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January 7th, 2006, 1:13 AM
Glancing down at her watch (which was, may I point out, a very expensive designer brand), Rosairie sighed. "Still got an hour left..." she muttered out loud. She was hungry, and tired. She had been walking all day, apart from the train journey, and other than the packet of chips she and Henna had shared on the train, they had eaten nothing as well. Her mind flashed back to the greasy english delicasy... english chips were like fat french fries, irregular peices of potato fried, then served with lashings of omato ketchup. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside... Rosairie's mouth began to water at the very thought of it.
Luckily she pulled herself together at the last moment.
She glanced around the shops, looking for somewhere to eat. Most of the cafes were rather pathetic; selling little more than a latte and a muffin, they could hardly stave of a growing girl's hunger for the afternooon.
Rosairie let out another defeated sigh.
She was hungry. She was worried, too. All the others...their pokemon seemed professionally trained. None of them had 'attitude', like Henna, Sinbad and Vampress did. None of them ran the risk of their pokemon going overboard, or refusing to fight, or... running awya scared. Her eyes flicked to Silence, but only for a second. He couldn't help being the way he was.

Cowering behind Rosairie, Silence was still watching the others. If he was to fight them, he needed his wits about him. While they chattered or rested in their balls, the little jolteon listened. He had done this all his life. Whether he was out with Rosairie, or back with them, he had always just watched in Silence.

Henna, meanwhile, was growing steadily more confident. If se was to fight these guys, there'd be no competition! Even at ten years of age, Henna was as fit as she ever had been. She had experience of battle, and she was quick, and... there was nothing to worry about.
{Hey, Rozz, what exactly are we battling?} the magmar asked. Even if they had to battle one of those aggrons, well, Henna was still confident. She had type advantage. And a trainer.
Rosairie shrugged. "I'll check." She turned back to Valen. "What...or Who... exactly... are we battling?" she asked.

Alter Ego
January 7th, 2006, 2:01 AM
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Valen looked up at Rosairie's question, If I told you, would you go away? he thought bitterly, but did reply "Wild pokmon of course." he replied, shrugging, "What species exactly, I can't say, although if you're thinking of a single-pokmon conquest then you might as well perish the thought. They'll have prepared a wide assortment of types to stump us, I'm sure, and no doubt they'll all be released in mixed groupings when the tournament starts." he took a pause, wondering wether he should even be telling a competitor-to-be such information but deciding that the pathetic little girl would hardly be a treath anyway, "Most of them are probably local ones." he said at last, "They're easier to round up in large numbers. But there are some imported ones in the mix too, strong species only, mind you, the weak ones wouldn't be worth the cost, time, and effort to ship all the way here." he stopped talking there, turning his gaze elsewhere again to signify that he had lost interest in the discussion and sinking back into his thoughts. What was it about him that Lori and Slythe were so keen on hiding but deemed so important? He remembered finding it odd that Vincent, an executive no less, had been dispatched to gather him up in the first place, as it turned out that such routine assignments were usually delegated to grunts, and he had been the youngest person to ever join Team Viper. At the time, Valen had simply considered it recognition of his superior talents, yet in retrospect, could his talents simply have been born from the fact that he had been personally trained by a well-respected executive? Was he some kind of experiment? A new breed of Viper operatives? Or something more? Something different? If only he knew...

{Yeppers!} Kachiko replied happily to Kuner's comment, {I is the nicest little youngin' ever! Yes I is!} she turned to watch as Krystal began moving towards Valen and Rosairie, {Hey! Are we going back to papa and the others now?} she asked {Cool! Giddyap funny big person!} the steel type let out another delighted giggle.


Meanwhile, back in the Waiwai Inc. Building, a fairly fit looking man in his mid-thirties with short, black hair and small, alert-looking dark blue eyes, dressed in a slightly fancier Lg. Inc uniform consisting of a simple but well-made black suit with a white shirt and dark purple tie to go with it and a small name-tag identifying him as Vincent Ravenloft, Chief of Security, sat down on an armchair, carefully placing a large, and half-full, cup of coffee onto the desk in front of him and turning his attention to the computer located on it. Making sure that the door to his little office was properly shut he leant forward, quickly logging onto the network.

"More reports..." he muttered for himself, klicking his way through a variety of windows, "A man's work is never done. Iris, come in."

{Yes master?} a digitalized female voice asked, a small window featuring a peculiar creature which was perhaps most closely resemblant of a blue and red rubber duck popping up on the screen, its two pixel-eyes focused on the man behind the screen. Vincent permitted himself a small smile of contentment as he saw the creature, oh how his colleuges had mocked him when that freak surge permanently trapped the Porygon2 within the Waiwai Inc. system, and oh how he had been mistaken about the norma type's further usefulness. What had at first looked like a considerable disadvantage, the loss of a prized battler, had turned out to become one of the most all-around usefull system upgrades. A virtual assistant no less.

"Iris." he said, snapping out of his reveries, "Bring me the security reports on wild pokmon activity in the area."

{Affirmative...} the cursor briefly turned into an hourglass as Iris began searching for the required files, but after a while, it returned to an arrow, and the Porygon2 delivered her report, {I am sorry. The files you requested are already being accessed by another user.}

Vincent's eyes narrowed,"Another user?" he echoed, "Impossible. Those files are classified! No-one should have access to them but me. Confirm user login!"

{Commencing...} Iris replied, once again taking a brief pause, {Search complete. Username confirmed as Chain.}

"Chain, is it?" the security chief frowned, somehow the name sounded vaguely familiar but he couldn't place it. Well, it was probably one of the countless hackers he had run into. And whoever it was he needed to be disposed of fast. The files contained a myriad of reports on peculiar pokmon activity that could compromise the advertising of the event as safe, and bad publicity and media attention were the very last things that Waiwai Inc. needed "It looks like we have a little bug in our system, Iris." he said, staring at what little information of the intruder had been brought in front of him, "Eliminate it."

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January 7th, 2006, 2:58 AM
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Rosairie pulled a face. Wild pokemon. Local ones. That didn't help her at all! She had no idea what species lurked in the long grass here, but it was pretty safe to say rattata, zigzagoon or sentret would be one of her opponents. What else...? She gave up racking her brains, and gave Valen a quick smile.
"Thanks." His answer had been given grudgingly, and sounded like it had been taken straight out of a tournament guidebook. Still, he had given her what she asked for. Rosairie was never one to forget her manners, the same way she was never one to drop her T's. Still, there was something steely about the way she said it.
"Look, guys..." she turned to the others, "I'm gonna go find a cafe somewhere. Get some food, feed my pokemon... You're welcome to follow if you wish. It was nice meeting you."
She bobbed a curtsey, her skirt fluttering, and turned to leave.

Her magmar and jolteon both jogged to keep up with Rosairie's determined stride. The tohers really were throwing her here. Jacona seemed clinically insane and incredibly random; Rosairie wouldn't have been surprised if she spontaneously combusted. Avery was... well, indescribable, really... and Valen, ooo, he was such an insufferable scrooge! What ever happened to common politeness?
The girl found a cafe on the corner. It wasn't her first choice, for in was all nuevo cusine with metal seats and glass tables, but Rosairie wasn't in a mood to pick and choose. Next door was an internet cafe; she would feed her pokemon, get a drink, and then do some research. By that time, the tournament would have started... Ah, and then in a few more hours it would hopefully be all over. She could return home a champion! After all, how could she loose, with Henna on her team?
Rosairie kicked off her boots and wiggled her aching toes.
"Waiter~!" she called, with the air of one that was very used to this kind of service, "One large cappuchino, please, don't stinge on the cream." she then gave the lanky teenaged boy that had come to take her order her most dazzling smile, and he hurried off.
Henna sat down next to Rosairie, much to the chair's distaste. Have you ever had a fire type sit on you? I think not. It is a most unpleasant experience.

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Random Plushie
January 7th, 2006, 11:21 AM
Avery silently watched Krys slowly walk towards the others after Cona, that Mawile still atop his head. Dang, that must've been uncomfortable, now that she thought about it.. However, she didn't continue on with that, looking up as Valen began to comment on what type of Pokemon they could expect to see in the tournament.

"Wild Pokemon.." Avery repeated softly. His information was helpful, seeing as the brochures she'd managed to actually pick up were little more than advertisements and promotions, although they certainly had claimed to hold valuable information when she had picked them up.

Losing interest in the Pokemon's conversation, she began to make her way towards the others, much like Cona was doing, although Rosairie had already stated she was leaving to feed herself and her Pokemon.

I'm not hungry.. Avery lied to herself as she walked, not wanting to resort to the cafes around here. She didn't like coffee sort of things that much. Now, if there was a smoothie stand, maybe she'd go for it.

As for Fable, he quickly braced himself with both hands on the ground, now walking towards the others in a zigzaging line behind Avery. Ah, it had only been a few months ago that the little imp finally perfected that..

"I hope the tournament hurries up and starts." Avery said, not really directing the comment towards anyone, and succeeding in ignoring Fable's antics. Her voice still had that optimistic touch to it.

January 7th, 2006, 3:03 PM
[OOC: Actually, I had no specific username in mind. So, "Chain" works. ^-^;;]

"It seems we've been discovered," Chain said calmly, a faint light playing through his eyes. "Circuit, begin immediate download of all available files--and activate the download accelerator at its maximum. After that, start a scrambling program to prevent them from identifying our location. Then . . . Why don't we see just what we're up against, ne?" A dull glow emanated from screen of the black device plugged into the computer as the download began. Within seconds, the ruby light projected from the Premier Ball vanished as Porygon fully entered the computer.

The emerald flame in Chain's eyes gained intensity as he began to type commands to his Pokemon. I would have liked to have more time to look over the files myself. But, hopefully I can get them all downloaded before breaking the connection.

"Circuit, bring up a video window of your point of view." A new panel appeared on the screen, displaying a moving image. Chain's eyes widened slightly before his expression transformed into a satisfied smile. Porygon 2--an extremely rare Pokemon. But, being that its Waiwai Inc., I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. "Don't do anything for the moment," Chain commmanded his digital Pokemon. "First, let's see what our enemy will do."

January 8th, 2006, 9:24 AM
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There was something about Valen that caused the girl clinging to Rosairie's arm to decling and disapear into the shadows. Something about his mannerisms, his voice, his tone, set off something in her mind that woke up an unpleasent memory or two that she didn't exactly want to remember. She'd opened her mouth to say something but her voice was caught and held tight and though her lips moved, they moved silently. With a timid sigh, she'd disappeared from the group, blending into the shadows as easily as she had come from them.

Her minun had slipped from its ball and clung to Kyoko's shoulders, nuzzling her trainer's neck to try and comfort the girl. She was rewarded with a pat on the head and a ketchup packet but other than that, she was all but ignored. The little mouse's determination couldn't be stopped however and she continued to try and comfort her beloved trainer.

For awhile all she did was walk, trying to snap herself out of a memory that didn't want to be forgotten. In doing so, she'd... well... she'd forgotten to watch where she was going. Thankfully Minna had nudged her away from most obsticals...until she hit the sign that was hanging over the side of the cafe door. The Minun had nudged her away from the door itself but the sign was taller and to be frank, the little one hadn't seen it.


She hit the sign hard, bashing her forehead and sending the minun flying. It rebounded and padded back to the girl's position kneeling on the ground.

"Oh darnit..." she sighed, standing up, her hand still on her head, "Let's just go in."

They wandered inside and after a small bit of whimpering, got a bag of ice and some nice warm green tea. Taking her tea to a table, she sat down, not noticing Rosairie-nee-chan because her head was now throbbing.

Minna, however, noticed the girl right away... and remember the lovely hug she'd recieved. She pattered over, squeaking softly... until she saw something more precious on the table.

A brand new bottle of 100% Ketchup.

Rosairie was forgotten almost instantly as the little one bounded up on the side of the booth that was the least occupied and all that anyone would see would be two little yellow paws reaching up towards the Ketchup bottle oh so slowly.

Alter Ego
January 8th, 2006, 10:36 AM
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Now that's more like it... Valen thought. noting that not only Rosairie, whoever came up with such pretentiously complicated names the boy didn't even want to know, but also the little girl who had run up to her which such haste decided to leave, the latter doing so by vanishing into the shadows with a timid squeak, Just like a pathetic little Rattata, scared of her own tail. Valen thought with a certain measure of distaste. It seemed unnatural to him that such weak and helpless creatures should even continue living, wasting the food, water, and air of those who actually had the potential to become something in life. Someone like that would probably not have survived a week at Stonewall Orphanage. No doubt she was mommy's and daddy's little sweetheart, enjoying caring 24/7 ever since day one, never having to fend for herself, or worry wether she would make it through the day. Never have to ponder wether what she saw in front of her on the breakfast table was edible for humans or would end up giving her lethal food poisoning, or whether she had violated some new conduct rule she wasn't even aware of because it had been instated on the very same day and would have to face a severe punishment.

Valen snapped out of his bitter reveries at Avery's comment, noticing that he had absent-mindedly been staring in the direction where the annoying little girl had dissapeared and quickly turning around in irritation. Only two more to go... he thought for himself. It couldn't be too hard to get rid of these last two, could it?

"I second that motion." he replied, The sooner I get away from these people the better... Valen had always disliked being around people, but the problem only seemed to intensify when it was people around his age, or worse yet; younger than him. The boy just couldn't seem to help building up glorious rosy pasts for them all and then envying them for it, and the habit annoyed him. Why should he be envious? He had faced the worst life could throw at him and pulled through it with a sound profit, grown stronger than any of those fools could ever imagine. Why did he find himself wishing that he could trade places, pasts, experiences with those who hadn't? Why did he want to be normal? These were questions he didn't have answers to, and the more he confronted himself with them the more frustrated he grew, and the more frustrated he grew, the more his next opponent would have to suffer. For Valen was not one to waste his rage on pointless tantrums, no, he saved it, hid it away, and channeled it into his fighting, never failing to startle an unsuspecting opponent.


Meanwhile, Vincent gazed at the display of his opponent on his monitor with a small smirk on his face, "A Porygon, eh?" he thought out loud, "That would explain how he broke through our system. Well, that's as far as he'll go." he took a brief pause contemplating his next move before issuing the command;

"Iris." the security chief said in a clear, authoritan voice, "Transfer all available files from the Public Relations folder into the Reports folder immediately, use whatever applications you can find to speed up the process, then try to scramble up as many of the reports as possible, use the standard code. Our little rat is looking for something to download so let's not dissapoint him..." the man leaned back in his chair, bringing his fingertips together and smiling contentedly. The Public Relations folder contained thousands of advertising leaflets, disclaimers, announcements, and countless other pieces of useless information, enough to hopelessly clog up all but the fastest and most reliable of connections, and what's more, the individual files were fairly small so if his opponent was going for the files in order of download time then he would end up with a scarce selection indeed.

"Oh, and Iris?" he added, "Once you're done, why don't you show our digital friend here the way out? Use Lock On and be ready to hit it with a Zap Cannon at my mark."

January 8th, 2006, 11:35 AM
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January 8th, 2006, 11:40 AM

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Fable sighed, noting that everyone seemed to be ignoring him, but then decided that they were all merely caught up in.. Whatever they were caught up in. Great, now he didn't feel like talking to much of anyone except Avery, and she was pratically tired of talking to him by now, he supposed..

The Sableye quickly swayed back and forth until his feet touched the ground, and he could stand right-side up once more. He had done enough hand stands today anyways, he'd have to do something different later. Once that was done, he quickly closed the remaining distance between Avery and himself, tapping the girl on the shin.

Avery, who had nodded absent-mindedly at Valen's.. Response.. Now looked down at Fable with an expression that simply read 'I'm bored and there's nothing to do.'

{Release someone, Fable commands you.} The Sableye said, abruptly tilting his head when he was done.

"Who.. And why?" Avery replied, still quite bored. At this, the Sableye tilted his head the other way, pondering what he should say. Of course, that only took a few moments.

{Skarka, because she's fun to confuse.} Fable replied, clapping his little paws together. Avery had to surpress a small giggle when his words brought up a certain memory, but nonetheless she decided to grant the Sableye his wish and unclipped one of the Pokeballs that were attached to her belt. In an instant the Pokeball had been opened and a flash of red light burst out, quickly taking the shape of a rather ghoulish thing and revealed it to be a Duskull when the light died down, its one red eye moving about behind that skull mask.

{Ah! I see I have been summoned!} The Duskull cried in a loud voice that resembled that of an opera singer. {And who has the honour of being graced with my wondrous presence?} She continued, observing the nearby strangers with that red eye.

Fable chuckled from his spot on the ground, his brain already thinking up new ways to throw this particular Duskull off her tracks.

Alter Ego
January 8th, 2006, 11:53 AM
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Valen took a precautionary step backwards as Avery released the Duskull from her pokball, instinctively reaching for one of his own in preparation of any possible treachery. The boy was by no means afraid of the ghoul pokmon however, seeing as how they were standard fare among Team Viper members, and he had, in fact, sometimes contemplated getting one for himself. Even though she was more or less as annoying as the others, with the exception of Rosairie who was in a league of her own, Valen had to admit that Avery had very good taste when it came to pokmon. This far he had yet to see a single frail and useless species. Granted, Sabelyes weren't exactly the toughest breed around but the fact that no attack seemed to hold a special edge against them more or less compensated for it.

Kachiko, who had been busy observing a funnily shaped cloud in the sky, nearly fell off Krystal's head as she burst of into a hysteric fit of giggles at Skarka's introduction.

{You...you sound j-just like Smell-aagh!} she managed to squeal inbetween the giggles, {You're funny, floating, one-eyed new person!}

Valen stared at the proceedings in silence for a moment before finally speaking up; "Would you mind telling me..." he asked, his normally neutral voice carrying a small hint of curiosity "Why you decided to bring out that pokmon all of a sudden?"

Random Plushie
January 8th, 2006, 12:02 PM
"Now you can have fun, and perhaps take a break in talking to me." Avery whispered to Fable, who had now fallen dangerously silent, his crystalline eyes getting a sinister touch to them as the sunlight hit them. Knowing him.. Avery thought to herself, as she took a step back from the Duskull in the air. He's probably waiting for the right moment to strike. Sometimes I feel sorry for that Duskull.

She snapped out of her thoughts when Valen decided to say something, namely, ask her why she had decided to release Skarka. She immediately answered without a second thought. "Because Fable wanted me to." She said, as if it were obvious.

Meanwhile, Skarka had taken note of Kachiko's antics, floating a good bit closer to the Mawile so she could stare at her with that one red eye.

{I have amused thee! This is good, it shows how widespread my talents are! But you say I sound like a smell? Dear child, you are in need of a proper education~!} The Duskull bellowed in her loud voice, the volume never once turning down.

January 9th, 2006, 3:23 AM
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Cona stood back and let the events flow past here.Kyoko and Rosarie's departure for one,and Valen saying something that the girl had no intention whatsoever to listen,so she missed it.Lost in her mind again,was what the girl was.She had forgotten the reason why she had walked over to join them in the first place.Staring blankly towards the nearest stalls selling fruit,thinking about something.

{Well,I'll be plucked of me feathers and dipped into a barrel of mayonaise!}Kuner shot Rosairie and her team and confused look as they strode off to find a cafe.Ah well,he'd get a chance to talk to the Jolteon and Magmar later.

{Whoa!}Krys had nearly fell over as Skarka emerged from her pokeball.Kachiko almost losing her grip on his head didn't help either.Oh,how lucky he felt to have strong fin and leg muscles,yes.

{Hello friend.You speak like the queen.What's your name?I'm Krystal!}the Marshtomp regained his composure,waiting for the Duskull to finish talking to the Mawile atop his head before speaking.

"You can understand what your pokemon says?"Cona came out of another daydream as Valen asked Avery why she had let her ghoul pokemon out.Now the Ghost type seemed to be making conversation with the other pokemon.

"Evil experiment,I say!"she exclaimed,finally taking note to lower her voice.Now only the people passing real near them heard what the girl had said.Though the weird looks given never seemed to change.

January 9th, 2006, 8:04 AM
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I'll post in Showgan later today.


After getting her newest addition registered, Reina looked around for something to occupy her time until the tournament began. She sat down for a moment on a bench, and then frowned as she realized that she had no idea of where to go for the start of the thing.

"Hm... oh well, I'll find my way I'm sure," she said, patting Tabansi on the head as she sat.

{I think we need to follow those directional signs Reina,} Tabansi suggested, trying to shake off the momentary jealousy he had been having.

{I like the Ninetails Reina, I think she's pretty and... strong looking,} Pixie added, remembering just in time that Reina preferred coolness to beauty. Tabansi threw a frown in the Staryu's direction, and was a bit frustrated with her choice to begin talking about Phoebe again.

"Yeah, let's go follow those signs to the tournament start, I mean, I don't wanna miss it, and I want to get a good beginning spot," Reina replied, missing Pixie's comment; and Tabansi's reaction.

They then got up from the temporary sitting spot, and began to walk off in order to follow the signs. No doubt they had been put up to direct clueless competitors, and Reina found a small prick of defiance in her as they followed them. Do I really need these stupid signs? I betcha I could find my way without them! she thought to herself bitterly.

Tabansi sighed, {Reina I know what you're thinking, and I think it's a bad--.} However, Reina had taken her chance and run off in a different direction, out into the streets and away from the leading signs. {Oh... Reina...,} Tabansi said with a sigh, and motioned for Pixie to follow them.

Reina ran off with a smile on her face, "Sorry guys, but you know me, I don't need help from any stupid signs; I find my own way!"

{Yay!} Pixie cheered quietly, {I do enjoy these adventures!} Her jewel shone brightly.

{Guh... Reina, we really should be careful though, I mean, we can't miss the start of the tournament,} Tabansi said seriously.

"I know, I know," Reina said impatiently, "But I want to see the city a bit as I search for this place. As long as I don't run into anyone annoying."

Alter Ego
January 9th, 2006, 9:14 AM
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Anyways, there's no need to apologise for taking care of yourself, I'm sure no-one here would have wanted to force you to post here with your migraine if given the choice. Since you dissapeared so suddenly I figured it had to be either a sickness or a computer problem, although I was hoping for the latter...ah well, hope you make a full recovery soon although I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. ^^

And yes, two of our missing RPers have returned. Eh, although Kogenta is still busy with his schoolwork. Evil tests...>.< Has anyone heard from BB, though? I was thinking of starting out the tournament after Vincent and Chain finish their little cybernetic battle (Or optionally force it to an abrupt end by causing an evacuation of the internet caf due to the starting of the tournament, depends on how fast I get the response and how long the battle will drage out), and I'd hate to leave him in the dust. :\

Oh, and Yibber...heh, your story makes my school seem like a much nicer place. XD Thank goodness we've got a law prohibiting dress codes in this country, meaning anyone can wear whatever he/she wants just as long as it doesn't cross over to indecent exposure, or involve wearing a cap or anything that conceals the face inside a classroom. But a 5 AM wake up? Poor you, sounds like you've got a pretty long way to school, Yibber, my whole morning routine (That is; getting out of bed, getting dressed, eating my breakfast, brushing my teeth, and going to school) takes about 45 minutes alltogether. Ahh...living near the school sure has its perks, even though the evil education system has denied me my free buss ticket because of it. >.<

And one more thing Yibber, Skarka is a Duskull, not a Dusclops. You do seem to get those two mixed up quite a lot. XD


Valen raised an eyebrow at Avery's reply, judging by the nonchalant tone in which she had said those words, taking orders from her pokmon seemed to be the most natural thing in the world for this strange girl. Granted, Valen was no stranger to granting a stray request or two, but he had always made clear that he was in charge, for one to so blatantly ignore discipline...the girl really had to be well in tune with her pokmon if they still obeyed her readily.

Cona had now walked over as well, and was rambling on about a conspiracy or somesuch nonsense, Valen didn't know the details, he had already grown accustomed to, in the interest of maintaining his sanity, tuning out the lunatic's speech, which now sounded like little more than an incomprehensible drone to him, hardly a large change from before.

{Oh, no, no, no!} Kachiko called out, bursting into another hysterical fit of giggles at Skarka's reply, {I didn't say that you sounded like a smell, silly floating person! I said you sounded like Smell-agh! He's a big poopie-head who-} the Mawile stopped in mid-sentence, her eyes widening at the sight of something which she had seen straight through Skarka, {Oooh! Pretty butterfly!} the little Mawile called out, clapping her little hands in excitement and darting down the street, right after a Beautifly who was perched on the shoulder of a fairly average-looking girl wearing a light green sweater and a pair of light blue jeans, her orange hair tied up into a ponytail that hung down a bit below her shoulders and her attention directed completely elsewhere as she strode down the street in the general direction of the sign-ups, probably a latecomer for the tournament.

"Kachiko, no." Valen hissed, reaching for the Mawile's pokball with the aim of banishing her back inside it as the little steel type darted past but noticing to his dismay that he was too late, Kachiko already having dissapeared within the crowd in her eager chase of the Beautifly.

The boy muttered some unsavory words under his breath before he dashed of after her without offering as much as a word of explanation to the others.

{Wait, pretty butterfly! Wait!} Kachiko called as the bug type and its trainer began gaining more and more distance from her, the girl taking off in a dash, presumably afraid of coming late, and soon dissapearing from sight, leaving the poor Mawile suddenly stranded in a sea of unknown people.

For a moment, the little steel type hesitated, suddenly intimidated by all the strangers around her and the lack of papa's presence, but then she plucked up her courage, making her way out of the crowd, with some assistance from the formidable jaws sticking out from her forehead, and making her way to the nicest looking person she could find; a girl with bright red-orange hair who was wearing a pair of jeans that looked kind of similar to papa's, only they weren't hanging down, the bottom having been rolled up, and the shoes she wore look a lot lighter than papa's too. And of course, adding to the whole reliability of this particular girl was the fact that she had two pokmon with her, a funny star-shaped one which the Mawile thought looked really pretty and a cool blue one with a large horn and everything whom she wanted to poke just to find out if he really was as hard as he looked. For once the Mawile contained her urge though, walking up to the girl instead and tugging one of her pant legs.

{Scuse' me...} she said in an innocent voice, {I'm lost...Could ya' help me find papa, pretty new person?} Yes, to Kachiko the girl did indeed look pretty, or at least that was the closest adjective she knew, mostly because her jeans were kind of similar to papa's, and papa was the nicest person she knew. Hmm...maybe she should have gone for nice? Well, the Mawile decided not to add this later adjective, after all, hadn't papa told her something about it being rude to burst out talking again before the other person got a chance to reply? Well, he had definitely said something about it not being nice to just run off either, but there were exinuating circumstances...like that pretty butterfly, yes, that had to be very exinuating.

January 9th, 2006, 1:38 PM
Rosairie was too busy rearranging her pokeballs to notice Kyoko crashing to the ground nearby, and definetly too preoccupied to notice Minna. She was focusing now, on the only thing in her perfect life that really meant anything; her dysfunctional pokemon team. She placed two balls on the table, next to Henna and Silence's empty ones. One was a highly polished great ball, complete with security latch, the other was a lure ball, encrusted with a sparkling diamond rim. The other two were an equally lavish affair, Henna's patterned with flames, Silence's covered in gold-plated thunderbolts. Rosairie didn't seem to notice their over-the-top decoration. What was in side was what mattered.

Rosairie whistled, and Silence leapt on to the chair beside Henna. He pulled his feet closer to his body and kept his back arched. Waiting. Henna rolled her eyes. Rosairie was very obsessive when it came to preparing for a battle. She always had to 'psyche' herself up first, a completely-
"Right, I'm ready." Rosairie announced, and she released both pokemon.

In a flash of red light, two pokemon re-materialised in front of Rosairie. One was a lithe, slender Golduck, silky-blue in colour. She was a beautiful, elegant creature, with the typical moist sheen of their kind. She eyed Henna and Silence with contempt, but before she had even opened her bill another pokemon had materialised because her.
He was a stocky, chubby ivysaur, a lazy grin spread across his face. Everything about him was 'tough'; a web of muscles rippled beneath his scales, and his sharp red eyes were full of confidence. He knew what he was doing. That much was obvious.

Rosairie clapped her hands together. "Right. The tournament. One hour. Food time!"
Despite themselves, three pokemon cheered. Even Silence smiled.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 9th, 2006, 2:24 PM
OOC- My apologies for my absence, I have had a lot of personal issues lately that have caught up with me, but im good to continue now...
I don;t have much time now, if someone could give me a brief but good enough layout of important things iv'e missed, then i would appreciate it and it would save me having to read through the whole lot, but if not, next time im online i'll read through it. I prolly will end up anywa, just this way i can get a IC post done asap.

January 9th, 2006, 3:09 PM
Well there was a loud squeak followed by a sharp zap of blue electricity to the Golduck and some very furious unmentionable remarkings from the Minun followed as the pokemon that had just sat on her recieved the lecture of a lifetime. Minna carefully laid out her complaints, which included how being sat on wasn't pleasent and how it wasn't fun to have your ketchup bottle ripped from your hands by a swishing tail. She also pointed out that the golduck wouldn't sit on his poke-friends so why should he sit on her?

But she did mention that his probable defense was that he didn't mean to sit on her. Bah. That was a load of nonsense. What pokemon didn't see such an adorble thing? What pokemon could ignore her charming antics? Certianlly not this Golduck! He must've been jealous of her splendor and sat on her to squish her and that, that was something that she wouldn't tolerate.

The minun paced back and forth across the table like a lawyer adressing the court in a closing statement, laying out all the aspects of the case in clear effienct detail.

In a way however, it was kind of creepy. How did something that had the human age of a seven year old know so much about this sorta thing?

Kyoko had disappeared into the bathroom to change into something more sutible for "combat" which just happened to be a pair of nice low rise jeans and a black long waisted tee shirt that covered half of her pockets. Her tee shirt had something written on the back in white kanji, specificly the kanji for "Wings of Darkness" and had nothing on the front. Her childish pigtails had been moderated as well. Her long hair was pulled back in a black ribbon and didn't seem to catch everything as some iritaiting strays hug in her eyes.

Emerging from the bathroom, she sat down at her booth, yawning lightly and nibbling on her sandwich, oblivious to her ADA Minun

ADA = (For the brits) Assistant District Attorny.


o_o and you didn't need to know that but oh well AND Charon's keyboard lives so LUFF HER


January 9th, 2006, 4:25 PM
Ooh,and please don't get me started on the strict-ness of the school,Titan!>3
Our uniforms are totally white,just plain easy for me to dirty since I'm so clumsy.But!We have these cool silver buttons!!XD
Anyway,once something is confiscated from you-like,your handphone(which aren't supposed to be on during lesson times)-the Discipline Master Dude won't return to you till Chinese New Year.
^This happened to a dude in my class yesterday.^^;;;

Hope that you feel better now.
Oooh!!And Heeeyy,Bulba!*waves*
I already gave you the summary,so yeah,don't think I need to type up one more for you.XD

Yes,I do seem to Dusclops and Duskull mixed up everytime.^^;;


{Gah!!}Kystal lost his balance and fell on his back as Kachiko ran after the Beautifly.Apparently,it was the sudden loss of weight that did it.The Marshtomp chuckled from his position on the pavement,the Mawile was a great friend to have.Now,if only he was warned ahead of time when she'd have another burst of energy.Maybe then he could save himself.{Bye Bye,friendly Mawile!}he grinned,only to see that the Steel type was lost in the crowd already.

{I am Kuner,very very pleased to meet you,Duskull.}the Pidgey noticed Skarka,turning around to introduce himself.Rarely had he seen Ghost types,and this one seemed to talk in an oddly familiar way of the Venonat he had seen Valen use before.

"You can't run from the truth!I know what you're planning!"Cona called after Valen,who had run off to get his Mawile.She was shaking her fist as well,attracting attention to her and Avery once more again.

January 9th, 2006, 5:16 PM
"Tch." Chain's eyes narrowed. Looks like changes are being made to the folder I'm taking files from. The trainer tightened his hands into fists, retaining their position above the keyboard. This could complicate things. But, I'm not prepared to give up. With one hand, Chain typed a command to Porygon while removing an object from the pouch at his side with his other hand. The object was a data storage device built to attach to the device already connected to the computer. Clipping the items together, Chain finished typing his command.

"Circuit, try to place a lock on the folder to prevent any more changes from being made to the folder we're downloading. Then, download all the files as raw data to increase the download rate. We'll have to decode the data later."

Chain's hands moved rapidly over the keyboard as a faint smirk crossed his features. Meanwhile, I'll be preparing a little distraction for our corporate friends. The male removed a mini-disc from his hidden pocket, slid it from its plastic covering, and pressed it into a slot on his central device. Immediately, a program began to upload into Waiwai Inc.'s database while a separate program was loaded into Porygon.

"Circuit, use Protect to isolate the area you and Porygon 2 are in. We only need it to be cut off from its operator for a moment. Then, use Tri Attack to upload our 'gift' to our opponent."

A green light spread from Porygon into the area, temporarily disconnecting all other systems from that portion of the server. Without hesitation, Porygon then released a digital beam of flame mingled with ice and thunder--a broad beam directed firmly toward Iris.

Though briefly disconnected from his Pokemon, Chain continued to enter commands into the keyboard. By now, the virus I uploaded into Waiwai Inc.'s system should have started to take effect. It will unlock any folders without Circuit's mark and randomly exchange their contents. There won't be any permanent damage, and Circuit and I will delete the virus once we have what we came for. But, it should provide a sufficient distraction to prevent us from having too much more trouble. Chain quickly brushed the back of his hand over his cheek to wipe away a single bead of sweat. As for the virus loaded into Circuit's attacks, it will only disable that Porygon 2 for a few minutes--provided it strikes the target, of course. I just hope that's enough time. The male trainer's hands continued to type, their speed increasing as he manually opened several portions of Waiwai Inc.'s servers, thereby further prompting the virus. I suppose it's only natural for a corporation to want to keep their information secret. But, it's unnatural for them to load more information--no matter how trivial--into a folder being downloaded. Even if it's only a piece of information relating to the upcoming ceremony, they seem highly protective of it.

Pausing, Chain slowly inhaled and exhaled, closing his gold-tinged eyes as he calmed himself. It's been a while since I've hacked a system to this degree. But, I guess I might still have the touch.

Random Plushie
January 9th, 2006, 8:43 PM

Ooh!And I need to get up at 5AM and school starts at 7am for me!XD

For me, make that 4:45 AM, and 7:30 AM. The traffic ish really ebil so we gotta leave at 5:50, even earlier if I have ta buy breakfast from somewhere, usually Starbucks. XD

Titan's place ish lucky. We have uniforms, too, like Yibber, 'cept we can choose from dark blue polo shirts, light blue polo shirts, and white polo shirts with teh school logo on them. And shorts, pants, or skirts. Oh, and white polo shirts are usually just for special occasions.

So there ya go. My Mondays suck.

Oh yeah, and I'm really dying this week because there are four big projects going on at once, along with homework that is newly assigned each day. Could someone manage to salvage my soul if it escapes? XD

*holds up 'Go Away, Evil Migraine' sign for Melissi*


"Well, yeah.. Just Fable, though." Avery said in resonse to Cona's comment. "Is there something wro--Wait, what experiment?" She stammered, now sweat-dropping, but decided that she, in fact, didn't want to know, now that she thought about it. She considered herself lucky that Cona's attention had been diverted when Valen ran after Kachiko.

Meanwhile, Skarka had prepared a speech from within the depths of her mind for the depraved little Mawile when the child had run off, presumably after a pretty butterfly, effectively throwing the Duskull off momentum, and forcing the Ghost to stare after her in a huff.

However, once she was addressed again, this time by some Pidgey, she immediately threw all of her attention at the Flying-type, now staring at this creature with her eye.

{Ah! So you are another of the lucky ones!} The Duskull exclaimed, eye twinkling brightly. {But I am not just a nameless Duskull as you have proclaimed! Indeed, the very thought! My name is Skarka, and it would do you well to remember it!} She paused in her speech to twirl about in the air, a bit dramatically.

Fable took this time to make an attempt in intervening. {And what exactly wou-}

{Hush-hush~!} Skarka exclaimed, raising her already loud voice another level while she turned to glare at the Sableye. {I wasn't talking to you, little unpriveledged imp~! Can't you see Skarka is making an aquaintance?} Without waiting for a response, the Duskull turned back towards Cona's Pokemon, clapping her hands together. {Now where were we?}

Fable would've blinked if he had the means, turning back towards Avery had muttering something under his breath about biding time.

Avery didn't notice--she was too busy staring hopelessly at Cona as the other girl shook her fist after Valen. "Don't you think it'd be a better idea to help him or something? Get away from all these people over here?" She suggested, still sweat-dropping, while she took a glance at all the passing people who were throwing them strange looks.

January 9th, 2006, 11:21 PM
Yey,like someone I can relate to now.^^
Anyway,I leave my house at round 5.50 too.

For P.E,just a white polo shirt(I think.o.O) and dark blue shorts.And then we've to change back to our white blouse with silver shiney buttons and white skirt during recess.We've these extra school badges which are real small.To pin on the blouse.Or whatever,shirt for the guy dudes.I'm amazed that I haven't lost it yet.XD

I take the bus to school.Since my dad's too lazy to drive me there early in the morning.Go Figure.>_>;;
The school bus then has to go and fetch other peeps AND go to the school.Which is very much Feebas far away from my place.All in all,tis' 1hour.Yep.XD

Monday is an evil day.The evil ties.The evil atrocious hour they let us off at-.4.15*shudder*

Titan really is lucky.XD


"Help him?So he can control our minds and make us join his snivelling legion of mindless drones?I think not!"Cona scoffed at Avery's suggestion,who in the world would say such a crazy thing,indeed.

Still,it did seem that Valen needed help.Bah,and if she wanted to find out his secret plan and prove him be evil,she had to follow the boy closely.One slip up,and then,yay!No one would call her crazy ever again!

"On the other hand.Yes,he does seem like he needs help..."the trainer rubbed her hands together,and without warning,grabbed onto Avery's arm and started off in the direction Valen had gone in.

{Hello,Skarka!It is very hot to meet someone like you!}Kuner grinned at the Duskull's sheer funniness.Again,he had not gotten the right slang of words in a sentence.The Pidgey then decided that it was no fun to let his wrinkly claws touch the pavement,instead taking his old place on Krys' head.

{Hey,Skarki!I'm Krystal.You seem to be good friend material!}the Marshtomp had gotten up from his spot on the pavement just to introduce himself to the Ghost type.Wouldn't she feel lucky right now?

The Mudfish then noticed that his trainer was running off again.Oh joy.

{Wait up,Cona!}he called out,breaking into a sprint to follow after his trainer.

January 10th, 2006, 8:42 AM
{ooc| Yibber; my uniform is a white shirt and a blue tie in winter, and a blue polo shirt in summer. Girls can wear either black pleated skirts (knee length, though mine is much higher xD) or black trousers (flared by no more than 3 cm). We have v-necked blue jumpers to wear, and then we have to wear a black coat on top of that. Our school starts at 8:30 and ends at 2:40, and we get an hour of homework most nights. xP Our school's strict over all... but our lessons are quite casual, most of the time the teacher gives us a task and we carry it out while talking/listening to mp3 players/eating. Though... we're only allowed things with sugar in from 12 o' clock onwards, drinks have to be water...we've got loads or horrid rules like that.
BB, why don't you just throw your character in somewhere? Rosairie and Kyoko are at a cafe...}

Rosairie blinked furiously, as Minna appeared seemingly from nowhere, and zapped her Golduck outright. Before the girl could even react, Minna was gabbling away in her shrill, confusing language.
The golduck didn't seem to have a problem understanding; as the sparks of lightning flashed through her, her expression soured. Her brow furrowd, her eyes narrowed, and the duck pokemon looked ready to lunge. Minna wasn't done, it seemed, and the little minun just kept going. She seemed to be ranting for an age, and because Rosairie had understood none of it, her head was beginning to ache. However, what her Golduck did next gave her a pretty good idea.

The golduck cracked her knuckles together, and observed the minun with her fierce, unwavering gaze.
{My name, little rat, is Vampress. I am a female. And I am...} she leant forward, flicking Minna on her nose as she said each word, {Superior... to... you... in.. every... way!}
An eerie hissing noise escaped her throat, and she strutted off to stand behind Henna. {I'm hungry, Rosairie.} she announced.

Rosairie sighed. "Okay, calm down..." she rumaged in her bag and pulled out a plastic box, filled with pokemon food. Four bowls sat neatly on top; each one was colour-coded according to the pokemon, and lined with silver. Each one was a beautiful piece of craftmanship; it was weird to think that pokemon would be eating out of them.
She dished out a couple of handfulls each, and gave them to her pokemon. Vampress and Henna were also given a silver spoon; they ate with perfect ettiquette. The Golduck shot Minna a daggered glare from behind her dish.
Rosairie turned to Minna. "Minna, my sweetie, where's your trainer?"

{ooc| Do you get swans in other countries...? They're really nasty creatures, beautiful but SO vicious. One dog I look after got gorged by a swan and lost the tip of his tail.... Vampress is basically a swan in pokemon form.}

January 10th, 2006, 9:19 AM
OOC: Thanks for the kind words all! I'm feeling better yes, but my eyes are still aching if I concentrate on something for too long. I shouldn't really even be typing this, but eh, I'll be okay. ^^

And Swans are vicious? o.o I never would have guessed. I think I've only ever seen a couple around where I live. And those might have been really pretty geese. *shrug* Never been up-close to one though.

Oh, and someone else shall have to do a summary for you BB, or my eyes will explode. O___O


The little Mawile tugged at Reina's jeans. Reina smiled a bit at the cute thing, she did like Mawile, though they were a tad too cute for her taste. Tabansi stepped forward, clicking his wings softly.

{You are lost? Well, perhaps if you told us what your Papa looked like we could help you find him,} he said kindly, phrasing it so that Reina would know what was going on.

Pixie nodded, which looked more like her body's upper half was rocking back and forth, {Oh yes, we shall help you little one.}

Reina didn't like babysitting too much, but she wasn't about to turn the cutie down.

"Come on then," Reina said, picking up the Mawile seeing as the little thing looked as if it were one of those types that were prone to running off. Probably why it had gotten lost in the first place. "So what's this Papa of yours look like? And if you see him, point him out," Reina said aloud, looking at the many faces in the crowds to see if perhaps one of them looked as if they had lost something.

Reina tried to picture what she thought would be the trainer of a cute, little Mawile. Probably a younger girl. Blonde or long-haired, wearing a dress or skirt, and more makeup than a clown. Poor Mawile... yep, that trainer was probably going to be full of themselves and really irritating to Reina.

Alter Ego
January 10th, 2006, 10:23 AM

Welcome back BB!!! ^__^

Yay! Our little family is united again! Well, as united as it will ever be anyway. XD I'm sorry to hear that you've had personal problems, but I'm really glad that you're back, so...welcome back. ^^ Oh, and Melissa is feeling better too! A glorious day this is! Carrot juice for all I say! *Passes around bottles*

Yeah, to those who didn't know yet; I happen to like carrot juice. ^^

Anyways, yeah, I'm one lucky dog. Today, the only thing on the agenda for our Swedish class was to read on this one book which I had already read through during the christmas holidays so I got to skip that lesson, and there was a skip hour after that so I got two extra hours of sleep this morn', didn't have to go to school til' twelve, and I only had a double lesson in Economics. *Gloats* My school so pwns all of yours! XD

Oh, and I know how vicious swans are...although you should remember that there are two species of swan (At least here in Finland), here we have the smaller, original species, quite friendly and timid by nature, and then we have those big, nasty-tempered, bullying swans who moved in from somewhere else in Europe (England maybe?). And those moved-in swans now have numbers' advantage and are picking on and killing off the original swan population! The big meanies! XO


{Ohh! Thankies, nice persons!} Kachiko exclaimed as both Reina and her pokmon promised to help her, giggling in delight as the girl lifted her up, {My papa looks like...} she took a pause, never having been confronted with such a question before and having, for once, to ponder what papa looked like again, {Erm, my papa...well, erm, papa is really tall!} she concluded at last, {Uh-huh, really, really tall, like this...} she held her little hands as far from each other as possible, {Only bigger, and papa wears things on his legs, like this nice big person} she nodded towards Reina, {Only they are longer and not all curled up or anythin', and papa has got these big, black things beneath the blue things, and...and-} the Mawile fell silent, unable to come up with any more ways to describe papa, {And I will point out papa to you!} she repeated dutifully, nodding her head enthusiastically, the huge jaws snapping about absent-mindedly in the air before turning on their grin, {Yes! I will be the bestest pointer out of papa ever! You'll see!} for a moment, the Steel type remained silent again, smiling cheerfully while attempting to look in all directions at the same time in an effort to spot papa, her head turning so energetically that it was a wonder that her head remained attached.


Meanwhile, 'papa', was just as busy, if not even moreso, in his search for Kachiko, plowing his way through the crowd at random, occasionally checking the vicinity of trainers with Beautiflys and Butterfrees, mostly silly-looking girls as he noted to his annoyance, in the hopes of finding the little Mawile in their vicinity, but to no avail, his frustration rapidly building. Rounding yet another corner, the boy was so preoccupied that he almost ran into someone, managing an emergency dodge at the very last minute and casting a frustrated glare at the person who had stood in his path. It was an older woman, probably at the end of her forties or possibly the beginning of her fifties, wearing all the trappings of a fake fortune teller; shawls and eyeshadow and all that nonsense that impressed guillable tourists. And sure enough, the woman soon began spouting the usual jargon;

"Ahh...I see that the fates have brought yet another lost soul to my presence." the woman said, waving her arms dramatically, "It appears that my vision was correct!"

"Out of my way!" Valen growled, being in no mood for plesantries, especially when it came to nutty old ladies whom he had nearly collided with, "I'm busy!"

"Oh, aren't we all, dearie?" the woman replied in an airy voice, seemingly paying no heed to the boy's voice, "Ah, but I hear the spirits of the otherworld, their voices are telling me that you are a spirit in need of my guidance."

"Is that so?" Valen asked in a cold voice, "Well now you hear my voice telling you to get out of my way! Save your ramblings for some guillable tourist!"

"Ramblings, are they?" the woman asked, now sounding a bit more annoyed, "Well then, how would you explain that I know..." she paused for a moment, shutting her eyes and humming something in an attempt to create a dramatical effect, emphasising the procedure with energetic hand gestures, "That you are searching for someone?" she concluded at last, her voice triumphant, "Yes, the voices of the otherworld have spoken. You are definitely searching for someone, a she perhaps?"

"None of your bussiness." Valen retorted fiercely, feeling his anger build. Who did this woman think she was, interrupting her search like that? For anyone in possession of even half a brain it was plain to see that he was searching for someone, and that 'she' thing was probably a fluke.

"Ah, so you would believe, sceptical one." the woman replied, a slight flicker of contentment audible in her voice as she clearly noticed she had struck a vein, "Yet still I maintain that it is, and that I can help you. But first, allow me to hear something more about this someone you are looknig for. She is a girl, yes. A girlfriend perhaps?"

"No she's not!" Valen retorted, now beginning to pale out of sheer anger, his hands clenched into tight fists, "Kachiko is a Mawile and my pokmon, and there's nothing you can do to help me find her! So why don't you go tell your precious spirits that and leave me alone?"

"A Mawile, eh?" the woman replied, "Oh dearie, dearie, dear...I know all about the Mawile you seek, but since you aren't interested..." she shrugged, even this simple motion gaining an over-dramatic touch, and turned around, fully aware that the boy would stop her. And she wasn't dissapointed.

"Hold." Valen said sternly, "Are you telling me that you saw where she went?"

"Maybe..." the woman replied nonchalantly, "But my memory isn't what it once was, dearie...I can't say for sure...unless..."

"Unless?" Valen echoed, a measure of distaste evident in his voice, he knew a minor case of blackmail when he saw one.

"Unless you would allow me to do a reading for you, dearie." the woman replied, her eyes gleaming.

"And how much would this reading cost?" Valen asked dryly.

"Cost?" the woman echoed in a slightly offended tone, "What do you take me for, dearie? A common charlatan?!" she gathered up her shawls, puffing herself up self-importantly, "I, madame Ostria, am a proffessional medium. I don't charge people for readings. Now supplies and trinkets, on the other hand..." she smiled shrewdly, "Those are another matter alltogether. But it's not your money I'm after, dearie." she added, her voice gaining its familiar airiness, "It's your aura, I have never seen its like before...so strong, yet so obscured. I wish to hone my skills on it."

Valen gave a tired sigh, although it was fortunate that this old woman seemed to be too mad to make proper profit of the situation she had been given, "How long would this reading take then?" he asked irritably, "For every second I waste, finding Kachiko becomes that much harder."

"Oh, only a couple of minutes, dearie." the old woman replied, her face breaking into a smile as she took this as the boy's acceptance, beginnign to rummage amongst her shawls until she finally found what she was looking for, pulling out her hand triumphantly, a bundle of small paper slips held tightly in it "Here you go, dearie." she said, holding the bundle out to Valen, "These are karmic fortunes, choose one for yourself and your aura will see to that you choose the one which s right for you."

The boy merely nodded, passionlessly grabbing the first slip that came to mind and bringing it up in front of him.

"Go on, dearie." Ostria urged him, sounding almost as impatient as a little child, "Read it."

"Your sweet and bubbly personality is a constant source of joy for those around you. Watch that figure of yours and something big will happen after summer..." Valen gave the woman a blank look, "Thanks." he said sarcastically, pushing the slip back to her before beginning to walk off, "That was really enlightening."

"No! Wait!" Ostria called after the boy, grabbing him by the arm and offering the slips again, "It is as I anticipated." she explained eagerly, "Your strong aura has briefly confused the karmic essence of the fortunes. It will pass soon. Please, try another."

"Fine." Valen snapped, snatching another one of the fortunes and reading it out loud;

"Note to self, microwaves are not cat-friendly. Remember to sue producer for lacking safety instructions."

"Wait!" Ostria called, hastily snatching the slip back to herself, "That one must have gotten mixed in by accident. Here dearie, try one more time." she held out the fortunes to him in an almost pleading manner.

"Whatever!" Valen called, now feeling a good bit angry again as he snatched a third piece of paper, this time staring quietly at the words for a minute.

"Well?!" Ostria asked, almost peering over the boy's shoulder, "What does it say, dearie?"

"What your pursue will be yours but you will loose something dear."

Both remained silent for a moment, Ostria rubbing her hands together triumphantly "It worked!" she called out triumphantly, "Tis' an accurate reading, dearie, I'm sure! The spirits of the otherworld tell me so. And I must say I'm fascinated, no-one's ever gotten that one before."

"I'm so glad you're amused." Valen replied coldly, offering the slip back to the woman.

"Oh, no, no, no. I can't take that back, dearie." she replied, shaking her head and holding up both hands in refusal, "One can't take back a prediction. You keep it, dearie, it might serve to guide you in the future, ominous though it is."

"Whatever..." Valen replied, carelessly folding up the slip and putting it in his back pocket, "Now where did the Mawile go?"

"That direction, dearie." Ostria replied, pointing in the direction where Valen had been heading before the two met "Do come and tell me if that one comes true, won't you? We could have a game of poker too-" she stopped, realizing that the boy had already rushed off and shaking her head "Poor sceptic..." she said for herself, "And a rude one at that, he'll learn his lesson when the three Exeggutors of the apocalypse come for him, oh yes, he will rue the day..."

OOC: Meh, hope that was an accurate Ostria. Vincent's reaction is in my next post. ^-^

January 10th, 2006, 10:33 AM
{ooc| *evil eyes* brilliant, I snatch another hour online and I have nothing to post... xD

The swans here are big, vicious, and they hiss like constipated cats. They probably migrated....I don't know why though. They're a protected specie here. Only royalty is allowed to kill them, and only the current reigning monach is allowed to eat them. I guess that's a good thing, otherwise everyone would be out with their pitchforks to scare off those hatefull birds.
Anyway, the same thing happened with our red squirrels. They were cool, and small, and had tufty ears, but then grey squirrels came from America and butchered them all.
I hope you feel better soon, Melissa~!}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 10th, 2006, 12:06 PM
OOC - Thankyou, very much Alter, thats greatly appreciated, and thanks peepz for the congrats on the walrein! he my little baby :)
which reminds me, i just checked his size, i always thought he was much bigger den that lol.
I started playing emerald, Grovyle (XD) Torkoal, Swellow, Kadabra, Mighteyana, Lombre

ok, anyway, i read the last page, not all of this page though, in a cafe huh? thankies to teh Charon - Chan'ness * gives bag of assorted buns*
ok, i'll try and ge back into the swing of things lol

IC: JJ walked out of a shop with a frown on his face, Grovyle was trailing behind doubles up in laughter, Jeffery turned to him and scowled,
''I don't think it was funny'' although he did look a little amused.

{Oh i'm sorry but thats where you were wrong, I havent laughed so much since Snorlax ate your pokeball!}

JJ turned red and continued walking, Grovyle did an impression as he spoke in a girly mocking voice
{Oh hello young lady, you would look very pretty in this dress, it's got pretty sunfloras on it}

''It.....it was.......because of my hair alright!'' he snapped, Grovyle caught up and just continued to titter.

Jeffery managed a slight smile out of embrassment before beginning to examin the surroundings again. There were a few shops he hadn't check out yet, and perhaps if......
suddenly his face was engulfed with shock
''Whoa! whats the time?! I forgot all about the tournament!''
he quickly shoved his hand in his back pocket and tried to pull out his phone, however his pokenav came out too and in a struggle to get a firm hold on both the gadgets, he dropped them both. The mobile phone fell to the floor and smashed, but the 2nd crash was not heard as Grovyle had quickly managed to catch it. Jeffery turned to him
''Thanks Grovyle'' he spoke low in a sigh as he took his pokenav and returned it to his back pocket before looking down at his broken phone, he bent down and picked it up, examining it

''Great...juuuust great, this was all i needed''
the screen had smashed and there was a deep chip at the bottom

{No offence...but you are pretty clumsy......and to put your mind at rest, we aren't late for the tournament} Grovyle repled said pointing at a clock on the wall near them

''Oh.....well thats good at least, now what am i gonna do about this?'' holding out his phone.
He began to look around the shop in little hope of finding what he was looking for.
''Theres no computer or repair shops nearby....''

{uuuum, i think i remember seeing one downstairs, down the elevator?} the grass pokemon suggested

''Yeah...actually i think I remember seeing that....but i don't think we should go back down here, i'de rather stay here, nearby incase i miss any important announcements, i'll just sort it out later''
he stupidly returned the phone to his pocket with the pokenav again.

''Ok.......time to kill some time, I wonder what Reina's up too, i really should have asked for her number, not that it would be much use to me at the moment''

Jeffery looked across the large area at a cafe, he took a step to the right, and saw 2 of the girls he had seen earlier sitting there eating, one was the girl who had come onto the elevator with the small minnun, and the other currently had a golduck with her.

''Well......I think i'de like some company, at least until the tournament starts.....maybe i'll go say hey''
he beckoned to Grovyle and walked towards the cafe, and opened the door.

OOC - Ok, think i managed it lol

January 10th, 2006, 12:26 PM
{ooc| Yay, buns! Right now I'm eating a dairy milk bar... chocolate, in other words.
Also... Rosairie has an Ivysaur, a Magmar and a Jolteon with her, as well as a Golduck ;)}

Rosairie's mind wandered as her pokemon began to eat. She rarely ate anything away from home, and the smell of the pokechow was beginning to make her nauseous. She was the sort of person that liked to know who prepared her food, so ready-made sandwiches and fast food was off the menu. Rosairie would rather buy all the bread and meat now and put it together here on the table, than eat a sandwich bought from the shop.
She sighed, and stared out into the square.
Rosairie blinked, and leaned closer to her magmar, and squinted. "Henna, do you recognise that boy?"
The magmar shot a quick glance in the direction Rosairie was gesturing, but she rolled her eyes. {Loads of boys have groovyles, how am I to know?}
Silence, however, nodded. He recognised the boy; he had been in a lift with a groovyle on his head!
The girl decided to take this as evidence; the boy with the grass-type was definetly JJ, who she had been introduced to briefly earlier.

Rosairie waved her hand in the air. "Hey! Hey, JJ!" she called.

Meanwhile, Vampress was still sneering at the minun.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 10th, 2006, 2:18 PM
The blonde trainer looked for the voice that had spoken his name, he saw it be one of the girls at the table, she was waving.
JJ smiled and looked down at Grovyle
''She remembers us buddy, come on''
The grass pokemon jumped ontop of his masters head and Jeffery began to walk towards them, he smiled and greeted them
''Hey, i'm glad you remembered me'' he chuckled ''I don't think we had the best of meetings earlier, I'm Jeffery, or...JJ...as you seem to know.....as you said my name.......uuuuum.......so....hi''

JJ turned red and thought to himself
*Yeeeah, great Jeffery, reaaal great, their not going to think your wierd now...*

Grovyle jumped down and pulle dout a leech which he popped in his mouth
{And what am I? a green bananna?!}

''huh?....oh....yea, this is Grovyle''
The grass type then smoothly leant against a chair and closed its eyes with a smile, as it would tend to do when trying to show off it's cool'ness.

''Show off...'' Jeffery muttered with a slight smile.
he then turned to the surrounding pokemon, along with the Golduck he has seen earlier, the girl who had called out to him was also accompanied by the impressive Magmar Jeffery had seen earlier, a Jolteon....and.....

''whoa'' Jeffery exclaimed ''An Ivysaur! awesome, now thats a cool pokemon, i've always had a soft spot for the grass started''
Grovyle tutted as if carelessly, although JJ could tell he was feeling a little jealous already, he turned to him

''Don't worry buddy, your still #1 on my list''
Grovyle swept a hand through his little hair, mimicking his master, as if carelessly. although deep inside it was thrilled.

JJ turned his attention back to the surrounding pokemon, there was also a minnun, a pokemon that JJ had crossed many times, quite deadly when trained correctly.

''Are these all your pokemon?'' he asked them keenly.

OOC - teehee, sorry, didn;t know you had them all out XD. i also have doughnuts if your interested? dey are teh awesome'ness

Random Plushie
January 10th, 2006, 9:35 PM

I dun like essays. They make me sad. D:

I dun like family tree projects either. I've had to make one every year. D:

I also dun like moths, as Titan already knows. They keep finding me and attacking me in the morning. D:

But I likie the internet. =D


Avery almost let a surprised yelp escape her when Cona grabbed her by the arm and started to drag her away, but quickly shut herself up, knowing that the least amount of noise made would attract less people to stare their way, aye?

"D-Did you happen to see where he went?" Avery managed to stutter, glancing at the crowd they were about to plunge into.

The Sableye at her feet quickly made a lunge for the leg nearest him, latching onto it and hanging on with ease as Avery was dragged away, while he remained silent, although that grin of his returned.

As for Skarka, once again she had prepared herself for a drawn out speech, this time for the lucky Pidgey and Marshtomp she just met, only to be completely thrown off when the group as a whole went on the move, causing the Duskull to mutter under her breath a bit while she turned to give chase.

{Honestly! You people can't even take the time to listen to your superiors! And I say this because I most certainly am not an elder, no matter who or what may proclaim that to be true! And another thing, you people travel much too fast as well!} She concluded, floating through the air frantically as she attempted to keep pace with Cona and Avery, a great frown plastered on her face. Oh, how she wanted more attention, although preferably from more respectable folk.


Me XD Teameh (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/purple_wing/XD_Group.jpg)

Heehee, I had a lotta fun with this one. XD

Piro (Espeon) and Yoku (Ursaring) got their FBI thing goin' on..

Teh Sableye (who is supposed to be a rip-off of Fable XD) is being himself..

Akeru (Houndoom) just jumped off a hill 'cause he's happy and hyper..

Makamo (Ampharos) is about to be squished..

And Kinaki (obviously teh Mawile) wants attention and is dancing to get it.

Don't laugh, we're professionals. XD

January 11th, 2006, 2:37 AM

Plushie,that is another great drawing right there!^^

You just have to,like,love Makamo's expression!!!!And Yoku+Piro=Coolness...XD
Akeru's making me happy and hyper just looking at him.Kanaki's dancing tis professional,and I Feebas the way you like,drew Fable.^^


"Of course not!That Valen person runs fast."Cona frowned,the crowd was getting unbearable,and it was hard to push your way through to start with.

"Kuner,could you please clear a path for us?"she ordered the Pidgey in an irritated tone despite the way she phrased the sentence.The Flying type leapt up from his spot on Krys' head to poke all the dudes which were blocking Cona and Avery's way with his beak.Making a straight and neat line for his trainer and her friend to walk down.The surronding people woh had had the misfortune of a poke to the rear shot the girl and Avery scowls and rude looks.

She,however,had other things on her mind,ignoring the faces of the crowd.Kuner let out a laugh,before landing onto Cona's shoulder.

Soon,the surrondings began to look familiar to the girl,she stopped outside a fortune telling stall,placing a finger on her chin."Ostria?"the trainer called out.

"Ooh!Dearie,dear!You're back!The fate's must have brought you here!And...a friend as well!"the fortune teller came out of her stand in a dramatic fashion,twirling around once before stopping to grin at Cona,then to the girl beside her.

"So?Looking for a friend I see..."it was as if she had read the look on Avery's face,taking a good pause before continuing.

"Ooh!I seem to have met him before!"the woman clapped her hands together in excitment,nodding at Cona before turning back to the other girl.

"But...would you like a reading,dearie?"Ostria asked her in a mysterious and airy voice,one which would've been very accustomed to if they had hung out with her long enough.

"Go one,Avery.Valen can wait.Ostria's a professional at this!"Cona told the girl,blushing before letting go of her arm once she found out that she was clutching Avery's extremely hard.

Alter Ego
January 11th, 2006, 8:56 AM
OOC: Ohh...nice picceh, Plushie! I especially love the expressions on Akeru and Makamo! Yoku and Piro are real cute with their shades and all too, and the rest of them are well done as well. ^-^ You really pwn when it comes to making expressions, Plushie! Here, have a cookie. *Gives cookie*

Anyways, I think it's about time for a premature tournament announcement. >D *Cracks fingers* Well okay, it's really just the announcement of the city clear-up for the tournament, but it should cause a little stirr. XD


"Iris!" Vincent called sharply as a foreign file began downloading itself into the database, "Interrupt that download immediately! Iris!" the securit chief slammed his fist into the table with such force that the cup of coffee on top of it leapt a bit up into the air, part of the brown liquid splattering out and staining the desk. Vincent didn't care however, scrambling for the mouse again and quickly selecting as many files as he could from the folder and punching delete, watching with some satisfication as a little taskbar appeared on the screen, tracking the process. He would rather sacrifice the reports than let them out, and besides, they would hardly be lost forever, just dismembered and marked for overwriting. He could gather them together just as soon as the situation was solved. The securit chief's expression darkened however, as the taskbar suddenly ground to a halt, another window popping up and declaring that the files couldn't be accessed anymore.

"Son of a-!" Vincet had a good mind to strangle someone just to relieve his stress, but decided against it, collecting his witts and activating the microphone on his headset instead, "Hello, announcements department?" he asked.

"Yes sir?" came a voice from the other end of the connection.

"It's time to announce the preparatory clear up for Undercity."

"What? Already?" the other person protested, "But the tournament doesn't start until-"

"Do it!" Vincent interrupted, "That's an order."

"Y-yes sir!" the other one replied hastily before a little klick became audible, signalling that the connection had been cut.

Vincent leaned back, now reduced to little more than simply waiting for how things would work out until Iris came back in contact with him. Well, the Porygon 2 had already confirmed that the offending computer was somewhere within the city limits, with a little luck, this particular rat would be running the show with a public computer to throw any surveilance equipment of his trail, and if he was...well, then the intrusion would end up being short-lived indeed.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the cybernetic void, Iris was vaguely aware of a projectile heading her way, at first at loss about what to do. The Zap Cannon was charged and ready, but Vincent had specifically told her to wait for his mark, so she held onto the energy. In the end, however, just a moment before the Tri Attack would have reached her, the virtual pokmon's self-preservation programing kicked in however, and she did the one thing that came naturally...releasing the whole payload straight at the target she had already pin-pointed, the charge of energy firing forward to meet the combination of fire, ice, and lightning, the two projectiles meeting just a bit away from the Porygon 2...and, unlike in a conventional battle situation, passing straight through each other, each heading for their own target with unyeilding accuracy.


"Attention all citizens!" the loudspeakers all throughout both Overcity and Undercity boomed, "Repeat, attention all citizens! The clear up for the tournament will now start! All private homes, as well as stores, hotels, and other bussinesses within Undercity are to be closed down and secured without delay and all citizens and visitors are kindly asked to relocate themselves to Overcity as quickly as possible. The train, and subway system will also be locked down for the duration of the tournament, and the harbor will be sealed off to protect it from collateral damage. Contest participants please wait for further instructions. Waiwai Inc. does not assume any liability for any personal or material damage caused by the tournament. Thank you."

January 11th, 2006, 9:54 AM
OOC: Cute piccie Plushie! As said before, I love the expressions! The FBI attitude is great! Nothing like an Ursaring posing in FBI sunglasses. ^.^

Oh yeah, and I'll try and post in Showgan later... I've got to let my eyes rest. @[email protected]


{Hm...,} mused Tabansi as he listened to the little Mawile, {Yes you had probably better point out your Papa.} His wings clicked and hummed a bit, and he peered around too, trying to look for anyone who looked distraught.

"Wait... is this a girl or boy we're looking for?" Reina asked, a bit confused.

{A boy,} Tabansi answered.

"Ah, okay, then that changes the idea of what 'Papa' looks like just a bit," Reina said, transforming the image in her head to one that was a younger boy that was 'in touch with his feminine side'. She then began to look for people that fit the new description.

Compared to her two friends, Pixie was using another way to find the trainer. She relied on not eyes to see, but her psychic sense and vibrations from the ground and objects around her. She tried her best to sense the little Mawile's trainer. It was very difficult with so many people around though, and she wasn't having much luck.

That's when the announcement was made, and Reina felt a bit of panic rise in her. She had to find this Mawile's trainer fast. After all, what if her trainer wasn't in the tournament? Then they would be separated for quite some time. Reina wasn't a master of other people's feelings, but she certainly knew what it would be like for a trainer to lose a beloved pokemon.

"Aw... man!" she grunted, feeling frustrated, "Let's go! Come on...!"

Pixie seemed to be concentrating, {I... I think he's nearby....}

Reina ignored Pixie though and rushed forward, glancing that strange fortune-teller Ostria out of the corner of her eye. As she thought about the woman's strange and mysterious prediction, and then Ninetails that had come for her, she ran into someone.

"Hey! Watch it buddy! I'm holding a lost Mawile here!" Reina snapped, feeling annoyed at both herself and the boy she had bumped into. Pixie jumped.

{That's him! That's Papa!} she trilled, pointing to the boy.

Reina recognized him as the scary boy from earlier. It took her a second to recognize him without the large gaggle of girls surrounding him.

"You...? You're Papa?!" Reina said with a tone of surprise showing through.

{Oh my... perhaps it would be best not to enrage him Reina... he looks to be almost as dangerous as that Aggron,} Tabansi warned wisely. He didn't really like the looks of this.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 11th, 2006, 10:27 AM
OOC - not much I can do in an IC post until charon or mika reply :)
dat is teh awesome'ness drawing though, sableye looks drunk! teehee.
Emerald is great! got it a couple of days ago, just got to where i battle team aqua with steven as my partner, thats a good addition to the game lol.

January 11th, 2006, 11:13 AM
{ooc| Plush, your picture rocks! Ph33r t3h FBI 4ttitud3 xD}

Rosairie's smile stretched into a proud grin, as Jeffery commented on her pokemon. The ivysaur's own expression was exactly the same. He shook himself down, his leaves moving with a lucious motion.
{'Dis boy has good taste,} he commeted in his lazy gangster-style drawl, {He knows which pokemon kick...}
Henna pulled a face. {You're an idiot, Sinbad.} She declared. Before inbad could answer back, Rosairie jumped in. She could smell an arguement between her pokemon a mile away, and she was the sort of girl that really liked to burn the bridge before she had even crossed them.

"Well, these four do..." she told JJ, gesturing to the four beside her, "but the Minun... she belongs to me friend... I don't know where her trainer is...." Rosairie trailed off, as an announcement boomed out on loudpseaker. Silence leapt off his chair and skittered off to shiver behind Rosairie. Henna grunted, and shushed the others.
{listen!} she hissed.

The girl and her pokemon listened carefully to the announcement, occasionally exchanging smug glances. Even Silence slunk out from behind his trainer, if only for a second, and gave the others a beaming smile.
As the message drew to a close, Rosairie clapped her hands.
"C'mon, quick, finish up!" she urged, and her pokemon did their best to bolt down the rest of their pokechow. Rosairie stowed away the bowls, threw her backpack over her back, and turned to JJ. "Do you want to come with us?" she asked.
Her pokemon were already jostling with each other to stand behind their trainer. They were excited. They were proud. They were confident. In the end, Silence won; the lithe little Jolteon slipped in neatly between her heels and Henna.

{ooc| Yey, lyk, contest!!11}

January 11th, 2006, 11:41 AM
Minun blinked, slightly annoyed at being talked to as "somebody else's pokemon" when she was trully the only pokemon that was worth looking at there... at least in her own little mind, which was the only mind that mattered anyways, and she wasn't exactly going to be outdone. Rosairie's shoulder looked quite open for the taking and she scampered up it, nuzzling her new perch's neck before curling up o so cutely.

Kyoko blinked, suddenly standing as she noticed that the yellow sack sitting next to her wasn't a Minun. She looked through the deep pockets of her jeans, (Yes she believed a minun could fit in her pocket) before hitting the ground and looking under every single table, quickly becoming a frantic fuzzball.


Charon-nee might 'plain it more but I'm sick. ; Again. I got sick before, then my parents got it and now they've given it back. So yeah. Please dun mind the crappy posts, I feel like a snorlax that got woken up too soon. @[email protected]

January 11th, 2006, 11:52 AM
{ooc| Yeah, Mika is quite prone to illness, and once again she is feeling terrible and can hardly sit up. I am providing her with lovely FMA pictures, and virtual hugs, so let's hope she gets better soooon... Luff chu!}

Vampress hissed loudly as the minun scooted past her, Sinbad grunted, and Henna let out a little 'eh?' of suprise. As usual, Silence didn't make a sound, and he stepped aside to make way for the little electric type.

Rosairie glanced at Minna as she leapt onto her shoulder, and picked up the minun around her waist. "What... on earth...?" she blinked curiously, and pulled the creature closer. "Hello, sweetums, where's your trainer?" Rosairie, it turned out, was looking in completely the wrong direction.
Vampress coughed loudly. She could see Kyoko out of the corner of her eye, but watching humans worry was one of her favourite sports. How frantic they grew, how desperate! It brought a tear of glee to her eye....

January 11th, 2006, 11:58 AM
(ooc- T~T I'm so stressed lately.... Mweh. ;; )

Kyoko was scampering under tables, chairs, behind boxes and doors until she suddenly gave up on trying and sat back down, head in her hands. "Nii-san... is going to be furious... Minna's run off, the competition starts soon, I've only eaten half my obento and I have no idea as to where the heck I am... Oiiih...." She groaned softly, rubbing her forehead with her forefinger and thumb.

Minna blinked, ducking behind Rosairie's head... She'd most certinally been a bad mousie... as Kyoko's mutterings were quickly becoming louder and audible and anybody with a brain could tell from her movements as to which direction they were coming from

Alter Ego
January 11th, 2006, 12:15 PM
OOC: Amen, BB, amen. Emerald is the pwnage to pwn all other pwnages! Just wait until you get to the Battle Frontier, I promise you won't be dissapointed. *Huggles Battle Frontier* ^-^ Still, wasn't it Team Magma you had to fight off with Steven's help? o.O Because I just have this very clear memory of facing two Camerupts at once. Anyways, that doesn't change the fact that Emerald pwns. A word of advice for the future, though; don't evolve Lotad straight away. Lotad learns Mist, Mega Drain and Rain Dance, during the same course of levels as Lombre gets Fake Out, Role Play, Fury Swipes, and Thief, and needless to say, the Lotad moves are far better suited for a final set. Out of curiosity, what movesets do your pokmon have? Sorry if that seems nosy, I just have this bad habit of rating people's movesets, as Plushie would know by now. XD



As the announcement rang through the city, infusing the crowd with even more motion than before, Valen's agitation grew further, and this agitation was by no means lessened when another person came charging into him, this time too suddenly for him to make a dodge. And to top it all, this stranger came with an attitude as well.

Valen turned angrily towards the offender, wearing his fiercest expression and opening his mouth in preparation of releasing a sentence which was...well, to call it colorfull would have been an understatement, but he shut it just as quickly when something else came to take up his attention, something small and metallic which lunged straight at him.

{Papa!} Kachiko exclaimed, instantly leaping out of Reina's hands and straight at the boy, attempting to grab a hold of his neck but slipping, latching onto the necklace of metallic beads he wore instead.

"Kachiko!" Valen couldn't help shouting the name out loud as he grabbed a secure hold of the Mawile with both hands, lifting her up with a mixture of relief and shock on his face "Kachiko." he repeated sternly, locking eyes with the steel type, "What were you thinking, rushing headlong off into the street like that?! Don't you have any idea of how dangerous that is?!"

{I-I'm sorry, papa!} Kachiko cried out in response, tears beginning to well up in her eyes, {B-but, there was this-this person, and-and she had this pretty butterfly, and-and I just wanted to-}

"It-it's allright..." Valen said, wiping away the Mawile's tears. Despite his general disgust for 'weak' feelings of any kind, the boy somehow couldn't help treasuring the little steel type's innocent and childish behaviour, even though he spent an equal amount of time lamenting it "But don't ever do that again. Do you understand me, Kachiko?" he looked the Mawile in the eyes, his voice stern, "Not ever."

{M-hm...} the little Mawile replied, managing to surpress her sadness, {Not ever.} she repeated dutifully, {Not ever, ever!}

Valen gave the steel type a small smile, "Good girl." he replied, stroking Kachiko's head before becoming painfully aware of that the girl he had run into was still there, and that she had now seen the whole proceedings. The boy felt a rush of shame build up within him for being so carelessly open about his feelings again, quickly placing the Mawile on his shoulder before turning to respond to Reina's question;

"Yes, I'm papa." he replied in a level voice, his eyes bearing a slightly dangerous glint, Go ahead... they seemed to say, Go ahead, make fun of it. I dare you...
"Or so my Mawile has chosen to refer to me as." he continued, his voice still carefully calm and polite, "You will have to excuse her if she has caused any trouble. She still has a child's mind and a child's sense of discipline, I'm afraid."

As he spoke, Valen made a point of carefully studying the girl in front of her. Yes, she was definitely female, but she wore an attire more masculine than some of the things he had seen 'boys' his age wear. And judging by her initial reaction and general manner, she wasn't one of those sickeningly weak, dainty, girly-girls who ran off screaming the moment they saw a little Spinarak. It was Reina's luck, perhaps, that she was so far in both appearance and manner from the people Valen despised most, not to mention that she had returned Kachiko and that the Mawile was still present, making any serious and immidiate retribution for the offence of running into him a less prefered option. And finally, there was her pokmon...on this subject Valen was a bit indescisive; on one hand, she had one of those sickeningly girly starfish pokmon...what were they called again? Oh yes, Staryu. And it seemed to be a particularly small and fidgety one at that. But on the other hand, the girl was also accompanied by a far more capable looking Heracross, a hardy breed and a worthy pokmon in Valen's book. This one seemed a good bit smarter than the Staryu too, immediately whispering giving a couple of words of advice to her trainer.

Kachiko's eyes widened at Tabanasi's statement, the Mawile bursting into a fit of giggles at the end of it {P-papa dangerous?} she managed to get out between her giggles, {Now you're being silly, cool bug-like new person! Papa is the nicest, strongest, bestest papa there is! He's not dangerous!}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 11th, 2006, 1:54 PM
OOC - lol, yep tea magma, that was it lol.
and i don't mind ur asking, i like to talk about it actually lol, i have not evolved my lombre, although i have the stone, he knows
fake out

fake out has actually been a real help of a move, i was underating it greatly before using it myself. also a question, does lombre not learn razor leaf? i would have thought he did as he does on the anime, not that i assume the game and anime have to be the same (hyper beam hey titan ;)) just curious really.

also, sorry charon and mika, i've just got back from Drama, and im very tired, forgive my extremely idiotic question, but what just happened? did mika's minun just run off? and did rosaire catch it? dang i need some sleep lol.

January 11th, 2006, 1:55 PM
{ooc| My emerald game still hasn't arrived. Our postal service is in upheaval so everything is slow right now. xP}

"Where is she, sweetie pea? Where's she gone?" Rosairie cooed, talking to the little minun like a baby - even though she probably had more brains than the girl herself. Meanwhile, Vampress's expression was growing sourer with each passing second. Eventually, all the cooing got too much.
{Hey, Rozz, is that what you're looking for?} The golduck asked, jerking her thumb over her shoulder in the direction of Kyoko.
Rosairie blinked stupidly. "So it is..." she poked Minna. "Go on, get. Go back to your trainer." she urged, and she bent down and put the little mouse on the ground.
Rosairie stood back up. "Kyoko!" she called, cupping her hands to her mouth, "C'mon! The tournament starts soon!" Rosairie didn't wait for an answer. She was too eager to start battling, as were her pokemon.

Henna, who had been scannig the crowds, tugged at Rosairie's sleeve. {Hey, Rozzie, look. It's that Mawile we met earlier.}
Rosairie only allowed her eyes to fall on Valen for a split second. "Looks like that boy's found himself a he-she to hang out with. I mean, who does she think she is, dressing like a darned man?" she commented dryly.

{Gosh, someone slap her. And BB, Rosairie and Kyoko are still right where they were when you left us. Kyoko's just realised her Minun's missing, and Rosairie had had her the whole time.}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 11th, 2006, 2:37 PM
OOC - Thankies :) *gives pie*

IC - Jeffery watched the small scene unfold with a smile on his face.
once minnun had been returned he turned back to the girl with the Ivysaur
''Yeah, sure, i'll come with you 2'' he beamed at her.

''So Buddy'' he adressed his grass pokemon confidently ''are you ready?''
Grovyle raised an eyebrow
{do you really need to ask that question?}
he flicked a smile before jumping ontop of his masters head again

Jeffery laughed and scratched his nose.

What sort of competition would they be coming across? jeffery was of course willing and excited to be taking on new trainers, seeing their pokemon and their battle styles, but most of all.....try his absolute hardest, and try to emerge from the ceremony victorious. He frowned slightly as he thought of his grandfather, he would have proberly called up his mum again to see how he was, but perhaps that wasn't the best idea, he had to keep his concentration on the matter at hand...besides, his phone was broken. his heart skipped painfully as this painful thought jumped back into his head. How was he going to get by without his phone?.....oh well, he'd worry about that later.

The 3 walked out of the cafe and JJ stared across the hall at that girl with the marshtomp and the pidgey, cona was her name? she seemed like an interesting girl.
he then noticed that one of his companions was discussing something with her pokemon, JJ looked at the direction they were looking and saw......that boy.

it was the same one who he'd seen earlier, with the SRbok, although this time he was.....he was with Reina!

''There she is'' he muttered to himself,

JJ was somewhat comforted by the Arbok's disapearence, not that it neccacarily scared him, but it seemed to get a lot of people depressed, and Grovyle didn't seem to be in it's fan club.
This boy, whose name Jeffery was sure was Valen, interested him a lot, although he hadn't really seen anything to be a good reason to be suspicious of him, but the boy did seem to for no apparant reason dispise him.
JJ looked away, he didn't want Valen to catch him staring at him, and give him reason to hate him more then he already obviously did, whatever that reason might be.....

he turned to the two girls with him
''so....i forgot to ask, what are your names'' he forced a smile as he tried to get thoughts of valen, back, out of his mind.

Random Plushie
January 11th, 2006, 8:43 PM


*bye-bye cookie*

Yes, Plushie ish glad that you all know how to ph33r t3h FBI attitude. XDDDD

Oh, and BB (Charon as well), Titan speaks the truth, Emerald is the 3rd generation game to end all 3rd generation games.. You two will not be disappointed when you beat the Elite Four in your games, just as Titan has proclaimed.

[end Emerald worship]

Bleh, it feels like I'm making such an out-of-date post in this IC.. XD

Oh, and BB, I thought Seirini wasn't out of her Pokeball at the moment..?


Avery could've sworn that a little of her died inside every time Kuner jabbed at some random stranger in the crowd with that beak of his, succeeding in clearing a path for Cona and herself to walk through, but at the same time ripping her chances of making any more aquaintances to shreds. Tiny, unnoticable shreds.

She was so busy dying inside that she barely listened to what Ostria was saying when Cona had run into her, staring straight past the fortune-teller and wondering if the situation could get any more embarassing. Some of those strangers that Kuner had poked were still glaring at them..

Suddenly Fable coughed rather loudly, forcing the girl to her senses at the same time that Cona finally let go of her arm.

She now stared at Ostria, opening her mouth to say something but was interrupted by the announcement that was ringing throughout the city, instructing citizens to clear out Undercity.

{Ooh! Why, I never! How could you leave me behind like that?} Skarka exclaimed, finally catching up to the group as the announcement came to an end. Yes, she was rather slow.. {If I hadn't caught sight of the lucky one.. Kuner, was it? Yes, if I hadn't, then I'd be hopelessly lost! The-}

At this point, the Duskull was interrupted by Ostria, much like Avery had been with the announcement.

"Well, come on, dearie, the kind announcer said that contest competitors should wait! You will allow me to give you a reading during that time, won't you, dearie?" The fortune-teller said, throwing a grin at Avery, not sparing a glance at the rather agitated Duskull in the air, nor the awkward-looking Sableye clinging to the girl's leg.

"How did you.." Avery began, but then decided it was best not to ask. "Alright, then. Sure. Why not?" She replied, tilting her head slightly, now forgetting about the now slightly more frantic crowd around the group.

Ostria nodded, her smile fading as she started moving her hands about with dramatic gestures, attempting to add to that effect by humming slightly, closing her eyes and appearing to concentrate. The fortune-teller continued to behave in this way for several more seconds or so, before finally she began to speak.

"I see.." The old woman began, continuing to make dramatic gestures in the air. "I see.. Hmm.. I see something flashing.. Like metal, or.. Or some kind of jewelry. And I see.. A small black creature. Very blurry, though, dearie.. Can't make it out." Ostria concluded, ending her hand gestures and opening her eyes.

"Sorry, dearie, I cannot directly interpret what this means at the time. Perhaps you'll find out soon enough." The old woman said, smiling nonetheless.

"Well.. Okay.. Thanks anyways. Now come on, Cona, we've gotta find Valen." Avery said, managing a small smile at Ostria before turning towards Cona.

{Well, I say.. Flashing jewelry. Does that mean lunch?} Fable said from his spot on Avery's leg, grinning hungrily.

January 11th, 2006, 9:04 PM
No! Chain slammed his fist into his palm, his green eyes flashing with frustration. The tournament wasn't meant to start until later today. So, why now . . . The trainer's fist slowly relaxed as a thought crossed his mind. Waiwai Inc. wouldn't start the tournament early just so I . . . Well, I suppose it's a possiblity . . . Either way, there's not much more I can do now. Sighing slightly, Chain typed a command into the keyboard.


After releasing its attack, Porygon began to withdraw its Protect from the area, allowing a few connections to return to the network. Then, as a fully charged Zap Cannon shot toward it, it received a single command from its trainer: Log out. The cybernetic Pokemon obeyed promptly, vanishing as blast of digital electricity grazed its disappearing form.


"Circuit, you were damaged?" Chain asked as his damaged Pokemon appeared at the corner of his monitor. A written explanation began to form itself on the screen, Chain cancelled the detailed account with another command.

"Upload an anti-virus to WaiWai Inc.'s systems and delete all traces of our virus."

"Action not neccessary. Download cancelled," appeared on the screen before the trainer.

"Cancelled? Hm. I suppose we'll need to be faster next time. Very well . . . Unlock the folder and return, Porygon." A ruby light flashed from the monitor, into the device connected to the computer, out the port, and into the Premier Ball that hung from Chain's necklace. Lightly tapping the white sphere, Chain halted the download of files, checked to verify that the file was unlocked, and unplugged the device from the computer. Pocketing the object, Chain strode around the corner toward the counter of the internet cafe, Sneasel following behind him.

"Here." Chain dropped several coins on the counter. "That enough?"

Counting the money, the man checked his logs of computer usage. "For your time . . . Um, yes. Your change is--"

"--Keep the change," Chain interrupted before abruptly turning and exiting the building.

January 12th, 2006, 12:50 AM
"Best be off on your way now,dearies!Get ready for the competition!"Ostria nodded warmly as Avery smiled,gesturing to the purple-haired youth,the girl with a Herocross and blonde which had just joined the two not too far from them.

"I believe they are the ones you are looking for?"she said with a grin on her face.Cona gave the fortune teller a bow.Feebas,was this woman good or what?

"I'll meet up with the rest of you dearies sooner or later.Yes,I can sense that.Its a very strong possiblity,and aura!But now.."Ostria sweeped into an extremely low bow,it was a wonder her back didn't crack from the pressure.She then folded her shawls back to their original positions as she straightened herself.

"I must close my stall,dearie dears."she finished,giving Avery and Cona a gentle push towards the direction where Reina and the two boys were gathered.

The girl waved,delighted as the woman proceeded to gather her crystal ball,tarot cards.Well everything in that stall of hers.She then grabbed onto Avery's arm and proceeded to continue tugging her towards Valen,Reina and JJ.Was that Rosairie she had noticed staring at the dude and his Mawile?

{What's all this hullaballu about?}Kuner landed onto Krys' head,upon hearing his name being called out by Skarka.

{Lunch?But the tournaments starting already..}Krystal sighed sadly as he rubbed his stomach.The Marshtomp had completely forgotten that he had consumed a wheel of cheese not too long back.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 12th, 2006, 1:20 AM
Yuppers, i know plushie, thats what i said, perhaps u misread my wording from when i spoke ''There she is'' (was talking about reina, and then went aruptly into talk about serini, sorry, should have made that a little more clearer accept this doughnut as a token of my apology *gives doughnut*

Alter Ego
January 12th, 2006, 4:40 AM
OOC: Brilliant, just brilliant...here I am without really having anything to post. XD Oh well, I shall do some OOC stuffers instead. First off, BB, when telling about movesets it's good if you not only give the movest but also other relevant information such as the nature (Major factor), hold item, trait, and, if you know them, EVs of the pokmon, because a good moveset relies on all these things. The standard notation is the one Plushie uses;

Species**Nickname/Level (Optional, some people get pissed off if they see levels here, though)
@ (Hold item here)
Nature: (Add what stat it strengthens and what stat it weakens if you know)

As an example, this is a pokmon from my team, in quotes, because I can. XD (Moveset still under construction obviously ^^);

Camerupt**Baku, level 33
@ Nothing
Nature: Brave (+Attack, -Speed)
Trait: Magma Armor
Rock Slide

There, if you ever want to get your movesets rated by one of the 'official' raters around here then you more or less have to use that format.

Anyways, concerning your Lombre, I've overlined the moves I don't believe it should have, and added suggestions in bold, and comments in cursive like I always do.

@ Leftovers
absorb Giga Drain
thief Ice Beam
fake out Rain Dance

Okays, you didn't specify the trait/nature so I feel obliged to provide two separe sets. Yeah, Fake Out is fun and all but Lombre and Ludicolo just lack the physical power to make it really worthwhile, and there are plenty of moves that could do it more good. First of all, Rain Dance is a must for all of Lotad's evolutionary forms if you really want to raise them to their potential since both possible traits only work in rain. The set above is for a Lombre/Ludicolo with the 'Swift Swim' trait; Giga Drain is there because, despite its lack of PP, it's the strongest Grass move that Lotad's evolution line can get, unless you consider Solarbeam an option which I don't since they need Rain Dance like living things need water, and Ice Beam is there to counter grass, flying, and dragon types, Salamence gaining a special mention here. Together, Surf, Ice Beam, and Giga Drain will grant you full type coverage (I.e. You can hit any pokmon in the game with at least normal effectiveness.) although it's still vulnerable against Shedinja, I'm afraid. Other than that, Rain Dance makes this set a force to be reckoned with because it will not only grant resistance against fire types, but will also increase Surf's power by 50% and Lombre's speed by 10% (The latter because of Swift Swim). This set can work with Rain Dish too, but it won't be quite as effective due to the lack of speed. Anyways, concerning your question; Yes, Lotad/Lombre can get Razor Leaf, but only through breeding. You'd need a male from a species like Bulbasaur or possibly a Tropius, but that would also mean that you'd need not only to breed the two, assuming you have a female Lotad/Lombre, and hatch the egg, but also start training from a level 5 Lotad again. If you do choose to do so, however, I'd suggest getting Leech Seed while you're at it, because that move is pwnsome. Here's an optional set which works best with breeding and Rain Dish;

Nature: Preferably Bold (+Defense, -Attack) or Modest (+Sp.Attack, -Attack)
Trait: Rain Dish
Leech Seed/Toxic
Rain Dance/Ice Beam

This is quite an efficient mix between a tank and a staller. Basically, you're aiming to hit your opponent with Leech Seed and then simply wear them out with Substitute. The additional HP gain from Leech Seed combined with that from the Leftovers should ensure that you always have enough HP to make a sub, especially when you get the Rain Dish boost (Assuming that you've managed to get a Rain Dance up) which will make it practically impossible for your opponent to cause any damage as long as you can keep those subs coming. Grass types are a bit of a problem because they are immune to Leech Seed and tend to be part Poison which makes them immune to the Toxic variety as well, so you could also in this case consider replacing Rain Dance with Ice Beam to take care of those. Although the damage boost to Surf from Rain Dance combined with STAB and Ludicolo's high Sp.Attack should be enough to sweep away most Grass types anyway. Regardless, this set is a guaranteed headache for human players who will probably spend half their time trying to shake the Leech Seeds of by switching. ^-^

Regardless, I'd suggest evolving your Lombre with a Water Stone at this point (Lol, I can already see Yibber cringing from the Ludi. XD) because the only moves it's going to learn by level up are Uproar and Hydro Pump, and neither of them are worth it.

Well, there ya' go. Any possibility of seeing the others too? I'm on a roll, and rating movesets always makes me feel smart. XDDD

January 12th, 2006, 8:55 AM
OOC: OOC: Brilliant, just brilliant...here I am without really having anything to post. XD

Now whose fault would that be?! XD Erm, yeah, well, my eyes feel loads better today, so I'm sure I'll be posting lots. Yesterday I made the mistake of playing Fire Emblem for like 30 minutes, and killed my eyes (darned game!! >_<), so I didn't come back on to post.

*reads Charon's post* Dude... Reina's gonna kill Rosairie if she ever says something like that to her face. And Reina doesn't do girly-slaps and pull hair; she punches. ^-^;;

Yay, more movesets! I should bring out my Crystal game and see what I've got on it. Could be quite funny. ^^


"Oh," Reina said with even more surprise, considering the boy didn't look like someone who would ever speak so politely or behave to his pokemon so softly, "Nah, she wasn't too much trouble. It's kinda funny though, I expected a little girl or something to own such a cute pokemon, not well... you." She didn't say it with disgust or dissapointment; on the contrary, she much preferred the boy in front of her to a screaming girl with pigtails and a dress. They just weren't the kind of people she got along with.

{Hm?} Tabansi said, his wings ceasing to click as he took note of the Mawile's tone of voice, {My apologies Kachiko, this is the second time you've said that to me. I should believe you; I suppose appearances can be decieving. Very well, I shall consider Papa the nicest, strongest, bestest Papa there is.} The Heracross was actually getting used to referring to the boy as 'Papa', though he didn't quite realize it.

Pixie seemed quite shy, and didn't exactly like the vibrations she got from the boy as he had looked at her. That didn't really surprise her too much though, most boys weren't very appreciative of Staryu. He probably thought her weak and timid; and he'd be right.

"Yes, well, that's that, so now I guess--," Reina began, but was interrupted by Tabansi.

{Shouldn't we introduce ourselves Reina?} the Heracross suggested kindly.

Reina sighed a bit, "Ugh... fine. Tabansi my Heracross wants me to introduce myself. I have actually done this several times today, and I think it's really boring, so excuse me if I sound bored. I'm Reina, this is Tabansi--" she pointed to her wing-clicking Heracross, "--and this is my Staryu, Pixie. She's shy and stuff so she'll probably hide behind my legs as I introduce her." Reina bent her head to peek down and around her legs. Sure enough Pixie was hiding.

{H-Hello...,} she squeaked in her quiet, feminine Staryu voice, {P-Pleased to m-meet you.}

"Yeah, okay Tabansi I did it," Reina said to the bug-type with a slight frown. He always embarrassed her with this, now it looked like she wanted to join his fan club of girls. Where were those girls anyway? Reina didn't really want to be around when they showed up... especially that one girl... what was her name? Rosallie? Something like that; Reina was really no good with names.

Alter Ego
January 12th, 2006, 9:50 AM
OOC: Gee...I have no idea. XD Anyways, yeah, that's the bad side of Fire Emblem...it's so addictive...but congratulations on the bettering of the condition of your eyes! (Can't seem to fit any more 'of's in there) ^0^

And Rosairie vs Reina? XDDD Dang, that would be a sight, and a lesson in humility for Rosairie. >D

On the subject of movesets...hehee, the more the merrier. *Rubs hands together gleefully* I love movesets, only I tastefully dislike the people in the movesets section so I refuse to go anywhere near that place for anything more than a quick rating of a random team. Basically it's filled with a lot of people who all think they're moveset gods but wouldn't know a functioning ingame moveset even if it snuck up on them in the night and chewed their toes while they slept. <.<

Anyways, at long last...


Valen grimaced inwardly at the picture that built up in his head at Reina's comment, experiencing a strong urge to throttle that particular figment of his imagination. Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant sight for him "That's...quite a picture you're drawing up." he said, still maintaining a neutral voice, "One which I'm glad not to identify myself with, although I suppose that Kachiko does...create certain expectations." he cast a sideward glance at the Mawile who had just taken up singing a rather awkward song about pretty butterflies which she had apparently just thought up.

As Reina tried to leave the conversation just like that, only to be stopped by her Heracross, Valen failed to surpress a faint smile, although he was quick to hide it again as the girl turned back to him, introducing herself and her pokmon in a definitely non-enthusiastic voice and immediately shifting any possible blame on the bug type next to her whom she had introduced as 'Tabanasi' by claiming that the whole thing was his idea. This girl certainly wasn't like the others he had met this far; she wasn't a spoiled, rich brat who expected every member of the male species to fawn over her at first sight like Rosairie, she wasn't an annoyingly cheerfull and upbeat little girl like Avery, and she certainly wasn't certifiably insane like Cona. Had she been a couple of years younger, Reina could have passed for a boy in a heartbeat, both by her attire, which even Valen noticed as being slightly unco-ordinated colourwise, and her rough-hewn manner, and her blunt honesty was definitely a refreshing change from all the fake expressions and forced manners that he had been forced to endure throughout the day, immediately causing the girl to rank far lower on the annoyingness scale than the others Valen had met.

The boy merely nodded as Reina finished her introductions, "I see." he replied, his voice betraying a hint of amusement, "I am Valen, and this, as you know, is Kachiko. It is a pleasure to meet you, Reina, at least moreso than certain others around here..." he cast a suspicious glance over his shoulder, dreading to see Rosairie there but failing to, as the girl happened to be in another direction "But, since you are so bored with introductions..." he continued, "Then you will probably be pleased to know that the announcement for the trainers will be made shortly."

And sure enough, Valen had barely had the time to finish his sentence as the loudspeakers came to life once again;

"Attention all tournament participants! Please gather at the Central Square in Undercity! Repeat, all tournament participants please gather at the Central Square in Undercity as soon as possible, thank you!"

"Well, that sounds like our cue." Valen said, "I'd suggest getting to the Central Square fast, the contest organizers are not exactly famous for their patience."

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 12th, 2006, 11:25 AM
Edit: sorry, not a clue what happened here :S

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 12th, 2006, 11:25 AM
OOC - whoa, that was a lot to take in :|
I sorta understood what u said, i've never really been way into getting the perfect movesets etc in the games, none of my mates play em for battles anyway, i havent even done breeding before lol. cept once when i accidentally bred a zubat teehee.
Ur ideas for my lombre movset sound good though, very well thought out, may i ask, do u know a good website for looking up the pokemon and seeing all there possible moves and at what levels, and there moves when bred, etc etc etc? i used to know one but forgot it lol.

as far as ''nature'' goes believe it or not, not once have i ever payed attention to it, i didnt even know what it did, im a total n00b when it comes to the games, i dnt have much toime to play em, lot of other commitments.
but i may start paying more attention to stuff like this, thanks for that :)
my other pokemon, lets see, seeing as u enjoy it :)

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 12th, 2006, 11:37 AM
OOC - whoa that was a lot to take in titon bro :| lol
truth be told im a total n00b when it comes to pokemon games, i dont get much time to play them anymore.
as far as nature goes, believe it or not i have never payed attention to it, i didnt even know what it was there for before u said about (atk + def - etc) lol
and i like ur ideas for my lombre moveset though, seems well thought out and pretty cool, although i have never tried breeding either lol, cept the one time i accidentally got a zubat, teehee.
ok as u like it, heres my other pokemon

Level - 37
Nature - Careful
ability - Guts (ups attack if suffering)
Moves -
Quick Attack
Endavour (dnt really understand this one lol)
Wing attack

level - 36
Nature - Careful
Ability - white smoke (prevents ability reduction)
Moves -
Body Slam
Iron Defence (deleted curse for this lol i was half asleep)

level - 38
Nature - Bold
Ability - Intimidate (lowers foes attack)
Moves -
Strength (meh lol)

level -
Nature - Timid
Ability - Overgrow (ups grass moves in a pinch)
Moves -
Leaf Blade
Quick Attack

lets see what choo got :)

Not much I can do IC yet.

January 12th, 2006, 12:45 PM
{ooc| *evil giggling* I'm glad to see Rosairie going down so badly with Reina and Valen... And heck, if Reina and Rosairie got in a fight, it would be funny to see. All her gymnastics makes her pretty agile, she might manage to make...one punch in return.}

Rosairie rubbed her forehead. "I'm Rosairie. That..." she pointed to the other girl, "Is Kyoko."
She smiled politely, and turned to the other girl for a moment. "Kyo, how come you changed your clothes?" she asked, blinking curiously. "No matter." Rosairie was far too impatient to wait for an answer. Her pokemon, too, were all fidgeting on the spot, and Vampress and Sinbad were beginning to bicker.
She stamped her right foot on the ground and all her pokemon fell silent. "Right, move out, everyone!"

This would have been the moment for her to stroll off purposely, towards the tournament, her head held high. One problem. She had no idea where she was going. She nibbled her little finger anxiously. "Do you guys...?" she began, but she doubted Kyoko or JJ would know. Off in the distance, she could see Valen and Reina, but she didn't want to ask them for help either. She glanced at Henna, but the magmar was purposely avoiding her trainer's gaze. She gave a heavy sigh.
{God's sake, girl, it's only directions, ask 'em.}
"They hate me!" Rosairie whispered back.
{Yeah, yeah, and you feel the same way. Just get over there...}
Rosairie exhaled furiously, and approached the pair. They'll be getting married soon, she thought sourly, they're both weird, a perfect match.
When she approached them, she managed to turn on her usual perky smile.

"Hello, do you guys know where the actual tournament is?" she asked, making sure she was standing as far awya from them a possible. Silence mewed, and wrapped himself around Rosairie's legs. There was the heracross again, who had also disliked the Aggron! Silence didn't dare look at him for more than a second. He returned his eyes to his trainer's feet.

Alter Ego
January 12th, 2006, 1:32 PM
OOC: Woah BB, looks like you got some posting problems. *Jabbs two excess posts* You might want to delete those. On the nature thing, you aren't the only one. XD I remember Shorties-kun (Smarty Arty's new username) taking a Timid (-Attack, +Speed) Heracross on the team and training it to around level 30 before he even bothered to find out what it did. Anyways, for natures and other statistic stuffers, the easiest way is to go to Psypoke (http://www.psypokes.com/), all the info you need is right there. The stuffers on nautres and traits are all in the Psylab section and level up attacks etc. are in the Psydex. There's plenty of other fun stuff there too, but don't trust all that rot they've got on suggested movesets, their moveset maker has some serious gaps in concerning stat knowledge, not to mention EV spreads. Anyways, I'm using the same method as before.

Level - 37
@ Leftovers/Choice Band
Nature - Careful (+Sp.Defense, -Sp.Attack)
ability - Guts (ups attack if suffering)
Moves -
Quick Attack/Sleep Talk/Attract
Endavor Steel Wing/Hidden Power [Fighting/Steel]
Wing attack Aerial Ace
Fly Return/Double Edge

Right'o, the nature isn't exactly ideal (Adamant and Jolly are best), but it doesn't penalize any important stat so it's okay. First of all, Endeavor (Took me a while to figure out, too. XD) works by reducing the target to the same amount of HP as the user (Asuming that the target has more HP than the user to begin with, if it doesn't, then Endeavor does nothing), so basically the damage is calculated by; Target HP - User's HP, meaning that Endeavor never makes the opponent faint. However, it can be used to severely weaken any opponent, making it a nice 'goodbye present' move, I've never been a big fan of the move myself, though. Concerning the moveset; the most important rule is that HM moves, with the sole exception of Surf, should never be used in real movesets. At the points during which you need the HMs I'd suggest taking along a HM Slave (I.e. An untrained pokmon packed with as many HM moves as possible), the best ones for this are Zigzagoon (Cut/Rock Smash/Surf/Strength) and Tropius (Fly/Flash/Rock Smash/Strength) as well as Relicanth (Surf/Waterfall/Dive/Rock Smash), all fairly common in the wild. So, to replace Fly (One of the worst flying moves in existence) I'd suggest taking something which can deal as much damage as possible; Double Edge is stronger, but it also damages the user, both are good, reliable moves however so it's a matter of taste. The key with these moves is that they enjoy STAB (I.e. Same Type Attack Bonus, meaning that they gain 50% extra damage because they are moves of the same type as the user (Swellow's first type being 'Normal')). For a second STAB move, Aerial Ace works nicely to replace Wing Attack as it's a little bit stronger and always hits. Swellow should learn that by level up, so don't waste a TM on it, though. Thirdly, this pokmon needs some improved type coverage or it will be completely mauled by Rock and Steel types. Hidden Power [Fighting] is ideal, because it grants you an edge against both Rock and Steel types, however, Hidden Power's type and power are always a toss up so Steel Wing serves as a nice enough substitute to help against Rock types. For the last move I'd suggest spmething more of an utility move. Quick Attack can be used as a finishing blow against opponents who have gained the edge against you in speed. It's especially usefull later on when you begin running into the kind of pokmon that absorb your attack with Endure and carry Salac Berries to increase their speed so that they can sweep right through your team with Flail or Reversal. There are plenty of those in the Battle Frontier. Other usefull moves are Attract, as it makes it a lot harder for your opponent to get any attacks in, and Sleep Talk. At first glance, Sleep Talk might seem pointless without Rest, but it actually works great if you switch it in against an opponent who releases a Sleep inducing attack like Hypnosis or Spore as you will still be able to deal damage each turn (Since all of the other moves are damaging ones) and the sleep status will actually make your Swellow stronger (+50% Attack because of the 'Guts' trait). Unless you go with Attract or some other non-damaging move (Excluding Sleep Talk, as you end up doing damage with it anyway) I'd also suggest giving it Choice Band for a hold item, that additional 50% bonus to attack is well worth the restriction it places on move usage. It's your call though, Leftovers always makes for a reliable choice as well.

level - 36
@ Leftovers
Nature - Careful (+Sp Defense, -Sp.Attack)
Ability - white smoke (prevents ability reduction)
Moves -
Ember Rest/Explosion
Body Slam Sludge Bomb
Iron Defence (deleted curse for this lol i was half asleep)

Well, the nature isn't ideal here either, although you were lucky in the sense that while it weakens one usefull stat (Sp.Attack) it also boosts another usefull one (Sp.Defense) so this one isn't irredeemable. But first off, having two damaging moves of the same type, unless one of them has a very special additional effect that the other doesn't, is a waste of good moveset space. You've already got Flamethrower (A good, reliable move, with decent PP) so there's no point in keeping Ember anymore. Despite the penalty to Sp.Attack, a STABed Flamethrower is still very much worth keeping. For a second damaging move, I'd suggest taking Sludge Bomb, as the two complement each other quite nicely, leaving only a few pokmon like Tentacruel that can't be damaged properly. Also, both Sludge Bomb and Flamethrower share the trait of having a status inflicting added effect (Flamethrower burns, Sludge Bomb poisons) which will give you a small chance to stall out your enemy too if need be. Beyond that, I don't see what you've got against Iron Defense, as the quick boost to Torkoal's already formidable Defense stat is, in my opinion, far more worthwhile than the endless buffing that Curse would put you through. Amnesia would be another option for that move, but since you've already got an Sp.Defense boost from the nature I think Iron Defense is better. For the last move, I'd suggest Rest, because once you get that Torkoal properly seated in with maximised Defense (And preferably a Burn on the opponent) you might find yourself in need of some healing, and Rest works well with Torkoal's high defenses and decent HP. Although optionally, you can go for the exploding tortoise approach in an attempt to drag the last opponent down with you. It all depends on how you prefer to play.

level - 38
@ Leftovers
Nature - Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
Ability - Intimidate (lowers foes attack)
Moves -
Strength (meh lol) Return/Double Edge/Roar
Howl Protect/Snatch/Taunt/Toxic
Swagger Torment/Toxic
Bite Crunch

First reaction? Ditch it. That nasty Bold nature is crippling your Mightyena's best stat; its relatively high Attack. Although if you're really keen on keeping it, I suppose it could make for a passable Staller/Annoyer of some kind. Well, Dark moves seem to be your best bet for damaging moves in this instance, so go for Crunch (Learned by level up), possibly flanked by Return or Double Edge on the physical front, even though the nature plays against it. For the last two moves, I'd suggest a combination of two moves from the quite formidable arsenal of annoyance moves that Mightyena can learn. Torment/Protect is an insidious combination because it lets you block out one of your opponents moves alltogether as long as you have PP left in Protect, for other amusing moves; Toxic adds some much needed damaging potential to this set. It probably works best with Torment (Which would make it harder for your opponent to maintain any focused line of attack), although Taunt and Snatch also have their merrits. With Taunt you can block out your opponent's attempts at getting rid of the poisoning with moves like Heal Bell or Rest as well as keep your opponent from inflicting status ailments on Mightyena, while Snatch takes the healing blocking a step further by not only preventing your opponent from getting the benefit of moves but actually giving it to Mightyena instead. This could also be used to pick up buffing moves like Swords Dance which could help you. The bad side with Snatch is that it relies on your opponent's movesets, and I'm sorry to say that most ingame movesets are haphazard to say the least. Regardless, this pokmon pretty much needs Leftovers to survive.

level -
@ Leftovers/Petaya Berry
Nature - Timid (+Speed, -Attack)
Ability - Overgrow (ups grass moves in a pinch)
Moves -
Leaf Blade
Screech Thunderpunch/Hidden Power [Ice]
Absorb Dragon Claw
Quick Attack/Substitute/Pursuit

Congratulations, you've got the second best nature that a Sceptile can get (The only better one being Modest (+Sp.Attack, -Attack)). Unfortunately, the moveset needs quite a bit of altering. First of all, Sceptile's Attack is pretty flimsy, especially with the reduction caused by the Timid nature, and you've only got one physical attack so Screech is a terrible waste of space in this instance. For a replacement, Thunderpunch or Hidden Power [Ice] is a must for countering Flying types, as mentioned before, Hidden Power is fickle, so Thunderpunch is probably the best way to go. There's a tutor for that in the Battle Frontier so don't fret about not being able to get it yet. On the subject of wasted space, Absorb is also useless for this set as you've already got the best Grass move in the game; Leaf Blade, and what little HP recovery Absorb grants you just isn't worth that slot. As a replacement, Dragon Claw works great as it's a fairly strong move that works well against a wide variety of opponents. Crunch is generally considered better because it's super effective against more types and works against Shedinja in addition to being able to reduce Sp.Defense, but since Crunch requires breeding I won't recommend it. For the final move, there are a couple of options. First of all, Quick Attack could work for the same reason as with the Swellow set (To finish of Endurers etc.), but I think better results could be achieved with Pursuit (For countering Shedinja and KOing opponents who attempt to switch out (there will be more of those in the Battle Frontier where the AI is smarter.)) or Substitute (For blocking out status moves as well as dropping HP in a controlled manner until Overgrow activates (Happens when HP drops below 33%) to sweep away tougher opponents.). For a held item, Leftovers is once again a good choice (As it works well with practically anything except Shedinja), although Petaya Berries (A downright pain to find, though) can be used to gain some additional power in tougher battles.

lets see what choo got :)

Not much I can do IC yet.

Heh, there's more or less what I've got, for now, it being so late around here and all. XD Yeah, the movesets needed a bit of work, but I've seen far worse too. And you do seem to have quite good taste in choosing pokmon, although I still think that that Mightyena needs to be replaced with something, mostly because of the Nature. A good Mightyena needs a very favourable nature and preferably a couple of choice egg moves.


Yeppers, Rosairie vs Reina would totally pwn. Hehee...cat fight of the century. Well, it would be a cat fight from Rosairie's side anyway. XD Anyways, when I saw Rosairie's profile, and even moreso her first actual appearance, I immediately realized that she's the kind of person whom Valen would hate to the bitter end, being more or less everything he despises, and Reina hating her too...well, the more the merrier. >D


Valen had only managed to take a couple of steps in his intended direction when he suddenly heard the one voice he had attempted to avoid above all; the annoyingly would-be friendly voice of Rosairie, asking for something, as if she ever did anything else. The boy didn't even need to turn around to see the ever-so perky and utterly faked smile that the girl had undoubtedly already conjured upon her face, and for a moment, Valen contemplated simply continuing to walk away and pretending that he hadn't heard or recognized her, but the Mawile on his shoulder would not let it slide that easily, however.

{Papa! Papa! Look!} Kachiko called in excitement, jumping up and down and pointing towards Henna and Silence, the latter having wrapped himself around Rosairie's legs in his usual timid manner, {It's Henna and the funny spiky person who's afraid of the dark and a bunch of other persons! Look!}

Valen heaved a heavy sigh, forcing on a trained look of neutrality before he finally turned to reply to the girl's question, his voice as calm and polite as he could manage, "The actual tournament..." he repeated, pretending that the question was unbelievably difficult for him "Hmm...let me think...could something have been mentioned about that in that little announcement they made about two minutes ago?" there was a definitely sarcastic edge to his voice, "Or maybe..." he continued, "Maybe it could be somewhere around the place where all these people are heading..." he gestured towards the sizeable crowd of people, which included the girl with the Beautifly whom Kachiko had spotted, although Valen had the good sense to grab a firm hold of the Mawile this time, "Of course that's just a hunch." he concluded dryly, "The place is Central Square, Undercity. I trust that none of those big words are too difficult for you?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 12th, 2006, 1:34 PM
Jeffery fell silent as he head the announcement boom over the hall, his heart skipped a bea in excitement as it finished, after all this time, he was finally about to enter the tournament of the ceremony he loved.
He watched Rosaire turn and walk over to Valen and Reina.

''What is she doing'' he wondered quietly to himself, oh well, he'd see her later on, right now it was time to head to the city square!


suddenly it occured to him....he hadn't been to this place in a long time, and never to compete in the tournament.
Jeffery turned to Grovyle
''uuum, I don't even know where this place is''
{figures} the grass pokemon replied rolling it's eyes
{anyway, would u mind like, putting me back in the pokeball? i could do with a rest before the tournament...}

''How am I suppose to.....eh?....oh!....yes, yeah of course''
JJ withdraw the small red and white sphere from his inside jacket pocket and pressed the small button to enlarge it
''Rest up buddy'' he said as a bea of light was issued from it to capture the Pokemon into it's confinements.

He put the ball back into his pocket and turned his attention back to how he was going to find this place. Instinctfully his eyes began to scan the area for any sign of a map.
He couldn't find one.
His eyes met Rosaire again who was now standing talking to Valen and Reina, although from distance.
JJ chuckled at this.
''well...Reina's over there, and I don't see a reason why to avoid that valen guy...''
although JJ was trying to convince himself of this more then anything, for some reason, just the way Valen stood around like he owned the place, like he was a cut above the rest, it made him sick to his stomouch.
Jeffery walked after Rosaire.....

OOC - U wanted a dark side Titan....step one in process ;)

Edit: only just saw ur post lol

:| how long did it take u to write that, u must be like pokemon the same as i am with anything to do with wretsling on my wretsling forums, u get started and u just cant stop lol.
Just thought ide get this out here firs of all, i totally understand having things like absorb and screech, or flamethrower and ember, is stupid, i realise that, just as i said ive never taken much attention before to making proper movesets, or using TM's etc, i just choose the best/my faves of the moves they learn naturally 90% of the time.

ur advice seems very good, i will prolly do a lot of it, obviously there will be a few i dnt, based on mainly taste, such as pursuit, i just really have a disliking for the move
but thanks a ton for ur help, I also have a Kadabra but he is currently in the computer while im using a HM slave lol and i can't remember all his info, im pretty sure his moves at current are

i deleted future sight for psychic, i was torn between that or psybeam, i prolly made the wrong choice but i dont like just have phchic as it only has 15 pp which would for me run out quickly lol, and it would annoy me if i had to use it on a pokemon with most its HP gone lol.

Alter Ego
January 12th, 2006, 1:58 PM
OOC: Like, yay for step one. Dang, why do people always get the impression that he thinks he owns the place? XDDD Must be the whole 'get out of my way' attitude. >D Anyways, just wanting to make sure that you noted the IC I added. *Points at previous post*

EDITNESS: Well, I like to do my stuff properly. And movesets are something I have lots of experience in. ^-^ Anyways, concerning Kadabra; well, I already gave suggestions for an Alakzam to Plushie earlier in this thread, and the same things go for Kadabra, but as a recap;

@Leftovers/Choice Band
Nature: Preferably Modest (+Sp.Attack, -Attack), or Timid (+Speed, -Attack), although anything that reduces Attack or doesn't reduce Speed or Sp.Attack is fine really
psybeam Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunderpunch
reflect Substitute/Disable/Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunderpunch
recover Calm Mind/Trick/Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunderpunch

Okays, so basically, Alakazam lacks the HP and defenses (With the possible exception of Sp.Defense) for most stalling/buffing strategies, so your priority should be to have a wide assortment of sp.attack moves at your disposal. To this end, the elemental punches (All can be gained from the battle frontier) are the best way to go. Fire Punch is good for countering Steel and Bug types as well as eliminating a troublesome little creature known as Shedinja, Ice Punch is good against Grass, Flying, and Dragon types, best suited for little troublemakers like Salamence, and Thunderpunch lets you eliminate fliers and water types more efficiently. Which punches you decide on is a matter of taste, although I'd actually suggest Fire Punch as one of them. It is possible to just go all out with offensive moves, but I've always prefered a little trickery myself, so a couple of things that can be kept in mind are Substitute, used to block status attacks, as a prediction move against switching opponents (So that you get an additional turn to attack) as well as a way to wall out other special attackers if your Kadabra has enough Sp.Defense. For a last move, Calm Mind also serves as a preiction move, to buff up during the switches, as well as a formidable enough accompaniment for Substitute. Just getting a couple of Calm Minds in is enough to turn Kadabra, and Alakazam even moreso, into a complete killing machine. As mentioned before, Trickbanding (possibly with Disable as accompaniment instead of a third damaging move) is also a handy way to screw up your opponents stallers and spec. sweepers, but does entail a certain risk when facing physical attackers. Recover and Reflect, although generally usefull moves, aren't much help for Kadabra and Alakzam because both their HP and their Defense are quite terrible, so they are liable to get overrun regardless.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 12th, 2006, 2:07 PM
OOc - teehee must be :)
and yes yay for step one *gives pie*
i edited my post to respond to ur emerald advice, and i read ur IC. my post still makes sence after that, carry on :)

Alter Ego
January 12th, 2006, 2:18 PM
OOC: OMG! Pie! *Leaps on pie and devours it* XD

Anyways, I really can't carry on IC-wise without an interjection from Rosairie (Lol, I wonder how she'll react to this. XD) and it's getting awfully late around here anyway so I think it's best if I log off (School at 8 tommorow. ~_~) But you're welcome for the advice all the same. To be honest, I wouldn't go for Pursuit either. But I wanted to give as many possible options as I could because everyone has their own preferred style. ^-^

January 12th, 2006, 3:31 PM
OOC: Guh... tried to post earlier and PC decided to do an upgrade thingy. XD Whatever, I'm posting now. ^^; By the way Alter, Valen cracks me up! He's just so fun to read. You must be having fun writing his reactions to Rosairie. And yes, Rosairie had better watch out, for Reina has dealt with her kind before... agile or not. >=)

Oh, I never checked my Crystal game!! *runs off for a moment*

Heh. This is funny. My pokemon really stink on this game. ^-^ Anywhoo...

@ Charcoal
Quick Attack
Flame Wheel

@ Miracle Seed
Razor Leaf
Cut XD

@ Quick Claw
Dream Eater
Night Shade

@ Pink Bow
Sludge Bomb

@ Focus Band
Mirror Coat
Rock Slide

Of course, because it's Crystal, there's no Natures or Abilities or anything, and their levels were all from 41-44.

Now onto the RPing!!


"Finally!" Reina said after the announcement was made, "That was the longest three hours of my life." She was about to begin to take off in the direction that the other people were all starting to move in, but then a girl's voice made both her and Valen look over. She looked over faster than he did, but the girl's voice seemed to have a similar effect on them.

It was Rosairie, and while she was standing quite some ways away, it still felt too close for comfort.

"Uh...," replied Reina, unsure of how to say what she was thinking without sounding too rude. Though luckily Valen replied to the girl's inquiry about where the tournament was, and Reina had to surpress a chuckle at the tone of his voice. He seemed to be one that was very good at hiding his true feelings on things, but Reina had a feeling that with people that didn't particularly matter to him, he might let himself slip a bit.

Tabansi noticed JJ and his Grovyle standing nearby, and clicked his wings curiously. {Hm... how interesting that all of us keep meeting up. A small world it is, isn't it?} he asked Pixie, who was still hiding behind Reina.

{Pardon? Oh... y-yes,} Pixie stuttered out, still facing Valen. She couldn't sort it out, but something was different about his vibrations... or was that just the confusion of the crowd? She tried her best to ignore it, but she just couldn't shake off the feeling that something was... off. Then again, perhaps it was the direction he was in? Oh... she couldn't figure it out.

Reina gave a wave to JJ as she noticed him, and then looked back at Rosairie, curious as to what sort of response she would have.

OOC: What the?! Ugh... I've been trying to download this pokemon episode on BitTorrent for like a month, and it has like 4MB left, and it stopped!! Noooo! Come on! 4MB?!!! GAH!! =x=

Random Plushie
January 12th, 2006, 9:10 PM

Reina vs. Rosairie..

I should sell tickets for that. XD

Oh meh gee, now I'm starting to picture them in a boxing ring warming up. XDDDD


"Aw, come on, not the arm.." Avery said as Cona grabbed her by that particular limb once more, just as Ostria began packing up her stall. Of course, it must've been pretty hard to hear her over the announcement.

{Undercity!? Sounds like such a drag! I didn't know you had such a dreadful taste in contests, Avery dear, almost as bad as your social status! Yes, if I do say so myself!} Skarka hollered from her spot in the air, instantly forgetting about being interrupted earlier, and going into a round of complaining, because she had nothing better to do.

Avery ignored the Duskull; she couldn't really make out what she was saying anyway, and attempted to glance through the crowd as she and Cona were swept through, probably moving towards Undercity since the crowd probably wouldn't be going anywhere else, and moving towards Valen and the other surrounding familiar faces as well, like Reina and Rosairie. Wow, he was just a magnet for people, wasn't he?

"Hey guys!" Avery called out, waving one hand in their direction, although not as big a wave as Cona's attention-grabbing wave. She'd rather travel through the city with more people than just Cona, considering the other girl's mental state.

Fable said nothing, still latched onto the leg of his Trainer. He was probably awaiting the future promised jewelry. Or metal. Whatever. He just hoped it was a gem.

January 13th, 2006, 4:31 AM
Like,I just got my whole Drama class influenced to cheese today.Feebas,yey!!^0^

Anyway,Rosairie and Reina?Oooh,like,how entertaining.XD


Cona sighed as Avery started waving towards the group which had just gathered.Great,just great.True,that was usually her job,to wave to the people who were all in one conspiracy and follow them around till' one of the wimps broke down.She had wanted to go unnoticed,Rosairie,Valen,Reina and Jeffery.Oooh yes,they did indeed look like spies,or partners in the bringing down of the poor market.

"You had to wave?"she frowned as both stopped infront of the group.

{The Undercity place sounds like,something underneath the city.}Krystal shrugged as he moved his flipper from its position on his stomach to scratch his head.

{Bah,they just named it 'Undercity' because they felt like it.Youth people these days think of nuthin'.}Kuner lifted one leg as the Marshtomp raised his blue arm.

"Hello,people out to take down the cheese."Cona said bluntly,not really interested in making conversation.She however,had no idea where the Tournament was being held,so she had to stick with the four of them.Either way,Avery would want to follow them as well.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 13th, 2006, 5:49 AM
OOC - Like, whoa! its gonna be tag team action!
JJ + Reina VS Valen and Rosaire!!!
VS Cona :)

who lets face it, will devour us alls, teehee.

IC - Jeffery, to his own relief, saw Reina wave at him. He smiled and ran a hand through his blonde hair before continuing to walk towards the 3.

He came in equal footing to Rosaire who still was standing a fair distance from Reina and Valen, JJ made as if to keep waking, when his eyes flickered onto Valen. He stopped in mid-footing and remained next to Rosaire.

''Hey Reina, you ready for the tournament then?'' he said with a playfully cocky smile on his face, his eyes set on her so determined not to allow them to wave over to the boy.

His neck sudeenly began to ache, proberly from trying to keep it to stiff and still.
He moves it to the left a little, not being able to stop one eyeball moving towards Valen, he quickly redeemed himself by moving his head towards Rosaire for a second.

*Heck I must look like an ideot.....or rude....or both.*
he thought to himself dully.

from afar, he found himself staring at that Cona girl, she was dragging another girl by her wrist, seemingly against her will, and was waving at them.
JJ couldnt help feeling a little embarassed, as many people seemed to be staring at the girl, and a couple were now staring at them....

Alter Ego
January 13th, 2006, 6:51 AM
OOC: Lol, major misconception there BB! Valen would never side with Rosairie if he could help it, and I don't see any particular reason for Reina to be picking on Valen either. That's just you channeling JJ's ego. XDDD

I believe that the setup would be more like;

Valen + Reina + JJ (Possibly with a side-battle between Valen and JJ XD) vs Rosairie (Or possibly Rosairie + Kyoko?) while Cona stands on the sidelines proclaiming that it's all a conspiracy and Avery and Fable do whatever it is they do in such situations. And, uh...Chain would be somewhere else as always, I suppose. ^-^ As for your movesets, Melissa...

@ Charcoal
Quick Attack/Hidden Power [Grass/Ice/Electric]/Iron Tail/Return
Smokescreen Attract
Flame Wheel Flamethrower
Rollout Sunny Day

Whoa, Quilava but not Typhlosion? o.O Meh, that leaves Thunderpunch out of the picture which is kind of sad, because it's the one thing that makes the Cyndaquil evolution line stand out among the other fire starters. Meh, Attract will keep it alive a bit longer, and Sunny Day can give its only really efficient move (Flamethrower) a damage boost, beyond that; a suitable Hidden Power would be a real lifesaver in this instance, although I suppose you could squeeze out a bit of damage with Return or, *Shudder*, Iron Tail. Regardless, Rollout isn't much good since Quilava has such flimsy defenses that it will most probably be KOed before it gets the chance to reach any real attack power with the move.

@ Miracle Seed
Solarbeam Rest/Body Slam/Hidden Power [Fighting/Fire/Water/Electric/Rock/Ground/Ghost]
Razor Leaf
Cut XD Sleep Talk/Curse/Toxic

Urgh, Cut! It burns, it burns! And on the first man-eating plant-thingie in the pokmon world too! Nooooo! X__X Ahem, anyways...it's a real shame that you don't have any of the status moves left, because those make great fillers and help keep the Bellsrpout evolution line alive. Regardless, Cut and Solarbeam just have to go. But concerning their replacement...well, you could always go for a lukewarm Sleep Talk/Rest combo, might just work since both of Victreebel's attack stats are so high. But a good Hidden Power (There's a wide variety of types that could help) might do more good for this set, as would Body Slam, not only for the damage, but also because of the paralysis chance. Also, Curse can be used (with the occasional Rest to restore HP) to buff up against physical attackers and empower Victreebel's Acid attack (Would reccomend Sludge Bomb instead of Acid naturally, but since I see that that has already been used below...). Meh, you might give Toxic a go too, but that's really wasting Victreebel's best stats (Attack and Sp.Attack) in my opinion.

@ Quick Claw
Dream Eater Psychic
Thief Thunderbolt
Night Shade/Giga Drain/Nightmare

OMG! Haunter! *Squeals* I love Haunter (Heh, done that ever since I saw its little appearance in the anime ^-^)! Anyways, on the moveset front; First of, Dream Eater is a bit too unreliable in my opinion, so unless you've already used the TM elsewhere I'd suggest giving it Psychic for sweeping instead instead. Likewise, Thief is a pretty weak move and there really isn't anything worth stealing in the G/S/C games (Not that you could steal anything with that Quick Claw on, mind you) so Thunderbolt makes for a far better replacement, since it's Crystal you can get it from that move tutor in the Goldenrod game corner, although I'll be buggered if I remember what day(s) of the week that one appears on. For the last move, you could consider taking Giga Drain as it's another fairly powerfull special attack move and could serve to grant you HP recovery in Dream Eater's place. Since this will be used against the second generation AI then Nightmare could serve for some major damage dealing in combination with Hypnosis as well. Most of all, I'd really like Spite for this slot since that move is great for wearing out the movesets of most high level pokmon in the game (As they only have one or two damaging moves), but since that's a very low-level move and there's no way to get those moves back once they're gone...well, Giga Drain, Night Shade, and Nightmare all work well for that too.

@ Pink Bow
Sludge Bomb
Bite Earthquake
Strength Return/Body Slam/Rock Slide/Iron Tail/Hidden Power [Ghost/Fighting]

Like, yay Arbok. First of all, Bite is a bit redundant because Arbok is far better with physical than special attacks, so I'd say replace that with Earthquake if you have it (If you don't, then go with another one of the moves I suggested for the third slot). Of course you also realise that Strength is inferior to both Return and Body Slam, making it a pretty pointless move to have. Although unfortunately, Rock Slide (One of the best moves available) can only be gained by trading it back to a 1st generation game, giving it a TM there, and trading it back, same also applying for Body Slam. As always, a suitable Hidden Power can be a world of help, but failing that, I suppose that, *Shudder*, Iron Tail can be used too.

@ Focus Band
Mirror Coat
Rock Slide/Ice Beam

I'm going to surprise you Melissa; I actually like this moveset a lot. In fact, three of the moves are exactly what I'd give my Corsola too and the fourth isn't bad either. ^-^ I'd suggest going with Ice Beam over Rock Slide though, even though Rock Slide has STAB, because Ice Beam can help against Grass types that otherwise make for a problem and Corsola's Sp.Attack is a bit higher than its Attack. Still, I can accept Rock Slide for a substiutionary move and the rest of the set looks just great.

Overall, they aren't really half bad (With a few exceptions, *Shudder* Cut... *Shudder*), but I'd suggest getting in Leftovers instead of two of the items you have there. You should have two Leftovers if you've gotten anywhere in Kanto (One from the Snorlax and the other from a trash can in the restaurant).

But yeah, I do enjoy writing for Valen. Nothing like releasing a little pent-up anger and snappish remarks to brighten up the day. XDDD

January 13th, 2006, 7:22 AM
OOC: I have to try out those movesets. I swear, those pokemon needed HELP. I mean, you have no idea how I always had to struggle to get through battles with those guys. Yay! My Corsola isn't shamed! *huggles Bubbles* ^-^ As for Cut... I don't know why, but I used to teach that thing to lot of my pokemon in the past. It's a dumb attack, and I never teach my main pokemon HMs anymore unless it's Surf (which is the only HM move I like).

Yeah, I think that it's a bit hard to pair up fighting partners considering I don't picture JJ and Valen ever working on a team together. Then again, if it's against Rosairie, I suppose Valen might agree to team up to rid himself of the greater evil? ^-^ It would most likey be JJ vs Valen, Reina vs Rosairie, Valen vs Rosairie, and the pokemon fighting amongst themselves too.

Eh, I'll post an IC once Charon does. *skips off to breakfast*

January 13th, 2006, 8:27 AM
{ooc| Bittorent stops and starts for me too, it used to be really reliable for me but this past month I've found Bearshare a much better way to get my weekly dosage of anime.
*cries* Everyone hates Rosairie... I'm really like her, I guess, except for the whoile blondeness and good-at-sports-ness. I suck at everything except running, dancing and hocky. Anyway, I rarely act harshly towards people, I dress like a cute tart, I moan about people behind their back to my dog/the dogs I look after (no, seriously!), and I never listen to announcements... xD
I also curtsey sometimes. Not proper ones, I just bob down ever so slightly on the spot so my skirt flutters prettily... I don't do this in trousers though. Thsat would just be stupid >>;
Oh no... am I a stereotypical girl? *faints*
I'm sorry I'm holding this RP up so much... I'm really starting to enjoy my job, and I keep staying at the kennels later and later.}

Rosairie's expression slipped, if only for a second. It was replaced with yet another bland smile. "Oh, sorry to bother you. I was talking to Henna, I didn't hear the whole message. Goodbye," her voice lowered ever so slightly, "Valen," and returned to it's normal cheery volume, "goodbye Reina!"
She bobbed yet another half-curtsey, and wandered back over to her pokemon.

Once her back was turned, Rosairie's expression became thunderous. "Stupid... boy..." she whispered, and Henna rolled her eyes. The magmar tended to be a mediator in Rosairie's life; the girl was a bit like marmite, and she was either loved or hated.
{They're jealous of your looks, gal.} she chuckled, but inwardly Henna was worried. Rosairie never let anyone see how she really felt; she'd much rather create the persona of a perfect china doll than let anyone see how she felt. And Rosairie felt a lot. If Rosairie was to get in a state now, well... the whole tournament would be a waste of time.
"They hate me, Henn. I'm annoying." she spat irratably, strolling back towards Kyoko. Silence whined.
{They don't know you. Don't take it too tough, my darl. Once we're battling...heck, these pokemaniac types will be queueing up to listen to you.}
Rosairie sighed. "Right... We need to go in... that direction..." her voice shook ever so slighty. She pointed after the crowd, making sure her eyes avoided Valen and Reina

January 13th, 2006, 9:08 AM
OOC: Heh, don't worry Charon, I think the only people who don't like Rosairie are Valen and Reina. As for you in real life, you don't sound that bad, if you're nice to others then you're okay in my book. And come now, who doesn't talk about people behind their backs to their dogs/cats/bunnies/hamsters/birds? We're not angels you know. ^_____^

Bearshare eh? Is that a program like BitTorrent? I shall look it up.


"Ah, well, truth be told I've been ready since I got here," Reina replied to JJ, "Tournaments always take up so much valuable time with their stupid ceremonies and rituals." She smiled a bit, and almost chuckled some more as Rosairie walked off, obviously a bit put-out by Valen's reply and her chuckling. Reina glanced down at Tabansi, and suddenly wished she wouldn't have.

{Reina...,} Tabansi said with his voice full of firm concern, {There's no reason or excuse to be so rude to that girl. I know what you are doing. You are associating her with the other girls from home, and I know you know that's wrong.}

Reina's eyes narrowed a bit, "Look Tabansi if this is going to be another one of your "Tabansi Knows Best" speeches, save it, because I know what I'm doing." She tired of him always trying to help her become a better person; she was not his guinea pig, and she was certainly justified in her treatment of Rosairie.

If Pixie had eyebrows they would have risen into a worried and sympathetic look aimed at the big, blue bug. {Ah... Tabansi... don't take what she said to heart... she's just mad because you were right...,} Pixie said to the Heracross in a timid whisper. She was careful not to let Reina hear her. Pixie noticed that Tabansi looked a little more hurt by Reina's reaction than usual. This was probably because of the addition of the Ninetails to their team.

{Taban... she's just mad, that doesn't mean she's going to like the Ninetails more than you,} Pixie added, trying to sound reassuring.

{Yes...,} Tabansi said in return, forcing himself to nod. He had to brush it off, like he always did when people hurt him.... 'Great,' he thought to himself, 'now I'm bringing up old wounds.'

Alter Ego
January 13th, 2006, 9:35 AM
Yeah, what Melissa said, Charon. It's Valen (Okay, and Reina too) who hates the person who is apparently like you, not me or Melissa. Seriously, if I went through life with the same attitude as Valen I'd hate myself. And...well, I don't tend to tell bad things about people to my dog behind their backs. Instead, I have a big argument about it with the little voices in my head (I.e. I just think it all out in my head) and then go over to the computer to un-aggrevate myself (Because I always beat myself in arguments. XD) either by playing one of those mindless punching/shooting games that don't require anymore thinking than the choice of which of the buttons to press or by opening up an empty text file and filling it with typed writing, or...wouldn't you know it, by playing a mean, cynical character like Valen. Yeah, I'm weird. So sue me. XD


Valen didn't reply anything to Rosairie's statement, merely watching as the girl left. It was obvious that his words had really struck right through this time, and yet, somehow the experience was not quite as satisfying as earlier. The boy had expected her to erupt in a fearsome display of righteous fury, not to apologise and walk away with her tail between her legs to start mumbling something to her Magmar, the way everything had happened felt...wrong somehow, not nearly as satisfying as Valen had imagined it to be. Why though? he found himself wondering. Arguably his aim had been to make Rosairie feel as bad about herself as possible, and he had succeeded. So why this feeling of failure? Of course. He suddenly came to realize, He had expected rage and the girl had refused to provide. Of course he was dissapointed to be cheated like that. Yes, that was definitely it.

The boy looked up, now noticing that none other than the blonde from before had joined them, his eyes practically glued to Reina and his hand running through his hair in a definitely self-conscious manner as he asked the banal question of wether Reina was ready for the tournament or not. Honestly, to anyone with any sense for training it was plain to see that the girl was ready, what an unusually idiotic question. But then again, Valen reasoned, it was an unusually idiotic boy he seemed to be dealing with. He was so intent not to appear like he was casting suspicious glances at him that he seemed to have strained his neck, and his eyes were definitely struggling with the task assigned to them, what an amateur.

"I believe none of us would be here if we weren't ready." the boy commented to the world in general in his usual neutral voice, "Although you might want to practice on your discreet observation method." he added to JJ, "If you keep tensing your muscles like that every time you do it, you'll end up being utterly stiff and unfit for action when the target of your observation actually does something noteworthy. And I'd suggest getting a pair of sunglasses too, because your eyes have a tendency to stray in quite a conspicious manner. And you wouldn't want to be caught staring at someone now, would you?" there was a slightly icy edge to his voice at the last sentence.

Without a further word, the boy suddenly turned away from the others, beginning to walk away in the direction of the Central Square. It was always more satisfactory to leave people to make sense of his actions. Kachiko seemed to be practically oblivious to the proceedings, even moreso than she usually was, rocking back and forth on Valen's shoulder and humming a peculiar tune to herself, her eyes locked onto the distance.

January 13th, 2006, 9:55 AM
{ooc| LMAO. Valen really needs a slap. He is such an idiot. xD He's so smarmy to everyone...do I detect a tint of envy there?
Anyway, no posting for me, I gotta get ready real soon. I'm doing a charity event thing which involves me dressing up in a dress made of a duvet cover...heh heh... It was made by my friend, and it's got a reeeeally high slit up one leg. I'm gonna kill her... D=
*pets Alter and Melissa* I know you guys don't hate Rozz, I meant everyone as in... their in-character selves... When I'm stressed I play the piano (badly, though, I can't concentrate when I'm angry) or I draw a pretty picture.
Anyway... I really don't have anything to post until Mika does. Currently she's offline xP}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 13th, 2006, 9:55 AM
*dam* JJ thought to himself

Valen turnedabout and began walking in the other direction, Jeffery stood there staring at his back his eyes near enough blazing, trying to fight back what he was so desprate to say with all his might.
his face was positively fuming and his ears had turned red....never a good sign......

Suddenly....as if releasing your figer from the small hole of an overelflated baloon, the blonde trainer burst out!!..........

................''ACHOO!'' He sneezed loudly
He turned back to Reina and smiled
''I thought as much, i can't wait for it to start, maybe we'll get to battle eachother some time, after all, thats what the whole thing is meant to be about, having fun, showing off your talents......Meeting new people'' he said this last part a bit louder with a side glance at the fading Valen's back before running his hand through his hair again and turning back to Reina

''anyway, i guess we'd better get going, do you know where this place is?....''

OOC - MWUHAR! i bet you thought i was going to burst and shout at u huh titan! teehee, woulda looked stupid if the blonde polite trainer suddenly started shouting and cursing at a near enough stranger lol.
slow and steady build up for me, ill catch up to you in a while lol *gives peace treaty pie*

Alter Ego
January 13th, 2006, 12:02 PM
OOC: *Shamelessly snatches pie and hides it behind his back*

What trickery is this?! There is not pie here! Do you seek to insult us, BB? XDDD

Regardless, that was a nice post right there. Gotta' love the side remark he made to Valen (Ohh...I can see those two sparring verbally many times. Although I think neither of them really wants a real battle. JJ is too nice for that and Valen cares too much about his pokmon.).

Anyhow, you're sharp Charon. Yep, that's envy right there. Notice the adjectives used in conjuncture with JJ? In Valen's opinion everything is negative about JJ. It's pretty obvious though, because he's being all too friendly with a certain someone whom Valen considers to be cut above the rest of the people he's met. Ho-hum...he's very jealous, Valen, not to mention he's got this whole tough-guy thing going on. I agree with you Charon, he so needs a slap, or a good kick in the arse. But it will have to come at the right moment and from a suitable person, because he's very much in denial. XD

And it's good to hear that you didn't think that I think like Valen. One can never be too sure on the internet, though, and people have made that mistake before.

Just, one thing that I do agree with Valen on...people who just can't stop touching their hair!!! Especially boys!!! >__< I swear, there's nothing more annoying than trying to talk to someone who keeps fiddling with his friggin' hair. Once, I was holding this really big presentation in front of the class, and wouldn't you know it, right behind the desk in front of me sat a hair-fiddler of the worst order, ready to aggrevate me through the whole ordeal. About halfway through, I had half a mind to just take a little detour in my presentation and add the phrase "And you, mister *Name removed for the sake of non-flaming* can put your hand down now, your hair isn't getting any prettier." I contained my urge, though, and got my own back later on when I held a presentation about how you shouldn't hold presentations, mimicking his way of fiddling with his hair as one of the definitely wrong ways of relieveing performrance pressure during a presentation. Dang, looks like there's a little Valen in me fighting to get out after all. o.o


Meeting new people? Valen scoffed for himself at JJ's remark, although he pretended not to take notice, striding onward and purposefully keeping himself from looking at the others, something which, it had to be said, he was far more experienced at than JJ. In the end all people are more or less the same... the boy continued furiously in his mind, bluntly elbowing a stranger out of the way without giving him, or her, he didn't really care, as much as a glance. Nothing more than a bunch of ridiculous stereotypes. See one of a kind and you've seen them all... The boy absent-mindedly spat at the carefully cleaned pavement, intent on persuading himself of his thoughts more than anything else, Still, there are some stereotypes that just shouldn't be bunched together... his thoughts drifted to JJ and Reina, his expression growing even more savage than before. "Bah, what does it matter?" he thought out loud irritably "Return, Kachiko.", the boy added as an afterthought, feeling that he needed some time to think for himself; if Reina was half as intelligent as she seemed to be she could handle herself around that dimwitted prettyboy, and if she couldn't...well, then she obviously wasn't the person he had thought she was. Yes, nature would take care of things as always, there was no point for him to bother. Heck, he didn't even fully know why he cared about this Reina person in the first place. Well, granted she was far more honest and far less irritating than the others, which made her likable in a sense, but still, first impressions could very well be decieving. Just as he was pondering this, Valen suddenly came into contact with someone else, something which, he noted with annoyance, seemed to be happening all too often this day, and which he was quickly growing tired of.

"Watch where you're going!" he snapped irritably, darting up viciously from the ground and shooting a fierce glare at whoever it was he had run into before even properly registering the person's appearance.

"Wise words, child..." came a cold, male voice in return "Perhaps you would do well to heed them yourself."

As he began formulatin his reply, Valen took a closer look at the person he had run into, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly with suspicion. Before him stood a tall and fairly well-built man, even though he appeared far older than the boy, maybe in his mid-forties or so, although it was surprisingly hard to tell as almost his whole face was carefully covered in the shade of a dark brown hood, part of a similarly coloured robe which he wore as his attire, its hem completely concealing his feet from view and a simple but sturdy piece of rope serving as a makeshift shash to keep the garment together. The only visible feature of this man, apart from a slight glimpse of pale knuckles from beneath the sleeves of his robe, was a large, and decidedly sharp-looking, chin jutting from the shadow of the hood, as well as the thin line in the slightly worn-looking face that constituted the man's mouth, and what looked like the beginning of a nose. There was very little which could be used to identify the man, however, and this hardly made him more reliable in Valen's opinion.

"Oh, would I now?" Valen asked coldly, maintaining an unbothered expression and posture, "And what, if I may ask, would you know about me?"

The thin line that constituted the man's mouth curved upwards ever so slightly, "Oh, I know all about you, Valen." he replied, "I know you better than you know yourself, every fear, every doubt, every secret...and I know what they're keeping from you..."

"You don't know anything, old man!" Valen snapped, his voice sounding far less certain than he would have wished. There was something thoroughly disturbing about this man, not only the way he talked and the sound of his voice; a chilling drawl reminiscent of two bars of steel grinding against each other, and to top it all, it seemed to possess a disturbing echoing quality to it, as if the words had been shouted from the other end of a wide chasm, the sound waves reflecting and distorting in their desperate attempt to make it to the other side, but also the fact that he seemed all too certain about his case, and knew the boy's name. And how could he know that Slythe and Lori were keeping something from him when he had only learned it himself a couple of hours ago?

"Who are you?!" Valen demanded, "And how do you know my name?! How do you know any of this?! Answer me!"

"I'm not here for your questions!" the man snapped irritably, "I give you this insight of my own accord." his voice returned to its previous state of calm, "If that is inadequate, walk away..." he took a brief pause, studying the boy's expression while maintaining his own completely blank.

For a moment, Valen merely glared indignantly at the stranger who had dared to defy his questioning but in the end, although very reluctantly, he nodded, "Go on..." he said gruffly, his voice still bearing a considerable amount of hatred.

The triumphant smile, well, perhaps not smile, it was truly more of a malicious smirk, spread across the man's face as he resumed speaking; "This is the year of a marvelous undertaking." the man continued, a hint of enthusiaism entering his voice, "The dawn of a new era. And you, Valen, are fortunate enough to be one of those chosen for the glorious duty of bringing this tired old world to its end. It has already been decided..."

"And what if I refuse to co-operate?" the boy asked in return, his voice now as icy as he could manage, a deep-rooted hatred for the man in front of him welling up inside him, accompanied by a more unsual emotion, one which he definitely didn't approve of, a slight knotting of the stomach, a hesitance to his manner, a faultering in his normally so well-controlled voice...fear.

The man's reply was simple and cold, "Typhoeus' will is absolute. If you cover with the cattle then you shall die like the cattle. When the time comes, the choice will come for you, do not fail in it if you appreciate what hangs in the balance..." the man straightened himself up again, beginning to make his way back into the shadows.

"Hold!" Valen managed to say, "What makes you think I won't tell my employer about you?"

"Why that's simple..." the man replied, an amused expression once again making its way to his face, "You do not trust him. You never did, you think him mad. Why should you confide information which could just as easily be used against you? And even if you did tell him...do you think he would believe you?" the man let out a small laugh, a cold, mirthless sound that resounded around the boy in front of him in an eerie and peculiar manner, "No, I don't think you will tell anyone of this, Valen, I don't think you will tell anyone at all." the man burst out laughing again, and before the boy could manage any kind of reply the man's outline had already begun fading, and soon, Valen found himself staring at nothing more than a normal, shaded, if unusually clean, alley, a few beads of cold sweat running down his face.

After a moment, the boy had managed to gather his composure again, however, glaring fiercely at the spot where the man had been and shaking his head. Could he have imagined the whole thing? Was it some kind of peculiar daydream? The boy frowned, contemplating for a moment wether to contact Lori about the event or not, finally deciding against it. Whoever it was, or wasn't as the case might have been, had been right; he would only end up drawing suspicions to himself for such an absurd report. Besides, he couldn't even be sure if he had really experienced the whole thing or not. Frustrated, Valen attempted to push the thoughts out of his mind, returning to the already thinning crowd so as to not turn up late for the tournament, but even as he walked, the words he had just heard still echoed within his mind, filling it with countless questions he couldn't answer.

OOC: Dang the site being down again, and just after I had finished the IC too. I hate it when that happens. ~_~

January 13th, 2006, 1:28 PM

~.~ Yesh. I'm back. I'm healthy, I got all my work turned in, I fixed my mp3 player and I bought lotsa caffines. v.v

PIE! Omgar! -snatches from Alter and nibbles in corner of random room- Pie Pie pie... ^^ -thinks of a LF cartoon- o_o The pie told me to eat it! IT MADE ME EAT IT. IT CALLED ME A MAMA'S BOY AND I'M A GIRL FOR PETE'S SAKE. So the pie is mine. ALL MINE YOU CANNOT HAVE MY PIE. (Yes I know tisn't my pie... But now it is. It's no longer yours.) ALL MINE. MINE MINE MINE MINE. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. None for you, all for me.... IT'S ALL MY FREAKING PIE

My preeeeeeeeeeeeeecious pie... my preeeecious... But it's not your pie! Yesh, yesh it IS my pie! No, no the pie belongs to Alter, alter's pie! No, it's MY pie. Pie belongs to me! No Master no! The pie belongs to Alter, Alter has the pie He might share wiff us if we askes! NO it's MY PIE AND THE PIE IS MINE! No! It's not nice to take from others! But it was mine in the first place! No, no it wasn't! Yes, yes it was! No, no it wasn't! Yes, yes it was! No, no it wasn't! Yes, yes it was! No, no it wasn't! Yes, yes it was! No, no it wasn't! Yes, yes it was!

(Yes I've had too much caffine. -duck tapes ooc mouth shut-)


"Eh? Oh, I'm terribly sorry Onee-chan. I was.. um... caught up." She rubbed the back of her neck softly, "I guess I was caught up in memories...."

/Ya can say that right. Babbling about your brother... you didn't pay ANY attentions to me. ;; I felt so unluffed so I went over to swipe some ketchup and get Rosairie to luff me but nooooooooo her darned Golduck sat on me. You know what it's like to be sat on by a duck?! Anyways, I eventually got teh luffs I so richly deserved so I'm happy./ She nuzzled into Rosairie's shoulder and neck more, sticking her tounge out at the mean nasty Golduck that had sat on her. Who was top mouse now? Who? Who? Why, Minna was.

Kyoko cringed, "I-I-I can't help it if I think about my family... Besides, if Nii-san shows up here... If he were to show up... That is... if that were to happen...."She blushed, "Things wouldn't go well, that they would not... He'd either force me out of the competition or worse, he'd enter and deliberatly humiliate me into forfieting...." Looking up, she noticed she'd been rambling and blushed, flustered like a mama hen, "Oh-oh forgive me.... I got carried away.... Shouldn't we be going... upstairs? For the tournament I mean?" She titled her head in slight confusion, "I think that's right..."

January 13th, 2006, 3:17 PM
{ooc| *wags finger* bad Mika, bad! Sit! Now drop the pie... drop, I say! *wrestles*
Yes, I am as sharp as a shamshir, for I am a girly. I can spot jealousy in my fellow males in a blink! *shifty eyes*
Ho ho, not really. All my guy friends have known me too long and know me too well to know I am....not safe.
I hate it when guy's hair is too gelled. You know when it's all... rock hard and they look like something cut off sonic's head and stuck it on back to front. I actually really like shoulder length hair on guys, like Rupert Grint's. *prepares for a good old-fashioned kicking*}

Rosairie had been busy fuming, when Henna tapped her softly on the shoulder. As per usual, the fire-type's heavy-lidded eyes hadn't missed a thing. Some people say Magmar's aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. Some people even debate whether magmars are in the shed. Henna liked to prove these cynics wrong on a regular basis. It was a shame the old magmar never met any.

{Rozz, look... Some crazy guy's talking to Valen.}
"I could not care less if Edward Elric was talking to Valen, Henna. He's bitter, and cold, and nar-" Rosairie paused. Despite herself, she had looked, and the man, Rosairie swore, was the same one she, Avery and Cona had spotted earlier. At least, it was the member of the same convent.

Rosairie's thorough education had even touched on medieval style monks, if only briefly, and she knew they dressed in hooded habits, ate meagre food, and prayed night and day. The crazy man certainly dressed the part, but there was nothing about him that was paticularily holy. There wasn't a halo above his head, or anything.
Before Rosairie could say anything else, Valen and the man went their seperate ways. The girl snapped her head away, determined not to look at that ghastly boy and his genderless corsage any longer. Instead, she looked at her feet.
Henna wasn't done, it seemed. The magmar scratched her chin. {Valen doesn't seem happy... you know, Rozz, I think there's some serious backhanders going on here. We really should win this tournament and get out. I've not clue what's going on...} the magmar paused, and thumped her tail on the ground, {...but Valen's definetly in on it!}

Rosairie ignored her. Henna always came up with hair-brained schemes.
Instead, she glanced at Minna, who was on her shoulder. "Hiya sweetie!" she cooed.
Then, she turned to Kyoko, just in time to hear the last of the girl's rambling. "Your... brother...?" she pursed her lips, before bursting out again, "I'm sorry to pry, I mean, it's rude and all, but... how could he force you out? I mean, once you're in you've got a contract..."
Silence whined again, and eyed the crowd.
Vampress yawned and ignored Minna altogether, studying her long claws instead.
Sinbad stretched, and licked his lips.

January 13th, 2006, 3:29 PM
| OoC |

*wags finger* bad Mika, bad! Sit! Now drop the pie... drop, I say! *wrestles*

Uh... No. oO -beats back with a rubber Sephy sized sword-

=3 Be warned Alter, screw with my Minun or Dratini's moveset and I'll bite you repeatedly and steal your pie and eat it infront of you.

Minun | Minna
Equipped | Magnet


Shock Wave

Dratini | Chiisai
Equipped | Leftovers


Ice Beam
Surf (I don't remember if you can learn this as a Dratini, my Fire Red game got stolen along with my old Saphire but I'm pretty sure it's learnable as a Dratini.)

Espeon | Mitten
Equipped | Twisted Spoon



Shuppet | Miko
Equipped | None


Shadow Ball
Night Shade

| IC |

"Eh? Oh... Well... for starters... " she swallowed audibly, "He's Papi's favorite. As... I'm who I am, my family... has certian influences back home... and because of my brother's status, so does he... kinda. Anyways... He and Papi think I'll never make anything of myself and take any chance they get to try and force me out of anything were I could be an embarassment... Sucks kinda but I'm... well, used to it to be honest." She giggled at her Minun's kitten like behavior, quickly changing the subject, "She likes you... alot. ^^ Now um... where are we supossed ta go? For signing up I mean?"

Bending down, she tied the long black laces of her tennis shoes BACK into a triple knotted bow (As two knots always seem to come undone) before she stood back up, messanger bag slung over her shoulder, gloves tightened on her hands. She still had good taste in clothing but it certinally wasn't as... cute... as it had been. And the scarf she was attempting to tie around her hair was probably not going to help matters much... but what could she do about it?

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 13th, 2006, 4:33 PM
OOC - Oh hell yeah Titan my friend, The two characters will just prolly loath eachother until which time they are forced to work together to do something lol, thats always the way these things work, im making a prediction right now, valen and JJ will have to team up sometime lol. would be interesting.

and like, whoa Mikka! calm down! the precious pie is precious indeed! here!
*makes Mikka a novelty pie of her own*

and doughnuts for everyone!
*distributes assorted flavoured doughnuts*

January 13th, 2006, 4:51 PM
Cheese pie.^___^

Anyway,boy's aren't allowed to gel their hair in me school.But they still manage play and mess up their hair.I'm like 'Stop tha already.Your hair is,like,fine.Put your hand down so I can see the whiteboard' .X_x

Anyway,I don't think Cona even bothers abou Rosairie so she can't hate her.^^;;
But Charon sounds like a nice person in real life.Feebas,I talk abou people I don't like infront of them.Already scored one person who doesn't like me in my new school.^_^;;


Cona had half a mind to call out to Reina,JJ and Valen and ask them to stop,but decided not to.That Rosairie girl had stalked off to converse with that short girl again.Did she know her name?Most probably not.

"At this rate,we'll be late for the Tournament and they'll have enough time to take down the market."she mumbled,pulling Avery along once more as she tried to catch up with Reina and Jeffery atleast.Valen was lost from her point of view already.Either that or she was starting to feel what was called 'tired' from running around for the whole day.

"Hey...Jeffery.And,Reina."she stopped behind the boy and girl,taking in a few breaths to savour the air.

{Am I ready for the contest?Ah,whatever.The Tournament'll be fun!}Krystal kipped and grinned as he shrugged the thoughts of losing or whatever hardships about the coming Tournament off his mind.
{Oh,we had better be.}Kuner said in a whisper,putting his one foot back onto the Marshtomp's head.Last thing they wanted to happen was that Cona would go like her father.How was he supposed to explain that to Mistress exactly?

'Your daughter's died off as well!'

Oh yes,grand statement that would be.If not for his trainer wanting to give pride back into her father's name,they would've gone nowhere near here.

Random Plushie
January 13th, 2006, 9:40 PM

Martin Luther King totally rox.

He gave America another three-day weekend. :O

*is happy but not really hyper yet*

*Yeah, mostly just tired*

..and Avery and Fable do whatever it is they do in such situations.

Avery would say that no one's being positive and Fable would be silent; thinking of a way to work this to his advantage. XD


As Cona came to a stop in front of JJ and Reina, Avery took the moment as a chance to finally wrench her arm out of the girl's grip, although she made sure to throw a cheerful 'Hi!' in Reina and JJ's direction, and started rubbing the numbness out of her arm.

{You think the tournament will be fun? Welcome to the general population.} Fable commented in response to Krys' statement, finally letting go of Avery's leg and resting his hands on the floor, now positioned much like an Aipom.

{Now we're stopping? I fear for the sanity of you people..! Just a second ago that sailor girl said something about being late! Where are we going now? Are we going to buy something valuable?} Skarka exclaimed, darting back and forth in the air for a little while before settling down on Avery's head.

Avery disregarded the Ghost, and continued to look at Reina and JJ.

"You two are heading over to Undercity, too, aren't ya? Well come on then, I suggest we get moving before it gets any later." Avery continued, once she had stopped rubbing her arm, and started motioning in the same direction that the crowd was flowing.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 14th, 2006, 1:29 AM
Jeffery suddenly jumped at the suprising appearence of Cona, and that girl she was dragging by the wrist. It was just a moment ago he has seen the two girls at least 10 metres away.....

He watched as the girl he didn't know tore her arm away from Cona and started rubbing it as she said in a strangely cheerul voice, seeing as she seemed to have just been dragged across the entire hall against her will, a greeting to him and Reina

JJ chuckles and smiled back
''Hey there'' he said equally as cheerfully
''Im Jeffery, well.......call me JJ'' he grinned, so many people called him JJ now, it seemed pointless telling them his first name.

He looked at the other girl, the one who has done the dragging.
''uuum, yoooour, Cona right?'' he said with one eye on a Pidgey flying around her head.

''and your proberly right'' he said turning his head slightly back to the other one ''we are going to be seriously late if we don't get a move on''

OOC - sowwy for teh poor quality in dis post, not much i can say just yet, and ive only just woke up lol

January 14th, 2006, 1:37 AM
Rosairie smiled wistfully. "I don't have any siblings. Daddy's favourite little girl, that's what I am..." she rolled her eyes inwardly. Favourite little girl, alongside all those skinny 20-but-look-fifteen-year-olds he always seems to be starting relationships with.... "you gotta prove to them you're not a failiure, right? That's what I'm here for. To prove my gang.." she waved a hand at her pokemon, "aren't a waste of oxygen."

Rosairie breathed out irratably, as Kyoko re-did her shoes. The girl certainly looked much older now, and much more grown up. Her opponents might actually take her seriously, dressed as she was. Rosairie had expected to be accepted here, like she was in her hometown. Apparently in this city looking like your gender was a big no-no.
"We need to be in Uppercity- we're there right now." she replied, in a far clearer voice. "I guess we'll jsut follow everyone and see where we get to."

{ooc| My game still hasn't arrived ;; I'm going out soon, and it's RAINING! *fumes*}

January 14th, 2006, 1:46 AM
Cona raised her eyebrows as the boy called Jeffery jumped back.If he was one of them agents,Feebas,were they getting really desperate on what people they would recruit nowadays.

"Yes,I am Cona.Why?You think that I'm out to destroy your evil mission?You're darn right!"she tried to stand firm and sound rough.Anyway,she had to be brave,not like one of those wimps.Crying and running away from potential life endangerment.True,the girl knew she wasn't the type to speak and would usually fade into the background everytime.One thing was sure however,she couldn't let her guard down to anyone.Not even the girl who was rubbing her arm beside her.Avery had been fine,possibly close to what she'd call a 'friend'.

As the girl with a Duskull on her head started walking off,Cona shrugged and followed.

{General population?I'm in the general population?Yay!}Krystal clapped his fin with joy before grabbing onto his trainer's hand so that he wouldn't wander off.
{No,we aren't buying anything valuable.We're heading off right now to be exact.You yougins' really love rushing everything don't you?}Kuner replied to Skarkar's comment,before resting himself onto Cona's shoulder.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 14th, 2006, 2:07 AM
Jeffery was very taken back by the up-front attitude of Cona, accusing him of being involved in some sort of conspiracy, his face must have shown this.

the girl with a Duskull suggested just following the crowd and began to walk off with Cona fast on heel.

JJ smiled to himself as Cona walked off *you gotta love people like that......*
he ran a hand through his hair and sighed deeply, he turned to Reina
''well, we might aswell go along, besides, everyone else seems to be going that way''

just before taking off, JJ turned behind him and observed the hall which was getting bigger from the disapearence of so many people, his eyes scanned it for Valen
''where could he be......and what IS his beef with me'' he thought in a depressed way
''something tells me there's more behind that guy then meets the eye....''

suddenly he had an idea, putting one hand inside his jacket pocket, he withdraw a pokeball which he enlarged before turning to Reina

''Ill be back in 2 secs, just gotta check something'' he smiled and jogged forward and round a corner, hiding him from view. he leant against the wall and threw the pokeball up in the air where it burst open in a stream of silver light, releasing a small bird pokemon

{Like....whoooooa duuuuude, it is a b-e-a....utiful day and I am sooo ready for some action if ya know what i'm talking bout}
the energetic bird began flying round in a circle

JJ smiled at it
''Taillow'' he said in a low voice ''I need you to do something for me''

{like dude you know there is no job dude that is too bad to do on a day like this dude, what do ya need dude?}

''I need you to scan the area, don't go too far, but I need to you to locate this guy, he should be with a mawile....an.....''

{like, whoooooa dude! a mawile, they are like totally cute dude!}

''yes, yes ok'' he replied with a titter
''anyway the boy is wearing quite tattered clothing....he should stand out a fair bit, if you can find him, i just want to know where he is, and if he is doing anything suspicious.....are you ready for this mission?'' JJ added as a side note for his pokemon's amusement

{like narly dude, when i'm done you are going to think im like totally radical! i'll get right to it!}

the pokemon began to fly off as JJ called after it
''if you have no luck in 5 minutes come back!''

Jeffery then returned the empty pokeball to his pocket and ran back round to Reina
''sorry about that, shall we go then?''

OOC - Titan you can bunny Taillow as you wish, or make him not even find you, either way will work, just make sure if you do make him find you that he gets back to me, and if u don't make him find you, tell me and ill add his return into another post of my own.

Alter Ego
January 14th, 2006, 3:32 AM
OOC: *Grumbles* Evil physics lessons, dragging me away from my happy place...<.<

Meh, I'll get on with the OOC stuffers once I get back into the game. Oh, and incidentally, BB, it's not a hall they're in. Overcity is primarily outdoors. XD Anyways, concerning the Tailow bunnying...well, I'll try. Luckily Valen doesn't have any pokmon out at the moment so I won't have to worry about the conversations bit. But yeah, of course I'm going to force Valen to work with the people he hates. It's my fatherly duty as his creator. >D

EDITNESS: Moveset time! >D

Minun | Minna
Equipped | Magnet Leftovers


Thunder Hidden Power [Grass/Ice/Water]/Encore/Seismic Toss/Baton Pass
Shock Wave Thunder Wave/Substitute

O_O Triple electric action...no, triple electric action must die a very painfully and immediate death right here! Right now! *Hides from Mika's biting and pie-stealing fury* Seriously, though, never double up (Or worse yet; triple up) on damaging moves unless they all have different added effects that you deem important. First of all; no real opponent is ever going to use Accuracy or Evasion modifiers against you, so Shock Wave is redundant. Likewise, Thunder is unreliable because of its low accuracy and since you've got the pwnsomeness of Thunderbolt there's simply no need to take it along in the hope that your opponent is foolish enough to use Rain Dance. First of all, your Minun needs more type coverage, because at the moment, it could get beaten by a Modest, level 5 Diglett, which is kind of sad. A suitable Hidden Power (Any of the three listed above) would do great for covering that weakness, although failing that; Seismic Toss can serve for dealing moderate damage, although it would mostly be there for Ground types and Volt Absorbers. For other options, you could also use Baton Pass (Assuming that you take Substitute as a replacement for Shock Wave) to pass on a Substitute to another one of your pokmon which could handle troublesome opponents for you. Even if the Substitute breaks from an attack made on the same turn as the Baton Pass, you will still have avoided the damage that would have gone to the switched-in pokmon, and if the Substitute holds, all the better. Finally, also in combination with Substiute, you can use Encore to mess up your opponent's status attackers or buffers and either take them out while they're stuck on a pointless move (Such as a status attack when you've got a Substiute up) or force them to switch out, giving you a free attack against the new pokmon. Another possible for Shock Wave (As that move just has to go) is Thunder Wave, because the combination of paralysis (33% chance for the opponent's attack to fail) and Attract (50% chance for the opponent's attack to fail) makes it very difficult for your opponent to get anything done.

Dratini | Chiisai
Equipped | Leftovers


Ice Beam
Surf Thunderbolt
Dragonbreath Thunder Wave

Meh, what is it with people and special attack Dratinis/Dragonairs/Dragonites? All members of the Dratini evolution line have more Attack than Sp.Attack, which means that they work better as physical attackers. Meh, I blame lance and his Dragonite molesting ways personally. <.< Yes, Dratini can learn Surf, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will do it much good. On the speciall attacks front, I'd say Thunderbolt and Ice Beam are your best bets, possibly with Flamethrower for back-up, although Return would cause more damage. If Dratini had a better learnset I would suggest far more physical moves, but as it is, special attacks are more or less the only option available...regardless, Dragonbreath, despite the STAB bonus, is a terribly weak move and won't do you much good in battle. I'd suggest going for Thunder Wave instead to make it more difficult for your opponents to attack, thus earning you more benefit from the Leftovers, the other moves would always do more damage in the same situation as Dragonbreath anyway, as Dragon attacks are only super effective against dragons, and Ice Beam is far better suited for those. Also, if you do let your Dratini evolve into the flying hippo (I.e. Dragonite) then the best moveset in my opinion would be;

Aerial Ace/Hidden Power [Flying]
Brick Break
Dragon Dance/Thunder Wave

Dragon Dance is a breeding move (Probably easiest to get from Altaria), so Thunder Wave serves a replacement for that in making it a bit tougher for your opponent to fight back. Other than that, Aerial Ace (Unless it has very high IVs in which case Hidden Power [Flying] is a bit stronger) is great for dealing large amounts of damage to a wide variety of opponents because of the STAB, Brick Break serves to counter Ice, Rock, and Steel, types which flying attacks can't harm properly, Earthquake and Return are both great for dealing large amounts of damage as well (Return being marginally stronger while Earthquake has type advantages) and Flamethrower can be used to plow through heavy physical walls like Skarmory and Steelix.

Espeon | Mitten
Equipped | Twisted Spoon Leftovers

Psybeam Calm Mind/Hidden Power [Fire/Grass/Electric/Water/Ice]
Return Reflect/Morning Sun (CUZ THEY'RE BETTER)

Meh, Espeon is so strongly bent towards Sp.Attack stat-wise that putting any physical attack moves, especially Return which doesn't even have any type advantages, is a waste. Also, the 10% confusing chance of Psybeam just doesn't measure up to the sheer power that a couple of Calm Minds can grant you or the additional type coverage that a suitable Hidden Power brings. Also, since Espeon isn't exactly the hardiest pokmon arround, a defensive move like Reflect (To parr down physical damage) or Morning Sun (To restore HP) will do you a lot more good, as it helps you to buy time for buffing up with Calm Mind so that you can sweep opponents away.

Shuppet | Miko
Equipped | None Leftovers


Theif Snatch/Skill Swap/Torment
Shadow Ball/Night Shade
Night Shade Hidden Power [Fighting]/Protect/Taunt
Toxic Will-O-Wisp

Ehh...this one needs a bit of work too, I'm afraid. First of all, for a low defense pokmon like Shuppet, Will-O-Wisp does a lot more good than Toxic since a burn halves the target's Attack stat, letting your Shuppet survive twice as long. Will-O-Wisp is also generally superior to Toxic, something which can also clearly be seen in the fact that no 'professional' set for a pokmon contains Toxic if that pokmon can learn Will-O-Wisp. Thief isn't really anything you'd want to hang onto with Shuppet's marginal Sp.Attack either, instead, I'd suggest a bit of trickery (As that is really Shupet's strong suit); Snatch can work wonderfully in combination with Will-O-Wisp if your opponent has a status healing move like Heal Bell or Aromatherapy because you can Snatch that benefit for your own party, while at the same time adding an additional turn of burn damage to the opponent. In the same vein, Skill Swap is ideal for messing up most tanks (As they tend to rely on Rest for healing) because you can swap Insomnia over to your opponent when its HP gets low, and Insomnia prevents the use of Rest. Finally, Torment is always loads of fun because it can mess up most strategies right good, making it a lot harder for your opponent to take your Shuppet down, especially when combined with Protect. Finally, there's not really much point in keeping both Night Shade and Shadow Ball, so choose either; Shadow Ball can be used to nail type disadvantaged pokmon and if you Snatch Attack boosting moves like Swords Dance from your opponent it can get quite strong, while Night Shade is far more reliable because it bypasses both resistances and Defense but lacks the power that Shadow Ball can gain. For a final move, Hidden Power [Fighting] would grant you full type coverage, Protect works great to inflict additional burn damage on your opponent and in combination with Torment, while Taunt can be used to prevent your opponent from using status attacks, stat modifiers or recovery moves.


New era? Yeah right, let's all join the side of nutcases dressed in potato sacks... Valen was still very much preoccupied with processing what had just happened, once again stalking through the crowd without really paying attention to anything in particular. At random, he caught a glimpse of a colorfull advert or a random trainer or pokmon as he walked, but his mind wasn't focused on anything; a blonde young boy walking about with an annoyingly cheerfull grin on his face, a far less enthusiastic Torchic sitting on his shoulder..an even younger boy with black hair, wearing a pair of blue shorts and a bright yellow t-shirt, accompanied by a blue baseball cap worn the wrong way, probably grazing on the very bottom end of the age limit, and his Raticate there, the youngester occasionally casting anxious glances as a particularly impressive pokmon came into view, his own pokmon merely snorting dismissively at them...a stray Tailow fluttering among the crowd, peering at all kinds of people...a short, but muscular and heavily tanned man with spiky black hair, wearing a tarnished white karate gi held together with a black belt and his charges; a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee...a Tailow peering at him and his surroundings as if looking for something...a girl with long brown hair, covered under a broad-brimmed hat, casting scornfull glances at various males in her vicinity and occasionally patting the Arcanine by her side...a Tailow looking at Valen, finally coming to a decision and flying elsewhere...it was all a blurr really, enough of a blurr, apparently, for Valen not to take any notice of the frequent appearances of a certain bird pokmon. But then again, he probably wouldn't have cared overmuch if he had. He was focused on his thoughts for the moment, and his thoughts were rapidly turning towards the tournament as he finally stepped into the central square, taking a bit of distance from the largest crowd that had gathered in front of a makeshift stage that had been set up at the front, bearing a number of microphones. If one looked up, one would also have noticed one of the many spectator lounges; a new-looking box of steel and glass that clinging to a nearby support pillar like a giant leech, several telescopes, apparently mounted there to give a better view, just barely visible through the glass window. On the opposite side of the spectator lounge, a sizeable scoreboard divided into three columns; the first one bearing numbers in a dull white against the black colour of the board, reaching all the way from 1 at the top to 15 at the bottom, the next completely empty, and the third containing a number of zeros in every box, obviously a device for tracking the lead players in the tournament.

For the moment, the stage was empty however, and the crowd bustled restlessly as various organizers and security guards darted busily back and forth, making last minute preparations and organising decisions. Noting that there was nothing worth listening to just yet, Valen made his way to the left-hand corner of the square, close enough to the stage to clearly hear what would be said from there, but still as far from the main body of people as possible, leaning against the wall in wait for something to happen.

OOC: Hehee, I have shamelessly inserted a couple of my old characters in between the random crowd members I listed above. Anybody know which the ones are and what their names are? XD Oh, and BB; I purposefully left it open wether Tailow identified Valen (Even though he didn't have Kachiko with him) or not. That's for you to decide. ^-^

Random Plushie
January 14th, 2006, 9:43 AM

I know like.. One of those RP characters. XD

But I dun wanna misspell his name so I won't say anything. :x

Yay for Saturday~


Avery looked back only once as she walked away and further into the crowd, but eh, that was only just to make sure that Fable was still hanging around after letting go of her leg. Indeed, the Sableye seemed to be darting in and out of view, taking enjoyment in throwing random people off balance while all the while continuing to follow Avery and Cona, a huge grin (Well, bigger than normal, anyway) plastered on his face.

{Ah yes, well..} Skarka began in response to Kuner. {What's wrong with being rushed, I say? Gives you a lot more energy and you think quicker. Is quicker a word? Avery, be a dearie and answer me, is quicker a word!?} The Duskull asked, peering down at the girl below and failing, seeing as she was on the girl's head and therefore didn't have the best view of Avery herself.

Skarka was rambling about something or other.. Thank god Avery couldn't understand her that well. The best she knew was that the speed of the Duskull's words meant that they would just fly past her anyways.

Avery pondered this, while in no time came into view of the Central Square, to which last-minute preparations were still being made, from what she could see. Well, duh, the crowd was gathering around the square, so she could see the stage.

"Yay! Now we're not late!" Avery exclaimed, hoping that Cona was still behind her so that it didn't look like she was talking to herself. Well, I guess she could pass off that she was talking to Skarka.. Or Fable, but he was somewhere behind her.

Alter Ego
January 14th, 2006, 9:55 AM

I know like.. One of those RP characters. XD

Like, not all of the ones described are my chars. Some of them are just random people. ^-^ Well, care to point out which one you think you recognize?

Ho-hum, there's not much for me to IC on at the moment, though.

January 14th, 2006, 9:59 AM
OOC: Hey! I'm finally on to post! *gasp!*

Heh, poor Valen, he just can't catch a break, can he? One strange encounter after another. I'm sure they'll only get worse from now on too. ^^ And was that Laure and Chiktika, or perhaps Kindle? Eh, just my guesses. ^^ Dunno about the others though, I'm bad.

Ah, about the hair-fidgetting, there's always a couple of those guys around. Especially in high school, some of those guys just think they're too cool. The funny part is, they're usually not. 9_9

Ahh! Kingdom Hearts 2!! Mika, your signature is reminding me of it! Oh... oh the waiting... ;_; I'm gonna try to make a cool wallpaper of some of the pictures from it for my computer. ^-^


Reina was silent as she watched the way that JJ and Valen talked to each other. If one could really refer to that as talking; it was laced with hidden meanings, and the two of them seemed to dislike each other quite a bit. This made Reina smile a bit.

Leave it to her to become friends with the two boys that hated each other. No doubt they would be having it out sometime in the near future. Reina could see why Valen might dislike JJ though; he had the appearance of someone who didn't really have a lot of smarts, and the constant ruffling of his blonde hair made him look as if he were much too concerned about appearances. Reina had become friends with him merely because he was kind to her and hadn't seemed critical of her appearance.

Boys were funny though, they would start out hating each other, getting into small fights and skirmishes, but then there would always be some major fight to turn them into good friends. Reina suddenly found herself thinking of Rosairie... would they be like that? No, that just didn't happen to girls. Girls had this other way of making friends with enemies. Plus, Reina could never become friends with a girl like that.

As the other girl, Cona, and JJ called to her, Reina began walking again, thinking of friendship in general, wondering if the people she was with would ever come into contact with Valen again. It was a big competition, and the chances of it were pretty slim. Reina sort of wished they would though, Valen seemed like a much easier person for her to talk to than all of these peppy girls. There was JJ, but he was only one person.

She heard Rosairie's statement about being 'Daddy's favorite little girl', and had to roll her eyes as much as Rosairie herself had done inwardly; only Reina's was outwardly. 'Guh...,' she thought to herself, 'Should have known.... He probably calls her 'Princess' too. How sickeningly cute.'

{Easy Reina...,} Tabansi warned, still a bit hurt from Reina's earlier comment, but brave enough to say his opinion.

"You don't have to worry about me, I'm waiting for the competition. I wouldn't bother anyway," Reina said to her cobalt bug.

{Mm,} Tabansi nodded, though he had a suspicion that Reina's thoughts were straying from the tournament. Luckily though, they had now gotten to the main stage and things were looking crowded, yet ready to begin shortly. Reina's head snapped away from Rosairie and the others and fixed itself onto the stage. This was what she had come here for; a great test of strength and endurance. She, Tabansi, and Pixie had trained up for everything, and her brothers had even helped out by pitting their own pokemon against hers. She even had an awesome Ninetails, albeit a bit girly of a pokemon but certainly mysterious and powerful, on her team now.

Pixie squirmed a bit, unsure of all of these vibrations around her. There were so many people she couldn't really tell where she was... she became a bit panicky... after all, what if she was not behind Reina anymore? What if she were behind another trainer? She shook a bit nervously.

{Pixie?} Tabansi asked the Staryu softly, {Are you having trouble seeing?}

The starfish nearly jumped at hearing his voice, but felt a rush of relief, {Oh Taban! I was afraid that I was lost.... Silly, I know, but I think perhaps I should be returned to my ball. I can't see very much in all of this. I would hate to get lost and become a burden for you and Reina.} Her voice was quiet and shaky, but the Heracross could hear every word.

{Ah, I shall let Reina know then,} Tabansi replied, clicking his wings sharply and tapping Reina on her hip. Reina turned around and knew in a moment that Pixie needed to be returned, and so she brought out the Staryu's ball and returned her in a flash of red light.

"There we go," Reina said witha smile, "And now for the tournament."

OOC: Gotta go for right now! Pokemon's on, and I wanna see what voice they give poor Snorunt. XD

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 14th, 2006, 10:00 AM
OOC - don't worries titan, thats prolly the best way of doing it, besides it was just an idea i had, lol, show JJ's suspicious'ness *like, whoa, i managed to add ''ness'' to the end of a word with it actually making sence being there :| *

not much me me can do IC either till lighty posts :)
teehee titan, im viewing ur profile and posting in the same topic as u everytime u post *giggle*

Random Plushie
January 14th, 2006, 10:05 AM

Like, not all of the ones described are my chars. Some of them are just random people. ^-^ Well, care to point out which one you think you recognize?

Ho-hum, there's not much for me to IC on at the moment, though.

Yeah! That's the one! The guy that LA mentioned!

I didn't know if I was gonna misspell 'Laure'. XD

As for your IC, you could always make another announcement, and get the crowd all worked up and go in-depth describing it. XD

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 14th, 2006, 10:18 AM
As JJ walked behind Cona and Roasaire, with Reina at his side. He began thinking to himself.

This whole tournament ever since He himself had arrived at the town had felt very strange, and the tournament itself hadn't even started.
Usually when he and his family used to go to it years ago, they would attend the ceremony and excitedally watch the pokemon battlesin the tournament, it was always great fun, but...this time, everything for some reason felt out of balance, the people on the streets or shopping were showing signs of excitemen, but there was sort of a gloom about them, a depression, also the fact that so many precautions had been taken for safety during the tournament. That sort of thing had always happened but never quite as dramatic.

Also these others he had met and was slowly becoming friends with, it was anlready blatantly obvious that they were all very stand out people. such as Rosaire's magnaminously beautiful looks, who looked like she could control a mans will with just a look into there eyes, or....reina.....she sounded like she had grown up as the black sheep of the family, and always trying her best to prove herself special, perhaps this was subconsciencely part of the reason for her tom-boy like attitude, but she was defenitely very pretty and a nice person.....or there was that boy, JJ had seen him a couple of times, the first time teleporting away with an abra, and the res of the time slouching around as if in a state of depression, Cona needed no real defenition why she was so stand out, even the others, avery, Mika, he himself, Jeffery.....and then Valen. he positively oozed the feeling that there was much more behind him then met the eye, he seemed to not like anyone, but for what reason.....and......

there was just so much Jeffery wanted to know about all this, it just all seemed way too coinsedentul that this particular group of unique people would meet and start to become friends, perhaps there was something more to it......

JJ stopped thinking and smiled to himself as he kept worrying
''I've been around That Cona girl too long'' he said with a chuckle.

Looking ahead, Jeffery saw the area they were looking for
*well that eas easier to fnd then i thought it would be* he thought to himself feeling a little embarassed

there were many people just standing around, waiting for the next announcement concerning the tournament, he tured to the small group he was with

''how long you think until we start?'' he asked.

Alter Ego
January 14th, 2006, 11:50 AM
Heh, poor Valen, he just can't catch a break, can he? One strange encounter after another. I'm sure they'll only get worse from now on too. ^^ And was that Laure and Chiktika, or perhaps Kindle? Eh, just my guesses. ^^ Dunno about the others though, I'm bad.

Actually, you guessed right straight away, Melissa. ^-^ Yup, that's Laure and Chiktika right there. And good on you too, Plushie, for noticing him even though you couldn't recall the spelling of his name. ^^

Anyways, there's still another one out there, one which was exceptional for me because it was my first try at a new territory. Ahh...it's probably all too easy for you with this hint, but can you guess who?

And BB, posting in the same threads as me...you copycat! XDDD But do remember, Mika's char is called Kyoko. *Pokes* Also, whatever became of the Tailow, hmm?

Oh, but now I think that I shall try to make an...


Valen briefly looked up as he heard Avery's voice, keeping his gaze away from the pavement for long enough to spot a couple of familiar faces in the crowd; there was Avery of course, pretty obvious seeing as how it was her voice that had alerted him in the first place, she seemed to have managed to somehow dislodge Cona from her arm, although how she had managed that was beyond Valen, and was now quite busy with trying to make the crowd understand that she, unlike the person who had chosen to latch onto her like a Remoraid feeding of a Mantine, was not a crazy person by attempting to seem like she was adressing her general comments to her pokmon. Soon after, Valen caught sight of Reina, although to his displeasure JJ wasn't far behind, and it didn't look like he had grown any smarter during the time either. There were others he had met around too, surely, and considering the luck he had had in his meetings this far Valen was quite certain that he was bound to run into Rosairie at one point, or maybe that annoying little girl, whatever her name was again, although she held a distinct advantage over Rosairie that was the skill of knowing when to shut up and vanish quietly, still, he sincerely hoped he would run into neither.

Before the boy had any chance of contemplating the matter further however, he, and more or less everyone else in the crowd, noticed that there suddenly seemed to be something happening on stage, and sure enough, a small group of figures had begun walking up in front of the audience; first of all came of course Slythe, looking as villainous as ever with his viper-like front teeth and red eyes, well, there was only one to be seen really as the other one was concealed beneath his hair as always, he approached the podium at the center of the stage with the proud posture of a man in charge, closely followed, of course, by Lori who was obviously enjoying the attention, beaming and winking at the crowd as she was, Valen was quite positive that no efficient method of movement involved that much motion in the hip either. Behind Lori came the far more composed figure of Vincent, the security chief and Valen's mentor, his black hair carefully cut and ordered as always (Valen had often pondered if his dear mentor didn't resort to using a ruler or some more complicated device when it came to keeping every single hair on his head exactly the right length and every single strand of beard or sideburn carefully away.), his suit was equally well ordered, looking as if it had just come from the treatment of a proffessional. For Vincent, unlike his pupil, appearing presentable had always been a habit so important that it almost bordered on obsession, still, although Valen had never particularly cared for this quirk in his mentor, he knew that the security chief, when it really came down to it, was an adversary like few others and could fight with skill and, on rare occassions, fury that could easily not only match but actually tranceede his own, although Vincent had always stressed that efficiency should always be the priority in a battle and that rage was anything but efficient. Following the three came a group of five, obviously carefully chosen security guards, cipher-like with their simple black suits, their black shades, blank expressions, and carefully trimmed bodies, which only seemed to add to their intimidation power, each of them bearing a set of pokballs on their belts which, unlike ordinary pokballs, were pitch-black with a symbol consisting of two green 'W's over the hatch and between two of these stern protectors, looking very much like a criminal being brought for trial, came a rather round, somewhat fidgety looking man who seemed to be around his early fifties, wearing a light brown suit which seemed a tad stretched around his stomach, a white shirt and a dark blue tie showing just a bit. He was definitely a pathetic sight, boxed in between the fittest that Team Viper could provide, and seemed painfully aware of this himself, continuously fiddling with his short, faded brown hair and adjusting his clothes here and there. As the procession moved on, Slythe assumed a position a good bit behind the podium while Lori took up a place on his left-hand side and Vincent on his right, the five security guards gathering up in a fairly wide semi-circle behind them, all of them assuming alert poses and beginning to discreetly scan the crowd in front of them for any possible treaths while the brown-haired man made his way to the podium, adjusting his tie a bit and coughing nervously a few times before he spoke up, his magnified voice booming over the bustle of the crowd, yet still managing to sound rather shaky at first until he braced himself.

"Testing..." he said, experimentally tapping one of the microphones in front of him with his finger, "Testing...can you hear me? Good." he fumbled with his pockets a bit, procuring a piece of paper and unfolding it before placing it in front of him on the podium.

"Ladies, gentlemen, trainers..." the man said, his voice sounding far more steady now that he had the magical veil of the paper to ward off the crowd's stares with "As mayor of Twilight City it gives me great pleasure to begin this year's Memorial Tournament. Now I'm sure you are all eager to begin..." there was a murmur of assent among the crowd, "..but first, there are a few issues I would like to adress." the man concluded, "First of all, I would like to thank the man who made the arrangement of this year's tournament possible." More like you want to show your master what a good little puppy you are.. Valen thought sourly, glaring at the man, for he knew all too well that the mayor would never have won the election were it not for a certain tragic accident that occured with the Undercity voting machines, "Our generous benefactor, the CEO of Waiwai Inc., Slythe D'Argent." the mayor continued, the crowd dutifully providing a round of applause for Slythe as he rose up and gave them a curt bow, not to mention a triumphant smirk, before taking a step back again "Now there is one more issue which I wish to adress before we proceed with the tournament rules." he adjusted his tie and collar a bit before speaking up again, "It has come to my attention that there are...rumours travelling amongst the populace, fancifull tales of wild pokmon behaving in an unusal manner, not to mention downright slanderous accusations towards several successfull companies..." All of them belonging to Team Viper... Valen added in his mind, the way he saw it; there were few things as pathetic as political puppets and the boy wished that that fool on the stage would just get on with it, "...and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you, that loose talk such as this should not be heeded. Granted, there have been some isolated incidens of peculiar behaviour, but let me assure you, all possible safety precautions have been taken to ensure that this tournament will not be disrputed, and we have already hired a competent private company..." Waiwai Inc.'s daughter company on the security branch Valen added in his mind "...to aid our police force in getting to the bottom of these accusations, and as of yet, no evidence has been found to link Waiwai Inc. to Team Viper, and likewise, no proof of peculiar pokmon activity has been discovered. But, without further ado, it is time to introduce those of you who are new to this event to the rules of the tournament. Lori, if you would be so kind?" he cast a glance at the woman on Slythe's left.

"It would be my pleasure mister mayor." she replied in a silky voice, sauntering over to the podium and assuming charge of the microphones, beaming at the crowd as she began to speak;

"Very well, lovehs, if I may have your attention for a moment?" what little bustling had ensued among the crowd quieted down again, "As I am sure you have all heard many times by now, this tournament is a re-enactment of the legendary battle of Zhara-dun which occured back when the God Kings, or Beast Kings as they used to call themselves, still ruled. Today, you will all get to experience much the same circumstances as they did, and one of you, will earn the title of 'Beast King' for yourself, and the considerable perks that come with it. In this tournament, your prowess as trainers and your skill in handling pokmon and unexpected situations will be put to trial as we will release an assortment of wild pokmon throughout the whole of undercity, much like what happened during the real battle. Now allow me to stress this lovehs, these battles are real, and so is the danger associated with them, so should you find yourself overwhelmed at any time, you may call on the assistance of any of our handlers or security guards who will be stationed all around the areas, however, keep in mind that once you resort to this help, your challenge is over, and you will not gain any more points for the whole duration of the game, so think it over carefully. Now, as for how you gather points..." she continued, "It is all very simple. You see, lovehs, the pokmon we have assembled obviously vary in both type and power, and as such, each species has a set number of points associated with it, the stronger the species, the higher the reward. Now if you would please to turn your eyes to the scoreboard over yonder..." she gestured towards the wall opposite of the stage, a good bit of motion ensuing in the crowd as the various crowd members turned to watch, "You will see that there are ten places there, all of them empty at the moment. Once the tournament starts, the names of the ten leading participants will be displayed there, along with their current scores. Now in case you are wondering how you will know how much points you get for what, let me ease your mind. There is a small device attached to each of the pokmon for that specific reason, and once the pokmon is knocked out, it will announce who's pokmon dealt the finishing blow and how many points were earned. Yes, the finishing blow determines who gets the points, and although attacking another trainer's pokmon will lead to immediate disqualification, all wild pokmon are fair game, so don't waste your breath complaining that someone else stole your KO. Finally, lovehs, do remember that you are only allowed to use two pokmon at once, and let me assure you, we will know if you're using more, and if you are caught breaking this rule you will be disqualified. In order to make this a bit more...interesting this year, we have also prepared a special pokmon who will be released later on in the tournament." she took a pause, allowing all that she had just said to sink in, "Now then, lovehs, I have only one more thing to say..." Lori concluded, smiling at the crowd, "Good hunting."

At the same moment, the unmistakable sound of metal doors being opened became audible from all around Undercity, a myriad of wild pokmon lunging out from their newly opened cages and into the deserted streets, filling them with sound and motion as Lori, Slythe, the mayor, and the rest of their little party retreated to the safety of the VIP spectators' box. The tournament had begun.

Random Plushie
January 14th, 2006, 1:44 PM

..and seemed painfully aware of this himself, continuously fiddling with his short, faded brown hair and adjusting his clothes here and there.


Anyways.. Holy snap, if I were down there when all those cages opened up..

Plushie Down There: OMGWTF WE'RE ALL GNNA DYYYYYY!!!! *faints*

Yes, I just felt like letting you all know.

By the way, that girl with the Arcanine was one of your old chars, wasn't she? *pokes recent PM*


Avery had been listening to the announcement for the most part, her attention sometimes averting when the mayor's droning voice became too boring for her to handle, although all that was changed when Lori came up to the podium, to announce the rules of the tournament. Yes, that was the only time when she really decided to pay attention. After all, the rules were the only thing she really needed to know.

However, as soon as Lori had made her finishing remark, the sound that followed, the terrible sound of metal cages swinging open was what totally threw Avery off. She was terribly frightened now, as the sense of impending danger drew in from all sides. A good time later she assumed she was one of the few who felt that way at the time, but that wasn't the point.

"Fable! Fable come here!" Avery called out, failing to mask her fear, while Skarka lifted herself off of the girl's head to peer around at the surrounding area in anticipation. The Sableye showed within the blink of an eye, careful to avoid the mass of feet threatening to crush him, arriving at Avery's leg and clinging to it like he had done before, not bothering to make the climb to her shoulder.

The crowd was moving around everywhere now, entangled in a flurry of emotion as the more confident participants eagerly rushed towards other parts of the city. Of course, the lessening number of people did nothing to cut down on the confusion around Avery, and soon she found the confusion getting to her as well.

"Cona!" Avery shouted, Cona being the only name she could recognize at the moment. A few moments before she had lost sight of the girl dressed as a sailor, and now she was lost in a diminishing sea of unfamiliar faces. She didn't like the idea of wandering around by herself. She would be safer if she found someone familiar--Even a loon like Cona.

January 14th, 2006, 2:13 PM
{ooc| oh gawd, oh gawd... I wanna post but my parents are watching the final ep of Lost, it's so scary and distracting! *gasp*
I shall do some Cameos too, guys and gals.}

Rosairie had followed the crowd doggedly, her own pokemon keeping close to her heels. All around her, she saw unfamiliar faces; to her left stood a young girl with a shiny eevee on her shoulder, on her right stood a boy with huge headphones and an even huger furret wrapped around his feet. Behind them, stood a boy with a boney black charizard - he was chatting excitedly to bemused young lady with a kecleon under one arm.
Rosairie resisted the urge to return her party; certainly, many trainers were staring at the peculiar group, who were bickering and arguing as per usual. The girl turned her head away, and tried to ignore it. This was their tournament too. They deserved to listen.
She moved forward, ignoring Henna's guarding hands on her shoulders. She shrugged them off, and sidled between the other trainers, Sinbad and Vampress boasting loudly at the other pokemon around them. Silence was his normal stony self - he dodged between feet and over tails, every muscle tensed. Crowds... oh, how they were despicable! How the bodies closed in on him like bars! Silence whined, and clung to Henna.
{Shush, Si, it's only for a minute...} the magmar mumbled.

Rosairie resurfaced as close to the front as she could get; any further, the bodies were so tightly packed she couldn't get through. She glanced to her pokemon, and they all drew closer to listen.
The end of Lori's speech brought loud moans of disaproval from her pokemon. Rosairie tried to shush them, but it wasn't going to work.
{That's not fair!}
{What's she chatting about?}
{That girl's insane!}
The girl hissed at them out of the corner of her mouth, and eventually they shut up. Henna coughed loudly.
{Rozz, that's not fair! We've all turned up here, we all want to compete!}
"Listen, Henn. She said 'two at a time'. Not overall. We'll alter. First you and Si. Then Sin and Vamp. Then Vamp and you. Then Si and Sin. I promise."
The ivysaur snorted, the jolteon's spikes bristled, the golduck cracked her knuckles, and the magmar growled with excitement. To anyone watching, they were a pokemon team completely run amock. To Rosairie, they were the jem in the hollow of a hand.

Henna clapped her hands together. {I'll go with Vamp first. You ready, Vampress?} the magmar asked, watching the Golduck carefully. They were both anthropomorphics, they were both female, but there was hardly an inch of trust between them. Vampress was bitter and sour, and Henna would much rather fight alongside Silence. Right now, the Jolteon wasn't in a good state. She would have to bite the bullet and fight alongside Vamp.
The golduck nodded. {Whatever, Henna. I'll take left, you take right. Let's move out, Rosairie.}
The girl paused for a moment, before grabbing two of her pokeballs and returning Sinbad and Silence.

She stared up at the stage, her eyes confident. "Let's move out, girls!"

Anyone else watching this series?}

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January 14th, 2006, 3:34 PM
Anyone else watching this series?}

You are watching teh one where Walt ish taken away on dat boat?

Yea, those guys are teh evilest. ;;

I haven't watched Lost in forever.



In the safety of the VIP spectator's box sat a rather tall, yet average-looking man, who had located himself near the back of the structure, looking up through the main viewing window and chuckling a bit to himself as he observed the general chaos going on outside. He leaned back in his seat, obviously finding the whole situation quite amusing and funny.

The seat next to him was occupied by a Banette, and a rather sinister and crafty-looking Banette at that. The Ghost-Type seemed to share the same amused grin as his master, watching with glee as the chaos continued.

The aforementioned man was dressed in a plain and rather boring dark brown business suit, which was the same color as the bowl hat that almost hid his jet black hair from view. Other than that, his eyes were hidden behind dark glasses, and he seemed to be avoiding having to talk to the rest of the spectators.

{There's more fear in the crowd this year.} The Banette remarked, his grin growing a good deal wider as he uttered the words, clapping his hands together lightly.

The man nodded. Indeed, the two of them often came to this particular tournament every year, but usually just for their own amusement. Now how had he come to earn a spot in the VIP box? Simple; he was a very, very rich man. That, and he had creative ways of persuading people.

"Do you suppose this crowd will give us a bit more action than last year's?" The man said to his Banette in the attempt to keep up a polite conversation, although he hardly paid attention to what the Ghost said in response, after he caught a glimpse of familiar purple somewhere in the crowd.

There are plenty of purple Pokemon in the world, fool. He repeatedly told himself on occasions such as these, but this time he paid no attention to his thoughts. He had seen him for real this time.

The shred of purple-colored skin had dissolved back into the crowd within a few moments, too short for him to truly make out what it was. Oh, but that didn't stop him from knowing. He knew that was the one he had seen so many years ago; he just wished this place had gotten the cameras set up already.

{Hello? Earth to Pops?} The Banette beside him asked, raising one eyebrow. The man he had adressed instantly shook out of his previous state, turning towards the confused Banette.

"Do not worry, Kajunn. I just thought I'd seen something.. Although it couldn't have really been there. Think nothing of it." Was the man's response as he leaned back in his seat once more, although that only served to confuse the Ghost-Type further.

If it really was.. Then I shouldn't care. I will not be plagued by something so petty as guilt. The man thought to himself, staring straight into the heart of the crowd, looking for that flash of purple. Yes.. I have Kajunn now. I can forget that one.. He was a total loss. Forget ever seeing him again. It's been that way for years.

January 14th, 2006, 5:15 PM

>=3 Nice try Alter. NICE TRY.

O_O Triple electric action...no, triple electric action must die a very painfully and immediate death right here! Right now! *Hides from Mika's biting and pie-stealing fury* Seriously, though, never double up (Or worse yet; triple up) on damaging moves unless they all have different added effects that you deem important. First of all; no real opponent is ever going to use Accuracy or Evasion modifiers against you, so Shock Wave is redundant. Likewise, Thunder is unreliable because of its low accuracy and since you've got the pwnsomeness of Thunderbolt there's simply no need to take it along in the hope that your opponent is foolish enough to use Rain Dance. First of all, your Minun needs more type coverage, because at the moment, it could get beaten by a Modest, level 5 Diglett, which is kind of sad. A suitable Hidden Power (Any of the three listed above) would do great for covering that weakness, although failing that; Seismic Toss can serve for dealing moderate damage, although it would mostly be there for Ground types and Volt Absorbers. For other options, you could also use Baton Pass (Assuming that you take Substitute as a replacement for Shock Wave) to pass on a Substitute to another one of your pokmon which could handle troublesome opponents for you. Even if the Substitute breaks from an attack made on the same turn as the Baton Pass, you will still have avoided the damage that would have gone to the switched-in pokmon, and if the Substitute holds, all the better. Finally, also in combination with Substiute, you can use Encore to mess up your opponent's status attackers or buffers and either take them out while they're stuck on a pointless move (Such as a status attack when you've got a Substiute up) or force them to switch out, giving you a free attack against the new pokmon. Another possible for Shock Wave (As that move just has to go) is Thunder Wave, because the combination of paralysis (33% chance for the opponent's attack to fail) and Attract (50% chance for the opponent's attack to fail) makes it very difficult for your opponent to get anything done.

:3 Okay. First off. My Minun is not just a /battle/ pokemon, it's my contest Pokemon. Shock Wave PWNS with contest points and it's always wonderful to shove a ribbon covered pokemon in the guy who sits next to you at lunch's FACE. (Yes his FACE.) And then laugh. Repeatedly. And with Thunder, Again, I use it in contests. My Minun doesn't come out much in battle unless a water/flying or normal type shows up (Or something like a ghost type. Thunder and Thunderbolt work wonders against Gastlies.... I hate Gastlies.... @@; ) I'm also bothered by the fact you didn't notice I already HAVE attract on my move set. I do enjoy stealing the limelight in contests.... (laughing at the misery of those fools after me that dun get no attention from the crowd... Muwahahahaha.....) and I agree with you. The 50% chance of not being able to hurt my fluffy Minna-chan (Her in-game name. xp) is quite appreciated. However, beyond the Attract suggestion, I don't agree with you. Hidden Power doesn't really work all that well. Yes it changes elements, yes it opens up the doorway to a secret base but beyond that it's pretty worthless. (I should know. My Minun had it up through my first time through the Tourny. It proved worthless in teh gruesome elite four battles. THUNDER DID MORE DAMAGE... CUZ THUNDER PWNS. -cough-) and as far as thunderwave goes... Paralization is great but my pokemon have high speed. o-o; they don't need to slow the oppenent down any. And Thunder has a chance of paralizing and her built in ability static (Paralyzes w/ a physical attack) makes it really unnessacary.

I gotta do dishes, I'll respond later. And I'll wring your neck later.

That's a promise. ; Nobody insults my dragon knowledge and lives to tell about it. -is held back by Charon-

Random Plushie
January 14th, 2006, 8:16 PM

I just felt like butting in. Ya don't mind, do ya? XD

:3 Okay. First off. My Minun is not just a /battle/ pokemon, it's my contest Pokemon. Shock Wave PWNS with contest points and it's always wonderful to shove a ribbon covered pokemon in the guy who sits next to you at lunch's FACE. (Yes his FACE.) And then laugh. Repeatedly.

Aw, ya shoulda mentioned that before Alter gave you a competitive set..

But yes, it is fun to shove things in people's faces. :3

And with Thunder, Again, I use it in contests. My Minun doesn't come out much in battle unless a water/flying or normal type shows up (Or something like a ghost type. Thunder and Thunderbolt work wonders against Gastlies.... I hate Gastlies.... @@; )

Yesh, it makes sense if you just use it in contests. There's too much of a gamble if you rely on Thunder in battle all the time.

I'm also bothered by the fact you didn't notice I already HAVE attract on my move set. I do enjoy stealing the limelight in contests.... (laughing at the misery of those fools after me that dun get no attention from the crowd... Muwahahahaha.....) and I agree with you. The 50% chance of not being able to hurt my fluffy Minna-chan (Her in-game name. xp) is quite appreciated.

He didn't change that at all, dear Mika. He left it right where it was on your original post, then talked about it. :3

Please don't stab teh Alter. XD

However, beyond the Attract suggestion, I don't agree with you. Hidden Power doesn't really work all that well. Yes it changes elements, yes it opens up the doorway to a secret base but beyond that it's pretty worthless.

You're talking about Secret Power right there. That's not what Hidden Power does.

Most people use Hidden Power for type coverage, not necessarily for raw power. Sometimes it can be vital for that sort of thing.

It's only worthless if it's the wrong type of Hidden Power, and therefore can't help your set.

(I should know. My Minun had it up through my first time through the Tourny. It proved worthless in teh gruesome elite four battles. THUNDER DID MORE DAMAGE... CUZ THUNDER PWNS. -cough-)

Do you know what type her Hidden Power was? That could've been a factor.

And Thunder (assuming it strikes the target) always deals more damage than Hidden Power, without factoring in weakness and resistance. So like yeah.

and as far as thunderwave goes... Paralization is great but my pokemon have high speed. o-o; they don't need to slow the oppenent down any.

That's not what he was getting at. The -Spd thing is just a spiffy bonus, but what you really want to do is to stop your opponent from attacking you.

Don't you like free turns? :3

That's why you'll see T-wave on some Pokemon that are already fast.

And Thunder has a chance of paralizing and her built in ability static (Paralyzes w/ a physical attack) makes it really unnessacary.

Static isn't always reliable (although I do agree; it is pretty nifty when it kicks in).

You see, what happens when you come across an opponent who only uses special attacks?

I gotta do dishes, I'll respond later. And I'll wring your neck later.

Have fun, and watch out for the red herring! 'Tis Titan's weapon of choice.

You can ignore me if you want. Meh.

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 12:17 AM

>=3 Nice try Alter. NICE TRY.

:3 Okay. First off. My Minun is not just a /battle/ pokemon, it's my contest Pokemon. Shock Wave PWNS with contest points and it's always wonderful to shove a ribbon covered pokemon in the guy who sits next to you at lunch's FACE. (Yes his FACE.) And then laugh. Repeatedly. And with Thunder, Again, I use it in contests. My Minun doesn't come out much in battle unless a water/flying or normal type shows up (Or something like a ghost type. Thunder and Thunderbolt work wonders against Gastlies.... I hate Gastlies.... @@; ) I'm also bothered by the fact you didn't notice I already HAVE attract on my move set. I do enjoy stealing the limelight in contests.... (laughing at the misery of those fools after me that dun get no attention from the crowd... Muwahahahaha.....) and I agree with you. The 50% chance of not being able to hurt my fluffy Minna-chan (Her in-game name. xp) is quite appreciated. However, beyond the Attract suggestion, I don't agree with you. Hidden Power doesn't really work all that well. Yes it changes elements, yes it opens up the doorway to a secret base but beyond that it's pretty worthless. (I should know. My Minun had it up through my first time through the Tourny. It proved worthless in teh gruesome elite four battles. THUNDER DID MORE DAMAGE... CUZ THUNDER PWNS. -cough-) and as far as thunderwave goes... Paralization is great but my pokemon have high speed. o-o; they don't need to slow the oppenent down any. And Thunder has a chance of paralizing and her built in ability static (Paralyzes w/ a physical attack) makes it really unnessacary.

I gotta do dishes, I'll respond later. And I'll wring your neck later.

That's a promise. ; Nobody insults my dragon knowledge and lives to tell about it. -is held back by Charon-

Owww...if it's a contest pokmon you should just have friggin' told me instead of throwing a fit about it. Sheez... And you seem to have misunderstood, on several points. First of all, I know that you had Attract on the set, see how I didn't put that stuffer in bold anywhere?) I was simply stating that it works better together with Thunder Wave. Secondly, Minun does not, and let me stress this; does not have the 'Static' trait! Minun has its own signature trait 'Minus' which was specifically made to work in tandem with Plusle's signature trait 'Plus' (+50% Sp.Attack for both when both are out at the same time). And Thunder Wave isn't just for reducing speed, it also has a 33% chance of preventing an attack, and that's what I'm aiming at, and note that I also suggested Substitute for that slot (A move which you didn't deign to comment on at all). As for Hidden Power, first of all, it doesn't open up a secret base, that's Secret Power which is another move altogether, and if you confused those two then it's obvious that you didn't manage to deal any proper damage. Plus, I have stated (Multiple times) that Hidden Power is fickle and shouldn't be relied upon if one can help it, and it was only meant for hitting opponents that aren't affected by Electric attacks (E.g. Lanturn, Jolteon, Ground types). Really, rather than getting all indignated about it you could have just provided me with all the information needed (The fact that Minna is a contest pokmon being the most essential) rather than getting a fit about it later on. As for your dragon knowledge, with all due respect; if you haven't learned by now how pathetically weak Dragonbreath is then your knowledge can't really be all that great. ~_~ Don't ask for a rate if you can't take it. <.<

Yes, it's early in the morning around here and I'm not on the best of my moods, so I do apologize for the tone of the above statement. Although I can't say that it was unprovoked.

Dang, I see Plushie covered most of my points already. *Sniff* I'm so proud.

Anyways, you nailed the second one of my characters, Plushie. Even though you had a bit of an unfair hint. ^^ Anyways, I shall be much more impressed if you can name either the girl or her Arcanine, or better yet; both. XD

But, since it might be a tad hard, a couple of hints by which you should be able to figure it out;

The girl's name

1. It's six letters long and is a slight derrivation from the word signifying the motion that a certain gas enters when it condenses up in the air.

2. I might have used that name for a certain side-character in another RP.

The Arcanine's name

1. It's as long as the girl's one and ends with an 'o'.

2. Five of the letters in the name can be found in Yibber's username, and the Arcanine is a male.

Incidentally, I know how Avery must be feeling right now. That's a seriously creepy moment right there. o.o


"It's about time..." Valen commented as the speech drew to a close, immediately springing himself up from the wall he had been leaning against and reaching for the first of the three pokballs on his belt, already knowing in what order he would call on his charges as he distanced himself a bit from the main body of people, knowing that it would be fruitless to attempt gathering more than a few stray KOs among so many. Some took another approach to avoiding competition, such as the brown-haired girl from before who quickly leapt up on her Arcanine's back, the sizeable fire pokmon leaping effortlessly across the crowd, several of its members stepping back out of fear for being trampled as the girl and her pokmon sped down one of the many streets in search of their first target.

As he began making his way towards one of the less popular directions, the sound of Avery's anxious calls caught his ears. It figures... he thought for himself, She's probably never been under pressure before. I hardly see the point in even admitting such unready trainers, but I suppose they have to gather the numbers...

Before Valen could contemplate on this any further however, a shrill cry suddenly snapped him out of his thoughts, the boy veering in the last minute as an agitated Zubat came hurtling down towards him, just barely missing its mark. Noticing this, the poison type twirled around in mid-air, preparing to lunge again. This time however, Valen was fully prepared.

"Smaelaugh! Go!" in a trained, fluid motion, the boy released the Venonat from his pokball, the bug type quickly realizing the situation and puffing his furr up self-importantly.

"Smaelaugh..." Valen said in an even but clear voice, "Disorient that Zubat with a Supersonic then KO it with Psybeam. Go."

{Hah! Hardly a challenge!} Smaelaugh snorted dismissively, inhaling and releasing a blast of sound so high-pitched that it was barely audible for Valen or any other humans in the area, it was far too well audible for the Zubat however, the bat pokmon suddenly tumbling in the middle of its dive, fluttering around in confusion and darting straight at a nearby wall, a multi-coloured beam unleashed by Smaelaugh soon striking it in the back.

"3 points awarded to Valen Ironholm for KOing a Zubat!" a mechanical voice announced, the name V. Ironholm quickly appearing at the top of the scoreboard and the number 3 appearing to replace the far-right zero. Valen's triumph was short-lived however, as his name was quickly dropped to third place by L.Whitendon; 7 points, A.Fairlight; 13 points, and then even further by R.Adaell; 35 points. This game, it seemed, was a particularly fast-paced one, and Valen was not one to dawdle, quickly rushing down the closest street in search of his next target.

January 15th, 2006, 12:29 AM
Like,the Tournament started already?!o.O
Feebas,,Literature homework.>_<*throws Literature book to one corner of the room*

Oh!I shall add one or two of my chars.In the crowd as well.XP


Cona had taken to just staring as the mayor started adressing the audience,taking note to keep Avery within her view.The man whose name was Slythe reminded her if Valen for some reason.Perhaps it was that evil 'take over the cheese' look in his eyes.That man was up to no good,was he Valen's accomplice?Naw.
The woman which she had remembered as the one who guided the tour a couple of hours back then started speaking.

Krystal instinctvly tightened his grip on his trainer's hand as Lori stepped up to the podium.Kuner however,tried his best to remain dignified and listen,since Cona and Krys would usually do nothing of the sort.

The girl yawned and rolled her eyes as Lori continued talking about the different types of pokemon."Blah..blah..blah..continue and the cheese'll be melted by the time you're done."she followed the crowd as they turned to the scoreboard in the distance.

"Okay guys,so yeah.Here we are.We'd better get atleast a few Pokemon down and earn points for dad."she whispered to her pokemon as Lori then proceeded to state about people stealing knockouts and such.

{By golly,we'll do Mistress proud!}Kuner brought on wing into a clenched position,even if he was old didn't mean he couldn't be enthusiastic now,could he?Krystal gave a nod,then hugged his trainer's leg.Hoping that she wouldn't turn out like her father.Oh yes,that would be a bad sight.

{Yay for having fun!}he kipped,letting go of his trainer's leg to get into a battle stance.

"And then,we'll go show dad.And then he'll-"

"Good hunting."Lori finished her speech before Cona could continue.

Krystal jumped into her arms as the metal doors surronding them opened,allowing pokemon of all types to charge out.While most of the crowd staid back,the braver trainers gave no second thought and ran after the wild pokemon.One of them was this cheery looking girl with brown hair,a Grumpig and Kirlia who clapped her hands in excitement to continue.Another one was this girl who was laughing out of pure impluse,with a sweatdropping Swellow beside her.

The wild pokemon did indeed seem tough to beat,back Cona was certain she had seen a funny-looking Marshtomp with a necklace round his neck bounding up and down in the stampede.

{Aren't we supposed to be fighting?}Kuner waved his wings infront of the girl's face to snap her out of the trance.

"-!Oh yes!Um..right after we find Avery!If I lose,then atleast we'll have a witness to see how bravely we fought and retell it to dad later!"she stated,giving the wide-eyed Marshtomp in her arms a poke.Krystal blinked,almost lost in the variety of pokemon being sent out at them.

"Find Avery."his trainer said simply.

{Simple,she's just there.}the fin atop his head wiggled ever so slightly back and forth,gesturing to their left.The Mudfish was indeed correct,there was Avery calling out something which was unaudible to herself before looking around.A\Cona squinted her eyes,a Duskull and Sableye.Yes,that was definately her.Was the girl actually trying to spot her?
Cona started walking over,quickening her pace incase the girl would get lost in the crowd again.

"I'm here,Avery.Don't worry,the cheese isn't getting you."she called out,pushing away the trainers which gave her weird and strange looks.

The girl then stretched her hand out and grabbed Avery's wrist once more.

"Amazing how why always end up like this."Cona actually had a grin on her face as she spoke,she was really beginning to enjoy herself.

I actually included one of the pokemon I was going to play in one of those RPs in the crowd of wild pokemon.XDDD

Like,yay!Five letters of the Arcanine's name can be found in my name!!Like,I feel so special!!X333
And for the funneh sport,I'm going to say his name's Angelo.XD

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January 15th, 2006, 12:39 AM

It was just a stab in the dark.. I really don't know her name.. But you're talking about the water cycle or something? The heck?

I'm not even going to make an attempt.. I'm being a negative person tonight. XD


"Oh, uh, hi Cona.." Avery said, blinking as Cona took her by the wrist once more. "Hey! Couldja stop doing that? Your grip is seriously hurtful." Avery continued, sweat-dropping, before attempting to tug her wrist away. Now that Cona had actually come, she wasn't so sure if this were better than being alone or not.

{Forget about that silly girl,} Skarka commented from her spot in the air, {You're already in dead last place, I'd reckon, along with everyone else who hasn't bothered moving yet.} The Duskull concluded, gesturing towards the scoreboard.

Avery looked towards the scoreboard, although it was true that she hadn't understood Skarka very well, but all the same saw the points for the current leaders rising like something baking in the oven, while she stood there, not daring to move an inch while the last of the crowd made their way away from the square.

"That just isn't right.. How can everybody else be so focused when-" She didn't get to finish, instead letting out a frightened yelp as she ducked out of the way of a Spearow, the bird having just attempted to knock her to the ground with a Wing Attack.

"Ack! S-Skarka, Will-O-Wisp!" Avery called out, trying to regain her composure and shivering a bit as she watched the Spearow curve out of its failed attack, intent on heading back towards Avery and her Pokemon.

{That's what he gets for being so rude.} Skarka commented, making a few gestures with her hands before a bunch of small, gaseous balls of spiritual flame appeared, dancing in a circle around the Duskull. A few moments passed before the balls of flame began darting towards the Spearow, who went straight through them, obviously not realizing they would burn him.

He yowled in pain, but all the same kept flying, now towards Skarka, although plain rage was written across his expression.

"Great, he's still going.. Just Ice Beam 'em already!" Avery shouted from the ground, while Fable observed in silence.

Skarka chose not to comment this time, making somewhat of an inhaling motion before firing a beam of frost towards the Spearow, who, annoyingly enough, dodged it, and squawked something inaudible.

Ah well, it didn't matter. All the Duskull had to do was angle her head a bit more, and the Ice Beam struck her original target, sending the bird down towards the ground in a KO.


Alter gets to do point thingies. :O

January 15th, 2006, 12:59 AM
The only thingy tha comes into my mind ish evaporation.XDDD

And yeah Titan,go and do the point thingys.


Cona let go of Avery's hand as a Spearow had decided to attack the girl.She stood back and watched as the trainer defeated the Flying type with ease.


The girl looked away from Avery to see a Beedrill charging with great speed towards her.

"Kuner,Peck!"she pointed at the bug,trying her best not to flinch as her pokemon shot towards it.The Beedrill snickered,easily dodging the old Pidgey's attack.

"Krys,Rock Smash!"her Marshtomp immediately jumped from her hands and brought his flippers together.In one mighty swing,he hit the Beefrill squarely on the head,causing it to fall back.

"Kuner,Wing attack!"Cona continued not wanting to waste a second,her Pidgey appearing behind the Bug type and flapping his wings at an astounding speed foran old-timer.Both his wings started glowing briefly as he flew towards the Beedrill to deliver the attack.
The Beedrill was already weak as it could get,but it had enough energy for a Twineedle.It lifted both stingers straight at Kuner as he hit it with his wings.

"Ah!"Cona ran to catch her Pidgey as he fell down into her hands,dazed from the attack.The Beedrill on the other hand,wasn't as lucky.It fell onto the pavement,KOed.

"Please be alright,please be alright!"she started,giving the Pidgey a good slap before letting him rest on her shoulder.

{An' that,ish how ya' beat those pesky buggers.}the Flying type mumbled,shaking his head to try and gain full control and vision of his surrondings.

Cona would have jumped up and down and proclaimed her win to the world,if not for the fact that she knew that there were tougher pokemon than this.

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 1:11 AM
Like,yay!Five letters of the Arcanine's name can be found in my name!!Like,I feel so special!!X333
And for the funneh sport,I'm going to say his name's Angelo.XD

Dang, you guessed right straight away, actually. XD Yep, Angelo's the name of her Arcanine. And Plushie, well, yes, it has to do with water. Sheez, I've just given it away now, haven't I? Oh well...^-^


"2 points awarded to Avery Williams for KOing a Spearow!" a small device attached to the bird pokmon announced, although its voice was quickly drowned as countless similar ones began coming in from all sides as the game started out in seriousness, an announcement for 10 points to Jacona Brindge for KOing a Beedrill mixing in with the sounds.

Valen had already made his way a bit further from the central square towards the, how to say, district of questionable morals, sometimes refered to as 'Shadeshide' by the local populace, it was a particularly dark and cramped section of the city, and a regular hangout for blackmarketeers and other bussinessmen of lacking scruples, filled with snaking alleyways and small outrcroppings of various kinds, making it ideal for an ambush, but, Valen reasoned, also the prefered place for pokmon who disliked the light, such as dark and ghost types, pokmon his team was adept at fighting, seeing as those were more or less the only practice partners to be had back at HQ. And sure enough, it didn't take long for the next target to make its appearance as an Ekans suddenly lunged out from behind a nearby corner, hissing and attempting to look intimidating. Having been around Seirini for so long, however, neither Valen nor his Venonat were impressed by the performrance, much to the snake pokmon's confusion.

"Psybeam." Valen said simply, the bug type building up the energy in its mouth once more, aiming to knock out the Ekans in one sweep, it was not to be however as a sudden flurry of motion emerged from the shadows, a lithe figure flying through the air and striking Smaelaugh straight on the head before anyone could really figure it out; it was a small, vaguely human-shaped creature, but its body was an earthen brown in colour, except for the legs which were closer to onion coloured, and a tan pattern similar to a mask which surrounded its eyes, a single green leaf protounding rebelliously from its forehead, only serving to enchance the troublemaker look that its long pointed nose granted it. After its attack, the creature performed an elegant sommersault in mid-air, landing behind Valen and Smaelaugh and preparing to strike again.

A Nuzleaf, eh? Valen scoffed as he recognized the pokmon, "A bit more troublesome perhaps, but I've seen worse. Smaelaugh, Leech Life."

The Venonat spun around, this time lunging, fangs barred, at the grass type, intent on sucking out its life force to replenish his own. The Nuzleaf was too quick however, vanishing from the spot it had been on mere moments before the Venonat's attack would have struck, re-appearing a bit above the bug type and landing a sturdy kick to his forehead before once again leaping away. Meanwhile, the Ekans, realizing its chance, let out a loud hiss and lunged at Smaelaugh, catching the Venonat in a Wrap attack in an attempt to keep it from moving.

This isn't working... Valen thought with a measure of frustration as the bug type tried to wrestle itself free while the Nuzleaf stood on the sidelines, gathering up energy for a strike.

"Kachiko. Go."

In another well-trained motion, the trainer unleashed his second pokmon onto the pavement, the steel type appearing with her usual cheerfull grin and peering curiously around.

{Ohhh! Is it play time again, papa?} she asked, clapping her hands in excitement as she got a picture of the scene.

Valen nodded, "Quite, jump in front of that Nuzleaf and use Iron Defense." he pointed at the grass type, his Mawile obediently leaping in front of it, the jaws on her head flashing a distinctly predatory grin that caused the Nuzleaf to hesitate for a moment while the steel type closed her eyes and focused, her skin soon gaining a new sheen to it as it toughened up further, just in time to absorb the impact of the Razor Wind that the Nuzleaf had been building up.

"Now, Baton Pass." Valen said, smirking at the effect which would surely ensue.

{Yay! That's my favourite!} Kachiko called out, giggling at the quizzical expression that the grass type in front of her gave her, {Nothing up my sleeve...} the Mawile said dramatically, {But one, two, three, you can't see me!} she skipped up into the air at the end of her sentence, curling up into a surprsingly small shape in the air before vanishing with a quite pop, only to be replaced by Smaelaugh, much to the Nuzleaf's surprise, while the Ekans was just as confused to suddenly find itself face to face with a steel type.

"Now, Smaelaugh, Leech Life, Kachiko, Crunch." Valen commanded, the bug type taking advantage of his opponent's confusion and lunging forward, sinking his fangs straight into the Nuzleaf's nose, the creature yelping in pain but lacking the strength to struggle off, finally sinking to its knees onto the pavement while Kachiko's considerable jaws closed in on the Ekans, the serpent flailing madly until Smaelaugh finished it of with a Psybeam.

"6 points awarded to Valen Ironholm for KOing an Ekans!" one of the little devices present announced while the other one was just as eager to award him 17 points for the Nuzleaf.

Random Plushie
January 15th, 2006, 1:33 AM

Kachiko's Baton Pass = Classic



"God!" Avery called out, once she was sure the Spearow was down. "Fable always teases me about being optimistic.. But this is just too freaky! Come on, Cona, let's get out of here! Just go anywhere!" She exclaimed, not bothering to reach for one of Cona's arms for another change, instead expecting the girl to follow.

{Those were the times you deserved it, silly.} Fable commented, detaching himself from Avery as she started walking, darting back and forth along the ground, while Skarka took to floating once more.

"H-Hey Skarka," Avery managed to call up to her Duskull while she continued walking away from Central Square. "If you see any Wild Pokemon flying, be a dear and Ice Beam it. I really don't want a Spearow replay.." Avery concluded, twitching a bit at the memory.

{You mean like that Fearow?} Skarka asked innocently, pointing up towards the ginormous Flying-type that was perched on the nearest roof-top, apparently just sitting there and waiting to strike something.

Of course, Avery hardly anticipated that, only letting out a frightened yelp when she decided to look in the direction her Duskull was pointing, then wishing she hadn't done that, for it only drew the Fearow's attention.

"Yes! Ice Beam it! Oh GOD!!!" Avery called out, her knees almost buckling at the sheer sight of the giant Fearow, even if it was still just sitting there.

{Fable wishes he knew how to operate human cameras. This Avery moment is totally priceless.} Fable commented from the ground, while Skarka swayed a bit as if copying the action of inhaling again before attempting to blast the nearby Fearow with an Ice Beam.

However, the giant bird took notice just before he could be hit directly, squawking in fury and taking to the air. His left wing was unlucky enough to be caught in the wake of the Ice Beam, but that alone wasn't enough to stop it now.

{You gotta problem lil' missy!?} The Fearow squawked in Skarka's direction, although Skarka barely uttered a word before the Fearow vanished without a trace, reappearing in front of Skarka just a moment later, directly striking the Duskull with an Aerial Ace.

Avery yelped as the attack hit, sending her Duskull a good bit backwards, although the Fearow wasn't going to allow her time to recover, backing up a bit before propelling himself towards the surprised Skarka.

"Confuse Ray!" Avery exclaimed, now wishing that she hadn't started the fight in the first place.

Skarka, still in her 'Oh my GAWD, I can't believe you just hit me!' position, shook her head a few times before she glowed just a bit, firing what appeared to be a very weird ray of light towards the Fearow, who, upon contact with the ray of light, instantly halted in his attack and began flying around in circles.

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January 15th, 2006, 1:56 AM


There goes my unwanted energy.^^


"Coming.."Cona said,following after Avery.The girl had now gotten herself into a battle with a fierce looking Fearow.Come on,there was bound to be something for her to fight..right?
She looked at the corner of a street,where a small Sunkern was whistling to itself.

"I'll be just there,Avery!"without waiting for a reply,Cona started walking towards the Grass type,careful not to startle it.She looked over her shoulder,just to make sure Krystal was still there.

"Okay,Krys.Ice beam it!"she ordered as the Marshtomp finally managed to catch up with her.Taking a few breaths of air,the Mudfish jumped into battle as the Sunkern grinned,beaming as the Sun above it started shining brightly.Sunny day it was.As Krys formed a blue orb in his mouth,the other gathered energy into a big orange one on its leaves.
It took Cona a moment to realise what a rash thing she had done."Krystal,outta the way now!"she waved one arm in the air to get the Marshtomp's attention.One look at the Sunkern didn't need telling twice to Krys,he let out a yelp as the orb in his mouth disappeared.The Water type jumped away from the beam which followed,though his right flipper had gotten caught,causing a major damage indeed.

{Ouch!That hurt!}he rubbed the injury with his left flipper,glaring at the laughing Sunkern.

"Kuner,go!Sand attack!"Cona tossed the Pidgey from her shoulder into the battlefield.The Flying type used his small legs and started kicking sand up to lower the Sunkern's accuracy.Amazingly,the Grass type leapt out of the way in time.

"Stupid Chlorophyll."his trainer clenched her fists,trying to think of another way.As the Sunkern mocked her.Sticking its tougue out and bouncing up and down.

"Okay,Kuner!Lets give him Agility then!"she shouted,trying her best not to show her discouragement by the failing attempts.Her Pidgey gave a small nod,before ruffling his feathers and disappearing out of Cona's sight.And the Sunkern's too.

It let out a grumble,deciding to turn back to Krystal instead.The Marshtomp was still stooped down on the pavement rubbing his fins either way.The Grass type lashed out,opening its small mouth,most likely for a Mega Drain attack.Krys however,looked up with a grin on his face.

"Now!Sand attack and Ice Beam!"Cona held the exact same smile,pointing at the confused Sunkern.

Kuner appeared infront of it in mid-lunge,smirking.{Boo.}he said simply,kicking sand up,this time managing to blind the Sunkern.

{Bye bye,my not friend!}Krystal opened his mouth as a familiar blue orb formed once more,KOing the Sunkern as the blue-colored beam hit its target.

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January 15th, 2006, 2:13 AM


That was just about the haxxiest Sunkern ever. XD

And my brain hurts, Alter. I hafta guess tomorrow morning. XD

I'm prolly gonna go ta sleep soon.


{You can't foo me! I know what you plannin', brotha'!} The Fearow squawked in his rampage, terribly confused but managing to maintain his flight. Avery watched this in frustration, crossing her arms as the fear slowly ebbed away. Sure, this confusion definitely gave her somewhat of an edge, but it also meant Ice Beam would probably miss, the way that Fearow was flapping about.

"Skarka, go in for a close Leer, then a direct Return!" Avery commanded. She honestly hoped that that would be enough to take that Fearow down; she was getting nervous again.

Skarka tilted her head a bit before cautiously floating closer to the infuriated Fearow, who was still flying about in circular patterns. She waited for the Fearow to make a loop so that he was headed towards her, then suddenly intensified the already intense stare of her single eye, succeeding in stopping the Fearow in his tracks, if only for a few moments.

Skarka didn't dare wait for it to wear off, though, immediately throwing all of her recent energy into a Return attack, which was something that one would normally do were they using Return.

The Fearow was caught a bit off-guard by the attack, staggering backwards and snapping out of confusion, while at the same time squawking in pain that had only been worse than usual because of the Leer.. Which was exactly why the great bird was currently dive bombing towards the ground.

He hadn't fainted, no, but the crash on the paved street was enough to knock him out of the match, and the device around the bird's neck was sure to confirm that.

"Yay.." Avery whispered to herself, pure relief evident in her voice, while Skarka twirled about in the air in pure happiness. "You can return, now, Skarka." Avery said, her voice returning to its normal volume while she withdrew the Duskull to her Pokeball, clipping it to her belt and leaving Fable as the only one outside at the moment.

January 15th, 2006, 2:36 AM
{ooc| Gah.... my stupid sister's been hogging the pc all morning... instead I was playing my new Emerald game =3 Currently I've got a level 15 treecko named Bandereeve, a wingull (hully), a wurmple (lumpy), a zigzagoon (fetch), and a poochyena (Gunner). Fetch has also got me... a rare candy, a pecha berry and a great ball. Yayness!
I am listening to my Brendan Croker CD. Yay for 1989!}

Rosairie and her girls had got to work in an instant. Vampress and Henna were well-matched in terms of level and strength; Henna was far more experienced, but Vampress was faster and quicker to learn.
The pair were fighting, occasionally back to back, more commonly circling their trainer with their claws clicking.
A dustox came streaking towards her, and the girl skidded backwards just in time to avoid it's poisoness wing tips.
From Rosairie's mouth, a contest barrage of commands streamed.
"Henna, left! C'mon, girls, tag each other! Vamp, to the right, get down, DISABLE! Henna, FLAMETHROWER!" she barely paused for breath, the words puring out like an auctioneer's.

Her pokemon obeyed at the blink of an eye; Henna leapt over to the left of Rosairie, landing with a heavy thump. She was the smaller of the pair, but her supreme muscle mass made her one heavy-weight magmar.
Vampress moved with the agility that only a golduck could summon. She leapt from the air as if it was water, darting over behind the Dustox. Here she dropped to the ground, pressing her belly against the paving stones.. Her bejeweled forehead began to glow; her Disable caught the Dustox right in the middle of a poison power attack, and he froze up in mid air.
The next second, a stream of fire was ripping towards the dustox, and the charred pokemon collapsed on the ground.
"Next one, guys!" Rosairie shouted, and the pair lunged after a gloom. "Henna, Hidden Power ICE!" she shouted, and the poor creature was hit by a sudden flash of icy white light. The stunned creature tottered on her feet, barely a sliver of hit points remaining. "Finish it, Vamp!" Rosairie shouted again, and the Golduck leapt forward with a Surf attack.

Rosairie paused for a second. Avery was nearby, and it looked like she was doing okay.
Only then did the girl realise she had been seperated from Kyoko. She glanced about the crowd, but there was no sign of the other girl. However, she could see Valen, less than a metre away. She turned her head away fiercely, and back to her pokemon. The gloom was completely soaked. She had fainted.
Rosairie rubbed her forehead. Already, her throat was aching. She had to shout to be heard over the other commands.

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January 15th, 2006, 2:42 AM

Heehee.. That's not Avery's Fearow, Charon. ^_^

Anyways, I have to go to bed before I spontaneously combust.

Good night, everyone.

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 3:31 AM
OOC: Another slightly weird thing...Valen's already moved quite a bit away from the square, so for Rosairie to be able to see both him and Avery at the same time...uh, that requires quite a specific position but whatever...XD

Oh, and that Fearow...I know his accent, yes I do! Plushie, that's Spear isn't it? You shameless cameo maker. XD Anyways, good night. ^-^


As the battle raged on, Valen, much like he had feared, couldn't help hearing the persistently annoying voice of the very person he had least like to meet; Rosairie, the girl was apparently working at full place, hollering like a fishwife. The boy scoffed, if she kept that up, she'd run out of energy before she got anywhere, foolish little girl, neither those 12 points she had earned for the Dustox, nor the good 15 that KOing a Gloom had brought would mean much in the long run...Avery didn't seem to be doing much better, despite the good 24 points that the crash of the Fearow had been worth, issuing her orders in such a nervous and panicky manner that it was almost painfull to watch, so Valen decided not to heed either of them any longer, they definitely didn't fit into the category of people whom Slythe would find interesting after all, and Cona...well, she was too insane to be able to come up with any efficient plot, and her lack of common sense was clearly shown when she chose to pit her Marshtomp against a Sunkern, the grass type immediately retorting with the strongest attack it knew. Valen hardly doubted that sustaining that level of damage was worth the meager 7 points it had earned her.

"Come on." Valen said to his pokmon, both still relatively okay, although they had both sustained some minor damage "Let's get to work." he dashed down the alley with his pokmon at his heels, remembering that he was supposed to be scouting out the competition for suspicious individuals, although he wasn't too hurried to pick off a couple of stray Zubats as they came fluttering past, adding a total of 9 points to his own score. A pesky Rattata decided to jump in his way too, but one look at Kachiko's jaws sent it scurrying off and Valen didn't bother with going after it, heading towards clearer areas once more, the sounds of battle growing ever louder arround him, a heavily burned Skarmory plummeting onto the ground just a few inches away from him, earning a good score of points for whoever had KOed it.


Meanwhile, among the benches situated straight above the one pen which was still closed, a peculiar procession moved between the excited spectators with an almost eerie air of calmness about them, it was a group of five men, all of them about the same height and all of them dressed in dark brown robes, their faces obscured by the hoods they wore. The group purposefully strode onward, ignoring what protests the crowd members voiced, until they were situated directly above the pen where the Aggron was held, the steel pokmon roaring and thrashing about below them in sheer aggitation.

"Is it time?" one of the hooded men asked the person who seemed to be the leader of their group, his voice so quiet that none of the others seemed to hear him.

"Not yet, brother." replied the other man, continuing to hold his head, and consequently his very pointed chin, up, surveying the battle field, "But soon...very soon..."

January 15th, 2006, 4:25 AM
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It's times like these, you learn to live agaaaaain! *sings along to the Foo Fighters*}

The trio struggled to move through the grounds. Pokemon leapt at them from all sides, and Henna and Vampress flashed back at them with claws that glittered in the sunlight. The magmar spun on the spot, hitting a large zubat with her tail, but before she could finish the job in had beat it's wings and soared off back into the fray. Rosairie's control definetly was slipping. Her pokemon responded to her commands in a flash, but the problem was, she couldn't keep up. Vampress hissed fiercely, and cracked her boney hands. {Let me ring their scrawny necks...} she snapped, as a pidgey attacked and fled for the second time. She swore at it loudly, but it remained just out of reach.
"Henna, Fire!" Rosairie shouted, and the magmar stepped in and shot the pidgey down from the sky with a stream of fire. Like with fearow Avery had fought, the pidgey smashed against the pavement and fainted on impact.
This only enraged Vampress more. She turned on Henna, her eyes slits.
{That one was mine!}
{You couldn't have hit it if had foam for wings!}

Out of no where, a pack of poochyenas seemed to erupt, and Rosairie let out a yelp of fright. They were advancing with frightening speed, their teeth bared. In all, there was about fifteen; they surged forward like a sea of grey.
"G-girls!" Rosairie cried, and Henna and Vampress turned on the spot.
Two of the scrawny grey dogs leapt straight at Henna; another three lunged at Vampress and Rosairie. They were weak, low level, and worth hardly any points, but there were just so many...
Both Magmar and Golduck let out a shout of pain. The dogs had met their mark, and buried their sharp little fangs in the two pokemon's arms.
"Vamp... Vamp, use...Ice beam, Henna, go for...Hidden Power." her commands were stuttered, uncertain.
A second later the two poochyena had fainted, but there were still more, circling. One lunged, and Henna knocked it back with a fist. It landed on its feet, and continued circling.
{Rosairie~!} Henna begged, but the girl had frozen.

They're too many... Rosairie thought desperately, I take all these out and get two points for each of them... but that'll be all our PP gone!

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 5:37 AM
"Oh great..." Valen muttered for himself as Rosairie came into view once more, this time apparently preoccupied with a flock of Poochyenas and looking very much like she wasn't in control of the situation.

{Papa! Look!} Kachiko exclaimed, pointing towards Rosairie and her team, {Henna and a funny duck person are in trouble!} he jaws snapped in the air, {Now we rescue! Yes?} the steel type looked up at Valen with an expression of blind trust.

"No..." Valen replied flatly, casting another glance at Rosairie's team, "Now we continue to mind our own bussiness."

{But papa!} Kachiko protested, tears welling up in her eyes {It's henna!}

{Master Valen...} Smaelaugh interjected, {The great Smaelaugh has something to say.}

"Well if you see him, tell him to go ahead and talk." Valen replied cynically.

The Venonat let out a 'harumph' sound at this, but continued; {It simply seems to the great Smaelaugh, that that...} he gestured towards the flock of Poochyneas {Would be an easy chance to gain points.}

Valen remained silent for a moment, contemplating Kachiko's continuous urgings (But papa!) and Smaelaugh's proposition.

"Very well..." he replied at last, giving a tired sigh "Kachiko. Swords Dance and Baton Pass to Seirini."

{Yeppers!} the Mawile called out, beginning to sway her body in a peculiar dance that just kept growing in intensity and which ended in a skip and the popping sound of the little steel type's baton pass technique, Kachiko's figure becoming replaced with that of Seirini, the Arbok.

{Yesss?} the Arbok asked dutifully, turning her attention to her trainer.

"Seirini." Valen said simply, "Take care of those Poochyenas with Earthquake." he pointed towards the pack of canine pokmon surrounding Rosairie and her team.

"And you!" he called out to the girl, "If you want to keep your pokmon intact I'd suggest returning them now!"

He didn't really care whether Rosairie listened or not however, collateral damage didn't count towards the ban on attacking other trainers' pokmon after all, and Seirni was already lunging towards the pack, focusing the whole of her mass on a single point on the pavement and causing a sizeable shockwave to travel in all directions, tossing the remaining Poochyenas in various directions where they ended up lying on the pavement, twitching slightly until they lost consciousness, quite a profitable multi-KO, really, even though Poochyenas, much like Pidgeys, were only worth 2 points each.

"Good." Valen said simply as he surveyed the scene, "Return, Seirini." the boy lifted up the Arbok's pokball and pointed it towards the serpent, returning her to her pokball in a flash of red light. Without giving Rosairie as much as a glance more, the boy then proceeded to head down one of the many alleyways once more, looking for a target actually worth following.

EDITNESS OOC: By the by, I would like to remind the Showgan crowd to post in that RP too, a bit more attendance there would be appreciated.

January 15th, 2006, 8:21 AM
Like,the Tournament started already?!o.O
Feebas,,Literature homework.>_<*throws Literature book to one corner of the room*


o_o; Yes, yes I agree. Homework bad. RP good.

>.>; And Alter if I seemed harsh (Or if I seemed like I'd just severed your head, baked it, put whipped cream on it and put it back on your head by gluing it back onto your shoulders), I aplogize. I'm extremely overworked with a stupid World History Project, my excema's acting up (@[email protected]; Ish... all... over.... face....) all I wanna do is rp with ya'll cuz I'm DEPRIVED of literate rp-ness and my sister won't stop playing that STUPID ANIMAL CROSSING DS GAME. I have all the friggen sounds stuck in my head. ;o; MAKE IT STOP PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. And yeah. o-o; Also, with the static thing. o_o I got mixed up. Tis my mom's fault. e-e; She had her saphy cartridge in my gba. With her FLUFFY PIKA. <3

But I do like your strat. for my espi and that, (Except I'll trade Psychic for Calm mind, NOT PYSBEAM cuz it's pretty) and reflect would help alot in my little corner of the rp. >:3 So for that... -throws a cookie at Alter-


There is something I should point out. As you insulted me dwaggies and me dwaggie knowledge.. ; As Charon will atest to, my normal rp character specializes in Dragon types (CUZ I <3 LANCE BASHING) and because of that I've done hours of breeding, raising and hair-pulling-outting-. :3 I made the dratini how I did because Kyoko, as a character, doesn't really know a darned thing about dwaggies so she just shoved TMs at it. I'm fully aware of the Str boost that a Dragonite has. :3 -nodnod- Mika not be stupid. Mika just chose to be stupid here.

To be honest tho, I would've given my dratini these moves in game because, as you said, it can't really learn the ebil moves til it evolves and I just want it ot get there. o_o;

My end set for my Dragonite in Fire Red is thish.

Aerial Ace
Ice Beam

^ ^ So Mika is smart and knows what she's doing. -nodnod- Please dun think I stupid. D: I'm not really, not when it comes to my babies. -luffs her dragons- BUTTTTTTTTTTTT~

I totally agree. Lance must die. He's a meanie butt.... AND I DUN LIKE HIM RIGHT CHARON? -twitches-

Allllllllllter. D: I'msorrydon'thatemewantsomepie? -offers pie that's missing two pieces- Dun </3 Mika. As Mika <3s you muchly. o___o And doesn't want to be hated. BY ANYONE.


As far as the tourny, I'm not if I'll do this "right" feel free to slap me with a stick.... with pokey things on it. And then stab me.

Also, is there a penalty if you try and catch one of the "wild" pokemon? o.o


So cold.

She was so cold.

The moment the bars had been lifted it felt as though time had gone from summer to winter in just seconds, bringing with it the eerie scents, the mysterious breezes that could take one from warm and pleasent to cold and misrable in the time it took to raise a hand. Her knees trembled, almost knocking together from the tremors. Her hands and arms were the same way as sheer fear overcame her. Since her childhood, she'd always been sensitive to this sort of thing, always been sensitive to the feelings of pokemon. It wasn't anything magical, no, it wasn't like that. She couldn't read minds, couldn't make things levitaite, couldn't teleport or anything like that. All she could do was listen unwilliningly to the outcries of the captives, of the pokemon that didn't want to be here... or the cries of those that sought blood.

It was quickly becoming a problem as well. The overwhelming cries were starting to mix in with her before tourny gitters and though she'd once been standing, she was now on her knees, hands pressed into the pavement. She knew she was weak, she knew she was pathetic, she knew there was no way she could win... so it was almost as if she shouldn't bother... but what would that acomplish? She'd never win her father's approval by failing but she was so overwhelmed that she could barely move.

Luckily, from a saftey point of view, her Espeon was infront of her, blasting anything that came near them with Pysbeam, a reflect wall also around them both. Mitten was used to this, used to her trainer's episodes but was now really the time for one?

Minna-chan, on the other hand, was scurrying through the streets, looking for that blasted golduck (As to her, it stuck out like a raw thumb) to find Rosairie and hopefully find something that could snap her idiotic trainer out of her daze before her head was bitten off.

She didn't have to go too far as she quickly found Rosairie and pounced on the older girl's shoulder, rambling in her ear.

January 15th, 2006, 8:26 AM
OOC: Yay, I've arrived after the action's started! ^-^;

And I agree, Kachiko's Baton Pass was too cute. *huggles imaginary Mawile plushie*


The opening speech of the tournament wasn't too long-winded, though the pauses and added parts that didn't concern Reina were making her anxious, and she wanted the darn thing to just start already. She had come here to fight, not listen to some political incompetent spout out a premade speech. Reina may not have seemed like the politically cynical type, but she stood where her father did on the subject; that politics was a business that none of the good and kind people ever got into. As the introduction went on, she watched quietly as Lori told them all of the rules, and thought that the woman was just a little too flowery for her taste. It was no wonder that Reina found the tour to be a bit annoying with that woman running it. At least she was talking about the actual tournament and not some stupid rumors. Tabansi had mentioned those rumors, and while he was a smart pokemon, Reina never believed rumors; there had been too many revolving around her in the past that were fake to let her believe in them again.

As the start of the contest was proclaimed, and the pokemon were released, Reina smiled, "Ah, finally! I was about to bring out a pillow and blanket!" She looked over to JJ and the others, "Good luck!" She meant it too, even to Rosairie. After all, it is always much funner to take out enemies when the race is neck and neck.

Reina figured she should distance herself a bit from the others, she didn't want to take one of their wild pokemon, and as she began to run off, a small something made her trip.

"AH!" she had to hop on one foot for a moment as she steadied herself from falling, "What the?!" Below her was a Diglett, and it looked ready for a fight. It was small, but a good warm-up.

"Go Pixie!" Reina said, throwing her pokeball at the ground near the Diglett, "Use Surf!" Her voice had gotten a serious, commanding sound to it that normally wasn't there; this was her battle voice, and she took battling very seriously. It was great fun, but it was also a struggle, a test, and so Reina was very serious about it.

Pixie came forth in a flash of white light, and twirled a bit in the air before pumping out a good deal of water from her mouth at the top tentacle of her five. The water shimmered a bit in the light, and after a good dousing, the Diglett lay in the ground slumped over; fainted.

"That was too easy, let's find a better oppponent," Reina said to Pixie and Tabansi as she returned the Staryu to her ball.

As she turned around she then spied something better indeed. A rather docile, but large, normal-type pokemon, a Miltank. This would be a bit easy and a bit hard. Tabansi had the type advantage, but this Miltank looked pretty big and didn't seem to be afraid of Tabansi in any way. Reina smiled and accepted the pokemon's suggested challange.

"Tabansi, go on and attack that Miltank with Seismic Toss!" Reina commanded, and the Miltank looked at Tabansi with a ready look. Tabansi charged at the cow pokemon and grabbed onto her with all of his strength. She really was heavy!

{Ack!} Tabansi grunted, feeling his legs buckle a little under the weight. This must have been why she looked ready when he had raced up to her, she thought that her weight would be to much for him. She was wrong though. Instead of the learned way of Seismic Toss, Tabansi tried another way of doing it that only Heracross can do. He shoved her bulk to the ground and jumped back a little, then flung his horn underneath her body and swung her around a bit, gathering strength and speed along with it. His horn could support her weight, it was after all the strongest part of his body, and then he threw her out of his horn aimed at the hard ground, and the Miltank hit it. She got up wobbily though, and came at him with a slightly shaky Body Slam. This didn't do much to Tabansi though, and because Miltank was so weakened, the slam was more like a tackle.

"Tabansi, use another Seismic Toss, though I think a light one should do it," Reina commanded again, her voice as serious and strong as it was when she told Pixie to use Surf.

Tabansi tossed his horn around a bit, the Miltank was trying to avoid his horn, but he caught her after a few seconds, and then slammed her to the ground with it. She tried to get up again but failed.

"Nice job, you were pretty good with using your horn, perhaps you should do Seismic Toss like that all of the time?" Reina said in her normal tone, as she patted Tabansi's horn.

{Well... I think you're right, but let's not battle anymore Miltank... I think I'm getting a headache,} the cobalt bug said with a click of his wings. Reina smiled.

She ran off in another direction, and saw a young girl battling a Squirtle with a Pichu. The Pichu was about to deliver its final blow, and as it ran up towards the Squirtle, it looked nervous and hesitated for a moment. Reina tossed Pixie's ball, "Pixie Thunderbolt!" Pixie appeared again in flash of light and this time electricity charged around the starfish's body, and then concentrated into a bolt that flew off to the Squirtle. The Squirtle fell over, knocked out, and Pixie returned to her ball in quick flash of light.

"Hey!" the girl shouted angrily, "That was my Pichu's battle!" She had long blonde hair and a pink dress on. Reina scoffed, "Your Pichu hesitated, so I finished it, maybe you should have trained more." It was rude, but Reina wasn't always nice, especially when it came to battling. She turned away and earned a frown from Tabansi.

"I know but she's not gonna be around for long from the looks of it, she only had three pokeballs, and one of them was that timid Pichu," Reina retaliated, trying to avoid a reprimand from the bug.

{I know but it was still a little too cruel Reina... after all, Pixie is timid too,} Tabansi replied.

"Pixie is not timid in battles though, not anymore. In fact, it's probably the only time she doesn't feel timid," Reina said with a nod. Tabansi had to agree to this, and Lori had made it clear that stealing a knockout was not to be complained about. It may not have been the nicest thing, but it was by no means illegal.

OOC: Must eat breakfast!! ;; I'll post in Showgan after I eat. And maybe here again if someone else posts.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 8:43 AM
OOC - I done that last year Charon Chan :) teehee
and aaargh! **** drama! im behind!!!

IC - Jeffery put his fingers to his mouth and whistled loudly, before beginning to run forward, dodging in out and out other scrambling people, all releasing pokemon or shouting attack commands. Within a few seconds, at the sound of the whistle, a small black bird pokemon came zooming round a corner and caught up with his master

{like, the dude you wanted me to tra.....}

''No time for that now'' JJ said simply
''we'll talk about it later, for now we got work to do! lets go!''

{like, totally}

JJ came to an fork in the path, instinctfully taking the left one, he saw on many levels of the area, various pokemon flying, stomping around, some battling other pokemon, some trying to hide. From the corner of his eye, JJ saw a caterpie climbing down a tree straight ahead

''Quick!'' he shouted powerfully and with confidence
''Taillow, use Quick Attack!''

{Like, good call dude!}
the bird pokemon swept it's wings back and began to zoom forward at fantastic acceleration, it hit the poor bug pokemon dead on, sending it into a tree, it has been KO'd instantly

JJ didn't smile nor show any signs of glory, his intense eyes merely kept searching for pokemon.

''There! straight ahead Taillow!''
JJ saw in a small fountain, was what was undoubtfully a Poliwhirl, it had its entire body low, trying to hide behind the wall, but jeffery had managed to see it before it took to hiding again.

''Use sand attack!'' he ordered

Taillow took aim at the water pokemon and began flapping it;s wings fast and strongly to fire thousands of sand particles straight towards it. The energetic Poliwhirl however jumped out of the fountain and out of the way

{Poliwhirl!!!} it said angrily, and fired a water gun straight at Taillow

''Taillow! quick, Aerial Ace!''

The bird pokemon as fast as lightning dodged over-top the water attack and zoomed into the poliwhirl, hitting a perfect bullseye.
The Poliwhirl cringed and Jeffery saw his chance

''Taillow! Quick Attack!''
{Like, im on a total narley roll dude''

Taillow zoomed into the Poliwhirl again, sending it flying back into the fountain, KO'd

JJ began to run again, they were doing well, but had a long way to go...

January 15th, 2006, 9:13 AM
{ooc| LMAO, Mika, no worries! We're all friends here (apart from Alter, who obviously we all hate... Just kidding!) so you don't have to worry about being looked down on. I promise ya~!
*cuddles* Yis, you do loath Lance... remember when Mika, Maxie, Luna, and Gullwing were at Lake of Rage (at least....a lake of some sort), and we were having some sort of UBER L337 SHOWDOWN, and suddenly Mika paused everything and started ranting about him? I sure do =3 That was funny.
BB, I love your Taillow... Narly... heh heh...
Melissa, please postie in shwogan soon. Everyone's waiting on Zachary, the suspense is killing me xDD}

Rosairie watched Valen go bitterly.
"I didn't ask for your help!" she called, "I was doing fine!"
Rosairie pulled a face. He was so rude. Not even a 'you're welcome'. At least Reina had been polite enough to wish her good luck; maybe the girl wasn't so bad after all.
She had recalled Henna and Vampress, like she was told, and now she was incredibly vunerable. She fumbled with her other two pokeballs, sending out her Jolteon and Ivysaur to replace her missing pokemon.
"Right! she began, "Silence, I need you to-" she paused, for a little fluffy mouse had just appeared on her shoulder. "Minna? What?"
she glanced to Sinbad. The ivysaur shrugged, his leaves fluttering in the slight breeze.
Silence, meanwhile, was scanning the crowd. Where... where... there! he gave a bark, and streaked off into the crowd. Rosairie gave a yelp of surprise, pulled off her boots, and darted after him in her bare feet. After all, they had a heel, how could she possibly keep up with the Jolteon? Electric types were known for having more speed than they knew what to do with, and Silence was no exception.

The jolteon leapt between battles, weaved in and out of clashing bodies, and emerged by Kyoko. He began to whine, a high pitifull noise, and nuzzled her roughly.
A minute later, Rosairie appeared behind her pokemon, Minna still on her shoulder. Rosairie and Silence exchanged worried glances; the Jolteon's eyes were strangely alive, full of concern. Rosairie understood. She dropped to her knees and clutched at Kyoko's hand. "Kyo, Kyoko, listen to me!" she whispered anxiously. If I ask for help now will we get taken out of the tournament? I can't risk it!
Sinbad appeared at her heels. {Rozz, we're wastin' time!} he hissed.
Silence shushed him. The jolteon's fur sparked with pent up electricity. A battle field. A purpose. He longed to fight. He longed to cause....pain.

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 10:30 AM
OOC: *Sobs* Of course everyone hates me! I'm the crude person who actually refuses crappy sign ups, goes through with his treaths, and points out people's unscrupulous grammatical and RPing errors (Speaking of which, BB, Tailow can't learn Sand Attack! XO). ;___;

Seriously though, there's no need to panic Mika, I don't hate you (Like I said, I was being morning grouchy), not yet...but if you ever stick Hyper Beam on a Cradily...*Twitch* then you can count on ending up on my blacklist. Fair enough? XD And I see...an RPish set. Hmmm...wish I'd have known that before...anyways, that Dragonite set looks okay, Ice Beam for countering Salamence and other troublemaking dragons is a good choice really, although personally I'd prefer Brick Break over Return for countering Ice types. Well. that's just me, though. ^-^

And yay for Lance hating! That dude is so...gah, he is a molestor of dragon pokmon! XO What kind of a lunatic putts Hyper Beam on a Dragonite?! GAAAAAH! *Bangs Lance's head against a wall* Whew, that helped a bit. XD He's lucky that he doesn't have my favourite dragon on his team...*Twitch* I swear, if I ever see him molesting a Kingdra with Hyper Beam he's in for the smiting of his life. *Prepares red herring* Yeah, incidentally Kingdra is my favourite dragon pokmon do to the simple fact that it was the first real dragon I got (Because I don't count that sucky Dragonair I had in Red <.<). Tehee, we wreaked some serious havoc together back in Silver, me and my level 79 Kingdra. >D

Concerning catching the 'wild' pokmon...well, nope, there ain't no penalty, but those fancy little devices they're wearing kind of act as pokballs in the sense that they prevent catching (Specifically attuned to disrupt whatever thingumwhatsit it is that makes pokballs tick). Sowwee, no catching of the tournament pokmon. Although of course an outsider pokmon could have slipped into the city during all the commotion.

And thanks for the comments on Kachiko's Baton Pass y'all. Kachiko loves you. ^-^

Aaaanyhow, I'm getting really tired of typing out the scores for everyone so I'll stop typing them out and I'll sort out the scoreboard stuffers in the end.


Doing fine indeed... Valen thought darkly at Rosairie's exclamation, A simply marvelous job at getting herself into trouble. But she still fails to understand... the boy's expression soured, "I didn't do that to help! I only wanted to get the points and stop Kachiko's whining!"

His emotions had reached their boiling point by the time he came to the last thought, and so he accidentally released it out loud as speech, accompanied by a furious punch into the air in front of him which caused a Murkrow who had been peering hopefully at the metallic necklace he wore to flutter off with the accompaniment of some indignant squawking.

{And a wise decision you did, master Valen.} Smaelaugh noted, nodding his head in approval, {The great Smaelaugh approves of this course of action, who shall be the next to feel his awe-inspiring wrath?}

"Any of those!" Valen said, waving a hand at the myriad of wild pokmon charging about all around the street, "No..." he corrected himself, a dangerous glow igniting in his eyes, "All of them. Start by KOing that Rhyhorn with Giga Drain, and then use Psybeam to dispose of the Machop over there before that annoying little brat gets the chance." he gestured towards the fighting type who was currently facing down the orange-haired trainer from before and her Beautifly, the muscular little pokmon appaearing deeply infatuated with the bug type in front of it and seeming to be experiencing some serious difficulties in bringing itself to attack.


Meanwhile by the Aggron's pen, the leader of the group of five suddenly rose up, the four others following suit.

"Now, brothers..." he said, his gaze seeming to be locked into the distance, "Begin the chant. Show these fools the power of Typhoeus."

Without even wasting a single word to acknowledge the order, all four of the robed men struck up into a perfectly synchronized chant, although the words they sung sounded as treathening as they were alien, indeed, they didn't really sound as much like words as the low rumbling growl of a huge creature or the distant rumble of a giant landslide, this was further enchanced as the leader joined in, his own voice adding a metallic sound to the rumble, although all of it was soon joined by a far more impressive voice, a loud rumble escaping from the cage below and the whole pen trembling as the Aggron within suddenly took to its task with newfound power, the spectators in the seats above fleeing away with terrified screams as the loud snapping sound of one heavy metallic chain breaking after another became audible.

"You there! Stop!" one of the handlers called out in panic to the people chanting on the trembling stage, "I said stop! You're agitating it! Se-security!"

The nearby guards quickly rushed up to the top seats, only to find their way barred as a sizeable Donphan suddenly leapt into view, landing between the hooded people and the guardsmen with a heavy thud and immediately charging at the nearest one with an enraged cry, knocking the man back down onto the pavement before he even had the chance to call out any of his pokmon before turnign to the remaining ones and charging at them with its huge tusks, both of them having to choose between weering out of the way or getting trampled by the elephant pokmon. The men seemed to pay no heed to this however, merely intensifying their chant, the eerie tunes travelling across Undercity, courtesy of a microphone which the leader had procured, and a loud pounding became audible from behind the heavy pen door, several large indentures appearing on it. Both handlers, who had been preoccupied with seeing to the guard immediately rushed back over to the pen, pulling out their whips and letting out their own grunts and growls that were supposed to help in forcing the Aggron to back off, but if anything, the creature seemed to grow even more aggitated, a sizeable metal-plated claw punching straight through the door, ripping through the heavy steel like it was nothing more than paper and soon giving way to another equally large arm, which in turn was followed by the large, sharp-edged head which broke straight through with a terrifyingly strong headbutt, the creature turning its attention to what remained of the door and sweeping its large tail through the whole of the bottom half while it took a tight hold of the upper right-hand section with its mouth, tearing the door straight off its hinges and hurling it at the handlers who were forced to dive for cover while the Aggron disposed of the last section of the door with a hard slam from its tail and unleashing a thundering roar that shook the glass windows of the nearby buildings before it turned its attention to the humans on the ground, a vicious glint in its eyes as it lunged forward.

OOC: Hehee...complication time. >D For those who didn't realize yet, the chant that the monk-like people are performing drives all ground, rock, and steel type pokmon berserk, so remember that if you're using or facing any of those.

January 15th, 2006, 11:16 AM
OOC: Yep, you definitely remind me of my friend from high school Alter. ^____^ You forgot to add "even when English isn't my native language!" to the pointing out errors. I'm still puzzled over how you got so good at this language. o.o In fact, you deserve your favorite dessert for that. Whatever your favorite dessert may be, you may have it off my dessert cart. *pulls up cart*

Ah, I shall post in Showgan right after I post this Charon. ^^


Reina raced off and found herself facing more simple wild pokemon like Pidgey and more Diglett. They were no contest really, and she wiped out four of them, smiling a Tabansi and Pixie proudly as she did so. She hadn't used her new Ninetails, Phoebe, yet. This was because the competition was too easy though, and she had thought that Phoebe had seemed the kind of pokemon to use on a tough opponent.

She stopped for a second to look around and saw Valen about twenty feet away or so, looking quite angry about something. Tabansi looked up at her, {What do you think it bothering him?} he asked, clicking his wings curiously.

"Eh, none of my business really," she said, shrugging. It wasn't any of her business, and she figured that Valen was the kind of person that would not want someone asking about it. She was about to turn to go when she heard chanting... a very loud chanting that echoed strangely. "What's that?!" Reina said loudly, looking quizzically at Tabansi. The Heracross shook his head and noticed a boy shouting nearby. He looked over and saw that the boy's Aron was not acting... right. It was turned not toward the Pikachu it had been battling, but at the boy himself. Tabansi watched as the Aron tackled the boy's legs and knocked him to the ground, the boy looking frantic and scrambling to get away from his own pokemon.

{Reina... what's going on?} Tabansi said with a shaky voice. Reina's eyes were slightly wider, and she had noticed some of the other pokemon acting weird too. She touched Tabansi's horn, "Tabansi... you feeling okay? Y-you're not going to attack me are you?" her voice didn't shake, but she did look a bit worried.

{No... of course not. I feel fine,} he said, taking a deep breath, {Perhaps we should find someone to talk to about this?}

Reina looked over at Valen and sighed, "Hope he's not too angry, because I'm too freaked out to really care right now." She then ran off in his direction, a nervous and worried Tabansi at her heels.

OOC: *skips off to post in Showgan*

January 15th, 2006, 11:20 AM
*cuddles* Yis, you do loath Lance... remember when Mika, Maxie, Luna, and Gullwing were at Lake of Rage (at least....a lake of some sort), and we were having some sort of UBER L337 SHOWDOWN, and suddenly Mika paused everything and started ranting about him? I sure do =3 That was funny.


Darn right.

Maxie was like: "o.o What the hell are you on?"

And Mika was like: "Lance is a big bloody [email protected]%^$#^. If I could I'd shove a Hyper Beam up his you-know-what."

Wingull and Mika were doing something... SECRET... and Luna and Maxie were all... -spying badly and completely obviously-

Oh.. Melissa is it? I was wondering. o.o Why does your sig say badou no yuusha?

Badou = Battle? @[email protected]; -blinkes-


Kyoko's eyes were full of emotionless green color when Silence had nudged her but they didn't stay that way for very long as the moment Rosairie touched her hand, her eyes snapped back to normal and she hazily looked up at the older girl, "Wh-wh-what?" Sitting back, she rubbed her forehead, "I don't remember... What... what happened? Where am I...?" She looked up at her Minun who seemed relieved before turning to her Espeon who was starting to... well, pale out, "M-m-i-chan!" She managed to fumble around for the love ball she kept her precious pet in and returned it, coddling it sweetly, "Thank you Mi-chan..."

Her happiness was short lived however as she let out a sharp hiss like sound and rubbed her head in annoyance. "Something... something close by is angry... well... not really... the... the pokemon... longs... for chaos... but... then again... does not..." She managed to stand... with one arm attached to Rosairie's that is, "A battle within... that's what it tells me..."

January 15th, 2006, 11:39 AM
{ooc| It was more like...
Maxie: *spy badly'd*
Maxie/Luna: "We keel you now..."
Mika: "Lance is a big bloody [email protected]%^$#^. If I could I'd shove a Hyper Beam up his you-know-what."
Maxie: "Uh... riiiiiiiiight."
Wingull: "Pssst, Mika's lost it!"

Anyway... Enough memories. Yeah, Alter, you're the best at English. Better than me, in fact. xDD By the way, Melissa, I'm fond of raspberry trifle...
Alter's not hated, just misunderstood. It's hard to be a full-time crude person... lol.}

Rosairie smiled motherly, and grabbed Kyoko by the hands. She pulled the girl back onto her feet.
"Don't worry, Kyoko, the heat must have got to you, I've got an ice pack in my bag, I'll cool you off and you'll be fine." she cooed, dusting the girl off and straightening Kyoko's clothes. Not another crazy person... Rosairie thought her, mind flashing back to Cona briefly, She must have had a heat stroke or something... I'll-
Her thoughts were cut short by Silence's whining. The jolteon's spikes were bristling, his was back arched, and he seemed to be listening very intently. Rosairie feel silent, and she heard it too. Chanting.

"What on earth...?" she began, and she clutched at Kyoko fearfully. Silence, however, seemed strangely strong. He was standing up straight, his ears erect, staring into the distance intently.
Then he spoke.
{R-rosairie... we need to go. Right now. Something really wrong is happening.} he whispered, and he shot a wary glance at a geodude not far from them. He was foaming at the mouth... and advancing on his trainer.
Rosairie swore. "Right, let's go... Sinbad, Silence, get ready for... whatever..." certainly, the atmosphere had changed. It was tense, dangerous. All the jovial excitement of earlier had vanished.

January 15th, 2006, 11:53 AM

Maxie: *spy badly'd*
Maxie/Luna: "We keel you now..."
Mika: "Lance is a big bloody [email protected]%^$#^. If I could I'd shove a Hyper Beam up his you-know-what."
Maxie: "Uh... riiiiiiiiight."
Wingull: "Pssst, Mika's lost it!"

No no no. o_o T'was more like

Mika: "Lance is a big bloody [email protected]%^$#^. If I could I'd shove a Hyper Beam up his you-know-what."
Maxie: -falls out of tree-
Mika:; Oh great. YOU again.
Luna: -falls on top of Maxie-
Wingull: o_o; Mikafloof?
Mika: <.< let's run!
Maxie/Luna: Let's give chase!

And yes. Done with memories.


Kyoko clutched at her head with her free arm as the other was held onto tightly by Rosairie, "S-silence is right... Something is wrong... everything's so loud.... I can't think... at all... we need... to get indoors... where there is quiet..." She whimpered lightly, returning her minun to its ball and calling out her Espeon again, gently spraying it with a hyper potion, "Mi-chan... Mi-chan do you sense it too?"

/Eh. Yes.... Such horrible sounds.... We must leave here.../ The espeon's gem glowed brightly, shining a light upwards, /Because something very very bad is going to happen... I can't explain why I feel as though it will but I'm certian of it... 100% certian of it./

Kyoko nodded, squeaking lightly as she was clung to, "Um... umm.. Onee-chan we should get inside... we can.... make a plan in there? Or... maybe we could look for the others... Like that... Valen person? He seemed to know what was going on... maybe.... I just don't want to listen to these cries anymore... I think... I think Silence hates them too..."

January 15th, 2006, 11:59 AM
Oh.. Melissa is it? I was wondering. o.o Why does your sig say badou no yuusha?

Badou = Battle? @[email protected]; -blinkes-

Actually it says "Hadou no Yuusha", not "Badou". It's the name of the pokemon movie that Aaron and Rukario are in. It translates to something like "Wave-Guiding Hero(es)" I believe. *nods*

Will post an IC later. Gotta play w/bunny.

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 12:07 PM
OOC: Mmm...desserts. Heh, hardly a tough choice for me. Sacher cake has been my absolute favourite ever since I first tasted it. Mmm...all that chocolatey goodness...^-^ *Becomes painfully aware of that Mika is still in the room* Meep! I must protect my precious! *Calls out his old Silver team consisting of Typhlosion, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Lugia, Snorlax, and Kingdra and has them form a protective circle around himself and the cake*

Mine! All mine! XO *Chews greedily on cake*

*Nodds in agreement with Charon*

Yep, it's like I always told my trusty turnip...not crazy, just misunderstood, is all. XD And thanks for the compliments on my english. ^-^ Yeah, it's all natural affinity, combined with early learning, combined with good teachers. Even though one of them was scary, *Shudders* I swear I can still hear her voice..."Sit properly!", "Full sentence!", "No sleeping!", "No hanging over the desks!". @[email protected] It has to be said for her credit though, practically all of her pupils made it better in upper elementary than those from other schools, and I do suppose that she was pretty instrumental in making me learn the basics by heart. XD The only bad english teachers I ever had were substitutes (Both got slightly pissed at me because I kept correcting them. XD), and neither of them stayed very long when I and a bunch of my classmates started filing complaints to the higher authorities (I.e. our parents). Incidentally, my sticklerish self found the book 'Panda eats, shoots, and leaves' very interesting. ^-^ *Shot for being a grammar geek* Although I have to admit, it's slightly embarassing how hard some of the stuffers in 'Alice in Wonderland' can be. Believe it or not, we're studying that book in A2 English right now. *Sighs* I swear...Jabberwocky is going to steal my sanity. o.o


Valen took a step back in alarm as the peculiar chanting became audible, noticing that various pokmon in his vicinity were starting to behave strangely. A bit to his right, a boy was running off in a decidedly vicious-looking Flygon chasing him at full speed, the dragon pokmon's wings vibrating so fast that they looked like little more than a blurr, on another front, a hiker was locked in a wrestling match with his Graveler, and a small boy with short, dark blue hair was struggling to get a practically rabid looking Shuckle to release its grip from his head while at the same time doing his best to hold onto his glasses so that they wouldn't get trampled on the pavement.

"Reina." Valen said as he noticed the girl approaching, she was certainly the most welcome person at the moment, "You wouldn't happen to have any idea of what's going on, would you?" the boy seriously doubted it, though, seeing that the girl and her pokmon both looked far more shaken by this than he was. Just then, a fairly discreet but nonetheless irritating beep became audible just by the boy's right ear, causing irritation to briefly flicker across his face, "Excuse me for a moment." he said to Reina, trying to block out the outside distrubances as best he could as he answered into the audio device.


"Valen, loveh, we've got a situation!" Lori's voice was anything but pleased as it sounded by the boy's ear.

"So I figured..." Valen replied in a neutral voice, "So what's this about?"

"There's no need for that tone, loveh." the woman replied, her voice betraying a measure of annoyance, "This isn't any plan of ours. We've just recieved a distress signal from the Aggron's pen and we need you to go and check it immediately. It's in the market square by Vizier Street, straight north from your current location. Now move it, that's an order!"

"Yes m'am." the boy replied in a mockingly disciplined voice just before the connection was shut again, turning back to Reina.

"I'm going to go check out the Vizier Street market square." he informed her, "Apparently whatever is causing this is centered on that place, if you want to come along you'd better hurry."

With that, the trainer pulled out the last pokball from his belt, pointing it towards his Venonat, "Smaelaugh, return." he said simply, a crimson beam emerging from the object in his hand and encasing the bug type, returning it to the safety of the container. Smaelaugh might not be showing any psychotic tendencies at the moment, but the boy considered it unnecessary to take the risk. Besides, he would rather avoid having to wait for the Venonat to catch up with him. Once he had returned the pokball to his belt, the boy set off to the north in a brisk sprint, dodging the battles as best he could.

Random Plushie
January 15th, 2006, 12:09 PM

Me sleep long time.

And yes, I am a shameless maker of cameos. Does this bother you in any way?


"Okay.. No idea where Cona is." Avery said, mostly to Fable, glancing around the area but failing to notice Cona not too far away. She had been so occupied with that Fearow, well..

{Fable feels a bit uncomfortable without a tiny bit of help.} Fable said, coughing loudly.

"I don't blame you." Avery said, sighing before unclipping one of the Pokeballs at her belt. "Come on out, Odie."

A moment later, after the initial red light had died down, an Umbreon materialized on the pavement in front of Avery and Fable, and it was only another moment longer before the Umbreon realized what had happened and where it was.

{I like outside~! Outside! Outside!} Odie yipped, bouncing up and down in place for a little while before beginning to run in circles around the other two, obviously having one of his hyper moments. Which happened a lot.

"Calm down, Odie, we're in a bit of a situation.. All the wild Pokemon here are freaking me out.. And that darn song is, too, I have no idea who's doing that." Avery said, kneeling down a bit so that it was more directly phrased to her Umbreon.

{Song, song, song~! Even better than outside is a musical outside~!} Odie yipped.

"..Yeah. Od- FABLE! Fake Out and Toxic! And Odie, Confuse Ray!" Avery shouted, startled by the sudden appearance of an enraged Camerupt, whose eyes were red with agitation, and charging about in an attempt to completely destroy the nearby trash cans.

The Sableye and Umbreon instantly went to work, Fable arriving at his destination first to deliver the first strike, a Fake Out that instantly halted the Camerupt in its tracks, giving Odie a few moments to pelt the Fire/Ground-type with a ray of light that was a Confuse Ray.

At this point, the Camerupt was now attempting to charge at a target, although it was confused and couldn't decide between hitting one of the three Umbreons, or one of the forty-eight Sableye.

While the Camerupt was miserably confused, Fable took this moment to leap onto the camel's head, his claws glowing purple for a moment before the Sableye began raking the Camerupt's head with his claws, applying a good dose of Toxic to the camel, a huge grin appearing on the Sableye's face as the already infuriated Camerupt began roaring and charging in a straight line towards the nearest building.

However, before anything else could happen, Odie was suddenly sent flying back towards Avery by the Wing Attack of a Golbat, which apparently had randomly chosen Odie as its next victim.

"Odie!" Avery cried out instinctively, although the Wing Attack wasn't much of a problem for the Umbreon, who was already rising to his feet and innocently glaring at its attacker. "Taunt! And God, Fable, get off that Camerupt before you kill yourself!"

Odie was the first to react, growling a little at the Golbat, who in fact, was now charging his fangs with poison, before suddenly firing off a barrage of insults that had long since been memorized, although timed perfectly, and in moments the Golbat had opened up its mouth the furthest it could go in an attempt to blast the Umbreon with a full-blown Screech.

{You call that an attack? Yeah, that's real tough, just flying up there where you think I can't get you, outside-hater! Why don't you show me a real attack! Oh wait, I forgot, you don't know any real attacks! Heehee!} Odie exclaimed, finishing up his Taunt as the Golbat dive-bombed towards him with fangs bared.

Meanwhile, Fable had somersaulted off of the Camerupts back with ease, allowing the camel to run itself right into the wall, a rather loud crashing sound that actually crushed some of the bricks that made up the wall of that building. Yes, that wasn't too smart. Apparently it had thought of ramming Fable into the wall along with it.

However, now the Camerupt wasn't at all confused, just fueled by rage, and although it was badly poisoned, it would take another turn or so before it fainted if relying only on Toxic to finish the job.


Like, pause 'cause I feel like it.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 12:50 PM
JJ was in the middle of jogging through a park like area when he arruptly stopped and clamped his hands to his ears

''Whoa...what the?.....''

Taillow who had kept going, done a ''U'' turn back towards it's master and perched himself on his shoulder

{like, whats that noise dude?}

Jeffery took his hands back off his ears in an attempt to try and ajust them to the sound. He began looking in all directions, other trainers seemed to have heard it too, many had stopped in their tracks to listen, some while in mid battle. even the wild pokemon for the tournament were seemingly becoming very confused...or in some cases....angry.
Not far away, a young red headed trainer had begun to back away from a Nidoking, he was shakily trying to reason with the pokemon

''Nidi!....ni...nidi! w..what are you do..doing?''
the pokemon was bearing it's teeth and showing no sign of relent

''whats happening here?''
Jeffery said to himself with great concern. That Nidoking was about to attack it's trainer....but why? someone had to do something to help that guy, but no one was.
Jeffery came to a decicion, he had to do something, but he couln't directly attack the pokemon as it belonged to the boy, so he himself would then be Disqualified......then he had an idea, spotting a nearby Rattata, he turned to Taillow
''Use Supersonic!''
one of Taillow's parents had been a Golbat.

Taillow began to flap it's wings and it's eyes turned yellow, a swirly beam was issued from it and hit the Rattata head on, confusing it...but even more so, some of the rays of the attack had carried on and hit the Nidoking

''Ooops...'' Jeffery said, ''my bad''

The red trainer took his chance here to return the stressed and confused pokemon to it's ball, he then took off at a run without a word of thanks. But JJ didn't mind, he had more things on his mind. Looking around, he saw a number of pokemon, all seemingly having bad time, but none more then the one he had his eye on, from a tree a Forretress jumped and began to advance towards Jeffery, his eyes showed pure hatred, fury, and it was preparing for attack, but most disturbing of all, it was throwing itself full force into any rock or tree it passed on its way towards Jeffery....

''Taillow return!'' JJ shouted, holding out his pokeball
{later dude} it said before disapearing in a beam of red light

JJ put the pokeball back in his inside pocket and withdraw instead a different one
''Corsola! I choose you!''

he threw the pokeball into the air and it opened in a beam of light which released a pink and white pokemon

{heeeeeeey, it's a beautiful day and i could not be looking finer!}

''Yes i'm sure'' JJ said rolling his eyes, ''quick, water gu....''

{Ok!} Corsola interrupted, turning to face her trainer and spraying a playful, light water gun into his face

{haha, haha, your all wet! your a drip! thats it a wet dr.....aaaaargh!!}

During Corsola's fun, she had been attacked from behind with a powerful Rapid Spin, which had sent her flying forward crashing into JJ's leg, she jumped up into her masters arms and began to cry
{Waaaaaaaaaa........that.....that....that nasty stinking foul ugly pokemon hurt me Jeffy, waaaaaaaaaaa}

''I know, I know'' JJ replied stroking the water pokemon Jeffy will make it feel better, use Recover''
Corsola began to glow a bright silver, and turned back within seconds with a smile on her face
{Jeffy made it better!!!! Thankyou!} she jumped and gave him a kiss across the cheek

''Now, lets show that Forretress whose boss''

{yeah! yeah! lets do that! and then...maybe......we can go shopping?} it replied with an innocent smile on her face {only, i could really do with a day in the pokemon sparr}

''well talk about it later.....now, use attract!''
Corsola jumped down

{ok you nasty thing time to turn on the charm!}
She smiled innocently and began to pose in all different ways, winking at the Forretress, from it's eyes, 2 Lovehearts were fired and hit the rock pokemon dead on.

*All being well, that should do it........* JJ thought

but his theory was prooved wrong, as seconds passed and the usually instant effect of infatuation seemed not to be working. The Forretress continued to just stare at Corsola, a look of great anger and pain in it's eyes.
Corsola seemed shock but carried on giving the pokemon winks

{ahhh come on...you know you want me} she said

''somehow.....'' Jeffery said in a pondering voice ''I don't think so''

The Forretress then bagan to glow....JJ knew what was coming

''Corsola! Protect, NOW!''
Corsola closed her eyes and a pale but magical barrier came between the Forretress, and her just in time, as at that moment the rock pokemon selfdestructed, issuing a humungous blast that would have defenitely been the end of Corsola.

Nearby less fortunate pokemon however caught the blast and were sent flying backwards in the high pitch boom.

{like, that was a close one Jeffey, so can we go shopping now?} she said hopefully
All of her sudden, the innocent smile on the water pokemon's face fell and was replaced with a look of panic, JJ stared at her confused
''Whats wron.......eh?!''
she had begun to vibrate vigorously, her eyes were wide with panic and she seemed to be in great pain!
''Corsola!'' JJ screamed with enormous panic
the water pokemon was foaming at the mouth, and trying to speak, but the liquid was preventing her from issung any sound at all.
instantly, JJ reached for her pokeball and opened it, his heart was jumping painfully
''Return Corsola''
the beam of red light engulfed Corsola and returned her to her ball, JJ was relieved, he was afrad that perhaps she might not return.

''JJ continued to stare forward, not taking the surroundings into his kind, just lost in thought, something had happened to make that Forretress act so strangely, and be immune to the attract......and that Nidoking was the same....., and now Corsola, he had to do something, get her to a pokemon centre!
That strange noise must have had something to do with all this. it was going to be a heck of a long day.....

OOC - Like, i just realised when ide nearly finished my IC, corsola is like a pokemon version of Rosaire :| *gives pie to Charon*
and Titan....uuuuum.....yeees...i knew that *takes notes* lets say my Taillow is special, teehee'ness.

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 12:56 PM
OOC: BB...aren't you paying attention? *Stares accusingly* I specifically said that it was only ground, rock, and steel types that were affected by the chant, and yet you've turned a pure poison type berserk and left a half-rock type unaffected. Edit that, please.

Random Plushie
January 15th, 2006, 1:24 PM

Plushie continue now. Phwee.


Avery clenched her fists, not liking the fact that she was still scared, throwing off her usual state of mind. She couldn't do anything about that, though, as long as the battle was still going. Indeed, Odie was now dodging the Golbat's attempts to strike him with a Poison Fang, and Fable was having the time of his life making the Camerupt chase him.

"Odie, Wish and Baton Pass to Skarka! Fable, finish off whatever HP is left with a Shadow Ball!" Avery called out, fists still clenched.

{Sorry I have to go so soon!} Odie snickered, his eyes glowing a weird shade of blue while he took a leap backwards to dodge another Poison Fang from the Golbat. The Golbat, still enraged by the Taunt, tried to hit the Umbreon again with another consecutive Poison Fang, only to come to a halt as Odie leapt into the air, curling into a ball as if he were using Defense Curl, then vanishing in a puff of a smoke.

When the smoke died away, a Duskull could be seen floating in the air, slightly confused because she was out of her Pokeball so soon after the last battle. The Golbat decided to go after this new target, flapping his wings to lift up off the ground and propel himself towards Skarka with a Wing Attack.

Meanwhile, Fable was gathering a ball made of some kind of dark matter, while the Camerupt began shooting bursts of Flamethrower at the Sableye. It was rather difficult to dodge while he was charging a Shadow Ball, so it was no wonder that after a few successful dodges, one of the Flamethrowers scorched Fable's ears and forehead, but he paid no attention to the temporary pain and flung the Shadow Ball at the Camerupt.

Now, Sableye don't exactly have the toughest Attack, but Avery had decided to use it at this moment because the Camerupt didn't have much HP left, and therefore, after taking the hit and staggering a bit backwards, the Camerupt finally went down; KO'ed.

The Golbat's Wing Attack had taken Skarka by surprise, the Duskull skidding backwards in the air as the Golbat struck. However, soon afterwards the Duskull began to glow a faint shade of blue while Odie's earlier Wish came true, and regained whatever health she had lost, and some of what had been inflicted by the Fearow's earlier Aerial Ace.

"Now, Skarka, Ice Beam!" Avery shouted, gaining a bit more confidence now that the Camerupt had gone down, allowing Fable to return to her side.

Hearing this, the Golbat instinctively began to back away from Skarka with a few flaps of his wings, but it was not to be, because soon afterwards Skarka's Ice Beam hit, and the Golbat simply fluttered to the floor in pain, pretty much KO'ing when he hit the street.

"Good job, guys. Skarka, you can return. And Odie, come back out." Avery said softly, shreds of fear still clinging to her and refusing to let go. She instantly recalled her Duskull, while at the same time sent Odie back out, the Umbreon instantly singing a song about playing outside.

January 15th, 2006, 1:34 PM
{ooc| A short lickle postie before I go to bed =3}

Rosairie shook her head. "Kyoko, everywhere's shut. There is no inside..." A swellow dived towards the group; Silence caught it in mid-flight with a thunderbolt, and it fell to the ground, KOed. Rosairie cringed slightly. "As for Valen, well, he completely despises me. I wouldn't ask him for help if he was the last person on earth... maybe we should find some of the others..."

Silence's ears scanned the crowd. Horrible recollections began to surface inside his mind, but Silence forced them back. They were only thoughts, as delicate as a dandelion's pappus, and the jolteon had no problem burying them again. Still, the chanting was disgustingly familiar, and sent a shiver down his spine.
Finally, his gaze fell upon Tabansi and Reina. Then, further to the right, Avery and Fable. He whined again, and Rosairie followed his glance.
"Maybe... we should get you to the others...." she muttered.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 1:46 PM
OOC: BB...aren't you paying attention? *Stares accusingly* I specifically said that it was only ground, rock, and steel types that were affected by the chant, and yet you've turned a pure poison type berserk and left a half-rock type unaffected. Edit that, please.


Nidorino is a part ground type isn't it?
and the forretress was effected, it was smashing itself into trees and rocks, and was unaffected by the attract attack because of pure rage. i would call that ''effected''

*is scared*

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 2:02 PM
OOC: No, Nidorino isn't part-ground, but Corsola is part-rock, therefore it should be affected and Nidorino should not. Really now, do I need to pull out the old type chart? <.< Yes, Forretress was affected, and it's a part steel type (Steel, not rock), but I'm still waiting for edits. Don't make me use this...*Patts red herring*

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 15th, 2006, 2:12 PM
OOC - Goodness no :| not that!!!!

But im prepared!! *pulls out pie launcher* *loads* *evil laugh*

anyway, ok, to make u happy ill change the nidorino to a nidoking, now that i KNOW is part ground teehee.
and for the foretress *bows* my aplogies, part stell, not rock.

and as for corsola....this is gonna be a bit of a bugger....as most my post was based on corsola, i'll see what i can do

*pulls on RP master hat and thinks*

January 15th, 2006, 5:36 PM
OOC: Hm... there's just one thing I need to know... what's a dandelion pappus? o.o *looks it up* Ah! Okay, now I understand. ^-^ New vocabulary!! Phweee!

Yeah, that's a tough one BB... good luck thinking up a way to incorporate Corsola without having it all berserky. Perhaps if Corsola went temporarily deaf? >.>

Now onto posting:


Glad to see that even Valen's anger could be swept away by the strangeness of the situation they were all in right now, Reina shook her head to his question. "Nope, haven't got a clue what's going on," she said, trying to look braver than she felt. Tabansi stayed silent, watching a young girl race away from a pursuing Cubone. Something clicked in his head as he stared around at a Pidgey that looked confused by this all, and frightened of the events taking place, and then at a Marshtomp that was calling to its trainer and squirting water at a crazed Dugtrio trying to tackle it. It was obvious that some pokemon were not effected by this; himself included. He wondered about Pixie and Phoebe....

Reina waited for Valen to take his call, and had to duck as a huge Skarmory ripped past her headspace, flying off and using Steel Wing on a nearby tree. Branches fell all over the place, covering some of the trainers below.

{G-Goodness...!} Tabansi said, clutching onto Reina's leg like Pixie usually did.

When Valen returned and told the two of where he was going, Reina closed her eyes for a moment and replied, "Oh yeah, I'm going. I wanna find out what's going on here." Tabansi looked as if her answer was suicide.

{Reina! We would be going right into danger!} he said with a shocked tone.

Reina nodded, "I know, but I can't just stand around and do nothing. What kind of a person does that?" She was not a coward, or an innocent bystander, she was fighter, and she never left these sorts of things up to anyone else. She had to be involved. Tabansi knew this about Reina, so he gave up the fight, and figured he had better start doing his job.

"Okay, come on," Reina said, racing after Valen. Tabansi was following, and as they ran after him, Reina heard a voice in her head speaking. It sounded like a woman's voice, smooth and deep. It was familiar, and luckily she announced who she was, or Reina would have thought herself going insane.

{Reina... this is Phoebe, your Ninetails. It has happened, hasn't it? The pokemon, are they behaving strangely? Yes... I thought I sensed it. This is only the beginning. If you need my help I am here to protect you. Don't forget that, okay?}

"Erm... yes?" Reina replied, feeling a bit silly talking out loud to a pokemon that spoke psychically. Tabansi looked at her with an odd expression, but was concentrating on the surrounding pokemon too much to think about it.

EDIT: WTF? Okay... for some reason I put 'Silver Wing' instead of 'Steel Wing'... *shrug* I blame it on Fire Emblem, I just got a bunch of Silver weapons. >.>;;

January 16th, 2006, 4:30 AM

Bleh,Cona ish like,the one who defeated the least pokemon so far I think.O_O;;;
Darn the time zone and Monday.XP

Bah,either way I wasn't even aiming for her to finish off as the top three or what Feebas.XDD

Oh noes!What abou Kogenta.O.o;;


Cona sulked as the speaker round the Sunkern's leaf stalk announced that she had only earned 7 points.What a waste indeed.The girl had took to squatting down beside Krystal and examining his burn-like injury.

"Ouch.Looks like you won't be able to do as much battling anymore."she sighed,standing up with the Marshtomp in her hands.Now the only thing they could do would've been to target any type Kuner was great against.

Like...that Butterfree flying by that alley!

"Kuner,you know what to do!Aerial Ace!"the girl shouted,racing over to the startled bug.

{Wha-?Wha-?Wha-?I did-did-didn't do no-no-nothing!}he squeaked as the Pidgey rammed hard against him.The Buttefree started sweating,letting out a loud yell as his wings started glowing.

{Le-Le-Leave me alo-alone,you mean pe-pe-people!!}the Bug type exclaimed,sending a Psybeam right to Kuner.

"Alright Kuner,give it another Aerial Ace!"Cona ordered once more,smiling as the Butterfree fell onto the pavement.{Me-Me-My life's ho-ho-hopeless...}he mumbled.

After that,the team then proceeded to take down three Weedle,which was still tiring for Kuner either way.{Aye' lad.I'm getting tired over here...}the Pidgey sighed,swaying back and forth as his trainer spotted a Slugma wandering about.

"Um..okay then Kuner!You'll rest!"Cona hesitated,before letting Krystal slide out of her hands and onto the pavement.The Marshtomp brushed himself and sniffed,though that happy smile was all the while visible on his face.

"Lets take it down with one attack,Surf!"she said firmly,praying that the solarbeam didn't leave any emotional scars in Krystal's head.Amazingly,the Marshtomp fought with no difference,maybe even with a tad more spirit.After the Surf attack,the Slugma fell to the pavement,dazed of course.

{Yay!I defeated another,not friend!}the Marshtomp beamed happily,placing his flippers onto his hips in a moment of glory.Only to be knocked back a few feet by the Take Down attack of a Lickitung.

{Oooh!A new peoples.Grand!I'll jus' be kick your hiney,it been real boring round here.Ya' saw.}the Lickitung balled his fists up,smirking as he readied his body(and tougue) to battle.

"Rock smash!"Cona stepped back at the arrival of the Normal type.Krystal did as he was told,bringing his fists together and slamming them hard against the Lickitung.

The pink pokemon just let out a snort,charging at the mudfish readying for a Stomp attack.Krys fell back a few feet as the Normal type smashed its pink foot onto his blue-colored body.

"How about-?!"the girl stopped in mid-sentence as she heard something in the distance.First it was angry growls coming from a pokemon,which sounded hauntingly familiar for some reason.Then some sort of loud chant coming from the same direction.

"Come on Krys,lets go.."she said,holding her hand out to her Marshtomp,even though her head was faced to the source of the sound.It was somewhere North-east,give or take.

{Rawr!I shall smash you puny tougue monster!Yes,I shall!!!Rawr!!}Krystal roared,having ignored his trainer's head and jumped onto the Lickitung in a brutal way.There was a mad glint in his eye as he started laughing and knocking the Lickitung's head against the pavement.Softly however.

{Pwhhee!!Isn't this fun?!Yes!Yes it is!!!The sky is made out of cheese,RAWR!!!}he babbled,leaping off the confused Lickitung before making a round and charged towards the Normal type once more.

"Krystal!Um,um...Endeavor why don't you?"Cona bit her lip at the way her Marshtomp was acting all of a sudden.True,this was going to let her score a win,but was it worth over her pokemon which had gone temporarily insane?

{YOO GOTTED IT BOZZEH!!!!RAWR!!!}the Marshtomp let out a manical cackle,before slamming himself hard onto the Lickitung.

{I GOTTED THE CHEESY TOUGUEY MONSTER DOWN!!!RAWR!!!}he stepped on top of the fainted Normal type's belly,waving his arms into the air.

"Okay,Krystal.That's fine.Now,why don't we go and investigate the evil-?"his trainer was intterupted once more as the mud fish continued his victory dance.He jumped up and down on the Lickituing,totally ignoring the number of bruises on his own self,before getting off the pokemon and running around in a circle.

{The wheels on the bus go round and round!!Round and ROOOUNDDEE!!!!!!!!}he screamed,slamming into a wall.

"Krystal.Keep calm.The evil cheese marketers must have put a spell on you."the girl lifted her Marshtomp back onto his feet,before eyeing the place where the chanting had started.

"Kuner,looks like Krys can still take orders.Keep him in check just incase his brain turns into more mush."Cona stated,snapping her fingers at the Pidgey who had been glued stone cold to her shoulder,sweatdropping.

{What..?}he grumbled as he flew onto the Marshtomp's head.

{Whodunit?!}Krystal called out,looking round franticly,almost causing the bird to tumble off his head.

{Lad,its me.Kuner the ol' birdy?Follow Cona,she was...cheese to share.Yeah,cheese!}Kuner tried his best to turn the Ground type into the right direction their trainer was racing off to.


Krys ish part Ground.Which would make him..partially insane?XD
That's why he still listens to Cona?O_o;;

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 16th, 2006, 5:36 AM
JJ ran his hand through his hair lost in thought....

*I have to find the others* he thought to himself, finally coming to a conclusion.

He began to look around again for any sign of Reina, Rosaire, Cona, heck even Valen, any of them...but he had taken a complete opposite direction to them and they were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he was just over-reacting, maybe all of this stuff was just a bad coinsedence, perhaps he should just carry on getting points for himself and forget this, but then again, he couldn't, not with Corsola fuming like she was, and besides, JJ wasn't one to just let things like this go without question, he had to know.
Finally deciding what to do, he turned around and headed off at a sprint towards the direction he had come from. Perhaps if he went back to where they started he could ask one of those men who were running the tournament, what exactly was going on, or find one of the guys.

He jumped over a wild Venonat and began looking right left and centre for the area, he had had his mind so focused on the tournament that he hadn't taken note of exactly what directions he was taking. He came to a fork in the road and remembered coming to it earlier and taking a left, so this time he took a right and continued running, he saw a trainer wildly trying to get a Pubitar back into it's pokeball, and not far from that, a Skarmory was flying over people's heads, fireing spikes everywhere, JJ had to be careful to avoide a few ahead on the path.

Eventually he turned another corner and came to where he was looking for, there were a few people around, battling pokemon, and some pokemon seemingly going wild, there was a Magneton using thundershocks randomly on anyone who came too close to it, another trainer was desprately trying to avoid the slow but deadly tackle attacks of a nosepass. But also there were pokemon not reacting in this peculiar way, a group of Pidgeys and spearows were perched on a ledge above looking down at the scene sorrowly, two Pichu's were running through across the floor, trying to avoid any danger, and a slowpoke wa.........
Jeffery stopped in mid thought as something hit him, he backtracked through all the pokemon he had seen start acting crazy.....

*Th...there only certain pokemon acting this way....* he thought to himself with wide eyes.
But they must all have something in common, something that was making them act this way, what could it be?......

''I haven't got time to think about this right now'' he said quietly to himself, he looked around, trying to find any signs of the guys he had met earlier, but they were nowhere to be found ''I'm going to have to go searching for them...''
he began to jog forward, but just as he was about to take a path to the right, something came from under his feet and sent him flying forward, painfully landing oh his hands which he had put out instinctfully to stop his face hitting the floor.

''Oooooouch!!....what the?!?!''
He looked at his hands which had been grased badly, they were throbbing, also his back right knee felt like it was being pulled apart.
He turned his head around, expecting to see a rock or something that he had tripped over, but instead saw a pokemon

A Marowak was standing not far behind him, throwing it's bone into the air and catching it with ease, it did not, look happy. But then again....nor was Jeffery

''Whats the big deal?!'' he shouted at it angrily, but then......he started to regret this. After all pokemon could do no wrong......it must be another pokemon that had gone crazy, but why? this was annoying JJ and really hurting his head....not to mention his knee and hands.

{Your mine petty human!} it roared before throwing its Bonemerang straight at JJ again.
Jeffery gulped and quickly jumped to his feet and into the air, the bone missed his knee and flew straight back to the ground pokemon.
JJ reached into his inside pocket and grabbed the pokeball that he knew all too well

''Lets Go Grovyle!'' he roughly threw the ball forward, it burst open beautifully beffore it even hit the ground, and released the Grass pokemon

{you called?} it said with a smile, staring at the Marowak and ready for battle

''You know it'' JJ replied ''Go Grovyle, Quick attack!''
The gras pokemon jumped into the air and zoomed at The Marowak before it even had a chance to react. It was sent backwards from the hard impact, but didn't flinch, instantly it retaliated to the quick attack by flying forward headfirst, attemoting a headbut

''Dodge it Grovyle!''
Grovyle leaped into the air and began to soar overtop the Marowak

''Nows your chance Grovyle! Leaf Blade!''
Grovyle roared a battlr cry and began to fall down towards the pokemon, it's arm extended, preparing for a huge attack, but the Marrowak instead leapt upwards with grea force, hitting GRovyle head on with a 2nd attempted headbutt, knocking it back down to the floor.

''Come on Grovyle!'' JJ cried ''you can do it!''
Grovyle bravely jumped right back to it's feet, the two pokemon were staring intensely at eachother.

{Take this!!} The Marowak cried as it Threw it's Bonemerang one more time.
JJ smiled... ''You know what to do Grovyle!''

Grovyle stared at the bone in deep concentration, and JUST before it reached him, jumped into the air and landed on the bone. He rode it like a surf board and it flew back towards it's owner, the Marowak was shocked as the bone along with Grvyle on top flew smack into the it's head.
The pokemon moaned in pain as it's skull began to spin around and finally stopped the wrong way round so he couldn't see anything

{aaaaaargh!!! it's all gone dark!!!''

''Now Grovyle! Bullet seed!'' Jeffery shouted as his final order
Grovyle took a breath and executed the attack with abnormal power, sending the seeds into the chest of the Ground pokemon at great velocity and blowing it straight backwards so that it crashed into a wall and fell to the groun KO'd.

''Nice job buddy'' JJ said with a smile which quickly sank into a look of worry ''but we can't celebrate, we have work to do, come on!''
he turned around and tried to run, but his leg wouldnt allow him too and he had to be caught by Grovyle to avoid falling to the floor again

{are you ok?} it said in a worried voice

''I'll be fine...thankyou...'' He let go of Grovyle and began to walk as fast as his leg would let him, trying to find any of the others.....

OOC - Like, aren't I creative XD *gives pie to all*

January 16th, 2006, 6:47 AM

Ug. ~.~ Dermatologist appt. today and then a baby sitting job (Maybe! Let's hope for naught) but I'll post ubber fast. :O Like... WITH LIGHTNING SPEED. Like... WOAH. And Alter. Against your red herring... I PIT MY CAT. >=3 She's a fish lover mmyes. And her 1337 fatness gives her an added +5% to her Scary Face attack! So you'd... so be pwned. :3 Oh and BB, You've got some talent. You DO use Photoshop for those banners right? Cuz Photoshop pwns all. cuz it's shiney. AND CAUSE IT CAN

Forgot to add vocab for people not in Japanese. @[email protected]
-kun = Suffix normally added for males
-chan = suffix normally added for females (Note that mixing them up can be insulting.)
Daijoubu = It's okay, everything's okay.


Kyoko blinked, blushing as she felt Rosairie's almost disapproving stare on her forehead. She couldn't help senseing Pokemon's feelings, she'd sensed them since she was a child. At times, if the emotion was strong enough, she could sense a human's emotion but it proved harder than with pokemon. For that... she was almost grateful. "Let's... Um... Let's just go find others..." Detaching from Rosairie, she pattered over to Silence, kneeling and gently petting the top of his head soothingly, "Si-kun... Daijoubu... We'll go find a safe place, kay?"

Standing back up, she turned towards Rosairie with a certian fierceness that the older girl probably hadn't seen, "Let's go. Mi-chan can use Refelct on us as we walk, it should make getting through this endless mayhem without casualties but we must move quickly. We can't sit around and chatter anymore... Not when these waves are getting stronger..."

Alter Ego
January 16th, 2006, 7:10 AM
OOC: Don't worry, Yibber, I'll sort out the score situation if need be. Anyways, partial insanity? Well...*Twitch* I suppose all pokmon have an individual reaction, and it would go against Krystal's nature to act overly violent so that's fine...plus, it amused me so...XD

Anyhow BB, that would be a lot more creative of you if Ash and Pikachu hadn't pulled that trick first. Ahh...who cares? That mean ol' gloryhog never gave me pie. XD *Devours pie*


Upon hearing the girl's reply, something which looked like the tiniest hint of a smile briefly spread across Valen's face, "Somehow I had a feeling you would say that..." he commented, "Your help is...appreciated." it was obvious from the tone of his voice that this wasn't exactly one of the boy's favourite phrases, and it didn't seem like he wanted to dwell on it, "Let's get moving." was the last sentence that passed his lips as he set off.

As he dashed through the city with Reina and Tabanasi on his heels, Valen couldn't help noticing that there seemed to be a certain pattern to the seeming insanity of the pokmon...only certain species seemed to be affected; pokmon like Geodude, Lairon, and even a little girl trainer's Phanphy were frothing at the mouth and charging about in blind rage while typically short-tempered species like Electabuzz and Vigoroth seemed to be far more in control, as if the chanting wasn't affecting them, "There's some kind of pattern here..." Valen said to no-one in particular, having to make an emergency dodge for one of the side-alleys as a Rhydon came charging past, making a loud, crushing sound as it slammed into a Lairon approaching from the other side with terrifying impact, the two pokmon immediately locking into bitter conflict, glaring at each other.

The boy poked his head out to check the immediate environment, realizing that it would have ben tantamount suicide to just walk out into the clear straight away, quite a piece of insight really as a Skarmory came shooting past like a flying spear, slicing straight through the air at the very spot where Valen's head would have been, had he not managed a last-minute dodge.

The boy's eyes narrowed as a varied assortment of other attacks followed, the Skarmory from before flying back again accompanied by a dull clunk as something had struck it, the cause soon becoming obvious as a Sandslash lunged forward, swiping all parts of the steel type it could reach with its claws, and taking down a good bit of the environment while it was at it as the sharp claws sliced straight through the walls and a sign which hadn't been properly tucked away. Valen took this opportunity to head out again, running forward in a kind of crouch as he entered Vizier Street, a street which, he noted, was painfully wide and uncovered, and which had also turned into a full-fledged battle zone, the various trained and wild pokmon fighting each other in an utterly chaotic manner and it took a good bit of jumping, dodging, skipping, and sheer dumb luck for Valen to make it through, but he did. It was practically impossible to keep track of anyone in the chaos, although Valen hoped that Reina had managed to keep up, she did, after all, seem to be far more capable than most of the people around. As he finally came up to the Aggron's pen did the boy come to realize the true extent of their troubles however, as he caught sight of the towering figure of the Aggron, a small group of handlers latched onto the chains still attached to the beast and attempting to keep it down, although it was a vain enterprise to say the least, and in the end they were more or less clinging to the chains for dear life as the huge steel type flailed and thrashed about in an attempt to shake them off while at the same time trying to stamp out whoever was foolish enough to come close. Intimidating though the steel type was, however, the sight that actually made Valen pale was the sight of the hooded men chanting on top of the now ruined pen, standing there in complete calmness despite the destruction around them, as if this wasn't unsettling enough for the boy, he was painfully aware of that he recognized one, the leader...and what was more, the man seemed to have recognized him, briefly seeming to cast him a glance and a self-satisfied smirk before returning his gaze to the horizon and picking up the chant with newfound enthusiaism, the Aggron's rage only seeming to intensify as it now turned its blue eyes to Valen and those unfortunate enough to be near him.

January 16th, 2006, 7:36 AM
{ooc| yaaaay! I managed to confuse Melissa! I mean... oops ^^;
Yes, you learn something new every day when roleplaying with someone as innovative and intelligent as me. Like, did you know, if you neuter a male dog it starts to smell like a female dog? Poor, poor doggies...
Anyway, I guess I should get Rosairie over to the Aggron... somehow...}

Silence blinked at Kyoko. He didn't know a word of japanese, but luckily her tone of voice was enough to tell him it was meant to comfort him.
Her eyes widened in awe as the little mouse created a translucent, sparkling banner around the group. Maybe Minna did have her uses... Rosairie took Kyoko's hand, and began to stride confidently through the square. The barrier would hardly protect the group from physical attacks, but at least anything elemental would be reflected. Rosairie guessed they would have about five, maybe six minutes before it wore off. Now she really needed Henna. With her free hand, and without breaking step, she recalled Sinbad to his ball and sent out the Magmar. She glanced around with that superior gaze of hers, and shook her head.
{What've you done this time, Rozz?}
"Henna, keep inside the reflect!" she hissed irratably, for the magmar had stopped walking and risked shattering the barrier. Silence leapt around Henna's feet, whining fearfully.

"Something's gone wrong, Henn. All the..." Rosairie paused and glanced around, taking note of the sandshrews, arons, and geodudes going mad around her, "All the rock and ground types are going insane!"
Henna's eyes narrowed. {This is some sort of...plan... not an accident. Maybe to make it more interesting?}
"I think... I think it's Valen's doing! You said he was probably had some backhanders going on in this tournament, and-"
{Don't jump to-} Henna interrupted, only to be interrupted by her trainer again.
"Lemme finish! I mean, Henna, he hardly spoke to anyone, and he had that Arbok... I mean, everyone knows people that use poison types are evil." she rolled her eyes. "This is his fault, I reckon!"
Henna rolled her eyes. Once Rosairie made up her mind, that was that. Valen had given Rosairie a reason for her to hate him - mainly by not falling in love with her on site, but also for his rudeness - and now she was frightened, her dreams shattered. She was bound to blame him.

January 16th, 2006, 7:42 AM
OOC: *pats Mika* Yayness! Photoshop rules! ^-^

Ah yes, poor doggies. No wonder girl dogs never gave Mac a second look. I just though he was annoying to them or something. ^^

Lucky for Reina that she doesn't have any ground/rock/steel pokemon. Unless the types effected with eventually change? o.o Ah well, it would be fun to play a psycho pokemon of my own.


Keeping up with Valen was proving tough. He seemed to make gliding between people and dodging stray pokemon attacks look easy. Reina almost tripped over a crazed Swinub that had been swatted to the ground by Tabansi and then decided that it was time to bring out her own pokemon for protection. She almost didn't want to... what if they were like some of the others?

Tabansi seemed to be thinking along the same lines though, and he called to Reina over the chaos, {Reina, bring out the others! I think they will be okay if my theory is correct!} Reina had no idea what his theory was, but she trusted her Heracross' judgement and grabbed her other two pokeballs.

A Staryu and Ninetails appeared in a flash of white light, and Pixie seemed to know what to do, keeping herself afloat at the left side of Reina. She aimed spurts of water at any oncoming pokemon, and to her back was Phoebe, making sure that attacks from behind would not be a problem. Tabansi ran on the right side of Reina, looking nervous but not overly scared anymore.

However, when they came within view of the large and raging Aggron, Tabansi felt a lot of that subsided fear come back. The thing seemed even more fearsome, and Reina thought of her own father's Aggron. This looked nothing like the kindly Aggron he owned though, it was more like the extra-creepy version.

Pixie trembled. She didn't want to return to her ball though, as she could help in beating a beast such as that Aggron.

Reina panted as she halted next to the now stopped Valen. "Ugh... some tournament so far, eh?" she said with a smile, but the smile faded as she looked to what Valen seemed to be looking at.

"Eh? It's... those robed guys...," Reina said shakily. They were quite creepy all chanting like that; it was as if they were mesmerized by some unseen force, willed on to continue the chant. She turned back to Valen and noticed him looking a bit pale; she couldn't blame him though, she was probably paler at the moment.

Feeling her courage failing a bit as the enraged Aggron began to look in their direction, Reina's eyes widened, "S-so what do we do now? Fight it I assume? That's how these things usually go," she said, the fight part coming out a bit higher-pitched than usual. She would if she had to, even in such eerie conditions.

Tabansi looked up at Reina and Valen. {This looks bad....}

Alter Ego
January 16th, 2006, 8:12 AM
OOC: Kekekee...the type affected? Mmmhmm...it might change...I say it might because...well, where's the fun in knowing all the answers? >D

Anyways, that's...an interesting piece of logic I see on Rosairie's part there. XD


Valen would probably have grinned at Reina's comment, had the situation not been so serious. He had been trained to fight to the last, never to give up no matter what, and there were many times when he had lunged against seemingly impossible odds and come out triumphant, but this...he had never seen a situation like this before, and never been face to face with a pokmon as powerfull and intimidating as this Aggron. The boy severly doubted that his team, even Seirini, could prove to be a match for a creature this powerfull, especially being type disadvantaged as they were.

As Reina inquired about their course of action, Valen snapped out of his thoughts and back to the present situation, just in time to see the armor-clad pokmon raise one of its fists into the air, swinging it, and the hefty bulk of the chain attached to it until it finally managed to dislodge the last of the poor handlers who had still be holding onto it into a nearby wall, accompanied by a decidedly nasty crunching sound, the man slumping down against the wall, unconscious. The last of its distractions now cleared out of the way, the Aggron turned its full attention to Valen and Reina, seemingly deeming the few pokmon around to be dismissable as it raised its armor-clad tail, and turned around, the heavy appendage swinging straight towards them and striking a large chunk off from the side of an unfortunate building on the way.

"Duck!" Valen didn't have the time to phrase his sentence any better, nor to wait for any kind of natural reaction as he bluntly sezied Reina's arm and dragged her down as he crouched himself, the careless tail sweep passing just above them and releasing its payload into a building on the other side instead, sending another shower of broken concrete and dust into the air.

"Reina." Valen said, quickly getting to his feet again, "Those hooded freaks are running this show. If you can stop their chant it should calm down the Aggron! Go take them out, I'll keep this brute occupied!"

At the end of his sentence, the boy lunged forward, intent on getting as far away from Reina and her pokmon as possible and apparently being correct in his guess that the creature's attention was focused on him first and foremost as the Aggron dutifully turned after him, lunging forward with its metallic claws raised. This time, however, Valen was ready, quickly leaping onto the side, although apparently it wasn't fast enough as the boy immediately let out a surpressed groan and clutched his right arm with his left, a thin trickle of blood from the scratch he had recieved beginning to make its way through his grasp. The boy stood defiant however, glaring straight at the Aggron and preparing his next dodge, hoping that Reina would hurry up and do what she had been told.

Random Plushie
January 16th, 2006, 10:43 AM

The barrier would hardly protect the group from physical attacks, but at least anything elemental would be reflected.

I thought Mitten was using Reflect.. That works the other way around.. XD

Sorry, I'm being a negative morning person again. XD


Barely a moment had passed after Avery sent Odie back out of his ball, when out of no-where a few dozen Geodude and Graveler suddenly came into view, apparently coming towards the aforementioned girl at high speed. It was like a stampede of sorts that even made the ground start rumbling..

"Oh snap! Get back!" Avery shouted, instantly grabbing both her Umbreon and Sableye by the heads (much to their discomfort) and flung herself back against the nearest wall, since they weren't near enough to an alley.

In an instant the Geodude and Graveler were rushing past, not even noticing the girl and her Pokemon as they made their way down the street, roaring loud, inaudible things while a mad glint became visible in their eyes. Most of them were charging into inanimate objects like trash cans or walls, sometimes benches.. Almost as if their main goal were to cause as much destruction as possible.

What's with these Pokemon!? Avery thought to herself. Heh, even her thoughts sounded scared and confused. She had no time to contemplate further, for as the main group finally made their way past, a straggler, which was a Graveler, actually noticed Avery standing there with her Pokemon pinned to the wall, turning towards the threesome and roaring angrily.

"This ain't good." Avery said under her breath, quickly lowering Odie and Fable to the ground, neither of them complaining about how uncomfortable they had been once they laid eyes on the Graveler that was now roaring at them.

"Fable, return! Go, Diamond!" Avery shouted, deciding that she may as well go with the type advantage. With one hand, she returned the trusty Sableye to his Pokeball, clipping it to her belt while at the same time throwing another Pokeball up into the air, its occupant being released soon after.

In no time, the Lairon appeared beside Odie on the pavement, taking a moment to register the surroundings in her brain, as well as that awful chanting.

{Avery.. W-What is that.. Noise..} Diamond stuttered, beginning to twitch slightly, while the Graveler prepared to charge.

"Uh, well, look out for that Graveler! Use Iron Tail!" Avery shouted, not understanding why her Lairon was now twitching, almost uncontrollably, but nonetheless knowing that if she didn't attack then the Graveler was bound to run her over.

In response, Diamond bellowed, no, roared as loudly as she possibly could, claws and tail glowing a bit as she began charging at the Graveler, who was pretty much doing the same thing, save glowing.

Within moments the Graveler and Lairon were tearing at each other, each attempting to rip the other's limbs off by any means necessary. While the Graveler attempted to go in for a Take Down, Diamond ripped at his face with continuous Metal Claws, turning around every so often to unleash an Iron Tail on the Graveler, who only seemed to get angrier with each successful hit.

{D is acting funny. Does she not like this outside?} Odie whispered from his spot near Avery, watching in horror as the Graveler and Lairon tried to tear each other apart, not daring to make a move for once because he didn't want to get involved.

Avery seemed to be thinking something along more serious lines.

"D-Diamond! You don't have to battle so hard! Take it easy, please!" Avery stammered from her spot near the wall, instantly regretting what she just said, for the Lairon immediately turned around and roared at her own Trainer, while at the same time avoiding the Graveler's latest Take Down attack.

Of course, soon afterwords, this caused the Graveler to run himself right into the wall, but that wasn't the point.

{D! You can stop it now, 'cause you're actually kinda scary at the moment!} Odie shouted, his only response being another consecutive roar, followed by a Lairon charging straight at him.

"RUN!" Avery shouted, picking up Odie with both hands and taking off up the street, transfering the Umbreon to one arm while Diamond bellowed something inaudible, instantly giving chase with her own Take Down.


Here comes Avery. XD

January 16th, 2006, 10:52 AM
OOC: Oh yes, I forgot to comment on that little bit of Rosairie-think. ^-^ That cracked me up!

Oh snap... it seems I've forgotten the difference between effected and affected. What was that again? I could never remember.... >.>

Poor Avery! Attacked by her own pokemon! The horror!! The HORROR! XD


Coughing slightly from the amount of dust that had accompanied the bashing in of parts of the surrounding buildings, Reina nodded to Valen's orders.

"Don't get eaten or smashed, Valen!" she called to him as he raced off.

She figured he would be the type to take on a rampaging Aggron on his own, though she found herself puzzled at why the beast wanted to get Valen and him alone. That certainly was odd... though it was none of her business, so she put that thought away and tried to focus on the robed men. This looked easy enough, but who knew what these guys were capable of? Guess they would find out soon enough, and so Reina and her pokemon began to fight their way up to the top of the ruined Aggron pen.

Tabansi dodged a hurtling Geodude and huffed out a comment, {Well, that Valen character certainly has his work cut out for himself. You should thank him for making you duck when we get out of this.}

"I- I could have ducked on my own!" Reina snapped back. She was appreciative of the boy's help, but she always felt a resistance to giving thanks to anyone's help she didn't ask for. Tabansi chuckled.

{Yes, I figured as much. Uhnnn!} he grunted as flew over a crazed Lileep that was about to lunge at him. The bug figured it was better to not hurt as many of the pokemon as possible; after all, it was obvious they had little idea of what they were doing so it wasn't really their fault.

{Keep alert!} warned Phoebe in her calm yet stern voice, {I sense that these robed individuals are quite dangerous.}

Tabansi made a disapproving noise, {Pfft... really now... you can sense that?} He was skeptical of this Ninetails, and was never one to appreciate psychic powers and intuition. Unless it was his own of course.

{Taban! She is trying to help...,} Pixie said in a timid voice that could barely be heard over the roaring and stray attacks.

Finally they were approaching the monk-like chanters, Reina wondering if these guys had any pokemon. Hopefully not, as that would complicate things for her. Their chanting was off-putting, and Reina felt a chill go up her as she approached them. They were so intent upon the chanting... but surely they noticed her presence?

Next to jump into her mind was how she was going to take care of these guys? What if they were being controlled by someone and weren't really the bad guys? She didn't want to mortally wound anyone. She would have to choose her attacks carefully, and Valen didn't have much time. She had already taken up a lot of it with getting up here.

"Phoebe... let's try a Confuse Ray!" Reina said to the Ninetails, and the beast nodded calmly, her long tails swaying this way and that. The pokemon leapt forward and her hazel eyes began to glow a deep blue that seemed to radiate a light from them. She tried to focus it on the nearest of the robed people, hoping it would do its magic.

"Pixie! Squirt some water at the others! Not a full-fledged attack, but just enough to made 'em mad!" Reina commanded, hoping this would go well. Pixie aimed at one of the men, and let loose a blast of water at his chest.

Reina then turned to Tabansi, "Tabansi, analyze the situation. We'll wait and see how this goes and then figure out what to do next." She nodded to the cobalt bug and he returned the nod, agreeing with her.

OOC: Of course I'm letting you control the robed guys Alter. I have no idea what they're capable of. *dun dun dun!!* ^^

Alter Ego
January 16th, 2006, 11:24 AM
As the Confuse Ray struck, one of the chanters on the back row suddenly faultered, his words turning awkward and muddled, completely out of tune with the others' as he began stumbling back and forth in an attempt to retain his balance. One of the middle ones seemed to have been slightly distracted by Pixie's Water Gun as well, but soon resumed singing as the leader let out a treathening command that sounded mostly like a hiss.

"Fools!" the leader spat out, his gaze briefly travelling across the hooded figures and Reina and her team, "It's only a brat and her mewling servants! Continue the chant and we shall drive these insolent heretics of with the power of Typhoeus!"

The leader immediately resumed chanting, as did the robed men, even the confused one, although he still continued swaying on his spot and the words sounded slightly slurred and far less fanatical. This seemed to cause an immediate reaction in his partner on the back row, the second hooded figure taking up his own chanting with even greater vigour, his gaze, as well as that of his three comrades, now turned onto Reina's team, although there was still a definitely distant air about them, while the leader had resumed directing his chant into the horizon.

As the chant intensified, the words now carrying a slightly different tone, the seats they all stood among suddenly began trembling treatheningly, a loud cry and the sound of heavy footsteps annoucning the arrival of an enraged Donphan, the elephant pokmon charging straight towards Phoebe with its tusks at the ready while two other figures suddenly burst out straight through the floor, leaving two cracked holes behind. One was the small, round figure of a Shuckle's shell which spun around a bit on the ground at first before its occupant poked its head out, immediately unleashing an aura of protective energy into its surroundings...a Safeguard technique, probably meant to block any further trickery on Phoebe's part, at the same time, the second figure, this one an uncharacteristically hostile looking Quagsire, charged at Pixie in a blind Headbutt, lunging straight through the jet of water and only seeming to gain energy from it.

Meanwhile, a good bit below, Valen made another hasty dodge, leaping forward towards the ground and covering some additional distance with a smooth rolling motion that left him standing on his legs at full alert in the end as the Aggron swept at him with its tail, once again missing its mark and striking a large dent into an innocent building instead. The boy picked himself up, his face now not paled as much by fear, for he had, to a certain degree, grown numb to it by now, but as of bloodloss, a further score of scratches having formed on his unprotected arm as a result of various evasive maneuvers he had pulled, the blood staining his left hand entirely red and dripping onto the ground beneath him as he wiped the sweat from his brow, forcefully pulling himself together to prepare for the next strike and hoping that Reina was really up to the task. In the distance, the sound of a feminine voice calling for help and the distant rumbling of an approaching pokmon became audible, but the boy didn't have the attention span to analyze this at the moment, all of his energy focused on keeping the steel type occupied for as long as possible.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 16th, 2006, 11:33 AM
As JJ continued to hobble along down the path, his ears filled his mind with small flash memories of what he had seen in the last half an hour, the intense face of that Nidoking...the look of hate on the Forretress, the Marowak and how it seemed to be longing to cause physical pain to pokemon and human alike......Corsola, his poor Corsola....

Jeffery stopped and leant against a wall, he wanted to carry on, but his knee was demmanding a break.
Grovyle stood next to him, not closed eyes and careless, but arupt and ready to attack at any moment, he seemed to know that something was wrong, even thought he hadn't actually seen any of the previous events.

Perhaps it would b a good idea if he was to let Corsola back out and see if her situation had improved, what was it that all the pokemon, that had reacted in one way or another, all had in common. Perhaps if he could figure it out it would be easier to know what pokemon may attack him, and be more prepared, because lets face it, if he took another fall like he did with Marowak, he could end up breaking something......

''are you ok?...'' he said with concern to his Grovyle.

{Me?!I'm fine, it's you im worried about}
''I'll be fine, just you had a battle with that Marowak, do you want to take a rest''{defenitely not, Jeffery please, i'll feel a lot better out here with you}

JJ felt a sence of pride here, and his heart skipped a beat.
''.....bu......Thankyou'' he said gratefully.

suddenly something hit him........
perhaps Valen had had something to do with all this?......JJ never did quite find out what he had been up to when he sent Taillow on the job. coming to a decicion, he pulled a pokeball out of his inside pocket and opened it in a luminous explosion of light,

{Like....whoooooa duuuuude, wassup? and heeeeeey Grovy Gro, little high li'l low buddy}
he held out a wing to Grovyle, waiting for a high five like they usually would do when they exchanged greetings

{no time right now Taillow} The grass pokemon said

{like, whoa, whats up?} he replied eagerly.

''Taillow, when i sent you to look for that boy earlier, I never asked you, did you have any luck?''
Taillow perched itself on Grovyle's head and put a wing to his beak, thinking hard.

{hmmmm, a dude with messy black hair?}


{aaaand uuum, really tatty clothes, like ripped and stuff?}

''Yea yea! { yea yea!} JJ and Grovyle said excitedally in unsion.

{nope} taillow said

JJ's smile dropped and he uttered a deep sigh. Something told him that Valen may have had something to do with this, but he had to be careful, his biased'ness may cause him to blindly see the truth....

''Lets go'' me muttered, and began to walk as fast as he could along a path, he came to a flight of steps which he took, grateful for the barrier to lean on. And came to a street.
He stepped out and began to look around, the first thing that he saw, was a pokemon battle. Just ahead a Gravvler and what appeared to be a lairon were just ahead, and were fighting with absolute brutality....it was as if each was trying to literally destroy the other, and not just KO it. JJ had a small flash back of the battle Grovyle had with the Marowak, something told him he wasn't going to forget that any time soon...

He turned his attention back to the fierce battle going on, pokemon shouldn't be battling like this...it was just wrong.....He was just considering sending in Grovyle to calm them down, when ahead, he saw a young girl. Looking more carefully, he realised that he recognised her. she was one of the girls in the lift earlier...the one with the sableye.......Avery?...was her name?

He decided to chance it....

''AVERY!!'' he shouted towards her...

January 16th, 2006, 11:34 AM
OOC: o_O So . . . many . . . posts . . . ::is rather lost::
As far as my understanding extends from skimming the posts, the event has begun, and several characters are being attacked by robed men. But . . . Are there any specific details I should know?

Alter Ego
January 16th, 2006, 11:37 AM
OOC: Umm...yes, I guess you could say that. *Cough* Hmm, basically the tournament started, people had started gathering points for KOs when a group of five folks in dark brown robes started chanting outside of the Aggron's pen, driving all Rock, Ground, and Steel type pokmon in the city crazy, so it's pretty much chaos. At the moment, Reina is fighting the robed guys and some pokmon they called in, Valen is distracting the Aggron, and Avery is being chased by her own Lairon. Hmmm...that's about it, I think.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 16th, 2006, 11:38 AM
OOC - Basically yes, the event began, everyone split up and began KO'ing pokemon for points, but the robed men nea the arron began chanting a chant (lol the irish in me)
which makes all rock steel and ground type pokemon go mad.
now were all doing our various things lol.

Random Plushie
January 16th, 2006, 12:12 PM

Yes, everything has already been said. XD

Anyways, I dun like homework. But since I have to type something I get to be here for a little while. =D


{Run faster! Run faster! How come you're not going faster!?} Odie yipped from his spot on Avery's shoulder, which he had just climbed to. Apparently he was choosing to stay there instead of run away on his own.

Avery frowned, knowing what the Umbreon was saying, just going by the way he was yipping.

"I would if.. I could!" She shouted back, her breath already becoming precious because of how fast she was sprinting. She dared not look back, but if Odie was telling her to go faster, chances were that Diamond had not stopped charging and was actually gaining speed..

The following maniacal roar from behind Avery proved that to be true.

{Then return her to her Pokeball! Stop running, turn around and do it, please! Odie is scared!} The Umbreon whimpered, his ears drooping while he sank down on her shoulder. However, Avery had no time to decipher what he had just said because someone had just called her name. It had come from a guy up ahead, that blonde one from before.. What was his name again?

"JJ! No time to talk!" Avery shouted, glancing towards the boy and his Grovyle, then gasping to make up for the lost breath, continuing to run as fast as her legs would allow. She could still hear Diamond charging, it all confused her so much..

{D has gone nuts!} Odie shouted towards JJ and Grovyle, not knowing what else to do but inform them of the situation, even though he really didn't choose the best of words to explain.

January 16th, 2006, 12:13 PM
[OOC: I see. Arigatou. ^-^;]

Chain knelt in an isolated alley, Sneasel at his side and a small computer in his hands. An image of the trainer's damaged Porygon was displayed on the screen. Whoever you fought against, Circuit, they must have been pretty powerful. Either way, though, this shouldn't take too long to repair. After that, I can analyze the data we downloaded.

As he heard a low growl beside him, Chain turned toward Sneasel, questioning, "What is it?" The dark Pokemon waved her paw slightly, indicating that she desired silence. Within seconds, a deep rumble could be both seen and felt. "What the . . . " Chain murmured, standing and slipping the computer into his pocket. A female trainer carrying an Umbreon dashed by the alley's entrance, shortly followed by a crazed Lairon.

Chain watched the scene in silence, his expression impassive and unchanging. That girl . . . She seems familar. Odd. I thought she had a Lairon. So, why--

''AVERY!!'' Chain's thoughts were interrupted as JJ called the female's name. Tapping Sneasel's shoulder, Chain started toward the edge of the stone passage. Avery was her name, then. I suppose I should try to help her.

As the male arrived at the alley's entrance. Avery was already a considerable distance away. Sighing, Chain commanded, "Sneasel, form an ice wall in front of Lairon."

Instantly, a thick, frozen barrier shot from the ground directly before Lairon, blocking its path. Within seconds, ice had completely surrounded the rampaging Pokemon, enclosing it in a wintery prison.

Removing the computer from his pocket, Chain designated the program to auto-repair Porygon. It wouldn't be as fast as if I did it. But, I suppose the situation won't allow for that. Replacing the computer in his pocket, Chain called, "Hey, you! You okay?"

January 16th, 2006, 12:14 PM

{Reina, I think it's safe to assume that the robed men can probably force these pokemon to attack us,} Tabansi said, looking critically at the chanting group.

Phoebe could easily see the Donphan charging toward her, and being a much more nimble pokemon, darted to side as the elephant pokemon lunged in for the kill. She growled at the pokemon, not wanting to hurt it too badly, but she certainly wasn't at an advantage here and couldn't afford to take chances.

Pixie didn't see the charging Quagsire though, and was hit hard by the Headbutt attack. She was knocked to the ground, but got up with a much tougher mindset. Even if these pokemon were doing things against their will, it was fight, and she never gave an inch in a fight. She was trained by Reina to be that way in battles, and this was a battle if any ever was.

{You'll regret that Quagsire!} Pixie called to it angrily, spinning up into the air and awaiting a command from Reina.

{I need to help out, Reina!} Tabansi said gruffly, poised to race over to the Shuckle and attack. Reina shook her head though.

"No! Forget the pokemon, you need to get the robed guys! Focus on them not the... oh I'll help out too," Reina called, figuring she could at least do something to help them, she hadn't sparred with her brothers for nothing, "Come on now; Pixie ignore that Quagsire you can't do much against it, use Surf on the Shuckle! Tabansi use Seismic Toss on that Quagsire and hurl it off of the pen!" She turned to Phoebe who was still trying to dodge the oncoming Donphan.

"Phoebe this way, jump over it!" Reina called as she raced up to the robed men, "Help me out, the Donphan won't charge you if it risks hurting these monk guys." She was banking on the chance that the pokemon would hesitate doing something with the risk of hurting its precious controllers, but she knew that he might just switch tactics and use another attack.

Reina and Phoebe both knew that merely poking the men wouldn't do much, they would have to resort to something harsher. Reina threw back her right arm and raced up to the nearest robed man to lay a punch onto his jaw. She did connect with something, and it was probably a bad mistake, but she had to do something. Phoebe wouldn't be able to defeat them on her own.

The Ninetails blew a stream of fire from her mouth directly at the robed men, hoping she could catch the leader in it. It was hard to aim for him, he hadn't placed himself in an easy area. The flames licked the robes of the men, and a few caught on fire, no doubt it would disrupt them a bit.

However, as Phoebe was about to blow another torrent of flames, something hit her hard in the back leg, she screamed, and kicked whatever had hit her. It was the Donphan, it had attacked anyway, and its tusk had sliced a gash onto the Ninetails' back leg. She blew fire at the pesky pokemon, though it wouldn't do her much good with the type disadvantage.

Pixie had a fairly not-so-easy time with the Shuckle, it was part rock, and this made it extremely vulnerable to her Surf, but it still made litte impact on the crazed pokemon. She aimed her burst of water at the turtle-like pokemon, who gave her a sneaky smirk back. The water did make contact with the Shuckle, but not before the pokemon spat out something of its own. A splatter of poisonous liquid landed on the floating Staryu, and she flinched at it oozing over her. She tried to spin it off, but it stuck to her like syrup. She felt her energy drain, and then squirt the Shuckle with one final blow of water out of frustration. This simply made the Shuckle angrier and wetter. Pixie, feeling more frustration, sparked out a random Thunderbolt, forgetting that electricity did less than nothing against a rock. She spun around, still trying to get the poison off, and the Shuckle began to use another attack, a well-placed Wrap attack. Its limbs began to wrap around the spinning Pixie when she had spun too close to the pokemon. This was partially the poison's fault, it had slowed her spinning considerably, leaving Pixie quite vulnerable. She tried to squirm out of the Shuckle's grip, but couldn't get a good amount of energy up.

Tabansi had his hands full with the Quagsire, he did not have a type disadvantage, but he was not at the advantage either. His main concern was getting the thing away from Pixie and the others, it seemed to be more interested in Reina and Phoebe than him. He tried to attack it, but the blubbery pokemon just kept evading him. He resorted to grabbing onto the thing with his horn and shoving it back over and over, trying to think of a better way to do this.

OOC: Eep! Must go eat lunch... ;_; So... hungry....

EDIT: Edited for ignorance. Apologies to the Shuckles of the world. I do think you guys are rather cute.

Random Plushie
January 16th, 2006, 12:29 PM
Avery would have kept running until she found a dead end, were it not for Odie repeatedly tapping her on the shoulder and barking something so fast that even if she could understand, it would've flown right by her.

She slowed to a halt, turning around to spot Diamond encased within walls of ice, now desperately clawing at the walls and attempting to smash through them with her steel armor. She immediately saw Chain's Sneasal nearby, obviously the one who had subdued Diamond for the moment.

"Oh, uh, thanks a lot.." Avery stated towards Chain, walking back in the Lairon's direction. "She.. She just went bonkers!"

At this point she had stopped in front of the icy prison, which Diamond had yet to smash through, returning the crazed Lairon to her Pokeball while Odie watched in silence from her shoulder.

{Odie is very much confused. D never chases him down like that. Only bullies do stuff like that.} The Umbreon whimpered, his ears still drooped, eventually hopping down from the girl's shoulder, landing with ease and now surveying the nearby area in horror.

January 16th, 2006, 12:52 PM
Striding toward the now-empty ice prison, Chain observed, "So, that Lairon was yours?"

The trainer fell silent for a long moment, his gaze quiet and thoughtful. It's unnatural that this would happen . . . Somehow, I get the feeling that this event isn't just a coincidence either. If only I could find an opportunity to analyze that data from WaiWai Inc.'s computer. I don't know why, but I'm certain that it's related.

Approaching the walls of ice, Sneasel raised a paw and lightly touched their cold surface. Instantly, the walls transformed into a cold mist before fading into the city air. Shifting her attention toward the Umbreon as he sprang down from his trainer's shoulder, a deceptively sweet smile crossed Sneasel's features. However, before Sneasel could perform her customary mischief, she felt her trainer deal a sharp, warning cuff to the back of her head.

Having knelt beside the ice-type to deliver the warning blow, Chain's expression displayed a slight annoyance as Sneasel clambered onto his back before perching on his head. Without a word, Chain stood, raising one hand and lightly pushing the Pokemon from her place. Landing on the ground with an unconcerned ease, Sneasel promptly sprang upward and returned to her previous perch.

Choosing to ignore Sneasel, Chain turned his jade eyes fully toward Avery and asked, "Have you seen any other Pokemon with a condition similar to your Lairon's?"

Random Plushie
January 16th, 2006, 1:05 PM
"Yes, she's mine.." Avery replied softly, turning Diamond's Pokeball over and over in her palm. Four years I've known her, too.. What the heck happened? Avery thought to herself while Chain's Sneasel proceeded to annoy him. She just went crazy when I sent her out. Yeah, she was twitching, too.. At this point her brow was furrowing. Didn't she say something? What did she say?

Of course, Avery couldn't understand her Pokemon very well except Fable. She could only go by tone of voice and body language to get the jist of what they were saying. She sounded disgusted. Like she smelled something awful. Or like she was listening to awful music.. Before Avery could continue her thoughts, she heard Chain's question, snapping to her senses.

"Oh, yes. There were just dozens of Geodude and Graveler rushing by earlier.. They were smashing and breaking everything they could, seriously! Not to mention that Camerupt earlier.. Jeez, it went right into a wall! These Pokemon are freaking me out!" She replied, nodding firmly.

{You are smart guys. Tell Odie why D was acting like a bully.} Avery's Umbreon yipped from the ground, setting his gaze on Chain, not to mention the Sneasel on his head. The whole incident had freaked him out, and now he wanted answers.

January 16th, 2006, 1:18 PM
"Honestly, I'm not sure why this is happening," Chain quietly replied to Odie. "However . . . " The trainer paused, falling silent. I don't know if I want to involve anyone else in my investigations. Then again, with so many rampaging Pokemon, it seems that everyone here is already involved. And, given the situation, I doubt that this girl or her Pokemon would report me to the police. At least, I hope not.

Chain's eyes shifted upward, as though inquiring Sneasel's approval. The ice Pokemon shrugged indifferently. Returning his gaze to Avery and Odie, Chain finished, "However, I may be able to find out the cause of this. And, considering the present condition of the city, it would probably be easier for me to find out with your help. Although, I should warn you . . . My methods aren't quite, er, conventional." Chain turned his glance to one side as he continued, "I have some data that may contain the information you seek. But, while I'm searching for it, I can't afford to have rampaging Pokemon constantly attacking me. You get my drift?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 16th, 2006, 1:26 PM
''What the?!'' JJ cried as Avery sprinted past, shouting something about D going mad, he turned back the way she had run from to see that the lairon that was battleing the Graveler just a moment ago had begun to charge her and was heading towards.....him!....Jeffery.

Shocked, JJ and Grovyle jumped backwards, back onto the bottom step of the steps he had come down to avoid the pokemon that missed him by inches and continued to storm past in a crazy rage.

''Another pokemon gone crazy! what, is, the DEAL!'' he shouted, his frustration growing fast. he turned to Grovyle who was breathing hard and looking round the corner where the pokemon had just ran
{I can't see it....perhaps it turned a corner?}
{Like, thats the most probable idea dude, but, what was it doing man? why so stressed, that thing needs to learn to chill out dude} Taillow said in responce

''Avery!'' JJ suddenly blurted out with, coming back to his sences
He jumped back out onto the street and tried to run down the street, but his leg still wouldn't take the weight, he let out another cry of frustration, and proceeded to walk as fast as he could, taking long strides. Eventually he came to a turning, he looked round it, and there she was, Avery vreathing heavily, and looking very distorted, she was with an Umbreon and.......That boy!
It was the same one who he had very briefly seen earlier with an abra before he disapeared, more then likely from a teleportation.
The Lairon was nowhere to be seen. JJ looked at his two pokemon with a confused face, before turning back to the 2 humans and walking over to them

''Are you ok? and where did that Lairon go?!'' he asked Avery.

Alter Ego
January 16th, 2006, 1:35 PM
Pixie had a fairly easy time with the Shuckle, it was part rock, and this made it extremely vulnerable to her Surf.

If you forget about the fact that Shuckle has a base Sp.Defense of 230 which makes just about any special attack futile...*Cough* Poor ol' Shuckie got so underestimated right there...just as an FYI my NB Shuckle took a Water Spout from a full HP Kyogre and kept going. But meh, we'll just assume that the Shuckle was of significantly lower level/disfavourable nature I guess...


"Uurgh!" Valen groaned as an Iron Tail attack came all too close for his liking, the ensuing shockwave knocking the boy into the air and sending him against a wall, his back slamming painfully against the hard concrete. Scanning his surroundings, the boy immediately realized that he had made a mistake that could very well be a fatal one as he found himself in one of the many side-alleys that Undercity contained, with the Aggron looming by the entrance and a solid wall barring the path behind him. Realizing that he really had no other chance, the boy quickly reached for his pokball as the steel type charged forward, claws at the ready and a sadistic grin spread across its face. And as fate would have it, this was just the time when the clips on Valen's belt had decided to be troublesome, bluntly refusing to budge as the boy tried to wrest his chosen pokball free. Valen quickly darted to the side of the alley in an attempt to steer off as much of the damage as possible, bracing himself for the impact...which never came, as both boy and pokmon were suddenly surprised by a loud, frenzied cry.


A small Cubone, looking just as frenzied as the countless other pokmon Valen had run across, suddenly lunged down from a window sill above (How the creature had gotten there in the first place was anyone's guess), diving straight for the startled Aggron's head, slamming down on it with all the impact that the bone club it carried could muster and, probably as much to its own confusion as to Valen's, causing the armored pokmon to stagger backwards with a pained roar, the weapon having struck it in an awkward spot between the armor plates, which incidentally was much more vulnerable. The steel type quickly regained its composure however, once again turning to Valen, but the little Cubone wasn't done yet, charging fearlessly at the larger creature even though it was about five times the ground type's size, hacking away viciously at the Aggron's toes and kneecaps and forcing the armor-clad pokmon to, for a moment, ignore the boy as it attempted to shoo of the little creature. This proved surprisingly troublesome however, as the steel type's clawed arms were very large and heavy whereas the ground type was small and fairly agile as it twirled about with its club, resulting in the Aggron delivering numerous swipes on itself, which only served to make it more aggitated as the pair slowly moved out of the alley, due to the Aggron's constant need to make space between itself and its opponent, and Valen was quick to act on the opportunity, darting out of the alley and assuming a position at a fair distance from the battlers, feeling very much relieved by the narrow escape, and the momentary breathing pause, as he watched the Aggron finally managing to pick up its little opponent in one of its clawed arms, only to recieve a painfull jab from the club straight to its eyes as it lifted the ground type up in order to dispose of it for good through devouring.

Meanwhile by the Aggron's pen, the leader of the group merely took a nonchalant step backwards as Phoebe tried to hit him with a Flamethrower, the flames almost licking the hem of his robes but not quite, and the man not ceasing or even faultering in his chanting for as much as a second. The same, cold-bloodedness could not be attributed to his comrades however, as the man whom Reina had punched reeled back in surprise with a pained yelp, a definite cracking sound ensuing from his mouth, the man starting out a feverish coughing routine as if something had suddenly gotten wedged in his throat, which was precisely the case as he finally managed to spit out the violating objects from his mouth; it was a pair of front teeth, slightly yellowed with decay, apparently this particular man hadn't been very carefull about his dental hygiene, something which now proved to be a fatal mistake as he seemed incapable of voicing a single syllable anymore, his words gaining a high-pitched squeak to their ends as the air rushed straight through the two new holes it had been granted, making his chant sound more like whistling while an air of alarm spread amongst the other three, two of them maintaining their chant out of either fear or devotion, it was hard to tell, even as the flames began spreading across their robes while the confused man kept running about in a circle.

Meanwhile, the Quagsire had been caught quite off guard by Tabanasi's attack, landing on the pavement with a loud thud, but rising up nonetheless and suddenly experiencing an all new kind of feeling...the froth ceasing to burst out from its mouth and the fierce expression reverting to its usual cheerfull smile. For a moment, the water type just stood there, scratching its head in confusion about the unfolding events as it tried to figure out what it would do now that the demanding voices were gone. Finally, the creature clapped its hands together in excitement, grinning broadly as it began moving its thick body and short, stubby feet in a rhytmic manner, a makeshift dance that ended with the creature raising its hands to the sky and slamming the ground with its tail out of pure excitement, unleashing a happy cry that echoed throughout the area as a sizeable rain cloud gathered above the pen, a heavy downpour soon ensuing and soaking all upon it, quite efficiently dousing the flames on the hooded figures in the process. Both chanters from the back had now been incapacitated, and apparently, a part of their influence over the pokmon had died with it.

As the second one of the backrow chanters fell, an immediate change overcame the Cubone, the vicious glint and reckless courage suddenly dissapearing from the ground type's expression to be replaced by an expression consisting of confusion, and ordinary self-preservation sense as it suddenly ceased its attack. Ironically, it was precisely the survival instinct that gave the Aggron, still as mad and bloodthirsty as ever, the chance it need to strike its impudent little opponent properly, the armored pokmon gleefully striking the Cubone straight in the stomach with a powerfull blow from its plated tail, sending the ground type flying through the air in a wide arch and onto the pavement, just a small distance away from Valen where the Cubone let out a pained whimper as it tried to sit up, only to drop to the ground again, a new set of cracks on its skull helmet.

Apparently the Aggron had become so aggrevated by the ground type's performrance that it continued to ignore Valen, charging instead for the Cubone and leaping triumphantly into the air, propelled by a hefty blow it dealt to the ground with its sizeable tail, ready to put the little creature out of its misery with a devastating Body Slam while Valen merely watched, his mind feverishly at work. Of course common sense told him that it was pointless to interfere if his opponents had decided to kill each other off, but the Cubone didn't look the least bit mad anymore, in fact, the only emotion visible on its face was fear as the giant steel pokmon charged towards it. And the Cubone had saved his life, even if it wasn't on purpose...

Valen growled indignantly at his own thoughts, coming to a decision at the very last minute and lunging forward towards the Cubone as well, although he approached from the side, performing the same, smooth rolling motion as he had before just moments before the Aggron landed, its shadow already looming treatheningly over both creatures beneath it. The boy was quicker however, catching the Cubone in mid-roll and managing to dodge just moments before the Aggron struck down, the shockwave once again knocking him through the air a bit, causing him to fall painfully on his knees just a bit away.

Ignoring the pain, the boy struggled back up to his feet. All the moving and slamming into things had definitely taken its toll as he looked considerably pale now, shivering and feeling slightly cold as a feeling of nausea and dizziness began entering his senses. "Bloody honor..." Valen hissed for himself, gritting his teeth and dashing blindly back the way he had come, even though he knew that the Aggron, who was currently busy with getting back up, would be following. The boy didn't see any other choice anymore, though, he knew that he was perhaps only moments away from fainting, knew that he was running out of strength, and knew that Reina had made progress on her task. With a little luck, she would finish it by the time he got back, no, not with a little luck, she would finish it. This the boy kept telling himself as he ran through the streets, eyes closed and all effort focused on simply getting as far as he could as fast as he could, the Cubone still pressed tightly against his chest. He could already hear the Aggron's heavy footsteps behind him, the indignated roars, the heavy breaths...in his mind's eyes, the boy could already picture the Aggron chasing him, gaining on him ever so slowly, knowing that it was inevitable. But, he reasoned, if he was going to die then he was at least determined to make the plated lump work for it. Arguably, he might have saved himself by dumping the Cubone and making his escape while the Aggron was preoccupied with it, but to Valen's mind this was not an option; First of all, that would completely have undermined the risky maneuver he had pulled, and the boy had never been fond of contradicting his own actions, and secondly, he simply didn't want to grant the Aggron that satisfication, the satisfication of one of its enemies betraying the other. No, he wished to spite the creature to the very end, and the best way to do that was to hold on to the ground type in his arms untill his last breath.

OOC: Okays, just as a clarification, folks; Ground types are no longer affected because that part of the chant has been disposed of.

Random Plushie
January 16th, 2006, 1:37 PM
Avery blinked, taking a moment to figure out what Chain was saying. Wow, this guy must have cool resources, eh? She was just about to reply when she saw JJ limping up to them, as if his leg were injured or something, his Grovyle in tow. Ah yes, she had run past him when D was chasing her..

Ignoring the confusion that the memory stirred up, Avery decided to respond to JJ instead.

"Ah yes, I'm okay.. He saved me." Avery said, gesturing towards Chain. "But.. D is back in her Pokeball now. She's my Lairon.." She finished, now lowering her gaze to the ground.

{Yeah! She was such a meanie-head! She didn't even stop when I asked her nicely!} Odie shouted from the ground, bouncing up and down as his usual energy returned. {Maybe she ate something bad! I dunno! No one will tell me anything!}

Avery sighed, turning her attention back towards the Umbreon and lifting him off of the ground, stroking his head as he was complaining.

"Calm down, Odie.." She said softly, forgetting all of what Chain had said, not to mention JJ.

January 16th, 2006, 2:02 PM
"Looks like you had a run-in with some aggressive Pokemon, too," Chain observed, studying JJ and his Pokemon. By the looks of it, I suppose I've been rather fortunate not to meet any rampaging Pokemon. Not that I want to see how long that fortune holds . . . Placing his hands in his pockets, Chain turned away from the others. "Seeing as how certain Pokemon have decided to target anything living being in sight, it would probably be beneficial to move to another location." The male trainer glanced back over his shoulder, shrugging slightly.

"That is, unless you want to meet more angry Pokemon." Without waiting for a reply, Chain started down the street, murmuring to his Pokemon, "If you're going to stay on my head, Sneasel, then keep a sharp watch. It seems that at least rock-types are being affected by this madness, so your skill with ice will be invaluable." Scarlet eyes shimmering eagerly, Sneasel nodded.

January 16th, 2006, 2:32 PM
If you forget about the fact that Shuckle has a base Sp.Defense of 230 which makes just about any special attack futile...*Cough* Poor ol' Shuckie got so underestimated right there...just as an FYI my NB Shuckle took a Water Spout from a full HP Kyogre and kept going. But meh, we'll just assume that the Shuckle was of significantly lower level/disfavourable nature I guess...

*points finger* You lie!!! Nah, just kidding. ^^ Eh, forgive my ignorance, I have never claimed to be a stats master. Perhaps the Shuckle was the product of poor breeding? With its last breath it probably said, {Curse you Melissa!!} XD

I could edit if you like. Perhaps I shall in a bit.


Dedicated to teh awesome Shuckle. PH33R Shuckle defenseness.


'Darn it,' Reina thought to herself, 'That leader's the one we need to get. Once he's gone, the others will follow easily. Blast, where's Tabansi?!' The girl whipped her head around, and glanced at the cobalt bug.

Tabansi was unsure of how to proceed. The Quagsire wasn't too threatening anymore, and he didn't have the crazed look in his eyes anymore. Tabansi figured that the pokemon could perhaps be dealt with easier now. He decided to ignore the blubbery pokemon, coming to the conclusion that he was not well-matched against it anyway, and darting up to Reina's side.

Phoebe and the Donphan were holding their own against each other, though the crazed look in his eyes had gone too, he still seemed angry about the Ninetails' Flamethrower. It had hit him in a sensitive spot, and he although he wasn't evil, he couldn't help but hold a grudge against the fox.

{Reina! Are you alright?} Tabansi asked, his wings clicking with anxiety.

"Yes, my hand hurts a bit, that guy's jaw was hard," Reina replied, rubbing her right hand, and looking at the leader of the robed men, "Let's get him."

Pixie finally made it over, though she was a bit worse for wear and sick to her stomach. The Shuckle that had caught her in its grip had loosened a bit for a moment when the robed men had been attacked. This had given Pixie a small chance of escape, and she took it with a Rapid Spin to burst out of the Shuckle's limbs. She had staggered over to Reina and Tabansi and the poison was taking its toll on her, she had become a bit disoriented. She flopped around helplessly, and Reina quickly returned her to her ball and then looked to Tabansi.

"Looks like it's just us, Phoebe's busy with that Donphan," she said, patting Tabansi's horn. Tabansi nodded and then the two of them separated, Reina approaching the leader from the side, and shoving her way past the few remaining chanters; and Tabansi flying up above him to get an aerial shot.

Reina had to fight a bit to get to where she wanted to be, kicking one man as she pushed past him, and elbowing another in the lower back as she shoved him aside. She wanted the leader, not these guys.

Phoebe was trying to tell the Donphan to knock it off, and noticed the Shuckle that had been after Pixie was now regaining the crazed look. It began to spin toward her, its Safeguard wearing off, but it quickly realized this and put up another. {Hurry Reina, I don't know if I can handle both of them,} she called to her trainer, trying a Confuse Ray on the stubborn Donphan.

Tabansi tried to swoop down onto the leader's head, but the guy was so slippery.... He would never be able to hold him in one place for Reina. He then figured that the best thing he could do would be to appear to want to hit him on the head, but in actuality be trying to cause him to become distracted by all of his swooping. Yes, that would probably work better to his advantage. He continued swooping around the man's head as best he could.

Finally getting up to where the leader was, Reina tried her best to discern where he was going to end up, because she had decided that the only way to do this would be to lunge at him. She would have more of a chance of grabbing him with her arms that punching him with a tiny fist. She took a deep breath and made a leap off of the ground, arms stretched out. It may have been a bit foolish, but that was Reina. Hopefully if her attempt failed, Tabansi or Phoebe could finish him.

EDIT: For teh Shuckle. ^-^

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 16th, 2006, 3:03 PM
JJ turned his face to the young man
''Yes...you could say that'' he replied, bending down and pulling up his tattered trouser leg to reveal a humungous bruise all around his leg on the knee. He quickly dropped the material and pushed it back down, covering his leg, and stoof back up.

''Now, i think we......''
In mid sentence, the other boy had aruptly turned and began to walk away from them, saying something about following him if they wanted to learn more about these crazy pokemon. Jeffery frowned, already he did not like this guys attitude.

''Whoa, wait just a minute'' he said loud enough so he would hear
''first, i think seeing as were for the moment out of any possible danger, we should do something which I like to call a formal introduction? and then perhaps if it's not too much trouble, talk about this situation, that being, and i'm sure you have noticed by now, that certain pokemon everywhere are going crazy and attacking anyone and anything without warning? how do you think i did this?'' he finished indicating his leg.

He did not mean to sound pompous or rude, but this for all they knew could be just a small thing, or a huge dilema, and they didn't need any Brave knights in shining armour like this guy to jump in thinking he could save the day alone....

OOC - my my, JJ isnt making many male friends now is he :|
although i dont really want a huge fight with ur charcter kogenta, thats just me and valen lol.

Alter Ego
January 16th, 2006, 3:16 PM
OOC: Like, yay for 17! Now then Melissa, go ahead and dedicate it to something. ^-^

Yeah, you'd think I was lying, eh? XD But seriously, my Shuckle had a Careful nature (+Sp.Defense, -Sp.Attack), and maximized Sp.Defense EVs, and it, being a Netbattle pokmon, was of course level 100 with maximal IVs, so in short, it was packing the highest Sp.Defense mortally achievable, because Shuckle holds a signifcant advantage in both defenses towards all other pokmon, even the oh-so popular Defense Deoxys can't compete on those fields. o.o PH33R Shuckle...the only things that really get to it are set-damage attacks which aren't affected by attack or defense stats. Anyways, I'll try to wrap this up before I go to bed. *Yawns* So sleepy...


As Reina lunged forward, the leader suddenly turned straight towards her, a self-satisfied smile spreading across his face as if he had expected this all along, his fist suddenly flying straight towards Reina in a well-honed punch, the knuckles, cold and bony though they were, were also extaoridnarily hard, and the girl was approaching with quite significant speed, recieveing the strike straight to her stomach, enough to give almost anyone a pause. The man took this opportunity to send of a last set of chanting tones, a violent tremor suddenly shaking the whole pen, various spectator seats falling off and the entire construction treathening to collapse as a giant creature suddenly burst out from the ground right beneath Phoebe, its long, steel-plated serpent's body striking the Ninetales from below at full force and its tail immediately flying towards Tabanasi in a powerfull Slam attack as it surfaced.

"Come, my disciples." the leader said coldly, leaping straight over Reina in an astounding show of agility, and immediately mounting the Steelix he had summoned, the other robed men scrambling to do the same, each of them nursing their own injuries.

"As for you..." he announced coldly, smirking at the sight of a group of Waiwai Inc. proffessionals approaching the scene from the distance with Lori and Vincent at their peak. "Know that you have only seen the briefest glimpse of what the disciples of Typhoeus can achieve. We are not done with you yet."

With that, the man began humming a peculiar chant into the Steelix's ear, the pokmon immediately responding by diving back into the chasm it had created on its arrival, soon dissapearing into the darkness with such a rumble that the Quagsire on the street took a few precautionary steps back, its grin faultering for a moment until it was quite sure that the Steelix was gone, at which point it was just about to start another dance, seeing as how the rain had started to dissipate, when something utterly peculiar and rather terrifying caught its eye; it was a boy, his skin looking almost ghostly white, especially in contrast with his dark purple hair and generally dark attire, his right arm covered almost entirely in blood and clutched around a Cubone with an almost overzealous firmness. He was panting quite heavily by the time he arrived, this boy, having to release one of the arms from the Cubone to use it for support as he leant against the wall, looking rather unsteady even as he did so.

Just then, a thunderous roar rattled the windows of the nearby buildings, apparently the Aggron didn't much care that it was no longer spellbound by the chant, continuing to thrash forward out of sheer indignation, doggedly determined to punish the little ground type who had dared to humiliate it so, even as the seemingly endless energy that the chant had granted it seemed to have dissipated, the steel type now showing visible signs of fatigue.

Valen instinctively drew a bit backwards, but he just couldn't go further, merely slumping against the wall. His eyes fell on the Cubone in his arms, the creature having followed the proceedings in silence, staring unblinkingly at him from behind its skull helmet.

"You, try to get away..." the boy muttered, releasing the little ground pokmon onto the pavement, where it tottered unsteadily in an attempt to stay upright before turning to continue staring at Valen.

"I said go! Scram!" he snapped in aggitation as the Aggron got ever closer, "There's no point in both of us getting killed."

The Cubone continued staring for a while longer before it suddenly shook its head, defiantly turning to face the Aggron.

"You...want to fight?" Valen asked, catching onto the Cubone's drift.

The ground type nodded as decisively as it could, a determined expression spreading across what little was visible of its face.

Valen couldn't help smiling just a bit, gutsy pokmon never failed to impress him, if even jsut a little, and since it looked like this was going to be his last stand he figured that he might as well go down fighting.

"Allright." the boy replied, turning to face the Aggron as well, the steel type slowing its pace just a bit out of sheer confusion over this sudden change in behaviour.

"Focus Energy and Bonemerang, now!" obviously the ground type was in no condition for charging attacks, and it was probably a good idea to keep a fair distance from that creature and its tail anyway, Valen figured, hopefully the Cubone would not be too tired to aim, with a little luck they could pull this off...

It certainly seemed to be trying hard, shutting its eyes and focusing even as the Aggron drew closer, preparing a Metal Claw with a practically sadistic amount of pleasure.

Just then the Cubone opened its eyes, taking aim for as long as it dared before hurling the thick bone in its hand towards its foe's head, the object swirling through the air and striking its target at the side of the head, hardly a lethal blow by any means but enough to divert its attention as the bone continued on its path, performing an elegant U turn in the air and striking the steel type square in the back of its head, the bone wedging between two of its armor plates and remaining stuck there and the creature, surprisingly enough, staggering from the blow.

Valen suddenly realized that this was his chance, probably the only one he would get, and was quick to act on it, tearing Seirini's pokball free from its insolent latch by sheer strength of desperation and throwing it onto the battlefield.

"Seirini! Earthquake now!"

The Arbok was, as always, quick to obey, lunging forward and aiming the whole of her bulk onto a small piece of ground for the second time this day, the resultant shockwave striking the staggering Aggron at its feet.

For a few seconds of suspense, the armored pokmon simply wobbled unsteadily on its place, its eyes still filled with utter confusion, until it suddenly came crashing down with consdierable rumble, slamming down onto the pavement and causing the groudn to tremble for one last time.

"60 points awarded to Valen Ironholm for KOing an Aggron!" the little device on the creature announced, and the boy almost felt like laughing at the absurdity of it all as he slumped back against the wall, the world quickly blurring and then finally fading to black as his consciousness fled him at last.

January 16th, 2006, 8:06 PM
[OOC: ^-^;; Alright--though in my most recent post Chain said nothing regarding information . . . ]

Without turning, Chain replied, "I already told you earlier--my name's Chain. And, I'm not forcing you to follow me. Quite honestly, you can do whatever you want. All I know is that I have something to do." "And, I'd like to do it before I get attacked--or WaiWai Inc. catches up with me and arrests me," the trainer added mentally.

Falling silent, Chain turned around a corner and continued down the sidewalk, passing various alleys until he found one that suited him. A fair size, the alley ended with a solid, stone wall and had a slightly uphill slant. Seating himself on a wooden crate at the alley's end, Chain removed several mechanical devices from his pocket and the pouch at his side. Checking one, Chain's eyes glimmered with satisfaction. It seems Porygon's repairs are complete. The male aligned the ports of two devices with one another, transferring Porygon to another object. Then, placing the computer in which Porygon now resided, in his palm, Chain attached a data storage device--the one on which WaiWai Inc.'s files were saved. "Circuit, begin recompiling the raw data into readable files. Display any new files on the screen along with the ones already in readable format." A series of beeps indicated the Porygon's progress as a list of files appeared on the miniature computer's screen.

Selecting a file, Chain's eyes darted to and fro as he began to read.

Random Plushie
January 16th, 2006, 9:09 PM

Yeah, you'd think I was lying, eh? XD But seriously, my Shuckle had a Careful nature (+Sp.Defense, -Sp.Attack), and maximized Sp.Defense EVs, and it, being a Netbattle pokmon, was of course level 100 with maximal IVs, so in short, it was packing the highest Sp.Defense mortally achievable, because Shuckle holds a signifcant advantage in both defenses towards all other pokmon, even the oh-so popular Defense Deoxys can't compete on those fields. o.o PH33R Shuckle...the only things that really get to it are set-damage attacks which aren't affected by attack or defense stats. Anyways, I'll try to wrap this up before I go to bed. *Yawns* So sleepy...

Whoa.. The last Shuckle I faced gave the others a bad name, then. It went down in like two Iron Tails. o_O


As Odie steadily began to calm himself a bit, Avery looked up to watch Chain round the corner, to do whatever it was that he had wanted to do. He seemed to know a lot, that one--but she eventually confirmed to herself that it was best not to get involved in anything that seemed like a conspiracy..

Good God, Cona's rubbed off on me..! Avery thought to herself, putting Odie down where he originally was on the ground, the Umbreon losing whatever state of serenity he had just experienced, now running around in circular patterns on the pavement. Shortly afterwards, Avery could've sworn that she heard a distinct crashing sound somewhere ahead.. Not to mention the faint roaring sounds she had been hearing in that direction lately. Curious..

"Come on, JJ, didn't you hear those dreadful crashing noises?" Avery said aloud, turning to face the boy for a few moments before turning around in the opposite direction and beginning to walk away.

"Confuse Ray." She stated firmly, when a random Skarmory decided to swoop down upon them. For a few seconds she thought the expression on its face was a bit funny.. As if it were just waking up from a dream and didn't know where it was. Nonetheless, a single Confuse Ray from the Umbreon near her feet was enough to send the Steel-type flying off awkwardly in another direction.

Avery didn't bother giving chase.

She didn't give a second thought as to why she had been so firm in her latest command.

Yes, she wasn't afraid of the many Wild Pokemon she knew were lurking out there. She had no fear for them anymore.

No.. She wasn't afraid.. She was pissed.

Someone had induced Diamond's behaviour, and she wanted to find them and beat them with a shoe. Or something.

January 17th, 2006, 1:12 AM
Like,yay,I managed to read finish all those posts.XD

Anyway,the chant's aren't working on the Ground types anymore?Feebas,and I was having so much fun with Krys too.;_;


{One little,two little,three little Feebas!Four little,five little,six little bozzes!Seven little,eight little,nine little cans of soda!Ten little cheeses in a row!}Krystal waved his arms above his head,turning round in a circle once every few steps as he tried to keep up with Cona.It was rather hard considering that the girl was spinning and going in and out of focus here and there.

{Laddie!Stop twiddling round' and round' will you?!}Kuner managed in between gasps of air,trying to make out where his trainer was.For the last few minutes,they had tried their best to dodge all the pokemon which had come their way..Whether they were crazy or not,it didn't matter,all the girl wanted to do was to get to the chanting.

"You guys need to be faster!"Cona frowned as she bent down beside the Marshtomp before realising that an Anorith was heading right for her,its two front claws gleaming in the sunlight.In one mighty swish,it scratched the girl's cheek with a...Scratch attack.
So what if it wasn't a powerful attack?It still hurt!

"What was that for?!"Cona clutched the cut which ran in down in a thin line on her left cheek.{No one hurts BOZEEH!!!!}Krys immediately called out,letting out a thunderous roar before slamming himself hard against the pavement.With Kuner attached to his head,too scared to move,the Ground type charged blindly towards the ancient pokemon.

The Anorith however ignored the mudfish at first,too busy dancing in a circle-{THE AGGRON'S COOOOMING!!!THE BIG SHINEY AGGRON!!!!}the bug type called out,foam coming from where its mouth was located,just between those two sharp claws.It was cut off as Krystal headbutted him(not a Headbutt attack mind you.XP),using Endeavor once more.

{YEAH!!YEAH!!!WHO'S YO' GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDDADDEH!?}Krys yelled at the top of his lungs,bouncing on the Anorith's dazed body just like the Lickitung's.

Cona managed a weak smile,unlike the look of pure uneasyness on her Pidgey's face.Suddenly,out of the corner was Avery's voice,then that of Jeffery's.There was one more,though seemingly more muffled than the other two.The girl then noticed that her Marshtomp was..

{Whoa,whoa.What happened?Where's the cheee...-?}Krystal shook his head,as if he had just come out from a trance.He finally realised the many scratches and bruises,aches and pains on him.The Marshtomp let out a groan,falling back onto the fainted Anorith.

"Avery?Jeffery?"the girl said softly,with her now surprisingly quiet Marshtomp in one arm,she walked up before rounding the corner just in time to see Chain moving off,leaving Avery and Jeffery.The eyes of the girl widened at the state her friends were in.

"Eh!!Are you two alright?"Cona rushed over without a greeting,she automaticlly took out a roll of bandages from her bag.

"We can go and find out about what happened to Valen and the rest after this.For now,lets bandage that evil looking scar Jeff.Evil sprits from the outer reaches of the realm could posess you without proper treatment."she said firmly,continuing by tearing off a piece of the bandage and prepared to wrap JJ's knee with.Anyway,by the look of Valen,he might have gotten out of this with nothing but a single scratch.Feebas,was she wrong.

January 17th, 2006, 7:26 AM
OOC: I dedicated the page to Shuckle. And go little Cubone! Cubone are one of my favorite pokemon. ^^ They're so cute and tough and sad at the same time. An interesting mix.

I knew that leader guy would run off. He seemed too smart to be taken down by a teenage girl. Darn him! XD


A punch to the stomach seems like an easy thing to take when you say it, or see it, but to feel it is something very different altogether. Reina doubled over after the leader had effectively done what felt like smashing her stomach into her backbone.

Phoebe had been effectively thrown about ten feet, and was dazed and sore. She sincerely hoped that Reina had some potions with her, because she could use them. A Steelix was luckily a pokemon that she had the type advantage with, though types didn't seem to matter when a bulky, enormous pokemon slammed into your body. She lifted her head for a moment, feeling very sleepy, {R- Reina...? Are you okay?}

Reina looked up, feeling very nauseous and very dizzy, she kept looking at the ground, considering the feeling she had to vomit. She just nodded to let Phoebe know that she would be alright instead of speaking; that might bring that shake she drank earlier right back up.

Tabansi had held up the best out of the three, the tail had hit him hard, and he was hurting, but he had more experience than the rest, and a hard shell too. A shell was a better protector than fur or skin, that much was for sure. He flew over to Reina with a wobble in his flight path, saw that she would be okay with a little bit of time, and then looked over the destroyed pen, wondering where those guys could conjure all those pokemon from anyway.

The Shuckle was released from its crazed state, and stared about looking at its surroundings through dull, confused eyes. The Donphan, who had also been hit a bit by the Steelix, had finally gotten some sense knocked into it, and no longer glared at Phoebe.

Wobbling more as he flew down to the street over to where the Aggron lay on the ground, Tabansi was quite amazed with how the awesome pokemon had been knocked out. He turned around and then saw a Cubone, a familiar Arbok, and Valen slumped against the wall.

{Oh dear!} Tabansi said weakly. He landed near the Arbok and Cubone, looking Valen over. Hopefully the two pokemon didn't think he was here to hurt their trainer. Well, he assumed that the Cubone was Valen's.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 17th, 2006, 7:32 AM
JJ looked down at his feet, slightly embarassed, he looked back up to Chain
''Im sorry'' he said, and he meant it too
''I'm just quite a bit on edge.....with all this going on, it hurts me to see pokemon act like this....even my own pokemon has started on like it, im just thanjing god that my others seem to not have been effected'' he finished indicating Taillow and Grovyle

{LIke dude, no evil power is gonna take away my sence of control, that would not be narly at all}

{Dont count on that happening any time soon}

JJ observed his two pokemon with a look of relief. then again, there was one more pokemon that he was yet to see if it had been effected.....but perhaps this wasn't the best time, or place to find out.

''Yes i did actually...'' he said matter of factly, turning back to face Avery ''but what was it? and......''

all of a sudden, who should come round the corner, but none other then Cona, she was carrying her motionless Swampert who looked like it had defenitely seen better days. Cona observed the 3 of them, before resing her pokemon against a wall and madly running up to JJ, she began to pull banadages out of her bag and wrapping them around JJ's knee

''aaaaaghck!!'' JJ cried in pain as she forced the bandage around his knee and folded it VERY tightly.
Taillow flew down and started to inspect her work

{like, this chick sure knows what she's doing, go on girl, a lil harder, this dude can take it}
''NOT.....quite neccacary.....'' Jeffery very quickly said, forcing a smile
''it uuuum, it feels great!, thanks'' this was a kind of a lie, it wasn't feeling any better as of yet, but her intentions were defenitely very nice, and bandages would proberly help it to heal quicker.
He leant against a wall and smiled at her, but his smile was shortly worn as he was very shocked to see, just ahead, walking generally past them....a Gravler...
''but.......I saw that same Gravler battling furiously with avery's Lairon, it had gone mad, like the others....and now.....it's fine?''

He turned to face the others, ''does anyone think there is a certain pattern between which pokemon go crazy? something they all have in common? only some pokemon are going crazy, but now....there not.....WAIT!''
JJ suddenly blurted out mid sentence
He closed his eyes and listened hard...but nope...he could no longer hear that eery noise, like some sort of egyptian chant going on. He hadn't noticed that at first because he has adgusted his ears to it, but now that he was trying to hear it, its mystical sound was no longer there, and it had happened pretty much the exact same time as that Gravler had stopped going berserk...perhaps.....

''Grovyle, please return, i will need your help later and need you to keep your strength up.......Ill be fine!'' he finished as Grovyle was about to debate otherwise. The pokemon sighed
{as you wish} it said, and allowed itself to be transported into the sphere pokeball JJ was now holding. He looked at Taillow who was dreamily flying around, it turned to face the Pidgey on top of Marshtomps head
{like!! heeeeey duuuuude! your a flying pokemon tooo! well thats just narly dude! we just rock on don't we!}

*Perhaps Taillow would be of more use out of it's ball* JJ thought as he reached his hand into his inside pocket and instead pulled out a pokeball containing a pokemon. He enlarged it and dropped it the floor, upon contact it burts open in a stream of light, releasing once again, his darling pokemon

{Whoa! Im back! Yay!.....whoa...i look soooo good in the sun!}
the cute Corsola said.
JJ began to observe it all over, he reached down and picked it up off the floor and raised it up in the air to look at her from angles

{Daaaaaaaad! your embarassing me! put me down!} she ordered
''are you feeling ok?'' he asked with concern ''only earlier on you looked like you were having a fit princess....''
{I did?....} the water type said in shock {I don't remember that dad....perhaps you imagined it....like! can we go shopping now?!}

JJ smiled and put her down ''you'll never change.....but at least your ok''

January 17th, 2006, 7:41 AM
{ooc| Whups, I missed a lot ^^; I was planning to have Rosairie spy on the aggron... no chance of that happening. xD Anway, I can't really post in character until Mika does and she won't be on until very late tonight -if she gets on at all...}

Random Plushie
January 17th, 2006, 7:44 AM
Avery turned around and blinked at the sound of Cona's voice. After she had just gotten through with that thought..

Sure enough, there she was, Krys and Kuner with her as always (although they both looked a bit worn, Krys having the most injuries), now wrapping a bandage around JJ's knee, the boy proceeding to yelp slightly because they were being wrapped too tightly.

"Once that's done, could we hurry up go check out those weird sounds? Sorry, I'm just particularly angry at the moment. Don't think much of it." Avery stated, once she had waited a few moments for Cona to wrap the bandage.

{Angry..} Odie repeated, sitting down on the ground while he waited as well. {Avery hasn't been angry in.. like, forever! This is not fun anymore.} The Umbreon stated, looking back towards the others.

Alter Ego
January 17th, 2006, 7:51 AM
OOC: Like, yay Shuckle! ^0^ Oh if only their HP was a bit better...they'd be friggin' invincible. XD Although even as they are, they still are tons of fun. Nyuk, nyuk...you wouldn't believe what kind of damage my CB Shuckle caused. Random fact; Shuckle's Attack and Sp.Attack are both the weakest in the game. Yeah, you must have run into a weak one, Plushie, to take it down so easily. Although I have to admit, I doubt that the Kyogre I faced really had reached its full Sp.Attack, because as I recall the moveset was Water Spout, Dive, Hydro Pump, and Blizzard, which pointed heavily towards it being a clueless N00B set so the nature was probably Hardy (No change) and the EVs had the usual 85/85/85/85/85 split. Still, taking a full-HP Water Spout is no small feat. Go shuckle!

And I agree, Cubones are cute. Always wanted to have one in an RP but didn't ever actually get to it until now. ^-^

Anyways, the lead bad guy always escapes from the first battle, ne? That's practically a law of the RPing universe. XD Okay, granted he isn't the leader of all leaders but he's still pretty dang leading.

But, moving on...


As Tabanasi approached, Seirini immediately coiled herself defensively around her trainer, just in case the Heracross would try to hurt him, watching suspiciously as the bug type went about its bussiness and nudging the boy in an attempt to wake him up. This didn't work particularly well however, as the boy merely managed a few mumbled sentences, his head lolling back and forth under the pressure but stopping the moment it gave up and striving to slump back to its original position.

{Valen...} the Arbok hissed quietly, noting to her relief that there was still a hearbeat to be felt, {You there.} she turned her attention to the other pokmon in her sight, which basically amounted to the Cubone who had helped Valen, the Quagsire who was still lolling about, peering curiously at the scene but immediately beginning to sneak of at the serpent pokmon's words, and Tabanasi {Wo isss resssponsssible of thisss?} the poison type's voice was clearly upset and angry at the same time as its eyes flicked across the assembled pokmon in search of a culprit, {Who hasss harmed him?! Anssswer me!}

{It-} the Cubone, a male if the voice was anything to go by, was about to speak up but halted himelf, realizing that he actually had very little to go on. What had happened? He remembered finding himself in front of an Aggron's raised tail, being flung through the air, fearing for his life as the steel type closed in for the kill...and he remembered being rescued. Yes, that boy had definitely rescued him, and they had fought the Aggron together and defeated it. But...who had hurt the boy in the first place? Now that he thought about it, the ground type realized that he didn't really know, he knew that the Aggron had wanted to hurt him, yes, wanted to hurt both of them, but was the steel pokmon responsible for those injuries? Ohh...it was all very complicated and hard to take in at such a short notice, and the throbbing headache he was experiencing wasn't helping much.

{It what?!} Seirini demanded, now focusing her attention on the Cubone, {Ssspeak!}

{It-it could have been that one, maybe...} the ground type replied weakly, attempting take a precautionary step backwards from the aggitated serpent and ending up falling rather painfully on his already sore backside, {That-that Aggron...} he pointed at the fallen steel type with his finger, the bone still firmly wedged into the back of the armored pokmon's neck {I-I don't know, though, this...is all very confusing...oh me, oh my, yes, very confusing indeed...}

January 17th, 2006, 8:36 AM

Tabansi studied the Arbok for a moment, thinking about how best to answer. {Yes I believe the Cubone is right. Your trainer wanted to lure the Aggron away from this place so that Reina and I could attack the robed men controlling the pokemon. So I think it safe to assume that the Aggron inflicted the... oh...,} the bug said slowly, his side beginning to ache. He ignored the pain though and continued to talk.

{He looks like he's lost a lot of blood. We should look at that arm of his,} he suggested, coming closer to the Arbok. He tried to look as if he was harmless, which was quite true in the state he was in, and his wings clicked a little as he took a step.


Meanwhile, Reina was feeling a little better in the area of nausea, though worse in the area of pain. Straightening up all the way in her posture was not an option, and so she kept herself a liitle hunched over. She had returned Phoebe, figuring the Ninetails wouldn't be much use to her in that condition, and then began to try and find Tabansi. "Tabansi...," she choked out, "Where'd you go? Ugh... my stomach hurts. I think it'll be a while before I eat again."

Reina distinctly remembered a time she had been playing with her older brothers, and one of them had acidentally punched her in the stomach. It hadn't hurt as much as this, but at least the feeling wasn't unfamiliar. She then saw the toppled Aggron and began making her way slowly over to where Tabansi, Valen's Arbok, the Cubone, and Valen's limp body were. Very slowly, as her mid-section was still aching terribly.

Alter Ego
January 17th, 2006, 9:25 AM
{You can sssee it jussst fine frome there!} Seirini snapped, coiling herself slightly tighter around her trainer and shooting the Heracross a treathening glare.

{Umm...} the Cubone interjected, {I don't think-}

{No-one isss expecting you to think!} the Arbok interrupted, now shooting the ground type a glare as well, {Ssstranger! Nobody! What do you know about valen?! What do you know about anything?! Ssstay aware from thisss!} the serpent's tail lashed out in sheer agitation, accidentally striking one of the pokballs on Valen's belt, the object dislodging and falling onto the ground, releasing its occupant in a flash of white light.

As she entered the outside world, Kachiko gave a wide yawn, scratching her head and peering curiously at her surroundings, eyes still half-shut and a blissfull smile on her face, {Oh, hi peoples...} she said, giving the assembled pokmon a sleepy wave, her smile remaining as she still seemed to be very much oblivious to the situation, {Papa...} she said drowsily, tugging the boy's pant leg, {Papa...did I really have to get up already? I was having such a nice dream about pretty butterflies and-} the Mawile suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, her smile dying down as she noticed that the boy wasn't reacting, {Papa?} she repeated anxiously, tugging at the boy's pant leg again, {Papa? Why won't you wake up?} the expression on Kachiko's face had now turned to a mixture of sadness and confusion as she turned to the others, Seirini still remaining speechless, unable to phrase up a snappish remark, {Why-why won't papa wake up?} the Mawile inquired anxiously, directing the question to the other pokmon as she shuffled from foot to foot, one hand still holding on to Valen's pant leg.

January 17th, 2006, 10:22 AM

{Oh come now, I'm not here to hurt the boy! What would I gain from that?} Tabansi snapped, getting a bit frustrated with the Arbok's attitude. He paused for a moment though, and figured that the snake must be a bit frightened about the whole situation, no doubt the Arbok was afraid that Tabansi was going to finish the Aggron's job.

{Look, he really must get some help. He's only going to get worse,} the bug said, his voice trying to sound softer than before, {If you're afraid I'll hurt him, then look at the arm yourself. You should find something to tie around the wound he has to stop the bleeding. That way he won't loose any more blood.}

Tabansi knew these procedures because he had learned things like this when he had traveled for a time. He had once encountered an injured boy and the boy's grandfather was with him. Observing them from above, he heard the old man describe what was to be done with the large gash in the boy's leg as he tied a ripped piece of the boy's shirt to his wound.

Reina had finally made it over to them, approaching slowly not out of caution but out of pain. "Ouch... that smarts. Whoever that robed leader guy was; I've now added him to my list of people to beat up," she grunted, looking over to Valen's limp form, and the anxious Arbok.

"Oh boy. Looks like he got it worse than I did," she said, and then looked at the frightened Kachiko. Tabansi would have answered her questions, but he was busy worrying about Valen and the large snake leering at him.

"Kachiko, he'll be all right. Just give him some time; he was being chased down by a rampaging Aggron after all. He's just... very sleepy," she half-lied, not really wanting to explain passing out to a child. She noticed the tenseness between the Arbok and Tabansi and sighed, "Ah great." This is just what she needed, more out of their mind pokemon picking on Tabansi. Granted, this one had a reason, but she was quite tired of being on the defensive for today. "Back off Tabansi," she said to her Heracross, who looked at her with a shocked expression, "It's obvious the Arbok doesn't like you, so back off. We don't need you two going at it."

Tabansi nodded reluctantly, and stepped back, his wings clicking in frustration. He was just trying to help.

Alter Ego
January 17th, 2006, 10:41 AM
Although she obviously wanted to believe Reina's explanation, Kachiko didn't smile anymore, her expression having turned solemn as she heard Tabanasi's words. {You is saying that to make me feel better.} she stated to the girl in a very serious voice, {But papa is in trouble, yes? That's what the cool bug person said.}

{Becaussse of thessse ssstrangersss no doubt!} Seirini interjected, still continuing to glare suspiciously at the girl and her Heracross, {They are all the sssame! All big wordsss and empty promisssesss until you do what they want! But they can't be trusssted!}

{Sei-sei!} Kachiko cried out, putting her hands on her hips while taking on an abnormally serious expression, in fact, it was one of an authority figure scolding someone, {You are being a big poopie head! The cool bug person and the pretty tall person are nice and they helped me to find papa!}

{Sssilence brat!} the Arbok hissed back, turning her glare to Kachiko, the Mawile not giving up an inch.

{No!} she replied firmly, {I is not letting papa get hurt because of you being a poopie head! Bed time now Sei-sei!}

The Mawile suddenly shut her eyes, beginning to sing a calm melody at the Arbok, the serpent's eyelids quickly turning heavy despite her struggling, the poison type's head soon collapsing onto the ground, still tightly coiled around her trainer even in her sleep.

{There...sleep tight Sei-sei...} the Mawile said in a voice that once again sounded kind, patting the sleeping Arbok on the head before turning to Reina and Tabanasi.

{Now we help papa.} she said simply.

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January 17th, 2006, 11:23 AM
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Smiling at the intuitiveness of the little Mawile before her, Reina told herself not to try that sort of trick again. The little one was obviously more mature than she had originally thought.

Tabansi nodded, {Right, at least someone is in their right mind. Thank you Kachiko, how brave of you.} He stepped up to Valen, along with Reina, who also moved forward, looking at the state of the poor boy and being careful to mind the sleeping Arbok. She looked around to Kachiko.

"You can come up and have a look too if you'd like Kachiko," Reina suggested to the Mawile. She didn't want the child wandering off again, though she doubted that she was about to leave her Papa.

{It looks pretty nasty, but if we stop this bleeding he should be fine,} Tabansi said, {Hm... I need something to tie around him.}

"Oh you're going to tie off his arm? With those funny-shaped Heracross hands, huh? I don't think so Tabansi. Lemme see...," Reina said, digging through her pack, and bringing out an extra shirt, "Hope he likes navy blue." She ripped a good portion of it off, and then looked at Valen's arm. It was quite scratched up, and the biggest of them was bleeding quite profusely, while the smaller ones were oozing, but not as immediate of a concern as the large one.

"Okay... um, here," the piece of cloth was large enough to tie on both the large scratch and just above. She figured that would at least slow the bloodflow, but as to him being unconsious, that was something she couldn't remedy on her own.

She looked around, and many people and pokemon were still in an alarmed state of chaos. Some had figured out that whatever had happened had passed, but many were crying or frightened. Calling out for help wasn't exactly going to work here. All they could really do was to try and revive him somehow.

"So how do you suggest we revive him Tabansi?" Reina asked, clutching her stomach a bit as a pain shot through it.

{Hm... let's try to get him up a bit and see if he can walk with assistance,} the bug suggested, thinking hard.

"Are you sure? I don't think I can lift that much weight...," Reina replied, feeling a bit unsure. She wasn't feeling the best, and to have to support another's weight....

{You're right. Hm, then we need to find something that can carry him. If only Phoebe was in better condition,} the bug puzzled, unsure of how to proceed.

"Well, let's get him sitting up properly, the way he is now looks very uncomfortable, it's probably hurting his back," Reina suggested, grabbing onto Valen's mid-section. This move proved a bit difficult with the Arbok wrapped tightly around him, but with a little pushing and help from Tabansi they managed to get him into a normal sitting posture. She looked back at Kachiko, "Don't worry, he just looks a bit beat up. I don't see anything too wrong with him." She was being truthful this time, she could see minor things, but nothing looked too serious.

January 17th, 2006, 12:32 PM
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Rosairie crept through the narrow streets, her gaze fixed stubbornly ahead. She was annoyed. Mitten's reflect had protected them this far, but now the shield was flickering and the battles that waged all around showed no sign of stopping. Rosairie bit her lip, and glanced back at Henna.
"Henna, this is getting worse!" she wailed, as a geodude threw itslef into the barrier and bounced back again, "What are we going to-?" before she could even finish her sentence, the insanity seemed to come to a halt. An Onix froze in mid-rampage, only to find himself crushing his trainer. A mawile froze with her huge jaws locked around her trainer, and began to cry. Rosairie and her Magmar exchanged glances.
{I have no idea what happened, but it's certainly over...}
Silence nodded, and darted ahead. He had come alive since the battle had started, and the jolteon trotted in front of the girl, light on his feet.

They proceded through the streets, Rosairie still dragging Kyoko behind her.
Then Silence froze mid-step, and began to whine again. He ducked behind his trainer, his sense of purpose evaporating like water on hot paving stones. He could smell something up ahead, something not quite right. Slowing their pace, Rosairie and Henna approached the corner. The reflect stuttered and failed, and Henna stuck her head around the wall.
{Hey, Rosairie,} Henna laughed, {It's your best friend.} her voice was dripping with sarcasm, but Rosairie failed to notice it.
"Really? Alice's here? She must have come to cheer me on, let's-" she turned the corner, and her eyes fell on Reina. Rosairie's expression faltered. "Henna, wha..." then she noticed Valen, sitting on the floor with an arbok for a belt. The disgust she felt at the sight of him was quickly replaced by fear. dead...? No...unconcious...
"What happened...?" she asked, putting a hand to her mouth.

January 17th, 2006, 3:14 PM
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"What happened?" Reina repeated with a frown, "Isn't it obvious? That brute of an Aggron went berserk and almost smashed everything in sight to pieces. It seemed to want to get Pap-- er, Valen." Reina paused for a moment, she had been thinking in Kachiko mode, so she had accidently let slip the Mawile's special name for him. Now she probably looked really weird.

"I don't think it hurt him too bad; just knocked him out and beat him up a bit," she continued, nodding to Rosairie. Yeah, it looked bad, but the blood made it look worse than it really was.

This was just great. The only person to show concern about the situation and it's... her. Reina tried to tell herself to be nice, because if she made the girl mad, she might just decide to leave, and Reina might need her help should Valen try to move and not be able to, or his Arbok wake up and pounce on Reina. Yep, just great. Why couldn't it have been one of the others?

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January 17th, 2006, 3:47 PM
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Cona ignored JJ's yelps as she bound the bandage round his knee tightly.Hey,it was the only way to get him to stop talking for once,right?Anyway,he was hurt and well,Cona wasn't the type to see anyone she knew hurt.Ripping the end of the bandage from her own roll,Cona got up from her position on the pavement.

"Are you okay?"she turned to Avery,wiping her face once.It was just then that she realised that not only was there a cut,but dirt had gotten on her face as well.The trainer frowned,proceeding to store the bandages back into her bag for later use.

{Laddie!Your...slang is totally cold!Could you perhaps teach this old Pidgey how to 'chill' with the out-crowd?}Kuner had been cleaning his feathers(on Cona's shoulder),all over was where the aches and pains were.The Tailow infront of him had this particular way of speaking.Infact,he spoke exactly in the way the Flying type had heard others speak.{And,yes!I am a Flying type!}the bird continued,getting into a dignified posture by placing one wing onto his dusty chest.{Ouch..}Kuner withdrawed the wing to his side,darn,no matter where,it was all the same.He hurt all over.

{I was just..just counting my cheeses.Then,then it all went dark...}Krys mumbled from one side.His trainer had placed him against the lampost to her right as she bandaged Jeffery.The Marshtomp felt sleepy and confused.He had all these multiple bruises,but could only remember few.The remainging injuries,he was still pondering on how he had earned them.

"Yes,we should go and check out the source of those mind-controlling chants.I last heard them coming from..that direction."Cona nodded at Avery's statement,pointing to the East.

"That is,if Jeffery can continue."she added,bending down to carry her Marshtomp back into her arms like a baby.After all,it wasn't good to leave an injured friend behind while they went and most probably would get themselves killed.No way.

Atleast they'd have another person to bring down with them.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 18th, 2006, 2:07 AM
JJ who was lost in thought, suddenly aruptly turned to cona again and gave a weak smile
''OH don't worry about me, i'll be fine....'' he said quietly 'i'm more concerned about what the heck is going on! I mean, we come here for an innocent tournament, and next thing we know, POkemon are going crazy, attacking there own trainers, or any trainers and pokemon they see......and i have a feeling it was something to do with that wierd noise....I trust you all heard that too?....''

He turned to face his Taillow who wa gaping at the pidgey and flying left and right, obviously very impressed by it {Dude like.....}
''Taillow..'' Jeffery interrupted ''are you ok?''
{me? duuuuuude i'm fine, totally, trust me man, the weathers great, the surf is up and i have never felt better!}

Corsola who had been listening to the conversations since being released from her pokeball, started jumping up and down
{daddy daddy!, can you please tell me whats going on?! im getting really tired of being the only one in the abyss!} it said sharply, but with an obvious treakle if fear, at it's daring to talk to her daddy like that

''Not now sweetheart, besides, it's nothing to worry about, all I need you to do, is keep winning those pokemon battles!'' he winked a her and picked her up. She stared at him for a moment before a smile broke onto her face
{No problem daddy....I am your strongest pokemon after all, im better looking then all the others!}
Taillow took a moment to turn away from the pidgey to face the pink pokemon
{like, dude you have a seeeerious attitude problem} he said matter of factly before turning back to The pidgey to engage in discussion.

JJ looked at the surrounding people, chain avery and cona, and couldn't help blirting something out that he was dying to say, but just couldnt hold in any longer
''Does.....anyone think that uuuum, that, Valen.....guy had uuuuuh, anything todo with this?'' making extreme effort to keep his voice in a tone that suggested pure suggestion, rather then right out accusingly, although it was true, at this point, JJ was pretty much dying to have a reason to hate Valen, because truth be told, Valen hadn't really given a huge one as of yet....yes he had been rude, but he hadn't done enough to allow JJ the right to speak so badly of him.....

''Only, you know, he did seem a little suspicious...don't you think? i mean firstly, he gets taken away by those police officers and then just randomly shows up out of the blue, with no explanation. He spoke darn out rude to me, he seems to be glaring at everyone and observing them for some reason....I jus think he has something to do with this!'' he said this last bit with a slightly faster tone and raised voice, he was trying to stay calm, but there was too much on....embarassed, he ran a hand through his blonde hair
''anyone have an idea of what to do next then?'' he said with a frown....

January 18th, 2006, 8:45 AM
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Kachiko nodded solemnly as Reina told her that she could come and watch too, the little Mawile immediately walking over to Valen as well and observing the proceedings with extreme concentration. When the topic changed to how to revive the boy however, the little steel type's face immediately brightened up, her mouth curling into a smile.

{Ohh! I got an idea!} she called out, {Papa has these funny leaves and powders and stuff that he gives if you get lots of ouchies!} the Mawile grimaced, {They don't taste good at all and they sting and stuff, but they got rid of a real nasty ouchie I got, and I think papa said that some of them wake peoples up...} an expression of extreme concentration spread across Kachiko's face, {Umm...I don't remember which one did that, though. Maybe I find them for you and you see, yes?} the Mawile concluded, quickly proceeding to rifle through the boy's pockets while Reina responded to Rosairie's question, the steel type finally finishing her search with two small bags, presumably containing some kind of powder, a small collection of light brown and rather sturdy looking roots, and a few bundles of aromatic green leaves lying in a heap on the pavement.

{Umm...that is all I could find...} the Mawile stated, {Maybe something of that could help papa?} just then, Kachiko caught sight of Rosairie, and more importantly; two pokmon she recognized.

{Ohh! Hennaaa! Funny spiky person!} she called enthusiastically, waving at the two before lowering her voice to a careful whisper, {Papa is very sick and needs to sleep, so we must be veeeery quiet...} she placed a very strong emphasis on the word 'very', {Do you know about these funny powders and stuffs?} the steel type asked, tilting her head and gesturing towards the collection of objects on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Cubone, who had been studying the scene in silence, finally decided to walk, or rather, limp over to the rest, wincing slightly at each step.

{Could I...maybe help somehow?} he suggested timidly, directing his question mainly at Tabanasi and Reina as they seemed like the people in charge. Granted, the ground type had no idea of what on earth he could possibly help with, but even with his headache, he was experiencing a distinctly bad conscience about just standing there.

January 18th, 2006, 9:20 AM
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Rosairie's forehead creased at Reina's harsh manner, but she said nothing. Instead she nibbled her lip anxiously as Kachiko spoke, and waited for Henna to translate for her. When the magmar was done, she stepped forward and inspected the leaves. Silence watched her darkly, his fur spitting sparks onto the ground around him. Rosairie wasn't happy, and he couldn't tell why. His back arched defensively, and his eyes flicked from Reina, to Valen.

Henna smiled at Kachiko. {Rosairie'll find something to help. Her own Papa - well, he's neglectful, but he'd hardly let his only daughter go out into the world without knowing some first-aid.} She rubbed the spiked collar around her neck, and watched her trainer think. Rosairie often pretended to be oblivious to people's feelings; after all, it made life so much easier, not worrying about whether people liked you or hated you. However, Valen and Reina was not a situation she could dust over that easily.

Finally, the girl spoke. She straightened out her skirt, tugged it down a bit, and put her bag on the ground. She unzipped it carefully, trying not to make too much noise, and pulled out an instant ice-pack, the same sort she had handed Eliadon earlier, a hand towel, a bottle of water, and a roll of bandages. She looked to Reina.
"I need some help..." she paused, and looked at Valen again. The blood was beginning to make her feel queasy. The colour had rushed from her face. "I think the leaves are Skullcap, a relaxant... so we need to... scrunch them up, get up the juices. Waft it in front of his nose, the scent..." she trailed off, cupping a hand to her mouth. Silence rubbed his spearing head against her hand, and Rosairie gained confidence. "It might ease the pain if he wakes up. We need to get rid of this blood... wet half the towel, mop up the caking stuff, dry it with the... dry end. We need to find the lacerations and bandage them, and if he has... any on his cranium, we'll need to compress those, wounds on your head don't stop bleeding. Uh.... I guess we'll use the icepack for his bruises, too..." her words died off, and she rose to her feet. "I'm sorry," she muttered apologetically, "I'm not much help. I don't know what the others are for."

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"Thanks Kachiko! These will probably help lots," Reina replied to the Mawile, staring with interest at the objects that she had managed to procure. Tabansi looked at the Cubone that had asked to help.

{Ah well, I'm not sure what you can do. Perhaps we shall wait until after we figure out how we can use these plants and powder,} the bug pokemon said with a nod, clicking his wings softly.

When Rosairie had finally decided to try and talk a bit, Reina wasn't sure she really was going to have anything to say worthwhile. She wasn't about to tune her out though, as she had little experience in the area of healing people. She also didn't want another lecture from Tabansi. After the girl had practically explained how to do everything though, and brought out more things to help them, Reina's jaw almost dropped.

"Uh... not much help?" Reina repeated, still feeling utterly surprised, "Look, I hate to admit it Rosairie, but that was better than nothing. I didn't know you were so... smart." This was a forced compliment. Reina was grateful to the girl for helping her out, but she wasn't about to start hugging and laughing with her. She was one to judge based on appearance, but Rosairie hadn't said anything mean to her, and so Reina had really no ammo, or reason, to act mean back.

Tabansi was not about to waste time; Valen had been out of it for quite a while now, and the best thing to do would be to get him up and going again. He grabbed the leaves and then turned to the Cubone.

{Well, here's your chance to help out Cubone. We need to smash and squeeze these leaves, and there's no better person here to do that than you,} the Heracross said, handing the skulled pokemon the leaves, {Reina has a plate... Reina?}

Reina quickly got out one of the plastic plates she kept with her to eat off of when making meals for herself. They were plastic so that they couldn't break in her pack. She handed it to Tabansi.

{Here, smash them up on this plate, and then one of us will wave it under his nose,} Tabansi finished, handing the plate to the Cubone as well. He looked back at Reina and Rosairie.

"Okay, so... the towel," Reina grabbed the towel, and then the waterbottle, she glanced up at Rosairie with a bemused expression, "Boy... I wouldn't want to be the one to tell him that you were the one who saved him. Well, I guess I helped, but you had the supplies." She got one end of the towel wet, and began to wipe away the now drying blood from Valen's messy arm. It was a bit hard though... his Arbok was still coiled around him, and Reina didn't want any of the water dripping on the thing and waking it up. She had to keep checking to see if the water was dripping off the end she was holding. Tabansi noticed this, and decided to ask upon some help.

{Mm... Kachiko,} Tabansi asked the Mawile, {Can you watch your Arbok friend? To make sure that it doesn't wake up? We wouldn't want it becoming upset and accidentally biting one of us.}

"Um," Reina said, after wiping much of the blood away, "I'm not really sure how to put bandages on. Just... wrap them around him?" She really didn't like looking so helpless, but what else was she to do? She couldn't act like she knew because it would be obvious that she didn't.

Alter Ego
January 18th, 2006, 11:18 AM
{Smash and squeeze.} the Cubone repeated dutifully, {Okay, it shouldn't be a problem, no it should not. Just let me get my-ack!} the ground type let out a small grunt as he tried to take a too hasty step in the direction of the Aggron, into whose body his club was still wedged. The Cubone took a thoughtfull pause, scratching his head, it would take ages for him to fetch the bone the convential way with his leg hurting like it did, what was that thing that the tribe elders had been teaching again? Balance your molecules with the molecules of the universe, purge your senses, and see the spoon...for some reason he always tended to see mushrooms, though. Oh well, it was worth a shot, the Cubone figured as he shut his eyes and raised both of his little paws in the direction of his club, his expression one of pure concentration as he did his best to call on whatever hidden power he possessed. For a few moments, absolutely nothing happened, but then, the upper end of the bone suddenly started twitching ever so slightly, the motion steadily growing more and more forcefull until at last, the club dislodged and came hurtling towards its owner on its own accord, its motion ending smoothly in the Cubone's hand. With a contented smile on his face, for this was one of the few times when he had managed to pull of the trick successfully, the Cubone turned around and took up dutifully crushing the leaves with his thick club, the dish beneath moving ever so slightly with each blow, until at last the leaves had all been ground into a fine powder, a small pool of aromatic juices forming around them.

{Oh, no need to worries, cool bug person.} Kachiko replied, {Sei-sei always sleeps long, and she snores real loud too, but I is looking after her if that helps.} she conclued, dutifully walking over to the sleeping Arbok's head and cradling it slowly while quietly singing a little lullaby to keep her from waking.

January 18th, 2006, 1:22 PM
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{Ah, well then, we should have no trouble with, erm, Sei-sei,} Tabansi said to Kachiko, taking the pokemon's nickname for the Arbok as its real name. He nodded and then returned his attention to the hard at work Cubone, who had made a lovely powder-like mess of the leaves he had been given. The Heracross looked over the Cubone's shoulder at the juices surrounding the powder, like some sort of professor would when studying a student.

{Good good,} he said with an excited tone, {Now we must place this under his face and allow him to breathe the aroma coming from it. You can rest for a moment, I shall perform the rest while Rosairie and Reina fix up Papa's body. Thank you very much.}

The bug grabbed the plate of smelly mush with the end of his horn, which he discovered had the perfect shape to hold a dish in, as long as he bent forward a bit. He then clicked his wings for a moment and then took off from the ground. He was still a bit wobbly, but he steadied himself quickly, and hovered in front of Valen's body, tipping his horn down to where the plate was just under the boy's chin.

{Come on... smell the leaves,} Tabansi said softly, holding the plate a little closer.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 18th, 2006, 4:13 PM
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January 18th, 2006, 7:17 PM
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January 18th, 2006, 8:15 PM

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Actually, I tried, but I ran out of time anyways. So yeah. o.o


"Hmm?" Avery said, once JJ had spoken up again. She tilted her head and looked at him blankly for a moment. Sure, she was pretty much still mad about what had happened to Diamond, but she wasn't about to give up her optimistic train of thought just yet.

"You think Valen made Diamond act that way?" She asked, pausing again for a moment before continuing. "Well, I guess he can be a weirdo from what I've seen so far, but you must admit, the world is at least two-thirds full of weirdoes. Besides.. Well.. He has a Steel-type. That cute Mawile." Again, Avery paused in her speech, this time looking down at the ground.

"There's no doubt in my mind that that Mawile would be acting the same way as Diamond, because she too is Steel. Valen wouldn't do that to his own.." Avery trailed off when she noticed the Graveler from earlier, just like JJ had. Indeed, the Graveler was no longer seeking to tear the limbs off things, but seemed to be walking at a leisurely pace up the street, barely noticing the Trainers as it walked by.

Odie let out a 'Meep!' at the sight of the Graveler, reminded of the Rock-type's fierce expression from earlier. He instantly crouched low to the ground, hissing protectively. It was all in vain, though, for the Graveler merely continued right on by.

"Right then. I forgot what I was going to say." Avery asked, right after JJ had asked what everyone was going to do next. "Um, I don't know. Cona, where do you think we should go now? I still want to find out who's behind all of these happenings with my own eyes."

As his Trainer ended that statement, Odie made sure the Graveler was really on its merry way, only standing up straight again once he had done that. The Umbreon then nodded firmly, darting a few steps forwards before walking in a circle around his Trainer.

January 19th, 2006, 1:04 AM
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On the Feebas side,I was incharge of the decorating.XDD

Oooh,and Bulba wanted to make a Feebas banner.o.O
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"It could've been Valen and his evil comrades!"Cona waved one arm in the air, making sure to keep a tight hold onto the Marshtomp with her other hand. Though, the girl had to admit, Valen didn't really look like the type to pull off such a feat. But she just had this gut feeling that he had something to do with it, one way or the other.

"Or..atleast I know that he's got something to do with this whole thing."she shrugged, now both hands around Krystal.

{Ouchies. Don't touch me so hard..}the mudfish moaned,this was all so confusing. What his friends were talking about Diamond and Kachiko. Could it have happened to him? But...he was a Water type, wasn't he?

"Like I said! We have to go to the East, that's where the chanting and Pokemon growls were coming from!"Cona repeated,pointing once again to the same direction. This time she had no intention to wait for Avery or JJ to consider. If they wanted to go and find out what the chants were, they would follow her.

{Like,what? If you have anything to say, I suggest you quickly hack the subject out!}Kuner stated, he had no idea how this Flying type was going to teach him who to speak slang. Perhaps if he just hung out with the Tailow a tad bit longer...

"Come on, Kuner."the girl said simply, petting her Pidgey on the head so that he would turn away from JJ's Tailow.

{You whipper snappers move too fast for my taste.}he complained, deciding that he might feel better if he flapped his wings to get the aches and pains away. Kuner then hopped off his trainer's shoulder and staid air-borne, like what Tailow was doing at that moment.

"You can follow me if you want. Though, if they get their mind-controlling powers into your head..."Cona stopped in mid-sentence, not really knowing how else to continue. So she just started walking.

January 19th, 2006, 1:36 AM
Anyway, I'm really annoyed. They don't make fakes like they used to...
I have a catridge with Red, Yellow and Blue, Zelda, Dr. Mario and Pitmen on. That's... from 1996. Still works. Still saves. Still got my little Mew safely tucked away... GOD DARN YOU, NEW FAKE PEOPLE THAT MAKE THEM BADLY! Yes. Hmm.

Poor Mika. History's terrible... our lessons are fun because our teacher is insane (not to mention obsessed with catapults) but our homework is always dull. What subject/era are you doing? I'm doing Nazi Germany, if you get set any hiliarious boring essays as homework you are free to have mine.}

Rosairie flsuhed pink. "B-bandages? Oh...I forgot..." she rumaged in her bg, and pulled out some cotton wool. "Wounds longer than your finger, or deeper than you fingernail, they'll probably need stitching. We shouldn't make too much of a dressing, otherwise it'll take ages for the Nurse to get our bandages off. Just wrap the bandage around, tight enough so you can't move it easily, to keep germs out." she paused, and dropped to her knees by Valen's head. She leant over his body, cringing at the close proximety - and the stink of blood.
"These wounds... wounds that are small but bleed a lot..." she pointed to one on his forearm, "they'll need a pressure bandage. So... get some cotton wool, just a thin layer, and put it over the wound. The wool will absorb the blood, clot, and then it's weight will cause the wound itself to clot... anyway, then tie a bandage around the cotton wool, quite tight," she demonstrated, her adept hands moving quickly, " and... that should do it."
She wiped her brow with the back of her hand. She had gone ghostly pale.

Rosairie did not like the sight of blood in the slightest. Neither, it seemed, did Silence. He was shivering feverently, his coat sparking and shimmering with trapped energy. Rosairie grabbed him and pulled the Jolteon closer. Underneath his jagged coat, Rosairie could feel his heart fluttering.
She looked at Reina.
"Don't tell him I saved him." she said, her voice deadly serious. I don't want him to think he owes me anything, okay?"

Henna watched Tabansi with interest. {You're doing a good job,} she mumured, before glancing at the cubone. {You too. Are you one of Rai's? I thought he only had three pokemon...}
Her eyes travelled to Seirini's sleeping form. {What about his abdomen? Where there any wounds there?} she asked, narrowing her lazy eyes.

Alter Ego
January 19th, 2006, 8:35 AM
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But a test, you say? And a History project? Evil it ish...evil! XO *Smites history project with the red herring of quality* Begone demon! Begone!!!


Dang, didn't work. Oh well, it was worth a shot...and sorry about your Emerald game dying on you, Charon. Meh, that's precisely why I prefer mine legitimate, sure, the price is high, but at least you don't loose hours of play time, that and you get the feelgood experience of being on the right side of the law. Anyways, I can tell you're upset because...

You just wrote 'Rai' in your last IC! *Points out Charon's unscrupulous mistake* It's in Henna's comment to the Cubone. Meh, I'll pretend that she said 'Valen's', though.


The Cubone looked up at Henna's comment, {Valen's?} he echoed, taking a short while to puzzle out the Magmar's meaning, {Oh, you're asking if I am one of this great hero's companions!} he concluded at last, gesturing towards Valen before shaking his head, {Unfortunately...nope, although...wouldn't it be grand if I was?} the ground type added, his eyes lighting up a bit with excitement, {Our battle against the rock eater, it was the stuff of legends and epics! I'm sure even mistress Ada would be pleased to hear that I was travelling in such esteemed company! Tales of the great hero and his faithfull sidekick would spread all the way back to my clan!} the Cubone took a few steps on the spot out of sheer excitement, ignoring the pain {I'd...finally be able to come back...come back...as a man.} his voice was thick with emotion at the last sentence, tears of joy beginning to well up in his eyes, the ground type was fairly quick to shrug it off however, calming down a bit, {But first we'll have to revive the great hero, yes?} he added, nodding firmly, {It wouldn't do for him to die tragically in my arms when our journeyes have only just begun, no it would not.} and with that, the Cubone turned back to watch the proceedings as Reina brought the plate with the smashed herbs underneath Valen's nose.

As the fumes began entering his nose, the boy soon started to stirr, attempting some kind of movement from his current position but not really managing much more than a little shuffling. His head was still throbbing quite a bit, despite feeling like it was in one piece, and his vision was still too blurred to really make much sense of his surroundings, although that was probably just due to the disoriented state his mind was in at the moment. Something which Valen was aware of however, was that most of his body, particularly his arm, was aching, and that there seemed to be someone in his presence. He attempted to say something usefull but, lacking the words for the situation, he merely groaned a bit, slowly bringing up his left hand to his head, as if to make sure that both were still properly attached.

January 19th, 2006, 10:02 AM
OOC: Goodness... my history teacher was going all serious on us. XD Seriously, like he started talking about how we'd better not have excuses for missing class and how we'd have severe penalties for late things and talking in class. I don't have to worry about that stuff, but geez... way to kill the mood. I suppose he just wants to be up-front with what he expects from us, but I find that the people who do those things in excess usually do them even when the teacher's tough about it. -_-; Oh well, he seems nice enough aside from all that.

Mika, hope you get some free time soon! Don't go crazy!

And Charon, 'tis a shame about the Emerald game. Thus the reason I don't buy counterfeit things. My brother has before, and he's had similar experiences. You never know with those things, it's like a gamble.


Reina looked for a moment at Rosairie with a slightly annoyed expression. Sure it was quite a bit of blood, but Reina really didn't need another person going unconscious on her. The girl seemed to be holding her own though, and Reina nodded at her advice on how to do the bandages.

When Rosairie told Reina not to reveal her part in Valen's recovery to the boy, she frowned. "Hm, well, I can't promise that. I mean, Tabansi, Kachiko, and this Cubone have all seen you help, so I can't promise that they won't tell him anything," she had this urge to tell the girl that she couldn't promise she wouldn't tell him either, but her conscence kicked in, and she shook her head, "Oh I'll make sure I won't tell him." She went back to trying to remember what Rosairie's advice was, and what to do with all of this bandage stuff.

Tabansi looked at the little Cubone amusedly, {Great hero? Him? Well, I must admit, what he did certainly merits a badge for courage.}

"Crazy is more like it," Reina said, now trying to awkwardly wrap a bandage around Valen's worse cut with some cotton wool below it.

{You were going to fight it too, remember?} Tabansi retorted, feeling as if he had this argument in the bag.

"Oh yeah...," Reina said quietly, now remembering herself saying it, "Did I do that?" She had finished wrapping up the big one, and was now moving on to the other small cuts.

{Yes, as I figured you would,} the Heracross said calmly, {You know we could have all gotten killed trying to do this.}

"Well those crazed pokemon would have killed us too! What was up with that?! What kind of a tournament does that to its competitors?" Reina said, a tone of anger in her voice.

{And it seemed that only some of the pokemon were affected. Like Pixie, Phoebe and I were not... but pokemon like Aron, Aggron, Skarmory, Shuckle, Donphan, and Quagsire were. Pichu wasn't... I saw a normal one. Perhaps it was by type?} Tabansi thought aloud, wondering what it had been exactly. It was really bothering him, and he hated not being able to understand something.

It was then that Valen had begun to wake up. "Oh good, he can groan," Reina said as he made a bit of noise, "And he can move his left arm... and someone better check to see if his head's alright." She glanced at Rosairie but then realized that the girl wanted nothing to do with Valen's rescue, and so rolled her eyes figuring that she would be the one to do it. Reina seriously hoped that Valen didn't think that the tightening feeling of bandages being wrapped about his arm was someone trying to hurt him, seeing as she didn't feel like getting punched out by a disoriented boy. Her gut still hurt from that guy's punch. Once in a while a sharp pain would sting her stomach area, and there was a constant, dull aching in her mid-section.

"Well, I'll check your head P- I mean Valen- after I get your arm fixed up," Reina said, almost slipping into Kachiko-mode again. This going back and forth with talking to Kachiko and then talking to Valen was really messing her up.

January 19th, 2006, 10:28 AM
{ooc| Ho ho, I'm getting a refund. Yay. I'll just have to go and buy one from a shop with my kennel wages.}

At the cubone's words, the old magmar found herself smiling. {Great hero, eh?} she looked to Rosairie and Reina. {Looks like in this case, the hero himself needed some heroines.}
The boy stirred slightly, and Henna knew Rosairie would take this as her cue to leave. The magmar bowed at Tabansi and the Cubone. {It was nice meeting you.} she turned tail and padded back to her trainer.

Rosairie got to her feet as Valen groaned. She brushed the dust off her bare knees and smiled. "Make sure he doesn't writhe and bang his head against the floor when he wakes up, okay? He'll be fine."
She grabbed her bag off the floor and strode off, Silence skittering by her heels. The jolteon was back to his usual anxious gait, and he followed Rosairie like a plusle after a minun.
Henna fell into stride beside her trainer.
{You okay with that? Not getting credit?}
"Yeah, Henn. It's fine. It was... a good deed. That's all."
They turned out of the alley, heading back to the battleground.
Inwardly, Rosairie was bitter. Reina had been so rude - didn't she have a scrap of thanks to offer for the saviour of her boyfriend. The blonde girl couldn't figure out why; was it the way she dressed? Her accent? These were fickle things... Certainly, Reina dressed like she was borrwing clothes from her brother, but that was her decision. If she wanted to be a boy it was up to her. Why did that make Reina - and Valen - hate her so much?

Alter Ego
January 19th, 2006, 10:55 AM
OOC: *Nods* good on you Charon, legit is the way to go. Mind you, you were quite lucky to get a refund. By the way, concerning this...

Reina had been so rude - didn't she have a scrap of thanks to offer for the saviour of her boyfriend.

Lol! That's a typical Rosairie right there. XD Heh, she's going to keep up the boyfriend/girlfriend analogy to the bitter end, isn't she? ^-^

*Sigh* I've no time for an IC today, though, I'm afraid. Stupid reduced computer priviliges...although we've incorporated a new system with my Physics lessons and the workload is now spread across the whole week instead of just Saturday, so if I study and work hard like a good little boy then I might not be absent for such a long time once the weekend begins. Yay for that, I guess. ^^

January 19th, 2006, 11:06 AM
{ooc| Yes, I shall be legal. It'll cost me 20 more, but hey, at least it'll work.

And yeah, Rosairie knows it winds Valen and Reina up, so she'll keep at it. xDD She's a nasty piece of work in that sense. She'll dig at you with sny little comments...

But... reduced PC time? Oh noes! Could you...sorta... I dunno... maybe study at night? xDD I do that. 10 o' clock last night I was writing an essay for German class. What fun. I got a B, but it doesn't count towards my final grade so it's okay.
Anyway... You're our leader, you saw what shambles we were in without you! I guess it cannot be helped.}

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January 19th, 2006, 11:11 AM
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whoa, history test, i walked out of history the other day cursing the teacher, he singles me out and makes an example of him to the class all the time, but this time was the last straw, i wasnt taking it anymore...

IC -
{Like dude, you wanna learn to talk like me? duuuuuuuuude no effort needed! you seem like a cool dude, plus, your a narly flying pokemon, it gets no better then that. just do what I do} the flying pokemon finished with a wink and he flew backwards and landed on JJ's shoulder

Jeffery who was stroking Corsola while listening to what Cona was saying turned his head slightly and smiled at Taillow before looking back at Cona.
''well......'' he said uncertaintly ''I suppose your right, we really should go on, but we should be extra careful, we can't be 100% certain that there aren't any more pokemon that have gone crazy, we still need to find out for certain what exactly made them act that way in the first place, although i'm pretty sure it was that wierd chanting......but if it was, why has it stopped, and who or what was doing it....and even more importantly....why?''
He looked back at avery and then down at her Umbreon which looked quite confused, he gave it a smile and a wink to reassure it before looking back up to avery ''what do you think we should do?'' he asked, desprate for more opinions. Suddenly his eye met Chains, who he had actually forgotten was present, due to his lack of speech
''You seem to know a lot about this area...'' he said, unable to keep a faint treackle of suspicion out of his voice ''I take it your here for the tournament?''

Random Plushie
January 19th, 2006, 10:52 PM

History test..

Sounds like I have a lot to be thankful for. XD

Oh, and BB, I thought Chain had rounded the corner? Y'know, outta sight? Meh, that's what I thought had happened. o.o


"Sounds like a plan." Avery said, once Cona had started walking away. Indeed, East was the direction that weird chant had been coming from.. Yes, they would find answers there. She didn't turn to follow immediately, however, insteas facing JJ again when he asked for her opinion on the matter.

"I think we should go with Cona's idea, of course. Besides, I had wanted to do that earlier, I guess." She replied, throwing a quick smile at the blonde before turning around and walking after Cona.

Odie ended his circular patterns on the ground, looking up as Avery started walking away. Without looking back at JJ, the Umbreon took off, darting ahead of Avery within a few moments, arriving near Cona's feet, which in turn was right next to Krys.

{Why is this outside so weird?} The Umbreon asked innocently, looking up at the Marshtomp as he kept pace with him.

January 20th, 2006, 1:02 AM

Like,yeah.Chain went down a few alleys and then sat down to search abou why the Pokemon went crazy.Or something like tha.O_o


"Oh!Great then!" Cona scratched her head in surprise, some people had actually agreed with her! This was definately a first. Though, it did feel a tad strange, for the girl wasn't used to leading anybody, since it was her who was usually lagging behind. Or, mainly because she was used to travelling alone.

"Don't think that there's anymore crazy Pokemon around. Bet they acted the way they did cause' of the weird chanting. And now that the chanting's gone..."she stopped to look at the Marshtomp in her arms. Krys was still groaning, not really having anything else to comment on. That was, until Odie decided to run up and walk near his trainer's legs.

{Ouch..}the Marshtomp sighed, before glancing as the Umbreon proceeded to speak to him. The mudfish could never turn down new friends, so he tried his best to speak in sentences.{Hello, new friend! Outside isn't really...that weird. To some...it may be confusing and such.But to me...I find it very fun...and interesting.}he kipped inbetween breaths, a weak smile spreading across his blue face.

{Hello,new friend!My name is Krystal!}he continued, now adjusting back to speaking properly. The Marshtomp held the bright smile on his face, despite the fact that he was still hurting all over. Though it seemed that the more he talked, the more he forgot about the pain.

"Bleh,we shouldn't really jump to any conclusions right now. For all we know, the evil people could be brain-sucking Clefairy from the outer reaches of the Planet Clef."Cona continued, pointing one finger to her head for an added effect.One could never be too careful, not with evil spirits roaming around.

{You speak very hot!Very hot indeed!}Kuner stated as Tailow told him that it was easy. Also to follow what he was doing.{Like,okay...narlee dude!}the Pidgey grinned,trying his best to fly backwards,only to trip over air and tumble onto the floor.

{And,to think the the narly pain wasn't enough dude..I'm older than any of you dude whippersnappers!}he grumbled,rubbing his rear end before getting up and airborne once more,realising that it be safer if he just landed on Cona's shoulder with no fancy moves.

{Okay dude...now,what?}Kuner turned back to Tailow, as if waiting for the Flying type to give him another order.

January 20th, 2006, 8:14 AM
OOC: Aw, dat's okay Alter. School's annoying, and methinks I wouldn't want to be partially responsible for any failing/not-so-good grades of yours. ^^; The weekend's almost here though!! Yayness!

A short post... not much to say right this second....


"H-Hey...," Reina said as she watched Rosairie leave, "Okay, so she just leaves. Like that?"

{I suppose so. Reina you really should be nicer to her, after all she didn't say a thing to you that sounded rude,} Tabansi said seriously, clicking his wings a bit. He was always nagging Reina to become a better person, and he knew that eventually she would bend to reason.

"Oh Tabansi," Reina sighed, "I just don't like her. She's so... I don't know."

{Like them, is that it? But Reina, you were never mean to those that were nice to you,} the bug retorted, folding his arms, {All I ask is for you to give her a chance.}

"Did those girls ever give me a chance?!" Reina said in a louder tone, "No. They would resort to trying to fool me into believing they were my friends Tabansi, and then striking me while my guard was down. At least I am being honest with how I feel. That's the right thing to do. None of those false smiles and rehearsed attitudes. Some of them, yes, were nice to me. I hate to say it, but I think they only did it out of pity. I don't need anyone's pity Tabansi." Reina looked back to Valen, falling a bit silent. She didn't really want to talk about this anymore, as she had let slip a big concern of hers.

Tabansi's wing stopped clicking, and he frowned, {Reina... you never told me that you suspected those girls were your friends out of pity. Why... why would they do that?}

Reina remained silent, and continued to stare at spot on Valen's Arbok, where the skin was peeling a bit.

{Alright then, you are not obligated to tell me. Forget it. It is ultimately your decision to like Rosairie or not,} the Heracross' wings clicked again, {But I must say that I do not think that Rosairie is one of those girls from home.}

"Whatever you say," Reina mumbled, ignoring the bug's advice.

Alter Ego
January 20th, 2006, 8:26 AM
OOC: Today, I'm officially hating Siberia...

Why? Because that's where this friggin' cold has blown in from! The temperature hasn't been above -14 degress celsius since Wednesday and it sucks, majorly, especially since I have to walk home from school. Besides, the chill is blowing straight through my window and I'm positive that I'm developing a cold because of it. And they say it's going to last over the weekend too, gaaah! >_<

And Charon, that's exactly what I'm doing, but mum still won't let me use the computer after 9 PM, even if I don't have any work to do. *Rolls eyes* She's in one of her fanatical moods again...<.<

Anyways, I was thinking of adding my IC to my previous post, but since there have been so many after that...


The Cubone's expression became one of slight confusion at Reina's comment, {Crazy?} he echoed, {But...that was an act of great heroism! Diverting the beast and defeating it to save a damsel in distress, surely that can't be considered crazy by any means?} the ground type remained puzzled by the girl's words even as Henna made her comment on the subject, nodding solemnly when the Magmar had finished and looking quite content to be back in what seemed like more familiar territory {Heroines?} he echoed, {So...it was a fellow warrior he assisted then? Oh, a thousand apologies, madam.} the Cubone bowed to Reina as deep as his injured leg would {Didn't mean to offend you, no, a thousand apologies, yes?} the sheer urgency with which the Cubone presented these apologies made it pretty obvious that he deemed his offence to be a very serious one indeed.

Valen remained silent for a moment more, gathering his thoughts while his mind slowly adjusted to the situation. The memories of his last few moments came flashing back into his mind; the hooded men chanting, the Aggron, his plan to divert its attention...all that running...and then...the Cubone, the Cubone he...saved and ran off holding until they couldn't run any longer, and the battle...what had become of the battle? The boy quickly turned his head into the direction where he had last seen the Aggron, and to his relief, he found that the steel type was indeed there, completely KOed, this still left another question on his mind, however, but he kept silent for a while longer as the girl started having a discussion with her Heracross, granted, he didn't understand the bug type's words, but Reina's side of the conversation was interesting enough. So...she's experienced...something similar to what I have? this was an alltogether new line of thought for Valen, but the girl's words had really sounded genuine, Of course, no-one ever even pretended to be friends with me... he added, as if to reassure himself that this was only a superficial similarity, But it's betrayal all the same. He could feel his head aching a bit harder again and decided to hold onto the thoughts for later processing...after all, experiencing a sudden exception to what one had considered a fundamental truth of life was never easy, and having just been brought back from unconsciousness and aching all over wasn't helping any of it. Noticing that the girl wasn't going to reveal any more information at the present either, the boy decided to speak up and break the silence;

"Oh, never mind my head..." he replied dismissively at the girl's comment, as if he hadn't heard anything of what she had said after it and wondering for a moment if it wouldn't have been best to not say those words after all as he, for a moment, thought that Reina was speaking to him with Kachiko's voice, and words...he shrugged it of, though. "It's...not hurting that much." he added as a white lie, bringing his eyes into proper focus to make it easier to talk, "What happened to those cultists?" of course, he hadn't the faintest idea of what kind of people he was really dealing with, other than that they were a good bit insane, but he assumed, from their way of dressing and repeated allusions to 'Typhoeus' that it was some knid of cult.


Meanwhile, just a few streets back, a well-ordered procession of twelve people moved amongst the confused trainers and pokmon, their own ones quickly dispatching the few wild pokmon who were still in a fighting mood. They were all dressed identically in Waiwai Inc. uniforms except for the two at the front; Lori and Vincent, neither looking pleased with the situation. Not only had their force been faced with some rather astounding changes of conditions during the last few minutes, the most important being the sudden pacification of the wild pokmon, but it was also extremely annoying not to be able to get a straight answer out of anyone. Most of the contestants were too preoccupied with saving themselves or fussing over their pokmon to pay any heed lest one grabbed them by the arm and didn't let go until they answered, a technique which Lori had taken up using a number of times already, her long fingernails serving admirably in hastening the process, but even with such measures, they hadn't managed to procure any information save frightened recounts of various pokmon going out of control and scattered mentions of peculiar chanting, neither of which was particularly informative.

"This is a waste of time, Vince!" Lori cried out in frustration, stamping her foot as yet another trainer scuttle off after having vigorously attested that he didn't know anything, "No-one knows anything and no-one did anything, yet the whole place is a mess!" she absent-mindedly kicked away a brave but utterly foolish little Rattata who had attempted to fight her, the normal type letting out a shocked squeak as it flew a good bit backward, before scampering off again and dissapearing from view.

"Patience..." the man replied simply, continuing to move forward in a completely calm manner while carefully examining the area, "We have yet to arrive at the Aggron's pen. Undoubtedly we'll be able to acquire more information once we're there..."

"Provided that whoever did this hasn't already left the scene or that they've been careless enough to leave witnesses..." Lori interjected sourly, but she kept on walking nonetheless. Just then, a girl with dark blue hair, who seemed to be some kind of sailor if her clothes were anything to go by, came rushing down the street, followed by a black-haired girl and a number of pokmon, apparently belonging to the two.

"Well, looks like luck's on our side after all, Vince." Lori commented, preparing to grab the first one to run past them by the arm and question her, although Vincent was quick to object to that plan, stopping her in mid-action.

"Perhaps it's best if I handle this?" he suggested in a perfectly polite tone, not waiting for any kind of response as he gestured for the grunts following them to spread out just a bit so as to prevent anyone from running right past.

"Excuse me, young ladies." he said as the girls started approaching, holding up a hand both as a sign of peace and as a sign to stop, "Might we trouble you for a couple of answers?" the words were all delivered according to etiquette, although truly, who would refuse such a request when the questioner was backed by ten, well-trained looking guardsmen dressed in dark uniforms?

January 20th, 2006, 8:48 AM
OOC: Aww, poor Alter, his mum's giving him a hard time. I think giving their children a hard time is in their job descriptions though. o.o

-14 degrees?!! Wow... can't say I've ever been in any weather that cold. The lowest I've been in is... 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I think. *shrugs* That's a summers day compared to anything in the negative region. XD


As Valen said to ignore his head and even though it was obviously hurting him, Reina was happy to comply, that meant less work and worry for her. She puzzled at his question for a moment though.

"I doubt your head isn't bothering you considering your first movement was putting your hand on your head, but as to your question; I'm not quite sure where they went. I was about to tackle the leader, he laid a punch on my stomach, and then called up this great big Steelix. Then he told the other robed guys to come with him, and something about how we've only seen a glimpse of what they can do. He called them something...," Reina frowned as she tried to remember, it was an odd term, "The deciples of some name... Typho-something. Then they said that they weren't done, and they left going into the big hole that the Steelix had come out of. It sure was strange, them doing all of this."

Reina hesitated for a moment, wondering if she had remembered everything. She had, to the best of her knowledge, and though she couldn't remember the name they had blurted out, she remembered the beginning of it.

Tabansi clicked his wings a bit, {Perhaps he should return his Arbok? Or at least get himself uncoiled? The pokemon must be uncomfortable coiled up like that.}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 20th, 2006, 10:21 AM
OOC - Oh yes, i forgot, sowwy about that :(
and **** titan -14, that sucks lol. what would u prefer? (out of interest) freezing cold or boiling hot? :) *gives hot pie*

IC edited - incorrectly done, please ignore.

Alter Ego
January 20th, 2006, 10:33 AM
OOC: Eh...I'm really more for cold since I've developed a better resistance against that, but...*Snatches pie and eats it, ignoring the fact that it's hot* Still, it could be worse...I heard that in Oulu, it's a bit further inland, they had a temperature of -31 this fine morning. And I believe that Moscow was like -47 yesterday...*Shudders* so cold...

Regardless, I would appreciate you paying some attention. (Whoa, sounding like a school teacher. XD) First off, I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that the tournament is over seeing as pretty much everything is in shambles and people have been fleeing/fighting right and left. Secondly, Vincent, Lori, and a bunch of Waiwai Inc. guards just stopped Avery and Cona, so unless JJ is going completely in his own direction and ranting for himself then he should have noticed them by now (As they are quite effectively blocking the whole street)-

So yeah...I might add one more IC here tonight, but I have to finish my post in the Showgan RP first.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 20th, 2006, 10:40 AM
OOC - yea i knoew it's obvious the tourneys over, but JJ isn't to know that for certain just yet, there is nothing to assume that it wont continue.
and as far as rambling to himself goes, if thats the case, and u stopped cona and avery, why didnt u involve JJ who was still with them, maybe a few steps behind but not that far....
besides, im pretty sure we were still in the alley, if we werent and ive missed the part where we left then i apologise but i failed to read the part which indicated any of us are still walking.

I just re-read Avery's post, it seems reading hers and cona's, one sounded like we were walking, and one like we were standing still, if i've missed the point then once again, im sorry, but im trying bes i can, i dont mean to be rude or disrespectful, and i dont want to fight with u titan, but i would rather not be spoke to like an infant which is how im starting to feel im being spoke to.

Alter Ego
January 20th, 2006, 10:43 AM
OOC: Come again? By that time JJ was still pestering Chain, if you would recall, and it would have been downright stupid of me to include someone who wasn't there...and I wasn't against JJ's interpretation of the events, just that of the other side NPCs that you included, acting like nothing had happened. -_-

EDITNESS: Meh, a fresh OOC would have helped me to respond earlier. I'm sorry if my post sounded patronizing/insulting, but I'm tired, running out of computer time for the day, and having a sore throat all at once and I'm afraid those things are affecting the way I put things. So my apologies for that, it just ticks me off sometimes when people don't read posts or just skim them (Because I always read them properly myself), but once again, sorry for the tone, I didn't intend it to sound that way.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 20th, 2006, 10:49 AM
OOC - when i involved chain, i made a mistake, i had forgotten that he had gone, i apologised for that. but in that same post i was talking to Cona and Avery, so it was just as likely i would be with them, then it would that i was with Chain.
anyway, doesnt matter now, lets just continue, no point flooding your RP with rant's of who done what and when and where lol.
what would you like me to do?

Alter Ego
January 20th, 2006, 10:54 AM
OOC: Ho-hum, I agree on that. Just...well, what you do is up to you. To my way of thinking you could 1. Have JJ follow the others and then just notice who they'd run into (Seeing as how he is walking a bit behind the others) and act accordingly, or 2. He could have been so preoccupied with his thoughts that he accidentally took a wrong turn and got separated from the others, leaving the Dustox situation as a fully valid option. Your choice, I don't want to play puppet master or anything, I just want all events to be acknowledged by everyone to avoid weird situations.

WH00T! Page 19!! I dedicate this to the end of this argument! ^-^

Sorry, no time for an IC today...will do that as soon as I can tommorow...-_-

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 20th, 2006, 11:06 AM
OOC - , ok, i'll see what i can do ^^ *gives peace treaty pie*

IC -
{like dude, just stick with me, and like, you will be good in no time, but always remember, our biggest enemy is not old age, but the fear of old age, and how it effects us....}
the Taillow then turned it's eyes away from the Pidgey and stares gawking towards a far away cloud which was shaped, if he wasn't very much mistaken.........like a feebas?......
He sat thinking in silence for a moment before coming out with {whooooa..........like, thats deep....i should remember that one....}

JJ rolled his eyes while looking at his pokemon before stopping in his tracks, slugging behind the two girls and began to think, where exactly were they going? and who, what were they looking for? for all they were to know the whole pokemon thing could have been just a part of the tournament.....although, he highly doubted it.

Running a hand through his hair, he looked left and right at the surrounding scene, there were a few pokemon still in shock of the way that they had acted, and were now wiping there eyes and looking around in a confuded way. Some trainers were slowly retreating from their own pokemon, afraid of wether or not they would attack.
Perhaps we should look for the others.......Reina....Rosaire, that girl with the plusie........valen Jeffery thought to himself, having to push himself very hard to involve Valen in that idea. We may not all have had what anyone would call a ''normal'' meeting, for the most commonly used sence of the word, but it would proberly be a good idea to stay in a bigger group...besides, this way we can also see if Valen had anything to do with all this.

JJ scratched his nose and looked forward again...he had allowed himself to become seperated frm Avery and Cona. annoyed and slightly embarasses, he began to run forward the way they had been going. He turned a corner, calling the name of his pokemon ''Tallow! Taillow where are y......wha...?!'' he had indeed found who he was looking for, but who he had most certaintly not expected to see was a crowd of roughly 10 people, all wearing the same type of clothing, blocking the road.
Taillow flew backwards and landed on JJ's shoulder
{Like...dude...who are these dudes?} he asked, as the drowzy Corsola in her masters arms suddenly sprang to life, and was looking at them with a look of fea in her eyes...

OOc - better? :)
we'll just ignore my previous IC to make things easier. ill edit it out.

Random Plushie
January 20th, 2006, 9:18 PM

Hmmz.. Plushie is so very tired..

It feels like I have somehow obtained a headache. o.O

Oh, and just wondering, but where you guys live..

Has anyone ever used the term 'no need'?

As in:

Person A: Would you like BBQ sauce? =D

Person H: No need!

I'm trying to find out whether or not it's a local thing. XD


"Planet Clef.." Avery repeated as she overheard Cona's rambling, shaking her head as she proceeded to walk in the sailor-girl's wake. Just listening to living proof of how crazy humans were.. It almost made most of her negative emotions go away..

However, she had no time to ponder over just how far over the deep end Cona was, for soon afterwards she laid eyes on a group of guards in identical uniforms stretching across the street. In front of the line of guards were two people, one being Lori, the receptionist from earlier, and one being a man that Avery hadn't seen before.

The whole lot of them seemed intent on stopping she and Cona in their tracks, not to mention JJ, but for some reason she hadn't heard a word from the boy for the past few minutes.

Odie meeped at the sight, not even bothering to make a proper response to Krys. He simply started shuddering, his eyes widening as he laid them on so many intimidating guardsmen.

{S-See you later!} The Umbreon stuttered in Krys' direction, before scampering away and closer to Avery's feet, where he crouched low in some kind of battle stance, not hissing this time, but nonetheless narrowing his eyes slightly. Of course, the whole effect was lost due to the Umbreon's constant shivering.

Avery barely noticed as she came to a halt, tilting her head at the strange man near Lori. He had said he wanted answers from them.

"Ask away." Avery replied, not daring to refuse simply because there were so many of them. She tried to hide the suspicion in her voice, but didn't care whether or not these guys picked up on it anyway.

January 21st, 2006, 12:50 AM
{ooc| Yeah, but we use it slightly differently. Like...
Person eins: would you like me to hold your ladder?
person zwei: No need~!
Also, Mika's MSN is logged on but she's not replying... *SCANDAL*}

Rosairie had been wandering absent-mindedly, looking for Kyoko. She had abandonned the girl briefly, when she went to treat Valen, but now Rosairie was lost.
Silence stalked by her heels, electrocuting anything that dared come near. A bolt of lightning shot through a poor, unsuspecting fearow, and it fainted in midair. Another zap sent a poliwag sprawling, but he tottered off with a sliver of hit points. He was alert again, moving so quickly from one target to another he was a blur of yellow and white. He never went more than a metre away from Rosairie, though. He was one dedicated pokemon.

Rosairie paused, and grabbed Henna's arm.
"Look!" she whispered, and pointed through the crowd. A familiar figure stood talking to Avery, and Rosairie felt a shiver dart down her spine. Wasn't thsat Lori, the girl that they had met earlier? Silence began to growl lowly, but the girl and her pokemon knew better than to interrupt. Instead they watched from a distance.

January 21st, 2006, 12:54 AM

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"Rosairie-neechan? Rosairie-neechan, doko desu ka? Doko.... Hitori.... Watashi wa Hitori..." Kyoko's small frame was pressed into the wall of an alley back in the corner of an alleyway, her arms wrapped tightly around her knees that remained almost glued to the bottom of her chin. If her legs weren't glued however, they were obviously being pressed in with a high enough amount of pressure to leave a smarting red mark just under her otherwise flawless face. "So loud.... So loud...." she mumbled, shivering in the damp wetness that was present on the walls that knew only the light of the moon, their stones being turned away from the light of the brilliant sun.

For every shadow that exists, a light reflects down nearby

It was an old proverb her mother had always hummed to her to lull her to sleep when she had been younger... much much younger. Now... now her memories of her mother... they were all she had. Her hand clutched the small pink pendent around her neck tightly, "Okaa-san.... Watashi... watashi wa.... daijoubu....watashi to okaa-san wa ishouni kara...Itsumo.... Hitori...Watashi wa hitori" Sighing, she leaned her head back against the concrete, listing once again to the screams of the pokemon in the city and the cries of trainer's direction to their pokemon. She wouldn't win this contest... no... she'd frozen up again. she'd proven that she was once again a coward, once again she was too sensitive to stand up to a trainer who was bigger than she. She trully was worthless. Worthless and frightened.

"I wonder... if I wish on a star... maybe somebody will find me.... becauce I'm alone.... and I don't want to be alone... I don't want to be alone anymore...." She couldn't help but chuckle, "But my luck always falls on the wrong side of the coin.... Nobody's gunna find me..."

Alter Ego
January 21st, 2006, 1:05 AM
OOC: Yeah, that's better, BB. All hail the peace treaty...and pie. ^-^

Concerning 'No need', well, in our family I have heard the expression 'Don't use, don't need. Kurts', (The last word is just a sound effect) so I suppose it could have been dervied from 'no need'. Still, I don't know how common it is among people in general so take that as you will. XD Sorry about your headache, Plushie. Hope you get better soon. ^^

And yes, being hard on their children is usually cannon for mothers, just like spoiling their grandchildren is for grandmothers. There's a balance of nature there somewhere...XD

Anyhow, good news. My computer time is back to 10PM! W00T! ^_______^
But yeah, not a minute beyond that...still, it's good news.


Escaped? Valen echoed in his mind, his left hand subconsciously curling into a fist, although he managed to constrain the urge to punch the pavement in frustration, which was quite a good thing considering that he had aches enough as it was, although he still couldn't stop himself from expressing his feelings in another way; "Dammit..." he muttered "My employer isn't going to be happy about this..." the boy took a small pause, briefly wondering what on earth he should tell Slythe but soon brushing the thought away and concentrating on what Reina was saying instead, "Typhoeus..." he completed bitterly, proceeding to explain his knowledge, "I ran into some lunatic who was raving about that name a while back. But of course, I only thought he was rambling, not that they could really cause...this..." the boy cast a glance across the ruined market square with its several broken windows, walls with chunks of them missing, cracks in the pavement, and of course...the almost collapsed pen of the Aggron, "I'm...really going to have to go make my report now..." he concluded, attempting to get onto his feet by pushing himself up with his left hand, only to find that it didn't only hurt but was also way too exhausting, having Seirini's bulk coiled up around his waist didn't really help either, so he soon lowered himself down into a sitting position again.

"Seirini, return." Valen said simply, pointing a pokball at the sleeping Arbok who quickly vanished in a flash of red light.

{Is...you okay papa?} Kachiko, who had been uncharacteristically quiet this far, asked, trotting a bit closer to the boy and peering anxiously at him. It definitely wasn't normal for papa not to get up when he had decided to, definitely not.

Valen gave the Mawile a tired smile, stroking her head a bit, "I'm fine, Kachiko..." he replied, "Just a bit tired, that's all..." he didn't really feel as reserved about being affectionate with the steel type seeing as how the only witnesses seemed to be Reina, her Heracross, and that Cubone from before, of which two had already seen him act that way and the third was...well, a Cubone. He wasn't really so concerned with the way in which wild pokmon percieved him.

Noticing the familiar half-truth, Kachiko shook her head, {You is still very hurt, papa...} she said knowingly, patting the boy's arm a bit, {But dun' worry...me an' the nice other peoples here are gonna' make you feel all better again, jus' like we made you wake up an' all...}

At the Mawile's words, Valen fell silent for a moment, the implications of what had happened just striking him; he had been saved by someone, two someones in fact. One was the Cubone, although he had saved the ground type in return so that was really a moot, but Reina...without the girl's assistance he wouldn't be conscious, probably would have bled to death before anyone found him. He owed her...he...was indebted. Neither word was pleasing for the boy to consider, but then again, he figured, it could have been worse...he shuddered a bit at the thought, he could have been indebted to JJ, or worse yet; Rosairie. Yes, Reina was really a fairly agreeable person, and obviously no coward in battle. It was, he supposed, a debt he could live with. Still, he wasn't really quite sure about what to say next, obviously he couldn't walk away himself, but he certainly wasn't going to ask anyone to haul him around either, he had been helpless enough already, and the boy despised being helpless.


"Oh come now, my little friends..." Vincent said in a continuously polite tone, noting the general unease among the people in front of them, a concept which now included a blonde-haired boy and his two pokmon; a Tailow and a Corsola, "There's no need to be afraid. I am Vincent, chief of security for Waiwai Inc., and I believe you have already met my partner, Lori."

"Hello again, lovehs." the woman replied in her usual flowery voice, offering them all one of her usual smiles.

"We only wish to know..." Vincent continued, "If you have any information concerning the disturbing incident that just occured here. The faster we get to the bottom of this, the faster we will be able to solve this problem. The security of our contestants is very important to us, and we do not wish the perpetrators to get away with their deeds." the man fell silent again, awaiting an answer.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 21st, 2006, 4:49 AM
JJ suddenly blurted out with a ''I'm not afraid''......he regreted this straight after, saying something like that was usually a sign of people who WERE afraid, this was half true of course, he wasn't exactly afraid of these strange people, all wearing identical clothing some some perring at him like they would like nothing better then to give him a good hyding......but there was no self-denying he was already suspicious, then again, overacting had always been a train JJ had unluckily posessed...

{dad....dad....uuuuum, it's not that im afraid of these big people...just uuum...I....I......I feel like a nap! yeah thats right, I need my beauty sleep}
JJ responded without question by reaching into his inside pocket and taking her pokeball, he presed the button and the beam of red light brought the corsola into its safe confinements. He then turned back to the man who was staring at them, vincent? Chief of security? oooh this was most likely who all these people were, and why they were all dressed the same, they must be security, merely trying to find out what had happened, that must be it.
Jeffery smiled at Vincent and took a breath

''Actually Vinc.....sir, we were wondering about that ourselves, earlier i was attacked by a Forretress, and a Marowak, both tournament pokemon, but....they werent acting normal, it was like they were....posessed...or something, they seemed absolutely intent on harming us in some shape or form'' JJ said confidently, trying to find big words to make this man know that he was someone he could trust...why he didn't know, but you never know when the trust of the chief of security may come in handy.

''and also sir, i observed that a few pokemon had even turned on their own trainers, a Nidoking for example i saw was savely attacking it's master, i had to assist the boy. Not to mention, even one of my own pokemon.......my corsola, it began to have some sort of fit, and foam at the mouth. my two friends here experienced similar encounters. we have come to the interpritation that the cause behind this may be the strange chanting that was heard earlier on, yet, it stopped for some reason, and ever since the pokemon have been fine again...''

JJ stoppe and blinked, looking at the man.....did he just make a huge mistake.....what if this man was merely lying, what if he, Jeffery had just told him information that was relevant for him to know for something other then safety of everyone.....that was JJ's big problem, he was too trusting in people, and he didn't stop to think before speaking, at least not long enough....

OOC - teehee, step 2 and 3 for JJ's evil characteristics :) donuts for everyone!

January 21st, 2006, 4:59 AM


Alter Ego
January 21st, 2006, 6:38 AM
OOC: Today's your birthday, Mika? o.o Sorry, I didn't notice that...there wasn't even anything on the birthdays announcement-thingumwhatsit on the main page, and I kind of had piano lessons to attend to straight after my last IC so I didn't get to see the edit to your post. Sowwee...

Time to attempt righting my wrong;


There, is that better? ^^

Anyways, IC to follow shortly...

January 21st, 2006, 7:46 AM
{ooc| I have my music lessons during school =3 They're only... twenty minutes each.
I'm watching Dad's Army. It's like... a comedy about england at war, it's ancient but incredibly funny. I feel happy now. :] }

"...Nobody's gunna find me..."
someone's voice echoed through the empty streets. A girl's voice. His ears pricked, but his trainer was too preoccupied to notice.
Silence's eyes wandered. While Henna and Rosairie peered after Lori and the others, the jolteon's attention was elsewhere. He scanned the crowds, searching for the source of the voice. There!
His eyes fell on Kyoko, cowering. The jolteon's fur stood on end, and he yapped loudly.

Rosairie flinched, and glanced at her pokemon. "Si, what's got into you? Shush! At this rate, those people over there'll hear us..."
Her jolteon continued to whine, shifting his weight from foot to foot.
Rosairie struggled to understand. Silence rarely made a noise, but today he was being strangely audiable. Maybe the battling was giving him confidence, or-
her eyes fell on Kyoko.
"Kyo...ko?" she whispered, and glanced to Henna. The magmar smiled sadly.
{Looks like she's having some sort of breakdown...}
Rosairie nodded, and crept over. "Kyoko?" she repeated.

January 21st, 2006, 8:18 AM
OOC: Yay for Alter's increased computer time! As for grandparents, mine were odd ones. One pair was too poor to spoil me, and the other pair was too greedy to spoil me. -_- Suffice it to say, at least the poor pair spoiled me with love. Though I still love them all of course. ^-^

Yay! Happy Birthday Mika! Hope you get to eat lots of cake! And good luck with driving; it's an... interesting experience. Hopefully your city engineers are better than the ones where I live. I swear, there is no maneuverable parking lot in the whole city. XD

Anyway, onto the post!


"Thyphoeus, what a name. What is it they hope to accomplish anyway? I never understand these strange cult groups... I suppose I just don't think about world destruction or domination that much. I'm a bit too preoccupied with life right now. I'm the kind of person that lives day-to-day," Reina said as Valen soothed Kachiko's worry, "That chant was... creepy. I didn't ever think that magic stuff like that could work. I think I've changed my opinion a bit."

{Magic... there has to be a scientific basis to that mind-control. Well, even if Heracross were affected by it, I should think my mind would be too strong to be taken over by some annoying words,} the bug type concluded, folding his arms. Reina smiled at him and shook her head. She hadn't really thought of it... Tabansi trying to hurt her? He was quite strong, and she couldn't punch him any better than that leader guy. Not to mention, for one to see their friend forced to go against them, that must be horrible. She couldn't even picture a mad, raging Tabansi; he was always so stuffy and curt ready with help and advice like a teacher.

Reina was about to suggest they go someplace, when she remembered that Valen couldn't exactly move. She might have suggested to help him up, but she figured he was much like her, something she gathered from what she knew of him and what Rosairie had said. He probably would not appreciate her having to help him; and Reina understood that, so she instead moved with a small grunt of pain from her stomach and sat down next to him. She figured if she was going to be here for this long, she should at least make herself comfortable.

"So, I guess the tournament's over huh?" Reina said, looking at the destroyed buildings and occasional screeching girl that ran by, looking confused, "Not to sound insensitive, which I sometimes am, but I was kinda looking forward to winning." She smiled; she was joking a bit about thinking she was going to be the winner, but she had thought she had a decent chance, and she was more than a bit dissappointed with this chaos that had errupted.

Alter Ego
January 21st, 2006, 9:29 AM
Valen looked up at Reina's comment about the cult's motives, "World domination..." he replied, shrugging as much as his current state would allow him, "Either that or the conversion or destruction of all 'heathens...somesuch nonsense, fanatics are all the same, basically...although if you're asking why they decided to strike here and now in particular..." he took a pause, "It's fairly simple really, publicity; Think about it, the Memorial Festival is one of the biggest, most widely promoted, and most carefully protected events in the known world. What better way to frighten people than to wreck utter chaos on such an event and then dissapear before the security guards are any wiser? It's only a matter of days until the news have spread everywhere. The ambitious will want to join to gain that kind of power for themselves and the cowardly will rather take the pathetic lackey-stage jobs than face them, the government's competence will be questioned...and the big organizations..." he took a pause, "...they'll declare an all-out war against the cult because it's aiming to steal their power. What I can see coming from this is fighting..." Valen's gaze was a tiny bit distant for the moment, "Fighting, and lots of it." And me, most likely, right in the middle of it... he added in his mind. He could already picture Slythe seething with rage about this blatant challenge to his power, and he knew that there was no way the Viper leader could be persuaded from taking his vengeance, and he knew that Slythe's vengeance was never a pretty sight, both he and the Rockets who had been foolish enough to attempt to gain foothold in Twilight City. Yes, that had been quite a nasty ordeal, even by Valen's standards.

"I think..." he said after a while, "That the chant isn't magic as such. I mean, think of pokmon moves like Supersonic. They can cause pokmon to partially loose control of their senses, can't they? This is probably just the same thing on a different scale..."

The boy went silent for a moment again as he noticed that Reina obviously was on the verge of asking something. Judging by the slight moving she had done, that something probably involved walking, but she seemed to think the better of it, settling down on the pavement instead. Valen was experiencing an increasing difficulty in concealing a smile at this behaviour, it seemed like Reina understood him better than most, apparently knowing that he would not appreciate the offer of being hauled around like a sack of potatoes, and it was, once again, a surprise to the boy...although this time, not really an unpleasant one. For once, it seemed, regardless of what he had told himself, he had actually come across someone who did understand without needing to be hand-walked through anything, and faced with this final piece of evidence, Valen finally decided to do something which he hadn't been known to do more than once before in his entire life. He went back into his mind and firmly removed one name from the category of idiots alltogether...

"Yeah, I guess it is..." the boy replied, permitting himself a small smile at the girl's remark concerning the tournament, "But there's always next year, eh?"

The boy soon found himself all too aware of that someone had been watching for a good while, someone other than Kachiko, whom he was of course fully aware of as the Mawile had taken up sitting on his left leg and dangling her feet in the air while humming something for herself again, it was the Cubone...the little ground type was watching him intently, obviously taking in ever word, while at the same time seeming like he didn't want to disturb. And ironically enough, this made him far more annoying than he would otherwise have been.

"Yes?" Valen asked in a clear and even voice, the question almost causing the Cubone to jump up in surprise, "What is it?"

{Umm...} the ground type began, nervously peering at his feet as he walked a bit closer, {I was just wondering...if maybe...}

"If maybe what?" Valen persisted, beginning to grow very tired of the ground type's hesitance.

{If-if I could join your band of mighty warriors, maybe?} the Cubone asked, blurting out his sentence so fast that it was quite difficult for Valen to follow, even though the boy had quite a bit of experience in the language as he had often been called in to tame the often all too temperamental ground types where others had failed.

"Band of might warriors?" the boy echoed with a measure of amusement in his voice, "Are you saying you want to get caught?"

The Cubone nodded enthusiastically, {Yes!} he half-shouted, {You, the great hero, and I, we would be a terrifying duo!} he took a pause, {Or...is that terriffic?} he added thoughtfully, scratching his head, {Terrific, maybe? Erm...} the creature took another awkward pause, {Anyhow, I have to help! I owe you!} he blurted out at last, clinging desperately to his words, {It would be a stain on my warrior's honour not to repay your generosity!}

Valen shook his head, "Look, kid." he said bluntly, "I'm not a hero. I wasn't being generous, and you saved me too so you don't owe me anything. Why are you so persistent about getting caught by me?"

The Cubone's excited expression faultered for a moment at the boy's words, but only for a moment, soon leaving way for an expression which Valen assumed to be the one of someone who just thought he had figured out a very difficult puzzle, {Ohh...now I understand!} he declared, {The greatest hero is the modest one, just like mistress Ada always told me.} the little ground type clapped his hands together in excitement, {I was not in my right mind when I saved you so that does not nullify my debt.} he continued in a serious tone, {I'm coming with you no matter what you say.}

Before Valen could protest again the Cubone had already made his move, leaping with surprising agility at one of the empty pokballs on his belt, the device immediately responding by opening up and encasing the ground type in white light, causing him to dissapear from view.

"Crazy Cubone..." Valen growled irritably, but here was nothing he could do about it anymore as the pokball had not needed to go through the usual wobbling phase, seeing as how the ground type wasn't resisting the capture. Apparently, his team had just gained a new member whether he liked it or not.

{Ohh...is the funny bone-head person coming with us?!} Kachiko asked, jumping a bit on the spot out of excitement and clapping her hands, {Yay! Bring him out, papa! Bring him out!}

"That was my plan." the boy replied, immediately unclipping the now occupied pokball and tossing it to the ground with his left hand, the Cubone now reappearing.

{Yes, great hero?} the ground type asked, his voice a mixture of hope and anxiety.

Valen gave a tired sigh, "Look." he said, "If you really want to stay with me then we're going to have to get one thing straight."

{What's that?} the Cubone asked curiously.

"Don't ever call me hero." Valen replied, "Now do you have a name or will I just have to call you 'Cubone'?"

{Oh! How could I forget...oh me, oh my, mistress Ada would be furious if she found out I was neglecting manners, oh yes...} the Cubone bowed as well as he was able, {My name is Cespenar, at your service, great he-}

The boy shot him a warning glare.

{Boss.} Cespenar concluded, taking the hint for a change.

"That's better." Valen replied, nodding, "Welcome to the team then, Cespenar."

OOC: Whew, that turned out a bit longer than I thought. ^-^ Anyways, I'll add Vincent & Co's reactions soon, but I'll have to take the dog out for a walk first.

Random Plushie
January 21st, 2006, 10:21 AM
Avery turned to JJ as he instantly blurted out 'I'm not afraid,' resisting the urge to shake her head. Chances were that now all three of them wouldn't be taken seriously at all, but she could always hope. While JJ continued to speak to Vincent, she began tracing her finger over Diamond's Pokeball. The particular incident with the Lairon had not been forgotten, and Avery was still confused and angry over the whole thing.

"Yes, what he says is true.. In fact, my own Lairon attacked me.." Avery began, starting out softly in an attempt to quiet her emotions. "I'm beginning to think that the chanting was behind it, too. We're heading over towards where we last heard it to.. Investigate, I guess." She concluded, still absent-mindedly fingering the Pokeball that belonged to Diamond.

She was so lost in thought afterwards that she didn't bother to think about whether or not she had just given away too much information. She had instinctively responded in time with JJ's answer, and thought nothing more of it.

Meanwhile, Odie was still shuddering. {Now go away, we gave you answers!} The Umbreon barked, still in a shaky battle stance.

Alter Ego
January 21st, 2006, 10:39 AM
Vincent raised an eyebrow at JJ's outburst, How quaint... he thought for himself, giving a reply to the boy's words in his own mind, You'd almost think I couldn't hear your heart beating like a cornered little rabbit's...

He didn't say this out loud however, merely maintaining his polite expression as if he hadn't heard him at all and listening intently to the explanation that the boy started giving, soon gaining some reinforcement from the black-haired girl. Meanwhile, Lori kept observing the group, particularly the Umbreon, with a slightly amused expression which she tried, to the best of her ability, to mask as a smile.

"I see." Vincent said at last as both trainers had stopped talking, giving them a curt nod, "If you are heading to investigate then it would be prudent for us to travel together, just in case there are still hostile pokmon walking about."

"I agree..." Lori said, her smile looking almost predatory as she kept it fixed on Odie, "It would be most delightfull if we could...join forces. How about it, lovehs?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 21st, 2006, 10:57 AM
JJ's Taillow jumped off of his shoulder anf flew forward in frnt of the face or Lori
{like, duuuuude, I just loveh the way you say ''loveh's'' totally awe-some, you have good taste in speech, I think we'de get on well! like, this pidgey here, he's getting on in years, but thats no problem at all, and he wants to be just like me, and i was all.....}

''Taillow..'' Jeffery interrupted sharply. Taillow turned to look at it's trainer {like, dude, yes?} ''leave her alone, I don't think she's too interested....'' he said with a smile.
Taillow looked back at her for a moment before shrugging and flying back onto his masters shoulder. Jeffery then looked back at vincent
''Follow you?...'' he said with interest, he had very much expected this chief of security to say something along the lines of, it may be dangerous and children would only get in the way....JJ didn't particuarly want to hea this, but the fact that he didn't was very suprising. He turned to Avery and raised an eyebrow away from the eyes of Lori or vincent and there gang or security.
Unable to keep his interest to himself, JJ stepped forward, to hopefully show he wasn't intimidated, and he spoke
''Uuuum, I dont mean to sound disrespectful, sir, but, why would the chif of security, and all the security members themselves want or need the help of 3 teenagers?.... I don't mean to sound nosy, just, im curious really....''
he forced a friendly smile, trying to gain the trust of this obviously very important man...


Random Plushie
January 21st, 2006, 10:59 AM
Avery had to call on every ounce of her willpower to prevent herself from either widening her eyes or raising an eyebrow at the man's offer. Vincent, was it? She almost went into shock thinking of the right reply; she didn't want to hang around these guys, but at the same time, they would most certainly provide protection, just in case there were more vicious Pokemon out there, like Vincent had proposed.

{NO!} Odie shouted, his voice little more than a hissing growl. He was still shaking nonetheless, and his eyes were still wide with fear, but for some reason he kept speaking.{They cannot come with us! They will harm Avery, Odie knows it! Odie feels it! Tell them, Avery, tell them they cannot come!}

At this point, the Umbreon stopped growling and tugged on his Trainer's pant leg, whining.

Avery, who had looked down at his first outburst in confusion, tried to make sense of what he was saying. Well, obviously he didn't fancy traveling with this group for some reason or other. Perhaps it was, now that she looked at him, because he seemed deathly afraid.

Well, sure, Odie was afraid of a lot of things. But now he was rambling like a loon..

"I don't know.. My Umbreon.." Avery trailed off, speaking the only words she could find.

Alter Ego
January 21st, 2006, 11:23 AM
"It's quite simple, really." Vincent replied to JJ's inqury, carefully keeping his motives concealed with his expression, "It's true that we do not need more 'help' per say, but in my experience, telling people your age not to meddle in affairs tends to draw them to the scene like Dustox to a bonfire. And seeing as your little...group already seems to have decided on investigating this matter then it is certainly in our benefit to make sure that you do not ruin any evidence when doing so. And besides, at the moment you three are our only witness acounts on the matter, so it would seem prudent to have you nearby just in case we find something we need confirmation on. I trust that that is enough to satisfy your curiosity?"

Meanwhile, Lori had been briefly, very briefly, startled as Tailow almost flew into her face, letting out a rapid series of chirps. Although she was really far from happy about this, she maintained her trademark smile, turning her attention back to Avery and Odie.

"Yes, the poor little thing is obviously frightened..." she said, turning her smile back to the Umbreon, "Don't worry yourself one little bit..." Lori continued, adressing the dark type in a soft, buttery cooing voice, "We won't let anything bad happen to you or your little friends..." she looked back up at Avery again, "Don't read too much into it, loveh." she said sweetly, "Umbreons tend to be somewhat paranoid by nature. It's probably just all the excitement of the last few minutes getting to him."

Random Plushie
January 21st, 2006, 11:34 AM

Wow, I actually laughed for quite a bit at that last one. XD


Odie narrowed his eyes further as Lori adressed him, not snarling or anything, but still growling all the same in an attempt to get his message across that he wanted nothing to do with these folk.

Avery had been pondering what Vincent had said, before letting out a chuckle at Lori's words despite herself. Paranoid.. Yes, when Odie was afraid of something, it had always been an overreaction to something silly. The Umbreon was always bright, happy, and energetic, so much in fact that he was prone to overreacting in that way.

Lori might have a point..

"That..makes sense from what I know." Avery began, tilting her head.

But as she said that, Odie widened his eyes. {No! Avery! You are falling into their clutches! It is a sign!} Odie barked, jumping up and down simply because he had too much energy being saved up.

Avery saw this, but decided that Odie really was in one of those situations where he was overreacting.

"Well.. What do you think, JJ? Cona?" Avery continued, not wanting to accept or decline without first adressing what her friends thought.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 21st, 2006, 11:44 AM
JJ smiled as Vincent finished his answer
''good enough'' he said simply and turned back to Avery and Cona
''What do you guys think?..... i'll just stick with you''

{like, I just don't know whats wrong with that dude sometimes...} taillow said, indicating his speech at the Pidgey
{that chick seems perfectly interested by what i had to say, but does he let me enjoy it? nope......still, he has his good sides, always treating me, and he's a very good trainer, good history of winning battles and stuff, i've only recently joined him, but already i feel tons stronger, which makes me think, your getting on in years, no offence, but, wouldnt you have like, evolved by now dude?}

''Taillow!'' JJ suddenly snapped, turning to Taillow ''Don't be so rude, thats none of your business...''

{Like, i DID say, no offence, I didn't mean any offence, jeez...}
Jeffery didn't mean to snap at his pokemon, he just had a lot on his mind, although, this of course wasn't a good enough excuse to have snapped

''Sorry Taillow'' he said with a wink, the bird pokemon responded with a wink of it's own {meh, dont worry about it dude, i guess you were right....}
JJ then turned back to Vincent
''sorry about that, anyway, i was wondering, is there any information you already know about all this?''

January 21st, 2006, 12:41 PM

A timid sounding voice answered Rosairie's own voice at a volume that, had it been any softer, would've been inaudible. "Onee-chan...?" She looked up slightly, her eyes staring deeply at Rosairie's for a moment before returning to her hands, "don't... don't look at me.... " Her eyes welled up with wetness and she feebly turned away, "I couldn't handle this... I couldn't take the pressure.... I don't deserve your time..." But her body language said otherwise. She could resist affection and emotions as much as she wanted but nobody can trully deny themselves something like that, can they?

"Onee-chan... I'm... an embarassment... I can't I can't... I can't get through one tournement."


Wh00t. X3 CCS for my bday. -dances-

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Alter Ego
January 22nd, 2006, 11:06 AM
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Anyways, it's about time I posted an IC;


Vincent took a small pause before giving his reply, "I know what you have just told me..." he replied at last, "...and that the disturbance seems to have originated from the Vizier Street Market Square. Any information beyond that is confidential, I'm afraid, such are the security regulations. Now then..." he added to the group in general, "If your curiosity is suitably satisfied for the moment, might I suggest that we move on? The longer we dawdle here the slimmer our chances of catching the culprit will be."

"Aww...you're always such a spoilsport, Vince..." Lori commented, looking up at the chief of security for a moment, "But I think he's got a point, lovehs..." she added, "None of us are getting any younger here, you know. So if you're interested in finding out what's going on here then now's your chance."

January 22nd, 2006, 11:39 AM
{ooc| Gosh darn, I just missed Mika. I needed to talk with you about Furuba~~~~
I just finished rewatching the series, man I cried so much. I was like, 'Tohru and Kyooo! Get married!' I'm a disgusting romantic xD Anyway, I enjoyed it doubly as much in english as I did in low-quality japanese, but I have some questions! DUN DUN DUN! Is Akito a member of the zodiac? What actually is his 'curse'? Is it like Kyo's? Or is he just sickly?
I scratch your FMA back, you scratch my FB one =D
Who else cries senselessly during movies/series? I cry at the lion king, darnit. It's so sad...;;}

The girl gave one of her long, patient sighs, and smiled. "Don't be silly, why wouldn't I look at you? There's nothing wrong with crumbling under pressure, I mean, I saw Valen just a second ago. He was practically dying." she grabbed Kyoko's hands, and hauled the girl to her feet.

Rosairie felt paticularily maternal towards the girl; she was so young, so innocent and so delicate. She always seemed to be in trouble some way or another, whether she was getting lost, wandering off, or being pumelled in some sort of pokemon ba- oh, wait, that was Valen. Rosairie grinned inwardly at the memory; she would never forget the day that she saw haughty ol' Valen on the floor in the care of his beloved girlfriend.

Rosairie squeezed the girl's hand reassuringly. "Don't worry. I've got you." she whispered, and pulled the girl into the sunlight. "There's nothing to be embaressed about." she shielded her eyes with her spare hand.
She was still itching with curiousity; had Lori and her friends left Avery and the others yet? What had they wanted?

Random Plushie
January 22nd, 2006, 12:38 PM

OMGWTFBBQ I just caught a Chansey!!! =DDDDDDDDD

*has been trying forever*

Lion King, eh? Yeah, I always start tearing when Mufasa dies. XD


Avery tilted her head yet again. Heh, these people were obviously running out of patience. Odie was still whining at her feet and shaking his head, but it wasn't like she had a choice, now, was it? She was willing to bet most of her money that if she and the others were to refuse, then they would be forced into helping anyways, seeing as how Vincent seemed to be insistent that they move on.

"F-Fine." Avery said finally, ignoring Odie's hysteric cries of protest. "As long as I find out who did this."

The Umbreon at her feet was now shouting a series of 'NO!'s as fast as he could, continuing to tug at Avery's pant leg every once in a while in the high hopes that she would reconsider. Avery merely sighed, knowing that he would probably keep it up with his energy the whole way to the Square.

With a few quick motions, she unclipped the Umbreon's Pokeball from her belt, and within the next few moments the red capture beam had claimed Odie and sent him back into the confinement of the Pokeball, giving him time for one last 'Don't do it!'.

However, she felt the need to be accompanied by at least one of her Pokemon, and so as she clipped the Umbreon's Pokeball to her belt, she unclipped another one and released its occupant.

A moment later the same toothily grinning Sableye had materialized on the ground in front of Avery, backing up slightly as he laid eyes on the line of guards. He said nothing, however, not even asking what was going on.. He just stood there and stared up at Vincent and company in curiousity before wandering back towards his Trainer.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 22nd, 2006, 12:52 PM
''Very well then'' JJ said calmly
He watched as Avery returned her obviously frightened Umbreon to it's pokeball and instead released her dark Sableye. Had these been different circumstances, Jeffery may have made an effort to find out more about it, but there were more pressing matters to think about. He turned to the two girls
''Well, I think we should go too, we'd defenitely get somewhere a lot easier with the chief of security, and a police escort, plus we would be safer, and I for one would like to find out more about that wierd chanting....what do you think Taillow?'' he finished off, turning his head to the bird pokemon.
{Like, dude, whatever you choose to do is cool with Me, like, i'll be here for ya}
JJ smiled at him and faced Vincent again.

''well then....'' he said ''as Lori said, no ones getting any younger, shall we take off?''

Taillow turned to face the newly released pokemon, sableye, he flew over to him and began circling round and round him while talking
{Hey new dude, whats happening?}

OOC - Yay for Chansey!! and guess what! i booted out the elite four on emerald!!! (twice now :)) and battle frontier is awesome! aaand as if things couldnt get any better, i caught a Snorunt!!!! *huggles snorunt*

January 22nd, 2006, 9:24 PM
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And cake is awesome Alter! Though it is quite easy to eat too much of it. ^-^

And don't feel too bad Charon. I got teary-eyed at the Lion King too. I probably would cry, but it's far too embarrassing for me. My family/people I watch it with would never let me live it down.

Yay for Plushie catching a Chansey! I remember it took me forever on my Yellow game to catch one. >_>

Lucky you BB, my pokemon team on my Ruby game was terrible, I could never get past... er... whoever was second to last. Goodness, I can't even remember the Elite 4.... I really need to start over again. Ugh...


Thinking about what Valen had been saying, Reina agreed that Tabansi and the boy next to her were probably right. The chant was like a pokemon attack, a sort of channeling of energy used to confuse or drive crazy anyone who was affected by it. She also listened to Valen's warning that lots of fighting would be following this event. Reina didn't mind fighting, it had always been a part of her life, and she got a certain adrenaline rush from it, but she was also aware that the kind of fighting Valen meant was the worst kind. This was something not to be very happy about, and Reina wasn't. She would fight though; fight for her friends and pokemon.

"Fighting eh? Well, Tabansi and I will do our best to help out," Reina said, looked to her partner.

The little Cubone then got himself caught and added to Valen's team of pokemon, which was getting quite nicely sized compared to Reina's three. She found herself wishing that she had trained another pokemon before coming to the tournament.

"Oh boy, I'd watch out for pokemon that have a debt to pay, look at Tabansi, it's been years since I saved his life, and he's still following me," Reina said with a smile to her bug pokemon. Tabansi folded his arms.

{I will repay you one day,} Tabansi said seriously, {That may have been the only reason I joined with you, but now we are friends, and I enjoy being your partner.}

Reina was touched at her Heracross's sentiment, and she didn't really know what to say. That's how she was in those situations: not knowing what to say. Expressing anger, happiness, annoyance, these she knew; but sorrow, love... those she was always so uncomfortable with. She sometimes found herself wishing that her brothers and father were more... well, sensitive. Not that she wanted to be like someone as emotionally bubbly as say Rosairie, but at least somewhere inbetween. These were thoughts though that she kept hidden to herself. She wouldn't want to look weak.

Most of the people around the street were calming a bit since the chaos had ended for now, but there was still the occasional trainer racing off to some unknown destination looking scared wittless and paranoid. A girl went rushing by, and upon seeing a Donphan near her, screamed and raced off in a panic.

"Ugh... why was she so freaked out? Isn't it obvious that the ground pokemon have all returned back to original selves?" Reina grunted, frowning at the girl's display. People, especially girls as they were prone to this, who lost their heads in battle or life really annoyed her.

January 23rd, 2006, 4:24 AM
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*raises hand*I cry at the end of those really good movies when the boy and the girl get together or when someone dies.My friends are all..'Gawd,its just a movie.=.=;;' XD
Yeah,which so included the Lion King,Mufasa's death was like,so sad.;_;

Ooh,yeah!Like,the Battle Frontier rocks!^^
I love the Battle Palace.And the second to the last elite four member was...Glacia if I remember.X3


Cona had spent the last few minutes carefully examining Vincent, Lori and the guards behind them. Lori was the tour guide lady wasn't she? She also seemed like one of the few in charge, could she be trusted? The way she talked was creeping the girl out. Though, judging by the number of backup the man and woman had behind them, it would'nt have been a safe choice to actually say 'no' was it now? That was probably what Avery and Jeffery were going for as they agreed.

"Yeah, fine. I'll play along. But I know something's up here, and I'm not going to drop the fact that you people could be one of the few that caused it."the girl declared reluctantly, crossing her arms and turning away from them.

{Me? Are you youngin' like, talking about me? Why I haven't like, evolved yet?}Kuner asked, tilting his head to one side for the fun of it. Jeffery had quickly shushed the Flying type however, stating that it was rather rude to ask people such things. Amazingly, the Pidgey felt slightly happy upon hearing the question, no one had bothered to ask him that, ever. It was making him impatient that none had noticed him.

{I've always stopped myself from,like,evolving you know?I think its kind of wasteful for an oldie like myself to evolve since I won't be, like, of much help either way.}he shrugged, still managing to keep a grin on his face.

{However, like, I soooo appreciate the fact that, you, you know? Like, noticed me, dude!}he added, chirping with a contented tone, flapping his wings once or twice just to get any other pent up energy out of himself.

{Was that good?}Kuner asked, refering to the way he had phrased that last couple of statements.

Krystal had only managed a small {Mumph..} as Odie was forced by Avery to return into his pokeball, not at all in any state to talk much more. From what he had gathered from his half-conscious self, the lady which he had seen before had appeared and was now asking them to follow her. The Marshtomp yawned, not really having a particular view or comment on this, unlike the other Pokemon around him.

"Well? Are we going or not?"Cona asked, a frown now on her face.

Alter Ego
January 23rd, 2006, 11:10 AM
OOC: Ehh...I know I should have posted here earlier but I'm still suffering from a partial writer's block, in addition to being tired, and then my Jujitsu practice kind of came in the way, so...yeah. I'm here to post now. ^-^ On a sidenote, I had a real fun practice match against this one guy. I swear he pulled three different and completely legitimate arm locks on me and yet all I felt was a very slight ache and a warm, fuzzy feeling in my arm. Yep, all this practice is definitely improving me in one way or th other... xD

Anyhow, amen to that Melissa, cake rules supreme. ^^ And yes, the third of the Hoenn elite is Glacia, and her team is Glalie/Sealeo/Walrein/Sealeo/Glalie, in that order, and her second Sealeo's moveset is Hail/Blizzard/Attract/Double Edge, and...dang, I know way more about the elites than any halfway decent person should. xD

And speaking of the elites...Lance must die a very slow and painfull death starting right this instant! >O Just-just look what he did to that poor defenceless Kingdra;

Hyper Beam
Dragon Dance
Ice Beam

That's right. He put that abomination of a moveset on that poor, defenceless, fuzzy-wuzzy little Kingdra!! XO I propose that he be hanged by his genitals from a cherry tree! Who's with me?!

Ehh...at any rate, congrats on your league victory, BB! ^-^ Oh, and out of curiosity, do you have any favourite facility in the Battle Frontier? Myself, I simply love the Battle Dome (All them fancy charts, glowing lights, and thingumwhatsits and the additional joy of getting to kick that prancing fairy princess Tucker's buttocks just appeals to me. ^^) and the Battle Factory pwns too because I get to use pokmon and strategies I would never use otherwise, plus, the randomness aspect of it all is great...not to mention that it's an easy place to gather Battle Points. ^^

Oh, and confetti for Plushie's Chansey! =D

Are you planning to raise it or is this just a collector type thing?


Vincent raised an eyebrow at Cona's comment but decided not to dignify it with a reply, proceeding to answer the question about going instead.

"Quite so." he replied, gesturing for the guardsmen accompanying them to move back into formation, three splitting on each side of him and Lori and the rest taking up covering their flank "Follow me, please, and try to stay within the perimiter of the guards if you would, that should already decrease the odds of any worse mishaps quite considerably. Everyone keep a lookout for suspect and wounded people, and of course, any pokmon still hostile."

"My, my..." Lori commented as Fable made his appearance, her eyes instantly darting to the Sableye's sharp claws and her smile widening just a bit, "Isn't that an adorable little fellow you've got there." she commented to Avery, even as the group started moving out, "Does he have a name?"


Valen looked up at Reina's comment about the fight to come, "Somehow I had a feeling that you would say that..." he replied, "And there is no doubt in my mind that a battlefield is where I'll find myself as soon as I've healed..." his gaze grew a bit distant again, "Not that it narrows things down very much..." the boy added as an afterthought, his voice carrying a slight edge of bitterness towards something on his mind, "My whole bloody life has been a battle." the last sentence was said so quietly that it was questionable wether anyone but himself had heard it. At least it was clear that Cespenar hadn't, the Cubone currently being preoccupied with trying to develop a method of walking which wouldn't hurt so much, and not having very much success.

"Oh for crying out loud." Valen said in a slightly irritated voice, "Just stand still." he reached his left hand into one of the small bags still lying on the pavement, returning it out with a handfull of light yellow powder in his palm which he then sprinkled over the Cubone's various injuries "It stings a bit." he informed the ground type, although judging by the way he was twitching it seemed that Cespenar had already figured that out on his own, "But it will fix up your injuries right quick. Just take it like a man and don't scratch." he added as a final piece of advice, "It only gets worse if you scratch."

{Papa is right about that.} Kachiko stated, taking a small pause in her humming, {I did that once an' I got this little red markings all over and they itched and papa had to take me to a pokmon center an' all.} the Mawile pulled a face, {It was no fun.}

{Erm...right...} Cespenar managed to reply, now focusing all of his willpower on preventing his hands from going to any of those countless itching spots on his body.

Valen turned his attention back to Reina as the girl proceeded to tell him her views on pokmon who thought they owed their trainers something, and to hear her part of the conversation she held with Tabanasi, deciding not to comment as, although he didn't understand the bug type's words, it was obviously something personal, judging by how touched Reina seemed by the whole thing, and the boy didn't feel like intruding, knowing precisely how he would have reacted if someone butted in on one of his more sentimental conversations with Kachiko or Seirini. As the girl proceeded to comment on some of the more witless individuals in the crowd however, he decided to speak up again.

"Most people see what they assume they'll see." he said, casting a look of slight distaste at the girl who was running away from the Donphan, "It doesn't matter what you do, once people have placed a label on you they'll find evidence for it in anything that you do..." he continued glaring in the direction that the girl had run, "Nothing can change an idiot, and most people in this world are idiots..."

January 23rd, 2006, 11:38 AM
OOC: Er, I still have one more day of finals. But, after that, I should be able to return once I recover some degree of mental capacity. :: sigh :: It seems I already have quite a bit to read.

In any case, I merely thought I would give a quick notice.

January 23rd, 2006, 12:03 PM
OOC: Hey, my hat's off to anyone who can do Jujitsu properly. That's hard work! And Lance is... well, stupid. I mean, I could take out his team of dragons with two good pokemon. In my Yellow game, he kept on using Hyper Beam on me... XD I just KO'ed his Dragonite when they were 'recharging'. Silly Lance. ^-^ *looks at Kingdra moves* *has no idea what the problem is aside from Hyper Beam because she's horrible at movesets* *assumes it's bad* Um... yeah, that's HORRIBLE!! How dare he?!! Do your worst to him Alter!

Actually, what's with Lance and the Hyper Beams anyway? He should change his name to Beam. XD

Eh, dun worry Kogenta, you did miss a lot, but I'm sure you can catch up. We wouldn't want your finals to be disrupted because of an RP. On a side note, finals suck.

Yayness! I'm on the final chapter of my Fire Emblem game! Methinks it's going to be hard. -_- Poor Myrrh... I felt so bad about her father. She's such a cutie so I feel extra sad when she is sad.


"Good point," Reina replied, listening to Valen's heavy comment, "People do often become very narrow-minded. I definitely know about that too. Tabansi once told me that he read that humans like to categorize things so that they can feel more comfortable about their surroundings. I guess people don't like uncertainty or change." Reina didn't say anything about Valen's comment that most people were idiots. She knew that lots of people had treated her horribly, but there were also those who treated her with care, so she wasn't sure. She looked up.

"I suppose I haven't been out in the world enough to know how many idiots are in," she said, shrugging a little, "I am sure there are lots though. I've already seen too many here. There are some really smart and great people though; they're just hard to find." She paused, and then remembered Rosairie's knowledge that helped her bandage up Valen. She also thought of her first impression of Valen, how unexpectedly soft he had behaved with Kachiko, and how he had risked his very life to get rid of that Aggron. Granted, he may have had other reasons besides altruistic ones for taking on the Aggron, but he did it. "Once in a while you get surprised too, and an idiot will do something really very... admirable," Reina said with a slight smile.

OOC: LUNCH! I am very hungry. ;_;

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 23rd, 2006, 4:03 PM
OOC - JUjitsu huh, thats impressive, a very hard form of martial art. I do (and don't laugh anyone) wrestling. it is a sport which has always been very close to my heart, not just on a fan level, but I am very passionate about it on a professional level, something that I cannot explain. anyway I do that at a ametuer club, and when im 17 im joining a professional school and im going to try and get a contract with a very small company, make my way up slowly but surely, (although ontop of that im an actor lol)

lance huh, I never exactly minded him, prolly mainly due to the fact he was never hard to beat lol your right though hyper beam after hyper beam, just makes it easier for us lol so many recharges!!!
Drake i love though, sorr but he is one of my fave elite four members of them all. I just think he is so smooth :)
Kingdra pwnz XD
Snorunt evolved to Glaie, level 46 from 26 now lol. im getting him to 50 so i can use him in the battle frontier, to answer your question titan, i havent actually done them all, the rent a pokemon one is ok, but atm my fave is the one where you have 3 pokemon, and theres a 16 person ''tree'' and you see what 3 pokemon they have and then get to choose which 2 of your 3 you want to use for that battle, plus the arena looks great lol. thats my fave atm, if i find one i like more i'll tell ya lol.
anywa atm im challenging the level 50 one, i have sceptile and swellow at 50, and i did have mighteyana but i wanna use glaie so....XD

Alter Ego
January 24th, 2006, 9:44 AM
OOC: Don't worry, Kogenta, I think the pace of this RP will stay suitably slow until the end of your finals, just drop me a PM when you've got those sorted out and I'll give you a summary and orchestrate a way for your character to get back into the action. ^^

Anyways, I practice Jujitsu yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm too good at it. xD Sure, I know the basic throws, locks, and chokes, and how to keep the various positions, but that's about it I'm afraid, my fighting during free practice is mostly intuitive, meaning that I go for whatever feels good and just try to put as much pressure on my opponent as I can (I'd wage having my whole weight balanced on top of one's stomach via my knee probably isn't too pleasant). The problem is, most of the guys around are either so much heavier and stronger that they can break straight through or so technically skilled that I'm the one who ends up on the defensive. Oh well, it's still good excersise. ^^

As for Lance's Kingdra moveset...Surf and Ice Beam I don't mind, but...Hyper Beam?!! And Dragon Dance only for the sake of powering up Hyper Beam?! No!! Just, no!!!

Ahem, the best moveset for Kingdra (In my opinion) is this one;

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Modest (-Attack, +Sp.Attack) or Calm (-Attack, +Sp.Defense)
Ice Beam
Hidden Power [Grass/Electric]/Dragonbreath/Substitute/Toxic
Rain Dance

Although I've heard that Flaildra can be decent enough, meh, as I recall it was something like this;

Item: Petaya Berry
Nature: Lonely (+Attack, -Defense), or Rash (+Sp.Attack, -Sp.Defense)
Trait: Swift Swim
Surf/Hydro Pump
Substitute/Ice Beam
Dragon Dance

Hydro Pump is offered as an alternative here because it's only there to blast away physical walls like Skarmory and Weezing. Bleah, I dunno...I just can't picture Kingdra as a physical attacker. xP

Anyways, the point is that Lance has molested his Kingdra and must be punished. *Drags away Lance and tosses him into a pit of ferocious, man-eating Spindas* We'll consider that a warm-up...as for his obsession with Hyper Beam. That's Gamefreak for you...they want to promote one of the crappiest moves in the game so they stick it on one of the 'toughest' opponents in the game (I'm refering to R/B/Y of course), it's so overhyped...same in the anime. Bleah, all their fault that every annoying little N00B I run across has a Mewtwo with Hyper Beam. Strongest pokmon, strongest attack, right? Clueless, clueless, clueless... ~_~

And you do wrestling, BB? To each their own, I suppose, but isn't professional wrestling kind of...you know...faked? Meh, it's a living too, I suppose. And anyways, as long as you find it fun...^_^

Oh, and you don't need to have level 50 pokmon for the level 50 segment. 50 is just the upper limit for pokmon that can enter it, and the opponet's pokmon will always be of the same level as your strongest (I.e. Highest leveled) one, same goes for open level, although they have a minimum of 50 for opponents there, I think. Anyhow, the arena you describe is the Battle Dome. I agree, it's all so fancy it rules. xD Ohh...just wait until you get to face Tucker, and don't you dare loose to that jumped-up fairy-puff princess, ya' hear?


"True..." Valen replied to Reina's comment concerning people and labeling, "People fear everything different, and what they fear they try to trample...I guess that's why I've always preferred pokmon, myself." he affectionately stroked Kachiko's head a bit while the Mawile was preoccupied with watching the 'funny dance' which was Cespenar's urge to scratch struggling desperately with his determination not to and resulting in the peculiar wobbling motions of various parts of his body, primarily the arms.

"I...guess you're right..." he confessed at Reina's later statement, unable to resist smiling a bit as well, although he still wasn't quite sure what the girl was alluding to. Was she talking about him? Had he been acting like an idiot? Or was it someone else? Someone like that blonde-haired guy? Or Rosairie? No, he just couldn't picture the snobbish little brat as anything else than insufferable "Sometimes people can turn out to be far better than one has expected..." he concluded at last, "It has...happened before." he sighed very quietly, "I suppose I've just given up on trying to find those people..."

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 24th, 2006, 10:37 AM

lol ''to each there own'' good line, im not gonna be happy till i've used that in a sentence now lol.

anyway, sorry about this but *RANT TIME!!**

Ok, as far as wretsling goes, on a professional level it is the same as at an ametuer level, assuming both are with the proper ring of course.
Now you are right when you say ''fake'' in a couple of terms, but so wrong in others. it is a mistake that many people make, but duely noted it is understandable that they dont really care cos there not wrestling fans, that, is understandable.
Now the way it works is basically, the winner of the match is predetermined, and so is the way it is going to be done, especially if it is going to somehow relate to a current storyline, such as perhaps one of the wrestlers friends turning on him and costing him the match with low blow or something.
The guys are also, all of course playing characters, it is acting, they either write there own promos (segments where they will use the mic) themselves before hand, or have it written by an expert, and it will always contribute to the storyline of the time.
the wrestlers before the match will sit down and discuss the match they are going to have, if it is a huge match then they may talk it through and script the entire thing, but often they will just come up with a few ideas to make it entertaining, wrestlers have enough experience to know what the other guy is doing and can prepare themselves for it. (know how to land with the least physical damage for example)

Now, moving onto the actual wrestling itself, it is true that the ring is specially enforced to not be as painful as it sounds, it is however also true that it still bloody hurts :)
any surface is going to hurt you when your being picked up and slammed down onto it with extreme power, but imagine, throughout an entire match, lasting anything from 10 minutes to an hour, constantly being slammed down and having to get back up to continue......pretty exhausting well heres another one for ya, having to do this 6 days a week. With wrestling, it isnt just the shows seen on TV, you are wrestling nearly every day, in house shows, on tours etc, and when your not doing that, theres time for little else, i mean, your famous, multiple autograph signings, interaction with the fans, trying to get as many meals in a day as you can, and hours in the gym to keep the neccacary fitness for the career, but at the gym, your gonna have fans all over you, putting you off to try and talk or get an autograph, and you cant exactly go out in public to shop or have a nice meal at a restaraunt, it would be the same thing with fans. oh yes in many many many ways wrestlers have the hardest career that you can possibly imagine, all famous people have the same kinda thing with fans, and they get on with it, but with wretslers it is so much more. and the stuff that they put there bodys through, can you even possibly imagine, ontop of all that, trying to live your life with your family? many wretslers are fortunate enough to have kids and wifes, who all have to put up with so much time away from there husbands and fathers, they dont have to of course but they do, thats something to be admired IMO.

If you have dreams of becoming a wrestler, it cant just be a top of the hat career choice, it must be as important to you as anything else in your life, i travel hours and hours on trains when i get places in wretsling shows to wrestle for little or no money, just for 2 things, the publicity in hoping to be spotted by a pro company talent agent, and 2ndly, the love of the sport, oh yes wrestling is my deepest passion.
In short, the only things fake about wrestling is that one, it is indeed like a soap opera, and ther are actors, and two, the image people have of it, which in reality is more off the mark then they could even possibly begin to imagine. ''Why do they do it then?'' you may ask, well the answer seems utter stupidity to a lot of people, only wrestlers truly understand it, the passion of the sport, I mean, the guys even cut themselves with blades for the blood effect in a match, oh yea, its real, thats commitment if you ask me.

My deepest apologies for my rant, i didnt mean to go this far, just i ended up going on and on and couldnt stop typing, even now im going at the speed of light so i'll have to check for typos lol. Titan, please dont think i was angry and having a go at you because of what you saud, i wasnt, i just wanted to point out a couple of things...which turned into a LOT of things lol.

January 24th, 2006, 11:09 AM
OOC: Wow BB... I had no idea you were such a serious wrestler. O.O And I've always wondered about what's fake and what's not in Pro-wrestling. I saw this really funny scene when I was flipping around the TV the other day and some guy was in a headlock and his face was turning purple. He kinda looked like a baby being born out of a man's armpit. XD Pro-Wrestling has always been something that's never really appealed to me. No offense to the sport itself, it's just not for me. Though those guys must have a very stressful life. Good luck with your passion.

Ack! I don't know what to write for an IC!! X____X *is braindead*

I'm sorry, I'll have to post later. Apologies to Alter for littering his thread with my OOC post.... >_> I'll give you one free total OOC post for my RP that you just joined. You can post a big block of absolute nothing anytime you want in there.

January 24th, 2006, 3:26 PM

but I'm still suffering from a partial writer's block, in addition to being tired

; Oh I hear you. My friggen doctor gave me the WRONG MEDS and got me sicker... But the new pills are helping.... Anybody wanna sue my doctor? =D Sueing people is FUN because you get MONEY which you can use to buy Pokemon IMPORTS from Japan

>>; And my brain is fried from that WH assignment.


Hyper Beam
Dragon Dance
Ice Beam

>.>; Weren't you the one who insisted that I teach my fluffeh Dratini Dragon Dance?

>.> But Hyper Beam bad.... very badddddddddd..... Yesh I agree on that.... -slaps sister with a stick- >:O PLAY MORE POKEMON XD I NEED TEH DRAGONITE. NEEEEEEED I TELL YOU NEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

And um... >_> Alter... you kinda have an obsession with Hidden Power... -cough-Crappy move on all but normal types-cough- And it's starting to scare me....

Then again.... >> If there's Flamethrower... things will be blasted so I can't really speak can I? ^o^;;;; Anyways, typing IC.... Which will be like... PUT ON HERE once my brain comes back from hitaus.... which it should after I eat my lil sister's cake... (Ish her 10th bday today. >:3 FREE CAKE)

Random Plushie
January 24th, 2006, 8:52 PM


Plushie's brain be fried, too. ;.;

Oh, and concerning teh Chansey, Alter, I dunno if I'll raise it. Perhaps when me Alakazam reaches Lv. 100, which is only five levels away. ^.^

Then I'll work on raising another one.

But for the record I dun like Blissey very much. It scares me. D:

Chansey ish prettier. >O

>.>; Weren't you the one who insisted that I teach my fluffeh Dratini Dragon Dance?

Yesh, but that was because the Dratini evolution line PWNS when it comes to Attack. Kingdra doesn't have a need for Dragon Dance acause it's more of a Sp. Attacker. :3


"Hmm?" Avery said foremost at Lori's comment, beginning to do as told and wander into the area protected by guardsmen. She didn't quite feel comfortable doing this.. Which was pretty much the exact opposite of how she was supposed to feel. "Oh, his name is Fable!" She responded, a bit of an optimistic touch returning to her voice when she began to think more about her Sableye rather than recent events. "Yes, he's very cute.."

{Why yes, Fable is the name of me. Me is what is named Fable.} Fable finally spoke up, wearing his usual toothy grin at this point. So many people were noticing him today.. It made him so very happy!

Both the Sableye and Avery tried to move in time with the guards as the group moved onwards, although the Trainer was now focusing Lori, mainly wondering why she seemed so interested in the Sableye now that he was out.

Well, a lot of people around here seem to think he's cool-looking. I shouldn't think much of it. Avery thought to herself, while Fable began darting here and there on the ground, occasionally focusing his glance back on the receptionist.

January 25th, 2006, 1:09 AM
Cona frowned as Vincent decided to ignore her first question. That was definately proof, was it not? Something was up. Course, the girl still had a small bit of sense left, like Valen, she had to wait for real evidence. Then she'd catch them and the cheese market would be safe once more. Where were the others anyway? Bah, they'd probably find them sooner or later, Cona just hoped that they weren't really injured or anything. As if Jeffery's knee wasn't enough already.

"Right.."the girl sighed, following the man's orders to stay near them, her arms were getting a tad tired from holding a Marshtomp. She loosened her grip on the mudfish, not anything too noticable. If anything were to happen, Krystal's arms were still around her neck. She just hoped that her neck wouldn't go snap.Ouch.

Meanwhile, Kuner was settled on his trainer's shoulder, waiting for Tailow's reply. The Pidgey yawned taking note of how the new people dressesd. The pretty lady was interested in Fable who had been released from his pokeball. Though, it didn't seem that Avery was thinking the same thing. What did he know anyway? He was just a Pidgey.

Alter Ego
January 25th, 2006, 6:18 AM
>.>; Weren't you the one who insisted that I teach my fluffeh Dratini Dragon Dance?

Yes, but like Plushie already answered; the Dratini evolution line has greater Attack than Sp.Attack (Whereas Kingdra has an equal amount of both) and has a wide selection of physical moves (Whereas Kingdra, excluding favourable Hidden Powers, only gets Normal type physical attacks). So yeah, there's a slight difference...

And um... >_> Alter... you kinda have an obsession with Hidden Power... -cough-Crappy move on all but normal types-cough- And it's starting to scare me....

No offence but, um...Mika, you have a really scary misconception about Hidden Power and still can't seem to see the difference between it and Secret Power! XO I said Hidden power! Okay?! HIDDEN! NOT THE CRAPPY NORMAL TYPE MOVE THAT LETS YOU GET A SECRET BASE!!! Hidden Power does not equal Secret Power! Secret Power does not equal Hidden Power! Hidden not the same as secret! Secret not the same as hidden! Hidden Power good, Secret Power crap! Secret Power crap, Hidden Power good! Hidden, good! Secret, crap! UNDERSTAND?!!!! HOW MANY FRIGGIN' TIMES DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS FOR ANYTHING TO GET THROUGH?!!! Seriously, stop mixing those two up...~_~ Hidden Power is a useful move on any pokmon provided that you get the right type and a high enough power, ask any Netbattler/Moveset maker with even half a brain and the slightest part of practical experience on the matter and they'll tell you the same. <.< No, Hidden Power isn't as good as T-Bolt/I-Beam/F-Thrower/T-Punch/I-Punch/F-Punch, but it's a great substitute for them. The statistics for an optimal Hidden Power are;

Hidden Power
Type: Varies
Power: 70
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15
Additional Battle Effect: N/A
Out-of-Battle Effect: N/A
Attack Classification: Physical
Direct Attack: No
Targets: Single
Affected by King's Rock: Yes
Affected by Accuracy and Evasion modifiers: Yes
Attack Priority: Normal

That's definitely nothing to sneeze at. What you're STILL doing, despite my best efforts to correct that misconception, is equating it with

Secret Power
Type: Normal
Power: 70
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20
Additional Battle Effect: Occurs sometimes (Don't have a percentage) and depends on the battle ground.
Grass: Poisons target
Tall grass: Puts target to sleep
Ocean: Drops target's Attack by 1 stage
Underwater: Drops target's Defense by 1 stage
Pond: Drops target's Speed by 1 stage
Sand: Drops target's Accuracy by 1 stage
Cave: Causes target to flinch
Rocky area: Confuses target
Any other areas: Paralyzes target
Out-of-Battle Effect: Opens up/creates a Secret Base from suitable bushes, trees, or openings in cliff walls
Attack Classification: Physical
Direct Attack: No
Target: Single
Affected by King's Rock: No
Affected by Accuracy and Evasion modifiers: Yes
Attack Priority: Normal

For the last time, don't mix those two up!!! >_<

Aaaanyhow, now that I've got that off my chest. No worries BB, I see what you're talking about, and although I don't share your interest in it (Saw a couple of matches on a school camp-thing as we were too lazy to move ourselves from the TV by that time of the day. It was entertaining in its own way, but not really my thing. I like spectacles where the 'spectacle' aspect is a bit better concealed, myself.) I still wish you good luck on your career and I didn't mean to give off the impression that I don't consider it hard work (Because I know how hard it is to fall without being hurt, even on a relatively soft surface, and being a celebrity just has to be a pain in the behind). Thanks for enlightening me about the secrets of pro wrestling. ^^

Well, there isn't very much to write an IC about at the moment, so I'll do that a bit later. Stay tuned.

January 25th, 2006, 7:59 AM
{ooc| *clings to Mika* my sweetie's all drugged up today xDDD
Though, lassie, you need to calm down and post an IC... ^^;;;; Currently Rosairie is trying to pull Kyoko onto her feet, if you don't remember. Pwease post IC? For Mousie? 'Cause I know you love me <3
Also, in case I don't get to talk to you otherwise today, I just wanna say there is a new arc of Bleach! The guys are now out of Soul Society.

ANYWAY... BB, I think it's cool that you love something so passionately. I rarely ever watch wrestling - except when it's on Sky One directly after Futurama and I can't find the remote xDD
The only sport I would like to play on a professional level is Taekwondo, which is a....weird...martial-arts-type sport. It's basically lots of hopping on the spot, kicking, blocking, dodging, and hopping. The thing is, it actually gets really boring really quickly, and it tires you out so easily. It's quite challenging because there's a lot of feinting and dodging involved, and you also have to know how to take advantage of a situation. It's also quite dull because you can go for ages without either person getting a hit...I'm not passionate about it and I'd never watch it on TV, but I guess if I was asked to do it professionally I would.}

January 25th, 2006, 8:50 AM
OOC: Hey! I'm posting! XD Yeah, figured I could squeeze in a little something before my class starts.

And Mika, I think you almost made Alter combust. o.o We should all confuse Hidden Power with Secret Power and say that Hyperbeam is the best attack ever just to see what happens. *grin*


"Ow...," Reina grunted, as she tried to use her right hand to adjust her body's position a bit, "I forgot how much it hurts to punch someone. It wasn't hurting a moment ago... must've been the adrenaline." That man's jaw was pretty hard, and her knuckles felt sore and a bit swollen. It was nothing she couldn't handle, but it was still painful.

"Well, it's too bad that you've given up on looking for people who aren't idiots. You must have really met some stupid people to feel that way," Reina said to Valen, smiling a bit. She knew it was a serious subject, she just couldn't help but smile as she thought of various ridiculously stupid people coming up to Valen at different times in his life. They were probably nothing like the people he had met, but she didn't really know any better.

Tabansi watched Cespenar with a slight chuckle, {Oh the experiences of life! My apologies Cespenar, but you look quite amusing. I'm afraid it'll have to do though, there really isn't a cure for itchiness; you simply have to put up with it.}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 25th, 2006, 9:10 AM
JJ frowned as the security guards all formed lines either side of them.....why so much need for protection? there were plenty of other trainers out there who weren't being given these sort of safety measures. True that Jeffery Cona and Avery has specifically said that they were off looking for answers, and it seemed only sensible that Wai wai inc's security would accompany them, theres safty in numbers yes....but as security, shouldn't they be also putting efort into helping others?
JJ was considering asking Vincent about this, but he didn't want to push his luck, he may have already appeared rude enough when he attacked him about why he wanted the help of three teenagers.

{Dude you're doing fine, you are a total natrual} Taillow said to pidgey while on his masters shoulder and looking backwards as the group walked.
{Ok...now try this} he said, and with a wink, he stretched out his wings and flew off of JJ's shoulder and straight upwards, the wind ruffled his feathers cooly and he closed his eyes in bliss, once he had reached about 5 metres up, he raised his wings to stop very aruptly in midair, before changing position, so his beak was pointing straight down, and he elegantly flew straight back down and round the head of Cona 4 times before landing gracefully back onto his trainers shoulder

JJ rolled his eyes
''show off'' he muttered with a slight smile.

''Vincent'' he suddenly said.
''I think if we were to take that staircase there, it would lead us straight to the Aggron's pen'' with a point to the staircase, when all of a sudden, a shot of great pain cracked down his leg from his knee and he stumbled and began to fall backwards...unable to keep his balance....

OOC - Thanks people....It means a lot that you would show respect to something which is nowhere near a joke for me. a lot of people do.

Titan's gonna blow :| HES GONNA BLOW!!!
*hides behind pie*

January 25th, 2006, 11:16 AM

:3 Wee hee I'm answering this from SCHOOL dangit.

>.> Alter.... Please put the shiney red text away... you might hurt somebody with that. And to your hidden power rant (Which was bloody hilarious I might add in a ranty sort of way... reminds me of my KH rants. >___>; Charon understands.... Yesh.... Charon understands.....) I actually didn't type that part of my post. o.o My Mom made me. -nodnod- She's been playing Pokemon Games as long as I have (Since I was 8 and I'm 16 so that's 8 years. :3) asked me to point that out. She's a bit confused as to why you use Hidden Power (Not Secret.<.< She has less than pleasant things to say about that move...) when it could be replaced with a move that has more pp and does more damage. o.o Her email is [email protected] so if you don't believe she actually said this, give her a ring. (She goes by Sonechka or Sonee btw. xp)

And she said other things

But I don't want Alter to hate me

So I'll shut up

And post IC

And I was just being well, less than tactful, with the Dragon Dance comment, so please find it in your heart to let that slide. :o As I was trying to make a joke. Mm yes..... Sorry the IC is short btw, I'm at school after all. ~.~


She blinked lightly, letting out a soft high pitched squeak when she'd been pulled from her safe-haven so abruptly and in her opinion, very rudely, but it was apparent from the girl's tone that this subject would no longer be discussed and that Kyoko would follow as she'd been told to. She certianly was a mess. Her hair was falling to pieces, her clothing was covered in dirt, her eyes had lost a bit of sparkle, dried tears were matted to her face and to top everything off, she'd just gotten yanked out of her hole and all but shoved into the light when she just wanted to hide. But she couldn't now. She couldn't pull her wrist free of Rosairie's grip who seemed to have no intention of letting her go nor letting her duck away from her problems.

Some people...

Letting out a defeated sigh, she stared at the ground and shifted her bag and leaned from one foot to another, getting her footing back, "Shouldn't... we go then?" Her voice was meek and barely audible.

January 26th, 2006, 1:04 AM

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Cona blinked as JJ's Tailow proceeded to swoop down and fly in circles round her head. He was cute, though the girl would've most certainly swiped it away if she didn't know it was a Tailow.

"Whoa, your Tailow. Its pretty fast. Faster than Kuner here atleast."she commented, giving the Pidgey on her shoulder a playful flick with one finger. The Flying type on the other hand scoffed, getting ready to mimic Tailow's stunt, he flapped his wings to get airborne.

{Like, I can so do that, you whipper-snapper, dude!}Kuner said confidently, immediately darting upwards after the statement, closing his eyes to feel the wind brush itself against his many feathers, it was relaxing, yes. Eyes still shut, the Pidgey turned so his back faced the ground, proceeding to fall head first towards the pavement at an increasing speed. At the last possible moment, the bird pulled up from his dive, his left wing however, scratching itself against rough road. Kuner ignored his mistake, continuing by rounding himself at Jeffery's feet before stumbling on the pavement.
One foot still in the air, the Pidgey held out his two wings to maintain his balance. When he was sure, the bird slammed his foot onto the pavement, placing one wing on a puffed out chest.

{I used to be like, a great contest pokemon in my day!} Kuner declared proudly, glad that he finally had a chance to show off his skills. Cona however, sweatdropped before placing the Pidgey back onto her shoulder.

"Don't mind Kuner, seems like he wanted to do a stunt all of a sudden."the trainer shrugged, shooting a glare to the grinning Flying type on her right. She was then taken by surprise when the JJ who was talking to Vincent, started falling backwards.

"Oi! What do you think you're doing?!" Cona called out franticly, taking hold of the boy's right sleeve and pulling him up from the fall before any 'thump' or whatever scary sounds could be heard. Krystal was lucky that his flippers were wrapped tightly around her neck, if not, he would have fallen down at that very moment. The girl brought his arm over her neck so that she could support him if he had any other intention of falling down again.

"Are you okay?! Its your knee, is it?! Evil spirits!! Begone! Begone!!"she asked, before turning to look at the rest. "Well? Isn't anyone going to take the other arm?!"it wasn't a question, it sounded more like a demand.

The Marshtomp on her chest slowly climbed off and got onto the pavement. Krystal yawned a couple of times as he tried to regain his footing.

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January 26th, 2006, 5:34 AM
UUURGH, combusting! How could I forget that?! >.< Yes, I'm going to...no, must...not...combust...not...repeat...gods and mortals incident...find the happy place...find the Cradily...*Takes a deep breath* Okay...looks like I'm not combusting after all. And nope...*Twitch*...making me combust is not a good thing...*Twitch*...I'm afraid the RP would detonate with me...


I actually didn't type that part of my post. o.o My Mom made me. -nodnod- She's been playing Pokemon Games as long as I have (Since I was 8 and I'm 16 so that's 8 years. :3) asked me to point that out. She's a bit confused as to why you use Hidden Power (Not Secret.<.< She has less than pleasant things to say about that move...) when it could be replaced with a move that has more pp and does more damage. o.o H

Your mum? o.O Whoa, this is just going to be case SubZer() (Certain people would know who I'm talking about) all over again, isn't it? ~_~ Well why don't you tell your mum that if she wants to argue about it then she should get her own dang account and PM me or something rather than force you to type out the bloody stuff? At any rate, much like mr.Zero (Whom I incidentally beat on Netbattle a long time ago, despite that haxxy critical hit that KOed my Snorlax), she has completely missed my point. Of course there are better moves than Hidden Power in certain instances. Yes, Thunderbolt > Thunderpunch > Hidden Power [Electric], but the fact is; Kingdra can't learn Thunderbolt or Thunderpunch, and in the category of Grass moves, an optimal Hidden Power [Grass] is the third strongest available, the only ones with greater power being Solarbeam and Frenzy Plant. 1. Kingdra can't learn either of those, and 2. Even if it could only a complete moron would go for either of those considering that Frenzy Plant leaves you to recharge (Which is definitely not good for a sweeper), and Solarbeam is a charge first move which looses half its power in rain. And before anyone says Dragonbreath, do the friggin' math. That third move is meant to counter the types that Surf and Ice Beam can't hurt properly, meaning, in effect, Water types. Now let's see the damage modifiers against your average Water type;

Dragonbreath: Power X STAB = 60 X 1.5 = 90

Hidden Power [Grass:]: Power X Weakness Modifier = 70 X 2 = 140

140 > 90

Hidden Power [Grass] > Dragonbreath

Yes, I know that the true formula is a lot more complicated than that, but since the same variables are present in both (User's level, target's level, random number, user's Sp.Attack, target's Sp.Defense) they are irrelevant for this comparison and can be ignored.

Now then, if your mum thinks that Hidden Power is worthless, what, pray tell, are those 'better' damaging moves for pokmon like


Just to name a few...<.< Hidden Power is a saving grace for pokmon like these because they've seriously gotten the shaft movepool-wise and some clearly Sp.Attack oriented ones (Like Magneton and Moltres) would otherwise only get special attack moves of their own type, which obviously isn't a good base for a moveset. Yes, there are stronger moves than Hidden Power out there, but you have to realize the fact that not all pokmon can learn them, and as such, other moves have to be found to provide the needed type coverage (Unless you are one of those "OMG! I'll give this Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Thunder, and Shockwave"-type people, in which case you're a very sad individual who doesn't have a clue about what a proper moveset looks like and probably hasn't even heard of Volt Absorb.).

Aaargh! Now I've ranted for so long that I need a small pause before I get back into the RPing mood again! >_< Bleah, IC to come as soon as I have gathered my thoughts.


"Fable..." Lori repeated as Avery introduced her Sableye, continuing to watch the imp with an almost greedy glint in her eyes, "Such a delicious name...and such an adorable pokmon too..." she continued, restraining the urge to reach out and touch the creature as she knew from experience that ghost types tended to phase right through people they weren't familiar with if they tried to touch them, it was only with their trainers or other friends that they tended to relax and remain solid.

At JJ's suggestion, Vincent merely cast a quick glance in the direction that the boy indicated then shook his head, "You'd think so, would you?" he replied, "But I'm afraid that that particular staircase leads to one of the VIP lounges up above, which is completely isolated from the actual pen, and as such, would do us no good. We'll just continue forward, it's only a short walk to-"

As the boy suddenly lost his balance and fell backward, only to get caught rather awkwardly by Cona, the security chief quickly turned around, allowing the girl to finish her rant before taking action, reaching for one of the pokballs on his belt and clipping it loose before releasing it in a curt, well-honed motion quite strikingly similar to the one Valen employed.

"Whisper, I choose you." he said in an even voice, the ghostly form of a Misdreavus soon spawning in the air, the creature casting a shy glance at all of the strangers around it before hovering a bit closer to its master, never once uttering a word even as it raised its eyes towards Vincent in anticipation of a command.

"Support the boy with Psychic." Vincent said simply, nodding towards JJ, "Not full carrying or anything, just enough to keep him in balance."

The ghost type gave an almost inaudible reply, closest in resemblance to the quiet rustle of wind among dry leaves, as it turned around, focusing its power on JJ, a thin aura of light blue energy soon surrounding the boy, ready to support him should his balance fail again.

"Are you in a condition to continue?" Vincent inquired, "If not then I'm afraid that I will have to ask you to leave the group and have one of my men escort you to safety, the immediate treath might be over but I'm still not ready to take the risk of carrying wounded children along."


Valen looked up at Reina's remark concerning her fist, it did look a bit swollen, and considerably red. For a moment, the boy considered offering some of his herbs for the ailment, but with Cespenar's plight being plain for the girl to see and Reina's headstrong attitude seeming quite clear to him, he somehow got the feeling that the offer might not get appreciated "Something cold would do wonders for that." he commented at last, "But failing that, try keeping it pointing upwards. If a minor vein has been broken or damaged there might be excess liquid gathering up inside, and it's not a good idea to let it build up...I learned that the hard way..." he took a pause, briefly wondering wether he had still exceeded his bounds. His words could very well be interpreted as him believing that Reina didn't know these things and was incapable of looking after herself, which was certainly not what he had thought, but the fact of the matter was, Valen was simply so unused to caring about anyone who wasn't himself or one of his pokmon that he had a hard time at getting the words to come out right.

"Yes, quite stupid indeed..." he replied, a slight tinge of bitterness at the memory entering his voice as Stonewall Orphanage sprang back into his mind, and along with it, the memories of his childhood tormentors. He had got them back in the end of course, yes, there was quite a string of freak accidents involving loose shelves, precariously located objects of heavy nature, and accidental stumbles down staircases which strangely abated the day Valen had left, but still, he couldn't help but feel that they had still gotten the better end of the bargain, taken something he could never get back, and it only served to make him more bitter about it, "Stupid and cruel..." he concluded, feeling like his last sentence had just left the whole thing hanging in the air, "And narrow-minded to boot, but that's all in the past..." he shrugged as if to signify his indeference to the matter, although something in his expression seemed to be contradicting his words, "All in the past..."

{Hey, that's what papa used to say too!} Kachiko exclaimed at Tabanasi's statement, {Umm...well, except for the apologies part.} she added as an afterthought, {He says that if taking medicine dun' feel right then you dun' want to take it again so you dun' want to get hurt an' you become more careful in battle an' all.}

{I-I...never...t-thought about...it li...like that...} Cespenar managed to get out in between his twitches, {The...boss...i-is...very-very...wise...l-l-like..mi-mistress...A-Ada...I-I think...it's..getting a-a...bit...better now...} he added, and sure enough, his forcefull motions did seem to be subsiding, and the ache in his leg was practically gone, as was that in his head, a small smile spread across the Cubone's face, even as he still had to constrain an urge to scratch now and again.

January 26th, 2006, 10:50 AM
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Reina almost snapped back with a comment about Valen's help, but as she was going to say it, the boy seemed to slip into what Reina had learned to be "Memory Lane", as she often visited there herself, and saw others do the same. It wasn't too hard to recognize the various emotions in Valen's comments, the trick was to figure out why they were there. Reina tried not to wonder about it; that wasn't like her, but for some reason the more he commented, the more interested she became. As she found herself thinking of these things, she seemed to forget her snappy comment on Valen's help, and instead frowned at her now throbbing hand. She tipped it up-- though she had been aware of that move to stop swelling before he had said it.

She wondered what she should say to Valen's odd comments about stupidity and cruelty, and found herself speaking before she could stop herself.

"You're not talking about yourself anymore, are you?" she said smartly, her frown of pain changing into a look of slight skepticism. She had a feeling that he was probably talking about others that were stupid and cruel. It could very well have been himself, but she just didn't believe that from what she had heard.

Tabansi clicked his wings absentmindedly as he observed Cespenar's happiness. {Oh... and just when the dance was getting interesting too,} he said jokingly, poking fun at the Cubone's strange wriggling that had now ceased.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 26th, 2006, 11:08 AM
JJ felt very embarssed, and he knew that his face was proberly showing this which he defenitely didn't want if he hoped to gain the trust of this man. He forced a confident look onto his face and a slight smile at Vincent
''I'll be quite alright thankyou, a slight knee injury is nothing I canot handle, holy feebas knows I have had to deal with worse'' He closed his eyes and bowed his head very slightly, before resting his knee back down to the ground. He began to move it around a bit to try and get some more feeling into it, the cause behind the slip was proberly from his ranting taking away from his concentration at treading carefully like he had been doing up until then. As he started to feel confused that he was able to move his leg without effort or pain, he turned his eye to the newly summoned ghost pokemon that had appeared, a Misdrevous, Jeffery defenitely didn't wnat to look as if he needed that sort of help....

''Your pokemon's assistance will not be neccacary sir....'' he said gratefully ''but i offer my utmost grattitude for the thought, and i must say that is a very impressive pokemon there, very rare too....anyway, i'll be fine to walk on my own.

He cast a back glance at Cona so that no one else could see and mouthed the word ''Thankyou'' at her with a grateful face, before turrning back o Vincent again........he felt like the man of a thousand faces.

''VIP area you say eh........very well, i have no doubt you know where you're going, let us continue.

{Like dude that was very narly, you soared with total elegance and landed with......a little bit of grace.....but still duuuuude very good very very very, you look like you could tell an interesting story or 2, old as you are...no offence} Taillow said to the Pidgey, finishing with a wink.

January 27th, 2006, 12:27 AM

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Cona relaxed her grip on the boy's shoulder as Vincent called out his Misdreavus to help. Jeffery had however, requested that he needed no help in walking at that it was just a 'slight knee injury'.

"No worries.."the girl had a weak smie on her face as she reluctantly let go of the boy. Hopefully what he said was true, and that he wouldn't be falling over anytime soon. Cona then held her hands out to the Marshtomp sprawled out on the pavement with his eyes closed. Krystal's eyes brightened as he jumped back into his trainer's arms, glad that he wouldn't need to put up with the cold, hard ground. Feebas, someone had acutally had actually thanked her. It was giving the girl a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, something which she hadn't really felt for a long time now.

{No..like, no offence taken at all..whipp- I mean..dude.} Kuner shook his wings before pausing to correct his sentence, then grinning happily towards Tailow. How long had it been since someone had appreciated him and his feats? Way too long for the Pidgey's taste. Bleh.

{Yes, I did use to retell stories to young Pokemon when I was, like, younger. Dude, you are good at this.}he continued, nodding in approval.

"If Jeffery says he can go, he can go. Though, if the evil spirits come back again.."Cona turned to Vincent before shooting JJ a sideways glance.

"-Don't say I didn't warn you."she finished simply, starting to tap her foot impatiently on the pavement, waiting for the group to get on their way.

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January 27th, 2006, 10:24 AM
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Valen looked up at Reina's comment, taking a small pause before replying;

"You would be correct in that observation." he said, his voice completely neutral again, working at concealing whatever emotions he held when saying the sentence, "If you must know, I was refering to a certain group of children from the orphanage I used to live in..." he took a small pause, "And if you meant to suggest that I have some traits in common with them then you might be right." his voice went a bit bitter again, "Maybe. Sometimes one must adapt to survive..." he went silent after the last sentence, his gaze once again locked onto the distance, quite clearly signifying that he didn't wish to elaborate on his words.

{Was-was what I was just doing interesting?} Cespenar asked in surprise, completely missing Tabanasi's joke, {I-I'm sorry...} he muttered, {Oh me, oh my, yes, sorry indeed...I didn't know that you wished me to continue...maybe I could try again?} he suggested.

{Yes! More funny dancing!} Kachiko cheered enthusiastically, jumping down on the pavement and clapping her hands in excitement, {Ohh! Can I join this time, maybe?} she asked, adressing the question to Tabanasi as she seemed to have deduced that he was the leader figure in this instance.


Vincent shook his head ever so slightly at JJ's prompt refusal of help. It was obvious that the boy was downplaying his injury in an attempt to look tough, the security chief had encountered this kind of situation countless times before in his years of working for the team, and he knew equally well that trying to change the boy's mind was futile.

"As you wish." he replied at last, carefully concealing his thoughts as usual "And thank you for the compliment, I'm sure she appreciates it. Whisper, you may stop."

The Misdreavus nodded, opening her eyes and turning to her trainer for further instructions.

{What now, master?} she asked in her quiet, thin voice, the sounds once again so weak and carefully silenced that they were barely audible.

"Just stay on your guard and scan our surroundings for potential treaths for now..." Vincent replied before lowering his voice so that none other could take part of the conversation, "And my son as well." he concluded in a voice just as quiet as Whisper's, recieveing a barely noticable nod in confirmation from the Misdreavus.

"Well, let's get moving again." he said, consciously ignoring Cona as he took up a brisk stride again.

January 27th, 2006, 11:16 AM
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An orphanage? To most it would cause a great deal of pity and sympathy for Valen, him having had grown up without parents and probably without friends. Reina though, was not one to pity anything really; and instead of pitying people who had been through trying times in their lives, she usually just got a sense of admiration for them, and left it at that. Things that happened in the past were, well, in the past to her. If that wasn't true then... she would still think about her mother's death all of time. She did occasionally, but she her father had always told her that bad times were something to learn from if there was anything to learn, and then to save for a sob story when needed in a good speech or something. Reina knew, not to forget the bad things, but to just think on them once in a while; not dwell on them.

She looked at the boy sitting next to her and nodded, "Okay then, say no more, I won't pressure you into doing so. How're those scratches doing anyway? Maybe you should try to move around a bit, to see how your head's doing." She figured a change of subject was in order, things were getting too serious for her taste, and she was curious as to how Valen was feeling. They hadn't been sitting for too long, but it was about time to have a little check-up of how his body was getting along. Reina's hand had stopped hurting so badly though, and her stomach was calming slowly as well.

Tabansi chuckled at the little Cubone and Mawile before him. {Heh. Oh, well, of course you can dance with him Kachiko. As long as it doesn't annoy your Papa too much. However, it looks like he needs a funny dance to cheer him up. Does that boy ever laugh?} the Heracross pondered, trying to picture the boy by Reina laughing. {Probably not, I would assume,} he thought to himself.

OOC: I wonder what Valen would do if a bunch of circus clowns came up to him and tried to make him laugh? XD

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January 27th, 2006, 11:33 AM
OOC: I wonder what Valen would do if a bunch of circus clowns came up to him and tried to make him laugh? XD

OOC - Knock one out with a flying kick, and then proceed to squeeze the red noses of one more until it turned purple, he would then use Mawile to tiggle it to death, while taking care of the 3rd with the all mighty power of language......he would resite a paragraph about the galactic system, using no word with less then 3 sylables :P

and thankies tankies thankies for the compliments on teh duscliops banner peepz XD much appreciated *gives bulbasaur and pie*
I will make banners only for myself and close friends, anyone in this RP, if you want a banner then let me know and I shall do it for you XD
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January 27th, 2006, 12:03 PM
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