its way. Both Pokemon stood at a stalemate. Poltergeists beam formed from both his hands was an even match from the beam of light Rayquaza created in his mouth.

Micky saw one moment of this display before falling below the treetops. In mid air he flipped himself so hed land front first just in time to collide with the grass and soil. His broken hand smashed hard with the ground, shooting pain through Micky in such large amounts to the point that a huge flow of adrenaline followed seconds after. Micky had hurt his shins, ribs, hands and arms but he couldnt feel it. Without thinking, Micky got to his knee and started running back towards the mountain, unaware of the physical damage he was causing himself. He had to be involved in this fight no matter what. His body limp from the adrenaline and tattered from the fall, Micky managed to drag his carcass close enough to see the two Pokemon. To his left was the W.P.F Champion, facing the biggest challenge of his life, but Micky knew if anyone could do it, Poltergeist was the one. Rayquaza on the other hand didnt look worn out at all, while Poltergeist appeared drained of all his psychic power Rayquaza seemed to have plenty of power still stocked up.

Poltergeist a sick voice said in his mind. It was a split second, but it was enough. The distraction had broke his psychic flow for a split second as Rayquazas beam of light passed through the shadow beam and directly into the ghosts body. Hed fought well, but it was clear he was no match for Rayquaza. The Gengar was pulverised by the beam as it shocked his ghostly essence before crushing him to the ground in a huge explosion of sheer power. Rayquaza seemed satisfied with his performance. Poltergeist lay unmoving inside a crater of shattered rock and now it was clear he was no longer a threat.

Rayquaza now turned his sick eye to Micky. This time there was no indecision inside him. Both his mind and the pride tucked deep inside his heart agreed and screamed Leg it now! inside Mickys numb body. It was unanimous vote and despite Mickys body not being a democracy, this time he was in total agreement with it. He turned and ran as fast as he could.

Rayquaza snickered. It was like Micky expected outrun a legendary beast capable of flying so fast that he could cause tidal waves. Mockingly, he waited, letting Micky get a head start. With at least a thirty second advantage Rayquaza decided now was the time to inflict punishment. Inside himself he mixed the fires and gases inside him a smirked sadistically as he began spraying a Flamethrower. He started from the base of the forest and swiftly made a line of burning trees, quickly catching up with Micky with each second that passed. Micky could smell the burning trees behind him and took one glance backwards to see a forest burning behind him. The burning trees were now only about twenty feet away from Micky and now Micky decided to make a break for it. He leapt to the right and let the flames bypass him, narrowly avoiding touching any fire.

When Rayquaza had realised Micky had avoided his fire it only infuriated him more. If Micky wanted to play the How long can I live game then Rayquaza was going to up the stakes. Rather than going directly for Micky, Rayquaza drew in another Flamethrower and boxed Micky in. There was nowhere for Micky to run now. He had a square of about a hundred feet in length to move about in, and as the flames got passed leaf to leaf, the box slowly closed in.

Micky swallowed as he realised he was a goner. His mind raced as fast as it could, trying to think of a way out of this. It was times like these he wished he had a bird Pokemon. There was only thing left for him to try. What the **** are you? A ****ing coward? You cant kill someone properly so you just trap them and wait for them to die? I dunno why everyones so scared of you. Look at ya. Youre a wimp Micky started. It seemed to be working, he could see a frown forming on Rayquazas face. Come on. I double dare ya, no, I triple dare ya, come face to face with me, or aint ya got the guts? Micky spat.

Rayquaza had too much pride to let this mere human get away with insulting him. He flew down to the ground, inside the box, crushing trees under his twenty foot long body as he slithered face to face with Micky. They were only a foot apart, and Micky stepped one foot forward, bringing them into physical contact. Nose to nose both Micky and Rayquaza hissed in hatred for each other. Micky could feel Rayquazas hot breath all over him, his chest, legs, arms and face. No amount of numbness could prevent Micky from feeling it. It was now a matter of whos going to strike first.

Micky had a perfect shot of his eyes and if he moved quick enough, he could remove his eye from his face.

Rayquaza was scraping his sharp right claw along the ground, seeing how easily he could severe Micky in two with one easy swipe.

September 24th, 2004, 12:31 PM
The flames were closing in on them and Micky knew he had to do something fast. Rayquaza would probably find it fun to be burnt while Micky would fry. He couldnt help think about the rumours hed heard at school about the burning of a human. Things like Your eyes explode before you die. Well, Micky was going to find out if he didnt act fast. His eyes darted to his side for one moment and he could see Rayquazas claws readying themselves.

Rayquaza roared loudly as he shot to Mickys right. On the cliff-face Poltergeist stood there, tattered and burned as he finished firing a shadow beam at Rayquaza. Rayquaza was only hurt for a moment. He pulled himself out of the flames he was forced into and slowly slithered forward, growling and hissing angrily. This was Mickys moment to pounce. Rayquaza was distracted and Micky ran forward, sending his numb body into the air and leaping onto Rayquazas face, punching at his forehead with his broken hand, taking advantage of his cast while he held on using his left hand and Rayquazas ears. Rayquaza tried throwing Micky off by slinging his head up sharply but Micky remained holding and was now in a much better place, on the back of Rayquazas neck. Kotaro, go! Micky ordered, releasing his bug onto Rayquazas neck. Jam your claw into his neck Micky ordered. The bugs sharp feet dug in and got a strong grip as he used his two front claws to stab their way into Rayquazas neck. He couldnt believe what he was doing. Was attempting to kill the legendary Rayquaza, a Pokemon that given half the chance would crush him with one touch. Rayquaza flailed about as the first claw dug in and shot into the air. Rolling about as he did in an attempt to throw the Nincada off of him. It wasnt working on Kotaro but Micky was gripping for dear life as he dangled with hardly any grip.

Poltergeist focused again with a sadistic smile on his face. He drew another shadow beam in his hands and targeted the front of the neck. Making sure Micky wasnt in the way he launched the beam. Kotaro remained clinging as he drew blood from Rayquaza as the beam hit. Rayquaza spun again as he screeched loudly from the pain.

Ignoring the agony he was in Poltergeist focused his third shadow beam. Rayquaza wasnt about to take another beam however. He focused the liquid nitrogen in his stomach and fired a spray of water towards Poltergeist combined with the icy gas. Poltergeist tried to fire the beam in time but it was too late. He got hit by a huge blast of ice. Mickys mouth dropped in horror. Poltergeist was suppose to protect Micky, but while Poltergeist was in Mickys possession he was suppose to protect him. A huge clump of ice lay in the mountainside crater with the ghost frozen inside.

Micky swallowed in fear but he wasnt going to stop. Keep digging, try to break a vein Micky ordered to Kotaro behind him as he made his way further up Rayquaza, now directly on top of his head. Rayquaza shook twisted and turned but neither Kotaro or Micky were budging. Micky had a firm grip now, using both Rayquazas ears as grip. It was like a Rolla coaster now. Sharp turns in all directions at a high speed with the wind in his face. Rayquaza soon came to the realisation that Micky and the Nincada wasnt budging that easily.

The moment Rayquaza maintained a steady course Micky moved further forward, now running on pure adrenaline. Taking aim, Micky looked into the evil yellow eye of Rayquaza before punching his injured right hand directly at it. Rayquazas eyelids tried to clench shut but Mickys wrist kept them open. It was completely disgusting, Rayquazas eye fluids escaping as Micky tore it apart. The beast shot through the air Micky clinging on only just, his feet dangling on the side of Rayquazas huge face This is for you mum Micky muttered as he forced the lid open enough to stomp his foot directly inside. Micky dangled uncomfortably as Rayquaza shot side to side, hugging Rayquazas right ear with both arms as his right foot kept him from flailing by keeping a firm standing inside Rayquazas gooey eye socket. Mickys almost entirely naked body was soaked in yellow puss and red blood as well as dirt from the ground. He felt disgusting, his hair, his chest, his legs, his arms, his face, everything, completely soaked, he looked like an oversized newborn baby, covered in disgusting fluids and fearful for his life.


Why the **** we bother travelling with him? Trip shouted, flying on Tarokuntei in the direction of the commotion alongside Peters Salamence, the two of them hoping Micky wasnt part of it.

I have no ****ing idea but if we find him alive I am gonna kick the **** outta him Peter shouted back.

In the distance they could see Rayquaza, twisting and turning. Both dragons stopped in mid-air, much to their trainers surprise. Salamence, go dude! Peter ordered.

Yeah, you to Trip shouted at his Flygon. It was clear to both trainers that their Pokemon were intimidated.


Rayquaza continued twisting and turning, finally loosening Mickys standing inside his eye as well as sending Kotaro off of him. Micky was quick to bring his bug back to his Pokeball. His adrenaline was starting to run low and he was starting to lose his will to fight with this beast. He knew he couldnt do much more damage to something so powerful, in fact he was impressed hed gotten this far, though if it wasnt for Poltergeist he wouldve been dead long ago.

Dont look down! Dont look down! he kept repeating to himself as he wrapped his arms as tightly as he could around Rayquazas neck. Rayquaza could smell the fear all over Micky, it was a smell as sweet as summer roses to Rayquaza. His right eye may have been blinded but he could still see where he was going. He made a quick swerve and U-turn in mid air throwing Micky over his head, his entire body huddled directly on top of Rayquazas head, clinging to both ears as tightly as possible. Rayquaza swerved again, Micky losing grip with his right arm and now dangling by his left hand. In huge amounts of agony Micky swung his right hand up, wrapping his elbow around Rayquazas left ear.

Rayquaza was staring to get frustrated now. He U-turned again, flipping Micky right the way over, but still, Micky clung for his life, catching Rayquazas right ear and wrapping both arms around that. Rayquaza went to do another swerve until he sensed something. Micky was losing capability to cling on, it was too early, he was running on pure adrenaline, he was soaked in blood, mud and eye goo. In the corner of his eye he could see something though, just like Rayquaza.

A dragon shaped creature flew through thee air, roaring loudly. Pete? Micky murmured to himself, starting to lose consciousness. He couldnt make out what it was, it was definitely a dragon of some sort, a European dragon in shape. Behind its thick skull and between its two large wings Micky could make out a figure. Now he had no doubt, it was definitely Peter, it had to be. Rayquaza swiftly swerved and caught Micky off-guard. Micky practically rolled off of Rayquaza to his right, reacting quick enough to jam his right foot into Rayquazas eye again. Now he was left dangling upside down, his right leg hooked on the inside of Rayquazas eye, being crushed by his eyelids which made every effort possible to close. Micky desperately flailed his arms up, trying to get a grip on Rayquaza again but one turn proved fatal to him as Rayquaza turned and slung Mickys body completely away from him. Micky felt himself dropping through the air, his hair flying in front of him. Of all the ways to go, falling from about a hundred feet in the air was not on the top of his list. The seconds he spent falling felt like hours, he closed his eyes and let the rush of adrenaline go over him. He was somewhere else now, it was like he was entranced. He could feel his eyes rolling back into his skull as he became a lifeless corpse.


It seemed to take forever for Micky to hit the ground. His eyes had been closed for what seemed like hours and he still hadnt felt himself hit the ground. Maybe he already had, and he was in heavenor ****. Maybe if he just opened his eyes hed see pearly white gates or a flaming cave entrance, who knows? Maybe if he opened his eyes hed be laying there on a warm bed and look to his side to see all his friends there and realise it was a dream. Or maybe Rayquaza had caught him and he was lying inside the belly of the beast literally. Micky swallowed and with all his courage he opened his eyes. Everything was all hazy, a blur. He had to rub his eyes at least seven times to get some focus. He was still numb, gooey and a total mess. His bag was to his left next to his Pokeball belt. He wanted to get fully dressed but in such a disgusting state it was totally redundant, it made more sense just to stay in his boxer shorts. The floor was gritty, sort of sandy and it took him a while to realise he was in a cave, the dark rocky walls really being an obvious give-away that he failed to recognise. The only light was given by candles, eerily dangling from the ceiling. To his left was a huge lake and to his right was an entrance of some sort, inside it just an abyss of black. Hello Micky shouted, an echo sent around the room. Anyone there? he shouted, trying to flick some of the dirt off of him. His limbs still felt like jelly, quite possibly because there was still adrenaline in him or because he hadnt eaten or drunk anything all day.

Yes. A familiar voice spoke. Micky turned to his right and stared into the abyss, the source of the voice. That wasnt the only thing coming from there though. Micky could here hissing and growling. Micky slowly approached, very slowly moving, hiss jelly-like legs barely able to move his body. I am here the voice said creepily, trailing off at the end. From the dark Micky could see a figure, getting nearer and nearer. The figure finally stepped into the light and Mickys heart stopped. The figure was entirely wrapped in a dark purple cloak and stood much taller than him.

With a trembling lip and a shaky body Micky murmured Nightmare? to the figure as he felt like breaking down in tears, falling to his knees and dropping his face into the rocky floor.

Trying not to break but Im so tired of this deceit - From the Inside, Linkin Park.

Ok, I really do think I kinda ****ed myself over in chapter 31. I kinda got left with either Kill Micky or Make him play hero and its to early to kill the bastard soyeah, this is what youre left with. Felt like leaving it on a cliff-hanger with a ooo, hows Rage/Nightmare gonna kill him. The idea of Piss the beast off to survive came from Freddy vs. Jason. The main reason why this took so long was because it was hard to think of a way to keep Micky in character, not kill Rayquaza and not kill Micky, and I suppose the best ways were Poltergeist and get onto Rayquaza and see how long he can stick his foot in his eyes. The description felt a bit dodgy and repetitive to me but thisll probably be like Chapter 14 (the crap one) where I basically wrote it, posted it and at a later datere-wrote it. Anyway, yeah, thats all so far.

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Anyways, I'm re-writing "The Power Within", so basically, can a Mod close this please?

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