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March 16th, 2004, 12:33 PM
PS: If you have friends that are either a Pokemon fan, a Dragon Ball Z fan, or a Cantonese-Hong Kongish, please E-mail them, thank you for you kind co-operation! ^^
Carole Boston Weatherford SUX!

I mean, why are cartoons anywhere near to her business? Racist is a strong word, Miss McLeod told me, who is my housemistress. How dare she? Besides, what is a cartoon thats racist anything to do with her? She complains about things that do not exist. If you are one of her fans, quit it as soon as possible, she is a villain, a fiend that deserves no attention but attacky feedback. And belief nothing she wrote on newspaper articles or books she published.

Any complains to a cartoon does not deserve to be on newspaper. It is surprising how thoughtless and time biding to write to a newspaper company in order to complain a cartoon. She did not complain only Pokemon, she also complained Dragon Ball Z. Now, the question lays here---WHY ARE THEY ALL JAPANESE CARTOONS, HUH? If those cartoons are really as she said, were racist, then I suppose, she is not compatible to live in the world nowadays. Maybe Britain in the late 20s would have fitted her in nicely. According to the law nowadays, it is legal to use black rubbish bags and white toilets, therefore, her points are unacceptable by law.

In the NEWSPAPER ARTICLE she wrote in 5th January,2000, Politically Incorrect Pokemon, there was a sentence as follow: But the Cantonese name of Darlie toothpaste, remains Haak Yan Nga Gou, which indicates blackman toothpaste. What is Pokemon to do with US? This behaviour is not acceptable. Why are WE involved on the newspaper article?. In fact, Haak Yan Nga Gou is not racist in any way or dimension during anytime. We did not call it Haak Guai Nga Gou(Black ghost toothpaste), since most Hong-Kongish call foreigners ghosts. Having been offtopic in her own composition, actually meant that she is not very well organised This fact, clearly indicates that she herself is not being nice to people who belongs to the raceyellow. Considering she had never complained about any American cartoons, but set a vast amount of complains on Japanese cartoon, I think that her mind is BIASED! Such people, should not be pleasured to be listened to, nor to be cared for.

Pokemon number 124, Jynx has decidely human features
With a blonde mane, jet black skin, and a pink gown completed with cleavage hips, Jynx clearly resembles the overweight queen in Little Sambo Excuse me, but is SHE COLOUR BLIND? If so, pity. If not, she is a traitor. Jynx has never ever in the whole wide world had pink dress on it, and had always been purple in her face. Although Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon changed her face colour from dark purple to lavender after receiving Carole Boston Weatherfords horrid Politically Incorrect Pokemon A to show that Jynxs face is not black, and B to avoid photography faults. (The colour purple is classified to be damp colour in Art and Photography. If dark purple has not been processed properly, showing as black is a common error.) On the other hand, how could she have expected a Japanese to read such American childrens story? Having knowing Mr. Satoshi for a long time, I am for sure that he never had read stories. He often went to the library when he was young to read BIOLOGICAL books ONLY, particularly insects. Though it is reasonable that he might had read several traditional Japanese stories, he for sure would not have read Little Sambo or whatever it was called.

Lacking of common sense, yes---COMMON sense what a pity? Lacking of general knowledge as well? Does she have brain damage of any sort or handicapped of any sort? Not quite so, but these kind of people who does things before they actually know what they were doing are an extreme irritant to this world! All that she knew was to express her own feelings to the whole wide world, and she hardly ever cares about other peoples feelings. When I first sent this message of Politically Incorrect Pokemon to Hong Kong Pokemon Alliance, the feedbacks were tremendous. She was then nick named Calorie Bustard Weatheringfood from ever since. Why? Her complain had lead to a banning of Jynx from the Pokemon anime in ALL ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES. Why does this bother us? Not a lot of Pokemon fans in Hong Kong like Jynx, but we all knew, that Pokemon is always as a whole group. No matter if it is the main character, a filler, a legend or a villain, not one of these can be missed. One missing, the whole structure is down, it cannot be called Pokemon.

Many people from all over the world suffer from mental hurt after knowing the newspaper article, Politically Incorrect Pokemon. This is another evidence of Carole Boston Weatherford only cares about her own feelings. She is pretty, but pretty dangerous as well. Her beauty has also led her to judging people/ Pokemon/ animals by only appearance. Outer virtue is not important, and would soon die out, but inner virtue is very important and lasts forever. In this case, Jynx has a irresistible high status of speed and Special Attack points. Being very good in strategy, Jynx also has a very kind and loving heart when she is not competing with other Pokemon. And I am surprised why has Carole Boston Weatherford noticed this factmaybe she is oblivious, or she is expressing her hate against Japanese via Japanese cartoons.

Now you know, that she is not good person. Why still keep buying books that she had written? All I could say is she is a professional LIER, TRAITOR and a MENTAL DESTROYER! She is unworthy to be fancied, respected nor to be liked. If I could have a chance, I would like to have a private discussion with her for at least two hours, until my mission is finished. If not, I will never in my life forget her, nor to stop spreading rumours of her to forums of all kinds. I WILL REVENGE, DEFINITELY. If anyone of you, my dear readers find yourself is either a Pokemon fan or a Dragon Ball Z fan or a Hong Kong-Cantonese, E-mail her to [email protected] . Bomb her E-mail! Hack her E-mail! Do as much as you can! Bite your tongue and let her suffer from your punishment! Thank you for your kind attension.

John Denver
March 16th, 2004, 1:11 PM

She is prolly just annoyed by pokemon so she is trying to attack it, and this belongs in pokemon general


March 16th, 2004, 1:34 PM
she is racist. o and i found this game called pokemon kill carol. you control some pokemon and use moves to kill her. its funny. and i will send her a LOOOONNNNNGGGG email. about 5-100 pages at least. i will not rest until she stops being racist

Ms Ketchum
March 16th, 2004, 4:50 PM
Ugh...She sounds AWFUL! >:-( If I had my own e-mail adress, I'd..I'd...RAR!

March 16th, 2004, 5:52 PM
Shes terrorable... but shes not going to ruin our pokemon experience.

March 16th, 2004, 8:12 PM
It's amazing how that woman could connect Pokemon to other stuff that seem to have nothing to do with it! I haven't really heard of her but I hate her now!

March 16th, 2004, 8:18 PM
err thats horrible, she has no right saying Japanese cartoons are racist she should hear herself, gosh i mean seriously whats next...God that makes me so mad i would send her somthing bad but i dont want to get in trouble with the law....well it would be worser then bad well you get what i mean.

March 17th, 2004, 1:11 AM
OF COURSE! All of you are very right.
She, apparently is racist to all those that belongs to the race---yellow!!

And WB banned Jynx from the anime all because of HER!
She bustard!!

March 17th, 2004, 4:04 AM
she does not have the right to say that. she is racist against asians. god mad us all equal in his mind so y does cbw have to be different and be against other people?
this tickes me off!

March 17th, 2004, 5:26 AM
she does not have the right to say that. she is racist against asians. god mad us all equal in his mind so y does cbw have to be different and be against other people?
this tickes me off!
Off course!
That's why we need to tell her off!
Keep sending her junk mails, everybody!!

March 18th, 2004, 7:39 PM
o_O She does not seem like a person I would want to meet. I mean, what with me being an Anime (and especially Pokmon) freak, and her saying that kind of thing... well, if she ever meets me, watch out!

March 20th, 2004, 8:41 AM
I would meet her in order to scold her!!

March 20th, 2004, 4:18 PM
Wow, I hate her too! (Isn't she the one who got 'Holiday Hi-jynx' banned from the US?)

Geez, I'd never would have thought that people would go to all places just to denounce 'racist' comments. Japanese Anime, although sometimes was sexist, was never, ever racist! And to even disrespect Pokmon... Man, that's an all time low!

I'm getting really angry now...


March 20th, 2004, 6:40 PM
i sent her a HATE email and she blocked me... aggad

Hiroshi Sotomura
March 21st, 2004, 3:29 AM
I may negate on these discussions - she may be evil, but SPAMming her email also goes onto SPAM law regulations and you guys could be charged. Sure, I hate that evil hag too, but still you need to all control yourself.

Chairman Kaga
March 21st, 2004, 10:03 AM
I can't stand people who search for racism in places where it doesn't exist...honestly, picking on a children's show because one of its characters looks a bit black. If a white person complained that Jynx looked black, they'd be publicly denounced, but this Weatherford hag is able to get away with it! She's segregating herself! Even her name makes her sound haughty and overbearing, and I bet she is in real life. If Satoshi Tajiri meant Jynx to look like a sterotypical black woman, we'd know it. She's just humanish. She's the humanshape pokemon, not the blackhumanshape pokemon. The woman is a control freak...she's doing this just because she can. If she had a true bone to pick with it all, she'd go against all the truly racist things...she needs to leave us alone and end this idiotic tyranny.

March 21st, 2004, 11:07 AM
She was just picking up something to say, because all her 3 sons play Pokemon!!!!!
If she really does love her sons, why would she have done that?
It is whole lot of cruelty that I cannot bear anymore!
Re Imakuni:
Oh well, she blocked mine 3 years ago.
But she hasn't block any of mine that I use nowadays.
Re Vinto Winstrate:
Spaming is against the laws? I would be charged? How come I haven't heard about these before?
Surely, she'll never catch us if we put fake informations when we signed up for the E-mail!
If she is to to find us via our IP, what we can do is E-mail her in public libraries or schools or Internet bars. She'll never catch us!

Chairman Kaga
March 21st, 2004, 2:11 PM
...then again, spamming someone's inbox isn't going to convince her of anything...likely nothing will, but doing someting malicious is just going to make her see us even more negaitvely...and according to her, pokemon lovers are the lowest of the low, so this is just going to make her opinion of pokemon worsen. I don't know how we can stop this treachery of hers, but spamming isn't the way to do it.

Hiroshi Sotomura
March 22nd, 2004, 1:07 AM
jynx: Well well... SPAM that absolute ******* (censor bypass intended)

March 22nd, 2004, 2:55 AM
A Hate thread? Why? A Hate thread is pointless @[email protected]

March 23rd, 2004, 4:31 AM
Hate thread?
Of course there is point of it.
If we keep forwarding this to everyone in our E-mail, many more ppl will dislike CBW and her books will not be able to sell!

March 23rd, 2004, 6:45 AM
"Wow, I must say I'm impressed!" as one of the Ladies said. I'm quite amazed how many replys people did on this topic. Down with CBW!!!

If I could, I'd blackmail her, but that'd be against the law too...

Maybe a package filled with a dangerous chemical... nah, I'd probably get some on me too!

Explosives? 'It's too complicated!'

(jking on all above suggestions!)
Man, can't come up with any ideas! Are you sure that there's a law in effect now against spamming?

March 23rd, 2004, 9:50 AM
Blackmail her!
Like this:
Go to a pulbic area (e.g. library school bar)
Sign up an E-mail, filling fake informations.

Keep sending awful stuff, when trying to imitate the format/ attitude/ characteristic of a famous person. (e.g. You might find that George Bush sometimes adds "sisity" after words, if you concentrate in his speech.)
That's it, simple and easy.

But actually, I don't really want ppl to do that...
What I want is ppl to forward this article to your friends by E-mail/ telephone/ letter/ Forums.
I want to set an embargo on her books!