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December 19th, 2005, 3:07 AM
The Apocalypse Crystal was said to have been destroyed the last time that the ancient Pokmon Jirachi awoke from its thousand-year-long hibernation. It was thought that Jirachi's imense power had totally obliterated the Crystal from the world. Of course, nothing could destroy the Crystal that easily. Nothing at all.

The Crystal, it turned out, had only been transported to a different dimension, and a strong one at that. There, it regenerated its energy, by fighting for survival. After acquiring enough power to teleport, the Crystal moved back to its original dimension. The Pokmon dimension. The transportation from dimensions takes up a lot of energy, and therefore, the Crystal had to go back into hiding.

Among the many sinister organisations, none is more pwerful the Team Apocalypse. Their soul purpose is to capture the Crystal, and use it to awaken Rukario. With both Rukario and the Crystal on their side, they plan on putting the prophecy of the Armageddon into action, destroying the world, and rebuilding it to their liking. They use such brute force, that all the other organisation closed down, allowing Team Apocalypse free rule of the land.

Natrually, the Crystal does not wan't to do the biding of Team Apocalypse, so consequently, the Crystal went further into hiding. There is only one sole object that can match the raw power of the Crystal. And that is called the Shadow Blade. But the Shadow Blade itself is not a happy birdie. If its weilder does not have suficient amount of mind power, the Shadow Blade's dark nature shall swallow up the wielder.

There are only five people in the entire world who can use the Shadow Blade. You are one of them, but before you join, please remember, you must put your heart into this, and not abbandon (sp?) the quest.

Other Information About the Role Play

One liners will not be tolerated in this Role Play. It can be comedial, but remember to always be descriptive in anything. Battles, emotional scenes, the works.

You may have more than six Pokmon, and utilise a box. However, you may only carry six Pokmon at a time

The Role Play begins in Pallet Town, and everyone knows each other.

This Role play is based in the future, and many new cities and settlements have sprung up, while others have been demolished

Information on the new cities, and the demolished ones

"Viridian City Ruins"
Viridian City as been left comletely destroyed by Team Apocalypse's intentions. There is nothing left of this wonderful city but barren land. Hidden, however, beneath the city are complex underground living quarters where people who are fighting against Team Apocalypse (The Rebellion) have made their base. The Role Play will include journeying int the underground living quarters.

"Jacaranda Town"
Jacaranda Town is a small town that has sprung up just south of Celadon City. It is a Kanto version of Fortree City, because the people of this town have learnt to live life in tree houses. The centre of the town is a large Jacaranda Tree (giving the town its name) which all of the inhabitants worship. The Role Play will include finding out what makes the people of Jacaranda Town worship the tree

"Indigo Plateau Transformation"
Indigo Plateu was destroyed by Team Apocalypse, so no more League tournaments could be held there. Of course, the inhabitants of Indigo Pateu did not tolerate this, and have built a second city on top of the ruins in memory of the first. This new city (also called Indigo Plateau) is no where near as magnificent as the original one, but is a start. The Role Play will involve going there to fend off the continuous attacks by Team Apocalypse.


Name: Jake Prince

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokemon Team:

Blazer was Jake's very first Pokmon, and has stuck by Jake since the begining. Without Blazer, Jake is sunk, and will break down, unable to do anything at all.

Petals was the first Pokmon the Jake caught. He had always been friendly with the Chickorita, until one day, someone tried to hurt her. He caught her to save her life.

Wave was found abandonned by the side of a road. Jake immediately took it as his responsibility to heal the Squirtle to full health. Wave gave up his freedom in repayment for what Jake did

Zapper was being beaten up by a couple of thugs when Jake caught them at it. Using his evolved Charmeleon, he took down the thugs, catching the Pichu as a reward.

Storm was found as a Hoothoot when Jake was out training his Pikachu. Hoothoot was an easy capture seeing as Pikachu had the advantage. This is the first Pokmon that he caught via a battle

Nightcrawler was an Eevee when Jake first met it, but he soon had to protect it from a rival tribe of Pokmon consisting of Ryhorn and Rydon. It evolved the minute Jake caught it

Personality: Jake is a very open person, and is willing to get into conversations with almost anyone. Apart from that, Jake is also a very good thinker, and can therefore make out traps before they are even laid! With this ability at hand, Jake is a very nice person to have as a friend. Jake will do anything to protect his Pokmon, and will often put his life on te line for them. This shows true devotion to his Pokmon. He will neve allow anyone to insult his Pokmon and get away with it. His Pokmon aare his life, and he will do whatever it takes to keep them happy

Description: Jake is a rather tall boy, exceeding six fet. He wears a long, loose red tank-top that has a black image of a Mew on it. His top ios accompanied by baggy black track-pants that sag way too low. The track pants have a red line down the side, and his pockets are often bulging with little goodies. His eyes are emerald in colour, and sparkle whenever he has an idea (which ususally turn out to be suicidal). He has a shock of black hair that falls in front of his eyes in spiky bangs

That's it for now...

December 19th, 2005, 10:00 AM
Interesting.....I can see you type a lot.

Name: Trinity Aurora Moon (Charon)
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: The way Charon looks, it makes a difference, no? Her long black hair is stabilized with a silver hair clip. Her height is in the middle, out of a normal group of trainers, and it makes the similarity. Charon has light skin, but has no interest in wearing make-up or jewelry. She wears a semi-black and semi-silver shirt, no sleeves, but two spaghetti straps are twisted around Charon's neck to surround it. In the middle there is a white diamond in circle form.

Occasionally Charon would wear a white skirt with black and silver linings at the sides, with an amethyst belt, but sometimes, she wears dark blue shorts, and she hides it with a silver three-layered demi gypsy skirt that covers her left leg. She also wears black boots that literally cover the legs down from the knees. Charon also wears black armbands on her arms, complete with a twisted corner.

Personality: Charon puts herself to the limits of emotion. She's ideal in some ways, and all determined. She thinks to it as if she knows what she's doing, but in this case, it's for the actual deal. In her past, Charon was always a bad sport, though, because she knew that her missions were going to be for her own destiny, not for the fun of it. This was the real deal, and Charon already knew what was going on.


Name: Shadow (Umbreon)
Gender: Female
Personality: Shadow always says unusual comments, but only Charon knows what she means.

Name: Paine (Misdreavus)
Gender: Female
Personality: Hence the name, Paine will do whatever it takes to make Pokemon and Trainers stop abusing her.

Name: Inferno (Typhlosion)
Gender: Male
Personality: Despite the fact that Inferno is the only male Pokemon in Charon's team, he can make fire attacks into good use.

Name: Mystic (Beautifly)
Gender: Female
Personality: Mystic was always a good battler. Her attacks made it up to the requirement (that's what Charon thought).

Name: Starlight (Dragonair)
Gender: Female
Personality: Starlight was recgonized for her glamourous looks. Charon always thought that she obtained Starlight from a Christmas wish.

Name: Plus (Plusle)
Gender: Female
Personality: Plus is always upbeat and energetic. She makes it through with a blast of good electricity.

December 19th, 2005, 9:22 PM
Accepted. Three more peopl before we start...yay!

December 20th, 2005, 12:28 PM
I hope i can join! This could be very funny!

Name: Amarezoth Azamir
Age: 20
Gender: male

Appearence: Boots, Jeans, Longleaf, Vest, Visorcap and gloves. Everything in black, with red tribals and (of course) the rocket sign on his shoulders because he is a former rocket member. He has an arm computer device (acd) on his left arm/hand which allows him the function of a pokedex, a map, a little computer terminal. He also has a sword as a weapon from his rocket member time. He wears cool sunglasses.

Personality: A mysterious but also quirky former rocket member, who now searches the ultimate combat with the best challenger he can find. He normaly doesnt speak much, but he likes laughing and he is more a happy guy you imagines at first.

History: He was a trainer like others who started with him to the big journey of collecting pokemon and he wanted to go to the pokemon league. But he met a lot of corrupt and criminal poeple which showed him another way to reach his goals. He was just a kid, and so he followed the man with the red "R" and got on the wrong site of his path of life. He was a trained and successfully rocketmember who had no heart. But as he catched the pokemon he has now, they showed him a better path. Now he leaved the Rockets and he seeks the ultimate challence to proof his knowledge and strenght. He isnt as dark as he was ago, but he has a mysterious style. At the top of that he wants to beat Team Apocalypse because he believes that this is the ultimate challenge…


Pichu (Kami)
History: Kami was the first pokemon he had. They became very good friends and together they believe they are unstopable. On the top of that, they are joker...

Raichu (Uziel)
History: Kami knew where a pichu would hide, so they found one easily. Uziel is a member of Amarezoths pokemon "family" and he was the first one he catched.

Persian (Silver)
History: Silver was a meowth that only could steal everything it wanted. Cause the poeple got angered and Amarezoth needed a pokemon with that skills at his rocket time, he decided to catch him.

Scyther (Razor)
History: To catch a scyther was like a wonder to Amarezoth. I couldnt believe his luck as he stealed him from a pokemon wildlife park, but he was surprised more that the Scyther followed him at his own.

Jolteon (Iribaar)
History: After his Team Rocket time, he decided to help more than do bad things. So the evee he got was a gift from an old woman to Amarezoth, who helped her to to pay her guilt she had.

Amarezoth dont has a sixth pokemon yet.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 20th, 2005, 1:07 PM
My first RP after a 6 month absence, sounds good, :D

Name: Leanardo Baker
Age: 28
Gender: male

Appearence: A take notice appearence. a red buttoned shirt with straps over each shoulder, over this he wears a long impressive leather coat (drake) which sways impressively in the smallest of breezes, black on the inside, red on the outside. His trousers are baggy but the bottom disapears into the inside of his black boots, the trousers are black. his pokeball belt is gold around his waist. he has long blonde hair which sways like his coat, distinguished hansome features and red eyes.

Personality: A man of great mystery, his stories have passed through villages all over the country, but no one knows of his appearence. he rarely talks but when he does it is with a calm voice but one which demmands attention. the special bond he shares with his pokemon has engulfed his heart since the day he was born, he lives for nothing else.

History: Very little is known about leanardo by others. his name is in the records of past pokemon leage champions, and also in a book of past elite four members, although according to records his time in the elite four lasted no longer thena month before he mysteriously disapeared. he is said to have been involved in a great event some years ago, helping to save the world, but this rumour is most proberly just a fairy tale. In reality, known to no one but himself he lives in the mountains, watching down on the world of pokemone until which time he is needed again....


History: After 10 long years Bulbasaur decided to evolve into ivysaur, and then into venusaur a while after. Bulbasaur was Leanardos 1st ever pokemon, and it's life is more important to leanardo then his own

History: After saving a shellders life (details unknown) the pokemone quickly became very loyal to leanardo, after 4 years it evolved into cloyster, leanardo is one of the very few to have seen the inside of the shell...

History: Torkoal was the last pokemon leanardo has caught to date, upon capture he knew it was something special.....

History: Haunter came across Leanardo, looking for some fun and someone to scare, leanardo quickly showed haunter who does the scaring, and also earnt the respect, trust and love of the ghost pokemon, haunter then decided to come along with leanardo

History: Leanardo came across a venonat in the mountains, it was weak from being attacked by other pokemone, and having not been trained before had no way of fighting back, after being taken in by leanardo, within a very short space of time it was battleing like the pokemon of a champion.

History: Pidgeot
Pidgey was the first pokemon leanardo caught, that special bond has never died, and pidgeot is with the possible exception of venusaur, leanardos most loyal pokemon.

December 20th, 2005, 6:07 PM
Name: Kaika Kurogane
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokemon Team:
Gender - Male
Personality - Scizor is of the "lone swordsman" mentality. He is independent and will often wander alone, following Kaika at a distance until called to battle.
History - Kaika and Scizor met when Scizor was still a Scyther. Though first opponents, when Kaika and Scyther were both captured by Team Apocalypse, the two enemies agreed to work together to escape. Afterward, they became allies until Scyther eventually agreed to "be captured" by Kaika.

Gender - Female
Personality - Though savage and carnivorous by nature, Glalie has developed a strong loyalty toward Kaika as well as a strange form of affection. Glalie is highly jealous and protective of her master.
History - As a Snorunt, Glalie met Kaika in a mountain blizzard after she had been trapped beneath several fallen rocks. Kaika saved her and healed her, then accepting her as a member of his Pokemon team. After Glalie evolved, and her nature transformed, she attacked Kaika and gave him a scar across one of his eyes. Later, after being "re-tamed", she felt deep remorse for her action. Now, the wound she gave her master has increased her loyalty toward him.

Gender - Male
Personality - Clever, perceptive, and a lover of battle, Houndoom is willing to accept most any challenge from an opponent.
History - After Houndoom--previously Houndour--was separated from his pack, Kaika found him wandering alone.

Gender - Male
Personality - Calm and slightly withdrawn, Gyarados seems far more docile than any others of his kind. Obedient to Kaika, Gyarados will release his fury if his master is endangered.
History - When Kaika found Gyarados, he was already in his evolved form. Living alone in a lake after his ferocity and driven out all other inhabitants, Gyarados occasionally attacked the nearby town before withdrawing to his sanctuary. Hearing of this, Kaika sought out Gyarados. And, as Gyarados' jaws snapped onto his shoulder, Kaika raised one hand and lightly touched Gyarados' head, taming him (see Kaika's bio, "Personality").

Gender - Male
Personality - A hard worker and skilled fighter, Sandslash lacks much confidence and desires Kaika's approval.
History - Kaika's second Pokemon, Sandslash was found by Kaika as a young Sandshrew. Born frail and weak, Sandshrew was abandoned. However, being born similarly, Kaika felt able to identify with Sandshrew. So, he raised and cared for him until he became stronger. Then, Sandslash joined Kaika's team.

Gender - Male
Personality -
History - While still a Dratini, Dragonair became Kaika's first Pokemon. When he was young, Kaika was physically frail and confined to a wheelchair. One day, he heard reports of a strange energy at his town's edge. The townspeople were nervous and feared that the energy might be a sign of coming destruction. Curious, Kaika ventured into the forest that edged his town, searching for the source of this energy. Upon entering a dark cave, Kaika's wheelchair fell over, throwing the boy to the ground. It was then that Kaika found a lone Dratini, curled and suffering. As with many Dratini, this one had an intense storage of energy. But, it had, as of yet, been unable to shed the extra energy. Kaika dragged himself to the lone dragon and lightly touched him. At that moment, the extra energy flowed into Kaika, granting him the ability to walk.

Personality: Kaika is naturally level-headed and calm, though a determined and focused worker. While he may seem somewhat cold to most people, he is willing to help when it is needed most. Kaika has high standards for both himself and his Pokemon and may, occasionally, become too focused on his goals and push himself too hard. Despite this, though, Kaika seems to have a "calming effect" on Pokemon and is said to be able to tame any Pokemon, no matter how wild. The most that is ever required for Kaika to tame a Pokemon is a light touch of his hand. Because of his ability to calm Pokemon, Kaika specializes in training Pokemon that are naturally savage in nature.
Description: --


More to be added, but posted as a "Placeholder".

December 20th, 2005, 11:35 PM
OOC: All accpeted! Time to start!


Jake stood, leaning against the tree trunk of a large spreading oak to get out of the downpour. HE had sent out letters to all of his closest friends, telling them to meet him at Route On, just north of Pallet Town. Four of them had replied, saying that they would come. They knew that this was going to make all of them famous.

He smiled at the irony. He had chosen this day to start, because the weather reportes had reported a clear and sunny day. Just goes to show that you should never trust any weather reports. Definitely not if they were run by Team Apocalypse anyway.

Jake brushed a strand of hair from his face, hoping that he wouldn't have to wait too long for his friends to come. if h had to stay under the tree for another half-hour, he would

"Calm down, Jake," he muttered to himself.

Just then, he looked up, and saw a head pop up over the horizon...

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 21st, 2005, 3:22 AM
Miles away from the town of Pallet, the rain was still pouring down with extreme force, rikashaying off roofs, tree branches and the floor so hard that each drop would seem to bounce a little, and make the sound like small pebbles being dropped.

Suddenly, from the direction of the sun a small object was to be seen and it begun to approach us, growing bigger and bigger with each passing second, soon it was evident that the object was a pokemon, a giant pidgeot! no doubt at least 3 times bigger then any normal one! it made a slight change of direction and headed towards a mountain far away, atop the pokemon stood a man, wearing a long coat swaying hard in breeze, as if pleading to go the opposite way. the man continued to sare away at the forward direction, not really taking anything he saw into consideration as he was so lost in thought. *not long to go now* the man thought to himself as the pidgeot soared upwards and behind a clowd out of sight.......

December 21st, 2005, 10:26 AM
Amarezoth walked through the rain, reading the letter again and again. "Fight Team Apocalipse..." this words crossed his lips from time to time. "This would be interesting..." {Could you please give me back the umbrella?} "Pichu, chu..." Kami said. Amarezoth looked at the Pichu on his shoulder. Kami was wet because Amarezoth didnt hold the umbrella right. "Oh, sorry Kami." he turned the umbrella normal. {Thanks...} He was now in the north of Pallet Town and it shouldnt be to long to reach the place described in the letter. He walked a while, feeling the fresh wind in his face. "There he is... just as i thought..." he said, as he noticed a person leaning against a tree. Why did Jake choose this day? Its cold, its wind and its wet... he shouldnt believe what the weather report is telling...

December 21st, 2005, 7:54 PM
OOC: Well, that head was supposed to be one you you guys so...I can't really do anything.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 21st, 2005, 8:10 PM
OOC - Dont worry, theres 2 other in the RPG who havent been yet, one of them can be it, but just a tip, when RP'ing be careful about things like that, a player may have decided they wanted to make a specific entrance to the story or something like that.
anyway, were still good and on track :D

December 21st, 2005, 8:29 PM
OOC: Right, well, I'll make that into some dude from Team Apocalypse.


As the figure neared, Jake looked at his jumper. It was brown in colour, mud brown for that matter, and in the centre was a blood-red A. "A" for "Apocalypse".

Jake plucked a pok-ball from his belt. He knew that the rain would help to boost up water attacks, and if they did, he would have a lot offun in taking down the Apocalypse member.


December 21st, 2005, 9:29 PM
A girl walked around in the rainy forest. She knew what was her destiny this time. Team Apocalypse, the dreaded team who destined for the Shadow Blade. The girl knew that this could not be done. Only could her group find the Shadow Blade first and find the Apocalypse Crystal as well. Fortunately, her Pokemon were strong enough to show some ability. The girl's name was Charon, and her attitude towards this team would be the utmost perspective. Charon's sidekick was her Umbreon, Shadow. Sending it out, she also sent out a Misdreavus, Paine. The two Pokemon looked at the scenery and examined it.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 22nd, 2005, 5:25 AM
As the mountain drew closer, Leanardo knew they would be arriving in the town of Pallet before long, a place he had visited only once before, years and years ago.
Pidgeot made a screech of glory as it came close enough to the mountain to have to change direction sharply to soar up it, it accel;erated a humungous speed, leanardo looked like he may lose his balance for a moment but he remained standing on his trusted bird pokemon as it continues to rise up and up further and further faster and faster until finally........it stopped, about a mile upwards from the top of the mountain, it remained solitary in the air, slowly flapping its ginourmous wings, Leanardo blinked and looked ahead, there it was, no bigger then a dot, but no longer then a 15 minute fly for his dedicated pokemon
*There it is*
he thought to himself

*Alas the pokemon world is in threat once again, and my assistance has bee called upon to help, but what shall my team mates be like, i know but one of themm an old friend who was the gentleman to contact me, but who else has he called upon for the skills and servises, and sre they truly pure of heart and soul, or will there be more to them then meets the eye, you better bel;ieve it wouldnt be the first time a ''team mate'' has wanted more out of his actions then meets the untrained eye, but i shall live by an innocent until proven guilty attitude and show them respect, and with ime, maybe trust aswell*

Leanardos cape blew forward in front of his face, he swished it aside and then brushed his long silk like hair out of his face with a careless sweep of his hand before clicking his fingers and once again he was being flown throguh the air, flown to pallet, flown.....to the first step of stopping yet another great evil...

December 22nd, 2005, 10:41 AM
occ: um... deathspector, i tried to link with your last sentence: "...as he noticed a person leaning against a tree". I thought you are leaning against a tree. But it Is equal now i think... ^^

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 22nd, 2005, 10:50 AM
OOC - Yes that's true, it could of worked off that, i forsee 2 options, in deathspectors next RP, you can either say that the person you saw was actually nigmas character and that the R was just you seeing things. or continue to battle the person as you were going to and have it with Nigma watching the battle or rush in to help.
either will work, unless you have a better idea lol

carry on.

December 22nd, 2005, 11:29 AM
occ: Cant wait...

Amarezoth got near the person under the tree and saw that he got ready for fight. "Jake! What are you doing?" he laughed as he arrived him. "Thats a weird method of greeting a friend... next time you choose a day with good weather ok?" Amarezoth looked at Kami, who watched him since a couple of minutes. "Why are you staring at me?" {Ask me that question again, then ill eat you...}. He heard a grumbling from the stomache of his friend. "So you are hungry?" {I could eat a Persian...} "Here you go..." Amarezoth said and pulled a sandwich out of his backpack. Kami started to eat it imideatly.

Amarezoth turned to Jake. "So its true eh? You are serious this time... "

December 22nd, 2005, 1:42 PM
"[Interesting. The rain can be a sign of the Crystal's power.]" Shadow said.

"[The storm is hard, all right. Not everyone is out this long.]" Paine added.

"Fine then. We'll head for shelter. We're close to Pallet." Charon decided.

She returned Paine back into her PokeBall. This time, she sent out her Beautifly, Mystic. Shadow nuzzled Charon's leg and Mystic flew and sat on her head. The group head off to go find somewhere that was safe and warm, hopefully Charon knew her whereabouts in the forest.

December 22nd, 2005, 5:46 PM
[OOC: I apologize for being late. ^-^;; I also apologize for the lack of quality in this post. Currently, I am not fully conscious . . . ]

"You should be able to walk now. But, just in case, try to avoid any strenuous activity for the next few days. Alright?"

Kaika knelt on the forest floor beside a young Rattata. As the male tightened the bandage about the wild Pokemon's foreleg, he offered the rodent his final advice, "If you can, find a good place to hide. That way, you won't need to run from any predators." Lightly stroking Rattata's head, Kaika stood and slung his backpack over one shoulder. Smiling softly, the trainer turned away as the Rattata clicked a farewell, finishing, "Well, that's that. Goodbye and good luck."

Shouldering his pack, Kaika vanished into the surrounding forest. After several minutes, the shafts of light that broke through the forest canopy faded to a dim grey. And, as he made his way through the verdant foliage, the male paused as he felt a drop of water strike his cheek. Staring toward the sky above, Kaika shielded his eyes as the rain began to thicken and increase--running off leaves in thick, swift streams. Narrowing his eyes slightly, Kaika unconsciously touched one the Pokeballs clipped at his side. This is an interesting weather anomaly . . . One that does not bode well.

December 23rd, 2005, 2:20 AM
OOC: God, I haven't posted in ages. Sorry about that, Nigma, but I'm in the middle of a batle as you can plainly see...I'll add you in, though...


Wave-Rider was winning. I actually felt sorry for the member of Team Apocalypse. You see, the only Pokmon he had was a Houndour. Weak against water. Already the rain was bother the small dog, but add Wave-Rider's powerful Hydro Pumps, and it was agony.

"Finish it off. One last Hydro Pump!" I commanded, pointing my index finger at the wounded Houndour.

Wave-Rider aimed his cannons at the Houndour. The Pokmon was pleading with his trainer to recall him, but the trainer wouldn't listen. Wave-Rider let out a roar that even made me shiver, and shot out a jet of sparkling water from each of his cannons. They hit the poor Houndour, and he wailed in pain. Finally, he trainer realised that he had lost, ad held up hi pok-ball to recall him.

A beam of red light shot out of the Team Apocalypse member's pok-ball, and the Houndour was dissolved into the light. I clenched my fist, yelling a few cenored words at the member. he took it as a rather rough goodbye, and sped off.

Just then, I turned to my right, and saw my old friend Amarezoth. At least he had made it to pallet Town, despite the dismal weather.

"Jake! What are you doing? Thats a weird method of greeting a friend... next time you choose a day with good weather okay?" he suggested.

That was Amarezoth for you. Forever trying to joke. Funny how I always ended up the subject of the joke, really.

"Don't blame me, mate. Blame it on those **** weather reports," I replied. "Anyway, glad that you made it here in one piece. My house is just down the road...I'll wait for the others."

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 23rd, 2005, 5:15 AM
OOC - Perhaps not have any refrences to swear words, even if censored, deathspector, kinda ruins it IMO.

IC: Finally they had arrived, The trusted pidgeot of Leanardo Baker was flying high above Pallet town........
Leanardo bent his legs, and from what could have been no less then a 300ft drop, leaped off of the pidgeot and began to accelerate a enormous velocity, his body aiming straight down like a bird, and very straight.
What could he be doing?! no man could survive a fall like that! but as soon as Leanardo had fallen a way, the magnificent bird pokemon zoomed under him catching him in mid-air, that was just an example of the trust and bond between Leanardo and his pokemon. after only seconds they were at a lower level, flying but inches above the tall trees of pallet, Leanardo once again standing atop his pidgeot, Leanardo saw an opening in the trees *This is it* he tuought to himself. He once again leaped off of the bird pokemon, this time aiming his legs towards the ground, he landed....with elegance and self asteem on the moshy grass.....for a moment, he remained in his solitary position, one knee on the ground a foot, his two arms spread out either side of him like a birds, grasping the land.
Pidgeot continued to fly above the trees until reaching the end of the small forest, he swooped down and doubled back into it, struggling to miss the trees with its huge wings. Leanardo jumped to his feet and ran to his exhausted Pidgeot.
The bird pokemon panted hard, and looked up at it's master, it's huge innocent eyes burning into his.
Leanardo reached into his inside coat pocket and retrieved a pokeball, he lightly touched a small round button enlarging it, he then looked bac up at Pidgeot and raised one of his hands to gently brush the top of its head, his determined face broke into a smile that twinkled like a shooting star, immediately Pidgeot knew what he was thinking and smiled back. Leanardo raised the pokeball and issued a beam of red light which englufed the body of Pidgeot and brought it back into its cosy Pokeball, for a well earned rest.

Leanardo turns around and returned the pokeball to his inside pocket
*well.....so it was written that yet another great evil would threaten the safety of the world of pokemon....and so it has come to pass*
He brushed back his silk hair and adjusted his coat before taking the first step towards the place where he would meet a group of people, he was just burning to meet....

December 23rd, 2005, 1:01 PM
"Yeah you are right... you have a plan where go to, i think, dont you? I will clean the way for you with my sword and my pokemon... i will never forgive Team Apocalypse..." he said, while he was playing around with his sword. It looked like an easy but beautiful style of fighting Amarezoth did with the sword. He had trained a lot for this day, but he thought it wasnt enough. His technique always was the fastest way, so he didnt care of his defense but he knew it.

"Tell me something..." Amarezoth asked Jake seriously. "... did you prepare yourself enough?" Kami was meanwhile hiding in the backpack of Amarezoth. It was too cold and too wet.

December 23rd, 2005, 4:06 PM
Making his way noiselessly through the forest, Kaika tucked a strand of damp hair behind one ear before closing his eyes to focus on a series of voices that murmured amidst the rain. Noting the distance of the voices as well as their direction, Kaika wiped the back of his hand across his face before opening his eyes. Then, tightening his grip on the strap of his backpack, he started toward the source of sounds. Though he would usually prefer to avoid any unneccessary human contact, he also felt an unknown force somehow drawing him toward the others.

Pausing beneath the shadow of a tree, Kaika's eyes pierced the blanket of rain to study the figures that stood some distance away.

December 23rd, 2005, 4:48 PM
Charon started running, out of the rain and under a tree. Mystic flew off her head and landed on a damp tree branch. What Charon didn't get was the harsh rain pouring down. It was good enough to put out a wild forest fire, and electricity would literally shock up the forest and put the power out for good. Mysitc tried to use Morning Sun to stop the rain, but a huge raindrop fell on her head, causing her to fall down. Charon returned Mystic back into the PokeBall, and Shadow saw a mysterious figure in the shadows.

December 23rd, 2005, 9:08 PM
It appears my presence has been detected. Slowly stepping from beneath the shadows and making his way toward the female ahead, Kaika called politely, "A nice day for a walk, ne?"

Though the faint lilt in his tone indicated that he was jesting, Kaika's expression was quiet and calm. As a soft smile hesitantly crossed his features, Kaika raised one hand to shield his eyes from the steadily pouring rain. "I'd ask you where I was . . ." the male started. "But, if you knew, you probably wouldn't be in the rain." Kaika's smile gained a slight sadness, blending with the gentle sorrow of the falling rain and grey skies. "Still though," the male added, "Any information regarding our location would be appreciated."

December 23rd, 2005, 10:01 PM
Charon head towards the young male. She approached him with a small piece of graditude. Shadow looked at him and returned into the PokeBall. The rain poured down very hard, not even stopping now. The deluge seemed to get worse and worse. Still, Charon looked at the male with sharp eyes.

"Where are we? It looks to me that we're close to Pallet Town. But we're in the forest, and it rains very hard here. From what I know, you seem to be eagerly someone, who needs a friend." Charon said with a somewhat dazzling-esque tone in her voice.

December 24th, 2005, 3:21 PM
The slight sadness in Kaika's smile melted to faint amusement as he replied, "Me? Looking for a friend? Hardly." The male's expression then grew serious as he added, "Thanks for the info, though." As he removed a Pokeball from his belt, Kaika paused thoughtfully. So, I'm near Pallet Town . . . Not a very big place, but it should still provide decent shelter.

With a flick of his wrist, Kaika cast a Pokeball into the air, releasing a sapphire-coloured dragon. Elegantly arching its thick, snake-like neck, Dragonair allowed the rain to stream across its features as its dark eyes shifted from its trainer to Charon. Then, returning its gaze to Kaika, Dragonair lowered its head, allowing the male to climb onto its back.

As Kaika prepared to direct Dragonair, he hesitated, turned to Charon, and quietly said, "It would seem only fair if I returned the favor you granted me." He extended a hand toward the female trainer. "Care for a ride to town?"

December 25th, 2005, 2:28 AM
OOC: Sorry for not posting in a while. Blame it all on Christmas. Oh well, I did have fun, and I opened my gifts 16 hours ago...w00t! Merry Christmas to all of you.


Jake looked back at Amarezoth, and smiled. The question had really been unessesary. Jake had been training for this moment all of his life, and was never unprepared for Team Apocalypse. As he displayed earlier, he had a team that could take down any member from Team Apocalypse. But jake didn't say all of this. Instead, he simply nodded.

"Yes, I'm ready."

Jake really marvelled at Amarezoth's skill with his sword. Jake had been trained in martail arts too, but he had never ever done anything with a sword. But, if you're talking about staff work, then no one beat Jake. He had been training with his staff, almost as long as he had been training to defeat Team Apocalypse.

"Listen, Amarezoth. Shouldn't we be getting inside. The others know where my house is, so it's okay if I don't stand here the whole time. After all, the last thing that I woud want is for any of us to catch a cold."

Jake whipped around, and headed towards his house, constantly turning back to make sure that Amarezoth was following.

December 25th, 2005, 2:50 AM
Amarezoth turned back his sword and followed Jake to his house. The question he asked wasnt a good one, but he was serious about that. He was afraid of loosing one of his friends in combat. He know that Jake was strong enough to fight everyone of their enemys, but he remembered a friend, who wasnt... "Leaving Pallet town area" a female computer voice told. "Ah, stupid Navigator..." Amarezoth said. Why did Team Rocket gave me this funny thing? It doesnt has all new map screens... yeah, it has the old ones, could be funny to look how the old citys were built... but now lets go inside the house. A noise was heared as he moved, out of his backpack. "huh? Kami, dont eat my lunchbox, or you are kicked out..." he said angrily.

The mouse pokemon stoped immideatly with eating. {I am hungry you know? Could we get out of this freezing rain? Its too cold...} he said. Amarezoth was in thoughts as he walked behind Jake. He is very serious about that now, and nobody could stop him. I think thats the one of his abilitys i like on Jake... Perhaps i meet my old friend on this journey... His thoughts crossed the day the base of team rocket were under attack by Team apocalypse and his best friend were one of the traitors who suddenly surendered and joined Team Apocalypse. He has no fighting spirit... Winning Team Joiner... he thought. But i am thinking too much. Jake couldnt do such a thing...

December 25th, 2005, 3:11 AM
OOC: Yes, you were thiking too much...XP


Jake opened the door of his house. It wasn't much of a house. He didn't have enough money to pay for the electricity bills, so there was no light. The plumbing people had long since fled to go to Johto, the only region still free from Team Apocalypse, so the water supply was limited, and, of course, he only had one couch, in the centre of the main room, that served as a living room, a dining room, and a bedroom.

There was another small room next to the main room which was a kitchen. Not very big. Infact it was tiny. There was hardly any room to turn around without knocking over something or the other. Then there was one last room, which was the bathroom. Just as tiny as the other rooms, if not smaller.

"It's not much, but it's home. Welcome."

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 25th, 2005, 5:51 AM
Leanardo arumptly stopped......

after a moment he head it again, he could hear the sound of voices, not so far away, je closed his eyes, feeling the strong wind and rain flow through his long silky blonde hair.
deciding that it may be bes to locate the sounds of voices and see who it was, after all, yet another evil team was out to find him, and the others chosen for this dangerous mission, although how dangerous, or even the full facts, leanardo did not knowm the letter he had recieved was very wet and in pieces, it was per flure luck he had been able to figure out any of it's message.

Leanardo made a slight co-ordination change and began to advance in the sound of the voices, wondering to whom they would belong, suddenly he heard the unmistakeable sound of a pokeball opening and its contents being released.
whatever the pokemon was, it made a mystical sound that forced a certain degree of soothing somewhat, leanardo traced his memory, surely a sound like that could of come from only a dragon pokemon?.......

December 26th, 2005, 10:54 AM
Dragonair suddenly raised its head, its soft croon lowering a note to a quiet growl. Laying a hand behind one of the dragon's winged ears, Kaika turned toward his Pokemon, inquiring, "Do you sense something?" The massive, azure head nodded slightly, the Dragonair's dark gaze remained fixed intently on a certain area of the forest.

Then there's no doubt about it. Someone's approaching. Kaika lowered his head slightly, shifting his glance to match the direction of Dragonair's. As it appears that they're already aware of our presence, hiding would hardly be an option. So . . .

Raising his voice, Kaika called, "Stranger, be you friend or foe?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 26th, 2005, 12:04 PM
Leanardo had found the wearabouts of the noise, and after a few seconds of disbelief as to what he was seeing, had calmed himself and was hiding in the shadows staring at a the dragon pokemon, bearing it's master and another young girl.
Leanardo heard the young man call out, staring ahead near enough straight at him.
''be you friend or foe stranger''

Leanardo smiled and replied

''ahhh but that question is asked by many a soul, the answer however pends only on who is asking it, and wether they are a friend or a foe''

Leanardo paused and breathed lightly

''then again'' he spoke in a low but distinct voice

''I wouldnt be what you would call a stranger, would i Kaika...''
at this Leanardo stepped out of the shadows and into the light for all to see....

December 26th, 2005, 6:45 PM
Kaika's eyes widened in surprise. For a long moment he said nothing, his expression finally returning to its customary, calm demeanor. A dry smile crossed his features as he replied, "I should have known it was you, Leanardo." He brushed rainwater from his cheek. "I mean, who else would be sneaking about in the shadows like that?"

Lightly caressing Dragonair, he added casually, "You should know, though, you shouldn't sneak about with Dragonair here. He might accidentally Ice Beam you one day." The trainer's expression grew serious as he fell into thoughtful silence, finally asking, "So, why are you in the area, anyway? It's pretty obvious you're not here for the sunshine."

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 26th, 2005, 11:45 PM
Leanardo just smiled at the lightly mocking words from kaida.

''ice beam....thats a good one.....and sunshine? oh of course not old friend, i get seem to get enough of that...too much even. My callig to this place is due only to my recieving a call for help from an old friend...which, i trust, is your sole purpose of being here, is it not''

Leanardo smiled on, his eyes burning into kaida's

OOC - i will not be here to rp again utill tghursday, my apologies for this

December 27th, 2005, 2:36 AM
can i still join in?

if yes:
Name: nicholas shade

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokemon Team:

ashesburn was the first pokemon nick recieved other than prof oak. he was found on the door step of our home. i was 7 years old those days......my dad healed him by putting him near the fire place and warming him by using his growlithe. when the charmander was revieved enough. we became friend's.

Lionel was found in an ambush off beedrill when he still was a lil swablu. me blazin away the beedrill with my charmander was a great deed for swablu. after i brought him to a pokecenter, and waited 2 weeks for his recovery. he joined my team out off thank.

monocro was given a an egg by my grandad on my 11th birthday. it hatched the next morning and i caught the mudkip untop of the casing. my grandad didn't want to believe that a freshly layed egg hatched after 18 hour's.

wen i went on a school trip too the abandoned iron factory in the industrial area's of the veridian ruins. i heard a noise coming out off a corner of the dumping ground. it was full of scrapmetal and a worn out beldum. i caught the beldum, hid it in my bag and polished and fixed him up. when he came out off his coma he was still drowsy but awake enough to be thankfull.

as a trapinch he was abused by biker's, caught in the act they fled and i caught the trapinch. now as a vibava he is dreaming off becoming a flygon. i'm there for him to make that dream come true.

iceseal was a brave spheal in a pack off sealeo and walrein. on the shore's off the coastline. i simply walked by when he started talkling me. my charmeleon burned the spheal into fainting. i caught it with a net ball(my dad own's a fishing store).
this was my first pokemon i cuaght via a battle.

Personality: i'm not here to say that. you decide...friend or foe?

Description: nicholas(nick) is a boy that is 2.03 meters tall, he's dressed with sunglasses a long white coat with red zangoose like stripes on it. a couple off plain jean's, a t-shirt with a picture of an blastoise on it. a red cap. and regular black shoe's.he also has a necklace with a picture in it off his past away mother. his altaria alway's flyes out off his pokeball. togehter with me trough the world...we'll the world that the men off Team Apocalypse made.

December 29th, 2005, 9:17 AM
Kaika was silent for a long moment. Atop Dragonair's head, his hand stopped mid-stroke. When he finally spoke, his voice was steady, though troubled. "Actually, I happened to be passing through the area when I found an injured Pidgey. After a while, I changed my course slightly and traveled deeper into this forest, finding more Pokemon in the area with various ailments. That was when the rain came." Here, Kaika motioned toward the sky, still pouring rain onto the already-drenched forest.

Seeming to ignore the water streaming across his face and from his hair, Kaika's voice gained a thoughtful note as he continued, "It's strange, though. I already thought it unnatural, finding that many injured Pokemon. But, this rain . . . " The trainer's face lightened slightly as his tone shifted. "It's been awhile since I've been to a town, so I haven't been able to receive any messages lately. Once we arrive in Pallet, though, I'll check my mail if I can find a PC."

Kaika's customary smile flitted across his face as he added, "Speaking of which, we'd better get to Pallet before we drown." The male motioned toward an area beside him on Dragonair's azure back. "Care for a ride?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 29th, 2005, 9:32 AM
Leanardo's red eyes, wide and curious burned at his old friend. a man who he himself had traveled with on very many journeys in his youth.
He had aged well, and looked little different from what leanardo remembered him as.

''ahhh the rain........'' Leanardo spoke loudly but to no one inparticular ''the rain...so mystical, so mysterious, a type of weather always so close to my own heart, like very few things'' leanardo's voice was now no louder then a whisper, as he was staring into the sky, the rain pounding onto his long beautiful hair, yet tarnishing it very little.

Leanardo, seemingly coming out of his little dream world, turned back to kaika
''a ride? ahhh kaika, you know i have my own methods of travel, how do you think i got here, after all, where i reside isnt exactly a place where you can pop out for some shopping at will without some assistance, however i shall intrude upon your genrous offer and take you up on it, iv'e been rather bored for a long time, and things always seem to happen when the two of us travel together, wouldnt you say?''
leanardo said this last bit with a raised eyebrow, although his sparkling smile shined on without change....

December 29th, 2005, 9:52 AM
"Indeed," Kaika replied, his voice containing a faint lilt. "You know, I'm still waiting for that rematch between your Bulbasaur and Houndoom," the trainer added as his Dragonair's snake-like form curved obligingly toward Leanardo. Though it displayed no form of aggression, Dragonair's dark eyes still remained on Leanardo. "Although, I'd imagine that Bulbasaur has evolved by now?"

As Dragonair allowed Leanardo to climb onto his massive back, Kaika turned to Charon. Rather than the amused, almost lightly mocking smile he had directed toward Leanardo earilier, his smile was now quiet and soft. "Of course, my offer to you still stands. It would be rude to leave you here."

[OOC: I am unsure as to when ~Amethyst_Callista_Moon~ might post here . . . But, I will try to find a way to continue without leaving her or controlling her character. ^-^;;]

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 29th, 2005, 10:13 AM
Leanardos smile fell very slightly, but returned flickered back up again just as quickly as it fell.

''How observent you have always been, and still are...''
Leanardo replied very matter or factly ''and very right you are, My Bulbasaur finally decided to evolve a few short years ago, i suppose the curiousity of what life would be like with the ability to control the weather and seasons, got the better of my best, and most loyal, friend''
Leanardo tried not to sneer, although it was very tempting, after all, the two were indeed old friends.

As the impressive Dragon pokemon tilted it's head towards him, leanardo glanced again at the young girl, staring at him and listening to the conversation with obviously some confusion running through her mind

''and who, do i have the privelage and honour of meeting now, friend of yours kaika?''
leanardo bent his back knee and swept his coat back to bow to her, as if from nowhere he then revealed a bright red rose, and handed it to her before turning back to kaika.

''so, if you just happened to be passing through the village per chance, why, if i may intrude upon your patience and ask, are you coming along? although i dont think i need ask'' he finished with a smile before climbing atop the dragonair...

OOC - if we get too far without her, someone should pm her lol ^^

December 29th, 2005, 11:29 AM
[OOC: Er, I was unsure as to who the last question was directed toward. ^-^;;]

"Call it curiosity," Kaika answered, his smile returning to its previous, amused state. "And, a chance to get out of the rain." The trainer briefly paused, allowing Charon to climb onto Dragonair if she so desired. Then, turning toward his Pokemon, Kaika leaned forward and whispered in its ear, "Take us to Pallet Town."

Raising its head, the sapphire dragon suddenly rose into the air, carrying its riders above the forest canopy. Glancing back at Leanardo, a laugh briefly passed through Kaika's eyes. You've certainly changed, old friend. At least you're better with the ladies now, though you've always been more of a gentleman than me. All signs of laughter faded from Kaika's features as he turned his gaze forward and stared silently across the rainswept land, allowing the wind the strike his features and cast the rain about his face. Still, though . . . I would have liked to have met you at a better time--a time more peaceful. But, I suppose . . . Such is our fate to meet up like this time and time again, ne?

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 29th, 2005, 1:38 PM
''Oh most defenitely'' The male said brushing his long hair back out of his eyes
''I have come to believe that our meetings have been somewhat just another excuse for various evil forces that unfortunately still exsist in the world to make another feeble attempt to triumph over the universe'' leanardo laughed hard at this as dragonair made a sudden lurch.

''Still, it makes things a little more interesting, certaintly an excuse to escape from boredom, as for the ladies, you know perfectly well I have never had huge interest in the area''
Leanardo for the first time in years suddenly felt something he hadn't felt in a long time.....the companie of his old companion was somewhat comforting and helped the blonde male to lower his defences somewhat, although past experience had taught him to never lower them completely.

''As far as your rematch offer goes, I believe that would be a very interesting battle, but most proberly best saved for a later time, i have the distinct feeling we are going to have our hands tied for a while, although i don't know why....''

Leanardo looked right, staring out to the sea, his eyes burning brightly, thinking to himself, if this whole thing, the calling of leanardos services, and the appearence of kaika, whose sudden showing was still of grea interest to Leanardo, and if it had been somehow arranged by someone else for reasons unknown, was leading to a situation where pokemon would be hurt.........then leanard wasnt going to stand for it...