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Alter Ego
December 22nd, 2005, 12:41 PM
Way back in ancient times, or so the old tales go, there existed a civilization far greater than anything achieved ever since, one which was simply remembered as the Iga. Originally, or so the story goes, they were little more than a small clan. A primitive people who lived in harmony with nature, knowing nothing of the world beyond their own forests and hunting grounds, leading a simple lifestyle of hunting and foraging with the aid of the forest pok�mon, living so closely in tune with them that the tales even insist that some people were born with the ability to speak with these wondorous creatures. As time went by, the Iga clan learned ever more of the pok�mon they lived their lives with, each generation growing better at understanding and handling them than the one preceeding it. Those who displayed the best talent for handling and communicating with pok�mon quickly distinguished themselves from the rest, calling themselves druids or beastmasters and devoting their lives to further developing the gifts they possessed and to train those from the next generation who showed even greater potential than them. As the Iga clan's influence over wild pok�mon grew however, so did their arrogance, the druidic circle which had more or less assumed control over the rest of the clan soon deciding that they deserved more than a simple life in the forests, that othe civilizations should respect them like the masters they were, that they should leave a mark on the world that would last forever. They wished for world domination.

And theire wishes would not be denied, soon the announcement was made, and the Iga clan went to war with the beastmasters, or beast kings as they soon deicded to dub themselves, at the front, swiftly driving the neighbouring tribes back with the sheer power and numbers of their pok�mon, either enslaving or eliminating every other civilization that they came across. The pok�mon did not approve of course, but by now the Iga elders had learned their secrets so thoroughly that the poor creatures had little choice but to obey the ones who had once treated them as equals but now looked upon them as little more than usefull servants.

With each conquest, the beast kings' arrogance grew ever greater, and once they had cleared the continent they inhabited of all others, assuming that they now held the whole world in their possession, they began the next phase of their master plan; harnessing the power of both pok�mon and slaves from the other tribes to carve out glorious cities from themselves, be it from the faces of the tall mountain ridges, the depths of the forests, the bottom of the sea, or even mountain tops forced into levitation by constant effort from a large and carefully regulated group of psychic pok�mon,. Once the long labour was over, the beast kings, now five in all, each settled in the city that best suited their tastes, all of them lording over their own share of the people, although they met on regular intervals to decide on matters of greater import, passing on their thrones only to those they had most carefully moulded in their own image to make sure that things stayed as they were. So proud and full of their own power were they, that the beast kings proclaimed themselves beast gods instead, and later on, god kings, setting up a priesthood to serve them and help them lord over the ever more mutinous populace.

In this manner, things went on for quite a while, but with each generation, the god kings grew more and more self-complacent and less and less mindfull of the ancient arts that had granted them the power they held. Slowly, their influence over pok�mon began shrinking, although the god kings failed to realize this as the pok�mon who had begun regaining their free will were smart enough not to tip their captors off about it. Still, there was a rebellion brewing amongst the pok�mon, right beneath the god kings' noses and within the very base of their power and their nations capital; the sky city of Zhara-Dun. The independent pok�mon, as well as a few of the oppressed people who had caught wind, slowly gathering within the city itself, laying out their plans and biding their time, awaiting the right moment to strike.

And one fatefull day, that moment arrived when it once again became time for the god kings to assemble. They had barely made it to the meeting hall when the assault began, thousands of humans and pok�mon suddenly turning into open revolt, cutting their way through opposing soldiers and the pok�mon who were still enslaved until they reached what they were striving for; the levitation chamber, the very heart of the city where psychic pok�mon constantly toiled to keep the lofty construction afloat. The ensuing scene was short and brutal; the rebels turned on the already strained psychic types, cutting them down and sending the whole city crashing down into the sea, the power of the god kings and their clergy dying with it.

To this day, that battle is still remembered on Mono island, the peculiar, and unimaginatively named, location on the world map which was supposedly born from the afforementioned apocalyptic collision several millenia ago and which now houses one of the largest, most high-tech cities of the known world; Twilight City, a small state in its own right. This year, just like every year before, it is time for the memorial celebration of the epic battle between the rebels and the god kings, the whole city being turned into a battleground, complete with an upper walk for paying spectators, where willing trainers pit their pok�mon against an assortment of semi-wild ones amassed by the organizers of the event. The best trainer in the event is promised the usual fare; fame, glory, and a nifty prize as well as the title of beast king, or queen, of the year, although lesser prizes are offered for other outstanding performrances.

This year, there are also other forces at work behind the scenes however; rumours of ties between Waiwai Inc., one of the event's largest sponsors, and the notorious criminal organization Team Viper which has been rapidly tightening its hold of the region, calling upon increased police monitoring and tightened security measures, although there are even more sinister rumours about, rumours of wild pok�mon in the area behaving in a disturbingly organized manner...


Rules (Read or die! XO):

1. Follow all standard RP section rules (Self-explanatory).

2. Just to stress this; no powerplaying, godmodding, bunnying, or character control of any kind! If I see someone's character doing as much as raising an eyebrow without the creator's consent (The only exception being rule number 3) then the person responsible will be warned, once, and if the violation is repeated then that person will be kicked out of the RP. Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but there are few things I hate as much as powerplaying.

3. If a person in the RP hasn't made an IC post in seven days (that is, one week) and hasn't notified me of his/her absence then you may control that person's character, but only if necessary and in accordance with that character's personality.

4. No posting beneath four lines. I'm serious about this one, if you can't manage four lines of coherent english then please don't sign up, I'm looking for people who can RP in proper detail, because short, flat, and emotionless posts just ruin the mood of an RP.

5. Mind your spelling. If you have trouble spelling, don't just blame it on english not being your first language (It isn't mine either but I'm not having trouble). I don't want anyone having to guess what you tried to write in your post so if you know you have trouble with spelling and grammar then either refrain from joining or at least get yourself a spell checker, even that crude one that comes with Microsoft Word will help loads.

6. Read the rules and read the plot. Really, I didn't risk carpal tunnel syndrome for you to skim the first two lines of my writing and then just waltz along to a hasty sign-up, when writing up your character make sure that his/her history etc. don't clash with the setting as I'll have no choice but to deny such characters entry into the RP, which would suck on your part.

Okay, since people obviously aren't taking a hint I'll repeat what I said on page two:

~Sign-ups are now officially over~

It's too late plot-wise for anyone to join, so don't freakin' try to sign up anymore. <_<

EDITNESS: Bah, I was almost done typing up my sign-up sheet when the computer went and froze on me for no apparent reason. >.< Well, here it is;

Name: Valen Ironholm
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: A fairly tall and slim boy for his age, Valen's skin is of a naturally pale pigment that refuses to tan, seemingly regardless of how much sunlight it is exposed to, not that he would ever want something like a tan anyway. His hair is dark purple, and usually hangs a bit over the right one of his misty grey eyes. Appearance wise, he's fairly okay looking, not particularly handsome by any measure but not really beaten-with-a-stick ugly either. For clothes, he usually wears a black t-shirt with the words 'Life is short, bite hard' written in red lettering on the front with a faded grey jacket, the right sleeve of which is so long that it can be used to cover his right hand from view, and the left one of which seems to have been quite violently slashed of right beneath the shoulder, although why Valen hasn't had it fixed or gotten himself a new jacket is anyone's guess. He also wears a pair of very dark blue, almost black, jeans, the legs of which are so long that they almost hide the heavy black boots he wears on his feet. He also wears a chain of small, metallic spheres around his neck as an accessory.

Personality: A cold, hateful, and mistrusting individual. Valen is the kind of person that always looks at the bad side of both life and people, seemingly going through life with a constant frown on his face. He never seems to smile or laugh unless it's in mockery, triumph, or deception and he only maintains good manners either in sarcasm or when it benefits him. He always acts only in the interest of himself or, to some extent, his pok�mon, and has no qualms about taking a path that would hurt others if it promises suitable profit for him. He may not be completely heartless however, as there have been times, although they are very rare and he always denies their existence, when he has shown uncharacteristic acts of charity or mercy. Such moments are rare in the extreme however, and only done if the person in question has done something very remarkable to him indeed, and usually he is far too guarded and snappish among others to ever let anyone close enough for him to care about.


Arbok "Seirini" (Female)

Valen's first and most cherised pok�mon, Seirini was originally one of the countless stray pok�mon attempting to carve out a living for themselves on the streets of Stonewall Town, and like many of the strays in that area, ended up as the victim of a local street gang's violence. Luckily, from a certain point of view, she was discovered by one of the many Viper pok�mon collectors and soon added to their selection of starters. For reasons fully known only to himself, Valen was adamant about taking the Ekans under his wing and raising her into the powerfull Arbok that she is today. Because of traumatic experiences in her past, Seirini still has trouble trusting strangers, although not quite as bad ones as her trainer, and is not comfortable with people other than Valen touching her, quick to lash out with her venomous fangs at would-be trouble makers. The two care for each other deeply, and Valen never sends Seirini to do a job that any of his other pok�mon could manage.

Mawile "Kachiko" (Female)

Hatched from an egg that Valen ran into during one of his first catching trips to an abandoned iron mine, the young Mawile immediately took to refering to the boy as 'papa' and simply refused to let him out of her sight, and while Valen's first reaction would have been to just ditch the annoying child he soon found that her natural talent for acting and her innocent demeanor made her a perfect distraction for steath missions, and since the Mawile seemed loyal enough to him he decided to keep it. Personality-wise Kachiko is one thing above all; annoying, she has the habit of giving new, and often insulting or demeaning, nicknames to others around her and pestering them while all at the same time maintaining a saintly face and playing the victim if the subject of her taunts snaps. She is still a child at heart, a very, very annoying child.

Venonat "Smaelaugh" (Male)

The newest member of Valen's team, Smaelaugh, or 'Smelly' as Kachiko quickly dubbed him, was just one of the countless Venonats inhabiting a forest through which Valen had to pass, and was quite unlucky to cross paths with the now fairly experienced pok�mon hunter. Soon after the capture it turned out that the Venonat was in possession of an extaoridnarily short temper, combined with a particularly inflated ego which made him next to impossible for any beginning grunt to handle, so he was delegated to Valen, who had a certain measure of fame for his ability at handling difficult pok�mon due to the way he tamed Seirini. Smaelaugh gets along quite poorly with other pok�mon of the team, particularly Kachiko, as the Mawile seems to find no end of fun in teasing the Venonat about the way he refers to himself in third person, not to mention his alleged smell. The Venonat does hold a certain measure of respect for his trainer however, mostly because he believes that the boy will help him achieve the level of power that he considers his birthright.

History (Optional): Born into the poorest quarter of Stonewall Town, a small island village on the southern rim of the archipelago surrounding Showgan (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449), Valen's parents abandoned him as soon as he was born, leaving him to the 'care' of Stonewall orphanage, where he would spend the next seven years of his life. Even in his early years, Valen never got very well along with the other orhapanage children who quickly branded him a freak because of his pale skin and purple hair and turned against him systhematically, something which, combined with the negligent attitude of the orphanage staff, left Valen with a very miserable childhood indeed, although his sheer ruthlessness and cunning led to a good deal of his tormentors suffering quite notable 'accidents' as well. On Valen's eleventh birthday however, a peculiar thing occured. A tall and well-dressed man suddenly walked into the orhpanage, informing the staff that he wished to adopt a boy who went by the name of 'Valen Ironholm' even though the two had never met. Always willing to get one mouth less to feed, the orhpanage owner was quick to get the paperwork done, and Valen was soon ushered out to the peculiar man who had adopted him, carrying what meager possessions he had with him in a small trunk. It soon turned out that the strange man was not just an ordinary citizen, but in fact, a Team Viper executive who had been observing the boy for quite some time, impressed by the way he had staged the various 'accidents' that befell several of his fellow orphanage children. The man then offered Valen with a simple choice, either he would join Team Viper, and be raised to be a loyal, and reasonably well-paid, member of the team or he would simply be dumped on the street to die. Whatever qualms he had had about resorting to dirty methods long since dissipated, Valen didn't need much coaxing before he accepted the job, soon ending up in training under his new 'foster father' and recieveing his very first pok�mon; Seirini, although she didn't have a name at the time, a young and badly mistreated Ekans who had been found half-dead by the roadside, apparently mistreated by a band of local youngsters. Although his mentor would have prefered him to choose another pok�mon for his own, Valen bluntly refused, demanding that the snake pok�mon be given to him. Perhaps he felt a measure of sympathy for the Ekans because she was an outcast just like him, or perhaps it was simply because Valen wanted an aggressive and unpredictable pok�mon for his enemies to face, but whatever the reasons, the two soon became a team. As the years went by, Valen quickly distinguished himself from his peers by proving himself capable of facing tasks that most young members balked at without showing the slightest flicker of emotion or compassion, and strangely enough, even the team's leader, Slythe, seemed to have taken an interest in the boy, which consequently lead to his transfer into the newly formed snag divsion, and his current post. At first, the snagger's line of work seemed to function well for Valen, one completed mission after another boosting his fame both among the underworld and the police force. But on one, fatefull excursion onto the Showgan mainland, the boy was faced with a potentially life-risking failure as Slythe's prized Seviper, Nigina, who had been entrusted to him to aid the mission, suffered a humiliating loss against a certain other trainer and her Zubat. Forced to return back to headquarters two pok�mon short of his quota, Valen was sent on a basic surveilance mission to the memorial battle festival as a last chance of redemption.

Other (Optional): Although skilled overall as a trainer, and tamer, of pok�mon, Valen seems to have a particular knack for handling serpents of all kinds. The more cynical claim that it is because his mindset is so close to theirs, although some say that it is simply a gift passed down through his bloodline, a genetical heritage. Valen himself doesn't care overmuch about the reasons for this talent, and seeing how his bloodline is a mystery even to himself there seems to be no way for anyone to discover wether there is any truth behind these rumours or not. Having spent a good bit of his life with his current pok�mon team, he is capable of understanding his pok�mons' speech most of the time, although Seirini is the only one who's very words he can make sense of, and he often has her translating things he deems important. As mentioned in the 'Personality' field, Valen isn't quite as heartless as he makes himself out to be, and there is a slim chance of his personality changing, be it for better or for worse, during the course of the RP. However, it would take quite conscious effort from others to do so.

RP Sample:

{Papa! Papa! Smelly's teasing me!}

The shrill cry of a young Mawile caught the ears of a slim, pale-skinned boy who had been preoccupied with reading a paper of some kind by his desk, the boy turning around with a look of trained indeference, although there was a distinct tinge of tiredness behind it as he watched his Mawile rush over to him and hide behind his legs, a huffed looking Venonat in close pursuit.

{The indignity!} the bug type cried out at this, the feelers on his head twitching in agitation, {Smaelaugh} he placed particular emphasis on his correct name {Has had enough of your childish jibes metal eater!} he barred his two fangs at the Mawile, who responded by snapping the jaws sticking out from her forehead treatheningly, {You tell her, master Valen!} he fumed at the boy, ruffling up his furr, {You tell that insufferable little gnat of yours that my name isn't Smelly!}

{I ain't little, you meanie!} the Mawile retorted, sticking out her tongue at the Venonat from underneath the cover of her jaws, {And you just said your name was 'Smelly' yourself!}

The bug type snorted indignantly, {Smaelaugh did no such thing!} he protested, his agitation building, {Smaelaugh said his name is Smaelaugh!}

{Okay then, so your name is Smell-aaaagh, then!} the Mawile retorted, grimacing and clutching her throat dramatically as she came to the 'aaa' part, as if she was suffocating.

{Smaelaugh does not smell!} the Venonat yelled out. If his face hadn't be completely covered by purple furr, everyone could have seen that it was as red as a Torkoal's by now.

Valen glared at his two pok�mon shaking his head slowly as they continued to argue, "Why oh why..." he said slowly, "Must you two always bicker?"

{Because Smell-aaaagh is a big poopie-head!} the Mawile immediately called out.

{Because Kachiko is an unruly brat!} Smaelaugh interjected at the same time.

They both stared at each other for a moment as they both took in the other's words.

{Hey! I'm not a brat you, meanie!} Kachiko cried out.

{The great Smaelaugh is not a poopie-head!} the venonat interjected at the same time, and so their argument started out again.

Valen gave an irritated sigh, turning his attention away from the arguing pok�mon and towards the window, watching the raindrops drumming against the window and the desolate streets of Stonewall City that loomed outside, forming a small river along the downhill slope. Twilight City, huh? he thought for himself, the very name sounding pretentious and prissy to him, But then again... he reasoned, I'm going there for bussiness, not sightseeing, and anything beats this miserable hole in the ground... he gave another sigh, wandering back to the desk and picking up the paper he had studied into his hand. It was a leaflet, advertising the yearly memorial battle tournament as "Good, clean, fun for the whole family" and going into great detail about their sponsors and just about everything else that wasn't at all relevant to the actual workings of the contest. The boy crumpled the leaflet in his hand, sticking it into the right back pocket of his jeans. What did matter how the tournament worked? He wondered in irritation, he would found out when he got there, maybe participate if the rewards were suitable, but his primary aim was to redeem himself in the eyes of his boss. Valen absent-mindedly ran a hand across the chain of metal beads around his neck, this was his last chance, and he couldn't afford to fail. The boy's right hand clenched into a fist, he wouldn't fail...and that insolent girl who had dared to disrupt his plans with her trumpet case would get what was coming to her...

December 22nd, 2005, 2:32 PM
Name: Rosairie Beaumont (pronounced ‘ro-zer-ee’)
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Rosairie is relatively pretty; she has lightly tanned skin and dark, wavy hair that falls just below her shoulders. She's slender and not paticularily tall, but her love for walking has left her in good shape. She has small, delicate features, and an intelligent forehead.
Her mixed race origin and pampered upbringing really has favored her; she's bold, charismatic, and has a strong sense of self worth, all the things you expect from a rich little Daddy's girl that was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her eyes are blue-grey - mariner's eyes, as her father frequently says. However, the light shade of her eyes against her dark hair and skin has left her with a ‘deer-in-headlamps’ look about her, as if she’s permanently surprised – this expression is exaggerated when she actually is.

Dressed in a short, pink pleated skirt, brown knee-high suede boots and a cream off-the-shoulder woolen jumper, Rosairie probably would have been better suited to the highstreet than traipsing off to battle in an ancient tournament. Even while training, Rosairie would not be seen wearing anything less than the most modern and flattering clothes. Much to her pokemon’s distaste, she puts style over practicality.

Personality: Rosairie is the sort of person the downtrodden outcats love to hate. She's bubbly, sweet-tempered and kind to everyone - at least, she appears to be. She looks down on everyone not in her cosy little clique, always thinking she's superior. Rosairie even has that 'Oh My GAWD, what are you wearing?' expression down to a tee.
Rosairie's very affectionate towards her friends, and an extremely dependent person. Despite her storng attitude she is clingy and needy, and often relies on others for help. She's well known amongst her friends for her constant cuddling and babying of her little sister, and for her lust for the sports field - whether it's in a cheerleader's outfit or a pair of running shorts.
Twilight city had always captivated her wild imagination; her dream always was to compete, along with her pokemon. The idea of recreating a battle between mortals and gods (as she had always seen it) was incredibly alluring.

Magmar: Henna, Female -> Rosairie’s first companion, Henna likes to make her feelings shown. She often treats her trainer like her daughter.
Ivysaur: Sinbad, Male -> A haughty, uppity creature, Sinbad judges on looks. He slinks everywhere and is often found in the most unpredictable places - like a fridge freezer.
Golduck: Vampress, Female -> A vicious, quick tempered creature. She shouts insults as easy as others breath. She is incredibly vain, and proud of her sleek appearence.
Jolten: Silence, Male -> Silence is a very downtrodden creature. His spikes sag and he very rarely says a word. Because of his held tongue, no one knows what happened to him.

History: Rosairie's real mother left her and her father when Rosairie was a tiny baby. The real reasons, Rosairie has never been told, but she assumes it was due to her father loosing his fortune at that point; her mother, as she is frequently told, was a cheap french biatch that was only in the relationship for money.
Soon after that, Mr. Beaumont's stocks and shares once again reeled in the cash, and Rosairie and her father were once agai rolling in money. Over the fifteen year period that was his daughter's life, Mr. Beaumont grew richer and richer, older and older - and very desperate. He wanted someone to spend his life with, he wanted siblings for Rosairie, and he wanted love. He began to look everywhere for a possible wife and mother of his child, and as a result, married over six times during Rosairie's life time. For a while, she found this life, with new 'yummy mummys' (as her father put it) coming into her life every other year exciting. They kept her father happy, and Rosairie relished in having a stable family - at least, for a year, until her new mother got bored at moved on.
Meanwhile, Mr. Beaumont started working farther and farther from home; he went on long, drawn out business trips, and hired nannies and nurses to take care of his young, impressionable daughter. Often he would go with his new wife; often he would leave her at home, with the huge house and the built in spa. Most of the time he did this, though, he would come home to arguments, and his new wife would walk out - not witohut a handfull of cash, of course.
It was hard for the young Rosairie to grasp what was going on, but it left her with a throw-away attitude towards family. The only permanent feature on her horizon was her magby, who soon grew to be her closest friend.
At school, Rosairie excelled, and became popular. At home she was ignored altogether, put away out of sight and taken out to impress visitors. Her father loved her, she knew that much, but he had no way to express this. Often she was forgotton completely. She never went hungry, or cold, and she always had the most expensive clothes and was lavished with gifts of pokemon and items alike.
Despite all her things, her life seemed empty.

other:: She has a distant relationship with her father and gets away with what she wants at home, and hence struggles to accept authority figures. She often treats Henna as a mother-figure in her life.

Roleplay Sample:
Showgan Roleplay (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449)

The room was bathed in semi-darkness, lit only by a stream of moonlight that pierced through a blind. On an unmade bed, a girl lay asleep, sprawled on top of the covers still fully dressed. Her eyes flickered in her dreams, but she didn't stir.
On the floor, was a magmar. She sat cross-legged on the lush purple shag carpet - it was dotted with scorchmarks, no doubt from past accidents. The magmar clutched a comic book in own han, and was reading it without concentrating. Her attention was fixed on the clock.
To her left, a golduck was sleeping, her sleek feminine form sprawled in an unlikely way over a beanbag behind the wardrobe. The magmar gave a sly smile. It was rare that Vampress let anyone see her in anything less than a perfectly composed manner - even while battling - but today was a special occasion. Today, when the clock struck one o' clock, the magmar, her trainer, and the three other pokemon (all whom were sleeping) would flee, and leave this blasted house. The bedroom was larger than most people's ground floor, and it was packed full with plasma screen tvs, game consoles, books and designer clothes. It was most fifteen year old's dream, but for the girl, Rosairie, it had become a prison.
The magmar sighed sadly, smiling on her sleeping trainer. The poor girl was so lucky, but so desperately lonely. This would be her big break. Her chance to get away.
The fire type turned her eyes back on the room, spotting two more sleeping figures. One was Sinbad, the Ivysaur. He should have been born a meowth; he was unusually agile, finicky and stealthy for an ivysaur, and even now he slept atop the wardrobe like a feline.
The last was hunched up in the shadows, his ears pressed against his skull, his tail tucked between his legs. Jolteons were usually upbeat and bubbly, but Silence was...well, silent. He never spoke a word. There was no debating over the fact that he had been mistreated before Rosairie found him, wandering alone, but as he never spoke it was impossible to know the whole story.
Finally, the clock struck one, like in the old nursary tale. There were no rodents on the clock this time. The magmar rose to her feet and walked over to her beloved trainer.
{Wake up, Rozzie. It's time to go.}
The girl opened one eye, and sat up.
"Henna..? Oh...!" she jumped off her bed as reality returned to her, reminding her she had a job to be done. Henna was the only person in the world Rosairie allowed to call her Rozzie; it was their sign of trust.
The other pokemon were stirring now, too.
{God darnit, who's idea was it to disturb me from my beauty sleep?} Vampress cursed loudly, in her southern accent.
{'Shup, Vamp, we were ALL asleep, in case you didn't notice!} Sinbad shouted back, and slipped off the wardrobe.
"You ALL need to be quiet," Rosairie whispered anxiously, "Lest you wake father!" She stood up, and rumaged under a pile of clothes. She pulled out a rucksack, and threw it over one shoulder.
Henna nodded. {She's right... we need to go, now... Quietly!} she added, in a hiss.
Only Silence remained quiet as they tiptoed out the door. The others faffed, picked up things the thought they'd need (including a radiator, a fake fireplace and a tanning bed) and made a general fuss, but finally they were ushered down into the hall of the enormous house and out the door. In the garden, the group stood panting.
Silence glanced back at the house, and tugged on Rosairie's skirt. A light had come on upstairs.
{Quickly now,} Henna warned, {and stick together!}
Rosairie picked up her Jolten and cradled him with one hand, close to her chest. With her other hand, she took tight ahold of Henna's. Together, the group set off into the darkness.

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Baker's Bulbasaur
December 22nd, 2005, 2:37 PM
Name: Jeffery James ( friends call him J-J)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: JJ wears a pair of long baggy jeans held up by a red belt. his trainers are white with white laces and no apparant logo. over a long-sleeved white jumper he wears a black bomber jacket which is a bit too big for him. his has a slightly freckly face with boyish good looks and a cute smile. his hair is short and blonde, very carefully styled. JJ sports a black light rucksack for carrying items.

Personality: When it comes to confidence, JJ has tons of it, often allowing this confidence to ingulf him and force him to make mistakes when battleing that he wouldnt normally make, and miss certain advantages, however when he is relaxed and in full concentration he is indeed a very technical minded pokemon trainer. As far as he is concerned, pokemon can do no wrong, and each must be treated with respect and not only as a pokemon, but a partner and a friend. JJ is always very interested in seeing the pokemon of others. after all, as JJ would say ''When it comes to pokemon, there aren't enough hours in the day!''

History: Taillow, a pokemon that JJ only recently caught, although strangely enough, it was found in kanto, after guessing she had been seperated from the rest of its flock, JJ tried to help her, but it fought back, JJ battled and caught it, and now, it has grown stronger and loves to help JJ however she can, although she also likes to fly off on adventures!

History: JJ's starting pokemon was Treecko. The two have been through hell and back together, and there love grows with every passing day. although on the outside, like its trainer Treecko was always confident and brask, so not much changed when it finally evolved into Grovyle during a match in the pokemon league! its Bullet seed attack has proven to be particuarly powerful for a pokemon of its level...

History: This sneaky little thing always has been a handful, when they first met, corsola kept spraying JJ with a water gun for its own amusement! JJ battled it and caught her. although it loved JJ a lot, she still doesnt pass up a good oppurtunity to squirt him!

History: JJ's biggest test in catching a wild pokemon came when he met snorlax, after a long hard fought battle where the huge pokemon had taken out 3 of JJ's pokemon, the Powerful bullet seed of Treecko managed to knock snorlax off awares and was captured. Luckily, Snorlax will stay awake throughout a whole battle for JJ...thats of course providing he can wake it up in the first place!

History (Optional): like all trainers, JJ couldnt wait to get his first pokemon. after arriving early, he decided upon choosing Treecko, however, strangely, he decided not to start his journey in hoenn! he headed through johto, training his treecko and capturing a corsola on the way through, and headed for kanto. on his journey he met many new friends, human and pokemon alike, he caught a full team of pokemon and finally earnt his way into the pokemon leage, after competing hard, he made the top 16 before being eliminated. before heading home, he deposited all but 3 of his pokemon (grovyle, snorlax, corsola) so as to catch new ones to train! he then headed home for the festival that his family had always enjoyed, catching a taillow on the way!
Way before JJ started his journey, he lived a very average life, wasnt very rich but the family got by easily enough. JJ has always enjoyed hearing tails from his grandfather of when he himself was a hot shot pokemon trainer, and once 3rd in the pokemon leage! The family pet is a Vileplume which enjoys helping JJ's mother in the garden!

RP Sample: (new on spur of moment lol)

Lance looked up, sweat pouring off of his forehead, he could feel the eyes of the entire arena burning, as screaming pokemon fans unpatiently awaited his next move. lance ran his hand through his hair and stared at the Steelix on the other side of the playing field, its trainer just behind it with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face, he opened his mouth and shouted across to lance
''It's over Lance, admit it, you are beat!''
Lance heard none of this, his concentration was too focused on the next plan of action he would take. suddenly he had a thought and stood up straight, after what seemed like an hour but what closer to a few seconds toothily and unhooked a pokeball from his belt. With an elegant swoosh of his hand, he flicked his wrist and threw the pokeball firectly into the air, making it spine with great power, as it fell he caught it and quickly span around, his cape swaing in the wind, and threw the sphere forward. It landed directly infront of the Awaiting Steelix and burst open immediately in a stream of white light, from inside the ball a shape emereged, it grew bigger and bigger until the white light was making a complete silouete of the pokemon. Lances pokeball closed again and flew back into the open hand of lance, the light vanished and in its place was an outstanding pokemon.
''DRAGONITE!'' lance yelled without hesitation ''Hyper Beam Now!''
The dragon pokemon flapped its wings and hovered for a moment, gracfully flapping its wings, Dragonite opened his mouth and a beam of blue and white light appeared, small at first, and growing quickly, the opposing trainer dropped his jaw in disbelief as Dragonite fired the attack with terrorizing velocity, straight towards the helpless steel pokemon!.......

December 22nd, 2005, 2:46 PM
I came prepared,see??Yup,typed this out yesterday I did.^^

*Name-Jacona Brindge(she doesn't mind if dudes call her by her name instead of 'Cona')

Her dark blue hair reaches barely past her shoulder blades,some tucked under a small,white sailor hat.The girl sports a navy blue top with the words 'Who am I?' written in white.Not to forget white pants which are only a few inches from contact with the floor.A black belt for the clipping pokeballs hangs loosely around her waist.

To carry her items,Cona has a plain purple-colored sling bag on one shoulder.

All of these are accompanied by a necklace with a single seashell tied to it,one of her most prized possessions.

Though this may make her look like a sailor of some sort,these are only the second things people notice about her,as what grabs everyone's attention would have to be her piercing green eyes.


Despite what one might think on first seeing Cona(and her eyes).The girl is quiet and shy.She speaks mostly only when spoken to,or when she feels a need to,accustomed to withdrawing from any and everybody.Another one of her qualities is that she can stay amazingly calm even at the hardest of times.Though she doesn't show it,Cona is a rather curious soul.
Curious about why the sky is blue,about why she was born...you get the picture.Wandering around in her own dream world most of the time,probably why she doesn't talk much.(Which could well be the reason why she gets herself into trouble time and again.)
What she lacks in self-confidence and social skills,she makes up for with her strong will and caring personality.

And,even though she doesn't admit it,the girl has a knack for being creative and drawing.

Overall,she can be a great friend,if only someone could get break that barrier between her and the rest of the world.

Cona was the daughter of a brave sailor who was constantly at sea.Walter Bridge.Not famous,but definately brave.She grew up in Lilycove City,where her father would depart or arrive on a great vessel he spent his life on,the S.S Brindge.No,it wasn't as big as the famous Aqua but,it could pass.When her father was away,Cona's mother,a kind and caring woman would always be there for her.She was the one who taught the girl how to stand on her own two feet when no one was there to help her up.And told her stories about the seas of Hoenn,Johto and Kanto.But,the ones the girl really loved,where those of Mono Island.Of the great battle,she had to know more.Filling her mind with wondorous thoughts which she expressed by drawing it out on her trusty sketchpad.Cona would also see Julia enter the local contests with her prized Pidgey,named Kuner.

As for friends,yes,she did have a few,they either moved off to start their own journey or just staid friends.

The girl had always dreamt of growing up and joining her father at sea when she was old enough.Unfortunately,it'll stay a dream forever.
The only thing Cona had left,was the silver necklace the sailor had bought for her on her day she was born.

Due to this,the girl wished to make her father proud,hence her training her pokemon hard for the tournament on Mono Island,and just when her 14th birthday reared its head.She decided to join in to the fun as well.

**Marshtomp[Male]-Krys (Pronounced as Chris.Short for Krystal.XD)~Happy-go-lucky Nature
Walter had brought this pokemon back when he travelled to Slateport City once.He went all the way to Littleroot just to get this Mudfish for his daughter(He was still a Mudkip then).Happy-go-lucky,the Marshtomp doesn't think that there's anything wrong with the world.At first,it seemed that both of them,the girl and the Mudkip,had nothing in common whatsoever.However,they grew rather attached to each other after travelling for so long.Now,they can't go anywhere without the other following behind.

He taught her to be more open,while she gave him,probably love which Professor Birch had lacked in.Plus,they did have one thing in common.The amazing ability to get themselves into trouble.

**Pigey[Male]-Kuner~Stubborn Nature
Originally the pokemon of Julia Brindge,but was soon passed on to her daughter when she started her journey.Even though the Pidgey may be older than most pokemon,with age,comes the ability to be cool.XD(Yes,he is experianced with Cool Contests.)
And,a dash of wisom!^^
Stubborn and reluctant to leave Julia's side.But,what the woman said went.So,he unwillingly followed Cona and Krys.Watching over them,getting them out of trouble.And,even if he refuses to admit,he has developed a fondness for both of them.

*Other-Other than training with each other.Sometimes,they would get sidetracked and participate in the regions contest.Kuner,yes,as the Cool representative.While Krys as the Tough representative.So far,they've managed to complete through the Normal and Super ranks.

*RP sample(So fun!!^0^)-

There she laid,sprawled out on the warm grass and staring at the sunset underneath an oak tree beside a lake.With her were not one,but three pokemon.A Milotic,who answered to the name of Mimi, had curled herself up next to the trainer.A Swampert had took to lieing on the grass as well,tucking his blue paws behind his head like a pillow.The last,a Gardevoir,Ruru,sat up straight, hugging her knees with both arms,all enjoying the amount of colors in the sky.

Jackie let out a sigh,closing her eyes,wondering how the four of them had gotten so far.From the blue knapsack beside her,the girl took out a small ribbon case.

{Hey!Let me see.}the Milotic quickly un-curled herself,slithering over to poke the many contest ribbons they had won over the years.{Oh..don't get your spit on it like last time.}the Swampert teased his partner,quickly shielding himself with one huge arm as the Milotic started whacking him with her strong tail.

{It wasn't drool!It was excess water from a hydro pump attack!}she fumed,folding both of her pink ears like they were arms.As both continued with their quarreling,the Gardevoir grinned,taking the ribbon case from her trainer and stared it,resting her head on one hand while the other held the box tightly.

The girl chuckled softly,it seemed like it was just yesterday that they just met,and it was at this very spot indeed.

“Come on Zuzu!You can run faster than that!!”a girl,twelve years of age encouraged her Mudkip as he made his seventh lap around their family racing track.Normally,it was meant for the Ponyta,but now,it was a special case.

Jackie had her long,raven black hair tied back into a ponytail,with eyes to match.She wore a plain white top and a blue skirt,holding a clipboard in one hand,the other,a pencil.She was the trainer of the Mudkip called Zuzu,bit the end of her pencil in fustration as the Mudfish finally completed his tenth lap,coming to a halt in front of the bench she was seated on.He panted slighty,taking a gulp of water from a conveniently placed bowl.

“Great job Zuzu,now,if only we could get you to run as fast as the Ponyta.”she wrote down the last of what was needed and shot her Mudkip a mischevious grin.He however didn't like the joke,letting out an indignant kip before giving the girl a nudge.

“Fine,what if I treat you to a chocolate bar,eh?”Jackie grabbed Zuzu and placed him on the frequent spot on her shoulder.

Both walked out of the local store,Jackie holding a bar of what seemed like chocolate in one hand.As she took another bite out of the chunk,Zuzu whined,giving her another nudge on the leg.

“Oh..fu-iwne...”she mumbled with a mouth full of confectionary delight,disposing the wrapper into a nearby dustbin as the Mudkip ran around in a happy circle.The girl wiped her mouth with one hand before tossing the last bit of chocolate to the Water Type.

Zuzu jumped up,expecting for sweetness,instead,nothing.He opened his eyes in suspision,only to see a blur of white fly past him,taking the piece of chocolate,then darting down a nearby alley.

{Wah!!!!!My chocolate!!}the Mudkip had no intention of awaiting an order from his trainer,quickly breaking out into a dash after the theif.Jackie shook her head in disbelief,all this fuss over a chocolate bar,before following after the Mudfish.

The white blur flew from one side of the alley to the other,before leaping over a fence which lead to the neighbourhood garden.Zuzu could only kip and jump at the fence,waiting for his trainer to hoist him over the thing so that he could get the chocolate back.She was taking her Feebas time.Did she not realise how serious this situation was?!Suddenly,the Mudkip couldn't feel the pavement anymore,instead,warm hands were holding onto his sides as the girl hopped over the fence,before letting the him out of her grasp to follow the white blur,which had took to sit on the branch of the oak tree next to the lake of the park.

“Well,thank you very much Jackie,without you I couldn't have gotten my chocolate back..”the girl rolled her eyes as she tried to imitate what the Mudkip would say if he could talk.

The girl placed with hands on her hips as she stared up the tree.Seated comfortably on it was a small Ralts,ready to take a bite out of the piece of chocolate in her hands.But...where was Zuzu?
{MY CHOCOLATE!!!}the Mudkip flew down from a branch he had climbed on which was just above where the Ralts was.

Both pokemon landed on the ground,the chocolate jumping from one blue paw to a white hand.As both continued their struggle,ripples appeared on the surface of the lake,though it seemed that no one bothered to notice.

{Niah!Its mine!}the Ralts replied,snatching the chocolate back from Zuzu with a grin on her face.The Mudkip wore an irritated look on his face,instinctively letting out a Water Gun.The sweet flew out of the Ralts hand and into the lake.Both pokemon stood there with their mouths gapped open.

{Nice going Einstein!}the Psychic pokemon gave the Water type a slap on the head.

{Who asked you to take it in the first place...Stealer!!}he fought back defensivly.

{Do both of you have anymore of that delicious food?}the sound of a Feebas interrupted their fight.The fish had proceeded to surface from the edge of the water,with a huge smile on her face.

Jackie stared at the three pokemon,rubbing her eyes with her hands,just to check whether she was seeing things.
The girl giggled to herself,dude,those were the days.

“Hey,anyone up for chocolate?”she asked as she sat up to the vicious nodding of her pokemon.

As they walked away from the oak tree,Ruru gave Zuzu a slap on the head with one of her hands.Causing the Swampert to kip in confusion.

{What was that for?!}

{Nothing Einstein,just felt like it is all.}she said simply,winking to the Milotic beside her,who merely winked back,not really sure what to comment on about.
Might have gone overboard with it.But yeah,I'd Feebas care anyway.>_>

Too bad I have to go for Orientation in my new skool now,be back to join you dudes later.-__-

Random Plushie
December 22nd, 2005, 5:42 PM
Name: Avery Williams
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: Her jet black hair falls to her shoulders, and is matched quite nicely by friendly, deep emerald eyes. She is quite slim, actually, and doesn't appear to be the type of girl who would last long in an all-out brawl, although in a panic she'd be sure to prove otherwise.

Her clothing consists of a short-sleeved midnight blue shirt that sports no images nor text. She wears a navy blue vest over that, which has little star shapes sewn on in scattered places. She also wears pitch black pants, which fall so low that you can barely see her sneakers.

She carries all of her possesions in a solid black sling bag, which had no special designs on it.

Personality: Avery is basically very, very cheerful, although not necessarily the bouncy type. She loves to find the silver lining in every situation, no matter how drear or devastating. She makes the best of things, and tries to get people to cheer up when she feels she can help. Yeah, she's always trying to be friendly, always trying to bring optimism into everyone's lives, which sometimes gets on people's nerves and comes back to haunt her.

But although this gives you a sunshine and butterflies impression, she really likes nighttime more than anything else, and Pokemon that thrive in darkness. She loves it because of the stars, and the star designs on her vest will remind you of that.

History: Avery has lived with her grandparents for as long as she can remember, and she has no idea why she was sent to live with them. Her best explanation is the one her grandparents gave her, which was that her parents were too poor to support her with the wages between the two of them.

Oh yes, Avery's grandparents are a good deal richer than her parents, which is because they own the Day Care near Mauville City. She spent all of her younger years there, learning how to take care of Pokemon, no matter what size, species, or color they may be.

No, she didn't get into breeding Pokemon, mostly just how to treat injuries, what most Pokemon ate in general, those sort of things.

It wasn't until Avery was eight years old that she met Fable, a Sableye that had been responsible for several raids in the Williams' pantry during the past several days at that time. Apparently the poor creature had been abandoned near the Day Care, because the nearest natural habitat for Sableye was no where near them.

Avery's grandparents figured it'd be all right for Avery to take care of the Sableye herself, considering how she took a liking to the Pokemon's love of dark environments and was already attached, so the human and Sableye instantly became best of friends.

And so Avery began to dive into Pokemon Training, which was slowly spreading throughout Hoenn as a major fad at around that time. She dreamed of showing the world the wonders of nocturnal and Dark Pokemon, and pretty much how much they rocked. Her grandparents didn't really care, as long as she didn't go off the deep end they were fine with whatever she wanted to do.

She studied and studied, coming to favor certain strategies over others, and constantly trained with Fable, whom she still considered her best friend and would sometimes cause mischief with him under his persuasion.

And eventually, one day she confirmed that she wanted to start a journey.

With Fable as her starter, she set off into the world, leaving her grandparents' Day Care behind. Her ultimate goal: To succeed big-time through training her favorite Pokemon, and bring out the full potential in herself as a Pokemon Trainer, not to mention the full potential of the Pokemon she would raise throughout her journey.

..The latest challenge she has come across since that fateful day she left the Day Care four years ago is the recreation of the battle between the rebels and the god kings. She takes this as yet another chance to grow stronger with her Pokemon, and eagerly looks forward to the day the tournament starts, preparing her favorite strategies as it draws closer.


Sableye (Male), Fable
This Sableye was Avery's first Pokemon, and shares a deep bond with her because of that. They've been training and bonding together for quite a while, which is the sole thing that fuels his confidence in battle.

He's actually a very mischeivous soul, and loves nothing more than to mess with people's heads. Mind games are his favorite pasttime, and because of this some people are actually convinced that the little fellow is certifiably insane, although in reality he's just a joker that just likes to creep people out. But he's also very curious, always wanting to know how things work, what does it do, and what does it look like when you take it apart. His curiousity is more than enough to kill the Meowth. He's also very attached to Avery and is usually found crawling all over her shoulder.

Lairon (Female), Diamond
The first Wild Pokemon that Avery came across, originally a little Aron who thrived in Rusturf Tunnel. She favored this one over all the other Wild Pokemon she then spotted in the cave, because the way her armor shone reminded Avery of her birth stone.

And so, she set off and battled the Armor Pokemon with Fable, which took a while because at that time Avery hadn't developed much strategies.

Diamond was very quiet from the beginning, never saying much, and rarely voicing her thoughts save for a few sarcastic comments. She didn't really trust Avery in the beginning, either, so naturally it took a while before Avery and Diamond began to work well together in battle. She is much more friendly to her Trainer, now, of course, and found that some of the human's jolliness rubbed off on her, although she still remains quiet by nature.

Duskull (Female), Skarka
It wasn't until Avery had been travelling for quite a long while that she ventured to Mt.Pyre, where she met this lovely ghost. She was captured much like Diamond, although she was much quicker to start trusting Avery because she had had past experience with humans while she was living on Mt.Pyre.

She thinks very highly of herself, and therefore she thought that she'd help this little low-life named Avery by helping the human to fame, or so she thought. The Duskull figured that everyone's ultimate goal was to be popular, and she thought that she herself was very popular, so she decided to help Avery with her 'social problems.'

So yes, in short, this Ghost is highly pompous and is absolutely positive that the world wouldn't be where it was today were she not there to make it a better place. So blinded is she by pride that insulting her is not the easiest of tasks.

Umbreon (Male), Odie
The newest addition to Avery's team. He was obtained as an Eevee, when Fable found him crying in the bushes on the side of the road. Apparently he had been abandoned, but he had no idea who he was, where he was, or why the heck he saw a smoothie stand in the distance.

Thoroughly disturbed, Fable quickly made his way away from the Eevee, telling Avery to do the same, only for the Eevee to follow them wherever they went. He had no idea what he was supposed to be doing, and he wanted them to explain.

Avery and Fable concluded that he was suffering from amnesia or something, because the only reason he would've been out there was because somebody left him there. The Eevee merely tilted his head and asked what amnesia was, not that Avery could understand that.

Giving in to the little guy's cuteness, Avery eagerly picked him up and called him Odie, and from that moment on, began to take care of the Eevee. Big mistake.

His true personality is that he is a hyper little fellow, and always seems to be on a sugar-rush. He's always running around, always finding something to do that involves motion. If that weren't enough, he also has a passion for dancing, which even followed him through evolution, which took place several months after Avery accepted him into the team.

He has always been one to unintentionally wreak havoc, and often gets Avery into trouble.

Other: She is knowledgable in how to take care of Pokemon, and has an obvious obsession for Dark-types.

Other than that, she can understand Fable, because her bond with him is strong, and he has practically been by her side since the day they met, always conversing and always joking. She can't understand any other Pokemon, though. Her strongest bond lies with Fable, and only him.

RP Sample:

{Why is it that cuckoo clocks are called cuckoo clocks? Don't you think it's strange that someone would call a clock 'cuckoo'?} The little imp asked, hanging upside-down on the door frame while obviously focusing his crystalline eyes on the rather disturbed Porygon hovering in the air in front of him.

{My systems do not compute.. Could you please rephrase the question?} The pink and blue creature replied, sweat-dropping at the loony smile of the Sableye before him, who was forcing the automatic doors to stay open because he was hanging by his claws on the door frame.

Below them were two humans, one the owner of the pawn shop that they were located in. The shop itself was rather small, several items being displayed on various shelves on the walls and in the middle of the room, set apart from the desk that now seperated the owner and a girl who was apparently a Pokemon Trainer because of the Pokeballs at her waist. She seemed not to notice the conversation taking place between the Sableye and Porygon, instead pretending to be enthralled by a sculpture of the legendary Suicune.

"Um.. Ma'am.. Would you mind getting your Pokemon down from there?" The young shop owner asked, sweat-dropping when he saw the Sableye begin to sway back and forth in another attempt to confuse the Porygon he was talking to, which was working. His dark brown eyes seemed to be filled with confusion, although that was mixed with anger, because he was becoming thoroughly annoyed by the little imp. That thing had been confusing his poor Porygon for the past several minutes, while its Trainer seemed not to notice.

"Oh, don't mind Fable." The girl replied, wearing a pleasant smile. "I'm sure he just wants to make a friend." She then stepped slightly to the right, moving on to examine a sculpture of some sort of Flying Pokemon. Her green eyes did not move to him for a second, not that he would've seen them because the fringe of her shoulder-length black hair was falling in front of her eyes at the moment.

{Hmm? What systems? I thought you were a Porygon. What is this 'system' you speak of? Are you talking about the water cycle?} The Sableye, obviously dubbed Fable retorted, his creepily sharp teeth glinting as he spread his grin.

The Porygon's sweat-drop only grew larger at this. {Um.. New subject of conversation is 'water cycle'?} The machine said, its expression not changing in the slightest, although one could tell it was confused because of the way it was speaking.

"Please, ma'am, my Porygon would feel more comfortable if you got your Sableye down." The clerk insisted, glancing between the imp and its Trainer.

The Trainer sighed at this, shrugging before looking up at the upside-down creature and calling it once by name. The imp instantly let go of the door frame, landing on his hands when he was about to crash onto the floor. Once he instantly flipped himself right-side up and began to scurry towards his Trainer, the automatic glass doors were free to close at last, and the Porygon was relieved of having to continue that awkward conversation.

{Is Avery not amused? Avery is usually amused.} The Sableye said, chuckling to himself as he approached the girl, obviously named Avery, before latching onto her leg and beginning to make his way up to the girl's shoulder. Once there, he carefully latched himself on her shoulder, now peering at the shopkeeper with his jeweled eyes.

"You really should be more optimistic." Avery commented, reaching over to her Sableye with one hand and stroking his head affectionately. "He wasn't going to harm your Porygon, he was just making friendly conversation." She finished, going back to observing the sculptures on the counter.

The shopkeeper said nothing, but tilted his head. "So.. Are you going to buy anything or what?"

Avery looked up at the shopkeeper, smiled at him, and began to walk towards the door, the Sableye remaining on her shoulder. "No, I was just looking, but have a nice day anyways!"

Oh yeah.. This RP ish gonna rawk.

December 22nd, 2005, 6:14 PM
Name: Chain Quaixer
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Chain's hair is dark, mid-length, and unkempt, a number of strands falling before his green-gold eyes. Two gold earrings hang from his left ear, accenting his gold-coloured neckguard. A chain necklace hangs about his neck, a Premier Ball acting as its pendant. Similar to this chain is the chain bracelet found about each of his wrists, a bangle being added to the right wrist and a spiked band being added to the left wrist. His right arm bears several bindings. Chain's attire is dark, casual, and loose. His shirt is sleeveless and black, his cargo pants also black and fastened with a tied belt. Over the belt, a black sweater jacket is tied.
Personality: Chain is generally quiet and confident, though neither arrogant nor aggressive. However, if challenged, rarely will he withdraw. Though usually level-headed and perceptive, Chain may, occasionally, become too focused on his goals, pushing himself "over the edge" and crossing the line of obsession. However, due to several unpleasant experiences, Chain may force himself to withdraw from others if he finds himself becoming too determined and narrow-minded. Also, while Chain is naturally accepting and tolerant of others--being highly perceptive and understanding of the minds and hearts of others--Chain occasionally enters a mood that causes him to isolate himself with no apparent cause. This, and other "eccentricities", have caused to become somewhat of a "lone wolf", whether by choice or otherwise. Still, though, Chain does not mind, as being away from other people allows him more time to train with his Pokemon.
When occupied with battle, however, Chain's personality transforms. One characteristic Chain gains is a certain sadistic efficiency.

Abra - (Male; Nature - Docile)
About - Similarly to most Abra, Chain's Abra sleeps for almost the entirity of the day. This aspect, however, Chain uses to his advantage in battle, being that Abra can both Teleport and battle while still sleeping. Abra is one of the Pokemon Chain uses more often, being that it is rather versatile. Also, Chain somewhat "tests" his opponent's abilities using Abra.

Sneasel - (Female; Nature - Impish)
About - Though appearing relatively innocent, Sneasel is a cunning trickster. As one who depends more on skill than raw power, in battle, Sneasel's cunning often transforms into a savage lack of mercy.

Scyther - (Male; Nature - Hardy)
About - Of Chain's Pokemon, Scyther is likely the one who most resembles Chain's fighting nature. Determined and battle-focused, Scyther will continue to battle until it is completely unable to. A number of Scyther's battles have been won by the strength of willpower alone.

Porygon - (Genderless; Nature - Relaxed; Name - Circuit)
About - For a long while, Porygon appeared to be Chain's only Pokemon. Rarely revealing any form of emotion and being constantly updated and customized, it seemed to be the perfect "fighting machine". However, on one occasion, before a tournament, one of Chain's opponents uploaded a virus into the Pokemon. The results, unfortunately, were disastrous. Porygon destroyed its opponent, the battlefield, and almost destroyed its trainer as well as itself. After Porygon refused to return to its original Pokeball, Chain was finally able to recapture it in a Premier Ball. Now, though Chain does not use Porygon as often as he once did, Porygon ever remains with him via Chain's necklace.

History (Optional): Much is unknown in regard to Chain's past. A number of years ago, he became known--though not widely known--as a Porygon trainer. Then, after another trainer sabotaged his Pokemon, he gained a certain infamy and was scorned for "not being able to control his Pokemon". For unknown reasons--though many believed him to be fleeing from the shame--he simply vanished from the world. Recently, he has returned with several new Pokemon.
Other (Optional): Chain has a device that allows him to add programs to Porygon.
RP Sample:

Chain gasped for air, leaning forward slightly as he attempted to focus his gaze on the battle. Sweat ran across the trainer's brow and slipped down his cheeks, dripping to the ground in broken rhythm at each heavy breath. Over one eyebrow was traced a thin wound, a single line of crimson trickling downward. Brushing the scarlet fluid away, Chain caught his breath before calling another command to his Pokemon. "Scyther, Swords Dance!"

The jade-coloured bug-type Pokemon, equally fatigued if not moreso, raised its glowing blades in an attempt to obey. After a few seconds, Scyther began to gain momentum and fell into its usual Swords Dance routine.

Across the battlefield, Chain's opponent smirked confidently as he viewed the multiply-injured Scyther's movements. "Let's wrap this up, Flareon! Sunny Day!" The fire Pokemon nodded obediently, crouching as a light entered its eyes and the sky above released a blaze of sunlight.

Raising a hand, the blonde youth then pointed directly toward Scyther. "Now, Flamethrower, Flareon--full power!" A torrent of fire erupted from Flareon's mouth, melding ruby and gold hues with white-hot flame.

Immediately, Chain snapped the counter, "Agility, then Hyper Beam and Slash!" A flash of light reflected off Scyther's blades as it vanished, leaving the Flamethrower to scorch the bare ground. Within seconds, the bug Pokemon materialized behind Flareon, combining Hyper Beam and Slash in a savage, point-blank attack that tore with blades of energy.

Eyes widening with shock, Flareon's river of flame dwindled to a broken stream before fading altogether. Wimpering faintly, the crimson Pokemon tumbled limply to the ground. From behind Flareon, Scyther sprang to its original side of the field, crossing its silver weapons as it entered a defensive stance. Above, the saffron rays continued to pour downward on fallen and standing alike, indifferent those it aided or injured, indifferent to the victor or loser of battle, but simply shining as it always did.

Dark hair hanging limply before his emerald-tinged eyes, Chain felt his hands form themselves into fists as he waited for the judge to complete his ten-count.

"6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . "

The anticipation and frustrated tension escalated.

"3 . . . 2 . . . "

Chain's eyes closed as he suppressed any form of visible eagerness.

". . . 1. Flareon is unable to battle. The winner is Scyther!" The judge's voice boomed out across the battle field as he raised a green flag.

As though given a cue by this announcement, Scyther suddenly collapsed. Smiling weakly as he attempted to step toward his fallen Pokemon, Chain's green-gold eyes opened as he murmured, "Sorry to put you through this, Scyther. But, you were the only one I had left . . . You did me proud. Thanks." The black-haired trainer dropped to his knees before finally falling unconscious.

My apologies for the lack of quality in this form . . .

Keo Kirito
December 22nd, 2005, 8:23 PM
Name: Zane Smith
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: Zane is a 5'10" tall 18 year old who normally looks relaxed. He wears a light brown pair of shorts and an short leave shirt. The shirt is a striped tee, with the POLO logo on the top right corner of the shirt. He wore a pair of Nike Shocks, which were blue and black. Zane's two favorite colors. His hair was brown, short, with blonde tips. His eyes were brown as well but most of the time you could see them because Zane always wore glasses.
Personality: Zane is a very laid back kind of guy. Sadly that is his best and worst quality. It gets him in to trouble with his elders but gets him in with the ladies. WHen he gets yelled at he normally sits with a grin and just laughs...In turn gets him in more trouble. He is very sly as well. He can get a way with alot of stuff, if his cool doesn't go to his head. On the down side, when he gets in trouble, its bad. So he has to use his ablities to duck out of them most of the time.
Treecko: Treecko is Zane's first pokemon and his favorite. He hasn't evolved him yet because he is afraid of what might happen when he evloves.

Electrike: Electrike is Zane's strongest pokemon. He is his fastest aswell. His weakness though is how slow he thinks. THat could easily cost a battle.

Aipom: Aipom his Zane's second favorite pokemon and the one he has had the longest, besides Treeko. Aipom is very energetic and always loves to play.

Bagon: Bagon is Zane's last pokemon. Bagon has a lot of patience with Zane about his evololution. Even though he wants to evolve so much.
History (Optional): Not mcuh can here because Zane used to be a foster child untill he was given a Treecko for christmas one year from his foster parents.
Other (Optional): N/A
RP Sample:

Zane walked down the streets of the small town. Humans and other creatures were scurrying about their business. Shouts of bargains entered his ears, but Zane continued on. He was not interested in foolish items. He was a demon of human appearance, yes, and he was always like that. He needed no lesser nutrients. His white cloak and hood appeared not to be touched by the dirt and filth of the street. His face was soft in appearance and comforting. He seemed kind enough, his baritone voice kindly refusing all the offers handed to him. Thanking the shop keepers for their kindness and all.

Then, a small child ran into Zane and fell over. Shou kneeled down to pick the child from the street floor. The smile and soft features were still on his face. But the eyes had changed tone into a darker, crueler, colder yet the eyes burning with rage. The Child's happy face turned to that of horror and ran off like he had seen a ghost.

The villagers looked oddly at Zane, and Zane took his hood off of his head, his face was back to normal, kind and comforting. The villagers seeing the face saw nothing wrong, and thus came to the conclusion that the child had probably imagined something. Life returned to normal.

For the moment, he will allow the lesser filth to run free in the lands of Ordek. But soon, Zane will claim his true title, Kurayami no Zane, so as to declare dominance over the living and the dead alike. Control the past and the present and thus dominate the future with the choking alliance of Darkness and Fire.

Alter Ego
December 23rd, 2005, 2:12 AM
Whew, finally managed to finish of my profile. Now let's see...I'll handle you all in chronological order.

@Charon-chan; Well, fresh samples are always a good thing, but your performrance in the Showgan RP is pretty solid proof of your skills. Yeah, she looks a bit Mary-Sueish but she's also pretty much of a snob, which is a typical human flaw. I'll be waiting for the history, but since that field is optional and the rest of it looks good... ~Accepted~

@Baker's Bulbasaur; Well, the RP sample is a bit on the short side and seriously makes me doubt Lance's grasp of strategy. That pansy Dragonite could sit there stomping about with Earthquake for all its worth and it would barely scratch a proper Steelix, if he thinks he could possibly win with the suckiness that is Hyper Beam then he's got another thing coming to him. Steelix is the wall to end all walls!

*Cough* Anyways, my Steelix ranting aside. You seem to have the right idea. ~Accepted~

@ybur_angel; Yes, I can see that you came prepared for this, good on you. ^-^ The profile is great, but is that RP sample from another RP? If so then please provide me with a link, m'kay? Anyways, it's certainly convincing so...~Accepted~

@Random Plushie; now that's a model sign-up right there, and I agree with you, I have the distinct feeling that this is going to pwn. XD Anyways, you passed with flying colours so I'll make your acceptance a tad large than the rest. ~Accepted~

@Kogenta; I'm not quite sure where the lack of quality that you mentioned is, it looks fine to me. The only problem is that you have one pokmon too many, so remove one of them. A bit of history would be nice but it's optional, and I didn't specify that you had to type out details about your pokmons' personality (Only that they had to have a personality) so... ~Accepted~

@Aang: The Last Airbender; (EDITED) After further consideration I've come to the conclusion that you're unfortunately not up to standard in this case, and therefore I'm sorry to say that you are... ~Declined~

Generally, I'm pleased with what I've seen this far, it's certainly a lot better than what I saw for the previous sign-ups I held. Anyway, I'm going to delay the start of the RP a bit more for the benefit of those who still wish to edit/improve on their forms as well as to give more people a chance to sign up. So yeah, it looks like we're getting a good crowd, though, and adding the details for your pokmon without me directly demanding it was a very good show of initiative. ^^

December 23rd, 2005, 2:27 AM
Name: Eliadon Saffina

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokmon Team:


Pokmon species: Bayleef
Gender: Female
History: This was Eliadon's very first Pokmon. He was given an egg, as a birthday present, when he turned thirteen. Since it hatched into a Chickorita, the two of them have been the best of friends, never letting each other down, and always helping each other in times of need. Chickorita evolved into Bayleef during a particularly tough battle against a Persian. His Chickorita looked like she was a goner, but she evolved, winning the battle for Eliadon with one fantastic Solarbeam. Ever since then, Eliadon has always been wary about Bayleef's powers.


Pokmon species: Eevee
Gender: Female
History: This was the very first Pokmon that Eliadon caught. He had been wandering the streets with his Chickorita, hoping to train with a wild Pokmon. However, he saw a trainer, kick her Eevee hard on the rump, and say that she didn't want such a useless Pokmon. Eliadon took the Eevee to the nearest Pokmon Centre, and healed it. He then challenged her to a battle, and caught her, all thanks to his Chickorita's Razor Leaf technique


Pokmon species: Girafarig
Gender: Female
History: This was Eliadon's latest catch. He was out, training his Eevee against some trainers, when a rogue Girafarig leapt out of nowhere, and chased away all the trainers. The trainers told Eliadon that the Girafarig had been doing this all the time, to chas away any trainers. Eliadon being who he was, went, and challenged it to a battle. His Eevee fainted after a powerful Psybeam, but his Bayleef's defense proved good enough to hold out until the Girafarig was weak enough for him to capture. Being new, Girafarig sometimes doesn't listen to Eliadon.

Appearance: Eliadon is what most normal people would call lanky. He is rather tall, exceeding six feet in height, but he doesn't weigh more than fourty-five kilograms. Sometimes, people wonder how Eliadon manages to keep so thin, but even he doesn't know, himself. His skin is a nice healthy tan, probably because he spends hours out in the sun, training both himself and his Pokmon. Even though he might not look it, he has muscles. Muscles that have saved him quite a lot of times. His hair, black in colour, hangs loosely down on his shoulder-blades, and his fringe covers his left eye in three spiky bangs. His left eye, like his right, are sapphire-blue in colour, and sparkle at the idea of a batlle. They are capable of lighting up even the darkest of rooms when the twinkle. He loves wearing baggy clothes, and often wears a tee-shirt, much too big for him, that reaches his knees. His tee-shirt is often coupled with a pair of baggy track-pants that sag quite low. the only shoes which he will ever wear, are trainers. You will never see him in sandals, or formal shoes, no matter what the occasion. He always has a silver chain around his neck, with a pendant of a Mew hanging from it.

Personality: Eliadon is a very open person, and will strike up conversation with almost anyone. In fact, he seems to know exactly what someone likes, and will always talk about something that interests whoever he talks too. At first glance, he would seem like an average teenager, swearing at the smallest of things, and mumbling incoherently, but once you get to know him, you would realise that he is much smarter than he seems. he once wrote a formal piece of writting, and showed it to his beast friend, and she didn't believe that he wrote it, and was only convinced when she saw him write another one with just as many long complictaed words. His actions have earned him the nickname "Dr. Dare" because he will never chicken out of a dare, unless the dare would take his life. But overall, Eliadon is a nice person to have a round, for he can brighten up the gloomiest person's mood

History: Eliadon has a very fuzzy past, seeing as he was orphaned at a vey young age. No one knows his true age, because when the orphanage found him, they expected him to be one, and put it down on all his formal documents, although some people say that he should actually be fifteen-years-old. His parents left no sign of their faces for Eliadon to see, and Eliadon often spends hours wondering who his parents really are. When he's in a good mood, then he believes them to be nice people, who for some horrible twwist in fate had to leave their child at an orphanage, but when he's in a bad mood, he will see them as aweful people, who would have liked to drown him, but they decided to be nice and give him to an orphanage. but, he'd never know.

Other: N/A

RP Sample: Can it be from this site? If so, then go here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=57775
If not, then go here: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11422

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 23rd, 2005, 5:50 AM
@Baker's Bulbasaur; Well, the RP sample is a bit on the short side and seriously makes me doubt Lance's grasp of strategy. That pansy Dragonite could sit there stomping about with Earthquake for all its worth and it would barely scratch a proper Steelix, if he thinks he could possibly win with the suckiness that is Hyper Beam then he's got another thing coming to him. Steelix is the wall to end all walls!

*Cough* Anyways, my Steelix ranting aside. You seem to have the right idea. ~Accepted~

lol, i was trying to incorparate the overwhelming strength of the dragon pokemon, een though a hyper beam would not generally do so much damage to a steelix, but yet i made the trainer look helpless and its trainer panicking to over exagerate the power inw hich the hyper beam was issuing even before the launch of the attack :D

December 23rd, 2005, 6:03 AM
Whew, finally managed to finish of my profile. Now let's see...I'll handle you all in chronological order.

@ybur_angel; Yes, I can see that you came prepared for this, good on you. ^-^ The profile is great, but is that RP sample from another RP? If so then please provide me with a link, m'kay? Anyways, it's certainly convincing so...~Accepted~

Yep,Feebas on me that I didn't forget.^^;;
Nope.I came up with the sample myself.It was something thats amazingly been creeping around in my empty head.o.O

@Random Plushie~Accepted~


This is the Bubu thingy starting all over again isn't it.^^
So..when Yibber does something good again,Titan shall go and bolden Plushie's words.XD

Or..as some dude might put it-I'm just jealous of his L33TR boldening skills.XD

Alter Ego
December 23rd, 2005, 7:13 AM
lol, i was trying to incorparate the overwhelming strength of the dragon pokemon, een though a hyper beam would not generally do so much damage to a steelix, but yet i made the trainer look helpless and its trainer panicking to over exagerate the power inw hich the hyper beam was issuing even before the launch of the attack :D

Yeah right, overwhelming power my buttocks. XD That overwhelming power certainly didn't help his Dragonite much against my Shuckle. H-Beam is so over-hyped because of the anime. But yeah, I can see what you were trying to build up, although a Fire Blast or Flamethrower could have been just as dramatic and much more logical type/stat-wise.

Yep,Feebas on me that I didn't forget.^^;;
Nope.I came up with the sample myself.It was something thats amazingly been creeping around in my empty head.o.O

Okay then. ^^ I was just checking since I knew that you've used a character called Jackie in another RP. *Cough* No, I don't stalk people or anything, whatever gave you that impression? XD

This is the Bubu thingy starting all over again isn't it.^^
So..when Yibber does something good again,Titan shall go and bolden Plushie's words.XD

Or..as some dude might put it-I'm just jealous of his L33TR boldening skills.XD

Well, you are jealous of my L33T boldening skills, and apparently also jealous of Plushie's L33T sign-uping skills. xP Maybe if you would have outshone everyone else's profiles you could have gotten a nice, above-standard sized, acceptance too. Take it as a motivation to work harder. ^.~


@Deathspector; I was having a bit of trouble locating your sample, but it looks okay. Same goes for you profile, soo...~Accepted~

December 23rd, 2005, 8:56 AM
What the?! How'd I miss this when I first got on this morning? -_- Breakfast will have to wait! I must sign-up!! ^-^

Note: I'm going to leave history and other for after I eat breakfast since they're optional. Don't worry though, I shall have a nice, long history for you Alter.

Name: Reina Rookford

Age: 17

Gender: Female (Lucky you Alter! There's more males this time!)

Appearance: Reina always wears jeans. These are rather worn-in looking jeans too. She was never really that concerned with her appearance, so buying and wearing brand-new clothing is not a top priority. The jeans are a dark blue and are rolled up a bit at the bottom because otherwise they would be too long for her and would drag as she walked. She wears the typical sneakers, and they're not really anything special. For a shirt she usually wears a plain ol' red t-shirt with the word "Fighter" on it in orange letters. This shirt, her favorite, clashes awfully with her short, bright, red-orange hair though. She doesn't notice though. Her light hazel eyes are usually too fixed upon her pokemon or her work to notice something that trivial. Her skin is a nicely tanned color due to the work she does, and she's got quite a few freckles on her arms and face. Not a lot, but enough to be noticable. She owns a black backpack in which she keeps everything. She usually keeps her two pokemon out of their balls when they are walking about, but when going to enter a tournament or battle area, she usually just keeps her Heracross out with her.

Personality: Reina is not the typical girl. She is, however, very much a "redhead". Because she has grown up in a family of all boys with no mother, she has trouble really fitting in with girls. Extremely feminine girls annoy her easily, and she prefers a girl that is more concerned with personality and skill than with her looks. Which is what she is. She does not believe that women should be stereotyped as the weaker sex. When she was little she was happily called a tomboy, but this happy acceptance was shortlived when she began getting older, and soon everyone around her was more defined. The girls all became concerned with clothes and accessories, and the boys became more interested in girls that were like this. Reina doesn't even want to know how many times she's been told by a close male friend that he could never picture her as anything but a 'friend'. She's tough and considers herself a fighter in life. She prefers pokemon that are not cute and cuddly, but tough and powerful. When interacting with others, she often sounds rough around the edges. Some may think her a bit rude and sarcastic, but it's only because she really doesn't know how to be polite. She may seem tough on the outside, but that's really because she doesn't know how to express the real feelings she feels. She would do anything for her pokemon, and would risk everything to help a person in need. She may like to be independent, but once in a while she will envy being girly and bubbly and happy all of the time. She only really shows her true feelings about herself and how she acts to her two pokemon and herself.


Heracross "Tabansi": Tabansi is a name that means "one who endures". This is certainly the case for this Heracross. The twin of another Heracross that lived in an isolated forest, his twin brother, not him, was the one chosen to become the leader of their people. Tabansi had to endure the humiliation that comes along with being a twin that wasn't wanted. He toughened up, and did everything he could to be as worthy as was possible. This was hard, as most Heracross only care about drinking sap and finding a nice place to lie in the shade. After a time, he became aware that no one in this group wanted him, and that it would never change. So he left; being the first of his people to leave the forest in their known history. He learned of humans, and of their cruelties and kindness. He learned about the other pokemon and the ways of them. One day though he was almost beaten to death and captured by a cruel trainer that was doing some illegal pokemon hunting. He was found crumpled and dying by Reina, and was nursed back to health by her too. It soon became clear to Reina that Tabansi was very wise and fairly old in age. He wasn't extremely powerful at battling, but he was smart and willing to learn. Tabansi was polite and vowed to stay with the girl as long as he lived to repay her for saving his life. He also shares her drive to prove herself, and can appreciate her family life. They are, as many might say, kindred spirits.

Staryu "Pixie": Pixie is named such because she is smaller than the average Staryu. Also, her jewel is a deeper red color, much more like blood than the bright red that is typical of Staryu. Pixie has an innocent, kind way about her. She is very concerned with others, and wants to help in any situation, yet, she has trouble showing her emotions. This comes from her upbringing. Pixie was the runt in a group of children that she was a part of in her school of Staryu. She was teased and tormented about her small size and timid demeanor. To avoid being considered stupid, weak, or anything bad, she hid her emotions from others all the time. She really had no one to talk to, and so she had no time to show her emotions. This didn't gain her any friends though, because everyone thought her too plain and boring to like. She's never really felt like she's belonged, thus why when she met Tabansi and Reina, she felt so happy. They were also people who had never really belonged, and so she wanted so much for them to be her friends. She waited at the same shoreline spot every day to see them. First she merely watched them talk and play, and then she got closer, so that they might notice her. Then they soon began to notice the little Staryu, and that eventually led to some interaction. Pixie really enjoyed them, and the two others grew fond of seeing the little Staryu's form floating along the waves. One day Reina asked the Staryu to join up with them, and so Pixie agreed, concealing her secret happiness at finally having friends and being a part of something. After a bit of training, the little Staryu has surpassed all of her school in strength, and now actually shows a bit of emotion now and then. Reina and Tabansi are very proud.

History: Growing up in a house where you have two older brothers can be tough. When you also have only a father as well, it can be even tougher. This is the family Reina grew up with. Her mother died giving birth to her; and her father has always taken careful steps to make sure that Reina never once tried to blame herself. However, when she's really down, sometimes Reina does think about that. When Reina was a small child, she was always looking up to her two brothers. They were her heroes, her rolemodels, and her closest friends. Her father had his own construction company that built small structures for people. Things like sheds, garages, small things like that. They also sometimes put additions onto houses. His two sons helped him with all of it, and Reina wanted to be no different. She was not like other little girls. She loved to roughouse, playfight, do sports, and build things especially. She could never understand why most girls would love to play with dolls and teeny figures of horses; who'd want to play with something so boring? This is one of the reasons she never quite fit in. She didn't have any friends that were girls, and the friends that she did have were all boys that still found it strange that a girl would be interested in the things they did.

Her father was reluctant to let her help with the business at first, but he gave in when Reina (with the help of her brothers) built a shed in their backyard. So now she helps them with as many structures as she can. She had always wanted a cool pokemon to help her out with the building, as her father owned a Machoke and an Aggron, but she could never find the right one. She was about 15 years old when she found Tabansi the Heracross dying and alone, and she knew in an instant that the bug and fighting type was the perfect match. And they were the perfect match; they both had never really felt like they had belonged anywhere, and they both loved to learn and be strong. It took Reina a long time to learn the Heracross' language and signs, they were quite subtle and raspy, but she now understands everything he says. The two of them mostly like to talk now, talk about things that Tabansi has seen, talk about life, and they enjoy doing this on the beach.

This led to the two of them discovering Pixie the Staryu. They both admire Pixie, for she is a kind and understanding person; something that they have rarely seen in the places they've been. Reina likes the little starfish because she is an odd pokemon. Staryu are something that many girls treasure for its prized jewel, but Reina likes her because she has a kind personality, and five arms.

Other: Eh, can't think of anything that hasn't already been mentioned. *shrug* I usually try to say everything in the other parts. ^-^

RP Sample:

Sorry Alter, I wanted to type a fresh one, but you'll have to have an old one. >_> I'm just too hungry to type it. Anyway:

"What the--?" Zachary choked, as Valen disappeared, "Who's he think he is... a ninja?" Some people thought they were too cool. That guy was just asking to be taken down a peg.

Ron looked up at his trainer. {That ends that I guess... so... what now?} the Aron asked thoughtfully. He didn't really want to think about the slime that Maxie had just been battling. He was gone now; what did it matter?

"Amelia? She's here?" Zachary said as Jena just asked about her, "Why's she... oh, I see, she helped Silver find us?" Silver couldn't have found her way to the arena all on her own; someone had to have helped her, and no doubt Amelia had been that very person.

Poor Maxie, and Fang and her didn't even get to finish the battle. The little bat must be furious. Zachary knew he would be angry if he hadn't gotten to finish a fight to prove himself to someone. All of this violence... it made him think back to the people he used to hang out with, and that wasn't a good thing. Though... it was the place he met Ron for the first time... and if it wasn't for his trainer's poor treatment, then they never would have become such good friends and partners.... That seemed like such a long time ago...


"Hey Zack! Get me a drink too!"

"Yeah Zack! Over here!"

Their laughter rang up, they sure were having a good time celebrating. After all, their leader had just beaten a major rival, and that was definitely a cause for a celebration.

"Yeah... okay, I'm going," said a younger Zachary. His voice was more childish, yet signs of it changing were present. Zachary found himself thinking angry thoughts again. Why did he always have to get the drinks?! These were supposed to be his brothers, his friends, or whatever they called themselves; why did they always have to push him around? He knew things were supposed to be tough for "Winglings", their name for new pledges, but he had been their lackey for so long.

He came up to the drinks that were sitting in a large bin, and was about to bend down to grab them when another thing reached for them instead.

"Huh?" grunted Zachary, looking over to the thing that had reached for them. It was a little Aron, and he looked quite miserable. His light blue eyes were tired and his armor was cracked in several spots. Zachary blinked in confusion... it wasn't everyday you saw a strange pokemon grabbing for a drink.

Suddenly a slap came on his back and he stood up to come face-to-face with his very own leader. "See you've found my newest capture, eh Zack? This here was a little spoil of the fight with Ragnor! I knew it would be even more humiliatin' to see his favorite pokemon's wittle baby get taken and used by his enemy!" he looked down at the Aron with a savage grin, "Seems pretty useless I know, but, I've found uses for him. You should be happy, because now that I've got him, we don't need you to serve as a Wingling anymore! That's right, you're being promoted to a regular member now." He paused to get Zachary's reaction.

Zachary just stood there looking shocked. Promoted? Him?! He had waited so long for this! Now he would finally get to be included in all of the things he wasn't in before! But... that little pokemon was going to go through all that he had? Something just didn't feel right....

"Look at this; he even has built-in drink holders!" the older teen laughed, picking up a drink and sutffing it roughly into one of the many holes on the Aron's back. He then gave a swift kick to the Aron's back, "Come on! Hurry it up you weakling!" He patted Zachary on the back once more, told him he looked forward to working with someone so obedient as he was, and then walked into the room with the others.

Zachary looked back down at the little Aron. Did it even have a name? The boy couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for the pokemon that had inherrited his job...


Looking down at Ron now, seeing him as a strong, happy, and more importantly fiesty Aron made Zachary so happy. Ron looked up at him with a frown.

{What're you looking at?} he said with an eyebrow raised. Humans... would anyone ever figure them out? Even other humans can't figure out humans. What a strange species.

Of course, this is from the Showgan RP (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449). ^-^

Random Plushie
December 23rd, 2005, 9:52 AM
@Random Plushie; now that's a model sign-up right there, and I agree with you, I have the distinct feeling that this is going to pwn. XD Anyways, you passed with flying colours so I'll make your acceptance a tad large than the rest. ~Accepted~

I feel so much better about myself. XD

So does my brain, I've been waiting to release that information out into the world. :x

Anyways.. I must say, Melissa, we would've waited for you to eat breakfast, you do not need to starve for an RP. XD

Alter Ego
December 23rd, 2005, 10:00 AM
Heh, yeah, I was wondering why you came online but didn't even take a look, Melissa. Anyways, I concur with Plushie, it wouldn't do to have you starve because of our impatience. Not only would it be a rather mean thing to do, but it would also hurt your writing productivity.

But, dealing with this in an official manner, ahem, *Puts on the official RP master hat*;

@Light Azumarill; That's another model sign-up right there, just as soon as you finish it. ^^ Yup, you're in, no question about it. And since you did it so properly, I'll give you the acceptance-of-above-average-size as well; ~Accepted~

Oh yes, and concerning the verdict of ~Pending~ I gave earlier, I have reached a decision;

@Aang: The Last Airbender; Sorry, but it's a big enough crowd to manage as it is and your sign-up is a bit on the weak side, which is enough to tip the scales against you in this situation. :\ So yeah, thanks for the interest but you're...~Declined~

Well, it seems like we've got quite enough people together now. I'll make the opening post as soon as Melissa finishes her sign-up. Anyone still wishing to join better do it fast.

December 23rd, 2005, 10:10 AM
ooc - Jeez, coming in on the last note was probably bad on my part. Darn you Christmas and your evil ways of forbidding me to make this post sooner!

Hopefully I'm not too late, Charon only told me about this rp last night so I've been a bit rushed. xD

Name:Hyuudai Kyoko, goes by Kyoko

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kyoko's greatest feature, according to her family that is, would be her young looks. She's a very pretty dainty thing; her larger green eyes and almost flawless skin (Save for the excema on her shins) made her look younger and she is often mistaken for a twelve year old child instead of the fourteen year old girl that she is.

She's short (only five feet, three inches) light as a feather and looks like she's never been outside a building save one ore two special occasions but if you look closely, you'll see she's very fit from the years of Aikido Training she had gone through as a child.

Her white tank top have a double pink pin strip that extended from her shoulders to the bottom of the shirt and stretched around her chest added some flair to the otherwise bland outfit. Her shorts have the same pinstripe color with a slightly thiner line around her waistline. Her boots are white, and reached up to a bit below her knee. They clasped shut with a small buckle at the top.

Incase of chilly weather, which seemed to happen quite alot around here, a sweater was tied around her waist. 暗闇の翼, Wings of Darkness, is a saying she had sewn into her jacket

Her bright pink hair was, believe it or not, natural. If untamed by the pigtails and the pink rimmed goggles that sat atop her head amongst the other things, it would flow to her lower back and nestle itself there quietly.

She carries her pokeballs, berries and things of that genre in a pink and white saddle bag that hangs from her right shoulder to her left thigh.

Around her neck is a small pink gem that glistens in the sun. It has no "magic powers" like you hear of in story books, but she can't seem to function without it.

Personality: Kyoko is extremely shy. She's used to be teased relentlessly because of her hair and because of that she's very much of the idea that all people will reject her so she tends to steer clear of people as much as she can.

She is a different person however, when she slips into her costume and together with her Minun, enters the Pokemon Contest Stage. She takes on a "different identity" and thus gained the confidence to do well in the few local competitions back home.

She can speak both Japanese and English, english being her main but she'll slip a word or two into conversation if she's distracted


Minna (Minun)
Minna's a bubbly hyperactive "I-must-hug-you-if-you-like-it-or-not" type of pokemon. She's a sweetie-pie unless you snatch her ketchup stash... then things may get violent.
She was rescued by a seven year old Kyoko after she was almost turned into a very yummy snack of a houndoom and has been with her ever since.

Chiisai (Dratini)
A gift from a friend of her brother, this lil dragon is a very cute over protective lil fuzz-ball. She was hatched by Kyoko a little less than a month ago and tends to stay as close as she can to her beloved trainer to prevent harm from coming to her mum. When Kyoko is scared, angry or cornered by something or someone, she has a very bad habit of popping out of her pokeball and giving the "bad guy" a piece of her mind.

Mitten (Espeon)
Kyoko's first pokemon. Somewhat lazy but by far her strongest pokemon. Mitten's enjoyments include sleeping in the sun, moving to the next room in the house and sleeping in more sun, eating fish, getting pets and then sleeping in more sun.

History (Optional): Coming. .-. Stupid Christmas

Other (Optional): She can use Aikido movements as she's being training since she was young to do so

RP Sample: Airports had taken away most of the shipyards in the world. The hustle and bustle that used to define port towns was just simply not a reality for most places any more. So why on earth was he standing in the docks? There was nothing really to see other than the normal dead body here and there rotting away for variuos reasons unknown to him along with a few bustly fishermen and the occasional family going out on their million dollar yaht to do things million dollar people do.

He blinked, brushing the morning dew from his eyes. It was still the same as always.

He'd be in trouble if he skipped class again... And he didn't want to get yelled at by his dad via telephone for skipping again. If his parents couldn't be around, though they always promised they would, couldn't they just stay out of his way? For pete's sake, he was adopted. He didn't pop out of his mom like his brother and sister had so why did they care so much about somebody they A) didn't "create" and B) Never see?

He also hated the constraintment of the school uniform. It was black and a simple pant and jacket combo with a white shirt (Which he'd modifed by ripping off the sleeves, something about how sleeves constrained him) underneath but it hardly gave room for his poor squished tail of endless fluffyness to wiggle about like it wanted to. Infact, it had protested when he'd stood up, the red fur standing on end in protest to the abuse.

Pressing his ears back against his head in agitation he wandered towards the train station to catch a train to school.... Hopefully.


"All those boarding the train to Neopian Central please board the train on the 3rd Platform! Thank you thank you!"

The high pitched squeaky female voice of the station operative just drove him crazy, it never seemed to shut up. An endless drone of high pitched squeaky voices that seemed to be trying to make this bleary day seem like a sunny day with chirrping birds and basket weavers sitting in the park but it wasn't exactly working. It was cold. It was windy. She couldn't put a nice little mask over that.

The voice was right however, about the platform he needed to get to. This was his one-way ticket home. He snagged his bookbag from beside him (It wouldn't find in the crummy egg shaped chair) and headed for the platform. Pushing open the doors, he didn't expect the rush of cold air that blasted his face when he stepped outside to be as strong as it was.

"...it's cold..." He muttered, tightening the buttons on his jacket. Once he'd adjusted to the weather he'd be fine but he had to get to that point where his fingers became numb and his earstalks hung limp against his back, unfeeling and therefore uncold and right now neither of the two body parts were doing so.

Then there was the matter of that darn clock.

He couldn't tell what was more annoying, the fact that his 6'1 height made his head unbearably close to the side of the off beat ticking clock or the high pitched annoying train announcer lady who just didn't know the meaning of "Shut up"

Brushing the little forms of ice matter that were starting to stick to his did-you-stick-your-fingers-into-a-light-socket?! hair, he looked around for that stupid train that was now officially ten minutes late.

ooc- Question on this.

I'll be gone til Tues on Holiday and we've got a fudge load of gifts to wrap. Is there anyway I could delay an rp sample til then? I've gotta get offline soon or my dad's gunna kill me.

I do have some samples of my previous work which I've got saved on my hardrive which I can post. Unfortunatly they're not of Pokemon genre. If this'll do til I return, lemme know, if not, still lemme know and I'll see what I can do.

And if you have no room, time or place for me, then I completely understand as it's your call as the rp runner guy.

Also please exuse my lack thereof of a signature. ^^; I'm still new to this type of forum.


Gah forgot to mention that Kyoko's almost always cold even in extremely hot weather

And I've posted an rp sample. It's older yes but it'll work.

Incase anybody's wondering it's a Neopets rpg. xD And that's all one post, I just split it up CUZ I CAN

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 23rd, 2005, 10:15 AM
Yeah right, overwhelming power my buttocks. XD That overwhelming power certainly didn't help his Dragonite much against my Shuckle. H-Beam is so over-hyped because of the anime. But yeah, I can see what you were trying to build up, although a Fire Blast or Flamethrower could have been just as dramatic and much more logical type/stat-wise.

True, although ull quickly learn that with me i tend to RP like u woulkd see it in an anime, not like in the games, like only 4 attacks crap etc lol.
anyway, doesnt matter now, looking forward to this RP :D

Alter Ego
December 23rd, 2005, 10:22 AM
Heh, and here I thought no-one would have the time to sign up anymore. XD *Coughs to clear the throat and puts on RP master hat again*

@+ Mika +; You just made it on the last minute, actually. ^^ Concerning your question; Well, a pokmon-based sample is of course prefered, but any piece of writing done by you will do fine, really so just put something in that field for fairness' sake. Anyways, what I currently see of your profile looks good, so once you get a proper sample in there you're in, but until then...my verdict has to be; ~Pending~

Oh, and concerning your absence; all the way til' Tuesday? Dang, that's a slight problem. Well, I suppose we can keep the RP at a decently slow pace for a while so that you can still jump in when you have time. I'll probably be a bit preoccupied during the next few days as well, seeing as how Christmas Eve is the height of the holiday here in Finland and seeing as I'm always pretty much lazy on Christmas Day because I never get enough sleep the night before. But yeah, I think we can work things out, although it would be nice if you typed with font 2 because that writing is a wee bit straining to read. *Squints at size 1 letters* And as for the lack of signature...very well, the investigation of anti-signature activites committee shall have lenience for you this time, but do not repeat your crimes. XD

True, although ull quickly learn that with me i tend to RP like u woulkd see it in an anime, not like in the games, like only 4 attacks crap etc lol.
anyway, doesnt matter now, looking forward to this RP :D

Well, that's the way I tend to RP too, but I have my limits. I don't mind the number of moves that any given pokmon possesses, just as long as they're moves that they can really learn, and I can allow some creativity when it comes to using the moves, but if you try to do something completely ridiculous (Like KOing a Steelix with a Hyper Beam! XO) then I'm going to reach in through your monitor and slap you with a wet fish. Fair warning, everyone. XD

December 23rd, 2005, 10:24 AM
{ooc| Miiiiiiiika! Chaaaaaa~! *flying tackle* My dear! How nice to see you!
Alter, I am hurt. You have not yet congratulated me on my brand new history & rp sample yet. I'm an attention whore, you guys should know this by now!
Alter, how about we roleplay normally, and then perhaps Mika can throw herself in somewhere later? I don't mind giving her a summary etc...

EDIT: God, you guys are slow at typing this evening. I'm off to my party now! Uh... I'll be back by about 9PM (so tired) so if you're online around then...that'd be nice. MSN's crashed on me, btw.}

December 23rd, 2005, 10:28 AM
Heh, and here I thought no-one would have the time to sign up anymore. XD *Coughs to clear the throat and puts on RP master hat again*

@+ Mika +; You just made it on the last minute, actually. ^^ Concerning your question; Well, a pokmon-based sample is of course prefered, but any piece of writing done by you will do fine, really so just put something in that field for fairness' sake. Anyways, what I currently see of your profile looks good, so once you get a proper sample in there you're in, but until then...my verdict has to be; ~Pending~

Oh, and concerning your absence; all the way til' Tuesday? Dang, that's a slight problem. Well, I suppose we can keep the RP at a decently slow pace for a while so that you can still jump in when you have time. I'll probably be a bit preoccupied during the next few days as well, seeing as how Christmas Eve is the height of the holiday here in Finland and seeing as I'm always pretty much lazy on Christmas Day because I never get enough sleep the night before. But yeah, I think we can work things out, although it would be nice if you typed with font 2 because that writing is a wee bit straining to read. *Squints at size 1 letters* And as for the lack of signature...very well, the investigation of anti-signature activites committee shall have lenience for you this time, but do not repeat your crimes. XD

ooc- =3 I've snuck back on for a few moments (I've got them thinkin' I'm wrapping presents... mmyes..) and I can do a sample easily then. Any reqs. on length? (like, how many paragraphs. o.o) and JUST FOR YOU I wun do the size 1 text anymore then. XD

I'll be back around noon (USA Central time, I think that's 6 hours behind you) on Monday. Didn't know if that would be too late for ya'll. ^^

Thanks so much for not out-right denying me which what I was sure was gunna happen. :3 And I'll have a sig and what not by monday as well. Gotta break in CS2 anyways. xD

Random Plushie
December 23rd, 2005, 10:35 AM
Well, that's the way I tend to RP too, but I have my limits. I don't mind the number of moves that any given pokmon possesses, just as long as they're moves that they can really learn, and I can allow some creativity when it comes to using the moves, but if you try to do something completely ridiculous (Like KOing a Steelix with a Hyper Beam! XO) then I'm going to reach in through your monitor and slap you with a wet fish. Fair warning, everyone. XD

Oh yeah. I should know. I tried to pull a Mud-Slap on a Ghastly. XD

But apparently his fish wasn't with him, so I got off easy. XD

{ooc| Miiiiiiiika! Chaaaaaa~! *flying tackle* My dear! How nice to see you!

And that would be the first time I saw Charon pull off a genuine flying tackle. XD

x_x; Joy, just cut my finger on a stupid box.

If it makes you feel better, my Grandma once accidently stabbed herself in the arm with the corner of a box. XD

Anyways, I'll probably shut up until the RP starts. :x

December 23rd, 2005, 10:37 AM
{ooc| Miiiiiiiika! Chaaaaaa~! *flying tackle* My dear! How nice to see you!
Alter, I am hurt. You have not yet congratulated me on my brand new history & rp sample yet. I'm an attention whore, you guys should know this by now!
Alter, how about we roleplay normally, and then perhaps Mika can throw herself in somewhere later? I don't mind giving her a summary etc...

ooc- ;O; What the doosh? That's... unfair. ;; it dun come out here til april.

Spoil ANYTHING and you're gunna be splatted. o.o

And yes... Yes you are an attention whore. ; But I've known that for what, 3 years now?

And that would be the first time I saw Charon pull off a genuine flying tackle. XD

If it makes you feel better, my Grandma once accidently stabbed herself in the arm with the corner of a box. XD

ooc- Yes, I'm very abused by Charon. ; Flying tackles, gnawings... But as she has FMA information I don't have, I deal with it.

And she's more sane than most people I know

In real life.

;; Your poor obaa-san! Give her a hug from Mika.

Alter Ego
December 23rd, 2005, 10:44 AM
Meep! I forgot about Charon's History/RP sample! O_O Aaaah! PleaseDon'tKillMePleaseDon'tKillMePleaseDon'tKillMe!!!


Wait, I think I confused you with Suki back there, nevermind. XD Anyways, you did a good job on both accounts, you should just have pointed out that you had finished your profile if it was that important to you.

ooc- =3 I've snuck back on for a few moments (I've got them thinkin' I'm wrapping presents... mmyes..) and I can do a sample easily then. Any reqs. on length? (like, how many paragraphs. o.o) and JUST FOR YOU I wun do the size 1 text anymore then. XD

Eh, on the length issue...the longer the better, and like, thanks about the font thing. I feel so special now. XD

I'll be back around noon (USA Central time, I think that's 6 hours behind you) on Monday. Didn't know if that would be too late for ya'll. ^^

Right'o, I'll have the RP kicked of untill then (Although how far we get depends on the others too), so we'll just have to see how it works out and act accordingly, I'm sure we can improvise something.

Thanks so much for not out-right denying me which what I was sure was gunna happen. :3 And I'll have a sig and what not by monday as well. Gotta break in CS2 anyways. xD

You're welcome, I don't outright deny people who come on time (I.e. Before the RP starts) but late joiners...well, I think most of us know my opinion on that matter. XD But yeah, I've always had a weakness for well-made profiles, provided that they don't come 20 pages into the RP or anything. ^^

Oh, and a small note; try not to double post, as it will get you into trouble with the powers that be (I.e. The PC staff). So yeah, please just edit the text from your later post into your earlier one (Or vice-versa) and then delete the redundant post.

And yes Plushie, you were lucky that I was in a good mood so that you did not have to suffer the wrath of the red herring of quality. >D

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 23rd, 2005, 10:49 AM
Well, that's the way I tend to RP too, but I have my limits. I don't mind the number of moves that any given pokmon possesses, just as long as they're moves that they can really learn, and I can allow some creativity when it comes to using the moves, but if you try to do something completely ridiculous (Like KOing a Steelix with a Hyper Beam! XO) then I'm going to reach in through your monitor and slap you with a wet fish. Fair warning, everyone. XD

Teehee, dont you mean wet Majikarps? :D
i give you farewarning, i have many bulbasaurs at my disposol :cool:

I say everyone in the RP teaches hyper beam to all there pokemon pokemon, to get on alter Ego's nerves teehee
i'm a meanie :D
*steals RP master hat*

December 23rd, 2005, 10:52 AM
Meep! I forgot about Charon's History/RP sample! O_O Aaaah! PleaseDon'tKillMePleaseDon'tKillMePleaseDon'tKillMe!!!


Wait, I think I confused you with Suki back there, nevermind. XD Anyways, you did a good job on both accounts, you should just have pointed out that you had finished your profile if it was that important to you.

Eh, on the length issue...the longer the better, and like, thanks about the font thing. I feel so special now. XD

Right'o, I'll have the RP kicked of untill then (Although how far we get depends on the others too), so we'll just have to see how it works out and act accordingly, I'm sure we can improvise something.

You're welcome, I don't outright deny people who come on time (I.e. Before the RP starts) but late joiners...well, I think most of us know my opinion on that matter. XD But yeah, I've always had a weakness for well-made profiles, provided that they don't come 20 pages into the RP or anything. ^^

Oh, and a small note; try not to double post, as it will get you into trouble with the powers that be (I.e. The PC staff). So yeah, please just edit the text from your later post into your earlier one (Or vice-versa) and then delete the redundant post.

And yes Plushie, you were lucky that I was in a good mood so that you did not have to suffer the wrath of the red herring of quality. >D

(ooc- =D Ah! Okay. No more double posts, I understand!

And you should feel SPECIAL. Charon said you were ubber special and you must be feared, luffed and respected so respect you I shall~

And I've posted my sample. -points up- it's up there.

o_o; Yes. It's always nice to see litterate people. You just want to hug them and squeeze them an luff them forever and ever and ever.

And I'll shut up now. o.o


Cha. I'll have Charon fill me in. I have ways to bribe her. =3 )

Alter Ego
December 23rd, 2005, 11:02 AM
Teehee, dont you mean wet Majikarps? :D
i give you farewarning, i have many bulbasaurs at my disposol :cool:

I say everyone in the RP teaches hyper beam to all there pokemon pokemon, to get on alter Ego's nerves teehee
i'm a meanie :D
*steals RP master hat*

Okay, that's it. This is where I draw the line;

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <== Line

Feel my wrath infidel! *Swipes the RP master's hat back from BB and smites him with the red herring of quality before dragging him aside and feeding him to a Cradily*

*Walks back in and dusts of his hands, ignoring the blood-curling scream that ensues from the background*

Well, now that that bussiness is sorted out, where were we again? XD

Official bussiness first *Puts RP master's hat back on*;

@+ Mika +; I've read your RP sample and it's well up to standard, soo...~Accepted~

And yes, there's nothing like litteracy, is there? Your statement kind of reminds me of one of my English teachers (Because we're swapping between two), although as I recall he put it this way; "Grammar is sexy." o.O Yeah, he's a bit of an oddball. XD

But yes, let's put a stop to this constant OOC drivel before we go completely off-topic.

December 23rd, 2005, 11:19 AM
Phwee! I finished my sign-up. ^-^ 'Tis all there and ready to go!

Though I must warn you, I will probably not post at all on Christmas Day. It's kinda a family time thing for my family, and they would probably kill me if I went on the computer. XD We wouldn't want me dead now, would we?

Oh, and a welcome to a friend of Charon's! Hewwo Mika! My name's Melissa. Nice ta' meet you.

EDIT: *dies* Oops... sorry Alter. My post was kinda off-topic-ish. Though, I did need to point out that my sign-up was done. Heh... ^^;;

Alter Ego
December 23rd, 2005, 12:31 PM
OOC: Hey, no problem Melissa. Just as long as this doesn't turn into a complete chatroom or something like that, I'm fine with it. ^^

And in the interest of not further imbalancing the thread with pure OOCs; it's IC time!


Twilight City, also known as 'the city that never sleeps', a bustling metropolis and a small state in its own right, where technology, nature, and culture thrive side-by-side. The city is divded into two main sections, simply dubbed Undercity and Overcity, both alluring in their own way and split into a myriad of districts, each with their own speciality. Undercity is a place of living and commerce, connected together by a well-planed network of underground tunnles, in which the train stations are also located. The primary form of transportation is the city development section's pride and joy, a complex subway system operating on the power magnets (See appendix for additional information on the workings of this system) and capable of delivering people to their destinations fast, cleanly, and efficiently, producing no pollution save that required for producing the energy used. The districts of undercity itself are usually divided into two kinds; residence areas for the less privliged and market districts, markets in Undercity are primarily small-time bussinesses, small stalls and family bussinesses clustered together at virtually ever major crossing to be found, and as such, their methods of bussiness tend to be in accordance and it is customary ot overcharge people, particularly rich-looking tourists, on wares, so customers are always advised, and indeed to some degree expected, to haggle. A good rule of thumb is that usually at least 50% of the original price can be negotiated off, although experienced hagglers have been known to push them even lower than so. Care should also be taken in checking the quality of wares obtained from Undercity as there are, as a rule, no refunds to be had, and product quality varies greatly from store to store.

Overcity on the other hand stands in stark contrast to its hectic twin, consisting primarily of grandiose plazas, parks, luxurious estates, museums, theaters, and opera houses, as well as a few more respectable stores and restaurants. Where overcity is the heart of Twilght City's commerce, Undercity houses the culture and sophistication of the metropolis. The districts are fewer and better charted than in Undercity, and the air is purer, not to mention the increased amount of sunlight to be had, making Overcity a favoured place of visitors more accustomed to luxuries. This section of the city is built on hefty support pillars rooted in Undercity, which are connected to each other by walkways. The favoured method of transportation is walking, although there is a functioning, electric monorail system for those who are in a hurry. Travellers should note that Overcity, be it in terms of hotels, food, or merchandise, is a far more expensive choice than Undercity, although all establishments in Overcity are respectable ones and guarantee to deliver what they promise, making it more favoured by tourists. It should also be noted that-

"Next stop, Twilight City! Repeat, next stop, Twilight City!"

The sudden booming of the announcement in his train compartment caused Valen to look up from "A Complete Traveller's Guide to Twilight City", the boy tucking the handbook back into the right back pocket of his jeans and brushing aside his dark purple hair which had taken up hanging over his right eye again, disturbing his vision while he was reading. Despite the train being practically packed full with people heading for the memorial battle festival, none of the seats adjacent to the boy's one were occupied, although this was perhaps not such a peculiar thing considering the fact that there was a sizeable, and rather scarred, Arbok coiled around Valen's waist, hissing in aggitation and showing her fangs to anyone who had dared to sitt too close. The boy himself didn't seem the least bit worried about the large snake pokmon's presence however, even though she could probably easily have squeezed him to death in a matter of seconds, absent-mindedly stroking the serpent's head and whispering something to her under his breath, the Arbok lying there and looking contented and surprisingly similar to a tame little puppy dog.

"Come, Seirini." the boy said simply as the train screeched to a halt "We have a job to do."

The snake pokmon nodded, dutifully uncoiling herself from the boy's waist and slithering down onto the floor, following closely in Valen's footsteps as he walked down the corridor and past the crowd, that was wise enough to give way, despite the fact that its members displayed quite mixed emotions; some of them were simply terrified of the serpent, some were terrified of the boy, with his strange, torn grey shirt and the peculiar necklace of metal beads around his neck, not to mention the look of cold indeference in his misty grey eyes. Some, trainers by the look of them, looked like they wanted nothing more than to stand up to the boy and tell him to stop acting like he owned the place, but the problem was that Valen did nothing of the sort. He didn't act pompously, nor did he boss anyone around, mostly he didn't even talk to the others, mostly because he didn't seem to need to do so. He was the kind of person that caused those with a more well-developed sense of self-preservation to step back just in case, the kind that awoke a natural cringing instinct in a good deal of people, a person who seemed to bode nothing but ill for others, or, the way one of the caretakers in his old orhpanage had described him; trouble with a capital 'T'.

Valen was aware of this, aware that he was different, that he was despised, but he had truly expected nothing less. In fact, he found it alltogether fitting, for the rest of the world seemed to feel about him just like he felt about the rest of the world; he hated it, hated every last stupid rookie trainer and pompous bussinessman, every happy child who had gotten everything that he had always dreamed of having back when he had still had dreams. He hated them so much that he would have liked nothing more than to lash out at every other creature in sight, to spite them and hurt them untill they would have felt the same misery that he had gone through, to ram the understanding that eluded them right down their throats until there would be at least one, at least a single person who could really comprehend how he felt. Valen did not do so however, nor did he express his feelings on the matter in any other way, no, he was too sane for that, too sane and too controlled in his manner, too accustomed to concealing his thoughts behind a look of trained indifference and a comforting veil of spitefull thoughts and harsh words, storing his hatred for the world within himself and focusing on making it alive to the next day instead. People were too foolish to ever understand other people, this he had concluded long ago, there was only one person who could ever comprehend what went on inside his head...one who had faced exactly the same difficulties as he.

The boy cast a quick smile at the Arbok following him before returning his face to the previous mask of indifference as he stepped out of the train and onto the platform, scanning his surroundings. It was a train station much like any other, although the walls were painted in a light yellow colour in an attempt to make the place look more cheerfull, the floor, which was surprisingly clean for a train station's, covered in intriciate designs made by alternating between white and yellow tiles. Bright and well-kept lamps shone down from the dome-like ceiling above, bathing the station with its various rails, storage boxes, wending machines, colorfull advertising posters, and wooden benches in a surprisingly pleasant glow, not too far from the feeling of real sunlight.

While most people seemed to take kindly to the approach that had been taken in decorating the place, it only seemed to serve to make Valen more suspicious and guarded about his surroundings, a slight frown forming on the boy's face.

"This is too clean..." he muttered in quiet contempt, scanning the area for even the slightest trace of dirt or grime but finding none. This alone was enough to make the boy suspicious, there was always dirt where humans gathered, always a dark side to society, and the less of it you saw the worse it tended to be.

Although the boy had said very little, Seirini seemed to understand her trainer's thoughts perfectly, slithering a bit closer to her trainer and coiling up around his right leg.

{Perhapsss they have sssimply cleaned thisss area becaussse of the tournament?} she suggested, using her sensitive tongue to check the air for any feeling of hidden observers.

"Perhaps." Valen replied, stroking the Arbok's head, "But where there's light there's always shadow, stay on your guard."

The snake pokmon nodded, uncoiling from the boy's foot again as the pair proceeded to walk towards the entrance to the underground tunnel system that the travelling guidebook had mentioned.

OOC: Anyways, just to make this absolutely clear;

~Sign-ups are now officially over~

From this point on, no-one else, and I really mean no-one else, will join this RP. And the list of approved RPers is as follows;

Baker's Bulbasaur
Light Azumarill
+ Mika +
Random Plushie
Alter Ego (Duh)

Random Plushie
December 23rd, 2005, 1:04 PM

And now we rawk-


{This is why you don't fall asleep when they announce you'll be arriving at your destination in ten minutes.} The purple imp commented, giggling at the look of frustration that had made its way onto his Trainer's face. Today was a good day--he felt it--and tormenting Avery while clinging to her shoulder made it all the more enjoyable.

The Trainer in question, obviously a girl by the name of Avery, only whined in response and spared her partner a frustrated glance before once again trying to make her way through the crowd, just to get to a place with less people. She was near the very back of the crowd that had disembarked the train, a fact that was annoying her to no end at the moment because she had fallen asleep on the train, and that was coming back to haunt her now.

"Well.. A-At least we're not stuck on the train. At least we're moving." She commented, glancing once again at the Sableye on her shoulder with those deep emerald eyes of hers and continuing to move forward as the people in the crowd surged forward, apparently walking towards the entrance to some kind of tunnel.

{Yesss, but you must admit, the cleanliness of this place is simply to gag at. It's a train station for Pete's sake, why does it have to be so bright?} The Sableye retorted, tilting his head at a slightly odd angle that prompted a few of the surrounding people to back away from Avery.

"Right.. Well at least we can see where we're going. That's a plus side to not having so much trash everywhere." The girl said, now glancing around the crowd in hopes of finding a spot with less people, while she readjusted her grip on the black sling bag that was slung over her unoccupied shoulder.

{Do you even know where you're going? Yes, I know you're going to enter a silly contest of some sort, but where is it?} Fable spoke up again, twisting his head at another angle, finding it amusing that he was getting so many people to back off.

That was all it took for Avery's brain to practically stop functioning. Where was she supposed to be headed? She'd never been there before, and all the leaflets she looked at simply rambled on and on about sponsers..

"Gah, Fable.." She whispered quietly to herself, earning a chuckle from the Sableye as she did so. Turning around several times, she tried to think of something to do.. When she decided that the best option at this point was to ask for directions.

Now, by this point Fable had been successful in getting most people to back off, which only left one person in her sight, who obviously hadn't seen her Sableye and backed off, since he had been further towards the front of the crowd. He was occompanied by a particularly frightful Arbok, but it really didn't matter to Avery at this point. She couldn't just stand there and be confused.

"Um.. Excuse me.." Avery began, moving towards the Arbok Trainer, her shoulder-length black hair shifting in time with her movements. "Would you happen to know where the sign-ups for that memorial contest are?"

December 23rd, 2005, 2:21 PM
{ooc| Yay, Mika's in! Yaaaay! Mika and me go waaaaay back to the years of neopet RPGs - and she knew the origional Maxie. Our characters were arch enemies, and some how from that we became really close friends. Though... I'm lazy... and always forget to answer my e-mails. xD}

"Stop moaning, Sinbad…"
"But, Rosairie~!"
"I mean it – I fed you five minutes ago, you can’t be hungry /again/..."
The girl and her Ivysaur sat on a bench behind the train's platform, both staring at a map hopefully – but for different reasons. The blonde-haired trainer was looking for the nearest mart. The Ivysaur was looking for the next restaurant.

The girl looked no older than fifteen, and her long, wavy hair was tied into a loose ponytail at the base of her neck. Her English accent was a strange mixture of French and English – she definetly hadn't had a traditional upbringing. Her clothes, her hair, and the mobile phone clutched in her carefully manicured hand. The four pokeballs on her belt were the only real sign she was a pokemon trainer – she was unusually well-groomed for a lone traveller. The ivysaur that stared over her shoulder could have belonged to anyone, and the magmar sitting on the bench beside her had far too much attitude to possibly belong to such a pathetic, dainty looking girl...

Rosairie huffed, and crossed her legs.
"Sinbad, we're lost! This is hopeless!" she told her grass type bitterly, and thrust her map into the hands of the Magmar. She glanced at the map, and folded it in half.
{Roz, calm down. We've just arrived, there's no rush.}
"But Henna!" Rosairie whined, and stomped her foot on the ground. Why couldn't the magmar understand? For years, Rosairie had watched the tournament on television in awe, relishing in the glory the trainers themselves enjoyed. It was stirring, in was enchanting, it was alluring... it was everything Rosairie had ever wanted. To be recognised for something other than her parentage, well, it was all she had ever wanted. Now Henna was telling her to calm down, but how could she? They were so close!

The whole journey had been a mass of faffing, fussing and worrying. Rosairie didn't like returning her pokemon to their pokeballs, lest of all Silence, who was easily upset. The smallest things triggered him to drop back down into chronic depression, including small dark spaces - like pokeballs. At the same time, having him around was a concern. He tended to wander off, so he needed to be watched constantly. Even now, while he slept under Rosairie's seat, she still had one eye on her Jolteon.
Vampress the Golduck was frequently banished to her ball simply because she seemed to take pleasure out of punishing others.
Out of all her pokemon, Henna was possibly the only one that was truly trustworthy - which was why she longed to win with that paticular team. They had all been through something - Rosairie didn't know what exactly - and she longed to give them a slice of pride, too.
Now they were here, in the station of Twilight city, all of the delays and strife they had been through seemed to melt away. We're here.

Henna had completely folded the map now and had stowed it back in the rucksack, using her adept monster claws. She sighed in a patient way, and sat down beside Rosairie. She pushed Sinbad off his trainer's shoulder ("oof!"), and tucked her own arm around the girl.
{Look. Relax. We'll ask someone, okay? You'll upset Si, we don't want that, do we.} she told the girl, who was on the verge of panic. The magmar knew the signs well enough, for she had spent almost her entire life with Rosairie.
{Silence? Forget Silence, what about poor Sinbad?} the ivysaur growled, and sat down on the ground with a thump. He couldn't help glance at the Jolten; the pale creature was still dozing, his head on his paws.
"I'll ask someone," Rosairie told the others, "don't move." she got to her feet and peered around.

She was looking for some sort of young, impressionable lad - someone her age, maybe, that she could turn on the charm for. She'd get directions, and if she pushed it maybe he'd volenteer to carry her bags.
Rosairie's face fell. Twilight City seemed to lack this very important ingredient. The only people her age she could see was a pale looking boy accompanied by a huge Arbok, and a girl who was dressed similiarily dully. The girl seemed to have just approached the boy, and-
"She's asking directions too!" she whispered to her Magmar. The fire type nodded, but said nothing.
Rosairie walked over, slowly, and clutched her hands behind her back. She shot both of them a fleeting smile.
"I'm looking for the sign-ups too, and-" she began, but paused as her eyes finally fell on the Sableye on the other girl's shoulder. Rosairie had never seen a more awkward looking creature, and for a moment she was dumfounded. "Uh... yeah... and I'm lost."
She stepped backwards, feeling her face grow hot. Behind her, Henna's dark eyes were narrowed.

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December 23rd, 2005, 2:43 PM

Wow.. Awesomeness. XD

Everyone's lazy nowadays..


Avery hadn't even begun to ponder the strangeness of how the Arbok Trainer's shirt seemed to have been violently ripped, when someone else approached, a girl who seemed to be about the same age as Avery and was dressed rather nicely. And from what she was saying, she also needed directions.

Avery, who's attention was now on anything besides Valen's ripped shirt, turned towards the dark-haired girl and threw her a smile, not even noticing how appalled the other girl seemed to be at Fable's presence.

"Ah, don't worry, I'm in the same boat. Hard not to get lost around here, based on how big this crowd is alone." Avery said, still wearing a smile, although it was genuine and not forced.

Apparently she hadn't noticed how much less people there was around the three Trainers now, considering one was accompanied by a huge Arbok, and one had a weird Sableye on their shoulder.

In fact, Fable had begun to grin toothily, his sharp teeth glinting as he smiled, once he realized how dumbfounded this dark-haired girl was by his appearance. He was now taking this oppurtunity to twist his head at another awkward angle, his crystalline eyes void of emotion, not that you could ever tell when there was.

December 23rd, 2005, 2:53 PM
Rosairie gave a shy smile. "I'm glad. I've always wanted to..." she paused, for her eyes flciked to Fable once more. She couldn't help it, she had just never seen a creature like it before. "I'm sorry if I sound rude," she chuckled anxiously, "but what is that?" she asked, and nodded her face in the Sableye's direction so her hair bobbed forward quaintly.

Rosairie's eyes flicked up and down the girl's clothes. What on earth does she think she looks like? The combat pants, the shirt, the tank top....together, they weren't the most flattering ensomble. This other girl was pretty, and certainly had a good enough figure - if only she knew how to show it off!
Rosairie banished these thoughts from her mind, and smiled again. "I'm sorry, how rude of me... I haven't introduced myself. I'm Rosairie. My pokemon..." she gestured back at them, "are Henna, Sinbad and Silence. Please don't wake the Jolten!" she added quickly.

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December 23rd, 2005, 3:04 PM

'Snot a tank top, but that's otay! =D

^ Always wanted to say something like that. XD


Avery tilted her head and raised an eyebrow at the girl's question, although she still answered nonetheless, going back to maintaining a pleasant smile so as not to make the other girl feel bad.

"He's a Sableye, and his name is Fable." Avery replied, reaching up with one hand and patting the little imp on the head. "Rosairie? That's a cool name. My name is Avery." She stated quite simply, once the other girl introduced herself.

At Rosairie's last exclamation, Fable tilted his head again, although not an awkward angle this time.

{What's wrong with waking him up? Is he cranky in the morning? Or does he simply like sleeping too much? I myself find sleep quite enjoyable but you really should find time for other things.} Fable finally piped up, twitching slightly as he spoke, all the while maintaining a devilish grin.

December 23rd, 2005, 3:40 PM
{ooc| Whoops, sorry about that Plush! For some reason I had a tank top in my head...
By the way, I actually really love Avery's outfit. It sounds kick-arse. Rosairie is a cow, though. To people she doesn't know.}

"A sableye... oh, you're from Hoenn! I haven't seen one before. Are they quite rare?" Rosairie turned her own eyes to her pokemon, all who her oggling at Avery and her impish partner with sheer curiousity. Rosairie laughed. "I liked to think of myself as an experienced trainer, back in Kanto. I guess not."
Rosairie smiled inwardly. Avery seemed nice enough... she certainly wasn't a slack-jawed local, as she had expected from Hoenn-ers. They were so far south, after all. Avery seemed smart enough.

Henna laughed merrily at Fable's antics. The creature had such a dirty great grin plastered across his face, the magmar found herself doing the same. {He gets a little worried about crowds, he calms down after a nice long sleep. We can keep a better eye on him then.}
Her tail flicked, as Silence shifted in his sleep. He was a perished looking thing, that was for certain.

December 23rd, 2005, 3:52 PM
Why's my name last on the list?!*cries*


"Oh,stop it you!"a girl grabbed her Marshtomp off the railing of the ship they were on.A Pidgey perched on her shoulder.He was more or less awake,his eyes were closed,but once in awhile,he'd open on eye,just to check that his companions were alright.

{Eh!!Cona!I wanna see the view!!}Krystal whined,gestured one flipper to the magnificent scenery the current sea had to offer.The sun had just risen,giving the ocean a glistening effect adding on to the calming waves,this was the best time to just lay back and relax,wasn't it?

"Please,you'll fall of the edge and drown."the girl,named Jacona fell back on a conveniately placed chair,absent-mindely taking out her sketchbook and a pencil from her bag.Kurner,the Pidgey on her shoulder,opened an eye again.How could a Marshtomp drown in water?It was a Water Type now,right?The bird let out a lazy sigh,not as if Krys would actually believe Cona anyway.

{What?!}the Marshtomp widened his eyes in shock,a look of disbelief on his face.The mud fish pokemon backed away from the ship's edge,and occupied the chair beside his trainer.Peering at what she had done so far.The girl covered the sketch with both hands,shooting Krys a glare with those strange-colored eyes of hers.

{Fine....}he sighed and slunk back against the chair,admiring the wonderful view again.In the distance he saw a huge Island.Twilight City it was.

Cona had long kept her sketchpad,hopping off the ship with a Marshtomp beside her,and Pidgey on her shoulder.On the other shoulder was the strap of her colored slingbag.She examined her surrondings,noticing that for a shipdock,it was rather on the dry side.Each ship stood neatly in place,floating on the water,alinged side to side in a straight line.The girl shrugged,bending down and feeling the wooden floor.Yep,it was dry.No litter seen anywhere too.Strange really.

{You done checking if its safe to walk?}Krys broke the silence,folding his arms impatiently.

"We can go now,I guess."Cona had never really bothered to understand her Marshtomp or Pidgey's speech patterns,not really seeing any need in it.The trainer started with a slow pace,taking in the sights and sounds of the market just outside of the docks.Food,pokemon merchandise.The girl placed a finger on her chin,recalling what the ship's captain had told her.

"Get ta' da' train station and ya'll beh finding people such's urself,-"

Firstly,his accent was rather hard to decipher.His breathe smelt odd,which caused Cona to turn away in the first place,not quite catching the last few parts.

"Got that lasse'??I could repeat tha' fer' ya' if ya' wan."

She instinctivly covered her mouth with one hand.The Masrhtomp beside her had a jump in every step he'd make,humming to a tune he had heard the television play before.{If I was a Magikarp,I'd Karp,Karp,Karp all day...Karp,the day away...}he singed,causing the irritable Pidgey on the girl's shoulder to open both of his eyes.

{When I was young,they didn't have no such willy-nilly songs.What the played were top-class music,on the jukebox!}he scoffed,ruffling his feathers.

{You're old?!}the Marshtomp tilted his head as a sweatdrop slid down Kuner's head.

Deciding to turn away from the flying type,and noticing that they had arrived at the train station,(which was weirdly clean as well)Krystal grabbed a hold of his trainer's hand.{Hurry up!!We gots to go and sign up faster!}he started dragging Cona along,pushing by-standers in their way apart.Which included a group of three trainers.One boy with an intimidating Arbok,Kuner had took to notice.A girl with a Sableye and the last one had three pokemon with her.A Jolteon,Magmar and an Ivysaur.

True,this was the day they had trained for,all the last four years of practice had come down to this day,and this day alone.What she wanted to show her father,bet he'd be watching her as she claimed the prize.That would've been the best feeling,ever.But,common courtesy was another important rule one had to follow.Cona grabbed a hold of her Marshtomp with her other free hand,stopping him in his tracks.

"Sorry abot that...I'm..I'm awfully sorry."she had suddenly lost the firmness in her voice,giving a low bow to the three trainers,not really wanting to look at them straight in the eye.Noticing that the Jolteon was asleep and there was a menacing-looking Arbok next to the boy,she backed off a few steps,keeping her head to the tiled floor of the station.The other girl,had a Sableye.Was she from Hoen too?

December 23rd, 2005, 3:54 PM
"This . . . looks about right."

Chain stood before a train platform, a small booklet held in one hand as he studied a palely glowing sign suspended from the ceiling. Hesitating, the trainer glanced down at the multi-color map printed boldly on the glossy paper. I hope I came to the right place. Scyther will probably kill me if I make him miss this tournament.

Folding the pamphlet neatly in half, Chain then shoved the paper into his pocket, further crumpling it. Then, brushing a strand of raven-dark hair away from his eyes in his usual, calm manner, he started up a flight of stairs. Shifting his green-gold eyes about him, the male noted the various trainers present in the area--some grouping together and conversing, some standing awkwardly alone, and others walking confidently to their respective destinations. Soon finding himself under the category of those standing awkwardly alone, though long experience allowed him to mask all signs of awkwardness, Chain's hand automatically reached for a Pokeball that hung at his side. Then, realizing his action, he forced himself to lower his hand as he made his way to a row of touchscreen computers.

Raising his forefinger, Chain lightly tapped the screen. Having activated the main program, he then proceeded to select a series of options--searching for any information regarding the approaching tournament. After a pause, Chain cast a wary glance about. Finding himself disregarded by those surrounding him, the trainer lightly touched the Premier Ball that hung from his necklace. Though no Pokemon emerged, a thin, scarlet beam emerged from the orb and entered the monitor.

"Circuit, bring up any information regarding the tournament," Chain murmured. Then, after a moment of silence, he added, "Namely, a map."

A burst of information flashed across the screen before suddenly halting at a single image. To the right of the displayed picture, several paragraphs of information scrolled. Chain's eyes glowed faintly, reflecting the light of the screen as he focused his gaze on the monitor. After a long moment, Chain whispered, "Good work, Circuit. Halt search." The beam of crimson light vanished as the touchscreen returned to its customary state.

Turning quietly away from the monitor, Chain noncholantly placed his hands in his pockets. I would have liked to study that map a little longer. But, it wouldn't be worth risking the attention. Briefly tilting his head to shift his bangs away from his luminous, green-gold eyes, the male brushed through the crowd and strode out of the station.

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December 23rd, 2005, 3:59 PM

Seriously? XD
Plushie ish very much happy that Charon likey! ^o^

And for some reason, 'Hoenn-ers' sounds like a cool word. XD

..I bet Valen would be thoroughly annoyed at this point in the conversation. Some random people come and ask him for directions, then start chatting it up. XD


Avery nodded back at Rosairie before responding.

"Yep, that's my home region. And.. Yeah, I guess Sableye can be considered rare to an extent. Huh." She concluded, shrugging. "But anyways.." Once she had said that, she turned back towards the curiously grey-eyed fellow, whom she had forgotten when she had started a sort-of conversation with Rosairie.

"..So would you happen to know where the sign-ups are? Or are you just as lost as the two of us? And.. Didn't catch your name." She said, her tone of voice remaining joyous as it always was. It must've been pretty weird for some random people to come up to him for directions and then start a different conversation, so she thought she may as well try to include the guy, even if he seemed.. Kinda off, now that she thought about it.

{I see! He is of the type that is.. How you say.. Claustrophobic?} Fable continued, still clinging to Avery's shoulder, but was now staring intently at the Magmar on the ground.

That was right about when a random Marshtomp attempted to push his way through the group, obviously in some sort of a hurry. Anything he said was lost to the wind, as Avery was only interested in wisely backing away before it did something crazy.

Of course, there was no need for that, for its Trainer had taken control of the situation and stopped him from going any further, backing away from the Arbok that accompanied the boy and bowed low to the ground, apologizing for her Marshtomp's behaviour.

"It's okay, brighten up! Seriously, we don't bite. You don't.. Have to bow like that.." Avery spoke up, tilting her head at this girl's behaviour and wondering if it was a bad idea to come here in the first place.

December 23rd, 2005, 4:23 PM
"Its my fault either way,so it'd be best if I make my way to the tournament without causing anymore disturbances."she quickly turned her back to the group before they had a chance to even glance at her face.The trainers probably were going to the tournament.Considering that pokemon they had with them,and,the number as well.The girl,who seemed to be that trainer of the sleeping had three!
Cona only had a measly two.

"Okay,logically,the difference is just one number..."she thought,before brushing the thought out of her mind.What did she care about maths anyway?

"I'll leave as soon as my Marshtomp apologises."the girl pushed Krystal with both hands,giving him another firm glare with her eyes.The Marshtomp lowered his head,before walking past his trainer and bowing to them as well.

True,numbers didn't matter in a battle.It was the experiance her pokemon had.Considering the pokemon the three had,she was dead.And,even if numbers didn't matter,they most certainly helped.Cona bit her lip,not really knowing what to do..

{Very sorry.I'll try not to do that next time.}Krys stated slowly,wondering if it was the correct way to apologise.{That was fine my dear Krystal,lets be off then!}the Pidgey chirped,giving his trainer a light slap to the face with one wing.

"Oh!Oh,yes..."the girl straightened herself,amazing that she had kept her back facing them the entire time.

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December 23rd, 2005, 4:36 PM
Avery tilted her head. This girl really brought the blame down on herself, eh? Well, she certainly needed to cheer up. Once the Marshtomp had apologized, however, it seemed that she was going to be on her way. Avery decided to speak up before she walked away.

"We're going to the tournament, too. But.. We're kinda lost at the moment. Would you happen to know where the sign-ups are?" She asked, shoving her hands in the pockets of her vest. She was referring to Rosairie and herself when she said 'we', because in all honesty she had no idea whether or not that guy with the Arbok was going to participate, but she didn't have to say anything about that.

{My, my, we're meeting all sorts of people today. I bet not one of them knows why a cuckoo clock is called a cuckoo clock.} Fable commented from his spot on Avery's shoulder, chuckling lightly to himself and flicking his gaze between the gathering people and Pokemon, never settling on the same one for too long.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 23rd, 2005, 4:48 PM
''For the last time mum, it's ok! Don't get yourself worked up''
Walking through a department store was a young man whose Shiny blonde hair lit was making him stand out more then a christmas tree in June.
The boy has his Mobile Phone wedges between his chin and shoulder, while using his 2 hands to put some items into his rucksack, he looked as if he had just dropped everything
''Yes mum I know....yea, ok then, thanks, and give my love to grandad.......yes i'll head home straight after the event, it shouldnt take me long yes.......yes mum i love you too, bye''
The boy who had now turned a shade of pink from what he saw as embarassment, suddenly tripped and sent his bag flying, the items all coming out of it, he tried to catch his phone before it fell to the floor, and ended up tripping over a small green creature at his feet

''Grovyle! (oooouuuch!)''

a couple of people glanced at him on the floor before walking on, not bothering to ask if he wanted any help

''owwwwww'' he groaned ''sorry Grovyle''
he slipped his phone into his bac pocket and pulled himself to his feet, looking down at himself and brushing off although there was very little need to do so as the floor, the celiling, the whole place was abnormally clean, people were even giving him scowling looks for making the place look messy with all his items on the floor. The pokemon trainer, going by name of Jeffery James, or J-J as he preferred to be called, walked a few steps over to his rucksack and looked down at it for a moment before kneeling down and starting to thrust items into it angrily
''everything seems to be going wrong for me at the moment pal, heck i can't even walk straight!'' he managed to chuckle at himself for this and sretched out his hand to pick up the last item to see where it was barely a second ago, there now were 2 feet, he looked up and a young woman with glasses and dressed smartly was standing there. JJ stood up his bag in hand and looked at the woman, she adressed him sharply
''Please try to be a little more careful in future'' handing him the pokenav.
JJ took it from her gratefully and replied ''sorry mam, will do''
She turned about and walked off leaving JJ standing there, the grovyle leaning against the wall chewing his leech observing the scene.

JJ slipped the pokenav into his pocket with his phone and swung his bag over his shoulder, continuing to walk on ad out the doors of the mall. Grovyle followed and jimped ontop of JJ's head, JJ looked up at him ''well, grandads ill so mum and dad can't come to the ceremony this year, that sucks, this will be the first time i've been alone...

JJ had atended every ceremony with his parents and grandparents, all bar the previous 2 during which he had been either too busy on his pokemon journey, or in the last case, in the kanto pokemon league.
''And i was really looking forward to them watching me as well''

''Gro gro grovyle gro gro (well, at least we get to battle in this one, and they'll seeyou on that square box thing...what was it called again....a....''

''A television'' JJ replied ''yeah, i supoose your right, but thats IF we can even find where were going''

As JJ continued throughout the city, the amount of other people around him had slowly began to decrease, he found this very strange, perhaps they were going in the wrong direction
''Maybe we should ask for directions....what do you think Grovyle?''
Unlike a lot of trainers, JJ had not renamed his pokemon, he preferred calling them by the names they lived by in nature, to remind them that they were indeed free to do as they liked, he didn't have anything against trainers who did rename their pokemon, he just preferred not to.

Just as Grovyle was about to answer, JJ looked ahead and saw a small group of trainers, they were obviously trainers as each of the 4 had a pokemon accompinying them
''oooo pokemon, a marshtomp, a magmar, a sableeye, a magmar a jolteon...and uuum an arbok if im not mistaken, cool pokemon!''

Grovyle jumped down from atop JJ's head and was eyeing the snake pokemon curiously, its eyes locked onto the way it was curled around its master, a shabby boy who seemed very uninterested in the current goings on.
JJ looked down at his grass pokemon, he knew this look, it was never the start of a good event!
''uuum perhaps we should just keep looking'' he turned about and down a long road where more people seemed to be at the end of it, JJ looked to the right and saw a signing pointing the way he was heading that read ''station'' he ran a hand through his tidy hair and continued walking.......

December 23rd, 2005, 5:35 PM
OOC: Oh goodie! ^-^ RPing time!


"Oh man... this description of the city is really starting to bore me," moaned a girl with bright red-orange hair as she sat lazily in her seat. Her light hazel eyes drooped, and it seemed she was being a little overdramatic. A voice made her pop up a little though.

{Actually Reina, I find it facinating. Humans never cease to amaze me with their ways and yet I can always find such connections between the human world and the pokemon world.}

The voice belonged to a dull blue insect that seemed too big to be able to live. It was a Heracross, a pokemon that was fairly rare, yet most people who caught them merely caught them as a trophy or collector's item. His pale, yellow eyes scanned the strange cart they were in, and the people around them. The bug loved to analyze things, and several of the humans around them were particularly facinating. The boy with the Arbok was odd to say the least, it was obvious he cared not for what others thought of him. There were some girls that all looked similar to the Heracross; humans only really stood out to him if they were someone he knew, or were very different, like the boy with the Arbok.

There were some other boys too, but the Heracross thought they all looked the same too. Ah well, perhaps during this contest he would get to learn more about them.

Reina was staring at the Arbok absentmindedly, watching it uncoil itself. It was kind of interesting how snakes moved with no feet. Then she looked over to a Sableye; it was pretty cool. Reina had a habit of noticing tough or cool pokemon, as she though they were the best.

Finally when their stop came, Reina heaved a sigh, "AH! Finally!" She got up quickly and motioned to Heracross. "Let's go Tabansi!" she said with a business-like voice, and began to make her way out of the cart. Tabansi the Heracross looked around curiously, and noticed one of the girls ask the scary boy if he knew where to go.

{That girl just asked that troubled teen where to go,} he said to Reina.

Reina paused on her way out the door, "Eh?" she looked over to the small chatter now coming from girls by the poor guy, "Well if I were him I'd escape as quickly as possible. Those girls would drive me nuts. Come on Tabansi, let's go already." She turned around and began to leave again.

{No, that's not what I meant, I meant do we know where we're going?} the Heracross rephrased, still waiting where he stood.

Reina paused for a second time and looked a bit annoyed, "Tabansi, since when do I ask for directions? Now if we don't get out of this doorway, that 'troubled teen' as you called him is going to flatten us as he tries to escape the crowd of idiots."

Tabansi sighed; Reina was never one to be nice to girls she considered 'girly'. She was a very nice person and wanted to help, but when it came to getting along in daily life, Reina was happy to encounter boys only. Girls made her akward and self-conscious, and she was always waiting for the laughter or the snide comments to come.

"I love the smell of new adventure; I think Dad and the guys'll be proud of me for sure!" Reina said happily, enjoying the sunlight as she stepped out into the city. She wasn't sure about where exactly she was headed, but she knew there was no place she couldn't find.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 23rd, 2005, 6:03 PM
OOC - Hey light_azurill, long time no RP with :D

IC: JJ continued down the smart marble road, Grovyle walking lazily at his side, stopping every now and then to look around at other pokemon, but for no longer then a few seconds before moving on. Grovyle had always been interested by other pokemon, and was more then happy to be their friend most the time, but certain pokemon had always, not exactly angered him, but interested him, and 9/10 he would want to battle it, Grovyle had always liked competition!
JJ stopped for a moment to wait for Grovyle who had stopped to glance at a Persian that walked by with it's master. It linked its huge eyes and walked back over to JJ who looked down at it with a grin
''Nothing interesting you buddy?''
Grovyle shrugged and jumped onto his head. JJ turned back around to continue in towards the train station when his eyes ettention was stolen by a big blue pokemon not far away. JJ stared at it in aw, he had seen it before in his travels through Johto, and had bee interested by it

''That's a Heracross i think'' he said to himself.
Grovyle glanced at it, his eyes remained silitary on it for quite a while longer then usual...before blinking again and spitting out its leech only to replace it with a fresh one.

At the side of the pokemon stood a girl, with long red hair, and rather plain attire, she seemed to be lost too.
*well, i suppose i gotta start somewhere* JJ thought to himself before starting to walk in her direction...

December 23rd, 2005, 8:46 PM
"Crowd of idiots? Well, that's not terribly polite."

Chain stood a few feet from Reina, his hands still in his pockets and his eyes closed calmly. Overall, his composure dictated perfect quiet while his facial expression revealed no emotion, matching the detached tone that seemed to fill his voice. "Still, though, if you want to leave here, you'd probably at least want to leave to the right place." The male's gold-tinged, jade eyes snapped open, swiftly turning toward Reina. "You're here for the ceremony, right?"

Pausing, Chain's glance briefly shifted to one side as he noticed a boy and a Grovyle approaching, the latter's interest apparently invested in the cobalt bug-type that stood by the female trainer's side. It seems that the girl's Heracross caught someone's attention. That would be only natural, though. Heracross isn't a common Pokemon, especially in this part of the world. Returning his gaze to Reina, Chain fell silent as he awaited a response.

December 23rd, 2005, 9:01 PM
Bulba repeated Magmar two times in his post before.And if Tabansi is particulary interested in Tough/Cool pokemon,why didn't he notice Kuner and Krys??o.O

*ish being a freakin' prick again*XD


"Eh?Well,uh.."Cona was rather startled by what Avery had just asked her.Somebody wanted her help?Impossible!It was like,like,wild Sharpedo would let a passing human brush their rows of shiney fangs for them!Infact,did that ever happen before?

The girl began to drift into her thoughts,forgeting the pressence of the boy and girls.Kuner let out a sigh,waving his wing infront of her face.

{Great!Just great!Dear,please don't tell me you just...'spaced in' again.}he frowned as the girl blinked her eyes.

Walter would help anyone in need,regardless of what he looked like.With her back facing them,they wouldn't be able to see her point them in the correct direction.Cona bit her lip before turning around and forcing a smile upon her face.Trying to ignore the looks they would give her,if they even bothered to look at her that was.

"Logicly,since I've heard that this a a big event.Shouldn't they be putting signs up somehwere.Or at least have people to come a fetch the trainers?"she suggested,letting her fingers interlock with each other.Not really knowing where they were supposed to go exactly.

Random Plushie
December 23rd, 2005, 11:45 PM

..Maybe because he doesn't, but his Trainer does? XD


Once Cona turned around, Avery was able to get a better look at the girl. Well, she generally looked like some sort of sailor person.. Eh, it really didn't matter much to her anyways. Everybody had their own fashion sense, she supposed.

What mattered right now was getting to the tournament sign-ups, and so far she hadn't really gotten anywhere.

"Hmm.. Hey, what's your name, anyways?" Avery said to Cona, tilting her head. "Not to mention your name. That'd be a nice thing to know." Avery paused to throw a glance at Valen before stepping back to address the group in general. "Introduce yourselves, people, we may as well get to know each other before the tournament!"

{Well aren't you the peacemaker..} Fable said, giggling slightly. {I swear your tongue should've fallen out by now.}

At this, Avery turned her gaze onto the Sableye on her shoulder, her expression becoming a tad bit annoyed. "Excuse me, but I do believe I could say the same to you."

The Sableye didn't bother retorting, instead readjusting his grip on Avery's shoulder and turning his head to glance at their surroundings. Avery took this as a sign to drop the conversation and turned her gaze back on the other humans.

From his position on Avery's shoulder, Fable could see other people gathering much like their group had, even if their group had come together a bit awkwardly, half of them pretty much unwillingly. He paused to shoot glances at some of the surrounding Pokemon who he deemed worthy to annoy later if he got the chance, namely a random Grovyle accompanying a boy and a rather worn looking Heracross near a red-head.

He soon grew bored of that and reajusted his grip again, his crystal-like eyes falling on Rosairie's Pokemon again. Heh heh.. Claustrophobic Jolteon, that was a good one! The Sableye thought to himself, giggling slightly.

December 24th, 2005, 1:05 AM
Cona hesitated at first,the girl with dark hair and Sableye definately had a different point of view from her.Which included fashion as well.She wore a vest with stars sewn on over a plain blue-colored top.And,black pants.They weren't really opposites,but still...

The pretty girl,with tanned skin however wore a skirt,brown boots which reached to her knees and woollen jumper.She assumed that the Magmar,Ivysaur and sleeping Jolteon were her pokemon,since they hung around her.

Lastly,was the boy with his Arbok.If Cona had a little common sense,something which she supposed she had,just a bit,the girl would never dare to mess with this dude.Not only was his pokemon menacing,so was he.Maybe not 'menacing' really,but the shoulder-ripped shirt and metal beads around his neck?

Kuner had also chose to inspect each of the humans and their pokemon with a firm look on his face.The Pidgey flapped his wings once or twice,just to get himself comfortable on gis trainer's shoulder.Krys,who had rose up from his bow,didn't bother about the humans,instead,the pokemon.The Sableye seemed interesting.The Magmar and Ivysaur kept to their trainer,along with the huge Arbok over there,how he wished he could make friends with her and ask how the snake pokemon managed to crawl around with such ease.He then turned to the sleeping Jolteon,scratching his head in confusion.

{Hey,the sun already rose about two hours ago.}he mumbled,did Jolteon sleep in the day and stay awake at night?Noc....Nocturn..Nocturnal was the word!Yes,he had heard Cona say the word before.The Marshtomp gave his trainer a nudge to the leg.

The girl frowned at him again,before putting on a weak smile to the other trainers.

"I'm..I'm Jacona.But,my.."the girl paused,reluctant to say the word.

"But,some people call me 'Cona'."she continued,changing the structure of the sentence that was intended.

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 1:27 AM
OOC: Dang, leave me in the dust, why don't you? *Sulks* Lucky for you, Valen's just the type to keep quiet and hope that they'd go away. XD

Oh, and BB. Could you do me a favour and post the pokmon speech in these thingies; { }? It gets kind of frustrating to read longer sentences of poktalk. ^^


Valen merely stared as the first girl, this one accompanied by a Sableye, came up to him to ask for directions, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Seirini was still there, immediately hissing treatheningly as the girl approached, raising herself up to appear more intimidating, although she had never been quite as good at it as the other Ekans in Team Viper's care. Performing a quick scan of the girl's appearance, Valen came to the conclusion that this was perhaps a lesser idiot. Yes, the boy might have hated people in general, but he had a scale of hate, and this girl didn't register very highly on it. For one, she was primarily wearing dark colours, always a plus, and wasn't dressed in one of those countless, completely impractical outfits that so many females seemed to favour, which was another plus. She was accompanied by a Sableye, a saving grace for her perhaps, because ghost types had always held a certain interest for Valen, even though he didn't have any himself. And finally, you simply had to give her props for daring to step forward and speak up like that. In the boy's experience, it took a great deal of courage, or stupidity, to do that.

He was half-tempted to actually answer the question rather than just snapping at her or walking off, but before the boy had time to open his mouth, he saw something that quite thoroughly ruined his mood. Another girl was approaching, one that Valen instinctively knew he was going to loathe. It was one of those high-end brats, people who were used to always getting everything they asked for whenever they asked for it. Oh how he hated her, all the way from her clothing (that short, pink, pleated skirt was the worst, probably she was wearing it under the misguided impression that she could make members of the opposite gender jump at the chance to help) to her carefully manicured hands. The boy couldn't help frowning at the sight, restraining a strong urge to spit in contempt, and Seirini didn't seem pleased either, clearly sensing how much her trainer disliked this second person.

The two girls then started chatting, as if girls ever did anything else, well, besides shopping and all that frivolous nonsense, and Valen took the cue to slowly start backing away in the hopes of ditching both females. It was not to be however, as a Marshtomp suddenly charged into the group, closely followed by its trainer, a third girl. This one, Valen didn't know quite where to place, she was wearing light colours, and looked like a foolish dreamer type. But at least she wasn't wearing a skirt or something as frilly as that. She was obviously a rookie, that much was clear from the Pidgey accompanying her, and she was probably holding her whole team open.

Well, the boy's chances of escaping were virtually non-existent now, particularly after the first girl, introduced as Avery, adressed him about the directions issue.

He was once again about to say something as another voice cut in, this one right from beside his right ear. And this was a voice he recognized, although it was hardly a pleasant recognization.

"Remember, play nice, loveh." came a sly, and definitely amused, feminine voice from the small audio device that had been planted by the boy's ear, "Oh come now, don't act surprised." she added, "Did you honestly think Slythie would let you go unmonitored after your last blunder? The famous pokmon snagger Valen, beaten by a rag-tag girl and her Zubat?" the voice broke of into laughter, although luckily none of this was audible for anyone who wasn't standing right by Valen's ear, or rather, the device planted right next to it, "But pleasantries aside, loveh, the sign-ups are held on the first floor of the Waiwai Inc. Building in central Overcity, take your little friends there, the more the merrier. Oh, and I do hope you would compete..." she added, "It would be utterly delicious if the money stayed within the family so to speak, wouldn't you agree? Bye, loveh..." the transmission broke off, leaving Valen frowning. Lori... he thought, his expression of distaste deepening at the mere thought of the woman's name, of all the people who could have been chosen to monitor him it had to be her. Well, it was to be expected, he supposed, after all, he had been surprised by how easily Slythe had let him off.

"Waiwai Inc. Building." he suddenly said, not really caring about whether the others were listening to him or not, "It's in central Overcity, the sign-ups are held there, first floor. And the name's Valen." he added in response to the question about his name, although he purposefully left out the 'nice to meet you' part as always "If you don't dawdle you can follow me there."

With that, he turned on his heel, beginning to walk towards the tunnel network once more with Seirini slithering behind him, seemingly unable to care less about wether any of the others were following him or not.

December 24th, 2005, 1:43 AM
Cona quickly looked up as the boy finally decided to speak,stating that his name was Valen and where the Tournament was being held.Lucky for the girl,she didn't need to thank him or do anything of the sort as he started walking off,saying that they could follow with they weren't 'dawdling'.

She let out a sigh,wondering if Julia would even let her hang out with this type of crowd.True,she had never held her daughter back from anything,but would always warn her never to trust strangers on first sight.Judging by the other two girls,one,or maybe Cona,would actually think that they were elite trainers who were just here to collect more talent for their army of evil.

The boy however,looked like one of those double-agents,for all she knew,he would pull out a dagger anytime once they had gotten into a dark,secluded alley.(< my Feebas,she's dawdling.XD)

{Whoa,whoa!Dear,follow that lad would you?}Kuner held one wing infront of the girl's face again,then pointing it to the boy and his Arbok.Again,Cona hesitated,before grabbing onto Krys's flipper and dragging him along with her as she walked behind Valen.Taking extra precaution to keep her distance from him.

{Yay!We're going!!}even if he had just been hauled away from a small-talk opportunity,signing up and participating in the Tournament would make up for it.

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 2:19 AM
OOC: Oh yeah, Yibber, you were wondering about why you were last on the list, ne? Well, the reason is simple really; it's in alphabetical order.

And yes, Cona is dawdling indeed. And what's with the mistrusting attitude? Does she think Valen's evil or something? Paranoid girl. XD


Despite the crowd still being well on the thick side, Valen had little difficulty in making a path for himself, once again mostly thanks to the presence of Seirni's still considerably intimidating self, crowd members wisely keeping a wide berth around the Arbok as she slithered forward after her trainer, although even the boy himself seemed to have a knack for making people just stop in their tracks and stare. He consciously blocked it out though, focusing on finding himself the right path among the maze-like system of tunnels, all equally annoying in their zealous cleanliness, that branched out in front of him, complete with the colorfull adverts, display windows, and benches lined up on both sides. What really bothered Valen however were the guards, specifically the sheer amount of them. Now those in the employ of Waiwai Inc., which he gleefully noted as being grunts from Team Viper in new uniforms, but the presence of the global police force. Granted, the boy had been pardoned from all his charges, courtest of Slythe's lawyers and a peculiar lack of willing witnesses, but it had done very little to ease the suspicion among law enforcement officers, and his clothing was hardly inconspicious by any measure, nor was the Arbok next to him. One police officer in particular, a fairly young one, probably in his early twenties, with short, black hair sticking out from under his cap, stared at the boy intently with his dark blue eyes, his expression contorted into a frown.

"Hey! You there!" he called, suddenly grabbing a hold of Valen's shoulder as he walked past, causing Seirni to immediately coil up and hiss at the officer, although Valen managed to reel her in before she bit.

"Is there a problem, officer?" he asked, giving him a carefully trained polite smile. He had nothing on him, all he had to do was play it cool.

"Not yet, but I'm suspecting that there will be." the man replied, glaring at the boy in front of him, "Let's see some ID, boy."

Great, he's a vigilantee... Valen thought, his anger for the man building behind his carefully polite expression And a spitter too...

"Right away, officer." he replied in a continuously polite voice, pulling out a small, laminated ID card from his pocket, inwardly smirking at the reaction to follow as he showed it to the man. It was a card identifying him as Valen Ironholm, but more essentially, it also identified him as an undercover agent for Waiwai Inc.'s security force.

The officer's triumphant look quickly dissapeared, his face paling just a bit as he handed the card back to Valen.

"I see..." he replied, now looking extremely embarassed, "Sorry to bother you, partner..." he muttered, under his breath to Valen as he let him through before turning back to verifying the ID of the next person to catch his eye.

"No problem...partner..." the boy replied in an equally quiet voice, flashing a quick grin at Seirni as soon as he had passed by, the serpent doing the same in return as the duo proceeded towards their destination. People were so easily decieved by something as simple as a piece of plastic...it was almost sad.

December 24th, 2005, 2:39 AM
Oh please Titan,you're mocking me because you know that I'll *sniffle* break down and cry.*cries*


Cona ish paronoid.Or whatever Grimer,her imagination ish too much for her to handle.XP


Cona managed to keep up with Valen,and,being just behind him had its perks.Having a clear route to walk in for example.Now,if only the Arbok would stop looking so menacing and him admitting he was a double agent,that would make her day,totally.

Krys glanced at the amount of humans he was bumping into,some giving him warm smiles,a wink,a chuckle.While others snorted,frowned and ignored him.Weren't humans strange creatures?Cona was probably one of the few stand-outs.The boy in front was odd too,and so was the girl with different colored skin,had she been put into a toaster of some sort?The other one had stars on her body,and the Sableye talking about cuckoo-clocks.Before the Marshtomp could continuing thinking,he had been held back from walking any further by his trainer.

Cona stopped and glared suspiciously as one of the guards approached Valen.The boy was good,real good.If she didn't have a gut feeling that he was pulling on airs,she would've believed him.He then flashed a card to the man,who immediately backed down.

"See?See?What I say?He's a double agent out to take over the world and cheese."she started mumbling to no one in particular,probably not even noticing that she was talking out loud as well.Kuner raised an eyebrow,slapping the girl lightly with his wing once more.

Cona maintained her stare on Valen,the sheer sneakyness of this all,he had something to do with the guard didn't he?The trainer would've spoken up,if only she wasn't caught up in her thoughts and on the single rule that she wasn't to make unnessacery conversation with double agents unless they were the ones to start it in the first place.

December 24th, 2005, 2:59 AM
OOC: AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! I'm late. So, so, so, so sorry. I'll make it up with an extra large entry...


Eliadon yawned loudly, stretching his arms in the air, and rubbing sleep from his eyes. The train ride to Twilight City had certainly been a long one, and Eliadon, being who he is, had fallen asleep even before the first hour of the train ride was up. Being a deep sleeper, he had not woken up at all. Not to eat, not to drink, and not to go to the toilet. Even though his small Eevee had tried to Tackle him to wake him up, it had not worked.

In fact, the only thing that had worked was the whistle that the conductor blew to say that the train was moving again. That had woken him up, and he had ran about, gathering his stuff, and then jumped out of the moving train. Something that his mother had repeatedly told him not to do.

He was currently sitting on a small green banch on the train platform, waking himself up good and proper. He wouldn't be able to even talk straight if he didn't wake himself up. Fortunately, he had the help of his hyper little Eevee, his calm and controlled Bayleef, and of course, his unhelpful Girafarig.

{Come on Eliadon. Wake up already. Everyone has probably already signed up for the competition. You don't want to miss it, do you?} asked his Bayleef, imapitiently twiddling her vines.

"Of course not. It's just that I have to wake up before registering. Otherwise I'll put my name as Ash Ketchum, and get kicked out of the competition," Eliadon replied, slowly rising from his sitting position, and yawning again. "I think I'm okay, now. Come one, let's go."

Eliadon beckoned for his Eevee to get down from one of the beams that supported the roof. She was too hyper for her own good, and sometimes, Eliadon really worried about her. But, she jumped down anyway, landing without a sound, and swishing her tail back and forth.

{So, you're finally ready?} she asked, jumping onto his shoulder. {I was wondering whether or not you would get up. You should be like me! Full of energy at all times.}

Eliadon smiled, and stroked his Eevee inbetween the ears. His Girafarig was safely insdie her pok-ball, for she wasn't fully trained yet, and would not listen to Eliadon's commands. Thus, Eliado kept her in her pok-balls at all times, and only released her when he was alone.

He looked around at the station as they headed for the exit. "Don't you think think that this station doesn't look a bit like the one in the guide book? In the book it said that Undercity was quite a dirty place. This looks too ***** and span. Besides, it's a train station for god's sake."

{Ah, it's nice to see that you're awake again,} replied Bayleef with a smile, following her master at his heels, {but yes, I do agree with you. It does seem odd. Perhaps the guide book is an old one, and Undercity had a major clean up?} she suggested.

Eliadon pondered on that note for a while. "I suppose. But if that's true, then that means that the bookshop owner tricked me. He said that the guide book was of the latest order. Either way, someone isn't telling the truth. Or at least, not the whole truth..."

{Stop being so worried,} chipped in Eevee before Eliadon could continue what he wanted to say, {It's not as if the world's gonna die. Besides, this could be a routine for the competition. Let's just be happy that we're here in one piece.}

Eliadon stroked Eevee again. She really knew how to lighten up his mood. But even if his mood was lightened, his hopes weren't. He needed his Girafarig if he wished to continue in the competition. And if she didn't listen to him, he was in major trouble...

December 24th, 2005, 3:18 AM
{ooc| *laughs loudly* Alter, your post had me smiling all the way through. Can't help but love a cynical... and you know how girls adore those cold, mysterious types... ;)
Anyway... I had a lie-in this morning of nearly three hours, 'cos I couldn't be bothered to get up. I doodled a really nice picture of Silence, though, I'm actually getting really fond of him.}

"WaiWai Inc, got it." Rosairie repeated. "Thank you very much." she dipped into a half-curtsey and turned back to her pokemon.

{What's up? We going?} Henna asked, but picked up her trainer's backpack for her without waiting for an answer. Henna wasn't stupid; she had a sharp mind, and an even quicker body. Rosairie treasured her friend for this - in battle, she was a wily opponent for anyone.
"Yeah... somewhere called WaiWai Inc. Gotta hurry, though." She fumbled with the pokeballs on her belt, and picked out a great ball. The Ivysaur's eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to argue, but Rosairie was quicker. "Return, Sinbad." he disappeared in a stream of red light.
Rosairie handed the ball to Henna, who put it in one of the bag's side pockets (along with another great ball, this one containing Vampress).
With both her hands now free, she crouched down on the ground and lifted her Jolteon out carefully from under the bench. She balenced him on her hip, stroking his face with her free hand.
"Wake up, Si. C'mon, mate, wake up. We're moving on."
Sure enough, the jolteon's eyes opened wearily. He hopped from Rosairie's arms, landing on the ground with catlike agility.

The electric-type's eyes turned to each person in turn, finally focusing on the two that stood far off from the group. One was a boy, one was a girl, dressed all in jeans. There were more humans nearby, two girls and one boy. Rosairie was talking to them, so-
He shrank back.
Silence had spotted the Arbok, coiled as it was off to the side. Silence's spike bristled, and he uttered a snarl. With his lips drawn back and his teeth bared, Silence looked almost fierce.
Shooting a fleeting glance up at his trainer, he padded warily alongside her. Like every jolteon, he had more speed than he knew what to do with, but he trod cautiously, as if on eggshells.

Rosairie turned her attention away from her pokemon - who were now all ready to move out - back to the new girl. "Jacona... nice to meet you." she told the girl, and smiled politely.
She said nothing as the boy got inspected; she could see why he was being mistaken for a criminal, his choice of outfit was enough to bring out the fashion police. Still, it didn't matter, because he knew where the building was and Rosairie didn't. Once they were there, though, she was going to di-i-itch him. For one thing, his Arbok was creepy.
The girl to her left, it semed, was even creepier. She was muttering something about cheese.

Henna moved to lean against Rosairie. Her tail flicked from side to side.

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 3:19 AM
OOC: Aww...don't cry, Yibber. Here, maybe this will cheer you up. *Hands over a chunk of cheese and a Feebas plushie*, and you might need these too. *Hands over box of tissues* Like, merry christmas, even though the gifts might be coming a tad early. ^0^

And yeah, Cona is really...what's that word now? Hmm...creative, yes, that is the term that shall do. XD


Valen blinked at Cona's muttering, feeling concerned about his cover for a split-second before the girl started rambling on about cheese. The boy rolled his eyes, that Cona was a real weirdo.

"Oh yes..." he commented, his voice heavily tinged with sarcasm, "It's a conspiracy. We're aiming to overthrow the system by clogging it with excess tooth floss and so dominate the cheese market."

The boy returned to walking again, permitting himself the tiniest lapse from his frowning, although he was carefull to conceal it. While people in general annoyed him, the sheer strangeness of the girl's statment had been enough to humour Valen, if only a little. Yes, this was definitely a loon he was leading along, but at least loons were far more amusing than normal idiots.

The boy suddenly came to a halt, no less than five different tunnels and one staircase leading up branching out around him. He had been carefull to count the tunnels they had passed to keep track of their location, but between the interruption provided by that over-zealous guard and the completely spontaneous outburst of randomness from Cona, he had not managed to pay proper attention to his surroundings.

Valen frowned, pondering for a moment wether he should ask Lori for directions. It was not a very tempting thought however, as he was certain that the woman would not only taunt him mercilessly but that he would probably come across as a complete lunatic if he suddenly started adressing 'the little voices in his head'.

"Well, it looks like I have no choice." he said for himself, reaching for one of the pokballs on his belt.

Seirini frowned, obviously not approving of the scenario but knowing that this was the lesser of two evils.

"Smaelaugh! Go!"

The boy threw the pokball onto the floor in a well-honed, fluid motion, releasing its occupant, a somewhat chubby and, above all, very pompous looking Venonat in a flash of white light, the bug pokmon brushing his furr for a moment as his large, red, compound eyes scanned the area, the feelers on his head twitching in assistance of sorting out his location and a sligh look of contentment spreading across his features as he noticed a definite absence of small, annoying Mawiles in his vicinity.

{Well?} he asked haughtily, maintaining a proud posture as he turned to his trainer, {Why have you summoned the great Smaelaugh, master Valen? How shall he prove his superior talents?}

Seirini rolled her eyes at the Venonat's attitude, although she held her tongue, knowing that the bug type would more or less be oblivious to what she said anyway.

"Your eyes..." Valen said "They act as radars, do they not?"

The Venonat nodded eagerly {Quite so, master Valen. The great Smaelaugh can find his way around even in pitch-black darkness. No maze is a match for his-}

"Well then, get to work." the boy interrupted, not really caring to hear the whole of the bug type's rant, "Are we, or are we not beneath the central pillar of this city?"

The Venonat let out a disgruntled 'harumph' sound at being so rudely interrupted, but proceeded to check the area nonetheless, turning his eyes towards each of the tunnels in turn, his feelers twitching rapidly as he attempted to sort out the signals they were recieveing. At last, the bug type turned back to Valen, nodding his furred head.

{The great Smaelaugh has concluded...} he began dramatically, {That we are indeed located right beneath the central pillar of this city, although that is only if it has been built symmetrically, which I highly doubt as these simians simply do not seem to possess the same kind of genius as the great-}

"Yes, yes, yes. Good." Valen interrupted once more, raising a hand to silence the bug pokmon "Now do you wish to stay out of your pokball or not?"

The Venonat pondered the question for a moment, although it was only a short one, {Very well...} he replied, nodding, {The great Smaelaugh shall grace this pitifull village with his glorious presence for a while yet. Perchance he shall even find himself something to be amused over, or better yet, a way to further hone his marvelous powers.}

{Or even better...} Seirini interjected, {A way to clog his enormousss mouth...}

{What?!} Smaelaugh cried out, now glaring at the Arbok in a huff, {Watch your tongue, serpent.} he said, {You may be the master's favourite for now, but in the end, the great Smaelaugh shall not be denied the power that is his birthright, and then you shall regret the day you mocked his glorious persona.}

{Oh that isss for sssure...} Seirini replied sarcastically, {Then why don't you go and tell the 'great' Sssmaelaugh to ssshow thessse maginficent powersss of hisss?}

{That was not funny even the first time you said it.} Smaelaugh replied at the Arbok's comment, {Smaelaugh pities you and your juveline sense of humour.}

{I will have to thank, Sssmaelaugh for hisss sssymphaty then...} Seirini replied, smirking at the Venonat as she slithered off behind Valen, who had already started walking again, this time towards the stairs leading up to the surface, leaving Smaelaugh standing there in a complete huff as he tried to come up with a retort before he finally shrugged off the matter, scampering off after his trainer as fast as his stubby little legs would allow him.

EDITNESS OOC: Yeah, RPing cynical people is fun, as is pompous people like Smelly over there *Points at his posts*, I get to write real mean things for a change and it isn't even on the subject of politics...ah, the joy. XD

Anyways, I'll be moving out soon and won't be back for several hours, because we've got lots of things to do with the family (Visiting my grandparents and some family friends and visiting the graves of dead relatives to mention a few things) So yeah, be back in a couple of hours hopefully. Do try not to go too far without me, m'kay?

December 24th, 2005, 3:55 AM
Pwhee!!*huggles cheese and Feebas*


Anyway,yeah,I just had christmas(eve) dinner.Muahah!Looks like I'll get to open my presents earlier than the rest of you!!^^
Infact,I shall go to sleep now so the Christmas will come earlier!I know,Feebas assumtion,but I'm like that!!!>D
And,another weird thingy would be my mother finally getting around buying me a CD(and claiming it be my christmas present.XD)this afternoon and asking me to wrap it up,then tear it open and listen to it tomorrow.

That's a good waste of paper right there.X3


"GAHAH!!YOU ADMIT IT!!!"she pointed an accusing finger at Valen,as he stated that they would clog the system and dominate the market of Cheese.The Pidgey on her shoulder,sweatdropped and placed his wing on as much arm as he could.She was acting so different,she'd usually keep to herself wouldn't she?True,she might've had a ouburst here and there.But not so fast now,right?Could've it been the crowd she was hanging out with?

{Dearie,he was being sarcastic,I think its the 'out' thing now.}he told her,obviously not adjusting to slang like Cona did to socialization as well.As the girl lowered her arm,Kuner looked around them.Sure enough,most of the crowd had their eyes on his trainer,Valen,the boy's Arbok,and,well,on Rosairie too.

What did Cona care anyway? was used to the odd stares people would give her.Acting like everything was perfectly in order,the girl reverted back to her silent self and strode after Valen,pulling along her Marshtomp,who had been captivated by the amount of humans again.The suspicious glare in those bright eyes of hers however,remained.

As they came into a fork,or rather two forks and one knife as what the girl would think,in the road.Was it a road?Or the street?Pavement maybe?

Cona turned back to the present as Valen released his Venonat,with the odd name of 'Smaelaugh',asking him if they were in the central pillar of city or not.After a series of what seemed like just mere squeaks from the bug pokemon,the boy started walking off again,the Venonat staid out of his pokeball though.

Again,as she followed,did the boy purposly let his Venonat out?Could it suck the brains of poor humans and pokemon(This mainly on her,Kuner and Krys)?Wait...was it part of the alliance to bring down the Cheese Market?What was the Central Pillar of the City?A gathering place for evil Clefable from outer space?!

"Another spy.."she muttered,not really knowing that her Marshtomp had snatched his flipper out of her grip.Rubbing the blue fin with the other one,Krys crept up to the Venonat,wondering why he talked in such a particular manner.

Feebas,I'm having fun here.XD

*goes off to wrap pressie*

December 24th, 2005, 4:28 AM
Rosairie followed the other two in silence. She really had no idea what to say to either of them; the girl, Jacona, seemed almost completely insane, and the boy was just...creepy. Especially that huge Arbok. Not that it mattered. In a few hours they'd be on the battle field, and Rosairie and her team would have their chance to shine. Until then, well, she'd just have to stick with thesetwo and hope they lead her in the right direction. She followed a few steps behind, holding tight ahold of her magmar's hand.

Rosairie certainly wasn't used to company like this; normally she was surrounded by girls, all dressed similarily but never better than her. Normally there was a gaggle of boys hanging around the outer fringes of her group, too, but in Twilight city there seemed to be a definate shortage of dormless males. She made a mental note to bring some friends next time; being with her pokemon was all very well, but she could hardly hold a conversaton with them infront of others. It looked to weird, and it was shunned upon in her hometown.

Henna's eyebrows raised at Smaelaugh's mumbling. {I do believe that venonat's name is Smelly.} The magmar said to Silence, who chuckled and nodded. The jolteon rose his head ever so slightly; now they were away from the bustling crowds, he felt slightly better.
The magmar smiled to herself, and turned back to Rosairie. {Rozzie, these people...} she lowered her voice, {especially that boy... can we trust them?}
Rosairie shrugged. "We'll find out."

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 24th, 2005, 5:21 AM
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JJ started to approach the girl and her Heracross, she seemed to be looking in every direction for some sort of sign of where to go, she was most likely here for the tournament, just as JJ was about to reach talking distance, he suddenly stopped and looked around. The other pokemon trainers he had glances his eyes on already all seemed to be moving in one direction, accompanied by their various pokemon, and being lead so it seemed by the young male with the Arbok, although he had noew been joined by what appeared to be a Venonat, which was having a conversation with the snake pokemon....

JJ took this as an indication that they were heading in the direction of the start of the tournament. It was strange, he had atended it so much but couldnt remember the city or the name of the location it was held in for the life of him. Grovyle continued to lounge away atop his masters head, sprawled out with one leg resting on his knee, and tapping his foot lazily.
JJ walked straight past the girl he had originally intended to ask for directions, although she appeared not to know where she was going either, and as her eyes met his, he spoke kindly
''If your heading to the ceremony, i'm pretty sure it's this way (pointing the direction the othe trainers were headed)'' He smiled and continued to walk on.

JJ was a very friendly person, but he preferred to keep himself to himself, although he stood out a lot, being very well groomed and tall, and of course the strange sight of a rare grass pokemon laying on his head...
He had always taken time on his appearence, mainly because that was the way he had been brought up to do, his family had had little money but liked to make there only child look nice.
JJ didn't really care how he was dressed, but it was more force of habbit that made him straighten his attire nicely, and run his hand carefully through his hair, then opposed to thinking you were better then others for having a good fashion sence.

JJ put a hand over his mouth as he coughed quietly before issuing a great sigh, he was very concerned for the wellbeing of his grandfather, the man who had told him great stories of his youth as a pokemon trainer and all the great adventures he went on, meeting new friends, new pokemon, and some high sucess in the pokemon leage.
As JJ continued walking, lost in his own little dream world consisting of thought of his family, and all the different pokemon he had encountered in his life, which was always a big occupator of his thoughts, he didn't even notice that a man wearing a security guards outfit had been slowly walking sideways along with him trying to get his attention
''Oi! you!'' he said sharply

It took a hard clip round the ear from Grovyle to finally bring JJ to his senses
''Ouuch! what was?.....oh....sorry, i do apologise officer.''
JJ looked up at grovyle
''Thaaanks for that Grovyle'' he said sarcastically
{No Problem!} it replied with a mocking smile on it's face tittering to himself.

''Honestly'' JJ replied with a slight smile ''now, can I help you officer?''
''Lets see some I.D please young man'' he spoke in a grouchy, tired voice, implying he may have been on duty for a long time today

JJ reached into his back pocket and pulled out his Pokenav, he opened it and pressing 2 buttons, handed it to the officer, it spoke...
''Jeffery George James, resident of the Honenn region. 17 years of age. Top 16 in Kanto pokemon league. No criminal record in exsistence''

The security looked up from the small devise at JJ for a moment before closing the pokenav and handing it bac to him
''carry on'' he said just as rouchily

''Thankyou'' JJ said with a slight smile, slipping the pokenav into his back pocket.
he then began to look ahead for the sight of any of the trainers he saw earler, there were a couple including the boy with the snake standing in front of a few different tunnels. JJ stretched out his arms to awaken him from any danger of zoning out again, before continuing to walk on...

December 24th, 2005, 5:56 AM
Like...>D*ish in the mood to be prickish*

I like,noticed that the name 'JJ' ish repeated in almost every begining of the line.XD


And then,you wrote KK in the 6th paragraph.
I also think that the man means I.D...Identification.Not,'idea'.XD(as of the 7th paragraph)

*brick'd until there's no Feebas*Due to the fact that SOMEDUDE had to put her at the end of a list.>_<

Yessh,Cona has lost everything,hasn't she???XD

{Dear,be reasonable wouldn't you?You were a while back.And,you go and meet these people and completely lose i!}Kurner chirped,sarcasticly waving his wings in the air like this was a big affair to him.Cona merely let out a small 'Hmph!',not really caring what the Pidgey had to say.

{We're here for the Tournament,for you to win,for Walter,remember??}the flying type tapped her head lightly,hoping to get some kind of normal response from the girl.Even if he was used to her 'spacing in' it would've been better to keep her thoughts and words to herself,or atleast wait until the three of them were alone.Kuner could tell that most of the people around them were freaked out by her as it was.

Cona let the words sheep into her head,through her skull,before jumping up and down,looking to the Pidgey,who had chosen to get off her shoulder and fly around instead.The look of calmness and shyness returned to her face,had she forgotten about the Tournament already?The girl sulked,deciding that it was best not to comment on anything,lest she have another one of her outbursts again.That was the weirdest thing about her,other than the cheese.She'd seriously space out time and time again.

"On a scale,how weird did I sound?"she whispered to the Pidgey.

{Does,eleven over ten count?}

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 24th, 2005, 6:07 AM
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December 24th, 2005, 7:14 AM
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Reina's head turned as a boy began to approach her. His blond head was also looking around for this place they were to go to, and Tabansi nudged his trainer.

{Let us ask him,} he said in his raspy voice.

Reina was about to consider it, and consider striking up a conversation about that awesome Grovyle that was with him too, when another boy came up to her. He said a nice, witty counter to her comment about the poor scary boy and the girls around him. She raised an eyebrow as she now turned her attention to him, who seemed to be the other boy's polar opposite. His hair was black and so was pretty much everything else on him. Reina waited for him to stop speaking, and figured she could begin with a small explanation.

"Ah, well, I was being poilte. I just wasn't being polite to the small crowd of idiots," Reina said to the black-haired boy, "I am headed for the ceremony though. As for me going somewhere, I tend to try to find my own way. After all, it's half the fun of being in a new place."

She was going to say some more, but then the blond boy approached her again and told them that the very group that Reina had commented about earlier was headed in the right direction. Reina glanced down at Tabansi.

{Now what are you going to do?} he said with an amused look.

"Right, well, let's go then. Can't look a gift horse in the mouth, can I?" Reina said with a smile, and began to walk after the blond boy. She paused though as she walked away from the other boy and turned around to look at him. "Would you care to come along? To just talk and run would probably be considered impolite."

At that moment the security guard stopped her by tapping on her back. Reina turned around slowly, and looked up at the guard with her usual, curious look. The guard heaved a sigh, "Come on girl, keep moving would you? You're stepping on my foot."

Reina was indeed; she must have stepped on it on accident when she was turning around to speak to the black-haired boy. "Oh. Sure thing officer," she said, saluting him while Tabansi apologized for her in his Heracross-speak. After that, she began to catch up with the blond boy and his Grovyle.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 24th, 2005, 7:52 AM
JJ stopped in his tracks, staring down at the other trainers wondering where to go next, when he heard the sound of fast steps approaching him, he turned about and saw it was the young girl with the Heracross that had interested him greatly.
He smiled at her ''Hey there'' he greeted her kindly, Grovyle opened a lazy eye to observe her before closing it again and adjusting his position to one he found more comfortable.

''haha, sorry about him its been a long day......aaaaand hes pretty much always like that''
JJ looked down at the Blue pokemon, which was casting him an observent look
''Thats a Heracross isn't it, from the Johto region, I havent seen many pokemon from Johto, it looks pretty strong, my names Jeffry, Jeffry James, you can call me JJ'' he said with a small laugh.

December 24th, 2005, 8:03 AM

"I've no problem with that. It only helps to enhance his coolness!" Reina said in regards to the boy's Grovyle, "And yes, I suppose Heracross are pretty rare. This particular one, his name's Tabansi by the way, came from a long ways away I thnk. I found him injured and helped him heal. It was no big deal, but according to him, he thinks he owes me his life."

{I do,} Tabansi said serenely, {That is why I vowed to follow you for as long as I can to repay your kindness.}

Reina blushed a bit. She hardly ever got comments about her kindness, and Tabansi was always so nice, and it always got her. She shook off the feelings though and looked back to the boy who had introduced himself as Jeffry James.

"Anyway, JJ huh? My name's Reina. Pretty girly I know, but I've grown used to it over the years. My brothers always tease me about it though. I just punch 'em in the arm when they do," Reina replied to JJ, smiling as she recalled her brothers and their teasing voices.

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December 24th, 2005, 9:15 AM
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Eliadon slowly walked through the train station, looking here and there. The cleanliness was starting to worry him. Apparently, the same thought seemed to be going through Bayleef's mind, for she, too was looking around, with worry etched in every line of her skin. However, it seemed almost impossible to worry about anything with Eevee around. She had hit into several people, and knocked over a small postcard stand, in less than fifteen minutes.

Eliadon looked ahead, and noticed a group oftrainers, all with their Pokmon out, talking amongst each other, and heading up the stairs to the surface. Eliadon smiled. He didn't like to be alone. Even if he had his Pokmon with him, he still got a tad on the lonely side. He could finally get into some conversation, now.

{Looks like we have company, Eliadon. But remember, not everyone could be a friend. There are potential enemies there. I'm sensing someone who seems too worried to be normal,} warned Bayleef quietly, as two vines emerged from the side of her neck.

"Do calm down, would ya? You know that I'd never let my guard down. Besides, even if there is a potential enemy there, I could still make friends," Eliadon replied, stroking Bayleef on the head.

{That's the spirit Big Guy!} encouraged Eevee, {Keep happy and you'll be just fine }

{Shut the hell up!} Bayleef snapped, giving both Eevee and Eliadon a warning eye. {Not all of us here seem to realise the problems that we could face if we get into trouble. We're miles away from our homes, and if we get into trouble, we are seriously screwed.}

Eevee looked reproachfully at Bayleef, but she understood that she didn't have a chance if she challenged Bayleef to a battle. Instead, she jumped up onto Eliadon's shoulder, and huddled up close to him. He patted her, and sroked Bayleef.

"Let's just forget all our problems. We need teamwork here. So, I'll take your wrnings into account, Bayleef, but I'll still go to talk to them."

Bayleef looked worried, but nodded. Eevee looked confidently ahead, as Eliadon walked up to the trainers, hoping like hell that he made some new friends...

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 9:36 AM
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Valen didn't comment on Cona's second outburst, despite a certain mischievous urge to confuse this gullible little girl even further with more random statements for his own amusement. He knew that it would not do however, as the boy still wasn't too keen on attracting unnecessary attention. Alas, the same could not be said for Smaelaugh, and when Rosairie's pokmon began speaking of his name, the Venonat's reaction was almost instantaneous, the bug type whipping around, angry as ever.

{Smelly?!} he echoed furiously, glaring at the Magmar and Jolteon despite the fact that either of them could probably beat him in battle, {That is the slanderous name that that insufferable little Mawile keeps using to mock the greatness that is Smaelaugh! You are in league with her! Aren't you?!} he demanded, glaring accusingly at the two, {You, Seirini, her! You are all conspiring to prevent the great Smaelaugh from attaining the power that is rightfully his!}

{We are doing nothing of the sssort, you foolisssh drama queen.} Seirini hissed, now once again beginning to tire of the Venonat's pompous and paranoid attitude.

{What did you just call the great Smaelaugh?!} Smaelaugh bellowed, now turning his glare to the Arbok.

{Nothing...} the snake pokmon replied dismissively, having just caught wind of something far more important than teasing the Venonat. It was a boy, about Valen's age, with short blonde hair, accompanied by a Grovyle. There was a female with him too, accompanied by a Heracross, but that was of little consequence. What was important for the Arbok however was that the afforementioned boy seemed to be tailing them. Yes, she had already spotted him earlier on but payed the male no heed, now however, she immediately coiled up again, hissing a bit in agitation.

"What is it, Seirini?" Valen asked, halting his strides and turning to adress the Arbok.

{That boy...} she hissed, quietly, nodding towards the male he had spotted and who was now talking with that girl.

Valen turned his gaze in the direction that the snake pokmon had indicated, spotting the one that Seirni had spoken off without much ease and scoffing. That boy...he seemed to have arranged everything from his hair to his clothing to the outmost detail, in fact, he seemed more centered on his appearance than that girl he was talking with, a trait which Valen had always detested. His mind immediately became made up, that was obviously one of those usual brainless pretty-boys that seemed to come as naturally to civilization as rats and garbage disposal problems, and were, if possible, even more annoying. He was probably using peroxine to blonde his hair too...mommy's and daddy's perfect little angel boy...

"You mean that blonde idiot?" he asked quietly, casting another contemptous look at the boy, "What of him?"

{He ssseemsss to be tailing usss...} Seirini replied, {I have ssseen him earlier and he isss moving in exssactly the sssame direction asss usss...}

"I see..." Valen replied, his eyes narrowing as he quickly scanned the others he was with, noting that that snobbish little brat, whatever her name was, seemed to be preoccupied with holding her Magmar's hand, probably wishing she was somewhere else, and the loon was still talking with her Pidgey, all of them a fair distance away from him, they probably wouldn't hear.

"Do you think he's a Global Police agent?" he asked, his voice now so low that only the Arbok right next to him could make sense of his words.

{Possssssibly....} Seirini replied, {Even though he doesssn't look sssmart enough for the job...}

"It could be ruse." Valen said, frowning, "Well, I know how we can find out whether he's tailing us or not."

The boy suddenly broke into a dash, Smaelaugh, who was still in a huff, being caught by surprise and setting off into as fast a run as his feet could afford him, struggling to keep up as Valen ran up the stairs leading to the surface of undercity, which were thankfully devoid of people for the moment, quickly rounding the corner around the exit and settling to wait there. If he was truly being tailed then his pursuer would be forced to pick up the pace, and he would spot him when he came up. And if that was indeed the case...well, then things wouldn't get pretty...

Random Plushie
December 24th, 2005, 9:47 AM

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"Waiwai Inc. Why does that sound so familiar?" Avery whispered to herself, once the group had gotten moving. She wasn't really intent on holding another conversation, seeing as how Cona now seemed to be proving that she was certifiably insane, and apparently Rosairie was thinking the same thing. So instead she was following along silently, Fable adjusting his grip on her shoulder every now and then.

{Oh, maybe because it's a world reknowned company. But that seems highly unlikely now doesn't it?} Fable remarked, earning a sigh from Avery while he started chuckling again.

"Well, I've never heard of it before." Avery replied grimly, turning her gaze away from him so she could confirm that she was keeping up with the group.

{That's because you spend too much time talking to a Sableye. It's unhealthy, you know.} Fable said, now beginning to twist his head at odd angles, which were, once again, getting everyone who hadn't already backed away from Seirini to back off.

"Well, okay then. I'll make sure to cut down on talking to you." Avery replied cheerfully, glancing forward once she realized that Valen had released his Venonat for some reason. Probably to find that building, or whatever. She couldn't really remember how those moths found stuff, it had been too long since she last saw one.

But either way, Valen was now making his way up the stairs, Cona and Rosairie following suit. Avery swiftly followed, the Sableye on her shoulder clinging tightly while she jogged a bit to cover the distance, wondering how much further they had to go.

{Well yes, that's what I heard. I pay attention to things other than Avery.} Fable said at Henna's comment about the Venonat's name. {Quite an unusual name, just like a cuckoo clock! But it's okay, for who wants to make fun of something as trivial as a name? That lost its perks a while ago.} He concluded, grinning toothily at the Magmar before suddenly flicking his gaze elsewhere.

Apparently he was ignoring the Venonat's reaction to the Magmar's comment. How very rude.

"Hey, wait up!" Avery called out when she realized that Valen had broken into a dash, quickly darting up the rest of the stairs and rounding the corner, where he stopped for some reason. "..Well okay then." Avery added, continuing up the stairs in the same manner as before. He appeared to be waiting now, so she supposed she didn't have to run up after him.

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 9:50 AM
OOC: Hiii Plushie! *Waves* Yeah, it's a conspiracy, no doubt about it. But a small note...Smaelaugh is a Venonat, not a Venomoth (Although you can bet that he wishes he was one XD). Oh, and the whole point is that Valen isn't visible for anyone coming up the stairs, so edit that, please.

December 24th, 2005, 9:52 AM
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Eliadon looked around at the crowd, carefully choosing who to talk to first. He had been considering talking to this one boy, who had purple hair, that was falling in front of his eyes. He seemed a lot like Eliadon when it came to appearance, but Eliadon soon learned that appearances didn't matter.

Without any warning, he took off, zipping up the stairs, to what was the surface of Undercity. Eliadon was seriously considering whether or not to follow him or to stay with the others. He decided to talk with his Pokmon instead. He crouched down to his Bayleef, and Eevee jumped off his shoulder to listen too.

"Did you see that guy run off?" he asked.

They both nodded.

"Should we follow him?"

They both nodded again.

"Then le's go..."

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December 24th, 2005, 9:55 AM
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December 24th, 2005, 10:06 AM
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Chain shrugged slightly in response to Reina's invitation, following her wordlessly. Walking a few feet behind her, he listened carefully to the conversation that ensued between her and the Grovyle-trainer. So, he goes by "JJ", and she is "Reina" . . . I suppose I should remember those names. I wonder what role they'll be playing in the upcoming competition . . .

Momentarily directing his attention elsewhere, Chain noted several security guards weaving through the crowd, performing basic crowd control and requesting identification from anyone who appeared suspicious. Suddenly, the male trainer's gaze snapped to one side as Valen broke into a run. His interest aroused, Chain quickened his pace until he was even with Reina and Jeffry.

"I'd hate to leave so abruptly, but I have other matters to take care of. The name's Chain, though. Look me up later if you'd like."

Without another word, Chain vanished into the crowd, releasing Abra from his Pokeball and commanding, "Abra, Teleport after the boy with the Arbok."

Though still asleep, a wave of psy energy rippled from the saffron Pokemon, identifying the trainer Chain had previously mentioned and Teleporting itself and its trainer to the shadows a few feet from Valen's location.

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 10:08 AM
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And Plushie...XD Well, at least you were right to begin with, and you made Smaelaugh happy by mistaking him for a Venomoth, yes you did. ^-^


Valen cursed under his breath as Avery said something along the lines of 'okay', slowing her pace again. The boy hoped that this wouldn't blow the whole cover of his little feint. Well, with a little luck, that blonde idiot wouldn't catch on...and even if he did, well, Valen had other tricks up his sleeve.

But sure enough, a boy did come running up the stairs, apparently tracking him, and Valen was by no means slow on the intake, immediately darting forward and grabbing the boy by the collar, dragging him back and pinning him against the wall. That was one thing that one had to be carefull of around Valen, he might have looked frail with his slim frame, but there was not a single fiber of excess fat on him, and he had a lifetime's experience of how to utilize every piece of strength he had to its outmost.

"Allright then." he hissed, his voice dangerously low as he glared at the boy, noting with some shock that he wasn't the same one whom Seirini had spotted. This one was rather lanky, and he had black hair, longer than that other boy's too. Were there more of them? Well, that just meant more fun for him...

"Who are you?!" he demanded, tightening his grip around the boy's collar, "And what the hell do you think you are doing tailing me?! Well?!"

Seirini hissed treatheningly, not in the direction of this stranger though, but in that of another; one which had appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and in the presence of a psychic pokmon no less. Valen was preoccupied with his shakedown of the other boy however, paying no heed to this new one's appearance.

Random Plushie
December 24th, 2005, 10:16 AM

For a second there, I thought you meant Valen had 0% fat.. And Plushie said.. Whoa, he should be dead by now. XD


"..Whoa." That had happened a bit fast from Avery's point of view. Some guy had come running up the stairs when Valen had dashed up, and what better fate for the guy than to get slammed into the wall by none other than Valen himself. Or at least it sounded that way. If he had done what Avery thought he had done, Valen had pretty much chosen a good spot to start a fight, hidden from too many prying eyes.

"Figures." Avery muttered under her breath, making her way up the stairs again, Fable looking on towards the spot where he assumed Valen was. "He can start all the fights he wants, as long as the police don't question me about it when they catch on."

December 24th, 2005, 10:19 AM
Well, this is certainly amusing. Chain remained silent, his Abra held firmly in his arms as he watched Valen snatch a boy by the collar. I suppose it was clear enough before, but this Arbok trainer definately has some specific purpose--some hidden motive. Chain noiselessly moved further back into the shadows. Although, if he didn't want to attract unnecessary attention to himself, his methods seem hardly practical.

As Seirini turned and hissed at him, Chain's eyes narrowed slightly. It appears my presence has attracted some attention as well.

[OOC: I realize that I have little to no right to direct your rate of roleplaying. But, I must leave for some time. And, I would ask that you have less than three pages of further roleplaying upon my return. ::bows repeatedly:: If not, it is alright.

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December 24th, 2005, 10:21 AM
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December 24th, 2005, 10:24 AM

Go Avery, bringing cheer to the world! XD

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Baker's Bulbasaur
December 24th, 2005, 10:34 AM
Grovyle opened both its sleepy eyes wide at the reaction of the compliment from Reina, he jumped down from his masters head and began firing Bullet seeds at fantastic velocity into the ground, after only a few seconds he stopped his magnificent attack and stepped back, he had made a shape of a rose from the impact of the attack and was now smiling at her

''Smooth buddy, real smooth'' JJ said with a titter ''Tabansi then huh'' he said eagerly looking down at the bug pokemon ''doesn't that mean something like....strong willed or something like that? i remember being told about different names and there in-depth meanings by my grandad.....'' JJ's smile dropped slightly as thoughts of his grandfather engulfed his thoughts, the smiling grovyle's smile also dropped, sencing exactly what was on the mind of his master

{I'm sure he will be fine, don't worry yourself too much about it....}

as JJ looked up at his comforting Grovyle, his eyes suddenly snapped to the attention of another pair, resting exactly on him, it was that same arbok, belonging to the boy who was leading the group Jeffery was following.
*Why's that pokemon looking at me* he thought to himself with some slight concern.
he watched the snake pokemon turn to hiss at it's master who then also turned to face JJ. after only a matter of seconds in which he looked JJ up and down from afar, his face filled with quite obvious loathing, quite as if he'd just chewed something incredibly sour.

Grovyle, wondering what it's master was staring at turned himself to face them, and began to stare at the arbok, its eyes flashing mennacingly, suddenly the boy turned about and sprinted off up a flight of stairs.

''what the heck was all that about?....'' JJ said to himself, a frown on his face, his attention wasn't even captured when a young male who seemed to know alena introduced himself as chain before taking off himself.
Grovyle jumped onto the head of his trainer again and layed in his comfortable position, this time with it's eyes open wide and darting everywhere for the boy, or anyone else casting either of them a strange look.

After a few moments of confusion, JJ turned his attention back to Reina who was looking at him intently with a look of worry

''sorry about that'' he said with a smile ''it's just, that strange boy with the arbok was staring at me.....and then he sprinted off''
Jeffery ran a hand through his silk blonde hair before looking up and winking at grovyle who winked back and pulled out a fresh leech to start to chew

''Maybe we should go up them stairs that the boy went up, perhaps he is headed to the ceromony, we'll find you another rose if you like'' he said with a chuckle indicating the rose carved into the floor...

OOC - having grovyle inspired me to make a sig of him, but i done sceptile instead lol, who likes it? :)

December 24th, 2005, 11:13 AM
"SHEESH!" Rosairie shouted. She had been walking behind the others the whole time, when a strange boy and his Bayleeef came running up the stairwell. The next thing Rosairie knew, he was pinned against the wall. "Drop him, Valen!" she yelled, as a boy with black hair was thrown backwards.
Silence gave a yelp of fright, and static electricity sparked all across his spiked body in jolts.
Henna growled, and made to drag Rosairie behind her, but the girl had already leapt forward. {Rosairie...} the fire type growled a warning, but her trainer wasn't listening.
"Let go of him this instant, God dam'it! He was only following you, you-" she held her tongue at the last moment. Jumped up little creep was what she was planning to say, but it probably wasn't a good idea. Guys never hit girls, but Valen was... well, different.

Rosairie's eyes flicked from the two boys, to the boy that stood before them. He had just arrived by teleportation, she guessed, and now he was just standing there! She gave him an imploring look. "Can't you...? Urgh!" she began, but broke off. It was no point asking him for help - one look told Rosairie he was probably one of those people that would do very little to help others.
Finally, her eyes fell on Avery. Releived to see a familiar (and friendly) face, she took a step back. She glanced down the corridor in the hope that someone a little less feminine would come along and break it up, but-

The jolteon was shaking all over, little bursts of electricity errupting all over his coat. "Si, please, calm down!" Rosairie begged, her attention now completely on the electric type. The boys were forgotton.

{EDIT: the picture will have to wait 'til The 27th. I don't have a scanner and the Library's shut 'til then. Also, Mika says she will be back around 3PM on Monday.
How many of you will be here tomorrow? I'm just wondering whether I should bother logging on then. I'm be at my Gran's all day (except the very early morning) but she has an amazing computer set up. Getting on won't be a problem. Yay for techno grandparents!
It's a cool banner, BB! You're really good at making banners}

Random Plushie
December 24th, 2005, 11:38 AM

Concerning your question, Charon, chances are very high that I won't be here all day until my afternoon time, which is basically missing most of the action. XD

Bleh.. I'm still trying to get over the fact that Alter's Christmas starts 13 hours before mine.. XD



Avery tilted her head at Rosairie's exclamation. Although she usually tried to be optimistic, she highly doubted that this Valen person would let that poor guy go any time soon. From what she had overheard, considering he hadn't exactly questioned the boy softly, Valen thought that guy was tracking him for some reason other than to get to the tournament.

"You don't suppose he's going to listen to us, do you?" Avery asked, once she had reached the top of the stairs, cautiously shifting her glance between where Valen and that guy was to where Rosairie stood.

Hold on.. What was with Rosairie's Jolteon?

{What are you in the being of doing?} Fable asked, now turning his attention to Silence, who really seemed to be losing it, sparks of electricity flashing every now and then throughout his coat.

With that, the Sableye jumped to the ground, landing with precision, although there was no grace intended. He made rather sudden movements when he stood by himself, clawed fingers held out in front of him as if he were some sort of zombie. He seemed to focus his crystalline eyes on the Jolteon, seemingly fascinated with what Si was doing but at the same time keeping his distance.

{You shouldn't be doing that, you wouldn't want to shock poor Fable, now would you?} He exclaimed, tilting his head and chuckling to himself.

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 12:52 PM
OOC: Well, I for one am here every day more or less. So yeah, I'll pop in at least, although how much I'll be on depends on everyone else's posting activity.


Even as Rosairie stepped up and yelled at him to stop, Valen continued throttling the boy in his grasp, seemingly oblivious to the girl's words, his eyes bearing an unusually glazed look. Rosairie was by no means the only one concerned by this development however...


On the fifth floor of the Waiwai Inc. Building in Overcity, the marketing and communication section to be exact, a figure lay in a large black armchair, one of the kind which had a rotating base, studying one of the countless monitors in front of her inently. She was definitely a female, a tall woman in her mid-thirties with long, white hair, probably the result of a peroxine overdose, that hung down all the way to her shoulders. Her skin was quite strikingly pale, reminiscent of china, the kind of china that was made to look a lot more expensive than it really was, and the paleness was even further emphasized by the fact that she was dressed in a simple, black gown, looking like she had just come in from a formal dress party of some kind, although the concerned look in her grey eyes certainly held no trace of merriment as she continued to observe the scene unfolding on the screen, tapping a few commands onto the keyboard in front of her with her fingernails, long and sharp enough to make a Sneasel proud. The camera, one of many planted around the city in a low profile manner while the Waiwai Inc. employees were doing their agreed share of the tournament arrangements, zooming in a bit to give her a slightly better view of Valen, although the boy had indeed chosen his ambush spot well, almost inside the camera's blindspot, limitting the woman's view of the situation considerably, although judging by the way that the other youths in the area acted she was quite certain that she had a fair picture of the events.

"Valen!" she called into the microphone on the headset she wore, "Valen! Loveh, put that boy down, his background checks out! Put him down! This is an order!"


{Massster, pleassse..} Seirini pleaded, ignoring the other boy and turning to watch her trainer with an expression of fear on her face. She could practically feel the emotions coursing within Valen, years of pent-up anger and frustration welling out onto the poor youngster he was throttling, and the sight frightened the Arbok, not the act of throttling per say, but rather, the way in which he was doing it, the glazed look in his eyes, it was as if it wasn't Valen there at all...as if a stranger had taken controll of the boy she cared so much for, and Seirini didn't like it one bit. {Massster...} she repeated, slithering closer and coiling herself around the boy's right arm in a desperate attempt to calm him down, {Pleassse ssstop...he'sss got the messssssage...you've done enough...don't do thisss...pleassse...}

Valen growled in irritation at the commands coming in from all sides, but he slowly began gathering his witts, the mad look escaping his eyes as his grip of the other boy grew slightly less violent. Valen slowly let go, allowing the stranger to slump back against the wall as he stared at the scene in front of him, blinking as if he had been in a daze of some kind or as if he had just awoken from a dream. For a moment, the boy simply stood there, staring in non-comprehension at his hands and heaving heavy breaths, his eyes slowly travelling to meet Seirini's, the boy recieveing the confirmation for his fears from the terrified look in the serpent's eyes.

"It...happened again, didn't it?" he asked quietly, although he didn't need an answer.

The Arbok nodded, both of them falling into silence.

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Anyways, yayness!

December 24th, 2005, 1:39 PM
{ooc| Monty Python is, as we say here in England, 'a lege'. o_o; random abbreviatin of 'legend' that we use all the time.
I love Spirited Away, but I prefer Princess Mononoke - one of Miyazaki's older movies from 1997 - because it has woooolves in it.

ANYWAY...I have pictures. I used my neighbour's scanner. It's a bit bad quality, but you get the general point. These sketches were done a few days ago, when I was feeling down. These aren't the best pictures, but I sketched them up when I first created him.
Silence sketches (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/Shark_repellent/CCI00003.jpg)
So there's...a head shot of Si snarling (he turns vicious during battles) a picture of him sighing (or whatever), a picture of him looking downtrodden, and a full bodied picture of him being hurt. Urgh, ignore his terrible back leg, I got fed up. He has a scar around his muzzle (wonder what that's from?), his fur is an incredibly pale shade, and he's pretty skinny and awkward looking.
Ignore the scribbles around the edge. The writing is notes ot myself and song lyrics, and the random lines are construction lines which I haven't bothered to erase. Anyway...}

"No, I don't!" Rosairie replied shrilly, not even looking at Avery. Her eyes were on Valen, who's Arbok was hissing at him desperately. There was an odd look in his eyes; it was a vacant look, one that sent a shiver down her spine. She shot another glance at Silence, who was panicing and shaking, and stormed over to Valen.
She wouldn't let him frighten her Jolteon!

She was too angry to notice Valen's grip slacking, and his eyes reawakening; she slapped the boy straight across his face, an action that she hoped would spur him into dropping the boy.
The second she had done it, though, and the second her hand had met skin, she felt her fierce pride and confidence rush away. He's going to attack me now... she thought fearfully, what have I done?
"F-for God's sake," she stuttered, "Get a hold of yourself! You're scaring Si!"
Her her mind flicked back to Seirini, and took a step backwards.

Silence, meanwhile, was shaking with dread. His blue eyes were wide, each one of his spikes on end. Henna was kneeling beside him, but the Magmar's attention was on Rosairie. She was a silly, silly girl. She wanted to protect her pokemon, but lashing out only shocked the Jolteon more.
The magmar rose to her feet, and clenched her fist. If that boy - or his dirty great serpant - dared make a move, they would regret it.

{EDIT: I'm also planning to stay off the pc as much as possible tomorrow... I might log on in the evening though.

Random Plushie
December 24th, 2005, 1:46 PM
OOC: W00T! I got my pressies and I'm totally going to gloat about them! ^0^

*Ahem* This year I got...


...lots of them, including a dictionary for peculiar phrases in the english language (Yeah, my sticklerish little mind is going to enjoy that one loads. XD) Let's see...I also got a bag of candy from my grandparents (Which is classic), although to my dismay I noticed a definite lack of wool socks this year (There never seems to be a good pair of wool socks around when you need them). Anyways, we got some computer games too (I'm saying 'we' because I have to share with my brothers), the most notable perhaps being Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas, the legendary game of corruption. @[email protected] Should be interesting...

And one more thing...I got Miyazaki's 'Spirited Away' and Monty Python's 'The Meaning of Life' on DVD! W00T! ^0^ PAAAAARTY! Gawd, you guys have no idea how much I adore the films of Miyazaki and Monty Python. ^___^

Anyways, yayness!



...Wait, you only got Spirited Away now? You're quite late, amigo. XD

Anyways, so you do know of Miyazaki.. Does that mean you were just playing dumb in that one e-mail about Castle In The Sky? XD


Avery had just begun to really worry about Silence's behaviour, when it seemed that that creepy Valen guy had decided to spontaneously calm down, letting go of the youth that he had been holding up and taking deep breaths, his Arbok standing at his side as if worried for her master.

..The heck?

"Um.. Are you feeling okay?" Avery let out softly, her natural jolliness had kicked in, and it was telling her that these people really needed some cheer, or at least less anger and shouting. She hesitantly took a few steps closer, but no more when she realized that Fable was still on the ground, still focused on Silence, apparently not caring much about what was happening with Valen.

Too bad he probably wouldn't hear her because Rosairie had just walked over there and slapped him. Oh boy. She dared not move after that one.

Fable, however, was filled with curiousity, wondering why the Jolteon a few meters away was so scared. He twisted his head as he pondered, wondering still further about why so many people were shouting in the background. Did Silence not like shouting? Was that why his name was Silence?

December 24th, 2005, 1:52 PM
OOC: Awesome Alter! Spirited Away is a great film; one of my favorites! As you might recall, I wrote an English paper about it a couple months ago. ^____^ I love Monty Python. Nothing like watching my copy of The Holy Grail when I'm feeling down. Those guys are always good for a laugh. =D

I loved Princess Mononoke too. The wolves were my favorite! Ah Miyazaki....

And cool banner BB! 'Tis very green. ^-^ And Sceptile's cute.


After JJ's Grovyle made Bullet Seed form into the shape of a rose, Reina smiled a bit. She may have been a bit rough around the edges, but she was grateful when she knew she should be, and it was awfully nice of the cool pokemon to notice her compliment.

"That's pretty good. I've never known Bullet Seed to be shaped into something. You must practice it," Reina replied silkily. After JJ commented about the meaning of Tabansi's name, Reina thought about it for a moment.

"I think I remember him saying something like that to me when I first began to understand him; but I don't really remember. Was that it Tabansi?" she asked the Heracross, looking down at him.

Tabansi clicked his shell-like wing coverings a bit as he though for a moment, {Yes, I think I did tell you a long time ago. It means 'he who endures' I believe. Appropriate for me considering my past.} The insect then peered over to the staring Arbok. Apparently Grovyle had noticed the same thing because before Reina knew what was happening, both the green pokemon and JJ were looking in the same way.

The black-haired boy from earlier interjected for a moment and introduced himself as Chain. Reina nodded to his introduction, managed to mumble an 'I'm Reina', and then he had left to do his own thing. Reina shrugged, she saw no problem with that. She often wanted to do things on her own, but JJ and Grovyle were keeping her interested enough.

She looked back at JJ and noticed that where they were staring was the group they had been following, and the boy that seemed to be leading them had taken off ahead of them quickly. JJ commented on how strange it was and Reina looked at he and his pokemon curiously with a mixture of suspicion and worry. Obviously something more was going on here. She didn't think that JJ and his pokemon were aware of it though.

"Yeah, we should definitely follow him now; I'm kinda curious as to why he ran off. I mean, what kind of a freak just runs off like that after staring at you?" Reina said with a confused expression. She then remembered the gaggle of girls with him. "Maybe he was just getting away from all of those stupid girls," she said with a smirk.

{I don't know... the way he dashed off was strange. It had to be something to do with JJ or Grovyle. Do you two know him?} Tabansi asked Grovyle, his wings flickering absentmindedly.

"Come on, let's go before we lose him. Though with that bunch of girls around him, it'll be easy to see where he's going," Reina continued to smirk, picturing the boy trying to walk around with the girls all surrounding him like flowerpetals.

OOC: Phew... I'm caught up!

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 1:58 PM
OOC: Aww...Charon, Silence looks simply adorable in that piccie! Beautiful work! ^0^ Anyways, yay for Monty Python's fame! (They certainly deserved their legendary status for brilliant titles like Holy Grail and The Life of Brian) ^^ And Princess Mononoke...*Makes mental note of the name* Right, I'll remember that one for possible future reference. Although more or less any Miyazaki film would probably have made me happy. ^^


For a moment, it really looked like Valen was going to lash out at Rosairie as well, turning towards her with anger flashing in his eyes once again, his fury dissipated just as quickly however, the horror of the previous incident still far too fresh in mind and instead, the boy simply stood there, Seirini snaking her way down from his arm and coiling up around his right leg instead. Even Smaelaugh, who had leapt behind the other pokmon with a frightened yelp as soon as Valen launched his ambush, seemed to be at loss about what to say, merely watching the situation unfold instead.

A few more moments of awkward silence passed, before Valen finally spoke up, doing something highly uncharacteristic for him. He apologized...

"I'm sorry..." he said to the world in general, his usual veil of indeference nowhere in sight, the sadness behind his eyes now clearly evident, "I...I lost my self-control...it won't happen again...I'm sorry..."

He turned away from the others, walking a bit in no particular direction in an attempt to clear his mind, seemingly oblivious to the people around him.


Meanwhile, back in the Waiwai Inc. Building, the woman who had been monitoring the situation relaxed just a bit, leaning a bit backwards in her chair again and heaving a small sigh of relief before she once again took on a disciplined manner, adjusting a few controls on her headset before speaking up again, this time apparently adressing someone else than the boy on the streets.

"Vincent." she said, her voice carrying a distinct authoritan edge, "Vincent, are you there? Get me Valen's heartbeat and neural charts from the last five minutes, pronto."

"Yes, m'am." replied a male voice from her headset, a moment of inactivity ensuing before various charts and graphs began filling up the screens in the room, the woman once again leaning forward to study the information in front of her.

"That rage..." she said quietly, her eyes widening at the figures presented, scratching her chin thoughtfully with one of her long, claw-like nails, "Could it be-? Vincent," she added sharply, once again speaking into the microphone, "Patch me on to Slythe, he's just got to see this!"

Random Plushie
December 24th, 2005, 2:08 PM

I find it safe to assume that my Mom wants my attention away from the computer in spite. Either that or she just sucks at matching colors on presents. XD


Well that certainly wasn't the type of response I expected. Avery thought to herself, watching Valen walk away for a bit in silence, after he had apologized for his behaviour. Well, at least he didn't really hurt anyone.

{Ooh, everyone's so quiet now. No matter, if you won't talk to Fable now, you can talk to Fable later. Fable doesn't mind, Fable will torment Avery.} Fable said, for the moment spontaneously referring to things in third person, although knowing him it was probably just an attempt to confuse the more simple-minded fellows of the group.

With that being said, he swiftly darted towards Avery in a sudden motion, tapping her shin for a moment before the girl took the hint and picked up the Sableye herself, although in her mind she was still thinking of something to take everyone's minds off what just happened.

"Everyone.." Avery spoke up softly, letting Fable make his way up to his original spot on her shoulder. "..Perhaps we should just continue towards the tournament. I think it's best we all calmed ourselves."

December 24th, 2005, 2:20 PM
OOC: Oh! Forgot to talk about Charon's pic! Silence is so very cute! I love the expressions you can do Charon. They are very good. You give your pictures such emotion. Very nice!

Ah, and Princess Mononoke is definitely an awesome movie Alter. You should most certainly make a mental note. Animals, swords, evil demon spirity stuff, and lots more. Very cool!

Eh... can't really post much of an IC without leaving behind JJ and Grovyle, which would seem kinda weird. XD

December 24th, 2005, 2:27 PM
{ooc| I love Fable more and more every minute. He reminds me of the tree spirits from Princess Mononoke.}

Rosairie gave Valen a blank stare. Now THIS was a revalation. She decided not to push her luck, though.
"No worries, apology accepted." she told him, and went back to her pokemon. The Jolteon was lying on the floor by Henna's feet. Rosairie hugged her magmar - she wasn't quite sure why, but she was so full of relief it seemed right - and turned to the little form sprawled at her feet.

Crouching down beside him, Rosairie stroked the beast's jagged coat as if it was silk.
"It's okay, calm down..."
{Maybe we should go somewhere private, let him cool off....} Henna suggested.
"No, we're so close, we can't both back."
Rosairie kept stroking. She would have cuddled him, but then she always ran the risk of being speared. Rosairie decided against it.
Silence opened his mouth, but made no sound. He rested his head on Rosairie's bare knee; she cringed as the spike broke the skin, but didn't move him. It was a weird moment. Normally, Rosairie would have run off screaming. She would suffer anything for her pokemon, though.

Finally, she turned back to Valen. "Don't leave on my account... But you must understand. You cannot worry my pokemon."
She sighed and sat back.
"Good idea. We'll keep going. We must be nearly at the sign-ups now..." she told Avery.

{ooc| I am such a slow typer! My parents are watching Bridget Jones, very funny movie. I can't help but get distracted.}

Random Plushie
December 24th, 2005, 2:28 PM

Oh gawd, I totally missed Si's pics. XDDD

Anyways. Charon, your pictures are so teh pwnage.. I mean seriously, you made Si so cuuuuuuuute.. Not to mention totally fitting your description. Phwee.

Excellent job! :3

December 24th, 2005, 3:11 PM
Chain's grip on Abra tightened slightly as the scene before him escalated, finally ending with the Arbok trainer releasing his victim, stating an awkward apology, and turning to leave. A strange light glinted through Chain's eyes as he thoughtfully stroked Abra's head. Hm . . . I suppose I'll need to keep an eye on that boy--on all of them, in fact. The male's eyes closed as he leaned his head toward his Pokemon. This could turn out interesting. But, until then . . .

His voice almost inaudible, Chain whispered into Abra's ear a single command. "Teleport."

Both trainer and Pokemon instantly vanished.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 24th, 2005, 3:29 PM
Upon Reina's agreement that they shoul follow the boy, they both began to walk forward towards the small flight of stairs.
thoughts of the strange boy, had now settled down for camp in JJ's mind, did he have some sort of problem with him? did he himself do something maybe to offend him or his arbok?...then again, it seemed to be grovyle who had some sort of problem with the snake pokemon, Grovyle had always been just as interested in other pokemon as his master was, mainly because he liked to seek out those he deemed interesting to battle. Grovyle deemed all pokemon worthy of battle, just that some pokemon stood out as ones he found very earger to do battle with, but the look he had given that arbok, it was one JJ had not known of his grass pokemon before.
Grovyle seemed to know exactly what was on JJ's mind as he kept fidgiting around atop his head, occasionally putting his head down to stare upsidedown into the eyes of his trusted friend.

JJ and reina reached the bottom of the stairs, and like a gentleman, offering reina to go first, they began to climb.

JJ had just decided that he should stop thinking about the boy and the arbok and concentrate himself more on the tournament, after all, he wanted to win so badly, he knew that his grandfather had competed in it before, and being ill it might cheer him up a lot to see his grandson actually win the tournament of the ceromony that the whole James family loved so much. yep, JJ had to do this, as a test of his skills, but mainly...as a present to his beloved grandfather.
however ideas of scratching thoughts of the boy out of his head vanished into thin air when finally he rached the top of the stairs, and felt his jaw drop as he observed the scene around him.

a girl was being comforting a magmar, and stroking an upset Jolteon. a young male was slumped against the wall, holding his throat and gagging for breath as if he had just been throttled viciously. another girl baring a strange pokemon but one JJ was familiar with, a sableeye, looked as if she was trying to make peace between everyone in the surrounding area and lastly, with his back to everyone else and breathing heavily was a boy with scruffy hair....THAT BOY.
it was the same one which had looked so loathingly at JJ before dashing off, and coiled round his leg was the arbok which seemed to be very upset for some reason, JJ felt Grovyle hop to his feet rapidly, still ontop of his head.

JJ looked at reina who looked just as confused, he turned his head to everyone in the are in turn, at a loss for what to say, he opened his mouth to say something, but all that was issed was a


OOC - great sketched charon :) i can only draw yugioh monsters and sonic the hedgehog well lol

December 24th, 2005, 3:46 PM
Pwhhee!!Tis Yibber's turn to get left behind!!!!^0^

Anyway,I would gloat on my presents,but I'd rather wait for the rest of the family to wake up first,its only round 8am here.>_>
Fine,the only reason I'm not opening my presents ish cause I can't differenciant the presents.Yeah,go figure,wrapping almost every with the same paper and you expect me to know which is my present when you don't even give a Feebas and write the receivers name on it.-___-

Silence looks great Charon!Love every thingy about him.I could never draw in such detail.^^;;

*checks list*Yay,Titan!!I feel all special and not like rotten cheese anymore now!!^0^*gives him a Cradily plushie and cheese*

Merry Christmas,Dudes!^0^

Cona had enough of her crazy outbursts,resisting the urge to let her mind wander when Valen started running.Still,as long as she didn't say anything outloud,it would've been fine,right?Did Valen get called from his superiors and was now trying to lose her and the rest so that he could go back and take over the cheese market?

Her assumption,was wrong,very wrong.As four people came into view.A boy and a girl with a Grovyle and Heracross respectivly,another boy who had teleported with the Abra in his arms.The last boy,who was actually daring enough to run after Valen,had gotten himself slammed against the wall and held up by the collar.

Cona raised an eyebrow and just stared at the situation taking place,not really feeling anything much,unlike Avery and Rosarie.From the point where she stood,she could see Eildon and Valen real clearly.Krys shivered uncontrollably,running and hugging his trainer by the leg.Kuner just flapped his wings once in awhile,to keep in the air beside the girl.True,the good thing which had to be done was to save that poor dude,even if he could've been a spy out to kill everyone in the entire region.Before Cona could react in accordance,Valen had released the boy from his grip,and received a slap from Rosarie.The girl didn't even blink as she continued watching,wondering what would the boy's reaction be?Take a dagger and stab her on the spot?Or maybe,just break out into another dash?

Surprisingly,it was just quite the opposite.He apologised.Cona gapped her mouth wide open in shock,wanting to know why he had just done that.Instead,she bit her tougue,maybe this wasn't the right time to ask a question.Not noticing that the last dude had teleported away with his Abra.

"And,and,they call me crazy."

"If you want to keep going,I suggest we start with the walking first."she turned around in time to hear Rosarie and Avery's conversation.Both if them were nice girls,she could tell.Too bad they all thought she was a loon.Cona then followed slowly after Valen,taking extra,extra measures to keep her distance this time,or second time.Whicever.

Oh Feebas!
The presents!!!>_<;;;;

Random Plushie
December 24th, 2005, 4:00 PM

The presents calling to ya, Yibber? >3

They're calling me too. But since it's the 24th where I live.. >_>

Yeah, I despise you all. XD


Avery nodded at Cona's statement, but made sure to let the girl walk after Valen for a little while before she started following herself. Cona wasn't exactly the type of girl you'd want to have behind you, now wasn't she?

But while she did that, Fable had now moved from her shoulder, and onto her head, where he crouched, and added to that whole zombie pose. Apparently imps were good at posing like zombies. He had noticed that Trainers other than the one that Valen had held up seemed to be heading their way as well, however they weren't saying anything. So according to the Sableye's logic, he wouldn't say anything. Oh no, not yet.

"So.. How many people are entering in all, does anyone know, or want to take a guess?" Avery said aloud, not wanting everyone to walk in awkward silence. The least she could do was at least try to maintain some kind of conversation. Or at least, that was the way she saw it.

{How do you expect Fable to know? No no no, Avery, do not give me any of that 'I wasn't talking to you, Fable' business!} The Sableye on her head announced, although Avery couldn't move her head to look at him, of course, because he was on top of her head, and moving it drastically would make him fall. As if he wouldn't land safely..

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 24th, 2005, 4:13 PM
OOC - not Xmas yet for me :( it's nearly 12:00 though, ill have to wait an hour or so before going to bed or ill never be able to get to sleep :D

IC - One of the girls, the one with the sableeye on her shoulder had broke the silence by asking who was entering the tournament, JJ didn't register this straight away, his eyes were not on the boy, but on the Arbok, once so mennacing but now staring at it's master with such fear in it's eyes, JJ knew that his Grovyle was observing the exact same thing with unendable interest.

hinking that it would perhaps be better to not attract the attention of the boy who obviously loathed him for a reason JJ didnt know, nor was very interested to know. and even more not that of his Arbok, who he could tell if it got over protective of it's master then Grovyle would do the same and a fight might end up breaking lose.

JJ turned to the girl with the sableeye and cleared his throat
''Yes, I'm planning on entering the contest, (his eyes snapped to the boy again for a moment) my names Jeffry, you can call me JJ haha''

He looked aside at Reina and then back at the girl ''uuum, may i ask...what happened here?...''

Alter Ego
December 24th, 2005, 4:45 PM
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Valen merely nodded at the others' talking, turning towards them but not saying anything. The boy suddenly felt incredibly tired, tired of arguing about everything, tired of concealing his feelings, tired of hating everything...the boy sighed quietly, allowing his eyes to travel across the other youths, all of them fairly close to his age, even the youngest being hardly more than three years younger than him, and somehow, just for the moment, he found himself looking at them in a different way; not simply as the idiots he was forced to share this planet with, but simply as people, and people all had their flaws, but they also had their merits. Yes, Rosairie was an insufferable snob who looked on everyone beneath her social class like something she had found stuck on those annoyingly expensive-looking suede boots of hers, but she still cared deeply for her pokmon. Yes, Cona was a paranoid loon, but you never had to worry about seeming weird by comparison around her. And Avery...well, she was almost likable with the peculiar combination of her interest for pokmon of the darker side combined with her obvious desire to spread happiness and make people lighten up. As for the others...well, that girl with the Heracross seemed to be a fair, down-to-the-earth sort of person, even if her manner came of as slightly blunt, and that blonde one...well, he probably had his redeeming features too.

Seirini gave her trainer a quizzical look, noting the sudden absence of his trademark frown and the peculiarly serene expression that the boy had on his face as he once again took up leading the group, returning the still scared Smaelaugh into his pokball with a quick flick of his wrist as he passed. Granted, Valen still didn't seem particularly happy, but he was so...peacefull, an emotion which the snake pokmon had rarely felt coming from her trainer and which was far above his average mood. Not wanting to break the delicate mood that the boy was in, Seirni remained quiet, merely slithering faithfully beside her trainer as they made their way through the streets and towards the closest staircase or elevator to Overcity.

OOC: Okay, just a small note. This ain't a permanent change in Valen's attitude or anything, just a temporary respite into his more humane personality. He's crude and cynical by nature but vicious and unpredictable by nurture if that makes any sense, and right now his nurture side has kind of been turned off. So yeah, anyways, I'm going to bed now because it's almost 3 AM around here. Good night! ^-^

December 24th, 2005, 9:30 PM
Yes, Cona was a paranoid loon, but you never had to worry about seeming weird by comparison around her.


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No Plushie,the presents weren't actually calling me.(Though the comp's just beside the wondeful tree.>_<)It was THIS (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Christmaspicceh1.jpg) that called me.

Yeah,yeah,a Christmas Present for all.^0^(I would've posted in the Showgan Thread,too bad all of you didn't post after me.XP)
I had to shade the drawing so it'd be easier to scan in.I left most of the pokemon out,except for those our chars started with/were easier to fit into the picceh.^^;;
Note-Christmas Themed,so I've changed some of their clothes.Like the boys wearing long sleeves.Jena and Maxie wearing gloves,and Kayley wearing her Mudkip's Santa Hat,that's why it looks so small.>_>

First time drawing humans and pokemon in a group picceh,so yeah,its not great.XP
Though,Zachary actually came out as one of the better ones,me thinks.o.O


"Yeah,I'm...I'm entering too,for,for my dad."Cona stopped and turned around to stare as Avery managed to break the silence which had comsumed them for the last few moments.Well,it was obvious wasn't it?That most of them were spies out to keep their cover by stating that they were 'partcipating in the tournament'.The girl had a thoughtful expression on her face as she continued with the thinking.

The trainer raised an eyebrow as Jeremy spoke up.Why did he want to know what had happened?Didn't he see it for himself or anything?Another alliance against the one Valen worked for?Or just an insignificant boy who had something called 'curiousity'?Were questions always running through her head like this?

"I have no idea whatsoever."she answered simply,before turning around to start to walk again.Cona wasn't the type to like to talk anyway,whatever she would've said didn't make any difference.The girl also noticed that Valen had turned around and nodded to the rest of them.

Strange,something looked different about him,she couldn't place her Feebas on what however.Mind-control,that was it.Probably why he jumped onto that other dude back there.

"Mind-control,gets them everytime."she muttered,directing it to the Pidgey and Marshtomp beside her,not really noting that she was saying it rather loudly.Kuner,sighed,before taking to land onto Krys' head.

{Mi-Mind control?}the Marshtomp glanced around suspiciously.Before starting to laugh,his trainer was funny,wasn't she?

{Ehhehehee...I get it,Mind Control!}the Mud fish chuckled,only to the utter embarassment of the Pidgey on his head.Kuner was a dignified bird,but who had to be his trainer?Who had to another of his team?A weird girl and a Marshtomp which took almost everything with a laugh.

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Eliadon rubbed his neck, breathing in deep and long gasps. The area that the purple haired boy had held was painfully swelling up, and Eliadon didn't see medical facilities for miles. He looked at the boy, figuring from the others that his name was Valen. Nice name, but not so nice a boy. Eliadon decided to be wary about him, now.

{I did warn you, but when do you ever listen?} sighed Bayleef, now standing in front of Eliadon, her vines out, and whipping everyone who came too close. For once, Eliadon was happy with er wary personality.

He kneeled down, and whispered into Bayleef's ear, "Sorry aout that. But now, we know who to keep an eye on."

Bayleef didn't seem to think that anything could possibly be positive aout a situation like this, and so she decided to give Eliadon a knowing look, and return her gaze to the crowd.

Eliadon stroked his Eevee, and continued to rub his neck. His eyes in a permanent glare, following Valen's every move...

December 25th, 2005, 2:37 AM
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Loving the pic, Yibber! You're so skilled at drawing people... I might have another go while I'm at my gran's...}

Rosairie stepped away from Silence. The jolteon rose to his own feet, unsteady and wavering but up all the same. His weary blue eyes fixed on Eliadon; Rosairie followed his gaze, and suddenly remembered the boy.
"Oh yeah! Thanks, Si..." she mumbled, and walked over to Eliadon.
"Are you okay?" she asked, watching the swelling, "Do you want a cold patch or something?" She rumaged in her bag, pulling out a long, plastic shape that seemed to be filled with liquid. She pressed a tag in one corner, and in less than a minute it had gone stiff - and freezing to touch. She handed it to the boy. "It'll make the swelling go down." she told him, and then stepped back. Valen was frightening; she didn't want to get on his bad side by fraternising with 'the enemy'.

He was already striding off towards a lift. Rosairie was in no hurry to follow him - she hated lifts, they always smelt of pee and were incredibly crampt. Instead she stood with her hands behind her back, watching both groups alternatively.

From his place on the floor, Silence watched him go. His eyes were strangely bright, strangely alert. Normally the world passed him by. There was something about Valen...something nagging... that was both familiar and completely uncanny. Something about him stirred fear in Silence, and stirred memories the Jolteon had long since buried. He longed to follow Valen, but his fear - and love for Rosairie - held him back.

December 25th, 2005, 2:56 AM

The cold patch was heaven. The second Eliadon placed it on his neck, he felt a cooling sensation right through his body. He sighed, and closed his eyes for a second, savouring the coolness of the patch. As the girl had said, it stopped the swelling from getting any worse, and and it stopped the pain too. He opened his eyes to thank the girl, but she had moved away.

Eliadon looked along the pathway to see Valen walk towards a lift, that no doubt led to Uppercity. Eliadon had a nagging feeling that Valen was up to no good, and that he should be followed. But he didn't want to get throttled again. And especially not by someone like Valen. he didn't seem to forget easily. And that Arbok. With one bite it seemed that it could take out Bayleef aplomb.

"What do you suppose, Bayleef. Do we follow him and risk getting hurt, or stay here and be ignorant, but safe?" Eliadon asked Bayleef, picking Eevee of his shoulder, and cradling her in his arms.

The poor Eevee had been so intimidated by the massive and towering Arbok, and by the fact that her master had been wounded, that she had begun to shiver, and never stopped. The poor thing. She hadn't seen the bad parts of life like Bayleef and Eliadon had, and experienceing it for the first time was not a fun experience.

{I don't know,} replied Bayleef thoughtfully, {if we follow him, then we need Girafarig to protect us from that Arbok, and raise a telekinetic shield to protect you from Valen. It looks like our fate lies in that little Girafarig. Release her and let me talk to her.}

Eliadon knew that Girafarig was needed the moment he saw that Arbok, but he was afraid that Girafarig wouldn't listen to him, leading to another beating up by Valen. He scratched his chin, and looked up at the roof. I wonder, now...

"I'll release Girafarig, and we'll all have a talk with her. Tell her about Valen, and perhaps she might listen to us. Maybe, it's worth a shot. But first, let's move away from the crowd, I don't want any of the others to get hurt. Especially not on my account."

Bayleef nodded, and they walked away, to a very small and private corner, where Eliadon was going to release his Girafarig, and attempt to tame her once again.

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December 25th, 2005, 3:32 AM
OOC: Yibber, that picceh is beautiful! Yes it is! So I'll have to disagree with you, it is great! Thankies! ^0^ And about the Showgan RP...I'm having a major bad conscience about it, I'll have you know. I'll post there right after I finish this one...

And yay for GTA San Andreas! Even though I haven't played it yet (One of my brothers got it first)! Anyway, I want to find out what all he fuss is about. ^^

Oh, and Yibber, JJ's full name is Jeffrey James, not Jeremy. You might want to edit that.

And methinks Melissa's character is out like the others, even though she hasn't said anything yet.


"I'm entering as well." Valen replied to no-one in particular as the subject of the tournament came up, continuing to stroll down the street in an unusually calm manner. The others around him seemed to be quite far from calm however. Well, Cona was acting fairly normal, as normal as she could ever be anyway, mumbling something about mind control. Rosairie on the other hand was definitely nervous, not even daring to stay around the boy whom Valen had just throttled, possibly because she was afraid to be darned by association, and the boy in question was definitely mistrustfull, glaring at both him and his Arbok and muttering something to his pokmon before backing off a bit into a nearby alley. Valen sighed, he would have to keep an eye out for possible ambushes from that one, well, he hadn't factored in Kachiko in his plans, the Mawile would make short work of any psychic pokmon sent her way, and of course, Seirini's Crunch technique was nothing to take lightly. And that blonde one still didn't seem to have a clue about what the heck was going on, hardly a surprise. But what haunted Valen above all was the Jolteon accompanying Rosairie, the way he was staring at him, that look of utter terror in the electric type's eyes. Yes, Valen was used to people, and pokmon, being afraid of him, but there was something almost familiar about it. But...no, the electric type could not possibly have been one of his snag attempts, even though a Jolteon would certainly have been welcomed onto his team, but maybe...maybe it had had some kind of similar experience? Had someone assaulted that poor thing and scared it so utterly that it barely dared to live at all? Valen suddenly felt anger flaring up within him again, anger towards whoever was responsible for wrecking the life of that Jolteon, anger towards the indifferent human who had left it fending for itself, and that anger only served to confuse him more...why was he feeling these things? He had looked at mistreated pokmon before, strays, snagged ones, wild catches sepparated from their families, and he had never felt a thing. So why now? The boy shook his head, What the hell is happening to me? he thought, now primarily furoius at himself, his usual mindset beginning to return, accompanied by his trademark frown, I must be loosing my mind. the boy thought furiously, pushing aside any thoughts of the Jolteon he had in his head as he walked over to the elevator located on one of the many support pillars that held up Overcity, pressing a button on the side that caused the large elevator doors to slide apart, revealing the interior; it was an elevator allright, the walls a shiny, silverish colour with thin mirrors located in each corner, and as with everything else in the darnable city, it was clean to the point of being unnatural. Valen scoffed, walking inside the elevator with Seirni coiling up close to him so as to not take up unnecessary space, both of them taking a position beside the five buttons located on a small panel; up, down, open, close, and emergency.

"If you're going up, you'd better come now." he said to the others, leaning back against the wall next to the panel and waiting for any people wanting to get on.

December 25th, 2005, 4:25 AM
Thankies Titan!^^

It was a typo.Going for Jeffery there.>_>;;;

*snaps cheese*Rightness!I suddenly know why Zachary came out so well.^^
Because,like,I kinda took the way he was sitting from a picceh of Ruby.^0^
Feebas,dude,you never fail to give me inspiration.*wipes tear of joy from eye before tackling Ruby*XD


Cona looked up as Rosarie handed an ice pack to the boy which Valen had attacked a few moments back.She herself would've gone up and checked herself if he was alright,but something held her back,not really wanting to take any chances.

"Well,I hope you're doing alright then."she managed to say,directing it to Elidon.Though there was no particular expression on her face,maybe a little of worry and again,the same thoughtful feeling she had in those eyes of hers.

The girl then turned back to continue walking,noticing that Valen and Silence were exchanging looks to each other.This time,the boy didn't look as different as she had seen him a while back.Bah,she didn't have time to think of these things....
Or did she?

{You know,it would be kinda nice to actually strike conversation with all the pokemon here.}Krys said aloud,looking to the Pidgey resting on his head.Kuner merely shrugged back,before shaking his head.

{My dear lad,we shouldn't mix with strangers.Its not really 'hot'.}he replied,lightly tapping the Marshtomp's head as he turned to glance at the Heracross,Sableye,Magmar,Jolteon,Eevee and Bayleaf.Interesting they looked,coming from a pokemon who had been in Hoenn for the most of his short life,he had never seen Kanto or Johto pokemon.

Cona ran into the lift right after Valen,again,not giving off any comment or remark.Not that she wanted anyway.Krystal walked in,noticing the same Arbok.The Mud fish started to open his mouth,but was stopped by Kuner,giving him a good peck to the eye.

{Lad,what'd I say?}he chirped in a serious tone as the Marshtomp covered his left eye with both fins and started hopping from one place to the other.{You poked my eye out!!!}he started,leaning against his trainer's leg.The girl didn't notice however,she had took to staring blankly at the air infront of her.Taking the blue flippers off his eye Krys grinned,that was actually cool.Strike the pain.

December 25th, 2005, 4:47 AM
{ooc| Yes, I am very happy with my FMA DVDs...yes I am... *is rubbing it in so when Mika comes she will be jealous* ho ho ho...}

Rosairie and Henna exchanged looks.
{I think we should go with Valen, getting in a fight is better than getting lost.} The magmar decided, scratching her head with a big silver claw.
Rosairie laughed. "At least we can handle ourselves in battle."
{In that case...} Henna picked up Rosairie's bag again and slung it over one shoulder,{we better get moving.}
The magmar strode off after Valen, her tail flashing from side to sde. She was a proud creature, that much was easy to see, but she carried Rosairie's bag like a pack animal quite contentedly.

Scooping up Silence once more, Rosairie set off after Valen.
He had been watching her electric type. Instinctively, Rosairie drew him closer, hugging him against her chest like a child. "S'okay, sweet pea... nothing to worry about..." she whispered softly, for the Jolteon's muscles were tensed beneath his coat. He relaxed, ever so slightly, but Rosairie still wasn't happy. Silence never spoke, let alone about his past; could Valen possibly had a hand in making Si the beast he was today? When she had first introduced Silence to her father, he had wanted him destroyed. there's something wrong with him, he had said, just look at his eyes!
Eyes were a window to the soul, he had said. Silence's eyes were blank, as if his soul had been destroyed.

{OMG SOB STORY!!!11 Anyway, off I go...}

December 25th, 2005, 5:32 AM

Eliadon looked over his shoulder, and saw two girls rush off after Valen to the lift. Sure, it would be nice to go up to to Uppercity with people who knew their way around, or at least partially. But Eliadon didn't want to get anywhere close to Valen. In his right hand, he clenched the cold patch so hard that it snapped into half, pieces of ice falling to the floor.

Bayleef looked worriedly at her master. She had never seen her master when he was truly angry. Eliadon's face was flushed red, and his fists were clenched so tight that he made even Bayleef scared.

{Come on, Eliadon. Forget about Girafarig. If we don't pick any more fights, we'll be safe,} bayleef said, bitting Eliadon's had, and dragging him all the way to the lift.

Eliadon looked up, and locked eyes with Valen. He felt hatred course through his body, taking control of his every move. And without any warning, he launched himself at Valen, puncing at whatever he could reach...

OOC: O_o

Alter Ego
December 25th, 2005, 5:37 AM
OOC: Dude...does that guy have a deathwish or something? You do realize that Valen is totally going to kick his arse for that one, not to mention that Seirni would give him a taste of Poison Fang that would practically mark the end of his earthly existence? Really, that struck me as a very awkward RPing decision...you sure about this? Wouldn't...you know...hatefull glaring or something do? -.-

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 25th, 2005, 5:39 AM
OOC - mwuhahahahaharm finally my christmas came :)
i got Yugioh DVD's and 3 DVD's of pokemon chronicles, each with 4 episodes :)
a large sonic the hedgehog cuddly toy which was meant more of a joke lol.
A Bulbasaur beanie toy! ooooooooo.
harry potter and the goblit of fire for PS2, some yugioh cards, Wrestlemania 21 and british comedian Lee evans's latest stand up show both on DVD. some clothes, a new neck chain and a very collectable wrestling figure of eddie guerrero (R.I.P) good haul so far lol and 2 to open after xmas dinner teehee'ness

now onto business lol

IC: JJ stared round at the scene feeling a little insulted, one girl who seemed a little...odd to say the least had told him rather rudely she had no idea of what had happened in responce to his question. another girl had caringly offered the young male who was slumped against the wall, an ice pack which he had now gratefully pressed against his neck which JJ saw in the space he had removed his hand from it to take the ice pack, has very bloodshot and bruised, the boy had been assaulted!
he was stroking an evee that JJ had only just noticed and was looking positively terrified. and a Bayleef was looking him up and down shaking her head as if in disapointment but worry all the same.

everyone seemed to be treating him like nothing more then a pot plant that didn't matter, and even less represented a single care of even thinking of answering his question. Grovyle had seemed to notice this aswell and was casting all the pokemon a shady look, this panicked JJ a little, as the other trainers may see this and think Grovyle mean or something to be suspicious of, and that was not exactly JJ's idea of making a good impression, he took a step forward and cast grovyle an almost pleading look to calm down, Grovyle immediately jumped atop it's masters head and layed down in a comfortable position, it's eyes closed as if carefully, although Jeffery had a distinct impression it's eyes were not completely closed.

The young male slumped against the wall seemed to be conversing with his bayleef, a pokemon that given any other situation, JJ would have almost certaintly taken immediate interest in and perhaps started a conversation with it's master, but given the current circumstances this may be about one of the foolish things he could do.
He was just about to ask the boy however if he wanted a hand up, but he had already pulled himself to his feet and was slowly walking towards a corner, as JJ's eyes followed him, they snapped onto that boy, he was sure someone had spoken his name....valen was it?

He watched him as he walked forward into a nearby lift, the young blonde trainer ran a hand through his hair and allowed his eyes to trace upwards from the lift to a very tall building, suprisingly, Valen had stopped in the lift and asked casually if anyone else was coming, one girl had already started advancing towards him.

JJ was lost in thought, it had become quite obvious that valen knew exactly where he was going, and it would be convenient to follow him to hopefully reach the location of which the ceromony was being held. then again, he was concerned for his grass pokemon, that arbok was still with it's master, and the idea of it being in a very confined area with Grovyle, didn't exactly stand out as one of the better options, JJ had a feeling that the arbok had the same kind of problem with Grovyle as Valen seemed to have with Jeffery, whatever that was.....

JJ wasn't overall too worried about this anymore, but he knew that Grovyle had taken great offence at this and seen the actions of Valens blatant hate for JJ,as some kind of personal insult for he, his prized pokemon.

At a loss for what to do, JJ looked to his side and asked reina
''Do you think we shoulf follow him?''

jeffery didn't feel like he exactly wanted, or really could fully trust many of the surrounding people, but reina had seemed nice enough and it would be nice to keep at least one friend close by, although JJ was also very curious about what exactly that Boy had done to earn a throttled neck by whoever had done it, although he didnt feel like he needed many guesses at who the culprite was....

Alter Ego
December 25th, 2005, 6:02 AM
OOC: On second thought, I think I know how to sort this issue out. *Cracks fingers* Time for a little more violence I guess...yay...-.- We're so in for a PG rating if this keeps up.


As Eliadon suddenly charged at him, waving his fists right and left, Valen was caught by surprise at first, recieving a few blows here and there, the most notable perhaps being one straight to his left cheek. This was hardly a new situation for him however, as he had spent a good deal of his life in various street fights before he became a Viper member, and he quickly gathered his wits.

"Seirini! Protect!" he called, the agitated Arbok immediately obeying, calling out a barrier of green light between the two combatants and stopping one of Eliadon's blows before it could reach Valen, buying the boy enough time to prepare his own assault. As soon as the barrier broke, Valen lunged forward, delivering a powerfull blow from his right hand straight to the boy's stomach to knock the wind out of him before he seized his right arm, quickly twisting himself, arm in tow, behind the other male until he had him firmly in an armlock, one arm maintaining the grip of the boy's one while the other was now firmly located over his throat.

"That enough for you, boy?" he hissed, glaring at the other one and ignoring the blood that had started to run down from his lower lip, which had broken from one of Eliadon's punches, "I can keep this up if you want, I've done it countless times before, a bit more pressure and your arm will snap. And then we can continue punching each other for as long as you like. But I'm feeling lenient today, and since I did attack you first I'm prepared to call it even if you stop now. Deal?"

Seirini had now uncoiled, rising up to her full power of intimidation and hissing menacingly at the boy, ready to sink her fangs into him should he be foolish enough to refuse.

December 25th, 2005, 6:15 AM
Whoa my Feebas,violence-ness...X333


Cona snapped out of the daydream at the unmistakable sound of two boys throwing punches at each other.The girl bit her lip in confusion,again as Valen did this type of manuveur and into an armlock.Like he had said,Elidon's hand would snap with just added pressure.

"Oh come on,Valen.Let go of him,the evil cheese monsters must've taken over his brain..or something!"she tried reasoning with the boy,surprising herself.When had she become this soft for someone before,eh?When had she ever stood up for peopole?

Nope,this was going to be a one time deal,it was that stupid voice at the back of her head telling her to do this,yes,the little Pixie Feebas were telling her to do this.Anyway,the blood would dirty the floor and give the evil spies of the un-cheese market industry of where they were all headed.

{We shouldn't have come here.}Kuner sighed,shielding his vision with one wing,while the Marshtomp behind Cona's leg poked his head out with curiousity.Were humans outside of Johto always like this?They were rather scary.

December 25th, 2005, 12:09 PM
{ooc| Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay~! I got a sony bean! a new MP3 player! It can fit over 200 songs on it, how brilliant!
I'm watching Dr. Who. There's a new series on with my favourite actor in! Yay! It's very funny... but I don't think it's being broadcast outside of England....}

Rosairie screamed. A shrill, shrieking, wavering scream.

{Don't be so pathetic, Roz, it's just boys being boys.} Henna muttered, in an off-hand way. The magmar kept walking towards the lift. Silence bounded away from Rosairie and skidded to a halt by Henna's feet. Sparks flew from his coat, but nothing seemed to get past the thick-set fire type. She simply stood and watched, a bored look in her eyes.

"This is stupid!" Rosairie muttered, "Eliadon, give it up!"
The girl crossed her arms. She had begun to get used to Valen; sure, he was cold, and bitter - but he was reasonable and smart. At least, she thought he was. What was with the sudden change? She had never seen such violent mood swings before; one moment, Valen had been calm and apologetic... now he was throwing his fists about and trying to beat Eliadon to a pulp. To give Valen credit, he was fighting back, but what happened to walking away with their heads high? It just didn't happen...

"You'd never catch girls fighting like that, eh, Henna?" Rosairie whispered.
The magmar laughed hollowly. {Ho ho, no. When your friends fight there's always a lot more hissing and spitting going on!}
Silence giggled, a shy smile playing on his lips.

December 25th, 2005, 9:10 PM
OOC: Seeing as I always end up getting beaten up by Valen, I suppose I should stop now...right? Then again, Eliadon doesn't forgive easily...

NEway, I'll be going to Hong Kong for a week, so could you bunny me along for a while? I'll try to get internet access there, but if I can't, you know where I am...


The armlock had Eliadon partially paralyzed. The part that was paralyzed, however, was the side of his brain where the logic worked. He was now living off his anger. Breathing in short and sharp breaths, Eliadontwisted this way and that, desperately trying to think of a way to outsmart Valen's offer. None came, so he decided to do the next best thing. In his opinion that is.

"Bayleef! Use Vine Whip to wrap up the Arbok, and Eevee, Tackle Valen!" Eliadon commanded.

Valen was taken by suprise as a small brown bullet of fur rammed her head into his stomach, causing his grip on Eliadon to loosen. Eliado slipped out, and Eevee smashed into valen's stomach again, maiking him fall to the floor. Meanwhile, Bayleff unleashed two green vines, and used one of them to wrap around the Arbok's head, and the other to trap it against the wall.

"Now who's in trouble," taunted Eliadon, advancing upon Valen.

Alter Ego
December 26th, 2005, 12:14 AM
OOC: Okay Deathspector that's enough! One, don't bunny my character like that, he would most certainly not be taken by surprise again like that by someone whom he knows is hostile towards him. Two, you're completely screwing up this RP by turning it into a stupid in-depth fist-fight. I should have called a stop to this earlier but I figured you'd be sensible enough to take a hint and just give it up, but apparently I should have made this clearer. -.-

Either find yourself another way to deal with this or you're booted out of the RP. And at any rate you have to edit that post (Or others have to disregard it alltogether). Period. <_<

December 26th, 2005, 2:03 AM
{*coughs* actually, Alter, the good queen Vic never said that. She was also pretty nice bfore her dear old hubby died, then she invented the stuck up goths we have today.

Alter Ego
December 26th, 2005, 2:23 AM
OOC: Dang, darn my inaccurate old histroy book. *Kicks* Should have known better after all that crap in the section concerning Rome...pfiffle. <.< Anyways, the point remains...*Coughs* Edit time...

Aaaanyway; I have an announcement to make. My family is going on a one week vacation trip to Thailand (Leaving on a midnight flight today), so I won't be able to RP for that period of time. In my absence, I'm leaving Charon-chan, ybur_angel, Light Azumarill, and Random Plushie in charge of this RP. They are all experienced RPers who I'm sure will know what to do and what not to do, and I will leave them with information concerning the plot that will hopefully be enough to keep this RP going in my absence, and if Deathspector (I'm still waiting for an edit, dammit! >_<) manages to post at a reasonable time before I leave then I will also RP Valen out of the way for a time so that you won't have to trouble yourselves with what to do with him. Sorry for the inconvenience folks. -.-

EDITNESS: Bah, I need to get moving while I still have time, and get Valen out of the picture for a while. And since Deathspector has taken this time to go on a week's absence (Notes his earlier OOC) I see one solution to this dilemma.


"That would be you..." Valen hissed, glaring menacingly at the boy, "Seirini! Sludge Bomb!"

The Arbok hissed, suddenly unleashling a lethal projectile of grime and muk straight at the unprepared grass type holding her, striking it square on its weak spot and sending the Bayleef reeling backwards, the grip of its vines faultering, making slipping out the easiest thing in the world for the serpent.

"Now Kachiko! Brick Break!" Valen called, quickly unleashing the third pokball on his belt, revealing an unusually small, but definitely angry-looking Mawile, the steel type's considerable jaws snapping in aggitation as she noticed what was going on.

{You hurt papa you meanie poopie-head!} she cried out, lunging forward at the Eevee, her little hands curled into fists, {No-one hurts papa! No-one!} the Mawile screamed, unleashing a carefully aimed blow straight to the normal type's forehead, sending it backwards as well.

"Guard under assault in the central Undercity elevator!" Valen called into the audio device still attached to him, having adjusted a few buttons on the reciever before smirking at Eliadon, "Repeat, guard under assault in the central Undercity elevator! Perpetrator is both armed and dangerous, requesting immediate assistance!"

"It's all a matter of time now..." he said, smirking at the other male, as the sound of approaching footsteps became audible on the pavement outside, four of the closest Waiwai Inc. guards heading over to investigate and soon barging into the elevator as well.

"Allright! Break it up! Dusclops! Mean Look!" called the head of the group, a tall and broad-shouldered man with an enormous, bushy, dark brown moustache under his nose, which stood in stark contrast to his completely bald head, and a pair of black sunglasses covering his eyes, unleashing the powerfull ghost pokmon from a pokball in his hand, the ghoul immediately fixing all battlers with a petrifying stare from the single eye on its forehead, rooting each of them to their spots.

"That one over there." Valen said coldly, pointing at Eliadon with one hand while procuring his ID Card with the other, "He has not only been tailing me but also assaulted me from behind in a most cowardly manner with the assitance of his pokmon." he gestured towards the Eevee and the Bayleef "I trust you know what to do?" the boy asked, fixing his cold, grey eyes onto the sunglassed man.

"That I do." he replied, gesturing for two of the other guards with him to step forward, each one of them unleashing an Abra.

"We will have to discuss this at headquarters." he said bluntly, one of the Abras making its way over to Eliadon and his team, while the other made its way to Valen and his group.

"Of course, officer." Valen replied in his trained polite voice, "But I would wish to ask you of one thing; I was escorting my companions..." he gestured towards the others, "to the Waiwai Inc. Building before this lunatic attacked me, and someone would need to do that in my place."

The head guard stared at him in silence for a moment before he finally spoke up, "Very well." he replied, nodding, "Reeve!" the guard called, gesturing for the last guard, a far younger and less experienced-looking one with short, brown hair and a distinctly fidgetty appearance to him, although he was, like the others, wearing a uniform consisting of a grey shirt with the letters WW embroided on the front in green lettering, covered by a, currently open, black jacket and accompanied by a pair of matching black pants with a pair of black boots and a grey utility belt to go with them.

"Y-yes sir?!" he called, giving the man a stiff salute.

"You heard him." the man replied simply, "Escort these youths to the Waiwai Inc. Building then report back to me."

"Yes sir!" Reeve replied, performing another salute "Right away, sir!"

"Allright then, let's move out." the head guard said, stepping into the middle and performing a quick signal to the two other guards, both of them calling out in a perfectly synchronized manner;

"Abra! Teleport!"

Two quick flashes of light ensued in the area as both psychic pokmon dissapeared, taking the guards, execept for Reeve, Valen, and Eliadon with them.

OOC: There, you guys are free to bunny Reeve as you wish, he's not that important. Valen will enter the scene again once I return, and Eliadon might enter the scene (Although I can't even begin to tell you how disgusted I am with what he's doing to this RP <_<) if I belive that Deathspector can behave, but as it is, odds aren't exactly in the favour of that verdict. *Slaps Deathspector with the red herring of quality* <_< Bleah, sorry for the emotional overcharge in my OOCs but nothing pisses me off like people bunnying my characters...particularly when they even RP their own characters in a manner that isn't consistent with the character's profile and disrupt the plot, then dissapear on vacation. <___<

December 26th, 2005, 6:25 AM
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Anyway... I need you guys to keep reminding me to finish my art coursework. I really need to get it done, but the rp... is so tempting...
Also, don't be so hard of Deathspector. He was wrong to powerplay, yeah, but we all make mistakes. Including me...}

Rosairie blinked. And missed it.

"What...?" before she knew what had happened, Valen (who she was growing quite attached to, depsite herself) had vanished into thin air, along with Eliadon. They had been replaced by a WaiWai Inc security guard - who probably would be better off as something meek, like a shop assistant or caretaker, by the sound of him - who was called... what was it? Reeve? Weird name...

It hadn't taken long for the guard to arrive, and before Rosairie could react they were all gone, save one. She couldn't help being disappointed; she was sort of hoping he would help her out, if she turned on her charm and flashed herself about a bit. Middle-aged men liked to help out pretty young things, she had found in the past. Now they had all gone, save one. Her attention turned to Reeve, then back to the others.
"What do you guys think?" she asked everyone.

Silence gave a sigh of relief, and closed his eyes. Now the crowd was decreasing, his mood was improving.

December 26th, 2005, 6:37 AM
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Have fun on your trips Alter and Deathspector and stay safe!

And I had a lovely Christmas. It was great seeing my Dad thoroughly surprised when opening his gifts! Hahaha, I love making people surprised. I myself got some new Yugioh graphic novels, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (dear God... Ross the journeyman DOES suck, Alter! XD), a really nice purple sweatery-jacket thing that I love, new sketchpads!!! drawings coming up!, a book called "The Unhandsome Prince" that I have been wanting, a box set of the ThunderCats first season on DVD (a show that was on in 1985 to 1988 or something and that I was in love with. Seriously, I had ThunderCats PAJAMAS when I was 3 years old.), and a few other things I can't remember. 'Twas a great Christmas!

As stated in my PM, I shall try my best to look after the RP along with the others. *salutes like Reeve, though with less figdetiness*



Reina walked along with JJ and the now semi-large group of others that they had suddenly become an extended part of. The cleanliness of this place was simply astounding, and it was making her constantly feel as if she needed to dust off her pants. This made Tabansi look at Reina with an odd expression, as Reina never really dusted off her pants absentmindedly.

When JJ asked her about whether or not she should follow the boy who was leading the group on, she looked at the troublesome boy at the lead and then back at JJ, "Eh, I see no problem with it. I mean, he does look as if he knows where he's going, so I'm sure we would be heading in the same direction anyway." She then noticed that JJ and Grovyle both seemed pretty bothered by this guy.

"I don't think he's gonna beat up on you if that's what you're worried about. Unless you've done something to him that you're not aware of... he probably just beat up on that one kid because he did something stupid," Reina said, but as she had said this, the very two boys she had been talking about aside from JJ himself began to brawl again, this time right as they were stepping in an elevator.

Reina looked on with intrest, this was more entertaining than the ride to this place had been for sure. She didn't want to break them up even though she knew she should; there were some pretty dangerous pokemon involved, and she would rather not get her arm broken up by a Poison Fang or Body Slam. Tabansi looked confused.

{Why are they fighting? I am unable to understand this,} he said, scratching his head with a claw.

One of the girls screamed; which was completely unecessary, and this earned an annoyed glare from Reina. She disliked such displays of hysterics.

"They're fighting because that idiot decided to attack someone who looks like he's been in more street fights than the toughest kid in my class," Reina said lazily as the fight broke off when several security men were called.

Without another word the two boys were gone, and they were all left with a lone security man to guide them. The girl who had screamed earlier asked what they should do. Reina smiled, "Well, now that that's over with, I think we should continue." She looked around at the other girls and suddenly realized that she had never said her name. Or really explained why she and JJ were following them. It was a bit rude, but that was usually Reina's outcome.

She strode into the lift and folded her arms, "I'm Reina by the way if anyone was wondering. So, what was your name guard guy? And I think you can stop saluting...." She looked at Reeves, who was indeed still saluting.

"O-Oh! Yes Miss, you're right," he said with a nervous grin, "You may call me Reeves, and if you all don't mind, I think that we should get into the lift as quickly as possible. We should get you all signed up prompty." He hurried into the lift and stood by the many buttons, awaiting the others to move in.

Alter Ego
December 26th, 2005, 7:08 AM
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And no trips except Canada, Melissa? Aww...now that's just plain wrong. And to think that I used to complain because we had to take the ferry between Finland and Sweden every time we wanted to go visit our grandparents too. Good luck with your plan on getting to Japan! Hope you're comfortable around crowds, though. ^-^

And yay for your christmas presents! ^^ Yup, Ross is a disgrace...although he gets pretty dang tough by the time you get him to become a pirate. Methinks the best time to get experience for him is to look for stationary opponents (The kind that can't move) and have him hammer away at them with the Hatchet. Even if he misses, you still get some exp, and he's okayish against spearmen...usually. *Grumbles* Stupid Ross going off and getting killed by a stupid level 1 Soldier...<_<

Well, there's no ICing for me to do yet, so yeah.

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December 26th, 2005, 7:37 AM
OOC - well...now all that stuff with valen and deathspectors character is over, maybe we can continue lol.
my Xmas rocked this year, after dinner i got some more prsents with an eddie guerero shirt (R.I.P) a f.r.i.e.n.d.s trivia game, friends just rocks lol, and some more yugioh cards :)

IC - JJ was watching the surrounding scene with great interested, one eyebrow was raised as the two boys began a pittyful fist fight on the floor, and their pokemon began to attack the trainers and the other pokemon, this began to anger Jefery...a lot!

*What right do they have?....to make their pokemon do such petty things, how disrespectful they are! pokemon battles is one thing, but making your pokemon attack another trainers, or even anothe trainer is something completely different!*

Jeffery could tell Grovyle was thinking along the exact same lines and was eager to do something about it, JJ slipped his hand into his inside coat pocket and withdraw a small pokeball containing one of his pokemon, he was just about to enlarge it....when he heard the sound of a security officer who had appeared, he made an attack order from his pokemon, a very rare dusclops, it's Mean Look attack froze the valen and that other boy, and their pokemon, when things had calmed down, valen and his pokemon, the arbok and venonat, and now the newly released Mawile, were all released from the frozen positions, after some conversing with the officer that JJ couldnt really hea much of as they were nea the elevator JJ was still to reach, the lot of them disapeared, leaving only the 3 girls, himself, and a nervous looking young police officer who as JJ had head, had been left to escort them to sign ups.

JJ slipped his pokeball back into his inside pocket, and patted he grass pokemon on his head, as a way of telling him he could calm down now, although Jeffery was still rather disapointed in how the trainers had used their pokemon...

Jeffery blinked and ran his hand through his hair, Reina had introduced herself to the rest of the group as JJ had already done before. Deciding that further conversation with everyone may be best left until after they had signed up and had secured their places in the tournament, which assumedly they were all planning on taking place in.
Jeffery spoke ''Uuuuum, maybhe we should all get going if of course you all are plabnning on entering the tournament?....we don't want to be late, he managed a smile and walked over to Reeves who had just introduced himself.

''shall we get going then?''

reeves replied ''oh..oh yes, yes of course sir!'' he said with a salute, Jeffery managed a slight chuckle here ''there's no need to salute reeves'' JJ extended a hand, which after a moment of hesitation, reeves shook. jeffery turned to reina and then to the rest if the group

''well, you lot coming?, we can talk later. hahaha''

December 26th, 2005, 8:06 AM
{ooc| BB, I love Friends too! Last night they showed the ep where Ross and Rachal get locked out of their flat and their baby is inside... and Ross is going on about how the baby and an eagle is wrestling in a swirling whirlpool... funny. xD}

Rosairie followed Reina and JJ into the lift. Silence had curled himself around his ankles like a collie, watching the two strange humans ruefully. He pressed his spikey side up against Rosairie's bare legs; she reached down and stroked his ears lovingly, despite the grazes that were now appearing on her perfect legs. Henna stood behind her trainer, her hands on her hips. She looked like a bodyguard, with her black leather collar and arm cuffs.

Arranging herself and her pokemon beside Reina, Rosairie shot the other girl a polite -if not slightly forced - smile.
"Nice to meet you," she began, bobbing her head to one side, "Reina, right? I'm Rosairie. My pokemon are Henna and Silence." she told the other girl, slightly smugly. "Nice to meet you." she added.
Rosairie had been determined to remain unprejudiced towards people when she started on this journey. She had sworn she wouldn't judge by appearence, or by stereotypes, or anything else along those lines. After all, she was walking around the country with a paranoid Jolteon and a muscle-bound Magmar at her heals - not to mention an Ivysaur and a golduck - and a stranger could very easily decide she was some sort of pokemon beater, or spoilt snob. It was hypocritical if she went around labelling the strangers she met, and she had been determined not to.
Though, in Reina's case, an exception would have to be made.

She was a Red Head. A Tom Boy. A Butch. Whatever you wanted to call it. Reina's top clashed with her hair, her hair clashed with her freckles, and her jeans were paticularily ragged looking. If Rosairie hadn't known better, she would have assumed Reina was wearing her brother's clothes. Like Jacona and Avery, Reina was pretty - what was she doing dressing like a... a... boy. Rosairie was going to say something else, but she changed her mind.

Henna grabbed her swaying tail. the firey end was never still, and she was really risking poking someone's eyes out in such a confined space.

December 26th, 2005, 11:07 AM
[OOC: ^-^;; I am somewhat lost, but hope that my post is in the correct context.]

"That lift have room for one more?"

Chain strode out of the shadows, his Abra still held in his arms. Raising a Pokeball, the trainer recalled the psychic Pokemon, tossing and catching the red and white orb before replacing it at his side. Briefly, Chain's gaze flitted over each of those present, identifying and studying them. Then, after a time, a quiet, almost friendly smile crossed the male's features, though an odd expression seemed etched in his luminous, green-gold eyes.

"If not, that's fine," Chain continued, his speech seeming uninterrupted. "But, if so . . . Well, my guess is that I'm bound in the same direction as all of you, and I'd appreciate the ride."

December 26th, 2005, 11:12 AM
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Annnnnyways. Alter can I join yet? D=

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December 26th, 2005, 11:17 AM
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December 26th, 2005, 11:28 AM
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Rosairie smiled and nodded.
"Of course there's room, come in." she told the strange boy and his Abra. "You are?" she asked, but she didn't expect an answer. The boy had appeared and disappeared a few times now, and he seemed pretty mysterious.
Henna peered out into the corridor. {I think we've got room for one more...} the magmar muttered. She didn't like the idea of taking several trips in the lift and wasting electricity. It took Silence a lot of effort to create a thunderbolt - Jolteon's electric power was magnified by the static caused by their coats - and she didn't like the idea of a pokemon's work going down the drain.

How was she to know electricity was made by water and coal?

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 26th, 2005, 11:59 AM
JJ followed his comapnions into the lift, although he wasnt sure how long they would all be companions...so many wierd things had happened already today, hopefully he'd seen the last of them, after all, he had the tournament to think about.

Jeffery made a point to stand right at the back of the elevator, for some reason he didn;t like the idea of being right at the front, with his back to everyone else. Grovyle still on his head, he stepped behind a girl whose name he still didn't know, and leant against the back wall. Looking forward though, he saw another boy, about his age, approiaching the lift, and asking permission to join them, JJ cast him a look and seemingly not thinking him anything suspicious, cast his eyes down to the pokemon that was with him, an abra, now this was very interesting to Jeffery, a memory ran through his mind of a tough battle against a strange black haired gym leader and her abra, a very tough battle it was...

JJ watched the boy return the pokemon into it's pokeball. JJ smiled and felt a pain in his back shoulder. his faced grimiced as he began to massage it with his right hand, perhaps it was from the weight of carrying Grovyle, although grovyle didnt weight too much, and had been traveling on JJ's head many times without any painful results.

*Must be from mental strain* he thought to himself with a sigh.

December 26th, 2005, 12:02 PM
The only thing worse than being short was being short and uncorodinated which was precisely what Kyoko was. After sitting on the bench by the station for nearly an hour, she'd ventured out into the town after hearing about a competition being held on the upper level of the town. The only way up was via a lift and that lift just happened to be close to her current position (ooc- If it's not, dun sue me, PC's deleted my post 3 times.... ~.~) so she'd slung her Minun filled bag over her shoulder and tottered off towards the place the lift was supossed to be.

It came into view after quite abit of walking. Her little white boots had begun to rub against her ankles and her bag was getting heavy. Having a pudgy little Minun inside that bag didn't help matters much either but it was one of those pokemon that gave you that innocent look you couldn't refuse.

As another person clambered onto the elevator, she saw her chances of making it up on this run slowly slipping away. Pushing aside any tired thoughts, she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her towards that elevator.

"Um-um Excuse me! Please-please wait for me!" She was waving like mad... and she also wasn't watching where she was going.

There was a small whole in the concrete in her direct path, one just big enough to snag the toe of her boot if she didn't watch for it and since she was waving, she didn't watch for it and was sent flying.

Landing hard a few feet from the elevator, her knees bloodied and bruised, her hands covered in rug-burns, she managed to laugh it off, standing up shakily, "Um... Is there room for one more?"

Her hair was begining to slip from its holder and was flowing like a faucet infront of her face. Luckily, her cute little white with pink pinstripe dress had been spared most of the ordeal and her goggles weren't broken.

And the funny part? Her Minun slept through the whole thing.

December 26th, 2005, 1:35 PM
{ooc| Lmao, Mika. Always Copy the post before you send, nyah? Also... I will be using the English word LIFT because it kicks yo' bottoms!
And I have FMA >=) }

Silence blinked as one more boy trampled past him, with a groovyle on his head. The jolteon would normally would have thought this was a peculiar place for a pokemon - especially one as large as a grovyle to be - but this was turning out to be a very out-of-the-ordinary day. And of course, he didn't comment on it. Silence didn't comment on anything. He just watched, and listened.
Rosairie blinked. "Are we all ready?"
As she was closest to the buttons, Rosairie decided directions were her responsibility, so she stepped over her Jolteon. The control panel was a complicated mess; it was quite a good job, too, because if it was straight forward the girl in the pinstripe dress that was rocketing around the corner would be very stuck indeed. At least, until the next lift arrived two minutes later.

Silence gave a whimper of fright, as the stranger came crashing to the ground right in front of the lift. He jumped back so quickly his spikey tail rammed straight into Henna's leg. The magmar gave an angry roar. {Si, what are you doing?} she hissed.
The Jolteon's ears sagged; sorry, he thought.
Rosairie ignored her pokemon, and peered out into the corridor. Before she could say anything else the girl had staggered back to her feet, albiet slightly worse for wear.
"God, are you okay?" Rosairie asked, as the girl requested entry. "There's room, of course... everyone back up!" she ordered, and Henna flattened herself completely against the wall of the lift. There was just enough room for one more now.
{Come in quickly, silly girl,} Henna snapped, {I'm burning up back here.}
Rosairie laughed. "My magmar says get a shifty on." she told the girl.

December 26th, 2005, 1:46 PM
She staggered inward, slipping to her knees once she'd gotten inside. She was small enough she didn't take much room at all, "I'm... Okay~ I... Think."

Her Minun however was now rudely awakened by the cold floor of the elevator and in a blind sleeply trance, wandered towards anything warm... which in this case just happened to be the older girl's magmar. Curling up on its feet, the lil minun was simply too adorable to kick off. It was a little thing, under developed, and thus it was just a cute ball of huggable goodness.... or was it?

It was uninvited, half awake and was now starting to drool on the magmar's foot, nuzzling it happily like it was a pillow.

A very warm fluffy pillow....

December 26th, 2005, 1:56 PM
Henna's expression was like thunder. Her eyes flashed furiously, her brow furrowed, and she gave the minun the diritest, most trecherous glare she could muster. It was quite ferocious, but it just so happened the minun had her eyes closed.

Rosairie seemed oblivious to her pokemon's discomfort. "That must of hurt," she began, "hitting the ground like that. Do you need anything? Ice pack? Plaster? I'm Rosairie, by the way." she paused for a moment, offering the new girl her hand to shake. "I'm heading to Twilight tournament, so are the rest of these guys. My Jolteon..." she gestured to the shivering shape by her feet, "Is Silence, he's a little...wary. Behind me's Henna, she's the big fierce looking Magmar."
Rosairie was getting her confidence back now; faced with a similarily pretty girl, dressed in a similiarily pretty way, she was feeling a lot more normal. Sure, this girl was young - she looked far too young to be thirteen - but she was dressed normally, and she didn't have a huge Arbok curled around her left thigh.

Henna coughed loudly. {Rozzie, please ask this young lady to remove her baggage from my foot.} the magmar's voice was slightly more strained than usual. Young humans, young magbys, young eevees... all of those, she could deal with. Minuns? No way. Not in this lifetime.
Rosairie turned, and spotted the electric mouse.
"Kawaii~!" she exclaimed, and hugged Henna around her middle. The magmar's eyebrows rose.
{Translate?} she urged.
"Right," Rosairie muttered, and turned to the new girl. "Henna wishes you to remove your... pokemon, please. Though, she is cute..." she stared at it wistfully.
Silence padded around to the other side of Rosairie's leg, as far away fromt he minun as possible.

December 26th, 2005, 2:06 PM
"Eh? No, I'm hopeless and therefore I'm kinda used to it." She rubbed the back of her neck in embarassment, "I'm always falling, tripping and what not.... Thus why I'm here and not back home." Noting that she hadn't introduced herself, she stood up and bowed politely, "Hajimemashita. ^^ I'm Kyoko."

Kyoko blinked, eyes widening at the mention of her suck-up cutie-pie minun, "Mi-chan! Get off! It's not nice to attach yourself to other people's feet without asking no matter how cold you are!" She reached between legs, snagging the fluffball from what might have been its doom.

Minna snarled lightly, as she was plucked from her warmth but soon caught glance of Rosairie. She toddled over to stand beneathe the older girl for a second, admiring her choice of footwear before peering up with one of the most adorable looks known to pokemon kind and man kind alike.

She hiccuped and sniffered, little paws raised to the older girl along with a pitiful little "Miiin" and a bashful swish of the little cute tail.

December 26th, 2005, 2:16 PM
Rosairie gave a little gasp. "D'awwwwww! How precious!" she bent down and picked up the little rodent, cradling it in her arms and whispering affectionate nonsense at the tiny creature.
The girl smiled. "Nice to meet you, Kyoko. And nice to meet you too, Mi-chan."
She put the little minun back on the floor, making sure she put her on the opposite side to her Jolteon. He watched the minun catiously, as if she might explode at any second.

Rosairie's brain finally kicked in, and she leant over and jabbed the commands 'up' into the control panel. The doors swished shut, the lift lurched, and the group began their journey upwards.
"So you're here for the tournament?" Rosairie asked. After all, Mi-chan probably wasn't Kyoko's only pokemon - maybe just a pet, to keep her and her proper pokemon company. "My team and I - we're hoping to compete."
The lift gave another great jump, and the doors swung open, leading out to a long, pleasantly decorated corridoor. Pictures of flowers were scattered across the wall, and at the very end was a big counter with several forms on it. A screen buzzed up ahead, with names of trainers on. Coran Smith, with her team of Houndoom, Arbok and Chansey. Rose Mercury, with her team of Wigglytuff, Jumpluff and Venomoth. They all flashed up and disappeared again. A crowd of teenagers milled about, talking loudly. On the counter sat a sign; 'sign-ups here'.
Rosairie stepped out into the lght, Silence and Henna at her heels.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 26th, 2005, 2:21 PM
OOC - Power to the word lift! and other british words charon - chan!!!!
oh and im afraid i wont be here from tomorrow until thurday night, my grandads ill and we need to go and visit him, will there be a suitable area in the plot very soon for my character top disapear for a while and make a believeable return?


Just as the doors were about to be shut, JJ saw another girl run in, she was accompanied....by a minun. a small pokemon that obviously took after her trainer, as the girl was rather small herself, clearly young.
{uum, don't you think things are getting a little bit cramped in here} grovyle said suddenly, speaing for the first time since the appearence of the Arbok....
Jeffery jumped at the sound and took a moment to understand what his pokemon had just said to him.

''....oh, yea...uuum, maybe, but oh well, i mean your not taking up much room and the majority of pokemon in here are small'' he replied cating a look at the magmar, which JJ was itching to learn more about.

The door to the lift opened, and straight ahead, JJ saw a sight he was releaved to meet his eyes. The unmistakeable registration desk of the ceremonys tournament. Jeffery chuckled to himself, as he was starting to panic that he may never ger there in time!
*Perhaps this would be an ideal time to slip ahead of everyone*
he thought to himself. JJ wasn't a mean person, and he did enjoy haveing people around him and engaging in conversation, but he wasn't really in that sort of mood at the moment.
as everyone stepped out of the lift and began to either chat or look around, JJ slipped ahead and walked straight up to the registration counted. a young red haired woman with glasses was sitting there, she smiled at jeffery as he approched.
JJ returned the smile and Grovyle jumped off his head onto the counter

''Grovyle!, get down from there!''

''Oh no it's quite alright'' the woman said cheerully ''he's fine''

''Oh'' JJ replied ''Thanks. now, uuum i'm here to register for the tournament...''

''No problem at all, may i please have your pokenav?''

JJ slipped a hand into his bac pocket and pulled out the small electronic devise, he handed it to her, and she took it and span about in her chair to face a computer/ She slid it halfway into a space which was assumidly especially for them.
On the computer appeared all of JJ's information

Name: Jeffery George Jones
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Home area: Hoenn
Currently held Pokemon:
- Grovyle
- Corsola
- Taillow
- Snorlax

Tournament history: searching.....................Top 16 in pokemon leage at indogo plateu.

JJ turned about quickly at the others who had accompanied him in the lift, and other trainers who were walking around. JJ didn't really want anyone who to be seeing this sort of personal information, not that he didnt mind sharing it, but he was already thinking of others, as the competition, he was prepared to make friends where he could, but this sort of information such as his pokemon, and knowing his past tournament experience may prove helpful to his opponents.

he turned bac to the young woman ''wil....will that be all?'' he spoke with a sence of ergency in his voice, and casting another look behind him.
The information disapeared from the screen and the pokenav was deposited, the woman handed it to him with a smile
''your all signed my sweety''

''Brilliant! thanks a lot!''

OOC - as i said, i wont be here, i dnt know what the current people in charge of the RP are planning next, so if next are the tiurnament matches, then could you please save mine to last. if someonething more dramatic happened, then could you please have my character either injured, captured, basically disapear in a way believeable to the event. thankyou :)

December 26th, 2005, 6:12 PM
Nodding a "thanks", Chain stepped into the lift--followed shortly by another female. After casting a casual glance at her, the male trainer turned his gaze elsewhere and remained wordless until the group arrived at their destination. Waiting until everyone else had exited the lift, Chain brushed a strand of hair behind one ear and started toward the sign-up booth.

Moving his hands to their customary position in his pockets, Chain sauntered to the end of the line, his gaze roving steadily about the area. It's been a while since I've seen this many trainers in one place. Each person with their own story, own hopes and dreams . . . But, how many will be able to reach their goals in the end? Chain automatically moved forward with the line as he became lost in his thoughts. Different people, different Pokemon, different methods . . . Some more honorable than others. A bitter flame flickered behind Chain's eyes.

"May I have your ID, sir?"

The flame vanished as Chain was snapped from his reverie and turned, surprised, toward the source of the voice. A youthful female stood behind the registration desk, smiling hesitantly as she repeated her question.

"Er, your ID, sir?"

"Uh, yeah." Chain removed a small device--resembling a Pokenav, though darker in colour and of simpler design--from his pocket and dropped it on the desk.

Lifting the object with a delicate hand, the female smiled politely. "Thank you. This will onlly take a moment."

Nodding silently, Chain watched the woman enter his information into a computer. Though his stance and expression indicated a lack of concern, the intense light had returned to his eyes. And, as the female read his identification aloud, Chain stiffened.

"So, your name is Chain Quaixer. And, your Pokemon are . . . " Chain bit his lip as the woman glanced thoughtfully at his list of registered Pokemon. ". . . A Porygon?" Turning toward Chain, the employee murmured, "That somehow seems familiar. Someone named Chain who owns a Porygon."

Chain swiftly averted his gaze, almost hissing as he tersely replied, "Yeah, it would."

"Hm?" Having only partially heard the reply, the female tilted her head inquiringly.

"Nothing," Chain muttered before raising his voice to a more normal volume and fixing his burning gaze on the woman. "You done yet?"

Feeling the shock of Chain's gaze, she swiftly, nervously answered, "Er, not yet." She typed a few words into the computer before handing him his Pokenav. "There you go, sir."

As Chain accepted the device and prepared to leave, recognition dawned upon the worker. "Oh! I remember you now!" she exclaimed. "You're that boy who lost control of his Pokemon a few years back. It was a Porygon you couldn't control, right? But, after that, it was said that you disappeared, so . . . " Her voice trailed off as she saw a shadow fall over Chain's eyes. Without a word, he turned and ran down the hall.

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December 26th, 2005, 8:56 PM

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When Plushie lightens up she will share info on pressies.

Oh yes, and since I'd rather not inconveniance everyone with another lift entrance, Avery will have to miss it and take the stairs. XD

*hopes that this next IC is accurate*


Everything that had taken place after Avery's last words had left her utterly confused. As if the continued dispute between Valen and Eliadon weren't enough to leave her speechless, some guards that were obviously working for that Waiwai-whatever company had come to permanently break it up, teleporting away in an instant and leaving the group a small, meek guard to lead the way from the lift.

Of course, once that was done, everyone started to make their way towards the lift after apparently deciding that they'd rather not get left behind. Avery herself was going to make her way towards the lift as well, were it not for the fact that Fable had chosen that moment to begin tugging on her hair.

"What?" She hissed, turning her head to shoot the Sableye a glare. It thoroughly annoyed her when he tugged on her hair, and he knew that well by now. The Sableye didn't say anything, but gestured with his head towards something in the distance.

In the complete opposite direction of the lift, the hall continued for quite some time, leading to other areas of Undercity, probably markets or lesser residential areas. But what Fable was looking at was a set of windows placed a good bit down the hall, probably to make the area look a lot brighter than it actually was. They were ordinary glass windows, but for some reason they were placed near the ceiling, as if what you could see beyond them were higher up than the building itself.

"..Why are you pointing at those windows? You honestly think I can see through them from this far away?" Avery asked, shooting another look at her Sableye.

{Oh yes. Fable remembers now. Humans have the worst of visions. My apologies.} The imp replied simply, tilting his head before sighing. Avery rolled her eyes at this, although in reality sometimes she did wish she had the vision of a Sableye. They have very keen eyesight, which is why they could see in dark caves.

"Well, what did you see, anyways?" Avery continued, her curiousity getting the better of her.

{Fable thinks it's in Overcity 'cause the windows be high up, yes? But anyways, Fable sees circus cages.}

"Circus cages? Um, well, whatever, we can check it out later, if we don't hurry up we'll miss-" Avery was cut off when the mocking sound of doors sliding closed rang through the air.

She immediately whipped around in time to see the lift doors close, cutting her off from whoever had boarded.

"..the lift." She said, finishing her last sentence, although it was difficult for anyone to hear her over Fable's laughter. The Sableye let go of her shoulder to hold his sides, immediately falling to the ground, although apparently it didn't phaze him, for he continued laughing despite that, not to mention glares from Avery.

"Oh, shut up and just come on, would you? All is not lost, we can still make the sign-ups in time!" Avery shouted, grabbing the Sableye by the arm and lifting him off of the ground before moving towards a staircase leading upwards, which was wrapped around the lift shaft.

{Heh-heh-heh! Coming here was the best idea Avery ever had! Fable is most amused! Maybe when we catch up to those funny people, Fable will have the chance for more amusement!} The Sableye cried, still laughing quite a bit at the frustrated look on Avery's face.


Well, making this post made me lighten up, so I'll gloat on pressies now.


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But the very best of all..

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December 27th, 2005, 7:03 AM
{ooc| plush, Alter said the robed men were in upper city, outside - if Avery missed the elavtor, how did she see them...? *is being a prick* sorry, but I think everyone's meant to see that after they've signed up, etc.
@ JJ: don't worry, if you want we'll bunny your character along until then. The actual battles probably won't be for a while.
Plush, Yibber, Mel: which one of you wants to play Lori? I don't think I can do her justice..}

Rosairie tilted her head to one side. She had been standing behind Chain in the queue, and she had...well, overheard... the desk girl's comments. A porygon, ay? she thought. She had heard rumours about them; weren't they completely artifictial pokemon? How could you loose control of something that was, in essence, a computer program...? Before she could think further, Chain had fled.
"Wait!" Rosairie called after him, and made to dash after him. Before she had even left the line her Magmar's heavy hand had dragged her back and ushered her up to the counter. "At least I know his name now," she thought, watching as his name vanished to make way for her own.

She handed over her ID card, and the woman at the desk gave a forced smile. "Welcome to Twilight City, please allow us to sign you in." She said brightly, but Rosairie sensed a tired edge to her voice. She handed over her things, and watched as a photo of her, along with her name and data, appeared on screen.
Henna frowned. {This doesn't seem good, if all your information is here saying you're entering the tournament, your father will-} she was cut off by the women behind the desk, who didn't seem to notice Rosairie's magmar was mid sentence.
"So you're Rosairie Beaumont... You've got four pokemon with you, a Magmar, a Jolteon, a Golduck and an Ivysaur, and in your PC you've got ten pokemon..." she muttered, checking through the information as it appeared on her own moniter. "15, female...from Kanto. Oh, and your family are authorised to sit in the top box during the tournament."
Rosairie nodded. "That sounds about right..."
The woman handed back the ID Card. "Here you go. You've got about three hours until the prelimeraries begin, feel free to explore our city, enjoy our parks and browse our fine boutiques."
Rosairie nodded, and stepped away.

Henna and Silence were sitting on a potted plant , waiting for her. She waved them over. Silence bounded off the terracota and padded over on quiet paws. In fact, apart from the occasional crackle or spark from his static coat, he was completely inaudiable. Henna and the other pokemon had grown used to him now, but it was still easy to imagine him as a ghost.
Henna handed Rosairie back her bag; she accepted it.
"Now to get out of this place..."she muttered, but there was only one way to go. Straight down the corridoor.

The magmar peered out the window. Through the glass, she could see a snapshot of a town; it was lofty, all tall, willowing buildings. Every surface seemed to be made of sparkling, crystalline glass. In caught the light and flashed. Geometrical too, Henna noticed. Rosairie's gonna love this... she thought to herself.

December 27th, 2005, 8:06 AM
Oh joy, she'd once again zonned out and this time she'd gotten left behind... again. Scrambling to put her Minun back in its ball, she reslung her bag over her shoulder and ran off in the general direction everybody else had, rubbing her forehead softly.

"Great great great. I'm spacing again, my head's hurting and I still gotta sign up for that tournament...." She sighed, running along, watching the ground this time to avoid another mishap, towards the building.

Once inside, she almost went right back out. There had to be at least 30 peple in this place and that wasn't counting the people working here or the pokemon that wandered around next to the trainers. A soft whimper escaped her throat as she tried desperatly to keep from ducking right back out. Every part of her body aside from her fists and of course her head, was telling her to just leave.

But leaving would just start the same cycle she'd been living in for the past four years all over again... and that in itself made her wander over towards the PC Box.

To anybody who'd caught a glimpse of her however, she looked either drunk or like she was about to fall over dead. Poor nervous lil wreck she was.

December 27th, 2005, 8:19 AM
Henna coughed loudly. {Rosairie, I think you should help stripey. She's had far too much to drink, by the look of it.} she told her trainer coldly.
Rosairie glanced up from her pokemon, and tried to locate the girl amongst the other trainers. A lot of people were already heading out of the corridor into the town, and as the crowd decreased Rosairie's eyes finally fell on Kyoko. She was staggering towards her pokemon box, apparently dying.
Rosairie sighed, and strolled after her. Silence trotted behind her like a neat little dog, glancing around nervously but never falling out of step with his trainer. He didn't like crowds, mainly because you never could tell you was lurking within them. It could be anyone; a mass murderer, a pick-pocket, a terrorist, or... or one of them. He gave an involentary shudder.
Henna had a far more bored look on her face; she was used to waiting for Rosairie, and she was quite contented to stand in the background and read pamplets while Rosairie socialised with her own kind.

"Need any help?" she asked, appearing behind Kyoko. "You don't look very happy."
Rosairie peered at the computer's moniter.

December 27th, 2005, 8:30 AM
"Uwah?! No, n-n-n-o. I'm alright!" She tried to offer up a thumbs up... and nearly tipped over, "See? Just fine. I'm 100% a-okay, I've never been better in my life, I'm the best I've ever been! There's nothing's wrong with me at all! I'd certianlly tell you if there was but there isn't-" The computer dinged once and after a bit of fizzling, a pokeball dropped into the little slot.

Kyoko snagged it, hugging it to her chest tightly, her personality switching from frazzled to... well, almost possesive. She did have right to be possesive, the pokeball her seemingly "I can't live without" pokemon was contained in a Love Ball which wasn't the cheapest thing in the world.

Retrieving her ID card from the machine she leaned heavily against it, her shaking returning slightly, "Gomen... I just... hate-hate crowds..." she muttered, almost wishing the older girl wouldn't hear it. She'd been shy since she was young and almost always got laughed at because of her meekness. It seemed to her that it was a good assumption that this wasn't going to be any different.

December 27th, 2005, 8:48 AM
Rosairie had, of course, overheard. She was good at 'overhearing' other people's conversations; she was one of the popular girls at school, certainly, but that didn't mean everyone liked her. Quite the contary, her school was full of people that despised her; despised her lavish house, despised her fine clothes, and despised the muscley, brawny magmar that followed her everywhere. She was too rich, she wasn't rich enough, she was too skinny, she was too tall, she was too blonde, she wasn't blonde enough. Henna was convinced they were simpy jealous of her; Rosairie found that hard to believe.

She put a reassuring hand on Kyoko's shoulder. "Don't worry about it! Take my Jolteon, for example-" Rosairie gestured at the electric type by her feet, "-he hates crowds too. He never complains, but he gets so paranoid..." she smiled, and bent down to cuddle her pokemon. He gave a sad sigh.
Henna smiled. Rosairie was simple, and selfish, and extremely judgemental. But she did love her pokemon.

December 27th, 2005, 9:01 AM
She winced at the remark about the other girl's pokemon. That Jolteon was shy as a bug but it was still braving the crowds. She on the other hand, couldn't even do that. She bit down on her lower lip and stood up, smiling as best she could given the circumstances, "Th-thank you... um... Where do I... sign up?"

While awaiting an answer, she released the pokemon from its ball, "Miko! Ohayo. n.n" The ball flashed a bright pink color followed by several red hearts and once everything had died down, a very groggy looking Shuupet floated at Kyoko's feet. "Shuuu...." /You and your wake up calls.../

Kyoko leaned down, offering her arm to her Shuupet, "Sorry! But I gotta enter the contest, ya know?"

Miko shrugged as best as a ghost pokemon could shrug and floated up to sit on Kyoko's head like a hat, "Pett." /As long as I get souls to munch on... I don't care./

December 27th, 2005, 9:14 AM
{ooc| Mika-san, don't bother with the poke-tongue. Just stick the translations inside the jaggedy brackets.}

Rosairie pointed in the direction of the counter. "Over there, see the lady? She's the one you want to talk to."

Silence recoiled as the Shuppet was released. He darted over to hide behind Henna, who was slightly further away than Rosairie.
{C'mon, guys, let's give Kyoko some space...} Henna muttered, and they stalked off towards the potted plant. Rosairie sat down on the window sill, Henna crouched on the floor, and Silence regained his spot on the pot itself.

Rosairie was, to be honest, glad to get away. The appearence of the shuppet had sent a shiver down her spine, and the fact that Kyoko let it sit on her head was, well, creepy to say the least.

December 27th, 2005, 9:31 AM
She blinked, taking the oppertunity to head over to the counter and thus over to the receptionist which is where she encountered yet another problem: She was so short she could barely see over the counter.

"Um.. scuse me... I'm hear to sign up for the tournament?" She blinked, standing on her tip toes to fully see over the counter, "If there's still room that is."

The receptionist blinked, "There is room but sweetie, you gotta be at least fourteen to enter. In two more years you can come back, okay?"

She blushed, "I am fourteen..."

"I'm sorry, but I'll need to see some id." The receptionist yawned, clacking her french maniqured (sp?) nails on the counter, "You need to prove to me you're elligable."

Kyoko sighed, fumbling around in her bag until she found her purple poke gear. She gently pushed it forwards towards the clerk, "Will this do?"

The woman nodded, plugging it into the computer and typing a little on the keys. "Okay... so your name is Kyoko... You are fourteen... and you've got four pokemon, a Shuupet, a Dratini, a Minun and an Espeon...."

"Is that all then?" Kyoko tapped her foot impatiently.

"..Just a moment... Just need to clarify a few basic things... Alright, it says here you're fourteen, female and you're from Ecruteak City, correct?"


"...It also says that any family that may come visit may use the top box in the stands alright?"

"What's that?"

"Well any person of higher standings, be it a gym leader, an Elite Four Member or someone with a great amount of money, is invited to sit in the upper row. It's got the best view. As a gym leader's decendent you should know that."

She winced, "I'm-I'm sorry..."

The receptionist shook her head, "I guess it can't be helped, it says here you're the youngest. Probably nobody ever thought of telling you... Anyways, if they do come, just point them towards the VIP sections, alright? They'll get in just by saying they're with you and although they'll have to be approved, your father's well known. so it shouldn't be a problem."

Her hand brought itself to her forehead and rubbed away at the stress that was begining to mount. "Is that all then ma'am?"

She nodded, "Mmhmm. You've got 3 hours til the prelims so enjoy the scenery around you."

Kyoko nodded, retrieved her pokemon and headed over towards Rosairie, head somewhat downcast at the thought of one of her family members actually showing up for the tournament. "...Daddy would just use it as an excuse to pick on my skills again..."

With a swift motion, she tapped her Shuupet with the Love Ball and returned it to its place on the strap of her bag. People didn't really seem to understand Ghost Pokemon and tended to judge them, along with their trainers, very quickly without a second thought and that was probably the last thing she needed today.

December 27th, 2005, 11:06 AM
Finding himself in an empty hall, Chain leaned his back against the wall, tilting his head upward toward the flickering fluorescent lights as he drew in slow, controlled breaths. The artificial light played eerily across his features, creating unnatural shadows and accenting the flame that continued to burn in his eyes. Tightening his hands into fists, Chain murmured, "Why can't they just forget?" The trainer leaned his head forward, casting his gaze toward the ground. "It . . . It wasn't my fault. So, why don't they just forget it ever happened and leave me alone?"

Raising a hand, Chain clutched the Premier Ball than hung from his necklace. And yet . . . His hand slowly released its grip before gently withdrawing from his white pendant. And yet, I suppose it was my fault--for failing to protect my Pokemon. Chain's eyes closed as he gradually regained his composure. I'm sorry, Porygon. Not only for what happened back then, but for the present as well. I'll probably only be using you as a last resort. It's not that I'm ashamed of you. I guess I just don't want to face the world yet.

Straightening, the male released a quiet sigh before starting back toward the main hall. All those people who looked down on me so much, who so disdained me . . . They didn't and don't know anything. And, if they are that ignorant, I suppose I don't need them after all. The fire in Chain's eyes flickered and finally faded as he stepped into the registration hall. The bright, overhead lights cast their aura about him as the unceasing murmur of excited conversation surrounded him. Without a word, Chain began to make his way through the crowd. And yet, here I am again.

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December 27th, 2005, 4:21 PM

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I should take a picture of me plushie some time soon.

IC to come after I edit.

December 27th, 2005, 5:37 PM
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Reina watched silently as the others began to register and sign themselves up. The newcomer to their little group from the lift was someone that Reina didn't feel like introducing herself to. After all, she really didn't want to bother with all of these introductions and such, and the girl who had called herself as Rosairie seemed to be taking her under her wing.

Rosairie was just the kind of person that Reina had thought she would be. She was the kind that looked at her as if choosing the way you dressed was a crime if it wasn't to society's standards, the kind of girl that would probably always dislike being around her. Reina didn't care, she was used to it by now. At least... that's what she told herself.

Tabansi looked up at his trainer with a concerned look. He wasn't a master of recognizing human emotions, but he knew that look on Reina's face. He also knew better than to say anything about it too.

Reina's eyes widened a bit as Chain's pokemon were registered, and it was shown that he had a Porygon. Reina had always thought that Porygon were awesome pokemon. She had never quite understood how you would handle one though; she would have to ask Chain to show it to her sometime. She didn't think about how he got or why he had it with him; Reina was not the one to think of people's pasts, just of how they were now.

She did feel a bit curious though after he had darted down the hallway when the receptionist remembered a bit of history about him. Reina stared curiously after him. Losing control of your pokemon was nothing to be ashamed of; it has happened to the best trainers. She shrugged though and figured that she would avoid bringing it up should they meet again.

Some more went ahead of Reina; she was in no hurry, as the woman had already told someone, they had three hours, and Reina already had no idea what she was going to do during that amount of time. She wasn't exactly the sight-seeing type.

Reina stepped forward then and handed her own ID card to the receptionist. The woman looked at the screen as Reina's stats flashed before her.

"So you must be... Reina Rookford. You're 17 years old young lady?" she said to Reina with a sweet smile. Reina nodded with a, "Yep."

"Your two lovely pokemon are Heracross and Staryu, am I right?" the woman said in the same light and airy voice, still looking as prim and fresh as she had when the large group had first come in. She had probably done this same routine countless times today, and yet she still managed to look presentable. Had this been Reina at the front desk, then she would have gotten rather tired and frustrated with such a large group.


"Would you like me to repeat what I did to the others? Or did you hear all of it already?" she said with a smile that told Reina that she knew the kind of person Reina was, and knew that the girl would rather be done with all of this signing up. Reina shook her head.

"No that's fine. Let's go Tabansi... let's go do... I dunno, whatever it is that people do when they wait," Reina said, wondering if she should hang out with JJ more, or go on her own for a while. She looked at the blond boy nearby.

Sighing, she looked around before addressing him, "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna go look around a bit. I'll see you back here in about 3 hours JJ." She smiled, then headed off with Tabansi at her heels.

{You seem to be getting along well with JJ,} Tabansi said with a smirk.

"Cut it out, I've only known him for less than an hour or something. Just because I'm a teenage girl doesn't mean I always think about boys," Reina replied, looking a bit annoyed.

{I was just teasing. I know you're never like that,} Tabansi said with a knowing look. Reina glared back at him for a moment. He was always reminding her of that one crush she had... stupid idiot. Reina looked away; even tomboys can get their hearts broken by boys.

OOC: Erm... I don't know if I could do Lori right... lemme think about it. I shall think about it. I might... hopefully Alter wouldn't kill me.. ;-;

EDIT: Meep!! XD Forgot it was supposed to be Lori who was the receptionist! Must... change... speech pattern...! X_X

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December 27th, 2005, 6:54 PM

'Tis normal to get carried away with presents, Melissa, don't fret. ^^

And awesomest.. You have seen teh new Pokemon movie.. That rox.


"God.. That was a.. A lot more stairs than I thought there.. Would be." Avery wheezed, once she had made it to the top of the stairs, Fable still being dragged through the air by arm. The Sableye still had a smile on his face, obviously still amused by the whole thing. By now Avery's best interest was in ignoring him, although she allowed him return to the ground when he requested that she do so once she had uttered her last sentence.

"Now let's see.. Everyone's lining up at that desk, so let's do that, too!" Avery exclaimed enthusiastically, that is, once she had regained her breath. The place where the stairs let off were basically right next to the lift, so it was no wonder that she was able to spot the registration desk so quickly, as well as the line of Trainers still forming in front of it.

{For all you know everyone's lining up for some PokeNav promotion.} Fable muttered from his spot near Avery's feet, although he made no protest when the Trainer moved towards the line of Trainers, remaining near her feet at all times.

Eventually it was her turn to speak to the woman behind the desk, and Avery, just being herself, enthusiastically approached without hesitation.

"This is where you sign-up for the tournament, right?" Avery asked, smiling, although the woman behind the counter merely threw her a bored glance, as if Avery was the three-hundred eighty-seventh person to ask that question.

"Yes yes, if you would like to sign up, just give me some form of I.D." The woman replied in a just as bored tone.

Avery didn't give a proper answer, just digging around in that black sling bag of hers for a few moments before producing what appeared to be a normal PokeNav, which was midnight blue in skin color.

"One moment, please." The woman said, taking the PokeNav from Avery. She was bored, that much one could tell, but apparently trying to be polite was in the job description. A few moments later, information about Avery was displayed on the computer screen, and the woman turned to address Avery once again.

"Avery Williams, fourteen years of age, from Mauville City, is this correct?" She asked, Avery merely nodding and replying with an enthusiastic 'Yes!'.

"And.. The Pokemon you will be using in the tournament are.. A Sableye, Lairon, Duskull, and an Umbreon. Is this correct?" The woman asked again. Avery's response was exactly the same as last time.

"Very well. One more moment." The woman said, before entering something into the computer, then handing over Avery's PokeNav. "Prelims are in three hours, you may explore the city and such until then. Have a nice day." The woman said, mustering a small flicker of a smile before gesturing towards the next Trainer in line.

{Where will Avery and Fable go now?} Fable piped up from his spot on the ground, once Avery had walked away from the registration desk. He latched onto Avery's leg, making short work of climbing all the way up to her shoulder.

"Um.. Three hours, huh? Well, I dunno, let's go hang out with someone." Avery replied, instantly surveying the room. "Hey, there's that girl that was by the lift earlier! Although it was kind of hard to notice her over that Valen dude and that Bayleef Trainer. I guess it wouldn't hurt to say 'hi'." Avery exclaimed, gesturing towards Reina.

{Or would it?} Fable stated, twisting his head at an odd angle, once again for his own amusement of watching people recoil in disgust. Avery didn't notice, she was already walking over to Reina's location.

"Hiya! Saw ya by the lift earlier! If you wouldn't mind me asking, what're ya gonna do with these three hours and all? Mostly because I can't think of anything." Avery exclaimed, not even bothering to state her name.

{Introduce yourself, lunatic.} Fable exclaimed, elbowing his Trainer in the neck after he had done so.

"Oh yes, and my name's Avery. This is Fable." Avery continued, wincing from the impact of Fable's elbow and gesturing towards the Sableye when he was mentioned.

December 28th, 2005, 3:07 AM
Eh!!Like,sorry dudes for the lack of posting.^^;;;
Blame thy parents and the fact that I'm going to be so screwed in my new school.XDDD

I could try and play Lori,niah,lets let Melissi have her go first.^^ I'd probably mess it up either way.XP


Two reasons for the fact that Cona had lost all connection with the surronding world.First it was Valen and Elidon disappearing,and then more people coming in.A girl with a Minun and the boy who had teleported with his Abra,to be exact.

Because of Krystal's pushing against her legs,he had managed to get her into the lift right before Reeve,who had given her a salute,which was ignored.As the others filed in,the girl leaned against the wall,not really being noticed at all.That was the way she liked it.

Were there really forces at work?Was the Tournament some kind of ploy to..to do something bad?

Cona slapped herself around in the head,trying to get the thoughts out as the doors of the lift opened and the rest slowly walked out of the lift and registered.However,she just stood there,still lost in her thoughts.Was it right to come here in the first place?How about the promise she had made to Walter?Then,there was this odd snapping sound...

"Gah!"the trainer jumped back in shock to find herself inside of a lift,Reeve snapping his fingers infront of her face.The boy was surprised as well,giving out a small yelp,before replacing it with a salute and pointing to the open doors of the lift.

"Mi-Miss,time to get out,I think...."he stuttered as Cona and her two pokemon stumbled out of the lift.They were the last ones to get out,as the doors closed behind them.She had come out just in time to see Chain dash somewhere.Was guilt getting to the boy?Most probably so...

The girl placed a finger on her chin as she walked up to a random counter she supposed was where one could sign up.It was operated by a stern-looking woman with black hair tied neatly into a bun,who looked rather older than the others on the counters beside her.

"Pokenav or Identification Card now,girl."she sort of ordered in a hard voice,holding one hand out.Not really taking in the features of sound of the lady,Cona took her time in the taking out of her Pokemon Navigator from the deepest reaches of her bag.Despite the tapping of her long fingernails against the counter.

The woman pulled it out of the her hands before placing it into a built-in slot,typing away on the keyboard,maintaining that stern expression on her face.

"Jacona.14.Pokemon Trainer.Two pokemon."she read out what was written on the screen,while the girl gave a lazy nod,gesturing to Kuner(still seated comfortably on Kry's head) and Krys.

"Oh,and a Pokemon Coordinator too.Not like thats going to help you."she commented,pushing her sqaure-rish glasses further up the bridge of her nose.

"Lilycove City.Daughter of Walter and Julia whatever."she sighed,taking the device out of the slot and forcing it towards Cona,before waving one hand in the air around it.

"Free to go.Be back in three hours."she shooed the girl away,before attending to the blonde boy lined up behind her.Who was clearly oblivious to the look on the counter lady's face as well,keeping that smile on his face.

Jacona tossed the Pokenav back into her slingbag,not really having anything to do,she sat down on one of the provided benches.Resting her head on her hand she started to drift off again,not really noticing that Chain had returned.Though,a group of people had gathered in a corner,beside where the pens were.For holding the wild pokemon one had to fight in the Tournament.They were whispering to each other in soft and hushed voices,looking like monks as they were sporting brown robes(and a rather dark shade of it Cona added).Hoods which had been sewn on,had obsecured their faces,not really giving the girl a chance to see what they looked like.

"Ooooh,more evil people at work?"she thought,slowly getting up and walking towards them,bumping into multiple people who were rushing to sign up.It was then that she noticed that the monks were a little farther away from the crowd then anyone else....

Ooookay,was that correct?!
I don't know!!!GAH!!!>_<;;;
I'l edit if needed!^^;;

December 28th, 2005, 6:43 AM
{ooc| Don't be silly! I haven't been watching my new Ghost in the Shell DVD on my new tv all night, don't be silly! *hums innocently* *bags under eyes tell a different story*
Plush, Yibber, yer posts are fine. Hopefully by the end of this week we'll be all up to our usual posting standard... right now, I've still got half my mind on my anime, so the brain's.... not all there.
My sister got a DS, I've been playing her Mario DS game. Our N64 died years ago, it's a nice reminder of the past... I've got 21 stars already! yay!}

Rosairie relaxed considorably, as the ghost type vanished back into his (did they even have genders? She'd check that later...) ball. Rosairie was a human, plain and simple, and even the pluckiest humans had fears. She'd even wrestle with her snarling, sparking inferno of a magmar, if it meant staying away from ghosts. Not that she would ever have to fight Henna or anything... they argued, certainly, but over nothing important. Mainly over Rosairie's father, or her various boyfriends; Henna liked to get her feelings known.
Ghosts, though... there was something about them she couldn't handle. Perhaps it was the fact that they were already dead. When Rosairie had been younger, she had asked her father if Grandpa was a Ghastly now. He had replied, 'only the most disgusting, cowardly souls stay on the earth. If anyone's a Ghastly, your grandfather certainly is.' Rosairie was old enough now not to believe in life after death; her father's bitter attitude had made her just a little cynical. Still, his words stayed with her.

Rosairie stood up. "C'mon, guys."
{You finished stewing now?} Henna muttered.
"I wasn't stewing, just...thinking..."
{Thinking about bad things. I call that stewing.}
Rosairie ignored her, and slung her bag back over her shoulder.
The magmar chuckled, and patted her trainer over her shoulder. {We came here to get away from your Dad, remember? Stop thinking about him!}
"How did you know I was thinking about Father?"
{Rosairie, you are as spoilt as a Delcatty. The only remotely oppressing thing that has ever happened to you happened because of your Dad....} she paused for a second, tugging on the collar around her neck. {plus, I know that look on your face...}

Rosairie sighed heavily, and watched everyone else. She could see Chain now, hanging out at the other end of the corridor. Kyoko was still at the counter, along with the Reina girl, and the crazy lass that had called herself 'Cona. What peculiar names everyone had! She decided not to comment on it, and wandered back over to Kyoko and the other two girls. "What are you guys planning on doing?" she asked.

Silence was watching Tabansi warily. He dipped his head and narrowed his eyes, studying the Heracross intently from behind his trainer. Above them, the big plasma screen was displaying a large photo of Jacona. The jolteon managed to relax ever so slightly; the screen meant none of them would get in the tournament easily. He could prove his strength to the world, like Rosairie had said, and all he would have to worry about would be the ground types! How nice that would be!

December 28th, 2005, 9:51 AM
~( ooc )~ o.o Hopefully I'm doing alright. I've got my mind on Final Fantasy 8... Cuz it's pwetty. ;_; and Squall's a hawtie. >.> Not as hawt as his daddy... -drools- anyways, I've ALSO got my mind on FMA thanks to Charon and I've watch Farwell Ceremony... at least 20 times. Thanks alot Char. ; You owe meeee

~( ic )~

/Are you alright Sa-chan?/ The calm soothing voice that echoed sweetly through Kyoko's head was originating from the pokeball around her neck, /You seem bothered./

/Eh? I'm fine... Just tired's all. And... worried./

/That your parents might actually show up?/

/No, that Nii-san will show up..../ Kyoko sighed, sitting down and staring intently at her pokeball. The nicest thing about having a psychic pokemon was this type of chat. Nobody, unless they also held a psychic pokemon, could interupt or listen in to this conversation. It was a nice little link and it was something she'd always cherished

/...why would he do that?/ The pokemon purred softly in a very soothing sort of way as her trainer was a bit on the frazzled side and was becoming more frazzled with each negative thought. /You really shouldn't mentally obsess over things like this. Bad things don't always happen you know./

She sighed, prodding the ball until it opened. "I know I know...."

The magnificently sparkly epseon (a pinker than normal espeon at that), emerged from the ball and after a couple quick licks of the paw, rubbed comfortingly against Kyoko's legs ( There, there, just ignore it and follow the others, have a bit of fun.)

Kyoko swallowed her sigh and nodded, "If you say so..."

Turning towards Rosairie, she shrugged, "If it's alright, I'd just like to follow you a bit..... I don't know.. my way around."

(There you go!) Her kitten mewled in approval, (It's as easy as that, don't you see?)

"If you say so...." she mumbled, obviously not convinced.

December 28th, 2005, 11:36 AM

Okay, I have a question... because I'm a bit confused... now, in Alter's PM, he said that the person to sign us all up would be Lori, correct? I mean, I kinda screwed up and forgot at first, but I have now edited my last post to include Lori as the receptionist. I'm assuming that there were other receptionists too?? Wait, who signed Rosairie up Charon? Was it the red-haired receptionist that signed up JJ? >_> Eh, I think we kinda screwed that part up a bit. Oh well... maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, glad everyone's having fun with their presents! I've been Fire Emblem-ing out at my house. @[email protected] My eyes hurt....

And yes, the 8th pokemon movie rocked! I should make a cool signature banner based on it. ^-^


"Hm?" Reina said as a girl approached her and intorduced her perky self as Avery. Reina wasn't so much interested in getting to know the girl before her as she was interested in getting to know the girl's awesome Sableye.

"Ah, well, I wasn't really sure what to do myself. The name's Reina," she added at the end, remembering her manners a bit, "Your Sableye is awesome. Fable, was it? Well, he's very cool."

Tabansi looked back at the staring Silence. The Jolteon was looking at him through his trainer's legs oddly, and Tabansi was curious as to why. Was the pokemon afraid of him? Tabansi was quite powerful, but he was too wise to be cruel or mean.

"You know, now that I think about it, there might be some really great shops nearby that have all sorts of TMs and such. Maybe that could be somewhere to go," Reina said, still looking at Fable.

Avery also seemed like the kind of person that Reina wouldn't really like, but the girl was willing to give her a chance because she had such a cool pokemon. That and she had actually approached her; something that many girls like her never did.

Random Plushie
December 28th, 2005, 11:53 AM

You guys make Fire Emblem sound like such an awesome game.. XD

Oh and Charon, my N64 died too. I feel your pain. 'Cause I miss those awesome Zelda games.. ;.;

Ooh.. I just noticed the scanner right next to this comptuer.. Maybe I can push a few buttons and see if it's connected.. >3


It had been a while since Fable last recieved a compliment from someone other than his Trainer, and so of course he was very much honoured when Reina did so. He instantly revealed his nastily sharp teeth in a widespread grin, shifting his position on Avery's shoulder to a one-hand stand. Of course, it helped that he was rather small, otherwise he probably wouldn't have been able to pull it off.

{If you consider Fable to be awesome, Fable will consider you to be awesome, nice lady and Heracross.} The imp exclaimed, his grin remaining very toothy and wide.

"Aw, thanks! I see you've made him very happy." Avery said at Reina's comment, her smile growing a bit. "Actually, your Heracross is very awesome, too. I haven't seen much on the road since I'm from Hoenn and all. Wait.. There's a TM shop around here?" Avery paused in her speech, diverting her gaze from Reina and looking across the few buildings she could see from the registration hall. "Ooh, that sounds awesome."

{In other words, if you guys are going she's bound to follow you there.} Fable stated, chuckling a bit when he was done.

December 28th, 2005, 12:22 PM
Making his way silently down through the crowd, Chain briefly raised his gaze toward a large clock placed on one of the walls. Looks like there's still a while before the competition begins. He lowered he gaze, quietly musing, "Wonder what I'll do with this much time to burn." The male brushed his hand thoughtfully through his hair. Under normal circumstances, I would train. But, I'd rather not exhaust my Pokemon before the competition begins.

Moving to the edge of the hall, Chain leaned against a thick pillar, folded his arms, and observed the crowd in silence. Noting the position and activities of each person he had previously met, he then turned his attention to the rest of the crowd, watching anything he deemed worthy. Finally, the trainer closed his emerald eyes, listening silently and attentively to any conversations within his range of hearing.

Random Plushie
December 28th, 2005, 12:56 PM


The first thing I scanned with the new scanner! (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/purple_wing/AveryFable.jpg)

Took a while to figure out that it wasn't working because it wasn't connected to the comp, but.. That's not the point.. XD

Anyways, I drew that yesterday 'cause I was bored. Oh yeah, and I also have a better .png version, but Photobucket kept giving me issues about uploading it, so I just re-saved it as a .jpg and have to deal with slightly lower quality.

I know her pose is boring. Sue me 'cause I suck at drawing arms and hands. =P

December 28th, 2005, 1:44 PM
{ooc| I don't have much time, buuuuut... I love the pic, Plush! Especially Fable, he is own awesome acrobat.
Uhhh... yeah, for some reason we've all been signed up by different receptionists... at least, it seems so. All they have in common is long nails! xDD Maybe we should say.... Loki is going to meet them at the end of the corridoor? And... we need to maybe try and keep the group together... I don't know how that's going to work, though...}

Random Plushie
December 28th, 2005, 2:46 PM

Wait.. Wasn't there only one receptionist this whole time? Namely Lori?

I think I missed something. XD *brain is not functioning properly or whatever*

December 28th, 2005, 4:50 PM

One receptionist???o.O;;;;

D'oh!!!!I thought tha there was more than one receptionist...Feebas.-_-;;;;;
Isn't that reasonable to have more than one,cause,like,this is like,a big tournament,no?Just count the number of trainers here,all to one computer,tha does not compute with my prickish ways....XDDD

Yes,Loki meet them at the end of the corridor and ask them stuffers/inspect them...cause they were with Valen???^^;;

Feebas,we are so lost without Titan.>_<;;;;


Cona stopped in mid-walk towards the monk,turning as Rosarie approached her,noticing that Chain and Reine were just beside her as well.Gah,she wanted to get to those monks!!But well,courtesy came first,as Walter had said.

"I don't have anywhere to go now.We could maybe check out those people dressed funny,they look like evil minions of some big,big,cheese importer.."the girl suggested,though the tone of her voice remained in its still and dreamy way.And maybe,just maybe,if she stuck with them,Cona would be able to show them that she wasn't a loon or crazy,or whatever Feebas.The trainer now had her signature mad gleem flash in those her eyes,the Marshtomp and Pidgey who stood beside could only sweatdrop.

{Dear,calm down,don't go into one of your crazy plans and shinanigans again...}Kuner tried his luck to reason with his trainer.

"It ain't crazy!!"she told the Pidgey,in a rather loud tone,causing the trainers around her to stare.Cona raised an eyebrow,just because she wanted to,before straigtening her posture,her cheeks were reddening.

"Yes...?"she asked through grinded teeth,in a small voice.The trainers immediately turned away and proceeded along with their own jobs to do.The girl however,could've sworn that she felt somebody staring at her,not counting the people around,her 'friends'.

Rightness,as of Plushie's picceh-

Avery looks cute!!^0^
Hm...*wonders if she could give a shot at Avery*

Not like I have anything to do at home either way.^^;;

And I love the way you drew Fable!!He's Feebas!!I'll never manage my pokemon like that.XD

Random Plushie
December 28th, 2005, 5:13 PM

Yeah, we're totally hopeless. XD

Although Yibber's right in the sense that one receptionist isn't too smart for a big tournament. Yeah.. Maybe it'd be better if she investigated the group later.

Anyways, I think it'd be best if I waited for Melissa to get back on before I made another IC.

Oh yeah, and Plushie is glad that you all liked the Fable-ness~ ^^

It's so much fun to draw Sableye. XD

December 28th, 2005, 5:43 PM
OOC: Okay... we should definitely have poor Lori do something. Lemme think... what could be a way for Lori to check them out? Okay, I think I can handle this... and if it seems out of character for Lori, then Alter can just pretend that she has multiple personality disorder or something. XD

And great pic Plushie! Love Fable's pose; too cute! ^-^ Don't feel bad about not being great at hands/arms, I think most of us are like that. ^^; And of course we make Fire Emblem sound awesome... because it is awesome. *nods*


Tabansi nodded, {Ah, thank you for the compliment Fable. I have actually never met a Sableye before. This is quite exciting.}

Feeling a bit better about talking with Avery, Reina actually found herself smiling a little. She rarely felt so confident around a fellow female, and so she was too busy thinking of this wonderful light feeling about her to notice that someone was tapping her on the shoulder with a long fingernail.

Reina turned around to see the receptionist woman standing behind her, holding out the girl's ID card.

"You forgot this sweetie," she said with a smile, "And why don't you two lovely ladies follow me over to the others of your little assemblage." She walked off with a slow meander in her black clothes over to some of the others that hadn't gotten too far.

She held up a microphone-like instrument to her mouth, "Pardon me, but if any of you lovely people would like to have a little orientation regarding the surrounding area, you may come with me," she announced to the others in louder voice that could be heard down the surrounding hallways, "I have been intsructed to show newcomers such as yourselves around, and so here we are my dears." She began to walk off to the nearest hallway. There she stopped for a moment and waited by a small sign that said "Start Here".

"I will give the grand tour of this oh-so interesting place in about five minutes," she said in her louder but still flowery voice, "Right over in this very spot."

Reina looked back to Avery, and made a glance at JJ. "Well, should we follow on the 'grand tour' then? I suppose she would show us if there are any TM shops around this place," Reina said to the two of them.

Tabansi nodded, {At least it would be better than wandering around with no idea of where we are going. After all, the only one of the people around us who seemed to know where he was going has been taken by security.}

OOC: If you guys wanna start the tour without me, or find it more convenient to join up with the group after the tour starts, that's fine with me. Remember, I may have began to RP Lori, but anyone who got a PM from Alter is welcome to use her as well. Especially since I probably won't post here again for another 12 hours or so. XD I'm sleepy! And it's going to be dinner soon.

December 28th, 2005, 6:00 PM
Like,yayness for Melissi!!^0^

Ooookay,but we still have th monks thingy to sort out.X333


Cona looked up as a woman,dressed black from head to toe addressed all the participating trainers.She said that there would be a tour of some sort,to show them around the place.

The girl didn't need a second thought and she started to follow Lori obediantly,her two pokemon behind.Oh yes!This would be a perfect....wait a darn Feebas!Was this woman trying to get her attention away from the monks which she wanted so badly to meet?Oh no,whatever she was thinking,she wasn't going to be in the fooling of this girl.Jacona suddenly turned around,letting Krys bang into her legs before carrying him up in her arms.

"Oh no,oh no..no one's fooling me,no way.."she mumbled as she walked pass Jeffery,Reine and Avery.

She was going to find out what those monks were up to,even if this meant she was going to lose the chance to see cheese.If,they had cheese stalls here that was.Another evil organisation at work,oh,darn them!

The girl continued to make her way through the crowd,holding tightly onto the Marshtomp and Pidgey in her hands,lest they got lost in the hussle.

Cona'll join the group after this-ness.^^;;;

Random Plushie
December 28th, 2005, 6:00 PM

...and if it seems out of character for Lori, then Alter can just pretend that she has multiple personality disorder or something. XD

..That sounded a lot like someone from my circle of IRL friends. XD


{Exciting? Why of course, everything's exciting~! Everything in the whole world~! It's just that excitement comes in so many different forms, it's hard to recognize them all, really.} Fable said at Tabansi's comment, his toothy grin never once faultering.

"A grand tour?" Avery repeated, tilting her head and shifting her gaze between that mysterious lady and Reina. "Well, sure, I guess it'd be in our best interest to follow, seeing how there's really no one else to show us around. And concerning TM shops.. On our own it'd probably take us a lot longer to find one-"

{In short, let's go.} Fable interjected, chuckling at the ensuing sigh from Avery.

"Yeah, I'm just gonna go. You should come to!" Avery concluded, beaming at Reina one last time before turning around, and wandering over to the general area where the receptionist woman had told everyone to gather.

{Ooh, Fable's having fun, Avery! Wouldn't you agree that this next bit is going to be fun as well?} said Fable, adjusting his grip so that he was merely hunched over on her shoulder again.

"Well, yeah, I suppose so.." Avery replied, trailing off as she began to look around, hoping that some of the Trainers she'd seen earlier were going to be on the tour. Frankly, she was hoping to hang around a familiar crowd.

Actually, she had seen Cona walk over to the area as well, but for some reason the girl retreated with her Pokemon in tow, wandering away from the general area. Avery frowned at that, wondering what the girl was up to. Well, since there was a few minutes more..

"Hey! Wait! Cona!" Avery called out, dashing after the other girl. "Aren't ya gonna go on the tour?"

December 28th, 2005, 6:28 PM
Like,randomly,I just got a DS yesterday.Too bad the Feebas counter dude didn't give me the friggin' charger!!!>_<;;;;
I'm gonna go and get the charger later on.>_>


Cona stopped with her walking at the sound of her name being called.It was Avery.

"I'm going to check out what does monks over there are talking about,you know,see if they're gonna take over the cheese industry or not."she said meekly,before starting with a brisk walk one more.

Strange,why had the girl just asked her where she was going?Almost like she wanted to know about her.Well,that was correct to say,Avery wanted to KNOW where she was headed.But not in that way,nope,no one had ever wanted to know where Cona was going.Other than well,some of the authorities at the other regions who thought she was some sort of crazy loon.And Julia.

{Hey!Hey!Cona!Watch i-}Krys had no time to finish his sentence as his trainer walked straight into the group of monks,causing them and the hooded men to fall onto the pavement.

All of the group,which consisted of no less than five monks stood up and brushed the dirt off their brown robes and grunted at the girl on the floor.

Random Plushie
December 28th, 2005, 6:53 PM

Ooh! Monks shall be fun to do!


"Watch your step there, young lady." said the monk-like man that was closest to Cona, in a brisk, cold tone, the other four turning to face her as well. Apparently they weren't liking the fact that the girl in front of them had knocked them over.

"Now, if you please, get on with your business elsewhere, and immediately at that. We would appreciate it if you did not interrupt us again." The man continued, obviously shooting a glare at Cona through that hood of his. The four monks behind him had turned away, now whispering to each other in hushed voices. He did not join them, probably wanting to make sure that Cona was going to go away.

Avery hadn't said a word, but merely stood there in place behind Cona, while the Sableye on her shoulder remained silent and tilted his head as he observed the hooded men with curiousity.

"Cona.. Um, you okay?" Avery whispered, offering a hand to the girl on the floor. "Maybe it'd just be best to go back to that tour, hmm?" Avery whispered, shifting her gaze between the hooded monk-guy and the other girl.

December 28th, 2005, 11:29 PM
Cona frowned as she glared at the one monk who had chosen to speak to her,his face remained unseen beneath that hood.Was he hiding something?A disfigured face?Or just because he wasn't the best at keeping secrets and didn't want his face to give it away?Oh,was she going overboard again?Naw.

Both continued with their staring,not daring to blink first.But,as Avery extended a hand towards her,Jacona turned away from the monk to stare at the girl and her hand.Was she actually offering to help her up?Not too many people did that,no...

The trainer however,ignored the hand and got up by herself,pondering about why Avery had done what she did.

"Go!Go!Be on your way ladies..."the monk shooed the two girls and their pokemon away from the circle of brown,before joining it himself.

"Thank you.."she managed,blushing out of embarassment.

{I say,they didn't look like they wanted to have us over for tea and cookies.}Kuner shook his head and cleaned his wings,still on Krys' head.

{Ooooh...}the Marshtomp wasn't paying attention,looking at Fable with much interest.

Okay,this wasn't the time to develop a blossoming friendship or anything,Cona had to find out what those monks were up to,even if she was going to lose her Feebas trying!The hooded men,however,had moved off.Leaving the place empty.If you counted empty as busseling with trainers and their pokemon.

Now,something else had caught Cona's eye,something very shiny indeed.It was a pokemon of some sort,whole body covered with armor,from head to its steel-looking toes,kept in a cage much like the rest of the pokemon in the pens around her and Avery.

"Isn't that thing shiny,shouldn't I go and tell the rest about it??"the girl said aloud,not really directing it to anyone in particular(again).She then dashed back to where the rest were waiting for the Grand Tour,then started jumping up and down to the spot where herself and Avery stood.

"You should go and see what pokemon's there,its real shiny.."she stopped with the jumping,putting her hands behind her back.

^Right(hope I got it right again.>_<;; )Charon,Plushie,Melissi,someone else do that part.XDDD

Random Plushie
December 29th, 2005, 12:08 AM

Well, I do believe you were correct.. Yeah..


Avery had watched the monk-men go with interest, not noticing Cona's shy 'thank-you', wondering why they had been so cold towards the girl, even if she had knocked them over. It's just that they were so keen on getting them to leave.. However, Cona's new comment on something shiny snapped Avery out of her thoughts.

Turning her head back towards the Wild Pokemon pens, she laid eyes on an Aggron, and a pretty tough-looking one at that. At the moment, it was roaring in frustration, pounding the side of its metallic cage with clenched fists, causing the whole thing to shake. In no time the cage was being flocked with monks, all of them in a combined effort to get the beast to calm down.

"Wow, that's a pretty awesome Aggron." Avery commented, turning towards Cona and her Pokemon again. "Wouldn't it suck if you had to face it in the tournament?" She wondered aloud, before blinking at her own thought. It was the last thing she was worried about, though. She was too much of an optimist.

Setting her thoughts aside, though, she returned to patiently waiting for the so-called Grand Tour to start, planning on hanging near Cona. Sure, the girl was pretty much very weird, but as long as she was a familiar face, she was okay to Avery.

{The big Aggron reminds Fable of gems. Now Fable is hungry.} Fable stated, sighing once before letting his gaze wander.. Only to notice that Cona's Marshtomp seemed to be observing him with interest. {Is you being hungry, too?} Fable asked the Marshtomp, completely murdering grammar.

December 29th, 2005, 1:41 AM
"An..Aggron,yep."Cona nodded,remembering that she had seen the steel type in some battles before this.Course,they were rather strong and couldn't be beaten with just a stick in hand,or a Pidgey and Marshtomp.

True,they had met a dude around Fallabor Town in Hoenn.He had entered his Aggron in for the Tough Segment,as did Cona enter Krys.In the end,it was a tie,between her and the Pokemaniac who owned the Aggron.He then challenged the trainer to a one-on-one battle.Cona lost.

She did learn her lesson after that,and well,now she must've been a better trainer,she hoped.

{I'm not really that hungry...But,I wouldn't mind eating!!}Krys was taken by surprise as Fable turned to him and started speaking,but quickly regained his composure to answer.

{Oh,pish-posh.We'll get a good meal later on.}Kuner sighed,not really interested in filling his stomach at the moment,he just wanted to get a short nap on this here Marshtomp's head,was that too much to ask for?

"Wonder how tough that Aggron is anyway.."Cona started with the 'talking to yourself' deal again,not really noticing that she was saying it outloud.It wasn't surprising that trainers other than Avery and the rest would've heard her.

Like,was that said out rightly?X3
Titan did mention in the PM that someone was going to tell them about the Aggron...righ?!

December 29th, 2005, 3:17 AM
{ooc| I started writing a fanfiction about silence last night. whoo. I might psot it here, but it's a biiiiiit angsty. As I was feeling last night.
Uhh... we're at the Aggrons already? O-kay! We're very lost without our leader... We are worms!}

"-Anyway, then Mr. Jones told us Kitty and Dan were-"
{Hush!} Henna snapped, cutting Rosairie off mid-sentence. The pair had been following Jacona and Avery absent-mindedly, neither really noticing where their feet were taking them. They had been in the middle of a conversation about Kitty Jones and her...well... the subject of the conversation didn't matter much.
"What's up?" Rosairie asked, and looked up.
The huge Aggron thrashed from side to side, barely restrained by the tons of chains that restrained him inside his cage.

For a moment, the pair just stared. Rosairie grabbed her pokemon's hand.
"Henna, are you gonna have to fight that?" she whispered, eyeing the huge creature/ The magmar simply smiled. Steel-types were no match for her flame thrower attack - it would hardly cause a problem for her. The monks, though... Henna had been faintly aware of eyes on her back the whole time, but now she looked at the brown-garbed men their hoods were sewn up over their faces. Rosairie gave a shudder.
{Enough, we're going to take the tour.} Henna snapped, and grabbed her trainer's upper arm. {This isn't the sort of place we want to be creeping around in. In these tournaments there's a lot of back-handers going on. We don't want to get mixed up...} the magmar paused. {Those girls, too.} she added.

Rosairie nodded, and darted forward. "Avery! Jacona!" she called, and pulled her hands up to her face. "My magmar... well, I agre with her... she says we shouldn't go... looking around. There's lots of suspicious things that happen at tournaments... she reckons we should go back and see that English lady who's giving the tours."
The magmar grunted. Lori probably wasn't English, but Rosairie did like to label everyone. To know where she stood.

December 29th, 2005, 3:39 AM
Greatness Charon!!^^

Oh yes we are!Lets hope that we can atleast manage the RP till Titan comes back.XDDD


"I'm not going to the tour.I want to go and see the Aggron up closer if its okay with you two."Cona stated,no actually,she didn't need Avery or Rosarie's approval.The girl started to walk over to the spot where the steel type's cage was,which was also being avoided by the crowd.It seemed odd,to her and only her.

{Hey,your tail's on fire!}Krys pointed out,nodding towards Henna's tail,where a small ball of fire was placed on the tip of her tail.

{Good Feebas!Is Cona mad?!}Kuner whacked the mudfish he was sitting on hard on the nose,pointing to their trainer.The Marshtomp rubbed his nose,waving to Fable and Henna before running after his owner.

December 29th, 2005, 7:24 AM
OOC: Eh, I was gonna wait for some more people to post (like Kogenta and perhaps Mika) before the tour starts, but I'll let them catch up if they wanna. About the Aggron, I think it's okay if we notice it now, we just have to come up with other stuff to keep us preoccupied until Alter gets back and tries to put together our slightly scattered RPing. ^^;

Yay! I sounded like other people Plushie knows! XD

And Charon, you should post your fic about Silence! It's alright if it's angsty. Lots of stuff is. ^-^ Oh, and can you post in Showgan? We're kinda waiting for Maxie to be done in the Pokemon Center. ^^;


"Aggron?" Reina said while she blinked, having heard Cona in a large area off to the side of the main lobby-like place they were in. Avery had followed her and the two were now staring at a large and seemingly ferocious pokemon.

Reina decided to follow suit and take a look at it too, she figured they still had a few minutes before the tour, and she was interested in tough pokemon. Aggron were some of the toughest, and large at that. Tabansi gasped a bit when he saw it. Something made him shiver a bit when he looked into the collossal beast's eyes.

"Cool!" Reina said with an excited intrest, she noticed the monk-like robed people, but figured it was something of a costume to entertain people and trainers. She didn't pay much attention to them considering they were boring people, and the caged pokemon were far more interesting. She then noticed some other people scrambling around the cages and near the pokemon, attempting to calm the beast as it let out an angry roar.

There were a small group of people closest to the pokemon who were wearing jackets that clearly labeled them as the pokemon handlers, and they looked rather tired and nervous about that Aggron. Various things and objects that looked to be pokemon food and restraints and such were either held by them or on tables or the ground near them. They also seemed not to notice the monk-like people standing around, but this may or may not have been because of the rampaging Aggron they had to concentrate on. The Aggron didn't really strike Reina as unusual, it just seemed a bit irritated and stressed perhaps.

There were other pokemon in cages, and Reina wondered why they were all right over here. They didn't exactly look like they enjoyed being stuck in a cage like that.

{Hey Reina... do you remember what a few men were talking about on the ride here?} Tabansi said with a shudder.

"Wha? No, I was too busy watching the cool pokemon. Who cares what some dumb businessmen had to say?" Reina said as she continued to stare at the Aggron who was now angrily roaring.

{They were... talking about the wild pokemon around here. Saying that some of them had been doing weird things,} the Heracross struggled to remember the conversation he had overheard, {I distinctly remember him saying that he observed a small group of Marowak and Pikachu in a circle of what looked to be a heated discussion.}

"So what? Maybe they were friends or lived together or something," Reina said, brushing the subject away. It didn't seem so strange to her.

{You don't understand, pokemon don't do that. Marowak and Pikachu are never seen together, and certainly not in such an organized matter as if it were a meeting,} Tabansi stressed, trying to make Reina see the importance of it.

She didn't though, and merely thought that her wise pokemon was once again thinking too much. "You worry too much Tabansi," she said in a patronizing tone, "and you don't know everything, maybe that group of Marowak and Pikachu were the exception to the rule."

{Perhaps... but I still think it odd. There were other things the two men mentioned, but I don't remember them well enough to say,} the Heracross concluded, following after Reina as she turned to go back to the tour's starting point.

Reina was glad she got to see that awesome Aggron; coming here was a great idea! She would have to catch an Aron someday so that she could raise up such coolness. After all, her father had owned one as well, and though it died when she was fairly young, she still had faint memories of its towering and powerful form. She paused over by Avery and JJ who had joined them as well. That other girl was also there... Rosairie. Reina ignored her though, and figured that she wouldn't let such a foolish person ruin her day. Cona decided to go stare at the Aggron some more.

"You know, maybe I should go watch the Aggr--," Reina began as she thought of the powerful pokemon, but was cut off by Tabansi.

{No! I... I think we should go on the tour. I understand that the Aggron interests you Reina, but I don't like it. I should feel sorry for the person who gets to battle it. I just... I don't know,} the Heracross said in a strangely shaky voice. The sound of his voice alone made Reina a bit worried and she nodded to him.

"Okay Tabansi, I won't go over to the Aggron anymore," she said, looking at him curiously.

"Well!" began the woman in black before them, "The tour's about to start now! Welcome to the little tour of our event area; any one of you can call me Lori. Everyone be sure to keep your pokemon under control now, because we're going to begin in the very room that a few of you were just in." She began to lead them over to the room with the penned-up pokemon and the oddly angry Aggron.

"I guess we're going there anyway... sorry Tabansi," Reina said to her Heracross. Tabansi remained silent and continued looking a bit worried.

"Here is our room where we are keeping some of our semi-wild pokemon for our little competition, and I'm sure you've all taken a gander at that particular pokemon-- the Aggron," Lori said as they were once again looking up at the towering Aggron, "Don't be alarmed, the Aggron's just a bit cranky. He shall be in tip-top shape for the event I assure you. Excuse yourself hun," she said to JJ as he was in her way of walking, "Any questions?"

OOC: Guh... I have a feeling Alter's gonna kill me for stating a lot of the layout of this place. Although... he must have realized that if we were to wander about, we would have to notice some of the layout... I think I'm just being paranoid. XD

Remember, you guys (Plushie, Charon, Yibber) can RP Lori if ya' like. I'll be back to post again in about an hour or so.

December 29th, 2005, 8:33 AM
{ooc| I'm listening to the song 'Passion' from KH2... anyone else looking forward to this next installment as much as me?
I can't believe I forgot about Maxie and Fang. Yeah, I'll hurry them up a bit...
Oh, did Alter tell you the Lori is in love with sharp pokemon? Eg Jolteon?}

Silence's ears were down, pressed against his skull. He didn't even dare approach the Aggron; he hated it, it was all wrong, it was a perversion, it was unnatural. Silence hated it. His coat sparked and buzzed, rife with static. His ears flicked from the Aggron, to Tabansi and his trainer, back to the Aggron, to his trainer and Henna, back to the Aggron.
Rosairie watched him fearfully. "Silence, dear, what's up?"

Very quietly, the jolteon spoke. {It's wrong.} he whispered, and pressed his belly to the ground. The Aggron was definetly more than cranky.
Henna and Rosairie exchanged glances. Silence rarely spoke, and when he did it was always a warning. 'The floor's unsteady' or 'the pipe's leaking'. He tended to notice those little things that most people were too busy or loud to see, and it was only then that words passed his lips. He never explained himself, and Rosairie had learnt from experience it was best to heed his words. But what did he mean by 'wrong'?

Rosairie bent down and picked him up, cradling him in her arms like a baby. His spikes were unforgivingly sharp. She followed the group past the cage, trying to make sense of Silence's words.

December 29th, 2005, 8:34 AM
-ooc- Ah geez. ^^;;; So sorry, I slept flat not last night but the night before and spent the whole day trying not to throw up due to mucus in my stomach. (Allergies suck. >O) @[email protected] I'm hurridly reading the posts I've missed and I shalt post in a momento!

Oh... After I've gotten some more Cherry Coke.... mmyes... >:3

I /also/ btw, got a DS for Christmas. And Animal Crossing DS. e-e; but it hates me. <3s my mom, hates me. T_T I feel unloved all of the sudden because a stupid piece of gaming equipment doesn't like me. D:

So I'll stop talking, listen to the "Saftey Dance" ONE MORE TIME and post. =3

Also~ If I get the directions a lil wrong, dun hurt me. ;.; Just tell me nicely (As I just woke up. ; ) and I'll change it. :3


Oh why oh why had she decided now had been a good time to take a short nap? Sure she'd been up a full 49 hours without much rest thanks to travel but she didn't have to rest right then and there... did she? Bah, nevermind that. She'd gotten her boots back on rather quickly and after making sure all her pokemon were in their place, she took off in the general direction of the others, "Mitten? Can you please... tell me which way they went?"

After a short bit of glowing from the gem on her forehead, the espeon nudged Mika to the right, (This way. I can sense that Jolteon moving that way.)

She nodded, pattering down the hallway, passing the monk like people without a second thought towards them...she probably didn't see them anyways, her focus was completely centered on catching up with the others. She hated being left behind, she hated being late, she hated being alone. It was always like this. She was always the last in line, always running to catch up with everybody. It was fustrating... horribly fustrating...

Spotting the familiar spikes of Rosairie's Jolteon, she managed to crack a small panted smile, "Ah! Rosa-nee! Please, please wait up!" She returned her Espeon to its pokeball by habit, panting slightly when she reached the older girl's arm, "I'm... sorry... I'm... late.... Over... slept...?"


Sorry it sucks. xD Just woke up. Next one'll be longer

December 29th, 2005, 8:46 AM
Hearing the receptionist's announcement, Chain slowly opened his eyes and turned them toward the tour group. Remaining still for a long moment, the trainer observed the others in silence, his interest steadily increasing. Most of the tour group consists of the people I met earlier . . . Well, isn't that a coincidence? A strange light glinted across the surface of Chain's eyes as he continued to view the others. However, after a time, the group moved outside his field of vision. Allowing himself a quiet sigh, Chain finally straightened and followed the group.

As he left the central hall, his glance was briefly drawn toward a group of people covered by robes. Chain's eyes narrowed suspiciously. Despite this, though, he said nothing, instead turning and approaching the pens of wild Pokemon, standing a few feet away from the other trainers. Hopefully the tour guide's right, and the Pokemon will have calmed slightly before the competition begins. But, for some reason, I have my doubts . . .

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 29th, 2005, 9:22 AM
OOC - I'm back ppl :)
could someone give me a brief update on whats bee happening save me reading tons lol, so i can shoot straight back into the RP?
would be greatly appreciated

December 29th, 2005, 9:28 AM
OOC: Not too much has occured since your last post. People registered, suspicious men in robes were noticed, and the receptionist began a tour. Although, I am probably missing a few details . . .

December 29th, 2005, 10:08 AM
{ooc| Mika, I am loving your signiture.
Thankyou for your statement, I now know exactly what procedures to carry out in the event of a dubbing. Your analysis of dubbed anime is very descriptive and helpful. Your have kept the reader interested in your statement by adding eye-catching grammar mistakes and quirky naked men. We most certainly appreciate naked Roy. Congradulations. Good night.
Also, Mel, have you described Lori's outfit yet? Or did Alter? I like describing women... fu fu fu...}

Rosairie gave a smile of relief. Kyoko hadn't seen the Aggron. She was becoming strnagely over-protective of the little girl in the pinstripe dress - she looked far too young to be fourteen, and there were a lot of...weird things going on around here.
Like those monks with their hoods sewn up, and that Aggron.. Silence really didn't like him, and she couldn't tell why. He had faced plenty of raging creatures in the past, and most of the time he hadn't had the luxury of iron bars between him and the beast.

Rosairie watched as Mitten vanished into her ball. "I didn't realise you had an espeon..." she trailed off. She had always loved espeons, for they were such a beautifull colour. However, they evolved through friendship, so her father had never managed to buy her one. Most people that had espeons were not willing to part with them.

Watching Chain as he joined up with the group, Rosairie felt a hint of suspicion. He seemed to appear and disappear as quick as his abra.

December 29th, 2005, 10:44 AM
She nodded enthusiasticly, "Yes! Mitten was my second pokemon... well, kinda my first, I didn't get to take my Shuppet out of the house until I turned ten. I got her as an eevee from my Obaa-san. She told me I had talent as a pokemon trainer... To this day she's the only one that's ever said that..."

Her attention was drawn to the male, Chain was it?, who was still down the hallway. He looked left behind and if she hated being left behind, wouldn't he? "Heyyyyyyyyy! Mister! Yes you, guy with the kawaii looking hairdo! Why are you standing way down there all alone? Dontcha wanna be with the group? Common now!" She turned back towards Rosairie, "shouldn't somebody go get him? He looks so alone... ;;"

True she hadn't seen the Aggron. If she had... well let's just say something bad might have happened...

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 29th, 2005, 11:02 AM
OOC - I'm still not sure of exactly whats happened but i read a few of the posts, and light_azumarill, i like the connection and buildup of our characters, it could make for a very interesting storyline lol.

IC - From afar, JJ had been sitting cross legged in a small lounge area, resting up and accompanied only by Grovyle.
after observing the scene from afar, JJ had fell asleep for who knows how long.
He was suddenly awoken from the sound of his grass pokemon

{oi! oi! J! Wake up!}

Jeffery had nearly fell off the seat, and after cursing quietly to himself, sat up and yawned deeply, stretching his long arms and legs out.
he ran a hand through his still perfect blonde hair and looked up at the clock

''woah! what time did that woman say the tournament was starting? are we late? have we missed it?! oh don't say we've missed it!! we have havent we, oh man, what am i....'' JJ was stopped in midsentence from Grovyle stamping on his foot, he fell back onto the chair, holding his foot

''Oooouuuch, what was that for?'' he said curiously rather then with anger.
Grovyle grinned slightly

{don't worry yourself, we havent missed it, quite the contary, we have plenty of time i believe, besides, if we were late, then so is that reina girl with the bug pokemon....} he finished carelessly

JJ's eyes shot over to her fast ''uuum, perhaps we should go hang out with her, im getting pretty bored

{considering you've been awake barely a minute?} Grovyle said with an eyebrow raised and quite an amused look on his face, jumping onto the couch with his master.

JJ puzzled for a moment, his face showing signs of deep thought, suddenly he turned back to grovyle, and slapped him lightly, making him fall off the couch.. jeffery laughed as grovyle jumped back up and began to chase him all over the lounge. these were the times that Jeffery treasured, having fun and spenfing quality time with his pokemon, Grovyle, though as the two playfully ran around the room, a voice brought them to a halt

''excuse me, could you not run around like children im here'' it was a very stirdy elderly gentleman in a perfect suit, JJ stopped arptly and apologised, Grovyle jumped onto his head and the two made there way over to reina and her heracross.

December 29th, 2005, 11:14 AM
"Hn?" Chain swiftly turned at the sudden call of a voice. Some distance away, a young, female trainer stood, her shouts apparently addressed toward him.

"Yes you, guy with the kawaii looking hairdo! Why are you standing way down there all alone? Dontcha wanna be with the group? Common now!"

Despite himself, Chain felt his eye twitch as a slight colour briefly passed over his features. K-kawaii? First time anyone's ever dared to call me that . . . Or my hairdo, as it were. Regaining his composure, Chain stifled a sigh as he made his way toward the others. Absentmindedly, he raised a hand and lightly flicked one of his gold earrings, causing it to ring against the other one. I suppose in this situation, it might actually be more subtle to stay with the group.

Chain calmly deposited his hands in his pockets as he neared Kyoko. Stopping, the male stared down at the girl, his voice quiet and almost friendly as he stated simply, "Hey, kid."

December 29th, 2005, 2:30 PM
OOC: Welcome back BB! Yes, I'm glad our characters have a good relationship. I figured it would be natural for Reina to become friends with a boy rather than a girl. It was very in-character for her.

As for what I'm listening to... right as I type this there's a Yugioh background song, "Kami no Ikari" playing on my iTunes. (Yay! Apple Macintosh computers!) I'm kinda on a mix thing, so it plays random songs of mine.

Charon, I haven't described Lori's clothes yet, just said they were black. You're more than welcome to describe them. ^-^ And I didn't know that Lori liked sharp pokemon. Anything else I should know?? (Considering she's pretty much become my puppet... >_>) Though, the tour's not gonna last too much longer, the week will be ending soon, and I don't want to control her too long. Alter will have my head for lunch if I mess up his character. He'll use his awesome Fire Emblem team to chop it off too. ;-;

Hiya Mika! Nice to see you posting. ^^



They began to leave the room with the penned pokemon and head for another hallway, Reina noticed JJ and his Grovyle approaching them.

"Oh, I see you've woke up," she said to him, "Tabansi and I are on this tour thing. We figured we might find a cool TM shop or something. It's pretty boring though...."

Lori twitched a bit. Boring...?

{I don't particularly like the caged pokemon; especially that Aggron. Luckily we're moving to a different area now,} Tabansi expressed, still looking a bit worried. He glanced at the seemingly frightened Jolteon nearby with sympathy. He wanted to say something to the yellow pokemon, but he was afraid he would only make things worse.

Lori then directed their attention to the actual hallway; which was really a small collection of shops. There were mini souveneir stands, and small trainer shops that had an assortment of things and items. Lori paused for a moment and said a warning to the trainers through a smile.

"Don't let yourselves get too carried away though," she warned them, "Unless you think yourself lucky." She leaned over to Rosairie and peered down at her Jolteon. "My goodness! A Jolteon! You are very lucky to be in possession of one of those lovely pokemon!" she said excitedly to the girl, "What's his name dearie?" Lori had to fight the intense urge to snatch the pokemon out of it's trainer's arms and cuddle it.

Eh... how exactly would Lori act when she sees a sharp pokemon? XD Alter should have left a phone number. I'd pay the overseas charges. -_-

December 29th, 2005, 2:40 PM
Anyways, I forgot to mention that she's got a thing for sharp pokmon, so she'll probably covet Silence unbearably should she spot him. She's alway wanted a Jolteon. >D
that was what he said in his mail.
Rosairie seems to have attached herself to Kyoko anyway, she's the sort of lass that judges on appearences... naughty naughty! *tuts* in my friend group, there's me, the slut (xDDD), a goth/emo, a tom boy, a modern chic, and... uhh... yeah. That's about it. I dress pretty much the same as Coran and Rosairie... Though I am wearing jeans and a jacket right now...}

December 29th, 2005, 2:45 PM
OOC: Ah. *runs off to edit* Erm... then again... there really wasn't much to edit. o.o Heh, my group in high school was: the cynical one, the talkative person everyone secretly wanted to kill, the weirdo, the martyr, the hypocrite, the slut (I had one too! XD), the popular wannabe who's best friend changed every week, and me the mediator. Hooray for mediators! XD All of my friends were Christians that didn't act Christian, and then there was me and one other girl who were Atheists. Strange bedfellows. ^-^;

And lol at the "Big Mean Alter". ^^

December 29th, 2005, 3:01 PM
{ooc| Also... is that fluffly thing in your avatar from Thundercats? You were saying about getting the DVDs...
Plus, I speak the truth. Alter is big (well, I assume) and he is most definetly mea- I mean, lovely.
MAYBE I LIE. *le gasp*
I also want to say I am only a slut in the summer. Yes. That makes it fifty percent more legal.}

Glancing at the Aggron one final time, Rosairie stepped away from the fierce creature and approached Lori. She seemed to be in charge, and Rosairie was getting so anxious she would do anything to get away from that dreadfull creature. Even cosy up to her.
"Why, his name is Silence~!" she told her, with a fixed smile, "But he's rather frightened by the Aggron, could we please move on?"

Sensing the strain in his trainer's voice, Silence gave a heart-wrenching mew.
Rosairie's fashion-focused eyes darted up and down Lori's body. Certainly, she was a vogue dresser, especially one so far into her twenties. She wore a loose black shirt, with as few buttons done up as possible. At the bottom, her navel showed, and at the top a little more skin than was proper was shown. Her skirt was knee-length, a tight fitting pencil skirt, and if Rosairie had been slightly more comfortable she would have applauded Lori for her lovely emsomble. Flattering, but not vulgar.

With difficulty, Rosairie turned off the material part of the brain - the side of her mind that focused on aesthetics and belongings - and turned back to Lori.
"Could we leave, please?" she repeated.
{That Heracross don't look happy neither.} Henna commented, her eyes on Tabansi. She had only really noticed the bug type since Silence's panic attack; he seemed wary of the Aggron too. Henna couldn't see anything really 'wrong' with it herself. Certainly, it was vicious, but Silence himself could be vicious too.
"Yeah, that Heracross doesn't look happy either." she said, translating her magmar's words for Lori's sake. Magmar was a rare language; they were trophy pokemon, like heracross, and rarely used for battling. It wasn't one of the more commonly known types of poketongue.
Silence, meanwhile, rested his head on Rosairie's shoulder, trying to look suitably cute.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 29th, 2005, 4:37 PM
JJ stretched again and laughed at reina's comment

''yeah....sorry about that, just I haven't slept in about 24 hours, but i feel alright now haha, how long was i out?''

Jeffery glanced to the side at tabansi, the bug pokemon was looking a little scared a staring to the right, JJ glanced in the same direction to see a huge Aggron inside a cage.

''ah'' he spoke with a shocked voice. the poor steel type pokemon was roaring and clashing about inside it's confined space.
How could they do such a thing to that poor pokemon?!
JJ thought, his mouth open in shock, the poor thing looked terrified, and trying desprately to escape the cage, the mere sight sickened him...

OOC - Charon - can, are you with reina too? iv'e kinda lost track lol.my apologies for the poor quality of this post, i'm still a bit lost, trying to catch up to whats going on lol

December 29th, 2005, 5:07 PM
Letsee,I'm the all round clumsy/talkative/most scoldable person of my class.^^

I don't hang out in any group.I keep on jumping from here to there whenever I want to.I do have a few good friends..

The Critic.<she critics on everythingy(including me),and gives great advice to Yibber.X3
The Smart one.<she explains everythingy to Yibber,cause most of the time her small brain span can't take it.XD
The one who isn't the leader but still decides what to do<is the one who usually scolds Yibber for doing wrong/being clumsy.

I'm so lucky.XDDDD


Cona wasn't really paying attention to what was going on around her,more or less still staring at the shiny Aggron.

{The tour's starting!!Lets go!I wanna see the tour!!}Krys pushed his trainer towards the group led by Lori,who were now rather near where the Aggron was,so it wasn't too hard with the pushing.Still,it was getting tiring to push a human girl around.Not too far from them,another girl,who was short,standing round Rosarie.She called out to Chain,who had once again apeared out of nowhere,starnge.Was he an agent or spy as well?Hopefully a good one.

The girl then stopped just behind Roserie and Henna.Now,this was a better view.How interesting the steel type was.Cona clasped her hands together standing a short distance from the cage,able to see the Aggron's lashing and 'stress' as the pretty tour lady had stated,perfectly.It was rather strange however,was it really in stress,or just suffering from mind-control?

She then turned to the boy beside her,who was also staring at the Aggron,not with an interested gaze,no.More of one which withheld disgust and pity for the pokemon.

"Um...are you..okay?"Cona managed,trying to rember the boy...

JJ!Jeffery,was it?

{I believe his name is Jeffery.}Kuner chirped in a normal tone,landing onto his trainer's shoulder.Perchance he'd get a better nap there,the Marshtomp he was on a second ago moved around way too much.

Right on about the Big,meany Titan thingy,Charon!Power to the worms!!>D

*ish so going to back a whacking from Titan's herring when he gets back*

Jake Marion
December 29th, 2005, 5:28 PM
(ooc - hi i'm new , is it too late to hop in?)

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December 29th, 2005, 7:51 PM

Uh, Jake Marion, I'm not too sure.. The leader of the RP is on vacation at the moment, but he normally doesn't let people in late. He even said that sign-ups were officially closed on the second page. If you don't believe me you can check yourself. XD So.. yeah. It may be a bit too late.. *twiddles thumbs*

Anyways, we're talking about friend groups? XD

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Anyways, yes, power to the worms, Yibber. I might be taller than Titan, actually. XD Gotta confirm when he gets back, you see. XD


{Ooh, that dude doesn't really act like D. at all, now, does he?} Fable said to Avery, turning away from the 'cranky' Aggron to do so. The Trainer simply nodded in response, following along with the tour crowd, yet not really paying attention, much like Cona was doing.

"Of course, I'm sure the whole cage thing may be a factor." She said to the Sableye, once she found the time to properly respond. Now that the tour seemed to have paused for a moment (mostly because this Lori person seemed to want to cuddle Rosairie's Jolteon), she glanced around the gathered Trainers.

Strange, she had all seen them by the lift earlier, including that shady person whom she had seen with an Abra earlier. Not that she had bothered to comment, how very rude. Maybe she should apologize later. Wait, what was his name again? She must've missed it or something.

Anyways, she then began to let her eyes wander about on the nearby stands, hoping that the tour would go on soon. Everybody seemed to have gotten tense around that Aggron, and she for one didn't want to get caught up in tense-ness. Fable was whining about finding rocks somewhere, but she wasn't paying attention. She'd feed her Sableye as soon as the time was proper, and he knew it.


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December 30th, 2005, 7:27 AM
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Erm, yes, Jake I would say that it's a no go for signing up. Alter Ego closed the sign-ups already, and if you want to get in after that, you have to probably be one of the best RPers out there, or a very good friend of Alter's.

Oh and Charon, yep, my avatar ish Snarf, a funny-looking cat-like animal from Tundercats. He's sorta like the caretaker of the main character, and doesn't do much of the fighting but he's one of my favorite people on the show, and he's just so cute. ^^

And I made my new banner! It's nothing too special, I just felt the need to do a Rukario and Aaron banner. The latest pokemon movie was just so cool. By the way, the Japanese Hiragana on it says "Hadou no Yuusha" or "Wave-Guiding Hero(s)".

Hey! I'm finally getting to my post! XD


Looking with a slightly concerned face at the horrified JJ, Reina nodded when Cona had expressed her worry.

"Erm, yeah, don't worry JJ, the cages are just there to keep them in one place before the competition. I don't see why that Aggron was so angry; they do this thing every year, right?" Reina said, folding her arms, "So you would think they would be used to it."

Tabansi shook his head a bit. {You don't understand Reina... when you're a wild pokemon, and you're suddenly thrown into a cage against your will... you're not very happy. I joined your side willingly after you saved my life. That Aggron probably doesn't feel he owes anything to humans,} the Heracross paused, thinking silently for a moment, {There's something more though... something different about--.}

"Oh Tabansi, you're overreacting again. Like I said, you think too much; just try to have fun for once! This competition is for seeing who's the best, and for fun. You're trying too hard to see what isn't there. They do this every year and there's never been a problem," Reina snapped, trying to ignore her partner's concerns.

{You're right Reina,} Tabansi replied.

"Oh you just-- huh? I am?" Reina said in a surprised tone.

{I should really try and look for facts to base my opinion on, not merely hearsay and assumption,} the beetle said, flicking his wings a bit, {Thank you for reminding me to stay scientific about this.}

"Ugh... there is no 'this'... oh well," Reina said, tired of the argument. She didn't like being angry with Tabansi anyway.

Near Rosairie and Silence, Lori was still excitedly staring at the little Jolteon. She had to tear herself away though, in order to move on with the tour. She began to walk down the hallway with the various shops and stands, and spoke about each of them in turn. She was always sure to situate herself next to Silence and Rosairie though; why she did this was a bit obvious.

Reina wasn't really listening to Lori, she was looking for a nice shop to go up to, but she was just unsure of which to stop at, and Lori would probably leave without her if she was too long. Not that it really mattered, but then she would have to catch up and that was just too much of a bother.

Tabansi was glad to be getting away from the Aggron though. He knew he had no evidence or anything substantial to back up his strange feelings, but he was going to try and find something. Those hooded figures didn't seem too keen on talking about the Aggron, and Lori herself just seemed to brush off the raging pokemon. This was just so strange and contradictory to all of the other human behavior he had seen in the past when it came to a large, angry pokemon that was trying to be contained.

Lori stopped at the end of the hallway. "Before we go on, if you would like, you may explore the shops we just passed. You might find something nice for all of your--" her gaze lingered on Silence, "--pokemon."

Reina's face brightened. Score! She looked over to JJ. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna look around for a short time," she said to him.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 30th, 2005, 11:38 AM
Jeffery finally managed to tea his eyes away from the poor pokemon, his anger had been building up, but Reina's words had somewhat managed to calm him right back down, he turned to face her, and smiled ''Yeah...I suppose your right, and yea i'll come with ya, might aswell have a look round the shops.

The two broke away from the group, JJ looked behind him back at the ggron to see a couple of men with large hoods, talking quietly together near the cage, Jeffery thought nothing more of them....

''Wow!'' JJ exclaimed, running over to a shop window. He was staring through pane glass at various pokemon models sculpted out of glass!
''they look like they could come alive at any minute!'' his nose positively squashed up against the window, he observed all the differet sculptures, there were loads, small ones of a pikachu, a bulbasaur, charmander and squirlte. even a Golem, Vulpix, Espeon and Umbreon. JJ's eyes positively popped out when they fell upon the 3 legendary birds, Articuno Moltres and Zapdos.

Jeffery closed his eyes a smiled as a memory passed through his pokemon obsessed mind. It was no longer then a year ago, he had been traveling through a huge cave, he had taken a tour to seafoam island and wandered off into a cave. after getting lost and starting to really panic, a magnificent sight met his eyes, from deep into the cave, came the sound he would never forget, the cry of the legend itself Articuno. After glimpsing it for only a few seconds but what had felt like hours, it shot away again. After Jeffery had come bac to his senses again after replaying the event over and over again in his mind, he found that the bird had fired an ice beam along one of the many cave openings, showing him the way out.

JJ opened his eyes again and continued to look at the various sculptures, his eyes finally met a Grovyle.
''hey look at that buddy'' he said pointing it out to the one on his head
{Oh yes it's me......meh....im much better looking then that one} he relied with a smile

Jeffery rolled his eyes and looked at the price, his heart sank.
''Too much for me...shame....''

he turned back to face reina, wondering what she wanted to do next.

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December 30th, 2005, 1:23 PM
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December 30th, 2005, 1:57 PM
"We can look at shops now? Awesome." Avery said, mostly to herself, before breaking away from the main group and beginning to wander around the nearby stands. She was about to approach a display of various paintings featuring Flying Pokemon, when Fable immediately poked her several times in the shoulder, getting her to look to her right.

..And in that direction was a stand displaying a collection of sparkling rocks and pretty gems, all of which Avery assumed cost a fortune each.

{C-Can Avery say buffet?} Fable stuttered, licking his lips, while the manager of the stand spotted the Sableye and immediately took on a protective stance, as if assuming that Fable would dart over there at any moment and devour his precious merchandise. Which was rather true, actually.

"I swear to God, Fable.." Avery muttered, wandering over to the gem stand. She was only doing so pretty much because she wanted the Sableye to shut up about food.

"Can I help you, ma'am?" The shopkeeper said, his gaze lingering on Fable for a moment, still very suspicious.

"Yeah, what's the cheapest thing you're selling here?" She replied, forcing a small smile purely out of nature. The shopkeeper's smile (which was forced as well) faded a bit. He figured that he'd at least like to make somewhat of a profit.

"Eh, if you're lookin' for cheap, I didn't price that rock too high. Way too common to be of any real market value." The shopkeeper replied, gesturing to a sparkling rock on the edge of the table. Avery (not to mention Fable) immediately looked to the rock, which was near a sticker that had a price written on it.

{Eww, Fable would much rather go for the ge-}

"Deal!" Avery exclaimed, instantly placing a small sum of money on the table, although that was the price of the rock. She then grabbed the sparkling rock and shoved it into her Sableye's claws, smiling at the perplexed shopkeeper for another instant before hopping back towards Lori.

"Pleasure doing business with you.." The shopkeeper said to himself, rolling his eyes and stuffing the money on the table into a large pocket in his pants.

{Avery is evil! Evil I say! Gems are always better than rocks! None can compare to the distinct flavor of rubies!} Fable exclaimed, clutching the sparkly rock in one hand while he continued to hold on to Avery's shoulder with the other.

"If you're not going to eat it after all, give it to someone else.." Avery said, rolling her eyes. "I'm sure it would make someone's day."

As soon as the words had left her mouth, the Sableye on her shoulder immediately released the said shoulder and landed on the ground. He then made a few sudden darts here and there, trying to spot his query. Once he had found who he was looking for, he quickly crawled towards somewhere else in the tour group, eventually arriving at Cona's feet, where he laid eyes on Krys.

{Fable remembers you being hungry?} The Sableye said simply, holding out the sparkly rock to the Marshtomp.


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December 30th, 2005, 4:50 PM
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Despite the group's movement to the shops and stalls,Cona staid rooted to the ground,infront of the Aggron's cage.It was just,so captivating,so to speak.The shininess of its armor,the fire in its eyes.It sort of reminded her of well,her father perhaps.

Not because he was an Aggron as well.Or..maybe he was?The fact that he seemed like an Aggron..

Wait!Wait!Cona knew she couldn't be thinking of such things.The girl shook her head madly,before deciding it be best if she didn't hang around the steel type for too long,tis bringing back memories.Unwanted memories.Behind her,the Marshtomp followed dutifully,the Pidgey on her shoulder snuggling against that dark-colored hair of hers.

The girl then noticed that the group had dispersed.Jeffery was infront of a Figuriene Shop,examining the glass ornaments neatly placed,side by side beyond the window.It looked like he seemed lost in thought.Was this the way she herself looked,all the time?The boy then proceeded to join Reina and her Heracross.Both seemed awfully close,were they part of some rebel group?

Then,there was Avery,looking at a pictures and pictures of pokemon.Flying types,was what Cona could make out from the distance.Fable however,wanted to buy a rock or gem,or whatever!Rocks and Gems weren't that different either way...or were they?

The girl then decided to blend in,and not stay in the middle of the street,blocking that path of others.A number of people had already bumped into her while she was thinking of the above.

Cona then noticed a particular store,manned by a woman,who looked like she was nearing the end of her forties.She had tried her best to look as mystical as possible.Glitter on her face,the messy brown tuft which was supposed to be her hair,fell down pass her shoulder.Pale colored eyes(heavily applied with eyeshadow).She wore shawls just for an added effect.A glass ball of some sort,sat infront of her.

Cona turned to the Pidgey on her shoulder,who shook his head,disapprovingly.Now,the Marshtomp,who was nodding his head vigorously.

Who wanted to listen to an old coot of a Pidgey anyway?Withthat,the girl made her way towards the stall.Not really realising that a familiar pokemon had approached her Marshtomp.

{Me?Why,thank you!!}Krystal,no matter how confused he felt,was still very much happy and honored to be given a...stone,by the interesting Sableye.

{I'm..Krystal by the way,if you wanted to know!}he grinned,holding the shiney rock in his flippers.Taking note to make sure that his trainer was only a few steps away from him.

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December 30th, 2005, 5:33 PM

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And if I do survive, there's another essay that's completely willing to suck out whatever is left of my soul..

And tomorrow.. Oh god, tomorrow.. I have to make a family tree.. DANGIT MAN, I've had to make a family tree every Feebas year since second grade! GOOD GOD!!!!

Okay, I'm done.


Fable instantly clapped his hands together for a split second or two before toothily grinning like he usually did, once the Marshtomp had taken the sparkly stone. True, he was indeed very hungry, but not hungry enough to munch on a plain ol' sparkly rock when there were gems available. Oh yes, he'd find a way to get a gem, even if it meant.. Well, he didn't know what it meant, really.

{Fable's name is Fable. He is glad to meet thee, Krystal.} The Sableye spoke, once he had gotten his thoughts somewhat together. He suddenly tilted his head in a swift motion, staring intently at the Marshtomp for a while before continuing. {Isn't Krystal going to eat the sparkly rock? Krystal said he was hungry.}

Meanwhile, Avery had succeeded in making her way back to where Lori was waiting. The recpetionist still had her eyes on Silence, although she wasn't saying anything, so apparently they weren't going to get moving for another few minutes or so.

The girl Trainer glanced around the crowd, wondering why Fable was taking so much longer than usual, but decided not to worry. Even if the group left the area, she knew the Sableye would follow and make his way back to her eventually. It's just that normally when he was actually going to give something to someone, he just plopped it into the hands of some random person he knew or didn't know, and then instantly made his way back. How strange.

December 30th, 2005, 5:56 PM
*helps Plushie*


Here's like,a Feebas for extra luck!*passes Plushie a random Feebas*
And,blue cheese in case you get hungry with the family tree and essay thingy!^^*tosses Plushie a wedge of blue cheese*


{Yes!I shall eat this tasty..rock!}Krys called out in an attempt to make himself seem bigger and thus the ability to eat rocks,causing the Pidgey on Cona's shoulder to turn and face the Sableye and himself.Did he hear that correctly?Or were his old ears failing him?

{Holy Feebas!What're you doing?!}Kuner chirped franticly,as the Marshtomp held the rock infront of his mouth.The Pidgey instantly flew down from his trainer's shoulder to land next to the Marshtomp.

{I'm eating this tasty rock!}the Mudfish said simply,before stuffing the piece of shiney material into his mouth.The Flying type could only slap his head with one wing and sweatdrop.Krystal however,only let a one or two coughs,before swallowing the rock.

{Thank you,Fable!But,aren't you hungry?}the Marshtomp hit his belly,to help with the digestion process of the hard material,now,obviously in his stomach.Krys then took to looking around,for the perfect..

{Ah-hah!}the water type spotted a stall,selling,who would've though?Cheese.He then ran towards it,without another word.

"So..you're saying that you can contact the sprits of the dead,just by using your psychic powers?"Cona tapped a finger against her mouth.The fortune-teller gave a proud nod,gesturing to the Crystal Ball infront of her.

"How about..what's in store for someone,you know?Their life."the girl asked.

"Oh,oh,my dearie,dear,dear."the woman let out a hearty laugh,before shaking her head.

"No one,no one can see what's going to happen in their life.Even,even with the power of the otherworld."she sighed,before smiling and pulling out a pack of playing cards from under the stall.

"Care for a game of Poker,dearie?"

Meanwhile,Krystal had grabbed a wedge of cheese from the stall when the man you owned it wasn't looking.Course,placing money on the table.It would be a bad thing,to steal that is.Where he got the afformentioned money,however,he decided to keep it a secret to himself alone.

{Look what I got you!}he held the roll of cheddar infront of Fable,beaming.Kuner just stared,and stared,and,sweatdropped.

Random Plushie
December 30th, 2005, 6:12 PM

Thank you, Yibber.. It helps that I ignore the essay for five minutes or so before going back, actually. Apparently my creative cycle lasts in boosts, which occur every five minutes. XD

You know I've actually never tried blue cheese before. *takes a bite out of cheese*

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Essay: Curses! It beat me!


{Was it embedded with pieces of diamond, or sapphires? It was diamonds, wasn't it?} Fable began, hopping up and down in place in front of Krys while the Marshtomp hit his belly. {I couldn't tell by looking at it. Did it taste like diamonds? Or did it just taste like a normal rock after all?}

It was obvious that he wasn't going to recieve an answer yet, seeing as how the Marshtomp had run off to get cheese from a nearby stand for some reason. The Sableye scratched his head, once the Marshtomp had paid and returned with a wheel of cheddar cheese.

{What is Fable supposed to do with this?} He asked, tilting his head in the opposite direction from which it had been tilted. He had barely finished uttering the words, when he noticed Kuner staring at the spectacle.

{And what have we here? You are a Pidgey, and therefore you know of cuckoo clcoks, yes? Do you know why they're called cuckoo clocks? Fable has been pondering this for the longest of times. I mean, why would anyone call a clock cuckoo?} He finished, tilting his head at the Pidgey. While he waited for a reply, he decided to perform a hand stand for no apparent reason, shifting his weight so that it became a one-hand stand within a few moments.

December 30th, 2005, 6:19 PM
Uh..Oopsie?*steps away from Plushie*

*looks around for victim to accuse*
I didn't do nuthin'.>D


{Its supposed to be for you to eat,silly!}Krystal chuckled,holding the wheel of cheddar out for the Sableye once more.

{And,I've never tasted diamonds before so I've no idea.}the Marshtomp shrugged,not really knowing what else to say.The Pidgey beside him,however,turned to Fable.Was the pokemon actually asking him?

{Well,lad,I think it must be because of that irritating 'cuckoo' noise it makes,everytime one Tailow pops out of its door.}he said a matter-of-factly.Hoping that this assumption was correct,or at least partiallly correct.

Eeee!!Tis Yibber's turn to die.Me tuition's here,tha's why the posts so friggin' short.XD

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December 30th, 2005, 6:37 PM

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God, that was awkward. You! *points at Yibber* You have stolen my soul! Give it back, I say! *uses Charon's flying tackle*

Essay: Yes! Give it back so that I may rightfully claim it! *uses Charon's flying tackle*


{No, you silly!} Fable exclaimed at Kuner's response. {As a matter of fact, I do know why they are called cuckoo clocks! And I do believe someone has given you false information!} Fable continued, letting out a few chuckles, although his one-hand stand didn't faulter in the least.

But once he did that, he took in what Krys had said, about eating the cheese.

{Fable? Eat that?} He exclaimed, almost falling out of his one-hand stand. If he had the means, he would've widened his eyes. {You must be joking! I can't eat that, no siree! Fable appreciates the offer, but..} He paused for a moment. {..Ah! Fable must go! Avery must be worried about Fable, yes? Krystal must find another use for this wedge of orange! And the Pidgey guy must realize why cuckoo clocks are called cuckoo clocks!}

And with a maniacal cackle, he leapt backwards and into the crowd, landing on his feet and dashing away in the direction he had last seen Avery. He had hoped he had left Kuner confused, because that would be oh-so funny! Hee hee! And as for that Marshtomp.. Well, he'd find something to do with that Marshtomp later.


Phwee.. Plushie has survived the first essay with her soul intact, which is mostly because Yibber stole it. That's right! Gimme back my soul, Yibber! >_>

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December 30th, 2005, 11:26 PM

*tosses Plushie's soul towards her and the evil essay*
Like,spare me,dude!>_<

*hopes that Plushie doesn't unleash her Bubu clones*

....Oh Feebas.o.o


{It isn't?Well,I must get back to my basics then.Yes,that must be it.}Kuner was rather surprised that he had actually gotten false information.And well,even he had forgotten where he had found out..about why cuckoo clocks were called 'cuckoo clocks'.Perhaps one of the many people he,Krys and Cona had met.Or was it something that he himself had come up with?

{Oh,uh,well...Okey!!I'll eat it then!}Krystal was puzzled that someone had actually turned down a wonderfully scumptious looking(and obviously tasting) morsel,which was the grandness of cheese.He then eyed the Sableye with confusion as he let out a scary-sounding cackle.

{Okay!Bye bye!!}he waved to the Ghost type,while holding the wheel of cheese tightly in the other.

{How can it be possible.'Cuckoo'...}the Pidgey next to him continued on with the mumbling,absent-mindely waving to Fable as he dashed off to find Avery.

The Mudfish sat himself against the stall where Cona was seated,and she was,indeed playing Poker with the Fortune Teller,who had introduced herself as Ostia.Though,it now seemed that the girl looked rather sad again,despite the fact that the woman believed her.Yes.Ostia believed about the fall of the Cheese Industry as she had stated,though wasn't the type to want to take action.Unlike Cona.

{Oh right,yes,some for Cona too..}Krystal didn't really appreciate his nature,of wanting to make everyone round him happy sometimes.The Marshtomp reluctantly broke a piece of cheese from the wheel,and poked his trainer with it.

December 31st, 2005, 1:57 AM
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December 31st, 2005, 1:58 AM
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Oh well, at least I have the Internet, and my Fire Emblem games. ^.^



"Wow, those are... really cool," Reina said as she stared at the statues. At first glance she just thought they were boring, but the more she looked at them, the more they came alive. Quite a few of them were in fierce poses, something that Reina found a bit unique when it came to sculptures.

Her eyes rested on a raging Tyranitar one. She then smiled a bit when seeing Tabansi inspecting them with a frown.

"Something wrong?" she asked the Heracross.

{Oh, well, it was nothing,} he said in a fakely happy voice.

"Come on Tabansi," Reina said, eyeing him critically.

{It's just... there are no sculptures of a Heracross,} he said, looking a bit guilty.

Reina almost laughed. She enjoyed catching the intellectual bug when he was being slightly selfish, or a teeny bit egocentric. After taking a final look at the stand they were at, Reina spied a nice stand with some pokemon accessories in it. Reina wasn't one to typically go for accessories, but these pokemon ones were to help enhance some part of the pokemon's power, so Reina was very interested in these.

"Oh look at this!" she said, running up to the stand and picking up a blue scarf." Tabansi followed, and gave his trainer a quizzical look.

{You're going to dress me up? Isn't that a little girly for you?} he said, his wings clicking a bit.

"No, I wouldn't do that to you, this is a place that's more for Pixie," Reina said, mentioning the little Staryu's name.

{Yes, yes perhaps so. She's been acting strange around me lately,} the Heracross said with a frown.

"That's because... ah, I don't know, it is weird though," she looked at JJ, "Oh, Pixie's my Staryu. She's been acting a bit funny around Tabansi lately. If I didn't know any better I'd say she had a crush on him. But that's... kinda weird. Plus, whoever heard of a starfish and a beetle being in love? I mean, I'm certainly not one to talk about being in love, but that's just wrong."

Tabansi looked like a Charizard had just breathed on him, {Wha?! Reina, you never said anything about her being in love with me!}

"I just thought of it now, and who cares? Just tell her you're a bug and she's a sea creature, and that it would never work out. She'll get over it. Crushes are overrated anyway," Reina said, the last part with a tone of bitterness. "Eh, see anything you like JJ?" she said to the boy, thinking that this stand was getting a bit boring.

Tabansi suddenly felt a bit overwhelmed. Through all of his experiences, nothing ever told him how to handle a Staryu in love. And a good friend at that.

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 31st, 2005, 8:45 AM
OOC - I used to have a pet Tarantula :) he died dow :(
There need to be more spider pokemon! i would huggle them (teehee huggle)

IC -

''Nowhere in particular...it's not really as if i could afford any of it haha, i prefer to just browse, i'll follow you'' he smiled and then looked up at the lazy Grovyle on his head
''Are you planning on lounging all day?'' he said, his smile turning into a frown slightly

{Oh of course not, we have a tournament to win later}
JJ rolled his eyes ''I'm glad you have confidence but don't let it get to your head''
Grovyle tilted it's head, before closing it's eyes again.

Jeffery turned back to reina
''so'' he said casually ''I just realised, I don't really know a thing about you, where are you from?''
His eyes then met a store not too far away, the sign above it read ''Fortune Telling''
JJ stared at it for a minute, thinking to himself I remember grampa told me once that whenever he came to the ceremony he would go see a fortune teller....

Jeffery wasn't usually one to believe in any of that hanky panky, he lived in the moment, but then again he had never known his grandad to tell him fanything far from the truth, and would most defenitely not lie about something like that, even for the joy of entertaining his grandson. After considering venturing into the shop, he decided against it I have much more important things to be worrying about....
he turned back to Reina, awaiting an answer, and curious as to where she wished to go next.

December 31st, 2005, 11:00 AM
As the tour guide began to indicate various shops and offer descriptions of them, Chain's gaze switched from Kyoko to his surroundings. After a time, the trainer's gaze rested on a shop with a series of books aligned behind its front window. Making his way toward the shop, Chain tilted his head slightly as he read the titles printed across their binding. Looks like books on training Pokemon--one for each type.

Raising his eyes, Chain paused, staring through the sheet of glass toward an object at the back of the shop. Without a word, he entered the store and approached the back shelf. Removing one hand from his pocket, he lifted a small box from its place. This is odd . . . It looks like up-grades for data Pokemon. He turned the box over in his hand. But, Porygon is incredibly rare--and Porygon 2 even moreso. Why would anyone sell anything for a Pokemon so uncommon? Chain replaced the box on the shelf and turned to leave. I suppose these stores really do have something for every Pokemon. Still, though, I prefer to update Circuit myself. Can't say I really trust anyone else to update him . . . especially after that incident.

Returning his hand to his pocket, Chain exited the shop before glancing about and identifying the positions of the other members of the tour group. Moving wordlessly past them, he approached another booth--this one more normal in appearance and selling more basic, practical items. Glancing at the list of available items, Chain silently mused,"I suppose there's nothing wrong with adding a few more items to my inventory . . . Can't be too careful."

"One Max Potion, two Revive, an Escape Rope and . . . " Chain paused thoughtfully before adding, ". . . a Fresh Water." The male placed several coins on the counter beside a paper bill. The shopkeeper nodded amiably, counted the money twice, then handed Chain his purchase. Adding the items to a pouch hidden beneath the jacket tied about his waist, Chain then removed a Pokeball from his side. After the battle on the way to the city, Sneasel's HP is probably still below maximum level. I don't know when or if I'll find a Pokemon Center, so . . .

"Sneasel, come out." Chain expanded a Pokeball, releasing a flash of scarlet light that transformed into Pokemon. Lowering himself into a kneel, Chain offered the Fresh Water to the dark Pokemon that now stood before him. "Here, you'll need this," he stated simply.

Smiling in its usual manner, Sneasel raised its paws and accepted the drink, still smiling as it swallowed the liquid and restored its hit points. Taking the empty can from his Pokemon, Chain prepared to return it to its Pokeball. However, before he could, Sneasel interjected with a protest. "Snea, Sneasel . . . Sneasel sel."

The trainer hesitated. He knew Sneasel's personality and had no desire to cause trouble for others or himself. Finally, he sighed, replying, "You can stay out here for five minutes. Just don't . . . Break anything."

December 31st, 2005, 4:09 PM
Spiders?I just squish them if they try to do something funny with me,like,bite me and stuffers,thats like,evil.Like,chocolate!>_<;;;


Cona forced a smile onto her face as she took the bit of cheese from Krys,before giving him a pat on the head.Yeah,the only people,or pokemon,who could understand her were this Marshtomp and her mother's Pidgey.Possibly even Ostria,but well,she couldn't trust everyone in one go,could she?

"Thanks.."the trainer whispered to her pokemon,as the fortune teller stood up to walk out of the stall.Ostria glanced at the boy with blonde hair,but the interested grin on her shiney face disappeared as he turned to the girl beside her.It didn't look like he was convinced with the sprits of the Netherworld yet.

As the woman continued looking out for anymore hopefulls,Cona was still seated,noticing another deck of cards.Except these,as she examined them more closely,weren't playing cards,no,not at all.Instead of looking like normal playing cards,these ones had pictures on them,like of pokemon doing anything.From a Feebas holding a rose,to a group of Bellblossom dancing round and round a Persim Berry,strange really.

"Dearie,dear,what're you doing?"Ostria had returned,wondering why the girl was so interested in that certain pack of cards.

"Aren't these for fortune telling?"Cona asked,trying her best to sound innocent at all costs.The Fortune Teller gave another nod,taking the cards out of her hands.

"I,haven't,really haven't done these in a long time...Their supposed to tell whats going to happen in your life.Just that,its all too powerful,too many sprits invovled for one like me to do all the time.Reason,the reason why I stopped acutally."the woman shrugged."Like me to do one for you?"the woman suggested,meeting with bright,green eyes.

Oh right,I like,forgot.XD


January 1st, 2006, 6:50 AM
OOC: Ugh... would've posted again yesterday, but our digital cable (which is also our Internet connection) decided to go out on us around early afternoon. >_> Anyway, that was courteousy of the lovely raging storm system we've been having here.

So, Alter should be back tomorrow, right? Can't wait to read his virtual face when he sees this thread. ^_____^;;

Methinks today shall be the end of the little tour that Lori's giving, and so when Alter comes back he can do whatever with her.

And spider pokemon = cool. Real-life spiders that may be poisonous and in my bed while I sleep = not cool. Oddly enough, Tarantulas never really scared me. I kinda think they're cute. *shrugs* I know, I'm weird.

And yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I drank some champagne last night! *is old enough to drink in the US now* Though... I didn't like it. It was too bitter for my taste. I think I'll stick with punch next year.


"Me?" Reina said to JJ as she pointed to herself, "Eh, there's not really much to tell. My mother died when I was born from birth complications. I grew up in a town called Shuckle Shoretown, it's got a lot of Shuckle in it. I mean, a lot of Shuckle. Have you ever seen a Shuckle? They're pretty boring. Most every kid in that town has one either as a pokemon or a pet. I didn't want one though, I wanted something special. Anyway, my Dad owns a company that builds structures like sheds and stuff and my brothers and I help out with it. Oh! My brothers, I forgot to tell you about them!"

Tabansi smiled a bit, as much as a Heracross could, which looked more like a complacent state. He though Reina's relationship with her brothers was cute.

"I have two older brothers, and Rick and Russel, Russel's closer to my age, he's 20 while I'm . Yep, they tease me a lot, but I always get 'em back," Reina went on with a sneaky expression, still remembering that trick they both played on her before she left.

Tabansi sighed, when was the tour going to move on?

Oddly enough, that's when Lori had decided that the time was getting the best of the little tour, and she suddenly got the attention of everyone.

"Excuse me everyone," she said in her airy voice, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut the tour a little short, there are some last minute things I simply have to take care of before the opening ceremonies begin in about an hour. You are of course free to do whatever you would like it that amount of time. There is a lovely snack bar over there," she indicated a hallway, "And so I thank you all for your eyes, ears, and attention." She began to walk off back toward the receptionist table that she was originally at.

{That was abrupt, I wonder what she has to take care of?} Tabansi said curiously.

"Probably just stupid stuff or maybe a problem or something," Reina offered, not really caring too much, "She was kinda boring anyway, and she sounded a little too girly for me to really like." She spied the fortune telling that JJ had been looking at a moment ago.

"Hey! Cool, fortune telling! Let's go check it out!" Reina said excitedly.

{Pixie would like something like this,} Tabansi said, looking at the place.

"Good idea, she hasn't been out in a while anyway," Reina said, reaching in her pocket for the red and white ball of the Staryu's.

{Hu...,} the deep blue Heracross muttered nervously, {Now I am all nervous after what you told me Reina!}

"I could be wrong about the crush thing you know!" Reina snapped, thinking the bug-type's reaction silly. She tossed the pokeball and it opened with a flash of white light. The light soon formed a five-pointed starfish pokemon with a deep red jewel in the middle of it.

{G-Greetings!} Pixie the Staryu said in a very meek and feminine voice for a Staryu. She spun around a little to get a good look at JJ and Grovyle, and then swooped over to Tabansi's side. Tabansi clicked his wings nervously; she did sit next to him an awful lot....

{W-who are they Taban?} the little Staryu asked the Heracross, indicating JJ and Grovyle.

{Oh, that is Jeffery James and his Grovyle. He's entering the same event as Reina,} Tabansi said curtly.

{Oh...,} Pixie said with a slight nod. This looked a bit funny though considering she was a Staryu. {Pleased to m-meet you two,} she said weakly.

"JJ and Grovyle, Pixie; Pixie, JJ and Grovyle," Reina said quickly, "Okay now let's go to the fortune teller's!"

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 1st, 2006, 7:18 AM
JJ chuckled and looked down at the pretty Starfish pokemon

''Pleased to meet you'' he said with a smile, he then looked up at Grovyle
''don't be so rude...honestly'' Grovyle sigghed and jumped down from Jefferys shoulders. He observed the Staru, looking it up and down before forcing a smile and offering the pokemon one of it's leeches.

Jeffery laughed and tapped Grovyle on the head
''That's very nice of you to offer Buddy, but I don't think Staru pokemon have mouths to chew leeches'
{Oh well......as your always saying Jeffery, it's the thought that counts}
''Very true, now uuuum, would you mind walking for a while?......im starting to get a headache''
{Oh....yes...of course, sorry!}

Grovyle began observing the different shops and attractions around them as JJ turned back to face reina
''Well i'm sorry to hear about your mother....but you seem to have had a pretty interesting life'' he said with a smile before looking back down at the Staru
''I've always loved Staru's, that gem is so cool.''

JJ ran a hand through his Blonde hair and looked back down at the fortune tellers shop, coming out of it was a girl he had seen earlier, the one who had been talking to herself about cheese.....she was accompanied by a Marshtomp and a Pidgey.
''Well...we have an hoiur left, i suppose we could go take a look if you want, could be fun'' the two began to walk towards the shop
''So tell me, what sort of pokemon trainer are you? a co-ordinator? a battler? or anything more unique'' he finished with a small titter.

January 1st, 2006, 4:01 PM

Yes,definately Melissi.It'd be Feebas to see Titan's reaction.XD
*ish now going to get two thwacks from his herring*


"Oh,oh!We seem to have visitors.."the woman looked up from the table where she had begun placing the special cards on.Ostria left the pack on her table,before leaving to go and check who it was.Cona however,was frowning,just when she was about to find out more of her.."Come in!Come in!My dearies,I sense that the mystical forces of the Netherworld chose to bring you here today,as they did Cona over there."the girl had gotten intterupted in her thoughts,again!Now,the Fortune Teller was gesturing towards her,and talking to,more than one person perhaps,outside her stall.

"Jeffery James and Reina!"Ostria said out before either had a chance to introduce themselves.

"Whoa,this one's good.Either that,or she's a Clefairy Alien from outer reaches of the universe.."Cona raised an eyebrow,now she knew that she hadn't wasted anytime talking.And playing Poker.With Ostria.

"Hi.."the girl stood up from the chair she was sitting on and forced a weak smile on her face to greet the two dudes.Well,if they wanted their fortune's told,wouldn't it be best if they came first?Lest the world end or explode before they'd get a chance.

"You two can talk to Ostria now,I'm done either way."she told them in a soft voice,not really fond of lieing,then started walking out of the stall.

{Oh,hi!}Krys smiled as the Grovyle,Heracross and Staryu entered along with their trainers,a quarter of the cheese wheel still in his flippers.

{I'm full!You guys can have them!!}he changed the smlie to a grin,though there wasn't much difference,considering that he was a Marshtomp whose orange gills took up almost a half of his face and stuck out on either side like,sore Feebas.Krystal then took to breaking the quarter into three more pieces and pushed each into their arms.Except for Pixie,the Mudfish could see no visible arms.So,he stuck the last piece of cheese on one of her pointy sides,namely the one above that shiney jewel in the middle of her orange body.Actually,it was pretty hard to determine a Staryu's head to its other four limbs.

"Ah,my dearie,dearie,why do you have to leave so soon?"Ostria grabbed onto Cona's shoulder,pointing to the table and chairs in her stall for Reina and Jeffery to sit on.The girl merely gave the Fortune Teller a pleading look,getting herself released from the woman's grip,and long fingernails digging into her skin.

"Hm..a quick,quick fortune for you!It may look dark and bleak now,but sooner or later,things will start to lighten up."Cona frowned at the 'fortune'.

"What type of fortune was that?You can find those types of things in fortune cookies for Feebas sake!Really.."she let out a small grunt,folded her arms and started off.

"Gah!And!And!"it seemed that the fortune teller had either read the girl's mind,or was going loony herself as she yelled and waved her arms in the air.The trainer let out a sigh,before turning round to face Ostria,giving her a 'What is it now?' look.

"Your family which was once two third,missing one more'll be whole once again."the woman had gotten hold of herself,now,the volume of her voice was a great deal softer as she whispered to the girl.But,her eyes were paler than Cona had seen a few moments before.Then,the woman gave her long shawls a good flick,before waving to the trainer and walking into the stall.

"Right,right...Where were we?"she put a smile on her face as she nodded to Reina and Jeffery.

Random Plushie
January 1st, 2006, 6:11 PM

Plushie would've posted yesterday, but my Dad disconnected the internet. Probably 'cause he knew I'd stay on it all night, even if it was New Year's. Oh well. The neighbors were even funnier than last year. XD

Yeah, we crazy when it comes to New Year's. Oh yes, very crazy. But I shall not bore you all any longer.

Happy Random-Coloured New Year!!!!!

By the way, Sableye look so funny when they attack in XD. *ecksdee smiley*


"The tour's over? That was.. Rather fast. I'm sure it was for the best, though." Avery commented to herself, watching Lori vacate the area. Oh well, at least now I don't have to worry so much about leaving Fable in the dust. Avery thought to herself, nearly stepping on the Sableye as she turned towards the stands again.

{Not very mindful of our surroundings, are we?} Fable said through a toothy grin, twitching slightly, although that was just to throw off random passerby.

"It would've been easier on me if you'd said you'd arrived." Avery said, after a sigh, stuffing her hands into her pockets, glancing around the area rather boredly. "But now that you're here, what do you think we should do now?"

The Sableye didn't say anything for a few seconds, but absent-mindedly clawed at the ground, as if trying to find an appetizing rock. {When Avery was talking with that Reina girl, it seemed as if she would've been glad to go to some kind of TM shop with her..? Or what about that Cona person? Her friends are quite generous, offering Fable wheels of orange..} He said, eventually trailing off.

At this, Avery glanced around the surrounding area a third time. She easily spotted Reina's red-orange hair, off to the side, in some fortune-teller stand.. Thing. JJ and Cona were also there, although from what Avery could see, it seemed that Cona was leaving.

"Nice try, but they're all minding their own business over there. So let's mind ours, shall we?" Avery said to the Sableye on the ground, turning around and taking a few steps forward, in order to make her way back to that display of Flying-type Pokemon paintings. It wasn't like she had a particular interest in those kinds of Pokemon, she just thought that they looked nice in paintings.

Fable sighed and mumbled something to himself, going back into his zombie-like pose before scurrying after his Trainer. Maybe if he were lucky, someone would talk to Avery of their own will, and then he'd get more amusement.

January 1st, 2006, 8:29 PM
Like,yey for the random colors!!^^
Had a great dinner yesterday,uh-huh.Everyone was looking at me when I started eating everything.XD


{Hm,maybe I shouldn't have given the cheese to those three.Don't think I eat enough.}Krystal sighed,rubbing the orange spot on his body,feeling a bit regretful for giving a perfectly good quarter of cheese away.Well,at least THEY'D be happy.

{Lad,you should start watching what you each,you're growing in the wrong way.}Kuner flew down from his trainer's shoulder to pat the Marshtomp's stomach with one wing and chuckle.Krys gave the Pidgey a good whack with one of his blue flippers,and stomped off after his trainer.Kuner laughed again,rubbing his beak before following suit.

Cona however had not noticed the sqaubble between both pokemon,too caught up in her thoughts to notice anything around her actually.Her father?Back?Or was Ostria just kidding with her?Was it even possible?

Not looking where she was headed,the girl banged into a stall,which looked like it sold paintings of some sort.Cona couldn't really make it out as her vision was blocked by one of her own arms,due to the fact that one or two of the paintings had chosen to fall on top of her.The trainer immediately got up and placed the drawings of the Flying Types back to where they were supposed to be,noting that Avery and Fable were not too far from them.

"Um...hi?"she managed,looking over her shoulder to make sure that Krys and Kuner were still with her.

Random Plushie
January 1st, 2006, 9:16 PM

I didn't eat much because the food I wanted was at the neighbor's house, and I wanted to stay in the safe zone if ya know what I mean. XD Oh yes, it really wasn't neccessary that I eat a quiet dinner with my parents. We were partying all around the block. XD

Except me, when I had to make sure some fish on the grill didn't burn. I burnt it anyway, because I can't flip over fish that are that heavy. XD


Avery had been gazing at the image of a Pidgeot soaring above a canyon of some sort when Cona crashed into the display, toppling over a few paintings. Avery couldn't help but sweat-drop while looking on, watching as Cona replaced the paintings in their display, probably oblivious to all the looks people were giving her.

"Oh, uh, hi Cona!" Avery finally replied, managing a small wave while she tried to forget what had just happened. "Um.. Well, we still have about an hour left, or so that lady said.." She began, trying to stir up some kind of conversation.

Meanwhile, Fable had made sure to stick by Avery's feet, constantly shifting his glance between Cona, her Pokemon.. And the ground. Again, he seemed to be clawing at the poor ground, poking at rocks here and there before turning to a different area that he hadn't poked at yet.

{Should've just eaten the sparkly kind. Although it did seem a bit bland.. The diamonds probably didn't make much of a difference.} Fable muttered to himself, twitching again.

January 1st, 2006, 9:43 PM
Me parents and their friends were like,laughing so loudly.Too busy laughing,I got more food.XD
I swear,the whole block,from the tenth storey down,heard them.^^;;

And I feel all stupid now.My mother asked me to steam some of those steamed buns.(XD)So,I went round the house to look for my aunty and ask her where she kept the pots.I walked into the room me and my sis use for tuitions and was like,'Aunty,Mommy wants steamed bao(<chinese for buns)'

Before realising it was my sister and her scary looking tuition teacher I was talking to.My Aunty,she was in the next room.



Cona remained oblivious to the strange stares the people around were giving her,their whispering as well."Wonder who taught her to walk.""Clutzy much?"and the occasional laughter.Though,it seemed that her cheeks were redder than needed.

"An hour left?That's enough time to take down the cheese industry!"Cona gasped at Avery's statement,she then grabbed the by her wrist and pulled her away from the crowd which had stopped to observe what the weird girl would do next.

{Are you hungry?}Krystal asked the Sableye who was scratching the ground,a little worried,but to a certain extent.The Marshtomp proceeded to pull out a small,tiny bit of cheese out of nowhere,probably where he had placed the money to buy the wheel in the first place.

{I saved this,you want some?}he asked,only to be given a sweatdrop from the Pidgey beside him,as they followed after the two girls.

Random Plushie
January 1st, 2006, 10:09 PM

..So what was your sister's tuition teacher doing there? XD Are teachers really close to families where you live? XD

Anyways, yes.. Situations like those totally sux. D:

I'm probably only gonna post one more time a'cause I don't want Charon, Melissi, and everyone else to be mad. XD

Not to mention Titan would be another level dead-er.


"What the heck are you talking about? What.. Which.. Cheese industry!?" Avery asked, taken aback once Cona had decided to pull her away by the wrist. For a second she thought of trying to get away, but Cona's grip was much too firm for Avery to even be thinking of such things.

At least we're going away from the crowd? Avery thought, rather unsure of what to think exactly, although she tried to be as optimistic as possible.

Well, it's kind of hard to be optimistic when a rather weird girl whom you've known for barely a few hours starts pulling you away from the general population by the wrist.

Fable wasn't showing nearly as much distress as his Trainer, if he ever showed distress at all. Instead he abruptly ended his rock scanvenging and followed closely behind the two girls. He hadn't found any suitable rocks, but at least he had gotten a much-needed claw-sharpening. They'd needed it for a while now.. However, the Sableye gave Krys a confused look when the Marshtomp decided to offer him some cheese again.

{Fable has already said that he does not eat such things.} The Sableye responded, his expression becoming neutral again. {Fable would like a nice ruby to eat right now, but rubies are much too expensive if one thinks of obtaining such things through humans.} He suddenly twitched again, for no apparent reason. {That's why caves are the friends of Fable.}

With that said, the Sableye took a sudden leap, latching onto Avery's sling bag within an instant, while the girl was still being pulled by Cona. He immediately crawled into the black-colored bag, poking his head out to look down towards Cona's Pokemon.

January 1st, 2006, 10:38 PM
Naw,we get the teachers to come to your house.I just forgot that she was having her tuition at that time.(The evil short term memory loss strikes again.>3)

Anyway,yessh,we'd better stop posting.Titan missed abou 3-4 pages.Aw Feebas,I can't wait for him to congratulate us on a job well done.XDDDD


"Don't you see,that pretty lady in black is working for someone.For all we know,Valen or the guy with the Abra"Cona was refering to Chain,not really sure why she included him onto the topic.The girl then came to a stop though the crowd(which,now couldn't be really made out anymore,but they were still there)was still staring at her.And now,even Avery.

"Maybe even Rosarie,her Jolteon and Magmar.."she continued,turning so that her back faced the rude onlookers.

{Oh,but,its good,see?}the Marshtomp threw the cheese into his mouth before smiling to the Sableye in Avery's bag.

{Sonny,you just got me thinking about them cuckoo-clocks again,you know?}Kuner scratched his chin with one wing,having taken to sit on Krys' head.

January 2nd, 2006, 7:21 AM
OOC: Yay! I got a full night's sleep! XD

New Year's Eve was pretty cool for me too. Most of our neighbors gathered for some fireworks to be let off at our neighbor's house. We saw the initial fireworks, then went back to our house because it was so cold. Some of the fireworks that were let off later were reeeally big sounding. Oh yeah, and fireworks are illegal to have/let off in our county too. ^^; It's a fire hazard or something like that.

I wonder when Alter will come on... *is kinda anxious*

Well, on to posting!


Pixie stared at the leech that was offered to her, and felt a bit obligated to take it, as she was a very nice and shy person who usually did things to please others. However, JJ spared her from this, and she was secretly thankful for it.

"Yeah, and hour's a while, better than the original three hours though," Reina said, looking a bit bored, "If they had a place for practice battles, that would be cool. Oh yeah, and to answer your question, I'm not really sure what I want to be. This is really the first trainer-like thing I've done. I've had battles lots of times with Tabansi and Pixie, but I've never really gone anywhere. Probably a trainer though." She then went up to the fortune teller's place, and saw Cona about to leave.

Tabansi was about to say hello to the Marshtomp, but a hunk of cheese was shoved into his arms. {Oh--!} the bug type grunted, looking curiously at the cheese. {Perhaps Reina would want this... I only prefer sweet things...,} the Heracross thought to himself, trying to look thankful just the same.

Pixie's jewel brightened a bit as the cheese was plopped onto her mouth. Yes... she did have a mouth, and it was where water came out during her attacks. She liked the taste of this cheese, and she said a quick and shy, {Thank you!}

Reina sat down in the fortune teller's place, and looked across to the woman. Reina wasn't the kind of girl to believe in fortunes and psychics, but she thought it was fun and silly. Tabansi wasn't like that though, he was always very critical when it came to astrology and fortunes.

{This is ridiculous... you don't honestly believe this woman can read minds and see the future do you?} the Hercross said, folding his arms after putting the cheese down for a moment.

"Heh, just enjoy yourself Tabansi," Reina replied, knowing that the cobalt bug would say something like that.

OOC: Yibber, you don't mind if I control Ostria, do you?

January 2nd, 2006, 7:42 AM
{ooc| You and me all, Melissa... I'm anxious too, Alter will blow his top when he sees what shambles this rp is in.
Yes, new year's eve rocked! I went to a big party, we painted each other's faces, ran around the street, drank far too much, then fell asleep in the living room... it was BRILLIANT.
You do not like Champainge (sp)? Here we have something called Buck's Fizz, which is orangey champaigne. I don't know if you get it in the uS, but it's a good substitute because it tastes really sweet and it's not strong enough to get properly drunk on...
I'm ot posting IC....'cos I'm cool.
Also, Mika's gone away for another christmas do.}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 2nd, 2006, 7:52 AM
OOC - Like, yibber, I hope you took it easy on those assorted pies i gave you! they are teh awesome'ness *hands everyone bag of assorted pies*
Bulba Bulba Bulbasaur!

IC - As Jeffery told Grovyle that Staru may not want a leech, the starfish pokemon looked up at him, JJ winked at it with a smile.

As The small party drew closer to the fortune tellers stall, Cona was also on her way out, she nodded at reina and JJ with a smile and suddenly noticed that her marshtomp was handing the pokemon pieces of cheese, heracross was looking grateful but the minute Marshtomp turned its back was giving Reina a look, Staru seemed to accept it gratefully.....Grovyle however did not take it as nicely. It was a well known fact that Treecko or any of it's evolved forms all despise dairy products, JJ knew that the kind pokemon wasn't to know this, but that wasn't the first thing on Grovyles mind, he has started rubbing his hands and taken a step back, looking as if to kick it straight up the behind, Jeffery stepped in front of his pokemon and lookd down at him with a smile

''We've discussed this before havent we'' he spoke, rather amused

{Yes Yes Yes} Grovyle replied with a sigh {No attacking without order or accept in retaliation}

''You know it was only trying to be friendly''

{yes, ok, ok, my utmost apologies}
Jeffery slolwy shook his head, still with the same smile on his face
''Your a sarcy bugger''

OOC - Wont carry on until me and LA know if he can control the fortune teller :)

January 2nd, 2006, 8:09 AM
OOC: Yeah... I'm sure Alter can fix it up though. He's good at that. ^-^

*looks at Charon's signature* KINGDOM HEARTS! XD I am dying waiting for Kingdom Hearts 2 to come out here!!! >_< I think it's supposed to be released in the US next March or something? *shrug* And I think it's already come out in Japan, right? Can't wait to play it. I'm gonna love the Mulan and Lion King worlds!

Erm... I agree with BB, I don't wanna post another IC 'till Yibber or Alter gets here. Meep. *goes to wait for Alter's re-entry post*

And I love pies! Ooh... is there chocolate? =3

Random Plushie
January 2nd, 2006, 8:40 AM

Yeah.. When Alter gets here we'll know where the heck we're going. XD

Ooh! Kingdom Hearts 2! Honestly, who isn't waiting for it? Dang, a lot of people feel your pain, Melissa.. Including Plushie.. ;.;

Let's kick someone to Japan and force them to buy a KH2 from there. :x

But in the meantime.. pie. *munchs on pie while waiting for Alter*

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 2nd, 2006, 10:38 AM
OOC - The first time i saw the kingdom hearts advert on TV, i thought it was advertising a pokemon game, i thought the creature next to the boy in the distance was an umbreon lol, then it turned out to be mickey lol. whats the game like?

glad to see everyone is enjoying my home made pie, tis good cha?
i have buns and cakes tooooooo, and chocolate we have limited supply of *hands out chocolate*

January 2nd, 2006, 11:39 AM
Here it's due March 21st, but it will probably be delayed because of translating difficulties or whatever. That happens a lot... I think America's due it March 1st

BB: it's got pretty simple gameplay dynamics, and it's got a few problems - for example, in some places your partners get in the way while jumping and what not - but it's got an amazing storyline.

Plush: Maybe... people that don't play video games? lol, just kidding.

January 3rd, 2006, 12:27 AM
Where ish Titan?He be late,yessh.>_<

Bah..*grabs pie and joins the crowd*
Cheese!I demand cheese here,Bulba!!>D

Oh,and yep,Melissi may control Ostria.^^

And,yes,Kingdom Hearts tis' nice.^-^

*doesn't have anything to post*
School's started.And I have do to take this extra subject of Appre. of Chinese Culture.Yey.XD
At least I was the first peep whose name was known throughout the class!^^*blames her big mouth*

January 3rd, 2006, 7:39 AM
OOC: Gaspen is right Yibber! Well, we should give Alter a break, after all, he could still be wasting his life away playing Fire Emblem like me. o.o I think I've sucked dry every AA battery in the house to play that game. Must... find... more... batteries!!! XD

And BB, oh yes, Kingdom Hearts is an awesome game. Occasionally Donald and Goofy do get in your way, but I've never really had any serious problems with mine. Heck, there have been many a time when I was about to die, and Donald healed me when I didn't have the time to heal myself. Story's great, graphics are pretty good, controls are pretty good too (thought sometimes jumping can be a little annoying...), it's a game that you have to play at least once in your life.

Anyway, onto posting.


"Ah... well, at least the girl got something of a fortune, eh?" the fortune teller woman said with a slight shrug. She stopped across from JJ and Reina, and looked at them with sparkling eyes.

"So, what things would you like to know my dearies?" she said to them, "I see there are some here that doubt my abilities." She looked around at each of them, her eyes lingering on some, including Tabansi.

{Well that should be fairly obvious based on the way our bodies are standing. Those who do not believe in her have a more relaxed stance than others; or maybe even a defensive pose,} Tabansi said smartly, not impressed in the least.

Reina rolled her eyes, "It's called a stick in the mud Tabansi... and that's what you are."

"Ah don't worry, your little friend doesn't bother me, though I do sense that he is someone who cannot enjoy the things in life unless he has read about them...," she paused for dramatic effect, "If he does not learn that some things cannot be taught from books, then he will be a very lonely Heracross. Love has no books."

Tabansi glared a bit at Ostria; the joke was on her anyway, he didn't care about love. He had found books and science to be much more exciting and easier to master. Friendship was enough for him.

Reina chuckled a bit, "Yeah, you could say that about him."

"Now for you dearie," Ostria said, looking curiously at Reina, "You will be tested in a short while... tested in ways you never have been before. Though... I sense a special protective force... perhaps a pokemon. She will guide you past many rough spots. I see fur... many of something... and eyes to match your own. That is all."

Reina thought that this was interesting. Quite mysterious, and what was that pokemon supposed to be? Special protective force? Reina thought it was a little silly, but a chill went up her spine when she thought of it.

Tabansi tutted impatiently while Pixie seemed to be hanging on every word.

"But what about the competition? That's really what I wanted to know about," Reina said to the woman.

"Dearie," Ostria said with a hint of a smirk, "That was about the competition."

Reina blinked. She scrambled to remember what the woman had just told her. It hadn't sounded too promising. Though, she was just some stupid fortune teller. What did she really know anyway?

"Your turn," Reina said to JJ, "Hope yours sounds better than mine."

OOC: Oh, BB, you can control Ostria if you'd like. It would be better that way, then you can actually make a prediction that would fit with your characters.

Random Plushie
January 3rd, 2006, 10:34 AM

Titan has lifted our hopes dramtically, then crushed them with sheer ease. XD

Donald and Goofy getting in the way? Yes, sometimes, but they didn't do that often for me.. Heh, there was this one time when Goofy deflected a missile that I would've taken because I was scrolling through the menu. XD

He did that for Donald, too. Man, I love Goofy. XD


"You mean that receptionist?" Avery said, after Cona had finished her latest rant on unseen conpiracies. "Um, Cona, maybe you're just thinking about things too much.. You should look on the bright side! I mean, maybe none of these things are really happening!" She concluded with a wide grin, hoping that Cona would stop talking about weird things.

And then maybe the crowd would stop looking at them funny. Or at least, one of them.

Meanwhile, the Sableye in her bag had not stopped looking at the other girl's Pokemon, mainly Krys out of curiousity as to why he was eating that orange stuff.

{It never ceases to amaze Fable.. Krystal must be one of those Pokemon who don't eat rocks after all. The only explanation that explains why he's eating that nasty little stuff! Heh heh, sucks for him!} The imp laughed to himself, although he wasn't really trying to hide what he was saying.

Now, he turned to the Pidgey, who had just stated that he was thinking about cuckoo clocks again. {Has bird-man figured it out? If not, will bird-man state his name? Fable will keep it a secret if bird-man so desires..} The Sableye trailed off, crystalline eyes glinting in the sunlight.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 3rd, 2006, 12:48 PM
OOC - Like, teh game sounds awesome'ness! pie for everyone! and, like, teh yipper'ness, you are the cheese girl! remember?! YOU have the cheese!
Thankies Lighty :) Teh hansome blonde will take control of the strange woman. teehee

IC - JJ listened intently as The old lady told Reina her fortune, reina seemed not to know what to think of the situation, and Heracross certaintly didn't look amused. JJ tittered suddenly befoe being shook alarmingly to attention as he was told it was his turn to have his fortune told. Reina wished him luck, he smiled before taking a seat more closer to the table.

''Well my dear'' Ostria spoke in a mystical voice ''What would a young man such as yourself like to know?''

Jeffery wasn't sure what to think, he had kind of taken the whole thing as a bit of a joke, but as thoughts treakled back to his grandfather, who had always had a lot of belief in matters such as this, JJ decided he would show the kind old woman the same respect and at least listen to what she had to say.

''Well....'' Jeffery started, his voice very croaky. he coughed to clear his throat and ran a hand through his blonde hair
''Well....you see, it's my Grandfather...''

''ahhhhhhhhh'' Ostria suddenly butted in, making a strange waving motion with her hands ''Mr Leanardo James....''

''Yes'' Jeffery Replied ''Well, he's really.....'' Suddenly he aruptly stopped, he looked right into the eyes of the firtune teller in disbelief

''How.....how did you know that?.....that my grandfather's name was Leanardo James?!''

Ostria looked him up and down with a smile, and a slight twinkle in her eye, she turned away from him, rummaging through a draw apparantly looking for something
''Why, you told me my child''

Jeffery couldn't believe what she was saying.....he glanced at Grovyle who looked equally confused, and the back at her ''I....uuum, mam, I never told....''

''No my child'' she interrupted once again, pulling something out of the draw and hiding it in her two closed hands ''Not with speech.........your eyes....your eyes told me everything I needed to know''

Jeffery stared deep into her eyes, many thoughts running through his mind, was this lady crazy? was it a coinsedence? had his grandfather tipped her off aout his coming to the ceremony incase he came to see her so she could impress him? that certainly sounded like something he would do...but no....there was defenitely something deep inside JJ telling him he could trust this woman.

''Mam.....my grandfather, is very ill, i want to do him proud, im sure he would love to see me win the tournament so close to him.....I want....''

Ostria held up one of her hands for him to stop, and beckoned him closer, JJ moved his face closer to hers and she also moved forward to whisper something in his ear
''Jeffery.....there is no doubt, in my, your grandfathers, and i think even your mind.....That you will suceed in your goal, of doing your grandfather proud''

JJ moved backwards again and felt Ostria's hand take his, and put a small object into it, she closed his fist so she couldnt see what she had handed him, jeffery looked down at his clenched hand, and then back up at her...
''so...so your saying I will win the tournament?''

ostria smiled ''That outcome, will be up to you, I have answered the only question you wish to know the answer to, and i know for a fact, that that is all you...need...to know.

she moved her chair back and stood up
''Ok, now there is only half an hour left until the start of the ceremony, I suggest you run along'' she smiled at them and ushered them out

Reina and JJ stood outside the shop.
jefferys mind racing and his heart had sped right up, he suddenly remember the objec in his hand, he looked down and opened his hand, and in it, was a small, delicate, glass figure of a pokemon JJ greatly admired, one that had been his grandfathers starting one, and closest friend, a small expensive model, of a Bulbasaur.

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2006, 2:44 AM
OOC: Whew, I'm here (Finally). I arrived at 2 AM today, my head was still pounding a bit because of the same illness that left me bedridden for the whole of monday (Apparently food poisoning, excess of foreign bacteria or somesuch rot <.< Pfft...don't care too much though, it's passed now.), and I hadn't had a minute of sleep in like 24 hours. So when I came home to see some 4+ pages in this RP I just figured 'Hell no...' and went to sleep instead. Sorry for the lateness. -.-

On the plus side, my Emerald team has grown quite significantly (I really need to update my T-Card). PH33R teh Bubu Swampert! XO (Level 47, I really need to move on from the Fiery Path now. XD)

As for what has happened here during my absence...


Dang, I'm not quite sure how to put it...

On one hand, there are some things that happened which were not according to plan. Namely;

1. You shamelessly relocated the Waiwai Inc. Building where the sign-ups would be held. I just can't picture any sensible bussinessperson (Or even Slythe) leaving as blatant a security hazard as a public lift straight beneath his company's headquarters. Especially a lift leading to the less reliable part of the city. Meh, I can live with it, though.

2. Reeve (Whose name you misspelled by the way, BB -.-) mysteriously vanished without as much as a 'goodbye'. Odds are that you just plain forgot about him. But whatever, let's just assume that he went off since they found their way.

3. Technically, the monk-type people aren't in charge of handling the pokmon. They're just skulking around the pens for reasons of their own (Which are separate from the interests of the actual handlers). But actually, I think I can figure out a sensible explanation for that. So yeah...

4. The receptionist-situation got kind of changed too. Although it does make sense that there would be more than one. Still, for future reference, please don't take that kind of liberties with key sidecharacters, m'kay BB/ any other people who made up their own but whom I can't remember at the moment? I usually have some special things planned for those and it's such a bother to ask people to edit. It doesn't matter too much here, though.

5. Character note, BB; I notice an alarming trend in your character...this far he has (With the sole exception of Valen) yet to meet a single person who has anything negative to say to/think about him and hasn't really expressed any negative emotions beyond his (self-(J/K XD)) righteous indignation over pokmon treatment (Although I still don't understand his thoughts on Valen's little fight seeing as he only order his to fight in self-defence, not to pick on the trainer like JJ saw it. o.O). Anyways, he's also got his ever-so glorious league record too, and a successfull grandfather, and his prettyboy looks...I just see too many positive things here. -.- So just...please don't go Gary-Stu on me, m'kay? Let's see some of his flawed side too...it's their flaws and quirks that make characters interesting anyway.

That being said, I see some good things here too. The tour-thing was a nice save from the receptionist change, and I love the RPing that was done for Lori. Melissa, you caught her personality really well, although perhaps it should be stressed that her feelings for sharp pokmon (Can't believe I forgot to mention that to you, sorry. >.<) are better described as covetous or possessive than loving. That's just the kind of person she is. Although since you didn't have the proper information for it, I can't fault you for not knowing *Slaps self with the red herring of quality*. And Charon, her outfit was spot on, exactly Lori's style. Somehow I had a feeling that you would do best in describing it and I was right. ^-^ Also, the monk-type people were RPed well too...yes, the important plot characters were well taken care of. Other than that, well, you kept the RP pretty much together, and there will be a big announcement thingie once the tournament starts so any stray chars will be told to assemble then. Overall, this RP made it a heckuva lot better through this than many others that I've seen so congratulations on that. It's not an easy job to take care of a story when you don't know how it will develop.

And Yibber, far be it from me to dissapoint you. *Slaps Yibber with the red herring of quality, twice, as requested, although not overly hard* XD

There will be an IC to come...just give me a moment to gather my thoughts.



"Pray enter..."

The dangerously calm, male voice sounded, just as soon as Valen had opened the door of the office located at the very top of the gigantic Waiwai Inc. Building, the tallest, most flashy skyskraper in all of Overcity, and also the headquarters of not only the largest and most influential multinational in the region, but also the very seat of power for the greatest criminal organization in the area as well...Team Viper. And there was Valen, about to meet the head of both, his boss, Slythe D'Argent, and once again, he had the distinct feeling that Slythe wouldn't be pleased with his report. Valen merely remained quiet, walking towards the only lighted area of the room; a large sturdy desk, made of some foreign strain of tree which Valen didn't recognize but which simply screamed 'expensive'. It was of a black colour, not all too different from ebony, with various subtly different shades of grey convering dotting it, the different colours blending so smoothly with each other that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other begun. The boy didn't have too much time to spend on the desk however, nor on the various papers and writing implements arranged across it, as he knew that Slythe hated being ignored, and he really didn't want to hear another one of his little polite sentences...they were certainly creepy, Valen gave them that, and he had actually taken up using quite a lot of them to scare his own opponents. Not that he was scared himself, though, he added in his mind, fear was the emotion of prey, not predators.

"Sir?" he asked, standing in front of the desk in a disciplined manner as he pushed all his other thoughts out of his mind, focusing on the person occupying the large, black armchair on the other side. He was a fairly tall man, and seemed to have a definitely serpent-like figure to him, with his reddish eyes, the two protounding teeth, much like a viper's, standing out whenever he opened his mouth, and his generally slim frame. The rest of Slythe didn't exactly make him look any more hospitable either, with his pale skin and the thick purple hair that hung over his right eye, giving him a definitely shifty look. Slythe was doing his best to look like a respectable bussinessman, dressed in a tailor made suit, black with grey pin-stripes, and a white shirt just barely visible beneath it, as well as a long, dark purple tie. The clothes didn't look like they had seen very much use, and if anything, they made Slythe look even more like a godfather from one of those old gangster movies, which actually wasn't very far from the truth. Although of course there was the distinct difference that there was a sizeable Seviper coiled up on his lap, the poison type's head leaning on one of his arms while the other arm was busy stroking the Seviper's head, the serpent's eyes closed in contentment.

"Do you mind telling me..." the Viper leader begun in a steadily calm voice, focusing his eyes on Valen and noting with some amusement that he recieved an unflinching stare in return, "Exactly what happened out there? No, let me rephrase that..." he added, leaning forward, his expression hardening, "What exactly where you thinking? This is the second routine assignment that you've blundered on Valen, and you know how I feel about failure!"

"It wasn't my fault sir..." Valen replied quietly, clearly struggling to keep his voice even and wishing intently that Seirini was there with him right now.

"Not your fault?" Slythe repeated in an overly silky voice, "You not only throttled a random bystander but also started out a brawl with him that forced our security force to intervene! In what manner is that not you fault?!"

"He was trailing me, sir." Valen said, his voice quivering with rage and his hands tightening into fists, "And not only that." he added, "That little twerp attacked me from behind! And he had that-that disgusting plant creature attack my Seirini! He had it coming to him! He-!"

"Enough." the viper leader interjected, raising a hand and taking a moment of silence, leaning back in his chair a bit and studying the boy in front of him, keeping his face in a cipherlike state of expressionlessness "Let me make this clear for you Valen." he said, focusing his stare on the boy's eyes again, "Were you a normal grunt and were these normal times I would already have sacked you without a second thought for the level of incompetence that you have shown in your recent work..."

Valen nodded, now staring at the floor, his face still considerably reddened from his recent outburst.

"However..." Slythe continued "Much to your fortune, I am aware of certain...unusual circumstances concerning this particular incident."

The boy looked up and, unable to contain his curiosity, spoke up "Unusual circumstances, sir?" he asked, his full attention now focused on Slythe.

"Indeed." the Viper leader replied curtly "Circumstances that are none of your concern! Do not interrupt me while I'm speaking, Valen, remember conduct rule number 18..." his eyes flashed dangerously, "'Never interrupt your leader'. You're on thin enough ice as it is."

Valen nodded, falling into silence again, although it was obvious that the matter was still on his mind.

"Now then-" Slythe began, but he was interrupted by a knock on the door. The man cast a distinctly annoyed glance at the source of the disturbance before speaking up again.

"Come in." he said coldly, the door soon creaking open, revealing a person whom Valen definitely wouldn't have wanted to join them...it was Lori, and the way she was dressed...the boy gave her clothes a distinctly distastefull look, to him, she looked more like a glorified prostitute than anything else. He quickly hid that expression though, turning it back to neutral as he realized that it was most probably she who had vouched for him, and knowing that it would be foolish to push his luck further with anyone in power anyway.

"You called, Slythie?" the woman asked, putting on her usual smile as she walked towards the desk as well, "Oh, I see you've called in Valen as well, how delightfull." she now turned her predator-like smile to Valen, recieveing a carefully indifferent look in return, "Long time no see, loveh." she said, acting as if she didn't notice the boy's reaction, although there was definite amusement in her expression again.

Not long enough... Valen thought for himself, but remained quiet.

"Ah, so you've answered my summons at last, Lori." Slythe said, nodding at the woman, "Good, I was just about finished with Valen here anyhow. But do remember conduct rule 13 my dear." he added, "'Always refer to the leader as 'sir'. As an excecutive I need you to set a good example for the rest of our little family."

"As you wish...sir..." Lori replied in a flowery voice, performing a mock-salute, "Do you boys need your private time? I can wait outside..."

"That won't be necessary." Slythe said, turning briefly to Valen, "Here are your new orders; I want you to scout out this year's competitors for any and all suspicious individuals and report them and their activities to me, immediately. Your sign-up has already been dealt with and the beginning of the tournament will be announced soon. If you can win, all the better, but the important thing is that this competition remains firmly under our control. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Valen replied, nodding before he turned to leave the room.

"Oh, and Valen." the Viper leader added.


"This is your last chance." Slythe said coldly, "And I mean it. If you put as much as a toe out of the line there will be no more lenience for you. And stepping out of line includes prying into the circumstances behind my generosity in this matter. Do not make me regret my judgement, Valen."

"I won't, sir." the boy replied in a carefully neutral voice.

"Good." the Viper leader said, "Then you are dismissed. I trust you can see yourself out?"

"Yes, sir." Valen replied, turning around once again and walking out of the room without casting as much as a glance behind him.


A moment later, the boy stepped out into the clean and carefully ordered streets of Overcity, standing in silence in the sunlight for a moment and taking in his surroundings, a frown on his face. The whole placed seemed to be the very incarnation of everything he loathed, everything was so clean, so ordered, so...perfect, the grandiose office buildings, lavish manors, posh restaurants, flashy boutiques and peaceful parks making the boy feel even more conscious of how out of place he was in the world, a sensation he didn't like one bit. He couldn't for the life of him understand why he should care though, why would he ever want to belong in such a hypocritical and artificial place? Why would he want to be accepted by its narrow-minded and dull-witted populace? He didn't need them...didn't need anyone of them...not all the faceless people of this city, or any other city for that matter, not anyone of those he had run into on his way to there, not Avery, or Cona, or Rosairie, or that blonde hypocrite, certainly not that twit who had tried to ambush him, none of them. And neither did he need Slythe...that man was mad. Granted, he had provided him with a home of sorts and a chance to grow up, but he had also made sure to profit from the boy all the way. No matter, he didn't need him anymore. He wasn't a child any longer. He was independent, knew how to take care of himself. And Lori...her annoying pressence was certainly the very last thing Valen would ever find himself needing. And to top it all, she was keeping something from him, and so was Slythe...they were plotting something behind his back, and he was going to find out what. Valen scoffed, pulling out a pokball from his belt. His first reaction would have been to call Seirini, the Arbok's presence always made him feel better, but at the moment, what he really needed was something to divert him from his brooding. And he knew very well who was best at that.

"Kachiko, come on out!" the boy called, unleashing the steel type from her pokball and onto the street.

The Mawile peered around for a moment, noticing a definite lack of meanie poopie-heads in her surroundings and turning to Valen, her maw taking up a smile.

{Papa?} she asked, tilting her head, {This place is boring...aren't we going to do something fun?}

The boy permitted himself a small smile at the steel type, "That was exactly what I had in mind." he replied, beginning to walk down the line of various stands on his left without really focusing on anything, Kachiko running ahead and occassionally performing small skips or jumps, her eyes darting busily across her surroundings as she searched for something that would be amusing.

January 4th, 2006, 4:26 AM
Like,ouch Titan.That hurt....XD
RIght,no disappointment there.

Anyway,like,yey!Welcome back!!Like,we Feebas missed you,yes.^^

Correct Bulba,like,very correct.*grabs cheese out of nowhere and uses it to soothe the pain big,meany Titan caused*
Charon has influenced me.XD

Still Titan,we aren't prefect Feebas or anything,we're SUPPOSED to make mistakes.So yeah!>D
You should be glad that we managed to keep the RP going.And not cause really any drastic changes or whatever.
*ish in the spur of the moment,and shall most likely get one more smack of the Herring*


"Thats what they want you to think!"Cona told the girl beside her,who seemed rather confused by the happenings.Avery didn't look like the type to comprehend or be serious about matters,but at least she could be a potential witness when the fall of the Cheese Market or landing of the Clefairy from space occured.How did she manage to plaster that wide grin on her face?

Some of the crowd had left,but just a handful staid rooted on the spot,to see what the loony girl,her friend,and their pokemon do next.

{No,I don't eat rocks.But,since you offered some to me.Mommy told us never to turn down anything and thank the person who gave the present to you in the first place.And repay him.Which was what I wanted to do.}Krys looked up at Fable's statement.The Ghost type was funny and smart.

{I have not come up with an answer,laddie.But,my name,that I am proud to have.It is Kuner.}the Pidgey bowed,placing one wing on his feathery chest.The Flying Type was also interested in the Sableye,he had never met any pokemon like him.Which was true.

"Ah..little dearies.I was like them once,once."Ostria was staring out of her stall looking at Jeffery and Reina,then to the others in the shops around her.She sighed to herself and shook her head,envious of them.The youth.

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2006, 5:47 AM
OOC: Like, Yibber, I wasn't blaming you or anything. Just pointing out...but hey, in case I didn't make it clear enough; you guys did a great job with the RP. Congratulations! ^-^

Anyways, I've added my re-entry IC to my previous post now...even though it's a bit on the short side. XD

January 4th, 2006, 8:04 AM
{ooc| omg....! You...! *flying tackle* omg! You're back! I actually thought you had been murdered! On the news it said a european tourist had been murdered in Tailand and he was eighteen! Then I remembered you were seventeen, but I was still worried in case they had got it wrong when you didn't come back. Blergh...
Talking of not coming back, where's Mika? She's meant to be back from her new year's thing by now... *starts to panic*
Uhhhh... I will post...later. I got back into writing my story again, with the elp of the FMA soundtrack, so I want to get some more of that done.
I also wrote a little back story for Silence, Mika's helping me with the fonts/presentation so I'll post that soon.
Edit: yeah, I eventually decided to post an IC... I'm so laaazy!}

"Oh do come on, Silence!" Rosairie moaned.
She was crouched beside a large book stall, stacked full of the usual battling books and magzines they tended to keep at poke-centers, trying to coax her jolteon out from underneath. The group hadn't left the Aggron fast enough for him, and Silence had decided he had had enough and bolted. His trainer and her magmar had staggered off after him - away from the group and out into the upper city. Rosairie sighed, and clucked her tongue a bit more.
"Si, my darling, we have to go... find the group again..."
The jolteon had taken shelter beneath a stall, one of the few in upper city. Just like the city, it was perfectly geometrical and ordered with scrutinous care. The tender didn't look very happy at the sight of an electric type sheltering beneath his stall; he eyed the young girl in a disgusted manner. She had no control over her pokemon, she was scaring away all his customers, and her skirt was laughably short.
"Stupid foreigners..." he muttered, under his breath.

Very slowly, Silence tiptoed out. Rosairie scooped him up and rested him on her shoulder. She squeaked a sorry, but the man wasn't listening - he was far too busy grumbling.
Henna grinned half-heartedly. Rosairie tried her best, bless her, but Silence always seemed to mess things up at the last minute. He didn't mean to, of course. Now she was seperated from the group - God only knew where they had got to - lost, and she already had someone angry at her. The magmar rollled her eyes, and followed her trainer.

Rosairie was already strolling off along the long line of boutiques, her eyes fixed on the clothes.
I could do with one of those... oooo, they're hot! ....I wonder how much those cost...?
This was the sort of thing Rosairie loved; burying herself in shopping, concentrating on nothing more than how she looked in the mirror (which would obviously be fabulous) and how much she could spend within the day. That was often quite a lot. Being at home depressed her; when her father was travelling, she was forgotton. When her father was around, he chatised her.
Your pokemon are unsuitable! Your grades are too low! You're spending too much! You're getting too thin! She could still hear his words.
{Hey, Rosairie, look! Isn't that Valen?} Henna tugged on her trainer's skirt, and pointed at the boy.
The girl watched the boy and his Mawile walk. Neither seemed to have noticed her yet.

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2006, 10:04 AM
OOC: *Flying tackled* Wow, there's a first. ^^

But yeah, I'm alive. Didn't hear about that other european guy (Poor dude) since we really didn't have any real news channels back at the hotel (Or at least we didn't watch them). Anyways, my family went to Phuket (It's a fairly small island on the north-western edge of Thailand if I remember correctly. Anyways, that's one of the places where the tsunami hit worst last year.) which is kind of out of the spotlight for that sort of bussiness, and to top it all, we were at Kamala Beach, which is a largely Buddhist/Muslim (The moderate kind of muslims, mind you) community and about as peaceful as anything around there gets. Although they take their new year celebrations seriously, let me tell you that. And the celebrations of the day before new year's eve, and the day before that...and there was only a fairly small field separating our hotel and the stage they had set up, complete with the big honking loudspeakers (All put onto max volume >.<). And of course, not only did they have their concerts on midnight but they also had to rehearse before them (Rehersals also being on midnight)...needless to say, I didn't get very much sleep..~_~

Anyways, Mika is missing? O.O Well, new year's things do have a tendency to drag out. Or maybe she's just too tired to post? I mean look at me, I've only managed to do one proper IC today...so tired...

Oh, and good luck with your fanfic (Can't believe I forgot to comment on that before). I'll just have to read it, angst or no. ^-^

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 4th, 2006, 10:09 AM
OOC - First, welcome back titan, I trust you had a good time.
Before i start, do not think my words are a form of rage or anger, i am perfectly calm.

Now on regards of the receptionist, it must be said that I had absolutely no idea that she was a key character, absolutely none at all,I was not informed of the plot before u left unlike the others (not saying that in a jelous, or angry of not being left with the information, on the contary, im glad i was not, i prefer to know as little as i can about the plot as to make it more of a suprise to me) so i wasn't to know that the receptionist would end up being a key character. And as you said, it does make sence that there would be more then one, so i was merely trying to play realistically, perhaps i should have asked, although the receptionist had not come into play yet so i thought it would be ok. never the less, i will offer my apologies.

On terms to your character note to me. You are right, not really anyone has had a bad thing to say about my character, other then your good self, although, i'll just mention now, i think the way valen despises jeffery as he thinks he is everything valen despises is brilliant and an interesting induction in the RP. also because of the fact that JJ comes across that way, but isn't really spolied at all, it would be a perfect cause behind a fight with words or pokemon or w/e, between the two later on the the RP if the situation calls for it. anyway, as i was saing, no one but you has had a negative thing to say about him, but it must be said, JJ hasn't got close with anyone yet, the only character he knows thus far is Reina, and Cona because he heard her name, the rest he recognises now when he sees them but doesn't know squat about them. there will be plenty of time for there to be other characters to think badly of him if it is for a believeable reason and if they so wish.
As far as the Non negative emotions except his negative approach to rogh pokemon treatment, well that in itself is a good negative one, as it may be very ''touching'' but may lead the character to do a foolish thing later on in the RP, it may not but as i don't know whats going to happen, i can't really tell.
You are right however, i guess he does need another neative emotion, and i shall try and work on one as soon as i come up with one that i believe would be good for my character.
The fight you had with deathspector's character, if you remember, JJ didn't actually see, he had to assume so much, but made it clear that he hadn't really a clue what was going on.

next, I must say, I highly prey that you don't think i'm one of those guys who HAS to have their RP character the bes at everything and be all brilliant etc etc etc. Because that isn't my intention at all, I decided to throw in the pokemon leage history as an extra interesting fac about JJ, and also as no one else had mentioned something like it, i thought it would be a nice original thing to add for this particular character. as far as his grandfather's sucess, well other then JJ's mentioning of him at relevant times, he isn't going to be anything of a major factor in the RP, i have no intentions of him making a remaculous appearence at the tournament, it is merely a main cause behind Jeffery's determination to do well in the tournament and do him proud, good for adding to his emotion in battle.

Anyway, i will finish saying I have full intention of making some flaws and quirks painfully obvious for Jefferys character, I just havent had the chance to indicate them yet, without throwing them away, i prefer slow but sure development of my characters.
and once again, do not simply want to be the best blah blah blah M'kay? ( XD )
Once again welcome back, and please do continue to point out any problems you are seeing with my character along the way, and i will either realise them and make some changes with my thanks to you, or point out exactly why i'm doing what i'm doing and thankyou.

sorry for the rant people but just wanted to make some things clear lol.

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2006, 10:24 AM
OOC - First, welcome back titan, I trust you had a good time.
Before i start, do not think my words are a form of rage or anger, i am perfectly calm.

Now on regards of the receptionist, it must be said that I had absolutely no idea that she was a key character, absolutely none at all,I was not informed of the plot before u left unlike the others (not saying that in a jelous, or angry of not being left with the information, on the contary, im glad i was not, i prefer to know as little as i can about the plot as to make it more of a suprise to me) so i wasn't to know that the receptionist would end up being a key character. And as you said, it does make sence that there would be more then one, so i was merely trying to play realistically, perhaps i should have asked, although the receptionist had not come into play yet so i thought it would be ok. never the less, i will offer my apologies.

On terms to your character note to me. You are right, not really anyone has had a bad thing to say about my character, other then your good self, although, i'll just mention now, i think the way valen despises jeffery as he thinks he is everything valen despises is brilliant and an interesting induction in the RP. also because of the fact that JJ comes across that way, but isn't really spolied at all, it would be a perfect cause behind a fight with words or pokemon or w/e, between the two later on the the RP if the situation calls for it. anyway, as i was saing, no one but you has had a negative thing to say about him, but it must be said, JJ hasn't got close with anyone yet, the only character he knows thus far is Reina, and Cona because he heard her name, the rest he recognises now when he sees them but doesn't know squat about them. there will be plenty of time for there to be other characters to think badly of him if it is for a believeable reason and if they so wish.
As far as the Non negative emotions except his negative approach to rogh pokemon treatment, well that in itself is a good negative one, as it may be very ''touching'' but may lead the character to do a foolish thing later on in the RP, it may not but as i don't know whats going to happen, i can't really tell.
You are right however, i guess he does need another neative emotion, and i shall try and work on one as soon as i come up with one that i believe would be good for my character.
The fight you had with deathspector's character, if you remember, JJ didn't actually see, he had to assume so much, but made it clear that he hadn't really a clue what was going on.

next, I must say, I highly prey that you don't think i'm one of those guys who HAS to have their RP character the bes at everything and be all brilliant etc etc etc. Because that isn't my intention at all, I decided to throw in the pokemon leage history as an extra interesting fac about JJ, and also as no one else had mentioned something like it, i thought it would be a nice original thing to add for this particular character. as far as his grandfather's sucess, well other then JJ's mentioning of him at relevant times, he isn't going to be anything of a major factor in the RP, i have no intentions of him making a remaculous appearence at the tournament, it is merely a main cause behind Jeffery's determination to do well in the tournament and do him proud, good for adding to his emotion in battle.

Anyway, i will finish saying I have full intention of making some flaws and quirks painfully obvious for Jefferys character, I just havent had the chance to indicate them yet, without throwing them away, i prefer slow but sure development of my characters.
and once again, do not simply want to be the best blah blah blah M'kay? ( XD )
Once again welcome back, and please do continue to point out any problems you are seeing with my character along the way, and i will either realise them and make some changes with my thanks to you, or point out exactly why i'm doing what i'm doing and thankyou.

sorry for the rant people but just wanted to make some things clear lol.


That's actually the most constructive response I've had for any comment of mine. ^-^ Yeah, I kind of figured it was JJ being clueless back there (Ohh...they could have a big verbal argument about that later on. XD) but I just wanted to check, because it's quite easy to get confused with as many posts as we have here. Anyways, you've answered deal of my points well and made it suitably polite and I don't mind the rant (It would be awfully hypocritical of me considering how much ranting I do myself. XD) And I'm glad to see that you didn't take what I said as a personal insult (Some have done...-_-) I'm still pretty tired so I'm afraid that affects the way I express myself. I do think my own last post sounds pretty offensive towards you, which wasn't really my intent, so sorry about that. Also, as long as I get to see his darker side (Ahh...the darkside of good guys is always interesting XD) eventually I'll be happy. Guess it was just me being tired and blowing things out of proportion (Either that or I'm channeling the spirit of Valen XD). Anyways, thanks for sorting that out, not to mention the welcome. Tis' good to be back. ^-^

Anyhow, I'll just wait for an IC now...*Thwiddles thumbs*

January 4th, 2006, 10:33 AM
{ooc| Awww, BB! Don't worry, we know you're not being a Gary Stu purposely. *pets* Plus, it's slightly origional to see a perfect character in advanced rp'ers these days, most characters seem to be buried in inner angst (mine included) so it's refreshing to roleplay against a care-free guy. Then again, Plush and Yibber always manage to keep their chracters upbeat... I guess those two rock too!

Yes Alter, a flying tackle is a new one. It is normally reserved for Mika alone.

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2006, 11:02 AM
OOC: Mika alone? O.O Omg, I feel so special now! ^-^ Anyways, amen on the character thing...I do tend to lean a bit towards the *ahem* angsty side myself. It just seems easier for me for some reason. Although there was a very positive little Oddish I RPed once (Hehee...he was some much fun. ^^) too bad that RP closed down, though.

And concerning your IC...well, it wasn't there the last time I checked. Sowwee...posting an IC right now.


As not only Henna but also Rosairie turned to look at Valen and Kachiko, the little Mawile was quick to notice, spinning around and clapping her little hands together in excitement {Oh! Papa! Lookie!} she exclaimed, her eyes now fixed on the girl and her Magmar, {Those funny peoples are looking at us! Hiiii funny peoples!} the Mawile waved at Rosairie and her pokmon before turning to Valen, {Oh, that one person looks kinda like smelly!} she exclaimed, pointing at Henna and squinting towards the Magmar again {Only...only she is taller and less furry and fire-patterned and everything! Can I go play with them papa? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?}

Valen turned to look in the direction that the steel type was pointing him, noticing Rosairie and her pokmon as well. Oh great... he thought for himself, of all the people from the group it was the stuck-up Lori-to-be he had to run into...the boy was about to refuse his Mawile permission to go over, but it turned out that Kachiko hadn't waited that long, already skipping, jumping, dashing, and generally making her way over to Henna, carefully poking the fire type with her right index finger.

{Oh! Your warm!} she exclaimed in surprise, pulling back her finger and tilting her head, {Who are you, funny-person-who-is-not-smell-aaagh?} she asked in an innocent voice, the jaws protounding from her forehead locked into a smile {Aren't you afraid you'll burn yourself?}

"Kachiko..." Valen said in a tired voice, beginning to walk towards the steel type "Don't poke the Magmar..." he sighed in forfeit, noticing that the Mawile was far too preoccupied with Henna to pay any attention to her at the moment. He could have recalled her of course, but Valen had always found the steel type's antics amusing, if rather tiresome, and besides, for all his tough talk and independence the boy still had a certain soft spot for his little Mawile, something which the steel type knew all too well.

January 4th, 2006, 11:24 AM
{ooc| Yes, I am angsty too. It's good fun! xDD}

"Henna, let's not..." Rosairie muttered, but her Magmar was preparing to stroll over.
{Don't be silly, he seems to know his way around, we'll-} she broke off, as the Mawile clapped her hands, twirled, and acted genuinely silly. She said something to her trainer, something Henna couldn't hear, and gestured in Henna and Rosairie's direction. {Oops, we've already been seen...} Henna said evilly, giving Rosairie a cheeky lopsided grin.

Rosairie turned her head to the left, and watched Valen out of the corner of her eye. His expression told her all; he definetly did not want tos ee her. Well, Rosairie tought viciously, That's fine with me! She cuddled Silence a bit closer.
This city was so strange; normally boys fell head over heels to talk to her. What was with this town? She decided not to worry about it. After all, she'd win the tournament and go back home. As if she cared what Valen thought, he was just an agressive possesive manic depressive.
Rosairie turend to leave, but the Mawile was already dashing over - and attaching herself to Henna.

The magmar raised an eyebrow as she was thoroughly prodded. {Doesn't touching me hurt you...?} she asked, {you're a steel type...}
Rosairie groaned, and glanced at Valen. "Henna, let's go, please..." she begged, her eyes still on Valen.
Henna chuckled to herself, and kept looking at the Mawile. Normally she hated kids, but she completely depised being lost. She would rather stick with this infant and her trainer than trek off with Rosairie and get marooned in this geometrical wasteland. {Of course I don't get burnt, I'm a fire type. I'm Henna. A magmar.}

Rosairie winced, but put on her usual bright face before she seemed rude. "Hello, Valen, what happened to you?" she asked, before adding: "Me and Henna were just looking for some..." she racked her brain. "...spare Gucci Sunglasses."
Henna rolled her eyes. Silly girl... if Valen didn't see through the lie, he would definetly think her spoilt. Gucci was a designer brand, costing more than the average computer.

{I'm e-baying... yay... I'm buying pokemon Sapphire, my sister's friend nicked it years ago.. I really miss it. I even had my Fangy-poo on there, my star crobat! I also had a ninetails, a raichu, and a treecko. Yay!}

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2006, 11:48 AM
OOC: Angst 4ever! XD Hehee...Valen and Rosairie are so going to hate each other to the very end, aren't they? ^-^


{Erm...nope! Not much!} Kachiko replied cheerfully to Henna's question, continuing to circle the Magmar and peer at her intently, administering a couple of more swift pokes here and there, {Oh, and you is a fire type?} she asked curiously at the Magmar's explanation, {Oh! That's why you don't get burned!} the Mawile declared, clapping her hands together and smiling proudly as if she had just drawn an extaordinary scientific conclusion, {I'm Kachiko!} she added cheerfully, {I is a Ma-maam-maaaaw-mawii-Mawile!} she struggled with remembering the name for a bit before finally nodding enthusiastically {Uh-huh! A Mawile!} she repeated proudly, {That's what papa told me! Aren't you proud of me papa?! I remembered!}

The steel type turned over to Valen, pulling the boy by his right pant leg. He gave a tired sigh, patting the Mawile on the head "Yes, I'm very proud." he replied "Now I've got some things to do, so talk with someone else for a moment, allright?"

{Okays!} Kachiko replied an eternal grin plastered on her face as she turned back to Henna. The Mawile was about to say something when she finally spotted Silence, her grin widening.

{Hiiii other new person!} she called, now waving at the Jolteon and running over to him instead, putting the electric type through her usual poking routine, {Oh, you bes a sharp new person!} she exclaimed, staring admiringly at Silence's spiky body, {But that's okay! Spikes don' hurt so bad! And they tickle real funnily!} the Mawile giggled, poking Silence some more before turning her bright eyes to meet his, {What's your name, funny new person?}

Valen looked up as he noticed Rosairie adressing him, also noting that the girl took care to conceal her displeased expression and doing the same, turning his own to neutral. They both knew that they didn't like each other, but at least they could pretend that they were beyond showing it.

"Oh, I just had a little talk with my employer." he replied in as nonchalant a tone as he could muster, although a slight tinge of emotion in his voice hinted at how he felt about that particular meeting, "It's nothing big. And I take it, you've got your sign-up done, then?" he asked. Apparently it was considered good manners to keep conversations going, and he would rather not run into a single argument more during this assignment if he could help it.

January 4th, 2006, 12:12 PM
{ooc| Eh, Rosairie rarely hates people - she's such an agreeable person, I don't think she's capable of holding a grudge. However, if she meets someone like Valen, or even Reina, who are completely different to her usual crowd, she feels uncomfortable. However, I guess this could be read as hate, because she tends to avoid these people/act strange around them.
Oh, did I mention she's also afraid of Valen? I meant to... blah...}

Henna gave the Mawile a fond smile. She was definetly a cute little thing, and far more sturdy than that annoying little minun she was faced with earlier. Species like that, Henna looked down on. They were so weak and silly, they really were a waste of good oxygen! This mawile, though...
{Yes, that's right,} the magmar replied, warming up to the steel-type, {you're a Mawile. I saw some of your kind when I was in Hoenn. You'll be a fierce battler when you're older, mark my words.}

Rosairie bit her lip, and folded her arms across her chest. "Henna, we need to finish shopping-"
She broke off, as the mawile approached Silence. This wouldn't turn out good.
Silence flinched as Kachiko touched him, shuddering and twitching violently as she stroked him. Silence stared back into her eyes, transfixed. To silence, Kachiko's eyes were so big... brown... you could drown in eyes like that, so filled with innocence. Silence's own body was rigid with fear; his eyes were wide in horror. How dare she touch me? he sparked briefly, something which brought him back to reality. He skittered away and hid behind Rosairie's boots, watching Kachiko fearfully.
Henna spoke up. {His name is Silence.} she held out her hand, in an attempt to tempt the little beast away.

Rosairie smiled sheepishly at Valen, and bent down to caress her pokemon. "Yes, everyone's done signing up now." she told him.

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2006, 12:42 PM
OOC: Oh, I see...erm, I think. XD Anyways, yeah, I think I saw her being afraid of Valen at one point, although on the other hand, anyone in possession of a proper sense for self-preservation would be wary of that dude when he goes berserk. ^^


Kachiko blinked in surprise as Silence backed of in fear at the sight of her. Granted, the Mawile was quite used to scaring her opponents with those large jaws of hers, but she had never met a pokmon who had been so utterly terrified of her, a lot of them had been annoyed, yes, the funny people...but none of them had actually been scared. Briefly, the little steel type pondered how people would react when she became a 'fierce battler' like that nice funny person had said when she was this scary already.

{Oh, hi Silence!} she called to the Jolteon who had now hidden behind Rosairie's boots, attempting to make her way over to the electric type despite Henna's attempt to stop her {Why won't you talk to me? You're so spiky and sparkly and funny and I want to be your friend!} the Mawile was about to poke Silence again, but this time she was stopped by something far more concrete than simply a hand raised her way; two of them, grabbing a firm hold of the little steel pokmon's body and lifting her up from the street, their owner having decided that the Mawile had harrased the poor Jolteon quite enough for a while.

{Hey! Lemme' go!} Kachiko exclaimed, wriggling in Valen's grip, but to no avail as the boy lifted her up until her face was level with his {Papa! Lemme' go!} she repeated, {I wanna' play with the funny spiky person!}

"Out of the question." the boy replied, shaking his head, "I don't think that Jolteon wants to play with you." he locked his eyes with the Mawile's to emphasise his point "You don't want to scare him, do you?"

{But-} Kachiko protested, {But I wasn't even being scary, papa! Honest! I was just-}

"That's quite enough." Valen interrupted, "I don't want you bugging that Jolteon. Do you understand?"

{Yes papa...} the Mawile replied, looking slightly disgruntled.

"Good." the boy said, nodding as he placed the Mawile back on the pavement where she sat sulking for a while before she remembered Henna again, tottering over to the Magmar, her usual smile returning.

{Henna?} she asked, tilting her head, {Why won't the funny spiky person talk to me?}

"My apologies for Kachiko's behaviour..." Valen said in his usual neutral voice, "She is still young and hasn't learned proper discipline...or very much common sense..."

January 4th, 2006, 1:39 PM
{ooc| It's late, I'm back at school, and my system's still in shock. I'm probably not making sense... sorry about that. I found about five typos in my previous post, including writing 'like' as 'light'.}

Silence hid his head. He heard Kachiko, every word, and she spoke like he was a mere infant, too young to understand. The other boy even went as far as to take Kachiko way. Silence couldn't tell why but he assumed it was more for the Mawile's benefit than his own. Most people reguarded Silence with the same deep-rooted fear he himself possessed - fear for themselves, and fear for their pokemon. Such a creepy jolteon would surely 'taint' their prize battlers...

Rosairie's eyes flicked from Silence to Valen as he removed his pokemon, and she stood up too, her arms still folded tightly over her chest. She felt herself blush; Valen must think I'm a cruel owner, she thought, to have such an unstable pokemon. She was about to say something, when Kachiko began speaking again in poketongue. Mawile was not a language she was fluent in, so she glanced sideways at her Magmar. The brawny fire type had a soft smile on her face.

{Silence...} she paused for a moment, {Silence was given his name for a reason.} Henna glanced at the Jolteon, but he was staring at his feet. How to explain this...? How to explain it in a way a child would understand? Henna didn't want to upset the child, or worry her. Nor did she want to offend Silence, who was 'delicate' enough as he was. {He...his first trainer, not Rosairie... well, forgot about him. He left him in the dark, in a cage, and Silence forgot how to speak. He's learnt how to now, but he doesn't like to...} Henna told the child. It was half-true. {Don't worry, though, your trainer is a nice man.} she added, just in case.
Silence's ears twitched, and he smiled faintly. Thank God for Henna. She always knew what to say.

Rosairie blinked at Henna's words. "Henna, what...?"
{The child asked a question, it does no good to lie to them. Take a look at you.}
"...But Silence-!"
{He'll survive.}

Rosairie frowned, stomped her foot, and bit her lip. To anyone watching, it must have seemed like a very childlike gesture to make, but she was like that; Rosairie wasn't paticularily lucid with her words, and when it came to explaining how she meant simple gestures worked best between the girl and her pokemon.
"Henna's nearly ten years old and she still hasn't learned any discipline." she told Valen bitterly. The boy seemed to be bettering her in everything right now, from sense of direction to pokemon, and he didn't seem to find her the least bit lovely. What sort of boy was he?

{ooc| I actually have a friend very much like this. She thinks the opposite gener exists to answer to her every whim. Aaaaah, gotta love her. xD}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 4th, 2006, 2:08 PM
OOC - YES! WALREIN TO L100! give me an '''oooooooooo'' *distributes pie*
Alter Ego, thankyou very much for your compiments and understanding in my my response, you obviously take RP'ing just as seriously as me, most prlly even more lol.
As i said, i think our characters can have a very interesting sort of relationship, slowly building up to something new, although i dont know what sort of level your planning on having Valen end on, that will be something exciteing to find out lol.
anyway, i also want to sayi love the personality you gave mawile, I've fallen in love with the character of it lol. and I have a question, where are you and charon chan atm? i wated to ask cos im not sure and didn't want to make an IC post which would sound stupid lol.

Yay! a pat from charon chan. *gives huge pie all to herself*

January 4th, 2006, 5:10 PM
OOC: Eh, would have posted sooner, though I was busy doing cleaning. ^^;;

Alter's back! And lemme say first off that I'm very sorry about the illness/food poisoning thing. I hate food poisoning, I always feel absolutely terrible for days afterward too. >_< It seems to happen to many people that go to a far-off country.

*breathes HUGE sigh of relief* Yay! I didn't totally screw up Lori! ^-^ God, I always stress out when I have to take over other people's characters. I tried my very best though, and figured that if I majorly screwed up, that you would only hate me for so long. ^^; The tour thing was a spontaneous event I figured would be routine for a competition thingy like this. In such a huge building with many people wandering around, I would assume they would have something like that.

As for the receptionist thing... I think that was Friday night... wasn't it? The night that everyone but me has a posting spree in. ^-^; I remember waking up to post and going... eh? I thought Lori was the only receptionist?! *shrugs* Eh, it was a fairly minor mistake though.

Oh yeah! Reeve! I forgot about him. I just assumed he had left or something... >.> Apologies for not taking care of that. I liked Reeve too. Maybe he'll make another appearance sometime later? *is hopeful*

GAH! Okay... I dunno about anyone else, but I'm editing my posts with the monk guys to make that a bit more accurate. I feel it is necessary. That's an important part. *nods*

Now about the layout of the building... I'm still confused on that... it's what happens when I have to remember things from weeks ago (and various posts, this is something I need to get better at when I RP)... I shall have to pay better attention from now on. Yep. Apologies on that too.

Lastly, BB's character. I agree, his character does seem pretty good/nice/perfect, but, as already stated, I think he needs more time to express flaws. I personally think he seems a bit too nice and trusting. I mean, Reina could totally take advantage of him (though she isn't that kind of person ^-^). Eh, nothing really big has happened though, it's pretty much just been signing up and walking around, so I think that perhaps once more things start happening, we'll get to see a bit more of JJ's character.

... Okay, so that wasn't lastly, but I do like hearing myself type, so... anyway, I just wanted to say that my Fire Emblem game is driving me CRAZY!! >____> I'm stuck on the level that Eirika and Ephraim find each other for the second time (it's by that place... Jehanna Hall or whatever)! My goodness! I swear I can't do it! It's too hard! Hours of my life wasted.... Guh... I'll get it eventually though. I was so close earlier, I just had that Wyvern evil dude left, and he KO'ed Ephraim with one critical hit. WTF? His Spear had a critical hit of 4! 4?!!!! -_- Oh well....


"Heh, well JJ," Reina said as the exited Ostria's shop, "I'm afraid you won't be winning the competition. That will be yours truly."

Pixie jumped a bit, {Yay! Go us!} It was meant to be a cheer, but with Pixie's timid demeanor, it was more like a whisper to herself. Tabansi shook his head a bit about it. Reina sure was becoming excited about this competition; a testament to wanting to be the best again. It was always like this at home. After all, growing up with two older brothers was something that usually made people want to succeed, to strive for the best. Reina was no exception.

{Don't go getting ahead of yourself Reina,} Tabansi warned her, {Ostria didn't say much about you being good at the competition. In fact, she seemed a bit worried about it. Didn't she say something about it 'testing you' or some such nonsense?}

"Yeah, and that means that I'll come out on top, right? Remember that protective force I have?" Reina said confidently.

{Ugh... that woman was not a psychic. She is a fake, a very good liar. Nothing she says is worth hearing,} the Heracross tutted, clicking his wings in frustration. Protective force? That was him; that was his job. What pokemon could replace that job for him? After all, it was the promise he had made to Reina when joining up with her.

"Relax Tabansi...," Reina said with a hint of concern in her voice, "No one's taking your place.... You... uh, nevermind. You know how I feel." She looked away from the bug pokemon and back to JJ.

Tabansi felt a bit happier though, even though Reina never really did say what she thought of him, he knew that when she gets flustered like that, it usually means that she wants to express a strong emotion but doesn't know how.

Pixie looked at the Heracross, {Uh... you can always protect me Taban... you know, if you'd like.} She tried to look emotional, but being a Staryu has its problems. For one, without a face, it's very hard to express yourself, and Pixie always wanted to say so many things to Tabansi. They would have to wait though, because obviously now was not the time.

The Heracross nodded to the water pokemon. {Ah, well, thank you for the offer Pixie, however I shall do my best to protect the both of you. I do that for friends,} he said, nodding.

"So, what to do now?" Reina said to JJ, "Do you think we should look around the city? Or well... there may not be enough time. These stores are pretty boring though."

Random Plushie
January 4th, 2006, 10:24 PM

Sorry sorry, comp's givin' me trouble right now. A LOT of it. >.<

Plus, I gotta go to bed in ten minutes. If I can read everything I missed within that time, I may post.

Basically the internet is running real slow, and it takes a while for the right-click menu to show up.

Oh yeah, and this is just some random doodle I scanned while waiting for the internet to load. (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/purple_wing/Scan10005.png) I replaced my Latios with an Alakazam 'cause someone called me cheap for using a legendary. So yeah.

In case you can't see why he's mad, it's 'cause of the thing in Fishy's hand.. o.O

Hopefully I can post soon. Hi Alter! ^-^

Editness: IC:

"Maybe we should just get your mind off.. The cheese industry." Avery said in response to Cona, trying with all her might to maintain her smile. It was just as hard to stay near Cona, when she could run off screaming at any time. Oh, but that wouldn't be very nice, now would it?

She took Cona by the arm, hoping that she could get the girl towards.. A shop or something. If you got involved enough, your mind could get absorbed and you'd forget what was bothering you at the moment. That was something that had happened to Avery's grandmother a good deal of times at one of the shops back in Mauville.

"Come on, what are the chances of something big and sinister happening this very instant? Let's look for a smoothie stand or something." Avery continued, now pulling Cona towards a different area. However, she soon forgot all about Cona when she saw Rosairie talking to Valen, that dude who'd gotten into a tussle earlier. They were a few ways away, in the direction of the Waiwai Inc. Building.

She immediately stopped trying to pull Cona, instead turning to the girl once more. "Do you think we should go say 'hi' or something?"

Meanwhile, Fable had nodded at both the words of Krys and Kuner. {Nice theme and nice name. Fable wishes more days were like this one, yes?} He stated, twitching slightly before noticing that Avery had stopped trying to pull Cona, which meant that her sling bag had stopped swinging. Dangit, man, that was the only reason he was even in there!

Muttering something to himself, the Sableye instantly crawled out of the bag and latched onto his usual spot on Avery's shoulder. He could still talk to the funny Marshtomp and Pidgey if they continued the sort-of conversation, so he figured he'd stay on Avery's shoulder for now.

{Ooh, it's the Arbok man!} Fable exclaimed, once he had taken note of Valen and Rosairie. {Clang clang clang went the trolley..} The Sableye trailed off, hoping that Cona would give the affirmative to say 'hi'. He had so many tricks up his sleeve that were just waiting to be tested.. Although perhaps he'd test 'em out later. There was always time for tricks. Especially during battle, that was just so funny!

January 5th, 2006, 1:26 AM
Plushie..tha's a great drawing right there.^^
I love Mystery the bes,her expression ish just great.XD

You know,you don't really need to take in what other dudes call you.Like,push it out.(Trust Yibber,it works.XDDD)Cheap...like,please.-_-

Oh,and no worries abou JJ or anthin' Bulba.You gots that 100 Walrein already.^^


Well,this was a first.Instead of her dragging Avery,now the girl had taken charge and pulled her along by the arm.

"I will not rest until the Cheese Industry is safe!"Cona said firmly,folding her arms to show that she was serious,though no attempts of wriggling,fighting the grip were noticed.The girl just felt that maybe Avery had a small point,about the chances of something sinister happening at that very moment.
All sane thoughts in her head vanished in a puff of Feebas as the trainer with her Sableye pointed out Valen.With Rosairie,her usual pokemon-Magmar.Jolteon.But now,there was a new addition,a strange Mawile.Where did the boy go off to in the first place?Hm?Why was he with Rosairie?And why did that Mawile poke the Magmar and Jolteon?Something Feebas-ish was going on.

"Course we can go and say 'hi'!"Cona immediately replaced the frown on her face with a fake smile,throwing her arms into the air to wave wildly at Rosairie and Valen.

{Yup.Why,we never had such eventful days when I was young'.Now there's only contests and other things you whippersnappers'd do.}Kuner mumbled,not really knowing what else to talk about.

{You should try cheese sometime.Its good.}was all Krystal managed to say,looking up as his trainer waved her arms and attracted the attention of the surronding people.Some staring at her and Avery,the others,at the people she was waving at.

Alter Ego
January 5th, 2006, 3:39 AM
OOC: Yay for Walrein L100! *Ooos and snatches pie* And here I was all proud of my level 47 Swampert. XD Aww...ish okay Bubu, you'll be level 100 too... *Patts Bubu and gives him pie* And then, the world shall face the devastating, earthquaking trio that is Swampert/Camerupt/Cradily! >D Nyuknyuk...I'm going to have all three at level 100 on my Emerald team before I'm done. *Cackles manically*

Anyways, yeah, I do take RPing more seriously than almost anyone else here it seems. That's just the way I am, I guess.^-^ And thanks for the positive feedback on Kachiko's personality, I luv it too which is why I decided to let the little Mawile have a bit more screen time. Hehee...she can do so much fun stuff that Valen and his other pokmon are too serious to do. Like poking and pointing at everyone in sight. XD

Anyways, I'm not quite sure how far and in which direction Valen will develop yet, although odds are that it will be in a positive one, so what he ends up thinking about JJ remains to be seen (Part of the fun, no? ^-^), although it's fairly obvious that they've both got rather false/biased views of each other at the moment. As for where Valen and Rosairie are...well, it's somewhere along the line of stands, fairly close to the Waiwai Inc. Building.

And Melissa, first of all...you've mentioned Fire Emblem again so now I feel inclined to rant about strategies. (Anyone not interested just scroll down, a good bit XD)

Eirika's and Ephraim's second meeting? That's 'Scorching Sands', right? Right after 'Queen of the White Dunes'? Yeah, that place is a bit of a pain, although the majority of the problems for me was my over-fondness for cavalry. ^^ Anyways, I don't have any idea of what kind of team you've built it up, but the key is to use as many characters as possible that aren't hampered by the sand (I.e. Anyone who doesn't ride a horse) Falcoknights are a real lifesaver in this mission, so I'd suggest taking along Tana and Vanessa (Assuming that you trained them) to lead the charge. Other reliable Characters that can be used for backup are Lute (Works best as a Sage), Neimi (Preferably Sniper) and Natasha (Works best as Bishop) as well as Joshua and/or Marisa (Both best as Swordmasters). You might also want to take along Ewan and Saleh, although I'm not quite as fond of those two myself. *Shrugs* Also, if you took Ephraim's path then Cormag should be major help here as he is far better as a Wyvern Knight (Or was that Wyvern Rider? I forget) than any of your opponents and if he's on a high enough level he'll just cleave straight through them, especially if you've got Falcoknight support to take care of spellcasters. The way I tend to do it to send a few members of my party (The ones with less mobility or who suffer sand penalties) to finish off Tigereye-whatshisface, if you've got Joshua or Marisa wielding Adhaulma (The queen should have given you that one, although you need a Swordmaster with S Rank weapon skill in Swords to use it) he should go down with only a couple of hits. Meanwhile, you should have a couple of fairly sturdy fighters (If you made Amelia into a Knight, or better yet; a General she'll be major help here) to fend of the Pegasus Knight/Falcoknight attack from the upper part of the screen (Happens after a couple of turns, as I'm sure you know). Meanwhile, have all of your light magic users (Or just one of them) go visit the store next to Jehenna Hall and buy Divines for all then send the rest of your party on straight charge towards Walter's half of the army; it looks big, but if your characters are good enough they should have no problem in cleaving through. Natasha and Lute (Armed with Divine) are great for leading the charge because they can take out both ranged and melee attackers with one hit, even the heavily armored ones like Paladins and Wyver Riders. Once you've got Walter on his own, there's simply no point in risking any melee attackers by taking him head on. Bide your time, heal the units you think you'll need, maybe poke around the desert a bit (There are a couple of spots where your characters will find items if they stand on them when they begin their turn, there's some good stuff there including a couple of Lancereavers). Anyways, the best way to finish of mister Big-arse Wyvern Lord is to sic your best spellcaster at him (I used Natasha) because the common weak point of all wyvern rider classes is that their resistance is simply horrendous. Since you also get the game's strongest anima magic 'Excalibur' from the queen just before the mission you can use that to wipe out poor ol' Walter before he can do as much as even lift that fancy little lance of his (Needs S Rank in Anima magic to be used). ^^

Well, hope that helped a bit. ^-^ Also, make sure to pick up the Master Seal from the dude in that house in the bottom left corner of the screen in case you still have a character in need of class changing. It also helps if you visit the secret store in 'Queen of the White Dunes', it's located in the upper-right corner of that little courtyard in the upper-right corner of the screen, I believe, although of course you need to get the secret pass from L'Arachel's little Rogue (Can't remember his name) first. The secret store around there sells all of the basic seals as well as Killer Lances/Bows/Axes, Killing Edges, Shamshirs, Lancereavers, Axereavers, and Swordreavers, as well as a fairly wide selection of heavy-duty spells for all kinds of spellcasters. ^^


That being said...yeah, you certainly didn't screw up Lori. Most of her dialouge was real fun to read actually. ^^ But I know, controlling someone else's character is always a lot of stress, that's why I always avoid doing that myself. Too scared of messing up. ^^

And the monk-type people have been edited? Right, I'll check it out.

Hiii Plushie! ^^

That bes a very nice doodle you made. ^^ Hehee...it looks like Fishy pissed the newcomer of, eh? Dang, he stole his spoon! XD Like Yibber pointed out, you do a great job at drawing expressions, and the situations you make are real funny. ^^ Yeah, legendaries are cheapies, although I would have called in a Grumpig for a replacment instead of a Zam myself. Any chance of seeing the moveset? *Is being nosy*


Valen smirked inwardly at Rosairie's reaction, and comment about Henna's discipline, although he was carefull not to let these feelings show. For the first time, the girl had shifted from the category of 'annoying idiots' to 'amusing idiots'. She was distinctly similar to Lori, with the most notable exception being that she was far less controlled, and, more importantly, far easier to provoke into emotional outbursts. Lori's most frustrating trait had always been that she never seemed to loose her poker-face. To be able to hear and see preciesely the kind of reactions, the kind of weakness from someone so similar was refreshing. It was very therapeuthical. To Valen, the reason for these disciplinary problems was painfully obvious; an unstable and insecure trainer made for unstable and insecure pokmon, and while she doubted that someone like Rosairie could ever have inflicted such utter fear as Silence's on any living being, he wasn't ready to rule out that she had made matters worse. Valen didn't express any of these thoughts however, merely nodding and remaining silent instead.

Kachiko's eyes widened as Henna begun her explanations concerning Silence's behaviour, the Mawile standing still and listening for the first time in who knows how long. When the Magmar finsihed however, the little steel type spoke up almost immediately.

{But...} she said, scratching her head, {I sit in the dark lots and its still not scary...oh! Is the funny spiky person scared of dark?} she gave Silence a friendly smile, {Dun' worry nice spiky person. Is' only a lil' dark, it can't hurt you.} she leant down to look the Jolteon in the eyes again, {Next time you get scared jus' tell me an' I'll hold your hand. Okays?} the little Mawile's voice was very serious throughout the whole of the statement, she then folded her arms and pouted, {That other owner sounds like a real poopie-head!} she called out, stamping her foot, {Should I punch him? Papa taught me how to-} the Mawile stopped in mid-sentence as she noticed more strangers heading their way; two humans, not very interesting ones, but the pokmon with them...now those looked like funny people! Especially that Sableye. And they seemed to be looking at them, one of the big guys was even waving.

{Ohhh! Papa! More new peoples!} Kachiko called, beaming and clapping her hands in excitement before waving at the strangers, her former seriousness completely forgotten, {Hiiiii other new peoples!}

Without waiting for any comment from her trainer, the Mawile dashed of towards Avery, Cona, and their pokmon.

January 5th, 2006, 7:23 AM
OOC: Kuu... *dies* Ack! Forgot to edit my posts with the monk people!! >.< I knew I forgot something. *runs to edit as she posts this* Hm... okay, I only had one post where I mentioned them. I figured that the cool Aggron would be more important to Reina than boring monk guys. =P

Yay! Fire Emblem help... for free! XD Hm... well, luckily I like Mages/Sages and Pegasus Knights. Ooh... I forgot about Vanessa (why? XD) and I just changed her to a Wyvern Knight (eh, felt Wyvern-ish that day) so I think it would be a great idea to bring her along. There's a secret store up there?!!!! O.O Score!! Oh, magic on that Wyvern Knight guy, great idea, I don't know why I stuck Ephraim up against him. XD Tana's awesome, she's like my lifesaver. I have raised her up good. In fact, I think she's better than any other Pegasus/Falcoknights I've had in my other Fire Emblem game. ^-^ I shall try that level again today Alter. I shall try and win! I think I can do it, I just need to make my battle choices more carefully and actually keep weaknesses in mind.

And Plushie! That's a cute drawing! =3 I love the expressions! Too cute. ^^

*meep* Uh, can't really post until BB posts... *twiddles thumbs* Oh! Maybe I'll do some foreshadowing!! Phweee!

The breeze ruffled the long strands of grass that came up out of the ground. It made a strange whistling noise that seemed to roll along the field in time with the movement.

A farmhand was working out in these conditions, and paused for a moment to catch his breath as he had been hacking away at the tall grass for what seemed like hours. "Ughn... Madam didn't say how hard this was going to be to accomplish in such a short time," he mumbled with a frown at the grass.

He heard movement behind him, and whipped around to see a large and quite fluffy creature. It was much like a big dog, but had a longer, skinnier muzzle, and was obviously a fox of some sort. Its many tails blew around in the wind, and its sparkling hazel eyes followed the farmhand's trail as he ran off in surprise. Obviously the farmhand didn't want to mess with a wild Ninetails when he was so tired-- or perhaps not at all.

The Ninetails smiled an amused smile. She was not here to hurt anyone, on the contrary, she was here to protect someone. The farmhand's fright was not unexpected, but was unnecessary.

Closing her eyes and thinking of what she had to do, {Reina... I hope I find you in time....} The Ninetails then took off running, she was very quick, and sped down the grassy field in no time, bounding off for the city that was very close, and who's sounds and sights were not even a few miles away.

January 5th, 2006, 9:30 AM
Silence watched her flee, a sad look in his eyes. He had been like that once; innocent, cheerfull, and without a care in the world. In the back of his mind, those rose-tinted memories still lay... though dormant. His eevee days seemed like a centuary ago; there was no point revisiting them, not now.

Rosairie felt a twinge of annoyance at Valen's dead-pan response. Not a word! Not even a smile! He probably thought he was too good to talk to a girl like her; once he knew who her father was, ooo, he'd rue the day he looked down on her! Of course, it would help if Rosairie actualy knew what her father did. It involved a lot of travelling, and made a lot of money, but other than that she was clueless.
Her thoughts flashed back to Valen. Of course, she would never let her annoyance show, but he rubbed her the wrong way. He seemed so perfect, and she envied him for the way he seemed to just sink into the crowd. Rosairie stood out, but not in the usual way. She wasn't the sore thumb, she was the finger with a elegant ring. It was a good thing. But it made her life awkward.

Henna sighed, as the Mawile rushed off. {I couldn't lie to her,} the Mawile muttered, {it doesn't do any good...}
"She she thinks Si is scared of the dark!" Rosairie retorted loudly, "He's been through a lot, he deserves recognition for his bravery!"
{He deserves a nice life, Rozz. There's a difference.}

Rosairie fell silent. She had just spotted Cona and Avery, a little way away, but she felt no urge to go over. She was filled with anger, at Valen's stonyness and Henna's brusque ways, but she didn't say anything. She smiled brightly. "Looks like our group's coming together again." she said.

Alter Ego
January 5th, 2006, 11:02 AM
OOC: Heh, yay for the monk-type people corrections! Saves me time and effort in making an explanation, they're not really the type to need that kind of crude tools for making pokmon obey anyway. Their methods are a bit more...advanced. >D

On the Fire Emblem thing, I made a slight mistake; The secret store in Queen of the White Dunes isn't in the top-right corner of the map, it's in the top-left one. Sorry about that. XD Oh, and they sell a good deal of other stuff there too. I missed it myself when I went through that level the first time, so now the information is stuck in my head forever. ^^ Oh, and as for the weaknesses thing; it's also good to remember that a character with a Rapier simply pwns any heavy-armored units, and Ephraim can do that too with Reginleif. Also, placing Duessel in one of those forts by Walter's troops is a very effective way to par them down without suffering much losses yourself. The Heavy Knight is one of the toughest classes in the game, second only to the General and possibly the Wyvern Lord I believe, and with the fortress' defense boost and healing it's almost impossible to take that dude down unless they manage to rush you with mages and get lucky. But hey, you've got Tana to counter that, ne? ^-^ I prefer Falcoknights over Wyvern Knights myself, mostly because they're virtually immune to everything except particularly high level archer-type classes (Bow users have a major advantage against Pegasus Knights and Falcoknights, another important weakness to keep in mind) and some exceptionally tough monsters. With Vanessa being on as high a level as she is and especially with all the Dragonshields I've been giving her to max out that defense stat the majority of the battle stat windows for my enemies tend to say something along the lines of; Hit 10 Crit 0 Damage 0-2. I.e. Practically nothing whatsoever. In yo faces spellslingers! xP

Anyways, Charon. I was just wondering if you could maybe post in the Showgan RP when you've got a minute? The attendance there has been disturbingly low lately. ^-^ Oh, and Rosairie thinks Valen is...*Checks post* perfect? O.O Whoa, now that was something I didn't expect. XD Dang, she's got quite a warped view of reality, she does. ^-^


As he noticed the way Rosairie suddenly switched to a neutral expression, Valen's inward smirk turned into an inward grin, and a wide one at that. He was quite positive that he had really struck a nerve here, not so much because of the girl's reaction to his silence as the lack thereof. From what he had seen of Rosairie, she wasn't the type to calm down easily, so odds were that she was simply trying to deny him the satisfication of a job well done by not showing her emotions. It was a pity really, they had been rather amusing to follow...

The boy briefly turned to follow the world in general, but his attention turned back to Rosairie as she began arguing with her Magmar about something she had said about Silence. To Valen's dissapointment, there were no details to be had about the Jolteon's past, only that he had "been through a lot.", which was quite plain for anyone who had paid even the slightest attention to Silence's movements. Well, no matter. More details would probably reveal themselves later, not that Valen was exactly dying to find them out. No, of course not. Why would he? It wasn't his pokmon, which meant that they weren't his concerns, and there was no profit to be had from discovering the electric type's past either, not unless someone in Team Viper suddenly decided that they wanted that particular Jolteon for themselves, which was hardly a likely scenario considering its fidgety nature. No, certainly it could have been nothing else than curiosity that made Valen have any kind of interest in Silence's affairs.

As Rosairie put on a very well-routined fake smile and announced the arrival of Avery and Cona in a manner that was probably meant to be cheerfull, Valen shrugged of his thoughts concerning the Jolteon again, finally speaking up; "Oh joy..." he said in a dispassionate voice, noting that both Avery and the lunatic seemed to have noticed them, as had more or less every bystander in sight, hardly surprising considering the way Cona was waving and raving about. The boy sighed inwardly, wishing that the tournament would start soon.

OOC: Okays, I'll probably have the tournament-thingie start when I post tommorow. Not tonight though, because it's too late around here for that. I'd like to be present for as much of it as possible. ^-^

January 5th, 2006, 11:21 AM
{ooc| I'm working double shifts at the kennels this week... I'm working tomorrow as well. xP I'm going there straight from school again (which means I have to wear my ugly trousers to school again too! Yick! I like my uniform, but the trousers we have to wear are so unflattering. The skirts are far superior...) so I'll be on... half an hour, an hour later at the most. So wait up for me, nyah? I'll see if I can get hold of Mika tonight, but she's....absent. =o
Also... I'M GETTING POKEMON EMERALD! I bought it off e-bay earlier today for 14.99 - pretty good as they're about 35 in the shop. It's most likely a fake, but my Red version is a fake and it works perfectly.

January 5th, 2006, 2:21 PM

So wait up for me, nyah? I'll see if I can get hold of Mika tonight, but she's....absent

Good LORD I got some explaining to do.

First of all I am like omg sho sorry for poofing for a week. ~.~ As many of you know (Okay you all do) there was this Hurricane named Katrina and it made things go boom. Well my Grandpa went down with a bunch of teenagers (o_o; My poor Grandpa had to explain to a 17 year old boy why a guy was in drag. <.<;;;;; ) to do work for a week so my Christmas on that side was delayed and it just happened to be on New Year's Day.

Well on New Year's Eve day we realized we

A) Hadn't done any xmas shopping for that side of the family
B) Hadn't remembered that night was new years
C) I had forgotten about a friggen huge World History Assignment.

So yeah. o_o The remaining days of my vacation totally and ubberly sucked and I rarely got more than 15 mins on the comp at a time which ubber sucked.

Thhhhhhhhhen when I got home that New Year's Day night (At 9:30 pm mind you) I found food (mah favoritey chips) and some pop sticking outta my door. My best RL mate (As Charon's my best mate eber eber EBER...And if she wasn't, she'd hit me with a whip. >>;;;;;; which she's virtually holding over me as I type....) who I hadn't spoken with due to an arguement over a very butt like male in almost 5 months, decided to aplogize so I had to deal with that.

And school started. and my first hour sucks.




Who could trully resist a store full of glitter? Who could ignore the urges to run into the store and fall down on the floor, letting the light that shimmered like a Psybeam cover you and paint you the many colors of the rainbow? What person could honestly say that when you passed a jar of glitter there wasn't the small aching feeling to open it and dump it all over just to see everything sparkle so brightly and to annoy the heck out of anybody walking along the street by blinding them with the brilliant colors of the sparklieness? Well, to Kyoko, it didn't matter what anybody else did, she'd ditched the stuffy tour for the gift shop and after buying eight jars of the shiney stuff and after dumping it over random people's heads from a rooftop nearby, she'd begun to realize she had no idea where she was.

She was hungry, she hadn't eaten and she didn't know where to eat. She hadn't found a Rammen place yet... and she had no idea as to what any of the other venders were selling. Her stomach was begining to whine loudly at the lack of food intake as she wandered endlessly, looking for food and hopefully a familiar face, something, anything that looked familiar.

But as the minutes ticked into close to two hours, she was starting to become on the frantic side. Since about the fourty five minute mark, she'd been running through the streets, barely avoiding an accident here and there and narrowly escaping a collision with a person twice her height the next moment.

She wanted to find somebody, anybody, that she reconized... which was only two people.

Rosairie-onee-chan... She'd been so nice....

But what were the chances of finding one person in such a crowded city? Something like 1 to 10,000? Her luck, which was almost always bad, would probably prevent her from running into Rosairie-onee-chan....

Yet, for once her luck was on her side and she happened to see the familiar preppied girl about ready to kill some guy standing next to her.

"Onee-chan!" She called, running to catch up with the girl, "Onee-chan, wait for me!"


For any that don't know

Onee-chan = Sister or a Sisterly figure.

I get home from school about 8pm ish according to Charon so I'll be on ASAP. :3


Random Plushie
January 5th, 2006, 8:51 PM

Yeah, school does suck, Mika. XD The only reason I manage to survive ish because the people there are so funny. XD

Anyways, I had a hunch that you'd ask me for the moveset, Alter.. XD And Yibber already has a Grumpig, so I didn't wanna copy her. =P 'Sides, I kinda like Alakazam. I think Kadabra looks cooler, though. XDDDD

Oh yeah, and this moveset really isn't very standard, so..

Alakazam (M) Lv.54 ** Tekkai
Naive Nature (+Spd, -Sp.Def)
- Psychic
- Hidden Power [Grass]
- Calm Mind
- Recover

Don't kill me~! I was happy that I got a special HP so I kept it~! *braces self* Would Fire Punch be better or am I freaking out over nothing? I made this when the internet was down, so I just went for pure instinct. XD

Oh yeah, and I forgot what a Naive Nature raised and lowered, so by the time I realized I should have kept breeding, he was already at Lv.46. XD

Anyways. I forgot to comment on BB's Walrein! ^^

*Confetti for BB's Walrein !!!!!!!!*

Getting a Poke to Lv.100 is always a cause for congratulations.. So congrats, BB! ^^
I should know, I'm practically dead after working my butt off after I raised my older team members.. XD

Finally, just one more day of school and then posting spree night.. *confetti*

Oh, and by the way, Alter, how tall are you? I need to confirm something that was talked about earlier. XD

Oh, and I'm gonna post Herbie soon! Maybe when I actually finish my homework! =D


"That's not quite what I meant.." Avery said, sweat-dropping as she saw Cona wave madly in Rosairie and Valen's direction. "..But let's go anyway." She immediately started wandering away from the girl and towards the other familiar faces, hoping that at least it would get some people to stop staring at her. She knew Cona was probably going to follow, but she didn't care much about that. She was still a.. Friend.. Even if she was overly embarassing to hang out with.

She stopped walking, however, when Fable dropped from her shoulder in one leap, landing on the ground in front of her and near a Mawile which had approached from Valen and Rosairie's direction. Avery herself hadn't even noticed the small Steel-type, but apparently not much missed Fable's eye.

{And who may you be?} The Sableye stated, darting left and right in a line in front of the Mawile, while Avery tilted her head, pondering whether or not to wait for Fable to get acquainted. Now that she thought about it, she had seen the Mawile earlier, before Valen was teleported away. Perhaps it'd be okay if she let the Sableye talk to this one..

{Are you much like the Arbok man?} The Sableye continued, exposing his teeth in another toothy grin.


I finished my homework and got to scan HERBIEEEEEEE~~~!!!!! (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/purple_wing/HERBIEHERBIE.jpg)

Not my best, but I can't help but hug it~! *hugs Herbie*

Oh yeah, and if you look reeeeaal close, you can see a smudge of white-out in his left eye. XD

Meaning the eye that's to your right.

January 6th, 2006, 3:58 AM
I noticed the smudge,Plushie.But like I said,you ARE real good at drawing expressions,even for cars.X3
Its like,greatness.^^

Grumpig does pwn.Honhin's growing beautifully.^^*huggles Honhin*
Eh,I don't mind Plushie getting a Grumpig though.^^

And,like,Feebas the timezone.And the fact that I need to go to school for CCA(Co-Curricular Activity..-_-) Orientation tomorrow morn' so I'll probably miss the start of the Tournament.XP
English Speech and Drama!Just because the school only has Badminton for Boys!>O
Anyway,everyone says I should join Speech and Drama as I would like,be a 'good addition' or something.All my new teachers call me 'spontaneous'.

So,no worries,I'll catch up later you dudes just continue with your stuffers bou the Tournament.But I do need to get around doing somethin' else after school,so I'll be late.^^;;


Cona lowered her arms upon realising that the passer-bys were staring at her and the others,blushing a noticable scarlet before following after Avery.

So,Valen had come back.And he was with Rosarie.
A plan to take down the Cheese Market and Toothfloss Industry,like what the boy had admitted a few hours back.Or was something deeper about to take place,like the end of the world perhaps?She had still to meet her father,the world couldn't end yet!Okay,maybe not the end of the world.But something was definately going on.And she was determined to find out what it was if it was the last Feebas she huggled!

The Mawile had ran up to them,Avery's Sableye jumping down from his spot on her shoulder to greet the Steel Type,and so were Krystal and Kuner.

{Oh,hello,new friend!I am Krystal!}the Marshtomp waved to Kachiko,rather amazed by her large maw.Was it possible for one to have a giant mouth on his head?That would seem rather nice,indeed.

{And,I am Kuner.I must say,your maw is cold.Yes,very.}the Pidgey(who meant the word 'cool') was trying to fit in with up-to-date slang.Now if only he knew how to properly say it,perhaps if he listened more to young peoples conversations.That is,if his hearing wasn't failing him again.

"A Mawile?Wonder what someone could put into its maw.Probably cheese."Cona mumbled,looking intently as her pokemon conversed with the Deceiving Pokemon,almost getting lost in thought once more.

"Oh,hey.Rosarie...Valen.."she said the names with suspicion,feeling that they might've snapped or stared at her funny(like the people around were doing) if she didn't address them.Not that they weren't already.

Alter Ego
January 6th, 2006, 5:02 AM
OOC: Gah, why am I always so slow with posting on mornings? ~_~ Oh well, it's about time I made one now...

First of, welcome back, Mika! ^^ Dang, that's a proper excuse if I ever saw one. School is evil, yes it is. Out to steal people's souls...and computer time. <.< Heh, I'm glad I'm still on vacation. ^-^ *Brick'd by all non-vacationers in the room*

And Plushie, concerning your moveset...well, it needs work. Let me bring it into the professional quote of correction. Moves I consider wrong are overlined, suggestions are in bold and comments are in cursive as usual.

Alakazam (M) Lv.54 ** Tekkai
@Leftovers/Choice Band (See comments)
Naive Nature (+Spd, -Sp.Def)
- Psychic
- Hidden Power [Grass]/Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Thunderpunch
- Calm Mind/Trick/Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Thunderpunch
- Recover Substitute/Disable/Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Thunderpunch

Okays, first of. Recover on Alakazam is a waste of space because its defense and HP royally suck and its Sp.Defense is average at best. To top it all, the Naive nature reduces the Sp.Defense making this one completely hopeless from a defensive perspective. About the Hidden Power...I'm not sure. On one hand, it's probably quite far from the maximum, so any one of the elemental punches would probably pwn it in power (Not to mention the added effects), however, since Hidden Power is always considered a physical move regardless of type you could use that to stump Mirror Coaters. Also, the grass type gives you a definite edge against a few choice opponents, Swampert perhaps being the most essential. Still, it could do with having Ice Punch or Thunderpunch to increase type coverage, because as it is,pokmon like Exeggutor and Houndoom simply trample this poor thing. So, for filling up the slot left by Recover you could use Substitute as a prediction move (I.e. Use it either against status attackers or against pokmon that you know will switch out against you). Also, trickbanding (I.e. Using Trick to switch over a Choice Band to your opponent) is always fun because it lets you mess up stallers and special sweepers/tanks bad. With that strategy you should be careful around physical sweepers though, excluding the ones that sitt down to buff, or revers. Because they will only get stronger from that Choice Band and wreak considerable havoc on your team. Another, and rather interesting, version of the trickbanding strategy is to add Disable to your set. Once you've secured the Choice Band on your opponent, try to hit it with Disable, if you succeed, you'll have locked your opponent onto struggle for as long as the move lasts or until they switch out. ^-^ It's a pretty risky strategy, though, so the easiest way is probably going with the old Psychic+2 other special attacks+Calm Mind formula. Sweep away as many opponents as possible with your attacks and use Calm Mind when you think your opponent will switch out or use Protect/Endure. There's some neat stuff you can do with Encore too, but since that requires breeding I won't bother listing those things. I've also heard of something called a Subpunchzam which is specifically aimed at eliminating Blisseys and Tyranitars, but I can't for the life of me remember how it worked exactly. Sound like one of those fancy specialist movesets anyway, so meh. Well, hope something of this helped. ^^

Ahh...nothing like a movesetrating to get me going. Thanks, Plushie. ^-^ Anyways, you asked how tall I am? Hmm...that's a good question. I haven't checked in a while so I'm not quite sure myself. Hmm...last I checked I believe I was 1,89something meters, now I think I'm a little bit taller than that. Can't say anything very exact, though.

Oh, and that's a cute Herbie piccie by the way. ^-^ I actually saw a Herbie movie on the plane to Thailand. Twas' fun to watch, I give it that. ^^

Ehh...is there something I'm still forgetting? Oh yes, congrats on getting pokmon Emerald, Charon! *Throws confetti* Even though it might be a fake...


{Ohh! Your eyes are so nice and shiny!} Kachiko exclaimed, staring wide-eyed at Sableye's gemstone eyes, obviously experiencing a strong urge to poke them, and seemingly ingoring his questions alltogether.

{Oh, hi to you too other new peoples!} the Mawile called as Krys and Kunner came to introduce themselves, {Oh, you're a big funny new person!} she exclaimed with a voice easily as awed as the one she had just adressed Fable with, experimentally prodding the Marshtomp before proceeding to climb on top of him, using the water types various appendages as help {Oh, and my maw isn't cold, silly flying little person.} she added, giggling at Kuner, she reached out the maws closer to the Pidgey, {You try.} the steel type urged, smiling innocently, {They are not too warm and not too cold but juuuust right.} the steel type giggled again, now having reached the top of Krystal's head, and turned towards the direction where Henna and the other funny people were.

{Hiiii Henna!} she called enthusiastically, waving at the Magmar and nearly tripping over in her excitement, {Look at me!}

Valen didn't pay attention to this however, as he was far too preoccupied with another matter. Namely; a young girl, probably not a day beyond twelve if her looks were anything to go by, who was running towards them and calling after someone called onee-chan. By the looks of it, that was most probably Rosairie, although where the girl had ever gained such a peculiar nickname the boy didn't know, nor care about overmuch. What he did care about however was the fact that it was getting far too crowded for his liking. And the fact that Avery and Cona had taken up approaching them wasn't helping matters.

"Who's that?" he asked Rosairie in his usual cold voice, nodding towards Kyoko, "Your baby sister?" she certainly seemed to have the looks for the part, frail and pathetic as she was, Valen thanked his lucky stars that despite how incompetent some of the Viper workers he was forced to co-operate with were, none of them would ever be half as poor as this sorry collection of organic matter. The boy seriously doubted that even those two combined could ever amount to anything in life, be that an intellectual or physical endeavor. They were simply like fungi, a waste of perfectly good space and oxygen, and the sooner he got away from them the better. Valen cast a hopefull glance at a nearby clock to check if it wasn't time for the tournament to start yet, but to his dismay, he saw that they still had a good hour to go. Beautiful... he thought bitterly, watching as the tides of idiocy seemed to roll in on over him from all sides, leaving no room for escape, Simply B, E, A, utiful...

January 6th, 2006, 5:18 AM
Knew I forgot somethin!^^
Hey Mika!Like,welcome back!^^

And like,you dudes are real tall.o_O


{Whoa!}Krystal nearly fell over as the Mawile started climbing onto him.The Marshtomp steadied himself by holding his fins out for balance,grinning at Kachiko when he was sure they wouldn't tip over.The new weight seemed rather fun to be with,especially with her numerous pokes,it felt tickly,but good all the same.

{Thank you?}the Mud fish chuckled,before turning to were Kuner had landed.

The Pidgey jumped back as the Mawile brought her maw forward for him to touch.The jaws..and the teeth were so sharp.Ouch.

{Well I'll be a Mankey's Uncle!This looks like it packs a whallop!}he exclaimed,scratching his head,as if pondering over whether to touch the huge jaws or not.After a small nod from Krystal(which was quite hard,with such a heavy pokemon on one's head),the Flying Type streched one wing out,closing his eyes and shivering.

As the feathers made contact with the metal which was Kachiko's maw,Kuner opened his eyes.What the Steel type said was correct,it was indeed warm.

{Oh!Oh!Its warm!}he chirped,quickly withdrawing the wing just in case the Mawile felt uncomfortable.

"Onee-chan!"Cona looked away from the pokemon,spotting a girl(a rather young looking one at that) running towards them.It seemed that she was addressing Rosairie.What was 'Onee-chan'?Some type of morse code?

And,the girl was sure she had seen Kyoko before,somewhere.

January 6th, 2006, 7:43 AM
OOC: Heh, Valen makes me laugh so much. ^-^ He absolutely hates all these girls and yet they somehow find him out. The best part is that they all seem to be oblivious to how he feels. Man, if someone didn't like me that much, I'd like to think I would notice and leave straight away.

HEY! I got past that blasted Fire Emblem level!!! Phwee! Although, Dozla didn't make it through it. I had to let him die; it was either that or I'd be starting over again for the 13th time. >_____>

Cute Herbie, Plushie! In fact, I saw some of the original Herbie movie on TV last night. It made me think of you actually. ^^

Welcome back Mika! School does suck. And it seems to get harder the older you get. 9_9

Where's the others at? BB, Deathspector, Kogenta? Ah well, at least the tournament hasn't started yet, so I still have time to make this post...


Looking around a bit, Reina then spotted the snack bar that Lori had mentioned before at the end of the tour. It appeared that many trainers were at it, and some of them had some very delicious-looking shakes. She suddenly felt a bit thirsty, and turned to JJ.

"Hey, I'm going to get one of those shakes. You can come along if you want," she said to him, taking off towards the bar. It was a small snack bar, and had a few pastel colored tables nearby for groups of four or two to sit at while they ate. Most of the trainers were standing, as there weren't enough tables for them, and they talked about the tournament and of the caged pokemon, and pretty much everything.

Tabansi heard one of them talking excitedly about the raging Aggron, and felt a shiver escape him again. He still felt funny about that pokemon.

Reina approached the attendant at the ber, and asked for a shake. The man nodded, got the money from her, and then produced a shake in no time out of one of those shake machines. Reina frowned, and turned around with her shake.

{What's wrong Reina?} Tabansi asked, clicking his wings curiously.

"I didn't know it was from a shake machine...," she said with her frown still on, "I thought it was from real ice cream."

Pixie was curious about this and stared at the machine as they walked away from the bar. {A machine? How does it make shakes? Is there an ice cream man inside?} she asked, trying to look awed, and as usual, failing.

{There's no man inside, it's a machine that pours milkshake milk and flavoring into a compartment in the machine, mixes them together, and then pours it out into a cup,} Tabansi said smartly.

{Oh wow,} Pixie said in her kind and timid voice, {You are so smart Taban. Much smarter than I am.}

{I'm older... I think. That and I have been to many more places and seen many more things than you have Pixie,} the Heracross replied, feeling flattered and trying not to let it get to his head.

"So the tournament's gonna start soon guys! I'm so excited!" Reina paused from drinking her shake, "I only wish I had another pokemon or two. No offense to you guys, you know you're the best, but sometimes there's strength in numbers."

Tabansi understood this; Pixie looked a little guilty though. Perhaps Reina wouldn't feel that way if she had evolved when she had wanted the Staryu to. Pixie had always felt a bit guilty about deciding not to evolve. Tabansi had tried to comfort her though, and that always made Pixie happier.

{I can help you with that,} came a voice from behind Reina.

Tabansi didn't look alarmed, neither did Pixie, so Reina didn't feel threatened. She turned her head around to see a beautiful Ninetails standing next to them.

"Uh... what?" Reina said, at a loss to know what to say. What did this strange Ninetails want?

{I have come here to protect you,} the fox pokemon said with a smile, and she took a step closer to them.

Reina blinked and was still very confused by this wild pokemon coming up to her, and also found herself wondering how it even got into the building.

Pixie gasped. {L-Look at her eyes Taban! Remember what Ostria said?} she whispered to the Heracross. Tabansi looked at the Ninetails' hazel eyes, and yes, they did match Reina's closely. This was quite strange, and Tabansi couldn't come up with an explanation for it; which was bothering him greatly.

"Uh... okay, so why?" Reina asked, still confused and wondering now how she could understand this pokemon. One of her brothers had owned a Vulpix though, so perhaps it was because she could understand that.

{Please Reina, let me protect you,} the Ninetails said patiently, {I cannot explain why. At least not now....}

Tabansi suddenly felt a flare of jealousy rise in him, how dare she just come up to them and start wanting to protect Reina?! That was his purpose, his job! He took a step forward, {Reina already has a protector thanks.} He tried to sound curt, but a hint of anger showed through his facade.

"Tabansi, cut it out! I'm not one to refuse an offer like this!" Reina said, picturing herself as the winner of the competition, a cut above those dumb girls and that annoying Rosairie.

The Ninetails looked down at Tabansi, {I'm sorry you feel that way, but I assure you I will only be here for the duration of the event. After that, I will as gone as I was before this started.}

Tabansi folded his arms and clicked his wings angrily. He was intellegent, but even the greatest intellegence couldn't stifle jealousy.

Pixie was absolutely enamoured by the Ninetails, and jumped a bit, {Ooh! With you on our side, we shall win for sure!} She said this in more of a soft whisper than a yell. The Ninetails gave the little Staryu a smile.

{No, I'm not that powerful. Actually, I'm not here to help anyone win. I am here to make sure that nothing bad happens. This is something I felt I had to do,} the Ninetails said, {But, Reina, you need to register me before the event begins. Otherwise I will be illegal.}

"Ah! We don't have that much time!!" Reina said loudly, tossing her shake into a trash bin as she spoke. She wouldn't give this opportunity up just because she wanted to finish her machine-made shake. She jumped up and hurried off down the hallway, the Ninetails and Pixie at her heels.

Tabansi lagged a bit. He felt a pang of hurt. {She didn't even ask me to come along... hmph...,} he mumbled to himself, not bothering to hurry.

Reina had stopped short at the receptionist's desk, out of breath and realizing that she still had fifteen minutes left. Talk about cutting it close. She held out a pokeball, "Hey, Ninetails, I should probably catch you in a ball. Oh... what's your name anyway?"

The Ninetails smiled, {Phoebe is my name. And you may catch me Reina.}

"Oh... that's an interesting name for a Ninetails," Reina said, and touched the fox with the pokeball. In seconds the pokemon was gone in a flash of red light, and Reina turned to the receptionist.

"Excuse me, I have a pokemon to register that I just caught," she said.

Tabansi hobbled up behind Reina and Pixie, still pouting a bit. Pixie turned around. {Isn't this strange?! Just like Ostria said! She really is a psychic!} the Staryu said excitedly.

The Heracross looked unconvinced, {It's a strange coincidence. Perhaps she knew about the Ninetails.}

If Pixie had eyebrows she would have frowned, {You can be such a stick in the mud Tabansi.}

OOC: Oh, I just remembered that I never congratulated BB on his Lv.100 Walrein! Congrats!

January 6th, 2006, 8:57 AM
Rosairie's face broke into a gratefull smile at the sight of Kyoko.
"Hello!" she called back, waving cheerfully, "Where've you been?"
Rosairie gave a sigh of relief. Thank God, there was someone like her here now! Valen's constant, stony expression was driving her up the wall, and the others were rabbiting on without the slightest composition. It was enough to turn one's head. Rosairie wouldn't be ashamed to know Kyoko back at home; her clothes were a little outlandish, admittedly, but at leats she had some grasp of style and shade...

Rosairie blinked as Valen spoke up from beside her. "My sister?" Rosairie cocked her head. Kyoko and her were similar in build, both petite and slender and relatively short, but there was no real similarity between them. They were both girls, obviously, and they were both wearing boots, but that was where their alikeness ended. "No, of course she's not," Rosairie laughed, "we only met half an hour ago, or whatever."

Henna smiled at the little Mawile. {Hello, Kachiko. Have you met some nice friends?}

Alter Ego
January 6th, 2006, 11:25 AM
OOC: Eh, sorry for the lateness, folks! *Waves* I just went to get myself some carrot juice upstairs when I noticed that mum had started watching 'Spirited Away' and it was just reaching the boiler room scene. I decided to stay and watch that (Because I simply lurve those little cinder-creatures ^-^) and then I kind of stayed and watched the rest of the movie too. Hey, I'm only human you know! Miyazaki's films are very addictive...wish I had more of them...

Ah, but I simply seem to have wasted my daylight hours again. *Sigh* I do seem to be talented at that. I'll wait a bit more for the benefit of certain members before I let the plot proceed.

Anyways, concerning Valen...well, he's trained to keep his expression and voice emotionless when he wants them to and he pretty much despises all humans so maybe it's difficult for them to tell when he's more disgusted than usual? ^-^ But it's true, they do seem to swarm on him like a school of vicious barracuda wherever he goes. Guess the dark, brooding types really do have their charm, eh? XDDD Ahh, but it's all very therapeutic. And besides, he's a bit more big words than actions, not a lot, but a bit, so he's really not quite as much of a people-hater as he thinks he is if that makes any sense. ^-^

On the tallness thing; heh, yeah, I guess so. ^^ I'm like the second tallest in my family (I think dad's still a couple of centimeters taller than me), and I do know that I'm taller than my older brother (Hehee...it gives me a reason to call him my lil' bro ^-^). Mum's already shortest (If we exclude the dog of course), even Arty has outgrown her, and he's still at it, growing that is. Well, as long as he's shorter than me I shall still call him Shorty Arty, for that is my brotherly duty. XD


Kachiko nodded enthusiastically at Henna's question, beaming at the Magmar, {Uh-huh!} she called back, {The funny big person is real nice and lets me climb on him and the funny little flying person asks funny questions and so does the funny little imp person, and he has these nice shiny eyes that I just want to huggle and poke forever!} she performed several skipps on Krystal's head out of pure excitement.

"I see..." Valen replied to Rosairie's comment, nodding, "My mistake then, I could have sworn that she called you 'sister' just now." the boy shrugged to signify his indeference to the matter. What did he know about such things after all? That was just one of those small phrases he had picked up from the streets, discerning the meaning through context, he had no way of verifying wether his assumption was correct or not. Well, unless you considered walking up to someone and asking about it a way, but Valen didn't. It just didn't suit his style to go begging for answers to such trivial strangers from complete strangers. It was simply...degrading, far too degrading. As was fraternizing with every individual he came across. The boy cast a glance at Kachiko as she continued to prance around Krystal's head, he could not for the life of him understand how the Mawile was still able to do such things with such ease. But then again, Kachiko was still a child, and children tended to do a lot of foolish things. She would learn in time. Oh yes, she would learn how this world worked...and she would learn, just like Valen had, that it was a dreary and ugly place...

Random Plushie
January 6th, 2006, 9:01 PM
Herbie luvs you all. ^^

You thought of me, Melissa? I feel so loved! XD

They were simply like fungi, a waste of perfectly good space and oxygen, and the sooner he got away from them the better.

I resent that! You wouldn't be able to digest anything without fungi! XD

Oh yes, and thankies for the moveset thingies! Your advice is greatly appreciated. =D
I remember learning the Trickbanding strategy.. It's fun. Plushie likes it. But Plushie would rather go for.. Fiyah Punch. 'Cause every time I get stuck it's usually because I need Fiyah Punch. @[email protected] Seriously, that's actually the one I wished I had the most. XD

But now that you told me Recover isn't worth it, I'll just head over to the Battle Frontier and bam. ^^

But I must say.. You are taller than Plushie by nine centimeters, that is if I translated correctly.. ACK! *shot*

You're like one of three people I've ever met who ish taller than me. Be proud of yourself, 'kay? XD But that doesn't mean you shouldn't ph33r my shoe! Seriously, today some kid threw a wet paper towel at me and I beat him to the floor with it! XD


Yibber = Spontaneous. XD


{Avery would agree with you there. Fable asks such questions.} Fable said, once the little Mawile had commented on asking funny questions, seeming to have ignored the fact that the child had just said that she would like to 'huggle' his eyes. {Seen any nifty rocks around here lately? Fable cannot find any.} He continued, finding this.. Kachiko.. Very interesting. Especially since she seemed to be younger. Oh yes, that meant FUN.

"Onee-chan? Where have I heard that before?" Avery commented in the meantime, looking up from the Pokemon to turn back towards the other Trainers besides Cona. Indeed, there seemed to be a younger girl near Rosairie, probably the owner of that voice that had called out a bit earlier.

Apparently someone had an apprentice.. Unless of course Avery was misinterpreting something. And she did that a lot. She quickly lost interest and looked back down at the Pokemon near her feet, wondering what the Pokemon other than Fable were talking about. The Sableye's responses were usually so random that she often couldn't be sure that he was giving a proper reply to someone else's Pokemon..

Speaking of the Sableye, as Avery looked back down, he immediately went into a hand-stand, practically his favorite thing to do. He waited a few seconds to lift up one arm and make it a one-hander, all the while maintaining his usual grin. Either he was trying to get attention, or merely pass the time.

January 6th, 2006, 9:02 PM
[OOC: Er, I apologize for not posting for some time (not that my character was ever particularly integral to the story). And, I may not be able to post too often for a while. My finals are approaching. And, my Physics one has caused me particular concern. If anyone is skilled with that subject, any help that is willing to be offered is willing to be received.

I hope my post is properly in context (I was only able to skim the posts due to a lack of time and energy) . . . ]

As the tour ended, Chain wordlessly turned from the others and started down the hall, motioning for Sneasel to follow. Tilting her head before pouting slightly, the dark Pokemon started after her trainer. Though usually impudent and troublesome, she sensed Chain's restless mood and thus remained silent for a long moment.

Making his way down a separate passage, Chain strode toward an elevator, paused before its steel doors, and firmly pressed the button marked with an arrow pointing downward. As the doors opened, the trainer hesitated and glanced back over his shoulder down the hall. Then, returning his gaze to the empty elevator, he stepped in and selected the first floor. Slipping into the elevator at Chain's side, Sneasel finally ventured a question.

As Chain replied, he allowed one of his rare smiles, though this one seemed obviously forced. "Don't worry Sneasel. I'm . . . fine. But, there's something I need to check. Think you're up to helping me?"

Sneasel nodded, eagerness flashing in here crimson eyes.


"Good . . . Doesn't look like anyone's here." Chain stood inside an empty internet cafe, casting his gaze cautiously about. "I suppose everyone's outside, preparing for the ceremony," he mused, his voice still low. Making his way across the earthen-coloured tile floor, the trainer selected a terminal hidden from the cafe-manager's view.

As Chain seated himself before the computer, he felt a paw grasp his pant-leg. Turning, he saw Sneasel staring questioningly toward him. "Snea . . . Sneasel."

"Your job? Your job is to stand guard and make sure no one sees me. If someone's approaching, don't attack them, though. Just alert me." Though slightly disappointed, the ice Pokemon nodded and postioned itself several yards away.

After glancing at Sneasel, Chain turned his attention toward the computer before him. Removing a dark-coloured object from his hidden pouch beneath his jacket, the male plugged it into the computer before logging in as a cafe customer. Lightly tapping the Premier Ball that hung from his necklace, Chain tilted the black device as a scarlet light was again emitted from the white containment sphere. The laser-like light moved about, as though searching for a target. Finally, it met a small panel on the obsidian-dark item and remained linked to it as Chain placed the object on the desk.

Tapping a few keys on the computer's keyboard, Chain's eyes narrowed slightly. Whatever's happening with those "wild" Pokemon back at the tour, it isn't normal--though the guide seemed to want us to think so. Maybe it's nothing, but I get the feeling that there's more going on here than people here are being told. If nothing else, I want a little assurance that there really is nothing unusual happening. Lightly touching the Premier Ball that hung about his neck, Chain murmured, "Porygon, we'll be hacking into Wai Wai Inc.'s database. It'll be tough, so I'll be depending on you to help me get past their security systems. You up to the challenge?" The Premier Ball vibrated slightly as a response. Fleeting satisfaction flickered through Chain's green-gold eyes. Good. It's been awhile, but we've cracked pretty tough systems before. And, I've made you stronger since that incident. Besides, we've never found a system we couldn't overcome. So . . . Chain loosened his hands slightly before returning them to the keyboard. "Let's begin."

[OOC: Eh . . . That post was awful. My sincere apologies.]

Random Plushie
January 6th, 2006, 9:10 PM

'Tis okay, Kogenta. As mentioned before, school sux majorly. D:

Although I did write a poem at school today.

I posted it in the Poetry section since it's only been forever since I did that. :x

Bleh, I'm starting to think that picking a rather defenseless critter was a bad move in replacement choice. He's starting to get just a wee bit harder to train. XD

But I shall have faith! Yeah, that's what I'll do.. Believe in Tekky and it'll be all good. XD [/corny]

January 7th, 2006, 12:26 AM
*ish so short compared to Titan and Plushie*XD

And,don't mock me Plushie!Some people would just give their Feebas to be as spontaneous as me!>D
The Openhouse today was like,scary.Like,everyone was passing out flyers to promote their clubs.And course there were dudes walking around holding a pen and paper and asking you to join their CCA by jotting down your name on the paper.

Yibber tried running away from them at first.They just ran after her.
She tried ignoring them.They smushed the pamplets against her cute face.
Drastic measures-
I like,started shouting 'I'M NOT INTERESTED!!!!" at all those dudes who were walking towards me.(This caused most of the student body to stare at me and my friends.But,me friends'll thank me later.XD)
Oh,and 'Leave me alone!' plus 'I signed the freakin' paper already!'

^Some dudes forced me to sign the paper.Not like I'm really going to join those clubs anyway.Speech and Drama all the way!>D

No worries Kogenta.School be real unfair at times.>_<
Oh,and I'll like,check that poem righ after this post,Plushie!^^


{Oh!Hello more friends!}Krystal turned to where the Mawile atop his head was waving.Kachiko was waving to a Magmar,belonging to a girl standing beside that boy with the funny colored hair.The human,who was wearing a skirt,seemed that she had owned a pokemon other than Henna.T'was a Jolteon.The Marshtomp waved one flipper,quickly trying to regain more balance as the Steel type on his head decided to start jumping up and down.

{You're a nice lil' youngin' aren't cha?}Kuner laughed at Kachiko's energy and mischevious ways.The Pidgey noticed Fable doing a handstand.He clapped his wings upon the sight,very astounding it was!He'd lose a tail feather just by standing on one clawed foot,no doubt!The Flying type then noticed the pressence of Henna and Silence,not really wanting to fly over,but then again.It seemed rather interesting.The Magmar had a fiery tail.The Jolteon,eye-catching spikes.Being mostly in Hoenn all his life,the Flying type was never given a chance to actually meet Kanto pokemon.

"Pidgey!"the bird chirped,landing on Cona's shoulder and pointing at Rosairie with his right wing.His trainer gave him a surprised look.When had ol' Kuner been interested in humans?Well yes,they had a certain percentage to be evil..

"Fine.."the girl told a happy Pidgey,starting to walk over to where Rosairie,Kyoko and Valen were standing.Besides,she wanted to find out more of this new girl and her morse code.What did Onee-chan mean anyway?Behind her,Krys slowly followed,noting that he was walking rather slowly,there was a child on his head for Feebas' sake!