View Full Version : Love, pokemon style

September 18th, 2003, 3:42 PM
what did you think of this ep?

I give it 10/10. It was a really funny episode. Its funny when Macy was interfering with AAML in a funny way.

Tomorrow is finally the day! I hope Junichi's dub name is Joey

Q Man
September 18th, 2003, 4:01 PM
Hmm... I think that Junichi will probably turn out to be either Joey, Joe, or Justin... I dunno why Justin, I just have that feeling...

But yeah, Misty was acting more than a little strange around the girl when she started acting all lovey-dovey around Ash... ;)

September 18th, 2003, 4:08 PM

Quilava and Squirtle rocked! Phanpy using Earthquake was awesome too!

I like how Flame Wheel is used. A big fire tackle

I can't wait to see Jun'ichi tommorrow. It will be a great episode.
Good to see Azumarril too^_^

September 18th, 2003, 4:34 PM
10/10! I absolutely loved it! Macie is so cute and spunky! ^o^ *gets all hyper* Awesome battle too!

September 18th, 2003, 6:56 PM
Macy is a better name than Moe at least (I swear every time I saw that name, I thought she was a guy...)

I believe Junichi's dub name will be similar to Joey
My Theory: Since Pokmon is dubbed by the same company that dubs Yu-gi-oh and Jounichi and Junichi are very similar names, they may both be dubbed into the same English name...Joey!

September 19th, 2003, 11:15 AM
I like the name Macey, but I don't think it really fits Moe, although she was a great character.

THis has been my favorite of the new episodes so far. It was just so fun and it had one of the best battles in a long time. Was it just me, or did Electabuzz look really good during his battle?

Fire Master
September 19th, 2003, 12:43 PM
i loved this episode this so proves that misty likes ash! I liked Quilava using the flame wheel

Fallen Angel
September 19th, 2003, 12:48 PM
One of the cutest eps in a long time! 10/10!