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Baker's Bulbasaur
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  • Just a friendly reminder that I still need a PM of your scores from your judging event, "Romance". There are only two participants, so I imagine it shouldn't take you too long. :)
    Just coming on to say that your theme of avatar/signature is utterly BADASSERY!

    Best. Movie. Ever!
    That was one of the nerve racking points for me, too. Me and my friend were sat outside waiting to go in, and of course she got called in first. ;-; So I had to wait even longer.

    I live in the North East of England so I'm pretty secluded from theaters, sadly. :( So until I move away from here the only shows I enjoy are the ones I download. ;; So far though I've seen West Side Story, Hairspay, (my absolute fav), Dream Girls (2nd place) and Rent. I have been meaning to watch more. I really want to see Wicked, it's a shame that it wasn't released to DVD. But since it's my all time favorite that will even knock Hairspray off the top spot, I have to see it in a theater, even if it was on DVD or something. I also have to download A Chorus Line and Sister Act. n__n
    Nope, unfortunately, our whole class wanted to do a musical, or at least an ordinary show. The one's we did were made by our Drama teacher. Idk why we used them, they were so bad, but it was so we could have script writing and stuff done. Even though she wrote most of them.

    My audition nerves hit me the most. According to the college tutor I didn't breathe once during it, lol. I do have a tendency to talk really really fast when I'm nervous. However at the end she said that I have great diction and that I can put a lot of emotion into the things I do. Although that was just me almost ready to break down out of embarrassment but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. n_n For the other times I've performed in front of people the nerves usually go once I've done my first scene.
    I perform myself. By that I mean I did some performances for children for my BTEC. ;; Which weren't very good considering I have really bad nerves, which seemed to settle down once I did my college audition. That was a day I can never forget.
    Nah, it's just horror games and stuff I listen to. I am a horror buff. I read creepy pastas, listen to them, play horror games like silent hill (the first three), amnesia, and others that don't really go for combat but for psychological scares where you are unarmed, or maybe armed and you can't stop the shadows from grabbing you and dragging you into a dark dimension.

    Anyway, that kind of stuff always got my interest!
    Yay. I wouldn't call arkham very psychological. Something that is psychological to me is when you are in a dark room and you are trying to escape and you can hear all kinds of noises around you like someone breathing down your neck and you see images just in the corner of your eye and as time progresses you begin to grow paranoid. You claw desperately at the walls and then you hear more sounds, of a voice. You scream and thrash on the ground and in desperation to get free you grab a glass shard and drag it across your wrist and let the darkness take your mind.

    That is horror to me. :P but still, that is an interesting concept.
    Is this going to be more 'psychological kind, silent hill type' or is it going to be 'guns, guns, and guns' kind of rp?
    D'aww I'm glad you likey! :]
    I love Bulbasaur too! I was happy that I could pull off a Bulbasaur from memory! :laugh:
    Glad you like it, that's all that matters! :]
    This sir, is for you:
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