View Full Version : *sigh* Once again... forgive my ignorance...

January 29th, 2006, 3:41 PM
But I've seen people with such colorful trainer cards in their sigs... is it possible to get such a one ingame... or is it custom made?

SORRY!!!! -.-


January 29th, 2006, 3:45 PM
You mean the ones you see in sigs? They're custom-made in the Trainer Card section in Home of the Sprites, which is part of Art Gallery. It's near the bottom of the index page.

It might be possible to get one in a romhack (I'm not too sure), but not in a legit game (like if you have Emerald you play on your GBA, you can't get a diffrent trainer card on that). :/

Chairman Kaga
January 29th, 2006, 3:45 PM
As far as I know, the ones in the games are standard. The ones that you see in signatures are created in our Home of the Sprites forum; all you need to do is find a request thread there and request one.

Just for future reference, questions about the forums in general should go in our Community Questions/Feedback forum and questions regarding the games should go in our Pokemon Games forums...don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong; a place this large is hard to get used to.


Or, yeah...what Sammi said