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Raichu Master
March 7th, 2004, 1:22 PM
This is, probably the best idea I've had, a side from the Choosen ones rp. Anyway, you can have as many Legenday pokemon you want. In this rp, you play the part of a legendary pokemon hunter. Your goal is to capture and tame the legendary pokemon. But you have to start out with none and find them. Also the legendary pokemon have genders so you can breed them.

Rules To Starting Out:

1. You can be an experienced trainer, meaning you can have strong pokemon, just not legendary pokemon yet.

2. You need at least 3 strong Pokemon

Rules To Catching Legendary Pokemon:

1. You need to make the battle (if there is one) convincing. You can't just go out and capture it or steal a legendary pokemon egg.

2. You can use any means necessary to capture it. Like building a machine, using special pokeballs, and etc. Follow rule number one for battling.

Rules To Taming Them:

1. You can use any means, except cheating, like automatically taming it.

2. Be creatative with your taming.

Rules Of Conduct:

1. If someone already has a legendary Pokemon you want and there are no eggs (Trainer must take any eggs left in the nest of the legendary pokemon. In order to get eggs you must capture the legendary pokemon to get it's eggs). You must ask the trainer if you can breed it.

2. NO power playing! You can not controll the other person's player, even if they are not on. In which case the person has to pm me and say they are letting someone else control your player.

3. Double Posting is allowed. You can only double post once per page. And you can only do two post right after each other.

4. Have fun

5. Repeat Step 4

6. If you skipped over step 5 reapeat step 4 and 5

7. If you didn't read the last 3 rules then you can't rp here!

Rules For Keeping a Computer:

1. PM me, when you put a pokemon, item or anything else in the computer.

2. I will keep your computers updated.

Important: If you have any question please pm me. There will be plots and other new stuff added to this post so keep an eye on this post and check it daily to see if anything has changed.

Your Character:

*Nickname: Your legendary pokemon hunter name
*Level: Your level, meaning Master, Ametuer, beginner, none (yet, meaning you haven't begun your journey yet, in which case you have to get your starting pokemon which then means you have to put only one pokemon in the pokemon selection.

*-must be filled out.

Please Read I think this is the only rp that let's you be as powerful as you want.... The limits on power are as follows:
-You can't power play
-You can't change the plot of the story without my concent, you have to pm me if you want to change the plot.
-You can't steal others pokemon
-You can't be invincible, unless I say so.
And if your going to keep okemon in your comuter then you have to pm me the the updated status of you computer so I can edit this post and post it on here.If you want to be a bad guy or anything else besides good, you have to pm me to get okayed first

If you understand that then please fill out the application (See "your character" section). I'll start:

Name: Johann
Nickname: Blaze
Gender: Male
Background: After beating the Indigo Plateau and the other leagues extending to the Hoenn region, he was going to be a Legendary pokemon hunter.
Pokemon: Raichu, Charizard, Articuno, Blaziken, Machamp, Dragonite
Level: Master




Seph Jones's:

Pokemon: Flygon






Seph Jones's:

Shiny Sceptile



March 7th, 2004, 2:43 PM
Name: Seph jones
Nickname: Sephiroth
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Background: ...?
Pokemon: Flygon, salamence, venusaur, blaziken, metagross, and a shiny sceptile.
Level: Master.

As for side, I'm kind of nuetral good, I'm good most of the time, but nothing will stop me from getting kyogre/mewtwo!

Raichu Master
March 7th, 2004, 3:59 PM
OOC: You should have pmed to see if I would okay you, but since you already did this, your okayed. But anyone else, has to pm me if they want to be anything but good. Changes are I'll okay it, but I just want to know in a head of time.

IC: As I stepped out of the hotel, I heard people cheering me on, for I had just won the Hoenn region pokemon league. "What are you going to do next?" A reporter said.

"I think I'll become a Legendary Pokemon hunter. Getting badges is starting to bore me. I need a new adventure.

"Your the youngest pokemon master. How does it feel?" Another reporter said.

"Okay I guess I don't feel any different. I think my pokemon are to be credited for my victory." I said modestly with a smile. I continued answering questions until there was none to answer.

I collected my pokemon and called them all out. "Well guys you ready to catch some legendary pokemon?" I said trying to get them pumped. They all roared with excitment. "THis is going to be a long and dangerous journey, we won't just have trainers against us. But we'll have the stongest pokemon in the world against us too. Are you ready for this?" They roared with excitment again. "Well then let's go!" I said. I recalled them and walked into the woods.

paige pelletier
March 8th, 2004, 4:30 AM
I'll PLAY!!!!!!!!!!
Name paige
Nick Name Books
Age 11
Gender female
BackRound Finished off the elite four
team pikachu garadose arcanine rapadash xatu wynaut!
Level master

Raichu Master
March 8th, 2004, 1:56 PM
OOC: I know your gone right now but you forgot to list your team. Just so you know what you still need to do when you get back.

Raichu Master
March 10th, 2004, 1:19 PM
As I got to a large mountain I saw a Blue glow at the cap of it. "This must be were Articuno lives." I started climbing the mountian and when I got to the top Articuno was there.

"I want a battle Articuno!" I said yelling at him. I screeched and came toward me. "Go Charizard! There Flying against flying!" I said it used ice beam which hit charizard freezing it. "Warm up!" I said Charizard thawed himself and flow toward Articuno dodging the Ice blast. "Fire BLast and Follow up with a Flamethrower!" I said as he hit Articuno with a fire blast then a flamethrower, but it rebounded right away and head butted charizard.

March 10th, 2004, 1:27 PM
After years of training myself and my pokemon, I knew I was ready, it was time to hunt, and not just any prey, but the legendary Kyogre.

I flew to the hoenn region, and began searching the oceans, and had alakazam take me down to the underwater caves and I began exploring them...

Six months had passed, and still no sign of Kyogre, I had to think, it's a water type supposedly, so it's only natural that it would be in the purest water.

I was thinking for several hours before it hit me, I knew where kyogre would be! I released my salamence, and then we started flying towards sootopolis city...

Raichu Master
March 10th, 2004, 1:36 PM
"Firespin!" I said. "This sudden be happening! I'm one of the strongest pokemon trainers in the world! This should be easy!" I yelled. Aritcuno got caught in the fire spin. "Charizard return! Raichu Go! Paralyze it with Thunder!" Raichu gave it a might thunder and paralyzed it. Articuno could still move alittle. "Raichu Return! Go Machamp!" I said. "Use Fire, Thunder, ice, and mega punch! Use all four arms!" He did so jumping into the flames. There was a big explosion with Machamp landing on the ground and Articuno landing on it's back fully paralyzed. "Go Ultra Ball!" The yultra ball caught it and started shaking but after a few supensfull minutes it calm down and fell silent. "Yes I caught Articuno!" I said picking up the pokeball.

March 10th, 2004, 1:46 PM
(ooc for theme music for this battle, go here http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetdreamcast/sonic/music/sa2ost/98_e.g.g.m.a.n.__instrumental_.mp3 )

I flew towards the cave of origin, and knocked out the person guarding the entrance, I went through, blasting anything that got in my way, until I reached the bottom, and found an underground lake. I got out my the members of my team who could survive underwater, allakazam and metagross. "You guys ready? this will be the toughpest battle we've ever faced, we are going to try to fight a god, and on it's own turf. "We're ready for anything!" They said telepathically. "Then lets go!" I said, and allakazam surrounded us in a psychic bubble, and we began to submerge...

Raichu Master
March 10th, 2004, 1:54 PM
I climbed down the moutain and said, "Go Articuno!" Articuno came out but wouldn't listen to a thing I said. It just sat there scratching it's wings with it's beak. "I guess I'll have to tame you!" It ignored him. "Are you a boy or a girl?" It scowled at him and flew to the top of the moutain and brought down two eggs. "Guess your a girl.' He said. "Return." I said.

March 10th, 2004, 2:03 PM
In the depths of the lake, it was completley black, no lights of any sort, allakazam sent a beam of light through the bubble, and began searching, there was nothing, just endless black water, then we heard a roar that shook all the water around us as though we were in a washing machine...

(ooc sorry for the short post, I'll continue this later, right now, I gotta have lunch)

Raichu Master
March 10th, 2004, 2:05 PM
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March 10th, 2004, 2:08 PM
OOC: LUNCH!!!! It's 5:05 PM over on here on the east cost of the us!

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March 10th, 2004, 2:12 PM
*munches on a pepporoni hot poket at his computer, and hopes his mom doesn't notice*

Then, a great black shape came out of nowhere, it was gigantic, it HAD to be the legendary kyogre! "Metagross, GO! Use thunder!" I said, in water, kyogre would be doomed to a thunder attack, allakazam blocked it from harming us, but the rest of the attack was everywhere, in looked like the inside of a flourescent light. when our eyes ajusted back to the dark, we saw the shape there, seeming unharmed, but now it's eyes were glowing red...

Raichu Master
March 10th, 2004, 2:39 PM
I went to a near by pokemon center and had my pokemon healed. "You have Articuno already!" Joy said obviously impressed.

"Yep. Just caught her. "I even got pokemon eggs from here. She's not exactly tame so watch out when healing her." Joy nodded and took the pokemon into the healing room.

March 10th, 2004, 2:51 PM
"Special attacks don't seem to be doing much." I said. "Okay, allakazam, use reflect, light screen, and recomver, keep metagross alive! Metagross, you pummel it into submission with meteor mash!" I ordered. and as they were doing just that, I got out a pokemball with sceptile in it, and released him. "This won't be enough, I need you to leech seed it, then toxic and continue to drain it, we can't beat in outright, but maybie we can tire it out to where it can't fight, if you need air, swim back into the bubble."
Sceptile swam out, and shot seeds at kyogre, who was busy trying to blast metagross, and the seeds instantly grew into vines surrounding Kyogre, and began to pulse red. "That's it!" I said, and Sceptile shot a stream of black water towards kyogre, metagross was fine because of his steel type, but kyogre had gotten hit. "Keep it up guys, we're almost there!" I said, as I saw kyogre becoming sluggish, and trying to run away, but allakazam paralized it with a thunder punch. Finally, It screamed, and closed it's eyes. I tossed my dive ball, and kyogre was swept in, it shook one... twice... Then it stopped moving and Allakazam pulled it towards us, we had done it! We captured kyogre!!

March 10th, 2004, 2:56 PM
"Wait a moment, there might be eggs down there." I said to allakazam, and he lowered the bubble, and shot out a spotlight, we covered the entire surface of the bottom until... "There!" I pointed. There were two small round eggs in a natural cack in the rocks, allakazam pulled them towards us, into the bubble, and then I said "Okay, lets teleport back to the pokemon center here, the air's begining to get stale in this bubble." Allakazam nodded, and in a flash of light and a rush of water, we were gone.

Raichu Master
March 10th, 2004, 4:34 PM
I waited and then Joy came out with her hair messed up with trying to run a phsyical on Articuno. "Here they are. Articuno's fiessty."

"What can you tell me about her?" I said excitedly.

"Well it's a girl, it has an old scar on it's one wing, looks like it got in a fight with Zapdos (FYI: Scars from Pokemon the movie 2, or is it 3, I forget but the one were all three of them fight and lugia comes to save the world with ash's help). But it's healed already, so don't worry about it hurting her." Joy said smiling.

"Thanks!" I said smiling back.

March 10th, 2004, 5:54 PM
normally, a pokemon center isn't built to handle something Like Kyogre's power if it got mad, because it would attack the moment it was released from the pokeball, so I went to the pokemon center, and asked nurse joy "I have an extremley large, and VERY dangerous water pokemon, but I need it to be checked up, do you have anything that could keep a 776 pound pokemon asleep for the whole process?"

"Surley it isn't that dangerous? We do have some snorlax tranquilizers though." She said.

"I happen to have caught the legendary kyogre, that's why I'm warning you, be VERY careful, and keep it asleep the whole time." I said, and handed her the Dive ball with kyogre in it. She nodded, and walked in back, while I passed the time in the waiting room.

Raichu Master
March 11th, 2004, 4:26 AM
I walked out of the pokemon center and when I reached the next town I decided to go to the pokemon center to see what new. But when I got there I saw a familiar face. "Seph! What are you doing here?! I thought you would have gone somewhere and trained secretly for the rest of your life." I said with a smile. "I guess I was wrong! What ya up to? I just caught Articuno acouple hours ago."

March 11th, 2004, 10:23 AM
"Yo blaze! how are ya?" I said as I found an old friend, then I heard what he said. "Nah, I was just training to where I could get the legendary pokemon, but it looks like there's at least one that you won't get, I just recently captured kyogre! And ya know what? I found eggs in there that I'm certain will hold baby kyogre!"

Raichu Master
March 11th, 2004, 2:21 PM
I smerked and said, "I got two eggs, who about a trade? An articuno egg for a Kyogre egg." I showed him the two eggs. "Is it a trade? Hold up!" I said as the pokeball I used to catch Articuno in was jiggling. "What the..." The Articuno broke out and I said, "What are you doing out?" It screeched, and I continued, "I guess you want a rematch?" It shook it's head. "Fine let's do this outside." We stepped outside, and I yelled, "Go Charizard!" Charizard came out and smerked. It roared and then pumped it muscles trying to intimidate it. She ignored it and charged at Charizard. "Fly up! Come down with sky attack and then seismic toss!" I said as Charizard flew up and attacked Articuno and then seismic tossed it. As Articuno landed, a big cloud of dust covered it and then it shot an ice beam at charizard and hit him. "Charizard fire blast!" I yelled it missed articuno. "Charizard Fire spin!" This time Charizard made it as big as he could, it caught articuno and she couldn't break out. "Okay now wait." I said as the tornado of fire kept going. As it started to die down, " Charizard fan the fire with your wing so it doesn't get weak enough for Articuno to escape!" He did so and this contuned for a half hour. "Let die down now." Charizard now out of breath and if articuno survived that Charizard wouldn't be a match for her. Articuno got up out of breath and then collapsed as Charizard did the same thing. "No! Charizard, Articuno return." They both returned and I rushed in the Pokemon center and handed the both to Joy and turned back to Seph. "Ready for that trade?"

March 11th, 2004, 2:26 PM
"sure, that way, neither one of us is left out from articuno or kyogre." I said, and I went to the computer, and withdrew my egg, and gave it to Johann, and he handed me an articuno egg in return. "Thanks, I'm gonna go put one of my pokemon in the pc, and have this with me until it hatches." I said.

Raichu Master
March 12th, 2004, 2:20 PM
"Okay I think I'm going to go to a hotel now. It's getting dark." I said heading toward the nearest hotel.