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March 22nd, 2006, 8:27 AM
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Rosairie glanced up as Chain spoke.
"Judging others comes easily. If only forgiveness were as simple," he had said. The girl watched him for a moment. She wanted to call out to him - ask him about himself, his life, his experiences - but something stopped her. There was a barrier between her and Chain; she and Kyoko were on one side, and he was on the other.

She got to her feet, just as Kyoko started apologising again. "Kyoko, you don't have to apologise! Seriously!"
She followed the younger girl as she bounced down the stairwell, giggling almsot maniacly at the stupidest things - like a piece of pink duct tape. Henna's words came back to her, strangely clear; 'They act that way to cover up their lonliness, that's all' - was that what Kyoko was doing? Barely a minute ago, Kyoko had been desperately sad, and now she was acting....well, like a doll.
Maybe that's what Valen and Reina are doing too? She pondered. Naaaah. They're just mean.

March 22nd, 2006, 5:00 PM
Pausing at the entrance to the stairs, Chain held the door open for Rosairie and Kyoko, replying to the pink-haired girl as the pair drew near. "At the moment, I don't know. Probably just as far as the Pokemon Center." After Kyoko and Rosairie had passed him, he turned and followed them as quietly as the white-washed, steel steps would allow. Tilting his head in an almost curious manner, he observed the other two trainers. However they may act, both of them are obviously troubled. The older one, Rosairie . . . She seems to be deep in thought, though perhaps still trying to be an "older sister" to the younger. As for Kyoko, her emotions are too extreme to be natural--particularly under the circumstances. It seems almost as though she is desperate to be happy.

Chain shifted his gaze to one side, though his expression remained otherwise unchanged. It's none of my business, though. And, I doubt either one of them would appreciate me prying beneath their masks. Upon reaching the ground floor, Chain stepped past Rosairie and Kyoko, knocked his elbow against the crash bar, and lightly kicked the door open. Stepping out into the lobby, he then shifted his weight toward the door--holding it open as he waited for the others.

March 23rd, 2006, 6:17 AM

>> Seven more days to KH2. -drools


"We're going to the Poke-Center, going to the Poke-Center~" Giggling softly, she skipped back Chain, stopping at the stairs and looking down the massive set, "How many floors was it again? Thank yew for holding the door open by the way!" Not waiting for a response, she took off down the stairs, skipping every other one with a little childish hop. She would prove she was a pleasent nice kind person. Even if they were laughing at her, people would still be around her and she wouldn't be alone. Brushing her hair from her eyes, she turned back towards the others from the small platform a little ways down, "Come on you sillies!"

Alter Ego
March 23rd, 2006, 10:15 AM
"Right." Valen replied simply, nodding as Reina directed him to the trash can and feeling considerably relieved that she hadn't chosen to push the matter on. But at the same time, tyhe boy still felt guilty for not telling her, not to mention the fear of how he was supposed to keep this up in the future. Reina seemed to be patient in these matters, certainly, but there was always a limit to patience, and eventually she would most probably demand an explanation. And even if Reina didn't, Valen suspected that his own thoughts would drive him crazy before that. Conscience...was there any more deficient and misguided aspect of the human mind?

The boy forced his attention away from these musings as Reina spoke up once again, this time sounding rather unsure of herself as she thanked him for what he had done earlier. Thanked him...Valen could hardly remember the last time someone had really thanked him for anything, not that he was one to jump through someone else's hoops for the sake of some symbolic pat on the head or anything, but it was still a pleasant suprise to hear such things. That didn't prevent it from being a tad awkward, though. What was he supposed to say? He didn't want to start bragging about it, no, that was the way for pompous and self-centered gits like JJ, and saying that it was nothing struck him as terribly pretentious. Luckily, Reina had offered just the opportunity for moving along;

Valen permitted himself a slight smile, "That makes two of us, I guess." he remarked, shaking his head, "But yes, let's hope that it's just the lack of sleep and not Rosairie getting to us." he grimaced slightly at the thought, just as the intercom suddenly came to life, announcing that visiting hours were over.

"Yeah, I suppose it is." Valen replied to Reina's statement, nodding, "Oh, and I'd better take care of this, by the way." he added, suddenly remembering the disc Chain had left them with and picking it up, "Even if they catch me with it I can just say that I confiscated it from someone else." the boy carefully pocketed the object, making sure that it was properly out of view, "Take care, then." he added, "And look out for rampaging Aggrons."

March 23rd, 2006, 10:54 AM
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Ick, Reina hoped that Rosairie wouldn't ever rub off on her. That was a disturbing thought. She smiled as she headed for the door to Valen's room, picturing what her own frightened face must have looked like as that rampaging Aggron had been in her field of view.

"Yeah, I'll be sure and do that," she said, "You take care too. Hopefully you can get some decent sleep in this place, though if it was me, I'd probably never get sleep in a place like this. I guess I'll head to the Pokemon Center and hopefully not run into Rosairie again. See ya' later." Reina then headed out of the room, finding herself wondering if she really would see him later. After all, there was no guarantee that they would meet up with each other. Reina still felt confident though that she had certainly not seen the last of him; this whole business with the robed men was far from over, and she doubted anyone would be able to leave until it was sorted out. She was "involved" now, there was no turning back.

As Reina walked down the hallway, she looked ahead of her and noticed the door to the stairs closing, an unearthly cheery, loud, and still obnoxious voice of Kyoko coming from behind it. Reina suddenly told herself to get down to the first floor using the elevator; she didn't want to face those two girls again. She was tired of dealing with them, and she didn't want to see their gloating faces that probably said "Look! We ticked off Valen and Reina! Aren't we smart?!" Plus, she really didn't want to break any bones in her healing hand by punching one of them in the face.

March 24th, 2006, 11:13 AM
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Rosairie headed down after Kyoko, Silence still trotting by her heels. She walked through the door, stepping past Chain. "Thank you." she muttered, remembering her manners. After all, he was holding the door for her.
Silence gave a little whine as Kyoko continued to shout, and he stepped closer to Rosairie's side. The girl glanced down at her pokemon, then back at her friend, a look of concern on her face.
"Kyoko, calm down." Rosairie whispered catiously. "We don't want to attract any unwanted attention, remember? I'm still not happy about this place..."

March 24th, 2006, 11:47 AM
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March 24th, 2006, 5:53 PM
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Allowing the door to swing closed after Rosairie and Kyoko had entered the lobby, Chain turned to follow them. Striding forward until he walked evenly with Kyoko, he raised a hand before placing it firmly atop the young girl's head. Though his hand was heavy and somewhat awkard, it almost contained a slight undercurrent of a brother's affection. "Rosairie's right," he told Kyoko quietly. Then, after a brief, yet thoughtful pause, he added, "Besides, you don't need to act as though you're required to be happy all the time. You're not a computer program with its limitations, so be human and live."

Removing his hand from Kyoko's head, Chain's gaze returned toward the hospital's front entrance. If I remember correctly, there should be a Pokemon Center a few blocks from here . . . I wonder if they'll be as busy as the hospital.

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Alter Ego
March 25th, 2006, 12:51 AM
As Reina left with a final 'See you later', Valen quietly proceeded to dump the remains of Kyoko's letter into the trash can, finding himself at a loss about what to do. With his recent nightmare still all too clear in mind, the boy really didn't fancy sleeping much, especially with all of the other things going on in his mind. Kyoko's downright assault on him, what was with that letter anyway? And what 'other bussiness' did she refer to? Bah, what did it matter? It was probably just shopping or crying or being annoying or whatever it was that pesky brats like her did in their free time. Valen satt down on the bed again, leaning his head against his hands. There was the next issue...Rosairie and her supposed 'rescue' of him...the boy grimaced at his own knees, trying to picture Rosairie helping someone who wasn't small and annoying with a fondness for heart-covered envelopes...it just didn't fit. Well, Reina did say that Rosairie hadn't helped that much...more like butted in, so there wasn't much point in bothering with it. She had owed him for the Poochyena situation anyway, and besides, if that snobbish brat hadn't wanted him to know that she had had any hand in the matter then he might as well act as if he hadn't found out, better for all conncerned.

So what remained then, he wondered, there was the question of whether or not he should tell Reina, of course, but that...he couldn't sort it out now, not when he was so drained from everything else that had happened. Later... the boy told himself firmly, I'll deal with it later... he laid back, allowing his body to fall down on the bed beneath him, even though it wasn't exactly the most comfortable one around, before he reached back into his pocket and proccured the final problem, twirling the disc tentatively in his right hand, the rays of sunlight still visible from outside reflecting of its surface.

Project Omnicron, eh? he thought for himself, I should really turn it in but... a flicker of amusement flashed across his face, They should have told me all about my background now, shouldn't they? What goes around comes around... he quickly pocketed the disc again. It was a rather daunting feeling...here he was with one of the countless secrets that Slythe was keeping from him in the palm of his hand, and yet he couldn't learn anything from it because he had been confined to a hospital room like some invalid. Who knew? The project might have included someone from his past, or even a reason for his rage...but he couldn't risk sneaking out to find a computer. No, that would be a foolish and pointless risk to take. That whitecoat had promised that he could go tommorow, he'd just have to wait until then. The boy gave a bored sigh, waiting...what a gyp.

March 25th, 2006, 9:31 AM
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"Oh... so sleepy... where in the heck is this place?!" Reina grumbled, finally out of the hospital, but truly at a loss as to where to find the Pokemon Center. Normally she'd be looking forward to the adventure of wandering about, but she was tired, drained, and knew that the only thing she would enjoy now was a nice bed.

A thought occured to her, perhaps she should let out one of her pokemon. Not Pixie, she was probably unconscious from the poisoning earlier. Then there was Tabansi, but he couldn't fly well, and he was too slow on his feet to keep up with Reina's stride. That left only one other pokemon, and since she said she had wanted to talk to Reina anyway, she might as well comply.

"Phoebe, out," she said lazily, tossing the already scuffed ball to the ground.

A flash of white light, and the large fox pokemon stood before Reina, her hazel eyes giving off a strange glow. {Reina?} she said in her soft, echoing voice.

"We've gotta find this darn Pokemon Center Pheobe, and you wanted to talk to me?" the girl answered back, beginning to walk briskly again in the direction she guessed was the Pokemon Center.

The pokemon followed her, gazing at her intently all the while, {Why yes, I did say that didn't I? I just wanted to check up on you really.}

Reina frowned, she didn't really understand why Phoebe kept checking up on her, why the pokemon was so concerned, and why she even joined up with her. She didn't like being left in the dark about people's motives, so she knew she had to clear this up fast.

"Why are you here? Why do you care about what happens to me? I mean, what pokemon like yourself just walks up to some girl and wants to join up with her? Not to mention, the tournament's over... so, what are you doing here still?" she said throwing on a suspicious look.

{Ah... I figured as much. I suppose I should come out with the truth,} the pokemon said, not appearing to be bugged by Reina's questions, which could either mean that she was sincere, or was very good at deception, {I once belonged to your mother.}

"My mother?!" Reina said with surprise, "But she didn't have any pokemon! Plus wouldn't you be really old or something?"

{She did, but just me,} the furry pokemon said calmly, {When she died... I left. I had no wish to stay around anyone else. I know I seem perfect, as Tabansi was kind enough to point out, but I'm far from it. I used to be cold and aloof as a child, and the only person that could really understand me was your mother. She was the only person I ever cared about, and when she died, I had no reason to stay. Oh, about the age question, Ninetails live for a long time, sometimes a hundred years.}

"So why help me if you only liked my mother?" Reina said, choosing to ignore the sudden feeling of guilt that had welled up inside her. Her father told her never to feel guilty about her mother's death, she had to shake it off.

Phoebe sighed, {I wandered about for years after your mother's death. But, when I ended up near Shoretown again, I saw you there. You were about eleven, and I saw how much you looked like your mother. It was as if in dying, she had given you a part of her. So I watched you from afar for quite some time.}

"Okay," Reina said, feeling a little violated, she didn't enjoy being spied on, but she figured there was no use in worrying about it now.

{In that time I learned to like you and Tabansi and even little Pixie. So that is why I felt so comfortable when talking to you three. I won't trust others so easily though,} the fox said, sounding as if she had a certain person in mind for the last part.

"Who? Valen? I know that's who you're thinking of," Reina countered, guessing what the pokemon was thinking.

Phoebe shoook her head a little. {I just think you should be careful, he has been courteous to you so far, but I have a feeling that he is not always so kind. If you made him angry... he might not hesitate to hurt you,} the pokemon said in a grave tone.

The street they were walking up suddenly became more populated, pokemon trainers and others all walking one way or leaving from that way. The Pokemon Center must have been up ahead. This was good, as it was already dark, and Reina didn't like walking around a strange place with injured pokemon in the dark.

"Why would I make him angry? Look, you make it sound like I can't take care of myself! I've fought people before; girls and boys! I've run into bad people before, and I've come out okay. Besides, what makes you think you know him? Because you've seen his 'type'? You're as bad as everyone else, always judging on appearance, on what you think they might do. You don't know a person until you know them!" Reina said, getting quite tired of having to defend her position on this. Of course, she was guilty of this too, judging Rosairie and Kyoko based on their appearances.

{I'm sorry. When I saw you that day for the first time, I vowed to your mother that I would protect you. I will do everything in my power to do that so forgive me if I seem overprotective,} Phoebe finished, {I still don't like or trust that boy, and I will continue to voice my doubts even if you wish me not to.}

Reina sighed, "Fine. I know you just want to help me, but I don't like taking advice. Ah... here's the Pokemon Center, you'd better return." She lifted her hand and before Phoebe could utter a goodbye, the fox pokemon was sucked up by the red light.

It had been a long day, and Reina didn't want to argue with anyone anymore. She just wanted to sleep. If Chain or Rosairie or Kyoko, even JJ, were around this place, she was just going to ignore them and hit the hay.

March 26th, 2006, 12:35 PM

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Kyoko, though giggling up a storm, was thinking very much about that letter. He probably threw it away... Drat. I used my best paper for that thing... Which means I hafta write another one... Ugh... I can't stand being so overly polite to people like him, people that I'd just love to beat senseless... saying that I could do that anyways... Which I probably couldn't, I'm not that strong-eep! Her thoughts were halted when her head was suddenly bonked by Chain. Head tilted quizically, one eye shut lightly as she peered up at him. He wasn't normally... a touchie sort of person. So why was he...?

"You don't need to act as though you're required to be happy all the time. You're not a computer program with its limitations, so be human and live."

After he'd removed his hand, all he'd done was confuse the girl further. She didn't quite understand what he meant. She did to a certian point but she didn't exactly want to respond the way she wanted... but that mannerism he'd used with the head bonking reminded her alot of somebody she knew, still did just distantly, and it was, for a change, a nice little memory. Pattering up next to him, she reached out for his sleeve then withdrew the arm she'd extended, placing it with the other behind her back with a slight sway in her step, "Okie." She did smile but it wasn't forced. Turning back towards Rosairie, she waved lightly, "Hurry-hurry or you'll get left behind~"

She'd ask Rosairie what the other had ment a little later but for the moment, she'd quiet herself down a few decibles.

March 27th, 2006, 8:24 AM

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March 30th, 2006, 10:23 PM
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Alter Ego
March 31st, 2006, 2:01 AM
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Meanwhile, up in the tall, soulless, and rather intimidating structure that is the Waiwai Inc. headquarters, a meeting was about to take place. It was not just any meeting either, no, it was one of quite epic proportions, if not in the number of people then at least in the magnitude of the decisions they would make.

"I can't believe we're doing this..." muttered a fairly well-built young man who looked like he was in his mid-twenties, adjusting the cap of his Global Police uniform so it could better cover his dark red hair as he cast a disbelieveing glance at his far older superior; a broad shouldered amd muscular, if rather rough-hewn, man who seemed to be at an indeterminate age somewhere in the 60-70 range, his black hair and the carelessly unshaved stumps of beard on his chin already showing signs of graying here and there.

"What's not to believe?" the older one asked calmly as he continued to follow their guide in the direction of the meeting room.

"What do you mean 'what's not'?!" the younger GP retorted, growing ever more agitated, "How could you ever agree to negotiate with that megalomanic lunatic?! He's a psycho and a-!"

"Keep your voice down, fool!" the older one hissed, promptly grabbing a firm hold of his colleagues mouth and silencing him, not relinquishing his grip until the other had finally calmed down.

"And shape up..." he added sternly as the other gasped for air, absent-mindedly staring at the large burn scar on the older officer's right forearm, a testament to innumerable victories in contests of holding your arm over a fire longer than anybody else, "We're in the middle of the man's office, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that that's not a good place to start hurling accusations."

"Accusations?" the other one protested, albeit in a considerably lower voice, "But it's true, you know that, you saw it. You-"

"Have no proof." the older officer concluded bluntly, "And if we try to nail him without proof he'll charge us with slandering and hounding him. Are you really that keen on getting fired, Winters?"

"But..." the one who was apparently called Winters persisted, folding his arms, "We're Global Police. "We're supposed to capture criminals, uphold laws and justice."

The older one shook his head, "Boy...how long have you been in this job?" he asked in a distinctly cynical tone, "Our only job is to do as we are told, and right now we've been told to negotiate a deal with D'Argent. Wheter that's justice or not is not our concern. As for the law..." he let out a bitter laugh, "That man has got a thousand lawyers ready to make the law precisely what he wants it to be." the pair finally came to a halt in front of a pair of sturdy oak doors, their guide briefly excusing himself to announce their arrival, "Don't get overly worked up about D'argent..." the older GP officer concluded, "He's a scumbag, but at least he's our scumbag. Sorting out this cult bussiness is our main concern, we'll deal with D'Argent and Team Viper later."

"I still don't like this at all..." Winter concluded, staring reproachfuly at the door.

"No-one's expecting you to." the older man remarked, "You're just expected to do it."

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March 31st, 2006, 4:19 AM

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Cona withdrew her hand as JJ became came round, letting out a small whimper. Was JJ really alive, or was that Banette from earlier before somehow posessing him?

Suspicion of that quickly vanished as she saw the boy looked at her ilke he was confused or something. Getting onto her feet and staring to the blonde on the floor before turning to the other trainers who had gathered around them, the girl laughed and small laugh.

"Oh, nothing much. You just fainted and scared the living daylights out of me and Avery, yeah. Just that."she answered the male sarcasticly while rolling her eyes. This was exactly what she was expecting from the begining. Alot of trouble, but that was the price to pay for your father and making friends, righ?

"So...you planning to get up from that comfortable looking spot on the floor anytime soon?"Cona asked, holding out an open hand to the boy.

"Maybe we could ask one of the nurses here to check on you. Make sure there's no evil Banette..."the girl's outstretched hand stayed where it was, while she looked around for any one nurse who wasn't too busy treating Pokemon.

March 31st, 2006, 8:29 AM
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The Pokemon Center was nothing less that Reina expected it to be. It was overrun by trainers, and there was plenty of chatter about the turn of events in the tournament. Reina must have either been faster or slower than Chain, Rosairie, and Kyoko, for she didn't see a hint of them anywhere, and was glad for it. She wanted to get her pokemon healed up, and she really wanted to speak with Tabansi about what had been happening; though she was afraid all he would want to talk about was how dangerous this all was. She didn't need another lecture about Valen.

She noticed some people she recognized, like JJ, who was on the ground for some reason. Was he okay? She wondered, her brow furrowing in concern, but she chose to ignore it for now, she had to get her pokemon healed, and JJ had those two girls from earlier standing by to help so it wasn't necessary that she rush over to him. That wasn't her style anyway to butt in like Rosairie did....

She went up to the nurse's desk, though she had to wait in a bit of a line before getting to the front, and handed over her pokemon. A few minutes went by and an assistant gave her the balls back, and Reina wondered if there would be anywhere left to sleep. It didn't matter, she was a heavy sleeper luckily, and wouldn't care if she had to sleep on the lobby floor. She lumbered over to the corner of the lobby, near a bushy houseplant of some sort, and brought out Tabansi's pokeball.

"Tabansi... out," she said, pressing the button on the red and white ball. A flash of light, and suddenly Tabansi's blue, beetle form was standing in front of her.

He inhailed as if about to chastise her for getting involved in this whole affair, which he was, but then he saw the drained look on her face and changed tactics.

{Oh Reina...,} he said in a sympathetic tone. Reina cut him off though.

"Tabansi, before you start reprimanding me about this cult situation and Valen and that Aggron and the fortune teller and JJ and everything else that's happened, let me just say that I--!"

{That's not what I was going to say!} Tabansi interrupted, his voice louder than usual but still containing the same soft raspiness to it. Reina became silent. {I was going to say... that I'm sorry you've had such a rough day,} the bug pokemon said, looking at her with concern.

Reina blinked, "Oh... uh, sorry. I thought that... well after Phoebe and you both went off on me... nevermind. So, what do you think about all of this?"

The Heracross folded his arms, thinking intently, {It's not too clear yet, but I think this goes much deeper than you think Reina. I think that these robed men pose a serious threat. With devices that can make pokemon go mad like that... I shudder to think what would happen if it ever worked on me. Not to mention, what's to stop them from doing that to humans in the future. What a frightening prospect.}

He paused, thinking some more, {That Aggron... it seemed strange to me even before it was under the power of that chant. It may have just been a bad Aggron with an attitude problem, but why...?} He didn't know if he should say it; something had been bugging him about the Aggron's behavior. Why had it chased after Valen like that? It could have chosen any of them... but perhaps it thought Valen was the strongest of them there. But no... if they were crazy and unable to think about their opponents, then why would it have the willpower to be selective? There were too many variables, and Tabansi didn't know enough about it to say anything worth merit.

"Why what? Come on Tabansi...," Reina said, not wanting him to keep anything from her.

{Well... I was just wondering why the Aggron chose Valen to chase after. I don't have any idea though, nor do I even know if it is something to think on,} he admitted, shrugging.

Reina frowned for a moment, "I guess it did seem to like him. And by like I mean want to crush the life out of him. I dunno Tabansi... I'm no good at figuring things out."

{Yes, it will have to wait I suppose,} the beetle continued, {Though, I doubt this is far from over. Those men will show up again. They seemed very serious about their 'work', and... you're going to do what you can to help, aren't you?} He looked at Reina with a serious look that was as serious as a Heracross could look.

She sighed, "You bet'cha."

{Then I shall be by your side, of course,} he said to her, still trying to look serious.

"Even if Valen's there?" Reina asked, curious about his answer to that. She eyed the pokemon intently.

Tabansi nodded, {Especially if that boy's there. I don't particularly like him, but I won't bother you about him anymore.}

"Really? Really Tabansi?" Reina said, smiling, "That means a lot to me." She paused for a moment, suddenly frowning, "Ugh... there I am... getting all mushy again! What's with me. Look, let's hunt around for a place to hit the hay. I'm really beat."

{Splendid idea; probably the best one I've heard all day,} Tabansi replied, nodding happily.

OOC: Okay yeah... um, that ended up really long. >.>

March 31st, 2006, 9:25 PM
OOC: With + Mika + and Charon-chan gone, I am somewhat unable to progress. Also, I have been sick. ^-^;; I apologize for my absence, though . . . I will post an IC when I am able to compose something my character may do alone.

Random Plushie
March 31st, 2006, 11:51 PM

Like, oh my gawd, did you hear? That Plushie is actually posting! =O

And she'd like to say hello to BB, and sowwy to Yibber. ^^;;

Ah, I see now.. For some reason I completely missed BB's last IC. xD How did I do that? I dunno, I'm special.


Avery was biting her lip now, watching as JJ crept further back into consciousness. Dang, he'd really been wiped out.. and so suddenly, too, not to mention right in the middle of a conversation. She couldn't help but think that something here was worse than it seemed, even though JJ looked like he was recovering from whatever had just happened. And that was the point; What had happened?

"Uh, right, a nurse." Avery repeated, after Cona had spoken up again, this time leaving out theories of aliens and conspiracies. She quickly turned around, sweeping the nearby area with her eyes, trying to peer around the people that had gathered to gawk at them. It was at this point that Avery realized how annoying a large group of people could be at a time like this.. but wait, there was a nurse now, walking down the stairs!

"Excuse me!" Avery shouted, rushing towards the nurse, who stood out among the small crowd in her bright uniform, along with her conspicuous red hair. Fortunately, everybody had the common sense to stay out of her way, and in moments Avery had arrived in front of the nurse.

"Um, please, could you check on my friend over there?" She exclaimed, quickly pointing to where JJ still lay. "He kinda blacked out."

The nurse, confusion spreading across her features, turned her gaze over to the blonde, tilting her head to one side as she observed from afar. In moments, however, she shrugged, not in the least worried.

"Aw, he's fine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to." The nurse replied, sending Avery into a brief state of shock. She didn't have time to protest, however, for the nurse swiftly sped away on her high heels, disappearing into the crowd without another word.

"Uh, that's a negative on the nurse!" Avery shouted back to Cona, slightly confused over what had just happened.

April 1st, 2006, 8:58 AM
Rosairie smiled in relief. She had never been any good at reprimanding anyone. She was dreading bringing Kyoko back down to earth, but Chain had done it for her. Thank God. What he said had been true, too. Kyoko was acting like some sort of happy-robot on overdrive.
"Be yourself, Kyoko!" Rosairie added, "We'll like you no matter how you feel."

She stepped out into the clean, fresh air of Overcity. Finally, she could let Henna back out. Silence skipped ahead cheerfully, no doubt relieved tyo get out of the hospital's stiffling atmosphere.
Rosairie reached for her belt, but she was distracted by the long trail of trainers and pokemon that were weaving their way up from undercity. Rosairie grinned. "I'm glad to see we're much better off than some people, at least."

April 1st, 2006, 5:04 PM
Chain nodded in reply to Rosairie's comment before adding, "Silence seems oddly happy." Moving his gaze from the Jolteon, he returned it to the various trainers and Pokemon moving toward the Pokemon Center. Looks like the Center will be pretty full . . . I wonder . . . Chain's eyes narrowed slightly. No. First, I need to heal my Pokemon. After that, I can take care of whatever other business I need to.

Turning his eyes downward, the trainer mused,"By the looks of the others, I was probably fortunate to escape injury . . . All the more reason for me to keep searching. Whatever information I gained from WaiWai Inc., I feel there is still more to be found." Raising his view as the Pokemon Center drew near, a faint light entered Chain's eyes. If I can find a computer in the Pokemon Center outside the view of any security cameras, it should be an ideal location. With so many trainers present, even if WaiWai Inc. discovers my location, it will be difficult to specifically identify me. Although . . . Chain paused before the doors of the Pokemon Center, allowing several trainers to enter before him.

However I think of it, I find myself coming back to the same idea. It is, in every sense, illogical. Yet, somehow I continually find a reason to justify it. Sighing, Chain brushed a few strands of hair behind one ear as he entered the Pokemon Center. Eventually, I think I will, somehow, end up hacking directly from WaiWai Inc. Headquarters.

April 2nd, 2006, 9:21 AM

Well...this sucked.

She hated crowds

Loathed them

Despised them

Wished bodily harm to people in crowds that seemed to enjoy being in those crowds

And with much thanks to the not so nice pep talk she'd just been given, Kyoko resisted absolutely all urges to flip upside down the increasing-in-size frown on her face. The large amount of people in the center was bad enough. She could hardly step forward without running into someone who hadn't been watching where on earth they were going but the fact many had their pokemon out, three to four for that matter, was making the crowd a little overwhelming.

Her face controted a few more times before, like it or not, she forced herself not to smile and simply attached to Chain's arm without really thinking about it. The old "Attach-onto-somebody-and-let-them-pull-you-through-crowd" trick would probably work here... if he didn't knock her off which she doubted he'd do, due to the fact he looked ever so deep in his thoughts. Blinking once or twice, she motioned towards Rosairie to follow silently.


Yeah. >.> the whole attach trick? I have to use that to get through the foyer at my school... stupid idiots don't understand the meaning of HALLWAY. I'm also about 3 hours from beating KH2 (If I don't wanna go after Sephy) so meh Alter. Meh to you. I get to see Saix before you. :3

April 2nd, 2006, 10:06 AM
Silence mewed as the crowd's surging increased. He darted closer to Rosairie.
The girl chuckled. "He doesn't like crowds. He...I'm not sure how he does it, but he picks up on other people's emotions. If I'm angry, he gets angry. In crowds....there's lots of different emotions, and I think it unnerves him."

She bent down to stroke her jolteon's head. He's a lot better now than he used to be, she thought. There was once a time when he wouldn't even leave her room from fear, and if she was ever upset around him he turned into a quivering mess. Now he had definetly improved; she could trust him now.
She blinked in shock as Kyoko attached to her. "What-"
Doo doo, doo doo, doo dooooo~!
Rosairie paused mid-sentence as her mobile began to ring, cheaping out a terrible polyphonic version of a pussycat dolls song. She rumaged in her shoulder bag and pulled out her phone, flicking it open. The caller ID read 'Dad'.
"Hello?" she began, somewhat anxiously, "What? Dad, you've only been going out for few weeks. What? No, No. Yes. Dad. You can't marry her! Argh... look, give me a moment... I'll be there in two hours."
Rosairie turned back to Chain and Kyoko, a bitter expression on her face.
"Great. I run away from home and the only time my Dad calls me is to tell me he's marrying yet another lingerie model..." she ran her hands through her hair. "I'll catch up later, kay? C'mon Si..."

The girl turned and left.

{be back in two weeks! Keep the roleplay alive for me, k?}

April 3rd, 2006, 6:07 AM

¬¬ Fine Nee-chan. Don't gimme credit for helpin you with your postings. -coughhack-

Have fun in teh USA. xD


She would not cry. She had promised herself she would not cry. No matter what happened, she would hold back her tears and be brave, have that courage she "never knew she had" no matter how hard it turned out to be. Rosairie was going to come back, she wasn't gone forever. She'd turn around that corner again in a day maybe two wouldn't she? She wasn't really gone. She hadn't really left. Who am I kidding? Kyoko only nodded, her hand tighting it's grip around the fabric in her hand, unaware as to how tightly she was clinging to Chain. She's gone and left me. Because I'm a bother. And here I am... my eyes are going to burst but I can't let them... I can't let them. Then Chain'll leave me too... and I'll be alone again. Forcing a smile she nodded, "Okay okay. Hurry back Nee-chan!"

Faker. She knew she wasn't going to fool anybody... but she wasn't going to afirm Reina's diagnosis of her. She wasn't a little child, she wasn't a crybaby. She was just a normal trainer, just like everybody. She was Kyoko... a Gym Leader's child that her father could be pround of one day. Nobody was proud of a cry baby so she couldn't let herself be one. She would not be one

April 3rd, 2006, 7:09 AM
OOC: Bye Charon! Have fun indeed! ^-^ And stay safe of course.

We need to get a move on toward morning. >.>


"Let's find a place to sleep, I'm so frickin' tired," Reina grumbled, wondering if she should even bother to ask for a room. She should have hid out in Valen's room.

Tabansi clicked his wings a little, looking this was and that way, trying to find a spot. It was chaos in this place, people running everywhere, a girl screaming about how her Rattata was dead when in fact it had simplye fainted, a boy tripping over another boy's things that had been misplaced, and then falling to the ground, a woman looking for her son and calling out the name in a shrill voice that made Reina want to punch something.

"Guh... why can't these people shut up!" she said, glaring in every direction.

They made their way up to an assistant nurse, and Reina had to physically grab her to make her notice them. "HEY!" she said, grabbing ahold of the girl, "Is there someplace for people to sleep?! Or what?"

The girl's face crumpled like a dying flower, and she began to sob uncontrollably on Reina's shoulder. Reina rolled her eyes and glanced down at Tabansi, wanting his help. The Heracross merely shrugged, figuring Reina was on her own.

"Look.. um, crying isn't going to help," she said to the girl, trying to get her to stop. The girl nodded as if she understood, and then attempted to talk in a wavering voice.

"I- I was just so tired of all of this!" the girl said to Reina, and Reina tried to remain silent, even though she was quite bothered with the girl's lack of self control, "So m-many people and then they're all yelling at me! I'm tired and hungry and haven't had a break in hours!"

Reina felt like blurting to the girl what she had been through today, that she had to face those robed men, that she had to stare up at that horrible Aggron, that she had to endure Rosairie, that she had to go to the hospital, that she had to tell a friend that she kept a secret from him. She didn't though; she couldn't, and she told herself that this girl had been through enough. She didn't need her shoulder any wetter.

"Yeah well, we've all been through a lot today I guess," Reina said shortly, "So... about the room thing?"

The assistant nodded, "Oh, um, there's nothing left unless you wish to bunk with quite a few people. I think the nurse is going to make an announcement about it soo--."

"CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!" shouted the nurse of the center, who was standing on a well-placed chair, two assistants below her, "I KNOW THAT YOU ARE TIRED AND WANT SLEEP AND TO HEAL YOU POKEMON BUT CAN YOU PLEASE BE QUIET?!"

It took a little more coaxing, but the crowd finally calmed down enough for her to talk. "Ah! Good," she said with a tired smile, "Now, we have got to do something about this mess. There is a large storage room in the back of the center used for overflow in which I have gotten all of the cots I can muster. That is where you may go to sleep. Those of you that need to heal your pokemon, stay here and heal them. The rest of you-- leave. Either to the back room to sleep, or somewhere else entirely. Good day and thank you for coming."

Reina turned to Tabansi, "Let's go. Before everyone else gets the good cots." Tabansi nodded, and they both headed for the back room.

Alter Ego
April 3rd, 2006, 9:40 AM
OOC: Yeah, maybe it's about time for the day to end. And speaking of ending things, it's about time I got this meeting-thing sorted out. Bleah, today's just been so exhausting...slept very poorly, had daycare duty (Whew, I'm glad this was the last time) and a medical inspection for the army to top it all. And of course the dude who was before me had to have problems with his paperwork (Which took about half an hour to sort out) and of course I had to forget my ID (So I now need a separate appointment to clear up my original appointment). The guy who invented bureucracy must surely have been the greatest people hater of all time. ~_~

Ahem, ranting aside...best wishes for Charon's trip. ^^


"Pray enter..."

Slythe's office was dimly lit as the two GP representatives entered, . Perched on his usual spot behind the desk, Slythe was sitting comfortably in his chair, smiling at the two men much like a hungry crocodile might smile at its unwary prey just before it struck, and further adding to this effect was of course the presence of Slythe's two most trusted employees, Vincent and Lori, seated on both sides of their leader, the lack of lighting giving Vincent's usual eerily calm appearance and Lori's trademark smile an intimidating and almost otherworldy appearance.

"Ahh...welcome gentlemen." Slythe said as he noticed the two, briefly rising up from his chair and adding his own smile to the whole atmosphere, his red eyes glinting disturbingly in the lighting and giving his expression a slightly manic edge, "Officer Rand, I presume?" he continued, extending his hand to the older man who merely gave him a stoic stare in return, shaking the viper leader's hand in a firm but strangely strained manner, as if he was struggling against a strong desire to crush it. Slythe however paid no heed to this, merely smiling a bit wider instead, "I'm Slythe D'Argent, as you know. And these are my two most trusted colleagues...my personal secretary and right-hand woman, Lori." he gestured towards the figure on his right.

"Charmed I'm sure, lovehs." she commented, briefly rising up and nodding to the pair of them, purposefully letting her gaze linger at the younger GP officer a bit longer, noting the tenseness with which he seemed to be staring back before she satt down again, absent-mindedly straightening out her skirt just a bit.

"And my security chief, Vincent." Slythe continued, the figure on his left now rising up and nodding to the pair as well, "I believe we've met." he stated simply.

"Quite so." Rand replied in an all the more controlled manner, still continuing to stand and watching them all carefully while the younger GP next to him still couldn't seem to get his eyes off Lori, much to the woman's amusement.

"Oh, and this must be your young partner...detective Winters, is it?" Slythe continued politely, now turning his attention to the younger one.

Officer Rand proceeded to quickly and discreetly elbow Winters in the hip, the younger man snapping out of his thoughts in a rather painful manner but managing to maintain a decent pose and utter a 'Yes sir.'.

"Very good, gentlemen." Slythe replied, continuing to smile in his unhinged manner as he performed a sweeping gesture with his hand towards the two chairs located in front of the desk, "Please...have a seat. And then...we can talk bussiness."

The ensuing dialogue was mostly a complicated exchange of polite phrases, expressions, and jargon between Slythe and the older officer, and all of it seemed to pass in through one of Winters' ears and out through the other, the younger man's thoughts and eyes both quickly turning to Lori without him even consciously noticing it. How old was she...the younger officer found himself wondering. Judging by the way Rand had spoken of her now and again it sounded like she was quite well aged already, about 40 or so, but she certainly didn't look the part...the younger officer gulped, blushing heavily at the thoughts which were beginning to flood his mind and thanking his lucky stars that the room was too dim and the discussion too intense for the others to notice as he forced his head to turn elsewhere and shut his eyes, attempting to force the thoughts out of his mind. She's evil... he told himself sternly, Evil and alligned with Slythe himself...she's foul and disgusting, and I don't want anything to do with her! Not anything! Not anything at all!

"Let us decide by a vote, then. Who's for the motion?"

Once again, Winters was snapped back into reality by means of the older GP's elbow, just in time to hear Slythe's final words.

"Well, I think it's a simply lovely idea..." Lori said in a decidedly sultry tone, casting a discreet glance and another one of her smiles at the officer.

"Excellent..." Slythe replied simply, "Winters?"

"Uh..." the younger man stammered, "I-I'm for it...yes, most definitely for."

He regretted the words as soon as they had left his mouth, but it was already too late as Vincent quickly added his vote for the motion and Slythe smiled triumphantly.

"Well, there you have it, officer Rand." he said softly, "Everyone seems to support this decision except for you. It's decided then, I will have Lori make the announcement tommorow morning." he rose up to his feet once more, stretching a bit and casting a distinctly triumphant smile at the duo on the other side, "A pleasure doing bussiness with you...gentlemen."

OOC: Yeah, I was feeling lazy...can you tell? xD The details of the meeting aren't that important anyway, all shall become clear...in the next morning. >D

April 3rd, 2006, 5:10 PM
Partially awakened from his reverie as Kyoko took ahold of his arm, Chain was further drawn toward consciousness as the sound of Rosairie's phone broke into his thoughts. Listening wordlessly to Rosairie's hurried conversation with her father, the trainer merely nodded slightly as she announced her departure. Watching Rosairie until she had vanished from sight, Chain then turned toward a rather distraught Kyoko who was gradually tightening her grip on his arm.

She doesn't seem to be taking Rosairie's leaving too well . . . But, it's to be expected. Chain glanced up as a nurse silenced the previously-chaotic crowd to make an announcement.

No doubt the storage room will be full before long. It's probably best to find somewhere else to sleep . . . But, with Rosairie gone, I doubt it would be wise to leave Kyoko on her own. Looks like WaiWai Inc. might have to wait a little longer. Returning his gaze to Kyoko, Chain quietly directed her, "Come on," before starting forward and drawing her through the crowd. As he approached the counter, Chain paused--waiting until it seemed a nurse was available to care for his Pokemon.

Stepping forward, Chain placed Abra and Sneasel's Pokeballs on the counter, asking, "Do you have room for two more Pokemon?" Breathless from running to and fro, the nurse could only nod as she dropped the Pokeballs onto a tray carried by a pair of passing Chansey. Beginning to regain her composure, she inquired, "Is it only those two?"

"Yeah," Chain replied. I haven't used Scyther recently, and I can repair Porygon myself. But, even more than that, I would rather not be unarmed if another attack occurs.

Glancing down at Kyoko, Chain added, "Do you have any Pokemon you want to leave here?"

April 4th, 2006, 6:26 AM

Anybody remember those really annoying toys we had as lil kids? My infant cousin has this little duck thing that hums a song while quacking when you pull the string... so... annoying. @_@ So very annoying. But then you get the cool toys that are still annoying but really cool. Like that Dinosaur ball thing. o.o You drop it in and it makes pretty lights and sounds. -likes pretty lights and sounds-

But my favorite toy's gotta be the old fasioned popper. The one you push merrily along and it "pops" the little colored balls in the poppiful center.

What was your favorite toy as a lil kid? =o


She wasn't paying attention to anything really. Not the yelling nurse, not the screaming crowd, none of it. Her whole focus was on not looking like a child when the truth of the matter was that by doing as she was doing, she was looking more like a child than she realized. With her head down toward the ground and her hand tightly clinging to Chain's wrist, she'd lowered her hand to prevent hurting him subconsciously, she looked like a small child frightened by all the noise, holding fast to an older sibling for safety.

When he tugged her along gently however, she was woken from her dream. She did not fight him, nor did she really eagerly follow him, she just allowed herself to be pulled along like a toddler's family of ducks on a string, stopping when he stopped and starting a few seconds after he started til they stopped at the desk. Reaching into her bag with her right hand, she simply pulled out two pokeballs, like he had. Standing on her tip-toes, as being short put her at a slight counter disadvantage, she placed one of the balls on the desk, a Lovely Ball to be exact, and after a moment, hesitantly put up another, "M-m-y Epseon and my Minun...please?"

She couldn't very well leave her Dratini here, the giver of that gift had made her swear twenty seven times she'd never let it out of her sight, and Shuppy was...well, something like her guardian. She never did feel safe without it hovering above her head or without knowing that it was in the pokeball on the cute little pink vinal (sp?) string hanging around her neck.

Nodding once more to affirm her descision, she returned her feet to the ground and lowered her gaze once more after taking a risky peek at Chain's face, looking for any signs of distaste towards the new accessory he'd just been given freely and she probably clashed with his outfit pretty badly or at least that's what she thought Rosairie would say.

She just wanted some sleep now...but she didn't want to be alone. She'd force herself to stay upright til he decided to not stay upright; anything to keep from being alone.

April 4th, 2006, 8:58 AM
OOC: Poor Alter. The military's already trying to wear you down! XD

My favroite toy? Hm... I really liked these plastic dinosaur figures we had. We must've owned like a hundred or so! My brother and I really like dinosaurs. And... stuffed animals (without bow/ribbons on them, that was too girly for my taste and if a stuffed animal I owned had one on, I'd cut it off xD). I always played with the Hot Wheels cars we had... and... okay so I totally sound like a tomboy. ^^;; I always wanted one of those roller things with the little popping balls you spoke of Mika, but my parents never bought me one. I think they thought it was too annoying. ^^


"Ah! Finally... some sleep," Reina said to herself, seeing a lovely cot in front of her. It really wasn't lovely, it was old and probably had bed-bugs in it, but Reina didn't care, she wanted to sleep. Tabansi tugged at her pant leg, breaking her out of her sleep dreams.

{Excuse me Reina, but there appears to be a human that is in desire of our destination,} he said urgently, staring towards a boy moving rapidly toward them.

Reina frowned at her pokemon, "What? Huh? Speak normal Tabansi."

{He wants the cot!} the Heracross said, pointing at the bed. Reina didn't waste a second, no boy was getting her ticket to sleep if she could help it. She ran up to meet the boy, putting on her meanest face.

The boy stopped for a moment, his eyes darting back and forth from Reina to the cot, contemplating if the prize was worth the risk. The he decided another tactic.

"Outta my way, that's my cot," he said to her, trying to look impressive and tough by standing confidently. Reina wasn't budging though.

"No. It's mine. Look buddy, you're gonnna have to find your own! So beat it!" she said, her voice rising as she spoke. The boy figured it wasn't worth pursuing, and turned to walk off in another direction. Reina smirked, and turned around to find a little girl that looked to be about five or so sitting on her bed.

"WHA?!" she started, eyes wider and mouth slightly open. What the? Where did this little girl come from, and more importantly why was she on the cot?! Reina looked over to Tabansi, who should have been guarding it. Tabansi walked up to Reina looking apologetic.

{S-Sorry Reina... but she just took it and she's such a cute little girl that I--,} he stopped, seeing the look on Reina's face.

Reina shook her head as she looked at the little girl; she wasn't so angry at the girl, or Tabansi, she was mad at herself because she knew she wouldn't have the heart to kick the little girl off. "Great... just... oh man why am I so nice...," she said, turning away. All of the cots were probably gone by now, Reina would have to sleep on the floor.

"Let's go," she said to Tabansi, walking off again. She then began to search for another cot, and to her surprise, there were still some left. She quickly grabbed one and planted herself on it, certain not to make the same mistake again. Once she laid down, it mattered not that there was a ton of chatter in the room, Reina was tired enough to welcome sleep.

April 4th, 2006, 7:49 PM
[OOC: This post was written under the assumption Kyoko remains with Chain. If she and Chain separate, I will edit.

As to favorite childhood toys . . . I am not sure. Legos were enjoyable . . . ]

Waiting until Kyoko had given her Pokemon to the nurse, Chain then turned away from the counter and started toward the Pokemon Center entrance. By this time, most of the trainers in the Center had already left for the storage room, leaving the lobby half-full and feeling oddly deserted in respect to its previous condition. Glancing down at Kyoko as he prepared to exit the Center, Chain murmured, "If you want to stay here, you can. Otherwise, we'll find somewhere else to rest."

Stepping outside into the twilight air, the male silently inhaled the soothing warmth as the beginnings of starlight set alight his gold-tinged eyes with an unnatural glow. Making his way down the sidewalk, Chain cast his gaze to and fro as he searched for possible lodging. After several minutes, the trainer stopped before a large building and its respective sign, both emblazoned with the simple, black letters "The Wingull Inn."

Sounds affordable enough . . . Hopefully they still have available rooms. Stepping inside the hotel, Chain discovered the foyer to be eerily silent and empty. Approaching the room's only other occupant--a partially asleep man dozing behind the front desk--Chain coughed lightly to signal his presence. The man immediately snapped into consciousness, straightening his tie nervously as he stiffly said, "Welcome to The Wingull Inn. How may I be of service?"

"Do you have any rooms available?" Chain asked, almost apprehensive to hear the reply.

"Yes, actually." The man forced a slight laugh that contained more regret than humor. "We were expecting to be booked, but . . . Well, from what I've heard, something went wrong with the tournament. So, I suspect most trainers are down at the Pokemon Center right now." Straightening, the man continued, "So, I take it you will be staying with us tonight?"

"That depends. How much is a room?" As Chain received the reply, he was scarcely able to prevent himself from flinching. It's not bad, but with my budget . . . Well, I would prefer to spend my money elsewhere. Still, though, I don't stay at hotels often. So, I'll try to make the best of it.

As Chain removed his wallet from his pocket, the man behind the counter glanced at Kyoko, as though suddenly noticing her.

"Is she . . . your sister?" he questioned, apparently bewildered by the stark contrast between her and Chain's appearance, and her firm hold on his arm.

"Something like that," Chain replied briefly, removing a bill from his wallet, before turning toward Kyoko. "Do you want me to pay for your room?" he asked.

April 5th, 2006, 6:20 AM

Kogenta, sorry I didn't respond to your im last night. @_@ It kept d/cing me.

XD I put up teh dead squirrel to annoy a squirrel-obsessed friend.

And yeah. ^__^ I still play with Duplos. I didn't like the little legos... they always hurt my fingers. I love the big ones...as I've made a Duplo tower that's as tall as mwe. @_@ -has way too many-

-steals control of Hotel Man- If you don't like me doin this Kogenta, I'll edit. xD


She didn't really hear him when he spoke to her, just shook her head repeatedly. No, she didn't want to be alone, no she didn't want to stay in this crowded place. Once again, she became the little rag doll being pulled along neither against her will nor because she willed to be moved, she simply moved with his movements, keeping up as well as any child would.

The hotel was... adequete at its worst. It certianlly wasn't what she was used to, then again, none of this was anything like she was used to but there was no sense in trying to hide her slight shock at the condition of the place. The carpet was good, the chairs and couches in the lounge were in alright condition and that little oak table wasn't scratched up too much but it certianlly wasn't a Five Star hotel.

When prompted about payment, she detached from Chain's wrist long enough to snag her I.D. and a small light blue credit card. The stupid counter was still a little on the tall side but she didn't have to raise as far up to reach the top as she had to at the Center to reach the fake marble top. "H-here." Clearing her throat once, trying to rid the uncertianty from her voice unsucessfully (sp?), "Pay for... his too with this please... and... um... a suite.. for both or a shared if you're short two single suites..."

The man blinked, in obvious disbelief of the child's wishes. There was some kid infront of him, demanding the best rooms he had... and she was like, small. Forcing a smirk and a very apparent display of the forced "The Customer is always right." he nodded lightly, "Lemme check your balance first?"

She shrugged, "D-do what you must..."

He ran the plastic through the reader and if that display could kill, he'd be wandering that hotel as a zombie. The balance... was almost unbelievable for a kid her size til he spotted the last name on the I.D. Regaining his composure, he filled out the required paper work and handed her back her I.D., Credit Card and handed two room keys to Chain, "401 and 402. across the hall from eachother, fourth floor." Bowing politely he motioned towards the elevator, "If you need anything, let me know, I'll handle it personally"

She sighed, returning the bow lightly before tugging Chain off towards the elevator, muttering something along the lines of "...that's why I hate using it..." as she pressed the up button a litter harder than she needed to, her grip reafirmed on his wrist, "...I hope.. you didn't mind me... paying for you. I know... I'm probably a bother... but... I...don't want to be alone..."

Alter Ego
April 5th, 2006, 6:52 AM
OOC: Like woah, what are the odds..? o.o Those plastic dinosaur-thingies were my number one obsession back when I was a kid. xD I swear, I've still got a whole box of them somewhere in my room and I used to be able to name them all. And wouldn't you know it, the other kind of toy that appealed to me was...*Dramatic drumroll* legos. Oh, and then there were (And still are) these two stuffed animals, a fox and a wolf, which I've had ever since I was something like 6 or 7 years old. The fox ain't doing too good, though, first off it got gored by a family friend's dog and had to have its throat sewed back together again, and adding to that, the tail is pretty much shredded (Stuffing gone), the right front leg is hanging almost loose, and the fabric in general has been worn so thin that you can see right through it in most places. Ahh...that fox sure has been loved, though, I used to take it with me absolutely everywhere (Except for school and suchlike) and it's been with me to the US and many other places. I swear, I completely freaked out when I found out what that dog had done. *Sniff* Ahh...good times...

Aaaanyhow...I really don't have very much to post IC at the moment, except for a going-to-sleep type post for Valen, so yeah...but I'd still like to remind the Showgan people to post. Oh, and to Plushie and Yibber; if BB doesn't turn out again soonishly then just drag JJ along or something so that we get to the next day, m'kay?

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OOC: Heh, that's because dinosaurs rock Alter!! My brother's favorite dinosaur was a plastic green Brontosaurus he named "Washy". ^^; My brother used to give things odd names. My favorite was the "bad guy", a purple-blue T-Rex I named "T-Bone". Teehee, I got to be mean through playing with that guy. He had two lackeys that were these ugly, squishy rubbery yellow meat-eater dinosaurs whose names I can't remember. They were the comedy relief. ^^ There was also a yellow plastic dinosaur (one of those ones with the spiky plate coming out of his back and has a long body with short legs) that was called "Fred". He was the good guy that was always reluctantly helping out and grumbling along the way.

O.O Did I really just write that much? Gosh... I'm surprised I can remember all that.

Oh and legos were cool too! My brother and I preffered Tinkertoys though. However, there weren't any cool wooden ones when we were little, just the big funny plastic ones. =P

Um... *twiddles thumbs* I can'y really post anything... but I don't want this to become a pointless OOC, so I shall do a flashback thingie!


As Reina slept, her energy came back to her, seeping into her as her body rested on the less than comfortable cot. There was a point when she woke up in the night, and she laid there, listening to a few trainers mutter about the events of the day.

"So what do you think they'll do next? I mean, what if it happens again?" one girl's scared whisper asked, "What if Bell attacks me again?"

"I dunno, but, I'm calling my mom in the morning, she's probably worried sick about me!" another girl's voice chimed in, sounding nervous.

Reina sighed... what must it be like to have a mother? She wondered, if her mother had lived, would her father be happier? Would her brothers have had more self-confidence? Would she be more like other girls? No... this wasn't something to be thinking about! She was not supposed to be regretting her mother's death, she was supposed to push it away, ignore it.

But why? It always resurfaced in her mind. No matter how many times she tried to ignore it or tell herself not to think on it, she always thought about her mother's death. It had been her fault. Indirectly of course, it wasn't as if she had taken a knife to her own mother, but if she hadn't have been such a complicated birth, her mother would still be here. She wondered what had been going through her mother's mind when she knew she was dying because of her baby... was it hate? Saddness? Reina frowned in frustration, she just wished that she could have a moment to talk with her, to ask her these things, but that would never happen. Her mother was gone, and why was she lying here whining about it?! That wasn't like her... she wasn't like that. She was strong, and she wasn't about to give into despair about something that truly wasn't her fault.

A memory suddenly came to her, when she was about twelve, and the cruelest girls in school had found out about how she felt about her mother's death...

"Hey Reina!" called a mocking voice, it was a girl that Reina had seen before, and she hated her. Well, actually, they hated each other, and Reina could never figure out why.

"What?" she said flatly, more tensely than she had wanted to. This girl had a smirk on-- what was it she was about to do to her?

The girl's smirk widened, "Oh well I just though that since Mother's Day is coming up, you would want to give your mother a present, and I'm selling flowers for a fundraiser... but, then I remembered, you don't have a mommy." She threw on a false sad face.

Reina glared hard at the girl; she was just asking for a punch on the nose. She would do it, make that girl cry and ruin her perfectly made-up face, make her pay for that hurtful remark, make her think twice about teasing her. "Shut up Leslie, and even if my mother were here, I would'nt buy her any of your flowers."

"Ooh, temper temper, better be careful or you'll be on your way to more anger management classes... but one has to wonder if it comes from you hating me... or from you hating yourself...," the girl replied cooly, her smirk turning into a sweet and very fake smile. Reina faultered, her glare slacking into worried confusion.

"W-what?" she said almost quietly, "What do you mean?"

Leslie shrugged, "Well can't say I don't blame you, I would feel pretty crummy too if I had killed my own mother. Wouldn't that be meaning that my whole life had been based on murder or something like that? Oops, did I say something wrong?"

Reina didn't have to struggle to keep tears back, she didn't cry anymore about these things-- she would never let anyone see her cry, especially not them. Her fists tightened, this girl was asking for her death sentence... and even though Reina wanted nothing more than to punch her face in... she hesitated. What the girl had said... it was true, she did... hate herself for causing her mother's death. It seemed so weak and foolish, but there were those feelings, surfacing from within her.

Although... making Leslie cry certainly would give her a small amount of satisfaction... and so she lunged at the girl, laying a calculated punch square on her face. It didn't take long for the others around school to notice, and soon enough, Reina was being dragged off by the school staff; again. Reina didn't care though, she smirked at the shocked and appauled Leslie, the girl would most certainly be wearing some bandages and such for a few weeks, and that was worth another suspension.


Reina sighed, and though she knew it had been wrong to do, she couldn't help but smirk at her choice. For Leslie had been deserving of what she got, and it was wonderful to see the girl wander about school whining about how uncomfortable it was to have a bandanged face, how embarrassing it was, and how horrible the pain had been.

'Well, she got off easy,' thought Reina as she closed her eyes to go back to sleep, 'Her pain went away after a few weeks... mine... mine's still here.'

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[OOC: I do not mind--your controlling the character or MSN acting strangely. At least the squirrel was explained. ^-^;;]

Though somewhat confused by Kyoko's actions, Chain merely watched in silence as she offered a credit card to the man behind the counter and procceeded to pay for the rooms. Noting the man's expression and mannerisms, Chain flicked his wallet shut before returning it to his pocket, slight curiousity crossing his own features. Then, accepting the room keys handed to him, Chain found himself suddenly pulled toward the elevator.

As he waited for the elevator to arrive, Chain glanced down at Kyoko as she spoke. Though he did not smile, the trainer's expression softened slightly as he replied, "It's fine, and thanks."

An electronic "ring" signaled the elevator's arrival as the metallic doors slid open. Stepping inside, Chain selected the fourth floor before moving back to wait. Though his expression did not reveal it, a series of suspicions had arisen within his mind.

That man's expression . . . Whatever he saw, he seemed surprised--or rather, shocked by it. But then . . . It was as though something else he saw had given him an explanation for his previous question. Judging by the way he acted after that, there's little doubt that Kyoko's account had a considerable amount of money. The electronic bell again rang as the elevator arrived at the fourth floor. But, that alone brings up even more questions. Chain stepped into the hallway as the doors opened. For the moment, though, I won't press her. She seems tired enough as is.

Glancing down at the keys in his hand to double-check the room numbers, Chain turned and led Kyoko down the hall. Stopping between two doors, he handed her one of the keys. "I get the feeling that tomorrow will be another hard day, so rest while you can."

His words were rather indiscreet and lacking in comfort. But, Chain was never skilled with social subtlety. And, true to his statement, an odd premonition had entered his mind regarding the coming day. Tomorrow's going to be another long day . . . I just hope I can make it through.

April 6th, 2006, 6:13 AM

xD Whoah. I loved plastic dinos as well but then I discovered Barbies... Jeez I loved launching them off my roof. @_@

I also heard this really really cool lullaby. >.> It's called Mordred's Lullaby by Heather Dale.

o_o It's very haunting.

Worth the listen.

I may upload it if any wanna heard it. :3


"Mmm." she nodded, detaching and taking the key preciously, holding it tightly in her hands. There was a small graphic of a flying Wingull on the card, its wings out stretched out to the sides as it flew over the ocean. It wasn't anything more than a clip art but for some reason, she couldn't get her eyes off the "shimmering" water that Wingull was flying over. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but...no, never mind it. Raising her shoulders back up to the correct position she turned lightly on her heels with a small sincere smile, "T-thank you... Ashita ne." She slid the little card in the door and opened it, dropping her bag once she'd gotten into the room and gently shut the door behind herself, leaning against it for a moment before crossing to the bed. Without even bothering to shower, she'd do that in the morn, she all but collapsed on the fluffy bed and was trully out within minutes.

The child had more than extended herself for that day.

April 7th, 2006, 9:08 PM
Waiting until Kyoko had entered her room and closed her door, Chain then turned toward the room across the hall. Slipping the key card through the reader, he grasped the steel latch, turned it, and swung the door open. Stepping inside, Chain flicked on the light switches before knocking the door shut with his elbow. Then, entering the restroom, the trainer flicked on another light switch. Releasing an exhausted sigh, he turned on the faucet and splashed a few handfuls of cold water on his face. After wiping the water away from his eyes with the back of his hand, Chain turned the water off and re-entered the main portion of his room--not bothering to dry his face. At the moment, he felt abnormally warm and hoped the evaporating water would cool him.

Lightly detaching his earrings, Chain dropped them on the nightstand. Seconds later, his bracelets clattered beside them. Turning his back toward the bed, Chain suddenly fell back and collapsed onto it. Until he had entered the hotel room, the trainer had not fully realized his fatigue.

Under normal circumstances, Chain would probably have shunned the bed in favor of sleeping on the balcony outside--a more free environment. However, the circumstances were far from normal. And, as it was, he felt too drained to move.

Slitting his green-gold eyes open slightly, the trainer stared dully at the white plaster ceiling above. The others seemed to endure considerably more than I did today. If I feel this tired, it makes me wonder how they feel . . . His eyes closed. Or, I might wonder if I had the strength to. Chain turned his head to the side. And, within minutes, he had fallen into a deep sleep.

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April 8th, 2006, 8:40 AM
OOC: Bleah, stupid electronics! First my mouse starts messing with me and constantly becomes 'disconnected' and just now my keyboard just did the same! >_< This is why I hate this new 'no wires' thingumwhatsits. Anyways, I have come to post...although it won't be very fast as both mouse and keyboard keep randomly disconnecting and reconnecting themselves. <.<


Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Valen had relocated himself from the bed, finally settling on sitting upon the window sill and staring out from it, even though this meant that he had to keep in a slight crouch so as to not hit his head. Outside, night was quickly falling over Twilight City, the sky rapidly changing from a purplish red to solid dark blue and black, the tall buildings with their spotless glass windows glowing in the last rays of sunlight before fading out into grey and black as the sun finally set properly. This darkness did not last long, however, as electric lights soon lit up, some of them from the lamp posts of the street, others here and there in the various windows of the surrounding buildings, testaments to the unfinished bussiness and general nocturnal activities of their residents. Up above, stars started to become visible in the sky, bright spots of white agains the darkness, and even though the electric lights disturbed the mood somewhat, Valen still couldn't help feeling soothed by the sight, his thoughts ceasing to focus on anything in particular and proceeding instead to meandering to and fro, his eyes absent-mindedly focusing on a single street light...memories from long ago seeping back into his mind as his eyelids slowly became heavier. Strangely enough, these memories didn't seem unpleasant, however, to the contrary, they seemed almost...happy...

Suddenly, Valen felt a cold breeze brush against his cheeks. Looking up, the boy once again found himself surprised by his surroundings; the room seemed...different now, the carefully headache-white walls now bearing a dull grey colour. Not only that, they looked different as well, felt different...more...solid somehow, despite the new cracks that were present in them, bearing witness to wear and tear. Alarmed, Valen leapt down from the window sill again, the stone floor giving off a strange, echoing sound.

"No..." he muttered quietly as a sneaky realization began creeping up on him, "No...this can't be..."

But it was, he didn't need to look at the rest of the spartan room with the sagging mattress, the old wooden nightstand with the hidden drawer in between the two ordinary ones and the tall wardrobe which loomed over the room in an almost treathening manner from its spot by the right-hand wall or the piece of mirrored glass with the chip missing from the bottom right corner which had been hung up by the door by means of a nail and a piece of string. Outside, the carefully ordered and organised cityscape of Twilight City was gone, replaced by a series of slightly crooked streets and alleyways with residence houses, stores, and various other structures scattered about in such a haphazard manner that it made one wonder whether they had actually been built there or just tossed together by a freak storm, the nightly streets lit up by a series of surprisingly well-ordered street lamps. Stonewall Town...he was back in his old stomping ground, and he had a pretty good hunch of what had brought him there...

"Allright, Vincent or whoever you are!" he growled, glaring around the room in search of the appartitition, "I know you're listening so come on out and 'fess up! What's the big idea?!"

For a moment, Valen simply stood there and waited, but to no avail...the appartition, if indeed he was here, didn't respond in any way, which only made Valen all the more angry.

After pacing back and forth through the room for a good while longer, he finally came to a conclusion, walking over to the door and pressing the handle down.

"Fine!" he shouted out into the room as he stood in the doorway, "I'll play your little game, but just you wait until I find you!"

Stepping out into the narrow hallway, lit only by what little light from the moon and stars could find its way through the occasional windows, Valen proceeded to walk in the direction of the downward staircase. It had been years since he had set foot in the building, but yet, as he walked, the boy felt it all coming back to him...there was the washroom you should never use because the lock on the door didn't work, the older children made a habit of occasionally ripping it open to get a laugh at some poor new guy who didn't know about it, luckily Valen had never gotten to face this treatment himself, although once he had laid there in order to catch that wise-arse Colin and give him a piece of his mind...and fists. He walked on...there, rather amateurishly reconstructed, was the bust of the orphanage's founder, Edward Hugglestone, which a small group of kids had accidentally broken...Valen had ended up with the blame as he recalled. The boy frowned, these weren't memories he wanted to dwell on.

And there...there was the staircase, a spiral design for some peculiar reason, and made out of wood (For the good Mr.Hugglestone had been running short on funds), sloping downwards and leading ot the dining hall. Valen proceeded to head down it, instinctively leaping over the third-last board as every child at the Stonewall orphanage knew that it creaked and was a very good way for a careless nocturnal prowler to get himself caught red-handed.

At the foot of the stairs, Valen suddenly halted, noting that, although the dining hall with its long, wooden tables was dark and deserted, there was light shining from the doorway leading to the common room.

Unsure of what he would find next, Valen slowly and stealthily proceeded through the dining hall, pressing himself tightly against the wall and carefully peering out from the safety of the shadows to see the source of the commotion.

It was children...six of them in all, all of them running about and playing like no-one's bussiness, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it was surely way past curfew and any
'acting out' in the building would be punished. All of them were of course dressed in the standard, Stonewall orphanage uniform; shirt, jacket, and trousers, all simple, unadorned, and light grey in colour, as well as a pair of black shoes same for both males and females, for the staff of Stonewall Orphanage had always prided themselves on treating everyone equally. Regardless, it wasn't as if the clothes were what drew Valen's attention to these children, no, it was their appearances...closest to his vantage point was a spunky-looking little girl with short red hair who cast a glance filled with disapproval and suspicion at two of the other girls, the taller one slightly tanned with dark, wavy hair which stopped just a bit after the shoulders and the other a rather pale (At least in comparison to the other) and frail-looking thing with pink hair carefully bound up in pigtails, who clung firmly to the older girl's arm. The red-headed one didn't pay much more attention to the two, having just been invited to play by one of the other children, this one a blonde young prettyboy-to-be whom Valen felt a sudden urge to hit without even quite knowing why. Trying to surpress this urge, the boy let his eyes wander again, noting the three remaining children; one a boy who looked like the oldest of the group and seemed to be the only one not preoccupied with playing in any way, merely leaning against the wall of a slightly more shaded corner and observing the others, his green-gold eyes not betraying any clue of what he was thinking as he absent-mindedly brushed a strand of his dark hair away from obscuring his vision, the boy was temporarily forced out of his composed position however, as a far more energetic-looking girl with dark blue, shoulder length hair came charging past, vigorously pulling along another girl, this one with jet black hair, who looked like she would rather have walked for herself if given the choice.

These children...they all seemed so familar, even though Valen was positive that there were none like that in his old orphanage, but yet, be it because of some peculiar influence of the 'dream' or something else, the boy couldn't place them, the answer stubbornly clinging to the tip of his tongue and refusing to reveal itself. The boy brushed aside a bit of his own, dark purple hair which had began falling across his right eye while he tried to figure things out with mounting frustration. Just then, he suddenly felt an arm land on his left shoulder, gently but still rather firmly. Spinning around in alarm, the boy found himself face-to-face with an old woman, maybe in her seventies or so, her short, snow-white hair lying down on her head in a well ordered manner, and the two clear blue eyes in her wrinkled face watching the boy in front of her with an appraising look.

"Now what are you doing here all alone, Valen?" she asked in a gentle but curious voice, giving him a friendly smile, "Shouldn't you be inside there playing with your friends?"

"Mrs. Winters, I-" the boy began uncertainly, but his expression quickly hardened, "Allright, cut it out!" he snapped, roughly hitting off the old woman's hand, "I've had enough of this dream vision crap! What do you want?!"

The old woman shook her head, "Language, language..." she tutted disapprovingly, "You better watch it, or I'll have to wash your mouth with soap, mister."

This comment only served to increase the boy's rage however, "I said cut it out!" he repeated angrily, "I'm a grown trainer, not some snot-nosed little brat to be bossed about and I demand that you tell me what's going on!"

"Oh, but of course you are..." the woman replied in a distinctly patronizing voice, suddenly grabbing Valen by the arm, "Now come on, master trainer, we don't want to keep your friends waiting." with that, she proceeded to pull Valen into the room, despite the boy's struggle.

"Let me go!" he demanded, furiously pulling his arm back with all his might, but to no avail. Mrs. Winters' grip held steady, and the boy suddenly found himself in the awkward position that his legs could barely reach the floor, kicking wildly in an effort to regain his footing. He was small now, this he could tell, small and weak...a kid, just like those others.

"Now here we are..." the woman concluded in a continuously soft, friendly voice, finally letting go of the boy's arm as they reached the center of the room, "What's the matter?" she continued, tilting his head at the boy's expression, "Do you have a boo-boo? I could kiss it if you like."

"No, I don't have a boo-boo..." Valen replied, pronouncing the 'boo-boo' part with a distinctily mocking edge, "And I don't have the time for this nonsense. Who are these kids and why am I here?"

"Why these are all special children, Valen..." the woman replied, performing a sweeping motion with her right arm to encompass the whole group, "Just like you, they have a very important thing to do. But you're even more special..." she added.

Valen frowned, "More special?" he echoed, "How so?"

"Why you have a choice..." mrs.Winters replied in a tone which implied that this should have been completely obvious, "All of you children are going to be important, but you are one who can choose how you will be important." she took a slight pause, "Which is why I decided to have a little talk with you..." the woman continued, "I want to make sure that you made the right choice, you see...now don't glare at me so." she added, smiling at Valen in a slightly amused manner, "There's no need to be embarassed, you are only a child after all."

"So you're just another one who's suddenly taken an interest in my life, then..." Valen replied sourly, "Well here's a newsflash for you lady, I'm not interested! I don't care about any of this destiny crap, I just want to get on with my life!"

"Oh...my dear, dear child..." the woman replied sadly, shaking her head, "That's not how a destiny works...you are a special case because of the choice, but that only goes so far...you must still make it, fate won't leave you alone until you do."

Valen didn't reply, merely glaring furiously at the floor, although he was certain that this 'Mrs.Winters' could read his mind just as surely as the dream 'Vincent' had, and sure enough, the woman soon continued.

"Oh, but I know that this must be a lot to take in at once..." she said, patting Valen on the head in a patronizing manner, "Don't worry, young man, you don't have to decide anything yet. Just remember; there are two sides to every story, and I can't tell you the absolute truth any more than that silly man can. No, you must try to remember and make up your mind for yourself..."

"Remember?" Valen echoed, frowning, "Is that why I'm here? Did you want me to remember something about my miserable childhood? What's that got to do with this 'decision'?"

"It's got everything to do with your decision." the woman remarked, "You don't remember your past and so you have no beginning, and without a beginning, how can there be an end? Like I said, this must be much to take in. It's time to rest now, young man, rest...all will become clear later."

"Hey!" Valen called out as the woman once again grabbed a hold of his arm and began carrying him towards the staircase, "Stop! I've got more to ask! More to-" he trailed off in mid-sentence, his eyelids growing heavy and falling shut once more as sleep overwhelmed him.

In the real world, Valen carelessly laid down on his bed and curled up into sleep, not even bothering to pull the sheet over himself.

April 9th, 2006, 8:37 AM
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Reina was at peace. Her face was lying on the cheap and used cot's sheets, which were that horrible white color. She wasn't dreaming, and nothing had come to her in the night in the form of a dream; that was good thing, for she rarely had good dreams. It was also lucky, for the day before was so strange, so full of danger and excitement that a nightmare about it didn't seem unlikely. However, Reina's peace was disturbed by a poke in her arm. She kept her eyes closed, but was awake.

"Mmm... what?" she said groggily, wanting more sleep. With morning came the necessity of using her brain and doing work. She just wanted a break.

{It's morning Reina,} came Tabansi's raspy voice, his wings clicking lightly, {We should get an early start.}

"For what?" Reina mumbled, sitting up and opening her eyes halfway. Her red hair sticking out in many directions, messed up from the movement in her sleep. She yawned without covering her mouth.

{Eh... for breakfast of course! There are so many people here, we should get there early, that way we have something substantial to eat!} the cobalt beetle said smartly, as if he had planned it all along, {That is why I awoke myself and then you as soon as it became six o'clock.}

"SIX?!" Reina said quite loudly, though only one of two people stirred in their sleep. She lowered her voice, suddenly feeling guilty of almost waking up others from the peace she had just been having, "Six?! I never wake up this early! I'm going back to bed...." She began to lie down again, but Tabansi's voice stopped her.

{Have it your way, but when this crowd gets up, you'll probably end up dining next to some girly-girl... maybe even Rosairie,} the bug said with meaningful glance. Reina's body shot up again, looking quite awake.

"Why didn't you say so before?" she whispered, careful not to wake anyone up, "Let's go!"

{Yes well, I believe they begin to serve breakfast at six-thirty, so we have a little while to wander about,} he paused, looking at Reina's appearance, {Perhaps you'd like to freshen up a bit?}

"Why?" Reina asked, frowning, "Is there something wrong with me?"

Tabansi chuckled to himself. He should have known that Reina would be the last person to realize how ridiculous her own hair looked. She would probably think it looked cool.

April 10th, 2006, 7:00 AM

>.> Valen needs a hug -nodnod- Reina needs to hug Valen. )=< He needs hugs! @_@ Huggy hug hug... Hug the angsty little boi. ;.; Hug I say! Hug hug hug! I need to stop listening to angsty J-Rock/J-Pop. @_@ -stabs Bleach music-

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And yeah Reina. o-o FE fanfics.... give small children nightmares


Sleep for her that consisted of restful relaxful sleep, came slowly but eventually it did come. Kyoko's body was quite simply tuckered out. She didn't wake up til close to six, an hour after she'd normally set out and she only woke up at six because of the sun in her eyes. Apparently, she'd forgotten to draw the blinds.

Yawning lightly, she sat up fully, looking around the room, abit confused as to how she'd ended up in one very fluffy bed with pretty silken sheets. Memories of the past night quickly returned to her mind and as she glanced over them inwardly, she couldn't help but sigh softly.

Rosairie had gone home.

Aside from Chain she was alone again.

Forcing that thought out of her mind, she slipped off the bed that seemed to be swallowing her whole with its massive size and snagged a clean set of clothing from her bag, heading for the shower. After she'd finished that, she returned to the little "living room" of the suite and popped in her headphones, tapping away on an off brand Mp3 player, she detested the pokePod, til she apparently found the song she was looking for. Sitting on the ground, she raised her arms above her head and brought them down in what appeared to be one very uncomfortable position to the untrained eye, the music blaring in her player

Atashi mada mogaiteru
Kodomo no koro ni modoru yori mo
Ima o umaku ikitemitai yo
Kowagari wa umaretsuki

"I-i-i-tai... I shouldn't... be doing these so early in the morning....Sensei's not exactly watching over my shoulder... No no, I mustn't think like that... I have to be stronger." Switching positions, she now bent her fingers back at an awkward angle, bending them back almost to her knuckles, causing them to color white lightly

Hi no ataru basho ni dete
Kono te o tsuyoku nigitte mita
Ano basho ano toki wo kowashite
I can change my life!

It was, however, greatly improving Kyoko's mood. The soothing Aikido stretches, painful as they may be, were like a channel one might watch during commercials. The distraction from absolutely everything going on around her was well recieved...not to mention very much wanted. It was almost relaxing to roll across the floor swiftly without making a noise, to pull body parts in directions they shouldn't be going and to fully extend muscles that didn't want to be extended.

That and she was listening to what could possibly be her favorite song of the moment.

Demo kokoro no naka subete o
Totemo tsutaekirenai
Kantan ni ikanai kara ikiteyukeru

Repacking what she'd taken out, Kyoko was fully stretched and her normal little self by eight. Though she probably didn't have to, she'd cleaned up the room abit. It was nothing more than an old habit but it was rather unusual. The bed had been made, the kitchen floor wiped down, the tables dusted, it barely looked as though somebody had been in the room in the first place.

Ajusting the pack on her shoulder and retying the two purple ribbons in her hair, the purple shirted child in ankle length blue jeans stepped out of her room and pattered across the hall, knocking lightly on Chain's door, "...Nii-sama? Good Morning!"


;; so undetailed... dun hit me.

And for the Japanese Illiterate (I love you all. :D) the translation to the J-Pop Kyoko was listening to. Song's LIFE by Yui Horie.

Instead of going back to childhood, I want to live well now!
I was born a coward.
I went to a place where the sun shined,
and tried to see if I could hold this hand tightly.
I broke that place; that time.
I can change my life!
But I can’t convey everything that’s in my heart.
Because it’s not simple to go on, I can live.

April 10th, 2006, 10:18 AM
Where am I . . . ? Chain's eyes snapped open. After taking in his surroundings for a brief moment, he slowly pushed himself upright with one arm. As his gaze passed over the alarm clock on the nightstand, he noted the time. What the . . . I never sleep in a bedroom . . . And I never sleep past 6:30. The current time was 7:00. Placing his hand against his head, Chain remained silent as he began to recall the previous night's events. Then, forcing himself to stand as he glanced toward the ceiling, he mumbled, "I forgot to turn the lights off . . . "

Deciding to leave said lights on for the moment, Chain entered the restroom. Apparently he left the lights on there as well. After a quick splash of water on his face had sufficiently awakened him, he paused--attempting to comprehensively order events within his mind and plan his schedule for the next twenty minutes. Finally deciding upon his next action, Chain snapped his gold neckguard off.

Following a ten-minute shower, the gold neckguard again clicked into place. Running a hand through his damp, tangled hair, Chain closed his eyes and sighed. What now . . . As the trainer opened his eyes and exited into the main room, he caught a glance of himself in the mirror. Although, by this time, he appeared fully awakened, the very act of seeing himself seemed somehow unnatural to him. His dark hair was an unkempt mess--though this was of little consequence to him. His hair was always an unkempt mess. Clear and piercing as ever, his gold-tinged eyes did not betray any grogginess that remained within his mind. And, aside from the absence of his earrings and bracelets, his outfit appeared as it usually did.

Making his way toward the balcony, Chain slid the glass door open and stepped outside. Staring down at the street below, the trainer quietly savored the faint breeze that wafted about him. It's strange how calm the city is after the events yesterday . . . Unfortunately, something tells me that this calm is merely the calm before the storm. For several minutes, Chain viewed the city in silence, allowing the cold morning air to comfort his spirit as he gradually braced himself for whatever events the day might bring.

Stepping inside the hotel room, Chain again glanced at the clock as he seated himself on the edge of the bed. 7:47 . . . Later than I thought. Still, there's some data I want to review. Removing his mini-computer from his side, he raised his spiked wristband toward it--projecting Porygon into its system.

"Circuit, let's take a look at some of the files we got yesterday--not the ones on Omicron, but the charts of monetary expenditure and income." The files immediately appeared on the screen. If Chain's mind had not already gained its customary facility, the interest the files now piqued raised his mental clarity to normal levels and beyond. There must be more to this . . . I'm certain of it. I need to re-enter WaiWai Inc.'s systems as soon as possible. Chain minimized a file as he opened another. Hacking a system the second time is always more difficult than the first--especially knowing that you might be expected. Still, if I want answers, that risk may be necessary.

"Circuit, run a search for any files that--" Chain froze as he heard a knock on the door.

"...Nii-sama? Good Morning!"

At the sound of Kyoko's voice, Chain swiftly murmured, "Circuit, close all files and return." The computer screen instantly darkened as the Porygon returned to its Premier Ball in a stream of ruby light. Slipping the computer into his pocket and sliding his bracelets onto their respective wrists, Chain strode toward the door. Casually swinging the door open, he calmly greeted, "Mornin'."

April 10th, 2006, 7:52 PM
She blinked, "Did...I inturupt you...?" Head tilted lightly, she pointed towards the unkempt mess of hair, "I...was just wondering if you wanted breakfast. I can go get it for you if you're in the middle of something, I didn't want to inturupt you know... but we might miss the bacon... and I also didn't think you wanted to wait in a really really long line for your Pokemon at the Center..." Noting that she'd been dragging on and on, she clamped a hand over her mouth for a moment before she opened it once more, "Sorry! I didn't... mean to go on like that... I'll do.. whatever you want... That's... what was I was trying to say."

She really did want to get her Espeon back... She didn't like being away from her Pokemon.

She didn't like it at all


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>.> So yeah! I'll try my hardest to post tomorow!

April 11th, 2006, 10:30 AM
Chain paused before running a hand across his hair to flatten it slightly as he replied, "You didn't interrupt me." He lowered his hand. "As to breakfast . . . Yeah, we should probably get going soon. I'll be right back." Leaving the door open, Chain turned and approached the nightstand. Eh, I suppose it would be my fault for not bringing a brush or something. After five minutes of walking around, my hair will probably return to normal, though. Picking up his earrings, Chain quickly attached them to one ear. Then, flicking his room key into the air, he lightly snatched it before dropping it into his pocket. Returning to the door, Chain stepped into the hall. And, allowing the door to click shut behind him, he tested the handle to verify the door was locked. Turning toward Kyoko, the trainer then nodded slightly, stating, "Let's go."

Alter Ego
April 12th, 2006, 9:00 AM
Morning came all too early for Valen. And not only that, it didn't even have the decency to creep up on him in a comfortably slow manner and gently rouse the boy from sleep. No, there was no pleasant warmth...no soft, slowly growing light, no birdsong or scent of spring in the air. But all the same, there was an awakening...yes, an awakening indeed...

"Allright, rise and shine, Mr.Ironholm."

The boy flinched at the sudden intensity of the sun's glare, quickly raising a hand to shield himself from the worst of it, his mind racing to grasp the present once more as the room slowly came into focus, as did the nurse who had caused the interruption.

"Well, are ya' like, going to lay around there all day or something?" Veroncia inquired, tilting her head, "The boss said that, like, you're free to go now since that, you know, head injury or whatever seems to be fine. So like, would ya' mind getting up so I could get those sheets in order?"

Valen didn't give any clear response, merely grumbling incomrehensibly as he half-leapt, half-rolled out of the bed and onto the floor, briefly pausing to rub his eyes in an attempt to shake off the remnants of his dream while simultaneously willing himself not to do something violent.

"Where are my boots?" he asked gruffly, the absence of the heavy footwear becoming apparent for him as he felt a slight tinge of cold spread through his feet. It was rather odd, though, the boy didn't recall taking them off...someone else must have, probably while he was unconscious.

"Those old things?" Veronica asked without bothering to wait for an answer or even turn her head as she began sorting out the sheets, "Over there." she continued, nodding towards one of the corners of the room, "Although if ya' ask me, not that anyone ever does mind ya', but if ya' ask me, you'd be better off getting rid of those things. They're, like, a pair of incubators for fungus or something, and that's like, not cool, because I'd probably be the one who'd have to treat that too, ya' know?"

"So glad you care..." Valen remarked cynically as he briefly bent down to re-attach the boots. He didn't bother to wait for a reply, if indeed the nurse had even heard his last comment, focusing instead on simply getting out of the room as quickly as possible.

Walking down the hallway, the boy cast a quick glance at a nearby clock, his expression immediately souring a bit. Barely 8 AM... he thought, shaking his head, Rise and shine indeed... He decided to push the thoughts out of his mind, though. After all, there were far more pressing issues...but where to begin? There was the report, of course, he had promised to make that after all...but it was way too early for something like that. The boy's expression gained a tiny hint of amusement to it as he tried to imagine Slythe's expression if he heard about someone wanting to give a full report at 8 o'clock in the morning. No, Team Viper would just have to wait. Valen didn't feel particularly inclined to do them any favours, anyway, not without direct orders. His thoughts then drifted to the disk...yes, that would be the perfect passtime. There probably weren't very many establishments open this early in the morning, especially ones with computer access, but, Valen reasoned, he could probably find something of the kind he was looking for in Undercity...it seemed like the kind of place where you could find most anything if you knew where to look.

Valen nodded for himself, yes, that was what he would do...head off to Undercity straight away and...at this point, a fairly quiet but very distinct rumbling from his stomach forced him to reconsider his decision, though.

Right, I'll figure this out... he repeated for himself as he stepped out into the streets, After I've had breakfast.

April 12th, 2006, 6:27 PM

=3 Don't ask how this got started but~

Does anybody here read the Wheel of Time series? o.o

Oh. Melissa? Word of advice: Never play Fire Emblem charades. (sp?)

Bad things will happen.

I also... just got a psp. :3 it's shiney.


She blinked, tottering to her room and leaving her bag before just attaching her pokeballs to her waist before she pattered out once again, attaching to his wrist and this time tugged him along happily, "...do you...like waffles?" she blinked, looking up at him lightly, little eyes staring intently at his face in a very child-like mannor, "...maybe pancakes...or sasuage? I'm... smaller ya know. so if you tell me what you want, I can cut a few places in line and nobody'll notice... that is, if the line's long an all."

Pressing the buttons on the elevator, she effectively dragged him to the lobby and out the front doors before she stopped, turning back towards Chain, spare arm nervously rubbing her neck, "Um... where's the Pokemon Center...? I have... no sense of direction at all."

Alter Ego
April 13th, 2006, 2:59 AM
OOC: Wheel of Time? Ehh...can't say I've read, no. Although I have played a game based on that...well, part of the game anyway. Never got past that one level...-.-

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April 13th, 2006, 6:16 AM
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Fire Emblem charades? I can only imagine....

I've heard of the Wheel of Time series, but alas, I have not read it. ^^;;

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Breakfast went smoothly enough at first. Reina and Tabansi waited patiently for the kitchen to get cooking, and once it was open, they were almost the first ones in there. A few other trainers had woken up early mumbling things about getting out of this place as fast as they could after yesterday. Reina scoffed at their cowardice. If everyone felt the way they did, then how would those hooded freaks ever get brought to justice?

Tabansi managed to convince Reina to brush her hair and freshen up after more trainers began coming to eat lunch, claiming that if she did that, she could get away from the growing crowd. She agreed, and soon re-appeared looking better groomed. There was still a place in her hair that stuck up stubbornly on the upper, back part of her head. Tabansi commented on it.

{Looks like you missed a spot when brushing,} he said plainly. Reina rolled her eyes, annoyed that he was so picky.

"Gimme a break Tabansi, I did brush it! I must've slept on it wrong. Oh who cares! I'm not going to enter any beauty contests," she said to him, and the bug pokemon clicked his wings a bit. She was right, even saying the words 'beauty contests' sounded strange coming from her.

She looked around, at the tons of trainers, the frazzled Nurse Joy, and the large doors that were propped open for air to relieve the heat so many people made in buildings. She raised an eyebrow, and then looked down to her pokemon.

"Let's get out of here. I want to explore a bit," she said, looking back at the door, "There's no point in sitting around here anyway." Tabansi, though he was sure they would get into trouble out there somehow, agreed that there was little to be done in the center.

He clicked his wings, {It looks to be about seven-thirty. A good time to begin walking I suppose. It's not so early that bad people will still be roaming about. I think....}

"Bad people...? You worry too much! I've got three awesome pokemon to protect me! What regular idiot out there can hurt me?" Reina said quite confidently. Tabansi frowned. For someone who knew much, Reina was sure naive sometimes.

The two of them began walking out of the Pokemon Center, the morning air still crisp. Well, as crisp as it could be in a large city.

April 13th, 2006, 6:51 AM

>.> Yish! He's all, ">.<" on the outside but on teh inside he's all, ";;" and that's the huggable (Even tho they "hate" it) character. :3 I love those!

It's... pretty bad. -cough- My imitation of Lyn... gave me a mild concussion. xD -tried her spiffy crit attack-

^^; I personally think they're alright. The first three books however... >> may burn

The 11th one wasn't that bad. o.o but I've read better books in my time

>.> Pointless OoC with a reason!

As you all know, it's Holy Week. And as my Dad's parents are aging, we're going up to Rockford, Illinios tomorow through Sund (Where it's supossed to be in the 80s this weekend. ¬¬ Joy.) and yeah. I'll try and get connection with my Laptop but it's been screwy lately so I'm not 100% sure.

April 13th, 2006, 9:47 AM
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Somewhat suprised--though not entirely--Chain permitted himself to be led to the elevator, through the lobby, and out the front door. After glancing down at Kyoko for a moment, faint amusement crossed his features as he returned his gaze upward. Raising his free arm, the trainer motioned toward one direction, birefly replying, "The Pokemon Center should be that way."

As he started down the street, he added, "You don't need to cut in line, but if you'd be willing to pick up breakfast for me, I'll get your Pokemon. This way, we can cover more ground in the same amount of time." As the Pokemon Center came within view, he silently noted Rosairie leaving the structure before again glancing down toward Kyoko. "Does that work for you?"

April 13th, 2006, 6:24 PM

:3 Ooo! I'm thinkin bout starting an RP there

Maybeh. o-o Sephychen hasta get her bum on PC first.


She nodded, "Aye-aye Ca-pi-tan~" She detached from his arm and bowed towards him lightly before she scampered off for the Pokemon Center. He'd said go right hadn't he? Or had he said left? Or was it south? Prehaps north? She didn't exactly remember but she supossed that if she wandered around enough, she'd manage to find it sooner or later.

But hopefully much sooner than the later. Her tummy was growling; she hadn't eaten dinner last night and it was beginning to make her light headed and thus a little on the grouchy side. Slipping to her knees, she swiftly tightened the straps on her sandles before she quite honestly floored it, tearing through the alleyways at a speed one might not want to be at in such crowded areas and strangely she dodged the pedestrians with expertiece, not even needing to look up to know they were there and as to how she should move to avoid them. These halls weren't as crowded as those in Undercity nor were they all that dark. This made her little sprint that much easier.

However, she did get a little cocky. Her head turned lightly towards a slightly angered pedestrian who'd made a comment not meant for children's ears, she'd simply stuck her tounge out at him and the result...

Well, let's just say she didn't see Reina coming around the same corner til she was on the ground, on her bum, protesting lightly about the idiot who wasn't watching where they were going without even looking up at the person she'd bumped into.


=3 just thought I'd wake Reina up a bit.

April 14th, 2006, 7:37 AM
OOC: Oh I'm sure Reina will simply love this. XD


As Reina and Tabansi walked mildly fast down the street, Reina took note of the people around them as she usually did. There were quite a few confused trainers around, and their discussions only made Reina more curious about what was to be done today.

At least there weren't as many people out here as there had been in the Pokemon Center. Reina didn't mind people, but with crowds came bumps and shoves and stepped on toes, both physically and mentally. She always managed to run into people she hated in those places, and therefore getting out of there was top priority. Though there was some reason for her to stay there, as she was curious as to how JJ was getting along.... She wondered if Valen's suspicions about the boy held merit. As she was thinking this, she turned a corner of a building, and found herself running into a small and very annoying girl.

"Ack!" Reina grunted, stumbling backwards a little, but regaining her balance with Tabansi's help. The bug pokemon was quite large, and his horn had acted as a good stabilizer. Reina looked down to see Kyoko on the ground, and Chain standing next to her. No Rosairie was in sight, but the girl before her was enough to bring back some lovely memories of last night.

"You!" she said, pointing the finger on her uninjured hand at the girl, struggling to figure out what to say to the girl, "You stay away from me! You did enough last night with your pathetic little show!" Tabansi had no idea what Reina was talking about, as he had been in his ball when they had been in the hospital. It must have been something quite alarming though.

Alter Ego
April 14th, 2006, 8:48 AM
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*Cough* Aaaaanyhow...


I've steered clear of these big cities and crowds for very good reasons...and I think I'm starting to remember them now.

Valen's aggression grew steadily as he waited his turn in the queue for the pokémon center's breakfast, which was being delivered at an annoyingly sluggish pace.

Come on, come on... he thought, irritably drumming his fingers against the counter as the person in front of him began fumbling with the change, I haven't got all day... The boy irritably pushed a couple of stray hairs away from obscuring his vision again, feeling annoyed by how JJish he must have looked like in doing so. Valen was used to surveilance and other patience missions, those were one thing, but when it came to queueing endlessly amidst a horde of very loud people in an effort to recieve something which he could have gotten without a hitch and in less than five minutes from the Waiwai Inc. cafeteria annoyed him. Still, he told himself to calm down. Going back to the Waiwai Building just wasn't an option at the moment, Not as long as I have this to sort out... he thought, almost feeling the precious disk burning through his pocket, and besides, how could he be independent if he had to run off to Slythe and his cronies for everything? No, he couldn't have that...he wouldn't have that, even if it meant having to queue endlessly in wait for the cheapskate in front of him to finally find the correct change...


For all the toil he had put into getting the nourishment however, Valen paid hardly any heed to it, merely eating his food quickly and efficiently and barely tasting anything, his mind completely preoccupied with what he should do with this precious 'free-time' he seemed to have been given. He knew it wouldn't last, and that Slythe would set whatever megalomanic plan he had in mind into action as soon as it was mortally possible - if not earlier-, so he wanted to make sure that he wouldn't be wasting it. The Omnicron information...Valen repeated for himself as he strode out into the streets again. He'd have to get that analyzed as soon as possible.

Still though... he found himself thinking, I wouldn't mind meeting up with Reina again either...

The boy briefly came to a halt, surprised by his own thoughts. Now where the heck did that come from? he asked himself, once again feeling annoyed, Sure it's...nice to have someone level-headed to talk with for a change, but fun's fun and should never come before bussiness.

The boy groaned quietly, shaking his head. This was precisely why he hated socializing and attachment in general, it made people so clingy and weak, he was almost disgusted with himself.

Whatever... he concluded coldly, once again taking up a brisk walking pace as he headed towards the nearest elevator, This city is enormous and there are countless people about...it's not like I'm going to run into-

"You stay away from me! You did enough last night with your pathetic little show!"

Valen froze as the unmistakeably familiar voice caught his ears, finding himself indeterminate once again. The elevator is that way... he began, casting a tentative glance in the direction he had been heading to, But still... he once again turned his gaze in the direction the voice had come from, Taking a look won't hurt...besides, it might be JJ... the memory of the obnoxious blonde had definitely struck a vein. Yes, it could indeed be him, and if it was...well, Valen certainly wasn't going to take that chance. And with that, the youth set off towards the sound he had heard in as calm a manner as he could, although he still couldn't help it looking just a little bit like rushing.

April 14th, 2006, 10:24 AM
Chain paused as Kyoko suddenly dashed away. Though she seemed confident enough in herself, Chain silently wondered, "Does she even know where she's going?" After watching the girl for a brief moment, Chain started after her--though taking a shorter route with the intention of intercepting her. I probably should have given her a little more direction before I let her leave. Knowing her, she . . .

Chain arrived upon the ensuing scene as Kyoko slammed into the Reina--Kyoko dropping to the ground and Reina scarcely avoiding the same action via the aid of her Heracross. Yeah . . . she did. The trainer sighed slightly as Reina angrily addressed the younger, pink-haired girl. I suppose I should intervene.

Taking ahold of Kyoko's wrist, Chain helped her to stand before turning calmly toward Reina. "I apologize for any trouble Kyoko has caused you." Guessing that Kyoko would likely be as desirous of avoiding contact with Reina as Reina was of contact with her, Chain turned toward Kyoko as he added, "You should probably hurry to the Pokemon Center." He motioned in the correct direction.

Alter Ego
April 15th, 2006, 1:21 AM
OOC: Would really have waited for more posties, but...*Twitch* I've got the time...and incidentally, Melissa...I had no idea that you supported that pairing too. o.o I agree, Artur x Lute is definitely the cutest (Although Shorties is all 'nits of my Lute! XO' <.<). Ahh...that poor guy really does have trouble getting his message through at first, and those conversations really are amusing. ^-^ Which reminds me, I should keep Arthur on my team for once just so I can see how it ends. Love that banner, by the way. Although I do tend to say that quite a lot about your work. xD

Incidentally, I forgot to comment on the Valen-hug issue...now that would be an interesting situation. xD Nyah, now that would be something that could actually shut him up, and very few things can do that...o.o


Almost there...

Valen's pulse quickened a bit as he rounded the last corner blocking his view, only to find...

"Oh great..." the boy muttered for himself at the sight of the annoying little pink-haired girl, his right hand instinctively beginning to curl into a fist. Almost makes me wish it had been JJ... he thought for himself, It would have been a lot more justifiable to hit him...

The boy took a step back, quickly beginning to regret his decision. What was I thinking? he thought angrily, Reina can handle this little pipsqueak without my help, Chain or no...why did I even bother? he took care to hide a bit deeper in the shade of a nearby building which, thankfully, had a gap between two of the windows in which Valen could remain suitably concealed, Anyway, if I know Reina half as well as I think I do she'd only be offended if she found out I had rushed to her aid... the boy sighed inwardly, I know I would. I should just go...

Still, even as he thought this, Valen found himself remaining rooted at the spot and continuing to observe the situation. Hopefully, the others won't catch on to my presence, I'd rather avoid that kind of attention. Although knowing Chain... he cast a quick glance at the older boy, Well, I just hope that he has the sense to keep quiet about it.

April 15th, 2006, 7:46 AM
OOC: Kingdom Hearts is sucking out my soul. O_O

And Dark Charaxes is an awesome writer. Language is his friend. ^^

Ah yes, I was having some creative issues again, and drawing often helps me get back into creative mode. Of course I support their pairing! ^-^ There are lots of Fire Emblem pairings I support.


Tabansi was worried that this would get out of hand. Not only was Reina very angry sounding, but Chain had swooped in to intervene, which made the situation seem all that more volatile. The cobalt bug's wings clicked nervously, and he looked up at his trainer.

{R-Reina... I think we should just leave,} he suggested as he tugged at her torn jeans, wanting to avoid conflict, {After all you do have a hurt arm.}

Reina had been glaring at Kyoko, but she was also listening to Chain. The boy had come over and grabbed onto the girl before she could do anything. She heard his apology, but it meant little to her since it came not from the person that should have said it, but from a much smarter person. However, she told herself to calm down. It was bad to start out a day on such a sour note, and she was tired of dealing with the girl anyway. Not to mention... what if Rosairie was just around the corner? That was too much, so Reina nodded, though her scowl remained firmly placed.

"Whatever...," she replied, and simply stood in place, her train of thought thrown off by the interruption. She couldn't really remember where it was she had been heading before these two, and so she took a moment to clear her mind.

{I'm glad you didn't act too rash Reina,} Tabansi said happily. Reina sighed, casting her hazel eyes to the ground, not sure if she was happy about that comment or not.

April 15th, 2006, 12:15 PM
Turning back toward Reina, Chain fell silent as he studied her expression. Reina still seems pretty angry . . . I'm not particularly suprised, though. Any resolution between her and Valen, and Kyoko and Rosairie would be nearing impossible. The male's gaze switched to the cobalt Pokemon that stood beside his trainer. At least she has her Heracross. Even if I can't understand him, he seems to be of even temperament. Though his jade eyes remained focused on Tabansi, their light shifted slightly. Whatever the case, it appears our watcher has decided to avoid contact with all of us entirely.

Nodding slightly toward Reina, Chain said quietly, "I should be going to the Pokemon Center, too. See you later." After walking a few paces past the red-haired trainer, Chain paused, adding--for both Reina and Valen's benefit--, " Whatever happened yesterday isn't over. There may come a time when you need to decide where your priorities lie and who you will fight beside. Just something to think about." He resumed walking.

Alter Ego
April 16th, 2006, 9:45 AM
As Reina decided to dismiss the matter rather than create a scene, Valen began to feel all the more foolish for standing - or rather, leaning - about like he did. Still, it wouldn't be very prudent for him to leave his hiding place yet. That would just leave him open for detection, and the boy still didn't feel too keen on it. Overall, he came to think as he waited for a suitable opening to sneak off, things would be a lot easier if he could just go through life like this, a silent, unnoticed observer...no unnecessary emotion, no hassle, no need to do anything in particular, no-one doing anything to him, and, most importantly, no destiny. He glared bitterly at the ground as he came to the last thought, memories of his 'visions' once again springing into his mind. What... he came to think, is it with everyone suddenly wanting to affect my destiny, anyway? he absent-mindedly reached into his back-pocket, his fingers tightening around the 'karmic fortune' that madame Ostria had shoved onto him.

The boy decided not to dwell on it, though, as the chance to make a quiet exit had just presented itself in the form of Chain's departure, accompanied by one of his many vague statements. Yes, Chain was fond of making those to prove his point, wasn't he? Just like Vincent... Valen found himself thinking, Well, except for the lighter use of jargon. This is just brilliant, though... he continued bitterly as he crept back down the alley he had come from in a stealthy manner, Exactly what I needed...another riddle to solve...

Two riddles, actually... he added for himself once he had taken a secure distance from the others, I still don't know what he's aiming at...what are his motives? He seems too intelligent to be some kind of high and mighty moralist or world improver...so why? What's he playing at? And why... the boy continued in his mind, once again becoming considerably aware of the disc in his pocket, Why does he seem so intent on making all of us work together? Bah, I'll just sort that out later. he concluded, Right now I have to-

He didn't have the time to continue on this line of thought as the loudspeakers suddenly came on.

"Attention, please?" an all too familiar female voice began, "Can I please have your attention for a moment, lovehs? There have been plenty of questions and rumours concerning our little...technical difficulties yesterday and I'd love to clarify this for you all. The problem is now over for the near foreseeable future. However, because we don't want to take any unnecessary risks with your safety, the lockdown of Twilight City will still be in place for another 24 hours. Furthermore, Undercity will remain out of bounds for this time to prevent any 'contamination of evidence', as it were. Oh, and finally..." Lori finished in her usual flowery tone - Valen could already picture her pretentious smile in his mind - "We would like to invite all of the seven participants who did not surrender during this year's Memorial Battle Tournament to come to the Waiwai Inc. Building for a small award ceremony at 10 o'clock today. The names of these trainers will be posted on the city notice boards shortly. Have a nice day, lovehs, and stay safe."

April 16th, 2006, 11:06 AM
OOC: Oh Chain... so ominous! ^-^

Forgive me if I double post... I seem to be doing that on accident a lot lately. -.-;;;


"Huh... choose sides?" Reina echoed, watching Chain leave, his words seeming to remind her of what others had said before. Ostria, Phoebe, they had both mentioned making hard choices... and now Chain too. They were all so vague it was infuriating! Why was it that no one could ever just say what they meant?! Reina always did, and it really bothered her that so many people in this world preferred to side-step and cloud the truth with words. She wished that people could just be up-front, get everything out in the open, for only then could you see how a person truly feels and thinks.

Perhaps it was because she was raised by a father that was always to the point, or perhaps it was because she was never good at figuring out the meanings laced within a tapestry of words. One thing was for sure; this 'choice' she had to make, it was obvious which side she would take it given the choice. Reina was not evil, and she would never side with someone who was.

But-- something nagged at the back of her mind-- what if a friend was said evil person? What if it was a choice where she would be forced to fight someone she cared for? The choice was still clear, but it wouldn't be nearly as easy to carry out.

{Reina? Are we going?} Tabansi said in his raspy voice. He looked a bit concerned with her.

"Yeah...," Reina answered after a few seconds of silence, "Tabansi, what is evil?"

The beetle clicked his wings quite loudly and looked at her curiously. {Evil?} he repeated, eyeing her, {Why Reina, evil is in the eye of the beholder. It is not something that has a definition, for its definition is always changing. You could say it is anyone that hurts another person on purpose, but that would immediately make all of us evil by a very young age. You could say it is someone breaking the law, but not all laws are considered 'just'. You could say it is someone who enjoys the pain and fear they cause in others; but that wouldn't count either, because I know many who have done this and are still capable of love and friendship. Good and evil are only concepts invented by humans to label values that you believe in as appropriate, and label the others as taboo. Those who abide by the consensus, by society's rules, are considered good. Those who do not are labeled as 'evil'. One could argue that evil doesn't even exist; that it merely depends on your point of view.}

"Okay Tabansi... I think that's enough philosophy for one day. You just blew my mind," Reina said with a smile at the bug, "Let's get goi--."

Suddenly the speakers came on and cut off Reina's comment with an announcement. At the part about the problem being over for now, Reina laughed.

"Pfft, they wish! What they mean to say is that there will be a short calm before the next time it happens," she said to Tabansi in a low voice so that no one else would hear, "No one's been caught for it! They all got away and vowed it would happen again."

Tabansi nodded, he certainly agreed with her about that. Waiwai was no doubt trying to avoid a panic and keep everyone in the dark.

Reina's gaze moved up to the speakers as Lori's flowery voice spoke of the seven contestants. She blinked. Who would that be? Was she one of them? She looked at Tabansi, her expression hopeful that she would at least get something out of this ruined tournament.

"Let's go find that board!" she said excitedly, turning around and beginning to rush off. Tabansi clicked his wings rapidly and took off after Reina.

{R-Reina wait! You don't even know if that's the right way!} he called loudly, wondering where the girl got so much energy from.

April 16th, 2006, 2:30 PM

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I'm gone for.... 48 hours and you guys go nutts. o-o

Amazin. xD -posts IC like a good lil Mika-

o.o Valen... can shut up? -blinks in amazement/disbelief-



All Kyoko wanted to do was stand up, slap that girl across the face and then promptly turn and run like hell after a moment or two of nasty little words and none of which would've had anything to do with Rosairie. Sure, it was common knowledge that the two girls whose names both began with the letter R (Which to Kyoko's child-like mind meant they should get along) loathed each other's existance and it was only a matter of time before a cat fight consumed the two of them...hopefully somebody like that... twit from yesterday. JJ was it? No matter... she didn't like remembering names, she liked nicknames but back to the point she mumbled something lightly under her breath that seemingly clamed her before standing up, keeping her distance, her toe scuffing into the cement.

Shuppy, however, was not amused with the isolation game. That and she didn't want to be in a PokeBall any longer.

The ghost type hissed lightly, the sound very clear but only to the three for the very few moments they were together. She said nothing, only stared at the three with a stare that gave Ghost Pokemon the reputation that it gave them. No, she wasn't a happy Pokemon. Her beloved trainer was being ignored for the sole fact she was a child and slightly bi-polar in her attitude thus far but that was no reason to leave her out. Kyoko's no dipstick. She's sharp as nails when she wants to be. I can understand them leaving out that brainless clothingless hoe... but to leave out Kyoko is unacceptable... I cannot allow her to revert...back to those times. Shaking off the feelings, Shuppy gave her longest spat towards Valen.

Of the three...

Valen was highest on her hit list.

Alter Ego
April 17th, 2006, 7:07 AM
OOC: Yeah, he can...under the correct circumstances. Still, it's easier to shut him up than to keep a certain other character of mine from speaking his mind. xD


"Oh joy..." Valen muttered for himself as the announcement ended, proceeding down the streets at his usual walking pace as he headed towards one of the many tree-lined squares of Overcity, a place which would, undoubtedly, contain one of the previously mentioned notice boards.

Well, it doesn't look like I'll be able to get this examined as quickly as I thought... he added to himself, restricting the monologue to his head so as to not earn himself the reputation of a complete nutcase, Undercity is out of bounds, and I can't take the risk of using a computer here... the boy frowned, Too many companies in Slythe's pocket, especially considering that I don't which of them are and which aren't...if there even are completely independent companies around here...might as well take a look at this prize-ceremony thing while I'm at it... his eyes narrowed, this still seemed suspicious to him. Now there were a great deal of adjectives he would happily have applied to Slythe, but needless to say, 'generous' wasn't one of them. Still, though, he would undoubtedly be summoned anyway.

Noticing that one of the many boards was right in front of him, Valen finally came to a halt, briefly pushing aside his brooding as he read the names on the list, each with a number next to it, presumably denoting their rank on the scoreboard.

"Well I'll be..." the boy muttered quietly as he scanned the list, Valen Ironholm...Rosairie Beaumont...Beaumont? The boy scoffed, it made sense he supposed; a snobbish surname for a snobbish brat, Avery Williams...Reina Rookford...so that was her surname, a funny thing, really, Valen hadn't even thought about that before...Jeffery James? JJ... he concluded sourly, slightly surprised that the blonde sissy of a boy hadn't screamed surrender and wet himself the moment trouble broke out...Jacona Brindge...Valen smirked, even that conspiracy loony had placed higher than...Chain Quaixer? The boy blinked, now that was a surprise, Chain certainly seemed a lot more competent than Jacona, Still, though... he added for himself as he noticed Kyoko's name at the very bottom of the list, At least someone ended up where they belong. Only won because someone else bailed out, no doubt...

At this point, the boy's thoughts were interrupted, however, as he suddenly heard the sound of approaching footsteps, quickly twirling around so as to not be caught off guard. The boy had had quite enough of surprise encounters yesterday.

OOC: Incidentally, I don't have anyone particular in mind for that 'approaching footsteps' thing so anyone is fine. ^^

April 17th, 2006, 7:30 AM
OOC: Heh, well, since I'm here I suppose it shall be Reina approaching. ^^;


{Slow down! There's something I don't understand about this... only seven people didn't surrender? That's... quite remarkable, don't you think?} Tabansi sounded, using his wings to fly alongside Reina's quick walking form. He didn't think that so few people would be the only ones that didn't give up. Then again, perhaps others had it worse than he and Reina. Wait... what was he thinking? They had been in the second worse part of it! That Aggron had been the worst, and those robed men and their underling pokemon surely were more frightening than any crazed Geodude or Quagsire.

Reina frowned, "I don't really care Tabansi. I just want to find out. I came to this place to win something!" She slowed a little in her step, coming to a square that was neatly lined with trees. Tabansi stared at the trees curiously, happy to be seeing vegetation of some sort.

There was the board, and Reina also noticed someone standing in front of it, reading the thing. She immediately recognized his attire and dark purple hair; it could only have been Valen.

"Ah, so you survived the hospital food!" she said, coming up from behind him, "Or did you just pretend to eat it?" That's what she had done the time she had been in the hospital, though the nurse had found her "eaten" food in the wastebasket soon after.

Alter Ego
April 17th, 2006, 8:28 AM
"I-" Valen became quite visibly relieved when he recognized Reina as the approaching one, his right hand returning to its normal, unoccupied state and releasing the pokéball it had instinctively gripped, "Yeah, I did." he replied, permitting himself something which bore a slight resemblance to a smile, "That Veronica person came bursting into my room at quarter to eight and wanted the sheets for something or the other." the boy shook his head, "Not the best of wake-ups but it sure beats being poked and proded by more clueless whitecoats." he took a brief pause before continuing, "So what do you make of this whole reward ceremony bussiness?" he added in a slightly lower tone, his voice making it quite clear that he had his own suspicions about it.

Still, though... he added for himself, I could just be acting paranoid... he sighed inwardly, Unfortunately, I tend to be more correct than I'd like to...

April 17th, 2006, 9:06 AM

Tabansi finally landed near Reina's side, looking curiously between the two humans. He mentally patted himself on the back as he heard Valen's comment on the award ceremony. It did seem a bit suspicious.

The redhead puzzled for a moment at Valen's question, her hazel eyes frowning. "Tabansi was mentioning something about how it seemed a bit-- odd. I can't say I don't agree with him. After all, there were quite a few trainers in the Pokemon Center that didn't look too frightened by what happened and I couldn't imagine them giving up," she said to him, being sure to keep her voice down as well, "But... what is it that Waiwai could possibly want with seven kids? We told them everything that happened."

It was a valid question. A large company like Waiwai couldn't possibly have a reason for troubling seven random children from a competition. Tabansi inspected the board with his bright yellow eyes, read the names, and then clicked his wings in thought.

It was strange... that the seven people on the board were the very people that Reina had met yesterday. Valen, JJ, Chain, Rosairie, Kyoko, Avery, and Cona; was it all coincidence? The bug pokemon folded his arms. Stranger things had happened he supposed, though he couldn't think of any examples at the time.

Alter Ego
April 17th, 2006, 10:07 AM
"I agree..." Valen replied to Reina's comment about the oddness of it all, frowning as well, "That's precisely what troubles me. If I didn't know better I'd say that someone had hacked into the Waiwai Inc. database and tampered with the records, but still..." the boy sighed, "It doesn't explain what Slythe would want with the tournament winners in the first place, nor why someone would want us in particular to be chosen."

Valen's gaze grew distant for a moment as he attempted to puzzle through these new problems, "There's something I do know, however..." he continued, his expression growing more serious again as he took a brief pause to scan the immediate area for something before continuing, apparently content with what he saw...or didn't see, "Slythe D'Argent is the most dangerous psycopath this side of the insane asylum, and he'll stop at nothing to make a profit. And one thing more..." he added, "If someone did tamper with the database then that someone must either be a high-ranking employee...or have considerable experience with hacking." his thoughts immediately shifted to Chain, but no, that didn't make sense...not that anything else of this did either.

"I'd advice you not to go." Valen concluded, a slight smile spreading across his face as he continued, "But I know you'd never agree to something like that, so let me just say this instead; be careful in your dealings with Slythe and his lot, always, he has connections like you wouldn't know and isn't shy about using them."

April 17th, 2006, 10:49 AM

Reina's eyes widened a little as she listened to Valen's opinion about Slythe, she couldn't help but feel a little concerned about this situation. No, she would definitely not back out of something like this, he was certainly right. However, the fact that she was now dealing with a crazy person was somewhat disconcerting. Crazy people were unpredictable, and didn't need justification for doing things that were horrible.

"Oh great," she sighed, folding her arms to look quite a bit like the pokemon at her side, "I'll just keep my mouth shut and answer any questions asked. I've nothing to hide. About the tampering of records though... that's not a good thing. It implies that there is some sort of calculated plan to gather all seven of us. That's... creepy. I guess we'll never know for sure though until the ceremony."

Tabansi didn't like this. He didn't want Reina to go. They could mail her the stupid award; but he knew that Valen was right, there was no arguing with her, she would go anyway.

Reina didn't like it either. What if the person that had hacked in was one of the robed guys from yesterday? What if they wanted to kill them off or something? It was a long-shot, and maybe they were just being paranoid, but Reina couldn't help but think this had everything to do with yesterday's incident.

April 17th, 2006, 8:40 PM
Chain stood a few paces from the door of the Pokemon Center, a strange coldness growing within him as he heard the announcement. Only seven trainers . . . So few withstood the attacks yesterday? Chain strode into the Pokemon Center, the gold of his eyes gaining an eerie, icy luminescence that resembled a chilling harvest moon. With everything that's happened, why would they continue the competition with an awards ceremony? His eyes narrowed. No. It's certain that they--or another--have a different agenda. But, it's also obvious that someone wanted to gather those seven trainers together without the public knowing that something's wrong . . .

"May I help you?"

Chain was snapped from his reverie as a voice spoke directly before him. His eyes melting to their normal hue, the male paused to take in his surroundings. Somehow he had arrived at the Pokemon Center counter, and behind that counter stood Nurse Joy.

Seeing Chain's surprise, the nurse gently repeated, "I said, may I help you?"

At the repetition of the inquiry, the trainer swiftly composed himself as he replied, "Yeah. I left two Pokemon here yesterday--an Abra and a Sneasel." As Nurse Joy started to motion the nearest Chansey toward her, he added, "My friend left two Pokemon here, too. They were . . . " What Pokemon does Kyoko have, anyway? Last night, she said-- "An Espeon and a Minun." I think.

"My Pokemon should be registered under the name Chain Quaixer, while hers should be registered under the name Kyoko. Sorry, but I don't know her last name." Though she seemed almost suspicious due to Chain's most recent comment, Nurse Joy merely smiled as she turned toward the Chansey that now stood beside her. "Chansey, could you get the Pokemon from the back room for me?"

"Chansey, Chans!" The pale Pokemon smiled and nodded as it waddled off. Within minutes, the Chansey had returned, bearing a tray of four Pokeballs.

Removing the objects from the tray, Nurse Joy handed them to Chain, saying, "Here you go. All your Pokemon have been fully healed. And, by the way, congratulations."

"Hn?" After accepting the items, Chain glanced up, confused.

"Your name is one of the seven displayed on the Pokemon Center's digital scoreboard," the nurse explained as she motioned toward a nearby flatscreen. Chain's gaze followed her movement, resting on the screen as he briefly studied the listed names. Most of those names seem familiar . . . Probably those people I was on the tour with yesterday. His glance shifted faintly. Looks like I'm second to last. Not surprising. I spent most of my time trying to avoid being caught by security. As he continued to stare in silence, a faint change briefly entered Chain's expression. In any event, it seems I might be allowed a closer view of the "ceremony" today than I previously expected. However . . .

Turning toward Nurse Joy, Chain nodded slightly, briefly stating, "Thanks." Indicating one direction with a slight wave of his hand, he asked, "Is it alright if I use the Center phones? Or, did the lockdown . . . "

"It's alright to use the phones," Nurse Joy assured him. "A number of trainers have already called their friends and family. But, we do ask that you disclose as little information regarding yesterday's event as possible."

"I understand." Chain made his way toward the video phones, clicking two of the Pokeballs he obtained onto his belt as he palmed the two Lovely Balls. Lifting the receiver, he feigned dialing as he tilted his head slightly forward to prevent any security cameras from viewing his mouth. Meanwhile, a thin--almost invisible--ruby beam of light was projected from his spiked wristband into the phone port. "Circuit, there's something I need you to do for me," the trainer said quietly, though not in so low a tone as to draw undue attention.

"Use the phone lines to find your way into a computer, and go back into WaiWai Inc's systems. I can't be there to direct you, so you'll need to gather data alone. Download anything promising--especially anything related to Omicron or anything that might explain the strange data sheets. Check the locked files first, since whatever we're after will probably be under tight security. As an insurance, though, upload the files from yesterday into one of my spare storage accounts on the net . . . Leverage, you might say."

After a moment of thought, Chain continued, "Keep a watch on WaiWai Inc.'s security cameras. I'll be at the building today at ten o'clock. Also, if you are able, get any recent footage the cameras recorded. If you are in an emergency, contact me--but not otherwise, and I'll do the same to you. Alright?"

A series of digital beeps provided Porygon's response.

"Good . . . Sorry, Circuit. I know it seems like a lot. But, remember this: Your top priority is not being caught. Be as a subtle as possible. And, if necessary, flee. Good luck."

He hung up.

Alter Ego
April 18th, 2006, 10:05 AM
"I know what you mean..." Valen replied to Reina's later comment, nodding curtly, "As for your...strategy, well, just try to sound as undefensive as possible. I doubt that they'll have the nerve to openly interrogate you, but certain people..." Rosairie and Kyoko popped ubidden into his mind, "Might press you on those points if it seems like you're hiding something, and I'm sure you'd rather avoid that."

She certainly seems a bit shaken... the boy thought for himself, having noted the slight widening of Reina's eyes and the tone of her voice, But she's still so determined...I just wish... he briefly shut his eyes, I just wish she won't get herself tangled up into any of Slythe's mad schemes...but if she does... he had to struggle slightly to keep his expression from hardening, Then she had better come out in one piece, or I'm taking it out of Slythe's hide.

"Concerning your conspiracy theory..." he took a brief pause, "Well, it sounds quite far-fetched, but considering everything that happened yesterday..." he shrugged, "We'll just have to prepare for the worst, I guess." Not that she knows exactly what the worst is... he added in his mind, feeling a slight twinge of guilt, But I can't reveal it all now...not when she's already got the rest of this to deal with...later... he concluded, I'll tell her later.

April 18th, 2006, 1:31 PM

"You have a good point, it would be a little unprofessional to openly interrogate a group of teenagers. Well I'll take your advice anyway, but like I said, I don't really have anything to hide so they can ask me what they want," Reina said, shrugging, "And it's always best to prepare for the worst. I've spent too many minutes of my life expecting the best and not getting-- ah! I've just realized that I've been so preoccupied with talking to you that I never actually looked at the list of names!"

She then looked over at the posted list of names, feeling silly for never looking at it herself the whole time she had been there. She had assumed that hers and Valen's were on there from the way he had spoken to her about it, but that was just her assumption.

There on the board were the seven names of the people she had met yesterday. How remarkable. She had already thought it odd that only seven children had been summoned, but the very seven she had met?

"Ugh... why'd Rosairie have to be on the list...? She can actually battle opponents? Her pokemon must have been trained up by her rich 'Daddy'," Reina said, her voice rising in pitch to sound extra girly towards the end.

Tabansi shook his head, would she never give the poor girl a chance?

Baker's Bulbasaur
April 19th, 2006, 10:14 AM
OOC - Ladies and gentleman...I have returned.
Finally things in my life are looking up, and i feel i have the time to return to the RP full time XD.
I don't want a 5 page essay, but would anyone be generous enough to gimme a fairly detailed summary? for that would be PWNT'idge xD
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April 19th, 2006, 10:47 AM
OOC: Hi BB!! I'm so glad that things are looking up! I knew they would eventually, it was just a matter of when. ^-^

I believe that Alter was making a summary thingie for Charon, so maybe he could just give you the same one? I know you've been gone a bit longer, but it would at least be something.

I could give you the short, short version. ^^; Basically, everyone went to a place to sleep (Valen=hospital bed, Chain&Kyoko=hotel rooms, Reina=Pokemon Center). I would assume that JJ, Avery, and Cona also slept at the Pokemon Center, though no one really posted from them. ^^; Then morning came, people ate breakfast, and then began to wander about outside. An announcement came over the speakers, saying that seven children had been the only ones not to give up in the tournament, and there was to be a special awards ceremony for them soon. I'm sure you can guess who the seven people were. ^-^ Anyway, the names are posted on a board in one of Overcity's squares, and currently Valen and Reina are looking at it.

Well, that's the short, short version.

April 19th, 2006, 10:49 AM

She yawned softly, resticking her headphones in her ears and turning the volume dial up to its maximum capability. The stupid crowd in the cafeteria was ridiculous and the last thing she wanted to do right now was listen to a bunch of idiots talk about their boyfriends. Tsch. Who needed boyfriends when you could just have male friends? Jeez... girls were so annoying sometimes. No, wait. That would make her annoying and although at times she knew she was... she didn't want to be.

"Lost in a sea of faces..." she murmured humming lightly to the song as it echoed through her head softly, "....life for mine..." She took the two trays handed to her and wandered to a table in the back, setting the two trays down before leaning against the wall lightly, eyes closed as she continued to listen to the song, yawning softly before fully becoming absorbed into the music


Kudos to the person who figures out the song/welcome back Charon and BB. :3


April 19th, 2006, 10:54 AM
{ooc| Yeah, congrats Kogenta! You're defiantly the best choice for the position.
Lemme try and scrape a post together...}

Rosairie clung awkwardly to the pidgeot. Every wing beat sent the bird rocking, and Rosairie clung on for dear life. Luckily her father's pidgeot was an incredibly tame one. He had bought it off a trainer for a large sum of money; the poor man had been terribly indebted, and it was the only way to dig himself out of his rut. She didn't approve of her father's means of aquiring it, but the pidgeot was a lovely creature. She was extremely gentle and placid, and more than willing to carry Rosairie back to the tournament.

As the bird circled, veering in, Rosairie gave a heavy sigh.
She almost hadn't come back. After all, that Valen and Reina really... really hated her. It was painfull to admit, but it was true. And....what chance did she have of winning the tournament? She had been oh-so-confident before, but now.... her pokemon were still as strong, still as capable, but her peer's bad opinion of her almost made her...doubt herself.
Stilll, it was too late now. She was coming into land, the ground veering up frighteningly fast. The next minute she had touched down, and practically falling off the giant bird. Rosairie peered around around scanned the crowd. Where was Kyoko?

She pushed her way through the cafeteria, finally spotting the girl sitting at a table with her headphones in. Rosairie wandered over and pulled up a chair, smiling softly.
She raised a hand in greeting.

April 19th, 2006, 11:21 AM

At first she didn't see her. She was too absorbed into the lyrics to note the other sitting across from her til like magnets do, she was seemingly drawn towards the other. There was no real exchange of words, Kyoko simply grappled onto Rosairie's arm and absolutely refused to let go and even death itself wasn't going to pry her off the comfort. Just a second ago she'd been acting her true mental age, but she'd seemingly reverted to the state of a clingy child who was far away from home, who didn't like it but wanted to like it and all she wanted was something to be normal, something to be familiar

Rosairie was familiar.

"...Wel...welcome back..." she mumbled, dropping the headphones to sit around her neck, "Welcome back Nee-chan..."

April 19th, 2006, 3:56 PM
[OOC: Thanks. ^-^

Also, welcome back to both of you (Baker's Bulbasaur and Charon-chan).]

"Looks like you made it back." Chain stood behind Rosairie and Kyoko, hands casually slid into his pockets. For a moment, Chain was silent, as though performing a series of mental calculations. Then, briefly focusing his glance on Kyoko he held his open hand toward her, offering her two Pokeballs to her. "Here. These are yours."

Turning calmly toward both trainers, he quietly told them, "I don't know if you two heard the announcement or saw the charts, but both of you should know that you finished in the top seven of the tournament. Apparently, there will be some type of awards ceremony for the seven at the WaiWai Inc. building at ten o'clock this morning." An odd glint passed through Chain's eyes as he steadily continued, "Valen and Reina both made it to the top seven, too. So, there's a chance they might be at the 'ceremony'." The trainer paused, as though permitting the others time to think. Then, as the same odd light returned to his eyes, he asked noncholantly, "Do you plan on going?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
April 20th, 2006, 4:06 AM
........''Ir's only a matter of time my young friend'' ''Nothing you can do to prevent it'' ''Nothing at all'' ''You have no choice in the matter'' ''The events have already begun, leading to what will be yours'' ''You will have what is yours by right'' ''it is your destiny...''

A young male, suddenly sprang to attention, in an upright position. He was in a cold sweat, and his blonde hair was irratbly rubbing the rim of his forehead. He reaised both his hands, sweeped it out of the way, and began to rub his eyes, wether out of trying to rid himself of sleep, they were hurting...or disbelief of something he had thought he had seen, even he didn't know, but if one thing and one thing only was absolutely certain, it was that someone, or something, wasn't too keen on Jeffery James being...comfortable.
Slowly his natrual senses began to stand to attention, and he came to realise that he was sitting upright, in a small bed, with a bed cover overtop of him, he was wearing a pair of light blue Pjamas.

''Wha...Ho...Whe...'' He began to mutter, having just removed his clenched fists from there task of seeminly rubbing out his eyeballs. He began to observe his location, and found that he was infact on the top bunk of a double bed, looking upwards, the celing was close. He sweeped his legs out of the cover, and jumped down off of his bed, without thinking. Thankfully, he landed on a soft furry carpet. He was in a fairly large room, which he seemed to be sharing with a dark haired male, still fast asleep in the bottom bunk. Without stopping to think about the situation, he spotted his bag on the floor nearby, which he sweeped up, and ignoring the fact he was wearing just Pjamas, opened the door and walked out of it
''I....I...I have to find the girls...''


OOC - I thought seeing as me plushie nd yibber are so far behind, we can make it sound as if, i was put to bed because of my being knocked unconsciece, and the girls also stayed in the pokemon centre. Once JJ finds them they can simply explain that to him, and then we can improvice up to the point of finding out we are to attend the ceremony. any objections or different ideas are fine, this i just saw as the simplist one.

April 20th, 2006, 6:52 AM

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Anyways, I'll post IC next hour. -nodnod-

Alter Ego
April 20th, 2006, 10:11 AM
OOC: Pwhee! Welcome back, BB! ^________________^ As for the whole waking up scenario...ahh...there would be a little idea I came up with which Plushie said she'd follow, nothing you've written this far conflicts with it, though, so that's okay. =D I'll PM the thing to you along with a summary of the events so we don't spoil for the rest, m'kay?

Oh, and I'm sorry about your foot/toe, Mika. That must feel awful. o.o Meh, injuring oneself through stupidity I can symphatize with...that's how I managed to flay about half the skin away from one of my toes...tsk, tis' all about a malicious piece of furniture that lunged at me and didn't give enough time to dodge. -.-


Valen couldn't help grinning a little at Reina's last comment, "She certainly didn't seem to have much experience of this kind of fighting, that's for sure." he remarked, "I saw her briefly, flailing and spinning about, all the time hollering like a fishwife. It's a small miracle that she's got any voice left after that." the boy took a brief pause, contemplating on whether to mention the way he swiped those KOs from the girl too, but deciding against it, "Last I saw she was getting desperate trying to shoo of a pack of Poochyenas." the boy finished, covering up his bitterness about the way his help had been reacted to with a dismissive tone of voice, "I can't believe she placed higher than you, though."

The boy fell silent for a moment, wondering what to speak of next when he suddenly noticed a peculiar shadow briefly falling over him. Peering up while holding one hand up to shield his eyes from the sun, he managed to catch a glimpse of a sizeable Pidgeot carrying a lone human, probably its trainer towards the city.

"That's...odd." Valen remarked, his eyes narrowing a bit, "With the lockdown in place, no-one should be able to get in or out like that." he took a brief pause before adding, with clear distaste in his voice, "Whoever it is must certainly have friends in high places."

April 20th, 2006, 10:18 AM
Rosairie smiled as Kyoko clung, limpet-style, to her arm. "Hey, sissy! What's...wrong...?" she asked catiously. A few moments ago Kyoko had been acting her age... and now, she had reverted to little-lost-seven-year-old mode. Rosairie sighed as Chain walked over.

As he began to explain, Rosairie's brow furrowed in confusion.
"How on earth did I get into the top seven?" she asked, "I saw boys walking around with kills in the thirties and fourties, I barely got twenty..." she trailed off. Everyone that was on the lsit had arrived together. That was suspicious.

April 20th, 2006, 2:18 PM
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"Heh, yeah, I wonder how she did better than me too... perhaps her 'Daddy' purchased some decent battling pokemon for her so she wouldn't have to do any work," Reina suggested, assuming that Rosairie was like most rich girls who got through life on the backs of their parents. It was disgusting how some of them would scream and plead until they got a good sum of money to buy a designer shirt with from their mothers or fathers.

As Valen indicated that a Pidgeot was flying overhead, Reina thought it a bit odd too. She shook her head, "Maybe it's Rosairie's 'Daddy', coming to rescue her from the horrible Twilight City. Ugh... we could only hope." She paused for a moment, thinking of what pokemon she had knocked out in the competition, and figured that she should have gone for better ones to get some good points.

"I should have let that girl's battle with that Squirtle go... I could've found a stronger pokemon to beat. I couldn't help it though; her lame Pichu was better-suited as a plushie on her bed than as an opponent of a Squirtle!" Reina said, frowning about how annoying baby pokemon were, "Oh well, Rosairie can gloat all she wants, you never know who the better trainer is until you battle one-on-one with each other."

Tabansi clicked his wings softly. {Ah... I still think it was mean to take those points from that girl...,} the bug said in a low voice.

April 20th, 2006, 5:39 PM
[OOC: I hope you feel better, +Mika+. ^-^;; That sounds painful.]

"Apparently, everyone but the seven somehow forfeited," Chain responded, silently noting the suspicion that crossed Rosairie's features. It seems she's wary of this event as well. Still, given the circumstances, it would be stranger not to be suspicious than to be.


Upload complete. Proceeding to infiltrate WaiWai Inc. database. Circuit sat within the internet, finalizing its upload of the files it had downloaded the previous day. Having finished this task, a swirl of data briefly surrounded the creature as it vanished.

Deciding against its normal method of infiltration, Porygon patiently waited outside the WaiWai Inc. firewall for an opportunity to enter with a more subtle method than it was accustomed to. And, after several minutes, such an opportunity arrived. Attaching itself to an incoming e-mail directed toward a WaiWai Inc. employee, the digital Pokemon then swiftly detached as it entered the employee's inbox.

Placing itself withing a currently unoccupied terminal, Porygon procceeded to access the company network and scan the locked files.

April 21st, 2006, 12:07 AM
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Anyway, pity, for Mika~! Even though it's not broken |D}

Rosairie paused. "Now, I really don't like the sound of this..." she paused, thinking sternly. "The odds that we all get chosen together, that must be about two-thousand to one. Like, I'm gonna state the obvious here, but someone's been tinkering around." Rosairie ran a manicured hand through her hair, letting it fall over her eyes. She didn't want Chain or Kyoko to see she was afraid. If Henna had been out, Rosairie knew what she would have said: 'This stinks like a trap, my dear.' It most certainly did, but what could she do? By running away, Reina and Valen would surely thin she was weak and fearfull, or even worse, spoilt.

It was the one thing Rosairie hated to be called (after 'fat' and 'ugly', of course); she couldn't stand to be called spoilt. So maybe she had a lot of money. That didn't mean her parents lavished her with gifts or affection. They mostly ignored her, actually.
Rosairie scanned the crowd, searching for that girl Reina ('If she even is a girl, just look at the way she dresses!') and Valen ('ungrateful swine') but to her relief she saw neither. She wouldn't have to crush them in battle just yet.

April 21st, 2006, 7:00 AM

;_; You guys are so nice to a klutzy like meeee. T__T -hands out cookies-

>.> I have a superhuman power. I can find a way to trip down any flight of stairs I come across.


But she wasn't clinging to Rosairie because she was happy about her being back. She wasn't clinging because she really wanted to either. This situation was starting to bother her more and more by the moment, "....Nee-chan... Nii-san... I don't... like this." She forcefuly detached herself from Rosairie, looking up at Chain with fully widened eyes, "Something's not right... something's just not right..." Her hands remained clasped against her chest, her body quivering slightly. There was just a werid feeling in the air and she didn't like it, she didn't like it at all, "Nii-san... What's going on here?" She gently reached foward, tugging on his wrist til she got a pretty decent look at his face, "Do you know what's going on?"

Swallowing hard, she let go of his wrist and turned to the side, hands putting her pokeballs on her waist before letting her arms slip behind her waist, "...Whatever your answer... we need to go to the board. We'll have time to eat later." Don't let them see you sweat. Don't let them see you sweat.

April 21st, 2006, 6:27 PM
Chain was silent for a long moment, indecision beginning to cloud his mind. Rosairie and Kyoko had both clearly evinced their suspicions and seemed laden with worry--if not fear. However, would providing the two with their desired information mitigate or simply worsen such apprehensions? For a brief moment, Chain's green-gold eyes dimmed as he lowered them slightly. If they saw a chance that their fears might be realized . . . If they saw this and decided to back out, perhaps it might be better after all. His gaze shifted to one side. They've no idea what they're getting into. Do I really have a right to try to draw them into this? Then again, I doubt any of us--Valen, Reina, the rest of the seven . . . even, or rather especially, me--know how deep this runs. Somehow, I get the feeling that there is far more to this than I have seen. The light returned to Chain's eyes. But, whatever happens, I will never again allow it to be like that time. I won't let others pay the consequences for my mistakes.

Stepping forward, Chain quietly said, "You're both right. I don't doubt that there's something happening here. You don't need to get involved with it if you don't want to, though. That decision is yours."


Through its searches, Circuit discovered a number of folders containing various employee profiles and records. Only one specific set, however, seemed of note. Under particularly high security, the profiles were of an entirely different nature. And, the content of each file never directly indicated a concrete connection with WaiWai Inc. Deciding that such a folder matched Chain's specifications sufficiently, the Porygon swiftly downloaded the files before resuming its search.

Alter Ego
April 22nd, 2006, 12:07 AM
OOC: Oooo-kay, am I the only one who thinks Circuit is getting around a bit too easily? o.o Ya' know, I'm pretty sure that a big company like Waiwai Inc. would have tighter security, and at the very least some kind of protection from suspicious e-mail attachments. -.- Anyhow, just as a note; the more...compromising parts of the profiles would not be included in the profile itself, but rather, they'd be references to other files, complicated, but also harder to find. Oh, and of course the files being referred to would have security code upon security code protecting them, because Slythe is a paranoid loon and wouldn't have it any other way.


"That sounds plausible..." Valen commented at Reina's first remark, "Yet somehow I doubt it, that Jolteon alone seemed rather...neurotic, far too undsciplined to be a proffessionally raised one, and the rest of her team discipline didn't seem much better." the boy scoffed reproachfuly, "It figures...a bad trainer does terrible things to a pokémon's mental state."

"Yeah, you can always hope I guess..." the boy added in response to Reina's later comment, "But I'm afraid I'm not that lucky, and besides..." he added, nodding towards the figure of the Pidgeot which quickly reappeared in the sky, "It's returning without a passenger..."

Valen took a brief pause, "I've been wondering..." he added after a while, "What do you make of this Chain-person?"



Vincent's carefully neutral expression briefly faultered into rage as Iris delivered another report about suspicious activity in the database.

"And the employee profiles to top it all..." he added, "Insolent little hacker. Well, he's not getting off so easily this time..." the security chief returned to adress his assistant, "Iris, head over to the database and exterminate the intruder, use the new program. But before you do, I want all contact to that machine cut, no network access, no e-mails, nothing. And don't reopen until you have eliminated any and all traces of suspicious programs. Understood?"

{Affirmative.} the digitalized voice replied in its usual montone, {Block all access to database and exterminate intruder.}

"Good." Vincent replied, "Get to it." And don't fail this time... he added in his mind, We really can't afford that information falling into the wrong hands...

April 22nd, 2006, 5:18 AM
OOC: Yes I would think that Waiwai would have a good deal of security surrounding its worker profiles. ^^;

Anyway... Kingdom Hearts 2 is still sucking my soul out. >.> I went through like 3 worlds yesterday! @_@ *is braindead* Luckily, I think the Lion King world just popped up! Hip hip hoorah! *wants to see the cute lion cub Sora* :3


"Chain?" Reina echoed, raising an eybrow in thought, "Hm... that's a good question." She had tried to figure out Chain, but he was always quite mysterious and puzzling. It seemed that Valen must've had some trouble figuring what to think of him, otherwise he wouldn't be asking about it.

After thinking for a moment, Reina continued with her response. "I could speculate, but I honestly don't know what to think about Chain. I first met him when I was talking with, uh, JJ," Reina faultered a little, remembering Valen's opinion on the blonde, "And he seemed like a decent person then. I can't figure out why he lets Kyoko and Rosairie stay around him; they're so... different. Plus he had that disc of hacked information... he must have a lot of experience in the area of hacking. He doesn't seem like a bad person though, but... he doesn't really say much, so it's not like I have much to go on. He does seem quite perceptive though, so I have a feeling there's a lot more up in that head of his than we hear come out of his mouth. Like when he speaks, we only get half of the story."

Tabansi clicked his wings in thought. Reina sure did talk openly with people; this had always been a problem with her. She was a little too trusting at times around people, and this worried him because this was always how she got hurt. He was surprised she still had the ability to trust, that she hadn't become as selective of who to trust as Valen was. Valen... Tabansi still didn't quite know what his opinion of the boy before him was, there was just too much he didn't know.

Random Plushie
April 22nd, 2006, 9:49 AM

Hmm.. Yes, it does take me a while to realize it when BB gets back. xD


Avery was suddenly aware of the fact that she had a slight headache, finally awakening from a sleep that had come all too suddenly. Before she opened her eyes, Avery began rubbing her forehead with one hand, almost willing it to go away, but as stubborn as headaches are, that wasn't going to do much. Slowly getting into a sitting position, Avery slowly open her eyes so she could take in her surroundings.

She was currently sitting on a single bed, covered with sheets that matched the color of the room's furry blue carpet. The room itself was actually quite large, to the point where it was big enough to house a set of bunk beds on the opposite wall from her, as well as a long table against the wall opposite the door. On this particular table were a few bags, including Avery's black sling bag.

After taking in all this, Avery blinked once before exploding.

"What the-!? H-How did I get here? Ack! Was I knocked out and kidnapped!?" Avery shouted, hugging herself in fear, eyes widening. There was a small snicker from above, causing Avery to instantly look up towards the sound. And there, on the wall above her, was Fable, entertained by her recent hysteria, still laughing and snickering.

{Fable thought Avery was always the optimistic one.} The Sableye commented, crawling down from his position on the wall so he was at Avery's eye level.

"Well, uh, it's kinda freaky when you just wake up somewhere, you know." Avery retorted, folding her arms. "Which brings up the question of.. where are we!?" She exclaimed, practically demanding an answer.

Fable cocked his head to one side, grinning, apparently enjoying the situation immensely. {Why, Avery and Fable are the Pokemon Center, of course. Doesn't Avery remember? When the more considerate nurses sent you all off to bed? They said it was for the JJ boy's own good, to spend the night here. Was Avery having hallucinations again?}

Avery scowled. "I was most certainly not having hallucinations! O-Of course I remember.. being told to spend the night here.. I guess. So where are the others? You said they were here, too!" Avery exclaimed.

{And Avery said she was not having hallucinations! So Avery does not need Fable to tell her anything at all, no he isn't! Because Avery..} Fable paused, leaping onto his Trainer's head. {..remembers where the others went.}

Avery didn't try to argue with him any further, slowly getting up off of the bed so as not to give herself a bigger headache, not that having a Sableye perched on her head helped much. She found herself wearing the same clothes as yesterday (a thought which brought up the priority of changing said clothes once she found the others) as she walked toward the room's only table, grabbing her sling bag from it and walking towards the door once she was sure that Cona and JJ must've been put in different rooms.


Well that came out kinda long.. o.o

April 22nd, 2006, 1:21 PM
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A set of data screens hovered about Circuit, binary code streaming across each, save one. On that one, two words repeatedly flashed: Access Denied. Its digital expression unchanging, the Porygon continued its attempts at entering a new area of the network. Suddenly, a new screen materialized beside the Pokemon, crimson data flowing through it. With no apparent movement, the Porygon directed its attention toward the alert. Realizing its danger, Circuit swiftly closed the screens about it as it recalled Chain's directions. At the moment, the Porygon's first priority was escape.

Pieces of data briefly surrounded the Pokemon before it vanished in a flash of light. Within seconds, however, it reappeared at the same location. All connections to the terminal had been severed; Circuit was trapped.

For a long moment, the digital Pokemon remained still as it attempted to process the recent events. The only acquisition the Porygon had made was a single, locked folder. Even this lack of success was not its first worry, though. Unable to escape, Circuit found itself unable to properly execute Chain's directions. And, being prevented from fulfilling its orders, the Pokemon was having difficulty forumlating its next action.

April 22nd, 2006, 1:24 PM
Rosairie sighed. "I think our best bet is to...go to the ceramony and play things by ear." she looked to Kyoko, and then to Chain. "If things look really dodgy, well....I'm sure we'll find a way out together."
In all honesty, Rosairie's curiosity had been sparked; she was eager to find out why exactly she and her friends were being summoned - and why they were expected to fall into such a blatant trap.
She clapped her hands together. "I want to get invovled. Despite the danger."
She stood up, and stared towards the board. Where to now?

Baker's Bulbasaur
April 23rd, 2006, 3:57 AM
The blonde boy stepped out into the corridoor, his eyes traveled the facility, left and right, as straight ahead was just plain wall. Trusting his instincts, he swung his bag onto his right shoulder, and took a right, walking past many doors at slow speed, perhaps in hope that one may just spring open and a sign saying ''In here'' may pop up.
But my god....his head was husting so bad.

Whats the deal?.... he thought irratably. I mean at first it was bad enough, and slowly getting even more painful, but whats annoying is...i don't even know what it is! By no means is this just a headache, i've had migranes before, Headaches, the lot, and nothing like this...

It wasn't so much the pain, but more the fac that he was finding it hard to think, even see occasionally, as everything would go a little blurry.
As Jeffery continued to walk, his eyes found a small TV like screen on the wall, walking towards it for a better observation, he began to read.

After he was done, a confused look was rested on his face, he, along with others had been invited to a ceremony to celebrate them winning the very tournament that he had come to this place for.
Many thoughts were added to his already over-confused head.
Wasn't it just a little strange that after the peculiar events tha has protuded from it, that there were still plans to go on with a celebration ceremony? Surely that guy who they had met earlier...who was it? The one who ran the entire thing....Vincent? Wouldn't he have more pressing matters at hand?

JJ's eyes scrolled down the names of the winners, and his jaw dropped a little.

Reina? Avery? Cona?, what the?....either this is just a lucky coinsidence or something else is up...I don't get it...

His eyes then met another name, 'Valen'. Instantly, convinced something was up, ignoreing his natrual instincts telling him he was overacting, he ripped his attentiona way from the screen and began to walk down the corridoor, when as if someone had answered his wish, a door just ahead burs open, and Avery walked out, looking just as lost...

JJ smiled, and called out her name
No sooner had he gotten the words out of his mouth, then did he find himself falling to a knee on the floor, grasping his head.
''Aaargh..'' he muttered with grief. It was getting worse...what ever, it, was.
Not wanting Avery to see him like this, he aruptly jumped bac to his feet, and smiled at her casually.

April 23rd, 2006, 7:23 AM

=3 Poor Mel... she doesn't even understand the true ebil soul sucking powers of KH2 yet... -gigglesmirk-

Just you wait til The World that Never Was and Lion King revisited. >.>; that fight eats souls.


"W-wait a second." Kyoko pressed one hand out towards the others while her other reached for the now fiercely rumbling ball on her waist. "M-m-matte." Tossing the ball upwards, she tilted her head slightly at it. Why on earth did Shuppy want out now?

The purple fog that covered the ghost type was soon clarified by the two yellow eyes now staring intently on Chain's face, /Before we go anywhere, you need to explain to these two what you, and partially I, already know. If you're trully getting us involved, don't hide things from us./ The ghost knew very well what she was asking. She was point blank demanding that Chain fess up to the conversation in the hotel, the one he'd purposely left Kyoko and Rosaire out of. If they could honestly trust him, he had to trust them

Kyoko blinked, eyes widening lightly, "Nii-san...? Do... you know something?" She stepped towards him lightly, raising to her tiptoes to get closer to him eye-level wise, her hand winding around his wrist, "Nii-san? What do you know?"

Alter Ego
April 23rd, 2006, 8:44 AM
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"Yeah, he does love his cryptic phrases, doesn't he?" Valen remarked, nodding at Reina's answer, "Kind of makes me wonder what he's trying to hide behind it, though..." he added in a slightly suspicious tone, "Oh well, at least he seems to be a man of his word, and that's not too bad in my book, still...what I can't figure out is why he seems so persistent on making us all work together..." the boy frowned a bit, "...and why he's sticking to the company of those two clueless females. You have a point there." he took a brief pause, "But then again, that Kyoko is pretty much like a parasite, attaching herself to others and leeching off their success as she does." his tone was definitely reproachful at this last remark, "He's probably too polite to shake her off."


Out in the Waiwai Inc. Database, Iris was out performing a scan of her vicinity, quickly locating...two strange signals? The virtual pokémon stopped for a moment, pondering whether she should report this new incident to the master or not but deciding against it...eliminate all traces of suspicious programing, that was what he had said and that was what she would do. Steeling herself for the task to come, the Porygon 2 turned back to tracing the closest signal, only to find that there was...only one again? Iris was thoroughly confused at this point, but, no matter...it was probably just a false-read, and the other one...now this one wasn't going anywhere.

With this in mind, the virtual pokémon proceeded to engage her opponent. Due to its etheral nature, fighting over cyberspace wasn't a particularly simple matter, however, or at least, it didn't use to be...{Use the new program...} the Porygon 2 repeated dutifully, quickly processing the data involved and triggering it, the fuzzy, indeterminate surroundings suddenly taking up a clear shape; specifically, a simple, quadratic room consisting of the usual quadratic patterns on otherwise black background which constituted the stereotypical view of a virtual battle zone. BattleNet...who would have thought that the toy program could have had such practical applications?

{Engaging...} Iris said simply, her body quickly morphing to take up the shape of a sharp spearhead before she lunged straight at her opponent in an empowered Double-Edge attack.


Meanwhile back in the real world, a small creature silently slipped into the room which housed the computer containing the Waiwai Inc. database, the single, dark red lens constituting the creature's only eye blinking a few times before it scanned the area for any signs of life and, finding none in its immediate vicinity, let out a small beeping sound as it proceeded to float across the room, its dark blue metal body hovering just a bit above ground level and sticking as closely to the shadows as it could until it reached its destination, attaching to the computer in an equally quiet manner. Yes, it had to carry out the mistress' orders right now, and no, it couldn't get caught, for the mistress had said that it shouldn't and that it should come back in once piece, and it was to obey the mistress, for the mistress was the nice person you had to obey, yes, of course she was nice, how else could she sing such a nice song? Yes, how could she bring about the nice song in that even now resounded in the Beldum's mind? Surely only a nice person could do that, and it had to obey the nice person.


Meanwhile, standing on the shaded side of the Waiwai Inc. Building, a slightly peculiar woman stood, glancing up at the building ahead and softly humming a tune under her breath while slowly rocking back and forth, the delicate arms wrapped around herself and the hood of her dark brown monk's robe held slightly up, obscuring her features a bit. Yet even that which could be seen held something disturbing in it...one couldn't say that there was something directly wrong with her, unusual though the teal hair sticking out from beneath the hood was. The fair skin, the clear blue eyes, nothing in them seemed directly treathening or dangerous, nor did the rather shapely body, slightly toned down by her baggy robe thought it was, nor the almost childishly smooth face. And yet...somehow she still seemed a bit...odd, odd in the most dangerous sense of the word.

"My...my..." she said for herself, stroking her chin lightly as she observed the structure, "Isn't that a delightful little wrinkle? Mmmmhmmm...I wonder what that toy would say if he knew this?" the woman smirked slightly, quickly discarding the robe with a flick of her wrist, revealing a slightly less conspicious outfit, bright white and quite similar to the standard one that mediums wore, but slightly less baggy.

"This should be...sufficient." she continued, briefly running a hand through her shoulder-length hair to make it a bit less messy, "Now to check up on the delightful little puppets..." she gave off a distinctly girlish giggle which sounded strangely out of place from someone who already seemed to be in her mid-twenties, "...and maybe...that one with all the accessories too. If I get a chance...mmmhmm, I don't know how old steeljaw can be so dull about such exciting prospects..." her eyes gleamed with mischief, "Keep me informed." the woman shot psychically, briefly turning her attention back to the building to make the focusing process easier, "But stay hidden until I command otherwise."

Without waiting for any kind of reply from her indetermined accomplice within the building, the woman turned on her heels and began walking towards the pokémon center, once again quietly humming the tune from before under her breath.

OOC: Pwhee, quadruple perspective! I'm on a roll! xD Anyways, the...new character...well, some people might know a bit about her. The others...you'll just have to wait and see...>D

April 23rd, 2006, 12:20 PM
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For a moment, Reina considered the reasons why Chain would want them all to work together. Why was he pushing for that? Perhaps he was just the kind of person that was bothered by arguing and confrontations... or maybe he had some kind of past experiences in conflict managing within groups of people. Groups of people; they weren't even a group! They were just a small number of acquaintances, some of them getting along better than others. There was no 'group', they were not on a team.

Or were they? They were all against those odd, hooded people. That must have been why he thought they should get along. They were all on the same side really. Well, Reina knew she would probably never get along with Rosairie... maybe Kyoko, if the girl would just stop being so pathetic and clingy. JJ she could work with, that was already established. Avery and Cona she didn't know well wnough yet, but Avery at least seemed nice enough. Cona was a little strange, but so was Tabansi. And of course there was Valen, who was now talking about Kyoko being a parasite and Chain being too polite.

Reina smiled a bit, "That reminds me of earlier yesterday, when all the girls had surrounded you like some sort of fan club. Heh, I felt so sorry for you. I thought for sure you would have just told them to get lost, but I guess you were just being polite as well, hm?" An image was suddenly conjured in her mind, Valen making his way through the crowds, Avery, Cona, and Rosairie flanking his sides. There had also been another boy--the one that Valen had beaten up near the elevator--and Reina briefly wondered what had happened to him.

Tabansi looked around at their surroundings, trying to monitor things. He didn't want to be caught off-guard. With yesterday's chant and this upcoming ceremony, one could never be too careful.

Alter Ego
April 24th, 2006, 7:22 AM
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Incidentally, any Showgan members reading this...you do realize that I've added an IC part to my last OOC, right?


"Polite?" Valen echoed at Reina's comment, "I was merely trying not to encourage them, people like those..." his tone sounded slightly bitter, "Only hear what they want to hear. Tell them to go away and they'll think you're playing hard to get, tell them that you hate them and they'll just be convinced that you're in denial...you can't win, which is why I thought it was best just to ignore them. And anyway, I really didn't have the energy. Besides-" he paused, suddenly experiencing the distinct sensation of being watched. Quickly turning around, the boy just barely managed to catch a glimpse of white garment and something teal between a couple of nearby trees, and then...nothing. He blinked once, wondering if he was beginning to get a bit delusional and perhaps partially because of that, failing to glimpse the slightly over-active motion of the grass on that spot.

April 24th, 2006, 7:47 AM
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Valen wasn't the only one who had turned quickly to see if anyone was watching them. Tabansi had as well, though he his reflexes hadn't been any quicker than the boy's, seeing as he was a bulky bug. The only reason he had seen anything at all was because he was already looking in a direction close to where whatever it was had been. He frowned, feeling a bit confused as to what had been there, and looked back at Reina and Valen.

"Wha...? What was it?" Reina asked the two of them, not having sensed much of anything. She wasn't any expert on stealth, and hadn't had much experience on being secretly watched.

{I saw... white, and some color though I couldn't tell what color. Some sort of blue I think, but it was so fast I'm not 100 percent sure,} the Heracross spoke up, wishing he could differentiate better with colors. He could see colors, but it was difficult to tell the many shades apart. For insects, all you really needed to know was if there was a flower nearby, and for Heracross, they didn't really deal with flowers, so their colors were even more limited. Reds and greens looked almost the same to him, blues and purples were almost indistinguishable against each other, and yellow was the only color that he could really recognize without conscious effort.

April 24th, 2006, 4:52 PM
An icy sheen glimmered across the surface of Chain's gold-tinged eyes at the demand of Kyoko's Shuppet. So, I suppose that Shuppet was present long enough to hear the conversation I had with Valen and Reina. The trainer briefly glanced at Kyoko before passing his gaze over Rosairie and refocusing it on the ghost Pokemon. It appears that we cannot continue without my revealing some amount of information. But, how much is it safe for me to tell them?

After taking a slight breath, Chain spoke quietly. "I said what I felt was necessary, and I don't regret it. But, if you want to know more . . ." Here, Chain's voice dropped a note lower. "I heard from a certain source that there was once a project funded by WaiWai Inc. that had rather disconcerting results. Apparently, the project researched the use of sound to affect Pokemon behavior. Several injuries resulted, and many believed the injuries were not accidental. But, whatever the case, the project was discontinued and the project leader vanished."

Chain's eyes shifted toward Kyoko's Shuppet. "If you have anything you want to add, feel free to do so." He paused. "But, as for myself, that's all I feel would be safe to reveal at the moment."


Circuit's deliberation process was momentarily interrupted as several alerts activated within its mind. An energy source suddenly appeared before vanishing as quickly. A second energy source, however, was swiftly approaching as it activated a program. As a black room began to form itself about Circuit, the Porygon automatically triggered its combat system. Then, with little warning, a spear-shaped figure darted toward Circuit.

Not moving, the Porygon surrounded itself with a green energy shield--Protect. Immediately following this, Circuit turned toward Iris and permitted the shield to be shattered as it released a Psybeam.

Alter Ego
April 25th, 2006, 7:47 AM
"White...and something greenish." Valen replied, unaware of what Tabanasi was saying as he continued to scan the nearby greenery with newfound caution, "Whoever or whatever it is...they sure know their stealth, though." he added after a while, "There isn't as much as a trace of them now."

The boy took a brief pause, "We should move on." he remarked, "With all this vegetation around us we're an easy target if it's a skilled climber, we should...head back into the crowds..." the tone of his voice made it clear that he wasn't particularly pleased by this prospect, "That way we'll be harder to track, not to mention relatively safe from any ambush attempts."


Meanwhile, out in the streets, the teal-haired woman suddenly reappeared into view from her previous flurry of a motion, the sudden appearance going largely unnoticed due to the sheer amount of people around her. Reaction skills...quite decent... she noted for herself, Except for the barbarian...she couldn't spot a spy unless someone screamed and pointed it out for her. Now then...who's next...hmm? her smile spread a bit as she noticed no less than two familiar sets of thought patterns in one of the nearby buildings, smoothly navigating her way through the crowds and stepping into the pokémon center through the main entrance.

The woman had to suppress a small snicker as she noticed one of the youths from before standing there in his pyjamas.

That imp is here too... she added for herself, stealing a quick glance at Fable, Well, it should be allright...I'm playing medium here anyway and I doubt that it's trained enough to tell patterns apart. And even if it is...well, it's not like its little mistress remembers any of this now, is it?

"Ohh...isn't it a bit late to go back to bed, dear boy?" she commented to JJ, giving him a polite smile, "Today is a big day after all...oh, but I'm forgetting my manners." she straightened her pose a bit, "I'm Astra Kiseki, psychic extaordinaire, at your service." she nodded at both the blonde and the girl he had been adressing, "Congratulations on your tournament placings, by the way." she added, "I take it, you have already heard about the ceremony?"


Iris merely bounced a bit back as she came into contact with the Protect forcefield, quickly regaining her composure as the Psybeam came flying towards her, the Porygon 2's entire body briefly turning fuzzy before snapping back into focus again, now in the shape of a hammer which bore a coating similar to polished steel which also seemed to take the edge away from her opponent's attack, a quick adaption of the Conversion 2 technique. The virtual pokémon floated back just a bit more to completely regain her balance before charging forward in another Double Edge attack, intent on wearing out her opponent's defensive powers through sheer hammering.

April 25th, 2006, 8:12 AM
Rosairie glanced to Chain. What he was saying made sense; the monk's peculiar chanting had backfired, and Rosairie could see why any leader might want to leave.
She rumaged in her bag for Henna's pokeball, and released her partner. The magmar stretched and groaned, rubbing her back irratably.
{Finally!} She moaned, before spotting Rosairie and her friend's serious expressions. She raised an eyebrow, but said no more.

{ooc| Really bad, short post.}

April 25th, 2006, 8:17 AM
OOC: Guh... have a paper to write today in addition to studying for a test in Botany that I am doomed in. >.>; Too much Kingdom Hearts... so I'm blaming it. ^^; Of course my procrastination has NOTHING to do with it! Really!!


Anyway... I don't think Reina could spot a spy unless 'someone screamed and pointed it out for her'. ^___^ That's what Heracross are for. XD


"Oh...," Reina said, feeling a little stupid, "I wish I had more experience in stealth. You don't exactly get much experience on that when you spend much of your time in a small town family construction business. The only people I ever had to worry about spying on me were dumb girls from school, and my brothers. Neither of those groups were very smart, either."

She did agree about moving on though. This place was surrounded by many places to hide, and even Reina could see that. Tabansi clicked his wings in thought.

{Yes, I agree, let's go. It's not good to stand around the spot you've just discovered you were being watched at,} the bug pokemon said to Reina, who was taking a last look at the ominous list of the tournament winners.

"Yeah, I'm with you two, let's get away from here," she paused briefly, "Besides, I can tell that Valen's just dying to go back into the crowds of people so that he can 'rub elbows' with all kinds of lovely individuals!" Reina replied sarcastically in an obviously mock flowery voice that was the result of noticing Valen's displeasure.

April 25th, 2006, 8:26 AM

Whoohoo. Sealed Tron for the LAST time... and got my butt handed to me on a silver platter in two hits from Sephy. @_@ he's so much harder than KH1... and I'm only level 40. xD Which could be a problem.


/....Kyoko be careful around him./

/Why? He's just like Nii-sama.../

/No, he's not./

/Yes he is!/

/No.... he's not. There's something about him I don't like... Return me to my ball please so I can think./

Kyoko shrugged, withdrawing her Shuppet before turning to the others, "Well guys, why are we standing around here still? We should get going. There's no way I'm gunna let those two meanies walk away with the prize without a fight! I may not like the situation but Nee-chan can agree that we don't like bein' outta the loop."

She tossed out a pokeball, "Minna, see if you can catch the waves of any electric- Oh no."

The electric mouse had emerged... and immediatly pounced on Henna's head, curling into the warmth with a soft cute little sign. It wasn't hurting the other pokemon, not at all, it was starting to think of Henna as a Mommy figure... and that was only because the magmar was warm and Minna was not.

Purring lightly, the pokemon seemed to be dozing off.

"....Um... Nee-chan... You think Henna will mind her new hat too much?" she blinked lightly as she turned, walking a little ways ahead, "Iku! Let's go!"

April 25th, 2006, 5:31 PM
After casting a brief glance toward Kyoko's newly-released Minun, Chain sighed slightly. Then, turning, he started toward the Pokemon Center front room, replying, "You're right. We should get going . . . Abra can teleport us to the WaiWai Inc. building once we get outside." He noted the time displayed upon the nearest clock. "We may be early, though." Returning his gaze forward, Chain fell silent as his thoughts shifted elsewhere. I wonder how Circuit is doing . . .


Executing Attack Pattern VII. As the Porygon 2 burst forward with another Double-Edge, Circuit again refrained from moving. Simply accepting the full force of the attack with the intention of providing its opponent with the maximum recoil, the Porygon then quickly backed away from Iris, using Recover to regain its strength as it continued to move. Then, slowing its movement, digital electricity began to spark about Circuit as it prepared an attack.

[OOC: I apologize for my rather pathetic post. ::tired:: I should probably post in Mutation Wave soon . . . ]

Random Plushie
April 25th, 2006, 10:46 PM
Avery hadn't expected to find JJ again so soon after she had left the room. In fact, she had barely gotten past opening the door when JJ called her name, approaching from the side. The girl was immediately overjoyed to be in the company of a familiar person, and so she didn't even notice that the boy was dressed in pajamas.

She opened her mouth in preparation to drown JJ in joyous greeting, followed by a barrage of questions, but of course the blonde instantly fell to one knee, clutching his head as if he had a major headache. That reminded Avery of her own headache, but now obviously wasn't the time to comment on that.

"Uh, what's wrong? Do you need to lie down?" Avery exclaimed, only now beginning to recall how JJ had fainted the other day. Wait, that was only just yesterday.. wasn't it? In any case, the memory made her very nervous, a feeling which did not go away even though JJ stood back up as fast as he could, and certainly not when a rather odd woman appeared (seemingly out of nowhere) to address JJ.

Avery blinked, turning her attention to this new woman, who eventually introduced herself as Astra Kiseki. A psychic of some sort? Apparently Fable was doing the same, although he was being unusually quiet about it. She could feel the Sableye shifting on her head.. but it wasn't like him to be uncomfortable around anyone unless he thought they were overly weird or something.

"Excuse me, Miss Astra.." Avery began, quite confused over how this woman knew JJ, "..but what ceremony are you talking about?"

Baker's Bulbasaur
April 26th, 2006, 5:55 AM
No sooner then JJ had regained his footing, Avery was already near enough at his side, but she wasn't alone. He turned his head harshly towards the sound of a strange mytical voice which has just sounded, one he did not know of.
''ceremony...'' he muttered to no one inparticular, while Avery addressed the woman on the ceremony.
He ran a hand slowly through his hair, and locked his eyes on the woman
''Astra Kiseki?...Psychic Extrodinaire?...'' He said to her, giving no signs of wanting a response. Something wasn't right, his head strain had for the first time, completely gone. Since it started it had gone from bad to worse but was always there but now...it was like an instantanious cure to the sound of her voice.
This woman, what did she want? Why was she addressing himself and Avery? And why did the male have such a strong feeling that all wasn't right about her? Casually, he smiled
''Well...Good Morning Miss Kiseki, yes, yes I'm quite alright thankyou, but, sorry to be so arupt, but how do you know who I am? I mean, t know I have placed in the ceremony would assume you know me, but alas I have never even heard of you, so...yeah...how do you know us?''
He finishes with one raised eyebrow, but if she really was a psychic extrodinaire, JJ knew the answer to his question already.

April 26th, 2006, 7:10 AM
Rosairie laughed as Minna curled up on her Magmar's head.
Henna smiled, enchanted by the tiny creature. {Bless her litte cotton socks...} she whispered, grinning at Rosairie. The girl rolled her eyes. Henna never could say no to anything cute and furry.

The girl watched as Kyoko bounced off. She shrugged at Chain. "'S better to be early than late." She paused. The boy seemed preoccupied. "You okay?" she asked.

Alter Ego
April 26th, 2006, 7:51 AM
OOC: I swear...real life is out to get me...I've been mostly bed-ridden today because of a seriously sore throat coupled with headaches, exhaustion and all that loveliness. -.- Anyways, going to post now and then have a lie-down again...this is going to be another slow day for me...~_~


"Yes, I imagine you wouldn't." Valen replied to Reina's first comment, nodding, "But perhaps it's for the best...paranoia isn't always a good instinct to develop, especially not if you plan on working with others, and frankly..." he took a brief pause, "Sometimes...I wish I wouldn't need it, but the world being what it is..." he fell silent again, but couldn't resist responding to Reina's cheeky remark about crowds, "Rub elbows, you say?" he asked, "Now there's a plan, I was thinking more along the lines of tracking down my fan club from yesterday." the last remark was made in an obviously sarcastic tone. As if he would ever be caught bounding after a bunch of skirt-clad imbeciles like some lost puppy, "At any rate, let's go." he concluded, taking up a fairly fast stride as he navigated his way towards the streets again, "The ceremony is approaching, anyway."


"Oh it's quite alright..." the woman who had introduced herself as Astra replied, "No doubt I seem a bit of my noodle to be speaking to you like an old aquintance, although in a way it's perhaps fitting. To answer your question first, sweetie..." she turned her gaze to Avery, smirking inwardly at how completely clueless these two were of what was standing right in front of them, "I was speaking of the award ceremony for yesterday's tournament, your names are listed all over town. Now as for your question, dear boy..." she now turned her gaze to JJ, "Well, suffice to say that as a psychic, I have a certain...interest in people of exceptional prowess. This being the case...I must admit having observed you rather intently during yesterday's tournament." she took a brief pause, "Ah, but you expected me to say something along the lines of 'my senses told me', didn't you?" she added, giving off one of her girlish giggles, "If you did then I'm afraid that I'll have to dissapoint you, I'm the real deal, not just some cheap parlour act. And furthermore..." she added, "I know your grandfather quite well, Jeffrey James..." Know him, allright... she added in her mind, masterfully surpressing another giggle, ...easily enough to make your head spin, little boy. "...and have thus come to know you by association, although I'm quite dissapointed that he never mentioned me. Oh, well..." she concluded, "I suppose I can't blame him, age does play tricks on the mind..." she took a brief pause, "How is your grandfather doing, by the way?" the woman continued in a coversational tone, "I dare say that I have heard very little of him as of late."

April 26th, 2006, 9:24 AM
OOC: Aw! Poor Alter and his sore throat-ness! I actually haven't been sick in a while. Though I don't doubt I'll catch something with the way the weather has been around here lately. It's supposed to get up to 81 F today! And the weekend is supposed to be around 90 F! *dies* Too... early... for summer. >.< I can't wait until August when the temperature rises to 115 F. You can cook an egg on the sidewalk with that heat.

BTW, I made a quick Oekaki piccie last night! It's an Azumarill (http://draw.pokecommunity.com/pictures/1466.png)!



Reina had to chuckle at Valen's response to her comment. She was hoping to lighten the mood a little since they were about to go into this quite ominous ceremony. It wasn't that she didn't think of it seriously, on the contrary, she thought it was very serious; but it wasn't good to walk into a situation like this so tense. She knew at least that much from her experiences. Sometimes when you're anticipating something bad, you get so intense and rigid that you wear yourself out and don't think as clearly. It was important to relax a little at least in some ways.

Tabansi kept watch as he and Reina kept up with Valen's quick pace. The cobalt beetle was observing the crowds, making sure nothing looked suspicious. He wasn't walking though, but flying about a foot from the ground.

Reina saw the crowd of people they were now mulling through and glanced down at her vigilant friend. "Uh, Tabansi, I think you should return. You could easily get stolen or lost in this crowd of people, and you know your horn almost always ends up bashing someone like a spear," she said, eyeing him intently, "Also you need to conserve your energy." She knew he would protest anyway.

{I can't just leave you alone at a time like this!} he said in his raspy voice, louder than usual.

"Return Tabansi," Reina said flatly, procuring Tabansi's ball and holding it out, "If trouble shows up then you can lend a hand. Besides, Valen's here too so I'm not, as you said, 'alone'." This wasn't up for discussion. Aside from what she had already cited as reasons, she was sure that it would not be wise to keep pokemon out at this ceremony. She also did not want to look defensive or afraid in front of this Slythe person; or anyone else for that matter.

Baker's Bulbasaur
April 26th, 2006, 1:48 PM
Jeffery who had been listening with some interest, but wasn't really taking a lot in due to his continuous trail of thought, trying to work some things out in his head, exactly what he was trying to figure out he had no idea...
Suddenly he jumped to attention.

''hmm..mmm...wha, Wha?! My grandfather, you...you know him?'' JJ spluttered with suprise. This confirmed it, there was defenitely something strange about this woman...apart of course frm the fact that she claimed to have supernatrual powers and unceremoniously invited herself into their lives...but, how exactly is confirmed it the blonde dudn't know...but something was just telling him to have an excuse to not like this woman, so he'd figure that one out later.

''oh...uum, he's, ill. Very ill at the moment, it...it isn't looking good...''
Great, all he needed was another conversation about a topic that made him feel terrible inside, adding itself to what felk like sticky gum which had replaced itself with his vital organs...
Jeffery raised a hand which he began to brush through his blonde hair, when he suddenly realised that he was still wearing Pjamas.
He turned to Avery
''Anyway, yeah, theres this ceremony, for all the people who done the best in the tournament...and we're both invited'' he said with a confused face, his breathing getting faster
''and if you think that's a suprise, just look at who else is gonna be there.'' He finished, indicating the TV screen not far behind them.
Turning back to the strange woman, he looked her up and down suspiciously, his head was still perfectly fine, but telling him many things, most of which were hard to dicipher, but it was evident to him that this woman was not to be trusted.
''Now Miss, please pardon me, but i would like to change before we head off, so if there wasn't anything else?'' he spoke casually, ending with a raised eyebrow.

April 26th, 2006, 7:24 PM

;-; -gives lemon drops to Alter along with tea-

Dish will make eet bedder.

By the way, if I mess up the directions here, tell me and I'll edit.


I don't know if I'll be able to get back on today. I had a sub in one of my classes (My teacher's 10 month old can't stop throwing up. ;_; -whimper- Poor baby) and one student decided to use it as an excuse (Since subs don't do anything) to harass me the entire hour along with his buddies. I get picked on by this particular student quite alot so I did ignore him til he crossed the line. Towards the end of the hour, he drew a picture of me that was not flattering in the least. I was unable to see it myself but I was told by the student who threw it away it was pretty bad. (She said the three who drew it were saying I looked better in the picture than I did in the mirror) The entire class aside from four students saw it and joined in the teasing for the rest of the hour. My opinions and comments on the lecture were constantly subjected to taunts and teasings and nobody took me seriously.

So yeah. I'm filling a harassment charge against the student (I've been told it's about time I stood up to him) and it's probably gunna eat my day. Soooooo~

^^ Get better soon Alter! -hands ice cream- =3 Ice cream is good. -nodnod- as are soft soothing warm drinks. And slushies. @_@ Get deh slushies.


Kyoko blinked, having to stop and wait from time to time for the slow pokes behind her and eventually gave up on it and ran on ahead, getting the board within just a few minutes. Squinting lightly, she did indeed see her name, Rosairie's, Chain's, Valen's, Reina's and a few other names she didn't reconize. What bothered her was the burning feeling in her chest that soon accompanied Valen's name as she read over and as her hand clutched at the fabric covering her flesh, she turned in the general direction Valen and Reina had headed off in not too long ago. Something... was wrong here.

I'm not letting my guard down anymore. Something's going on here... tearing off towards the place she'd been instructed to go to via that board, her senses and mind back on their more mature levels. Rosairie and Chain would catch up. Watching her feet hit the pavement at quite an amazing speed for a kid her size, her mind reeled I don't like him... I just don't like him. Something about him sets off all the warning bells in my head... but if I somehow get closer to him... no, don't think that way Kyoko. You promised Nii-san you won't use people like that anymore. Shaking the now unwanted feeling off, she turned her attention to the path ahead of her and spotted a teal haired woman dead center, along with two (three?) other Rosairie-sized people near her.

Panting lightly, she stopped her face paced pursuit, hands pressed to her knees, body bent over slightly, "M-m-ma'am do you, k-k-know w-where th-the ceremony bu-building is?" As her breathing slowed back to normal, she looked up at the other two. One guy, one girl. The guy looked...like he had one hell of a hang over and the girl was... a normal girl in Kyoko's eyes, "Sorry to... uh... bother you. But I think I'm lost."

Alter Ego
April 27th, 2006, 7:42 AM
OOC: Mika, that's horrible...;_; You've got the right idea, though, sue those bastards' arses off! XO And as an additional insurance...sue/report that substitute teacher for neglecting his/her duties, people like that need to be sacked and permanently stricken off from the list of possible substitutes, so don't give up until that happens..might help the next one to take their job seriously..<_< Seriously, you've got rights, and I agree...buttmunches like that need to be stood up to immediately and without remorse. I don't know about your school system, but around here we have a whole bunch of lovely little rules against stuff like that...so let's pull out that rule book and hit them with everything available: notes home, penalties to grades, parent-teacher conferences, ohh...even suspension if you can. Oh, and take up practicing martial arts as well...that way, if (Or rather, when) they start messing with you again you can shock them with a well placed throw, all in the spirit of self-defence. >D In short, give em' hell, Mika. And good luck with your lawsuit.

Seriously, there are complete bastards out there...like this one guy who drove over a certain person I happen to know off, not only did said bastard just drive away from the scene, but afterwards he came and - get this - demanded compensation for his damaged windshield. <_< That dude got what was coming to him, though, as his victim had ended up with a fair bit of glass shards in his head (undisputable proof of the incident) and an impressive plaster casing to boot. So yeah, there's at least some justice in this world...

Oh, and I think I'm getting better...still coughing...not to mention my terribly runny nose, but my head feels clearer now and I'm less tired. Oh, and also...G4 laborations were today, and I got to keep my share of our...excess research material. So here, Mika...*Gives chocolate* hope you won't let those people (and I use the term loosely) spoil too many of your days. ^^ And sorry about what happened to you, I know what it feels like...I've had to put up with crap like that for six friggen' years. <_<

Anyways, yeah...I'm a bit too fired up to compose an IC at the moment. Maybe a bit later...*Prances off to get more chocolate...and make some voodoo dolls. >D*

April 27th, 2006, 8:43 AM
OOC: Aww Mika! *huggles* ;.; I feel so sorry for you! I can't stand teasing; it's so awful! Luckily for me, I was fairly shy and quiet, and so most people didn't really even notice me enough to make fun of. I have had my share of teasing though, I can assure you of that. There used to be this group of popular guys that were big jerks (though some of them just acted like jerks because their 'leader' was... oh yeah... strong individuals there... :cheeky: ) and they took it upon themselves to harass me anytime they could in my art class about how this semi-retarded kid liked me and that I should go out with him. -.- They were chickens though, one day I just got tired of it and demanded them to tell me why they did these things to me when I had done nothing to them. They all just shuffled their feet and when I began to address some of them individually, they all left their 'leader' standing in front of me alone. These same guys used to spray cologne all over one of my friends who was really allergic to perfume (and they were aware of this of course) and she got horrible asthma attacks from them. She actually had to get restraining orders for them, and they also got suspended for like a week or something. It was serious though, they could have killed her.

Then a year later when we were graduating, the Student Council (which is a code name for "Stuck-Up Popular People That Want a Period Where they Eat Pizza and Do Nothing") paired up my allergic friend with the leader of this pack of boys, thinking it would be a good laugh.

My goodness, all through Junior High I got teased probably twice a day about my choice of clothes, friends, hair style, shoes, refusing to wear makeup; it was like everyone else but me had suddenly become an expert on fashion and what it meant to be a girl. >.>

All I can say is that I agree with Alter. Do all you can to them, because usually these people do the worst things to people who don't fight back. Get plenty of support from your friends and family, because (as I'm sure you already know) those are the people that will make you feel good about yourself. Aww, Mika... I'm sure there's nothing wrong with your appearance. Those guys are just jerks. And that sub reminds me of this one sub I had in my high school Personal Growth (Sex Ed.) class. She just sat by and did nothing while one of my best friends was being laughed at and teased by various people in the class. That sub was crazy though... o.o Anyway, good luck Mika, and certainly don't worry about here, you should be focusing on other things.

Erm... *looks at size of OOC post* Uh... sorry Alter... but teasing makes me angry! Especially if its our Mika being teased!! *gives Alter and Mika cake because she's secretly the Cake Fairy* ^-^

BTW Alter, that boy man *cough* that you talked about that ran over that other boy... sounded scary. o.o And selfish. He shall die as a very lonely and sad man someday methinks.

April 27th, 2006, 10:16 AM
{ooc| MIKA!!!! *cuddles* Sweetie, those people SUCK. And, yeah, you're doing the right thing. You should follow Alter's advice, too.

I must admit, when I was in Primary School (or junior high, to you Americans) I was a right little biatch, as me and my two best friends were the 'cool girls' in our school, which happened to be a very small village school. We ruled over the rest of the girls in our year, almost. xD I mean, there were only 10 or 11 of us, but we were the popular ones everyone copued. Not sure why. Anyway, we used to be really harsh, like we got all the girls to shun one girl once because she bought an awesome blue sparkley recorder and not a black/brown one like the rest of us had...and then, because this girl DARED to be different, we told her she had to get a new one because no one would talk to her until she did. And no one did. I mean, we were only about seven then, and we thought we were EVER so cool, but we really were horrible... I shudder when I look back on it.
Now I'm very lovely =3
When I first joined the school I'm in now, all of our girlies were put in different 'tutor groups'; I got put with my two best friends, but everyone else got put elsewhere, and gradually me and my friends lost our little followers as they sort of...flcoked after other girls.
Then, hell we got a shock.
WE got bullied.

Yeah, so I always do feel guilty because when I was younger, because I was like.... a meanie. When I moved up and I suddenly realised how it felt, I really wanted to die.

Also, Melissa; in England we have to wear uniforms, and make-up[ is not allowed or anything. I whinge about this, but I guess it protects us from unnessacery scorn from our peers.}

Alter Ego
April 27th, 2006, 10:44 AM
OOC: No worries, Melissa, on a subject like this I'm completely symphatetic towards pure OOCs. *Growls at school bullies* Yeah, they're cowards when it comes down to it...except for the insane individuals. But those usually manage to get themselves suspended.

As for the dude who did the run-over thing...he's not a boy, he's a full grown man (well over 30 as I recall), which only goes to show that there are complete jerks in all generations. <.<


"If trouble shows up then you can lend a hand. Besides, Valen's here too so I'm not, as you said, 'alone'."

Had he not been so well indoctrinated into hiding his feelings, Valen would probably have blinked in surprise. It was a silly thing, but he couldn't help feeling a bit touched by someone actually using his presence as a reason not to need extra protection as the case tended to be exactly the opposite. The boy once again felt the peculiar sensation from before creeping up on him, this instinctive need to keep Reina safe from anything and everything that might possibly pose a treath to her. Trust...how long had it been since anyone had actually given him that? In fact, had anyone, anyone except Seirini and Kachiko, ever given him that? And what...what was this strange sensation? It was one of those high and noble values he had never considered to amount to more than corny buzzwords...friendship. Yes, whether this was a fully rational trail of thought or not, he definitely considered this stubborn redhead next to him a friend...a real friend. And he'd be dead before he would allow Slythe or any of that slimeball's lackeys to hurt her.


"But of course..." Astra chirped melodically at JJ's last question, continuing to smile politely despite the boy's suspicious manner, "...no-one was ever stopping you. Have a good day, dear boy..." she soon turned her attention elsewhere as young girl came running towards her, quite out of breath by the time she stopped and, rather shakily, asked for directions to the ceremony. And what's more, she noted with amusement, this girl was another one of the eight tournament winners, her patterns quickly made that clear, and judging by the way that two of the remaining ones had been looking after her during the tournament, they probably wouldn't be too far off either.

"But of course, my dear." she replied in her previous sweet, melodical voice, "I was heading in that direction anyway, so I can guide you along." the woman took a brief pause, studying the rather shaky and weak-looking girl in front of her, "And you would be...another one of the tournament winners, no?" she added in a tone of polite curiosity, "Yes, I do believe I noticed your name on one of the boards around here. Kyoko, no? I am Astra Kiseki, pleased to meet you." she nodded briefly in acknowledgement, "But...and please do not take this as an insult, my dear...how is it that you did so well in the competition? After all, you are...rather young, and by my tell things got quite rough out there." there was a slight twinkle in her clear blue eyes, "What is your edge, sweet one?"


Iris tumbled back a bit from the recoil of her attack, but soon steadied herself again, letting out a slightly annoyed beep at the quick recovery of her opponent. Now of course she could do the same, so this hardly granted her opponent an edge, but it did mean that the battle would be considerably longer.

{Commencing attack pattern 17} the virtual pokémon concluded, sounding quite much like her unevolved opponent as she unleashed a barrage of Toxic goo at her opponent before morphing once more, her body now taking up the shape of a large shield as it hardened to further increase her endurance. The Porygon 2 was protected from all kinds of poisons bby her steel type, but her opponent...well, he wasn't, was he? If the opponent wanted a stallgame then a stallgame he would have.

April 27th, 2006, 5:13 PM
[OOC: I hope you feel better soon, Alter Ego. Also, + Mika +, I am sorry and hope that everything works out for you. Reading the OOCs, I feel as though I have led a rather sheltered life. ^-^;;]

"Hn?" Chain was snapped from his reverie at Rosairie's inquiry. Turning toward her, the trainer nodded, replying, "Yeah. I was just thinking about the ceremony." He paused, casting a quick glance about the area. "Speaking of which, it seems Kyoko has gone to the ceremony ahead of us." Considering her sense of direction, I wonder when she'll make it, though . . . Chain placed a hand against his head, sighing quietly before shifting his gaze toward Rosairie. "Would you prefer to look for Kyoko, or should we just keep going?"


Attack incomplete. Implement evasion techniques until attack is prepared. Still surrounded by electrical charge, Circuit activated Agility--moving with enough speed to dodge the Toxic before coming to a halt a short distance away from Iris' left side. Immediately, the Porygon unleashed a Zap Cannon toward its evolved form before re-activating its Agility to move a relatively safe distance away.

April 27th, 2006, 7:46 PM
OOC: Aww, Valen has a fwiend! :3 How cute.

Alter, that was a man?! *edits post* There we go.

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Heh, don't worry Kogenta. If you didn't have experiences like us, I would consider yourself lucky. ^^

Anywho... posting time!


A girl in a peach-colored summer dress with large and colorful flowers printed on it bumped into Reina on accident, knocking the redhead off balance. She quickly regained it, though not without feeling stupid and shooting a quick glare at the girl that had done it. The girl hadn't even apologized; how rude!

"Ugh... stupid girl... I hope we don't have to walk too far, I seem to have little luck in crowds," Reina grunted. She tried to shake off her temporary anger at the girl though, figuring she should be focusing on what was ahead. Those robed men... she had to remember what she could about them in case they asked her questions. She tugged at the support bandages around her right hand's fingers; they were starting to bother her and her fingers were getting quite itchy.

She turned to Valen, "So... do you think those cult guys will try something in their little monkish robes today? It seems a little soon for them to strike again, but who knows what those guys are thinking?" She was a bit curious about it, and she certainly didn't think they were gone. She hadn't even gotten to punch the leader.

April 27th, 2006, 7:51 PM
pokemon are so cool. I wonder why people hate pokemon they also have such a interesting history.

Alter Ego
April 28th, 2006, 1:44 AM
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"I hope not." Valen replied, looking up from his thoughts at Reina's question while at the same time contemplating whether he should bring Seirin out to make some more room for them but deciding against it. He wasn't completely sure what had happened between the Arbok and his rather peculiar combination of saviours but he was pretty sure that the snake pokémon would be none-too pleased to meet Reina again, and the boy really didn't have the patience to argue this through with his pokémon right now, especially not in the middle of a crowded street,, "They'd be utterly foolish if they did. After yesterday's events the whole place is on top-security, it might not be clear to everyone, but it's there. Just take a look..." he nodded towards a rather rotound-looking man who was sitting at a café they were passing, his sizeable bulk incrementing on the poor defenseless chair he had sat upon while the sunglass-covered eyes situated above his nose and the huge, bushy moustache travelled back and forth across the crowd, a few beads of sweat traveling down the man's shining, bald head. Adding to the rather peculiar appearance of the man were his clothes; a pair of bright yellow shorts accompanied by a light blue shirt with a generic palm-trees-on-a-beach motif imprinted on the front in a slightly darker colour. Overall, the man looked like a tourist on a package holiday, making him look quite out of place amongst the otherwise posh and well-dressed clienté, quite over-the-top considering that it was only a café, but the boy supposed that that was standard in Overcity. Valen surpressed a grimace, the head grunt never did get the hang of 'blending in', "Everything and everyone here is being watched." he continued in a slighlty lower voice so as to keep the crowd members around him from overhearing, he took a brief pause, though, "I...just sounded like that Jacona person, didn't I?" he added after a while, shaking his head, "We're all being watched by evil conspirators attempting to overthrow the cheese market and all that nonsense...go figure...but to answer your question properly..." he added, "No, I don't think they'll be trying anything here. My guess would be that yesterday's attack was done partially for show but, more importantly, to diver attention from something else."


Iris merely blinked at the oncoming burst of electricity, not moving as much as a pixel as it proceeded to fly straight past, merely scorching the virtual pokémon's left side slightly, a wound which it quickly restored by applying its own Recover technique in turn before proceeding to analyze the situation. {Insufficient attack velocity for pattern 17...} she concluded, letting out a mechanical beep before transforming again, this time returning to her original shape, {Initiating copycat mode.} With that, the virtual pokémon suddenly unleashed a peculiar series of waves in all directions, the energy pulsing through the battlefield and passing straight through circuit without seeming to inflict any damage before the flow suddenly turned, all of the waves returning to their origin and briefly encasing the Porygon 2 in a bright glow before they dissapeared from view.

{Ability modifications successfully copied...} Iris remarked out of programing, proceeding to pursue her opponent with newfound speed, {Proceeding to analyze next attack.}

Baker's Bulbasaur
April 28th, 2006, 4:37 AM
''Uuuum, Thanks.'' Jeffery said unsurely before grabbing Avery by the wrist and gently pulling her aside, out of the danger of Miss. Kiseki.

''Uuum, well yeah, like I was saying.....we've both been invited to a ceremony for coming in the top eight for yesterdays tournament''
He smiled vaguely at her, trying to get across his confusion at this, indicating the screen next to him.

''Anyway, we should had off to it soon, something tells me we should not be late... so I'm gonna get changed, i'll meet you out here in 2 minutes, oh, and we should find Cona too, maybe ask a nurse?''
He turned about and began to walk towards the door through which was the room he had awoken in a sweat.
What was the deal? Why did the young, and usually very calm blonde now feel like everyone was out to get him, and nothing was what it should be...even the posters on the walls seemed suspicious, he stopped for a moment to glance at one.
Interested in training as a Pokemon Nurse? Contact us on 01262 730 726, or ask our recpectionist, and we will accomadate you with an application form, any further questions may be...
He tore his eyes away from it and positively ripped the door handle off of it's hinges in his rage....rage...rage...why was he in a rage?

JJ walks through the door, slamming it behind him, and automatically dropped his bag, and himself on the lower bunk bed, clutching his hands to his head.
Wasn't everything much easier yesterday? Wasn't I just here to partciipate in a stupid tournament and then head home to see my grandad...wasn't....wasn't.....wasn't there someone in this bunk?

He turned his head around, and confirmed that there was no one there, standing up, he stood back and looked at the higher one from which he had awoken, no one there either.

''What the?...''

He began to search the room, opening closets, looking under the double bunker bed...even pulling out the draws which would barely fit a cat let alone a person. There had defenitely been someone in that bunk, and now....
''oooh screw it''
Jeffery said in a tantrum. He opened his bag, threw his close onto the bed ina tantrum, and began to change.

April 28th, 2006, 7:48 AM
OOC: Ah, I shall be sure to post in Showgan then sometime this morning (or I suppose it's evening for you all in Europe ^^;). BTW Alter, your description of the "rotound" guy sitting on the poor defenseless chair was too funny.

Oh no! Poor Yibber!! I feel so sorry for her. Hopefully she can study her little heart out and come out with a better score. ;.; Man, the happiness sure is spreading around here... XD

Incidently... I wish Mika were here, I've been meaning to ask her some things about this RP we're both in. >.>



"Really?" Reina said in a low voice, noticing the man Valen was referring to, "Boy... I'd better get more adept at seeing these things fast. I have this sneaking suspicion that it puts me at a horrible disadvantage and that I will certainly need it in the near future." She hoped that not all of the suspicious people were that beefy though, for she would have a hard time defending herself against them because of their large bulk.

She couldn't help but smile though at Valen's remark about Cona. "Heh, yeah, that girl is... interesting to say the least," Reina remarked, her voice a little more noticable now as she wasn't talking about covert operations, well, not in a serious manner at least.

"I'm glad that you think those guys won't try anything," she added, looking down at her right hand, "I need to give my hand a little time to heal anyway." She paused, thinking about what those men could have possibly been diverting attention from, but couldn't come up with anything, so she sighed with a shrug. She just wasn't good at this stuff... but... as they passed by a small and rather clean upscale diner, Reina could have sworn that she saw another similarly beefy man exit the building, oddly out of place compared to the others coming and going through the glass pained door.

April 30th, 2006, 8:08 PM


Well, we settled outside of court. Kid got dentention AND got told that if he insults, teases or, if he dares to do something worse, he gets an ISS (In school suspension) and if he does anything AFTER that (or does physical harm to me) he gets kicked out for a week. Anything further he's looking at explusion. X3 So I win. -gigglesnort- Ladiadida I win. <3 And thanks for the support you guys.

;_; you all make Mika feel amazing.

>> Question tho. Alter, do you hate Kyoko the character? o.o Because you seem to have a certian loathing for her. If you do, I don't really mind, I'm just curious. xDD


Minna purred sweetly, dropping down to cling tightly but comfortably (For Henna anyways) to Henna's back, the little yellow head tightly nuzzled into the warm fur. Yes, she wasn't moving any time soon.


"What's your edge?"

She blinked, resisting the urge to sit back on her bum. She hadn't sprinted that fast for that long in about six months and had definatly winded her small frame. She hadn't even really been listening to the woman til she'd mentioned her rather blatent distaste of Kyoko's battling skills and once those three words, that had been preceeded with the phrase: "and please do not take this as an insult", drifted through the air and gently sifted through her ears, Kyoko's head snapped up.

Oh, she'd understood the underlying message there and there wasn't an inch of her body that wasn't thouroughly(sp) enraged by it, after all, she'd just been accused of cheating or somehow buying her way up through the ranks. While that accusation(sp) was something Rosairie would probably have to expect because of her father's clearly abundent wallet but the only person who might have any idea as to her own financial state was Chain

So on what basis was this woman accusing her of cheating?

Or even worse, bribing her way to the top?

But you are. You can't do a thing right child. You gain things only because of me, you couldn't do a thing on your own. You simply believe you can and therefore you act like a foolish little child, chashing dreams you can never acomplish for the sake of chasing them... Just the thought makes me sick Kyoko. Just the thought makes me sick.

But I'm not... I'm not I'm not... I'm not a failure, I'm not worthless, I can prove it... I can prove it.

Then prove it.

That's why I left... That's why I left. I couldn't listen to that anymore and now I'm getting it from people who don't even know me! This... this is nutts! It's just... it's just not fair! It's not right! And what was with the constant stares of disapproval she seemed to be getting from everyone at this tournament? They didn't know her, they didn't even try to know her. So what if she was young, small statured and looked about as terrifying as a Togepi throwing a tanturm over a lost round of Go Fish, that didn't mean she couldn't wield a pokemon as well as any other champion; there was nothing they could do that she couldn't. She was no cheating bribing failure

Anybody saying that was going to be sorry.

Tho her face had stayed down for most of the said thought in a very believable act of catching her breath, after a few more moments of remincise, her head snapped up and she stepped lightly towards the other, a fire flashing dangerously in her eyes. Gently grasping a firm hold on the woman's wrist, she forced direct eye contact by yanking the arm downward, showing a very unusual amount of strength as she did so before letting loose a very angered hiss-like spat into the woman's ear, "You're accusing me of cheating aren't you? Because I'm small and somewhat shy you think I couldn't have possibly made my way up through the ranks fairly. I'll have you know I'm just as good as any of them and if you don't believe me I'll fight you right here, right now and prove it to you." Releasing the woman, she stepped a little backwards, eyes still locked with the woman's. Nobody, absolutely nobody, could call her a cheater and get away with it without a bruise or welt somewhere on their little spotless baby faces that were still as clear as the day they had been born. She'd make sure of it...personally.


I think this is the longest IC I've written yet. o.o -twitch- I really need to stop listening to Metal when I'm writting Pokemon RP responses... THESE come out of them. @_@ -trots off for sleep-

Sleeeeeeep. @_@

May 1st, 2006, 1:13 AM
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I'm glad everything was sorted out IRL, though.

Edit: Two essays out of three finished. Phew. Though one was actually a research-and-report, not an essay. *dies* I really...need to be more organised.}

Rosairie stared after Kyoko, a concerned look on her face. "She forgot her Minun..." she muttered, gesturing to the little mouse perched on Henna's head. For a moment, Rosairie stared absently into the crowd. Finally, she turned back to her the magmar. The muscular beast smiled.
{Want me to go after her?} the pokemon offered. Rosairie nodded, glad of Henna's knowing ways. The Magmar picked the Minun off her head and tucked her under one arm, and headed off through the crowds.

Rosairie fumbled around in her bag, pulling out Silence's pokeball. She released the Jolteon, who shivered and darted behind his trainer's legs. Rosairie bent down and petted him absently; it seemed to work, because he stopped trembling. Finally, the girl turned to Chain.
"I think we should head off to the ceramony. Henna'll find Kyoko soon, and then she can bring her along."

Meanwhile, Henna was streaking through the crowds. She moved strangely fast for one so bulky.
She ran past Valen and Reina, and glanced back at the pair, but she returned to scanning the crowd immediately. She came to a stop a few feet away from Rosairie's arch-enemies, standing on her tip-toes to see over the bobbing heads. She glanced to Minna.
{Can you take a look for me, sweetie?} she asked, and dropped the minun on her head.

May 2nd, 2006, 6:37 AM

Quick OoC because I need to and I'm an idiot for not doing so last night

I changed my name to Mikachu. x3 Because I /can/ and because I got the name from Miiburd and it stuck. xD So... I art MIKACHU. X3 Mi-mi-mika-chu Mikachu MIKAchu. X3 With my dark bolts of doom and pwnage.

Nyahahahahaha. Waitin for Alter to post tho for Kyoko but I can post Minna.


Minna hissed lightly when she was roused from her peacefully warm sleep but groggily nodded, rising up lazily, taking her own sweet time. Like ice melting in temperatures where it was barely possible, Minna took much longer than was probably nessacary, yawning more times than a Snorlax when it was sleepy. Ears were drooped sweetly on each side of her head as like the Titanic, she fully rose to a horizontal position.

Scanning the crowd with sleepy eyes, she shrugged lightly til a spark of Kyoko's increasing anger drifted towards the Pokemon. Dropping back to Henna's shoulder, she pointed in the general direction of Kyoko's location, /Over there. Mama... she's not happeh... Sissy's not happy. She's sending very angry waves out.../ Whimpering lightly, she nuzzled further into Henna's grip, ears drooping timidly.

No, she dinna like this.

Alter Ego
May 2nd, 2006, 9:20 AM
OOC: *Blinks* Certain loathing? I wasn't aware of that...o.o Nope, I myself don't loathe Kyoko (Except that I don't approve of what she did back at the hospital, because that was just plain mean. xP), Valen does, though, so I might be channeling him now and again. Although if you're picking that up from the way Astra is acting...well, then you're way off, because Kyoko just completely misinterpreted the question. xD

And like, woah, you almost gave me a fit with that name change, Mika. For a moment I actually thought that it was another clueless idiot butting in on our RP, but then I came to think of how suspiciously alike the name was to your original one and figured it out. ^^


"Interesting?" Valen echoed at Reina's remark, "I was thinking something more along the lines of 'loony', but...your word sounds better, actually." he took a brief pause, "Hmm...I wonder if she's still convinced that I'm out to conquer the world with dental floss."

As the girl mentioned her hand, Valen realized that it was the first time he had even come to think of the wound and couldn't help casting a brief glance at the hand, as well as the splint accompanying it. He quickly turned his attention away from it, though, realizing that it was probably something Reina didn't want to dwell on. Besides, he couldn't think of any comment on it that wouldn't sound overly fussy or patronizing so he figured that it would be best to stay quiet and focus on guiding the way through the crowds for now.


As Kyoko seized her wrist, there was a brief flash of indignation on Astra's face and if the already raised free hand and quick, albeit not quite visible, gathering of psychic energy around her was anything to go by she had probably been on the verge of getting her retribution against the girl, but for one reason or the other, this mood seem to pass just as quickly as it had come, the sweet, almost innocent, smile once again sitting on her face like nothing had happened.

"Oh no, no, no..." she said softly, shaking her head and giggling slightly once more, "It was not my intention to fling accusations at you, dear girl, although the fact that you were so quick to think of them as such does say a thing or two about you..." the woman took a pause, "...ahh, but no matter, even though you misunderstood my question I think that I got my answer all the same. As for your...challenge..." her eyes twinkled playfully, "I'll keep that in mind, but this is neither the time nor the place for it, I would know." she let out another one of her characteristic giggles, "But battle or no, sweet one, I did know that you had power of a sort, I have a sense for such things. My intent was merely to discern precisely what kind of power that was, and as I said...you already revealed that quite nicely, yourself. Need I say it out loud or have you already realized it yourself?"

May 2nd, 2006, 12:57 PM
Henna chuckled, and cuddled the little mouse closer. "Shush shush, sweetie," she muttered, in her warm, comforting voice, "you're doing an excellent job. Now keep quiet for Henna, ay?" She began to creep through the crowds, keeping her head down. A lot of people paused to stare briefly at the volcanic pokemon, first at her dangerously wavering tail, threatening to sweep as passersby of their feet, and then at the cute, chubby little pokemon she balenced on one hand. Magmars were well known for their sullen disposition and terrible tempers; Henna, on the other hand, was almost despicably nice.

She stopped a few feet away, and ducked behind a paticularily large group of trainers, all swapping Yu-Gi-Oh cards. She could just about see Kyoko from here; a woman was talking to her, and from her expression, Henna guessed Minna was right. Kyoko looked angry. Still the woman - was she a psycic? she certainly smelt like one - was talking to her patiently enough. Henna resisted the urge to charge in their and carry Kyoko away. After all, children need to learn how to stand on their own two feet eventually.

May 3rd, 2006, 6:30 AM

Except that I don't approve of what she did back at the hospital, because that was just plain mean. xP

xP Well Valen was a total meanie to Rosairie and Kyoko's extremely overprotective of her friends. She also loathes being left out of things because she's percieved to be a stupid kid. That combined with the insult was enough to push her over the "omg-I'm-so-fakily-happy" edge. x3 The psychic... well... I hate Psychics. o_O; That's gunna rub off ya know? I'm really trying not to but the scummy villiany...-rattles on for a while- Let's just say I hate them. ^^;

Sowwy! T__T


Minna half mewled half squeaked at the tight snugglin but quickly settled down as she remained very much curled up against the warm fluffy, "Kay...." Drowsy, the little cute ball of fluff all but conked out fully save the fact she did want to make sure her trainer was alright but Henna was just so flippin warm...

Finallly the still baby-like pokemon gave into the sleepy temptations and leaned against Henna for some well-earned rest.


"My intent was merely to discern-"

Kyoko blinked, dropping back a little more, head tilted slightly. She ran a hand through her hair slightly, rubbing her forehead in the process. What on earth was this woman rambling on about now? Couldn't she use real words? Maybe instead of intent to whatever, she could've said something like 'I was trying to figure out' or something normal and friendly like that. She was now getting that horrid feeling of being talked down to, something that made her feel that tight sensation in her chest that she'd often felt back home.

"precisely what kind of power that was-"

My... power? She blinked, eyes widening lightly as that tight feeling in her chest slowly began to increase in magnitude. What's she talking about? I'm not a psychic... I mean... I sense waves and stuff... but I'm not a psychic... GAH why am I thinking period, she can probably freakin read my thoughts. Nya.... I just need to get OUT of this situation before I blow my gasket more than ah already have...

"you already revealed that quite nicely, yourself."

Even tho the woman was still talking, Kyoko couldn't help interjecting a retort, "Stop laughing at me and quit talking down to me like I'm a stupid kid. I know exactly what you're talking about, I'm not a freaking idiot. Now please do as I asked you quite some time ago and take me to the ceremony, I need to regroup with the others."

She pushes me any further I don't know how I'll react... I need to get out of here

May 3rd, 2006, 7:31 AM
OOC: Oh good. I was hoping that there would be some punishment involved in your teasing Mika. ^-^

And I was the same as Alter, I thought "Mikachu" was another sundile. >_> Really... what possesses people to randomly post in things like that? XD Anyway... I think it's a cute name change! :3


As more people bustled around her, Reina thought she had caught a glimpse of a Magmar. Magmar were not common pokemon, and so Reina's brain immediately thought of... Rosairie. She didn't mention seeing the pokemon though, as she was not about to let a possibility ruin her mood.

She was at a small loss to know what exactly to talk about with Valen. There was only so much you could say as small talk to someone you didn't know too well. Granted, the girl knew more about him than say Kyoko, but it was hard to talk about fun things when you had no idea what a person did for fun. Her hazel eyes blinked. There was her topic!

She turned to Valen, "This big city certainly isn't like back home. I don't know if I told you yet, but I'm from a small place called Shuckle Shoretown. Well... the people who live there call it Shuckle Shoretown; maps and everyone else call it Shoretown. There are a lot of Shuckle that live in our area, so that's why we all call it that." She paused for a moment, mentally comparing Twilight City to Shoretown. The two were almost incomparable.

"I think I like medium cities the best. Twilight's too big, there's way too many people--," she said scathingly as a well-off woman that was laughing at a man's joke bumped into her side quite rudely, "--here. In Shoretown though, there's too few people. Everyone knows everyone, and they can easily find out all of your secrets. Not to mention, there's not much to do; the only place kids really go is to the beach."

Now she had gotten to her actual topic. She paused in speaking for a moment as a man was shouting out to a boy that he had better not forget the cranberry sauce. Reina resumed after his shouting. "The kids here probably have lots of things to do. Say, what do you like to do for fun Valen? You must have some free time between all of these 'missions' you do."

She meant the last part to sound as it had. She had avoided asking about what it was that Valen did in his job exactly, what business of hers was it anyway, but it was clear that he was a worker that did missions or errands for those he worked for. She had at least gathered that much from his having to give 'reports'. She was looking cheery, so she hoped that he didn't think she wanted to pry about his job, she just wanted to talk about things that they liked.

May 3rd, 2006, 4:53 PM
[OOC: I apologize for my prolonged absence. I have been ill . . . Still am, actually, but, ah well. ::shrug::]

Chain nodded slightly. "Alright, then." Without another word, the trainer began to weave his way through the constantly-shifting crowd, his movements adept and confident, yet somehow indictating him to be unusually desirous of avoiding physical contact. His green-gold eyes constantly roving and studying his surroundings, Chain's gaze briefly halted as he noticed two familiar figures some distance away. Though the steady roar of the crowd and distance of the two trainers prevented him from hearing anything they might say, Valen and Reina were still easily distinguished. Deciding that he would prefer to avoid any unneccesary conflict, Chain removed a Pokeball from his belt as he motioned Rosairie toward a direction opposite the others.

"Once we get to an open spot, I'll let Abra out," he explained, careful to avoid glancing back.


Opponent speed has increased// Response: Execute Attack Pattern XIV.

Moving at a rate that precisely matched Iris' speed, Circuit turned to face the Porygon 2 as it used Lock-On. Then, still moving in a manner that indicated its purpose to be merely evasion, Circuit was surrounded by a pale aura of colour-changing light.

Alter Ego
May 5th, 2006, 10:58 AM
OOC: Like, I know what you mean about insulting Rosairie, but I don't recall Valen ever saying something like that to Kyoko. o.o In fact, I don't recall him saying as much as a word to her, but rather just plain talking over her except for the hospital incident. Unless I'm forgetting something...my little boy throws so many insults about that it's kind of hard to keep track. xD

About clueless people...I honestly have no idea. The sheer stupidity of their actions never fails to amaze me. I just hope we don't get any more of those. <.<

And get better soon, Kogenta. ^^ Being sick sucks, I know...I'm still trying to get over a case of influenza I've been having and all that lovely smoke drifting in from Russia isn't helping. Seriously, did you know? Some geniuses over there decided that it would be a handy way to clear out a bunch of old fields and dispose of some garbage by torching it all, so now they've got forest fires all over the place, smoke's so bad that they had to kick off an emergency air cleaning initiative even as far as in Helsinki. Really, only in Russia...only in Russia...<.< On a more positive note, the smoke's starting to clear, although the fire fighting is going slower than expected since their fire trucks are breaking down, several hoses are leaky and all that loveliness. And they don't even see anything wrong with that. <.<

Ahem, Russia rant aside...Mika, no smilies in IC posts, please. That's a very spammy thing to do.


As Reina suddenly began on the topic of cities and her own hometown, Valen couldn't help slipping into a slightly more alert mood. From the way she was speaking, skipping from topic to topic, it seemed pretty clear that she was aiming for something different, but what? Well, he didn't have to ponder that too long as the girl soon brought forth her real question, asking what he did in his free time.

Missions? the boy echoed in his mind, feeling a slight clench of fear, Could she have...no, no, she wouldn't...she couldn't...she probably just chose that for lack of a better word. This line of thought was calming, but it still didn't help him with formulating his answer. Valen had never really figured out what people his age were supposed to do in this mythical 'free time' which they all clamoured for, besides being stupid, of course, but he wasn't about to follow their example on that. Lacking a better alternative, he decided on telling the truth...

"I...don't have any...free time, as it were-" he replied at last, "I mean, not really. There are times like this between orders when I don't have to go anywhere particular, but Slythe being what he is..." he frowned, "I have to stay easily contactable, since the call can come at any given time, and...he doesn't really like to be kept waiting..." the boy took a small pause, "But..." he continued after a while, "Occasionally...I-I do like to look at the sky at nights...or the sea..." his gaze grew a bit distant and he found himself slightly annoyed by his own hesitance, why did this topic make him feel so...awkward? He probably sounded like a real weirdo now too, "It's a nice way to forget my own troubles. Beyond that..." he shrugged, "I mostly try to keep a step ahead of the assorted psychos in our adminstrative system." he let out a small sound which sounded vaguely like the chuckle of someone who had very little experience in producing such sounds, "I guess you could say I'm not much of a people person." he turned his gaze back to Reina, "What about you?"


Aww...how adorable... the psychic thought for herself, watching Kyoko's latest outburst of temper with considerable amusement but maintaining a polite and friendly expression, Like fluffy, slighted little kitten...ooh...I wish I could push her on a bit more to see how far she'll go...but that wouldn't do...yet. she stiffled another giggle, her eyes twinkling playfully.

"As you wish, sweet one." Astra replied, quickly turning on her heels and beginning to stride off in the direction of the Wai Wai Inc. building, "But between you and me, dearie, if you don't want to be treated like a child, then a good start would be to stop acting like one."

Okay, so she wasn't very good at keeping herself from annoying such a great target.


{Attack technique identified as Lock On.} Iris commented as she sped after her target, {Initiating protection technique beta.} with that, the Porygon 2's outline became slightly blurry once more before returning back to normal, a well-made decoy now soaring a bit in front of the now invinsible original. Meanwhile, the Beldum who had managed to conceal itself within the system continued to dutifully observe the proceedings, blinking its lens a few times more. This battle sure seemed to be taking a long time.

May 5th, 2006, 3:46 PM
OOC: Yeah Kogenta, I hope ya' get well soon. ^^ You too Alter! And I hate smoke... we get a lot of forest fires over here... and it's about time for fire season. >.> It's going to be bad this year too, because the grass is so long from so much winter rain. Yay....


Reina frowned as she heard Valen admit that he had little free time. She was not surprised, nor did she feel sorry for him. She was a bit angry at his employers though, after all, you would think that seeing as how he spent so much time working for them, they would give him a little vacation once in a while.

"I see," she replied during his brief pause. She looked off into the people walking the streets and wondered to herself what it would be like to always be working with her father on jobs, not just once in a while. She looked back at Valen as he began to talk again. He didn't really sound so confident about his answers. Reina chose to ignore this though. She knew that mentioning someone's faultering aloud only made it worse, and was really annoying.

Reina smiled though as he spoke of the sea and night sky. While it was a little difficult to imagine the person before her gazing at the night's sky serenely in thought, she could easily picture someone else doing it.

"You should see the night sky over in Shoretown," she said to him, "It's a small town, so there aren't many lights to block out the stars. Back to the topic at hand, well, I'm not really a people person either but...," her expression softened a bit, "I like to do things with my brothers and my pokemon. They're the only people that really care about me. My brothers and I used to go the beach and play in the water and the sand. I haven't done that in a long time though; they're growing up and have their own families to start. I still go to the beach with my pokemon and we talk of times before we knew each other, but... it's not the same. Heh, it must seem a bit childish to you to splash in the water and bury yourself in the sand! Maybe it is silly, but I do miss those days with them."

She paused herself for a moment to try and think of something else she could speak of. "Oh, I also train my pokemon for fun. I guess some might consider it work, but it's fun to me," she shrugged, "There's nothing better than the satisfaction of beating a tough opponent! Especially if it's a sniveling little brat that thinks he can beat you with a Caterpie. Heh heh!" She put on a mischievious grin, thinking of several surprised and crestfallen faces of bratty kids that had come across her path acting oh-so-cocky.

Reina wondered to herself... did Valen regret not having the freedom that others did? Sure he seemed to dislike the silly things that kids their ages did, but sometimes people acted that way because they secretly envied them. Reina almost shuddered. She secretly felt that way about girls like Rosairie... they never had to go through the things she did; the teasing, being an outcast, being friendless... she secretly wished she could be like them. She wondered if Valen ever felt that way about 'normal' boys.

She couldn't ask him though. He probably wouldn't admit it even if he did feel that way-- she wouldn't if someone asked her. Not to mention, doing so would mean she would have to speak words about her own feelings, something that she had only ever done to Tabansi and even that was indirectly. It was as if she said the words out loud, it would somehow make the feelings true and real.

She forced herself to think of something else.

"You know, I haven't really done much else for fun. You don't really get to do much when you've got no friends back home!" she smiled a little, "Talking is fun though. Talking, like you and I are. Well, it is to me at least, I guess if you're not a people person then maybe I should just cork my mouth." She kept her voice light to show that it wasn't serious, she was just teasing him a little. Hey, it was all in fun.

May 6th, 2006, 1:25 AM
Rosairie nodded at Chain's words. She felt paticularily vunerable, without Henna's large bulk by her side. Henna had, after all, been her constant companion for the large majority of her life. In a situation like this, Rosairie really missed her firey friend.
A sudden question struck her.
"What was your starter pokemon, Chain?" she asked him curiously. After all, he didn't have a paticular pokemon always around, like Valen had Seirini, Reina had Tabansi, and she had Henna. Her eyes moved to the pokeball around his neck.


Henna, meanwhile, had seen enough. Astra was aiming to wind Kyoko up - why, Henna wasn't sure. For a moment, it almost seemed possible Kyoko shared the same seventh sense Silence did; after all, Silence seemed drawn to her like a moth to a flame, and Silence never trusted anyone.
She shook her head. She was being silly again! This strange woman thinking Kyoko had 'an edge' was not proof that Kyoko had the 'electric wave power', as Rosairie had dubbed it.
Henna pulled a face. {C'mon, Minna, we're gonna rescue your mummy!}

She strode forward determindly, coming to stand next to Kyoko. She narrowed her heavy-lidded eyes and set her mouth in a snarl - at least, as close to a snarl as she could manage.
{Minna!} She hissed at the minun, {Tell your trainer I've come to retriever her!}

{ooc| I wrote seventh sense on purpose, fool. Because I reckon dogs already have a sixth sense; I mean, my dog can tell when my Mum's coming home before she even arrives, and she comes home at different times every day. Around five minutes before she gets home, he goes to sit on the bay-window, and waits. And, as if right on cue, she arrives. Spoooooooky. He does strange things like that all the time.}

May 6th, 2006, 12:01 PM
This is a spammy, IC post.

When I was on a school trip in Rome, Tom Cruise was driving around in a speedboat. Randomly. There were loads of paparazzi, but we were too busy screaming 'We love you tom!' and 'bear our children' to notice the camera crews. When we got home, we found out he was filming the new mission impossible, BUT, OMG, ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE IN IT! Or so my friend says.
We're the group cheering standing and looking over the river. You can't actually see us very well, but we're STILL THERE.

May 6th, 2006, 1:26 PM
[OOC: Congratulations. ^-^;;]

"My . . . starter Pokemon?" Chain echoed, turning toward Rosairie as he clicked open his Abra's Pokeball. The psychic-type materialized in its trainers arms, the ruby light from which it had emerged swiftly fading. Returning the now-empty Pokeball to his side, Chain fell silent for a moment, as though considering the question. I suppose at this point it would be more detrimental not to answer the question than to give the honest reply. Besides, I doubt she'll draw any conclusions.

Placing a hand on the head of his sleeping Abra, Chain quietly answered, "It's somewhat unconventional, but my first Pokemon was a Porygon." A strange, distant expression entered Chain's eyes as his mind turned its gaze on memories that had seemingly long been forgotten. "You see, my father was a Pokemon scientist. Though his position was more making copies and retrieving coffee at the time, he was part of the team that first developed Porygon. As Porygon slowly began to become more available for public acquisition, and seeing my growing interest in Pokemon training, my father customized a Porygon and gave it to me." Here, Chain again lapsed into silence. I wonder if I was even real trainer then . . . Fighting with a Pokemon simply programmed to obey your every command, increasing its strength artificially, feeling superior because I had a Pokemon not restrained by emotions . . . I became too accustomed to having complete control--maybe even addicted to the taste of victory; and it almost cost me my life. If only it hadn't cost the lives of others.

Returning his focus to the present, Chain glanced down at Abra, saying, "Abra, teleport us to the entrance of the WaiWai Inc. building." Both trainers and their Pokemon instantly vanished, materializing as quickly ten meters from the glass doors of their desired destination. "Good work, Abra. Return." As the still-sleeping Pokemon vanished into its containment unit, Chain shifted his gaze to Rosairie and asked, "What about you?" He clicked Abra's Pokeball onto his belt. "I take it your Magmar was your first Pokemon?"


Alterations have been made to opponent. Continue Attack Pattern XIV?

Porygon continued to charge its attack, seemingly unsure of its next action. Then, after a series of deliberations, Circuit affirmed its lock on the decoy before releasing a full-force Tri Attack. A single beam of flame, lightning, and ice sped toward the double as the digital Pokemon that released the attack changed its position. Though naturally objective and indifferent, Circuit could sense the situation was growing increasingly ill for it with each moment it lingered within the computer. Coming to a halt, the Porygon raised an energy shield about itself with Protect as a white light entered its eyes. Execute Attack Pattern XIII//Initiate: Program S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.

May 6th, 2006, 2:52 PM

-just saw M. I. 3- o-o I didn't see j00. BUT I SAW AN XMEN 3 TRAILER. -wants to see soooo bad- @_@

Nopeeeee. Didn't see j00.

Sowwy. ^^;

-dances around- Great moveh tho. o-o

And Alter, I fixed meh booboo. =3 And Valen did the same thing your little psychic person did. Unfortuantly, she's not going to turn so sickenly sweet on this person. >3 Also, yeah. Clueless people? They consist of 75% of the world's population. o-o It's best to just shoot them with a tennis ball cannon.

Anyways, IC.


"...." There was a long pause of silence that, even tho it lasted maybe five or so minutes, felt like it lasted much longer than it actually had. And tho it remained wordless, the silence was slightly interupted a few moments later by Kyoko's movements into her bag. Slipping out a pair of black gloves, she gently fitted them onto her hands, staring at them intently, at the grooves the leather made against the different movments of her hand.

A moment of quiet pause, she looked towards Astra, her gaze cold and hardset on the older woman. Stepping lightly to the side, she once again spoke, chuckling softly before her expressions once again returned to a chilling state, "You know what I've discovered about you? The thing that really gets me about people like you? You don't understand, you don't even try. You spout words of contemptment for us without even realizing what we go through... How hard it is for us to be anything but children..."

There was a short pause before Kyoko had moved from her position to standing just a bit away from the woman, "Not to mention you're not just ignorant. You're also nothing but hot air blowing into a nonexistant balloon. People like you make me sick." Taking another step back, without further ado, she kicked the woman square in the face with a simple but well executed roundhouse kick, something that would probably infuriate Rosairie had she seen it. It didn't matter anymore, this woman wanted something other than a child, fine. She'd get her wish.

She hadn't even noticed the magmar next to her, not once.


Minna sighed lightly, unhappy about being aroused to wake up and even unhappier when Kyoko didn't respond to the outstretched arms of her beloved little mouslet. Snorting unhappy, she snuggled back against Henna, /Not really worth it Mama... She's locked herself in the fight. Everytime she does this bad things happen ya know... best not to get involved.... Well, if you do, you bedda do it fast and then run 'way faster. This is how we got into trouble last time with the GP... Kyoko did that same kicker thinger to one of those guys... in the face. ... so maybe it would be a good idea to snatch Sissy... hmm? I dunno... Mama decide I un wanna.../

Alter Ego
May 6th, 2006, 11:25 PM
OOC: Right...I just can't find the spot of the alleged insult, Mika. Could you maybe give me the page number or something?

As for Kyoko...*Twitch* She's so dead...yup, most definitely dead...in a very painful way. You don't kick the psycopathic, over-cheery evil psychic woman in the face...you just don't. She does nasty things for stuff like that...o.o Going to have to pull a little miraculous protection stunt...just to make sure that she won't ignore orders and just torture Kyoko to death on the spot...'cause Astra is dangerous like that...yes she is...


"You...should not have done that." Astra informed the girl in an even voice, all kindness now gone from her features, replaced by an expression that made a frothing mad Granbull scared. Her reflexes had luckily been good enough for her to bring up a psychic barrier between them, but not good enough to block the attack completely, her nose and the area around it, while still intact, now bearing a deep red colour. She had been hurt...and she didn't like it, not one bit...

"Nothing but hot air, am I?" she added, now raising a hand in the girl's direction and directing the full of her psychic powers towards her. It was an attack akin to the Psychic technique, not any blunt damage to the outside but rather direct impulses to every nerve capable of registering pain, and needless to say it wasn't a very pleasant experience for the one on the recieveing end.

"Well let me tell you something...child..." she continued in a dangerously soft, low hiss, leaning down to Kyoko and slowly running a hand across the girl's forehead, much in the manner of a mother comforting her child, full aware that there was no way for the girl to do anything to stop it, "You...are nothing but a pawn...a puppet not even aware of who's holding her strings. You were made as you are, and any pride you take in your 'abilities' as it were, is sorely misplaced, for you yourself are worth nothing...nothing at all." she suddenly slapped the girl square across the face, "Do you see? You do not even possess the strength to block such a feeble assault as this. You don't possess any strength at all save that which others grant you. Anybody else could have been chosen to serve the diminutive purpose your life has to fullfill, you should be thankful that you were given even this much significance. I could kill you now..." she continued, rising up again, "But that would be letting you off easy." the psychic released her attack, "Farewell, puppet girl." she concluded coldly, "You'll soon come to wish that I'd put you out of your misery right here and now."

With that, she promptly stamped her foot against the pavement, teleporting well out of the way before Kyoko had the time to recover from her assault. Brilliant...just brilliant...that fool brat had gone and spoiled a perfectly good disguise. She spat reproachfully at the pavement beneath her. But no matter...the psychic conclude bitterly while looking for something with which to chill her now slightly aching face, that brat would get her just punishment soon enough...she would see to it personally. But first...she would probably have to perform some choice memory alterations.

OOC: Okays, I'll add the rest later, I just had to do Astra's reaction first...dunno why...just did. xD

May 6th, 2006, 11:50 PM
{ooc| I haven't seen the movie yet, but on our school website, in the forums, everyone's been posting the same thing: you can see my group! We're in the speedboat scene, apparently. When the DVD comes out I'm gonna pause every single frame of that scene until I see me. Or, at least, my blur. I was dressed like a pirate that day, Mika ~_^ }

Rosairie nodded, accepting Chain's words without doubt. After all, her suspicions were against WaiWai corp, and they certainly didn't lie with Chain.
The girl pulled a face in confusion. She had seen Porygons in pokemon encyclopedias, but never fought one or seen one in battle. "I thought they existed solely in Cyber Space...?" she began to ask, but she caught sight of Chain's expression. It was distant, lost in...well, she assumed... memories. They didn't look like happy ones, she thought. "...Chain, are you...?" she began, put it was almost pointless questioning him. He would never answer.

Instead, she concentrated on not falling over as Abra began to use teleport. "Oh-" she yelped in shock, and grabbed of of Chain's arm for support. When they reappeared, Rosairie could only stare in disbelieve. For a split second there, it felt like she hadn't... existed. Rosairie laughed nervously, and let go. However, as he asked after Henna, her expression became a proud one.
"Oh yeah! I found her as an egg - I must've only been five when she hatched. I was a very lonely kid at home, and I was overjoyed to have a live-in friend." her voice became wistfull, remembering. "It hatched into the cutest thing you'd ever seen; a little magby. For a while, I was almost like Henna's mother. Then she grew a bit more, and we were the same age, best friends. But then she grew even faster, and even wiser. When I was about ten, all of the pidgeys we had thought in my ten-acre garden was worth it; she got to level 30 and evolved. My Dad wasn't happy - Magmars aren't very femine - but I was so happy. Pokemon mature much faster than humans, and by the time I was ten, in pokemon years Henna was already an adult. So I finally had a 'parent' figure that actually was there for me." she finished her story, a bright smile on her face. She loved Henna more than anything, that much was obvious on her face.

Henna, meanwhile, was coughing loudly. She didn't like being ignored. And then Kyoko proceeding to- to kick a grown woman! Henna gasped. Not even Rosairie had been this badly behaved, and that little girl had been spoilt to the core when Henna first met her. Then this grown woman slapped Kyoko back! Henna drew herself up to her full height. She couldn't have a fight breaking out.
The magmar strolled over behind Kyoko and grabbed her around the waist. {C'mon, girly. Violence isn't the answer.} she said, in a deadpan voice, and threw the girl over her shoulder in a fireman's lift.
She turned to Astra, not really expecting the trainer to understand. Then again, she was a psycic, so it was worth a shot; {I'm taking her away now. You should be ashamed of yourself, baiting on little girls! And hitting them too!} Then she made a loud 'Pchah' noise, and walked away, towards the towering WaiWai inc building.

Alter Ego
May 7th, 2006, 7:12 AM
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May 7th, 2006, 7:24 AM
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Yeah, I don't think we mind Alter. Homework>RP most usually. Anyway, just wanted to comment on that and Charon's OOC. OMG! That's so cool Charon! I'll have to see it sometime (even though I have no idea what you look like... =P).

Well, until Alter posts again... uh... bye! ^-^

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May 8th, 2006, 9:57 AM
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And like, Charon...Astra kind of teleported away so I don't see how Henna could adress her over there. Fix that maybe? Oh, and Ryko could really use your input...I can't write up a proper IC on what we have there right now and I do think it's kind of mean just to abandon Plushie's RP like that. I mean, with an absence as long as hers she should have the right to expect some response, right?

Oh, and congrats on your little movie cameo. ^^


Valen nodded at Reina's remark about how he should see the sky over in shoretown, a picture...a memory suddenly springing to his mind with vivid clarity, the memory of lying down with his back against the cold, tiled roof of Stonewall orphanage, the slightly chilly night breeze brushing against his face...his eyes intently focused on the scenery opening up all above him, the vast expanse of stars dotting a clear night sky, only slightly dimmed by the few electric lights still shining out in the streets...the soft flapping of Dustox wings as the moth pokémon gathered in colorful swarms around every source of light they could find...fluttering about in mesmerizing patterns...

He suddenly snapped back into reality, realizing that Reina was still talking and htat he should really be listening to her rather than spacing out like that. What was with that memory, anyway? Why did it feel so...nostalgic? Nostalgia was supposed to be longing for better times gone by, surely there could have been nothing in his miserable childhood which could be classified as 'better'...or was there?

"Well...I suppose it does sound a bit silly..." he added at Reina's remark, "But...you were still more or less children back when you did that, weren't you? I suppose that a prolonged childhood is better than none at all." he feel silent again, now where had that piece of philosophical garbage come from all of a sudden? Why all these strange thoughts and doubts now when he needed to be firm in his conviction more than ever? He forced the matter aside, though, even though he knew that there was only so much he could push aside before it all broke free again. At least it would buy him enough time to sort this out in privacy, or at least around people who...well, weren't so important.

The boy permitted himself something which bore a slight resemblance to a smile at Reina's description of battling for fun. Ah, yes...how long had it been since he last did that? Four years? Five? No, surely it could not have been too long before his transfer to the snag division, and yet it felt like an eternity ago. Inwardly, he grimaced.All this lamenting... Valen mused for himself, I shudder to think of what I'll be like when I'm eighty...I'll probably never be able to tear my thoughts away from the 'good old times'. Sleep...that's what I need...I didn't get nearly enough rest last night. That Veronica woman saw to that... Still, he couldn't bring himself to comment...unable to find the right words as he was.

For a moment, he was slightly surprised by the girl's last remark. Surely he hadn't been that negligent during the conversation? Reina's expression quickly revealed the inqury to be a joke, however, the boy feeling slightly embarassed about not having spotted that straight off, although he took care not to show it.

"Ahh...but you are not a 'people'." he retorted, "You're a 'person', there's a major difference. And...I do enjoy talking with you as well..." he added, "I always did wonder how so many of my colleagues could just stand about and shoot their mouths of all day when there was work to be done, but...I think I'm starting to understand now."

OOC: Incidentally...can anyone tell that I'm kind of trying to buy some time (In terms of plot development) so that Yibber, Plushie, and BB would have the chance to make a comeback for the big meeting thing? Sorry if that bothers y'all too much.

May 8th, 2006, 5:42 PM
Chain's expression softened slightly as Rosairie began to speak about her Magmar, Henna. If not by the tone of her voice and her words, then by her features very movement, Rosairie's affection for her Pokemon was clear. Whatever others say, I suppose a true trainer does reside within the girl. Or, if nothing else, a Pokemon lover.

Suddenly, Chain's thoughts were interrupted as Abra's Pokeball rumbled slightly, indicating that the Pokemon within was awake and disturbed. Abra . . . ? I wonder what could have woken it up. Placing his hand on his Pokemon's Pokeball, Chain closed his eyes silently as he established a telepathic link with the psychic type. It seems there have been signs of psychic energy near the Pokemon Center. But, apparently the traces originated from a human--not a Pokemon.

Lowering his hand as Abra attempted to resume its interrupted sleep, Chain turned his gaze toward the WaiWai Inc. building. As far as trainers go, it could probably simply have been a Psychic. But, still . . . I doubt that Abra would have awakened unless something was wrong. Things certainly don't seem to be getting any easier for us.

May 8th, 2006, 7:38 PM

Yeah... o.o; I seee.

And Alter, can I give you that link at a later date? ^^;; Humungo Japanese test tomorow I haven't studied a wink for.

o-o -twitches- Kiiiiiiingdom Hearts two is made for youuuuuuuuuuu~ -shoves at random people-


Kyoko's mouth was almost literaly clamped shut. If Astra had been going for the simple "scare the child" routine, she'd more than outdone herself. The very moment she'd lost control of pretty much everything aside from her eyes, ears and nose, her internal mindset had been snapped for the third time, reverting her back to her most common form of personality, the young insecure child desperately searching for a mummy to hold them and make them feel safe, and every word said from then on was magnified, fulling echoing throughout her entire body

Whimpering softly, she visibly trembled against the woman's touch and had she been able to, she would've flinched when she was slapped. Unable to do anything else, she simply stayed where she was forced to stay until the woman vanished. Her legs turning to jelliton, she simply slid to the ground, hands pressing into the pavement, her forehead showing trace signs of persperation. Lost in her own thoughts, she didn't even notice where the hell she was til Henna plucked her by the collar and held her against the magmar's warm shoulder that the child woke up and wiggled free of the fire pokemon, stepping quickly to the side, arm clutching her other one limply, "He-henna I'm fine. Really... Can you just walk? I don't... want to be any... weaker than I already am." Her face a flame and her ego badly burnt, she stayed her distance from the fire type, "I'll follow... don't worry about that."

I will....not....cry....

Minna whimpered lightly, looking up at Henna lightly /Told chu./

May 9th, 2006, 7:40 AM
OOC: Maybe I will Alter! Maybe I will! XD You forget, I am an American! And we Americans are sue-happy! >=D Sue sue sue!

/stereotypical American-ness

So anyway... I thought that Kyoko just disliked Valen because he's well... Valen. XD I don't remember him saying anything specific, but his attitude towards people, however best he tries to conceal it, would probably be enough to annoy most people (as evidenced by how many friends he has XD).

I do remember Doctor Kipling (as I played him) telling Kyoko she shouldn't act like a little girl if she doesn't want to be treated as one.

Eh... just my input. I could, of course, be wrong; and I'm in no way trying to undermine you Mika, so don't think that. :3

Oh, and Alter, I've no problem with putting the plot on hold temporarily while we wait for the others. ^-^


"Well then something good has come from this tournament," Reina said with a smile, "It would be interesting to see your fellow employees' faces if you suddenly decided to take up talking to someone rather than work. Then again... they'd probably think you'd have gone mad."

She didn't really know what kinds of people Valen worked with. She instead pictured the only ones she knew; Lori, Vincent, and those guards that had escorted them to the hospital. She tried not to think of Lori so much; that woman bothered her.

"Don't get me wrong though," Reina added, picturing herself working and talking, "When work is to be done, my mouth shuts and I set myself to it. My father made sure that I never did anything less." She then began to wonder how her father was getting along. She wondered if he missed her at all....

Not really sure of what to say again, Reina fell into silence. She peered around a little at the people walking by them, and wondered if any of them knew the details of what had happened yesterday. Perhaps to their busy lives, such a thing didn't matter, or couldn't matter. To Reina, a girl who had grown up in a town that never got anything more exciting than an annual carnival-fair, it was nothing short of thrilling.

May 12th, 2006, 8:03 AM
{ooc| Sorry! Sorry! We get sun so infrequently here - and it was such a HORRIBLE winter - I haven't come inside for aaaages. At least, so it seems. Even our lessons have been held out on the field at school.
Also, did you gusy just recieve a PM from someone called Harry Kim?}

Henna grunted. She doubted Kyoko would understand her, and Henna didn't want to waste any energy answering. She wasn't going to drop the girl, and that was that. Anything could happen to her, after all - she couldn't get snatched away again, or she could trip and fall behind, or...
I'm not gonna let Rosairie down... she thought determinedly, and shifted Kyoko's weight up a little higher. Not that there was very much of it - she was very light.
Henna pawed at the floor, just like a bull, and broke into a run.


Watching Chain was an extremely boring task, Rosairie decided. His expression rarely changed, and he placed his hand on his Abra's ball and switched his gaze to the WaiWai building without so much as a word to her. Maybe Abra's sensed something? she thought. After all, psycic types can maintain links with their trainers, even from inside their balls. Rosairie bit her lip. Hopefully it wasn't bad news. She glanced to Chain, barely able to contain her curiousity.
"Well?" she asked, slightly coursely. She managed to catch herself before she contiuned. "I'm a bit worried... y'know, cos of..."

She trailed off, straining her eyes at the horizon. Was that- Yes! It was! It was Henna! Rosairie jumped a few feet in the air, she was so beside herself.

May 12th, 2006, 9:13 AM
[OOC: Er, no . . . Though a "kim.fields" added me to their GoogleTalk. Also, I believe I was in a roleplay with someone named Harry Kim, once.]

Chain turned as Rosairie addressed him, a little unsure as to how to answer her question. He was silent for a moment, attempting to compose a comprehensive, understandable answer; however, that proved unneccessary. As the trainer prepared to speak, he found his attention suddenly drawn elsewhere as Rosairie's gaze fell on a distant form. Turning in the same direction, Chain's eyes narrowed slightly as they focused on the approaching Magmar. That was fast . . . But not entirely surprising, I suppose. Most Pokemon are considerably more swift than humans. Chain paused, evaluating the still-far away trio. It seems Kyoko ends up being carried more often than she would like, though. Even if I can't see her expression from here, I doubt she's entirely happy.

Continuing to rest his gaze on Henna on the others, but noting Rosairie's excited reaction upon seeing her Pokemon, a faint smile edge his gaze as Chain quietly asked, "It'll be good to have Henna back by your side, right?"

May 12th, 2006, 9:43 AM
{ooc| Hmm... it's a mystery, alright. He wants me to join an rp with him or something... *hasn't read the PM properly yet*
I aim to post twice tonight! OMG!}

At Chain's words, Rosairie couldn't help but smile. "She's like a sister. I don't feel right when she's away." she smiled absently as the Magmar approached, coming to a stop at Rosairie's side.
The girl glanced at Kyoko fearfully, as Henna sat her down on the ground. For a moment, Rosairie seemed torn between hugging Kyoko or Henna, but eventually she decided on neither, and stared scrutinously at Kyoko. "What happened?" she began, but it was Henna that answered.
{Some weird lady was calling her names. Then, as far as I could see, Kyoko lashed out, and she got a nasty slap in return.} she recalled, scratching her chin thoughtfully. Rosairie's expression was a foul one.
"An ADULT hit you? Oh! Oh my god! Are you okay?" she began, rallying around Kyoko and making as much fuss as - it seemed - physically possible.

May 12th, 2006, 9:55 AM
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"Yeah, I suppose you could see it that way." Valen replied, nodding at Reina's remark, 'If only I could be so sure that me getting social really is such a good thing' he added in his mind, 'If only I could be sure that I'm not just getting her involved in things she isn't capable of handling...and if only I could stop worrying like some silly woman.' he concluded, scolding himself for his constant worrying, "Although concerning the thinking that I've gone mad bit..." he took a brief pause "That would hardly be a change from their current attitude."

"Heh, so did mine..." the boy remarked at Reina's later comment, "My foster-father, that is." he added automatically without clarifying the subject. The boy took a brief pause, not quite sure how to continue, but after a while he couldn't help adding the question his mind had generated: "What's it like?" he added, his gaze seeming to be fixed on a point on the horizon, "Having a family I mean...I wouldn't know because I never really had one. That is...if you don't mind talking about it." the boy added, turning his gaze back to the girl and finally seeming to notice just how...personal the question had been, "I won't mind if you don't."


{Target energy diminishing...} Iris remarked, pausing at a fair distance from her opponent, {Initiating attack program Delta Hurricane.} with that, the virtual pokémon began gathering energy around herself, the bright yellow, blue, and red beams of a conventional Tri Attack gathering around it but, no doubt to the dissapointment of Circuit who had just set up his protect technique, didn't get launched, remaining around the Porygon 2 instead as she gathered speed for a moment before charging forward in a whirling Double Edge attack, the energy from her previous move mingling with the considerable physical impact of her second technique. Apparently the virtual pokémon was aiming to end the chase in one, devastating blow.


"Losing?" Astra enquired sharply, continuing to dab her face with the cold, soaked tissue in her hand as she communicated with her assistant, "We can't have that now...can we? Download the Porygon." she concluded, calming down a bit, "And make sure that the data it has gathered remains intact..." her eyes twinkled playfully, "I believe it will be a most interesting read..."


The Beldum let out a small beeping sound in acknowledgement without even knowing why, proceeding to step out of stealth mode and execute the given orders. With a little luck, the Porygon 2 would belive that her opponent had simply been obliterated by the attack.

May 13th, 2006, 4:58 AM
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I shall find that my time is diminished a bit this week due to finals coming up the week after this coming week. Yayness....



What was a family like? Reina pondered for a moment. How could one describe something like that? Wasn't it a bit like asking what feeling surprised was like; an intangible feeling that you just had to experience for yourself? This was a really hard question, and Reina wanted to answer it right.

"Hm... no I don't mind answering," she said first, "It's just a bit hard to describe something like a family. They're all a little different, and some of them aren't nice of course. So you must understand that what I'm going to say might not be what someone else would, but I think it's a pretty good family."

She paused, thinking again, "A family is nice to have because, well, they're people who will usually love you no matter what you do. They accept you for who you are, and so I can always be myself around my father and brothers. I don't have to worry about looking stupid or if they won't like me the next day because of something I said. Granted, my brothers make fun of me a lot, and of each other too, but it's different from what kids at school or around the neighborhood do. I know that even if they say something mean to me, they still love me." She could think of several times when that last statement was true.

She then switched to parents, "I wouldn't know about having a mother, but my father always makes me feel safe. It's silly, but whenever I'm afraid or worried, I think of him and how he used to protect me when I was little. I always feel a bit guilty for thinking of needing protection, but I guess that's how you're supposed to feel about someone who's protected you for so long. I'm sure he'd give up his life... for me... any-any time," she blinked a little more, suddenly wondering why she had gotten so bothered by mentioning it, "Oh, I'm being all mushy again today. I think you might be a bad influence on me Valen!"

She was joking of course, so she continued, "There are some bad things about having a family though. For one, you really get little privacy. My brothers know everything about me, down to how I think about some very personal things. Sometimes families can be a little too protective. You know me, I like to be somewhat independent of others, but my father and brothers often take it upon themselves to get involved in my affairs. Also, when a family member says something hurtful to you and they mean it; I can't imagine a worse feeling. Though, I guess that would be the same about anyone you love saying something like that to you. Despite those bad things, I still enjoy having a family."

Looking back at him, she added, "Anything you want me to clarify? What a family is like is such a big topic; I could have left out something."

May 13th, 2006, 5:46 PM

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"Don't." She smacked away the fussing hands gently but firmly, "...I deserved it." Blinking lightly, she rubbed the smarting spot til it eventually somewhat faded into her face. The slightly battered lip Astra had sliced with her nail would stick out like a cloud in the otherwise cloudless sky but at least she hadn't done much more than that. I let my guard down... I was aboslutely pathetic there... Pathetic, worse than dirt. Every word she said was true...but I won't listen to it. I'm not going to follow his path, I'm going to make a name...for myself. I know...I can. At least... I hope I can. Eyes returning to their normal pinkish shade, she looked towards Chain, ignoring any other motherly fussing that might be shed on her face from Rosairie, "Where are we going from here?"

She'd had enough playing. That woman was going to get repayed for that smack later...but not now. Astra... had been right about a few things. Mainly about how pathetic she really was and how she did act too immature. Taking those words, tho said in a cruel circumstance, to heart, she had made up her mind. If people rejected her true self...what could they accept about her? That message was delivered clearly and stupid as it may be, she was going to follow it.

I'll show that wench... I'll show her I'm not bloody kid...and then one day I'll take her snide little nose and shove it up her backside.

May 15th, 2006, 8:03 PM
[OOC: My hand is rather sore today, after doing some work outdoors. I apologize if my post is rather sub-par. ^-^;; Also, I will probably not post in Mutation Wave today . . . ]

I'm not sure if something has changed about Kyoko, but I can see that she's--if nothing else--trying to change. Chain was silent for a moment as he observed the interaction between Rosairie and Kyoko, his green-gold eyes piercingly insightful and perceptive. I don't know what Rosairie's Magmar said to her, but I wonder if it's related to the burst of psychic energy Abra sensed. Pausing briefly before responding to Kyoko's inquiry, Chain finally answered, "We'll be going into the WaiWai Inc. building in a bit, though I'd like to avoid going in too early." His gaze briefly flitted between Rosairie and Kyoko. "Though if either of you would prefer to go in now, I'm fine either way."


S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. execute. Even as Iris' combined attack struck and Astra's Beldum began its download, Circuit suddenly vanished, leaving in its wake only pieces of broken data.

In a small cubicle on the seventh floor of the main WaiWai Inc. building, a flurry of binary code emerged from the CD drive of the cubicle's single computer. Swiftly congregating at a single area, the data quickly formed itself into the structure of a crystalline-angled cyber Pokemon--a Porygon. Halting only to briefly take in its surroundings, Circuit lightly knocked its head against the standard, black phone that rested on the desk that stood before it. Reforming itself into data, the Porygon then disappeared into the receiver as it entered the phone line.

Moments after Circuit had vanished, a man lifted his head over the edge of the cubicle wall, staring blankly down into the unoccupied space below. "That's odd . . . I was sure I saw a light."


A subtle change entered Chain's expression as he heard a quiet beep that signalled an alert. Removing from his pocket an object that resembled a small Pokenav, Chain flicked the item open as he opened the alert. The only who calls me is Circuit. And, if he calls that can't be good . . . Chain stiffened slightly. It appears Circuit didn't call me, then. It's the automatic alert system I set up . . . Circuit activated Spectrum. And, I suppose that tells me there's trouble as much as a call from Circuit would say. The only problem is, though, now I don't know what to do about it. Clicking his Pokenav shut, Chain stared up at the WaiWai Inc. building. If Circuit causes an uproar, I guess I'll know soon enough.

Alter Ego
May 24th, 2006, 11:30 AM
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Valen listened in silence to Reina's explanation, occasionally nodding to prove that he was still paying attention, which he was. But at the same time, he couldn't help letting his thoughts stray just a bit, trying to picture the things that Reina was describing. 'Love you...no matter what you do?' the boy couldn't even begin to fathom that. The closest thing to such would probably be the way Kachiko acted around him, still convinced that she had the perfect wonderful 'papa'...but he wasn't really himself around the Mawile, was he? No matter how foolish it felt Valen always had the urge to hide his nastier side around her, a strange desire to live up to this completely unrealistic image that the infant pokémon had formed of him...she had never seen his truly fierce side...the one Seirini had witnessed time and time again, the one that had made him lunge for that one boy's throat...he quickly shrugged the thought off as it was really something he didn't want to dwell on, the boy shivering ever so slightly without even noticing it as he returned his full attention to the girl in front of him, just in time to hear Reina go into detail about her father and...hesitating? Valen blinked slightly at the last bit, it just didn't seem like Reina to be so...insecure about her words, but then again, he hadn't gotten to know the whole of her yet, had he?

The boy managed a small, mirthless smile at remark about him being a bad influence. 'I sure am...' he added in his mind as the girl proceeded to explain the downsides of family, 'Far worse than you know...'

"Just...one thing." he replied as the girl concluded with a question, "That part about them loving you no matter what you do...does that really mean anything, anything at all?" he was having serious problems with grasping the concept of such complete and unconditional forgiveness, Vincent would certainly never advocate something like that. A breach of rules led to the according punishment, and once that had been administered then the issue would be filed away. That was the doctrine that had always been enforced on the boy, crime and punishment...break the rules and you miss dinner...Team Viper, Orphanage, the basics were the same. "I mean...I'm sure it applies to something like stray words or suchlike, but...anything? What of actions that cause irreparable harm? Can...something like that ever be forgiven?"

'Is there any hope for me?', that was basically what he was asking, although he hoped that Reina wouldn't draw the parallel for herself as he awaited the verdict.


"Oh my, my, my...gone, you say?" Astra inquired telephatically, a mischievous smile spreading across her lips as she cast a glance towards the Waiwai Inc. Building. 'How very resourceful for a soulless thing...but all connections were blocked, which means that the Porygon must have...' her smile widened, 'Interesting...most interesting.'

"You leave as well." she sent to the Beldum, "And make sure no-one sees you, let the Porygon create cover for your escape if need be but come back to me."

'Of course, it would be interesting to watch...' the psychic continued for herself, 'But that would be all too risky...a pity, that. And at any rate...I've still got bussiness to attend to...'

She slowly got up from her seat, casting a last glance at the Waiwai Inc. Building before setting off into the streets again, absent-mindedly disposing of the wet tissue in her hand with the aid of a nearby waste basket, 'And a revenge to plot...' she concluded darkly.

May 25th, 2006, 11:19 AM
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The girl listened closely to what Valen was asking her. She closed one eye, thinking for a moment about how to answer.

"Irreparable harm? Well... I guess it depends on the person, but it certainly is possible," she said, nodding her head, "Mothers can forgive their sons even though they've been accused of something horrible like murder. Though if you mean hurting the person that you want to forgive you, that's probably a little harder to accomplish."

She paused, then looked at Valen quizzically with her hazel eyes, "Are you tryin' to get someone to forgive you?" Wha...? Why was she meddling in his affairs like that?! It was none of her business. Would she have liked him poking around, asking all sorts of questions about her thoughts and personal things?

"Uh, nevermind, that was a bit too rude," she said quickly, looking a bit embarrassed, "Anyway, was there anything else?" She put on a nervous smile.

May 26th, 2006, 7:27 AM
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Rosairie gave a tired sigh. Poor Kyoko. She seemed so self-concious, so... The girl put her amrs around her girl's shoulder, smiling shyly. "Hey, cheer up." she glanced to Henna, who, amazingly, seemed to sense what was on the girl's mind. The fire type winked, and Rosairie felt a little bubble of confidence rise up inside her. "And we'll show that Valen and Reina who's boss, yeah? Get us a little revenge."
She smiled to herself, remembering her father's favourite saying; "Revenge is a dish best served with a glass of Champagne." As a little girl, she had never really understood what he meant be this, but now she knew. When you get your own back, getting something as a result is just as important.

Rosairie finally turned to Chain. "I'm not to keen about going in too early, either... but where are the others?"

The magmar stared at her claws. {I spotted Reina and Valen not lonmg ago. But 'Cona... and those other two... I haven't seen them for a while, not since we were in the shopping centre.}

Rosairie nodded, but didn't reply immedietly. She was mulling what had been said over in her head, a look of accute confusion on her face. Then;
"Maybe those monks got Cona, JJ and Kayley too. I mean, they would have got Valen, if Reina and I hadn't intervened. And that Cubone."

May 30th, 2006, 7:05 PM

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Stupid stupid finals

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"And we'll show that Valen and Reina who's boss, yeah? Get us a little revenge."

Kyoko blinked, slightly started that she was not only getting a hug that was oh so unexpected but she also just heard something she didn't agree with. Horrified, she stepped back a step from Rosairie, "I'm not angry at them... Valen was right. I'm a stupid little kid and I'm going to prove him wrong without violence. As for Reina... if she wants to respect me she can. If not... I really don't care."

No, she wouldn't admit she looked up to Valen. That... wouldn't go over well. Anybody who could tell her to her face she was a stupid immature little brat was intelligent to see through her falsehood. That, to her anyways, was the sign of a human being who used his mind with precision... where as Rosairie and Reina seemed to want to think on the go. As for Chain-sempai... he seemed to be the type that didn't say anything else the whole darn place was being blown up... and when he did say something It's what you wanted or needed to hear. He's very intelligent... but he's withholding.

Snapping back to reality to avoid tracking suspicion on her thought patterns, she cleared her throat and continued her little spiel. "Nee-chan, the one I want revenge on is that wench of a psychic. I will not be humiliated to that extent and not try to extract my pound of flesh on the returning blow." Her eyes had darkened slightly but not to the point of rage. She was simply expressing a deep distate for humanity... or rather psychic humanity and it was becoming blatently obvious as to just how much she loathed this particular fleshy matter. "I couldn't do anything but lay limp and redirect the extent of the blows so I didn't get whipped more than I did... but I know... what she's capable of.. and she's never doing it again or so help me..."

Shaking off that feeling, she pointed in the general direction she'd come from, "I betcha money Reina and Valen are that way... Do you two mind some... harmless trailing?" She flashed that adorable little smile, her hair bouncing to the side lightly as her normal tone of voice became her main once more, "I believe that they'll get us further than we can go alone and we can meet your friends on the way Nee-chan."

May 31st, 2006, 3:31 AM
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btw, it wasn't Luna's rear end. It was ROWAN'S. Remember the Espeon? Who was all... 'ah man, I'm really old and wise but still sexy, yeeeeeh...' well, she got killed. Maxie was captive at this point. Luna was all..... 'Nuuuuuuuu.' So I guess in a way she /was/ pwned. I think they also melted down Blade... I can't remember.

Ahhhh, good times.

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Now it's stupider.

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Well our boards are actually worth reading because they have, ya know, a PLOT LINE

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Sorry, that was pure reflex. xD Incidentally, if you really want to scare me...go and read The Mystics and the Gems...all of it. I swear, I got through about five posts before my soul screamed for mercy and demanded that I stop...*shudder*...over a hundred pages of that stuff...tis' lethal...x.x

...and I've spent way too much of this post doing OOC...what can I tell you? Holiday starts next Friday, just as soon as I get my report card, so I guess that could be affecting my mood. ^-^


At Reina's answer, a rush of relief passed through Valen, quickly followed by a stab of fear as the girl proceeded to inquire about his motives, just like he feared she would. "Are you tryin' to get someone to forgive you?" how was he supposed to answer something like that? Was he looking for...forgiveness? Why? Wasn't it the others that should be apologizing to him? Was it not they who had hurt and slighted him as best they could in every turn? Weren't they merely reaping that which they had sowed? No matter how hard he tried, Vaeln couldn't bring himself to form an answer to this. Before it had come so naturally to him: of course it was their fault, he was nothing more or less than what he had been shaped into by those countless people who had made his childhood misearable and led him to grow into the bitter youth he was today.

And yet now he found himself doubting it...was it-was he really justified to take his pain and frustration out on people who hadn't had any hand in what his life had become? Was he, Valen, acting no better than those he despised so much? Mothers can forgive their children...that was what Reina had said, but Valen...he had never had a mother now, had he? At least not one that would have cared for him even so much as to look after him, some cold-hearted wench who dumped him by the orphanage stairs like an unwanted gift gettting discreetly discarded into a trash can.

"In...a manner of speaking..." he began at last, "It's...a complicated matter...about my past...I-" fortunately, he was spared from explaining further as the girl withdrew her question voluntarily, trying to switch the subject with a quick question and a nervous smile.

"Not...that I can think of." Valen replied, the thoughts struggling furiously with each other within his mind. He could have sworn that his head was going to explode if he didn't get them sorted out somehow, but he couldn't do it now...not with Reina around, it just didn't-

"I...think I could use some time alone right now." the boy said at last, "You've given me much to think about, but I need to do so in peace and quiet. Sorry." he concluded simply, his voice level dropping quite significantly at the last bit. Valen didn't bother waiting for a reply, merely giving a very curt nod to the girl before he walked off, quickly dissapearing into the nearest crowd.

May 31st, 2006, 12:05 PM
OOC: Aww, poor Alphimega crew, gettin' their RP taken away. ;_; That was unfair. I still say they should have just let it go considering Tsukasa wasn't even there anymore. How were all of you supposed to know it was ripped off?? >.>

Yes, some RPs are... less than satisfactory. XD I won't name any names though... mostly 'cause I can't remember any of their names.



Valen certainly hadn't seemed too thrilled about her question, which made Reina both curious and angry with herself. She just had to open her big, fat mouth and spew out a quite personal question, didn't she? What on Earth was wrong with her? She had tried to quickly switch the subject, but she had certainly been too late.

What was in that boy's past that he was avoiding so much? She couldn't help but wonder. Things were obviously bothering him, and it was bothering her that it was bothering him so much. She almost wished he would just spit it out and be done with all the worrying. What was he afraid of? That she would beat him up or something for what he had done?

Well, he didn't seem mad at her, more like he was dealing with something in his own head. Reina knew how exhausting your own thoughts could be, so she wasn't surprised that he needed to be alone. He left quite abruptly, and Reina tried to think of something witty to say, but couldn't.

"Um, see you later!" she called to him as he disappeared. Her voice was no quiet thing, and so she knew he would probably hear her over the crowd.

She turned back to the path she had been walking, and sighed. "I'm such a lame-brain. Oh well, I'll make it up to him sometime later. Maybe I'll buy him an ice cream or something... wait... does he even like ice cream?" she paused, though she continued walking, "Everyone likes ice cream, he wouldn't be human if he didn't!" She chuckled to herself.

Reina was too engrossed in her own thoughts to notice that she was nearing the area that Rosairie, Kyoko, and Chain were at. The people around her were partially obscuring her from the small group, but as she turned away from some of the crowd, she came into plain view.

"Hn?" she grunted, looking up to see the three. 'Oh great... well at least they weren't around when Valen was with me, she thought to herself. She was very unaware of the fact that she had saved Kyoko the trouble of trailing her.

June 1st, 2006, 12:21 PM
Coughing appreciatively, Henna clapped her hands together at Kyoko's comments.
{Wench is right. We'lll get our own back, hun, just you wait.} The magmar clapped Kyoko roughly on the shoulder, while Rosairie hastily translated. Henna's lips curled in his typical, lazy magmar smile. Rosairie's expression was always the same when she was translating the Magmar's words; exasperated, but with a touch of pride, too. Rosairie liked to feel special, and being able to understand Henna while no one else could made her feel... well, exceptional.

"Do you two mind some... harmless trailing?" Kyoko asked, and Rosairie snapped her head to look at her so fast something cricked. She groaned and clutched her neck with one hand.
"Are you mad?" Rosairie gasped, turning her head very slowly to scrutinise her friend, "They'll notice. And I bet you the second Valen gets suspicious he'll get that dirty great snake out again, and..." she trailed off. It was a stupid excuse. A very transparent excuse. She sighed, and slumped against Henna in a defeated way. Her eyes slid to Chain almsot warily.
"I guess... I guess I'm frightened of them." she admitted defeatedly. "Well... not them in paticular... but they're just so... above us..." Rosairie gestured feebly. She couldn't put it into words; every time she was around those two, she just felt so inferior, so pathetic.

June 2nd, 2006, 2:46 PM

Alter's... on... crack... o-o

XD I got through five pages. Then I wanted to hurl. So I stopped. :3

And if I can find it, sure, I'll read it. :3 I should dig up the old logs from Alarayne, shouldn't I Charon? Show them the wonderfully insane Maxie? xD When she was all " What the hell you lookin at biatch?" -stabbyripstabstab-

And I believe I was on crack while writing this post but the idea was priceless. xD


"Well... not them in paticular... but they're just so... above us..."

Kyoko was about to turn to Rosairie and scream something along the lines of "They are not!" when out of the corner of her eye, the figure she'd just been speaking of came into view. Smirking lightly, she stepped foward towards Rosairie, her back turned towards Reina so the girl couldn't read her lips, "I've got an idea. Please follow along with it if you can." Winking lightly at Chain, she turned sharply and quite literally ran foward and with a cute little nya pounced onto Reina's arm, latching onto it with enough force to keep herself there but not enough to really hurt the other. In other words, fail as she might want to, she wouldn't be able to get the child off her arm without seriously hurting her

And in a crowd this huge?

Somebody would surely notice the older girl battering the cute little child who simply wanted her 'sempai' to pay attention to her and it would more than likely reflect badly on her. Simply put, Kyoko had with this single seemingly innocent move, put Reina in a very interesting situation and she knew it.

Oh yes, Kyoko knew it and she seemed to be enjoying it.

"Nee-chan~! We were just looking for you!" Happily giggling, she looked up at the older girl lightly, "Because you see, We're horrid with directions and you seem to be so brilliant when it comes to them so if you don't mind an I know you don't, please take us to the ceremony place? Pretty pretty pretty please with ice cream on top?" She bashed those undeniable eyes at Reina while those eyes also sent the sickeningly sweet message of 'You've just been had' right along side of the other set of very innocent eyes.

She was going to get it for this later, in private, but for now she'd milk it for all it was worth.

"I'd appreiciate it ever so much, it's supossed to be starting soon isn't it? And I need to find that bald guy and give him my ID card; we wouldn't want a big scene now would we? It'd be simply rude to the other contestants who made it to this round!" Not waiting for an answer, she tugged the captive wrist towards Rosairie and the others, "Nee-chan says she'll help us find the stadium, isn't that right Reina-nee-chan?"

June 2nd, 2006, 4:53 PM
OOC: OMG...! Too funny! XD Thank God Kyoko didn't do that to Valen. I shudder to think of what would have happened. >_<



Perhaps she could just slip away unnoticed. Reina didn't like either of the girls, but she wasn't about to go racing up to them and--

The girl almost fell over as some sort of projectile slammed into her. A car? No, too small and meek. Reina's head whipped downward to see Kyoko, of all things, clutching to her arm quite affectionately. It was almost cute, but it was still Kyoko, and while Reina didn't hate the little thing completely; she just couldn't stand needy, clutching little girls.

"N-nee-chan? Looking for me?!" Reina said loudly in a confused voice. A few people looked at her as they walked by, wondering why she was raising her voice. Reina looked down at Kyoko again, seeing the satisfied expression slapped on the girl's face, and it took all of her self-control not to toss her to the ground like a rag doll. This was just like what she did to Valen, a fakely sweet act of sappiness.

She couldn't do anything horrible to the girl right now. For one, she was surrounded by people, passeby and no doubt some Waiwai employees that were busy monitoring trouble. It would look weird if she just threw a little girl to the ground, even if she was fairly young herself. Secondly, she wasn't about to let herself fly off the handle simply because of Kyoko.

"Fine. Fine, I get it, this is your little game," she said through clenched teeth, "I'll play it for now, but your skinny little arm better be off of mine by the time we get away from this crowd or else."

She didn't know what 'else' would be, but it sounded bad, so she had said it. She suddenly found herself wishing that Valen or JJ were with her, for even though she would rather die than admit it to anyone-- she was secretly just as afraid of Rosairie and Kyoko as Rosairie was of her.

With that very uncomforting thought, she began to try and move towards Rosairie and Chain, glaring at the live tumor hanging off of her arm.

June 3rd, 2006, 12:08 AM
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And I have a set of e-mails from that time, but I'm not playing Maxie xP I'm playing some girl called Shara who I can't remember. As far as I can tell, actually, she was the blueprint for Rosairie. The line: 'cutting up a blaziken would get blood on her designer shorts' is paticularily familar xD
I'll forward them to you~
There's also some roleplay mails at Mewtwofan's oekaki, but it's so full of pop-ups I dare not venture there... o_o;}

Rosairie burst out into a fit of violent giggles, but smothered them quickly. Reina's confused expression was actually worth that horrible clutching feeling Rosairie felt at the pit of her stomach. Her eyes flashed to Reina briefly, but after her outburst at the hospital she preferred not to look at her. Actually, she preferred not to be around her at all. Unwillingly, Rosairie was bracing herself for a retort. After all, she had tried to humiliate Valen in front of her - who, Rosairie was pretty sure, he was having a 'thing' with. Neither of them wanted to admit it, probably, but Rosairie guessed... well, Rosairie guessed Reina was being just your ordinary run of the mill girl for the first time in her life.

{ooc| mwahaha... edited it...aaah, that was a terrible post...}

June 3rd, 2006, 7:45 AM
OOC: Um Charon... Valen's not with Reina anymore. ^^ He left after their conversation on family. ^-^

Alter Ego
June 4th, 2006, 11:04 AM
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Oh, and I'm on NetBattle too...m'yeess...been very much on NetBattle today...taught many meanie Ubershippers not to mess with my little cuties...

Begin Turn #18
Groudon used Rock Slide!
(118 damage)
Dingaling Doom woke up!
Dingaling Doom used Psychic!
(36% damage)
The sunlight is strong.
Dingaling Doom's Leftovers restored its HP a little!
End of turn #18
Alto Mando Jury Mc's Groudon: 64% HP
Alter Ego (UU)'s Dingaling Doom (Chimecho): 83 HP

Begin Turn #19
Groudon used Rock Slide!
Groudon's attack missed!
Dingaling Doom used Psychic!
(37% damage)
Groudon's Special Defense fell!
The sunlight is strong.
Dingaling Doom's Leftovers restored its HP a little!
End of turn #19
Alto Mando Jury Mc's Groudon: 27% HP
Alter Ego (UU)'s Dingaling Doom: 103 HP

Begin Turn #20
Groudon used Rock Slide!
(103 damage)
Dingaling Doom fainted!
Alter Ego (UU) sent out Spaghetti? (Lv.100 Tangela)!
The sunlight is strong.
End of turn #20
Alto Mando Jury Mc's Groudon: 27% HP
Alter Ego (UU)'s Spaghetti?: 328 HP

Begin Turn #21
Spaghetti? used Solar Beam!
(27% damage)
It's super effective!
Groudon fainted!


Sorry...couldn't help posting that. It's just so darned fun to sweep through whole OU teams with supposedly "weak" pokémon like Tangela and Chimecho. xD

Anyways, you want to see Alphimega, Mika? Well, looking up Tsukasa's profile from the Members List and then just check the RPs he's started is an easy way to find it, but since you asked so nice...here's a link (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=46273). Oh, and the posting gets better later on...original ones are kind of...questionable in length, but what can I tell you? We were still beginners back then, plus, you had to post fast or everyone else would post in between and make you edit. Anywho...read and rejoice, I guess. ^^


Solitude...why could this lousy city not provide even something remotely resemblant of solitude?

For what felt like ages Valen had been trudging through the crowds...so many people...so many voices...an endless sea of eyes all staring at him. Well, that was what he felt like at the moment, anyway. 'Why...why can't they just leave me alone?' he had repeated this question many times in his head, hands clenched into fists as he tried to block them out from his thoughts like he usually did, but for some reason it didn't work this time...the voices stuck in his head persistently, voices upon voices none of which belonged to him. He tried to clear his mind, tell himself to stop acting like a fool and to conceal his emotions again, but the voices overrode his own, blocking it out...drowning it...suffocating it...

"Remember, play nice, loveh."

"Not to mention your name. That'd be a nice thing to know. Introduce yourselves, people, we may as well get to know each other before the tournament!"


"F-for God's sake, get a hold of yourself! You're scaring Si!"

"Hey! Watch it buddy! I'm holding a lost Mawile here!"

"What you pursue will be yours, but you'll lose something dear."

"When the time comes, the choice will come for you, do not fail in it if you appreciate what hangs in the balance..."

''Hey man whats wrong? your bleeding... you're not hurt are you?''

"If you promise to give that to him I'll see if I can't smuggle you in a milk shake of some sort. Also...is your head okie? You looked like it really hurt."

"So like, would ya' mind getting up so I could get those sheets in order?"

"You stay away from me! You did enough last night with your pathetic little show!"

"There may come a time when you need to decide where your priorities lie and who you will fight beside. Just something to think about."

"Um, see you later!"


Valen finally managed to get his own voice to override all of the others, but unfortunately, it had come out in far more than just his mind. The boy blinked, taking in his surroundings again, noticing a single bystander giving him a scared look before dashing off. Still confused, Valen slowly retracted his hands from the top of his head - he had not even been aware of their location until then - and peered around. He was...in a forest of some kind, no, a park...yes, that could be the only explanation for the grass-covered ground and the tall trees and various other plants surrounding him, but this...this was larger than your average overcity park, which basically amounted to the youth not being able to see a street om any given direction, although he could have sworn that he had seen an elegantly shaped metallic gate in the distance.

"So...this is some kind of botanic garden or some junk like that..." he muttered for himself, finally spotting the neatly paved path on his left, separated from the vegetation by a token fence, more meant for keeping people from accidentally trodding the plants, or so it seemed.

"Over here, warden!"

The voice of the bystander from before interrupted Valen's thoughts, and getting caught for something like trodding a lawn would be just plain stupid, so, noticing that there weren't any eye-witnesses in his immediate surroundings, the youth immediately proceeded to conceal himself behind the trunk of the nearest tree, pressing himself tightly against the moist bark and doing his best to silence the breathing.

"Don't see nothing here..." came a gruff female voice from the direction of the walkway, "Are you sure you saw right?"

"I'm positive." replied a slightly high-pitched, geeky kind of male voice "He was crouching down right over there and screaming about something being enough. Honest."

'What am I doing?' Valen though for himself, keeping his eyes shut for reasons unknown to him, 'How did I get there?'

"Well, only one way to find out." the female voice concluded, "Bellsprout! Go check it out!"


The innocent voice of the grass pokémon only served to increase Valen's growing feeling of panic, Bellsprouts might not have been the greatest of trackers, but with his heavy boots he'd probably leave an easily traced path wherever he went, and...the sprout pokémon was already approaching...still, a rather desperate plan hatched in the boy's mind.

"Hold..." he whispered quietly as the grass type came into view and, surprisingly enough, the Bellsprout obeyed, standing there and staring for the moment, its two innocent round eyes focused on Valen.

"You...didn't see anything..." the boy continued, hoping that the half-poison type of the sprout would be enough to grant him some influence, "Go back...and tell her that it was nothing..."

The Bellsprout simply stood there for a moment more, giving the boy a quizzical look before turning around and scampering back to its trainer.

"Well?" the female voice demanded.

"Sprout! Bee-el-sprout!"

Valen once again felt his pulse racing, unsure of what would follow.

"Nothing? Are you sure?"


The boy heaved a sigh of relief, relaxing his pose slightly but maintaining his stealth.

"Well, there you have it." the warden concluded, her voice growing slightly fainter as she apparently turned to adress the other person "There's nothing there. And I'd like to ask you, sir, not to bother me with any further false alarms."

"But-" the male protested, "I swear there was-"

"Enough." concluded the female voice, "I have actual work to do and you are not helping, come on, Bellsprout."

The sound of departing footsteps on the walkway soon became audible, rapidly dissapearing out of earshot.

"I wasn't imagining it..." the male voice concluded after a while, its owner apparently stopping to cast a final sulking glance at the spot where Valen had been before the sound of a second pair of moving feet announced his departure as well.

Valen still remained in hiding for a moment longer, waiting until he was perfectly sure that no-one was around, at which point he quickly left his hiding spot, stepping over the fence and onto the walkway and briskly brushing off as many remnants of dirt from himself as he could to eliminate potential evidence.

'That...was too close.' he thought for himself as he began strolling among the plants in search of an exit, 'I really need to watch where I'm going...now if I could only find an exit from this stupid garden and find a place where I could have some peace and-' he paused, suddenly spotting something at the side of his path; specifically, a turn in the walkway which looked...well, older than the rest, a pair of large-leafed bush-like plants growing on both sides obscuring it almost completely from view. Solitude...if there was any place in this city where such a thing could be found, it would probably be here...the boy didn't know why, but a strange little feeling of intuition within his mind just told him that this was the case, and at the moment, he really didn't feel like arguing with it, brushing aside the plants with one side and slipping onto the side-path.

Well...it was a path in the vaguest sense of the word, consisting of little more than a paved walkway, its tiles slightly crumbled and worn with age, which soon dissipated to be replaced with a rickety plank construction which snaked its way amongst the vegetation, wobbling under the boy's weight.

'That's...odd...' Valen though as he balanced his way through, repeatedly being forced to push aside the far thicker vegetation with his hands, many of the branches striking back rather viciously as they returned to their original positions, 'You'd think that those control freaks wouldn't let anything here become so...run down.'

Just as he came to end this thought, the vegetation finally opened up a bit, revealing a small clearing with a large, black stone slab, expertly crafted into a plaque, in the center, a circular platform made of seemingly ancient wood surrounding it, apparently a memorial of some sort.

The slab itself was mostly overgrown with plantlife, but there was still some writing to be seen, the markings, if somewhat old-fashioned as letters went, still legible on the surface of the stone. Intrigued, the boy walked forward, carefully grabbing a hold of the main cluster of vegetation and unceremoniously ripping it off before proceeding to investigate the writing.

"Fortis operor non vereor sepulchrum?" the boy scoffed at the inscription on the top, it was probably latin or some other posh language like that...show-offs, and the same continued throughout the rest of the slab, the meaning of the words quite eluding Valen. Still, he couldn't help feeling that they were...important, somehow, and just standing there in the clearing made him feel strangely safe, shielded from the outside world by the thick canopy around him, and right now...that was all that mattered to him. Settling down by the foot of the stone, the boy slowly leant against it, ignoring the slightly cold dampness of the rock as he adjusted into a lying position, turning his gaze up towards the treetops, a memory from long ago slowly seeping into his mind and overriding all the other thoughts he had been aiming to process...


It was twilight, the sun having all but completed its journey over Stonewall Town and now proceeding to set down beyond the horizon, tinting the clouds in the sky with various shades of purple and red and giving the scenery an unusually nice appearance, despite it still being early spring with the outside temperatures to match. Lying in the shade of the Stonewall orphanage, the attention of the ten-year old Valen was by no means focused on the sunset, his eyes instead bearing a slightly glazed look as he turned his gaze towards the mountain peaks towering beyond the town limits, awaiting the coming spectacle of the Zubats' insect hunt with growing anticipation, but alas...not all knew to treat this occasion with the appropriate reverence.

"Don't do it! Just-just don't!"

A shrill, girlish voice penetrated the blissful silence that had surrounded Valen, causing him to turn his gaze towards its source with considerable annoyance, just in time to spot a trio of children, all dressed in orphanage uniforms, a short distance away. The one who had screamed, he surmised, was the one in the center...clearly the youngest of them, about eight or so, the boy assumed, and a girl, small and rather scrawny, with short dark green hair which just barely reached her shoulders at the back. She had a decidedly panicked look in her dark brown eyes and looked as if she was about to burst into tears, as if girls ever did anything else.

"Don't do what?" inquired one of the two others, both of them boys, in a sleazy voice, dragging a hand through his shoddily cared blonde hair while the decidedly pointy nose and somewhat small, light blue eyes located on his freckled face both remained pointed firmly at the girl.

"Yeah, what he asked." added the dumber-looking one of the boys, this one slightly taller than his companion with long, reddish brown hair that hung partially across his face, "We ain't doing nothing to ya'...not since you so graciously decided to share that with us." he pointed a finger at something clutched tightly in one of the girl's hands, a cupcake, to be precise, of the kind which Mrs.Winters, generally acknowledged as being the nicest of the orphanage ladies, sometimes gave to particularly well-behaving children. 'So one of Mrs.Winters' perfect little angels got themselves a treat and now Colin and his little kiss-arse are taking it...' Valen thought for himself, scoffing at the infantility of the whole thing, 'Figures.'

"No! It's mine!" the girl protested shrilly, backing off a bit but finding herself awkwardly boxed in between the two older boys and the wall, tears of desperation beginning to run down her cheeks. "Just kick them in the balls and run." Valen muttered for himself, glaring in disgust at this show of weakness. Since when had crying ever made matters better?

"Now, now...don't you remember what Mrs.Winters said?" Colin remarked in mock-dissaproval, taking a step forward and putting on an imitation of an old lady's voice, "Dearies, share with your friends..." the other boy chuckled at this, probably in the hopes of maintaining his henchperson status, "You do want to be our friend, don't you...Cabbage-head?" he cast a mocking glance at the girl's hair at the last remark, taking another step closer and making her feel even more scared, which led to further crying and sobbing.

'Just get on with it, already.' Valen though irritably, casting another glance at the rapidly sinking sun, how was he supposed to enjoy the Zubats if those nimrods kept that racket going forever?

"I-I..." the girl stuttered, her eyes desperately flicking from side to side in the hopes of finding something...anything that could help, and, much to the boy's displeasure, they fell on Valen.

"I-I...HELP!" the cry came out both shrill and painfully loud, and its intended recipient did not go unnoticed by the two boys.

"Hah, no use calling out to him, Cabbage-head." Colin sneered dismissively, "He don't have the guts for it...do you, Valen?" he cast a disdainful glance at the purple-haired boy who, surprisingly enough, rose up, even though he did so in his own time, and still didn't say a word, nor spare as much as a glance for the girl as he walked over to the scene, only to turn around and begin walking away.

"See, what did I tell ya'?" Colin remarked, turning back to the girl with a triumphant expression on his face, snatching the cupcake from her hand, "Too much of a sissy to even speak up."

"Yeah." his henchperson added, "He runs away just lika little-GAH!"

The other boy was caught completely off guard as Valen suddenly spun around, delivering a strong punch straight to the other boy's stomach which caused him to double over in pain as he attempted to get his breath back while the purple-haired boy proceeded to move onward, utilizing the shock caused by his sudden assault to pin Colin against the wall.

"Put-put me down!" Colin screamed in a most unmanly fashion, all of the previous confidence drained from his features and replaced with fear for this manic-looking boy. The green-haired girl wasn't looking much safer, seemingly clinging to the wall behind her for dear life while watching the scene with the same fear-induced fascination that prey sometimes experience in front of an attacking viper just before it strikes, "I-I'll tell everyone about what you did and-and then you'll be sorry!"

"Is that so?" Valen inquired in a dangerously soft voice, "Then I suppose that I'll have to finish you off before you do that, won't I?"

Colin's eyes widened, "No..." he pleaded, "Please...don't. I'll-I'll do anything...I promise, I'll-"

"Hand over the cupcake." the older boy said simply, a line which might have sounded comical had the situation not been so serious. The boy in his grasp nodded timidly, releasing the object of the argument into Valen's free hand.

"Good." Valen said in an emotionless tone, releasing his grip of Colin's throat, "Now scram. And if you dare to disturb my peace again I'll take that pointy nose of yours and shove it up your backside, is that clear?"

Colin gave a terrified nod, quickly grabbing his friend, who had just started recovering from the assault, and rushing off without casting as much as a glance behind him. Valen knew that this was going to mean trouble for him, knew that they were both going to tell their respective tales of horrible suffering at the hands of the oh-so evil Valen. But in all honesty, the expression on Colin's face had almost been worth it, and no doubt this would grant him some more privacy during his outings...at least for a while.

"I-I..." the girl stammered, still unsure of what to make of the situation as Valen bluntly thrust the cupcake back into her hand.

"Don't look at me like that." he said flatly, noting the surprised but, at least almost, grateful look he recieved in return, "You probably got it all sweaty, anyway...not like I was going to eat it. And don't even start thinking that I did this for you." he cast a very brief glance at the green-haired one, her mouth opening and shutting like that of a fish struggling to breath, "I've just got a problem with that guy. Now get back to wherever you were supposed to be and leave me alone before you get more of those idiots on your back."

With that, the boy walked back to his previous spot, sitting down and attempting to get back to the concentrated state he had been in before, but finding it strangely hard to do so as he was still painfully aware of that sniveling brat's presence, and by the sound of it she was still sobbing. 'For crying out loud, shouldn't she have dehydrated by now?' Valen pondered in irritation, although luckily the girl finally had the good sense to leave, even if she repeatedly glanced back. What was she expecting? That he would suddenly change his mind and demand the cupcake back? Or that he'd go all 'Oh you poor dear that must have been sooo awful', showering her with sympathy? Hadn't the ingrate gotten enough already? He scowled, only mildly surprised that he didn't seem to derive as much enjoyment from the Zubats' hunting trip as he had done on previous times.

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June 5th, 2006, 10:07 AM
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Rosairie was giggling? She stiffled them quickly, but not quick enough, as Reina had most certainly seen them happen. She continued to glare in the girl's direction, her teeth clenched so hard that she was sure her jaw was going to break. Rosairie wasn't looking at her though... did she feel bad for how she had acted?

Reina was too bitter and angry at the moment to accept that explanation though; perhaps the girl was afraid of what she would do. It was a small satisfaction to Reina when those she hated were afraid of her. It was a horrible thing, but it was nice to see someone you dislike in any kind of agony.

"We just keep running into each other, don't we? Did you and your little friend not get enough at the hospital?" Reina said through her teeth as she got to Rosairie and Chain. She gave Chain a courteous nod, and then went back to glaring at Rosairie. She also tugged her arm to try and see if Kyoko was willing to let her go already.

June 7th, 2006, 11:28 AM
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Rosairie gritted her teeth, that horrible ferocious feeling that was churning in her stomach leaping to her chest. If she didn't keep her mouth shut, Rosairie was certain some bitter retort would appear, and what did didn't want was to annoy Reina any more than she already had.
Didn't seem quite to unhappy to see me back when your boyfriend was hurt... he thoguht sourly, which wa,s in a way, a lie. Reina hadn't wanted to see her any more than she did now, but she had certainly been happy to accept the help... Double faced cow... Rosairie folded her arms across her chest defensively, She doesn't even have a reason to hate me! Sure, I judged her, but if she isn't going to make the effort to look NICE then what can she expect?
From Rosairie's right, Henna growled a hesitant warning. If Silence had been here, he would be shaking like a dog on stilts, probably scared half to death by the waves of loathing seeping from both girls. He would probably have cried, or collapsed, or done something similarly overdramatic, and probably brought Rosairie back to reality. It wasn't often Rosairie hated someone - but it wasn't often someone hated her anyway. Certainly, back at her school the few goth and oddball girls that walked the school's halls glared and sneered, but no one hated her.

June 7th, 2006, 2:20 PM
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Aww, Charon's poor doggie! I remember Mac used to bite itchy parts of his skin 'til it was raw. =/ Silly doggies.


Watching her adversary closely, Reina continued to glare and look quite unpleasant. She just wanted to get to the stupid ceremony, get her prize, and then go home. Getting this thing over with was important, for she had been planning to go on some sort of pokemon journey after getting home from this tournament. She liked battling, not standing around and being insulted.

Reina did notice Henna's growl, and though it was Rosairie's pokemon, Reina did think it looked cool. A decent pokemon, no doubt bought for her by her 'Daddy'.... She also noticed that Rosairie appeared to be trying not to say anything, and although Reina knew the girl had done nothing to her, that they both would be better off if she would just shut up and walk away, Reina instead decided to push her luck.

"Something wrong Rosairie?" Reina said in a mock-sad voice, "Can't pluck up the courage to say anything in your own defense?"

It was mean. Reina suddenly thought to herself.

'What if she IS nice? Are you really as bad off as Valen; basing his opinion on JJ because of the boy's appearance? No... it's not just that... it's the way she acted earlier. And she just had to blurt out that secret to Valen! Selfish and pompous. ... Then why do I feel so bad about it?'

Well, it was too late to take it back now.

June 8th, 2006, 9:45 AM

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Si wasn't the problem.

The overwhelming pressure was quickly pushing Kyoko into a corner. She couldn't stand up for Rosairie, it would simply prove Reina's point but she couldn't let the spiteful wench just push her sissy around... could she? A hand raised to her temple, rubbing it softly. It hurt... it hurt very badly and with each hateful thought or glance, that cold feeling was getting stronger and that little voice inside one's head that makes itself known when a person touches something they shouldn't touch or do was quickly becoming louder.

Oui'na clynat


Oui'na ymuha


Oui'mm ymfyoc pa ymuha


Ajanouha ynuiht oui cdyndc vekrdehk


It's all your fault.

"Please stop fighting!" her hands pressed to the sides of her head, in effect leaving Reina minus her 'tumour' but the child had screeched loud enough to get some attention from the crowd. Who could ignore a teary-eyed child, fustrated to the point of deafening screams? "Please stop... I can't take it... I can't take it!" Very slowly, she turned towards Rosairie, ignoring the crowd almost completely, "Please... I know... you don't get along... but... but I think... I think... we can all be friends... I don't see... I don't see why we have to fight and scream and call each other names! Why-why can't we just all be happy as a group of friends?"

"And as for you." she turned to Reina, "You don't want to be alone yet you push everybody away from you with such mean remarks! Who-who do you think you are? Back... at the hospital... I was trying to be nice to you..." her gaze dropped, "Because you're older than me and older trainers are so cool... and you just shoved me aside. I... I couldn't tell that guy my last name because of family matters. I'm not a crimminal or anything... I just was told not to unless I really absolutely had to... Please don't think of me as a criminal... I'm not..."

Whimpering patheticly, she took Reina's hand and forced it towards Rosairie's, "Please... please make up... please be friends... please... I don't... I don't want to see fights anymore..."

Sighing heavily, the child all but fell flat on her face, exausted from how much courage that had drawn out of her

June 8th, 2006, 2:37 PM
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Stupid little girl. She was so pathetic it made Reina want to slap her back into reality. Reina wasn't one to appreciate public displays of weakness, and the girl's actions didn't help the redhead's perception of Kyoko any. People were starting to stare though... what was Reina supposed to do?

One thing was for sure... she wasn't about to kiss and make up with Rosairie. Kyoko was asking for too much.

"Stop it! Let go of me!" Reina snapped, pulling back her arm, "Did it ever occur to you that I don't want to be your friend? I push people away? Me?! You've got to be kidding! I've spent my whole life wanting others to be my 'friends' and all I ever got was ridicule and hate."

She could hear Tabansi's voice echoing in her mind: 'They're not the girls back home. They haven't done anything to you.'

Did she really care about that? That darned Heracross' nagging was getting to her. All of that talk with Valen about love and family was making her conscience work overtime and she suddenly felt a stab of guilt as she looked at Kyoko's upset face. Her intention was never to make anyone cry, but part of her said that the little brat deserved it.

"Forget it... I just need to get away from you two," she said in a low voice, shaking her head. With that she walked away from them and pushed herself into the crowd of people, some of which had been watching the scene unfold.

She could understand why Valen had wanted time alone; this place was overwhelming.

June 8th, 2006, 10:25 PM

Well Valen can excuse Reina can't he? o.O Or bribe somebody to excuse her?

:3 have fun on your trip Sissy, take pictures and then share. D: Share share share.


This is what happens when I post at 1:30 in the morning....


Kyoko looked as if she'd been slapped, her eyes widdening as her face started to shake back and forth slowly, "Don't say that... please don't say that..." Don't reject me "...I'll stop! I'll do what you want me to! J-Just don't..." Don't reject me "I'll stop being... a child or... whatever you want..." Don't reject me "Anything... I mean it..." Just don't reject me

But Reina was gone. I want to be able to believe in everyone, in everything and I don't want to know anything bad at all. Is that so wrong? Reina was gone. She'd had enough of the messed up little brat and had simply up and left after all but shattering what was left of the child's mental state. She'd left Kyoko looking shaken up but not broken, at least outwardly.

Inwardly, Kyoko was a true mess.

She rejected you because everybody rejects you.
It's not that big of a deal, she's not worth your time
I just wanted her to be my friend...
Awww, it's not worth buggin for.
No, she rejected you, you must reverse that
The chick doesn't like 'er one bit!
Her fault she's missin' out on a great person!
Or is what she said true?
What if she right?
What if Kyoko is really an oboxious little brat that needs
to be punished for her wrongdoing?
And if she's wrong?
We have no proof she's wrong
We have no proof she's right.
It was once said that it is better to expect the worst than to expect
the best possible outcome because the odds of getting such an outcome
are so ridiculously high.
Pesimist jerk!
Optimistic Hippie!
Stop...both of you stop...
Whatever the case...
...there is no running away.
We're always here for ya kiddo~
But this really isn't the time for this now is it?
Your friends probably think you're spacing out.
Get moving. Now.

She seemingly snapped back into reality and stepped forward lightly, head pointed downwards, "Lets... let's go...." Not waiting for an answer, she ran a little into the crowd, the oppisite direction of the crowd that Reina had gone into. The faster this ceramony is completed... the faster I can sort all of this out. Rubbing her forehead lightly, she turned to make sure at least Rosairie was behind her. She didn't want to lose anybody else today.

Alter Ego
June 9th, 2006, 2:38 AM
OOC: Ceremony? Well, whenever we get some more people around here (As in, Plushie, Yibber, BB, and Kogenta), I suppose. I'd really like at least most of the characters to be present, since they kind of have to be persuaded into something (Otherwise they'd be left out, and JJ has a plot purpose which would make him being left out a bad thing. o.o) and it would seem kind of...well, bad to move on like this when half the crew is gone. So yeah, after my vacation (That should be about enough time for them to drag their lazy posteriors over here <.<) presumably, unless we get a major spurt of attendance in my absence in which case you can just go ahead and have it without me, I'll leave instructions for that. The don't need to persuade Valen anyway, him already being employed and all, and I have a backup plan for a joyful reunion (Well, sort of. xD) later on. ^^

And yes, since Melissa already brought it up it's about time I announced this here too: my family's going on a trip across Europe starting next Tuesday and ending two weeks and two days away from that, so in the mean time, I'll be relying on my previous substitutes. Try to keep this stringed together and alive until I come back, m'kay? Substitute people will be left with instructions like last time, although hopefully more coherent. ^^

And like, woah...Kyoko seems a bit...imbalanced. o.o And you say Valen has issues. xD


A slight groan announced Valen's return to the present-day world, the boy blinking as if in a daze as he snapped his gaze away from the horizon, running a hand over his forehead as if to expell something stuck on it as he rose back into proper sitting position.

"That girl..." he said quietly, figments of the vividly clear memory still flashing before his mind's eye, "...a girl...with green hair...she seemed so familiar, but why...why do I remember a random nuisance so clearly? And why...am I sitting here talking to myself about it?"

The boy quickly rose to his feet, brushing off some of the dirt that had gathered on him from leaning against the stone. 'I must be losing my mind...' he thought for himself, taking up a brisk stride in the direction he had come from, still, he couldn't help looking back at the clearing one last time.

'You must try to remember and make up your mind for yourself...' Valen echoed the words from his previous dream advisor in his mind, 'Could this be...what she meant? Still, it doesn't help me with my other problem...' he sighed, absent-mindedly running a hand through his hair, not out of vanity, but in search of a specific spot, and soon enough he also found it, feeling his fingers trace the small, black 'V' imprinted a bit above his forehead, well hidden beneath his hair, a badge of identification, as it were. Never before had he found himself so bothered by it.

OOC: Like, angst for all. =3 Although this is sort of just a conclusion of his previous episode, so it doesn't really count as a separate case of angst. So sayeth the big black book of angst. *Nods*

June 9th, 2006, 8:18 AM
{ooc| AL BHED! That teal voice is speaking Al Bhed, like in the FF games. An old friend of Mika and I, she used to have a character that only spoke in Al Bhed. xDD}

Rosairie was seething."YOU BlTCH! YOU FRIGGIN', ARSE-WIPIN' BlTCH!" She shouted after Reina, "YOU'VE JUST BEEN OFFERED WHAT YOU WANTED YOUR WHOLE, BLOODY LIFE, and you... you turn it down...." Rosairie's voice caught in her throat. Beside her, Kyoko was shaking, but Rosairie barely noticed.
She turned to Henna, her hair prickling with rage. "Why? Why does everybody judge me? Oh, you're a cow 'cos you're pretty, you're blonde so you must be stupid, you're thin so you must be bloody A-ana..." she trailed off, and Henna put her scorching arms around her trainer.
{I know, honey.... but we have a slight problem at present...}
Rosairie pulled away, and broke into a run.
"Kyoko! Kyo!" She yelled. Finally she caught sight of her sissy, and grabbed her arm. Before the girl could say a word, Rosairie pulled her into a tight hug. "Don't leave me again." she muttered.

{angst... Oh lord...}

June 10th, 2006, 6:34 AM

I have no life. :3 So I stay right where I am.

Have fun you guys. n.n


She blinked, her eyes dialating lightly before they all but snapped shut. She turned into mush, very bothered by the sudden contact and simply exausted now that her momentum was taken from her. One second ago she'd been jogging through holes in the crowd, the next she was in some sort of a hold. Though it was firm, it wasn't exactly meant to restrain her, Rosairie seemed to be trying to get something out of Kyoko but what was it?


There was warmth in this... feeling. Whatever it was. She was quickly swallowed by the blanket-like feeling and its effects were slowly but surely breaking her resolve to struggle away, thus creating the mushy feeling she'd really only felt a few times before in her life.

The most recent had been three years past in the town hall...


She remembered the dress the most. It had been special ordered from the poshest of stores in the Johto region and it wasn't all that spectacular from a distance. To those looking on for a good ways away, it was simply a spagetti strap white silken gown that expanded from her waist out down to her ankles that were adorned with little two inch white heeled shoes and white lacy socks. Her hair had been curled in rollers and pulled back in an elegent ponytail the individual

It was past eight pm, the hall itself was dim and darkly lit aside from the piano in the center of the stage, lit bright as day by the two lights shining down upon it by the catwalks above. There wasn't a sound as she'd moved across that stage, not a single sound, but when she'd sat down softly in the black grand bench and rested her wrists lightly on the edge of the keys, a light breath was taken by much of the crowd and was released only when the child had begun her piece, entering it without a single squeak, cough or stutter of some sort.

It was not the most difficult of pieces, the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata was not an uncommon piece for intermediate players, but hardly anyone under the age of fifteen, at least in this region, could play beyond that first movement and she did so seemingly flawlessly, the music echoing throughout the hall as it licked up each drop of silence in its path until the whole hall was filled with the sweet serenade of song. People's eyes begin to close, fans stopped fanning their owners and the song simply became anything and everything that was heard. It floated through the catwalks, through each hole in the wood that made up the pathways and around each curve made possible by the maze of wires. Not a corner was left untouched, everything was simply halted by the music.

On and on it flowed, never stopping til the final movement had passed and the song itself had ended as quietly as it had begun. The silence of the crowd remained for a few seconds before there was suddenly a loud echo of clapping coming throughout the entire hall, as tho the song had provided a respite for these people, a respite that had now ended and it was now time to appriciate the giver of such wonderful sleep with a song of their own. Standing lightly, she simply bowed gracefully, criss-crossed across her stomach before standing and directing a hand at her piano, a feeling welling up within her.

A feeling of warmth.

A feeling of accomplishment

For once she'd done something right and that was causing her warmth.


But this new warmth... was nothing like that at all. It was a different warmth.

"...What... are you doing...?" she mumbled, blushing lightly, "Why do you care?" Her tone wasn't hurtful in the least. She simply didn't understand this guesture, this hug, and she had no idea as to its meaning, "Why do you... follow me? Don't you hate me too like everyone else?" She wasn't trying to be hurtful... she just wanted to know. "...I'm pretty... messed up."

No, it was shameful but Kyoko had no understanding of the word hug.

June 14th, 2006, 6:30 AM
Rosairie wrenched at the other girl's arm insistantly. "Why?" she asked, almost desperately, "Why? Because... because..." She didn't know why. Kyoko was slightly annoying, and very loud, and very rash... but she was still Rosairie's friend.
Rosaire couldn't understand it. It was almost as if Kyoko couldn't understand it; she certainly didn't understand what a hug was meant to be.

"I guess I must be drawn to messed up people..." she added, with a smile. "Do you know, when I first got Silence... He weighed little more than a loaf of bread, and he was so underweight and riddled with mange he could barely manage a walk. Then he was frightened too; frightened of light, frightened of noise, frightened of people.... but most of all, he was frightened of being left alone again. He cried every night for the first few weeks, bit me and scratched me several times and was the most annoying, clingy animal you ever met. But I loved him. Same way I love you. You're my friend, god****. I'm not meant to hate you, and if I don't follow you, well who's gonna help you when you get beaten up by odd witchy women?"
She smiled sadly, thinking back to her Jolteon for a moment. Rosairie had been so, so certain he wouldn't survive.... He had been locked in that basement for years, with nothing but that constant damp stink and the darkness for company.

{ooc| btw, when an english person says they 'love you' to a friend they normally mean platonically.}

June 15th, 2006, 5:49 PM

*le gaspen*

I finally managed to get my lazy self over here.. ^^;;
Really sorries for making you all wait. ^^;;

3 hours of goodness, and I still have page 36 and 37 to read through. X3
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"Uhhh...?"a groan was the first sound heard in the room, followed by the shuffling of feet as they met with the floor.

Cona blinked her lime green eyes, one hand rubbing her forehead, she had a terrible headache. The girl closed her eyes, wanting to lay herself back onto the bed. Which was what she did.

At least, until she realised where she was.

"Wh-WHAT?!?!"she hoped off the bed, landing on the blue fur floor and staggering to one side due to the headache. She was never very good with handling headaches. Cona scanned the room, trying to remember what had happened. Had they been kidnapped by the evil conspiracy? Or maybe they had their brains sapped away by aliens bent on ruling the world...

The trainer couldn't bring herself to believe this, noting that she was wearing the same clothes she sported the day before. The cheese market was at stake here, she couldn't afford to waste her time changing into an identical outfit. She grabbed her bag and sailor hat off the bunk bed, adjusting them into place before unlocking the door of the room.

As she walked along the corridors of the room looking for Avery and JJ, the memories of the day before flashed past in her head, the previous ache slowly easing away. They had all been given seperate rooms for the night, yes? It was because Jeffery had fainted yesterday... Yes, it wasn't an evil conspiracy.

Or, was it?


After walking around aimlessly, Cona let out a tired sigh, did they somehow manage to kidnap her friends as well? She missed Krystal and Kuner, she had to go and retrive them as soon as she found JJ and Avery. Feeling lonely wasn't something she was accustomed to, before meeting them, at least she had a Marshtomp and Pidgey to keep her company...

Yes, before that, it all seemed simple, and yet, the girl found herself feeling new emotions she would have never expected to have. It had been a long time since friendship had been felt. Unless of course Avery and JJ had been leading her on.

"No! They wouldn't!"she scolded herself, wanting to sink even deeper into her thoughts, that was, until she heard voices speaking further up.

"-and we should find Cona too, maybe ask a nurse?''the girl managed a slight smile as she heard JJ's voice. They really cared for her! Or, perhaps they wanted something? "Impossible..."she told herself firmly, immediately brightening as she saw Avery.

"Avery! I found you~!!!"Cona felt nothing but relief [and overemotion?]as she tackled the girl with a hug.

June 20th, 2006, 7:00 AM
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On a side note: Hi Yibber! Dun worry, you're not the only lazy one. ^-^


"Boy I really did it again... didn't I?" Reina mumbled to herself, pushing her way through the bustling crowd. She was still mad at Rosairie and Kyoko, but she felt foolish for acting so petty. She was torn between prejudice and conscience. The people and streets were beginning to bother her, and so she was thankful that her heated walking had led her to one of the many courtyards of the city. It wasn't totally empty, there were a few people sitting on benches and relaxing, a couple of kids playing around, but it was emptier than the street.

Reina dug out a pokeball from her jean pocket and tossed it to the ground. In a flash of white light, Pixie's star-shaped form appeared.

{Ah! Where's the battle?} the water pokemon asked, not picking up any vibrations that would constitute a battle.

"There's no battle. I just need to talk to someone," Reina said, suddenly feeling a little vulnerable. How disgustingly sappy; she needed to talk to someone? Ick.

{Oh... okay,} Pixie replied, turning her full attention to the redhead.

"Why should I be nice to Rosairie? Or Kyoko for that matter?" Reina began, pacing back and forth as she gathered her thoughts, "Rosairie's so obviously full of herself, and Kyoko's the wimpiest thing I've seen on two legs. The little girl could get blown away in a strong gust of wind. They're pathetic."

{I was pathetic Reina...,} Pixie said in a quiet voice, {Is that what you think of me?}

"No, of course not!" the girl said quickly, "You're a good fighter and you're not selfish."

{No one's perfect. Rosairie may look like the girls from home, but has she done the things the others did?}

"Maybe she hasn't done anything yet, but she's certainly capable of decieving and tricking. She made me lie to Valen after all!" Reina said angrily.

Pixie sighed, {Reina... you were the one to choose that path. She didn't force you.}

"Okay fine, you're right about that, but what are you saying? That I should ignore their faults?" Reina huffed, folding her arms.

{No, of course not... but, look Reina, everyone has to start out weak. I did, you did, Tabansi did, and I'm sure even that creepy boy Valen did too. You don't know the other sides and feelings of Rosairie, or Kyoko, and I think that before judging a person, they should be given a fair trial. I don't think you should become best friends with them, just give them a chance to know you. What do you say Reina?} the Staryu said hopefully.

Reina shook her head, "I don't know."

{Just think about it. I know you've been hurt in the past, but... you can't become a spiteful, stereotyping person... you just can't,} Pixie concluded, her jewel shimmering in the morning sunlight.

"We'll see," Reina said reluctantly, "We'll see."

Alter Ego
June 28th, 2006, 12:39 PM
Hiiiiiiiii kiddies!!! xD

Guess who's back sooner than expected? =3

So yeah, it's 11 PM here, but mum was nice enough to give us 30 minutes of computer time so here I am, returned fresh from the lovably scenic Amsterdam full of streets with suspect names like Fondler's Market (I kid you not, there was a street which, if directly translated, would be called that.) and hotels with crappy breakfast servings which don't provide zilch for anyone who isn't interested in shoddy second-rate bacon and poached eggs. And to top that, about half of these foreign hotel people couldn't be bothered to provide LOCKS FOR THE FRIGGEN' BATHROOM DOORS! The pervs...<<

That aside, the trip itself was nice...lots of prettyfull scenery and museums, good food, and plenty of time to make progress on my GBA games. Kekekeee...I now have a fully EV trained Salamence looking for her 70th level, and on top of that, Spindas give Sp.Attack EVs (Yes, it's a sad and pathetic Elemence, so sue me...I'm low on physical TMs.)...ahh...that EV training session was so...rewarding. >D *Proceeds to hang up his collection of 126 incinerated, drowned, and generally mangled Spindas around the room* Anyone got pins or something to spare? =3 Oh, and there were other benefits too. I finally got a copy of Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories (Yes, I'm the last person here to get that game, don't rub it in, please. <<) and Shorties found the whole three volumes of this lovely new manga which I have been borrowing from him since. Does the name .hack ring any bells for anyone here? Myself, I've found some of my favourite manga characters ever there. Funny stuff...funny stuff...although it could just be that I'm such a sucker for manga in general. xD

At any rate, my IC probably won't be up until tommorrow as I'm feeling a bit too tired and lack the time for writing such large amounts at the moment, and besides...I have to read through this mountain of posts you guys made in my absence. [/Sarcasm] Nyah, by the looks of it I could have made due without even bailing the characters out from Showgan. Would it be too harsh to say that I was expecting a little bit more?

Anywho, don't fret about that. I'm still glad to be back, not to mention finding my RPs (At least sort of) alive. Travelling was nice and all, but I missed you guys. ^^

Incidentally, word has it that Plushie will be making a comeback in a couple of weeks (Ebil homework and a whole bunch of other stuff keeping her away. ;_; ) so I'd like to wait for her if that's okay with everyone. (Although I know that you're probably getting pretty tired of my stalling by now.) If the simple majority is for pushing on, though, then we'll do that and try to fit in the latecomers one way or the other. So yeah, it's up to you guys, really.


"Please wait."

Precisely the two words that Valen didn't want to hear at the moment. The only reason he had been so quick to oblige when he was summoned to Slythe's office was that the report would get his mind off other matters, but instead he found himself standing about in the Waiwai Inc. HQ waiting room, twiddling his thumbs as he waited to be admitted inside. In his current state, he wouldn't have put it past Slythe to have arranged this little "Inconvenience".

"You're still not learning."

Valen growled in aggitation, already guessing the speaker before he turned around to check.

"So you're doing day shifts now, are you?" he remarked coldly, turning to face the illusory Vincent who had currently taken up residence in the glass window which had apparently been put there to give the waiting people a view while they treid to kill the time, "Not satisfied with trying to get rid of my sanity night-time?"

"Get rid of your sanity?" the illusion Vincent echoed, a faint smile appearing on his face, "So you're saying you don't trust me? That I am slowly wearing down your mind and spirit until you'll be powerless to resist? Is that it?" he let out a mirthless chuckle, "Excellent. This means that you are beginning to embrace the truth after all, that there is no-one you can trust but yourself."

"Gee...I'm so glad to have heard the moral of the story." Valen deadpanned, "If that's all you came to say then don't even bother. I've known that for years." 'At least...I used to know it.' his thoughts added traitorously.

"Ahh...I see that your subconscious has pinpointed the issue quite well, Valen." the appartition remarked, "There is someone with whom you have begun to lower your guard, is there not?" the illusory Vincent's eyes narrowed slightly, his expression growing sterner, "After all this years, haven't you learned your lesson?!" he thundered, "Trusting one of those low-born savages! Nearly exposing your heart to the daggers of the world! You foolish, IGNORANT child!" the illusory Vincent slashed a hand through the air dramatically at the last sentence.

'Exposing my heart?' the boy's thoughts let out a cry of outrage, 'If this another one of those boyfriend girlfriend analogies then forget it! We're friends, and that's it!'

"How far you expose yourself is irrelevant." the appartition interrupted, "Even the slightest crack in your defences is enough for a blade to get in, and one failure is all it takes." he shook his head, "That manipulative witch has started showing you the past, hasn't she?" the illusory Vincent put on another mirthless smile, "Well then, I'll do the same. Tonight we shall review one of the lessons you have so carelessly forgotten, but for now..." the appartition began to fade, "...I think that someone else wants a word..."


The voice of the secretary came through with a slightly disturbed tone, the boy quickly turning to face her in acknowledgement, "Mr. D'Argent wishes to see you now."

"Right." Valen replied simply, continuously looking past the woman as he strode on to the elevator, pressing the button for the now unlocked top-floor. 'The sooner I get this over with the better.'

June 29th, 2006, 3:16 PM

And to top that, about half of these foreign hotel people couldn't be bothered to provide LOCKS FOR THE FRIGGEN' BATHROOM DOORS! The pervs...<<

o.O; on the toliet stalls or the showering rooms?

Does the name .hack ring any bells for anyone here?

-twitch- I'm unhappy because my friggen torrent ate my eps of .hack//ROOTS. ee; So yes. I'm a .hack person. -twitch-

I have to read through this mountain of posts you guys made in my absence. [/Sarcasm]

D: I had band crap and camp. But I got off my lazy butt for you all. So be HAPPY

e-e -posts-

Well... I'll post after my sister's concert tonight. Stupid 4th of July and your bludgening of my voluntary solitary confinment in my room... I loath you.

Alter Ego
June 30th, 2006, 12:07 AM
o.O; on the toliet stalls or the showering rooms?

They were both combined most of the time, so both, actually.

-twitch- I'm unhappy because my friggen torrent ate my eps of .hack//ROOTS. ee; So yes. I'm a .hack person. -twitch-

.hack//ROOTS? Nyah, all I've read is the Twilight-SomethingOrTheOther (Can't remember the name. xP) so be happy that you've gotten more than me (Even if torrent ate it up). Out of curiosity, what are the main characters in the ROOTs thing? Please tell me Mireille-chan is in it. She's like, my favourite manga character ever. Well, with the possible exception of Sapphire from the pokémon manga. They're kind of hard to compare. xD

D: I had band crap and camp. But I got off my lazy butt for you all. So be HAPPY

e-e -posts-

Well... I'll post after my sister's concert tonight. Stupid 4th of July and your bludgening of my voluntary solitary confinment in my room... I loath you.

Well, I didn't get an IC from you, not even a welcome back. How could I be happy after such heartlessness? ;__; (Just kidding of course) I'll be officially happy once the next real IC comes in. And speaking of ICs, I've added one to my previous post. Not my best work, but it's a start at least. ^^

June 30th, 2006, 8:28 AM
{ooc| Mwah, yes, .Hack rings a bell. Mika got me into it...boy, nearly a year ago. The .Hack//Sign series, I believe. Anyway.... *flying tackles Alter*


I have far too much work to do still, hence my lack of posting. Your trip sounds fun! I want to go to Fondler's Close.
WELL, I went to see Death Cab for Cutie on Wednesday night. heard of them, anyone? Great band. Then I went to the Tate Modern the next day. I am shattered, and I have a festival to go tomorrow.... Gaaaah! I need a costume. *skips off jovially*

June 30th, 2006, 3:54 PM

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Meh, at least we're getting our doggie back. She's been there ever since we left on our previous trip, and it's kind of lonely here without her. Meh, just hang on tight, everyone, and hopefully nothing cataclysmic will happen during the few days of my absence.

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"...Here." She took out a piece of paper, scribbled something on it and handed it to Rosairie, "I need to... do something. But... this is my cell number alright? Call... me. If things start up here and the ceremony or whatever starts..." To assure the other girl of her promise, she held up the little pink poke-gear. It was very easily distinquished as a popular model but by no means was it cheap. "It's around my neck. I won't miss your call. I promise." Hugging the girl as best she could (This whole hug thing was still new to her and all) she gave the older girl a thumbs up before she vanished into the crowd til she came to one of the conviently placed maps, "...okay... it's up that way, past those buildings and around that corner..." She ran her fingers over the encased seven foot tall, five foot wide map of both Undercity and Overcity, tracing an apparent path... to somewhere. "...I should get there.... in...." she paused, "Twenty... no, ten minutes if I run... Yeah. That'll work." Snapping the clasp on her bag shut, she darted off again There were two letters, safely tucked away in a folder in her bag. Both were labeled with a name, two names total. Both explained a different matter and both were equally important. Both needed to be delivered and more importantl, they needed to be recieved.

~ Ten minutes later ~

This... is a bit bigger than I expected. I'm betting the first floor is for visitors and the like. Those three got in with no identification and I can be certian they aren't working for the people inside. Too stupid.... Let's see... If this building is anything like the ones in Saffron, the headshot should be close to the top so the person I'm looking for is somewhere in that area... Drat. Why didn't I bring Chain with me...? I can't hack worth crap... Ggnh... She rubbed her forehead lightly. If I mess this up, not only will... no, I don't want to think about that. Use your head or Sempai will honest to god kill you.... mmhmm. Standing up lightly, she fully rounded the corner, "Well... I think I can at least get in."

And, believe it or not, she walked right up to the front doors of the WaiWai Corp building.

July 1st, 2006, 11:47 PM
Rosairie watched the girl leave with a sinking feeling. "This can't be good..." she thought despairingly. Kyoko was so flighty! No wonder her Dad didn't want her coming here - if Kyoko had been her daughter, Rosairie would ahve found the concept of gluing her to the floor very hard to resist. She glanced to Chain. "I think... I think I should follow her again." she told the boy, grinning exasperatedly.

Henna, who had been listening in silence at the time and examinging her claws, looked up. {Take one of the others, Rozzy. I'll stay here in case the others turn up. I'm sure Chain will use his Abra to send a message, if anyone turns up.} she gave her trainer what she hoped was a reassuring smile. If anything, it seemed to cheer Rosairie up. She selected a pokeball from her belt. Her fingers linged over Silence's ball, but no, she couldn't use him. Vampress or Sinbad? The latter was probably less prone to unnessecery bouts of violence, and as they were tracking...
"Sinbad, go!" Rosairie shouted. Sinbad materialised beside her, licking his lips contentedly.
{'Lo, Master!} The ivysaur said cheerfully, and shook himself down so poisonpowder scattered on the ground around him. {I'm ready!}
"We're tracking Kyoko, okay?"

Sinbad nodded, and lead her off after Kyoko.

Soon, she could see the WaiWai corp building veering across the crowds.

July 2nd, 2006, 5:41 AM
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There was so much to contemplate. Reina was still surprised that this little tournament trip had turned out to be so full of both strangeness and excitement. There had been action in the beginning, and now it had seemed to turn slowly into a test of character for everyone involved. She much preferred the action.

"Ugh... what time is it? Do you think we should head to the Waiwai building yet? I don't want to get there early when no one else has shown up," Reina said to Pixie in an irritated voice. She was in a grumpy mood, ever since the 'incident' with Kyoko. Pixie had basically told her to forgive and forget, but could Reina really do that? She didn't need friends like them anyway.

{Reina... I'm sorry if I made you mad,} Pixie said thoughtfully, {I was just trying to be fair.}

Reina glanced down at the Staryu, "I know."

Pixie didn't answer back, she had to dodge being accidently kicked by a woman's high-heel shoe.

The crowd wasn't getting any smaller, and it was bothering the Staryu again, the many vibrations causing her to 'see' too many things at once. It was so different to be above the water, much different to feel vibrations from the ground and air. Sometimes Pixie longed to be underwater in the ocean again, where she could truly see with clarity.

Reina noticed this, and was about to ask the pokemon if it wanted to return to its ball when she heard a woman collide with something next to her. She heard the woman utter a distinct "Oof!". Reina noticed that the thing she had run into was a rather large and bulky man. The kind that Valen had pointed to when telling her about the security measures of Waiwai. She paused and watched the two.

"I'm so sorry about that! If you'll excuse me I--," the woman began in a sugary voice, but was cut off by the man she had bumped into.

"No problem," he grunted shortly, making his way away from the woman and back into the crowd. Reina had noticed curiously that his hands contained a camera, a small digital one that was discreet. She wouldn't have caught it at all had it not been from the sun causing a metallic part on it to shine.

The woman turned her head to watch him go, and then the sugary sweet expression on her face changed into a determined scowl. However, when she reached into her trenchcoat's pocket, her face began to look worried. She hadn't found what she was looking for apparently. She muttered a curse under her breath, turned her head once more in a desperate attempt to locate the man she had run into, and then disappeared back into the crowd.

Reina frowned about this. The woman must have been taking pictures of things that Waiwai didn't want out. Probably the aftermath of the tournament or maybe even the tournament itself. After all, Valen and Vincent had said that Waiwai was keeping it as low-key as possible. Reina turned to Pixie, "Return."

Alter Ego
July 2nd, 2006, 11:25 AM

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"And that..." Valen concluded, maintaining his disciplined position in front of Slythe's desk while trying to surpress the violent thoughts from the back of his head. After all, conduct rule number 153 - made official two days ago - stated that traitorous thoughts about the team leader or any executive was betrayal of the organization and demanded maximal punishment, only comparable to conduct rule 139 which said much the same thing about crossword puzzles, and in both cases, Slythe was the only one who had actually been known to enforce it. "...is all I have to report."

Slythe gave him an expectant look, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"...sir." Valen concluded smoothly, thus avoiding prosecution under conduct rule number 13.

The Viper leader smiled contentedly at the addition, leaning back a bit in his chair, "Yes, thank you for that." he said, leaving it rather open whether it refered to the actual report or just the 'sir' "Although of course, Vincent already summarized the situation for me." he brought his fingertips together "I had...other reasons for summoning you here."

"Sir?" Valen asked, he knew that this was practically the only kind of question that the leader wouldn't interpret as insolence - conduct rule number 27 - and sure enough, Slythe saw fit to continue without any side-remarks.

"I have...a certain mission requiring...your kind of talent." he continued, "You know of course that the tournament winners have been invited to this building?"

Valen nodded in response, keeping his expression steady even though this was the first part of Slythe's talk that had actually caught his attention.

"Well, it is my hope that these winners shall be persuaded into...rendering a certain service for the good of the world." Valen really had to restrain himself not to make a sarcastic remark at this point, the only good he had ever seen Slythe advancing was the Viper leader's own, "I would like you to accompany them to the destination of their task."

"Understood, sir." Valen replied, trying to restrain the emotions that boiled in him at the thought of having to help out Rosairie or Kyoko, not to mention JJ... "I'll accompany the tournament winners and assist them in completing their mission."

"No you will not." Slythe intterupted flatly, a hint of amusement in his voice, "Quite the contrary, in fact, your task is to see to it that they fail."

"Sir?" the boy asked, feeling the unpleasant sensation of one who's worst expectations were rapidly turning into reality.

"You see, Valen." the Viper leader continued, fiddling briefly with some kind of control pannel on the side of his desk until a small, 3-D projector on the middle lit up, displaying a digitalized and simplified replica of a tropical island, the picture mostly dominated by a hefty mountain range running down the island's north side and a large, cleared out area in the jungle which housed some sort of structure, "This here." he gestured towards the picture, "Would be our contest winners' destination: Kawaku's rest. Don't bother trying to understand the name." the man added in a dismissive voice, "It's just local mythology or somesuch nonsense, it's not important. What matters is this." he tapped in a few more commands, and the digitalized picture vanished briefly, soon becoming replaced by a more detailed picture of the cleared out spot which, it turned out, could only be an excavation site, giant holes and scaffolding constructions saturating the whole scene, "This structure is centuries old, even a whole millenium, my archeologists have claimed, and according to inscriptions we've deciphered, an object of great power is located inside."

'Great power...' Valen echoed for himself, 'Now I'm beginning to see what he's getting at.' "So you want these tournament winners to do your dirty work for you and then me to dispose of them, sir?" he said out loud, doing his best to keep his voice emotionless, "Why do we need to involve them in the first place, sir? I mean, do we not have enough capable men of our own to deal with it...sir?" the last 'sir' certainly sounded redundant to the boy, but he knew that Slythe measured respectfulness in terms of 'sir's per sentence, so the more the merrier.

"Yes, it does beg the question, doesn't it?" Slythe replied, "And this is the part that piqued my interest. You see...it turns out that, despite our best efforts, the main entrance can not be forced open. In fact, it cannot even be chipped, and the same goes for the building as a whole. Dynamite, Machamp tandems, Earthquakes...nothing seems to penetrate, and even our ghost pokémon seem repelled from the place, frightened for some reason, and refuse to go in. It's quite irksome, really..." his eyes gleamed slightly, "Just think, Valen, what we could do if we had the secret of such powers in our hands."

'Your hands more likely...' Valen added bitterly in his mind, 'For once in your life, try not to abuse the plural form of 'I' you megalomanic nutcase, and get to the point instead.'

"Ahh...but this is all beside the point." Slythe continued, "What I mean to say is that sometimes...when science fails, we must take to more...traditional methods."

"What kind of methods are those, sir?" Valen asked, trying to hold the scepticism away from his voice.


The reply came as a surprise to Valen, not as much for its contents as its source.

"Ah yes, I forgot that you hadn't been introduced." Slythe remarked in a tone which made it perfectly obvious that he had been well aware of this, gesturing towards the figure who finally stepped into the semi-lighted part of the room: he was a fairly average-sized man, wearing the average kind of formal suit that most Viper high-ups did, but that was about where the average part of him stopped. His hair was red, not just plain red like Reina's or any other normal person's, but rather every shade of red, each strand starting from near-brown at the root and then smoothly making its way down the colours all the way to nearly orange at the very tip, it was rather long and unorganized-looking as well, the strands easily reaching his shoulderblades at the back while more than a couple of the frontal ones hung over his face, slightly obscuring his eyes from sight now and again, not that that was a bad thing, really, considering the equally disturbing appearance of said eyes, bright, piercing yellow with small black pupils in the middle, cat eyes, Valen would have wagered, were it not perfectly obvious that they were on a human, a sizeable cresent-shaped scar clearly visible just above the left one. The man came to a halt by the desk, carefully keeping his gaze locked elsewhere as Slythe continued.

"This..." Slythe talked on, "...is our newest executive, Mr.Lavell. Mr.Lavell, this is the operative I told you about."

"A pleasure." Valen said coldly, not extending his hand.

"The pleasure is all mine." Lavell replied with equally determined politeness.

"I'm glad to see that you two are getting along." Slythe remarked to Valen in a conversational tone, "After all...you two will be working together on this assignment."

Valen flinched inwardly, but maintained his expression.

"Now where were we?" the Viper leader continued, "Ah yes, the prophecy. Mr. Lavell, if you would be so kind?"

"Certainly." the other man replied, turning to Valen, "It's all very simple, really. According to an inscription we found above the main door, the only ones who can enter the structure are the eight heroes of old."

'Eight...heroes?' Valen echoed for himself, 'Heroes of old...of course! The tournament!' suddenly, several of the pieces clicked into place. They needed eight people and precisely eight people to win, that's why the records were altered. Heck, that was probably why Slythe was so intent on sponsoring the event in the first place...so he could tamper with the results without complications. But the Aggron...had that been a part of the plan too? He tried to keep himself from frowning, it certainly hadn't seemed like a plan at the time, but...Slythe was mad, this whole venture was enough to prove that.

"Ahh...I believe that your operative has already understood the gist of this." Lavell remarked, "Yes, we do believe that eight tournament winners satisfy the requirement. They have, after all, prevailed in an epic struggle worthy of a hero, wouldn't you agree?" his eyes glinted, "You performrance against that Aggron was...remarkable. I look forward to...working with you."

"Thank you, sir." Valen replied coldly, restraining the thoughts of stabbing the man in front of him with the first sharp object that would come into his grasp. Slythe might not have been a mind reader, but he certainly didn't put it beyond this guy to be one. There was just something...off about Lavell, a familiarly uncomfortable feeling which Valen would rather not deal with.

"Well then, I shall summarize your objectives." Slythe said in a bussinesslike voice, "You, Valen, will accompany Mr.Lavell under the titles of both a tournament winner and a liason of Waiwai Inc. Mr Lavell shall be posing as the local guide and Viper operatives shall be taking the place of our usual excavation crew. Once the object from the central chamber is secured, you will then follow Mr.Lavell's lead in eliminating any potentially harmfull witnesses. Do any of these objectives...pose a problem for you, Valen?"

That was a good question, usually Valen wouldn't have thought twice about stabbing new acquintances in the back if it meant profit for him, but this was different...Reina...Reina was among them, and Valen was painfully aware that the girl, admirable though her attitude was, was all too easy to dupe into things, after all, if Rosairie had managed it then Slythe certainly could, and he would no doubt make sure that Valen wouldn't have any chance of warning his friend. And then...well, the boy wouldn't for the life of him admit any kind of fondness of Rosairie, nor claim that he would be sad to see her gone, but...'She did save my life.' Valen groaned inwardly, this newly developing part of his personality was becoming a real pain, conscience...who ever heard of conscience on a proffessional criminal? But nonetheless, there it was, he was feeling guilty...guilty about the prospect of betraying these two people, both of which he owed something, albeit in different ways. 'How many more?' he found himself thinking, 'How many times more will I have to betray people like this?' his thoughts suddenly drifted to the disc which was still firmly in his possession, the boy smirking in his mind, although his face remained a blank, 'Maybe just one more...'

"No sir." Valen replied without faultering in the least, "I understand, sir."

"Very good." Slythe replied, "You are dismissed, but remain within the building. There are preparations which you need to attend to."

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July 3rd, 2006, 2:15 PM
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Chain maintained his silence as he watched the scene between Kyoko, Rosairie, and Reina unfold. Almost physically biting his lip to prevent himself from intervening, the trainer straightened slightly as the other trainers suddenly parted ways. It seems the conflict between them is growing worse, more than anything else. But, if anything is to occur as I hope, then such conflict is likely necessary . . . Casting a glance at Reina as she disappeared in the crowd, Chain then turned and started after Kyoko and Rosairie.

His expression unchanging, Chain simply nodded in agreement as Rosairie mentioned her following Kyoko. Waiting until Rosairie left with her Ivysaur, Chain's gaze moved over the area before he turned briefly to Henna. "I need to make a call," he stated simply, starting toward the nearest phone booth. Stepping inside, the male quietly shut the door behind him. And, lifting the receiver, he adjusted one of the spikes on his wristband--tilting the edge up slightly to reveal the Pokeball hidden within. Then, holding the phone between his shoulder and the side of his head, he removed his Pokenav from his pocket and dialed a number. Slipping a few coins into the phone, Chain said nothing--merely waiting. Within half a minute, a satisfying noise resembling static could be heard in the phone. As he raised his wrist, a thin beam of ruby light shortly glittered between his wristband and a port on the phone. Porygon had returned to its Pokeball. Without a word, Chain then hung up the phone, twisted the wristband shut, and returned the Pokenav to his pocket as he stepped out of the booth.

I don't know what happened at WaiWai Inc. But, if it forced Circuit to materialize, then it was likely rather serious. Chain's gaze lowered slightly as he sank into his thoughts. I would like to review the data he retrieved as soon as possible, as well as find out what happened in the WaiWai Inc. database. Perhaps Circuit met with the Porygon 2 we fought earlier . . . Unconsciously fingering the Premier Ball that hung from his neck, a gold light edged Chain's jade eyes. Whatever is happening here, the ceremony will likely mark a significant turning point. I would like to have at least some answers by then . . . If only I knew more.

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The cute eyes did it every time, those adorable little optics that stared into people's foreheads with only innocence behind them that made women under 30 and over 12 lose all control of their emotions in their need to help, protect or cuddle the adorable ball of fluff below them. while they had a tendancy to be used in cirmcunstances they probably shouldn't be used in, everyone could admit that they worked and they worked exceptionally well. This precise instant wasn't much different.After entering the building, Kyoko had entered the building and gone straight to the information desk and more importantly the large steel doors preventing access beyond a certian point without certian clearence. Finding the most gullible woman she could, she gently tugged on the soon-to-be victim's employee issued jacket sleeve, "Ma'am...? Where's your bathroom? The ones for everybody are so packed and I really REALLY gotta go." then came the eyes, the large blue orbs of doom flashed in the lady's general direction as she stepped from side to side lightly. The woman's eyes, following the stereotype to a T, then widened and she gently grabbed the child's wrist, "Why you poor chillie... come with me." Passing through the doors, she led the child to the closest women's bathroom and ushered her into the tiled facility with a little push to the back, "I'll wait right out here, take all the time you need."

- - -

Sucker... They're all the same Smirking lightly, Kyoko turned and locked the single-stall bathroom tight, flicking on the almost ear-deafening fan. Looking upward, she found what she'd come down this way for anyways; an air duct. It was seen in the movies but because of how small the space in the duct actually was, only a small person could reasonably fit into the tight space without getting stuck. This was yet another advantage to being a shirmp and it was one she knew how to take advantage of very well... but not in the dress she was in. Thus, her bag came into play. Crouching to the ground, she took the bag off her body and snagged out the black t-shirt and shorts, quickly exchanging the cute dress and shoes Rosaire would most definatly approve of to the obviously black-listed-in-the-fasion-magazine attire. Packing everything up neatly, she took forth the smaller bag from her normal messanger bag, slipping it on tightly over her shoulders after she'd placed the two important letters in it along with a coil of rope and her Poke-gear (Put on Virbrate/Silent of course) in the front pocket. Sticking a flashlight in her mouth, she pattered over to the mirror, looking up at her first destination; the air duct.

Thankfully, the sinks in this part of the building were seemingly not made to be impressive and the ceramic sink was more than strong enough to support her weight as she slid the metal grate open and shimmied into the tight passage, resealing the duct once she'd gotten far enough in to do so and then she began to crawl. Strangely, her movement was hardly detectable to herself, let alone detactable to the people below in the hallways. Since she obviously had no map, she stayed within sight of people til she found one, indicating that the head-hanco was on the top floor. As she started to look away from the little menu by the elevator, she noticed something more important.

"12th floor, WaiWai Server Control Room"

A daunting smirk crossed her face. That was one challange she wasn't going to ignore.

A bit more crawling led her to the stairwell and it didn't take a genius to know that WaiWai corporate officers didn't take the stairs unless they were forced to do so. Dropping from side of the wall, she quickly accended the stairs to the 12th floor before she shimmied back into her safe little haven among the dust bunnies, her face now covered in the soot. Crawling further, she crawled just above the massive computer that controlled each and every other computer in the facility and waited, silent as a cat stalking its early morning rabbit.

There was only one personal in the room, a man in his mid to late 40s, bald, around three hundred pounds leaning back in his chair eating a hot dog. Brushing the crumbs from his mouth, he popped his head out the door, "Yo. Than. Can I go pee? I seriously. Need to Pee."

"Dude, your break is in like, fifteen minutes! Can't you wait that long?"

"No man. I drank the biggie sized drink... in under five."

"You've gotta be Feebasin' me! You got the Wailmer size?"

"No... the Wailord."

"Jeez... I'll make sure nobody goes in the bloody door... Just hurry..."

"Thanks man!" He scampered out of the room like a dog that had been locked inside all die with an increasing need to relieve himself, stopping just long enough to lock the door behind him.

Heh. It stops people from coming in... through the door. Moving the grate to the side, dropped easily to the carpetted ground, rolling it out to avoid injury as quietly as she could. Standing up, she rubbed the dust from her nose and made quick work of the door by shoving an empty chair under the doorknob and stepped to the main computer, opening the application file clearly labled, "Admin Settings" and its pair, "Observation of the computers in the building" They didn't think anybody would get up here... and the big problems occur on the network, not the main server computer... Teehee.... They were wrong. Giggling lightly, she sat back in a second free chair (not coated in man sweat.) Looking over the availble options, she couldn't help remembering something her sempai had told her once before, long ago.

Nya, listen to me Kyoko. On a group of LANed computers, you have this ability as the admin guy to see everything they're doing. It's called Remote Desktop. Now, the fun comes with something called "Lock Screen" If you do it right, you can make it so that everybody that's directly connected to the network can't do a bloody thing. Serious fun and the only way out of it is to hit unlock. Which means they'll either have to disconnect from the network or get to your computer. So... if you're gunna use it, be careful.

Nodding lightly, she found the said button and was then prompted for a "personalized message" The smirk still evident on her face, she couldn't supress an almost cackle of a giggle as she quickly entered a small phrase in the box, clicked a few settings and hit the "lock all" check box before hitting "apply"

Every computer in the WaiWai building now had an undeletable white screen that simply read in small black text "pwned by a brat"

And it was then Kyoko realized her mistake

They knew exactly where she was

And she didn't know how to fix it.

Fumbling in her bag for her pokegear, she quickly scanned through her contacts, shaking visibly til she managed to send a paniced text message to the only person she thought could possibly get her out of this mess. It simply read: "Umm... if I told you I got into the WaiWai Server.... and I don't know how to make it so they don't know it's me, would you A) believe me and would you B) Please please PLEASE help me? T___T I dunno what to do from here at all! - Kyoko"

and she hit send, watching the little bunny character tell her the message had safetly gotten to Chain.

Now all she could was wait... and hope the door held with the extra couple boxes and the cabinet she'd managed to shove against it as well and also she had to just pray the lady believed the locked door, running water and fan trully meant she.. was in there for a reason.

Yeah. All in all, she was screwed.

Alter Ego
July 7th, 2006, 9:57 AM
OOC: Woo hoo! Activity...nyah, welcome back, Kogenta. A thing or three has occured since you dissapeared, ne? ^-^

As for your post, Mika...I swear everyone is dising Waiwai's security measures. ~_~ Slythe is a paranoid loon, m'kay? He would never leave complete control over local computers to anyone other than himself. Also, Vincent is his main admin (Slythe being a budding world conqurer and all). Oh well, I've got a little back-up plan figured out, so I'll just post that in. Only problem is how Kyoko will escape, cos' I really can't picture Valen giving a hand here (Unless there's some serious profit for him), and Chain hacking his way through full security...nyah, not the easiest of imaginings. o.o


"pwned by a brat..."

Vincent shook his head as the message appeared on his screen, remaining quite calmly in his seat even as the duplicates of said message began causing havoc all around him. 'Looks like someone is playing around with the decoy...' the security chief grinned mirthlessly, 'Someone who apparently doesn't know who they're up against.'

With equal calm he then proceeded to shut his office door and lock it, releasing Whisper to keep watch in case of eavesdroppers before heading back to his computer and carefully extracting a small module from one of the pockets of his suit which he then quite unceremoniously attached to the computer, a small window with the words "Input master access" rebelliously popping up in front of the violating message.

There was one good thing about working for Slythe, Vincent contemplated as he began typing out the numbers and letters. The Viper leader's often irrate and megalomanic scheemes were a bother and the constant paranoia was even worse, but if there was one thing you could count on it was that there was always a back door, usually even a back door to the back door just in case. In fact, the whole security system consisted of a complicated series of access restrictions and the official server control machine was only about a halfway point, loomed over by the chain of authority which was Lori, Vincent, and Slythe, with Slythe on the very top, each member of the chain being fully capable of overriding any decisions made by users of lover rank, provided of course that they gave the correct access code. It was an incredibly clumsy and inconvenient system with lots of room for 'but's and 'if's, but at times like these, it did come in handy.

"Access confirmed." the computer reported, adding a polite "Welcome, user Vincent." before opening up a fully functional desktop.

'That's better...' the security chief mused, promptly unchecking the 'lock all' box and hitting apply. This alone wasn't enough, however, as whoever had hijacked the computer could still keep putting the lock command back up and sealing all the other machines in the building again, if said person was really bent on being a nuisance, anyway.

"Iris..." he said absently, "Confirm user login for the server control."

{Commencing...} the digitalized voice replied dutifully, {Login confirmed as Local Administrator.}

"Figures..." Vincent muttered, "Someone probably had places to go and suckered a grunt to watch it for five minutes after which the grunt had to go and all that rot...Iris, please make a note of docking wages for all employees in the server control room, lock all priviliges of 'Local Administrator' until further notice, then summon security to said area - Code 5: Unauthorized entry and posing as an administrator. Oh, and try to establish visual contact with the server control machine."

The security chief leaned back as the alarm sounded, waiting for any possible video uplink. If the intruder hadn't had the sense to black out the security cameras of the room then this would be a simple matter to solve, escape or no.

'Come now...' Vincent though quietly, smirking for himself, 'I certainly expected something a bit more advanced from you...Chain.'


"Code 5 alert on floor 12! Come on, men, move it! You too, ladies!"

One of the head grunts ran straight past Valen in the corridor, his face slightly flustered from all the hollering as he stopped in front of a small queue of female employees, some of them wearing guard uniforms, others clearly seeming to be regular employees.

"I said move it!" the man continued, "We've got a situation here!"

"Well so do we!" one of the women snapped back, giving him a deathstare, "Some obnoxious brat has been hogging the bathroom for almost half an hour now!"

"Can't you give the little sweetie some time?" the woman in front of said room pleaded nervously, "She's obviously trying her best..."

'Obnoxious brat...' Valen mused for himself, drawing a bit further from the escalating conflict - which the head grunt now seemed to be on the losing side of - and casually beginning to stroll towards the employee staircase. It might not have been as fast as taking the elevator, but at least he didn't have to spend an agonizing time of waiting in the company of sweating obese men in their fourties and dolled up secretary ladies who were still trying to look like they weren't a day over twenty, 'If I didn't know better I'd say that it was-' he paused, suddenly noticing something off about the staircase. It was well known that it was rarely used, almost never, in fact, and so Valen was quite surprised to see a fresh set of partial footprints heading up them, even moreso when said footprints seemed to have been made of dust and dirt rather than the lack thereof.

"Dirt..." the boy frowned, crouching down to examine one of the prints closer, "Not many places where you get that kind of stuff in this pretentious place..." he let his gaze travel in the direction the prints were coming from, his eyes narrowing slightly as he noticed that they stopped just beneath the air vent. The vent was closed of course, and way too small for a full-grown person to squeeze through, but only a fool wouldn't make any effort to cover their tracks, and suppose that the intruder wasn't a full-grown man but a puny little child?

"Seirini." he said, nonchalantly flicking the Arbok's pokéball onto the floor, the snake pokémon soon materializing in a flash of light and looking up alertly, "What can you tell me about the scent of these footprints?" he gestured towards the set, knowing that Arboks - like most snakes - possessed quite terrible eyesight, relying far more on their senses of touch and smell to survive.

'Small...' Valen contemplated, placing one of his own heavy boots beside one of the prints for comparison, 'And probably hurried since he - or perhapse she - doesn't seem to have put their foot down in full at any point. Seems fairly light too, with such faint traces.'

{It...sssmellsss vaguely familiar...} Seirini remarked, looking up, {...but I cannot plassce the ssscent. Perhapsss sssomeone we encountered in the crowd?} had the Arbok possessed shoulders she would probably have shrugged by now, {Ssshouldn't we be joining the othersss...Valen?} she nodded towards another crowd rushing off in the corridor on the other side, repating the code 5 command again.

"No." the boy replied nonchalantly, "Slythe put me on hold until further notice, so why should I bother with this enforcer nonsense? Let the grunts bash themselves stupid against sealed doors trying to get in to our intruder..." he smirked, "I think I just found their way out. Come on." he gestured for the snake pokémon to follow as he took up a casual stride in the direction of the partial footprints. 'After all...' he told himself, 'It's not like I'm in a rush...it's just a diversion, and the longer I keep it up the longer I can enjoy it.'

July 7th, 2006, 11:31 AM

<33~ I love you Alter. -huggle-

XD Nya, remember you're dealing with an immature hacker. xp And every freakin system has a weakness. o-o -nodnod- And it's fun to insult security systems. <3 Except for the Team Rocket one. CUZ I DESIGNED IT. X3 -sweatdrop-

Then Maxie went and blew it up. xx; pfft.

I'll post ic in a few~

July 7th, 2006, 12:21 PM
[OOC: Thank you. ^-^

On an unrelated note: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060705/ap_on_re_us/simpl_wurdz ]

Another call? Hearing a steady series of beeps emitted from his customized Pokenav, Chain again removed the object from his pocket. And, flicking it open, he read the received message.

"Umm... if I told you I got into the WaiWai Server.... and I don't know how to make it so they don't know it's me, would you A) believe me and would you B) Please please PLEASE help me? T___T I dunno what to do from here at all! - Kyoko"

Is she serious? Chain's normally passive expression twisted into a mixture of surprise and confusion, edged with concern and skepticism. What was she thinking? Or rather, was she thinking?

His green-gold eyes flashing, Chain swiftly typed a replied message. "Based on your signal, I'll attempt to pinpoint your position. But, for the moment, explain the situation to me as quickly as possible." He sent the message. Reaching toward his belt, the trainer removed and expanded Abra's Pokeball as his other hand entered a series of commands into his Pokenav, attempting to track Kyoko. Though Chain's expression had somewhat calmed, a tense aura still surrounded him. This is taking longer than I would have liked . . . Wherever she is, it better not be anywhere near the WaiWai Inc. main building.

Suddenly, Chain paused as another thought occured to him. His grip on Abra's Pokeball tightened. Kyoko doesn't know I hacked into WaiWai Inc.'s systems earlier. And, it's likely WaiWai Inc. doesn't know there is more than one hacker . . . If Kyoko is caught, she might be blamed for anything I did earlier. An uncharacteristic impatience entered the hacker's manner as he gritted his teeth. This is a game I can't afford to lose.

July 7th, 2006, 1:53 PM
{ooc| lol Mika! Kyoko's got a lot up her sleeve. xD
I'm so sorry guys, I really am, but I'm just too busy to post at the moment. On Monday I'm going on a school trip to Dublin for five days (we're visiting the guinness factory! |D) and I need to keep on all of my coursework this weekend. I will post if I get a chance!

And Kogenta... wth? That would confuse me!}

July 7th, 2006, 3:19 PM
Name: Cappy
Age: 18
Gender: Female (lol)
Appearance: Cappy is a 5"10 teen who weighs 120 pounds. She has straight, Cherry Red hair and blue eyes. Her skin colur is white, but when she gets in the sun it quickly turns a little tan. At appearance, she looks like a shy- lonely individual. Getting to know her makes this all turn upsidedown. She dresses normally in: a long, white skirt, wears white high, heels, and wears a white shirt. She wears gold earings, and a gold matching locket her grandmother gave her years ago..... She is very decent-looking, and attracts men 70.5% of the time.

Personality: Cappy is a very calm young lady who- loves nursing sick pokemon. When she is with her friends she is a little outgoing, speaks a lot, and listens great. When she's new around she is shy at first- and it takes 4-7 days to warm up. She also loves to pokemon battle- her love for it is undying and has beaten 4 Gym leaders so far. Cappy is a very bright lady who likes to comfort sadf people and pokemon alike. If she ever encountered a situation where she would be forced to hurt / harm someone- even someone she doesn't know or even like, she would ive her own life. Anyone can become cappy's friend in a manner of minutes.

Cappy's First pokemon. Cappy recieved it as a Feebas from her Grandmother, at the time not knowing what would it become. But even so she loved it with all her soul even with its appearance. one day, she found some dry pokeblocks in the store and decided to treat Feebas for its bithday. She fed it a lot and when they went out to play she found a seviper-
who poisoned her. Feebas- with his love and enoguh beuty evolved into milotic, kicked seviper's butt, and took Cappy to a hospital. Milotic is now an experienced battler- and has won many battles in it's time.

Pikachu was Cappy's second pokemon. She encountered it lost in the deep, reaches of the forest seperated by its family perhaps. She quickly brought it home and nursed it back to health. One day, when they all went out for a walk- they found Pikachu's family. Pikachu was free to go- but he wanted to stay with Cappy, so he did.

Pidgeotto was encountereed by Cappy in a forest Forest, after her battle with a Gym Leader (which was a very close win, but she lost). She caught it with a great ball.

RP Sample: It was a sunny day on the Beach and Cappy, again was turning tan. She was there for some beach vollleyball when she heard a small squeal. Looking to her side she saw two men harming a small innocent spinarak. Cappy quickly rushed to the scene and said:

"You to cut that out! don't you have a heart? Hurting an innocent little pokemon like this! You should be ashamed!"
The two men looked at her with awe and said:
"Oh, we are so sorry we ever did anything to make you mad madame."
"it's madameoiselle, thank you!" said cappy
"Really! then the spot's open?!"
"How dare you!" said cappy.
"Owww! said the man." That's it! I've had enough of your silly games Missy-"
"Who said i was playing games? i was trying to stop you two meanies from hurting the Spinirak which is now gone so I can just leave now."
" Go! Zubat!"
"No! I do not want to pokemon battle you now, I have a volleyball game- and I don't want to hurt your precious pokemon."
"Zubat! Wing Attack!"
"Milotic! Take the hit and ice beam!"
"What? Lets get outta here man! I have no time for this!"
Cappy played a good game of volleyball and soon went home, took more care of some of the daycare pokemon left with her, and quietly went to bed.

July 7th, 2006, 9:22 PM

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Now how might you have known this? There are two subtle hints to be found. The first is the fact that this RP has already progressed to the 38th page, which, in RPing terms, is pretty darn far (Unless we're talking about N00B one-liner RPs which this one definitely isn't) and the second hint is the far more subtle little note I made on the second page of the RP. Allow me to quote:

~Sign-ups are now officially over~

Didn't either of these things ring a bell for you? And incidentally, your sign-up was weak average with a very unconvincing RP Sample so even if you had made it in time I would most probably not have accepted you anyway. Really, stop posting into RPs that are already well underway, it's very obnoxious and off-putting and it ticks people like me off. First off, read the friggen' posts to see if applications are still open, and even then; don't clog up the RP but PM the RP master instead! Don't make me use my herring... <___<

End of discussion. Oh yeah, and to make it official you are: ~DECLINED~ with an extra big font for your tactless behaviour.

That aside...Kogenta, that article you found is scary...people trying to bastardize the language just because they're too bloody lazy to learn it? @_@ Sure, the spelling bee competitions are stupid, no argument there, but the whole 'it would reduce illiteracy' argument sucks. Technically, we could also reduce crime by declaring that criminals aren't criminals, but that wouldn't change what they are, now would it? This whole alternate spelling bussiness is the decay of language as we know it, it's quite simply picking on the literates in favour of the illiterate, which isn't any fairer than the current system, just a reversal. What America needs to do is put a bit of time and money into a proper educational system, not start meddling with the rules in order to brush the problem under the nearest carpet. <<

IC will be up after Mika's is.

July 8th, 2006, 3:35 AM
sorry, iv'e never known an RP before so I didn't know........

July 9th, 2006, 6:47 AM
{ooc| *hides under a table from Alter's wrath* *is thankful it is not aimed at her*

And- yaaay, Mika! 'I'll post in the 'morrow' - yay for using phrases that have origionated in my hometown!}

Sinbad was a clever beast, Rosairie gave him that, but when he began to lead her straight for WaiWai inc's headquarters, Rosairie began to doubt. Surely Kyoko would not be so stupid, so bold as to break in to the most proficiantly guarded, technologically secure building in the Upper City...? It was so brusque! So reckless! Then again, it was so Kyoko.

Rosairie stared up at the large glass-and-granite building in awe. It was so modern, so chic, and so terribly menacing she doubted whether she had enough guts to walk through the front door. She glanced to Sinbad, who was watching her in his usual expectant, felie manner, and returned him; she didn't need his scrutiny, not right now. She slipped the pokeball in her bag and strode in, turning to the women on the desk.

"Excuse me..." she began, lowering her voice, "Did a girl in a cute little dress come in...like, ten minutes or so ago?" she asked, trying not to look too eager. Annoyingly, Rosairie didn't have the same effect on middle-aged women as Kyoko had; most eyed her up and down, decided she was dressed far too attractively and therefore must be a spoilt little ***** ready to wrap everyone around her little finger.
The woman infront of her smiled almost pityingly, though. "Was that your sister? She's still the the toilet, I'm afraid. Might be having some...difficulties."
Rosairie bobbed a curtsey, thanked them, and dashed over to check. The toilet door was locked, but Rosairie's manicured fingernails could easily remedy that; she hooked her finger in and dragged the bolt across, and then popped in.

However, the room was empty. And above the stall, there was...
an air vent.
"Crap!" she swore loudly, and darted out. However, now the corridor outside the toilet was teeming with employees. Almost gratefully, Rosairie mingled with the crowd, and allowed them to sweep her along, past the escalators and towards the stairway. She grabbed a ball from her bag.
"Silence, go!" The jolteon appeared in a quivering burst of light. "Can you smell Kyoko?" Rosairie asked desperately.
The Jolteon frowned, shook his, head...then nodded. He took off up the staircase, with Rosairie following in his wake.

July 9th, 2006, 7:10 AM
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O M G. I cannot read the whole article you provided Kogenta!! The spelling makes my head whirl!! @___@ I agree w/Alter though. Some people have trouble with spelling and such, but every language has its problems. Every nation has people who cannot read/write well. The reason America is lagging behind other places is a combination of: lack of proper funding of schools, low parent involvement, fewer qualified teachers because the position pays little to crap, and a nationwide attitude towards schools in general that is poor.

Anywhoo, posting time!


This wandering around was not the best thing. The crowds made it hard to bring out Tabansi or Pixie, and certainly hard for Phoebe, so Reina was all alone. Being alone and bored made her think about things, and these things often included reminiscing. This was something that Reina tried to avoid doing, for it usually ended up makng her remember a less than desirable memory.

A couple was walking in front of her, a rather tall man with a blonde woman next to his right. They were talking about something, but Reina couldn't make out much of it. The woman sounded unconvinced, whatever she was saying. Reina heard the man chuckle, "Oh, don't worry, she's not so bad once you get to know her."

Reina tried not to think of it, but memories often came to mind unwanted....

It was time for Gym class, and the whole lot of them were out at the track, getting ready to run. Reina prided herself on being a fairly fast runner. The other girls were nothing compared to her-- well, that wasn't true, there was... her.

Beautiful, smart, athletic, and the envy of every girl in school; this was Lana. Boy did Reina hate her. She wasn't envious... really... she just couldn't stand the way the girl acted, the way she talked, and the way boys would fawn over her.

Lana, being the athlete she was, was very good at running. Better, probably, than Reina, and this made the redhead furious. Last time the class was out here, Lana had bested Reina, and so Reina was looking forward to the rematch. As the class sat there, stretching before beginning to run, Reina noticed a shadow cover her from the sun.

"So, ready for our rematch? Of course, we all know who will win," Lana's voice said loudly, in the same sugary tone that many voices took when speaking to Reina.

Reina said nothing, but smiled and stood up. She was as tall as Lana, so their eyes met and Reina's bored into the girl's. At first Reina saw only Lana's cocky glance, but after a few seconds she thought she caught the tiniest flash of fear in Lana's large, pale orbs.

"Come on girls, it's time to run!" called their teacher. He was as clueless as he was loud, and his voice was really loud. Reina and Lana walked side-by-side up to where the others stood. "This isn't a race now, okay? I know we had some friendly competition last time, but let's just keep it simple," the teacher said with a dumb smile. He turned around to get his stopwatch out from his bag.

Reina was about to look at Lana, but the girl had moved over to her friends and begun chattering. Suddenly Reina felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a boy's face near hers. Actually, this wasn't just any boy, this was Thoru. Thoru was a friend of Reina's, and he often supported her in the races and things she did. She smiled at him, "What's up?"

He looked a bit nervous, though Reina couldn't really tell why. "Well, um, Reina... I was just wondering if maybe you could--."

"Don't worry Thoru! I've got this in the bag!" Reina boasted, patting the boy on the back hard, "Lana doesn't stand a chance."

His light blue eyes flickered to the dark-haired girl. "Yeah, I know... that's why I wanted to ask you to throw it," he said, not looking at her anymore.

"W-what?! I couldn't throw a contest if my life depended on it!" she said, her voice sounding unusually harsh. What was this? He WANTED that girl to win? To what end? He was her friend, not Lana's.

He shifted his feet, "Look...," he leaned closer to her and spoke in a low voice, "I asked Lana... to go out with me. She said she would if she won today's race with you, so...."

"Are you serious?!" Reina said, bewildered, "You like her? Why?!"

"I... huh? Why does it matter to you?" he came back at her, looking confused.

Reina found herself blushing suddenly. That sounded stupid. "I-I just want to know! She's insufferable, and stupid, and she's mean to me!" Reina said in a very angry whisper.

At that, Thoru looked a bit guilty, "I know but, she's not so bad once you get to know her."

The redhead stared at her friend, looking unconvinced. She had already gotten to know Lana. She was like the others, lying and deceitful; only interested in her own self. Granted, there was nothing wrong with wanting to win or be better than others, but to torment people like they did.... It was too much.

She shook her head at Thoru, amazed he would be so easily blinded by beauty. She did like the boy, and even though she would like to do almost anything to make him smile, she gritted her teeth and looked back at the track.

"I'm not throwing any race for that girl."

.... Coming back from her memories, Reina found she had walked a considerable distance. "Maybe I should head to the Waiwai building," Reina said, looking around a bit. She remembered what the building looked like, but its exact location was something she wasn't sure about. To her surprise, she saw it towering in the near distance, only a short walk away.

"Hm, that's convenient," she said, nodding.

Alter Ego
July 9th, 2006, 9:53 AM
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"Hmm? Something the matter?" the boy asked, lazily turning his gaze over to Seirini when he heard the serpent hiss his name. It wasn't like the Arbok to interrupt work with trivial banter, and seeing as how they had only started their ascent, Valen couldn't really bring himself to think that the snake would have anything to report either. One look into Seirini's eyes confirmed it, this wasn't bussiness...this was something more personal.

{I wisssh to know...} the Arbok said in a level tone, {What hasss been going on between you and that female.}

"Female?" Valen echoed neutrally, still maintaining a slow but steady climb, "What? Do you mean Rosairie? The one with more money than brains? She hates me and I hate her, there's nothing out of the ordinary there."

{No, not that one.} Seirini retorted as Valen had suspected that she would, {I mean that other one, the one with that huge insssect.} the Arbok's tongue flicked a bit in aggitation, various more subtle pieces of body language also bringing out her feelings on the matter quite clearly, {They both tried to do sssomething to you when you were unconsssciousss. Why?}

Valen couldn't help scowling, sheer self-discipline being the only thing that kept him from growling in frustration. What was with everyone suddenly wanting to talk with him about Reina? Lori, the Vincent appartition...even Rosairie, the boy suspected, was entertaining some strange idea about their relationship behind his back. Granted, Rosairie hadn't said anything of the sort yet...but girls like her never said what they meant, anyway. What...he wanted to ask, was so hard about grasping the concept of a friendship between two different genders which didn't involve anything more than that? Because that was surely what the Arbok was getting at, probably worried that she would lose status, jealous as she was. There had been a similar issue with Kachiko, Valen recalled, but the serpent had quite quickly deduced that a cute little baby Mawile wasn't exactly a worthy rival. And Smaelaugh...well, who could possibly take the arrogant little Venonat seriously?

"She's just someone I ran into earlier." the boy replied coldly, "The one who found Kachiko. She was probably trying to help again."

{And you actually let her?} Seirini snapped with a mixture of envy and shock in her voice, {You let yourself get indebted to that-that filthy female and her mutant beetle?! Valen, don't you remember-}

"I do!" Valen interrupted, his anger finally breaking through the veil of calm he had clung to, "We'll never trust anyone but ourselves and each other, I know that! But I didn't exactly get a say about it, you know!" the anger in his glare was enough to make even Seirini recoil a bit, "It-it just happened, okay? And it could have been worse. Reina is allright...she's not like Rosairie or Kyoko or any of those other wimpy little dolly girls who fall over as soon as a strong enough breeze comes by! She's a fighter...a survivor like us. There are far worse people to be indebted to."

Seirini studied Valen for a moment after the boy had finished, the Arbok's tongue flicking about thoughtfully a few times, {Allright, jussst anssswer me thisss.} she said at last, {Isss that female anything more to you than jussst an agreeable debtor?}

"No." the boy replied flatly, but the lie sounded hollow even to him. Of course Reina was more than that...she was a friend, but Valen knew that Seirini's understanding of the concept differed quite thoroughly from his own. For the serpent, there had always been only one friend, only one person she would put her trust in and protect, only one to care about...and it had always been him, Valen. How, then, was he supposed to make her understand that there was now someone else he felt the same way about? That after all the years of this steady pattern he had somehow managed to start feeling a similar connection to someone he had only known for a couple of days? He couldn't. He couldn't even fully comprehend this sudden change himself, let alone explain it in a manner which Seirini could understand. It was the first time he had ever lied to his Arbok...and both were equally shocked by it.

{Allright, then.} the snake pokémon replied calmly, even though her voice made it obvious that it wasn't allright, {I jussst wanted to know.}

"Right." Valen concured, forcing his thoughts back to the matter at hand. Seirini couldn't tolerate this, he knew, not now...it was far too much to take in at once. But maybe with time...well, the boy certainly hoped so. He didn't particularly fancy having his only human friend meet a painful death by blood poisoning. The Arbok was very possessive...and the extremely well-developed poison fangs of hers weren't exactly easing Valen's mood. 'I'll have to keep those two apart for a while...' he added as a mental note, 'Seirini probably won't try anything while I'm around, but I certainly wouldn't risk leaving them alone.'

He paused, suddenly noticing noise from downstairs, a voice...a female voice. Valen frowned, as far as he knew no-one except he and Slythe - who was too paranoid to risk an ambush or assassination attempt in the cramped elevator - ever used the staircase unless it was an emergency, and judging by the sound that this one's boots were making against the staircase whatever she was wearing was certainly quite far from the standard Waiwai uniform.

"Do you hear that?" Valen asked in confirmation, recieveing a nod from Seirini in return. Risking a quick glance over the railing, the boy caught a sight of a figure with spikey white and yellow fur, his alert expression growing far more amused when he realized what that meant.

"So Rosairie is here, eh?" he thought out loud, his voice little more than a whisper as he quickly and silently proceeded up to the next floor with Seirini at his tail, leaning against a nearby wall at such a position that he would be impossible to spot before one had almost come face-to-face with him, while he quietly gestured for Seirini to take up a position by the stairs leading up to block that route from use, "That must mean that our mystery intruder is..." he grinned slightly, "...this should be interesting. Better play it safe, though. Cespenar, I choose you."

At the last part, he nonchalantly grabbed another one of the pokéballs on his belt and released its occupant onto the floor by his side, the Cubone quickly materializing in a flash of light.

{What does the great hero require of-} Cespenar began in an all too loud voice which was quickly silenced by a look from Valen.

"Stay behind me and keep quiet." he said simply, "There is an electric pokémon coming and he might be a bit volatile, so if any thunderbolts come our way, I want you to block them. You do know the Lightningrod technique, correct?"

Cespenar nodded enthusiastically but managed to keep quiet as he reached for his club with a definite air of excitement about him, as if this was all a grand game and he had just been chosen as the main player, but after a few agonizing moments of position shifting on both Valen's and Cespenar's part, the Cubone had finally been concealed from view quite efficiently.

'The trap is set...' Valen thought for himself, '...and knowing Rosairie she'll rush right into it. Let's see how she plans to sweet-talk her way out of a breaking entry charge.'

July 9th, 2006, 10:23 AM
{ooc| Poor Valen; he has exactly the same problem with Seirini as Maxie has with Fang.}

After they had been climbing for a while, Silence gave a soft whimper. Rosairie glanced at him, and crouched down so she was at his level. He padded over and rested his chin on her knee, gazing up at her with his empty eyes.
"Kyoko?" she whispered, but the jolteon shook his head. He stuck his tongue out and made a feeble hissing noise, which made Rosairie giggle. Even Silence allowed himself a chuckle, and for a moment Rosairie felt a rush of love for the little pokemon she saved. Just seeing him smile, oh, it was such a lovely feeling. "There's a...snake on the stairs?" she said, still giggling. Suddenly, realisation struck her. "An Arbok?"
The jolteon nodded, and his fur bristled, as if steeling himself.
"Kyoko's probably in trouble, if he's around," she old her pokemon in an angry whisper. "Well, there's nothing for it. Cover me."

She rose to her feet, and Silence jumped to stand by her heels, his spines all strangely vertical for once. Rosairie broke into a run, taking two stairs at a time, and wheeled around to face him.
Silence, sensing Rosairie's hammering heart, began to snarl, sparks flickering and dancing across his coat. Rosairie seemed oblivious.
"What've you done with her?" she asked steely.

Alter Ego
July 9th, 2006, 10:47 AM
OOC: Yish, I noticed that Seirini had gotten very little space to express her personality (Cespenar will get a good amount of spotlight later on, mmmyeesss...) and I really couldn't picture her reacting to this any other way. There's a slight difference, though, Fang is a cute little Zubat whom Maxie can stuff into her pocket at will while Seirini is a full-grown Arbok who was originally trained for the assassination program (Since she was deemed to hostile for regular training), so...Valen has it harder, really. xD


"Done to her?" Valen didn't let as much as a flicker of emotion cross his face despite Rosairie's bravado. He knew that behind the facade this was little more than a spoiled - and somewhat hysteric - little brat he was dealing with, and with Cespenar around, Silence was about as much of a treath to him as a lone Magikarp was to an industrial-sized fishing vessel. What's more, the law was now on the boy's side.

"Not a thing." he concluded evenly, purposefully locking his eyes with Rosairie's. The boy had often heard that the misty-grey pair he possessed was unnerving to look at for long, and he certainly wasn't about to pass up on that opportunity, "That is, of course, if the 'she' you are referring to happens to be our mystery intruder who, with malice and afterthought, snuck into this building and hacked into our computer networks in an attempt to cause disorder in a time of crisis." he shook his head slowly, taking on a would-be sad voice as he carefully painted up the prosecutor's scenario for Rosairie "And after refusing to give proper identification too...truth to be told, I wasn't even sure if this intruder was Kyoko. She was really quite cunning at to pass unnoticed. That is..." the boy added, "...until you came stampeding in like that. Rather ironic for a supposed rescue, wouldn't you say?" he took a brief pause, allowing his words to sink in.

"I'm surprised, really." Valen continued in a conversational tone, "I never figured that breaking and entry was your forte, Rosairie. Or is this another hobby of yours that your daddy finances? I bet he will be thrilled to find out that you've moved on to such...ambitious goals. Security measures are pretty tight around here, as are punishments."

July 9th, 2006, 11:15 AM
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Rosairie felt sick.
Valen was talking, and what he was saying - what he was saying made sense. Kyoko was... oh God, Kyoko was in danger because of her! His cold grey eyes were staring her down, and despite the fact that Silence had become a ball of lightning Valen did not seem worried in the slightest. Her Jolteon was snarling, no doubt reacting to Rosairie's body; her palms were suddenly hot with fear, her stomach churned with guilt, and as a result Silence was cranking up the power, baring his fangs in fury.

Then Valen said it.
"Or is this another hobby of yours that your daddy finances?"

Rosairie lurched forward. Her palm swung through the air, slapping Valen hard against his cheek. Her hand burned, but her fury was a fiercer fire.
"Shut UP, Valen!" she snapped, "SHUT UP, and stop talking like suddenly you know EVERYTHING about me! I'm rich, okay? Yeah? Got that? But stop treating me like I was served food from a golden spoon and my father paved my way with money! My father does not care a rat's *** about me! Okay?" she slammed her fist against the wall, "stop treating me like I'm some spoilt BRAT, okay? I'm sure your life was terrible, and all that jazz, but it wasn't paticularily peachy for me either!" she fell silent, biting her lip. Memories came flooding forward; waiting for him, morning after morning... she had been five then. Mama had gone. The house was cold. Hearing him, upstairs, with that girl barely a decade older than her.... she had been seven then, clinging to her Magby, wishing-

Rosairie shook her head fiercely. There was no time for memories. She turned to stare at Valen defiantly.

July 9th, 2006, 11:21 AM

-stabs PC through the heart-

I wrote a freakin long post, saved it an everything and PC deleted it. -is infuriated- they've had some really werid database problems lately.... but it's php based so I don't know squat on how to fix it. -is an asp geek-


Had she not remember that every being in this world seemed to have an undenyable desire for security cameras, Vincent would've seen her clearly. Thankfully, she'd at least seen that and released Chiisai. A thick black Haze fog now filled the room, something Kyoko was used to being around constantly, and prevented anyone from seeing anything except the dim light emiting from under the computer desk.

Whimpering softly, she tapped a message back to Chain, I came to WaiWai to get something to Vincent and Valen but when I saw the security room... I thought I might be able to find something to help everyone, to not be useless and stuff but I completely forgot to cover my tracks and I'm seriously screwed... I'm just gunna make a run for it... Oh and we're supossed to be at this building.

She was about to shut down the pokegear when a thought came to her and she pulled up her friend's list, scrolled down a reasonable way and dialed, barely audibly muttering into the phone, "Sempai... I think... you're gunna be mad at me."

Nya...? Who is-Kyo-chan? Your brother's been on my arse for a week now, where in Zi's name are you?

"You haven't used that phrase in awhile... you okie Sempai?"

Never mind... just tell me A) where you are and B) why you're calling me. I kinda have an issue at the moment, a bunch of morons who don't know how to defend their own freakin shipyard and it's preventing me from getting to Hoenn which is therefore pissing me off because I have to be at a meeting in Hoenn in three days and I can't do a bloody thing til I get there and I can't get there if I have. No. Ship. And I can't call and get a heli lift... cuz I kinda punched some guy's lights out

"That wasn't intelligent."

No duh. Now stop changing the subject and tell me what you did this time...

"I didn't change the- Gargh...I broke into a huge corperation thinger..."

...you didn't cover your tracks and now you've come crying to me?

"Pretty much."

Jeez Kyo-chan... Wait, you did block the camera didn't you?

"Y-yeah... I had Chii use Haze..."

Well then you're not in a hopeless mess... My adivce to you is get the hell out of there and do it as quickly as you ca-oh jeez... what company did you run into? If the security isn't what you expected, they're high class.


...turn off your phone now. I'll see if I can't get you some information and call back. Just get the hell out of there... if they're... nevermind. Just get out of there and DO NOT get caught. Do you understand me? Do. Not. Get. Caught. You've got my Pokegear, PVisa and the GP has GPS tracking. They catch wind of me, I'm gunna be pissed. And then I'm coming after your small little hide and there isn't a place in this world you can hide from me. ja ne~

Sighing, she clicked "end call" on the phone and stood up, clicking off her flashlight, she moved to the rope hanging from the vent and shimmied up it, crawling back down. She could easily slide down the shafts once she got through the exchange at the stairwell. One area, one problem. Swallowing hard, she returned the dragon pokemon and shut the vent closed, allowing the smoke to clear as she did so.

Strangely, she'd left not a single footprint or fingerprint (gloves) on the computer, the chair under the doorknob or the rope. The only trace of her being there was the smudged footprint on the inside of the vent, the vent she was now scrambling through as quickly as she could without being audible.

But she was stopped cold at the sight of Rosairie and Valen in the stairwell. With them... all but directly below her, she couldn't drop from the cieling and safely walk down the stairs instead of trying to go down the almost 90 degree shoot at each level change. Swallowing hard, she simply closed her eyes and was about to slide down when her Pokegear started ringing. oh...shi- scrambling for it, Kyoko placed a hand wrong and fell right through the vent she hadn't really closed going up, falling flat on her butt right behind Valen. Withholding a squeak (She hadn't made a sound falling thankfully, yay for carpeted stairs) she scampered behind the door and answered the phone, hissing lightly into it, "Not. A. Good. Time."

Shove it. This is freakin' me out. I can't acess what little data we have on this company... I'd hafta go to the top and I've told you before, he screws with the GP for me and Rae. Nobody elese. So I suggest you keep away from these people.

Not really thinking about it, she all but screeched into her phone, "HEY. Instead of worrying about your own arse why don't you think about mine!? I'm stuck in this stupid building with idiots looking all over for me and all you can do is say, 'You're screwed'!? You are the one who told me to do something like this to get information or don't you remember that?! You said this would work, you told me getting information like this would make me an asset to somebody and now you're just backing out on me? You self centered self absorbed *****!"

And uh

After that

She kinda realized...

She'd just screamed all that out.

In a hallway that echoes

With Valen around the corner.

A very angry face-slapped Valen around the corner.

Standing up, she tried hard to supress the panic swelling up inside of her stomach but somehow the girl managed to push it into a back corner and seriuosly think through her neck move. Her forehead was bleeding, probably from the fall, and Valen was around the corner. A good option? Run. Turning lightly, she managed a quick moment of eye contact with Rosairie before she simply lowered her body slightly and darted between the bars of the saftey wall, falling to the ground without as much of a scratch thanks again to her roll.

Yawning, she stood up, continuing down the stairs to her other vent.

Alter Ego
July 9th, 2006, 11:42 PM
In the few seconds that followed Rosairie's slap, a great deal of things happened.

At first Valen felt the familiar urge to lash out and give the arrogant little whelp a piece of his mind. Slapping Valen was a veritable deathwish, so what could be said about someone who did that twice? A quick blow to the stomach would probably do the trick, anorectic as she was, and if Silence interfered - like Valen knew he would - a Bonemerang from Cespenar would take care of the Jolteon in a flash. But most of all, Valen felt an urge to retort verbally to the assault; to tell Rosairie that, despite her little sobb-story of being a millionaire's daughter who was hopelessly neglected by everyone, she at least had a family and a home, probably had a mother too, at least used to have. To remind the stuck-up brat that she wasn't the one who had been rejected at birth.

But alas, before he got to utter any of the vicious retorts he had prepared, another source of interruption had emerged in the form of Kyoko's fall and consequent dash for freedom.

"I'll deal with you later." he hissed to Rosairie, "Seirini, if she as much as twitches, alarm everyone with a Screech."

He reached for one of the remaining pokéballs on his belt, tossing it over the railing so that its occupant easily cut off Kyoko's escape route.

"Kachiko!" he called out, "Baton Pass to me!"

The Mawile blinked. Was this some kind of game? Ohh...maybe it was a game of tag and Valen was it? Yes, of course.

{Okie, papa!} she called out, giggling slightly as she took up her familiar dance routine, ending with a skip into the air and a quick flash as the two switched places, Valen now materializing directly in front of his target.

"It's no use." the boy remarked flatly, "I've got my pokémon situated all around the area and thanks to Kachiko I can switch around their positions at will. And failing that..." he continued, "I'm now an eye-witness for the crimes of both concerned, and infiltration like yours in a time of crisis and assistance to such activities, which Rosairie was trying to render, are both CAPITAL crimes." he placed a purposeful emphasis on 'capital', "So unless you want to act like an immature brat and get caught, I suggest that you stop and be reasonable about this...after all, I more or less have you two at my mercy, do I not? And this being the case..." he continued calmly, "Wouldn't it be more prudent for you to...bargain?"

July 9th, 2006, 11:49 PM
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Anyway, I give Mika permission to bunny Rosairie for the next five days. As in, just make her run away from danger and/or evil men. Yey.}

July 10th, 2006, 1:08 PM
[OOC: It seems the height of posting time is also the time of my weekly absence. ^-^; Heh, ironic.

Also, does everyone know Valen works for WaiWai Inc.? This was written under that assumption . . . ]

She's in WaiWai Inc.? Chain stared in disbelief at the message now displayed on his Pokenav screen. And I only retrieved Circuit a few moments ago . . . His eyes narrowing slightly, Chain typed a swift response. Make sure you leave no signs of your presence there. And, if possible, shut down the security cameras. If you can't do it by the system, do it by force.

The trainer paused as his Pokenav emitted a single beep, indicated it had locked onto Kyoko's Pokegear, verified her ID, and was now tracking her. Opening a new screen, Chain magnified the map. Looks like she's on the move. I can't see the specifics too well, but it seems she's trying to escape the building. Calculations raced through Chain's mind as he attempted to plan his next move. WaiWai security will be tighter than ever, though perhaps Kyoko's actions will have caused enough chaos to provide some advantage. I can't depend upon that, though. I need a plan.

Deleting his previous message, Chain wrote a quick, somewhat terse reply to Kyoko. "Keep running. I'll meet you as soon as possible." After sending the message, the hacker sharply snapped his Pokenav shut. He stifled a sigh as he glanced toward Henna. "Sorry. I have something to take care of." Without any further explanation, he released his Abra. And, kneeling beside it, he placed his hand upon its head and concentrated, attempting to convey his thoughts to the psychic Pokemon as he quietly commanded, "Teleport." Trainer and Pokemon vanished.

Materializing a few blocks from WaiWai Inc. Chain lifted his Pokemon in his arms. I dare not Teleport any further. One of the dangers of Teleport is never fully knowing what you will Teleport into. Attaching Abra's Pokeball to his belt, Chain started toward the WaiWai Inc. building, silently musing,"I guess it's 'out of the frying pan and into the fire.' But first, I would like to know a bit about the fire I'll find myself in. The trainer's gaze turned down toward Abra. I can't trust my usual methods--namely technology. So, I'll need to use something different.

Leaning his head down slightly, Chain spoke quietly to the sleeping form he held. "Abra, use Psychic to scan the WaiWai Inc. building. Make particular note of anyone you recognize, and transfer the information directly to my mind." Shifting slightly amidst its slumber, a blue aura surrounded Abra. Unseen waves flowed noiselessly from the Pokemon's tan body, the majority of them being directed to the headquarters that towered a short distance ahead. Making a conscious effort not to tighten his hold on Abra, Chain flinched as information was streamed into his mind. The psychic force combined with the amount of material was overwhelming, and a piercing headache now throbbed through Chain's mind. Aside from this, receiving unfiltered, complete data from a Psychic Pokemon's mind was often dangerous--particularly for those unaccustomed to it. Thus, Chain preferred to avoid such methods whenever possible.

Though his physical eyes were closed tightly, Chain's mind's eye darted through the WaiWai Inc. building, searching for anyone he recognized. Forms like shadows were more readily seen than colours, and sounds were faint and distant unless focused upon. Wait . . . That's Rosairie. And Valen's Arbok is in front of her-- The scene rushed past the stairs onto the nearest floor. There, stop! The view halted, allowing Chain to observe the confrontation between Valen and Kyoko. This is bad . . . I could hardly afford to Teleport in front of Valen. And, Abra hasn't much practice with its long-range teleportation. Even under the assumption that Teleport was successful, it would probably shed unneccesary suspicion on me. If I were caught, then my information would be of no use to anyone.

Grimacing, Chain placed a hand against his head--almost dropping Abra. The image before him blurred as a shock of pain passed through his mind. I can't stay in this mode for much longer. But, I have to do something . . . It's not much, and I doubt Valen will appreciate this. But, I have little choice. Chain lowered his arm, again placing it about his Pokemon. Abra, put me in telepathic contact with Valen.

"Valen, this is Chain. At the moment, I am contact with you via Abra. I know the current events occuring in WaiWai Inc. Headquarters. And . . . " The trainer paused as he began to grow unsteady. "And, I have a question. Why did your superiors call us to a supposed 'award ceremony'? I doubt that any one of the 'winners' does not have that question as well as their own supsicions. But, I am sure this tournament's organizers must have some purpose for what they do. A trickle of warm blood escaped Chain's left ear, though the voice of his mind continued. We all have questions, Valen--even you. But, this our chance to get answers. If not to live out whatever purpose the tournament's hosts have planned, then to find their own--or even your--answers, please free Kyoko and Rosairie for the moment." As he felt the telepathic connection begin to weaken, Chain finished, irony and sarcasm edging his mind's voice, "Besides, the tournament ceremony is in that building, right? Kyoko and Rosairie are guests. Maybe they just got lost." The connection vanished.

Chain's hands fell away from Abra, who swiftly Teleported itself onto the the sidewalk's surface. Clamping his hands over his mouth, the male dropped to his knees, his stomach tightening and lurching as he attempting to prevent himself from coughing blood. A thin trace of scarlet was now drawn from each of the trainer's ears as crimson began to fill his eyes.

After several minutes, Chain slowly drew his hands away from his mouth. His breath began to steady and the flow of blood from his eyes and ears had already ceased, leaving only a slight flow of blood from his nose. Reaching his maroon-darkened hand to his side, Chain grasped a Pokeball. Lifting it, he recalled Abra, saying, "Thanks. Take a rest now; you deserve it."

Staggering to his feet, Chain placed a hand against the nearest wall to steady himself. Despite the numbing headache that remained, the hacker felt himself steadily regaining his energy. That could have gone better. But, at least it was better than last time. Slowly turning his undulled, gold eyes toward the WaiWai Inc. Headquarters, Chain fell still for a moment. I just hope it helped.

July 10th, 2006, 4:19 PM
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Oh, and I'm not sure who knows that Valen's with Waiwai. I know Reina knows (somewhat), but I don't know who else does.

On a side note, man do Rosairie and Kyoko push Valen's buttons! XD The poor kid's day is like a roller coaster of emotions!


On the outside of the Waiwai building, things seemed to be calm and normal. The employees certainly knew how to cover up a commotion. To Reina, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She was trying to pay more attention though, seeing as she was next to terrible about observation. When Tabansi and Valen had noticed that person, or whatever, spying on them, she had felt quite stupid. Being ignorant was something she would not stand for. Until now though, she had never really needed to watch for spies and such. The kids in school and in town were sloppy and definitely unprofessional when it came to stealth.

Well, she was improving a little; after all, she had noticed that woman's camera get stolen. Reina smiled to herself.

She was about to close in on the building, when she heard what sounded like a familiar voice. Frowning, Reina turned to her right to see Chain, the boy steadying himself on a wall with what appeared to be blood on him.

"Chain? What in the heck's going on?" she asked him, walking briskly up to him. Her hazel eyes searched the area quickly to make sure that there were no shady characters hanging around. There appeared to be no one.

So what had happened?

July 10th, 2006, 5:23 PM
Chain turned in sudden surprise at the sound of Reina's voice--an action he immediately regretted as a sharp pain struck his head like a hammer. For a moment he was silent, unsure how to answer her question. I wonder how I'm going to explain this . . . The trainer wiped a little blood away from his mouth with the back of his hand, though he doubted it would make much difference. Forcing a slight smile, he finally replied, "I suppose I pushed myself a bit too much. Sorry I'm somewhat of a mess."

Lowering his hand from the wall, Chain straightened slightly, though his smile faded. "If it's alright, I think I need to find some place some place to wash up a bit. I don't want to be late for the ceremony." As he turned away from the WaiWai Inc. building, he almost laughed aloud--realizing how shallow such a statement might have sounded under different circumstances. Placing his hands in his pockets to hide their stained palms, Chain lowered his head a bit, using the shadow of his hair to cover his face. "By the way, I heard there was a little commotion at WaiWai Inc. It's out of my hands now, but you could try making a difference if you'd like."

The trainer started down the street.

July 10th, 2006, 6:34 PM

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The following Valen slamming was all Charon's idea. o-o I just posted it and made it eviler. Don't. Hurt. Me.

even tho I seriously enjoyed writing it...


Drop the ball, watch it fall far below

She'd taken that step backward, that unvoluntary step that simply appeared to be an after effect of intimidation and in its purest form it was. Valen had appeared less than two feet away from her, close enough for her to catch his scent, far enough to avoid a collision. Human nature demanded she avoid bumping into him, thus she stepped back. Her heel locked itself in the small space between the two steps and she fell, hitting the padded stairwell that really wasn't all that padded when a head connects with it at a rather quick speed.

Suck you in, hold your breath

But it had done more than knock the wind out of her and cause her to sit up slowly, breathing unevenly. Something had obviously fallen from her pocket; the audible clink as it hit the stairs two floors down was evidence of that and her entire expression changed to one the psychic had seen earlier. Several unmentionalable words left her lips as she completely blocked out Valen, dropping to her stomach to reach for the shimmering object, her pokegear, and Chain's message, flashing in her face as she did so. Sitting back up, she quickly tapped a response, still oblivious to Valen's trash talking.

Sorry Chain... I'm a burden on you... and on Nee-chan, getting the both of you involved was never in my original plain. I thought that I'd impress you with this sort of thing and I won't be just a dumb kid. I know... that was foolish and... I'm sorry. closing her eyes lightly, she rubbed her left eye before she finished the message But... I just can't run. Not without my shiney. Please don't get caught, I'd never be able to forgive myself. - Kyoko

The undertow creeps in slow

No... she hadn't been listening to Valen.

What was he saying?

She couldn't make it out, her eyes were stuck staring at that object, at its silver tint.

Just a little further, she only had to reach a little further. Then she could get out of here. She'd snag Rosairie and run. Running always worked, adults couldn't keep up with her stamina and gave up or simply fell over. She just had to get that item, that silver shimmering object that had fallen from her pocket, and put it back in her pocket, to keep it safe, to keep it close. It was all she had... all she had...

Everyone owns a gun deep inside

But when he called her a brat, the rest of the words began to become clear in her young mind and her head snapped towards him, her eyes flashing a new color to him, not the normal pink they normally were but now flashing a very clearly angry redish-yellow color, "You know, you say I'm the stupid brat... but you're no better than me. You don't know a thing. You talk like you can control me, like you're better than me and how, if I'm a good little girl and beg you nice and submissive like, you might let me and Nee-chan go. Get a grip Valen; I'm not afraid of you. I never have been. I'm not going to fall to my knees and grovel. Rosairie had nothing to do with any of this and you know it." Stepping a bit towards him, she couldn't retain a smirk, "Besides, if you think she'll keep quiet about how she saved your pathetic worthless hide, you're wrong. She's not as nice as she tries to make very one believe and you wouldn't want the boss who's rear end you're currently kissing to find out how pathetic his little pet is, now would you? Go to hell Valen. You don't know a blasted thing." She shoved him firmly to the side to get past him, taking off after her shiney but this motive was only in her mind, to Valen she was probably attempting to flee his capture.

It's just a matter of how much you let it slide

Alter Ego
July 11th, 2006, 4:00 AM
OOC: Insults, insults, insults...*Shakes head* You people are so ebil to my little boy. ;;__;; Not even a moment of righteous retribution...oh well, I'm afraid that Valen completely ignored Kyoko's little show of bravado. (Trust me, it's for the best. After that he'd feel more obliged to just hurt Kyoko as much as possible. o.o) Although really, the original plan was for him to let them go just to spite Slythie. Nyah...too bad neither had the sense to try playing on that, eh? Really, this rampant hostility is starting to get kind of old...maybe something a little more creative next time?


Words were coming from Kyoko's mouth, but as far as Valen went they were little more than a sensless jumble of sounds, like the steady drone of a distant river. He had a far more pressing issue at hand, an issue within his head. As Chain's message reached him, the boy began to feel slightly nauseous, a blurred haze obscuring his mind from the rest of the world and his head taking on a slow, steadyl throbbing, a dull ache that set him in a rather fuzzy state of mind, like something between sleeping and waking. He was vaguely aware of Kyoko dropping down after something and then continuing, the drone of sound taking on a higher pitch, but Valen wasn't paying attention, far too concerned with the voice occupying his head. Usually, recipients of psychic messages felt little or no side-effects from the procedure, save perhaps the disorienting feeling caused by a foreign voice in their heads, but to Valen it was different...quite considerably different, in fact. A rare condition, he had overheard one of the doctors calling it, unprecedented, some kind of natural aversion to psychic powers. He hadn't thought much of it at the time, save the unpleasant experience of a two-day coma in the middle of a mission, and the doctors had certainly been quick to close ranks and hide whatever information they possessed. Valen hadn't really bothered with it at the time...

"Valen, this is Chain. At the moment, I am contact with you via Abra. I know the current events occuring in WaiWai Inc. Headquarters."

'Chain...' Valen mused, 'Figures...minds, computers, guess he hacks into whatever he wants.'

'Then he's an intruder!' another voice interjected, 'And he knows too much! He must be stopped in the interest of the organization!'

'Organization's interest...' Valen retorted, his mind too hazy to even begin wondering about where such a voice would come from, '...not mine.'

'But you are a part of the organization!'

'I'm on standby.'

'It's a serious security breach!'

'Not my problem.'

'He could find out about you.'

'Works for me as long as he shares. I want to find out about me too.'

"And, I have a question." the continued message interrupted, "Why did your superiors call us to a supposed 'award ceremony'? I doubt that any one of the 'winners' does not have that question as well as their own supsicions. But, I am sure this tournament's organizers must have some purpose for what they do."

Valen blinked, swaying slightly to and fro as the symptoms began to get worse, the throbb growing louder. Was he supposed to answer? But he didn't know how. He wasn't a hacker, especially not when minds were concerned. Maybe if he just thought about it? An award ceremony...you made those to...give away prizes? The boy scowled, no, that wasn't right, that ceremony's purpose was different...it was to persuade, persuade into...a particularly nasty throbb cut off that line of thought, the answer he knew he possessed becoming helplessly lost in the haze. Besides, the continuing message didn't exactly help his concentration.

"We all have questions, Valen--even you. But, this our chance to get answers. If not to live out whatever purpose the tournament's hosts have planned, then to find their own--or even your--answers, please free Kyoko and Rosairie for the moment."

'Free them...'

'But they are the enemy!' the voice interjected once again, 'Both to you and to the organization!'

'And you have them at your mercy...' a third, more sinister tone joined in, '...when will you have such an opportunity again?'

'Both justice and enjoyment.' the first voice joined in.

'But no answers...' Valen found himself thinking, experiencing an increasing difficulty to keep steady. He was vaguely aware of Kyoko closing in on the end of her little argument, but he just couldn't seem to focus on it, '...Chain...he could...give me answers.'

'Do answers bring joy?'

'They bring knowledge.'

'And has the knowledge you've gathered this far helped you...or caused pain?' the sinister voice inquired.

'Well, mostly confusion but...'

'So why seek more?' the first voice pestered, 'The more you know the less you understand. Is that what you want? An eternity of pain and confusion?'


'Useless details only bring doubt and weakness.' the second voice remarked, 'And you don't want to be weak...do you, Valen?'

'I don't want to be ignorant either...'

"Besides..." came Chain's voice with an all new sarcastic edge, "...the tournament ceremony is in that building, right? Kyoko and Rosairie are guests. Maybe they just got lost."

Valen couldn't help grinning just a bit, despite the pain. Sarcasm and irony where the kind of humour he appreciated most.

'It could be that way...' he told the voices mockingly. With the connection broken, the nausea was easing up, which marked the return of his wit.

'Preposterous!' the first voice retorted.

'Their involvement is obvious.' the second one concured.

'Do we have proof?'

'There are footprints.'

'No rule against using the stairs.'

'But they begin at the air vent!'

'Maybe that's where they got dirtied.' quite honestly, Valen didn't have a clue about why he was taking up the defence of a case which was so obviously false, but somehow it seemed like the right thing to do. At the very least, it opposed the voices, and right now that was his top priority.

'But that dirt.'

'Could have fallen from the vent.'

'And Rosairie-'

'...is clueless and always skittering after that little girl like a lost litte puppy. No proof.'

And then the push came, the only reason it had any effect on Valen being that he wasn't paying attention and was still recovering from his previous state of weakness.

Still running ahead...Kyoko was crazy if she thought she could make it. Rosairie was both crazy and foolish to think that charging straight into the mess would somehow help Kyoko, and hacking into someone's mind to plead a case in the defence of these two was certainly crazy.

Valen shook his head. They were all lunatics...but he was going to top them.

"Hey brat!" he called after her, knowing full well that Kyoko detested the name and so would most probably pay some attention at least, before lowering his voice to a normal tone - if she chose not to listen to it that was her problem - "If you go down the hallway you're as good as caught. Send that Shuppet of yours to screech in the other end of the building...that should alert most of the guard force over to the area so you might have a shot at escaping then. But only one, so unless you want your precious nee-chan to get caught I suggest that you fetch her first. And while you're at it, tell her that I now consider my debt cleared." his gaze was already focused elsewhere as he turned to head back up the stairs and regroup with his pokémon, "So don't count on me to protect you from your own stupidity next time!"

There was going to be a vicious retort - probably two of them, if Rosairie heard - this the boy knew...but if Kyoko had even the smallest bit of sense in her head -he was way beyond expecting that from Rosairie - then she would at least heed his advice, and that was about as much as he was willing to do for either of them. He intently blocked out his hearing from the surrounding world as he ascended the stairs, still feeling rather light-headed and weak from the psychic connection.

"Kachiko, Cespenar, Seirini...return." he said, absent-mindedly pointing the three pokéballs in their general direction and scooping his team up before he proceeded to head out through the nearest door and into the hallway.

'I did what I was told, like a good boy...' he thought for himself, '...if they're to stuck up to take advantage of that then that's their funeral, not mine.'

Meanwhile, way up the staircase - at the top floor, in fact - the solitary figure of a rather average-looking female, dressed in a suit quite similar to the ones male executives wore, chuckled for herself, a slight smirk spreading across her slightly childlike face as she absent-mindedly ran a hand through her short, and very neatly kept, black hair.

"Still working your old parlour tricks...Astra?"

Mr.Lavell stepped forward from the shadows, calmly walking up to the woman and giving her a sideward glance.

"Parlour tricks?" Astra echoed with somewhat strained politeness as she turned around to face the man, "I'm altering decisions and shaping minds, not just performing some pathetic manipulation like you, Lavos. Need I remind you that you should adress your supperiors with proper courtesy, number five?"

"Please refer to me as Mr.Lavell." Lavos replied with a hint of a smirk, "That is the name I am supposed to go by, if you will recall. And ranks can be altered...you should know that by now, number three."

The psychic's expression darkened, "Old steeljaw only got that position on a fluke, and his standing is only such because of the bargain. What is he, after all? Not a true godking like us but a mere plebian hiding behind his gadgets and theorems." she spat reproachfully, "Our lord shall put him in his place when he is no longer necessary."

"Perhaps so..." the man replied evenly, "...but the fact remains that he has proven to be quite a considerable asset this far, whereas you, with all due respect, have not quite been living up to our lord's expectations."

"What?" Astra hissed, her face paling visibly, although whether this was because of fury or fear remained unclear, "How-how dare you insinuate-"

"The progress you are making on preparing the avatar has been far slower than expected." Lavos cut in, "And then, of course, there are also the little incidents you've been causing. Do you know that the system administrator almost caught your little infiltrator the other day? And let's not forget that some of the chosen - wasn't there a total of three, in fact? - caught you red-handed. And then there was that one whom - and please correct me if I'm wrong - you annoyed so much that she kicked you in the face?" he shook his head, "Such performrance is very ungainly for you and, by association, the rest of us. You should know how He feels about failure..."

"Minor inconveniences." Astra muttered, glaring at the man, "In the long run it makes no difference. The three who caught me remember nothing, the administrator has no proof of my interference, the brat can and will be disposed off, and if anything, these complications have served as an excellent basis for further 'visions'..." she took a pause, casting another glance over the railing, "Granted, our first little candidate has been more resitant to the change than I thought...but his defences are breaking, and the other is all but ripe for the plucking." the woman's eyes glinted maliciously, "So do not seek to mock me, number five." she turned back to face the man, glaring sternly at him, "You should be more worried about your own mission, these children have proven to be quite the handfull."

"My thanks for the concern..." Lavos replied in such a polite voice that it gained a sarcastic edge, "...but I have things well under control, and..." he smiled just a bit, "...I will be playing with both a homefield advantage and the element of surprise."

"Element of surprise, is it?" Astra remarked, "And you really think that the boy isn't going to interfere?"

"I'd be surprised if he didn't." Lavos replied calmly, "But it will be little more than a nuisance at best, and as long as we have the spare he is expendable. Which..." he added, "...is all the more incentive for you to finish your task in a timely fashion. Good day."

With that, Mr.Lavell dissapeared back into the hallway as stealthily as he had arrived.

"Oh, I will..." the psychic muttered in the direction that Lavell had departed, "And you will still regret your insolent attitude, number five." she cast a glance over the railing at the distant figure of Kyoko far below, acting in a most unladylike manner as she spat down at the distant target, "...as will you, little brat."

Her primary point of interest now lost, she turned her gaze back up and dissappeared with a quiet poof, leaving the area as empty and spotless as it had been before she came.

OOC: Yuh, long postie. Valen's psychic aversion comes, of course, from the fact that he has such a strong connection to the poison type, but this will all be explained later on. Pwhee for foreshadowing, I guess. ^^

July 11th, 2006, 10:15 AM

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>>; so I'll be back Thursday, maybe tomorow.

July 11th, 2006, 2:28 PM
OOC: Man... tensions rise! XD I think Kyoko would have been in big trouble had Valen actually heard that stuff. He IS a person that knows how to, erm, severely injure someone. ._.

Aw, Mika that sucks about your eye! I hate it when doctors are clueless... it's kinda scary. I mean, diagnosing is their job. >_>

Anywhoo... I hope Alter doesn't mind, but I'm temporarily borrowing a secondary character he created a while back in this. ^^ Here we go!


The boy before her attempted to assure Reina that her worry was unnecessary, and she nodded to him. If he said he was all right, then she would believe it. She would hate having some person doting over her when she was in a compromising position.

"Okay...," she said to him, and then she turned towards the Waiwai building, "Something happening? It can't be the ceremony already, so... what then?" She walked away from where Chain had headed off to and up to the front of the large and ominous Waiwai building. She thought of bringing out Tabansi, but she didn't want to seem like an enemy to the employees if something bad was indeed going down.

However, as she entered the building, things appeared to be quite normal. Unbeknownst to Reina, the security alert issued was only for the level Kyoko had been on, so the minor incident was certainly not effecting the whole place. She blinked at the cleanliness of the place; it looked like the farthest thing from her house, where three men and she had lived. There was a woman at the front desk looking quite busy on her computer, or at least pretending to be busy. Reina ignored her though, heading toward the elevators.

She suddenly thought of Chain, all alone, not surrounded by Kyoko and Rosairie. Then she thought of Valen and how he had left to be alone. Lastly, she remembered that the ceremony was fast approaching, and that all of them were to gather here.

'Why do I have the strange feeling that this incident, wherever it may be, has to do with Kyoko and Rosairie?'

Perhaps she was quick to place blame, but why else would Chain have seemed interested in it? He was there for them before... and--

"W-what's up with you?" said a nervous voice. Reina recognized it, but she didn't turn around. It sounded like the young man that had showed them up the elevator the previous day after Valen's fight with that boy. What was his name?

"I just came from the 12th floor. What a mess! Those new kids don't know a thing about security risks...," a gruff and deep voice came; the two voices were like opposites.

"Ah! Um... what security risk, sir?" the younger man answered back in his unsure tone.

The other man growled like a bulldog, "Some fool tried to hack into the system or some such nonsense. It was most likely some amatuer hacker who's bored, thrity-five with no girlfriend, and crying for attention!"

"A... a hacker?!"

"Are you hearin' what I'm saying to you Reeve?! An amatuer!" he said, his voice rising so that Reina could hear it quite clearly, "The boys on top will take care of it in no time. The new kids on that floor just aren't used to the system being breached. They thought it was something serious and were racing around like crazies. I was delivering some supplies to their floor when it happened and boy did I have a laugh!"

Reeve then proceeded to give a very forced laugh, obviously attempting to sound as if he agreed with the fellow's humor. Reina remembered the look of inexperience that Reeve had about him when she first saw him, no wonder he didn't find it funny.

"Right Sir! Well, I had better get back to work, I mean, I'm supposed to be watching this area. Two girls supposedly vanished from this floor, and um, I'm here to watch out for, erm, things... all, um, alone," Reeve said, an audible 'gulp' at the end of his sentence.

"Pfft! You greenhorn! Don't worry about it, you'll get used to it in no time! Besides, you're not the only one on the floor, just holler to me if you need somethin'!"


Reina tried not to look suspicious as the man talking to Reeve came walking past her, it was fairly easy. She just gave a blank look and then continued on her way toward the elevator. As she pressed the button, she heard a voice come from behind her.

"Can I help you?" came a gruff voice. Apparently her blank look hadn't been blank enough.

"Uh," she turned around slowly, "I'm one of the award ceremony kids. I was assuming I would go to the reception desk or something, right?" He was quite a burly man, like one of the many guards that Valen had mentioned. He had thick, curly black hair and a rather large nose.

He stood staring at her suspiciously, his thick arms folded.

OOC: Alter, if you don't want me to use Reeve, I'll take him out. I just thought I'd make amends for having him 'disappear' earlier.

July 11th, 2006, 9:27 PM
[OOC: Sorry about your eye, Mika. Sounds frusturating and somewhat unnerving. I hope everything works out alright soon. ^-^;]

Waiting until Reina left, Chain made his way down the street, attempting not to stagger though unable to hide the heaviness of his steps. Pausing by a convenience store, Chain's eyes briefly glanced through the front door. The store seemed empty, exempting the clerk who seemed fully occupied with reading yesterday's newspaper.

Choosing not to remove his hands from his pockets, Chain lightly kicked the steel base of the door, mentally grimacing as the opening door rung a bell and caused the clerk to look up. Without a word, Chain brushed past the front counter, head firmly down, and made his way among the narrow aisles. Walking toward the back of the store, the trainer raised his eyes slightly, scanning the walls. Then, ignoring the confused, slightly suspicious gaze of the store's only other resident, Chain stepped into the restroom, closing and locking the door behind him. Moving across the small room with a mere three steps, Chain reached for the sink before feeling himself stop. The trainer stared at his palm as though fully seeing it for the first time. Dark maroon covered his palm's surface, cracked with the creases of his hands.

Laying his hand at the sink's edge, Chain lifted his face toward the mirror. Though less stained, his head, face, and neck seemed more of a mess than his hands. Dried blood crusted the bottom edge of his still-luminous eyes, streaks of reddish brown being painted across his cheeks and jaw from his eyes, nose, and mouth. Moving down from his chin, the dark marks stopped at his collarbone where the blood had formed now-sticky shallow pools with the blood that had fallen from his ears when he earlier tilted his head forward.

Firmly grasping the faucet, Chain twisted it and turned the water on. Then, placing his hands beneath the falling stream, the trainer's eyes moved from the broken wall-mounted soap pump to the half-empty spare soap bottle sitting at the sink's edge. This might take awhile.


Chain wiped a dry paper tower across his neck, removing the last stain of dark red from his skin. Crumpling the object in one hand, he dropped it into the garbage can beside him. A sign had been placed over the garbage receptacle built into the sink, simply stating "Out of Order - Use other garbage can." Similarly, the paper towel dispenser on the wall had been left empty, leaving a roll of paper towels standing on the counter. Overall, whoever cared for the restroom facilities at this store seemed relatively responsible, yet equally incapable of working with the devices provided by the building.

Lightly rubbing the side of his head, Chain murmured, "Guess I better get used to this headache for awhile. Doubt it's going away soon." Slipping his miniature computer from his pocket, Chain viewed it in silence for a moment. While I'm here, I might as well.

Releasing Circuit into the digital device, Chain quietly commanded, "Display all files downloaded today." A single window opened. That was all Circuit could get? Better than nothing, at least. Sliding his finger across the command pad, Chain selected "Open File." An error message appeared. Locked? I probably should have expected that.

"What kind of lock are we dealing with, Circuit?" At the Porygon's response, Chain felt his headache increase. How many types of locks are on this thing? I expected to find some difficulty opening WaiWai Inc.'s files, but I'm not even sure I recognize some of these security programs. Chain took a heavy breath, bracing himself for the task ahead. "Well, let's start with the locks we know how to deal with and go from there." Circuit's response flickered across the screen before being replaced by a series of numbers, symbols, and letters arranging themselves in various patterns.

Watching the screen in silence, Chain's mind began to wander as he mentally reviewed the most recent events. Earlier, after I had established a telepathic connection with Valen, I got a strange feeling. My head was hurting too much for me to really understand it, but . . . Chain placed a hand thoughtfully against his chin. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's doubtful . . . But, thinking back, it's almost as though there was at least one other foreign presence there. The male's hand moved to his forehead as he attempted to recall his mental communication with Valen. What exactly was that feeling . . . ?

July 16th, 2006, 8:42 AM
{ooc| OMG! They're making a evo for Electabuzz, and it looks cool! Yay, one of my favourite pokemon ever just got a little bit better! Now.... Um... what's going on....? xD}

Rosairie heard Valen's comment, that was for certain, but she simply pursed her lips and looked furious. There was no point retorting; she had got away for now, and if Kyoko had bruised the boy's ego in the mean time, well, that was all for the better then.
She hissed at Silence to stop sparking, nd he dropped back to her side, albeit grudgingly. For now, she would watch and wait.

July 16th, 2006, 1:40 PM

Sorry guys... my eye is so badly screwed up right now, I can't post unless Kogenta or Charon is online on msn due to the fact i'd probably make so many typos it would make your eyes bleed. -.- Thankfully tho, a friend of mine came over yesterday and read over my post. (Typing blind = making changes hard. >> when it BLURS every fifth letter) and we find out if surgery will fix it on the 25th so til then, please bear with the inactiveness

>>; Anybody know why PC was down for... um... four or so days? @_@


If there was one thing she was going to regret in her entire life it would be the thing she was about to do. If playing with fire was safe, this to-be-completed action wouldn't be anything significant but she knew. She knew asking this was putting her at one hell of a disadvantage. She darted up after Valen, grabbing onto the hemline of Valen's shirt, effectively pulling him back towards her, "P-p-please... don't go just yet..." She turned halfway, pointing in the direction of her fallen object, "Please.... go get that for me..." Using her hand, she brushed away stray moisture from her left eye, blushing so brightly it could've lit the room had it been dark, she tightened her grip on his shirt, "...I'll do whatever you want... I can't get to it and I'm releasing my psychic type in here... I just think that would be stupid..." Looking up at him, she knew she looked pathetic and she simply didn't care. It was very obvious she was forcing every word of this out. Whatever she'd dropped was obviously worth enough to her that she was willing to all but grovel at Valen's feet for... whatever it was.

What was it?

It wasn't much, it was clearly visible as a rather old but well kept silver child's locket, worn with age.

As for what was inside it, assuming Valen could get it open and assuming that he cared, he would probably be able to find out easily

Alter Ego
July 21st, 2006, 11:18 AM
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As for why PC has been down...beats me. Still, just now I got an error message suggesting that some part of some cache-thingie or the other isn't up to date, so maybe they've got updates to make? o.O Whatever the case, it's taking awfully long. <<


Valen turned around with a definitely reproachful expression at Kyoko's sudden plea, casting a quick glance towards the hallway to make sure that none of the guards out there were looking his way as he certainly wasn't going to let himself get into trouble because of those two. "Go get it yourself." that was what he would have wanted to say, but somewhere deep within the uncharted regions of his mind, a flash of memory ignited, words from long ago seemingly overlapping with Kyoko's.

"P-p-please... don't go just yet..."

"V-val...please don't go...please..."

Despite his intuition screaming at him not to do it, to walk away and leave the brat to deal with things for herself, the boy reluctantly let his eyes meet Kyoko's.

"Please.... go get that for me..."

"...it hurts...hurts so much..."

Valen quickly turned his head elsewhere, trying to stop the old emotions welling up inside him, to block out this pesky voice he couldn't even remember.

"...I'll do whatever you want... I can't get to it and I'm releasing my psychic type in here... I just think that would be stupid..."

"...I know I shouldn't have done it...I know, it was...I-I was just trying to be strong...like you...I'm sorry, I was so stupid...please-please don't-"

"I..." Valen almost growled in frustration at the trail of thought his mind was leading him to. 'So there was someone...' he thought for himself, '...someone I...actually cared about?'

His right hand balled into a fist, "Fine, whatever." he replied coldly, striding straight past Kyoko and down the stairs again, "But you'd better remember." he added, briefly turning his head towards the girl he was addressing, "Better remember what you just promised."

'I'm not letting Kyoko tale her place...' he thought bitterly, 'Whoever this person is she is too good to be confused with the likes of her.' Yes, that was the trail he was meant to follow...he wasn't doing Kyoko a favour, he was getting her out of sight and mind to make proper sense of his memories and no amount of persuasion in the world could, at that moment, have convinced him otherwise.

July 22nd, 2006, 1:43 AM
Rosairie was still on the floor above Kyoko in the stairwell - despite her skirt, she flung herself over the banister and landed rather deftly (if she didn't say so herself) and landed beside Kyoko just as the boy was leaving. her fear of him had kept her at bay, and now he was gone...
What had just happened? Kyoko cursed herself. She had been so suddenly afraid of Valen she had just...stopped thinking.
She leant out and wrapped her arms around her friend.
"What...? Kyoko...?" she whispered, knowing that her friend wouldn't answer.

Silence peered through the banister, tied there with his 'stay' command. Rosairie didn't notice, but he was alreayd quivering, gazing at his trainer with eyes that cried 'don't leave me'.

Rosairie was too wrapped up in her own self-hate. She hadn't intervened when her friend had needed her, just... just stood there, looking stupid. She had always been the brave one out of her friends. The popular one, the confident one. Then Valen and Reina had walked into her life, and she was beginning to doubt...everything.

July 22nd, 2006, 10:56 AM
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Anywhoo before I ramble on too long... hopefully this works... I'll try to post in Ryko and Showgan too but... meh.

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"Ceremony?" the bulky guard repeated, still eyeing Reina, "Well, I guess I can let you through then. What's yer name kiddie?"

'Kiddie?!' Reina snapped in her head, 'Such respect to guests....' She didn't waste any time answering, and quickly told him her name. She kept trying to look innocent, which technically she really was this time. After all, she was not lying, and she did intend to attend the ceremony.

With a quick check on a small palm pilot-like device, Reina's identity was confirmed. The man itched his large nose for a moment, pondering something about the girl. "Well then Reina, you may proceed," he paused, "Do you need a guide?"

Reina shook her head, "Nope, I never need a guide. Besides, I've been in here before."

The man gave a hearty laugh, and patted her on the back gruffly as he turned to leave. Reina coughed a little; his patting had felt more like smashing. She may be tough, but she wasn't made of stone! "Guh...," she grunted, stepping into the elevator and waiting for the doors to shut before picking a level to go to.

"Hmm, I wonder which level the ceremony's on... and Chain didn't tell me what level the-- wait, that guy said the 12th floor was the one with problems! Heh, easy as pie...," she said pressing the button for the 12th floor. She leaned back against the wall of the elevator and took a minute to relax as the smooth operation of the machine worked its magic and propelled her up eleven floors.

Soon the desired level was reached, and Reina stood anxiously awaiting the doors opening. When they did, she saw that many of the guards were indeed nervous. It was like looking at a couple Reeve clones. Reina smirked at them and kept close to the wall in hopes of not being noticed by anyone. A guard looked in her direction and began to frown at her. Reina searched her mind for a way to get out of the situation when suddenly another guard called the one looking at her. His stare was broken from her, and it seemed that the other guard had some very urgent business. What could be more urgent than an unwelcome guest? Whatever the case, Reina figured it was a chance to slip away and get far from those two guards.

As she passed a rather large support column she noticed the stairwell, a good place to know considering there were so many guards running around, and a lump of two girls huddled together... two girls she always seemed to run into. However, this time she expected them at least.

"Knew it," she said to herself as she approached them. She stood about three feet from the both of them, glancing at Silence for a moment, "Gotten into trouble again have you?"

July 22nd, 2006, 4:06 PM
Leaning back against the counter, Chain raised his miniature computer above his head, his impassive gaze remaining directed at the screen. Whatever Circuit got, it's probably pretty significant considering the security on it. The trainer stifled a sigh. Not that it matters that much, considering I can't see what's in the file. Lowering his hand, Chain checked the computer's clock. I can't stay in here much longer. Circuit's processing as quickly as he can. But, I might have to decode the more advanced locks by hand--particularly the locks we've never dealt with before. Closing his eyes, Chain placed a hand against his head. This process could take days, weeks . . . Maybe even longer. But, I don't have that long. Chain's eyes opened slightly. Slowly removing his hand from his forehead, the trainer brushed a dark strand of hair behind one ear. I'll just have to do what I can.

Chain's eyes opened fully before turning down toward the computer he held in his hand. I'm accustomed to working with this computer when I am traveling. But, if I want to work at maximum speed, I need a full-size terminal. Once Circuit's done everything he can, then comes my time to start.

"Good work, Circuit. Just keep going," Chain commanded, his voice low so as to avoid anyone outside the room hearing what he said. "I'll check in with you later." Then, almost as an afterthought, Chain added, "Activate the screenlock, and keep the password as the usual." Waiting to see the lock activated, Chain then slipped the computer into the bag beneath the jacket tied about his waist. Grabbing the jacket's sleeves, Chain tightened it as one would a belt. Time to go.


EDIT: By the way, I found that copying and pasting my posts into a .txt file before I submit them is often helpful.]

July 23rd, 2006, 5:41 PM
: OoC :

Nya. o.o POTC 2 was... interesting. o_O;
Music = excellent
Plot = o_o; wtf

>> I hate that monkey. Undead monkies = not your friend. D:<

Charon. They listed the English dub actor list for Bleach. o-o It's... not bad. At all. No. I can't believe I just said that- o-o;;;; However, if anybody hear remember Digimon 02 (With Kenny-poo) Ishida's being voiced by Ken's actor. <3 Today is a happy day for Mika who stalks her prey like it be a fishie. :3

: IC :

"Just get it... just get it please..." She whimpered childishly as she softly slid to the ground, her hands tightening and untightening softly, "I won't break this promise... anything... you want from me you'll get." Lowering her face further, the once tightly bound hair flowed softly to her shoulders, making her look more pathetic. "...just give it to me... without looking into it... and... everything... will be fine..."

When the familiar scent of Rosairie's imported perfume nearly smothered her, Kyoko did not resist in the least, she simply leaned into the embrace, the mused head lifting softly as her eyes widened with the fear he, Valen, wouldn't get the treasured item as they followed his every move, not leaving his person for a moment. Her gut told her this was still going to end unpleasently and when Reina's almost chilling voice spat in her direction, all she could do was turn and patter behind Rosairie's body, peering out lightly at Valen while keeping her distance from the other girl, nervously glancing towards Reina every other moment or so and never matched the girl's eyes.

Yes, it was very obvious Reina had the girl spooked.

July 24th, 2006, 12:52 AM
Rosairie stood up, glaring at Reina with a new level ferocity.
"Silence, c'mere." she hissed, and the Jolteon rushed to her side. He glared at Reina, hatred evident in his usually empty blue eyes.
"Jrrrrrrr...!" he began to snarl, as electrcity bubbled up across his coat, but Rosairie put a hand on his head. The jolteon glanced up at her, curious, but Rosairie was staring straight ahead. Just hearing Reina's voice had enraged her.

"Get lost, Reina." she hissed, "Go scurry after your bas tard of a boyfriend!"
She was about to say more, but she fell silent mid-sentence. Instead, she glanced back at Kyoko, and fofered the girl what she hoped was a reassuring smile.

Alter Ego
July 24th, 2006, 5:52 AM
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That aside...that's a cute avvie, Melissa. ^^ Even though I prefer my pokémon to register a bit lower on the sickeningly cute scale, I might just try Pachirisu...when I eventually get the game that is. Knowing our importers it's going to take a while. << And yes, Dorapion has a cool type combination...Dark/Poison only has a single weakness against Ground while being immune to the poison status effect and psychic attacks. Got a couple of nice resistances too...I'll definitely be looking forward to that one. The new Roselia evo is kind of funny too (It does look like some kind of freaky super hero. o.o) so I might try that one too. Wonder when we'll get to see the starters, though?

July 24th, 2006, 5:53 AM
OOC: OMG! How weird Mika, I just saw POTC 2 yesterday! o_O The plot was kinda odd, but I do like the parrot! ^-^

You know, Digimon voice actors get around! I've heard them doing voices in everything from other anime to Christian cartoons. >.> Talk about diversity!

BTW, I think Silence is going to snap. That poor Jolteon's gonna let off a Pin Missile in someone's face. XD Anywhoo...

Yes sirrie I'm a sucker for cute things! I have no shame in the sickeningly cute section. XD Except for Pichu. Those pokemon are the one cute thing I just don't like. =P And yes, I did get an invite too! I was just gonna try to think up a character.


She didn't like the two girls in front of her, no not at all. Maybe she even hated them a little. The way Rosairie snapped at her wasn't helping either; and the boyfriend analogy was enough to make her temper rise. Silence didn't scare her, she had been shocked many times in her life with electric pokemon. It was unpleasant but bearable. However what really got her was how they looked so scared of her and vulnerable. If it had been one of the girls from school, she would have been in heaven but this was just sad.

"Oh stop it Rosairie," Reina practically growled, "I'm not here to gloat or whatever it is you think I'm going to do. I just came to see what was going on. Chain told me that something was happening, so I figured it was worth a look."

No, she wasn't trying to make it worse. Reina liked hurting people like Rosairie and Kyoko, but they looked as if they had been through enough. She was mean; not heartless.

"And Valen is not my boyfriend! I've only known him for two days. You should be able to tell by the looks of me that I'm not an 'easy' girl to be won over," she said, folding her arms. Friendship was fairly easy to earn with Reina if you were a boy, but something more? That was different territory.

July 24th, 2006, 2:01 PM

lucky peoples. I never get good invites, I just get stuck in hopeless rps in which I never interact with anybody but the rp master

Oh Melissa. >> would you be angry with me if that certian rp we're both in suddenly went down the loo? That certian person is trying to take my character on as an NPC. -.- "No" isn't working either. >.> And I DARE HIM to read this. Bloody dare him. I spent three years on that character. Nobody's turning my "character full of potental" into something I can't control.

anyways, I doubt I'll be able to post something much longer than the IC below amorow. Evil eye appointment of doom tomorow. TT Thus why my post... is barely adiquet. headache but I needed to post. ^^;


"S-stop it... please..." Kyoko whispered, pausing a moment to find her voice before she looked at the two of them, their feet at least, "Stop fighting.... nothing is worth fighting over...nothing is worth hatred." Brushing the hair from her eyes, she gently pushed past the two, pattering after Valen, keeping what would be a comfortable distance from him, or so she thought anyways, and kneeled softly on the ground, her energy spent.

Looking up towards Rosairie, she gave Silence a very hopeful glance. A puppy hug would be very nice right about now.

July 25th, 2006, 12:14 AM
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Without warning, Rosairie seemed to...sag. She covered her face in her hands and dropped to her knees. A wave of emotions had surged to the surface, and Rosairie... Rosairie was putting all her efforts into keeping them down. She couldn't cry infront of Reina, could she? That would completely prove Valen's hypothesis that skirt clad members of the fairier sex were weak and pathetic! No.... I'll just have to... have to what? Rosairie gave a shudder.

Silence's snarling, meanwhile, had reached fever pitch.
Rosairie's upset! I can't- I can't let that happen! Not after she's done so much!
He glanced to Kyoko, then to Reina. Who's comment had done it? Probably a bit of both.
Well then, thought the cruel and irrational side of Silence's mind, we'll just have to kill a bit of each of them!

Silence's power seemed to explode from his body, rocketing straight upwards in a beam of white hot electric power, which crashed through walls and crumbled staircases as it went. The floor around him began to crack, the pent-up energy surging out of him in wild sparks, each one narrowly hitting the three girls on the stairwell. Then he was glowing, in an almost unearthly manner, and his eyes were no longer tranquil and pupilless, but narrowed in murderous glee.

Rosairie pulled her hands from her face...and stared.

{ooc| >=D}

Alter Ego
July 25th, 2006, 12:27 AM
OOC: Mika, did you just say what I thought you said? o.o *Goes back to check*

...yup, you did say what I thought you said (Well, you wrote it, anyway. xP). *Nods*

FLOG THE BASTARD! xO Seriously, forcefull character abduction is a foul and disgusting practice and people who commit such abominations should be castrated and then stabbed to death with a soggy noodle to prevent their tainted seed from spreading. >O *Twitch* Yish, whoever it is is quite free to read this, too. Unless it's directly stated in the rules that he/she is allowed to take over characters when certain conditions are fullfilled (In which case you knew the risk coming in and don't have anyone to blame for it but yourself.) then he/she isn't allowed to make your character do as much as raise an eyebrow without your consent. << And even if there is a rule, enforcing said rule against the will of the character's creator unless absolutely necessary is still an incredibly tactless thing to do. Give 'em a stab from me. <<


'Oh, so now it's get it but don't look at it, is it?' Valen thought indignantly at Kyoko's remark, experiencing a slight temptation to look into the lousy trinket just because he had been told not to. He restrained himself, though, whatever it was Kyoko was hiding in there, it would obviously involve another complicated sob-story which he just didn't have the patience for right now.

Having finally reached the bottom floor, Valen nonchalantly scooped up the locket and headed back up again, still oblivious to Reina's presence. Well, he had been until the whole staircase suddenly burst into an explosion of sparks and electric energy, the boy having to leap back a bit to avoid being struck by debris or stray discharges. There was only one conclusion which Valen could draw...Silence. And just then he realized that there was a third figure in the group, the boy's mind quickly pieceing together the picture.

"Cespenar! Seirini! Go!"

'Not her...' he thought as both Cubone and Arbok entered the battlefield, 'Not the only friend I have in this bloody cesspool of hypocrisy.'

"Don't just stand there with you mouth gaping!" he growled at Rosairie, "Withdraw that blasted mut or I'll knock him out myself!" unearthly powers or no, Silence was still an electric pokémon, and electric discharges, no matter how great, couldn't do squat to a ground type. They would be safe, at least relatively so, for as long as Cespenar remained upright.

July 25th, 2006, 12:57 AM
{ooc| Is the changing fonts confusing? It looks messy but I can't think of another way to make Silence's thoguhts look different without changing the colour, but then it might mess up other people's layouts... xP}

"Cespenar! Seirini! Go!"
A voice called, and Rosairie didn't need to look up to know it was that horrible Valen again, probably back to gloat or...
"Oh Silence..." Rosairie whispered. She could feel the tears now, dampening her cheeks, but she...she didn't care. Her poor baby, her beautiful, ugly little baby had turned, and it wasn't the first time.

That other time Father had just left.
"Daddy, Daddy! Look! I rescued a Jolteon!" she had cried, in her innocent preteen voice. Silence had still been emancipated enough to fit on her head then; he had been skin and bones, held together with gristle. She had loved him anyway. Father, stinking of cologne and with the musky scent of fine wine still heavy on his breath, had simply replied.
"'S ugly and it's creepy, Rose. I'll get you a nicer one. And look in his eyes; eyes are the gateway to the soul, y'know. This one ain't got no soul. Now throw him away; me and Zelda have some..." -a hiccup- "...business to attend to."
A beautifull girl, barely seventeen, appeared from the shadows. Rosairie watched her leave with her father, hatred and love mingling and becoming one. Silence had taken one look at her face, and exploded into...a monster.
That was when it had happened the first time. He had been weak enough then to control, but now... now...

Rosairie sat before her Jolteon, still staring. He was still lanky, gawky and decidedly skinny looking, but this time there was such a degree of ferocity in his gaze he had seemed to have doubled, maybe even tripled in strength. The glow around him was as tall as a grown man. Still, Rosairie didn't move, gazing up at her pokemon with stupified shock plastered across her face; and under that, love. Valen's words meant nothing to her.

But they meant a hell of a lot to Silence.
He swung round suddenly, his gaze falling on Valen.
BASTARD MUTT? BASTARD MUTT? he thought furiously.
Then, without warning, he spoke.
{YOU!!!} The voice was rapsy and wild, as if the speaker had long-since forgotton how to use it. It sounded to loud, to hollow, to belong to such a normally placid pokemon. {You're that BOY! I KNEW IT. I SMELL IT ON YOU. You're one of THEM.}

Alter Ego
July 25th, 2006, 1:59 AM
Valen obviously didn't understand a word of what Silence was barking at him, but the sheer volume of the sounds escaping his mouth was shocking enough, and the gaze...that gaze...Valen could remember it, and needless to say it wasn't a very pleasant memory.


It was a beautiful day when he entered Team Viper and was to get his first pokémon, a nice, sunny summer's day with a pleasant breeze awakening the waves of the bay which his base overlooked, a tourist brochure day. In such a beautiful environment...how could anything evil dwell? Quite easily, Valen soon discovered. Vincent had left him in the middle of plain, metallic hallway within the complex, lined with identical metal doors on both sides, saying that he would have to have a quick word with the head trainer. For a moment, the boy had been content with simply wandering around the room, but as the minutes ticked past, he became increasingly restless, finally giving in to the temptation of seeing just what they were so keen on guarding.

The experience...he would never truly forget that. The pitch-black, soundless room, the vague glint of eyes within and the the rush...the blurr of motion and sound that had triggered the most primal instinct he possessed; the need to escape.

"What'cher think yer doin', boyo?!" the gruff voice of the handler snapped Valen out of his trance, the boy squirming slightly in his grip until he finally put him down. He was a tall and rotound man, muscles and fat mingling across his body to the point where it was difficult to distinguish one from the other. His uniform was a mess of rips and stains and seemed a bit too small for his body, and the smell...the smell of blood lingered so thickly on his body that it made Valen nauseous. He though he had experienced some nasty things already, but at precisely that moment he came to realise just how innocent Stonewall orphanage had really been.

"I-I was just..." Valen began, trying to catch his breath as he leaned against the now once again closed pen, "...what-what was that thing?"

The handler grinned at this, a rather chilling sight to be honest, his piggy little eyes glinting slightly, "That there is one o' our 'special' cases, boyo." he replied, "For the assassin program. D'ya know what an assassin is, boyo?"

Valen nodded.

"Well these critters are perfect for it." the handler went on, "Keep em' locked up for a while, no more feedin' or water than necessary, no company or light. Easy maintenance! Hah!" the sudden cross between bark and laugh caught the boy off guard, sending a cascade of saliva towards him, "That awakens the instinct, ya' see." he continued with a definite undertone of sadism in his voice, "Makes em' frothin' mad killers! Completely uncontrollable! Hah! And then ya' know what happens, boyo?" his face had, by now, come so close to Valen's that the boy could also feel his breath. It smelled of cheap, greasy french fries and didn't exactly make him more comfortable.

"We let em' loose on some poor sod!" the handler continued in a gleeful voice, his expression triumphant, "And that sod ain't got a snowball's chance in 'ell to make it through! 'Cause ya' see, boyo, these things just jump on everything they see in blind rage. Can't scare em', can't sooth em', and they ain't gonna' give up till they die. Some of em' even bite two days after they croak! Hah! 'Course ya' got to be real careful around em' or they'll rip ya' appart too. But I guess ya' already found that out, hah!"

Valen nodded weakly, still in shock and, for one of the few times of his life, fear of the situation he was in. Sure, he wasn't a perfect little angel, but...doing something like this for a living? Had he not been so scared he would probably have tried to strangle this repulsive man on the spot, but as it was, he could do little but stand there and listen.

"Yeah, we've lost a couple o' young boyos like you to 'em, we have. But 'ey, is worth the price 'innit, boyo? The best thing is, the feds don't have crap to trace back to us, fact is, they get traced back to the suckers we stole em' from instead or just get declared wild! Isolated incidents! Hah! So ya' feel like becoming a handler like me, boyo?" he added, "'is us who do the real work ya' know, hah! An' delicate work it is, not like em' fellers in Orre with their fancy gadgets and whatnot, real craftsman's work! Why jus' that wee peek o' sunshine you gave im' might have given that thing another year o' sanity. Won't thank ya' for it o' course. These beasts don't thank no-one. Hah! He'd probably hunt ya' to the ends of the bleedin' earth jus' cos' he saw ya! Hah! But dun' worry, boyo, he won't be around too long. Got 'im scheduled for knockin' off some rich feller or the other, associates contract! Hah!"

"I'm sure that is all very fascinating." Vincent's voice had cut in, the man stepping in between and gently but firmly separating Valen from the handler, much to the boy's relief, "But I'm afraid Valen's presence is required elsewhere at the moment, Mr.fingers, good day."

"Right ya' are, o' course, Mr. Ironholm." the handler replied, looking slightly less confident, "It's the boyo's loss. But he did get something to think about, didn't ya', boyo?"

"I certainly did..." Valen replied, 'Got to think of the way in which I'll kill you...'


Valen quickly forced himself back into the present. This was the alltogether wrong time for reminiscence, but still...it had told him just what he was about to face, "Silence..." he thought out loud, his voice little more than a whisper, "Silence was on the program?"

{You!} Seirini hissed at the Jolteon, glaring at him treatheningly, {You do ssspeak! How do you know Valen?! Tell me!}

{Umm...great hero...} Cespenar suggested timidly, doing his best to keep a calm composure, {You do have a plan in mind to conquer the foul beast, don't you?}

"Right, of course." Valen replied, "Rosairie, for the last time: if you really care about Silence then withdraw him! He's not in control!"

"If nothing happens...Glare." he whispered to Seirini, "And whatever you do, keep Cespenar safe and avoid contact attacks, an electrical current that strong is nothing to play with."

OOC: So yeah, if you don't mind it being team Viper that put Silence in his current condition then I provided an opening, if not then they were just running a similar program. Plenty of rich bastards in the world, ne? xD

July 25th, 2006, 2:18 AM
{ooc| No, Alter, that's brilliant! Great plan!}

Silence's rage, if anything, seemed to intensify as Valen said his name. He was shaking furiously, the electric still pouring off him in waves. It seemed almost infinite; who knew such a small, shy pokemon could hold so much anger, so much hatred, so much power.
{YOU'RE ONE OF THEM, AREN'T YOU? I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE! WHERE ARE MY SISTERS? WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM?} he prowled towards Valen, head down, the others momentarily forgotton.

"if you really care about Silence then withdraw him!" Valen had shouted. His words finally seemed to get through. She stood up, shaking frantically, and pulled Silence's battered old ball from her belt.
"SILENCE, RETURN!" she shouted, and activated the ball's mechanism. Silence turned his gaze upon Rosairie, confusion evident in his eyes. For a moment, his pupils seemed to flicker, but then he glowed red and vanished into the circuilar ball. It shook feverishly for a moment, then fell still. "S-silence..." she whispered, and then collapsed onto her knees in a desperate heap. Her voice cracked and her words caught in her throat. "Silence...I... I..."
She covered her face with her hands.
The room looked eerily empty now, without Silence's electricity. It almost could have been a dream, it had happened that quickly.

July 25th, 2006, 6:30 AM
OOC: My goodness... poor Silence. ;_; He needs hugs!

Ah, Mika... that RP you speak of... I wouldn't be mad if something happened. Do what you gotta do. ^^; If you would like we can discuss the details of the 'situation' by PM or something. I'd rather not fill up Alter's RP with discussion of someone else's RP (even though he talked about it himself XD). EDIT: OH! I almost forgot! Good luck with the operation today Mika!! I hope everything goes well. *gives good luck hug*

On a side note, the radicalists in the middle east tick me off!! Not only do so many innocent people die because of their petty foolishness, but historical places are destroyed as well! Have some respect for life and culture... yeesh. T_T And there's good ol' USA being the ones who don't want a ceasefire. >.>



Fighting? Kyoko thought that this was fighting? She really must not have seen too much of the world. Reina hadn't either, but her father and brothers had made sure she knew much of the world she hadn't seen much of.

"There are lots of things worth fighting for Kyoko," Reina said seriously to the girl as she began to wander off towards... somewhere. The stairwell? What was over there? It probably didn't matter though, and Reina turned her head back to Rosairie, who looked more and more like she was going to cry.

Reina had mixed feelings about this. For one, crying was hopelessly pathetic and she had the feeling that Rosairie probably used it to get her way like all those pathetic girls did. Secondly though, from the looks of her, she was trying hard not to cry; which meant that she at least had enough pride to worry about looking so vulnerable in front of the redhead. Still, what was Reina supposed to do? Surely Rosairie didn't expect her to go pat her on the back and tell her she was sorry, because that was not about to happen so long as Rosairie wore pink. Unfortunately, she came here to find out what was going on. Kyoko was obviously having some sort of odd, wimpy girl breakdown; and now Rosairie was becoming useless. Darn it, she wanted some answers!

"Get ahold of yours--!" Reina started to speak in a frustrated tone, figuring she should at least try to get the girl to stop. However, as Reina's hazel eyes drifted down to the Jolteon at the dissolving girl's side, she noticed that his expression was changing very dramatically. If it was one thing Reina could read well, it was pokemon body language. She had become somewhat of an expert with Pixie, considering before she learned a bit of the Staryu's language, all she had to go off of was a jeweled starfish body. Of course, a Jolteon and a Staryu were very different, but Silence's body language left little up to interpretation.

The girl took a step back, "What's wrong with him?!" she said loudly, not in a panicked voice, but more of a surprised one. That's when Silence seemed to explode in a tangled mess of lightning, the powerful force of the electricity sending a sharp blow through the air that knocked Reina right off of her feet.

"Oof!" she grunted, hitting the ground on her rump. She didn't fumble a moment and grabbed out a pokeball of hers. She could by no means use Pixie against that Jolteon, and she knew how well Tabansi fared against electric pokemon with his lightning rod-like horn... her only choice was her mother's Ninetails. Quickly she tossed it a few feet away from her and with a flash of light that seemed to pale in comparison to Silence's rage, Phoebe appeared.

Reina braced herself for a lot of pain-- that kind of uncontrollable power might not want to reach only one opponent at a time.

Phoebe stared at the Jolteon with all nine of her tails raised in anger, ready for an attack if ordered. Silence, however, had suddenly become preoccupied with someone else... Phoebe could tell who it was, but Reina was pretty focused on the blinding electricity surrounding Silence.

When it became obvious that he was conversing with someone, Reina let her eyes stray elsewhere, and noticed Seirini and Cespenar standing ready to battle. Reina dared not stand up yet though, she didn't want to look threatening to Silence. "Valen...?" she ventured, as it was the only explanation.

A few angry exchanges though, and Rosairie had effectively placed Silence back in his pokeball. Reina quickly stood up, trying not to look as if she had been cowering or something. Truly she hadn't of course, but she didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea.

Phoebe looked at Reina, {Look's like you didn't need me.} Reina nodded silently, but decided to keep the fox out for the time being. After that surprise, who knew what might be just around the bend. She looked over to the stairwell.

"Valen?" Reina said, ignoring Rosairie for the moment. The girl had really dissolved now, and Reina honestly didn't know what to do about it at the moment. She just wanted to acknowledge Valen's pressence and make sure Silence hadn't electrocuted the boy.

The large Ninetails near her looked sadly at the crumpled form of Rosairie. {Poor child... I hope she'll be all right. She looks absolutely miserable,} she said, shaking her head.

July 25th, 2006, 8:26 AM
[OOC: I hope your operation goes well, Mika. ^-^]

Chain stood motionless, gazing at the WaiWai Inc. building as light poured from several of its windows and sparks strained at its cracks. Though his face showed no signs of emotion, his eyes seemed somehow troubled. I guess sooner or later something had to break . . . I just wonder what it was. The trainer's eyes shifted slightly, studying the outside of the building--even as the source of light suddenly vanished. It's difficult to determine. But, judging by the position of the light and different levels of energy, the source would probably be . . . Chain automatically reached for Abra's Pokeball before pausing. Neither he nor Abra were in peak condition, particularly for psychic activities. Aside from that, a sudden teleportation might worsen the situation. Lowering his hand, Chain shook his head slightly as though to clear his mind and brace himself for whatever he saw. Then, without a word, Chain started toward WaiWai Inc. Headquarters.

Chain approached the scene noiselessly, remaining in the shadows at somewhat of an angle to the others so as to avoid being noticed. Given everyone's current condition, however, he was not sure they would notice him if he strolled up to them directly. Usually the only one I would expect to notice me would be Valen. But, this tournament seems to have placed everyone on edge . . . Then again, most everyone seems a bit dazed at the moment. Chain's green-gold eyes narrowed upon a now-empty area from which a series of cracks and scorch-marks stretched. I take it that was where the source of energy stood. Within the next few seconds, Chain's eyes darted about, taking in any aspect of the situation he could. Roving from trainer to trainer, from Pokemon to Pokemon, and finally returning to the environment, Chain felt at least somewhat able to piece the event together.

So far, the only electric Pokemon I have seen any of them use is Silence, though they could easily have one I am not aware of. Still, given the size of the area at which the Pokemon stood, Silence's unstable condition, and Rosairie's breakdown, Silence still seems the most likely culprit. Chain's gaze lowered slightly. At the moment, it is probably best to let them works things out between themselves. I'll only intervene if I feel it necessary . . .

Alter Ego
July 25th, 2006, 8:29 AM
"About time..." Valen muttered as Rosairie finally withdrew her manic Jolteon, the boy visibly relaxing now that the treath was over. It wasn't like he had acknowledged being afraid or worried during the incident, but now that it was over...well, he couldn't deny that his reaction had seemed a bit...panciked, but he wasn't going to declare that to the whole world now, was it?

"Here." he replied simply at Reina's inqury, walking a bit closer to the scene, relieved to find that the girl hadn't come to any harm. The same could not be said for the staircase, however, what with several parts almost having been cleaved appart by the tremendous energy. It was questionable whether they were useable for ascent anymore, and Valen for one was not about to brave them without a very pressing reason.

"This is just a fine mess we're in, isn't it?" he began, but just then, he came to realize the true extent of Rosairie's breakdown and decided not to push the subject. They really needed to get moving fast if they wanted to get out of this without further consequences, and gibbering Rosairie - appealing though that image was - wouldn't exactly help it, "Here." he said simply, dropping the locket into Kyoko's lap, "You might want to talk to your nee-chan too." he added in a quiet voice, "It's not like she'll listen to anyone else." the boy raised his voice back to normal level, "So, is anyone else up for getting out of here before security arrives? I for one would rather not be caught dawdling around here."

July 25th, 2006, 11:28 AM
OOC: OMG... I'm almost dead... the heat here is killing me... and my car being out of commission is making is difficult to buy groceries. My brother and I had to walk the long way to Safeway because of construction on our street in 41C (see, I converted it into Celcius for you smart Euro folks! XD BTW, it's 106F). Yeah... I'm dying. I have to water my rabbit's ears down every hour to keep him cool. Unfortunately, my house doesn't have central air conditioning. =P

Hope things are going well for Mika.


After Valen let Reina know where he was, she quickly walked over to where he was, still unsure of what to do about Rosairie. She half-smiled at Valen's comment on their situation, "A mess indeed. Next time maybe I should just stay out of it; I seemed to have made it worse." She wanted to include a comment on how she was even being fairly nice to them for a change, but sticking it to Rosairie right now wasn't going to help.

Valen returned something to Kyoko, which made Reina frown a bit. When did Valen fetch things for that little girl? Oh, why couldn't Rosairie have told her what was going on instead of proceeding to bawl about her life?! She was so confused!

She definitely agreed with the boy when he spoke of getting out of the area. "I'm all for that! There're quite a few guards around this place and they'll no doubt be coming to check out what that explosion of lightning was." She was really curious as to why Silence had acted the way he did, but she figured such questions would have to wait for later.

Phoebe nodded, and stood up to get ready to move.

July 25th, 2006, 12:51 PM
{ooc| It's hot here too - about 36C. That's veeery hot for Britain. My computer keeps randomly spazzing, it wouldn't let me post earlier... xP Maybe it's the heat?

Can we dedicate this page to Mika? As, y'know, she's probably not feeling too good. I hate hospitals, but I break something nearly every year. Two years ago the balcony railing I was leaning on broke and I fell one story and broke my collar bone. xD}

Rosairie's expression was completely blank.
Was it shock? Fear? It was hard to tell. She cradled Silence's pokeball to her chest in her cupped hands as if it was something fragile, yet dangerous. She wasn't looking at it, her strangely empty eyes staring off into the distance.

The pokemon she had raised from...practically the dead... her beautiful, ugly baby, who's eyes had always been so placid and actions had always been so tender, had been grinning with muderous glee less than a minute ago. If it hadn't been the crumbling stairwell ruins, she might have pretended it was a dream; how could she live without Silence? Without him, to pad after her on soundless paws, her life would be so... so strange. Yet now she was scared. Scared even to look at his ball.
Everyone was leaving.
Go away, she willed them.

July 25th, 2006, 2:30 PM

x-x Well it was only an appointment and they've now decided they can't do crap. (Moronic doctor told me to just "live" with being unable to see out of my left eye clearly. Oh. And the guy treated my like an idiot. xx; He made me read this stupid children's story and I couldn't make out some of the words so he read it to me. >.< and he was all "condenscending"

I can read.

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But I can read. >.<

Oh. And I jsut found out my knee cartilage is eating itself to nothingness. -.- and if it hurts as bad as it has been for a month or so more I gotta get another MRI done on it. -.- MRI's = migraines = unhappy Mika. But if the mri turns up something nasty, I'm looking at knee surgery.

I'm accident prone. -.- I'm used to it. And it's all so confusing. >-< So please huggies? DDDD:

>-> dedicate this page to me and I'll STAB YOU ALL.

Yeah. I'll pm you later Melissa. -.- Because I'm ready to stab something.

I'll post once I'm done shootin people in a first person shooter game.

Random Plushie
July 25th, 2006, 9:49 PM

..Yeah. Plushie's posting for the first time in like ten pages. Fwee. =3

Miracles do happen.


Gosh, that's like, not very awesome, Mika. Indeed, you are most deserving of a hug! *hug* Seriously, I hope everything turns out alright. o.o;


Avery bit her lip, tapping her foot a bit impatiently. Fable was still in his usual place on her head, shifting silently. She hadn't moved from the spot where JJ had left her in the hallway, but after several minutes had gone by, it was obvious that he wasn't going to return any time soon, especially if he had just left her to change his clothes.

Weren't they going to be late for whatever that ceremony thing was? Why was he taking so long? Avery folded her arms, starting to tap her foot faster. She was starting to feel so stupid just standing in the hallway all by herself with a Sableye on her head.

{Didn't that psychic lady look like someone you've seen before?}

"Huh?" Avery said, bouncing back to reality as Fable asked her a question from out of no-where. "You mean that lady from earlier? Well.." Avery paused for a second. "..I guess she did look a bit familiar, but I'm sure we've never met her before. Is that what you've been thinking about?"


"Wha--" Avery was immediately cut off as she was shoved to the ground from behind, overwhelmed by not only the sudden feeling of someone hugging her tightly, but by a loud voice exclaiming that she had been found. Shocked and slightly confused, Avery turned her head to see none other than Cona latched onto her. Yes, that weird girl from just yesterday, wasn't it?

"Ah! Cona!" Avery exclaimed, attempting to get out of the girl's bear hug, but failing miserably. "Uh, yes, it's good to see you, too. Do.. Do you know about the ceremony? It hasn't started yet, right?"

Meanwhile, on the ground, Fable recovered from being thrown there from Avery's head. Shaking his head briefly, the Sableye shot a slight scowl at Cona before crawling closer to the pair.


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August 2nd, 2006, 11:17 PM
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Oh, and it's a bit late, but better late than never, right? A hug for Mika from me as well. That sounds terrible, I've only suffered a broken wrist, a cut forehead and a minor concussion and those were bad enoug...I can't imagine what it would feel like to have a malfunctioning eye and a self-destructive knee cartilage. o.o Also, that doctor sounded like a real patronizing prick. Seriously, a situation like that and all he can say is "Tough luck, I can't do a thing about it, but let me read this children's book to you real nice and slow to make you feel like a kindergarten brat"? Stab the quack in the eye with a ballpoint pen to correct his perspective then get a specialist, I say. In my experience, ordinary doctors don't tend to be pretty clueless about anything that doesn't involve antibiotics or standard health checks, and if we would have settled for one of their verdicts, my grandma would be dead from cancer by now. << So yish, in a case a serious as this you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best treatment you can get. Of course, if you're already getting that (Which I hope you are) then please ignore that last comment. Clueless doctors are just one of those topics that tick me off. ><

As for the dedication...*Twitch* I could chance it with Mika's currently reduced accuracy, but I better not. Somehow I get the feeling she wouldn't stop until she got a hit. xD Therefore, I hereby dedicate this page to hugs. After all, everyone loves hugs, right? =3


"Glad to hear that we have at least one sane person around here." Valen replied, nodding at Reina's answer as he turned to leave. Just then, however, he came to a nasty realization. Rosairie was staying. This in itself was of course not a bad thing, but an unavoidable blurt-out of everything that had transpired which would surely follow if the skirt-clad moron would be caught was something quite different. Kyoko, annoying though she was, did at least possess something akin to intellect even if her lack of common sense was astounding, this she had proven by managing to infiltrate the building as well as she had, and she was a small, snivelling brat so he wagered that no-one would take her as a serious suspect. Besides, she seemed good enough at running away, but Rosairie...Valen groaned, that braindead bimbo couldn't sneak her way out of a paper bag.

"This might sound absurd..." he muttered in a low voice, still clearly aimed at Reina, "...but unless we get little miss moneybags out of here fast we're all as good as busted." he took a deep breath, bracing himself for the unpleasant task ahead, "You go on ahead, I can always pass myself off as having come to investigate if anyone asks. The waiting room is on floor 48, first corridor to the left after you leave the elevator.

"Rosairie..." he said in a level tone, turning to adress this person whom he found himself hating more and more every second - well, it had to be hate that he was feeling, hate for this foolish little girl who couldn't be bothered to save her own pathetic hide this one time when it would actually benefit others as well. He certainly wasn't liking or, relating to, her, why should he? And pity...he didn't deal in pity. Yes, hate was the only thing this could be - "...if you stay here you'll get everyone in trouble, including Kyoko and Silence but also including me, so are you coming voluntarily or shall I have to knock you out and drag you away? I would prefer the former..." he added, "But I can be flexible in this instance."

August 4th, 2006, 5:59 AM
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Anywhoo... pardon my cursing in this post, but I was quoting Rosairie. ^^;


When Valen began to obviously think about the situation they were in, Reina looked over to Rosairie, still frozen and looking none-to-happy. Why was Rosairie being so annoying? There she and Valen were, after practically being attacked by her crazed Jolteon, and they were being somewhat nice. Sure, they weren't cuddling with her and telling her it was all going to be okay, but they could have done much worse. Did she have any respect?

"You're right, it does sound crazy," Reina replied to Valen's comment about what to do with Rosairie, "But I have to say that I agree. You know, I was trying to give her a break when I got here, but she just freaked out and told me to 'scurry' after my 'bastard boyfriend'. I think she was referring to you; only it was hard for me to tell because you're not a 'bastard', or my boyfriend, and I don't scurry after anyone." She took this moment to shake her head in disbelief that she would ever be accused of such a thing.

Before she turned to go though, she managed a smile, "Well good luck with her, hopefully she grows a kernel of common sense. See you later!" After returning a potentially conspicuous Phoebe, Reina then turned and snuck off, keeping an eye out for guards that seemed curious. She kept repeating 'Floor 48' in her head to memorize it. She was never great at remembering numbers, and she had no desire to get lost in this place.

August 4th, 2006, 11:24 AM
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Rosairie glanced up sharply at Valen's words, and tucked Silence's ball back in her bag.
"Have you heard of 'Eddie Dean', Valen?" she said quietly. "He once said, 'Don't assume; it makes an AS$ out of U and ME.' Pretty funny, but pretty accurate, I'd say."
She got up, glancing to Kyoko briefly. She felt suddenly... betrayed. She had expected the younger girl to...stand up for her. God knows why. No one seemed to. "I'll come, Valen."
She wanted to scream at him. She wanted to hit him, she wanted to hurt him. She wanted to push a gun against his temple and shout, 'What did you do to Silence? You monster! You bastard!'. Of course, she could do none of these things.
She knew one thing, though. She wasn't afraid of Valen any more. Only angry. He had locked Silence down there in the dark, driven the poor creature to the river styx itself, it seemed. She loathed him

{ooc| If any of you guys know who Eddie Dean is, I will love you forever.}

August 4th, 2006, 3:02 PM
Floor 48 . . . Chain stepped back, his gaze remaining directed forward and taking in the scene. The situation is still rather tense here. But, it appears to be stabilizing somewhat--as well as can be hoped from them, anyway. And if nothing else, Rosairie seems to have control of herself. The trainer's eyes shifted slightly to the side. I should probably talk to her later, though.

Slipping away from the scene, Chain turned and made his way toward the elevator. Casting a glance back over his shoulder, the hacker pressed the elevator's "up" button. If possible, he wanted to enter the elevator before anyone else arrived. Swiftly stepping inside the elevator, even before the doors had finished opening, Chain immediately pressed the button for floor 48. As the doors began to close after several seconds, Chain's gaze lowered in an attempt to retain the appearance of being calm. I'm not in the clear yet. But from here, all I can do is hope . . . There are two other elevators on this floor. Theoretically, there's only about a 33.3 percent chance of them choosing this elevator. What the chances are of anyone bothering to look up at the screen to check which floor an elevator's on . . . I suppose that's something I can't predict. Either way, they probably won't draw any conclusions from it.

Lifting his eyes to the elevator's flourescent light ceiling, Chain stifled a sigh. Things aren't about to get any easier for us . . . are they?

Alter Ego
August 5th, 2006, 3:58 AM
"Is that so?" Valen replied in his usual emotionless voice, "If it was so accurate then maybe you would do well to heed his advice yourself instead of simply assuming that I am the root of all evil in this world. Oh don't even bother denying it." he added, his temper steadily growing out of hand. Here he was, saving this disgusting ingrate who was too dumb and weak to look after her own pathetic self, and all she did in return was to throw 'meaningful' quotes at him like she had it all figured out. He had recieved quite enough abuse for one day, and certainly wasn't in the mood to take any more while leaving. No, he was going to give, "That's what you've been assuming right from the start from reasons I can't even begin to imagine. This being the case, which one of us is the bigger as, eh? I do have a saying of my own that I like..." he went on as he began to walk, "Those who quote the most usually understand the least. It's probably not even an official saying, but I've found it to hold true far more often than many others. Now unless you want to give us away to the first idiot of a guard we run into I suggest that you keep your own assumptions to yourself from now on. Move it."

With that, he set off with a brisk stride, unable to resist musing over how well Rosairie could keep up. He might not have been in a position to let the ingrate get caught, but with her attitude being what it was there wasn't any need to

OOC: Just as a note: the misspelling was purposeful so as to avoid the censor.

August 5th, 2006, 5:34 AM

Being sneaky was quickly becoming something Reina was quite enjoying. There was a real thrill about it that was not unpleasant. As she headed for the elevators, her ears picked up some voices. They sounded like serious ones, probably no more that five. They were talking about something important, and Reina distinctly heard "lightning" and "over there".

"Great...," she thought, freezing where she stood. Valen and the others were too far behind to excuse her, so what was she going to do? Luckily, their shadows were visible on the wall to the far left of her. They were standing and talking rather than moving towards their targets. It seemed they were preparing themselves for electricity, something that could potentially be fatal, and they were discussing precautionary measures. Reina thanked her lucky stars that the world of safety was so long and boring, for it was buying her the time to get to the elevator.

With that she got to the elevators, and quickly proceeded to push all of their buttons. Reina wanted speed, she didn't care which elevator she got. When she went to push the last one though, she noticed the doors just about to close. She frowned, looking at the image of what she thought was Chain.

"Huh? Chain?" she said, blinking in confusion. Thankfully her brain cut through the mild surprise and told her to stop those doors; this was, after all, the only elevator she didn't have to wait for. "Wait!" she said in a loud whisper, sticking her hand in the path of the doors. They began to slowly open again, and Reina bolted inside.

"Thought you could sneak away with no one noticing, huh?" she said, raising an eyebrow. She was smiling a little; her words weren't malicious, they were more like light teasing. The boy still looked to be a bit run-down, but Reina didn't want to comment on it; she certainly wouldn't have wanted anyone doing that to her.

August 5th, 2006, 11:22 AM
Chain looked up in surprise at the sound of a familiar voice and the reopening of the elevator doors. Sensing the lighter tone in Reina's voice, a rare smile briefly tugged at Chain's features as he replied, "That was my hope. I don't think any of us wanted to get caught there, though." He paused. I wonder if it was really alright to leave Valen with Rosairie and Kyoko . . .

As the elevator began to rise, Chain placed his hands on the elevator's inner railing and leaned against the back wall. Though he would rather not admit it, he was still a little drained from his psychic activities earlier. Still, he was in considerably better condition than he was then, and his mind had regained its normal pace of calculations. Watching the elevator floors change, the trainer's eyes dimmed slightly as he fell into thought. At the moment, all I have are suspicions, premonitions, and empty theories with minimal information to support them. Yet I can't rid myself of this eerie sensation . . . That time, when I took Porygon into battle, I had the same feeling. Back then I ignored it. This time . . . This time, I can't even be sure of what I'm up against. But, it feels much bigger than a single virus. I don't know why, but it's almost as though I've been paralyzed by venom and rendered useless while massive jaws rise up around me--around all of us . . . and are prepared to swallow us whole. Once in the stomach of a snake, there is no escape.

"Even if we can slip away from that scene without being detected, it doesn't mean we're safe . . . " he murmured, half to himself, half to Reina. His voice dropping a little lower, he added, "Before long, I don't think there will be anywhere to run to."

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August 5th, 2006, 9:57 PM

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"Eh? What ceremony?"Cona released Avery from the hug, not that she had noticed the girl struggling. More so because she wanted to adjust the hat on her head. Though she had recovered from the previous headache and sleepiness, from parts of her memory were still left to be sorted out.

"And where's JJ? Is he alright?"she questioned again, recalled the competition. The one she participated in to make her father proud. If this ceremony Avery was talking about had to do with that. It was some sort of prize presentation ceremony, yes? Did that mean that she had actually managed to claim one of the top positions?

"I-I- We? We got one of the top placings?"she asked eagerly, her hands clenched tightly as the excitement built up inside her. This was rarely like her to speak out in such a loud tone, but, this was an exception. What did she care if the satellites of an evil organisation bent on stealing all the cheese in the world as at work now. Readying a colossol lazer to destory the Earth as she stood there at that moment. She had actually won something. For once it wasn't a joke. Cona found it hard to believe herself, but she just smiled.

Though, a small voice in at the back of her head kept on nudging her, telling her that something definitely was up. The girl mentally agreed, still, she wasn't going to pass up a chance like what lay before her now.

August 6th, 2006, 3:27 AM
"Please Mum... No, please, have pity... please... no, don't make me... DO THE COURSEWORK!" *cries*
Guys, I'm taking my leave...again. My Mum's discovered how much work I have to do this summer and is banning me from forums. In a way, she's right, because this work goes towards my final grade... which goes towards college. Please excuse Rosairie in any way you see fit. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Coursework's a crap name. Torture work's more likely... xP}

August 6th, 2006, 5:43 AM
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Chain was always so... something else. He was always thinking of a bigger picture that Reina never quite bothered to think about. He also tended to talk about them all as a group. Was the group he mentioned everyone in the ceremony? Reina wondered why he considered them worthy to be bunched together. They did have a tendency to run into each other... and Valen and her already thought that this ceremony business was fishy.

One thing that bothered her about Chain was that he never quite seemed as if he were speaking his whole mind. He was always only ever saying part of what he thought. Reina couldn't even begin to fathom what else he was thinking of, nor was she the kind to pry it out of him, so she just pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind.

"You could be right," Reina said about his final comment, "That's fine with me, I prefer to fight anyway. Running has always been against my nature." She was still smiling, but she was serious. Reina was no coward, and even if she were afraid, she was sure she would fight.

August 6th, 2006, 10:00 AM
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August 8th, 2006, 8:33 AM
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Valen couldn't resist smiling just a bit when he noticed that, for once, Rosairie seemed to be at a loss for words. She still seemed to follow readily enough, and Kyoko would not doubt cling to her 'nee-chan' like usual - the boy didn't bother to check this since it was self-evident - so all in all, the situation was quite good. Valen's expression soon returned to dead serious, however, as he noticed two guardsmen just around the corner. They hadn't noticed him just yet, but there was no way in heck he could pass by them unnoticed with Rosairie and Kyoko on his trail, so he chose to brace himself mentally instead, quickly planning the words in his mind while he prepared put on his most reproachful scowl as he skulked past with his face purposefully concealed. In situations like this, offense was the best defense.

"Halt!" one of the guards called, just like Valen knew he would, "Stay where you are, all three of you!" he quickly rushed over, preparing to interrogate Valen. 'A shakedown...' the boy mused, just barely managing to surpress a grin, 'The suckers won't know what hit them...'

"Turn around and watch me when I speak to you, you uncorteous lout!" the guard spat out, "You had something to do with that explosion just now, didn't you?! You're-Mr.Ironholm?!" the guard's toughness drained away in an instant, the man taking a cautious step backwards and releasing Valen's shoulder. When you were a low-paid, low-rank guard with little to no prospect for occupational change or progress in your current career, there were a number of unwritten rules worth following, these included never messing with anyone from the "unspoken" departments, particularly when the anyone concerned was the adoptive son of your boss.

"Quite so." Valen replied with icy calm, "And you are a very keen observer of the obvious. Now perhaps you would be so good as to tell me why you seek to thwart my current assignment?"

"Assignment?" the other guard squeaked up with desperation-tinged scepticism, "H-hang on...I thought you were off-duty until further notice! And anyway, aren't those two the ones who dissappeared from the bottom floor?" he cast a suspicious glance at Rosairie and Kyoko, "They're suspects!" he cried, pointing a - somewhat shaky - finger of accusations, "We need to bring them in, sir."

"Further notice arrived." Valen retorted without allowing even the slightest trace of doubt to cross his features, "And I will have you know that these two aren't intruders but invited tournament victors whom, might I add, Slythe himself asked me to escort to the waiting room. Do you know nothing?!" he suddenly lashed out, causing the guards in front of him to cover. Deep down, these rookie grunts were all spinless cowards, you just had to keep them on their toes so they didn't realize their authority or - god forbid - try to figure things out, "There is already another squad investigating the explosion incident and they have sealed off the staircase because of it." he lowered his voice to a whisper as if to prevent Rosairie and Kyoko from overhearing, "You two should be in sector 5 investigating the lead of our mystery intruder."

"I-I'm afraid we haven't been informed about another squad, sir." the more outspoken one of the two persisted, folding his arms defensively,"And protocol demands that we at least bring these two in for routine questioning and-"

"Can I help it..." Valen interrupted softly, "...if this building works in such a way that idiot A doesn't have a clue about what idiot B is doing? By all means, bring these two in, ask your little questions...all I know is that Slythe requested that they be escorted to the waiting room immediately, but if you believe that his judgement is in error then I expect you to explain to him as well."

"U-us?" the guard stammered, "Explaining t-this to Slythe? But..."

"Conduct rule number 73?" Valen offered in a would-be helpful manner, "Yes, that might pose a problem. As would rule number 93, never disrupt the execution of the leader's orders, but tell you what..." he placed a brotherly hand on the young grunt's shoulder, feeling him tremble at the touch, "...I'm in a charitable mood at the moment, so if you two just let us go now and head off to your correct post, we'll all pretend that this embarassing little incident never happened. Does that sound reasonable to you?"

"I-" the guard stuttered, "I, yes, that-that sounds very reasonable...sir. Right, Cliff?"

The other one nodded desperately, "Yes, v-very reasonable...umm...thank you, sir. We'll just..."

"...be going..." the other one finished.

"Yes." Valen replied simply as the two took their leave, unable to restrain a small smirk, "You two just go ahead and do that."

He then proceeded to walk up to the nearest control pannel, pressing down the call button and waiting for whatever elevator was available to comply.

August 10th, 2006, 11:22 AM

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So gimme a while to read on posts and my own should be up later today

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August 13th, 2006, 7:30 AM
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August 17th, 2006, 6:37 PM

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>>; Sorry it took me three days to post. Somewhat broke my glasses and blinded myself.


Her neck was covered in sweat. Nervous sweat. The feet that were connected to her legs were moving but she wasn't telling them to do so, they seemed to move on their own, oblivious to what was going on around her. She was definatly frightened, Valen had done a number on her self-confidence, and all she wanted was to be away from this. Her head drooped in a submissive mannor, she'd been silently following Valen through out the halls, completely obliviuos to where-if anywhere, Rosairie was in relation to herself. In fact, she hadn't even twitched when the luxury ball on her belt rumbled free and in a gentle purple mist, settled on her head.

Maybe it would be best... if for the moment I handled your affairs...

She didn't verbally or mentally respond, she simply shrugged and the shuppet took this as a premission slip and gently fused with the child's spirit, causing the girl's eyes to shift to a purple color; a clear sign to any she was under posession, and stopped dead in her tracks, "Valen, to avoid more suspicion I'm returning the way I came. I will meet you as you stated before in the conference room."

Not waiting for the boy to answer, Kyoko was turned and dropped through the shoot, changed back into more fitting attire and exited the bathroom, nodding a sweet smile to the poor technician who simply handed her a loli and shoed her off to the elevator. She stopped just short of the button and took a well earned moment to breathe (while still looking natural) before the up button was pressed and she was waiting for it to decend.

Alter Ego
August 21st, 2006, 7:51 AM
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'And just when I thought things were going smoothly.' Valen groaned inwardly as Kyoko suddenly announced that she would go on her own to "avoid suspicion".

"That's-" Valen began, but the ghost-possessed little squirt had already slipped down to the floor below. The boy frowned, less suspicious indeed. He had just managed to convince the guards that they were an invited group and now Kyoko, or whoever was in charge within her disturbed little head, decided to jeopardize it all by setting off solo.

"Lunatic..." Valen muttered, shaking his head as a cheery 'ping' announced the elevator's arrival, casting a glance in Rosairie's direction without looking at here, "So are you coming or would you prefer to follow your precious nee-chan down the chute? No, figured you wouldn't."

With that, he half-dragged the girl inside before she had the time to say one thing or the other, quickly proceeding to press the correct button and leaning back, completely shutting Rosairie's voice out of his conscious mind before she could unleash her stream of righteous indignation.

August 21st, 2006, 3:57 PM
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"Darn this elevator!" Reina said with a frustrated expression, "Why's it have to be so slow?" The girl was getting impatient, she wanted to get to that ceremony and find out what was going on. Not to mention, she was really curious as to what had happened back there with Silence. It was so strange; she had never seen a pokemon act like that before. Tabansi might know something... perhaps she should bring him out? But no, she never felt comfortable letting out pokemon in buildings like this. Her father had always taught her to respect property and regulations.

It would have to wait. Suddenly a tone sounded and the elevator halted. The doors slowly opened and Reina took a look out of them. "Well come on Chain, the elevator's stopped!" she said to the boy, "Let's go." She stepped out and took notice of the surroundings. This floor was as clean as ever, and still had the appearance of the other floors. She looked to the left and noticed that there was indeed a corridor.

"This way then," she said, proceeding to walk down it. Almost there. Hopefully Valen wasn't having too much trouble with Rosairie and Kyoko.

August 22nd, 2006, 10:59 AM
With a slight nod, Chain wordlessly stepped out of the elevator after Reina. After casting a glance at the metal plate beside the elevator doors to confirm the floor was correct, he then turned and followed the other trainer silently down the hall. This feeling is growing worse, as though each step brings us closer to danger. Reina is right, though. Whether or not we can run, we can and will fight.

Painfully conscious of the stolen files he carried with him, Chain continued to walk toward the ceremony waiting room, thankful for the experience that allowed him to retain his apparently calm demeanor. As he walked, Chain's green-gold eyes shifted subtly about, observing his surroundings as he listened intently for any sound that might indicate the presence of another being. Above the sharp tap and resulting echo of his and Reina's steps, however, naught could be heard. After a short time, Chain's roving gaze finally rested on a single door--windowless, with a metal latch, apparently made of wood, though likely some material with a wood print layered over it. Is that the waiting room?

Alter Ego
September 17th, 2006, 10:21 AM
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"Floor 48, waiting rooms and conference spaces." Valen remarked in a completely humorless tone, for no other reason than to fend off the annoying silence that had been occupying the elevator for the entire time. In all honesty, the boy had half-expected some kind of snappish remark from Rosairie about his crude behaviour, maybe a good old-fashioned argument involving either party telling the other precisely what their problem was, and this constant response of nothing almost made Valen feel cheated. This being the case, he didn't object when Rosairie excused herself with...what was it again? Something about visiting the ladies' room? The boy hadn't really been paying any attention at all to the words, so he couldn't recall.

'Not that I care anymore, really.' he added for himself as he proceeded down the hallway leading to the waiting room, 'She's on the right floor now, so the danger's over. At least for now...' he groaned, absent-mindedly taking a right turn rather than heading towards the room he had directed the others to. The thought of spending more time around all those people really didn't appeal to him at the moment, especially with all the tension in the air. Nonetheless, Valen was faced with little choice but to turn around when he noticed that he was well on his way to the station of one of Slythe's countless secretaries, one whom he certainly didn't feel like running into at the moment. The door was ajar, however, and just as Valen was about to turn and leave, the sound of an argument caught his ears. He stopped at this, slowly sneaking his way back towards the door and nonchalantly leaning against a wall quite close to it, turning his attention to the sounds coming from within.

"Now look here miss, this is really quite simple." a slightly flustered male voice possessing a sound somewhat similar to the turning of old parchment remarked, the tone of his voice suggesting that this was not the first time this day that he was explaining his case, "I'm a close family aquintance of Mr.D'argent and my matter is urgent. Could you please just take me to him?"

"I'm sorry, sir." the secretary's voice replied in the usual half-detached monotone which most Waiwai employees seemed to use, "But Mr.D'Argent is adamant about attending the awards ceremony personally and has requested that all meetings be postponed until it is over. However, I could schedule you for next week-"

"Next week may already be too late!" the male voice snapped, "At this very moment, the-" the speaker broke off, as if regretting what he had just said, "Look..." he continued in a calmer tone, "Could you at least pass a message on to him? Tell him that Arty wants to see him, and that Ivalice 69 must not be touched under any circumstances until we have talked. He will know what I mean."

The secretary gave a tired sigh of forfeit, and Valen could almost picture the tired this-isn't-my-job expression on the secretary's face, "Very well." the female voice replied in the same, bored monotone, "I'll pass it on but I won't promise anything."

"Thank you." the male voice replied, "And have a nice day, miss."


Valen snapped back into alertness as he heard the sound of approaching footsteps, quickly turning around and beginning to walk off so as to not seem like an eavesdropper.

'Ivalice 69...' he mused, quickly turning towards the waiting room and risking a brief glance behind him, which revealed the back of a thin, man, shaped in a slightly rat-like manner, whose black, neatly trimmed hair was already showing a few grey strands here and there, although the rest of his features were conveniently covered by the rather worn-looking grey travelling cloak that he wore. This struck Valen as odd, as anyone with close relations to Slythe, like the man claimed to possess, could certainly afford to dress way better.

'Dress way better?' he repeated in his mind, groaning slightly, 'Oh great, I've really been around Rosaire too long...' he shuddered slightly at the thought, deciding to push all of his musings about the man aside and focus on his words instead as he strode down the hallway. Even with this convinction, however, he couldn't help the awkward feeling that said man was actually observing him, but as soon as he turned to check, Valen saw little more but an empty hallway.

"I really need to get more sleep..." he muttered for himself, heading forward until he spotted a familiar figure by the waiting room entrance.

"Is there something wrong with our lovely waiting room, Chain?" he asked sarcastically, guessing what the other boy was getting at. The room really looked more like some kind of probation cell than a place to entertain guests, although in all honesty, the look did suit the function quite well, "It's tapped of course, but other than that, it should be fine."