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January 12th, 2006, 8:18 PM
In the year 3055, there was peace between the two Pokemon Worlds, The PokeCyber World, and the Real World. Of course, the Cyber world was invisible to the naked eye, but, scientists in the Real World had been experimenting with the MAU, or, Main Intelligence Unit, and had found an unknown portal. The Cyber World is very different to the Real World, for example, it has a Fourth Dimension, which allows people to not only transport at light speed, but also to time travel. The scientist who found this portal, Dr. Yuri Manten, was never seen again after clicking the portal on the MAU. There have been many rumours as to what happened to her, some say that she joined the 4-D beings and now lives as an immortal in the Cyber World. Now, two teams have alligned to help rescue her. The PG, PokeGovernment, wants to send a team of androids to the world. But, there is an underground rebellion called the Anti-A Force 8. They believe that if Dr. Yuri has been taken into the Cyber World, then it is best to send Humans and their Pokemon to the world to negociate with the 4-D beings who may have her captive, but at this point, not much is known. In this adventure, you choose an Alliance, the Androids, or the Anti-A's. which side will you choose?

Your Sign-Up Sheet will look like this, or, you can also be Dr. Yuri, and we will be able to see what is happening though her eyes.


Name: (Of course you need a name!)
Age: (Between 15-23 please, if you are a human, but if you are an Android, put #1 if you are the first, #2 if you are the second, and you get the idea)
Gender: (No genderless or He-She's)
Species: (Human or Android?)
Pokemon: (Limit is six, no legendaries, and no mega pokemon with super abilities)
Appearance: (If you are a human, describe clothes, facial appearance, etc. same with androids)
Personality: (Self Explanatory)
History: (Optional, and only for Humans)
RP Sample: (I need to check out your RP skills before I let you join)

I will make my own character in due time, but until then, I hope at least one person joins! Lol...

January 12th, 2006, 8:58 PM

Name: Charon (Trinine Aurora Moon)
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Species: Human
Pokemon: Umbreon (Shadow-F) : Misdreavus (Paine-F) : Dragonair (Starlight-F) : Typhlosion (Inferno-F) : Beautifly (Mystic-F) : Plusle (Plus-F)

Appearance: She has dark indigo eyes, pure white skin, and shadow black hair. An amethyst hair clip is attached to the top of her hair and four different areas of the sides have each been twisted and kept still with black bands. However she wears no makeup for a reason, which she won't tell you! She wears a dark black and 'strapless shirt' and the straps are twisted to fit her neck. She wears dark blue shorts, with a sapphire pinned belt and light blue lining. Charon wears black boots, with a white lace to tie them up, and covering that is a light blue and white layered demi gypsy skirt covering her left leg. Occasionally she'll wear the skirt but in this case, she decided not to wear it and just keep the boots and the shorts the way they are. As for the shirt, it is replaced with a blue based shirt, with sleeves covering three quarters of her arms. It simply makes her feel that way, whatsoever.

Personality: When it comes to asking Charon about anything, she'll simply give what she has left to offer. The naive girl has the ability to sense many things, as well as loud disasters. Charon also has very sensitive ears, good enough to sense sounds that seem to be silent. If Charon can put herself to the test, then she'll definitely be a help to others. Some thought that she was against them, but it turned out to reveal the determination and strength of Charon in the end. Since it comes to a point that Charon knows her positive side, not everything will turn out perfect for her now. If there's anything she can do, it'd be to find her true destiny, that is, if she knows what she's doing.....

History: Will type in later...

RP Sample: Will finish later...

January 12th, 2006, 10:45 PM
At least someone joined. I might as well put up my character while im at it.

Name: Kanna Manten
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Pokemon: Teddiursa(Rager), and Eevee(Ivan)

Appearance: Kanna has radiant, silky, long jet-black hair, with a tint of midnight blue. Her regular clothes include a white headband which covers most of her forehead, an orange-colored necklace her mother,(Dr. Yuri Manten), gave her before she went to the Cyber World, a shining, silver skirt that reaches down to her ankles, which makes her trip sometimes, an elegant, strapped tanktop shirt, a Mudkip sweater tied around her waist, and black high heels, which, she can somehow walk in without a struggle. When the weather is hot, she wears pretty much the same outfit, except that instead of the skirt, she wears black jean shorts. And, when it is cold outside, she wears a Mudkip sweater over the tanktop. Kanna has the most beautiful gray eyes anyone has ever seen.
Some say she looks almost exactly like her mother. She has very big eyes, and her skin tone is between peach and tan.

Personality: Kanna is usually very quiet, a trait gained from her mother. Kanna was never much of a physically active child, so she mostly reads books on Pokemon in aspiration to become a world-known scientist like her mother. If she isn't reading up on something, she is usually chatting online using her PCD(PokeChatting Device). But, when she is angered, for example, is a bully were to pick on her, she would turn into an evil person, and somehow physically able to take down her foe. This is around the time she met her teddiursa. Kanna is also known for being a child genius.

Background: Kanna's mother disappeared not long after Kanna's "Sweet Sixteen", so she is very saddened by her mother's dissapearance. However, the sadness and anger she has burning inside her fuel her dream to become the world-renowned scientist she has always wanted to be. She has even become an author on such books as, "There's no Place Like a Book", and "Reading: The Next Art?" among many other titles... Kanna not only wants to become a scientist for the money, the fame, etc. bushe also wants to join the Anti-A Force 8 to be able to find her mother and speak to her herself, not send some robot to do a job she could just as easily do herself. Now, with these dreams, Kanna sets out to find the leader of the Anti-A Force 8 and to hopefully become of some, if not a big help in finding the whereabouts of her mother.

RP Sample:

Looking over the TV, Kanna notices a book lying on the floor. She picks it up, and see's that it is the HomeWork she has been working on since two weeks ago. "Hmm," she says, biting her lower lip," how could this have gotten here?" She then puts it back on top of the TV and goes back to reading on why Feebas are so hard to find in the wild. As she continues her reading, she notices again that the same book fell on the floor again, and in the same spot, and it is open to page 122, and suddenly, as Kanna picks it up, she notices it is one of the pictures she took of her mother before she disappeared. Tears well up in Kanna's eyes, and through blubbering tears, she says, "mom...where are you? I need someone to guide me, someone to shwo me the way...." She then took a deep breath, and then told herself that she is silly for talking to herself. But then, she takes out the PokeBall with Ivan in it and calls him out. "?" said Ivan. "Ivan," she said," can you please go fetch me a green apple from the kitchen?" "Eevee!!" was his glad reply. As Kanna sat on the couch, she decided to look at the clock. It said that it was 8:48 PM. Ivan strolled back into the room with a green apple in his mouth. Kanna took a bite out of it and went to her room to sleep after calling back Ivan to his Pokeball. She rested with thoughts of school the next day.........

January 13th, 2006, 3:34 PM
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