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January 29th, 2006, 7:49 PM
Fire Emblem: The Scourging

Elibe. A continent peacefully inhabited by dragons and humans alike. For eons, the peace between humans and dragons was kept strong and both shared in each others benefitsdragons shared humans with their magic and wisdom and likewise, humans have shared dragons their technology and conveniences. Though the dragons live in specific regions, no boundaries are set between humans and dragons.

For centuries, the dragons were ruled by the great and wise Basir of the holy dragon tribe. His reign extended throughout the western regions of the continent, controlling a vast majority of the fire dragons living within the scorching sands Nabata, the introverted ice dragons of the frigid landscape of northwestern Ilia, and also, the holy dragon clan living in the pristine and flourishing landscape of Sacae. Dragons have pride within them as they see humans as inferior but still respect them to extent.

The humans, for centuries, were governed by a royal bloodline. King Magnus, the newly crowned ruler of the humans, began to raise tension within his kingdom as his views of a prejudiced society began to emerge when he outlawed trade with dragons, calling them beasts or foul. In contrast to his father, he was often criticized by his governors but these brave few were quickly silenced and were never heard from again.

Years passed and the hostilities between humans and dragons grew even thicker and the prejudices and fears of dragons grew even deeper until only a small number of humans were left who still believed in peace. The majority on the other hand, began to see dragons as a nuisance and an impending disaster. As the conflicts thickened, boundaries began to form. Humans resorted to the southern side of Elibe while the Dragons took over much of the North and the southeastern side of Elibe, where the Holy Dragon capital resides.

Twenty five years after Magnus coronation ceremony, the tensions erupted into violence as the first reported massacre of dragon children was reported in the southern trade ports of Elibe. The fire dragons, arrogant and vengeful, began to attack humans without orders from King Basir. However, Magnus saw this as a chance to get rid of dragons. And though outnumbered and against the odds, the human and dragon war, known as The Scourging began.

The Scourging takes place 980 years before Fire Emblem 7: The Blazing Sword and 1000 years before Fire Emblem 6: The Sword of Seals. You are either to side with dragons or humans. Take note that when siding with humans, there are eight generals that are chosen to lead the army against the dragons. These eight are invite-only positions. Otherwise, if you want to join the RP, you have to make your own character. If you are to side with dragons, you can choose within the three species. Holy light dragons are generals in the war.


Humans, which are the common folk of Eastern Elibe, have no magnificent traits but their use of technology and weaponry in order to fight. Humans are seen by dragons as naturally evil and easily corrupt and only governed by a single strand of reason, which is why dragons belittle humans and see them as savages. Humans fight with weapons and magic (taught by the dragons, except dark magic) and are generally weaker than dragons. Humans are intelligent to an extent but dont really excel as much as the wisdom of dragons. Humans have a short lifespan compared to dragons.

Great and wise creatures possessing destructive skills. Compared to humans, dragons are much superior with their great strength and raw power. Dragons have a much greater life span, able to live for centuries. An aged dragon will stop maturing at a certain point lives and will appear as they are for the rest of their life. There are three dragon clans: ice dragons, fire dragons, and the holy light dragons. Dragons use their bodies as weapons but also their powerful breath attacks.


Northern Empire
Governed by the Holy Light Dragon King Basir, Western Elibe is home to extreme conditions such as the scorching desert of Nabata and the frostbitten country of Ilia. However, much of it is also houses fertile land, such as the Western Isles and the great plains of Sacae. The Northern Empire stretches out to southeast tip of Bern, where the capital resides.

Southern Kingdom
Ruled by humans, the Southern Kingdom is greatly dwarfed by the Northern Empire. Much of the Southern Kingdom consists of Port Towns and disputed territory around the Nabata desert. Cities in the Southern Kingdom are overflowing with humans as a result of their migration away from the dragon territory and lack of human territory.

(I will continue after this RP will be approved because I don't have much space to fill out the full info)

oni flygon
January 30th, 2006, 4:41 PM
info, cont'd...

Main Characters (reserved)

Hartmut the “Champion”
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Class: Mercenary -> Champion General -> Emperor
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, unkempt. Light blue eyes and wears purple robes underneath purple and gold armor. Wears a crimson cape and has a well built body. A smirk is present on his face and glaring, ambitious eyes.
Bio: Roland’s close friend and also once a mercenary. Like Roland, he worked his way up to his ranks. He is also the leader of the famed eight generals. Unlike Roland, Hartmut is very ambitious and aims towards ruling an empire than attaining peace.
Weapons: (Sword) Rapier -> Saber -> Exacuss/Sword of Seals
Character used by: Kent Colton Rogers

“Hero” Roland
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Class: Mercenary -> Hero General -> Hero Lord
Appearance: Long and messy dark blue hair with a determined expression on his face. Deep blue eyes and wears dark violet robes and dark armor with a light blue cape. Light build and walks upright and tall.
Bio: A determined mercenary, hired by the human senators and decided to stay in the Southern Kingdom army. He worked his way up to the top and became one of the eight famed generals of the Southern Kingdom. He values his homeland and looks up to it with pride. He is also known to be able to wield weapons thrice his body weight, in spite of his light build. He yearns for peace between countries and hopes that this war will unite the continent once more.
Weapons: (Sword) Silver Sword -> Silver Blade -> Durandal
Character used by: Digi-kun

Barrigan the “Knight”Age: 29
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin -> Great Knight -> Lord Knight
Appearance: Jet black hair, combed nicely. Piercing red eyes and wears black under armor underneath pearl white armor with a white cape. A docile and laid back expression is present on his face.
Bio: Barrigan was a native of Ilia, learning the ways of knighthood from his human companions who were living peacefully alongside with the ice dragons. However, he and his companions were immediately blamed alongside with the rest of the humans after the massacre of the dragon children in the south. He was forced to flee and found refuge on the other side of the newly formed borders. His skills as a knight were immediately recognized and was honored a position alongside the eight generals.
Weapons: (Lance) Silver Lance -> Brave Lance -> Malte
Character used by: Chairman Kaga

“Berserker” Durban
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Class: Brigand -> Warrior -> Berserker General
Appearance: Sunken eyes and a shirtless body full of scars. Wears an iron head band and has scrawny brown hair. Wears dark red pants and an iron belt with spikes. Speaks in jagged phrases. Enormous build.
Bio: One could wonder how such a barbarian managed to become one of the eight generals. Native of the western isles, he was also driven out by the dragons living in that area. He is famed for his enormous strength and intimidating looks that could possibly scare the dragons themselves. Though not the brightest of the generals, he is by far, the strongest of them all. He is known to carry boulders around in his homeland just for fun.
Weapons: (Axe) Silver Axe -> Devil Axe -> Armads
Character used by: Paul

Hanon the “Horseman”Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class: Nomad -> Forest Knight -> Great Horseman
Appearance: Long green hair and wears a green headband with tribal patterns. Sharp eyes but with an easy smile and wears red and green robes woven together beneath red armor.
Bio: Hanon was a refugee of the Northern Empire of dragons. Her family and people have been massacred by the dragons after being accused of being spies of the Southern Kingdom even though her tribe wanted peace with the dragons. Hanon vows to take revenge and restore her clan and is now one of the most formidable generals of the Southern Kingdom. She is also the youngest of the generals.
Weapons: (Bow) Killer Bow -> Gale Bow -> Miurgre
Character used by: LilyPichu

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Class: Sage -> Mage General -> Archsage
Appearance: Long dark hair tied to a ponytail. Wears dark blue robes and has a stern face. Wears a golden belt with brown sandals.
Bio: A scholar of the north, he too was driven south because of the dragon uprisings. He is deemed to be one of the most intelligent members of the eight generals. He is quite stern and serious most of the time and aids the main generals in battle and helps Bramimond with his research. He is also a close friend of Bramimond.
Weapons: (Anima) Elfire -> Bolganonne -> Forblaze
Character used by: Kurosaki

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class: Scholar -> Druid General -> Dark Druid
Appearance: Dark green robes up to his ankles. Has a hood that covers most of his face in shadows but his face is still visible. He wears a brown leather belt with silver buckles. Wears leather sandals.
Bio: His origins are not quite known but rumors say that he learned most of his magic from the dragons themselves. He appeared one day in the Southern Kingdom and immediately came to the ranks of the eight generals. He serves as a brilliant tactician and tries to research more about magic in order to defeat the dragons. He has a calm and tacit attitude.
Weapons: (Dark) Fenrir -> Luna -> Apocalypse
Character used by: Akinari

“Saint” Elmine
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Class: Priestess -> Bishop General -> Saint
Appearance: Long and elegant blond hair. She has a calm and reassuring face and wears light and soft robes. She wears light blue robes with gold trims.
Bio: Elmine decided to join in the eight generals in order to return the peace once again in Elibe. She is much of a pacifist and works in healing the armies and aiding Bramimond in his strategies. She keeps most things to herself and is the most level headed of the eight generals.
Weapons: (Light/Staves) Divine/Physic -> Aura/Fortify -> Aureola/Holy Maiden
Character used by: Draik


Southern Kingdom:

Primary Class (everyone starts out with a primary class) -> Promoted Class

Archers -> Snipers
Archers wield bows and cannot directly attack. They are quite nimble and speedy, which is usually used to dodge attacks from melee units. They are however burdened by a low defense. Once promoted into snipers, they are feared for their deadly accuracy.
Weapons: Bow

Fighter -> Warrior
Fighters wield axes and are more concentrated on strength and their high vitality. However, they are quite clumsy with their heavy axes but can take a lot of blows from the enemy because of their high vitality. Once they promote, they are able to wield bows.
Weapons: Axe (Bow, upon promotion)

Pirate/Brigand -> Berserker
Unlike fighters, pirates and brigands are quite speedy but are still clumsy. They are cursed with abhorrent defense, but once promoted, they are feared for their incredible killing strokes.
Weapons: Axe

Cavaliers (Social Knight) -> Paladin
Cavaliers are well rounded knights on horseback. They wield lances and swords and have high movement. They can also rescue other allies with ease. Once they promote, they will be able to use axes.
Weapons: Lance, Sword (Axe upon promotion)

Mercenary -> Hero
Mercenaries are quite powerful with outstanding strength and defense. They are also quite speedy and become even more powerful once promoted and be able to use axes. Their build usually allows them to wield heavy weaponry.
Weapons: Sword (Axe upon promotion)

Myrmidon -> Sword Master
Swift and able to kill the enemy in one blow, Myrmidons are akin to Mercenaries, only a lot faster and able to connect hits more often. However, they sacrifice sufficient strength and defense because of that.
Weapons: Sword

Knight (Armor Knight) -> General
They are quite skilled with their supreme attack and defense but plagued with their horrible speed. Knights become godly once promoted and are the tanks of the game. They are, however, limited to their low movement because of their heavy armor.
Weapons: Lance (Axes upon promotion)

Mage -> Sage
Mages are nimble and fragile but are able to use magic, which surpasses the defense of even armor knights. It is not wise to send a mage into the front lines, however. Mages are skilled in using anima magic, or elemental magic (wind, fire, ice, thunder, etc).
Weapons: Anima (Staves upon promotion)

Shaman -> Druid
Shamans are more powerful than mages but are also a lot slower. They wield arcane ancient magic (also known as dark magic) and are all scholars. Using dark magic has its advantages as dark magic tomes have specific effects.
Weapons: Dark (Staves upon promotion)

Cleric -> Bishop
Clerics are healers and cannot attack until promoted. They are mostly behind the front lines as they are only used to heal allies. They are quite important in the army. Once promoted, they are able to wield light magic.
Weapons: Staves (Light upon promotion)

Monk -> Bishop
Monks are attackers and are faster than mages but are the most fragile. They wield light magic and are able to heal allies upon promotion.
Weapons: Light (Staves upon promotion)

Northern Empire:

Fire Dragons
Haughty and arrogant, fire dragons are quite reckless in the battlefield but are very destructive. Their superior attack power exceeds that of ice dragons and light dragons.
Weapons: Flametongue (Fire Breath), claw, tail, etc…

Ice Dragons
Ice dragons are introverts but are also powerful. Though not as powerful as fire dragons, ice dragons have thick hides that are almost impenetrable.
Weapons: Frostbite (Ice Breath), claw, tail, etc…

Light Dragons
Generals of the Northern Empire and can heal and use magic, and most notably, control elements. They are known for their arcane powers and are even rumored to be able to transform into Dark Dragons when exploited and manipulated. However, becoming one has a cost.
Weapons: Anima, Light, Healing


Class (unit type or dragon type):

RP Sample:

February 4th, 2006, 1:17 AM
Ooo... This is bound to be good. Sorry but I will post my character on this post later. I am really tired and these eyes are hurting now. I'll be back later in the morning.

Kingdom: Southern Kingdom
Name: Fayt
Gender: Male
Class: Archer
Personality: Fayt is calm and observative. He also is very friendly and ,in battle, very supportive. He encourages people when they are battling tough opponents. His ability to keep cool even in the heat of battle makes him very reliable.
Backstory: Fayt lives in a small town that always remained neutral when many battles occur outside it's gates. He and a few others usually goes out of town to hunt for wild game and would come back with plenty to eat for everyone. Fayt is exceptionally gifted with the bow. Suddenly dragons appeared at the town and obliterated it. Only Fayt ,with a few others, and his family escaped from the dragons. He was devastaded by the dragons unwarned attack. He did not want to see others die so he vowed to protect the people in fear even if it costed him his life.

Rp Sample:
"Maria? Where did you put my bow?" I asked as I shuffled around our small room. I searched under the pillows and the beds of our room.
I stood in the middle of the room and stroke my chin once. "Hm... Where did..." I was suddenly interrupted by my sister's voice.
"Fayt? Are you in here?" She asked as stuck her head in the room. "Ah. Here you are." She had her hands behind her back. I looked at her as if she was hiding something.
"Are you hiding something from me?" I said with a serious look.
"Uh. Of course not!" She said loudly and grinned.
"Okay. Give it up." I said running towards her and tried to snatched the bow from her.
"Hah. Your too slow. " She said as she waved the finely wooden carved bow in one hand. I quickly jumped over her, grabbed the bow, gently landed on the ground on my feet.
"Yes. Got it back." I said and grinned at her. I ran outside not wanting to be shout at by the envious sister and met with two other villagers by the northern gate.
"Hey Dan. Glen. Ready to go?" I asked while shouldering my bow and fixing my quiver.
"Yeah. I'm set." Glen, the yellow haired boy, said as he gripped his light sword.
"I'm good to go." Dan, the red haired boy, said as he also shouldered his medium length spear.
We made our way deep into the forest and found some deer. I readied an arrow and aimed at the deer. Suddenly, a large piercing shriek came near our village causing me to lose focus and miss the deer by a few inches. Smoke was rising from beyond the trees. We rushed back and found two red dragons tossing flames everywhere around our village. People were panicking and rushong everywhere.
"Oh no. Dragons!" I shouted. "Both of you. Get your families and get out." They both nodded and ran off. I ran towards a brown-roofed home. It was still intacked. I slammed the door open and looked around.
"MOM?! DAD?! MARIA?!" I shouted as loud as I could because the cries of others could be heard outside. I ran around the house searching for them. Where is Mom, Dad, and Sis? I thought.
A familiar voice called from behind me. It was my dad.
"Son. Hurry. There are some people who have gotten out already. We must hurry too." He said. I nodded and he led me towards the rest of the family. My mom and sister ran and hugged me with relief.
"I'm so glad your okay." My mom said as she hugged me. Maria just gave a few scared sobs.
"We should leave this place before the dragons come after us." I said and gave one last look at my desicrated village.
"Yes. We should." My father said and motioned us to go towards the south.

Well.... This isn't the best but that'll do for now. Tell me if you need more descriptions. (Is this how you spell desicrated?)

February 4th, 2006, 1:51 AM
Kingdom: Southern Kingdom
Name: Yen
Gender: Male
Class: Mercanary
Personality: Yen was the outcast when he ws younger. He has always cared for his family and friends. He is now a lot stronger in his life than he was when he was a child. He is a kind hearted young boy.
Backstory: Yen's family died when he was a child a few years ago. He has always vowed revenge on th person that killed them. He trained day and knight for three years until he thought he was strong enough. Now he sets off on the journey to kill his family's killer.

RP Sample:

"So, tired" Yen moaned walking along a never ending path. He walked further and further. He was attacked by some theives trying to steal his stuff. He gabbed his sword and started fighting.

After about an hour the theives fled and he was able to start on his journey.
"Stupid fools" He growled to himself angrily. He sheathed his sword and walked into a nearby hut.

It seemed deserted so he layed back on the ground and started drifting to sleep.

OOC: sorry it's not that good my grandad's just died.

February 5th, 2006, 6:05 PM
Perhaps I shall join as well, though I'm going to die when we actually start RPing. So many experienced RPers! 0_0;; anyway, I'll do my sign-up tomorrow, is that alright?

Kingdom:Southern Kingdom
Name:Merit Black
Class: Pirate
Personality:Merit has many personalities, one of which is seen most often, is her snotty and imperious attitude, of which she considers herself better than anyone except her officials. She has the tendency to do things before she thinks, and so this usually ends up in her punishment or the downfall of a plan. She's very impatient and will wait only for the best moment to steal something, or until she sees the fullest gold sack. She has zero guilt rate and tends to blurt things on her mind out to people who shouldn't know what's on her mind. She's rather clumsy when it comes to anything that's not 'shady' or 'sinful' and is clumsy with her words as well. She asks questions that shouldn't be asked, and she does things that are unneccessary, such as bursting through a window instead of walking through the front door.
Backstory:Merit was stolen from her home by a band of pirates looking for some free slaves, and raising her on their ships she easily picked up their ways. She trained secretly herself until a tough pirate looking for a sparring partner decided to teach her a few piracy tricks, in which she immediatly practiced diligently. After stealing some well balanced meals from wealthy parties, the other pirates grudgingly recognized her as almost an equal, but she was still the butt of things. She never really minded this until she was told to clean out the cannon holds. The dustiest, grimiest, and most disgusting part of the ship, excluding two others. She threw the broom at the other pirates and immediatly left the docked ship and out on her own she went. Merit managed to steal enough gold for a room and a meal, and continued to steal until she'd made a good living for herself. She has so many alias's that she only barely remembers her own name by the words etched onto the gold locket around her neck. The word 'Merit' means little to anybody but herself and the other pirates, which she rarely sees anymore.

RP Sample:“Not again!” I groaned as I whacked the dusty dashboard of my plain black mo-ped.
“Stupid…stupid…stupid…” I said as I whacked it some more.
“Come on…” I muttered as I turned the key, my large amount of keychains clanking against each other as the motor started up and died away once again.
“My hands are so gross…” I said looking down at my black oil covered hands.
I glanced at my ice blue blouse but shook my head, brown braids whipping my face “I can’t wipe my hands on my shirt, it’s the second day of school, one of the most important days!”
I shook my head hopelessly and tried to start the motorcycle again. Thankfully I was on a private road, leading to the collage I would be now going to, and not very many cars passed.
Glaring at a car that honked at me and swerved past, speeding up just to annoy me, I turned the key angrily and more roughly this time.
“Yes!” I hissed as the motor didn’t die away.


“Crap…” I muttered.
I was only about ten feet away from where I originally was when the motor died again…I ignored the silver Cadillac that stopped next to me, in the opposite lane (the wrong direction I might add) after three cars had already took a detour around me.
The tinted window rolled down and a girl with bright blue hair tied into pigtails that splayed from behind her head to her chin and cheeks stared, bemused at me.
“Valerie.” She said in a disgusted tone, smirking, her ice blue eyes glinting maliciously.
I sighed and turned to glare at her after ignoring her for a full 40 seconds.
She sighed, and moved her purse off her lap, opened the silver door and stepped outside, pushing the car door closed very proudly.
She leaned again the now closed door, the window still open, and watched me whack the dashboard.
She clucked at me with her tounge and shook her head “Your hand’s are absolutely disgusting. No wonder you can’t get it started.”
I inwardly sighed again and turned to glare at her again.
She took no notice of course, but instead said “Here. Wipe your hands on this.” She said, bringing her hand across her tan, sleeveless cashmere turtleneck to reach into a fancy bag, that rested on her light brown, skirt. She was about two inches taller than me, with those deadly black heels on.
She held out a tissue holder, and I took it from her, staring skeptically as though it would spray me with water any instant.
She knew me, because she was in my all girls class. We all knew everyone…well, almost everyone. She turned and opened the car door again, but before she stepped back inside, she jumped and turned around.
“By the way,” She said, a bracelet clad hand covering her dark red lipstick “That’s a Gucci tissue holder. Remember to give it back.”
She got back into the shiny car and mumbled as she closed the window and motioned for the driver to go, “And all the kids at school take a car.”
I stared after the car with a feeling of disbelief at her nerve, and amusement at her attitude. Turning over the bag in my hand I scoffed and threw it over my shoulder onto the hard pavement. Trying for the last time of the day I finally turned on the stupid mo-ped, and sped off toward school.
Collage to be exact.


I parked my mo-ped in the janitor’s parking lot, because it was the only place used for motorcycles.
“My mom made you some dinner.” I said holding out a package for the old janitor.
“Why thank you!” He said happily.
“You may be the only student in the entire school who knows what a rice cooker looks like!” He said taking the package gratefully.
I laughed, because I knew it was most definetly true, besides my friend Lara, who lived in a poor enviorment just like me, compared to the rich students all around us.


A man in a drivers uniform hurried out of the black limo, and bustled to open the back passenger’s door.
A girl with red orange hair, swept to the side of her head, with bangs that swept the opposite direction, stepped out of the open door and tossed a yellow tote bag into the drivers hands.
“Hold it.” She said carelessly, brushing her black leather trench coat off with a dignified air, and smoothing out her hot magenta dress.
She used her hands to poof up her side ponytail slightly, and held out and expectant hand at the driver, surveying her surroundings with a superior stare.
The driver jumped and quickly handed her the tote bag.
“Next time, hand me both straps.” She scowled at him, grabbing the other strap and placing it securely in her hand.
He nodded and stammered “Y-yes Miss Misty.”
“That’s Ma’am to you.” She said snottily, walking up the stairs toward the classrooms making a very big scene compared to the other students around her.
“Oh…” Misty said with an air of faked dislike as she saw the girl in tan and pigtails walking about ten feet away from her.
“Ugh…” The other girl said the same.
They both looked around and as the students filtered away to get their books, the other girl, Krystal, smirked at Misty.
She swung her purse on her side twice by it’s plastic ‘chain’ like handle and landed it on her back the third.
She glanced at the purse before turning around, her head twisted to see Misty’s face, yet making sure Misty could see it very clearly.
“Ha! Prada purse. Look at my accessories!” Krystal said daintily.
Misty swung her head around to clear her face of her stray bangs and grabbed the edge of her trenchcoat.
Inside was plaid, and she flung it open on one side so Krystal could see the tag, though of course not be able to read it.
“Huh! Burberry’s Jacket. Top that!” Misty said smirking at Krystal.
Krystal glanced at the last few stragglers that hadn’t yet made it to their lockers and finger the necklace around her neck.
The square was all diamond and she leaned forward, though ten feet away all Misty saw was a glint on her neck in the sunlight, coming through the pillars of the open hallway.
“Millenium necklace.” Krystal said grinning at Misty “Limited. Edition.”
Misty looked at the last person outside uncomfortably and searched herself for a brandname.
“Oh…” Krystal said in mock sympathy “You don’t have anything? Looks like I win…too bad.”
Misty smirked a very amused smirk and then grinned “Nooot yet!” She said waggling her finger.
“Come closer.” Misty said still grinning.
Krystal skeptically swept around the empty halls with her eyes one last time before walking forward a little.
“Come on, I won’t bite.” Misty said, walking towards Krystal, the ten feet diminished now to one foot apart.
“Look very closely.” Misty said seriously, as she let Krystal examine her face at all angles.
Krystal gasped with sudden realization “JULIA ROBERTS’S NOSE!” She said pointing at Misty’s nose.
Misty let out a squeal of laughter.
“I can’t believe you what kind of friend are you?! You don’t even invite me to go get a nose job with you.” Krystal said in a huff.
“You didn’t invite me to go buy the necklace with you.” Misty said as the two began to walk towards their lockers.
“I tried, but I couldn’t find you!” Krystal said earnestly.
“Where’d you look for me?” Misty asked surprised.
“Paris…” Krystal said as though it was obvious.
“You’re ridiculous!” Misty squealed, pushing Krystal away playfully “We’re in Taiwan!”


“A 50,000 dollar nose?!” Lara exclaimed.
Lara had long black hair and beady black eyes, with pale chalk colored skin, and today she wore a light blue poncho and a lime green skirt the fell to her ankles. Her delicate hands were loaded with heavy books.
“I could live for a year on that nose.” I said putting away my notes.
“I could too!” Lara said, taking out her third textbook.
“Why do you have so many books?” I asked Lara.
“Well,” She said taking out another large textbook “It’s collage right? Shouldn’t there be a lot of textbooks?”
“But the list said you only needed this one…” I said knocking against the blue book in my hand.
“Yeah, but I thought that was ridiculous.” Lara said closing her locker.
“If you’re right then I’m doomed…” I muttered.
“Don’t worry about it, you know me, I always think too much.” She said as we both walked to class.
“I guess so…” I said closing my own locker “That usually is the case.”
Just a few lockers away from Valerie and Lara’s lockers, is an open locker…inside, is a red ribbon, with bold letters printed on it. ‘You’ll be dead’. F4 painted sloppily in gold on the ‘be’ in the middle.

February 6th, 2006, 5:22 PM
*: I'm adding a couple fields to the sign-up. If you left those out intentionally, let me know, and I'll remove them.

Kingdom: Southern Kingdom

Name: Julian Kensington


*Age: 15

Class (unit type or dragon type): Myrmidon

*Appearance: http://www.studio-ego.co.jp/034/bi/games/af_another/images/chr_sebg.jpg

Personality: Julian is a born fighter, and he knows it, definetly. In battle, he's extremely confident in his extreme speed and precision. When put on the spot, or actually in danger, he tends to crack under the pressure. He loves to inflate his ego, and enjoys the position of leader, although often-times, he is not suited for the role. He hates to make people feel unhappy, and tends to blame himself for many of the problems he faces.

Backstory: Julian's father led and trained new recruits into King Magnus' armies. His father was an amazing sword-fighter, but because of a leg injury, he was never allowed on the field of battle. So he trained the new recruits in the castle, including Julian, who quickly progressed. Although he was not a particularly strong child, he was incredibly quick, and had the dexterity of a swan. In the latest battle, many of Magnus' men had deserted him, and Julian's father went out to his aid. However, he was, as he had been told, not suited for battle, so he was badly wounded. He was sent home, and collapsed into a coma in his bed. He has not awoken since, and this was 3 weeks ago. When a messenger from the Royal Army was sent, Julian volunteered to join the army in his father's stead, but he was denied, so in trainee camp he remains. He has risen through the ranks, and now is an assistant instructor to Leon, an ancient knight who has been selected to train the new recruits in Julian's father's stead.

RP Sample: Julian froze, staring directly into the eyes of his opponent. Markus, the mercenary-in-training that he was paired up with, was panting profusely, his large sword down at his side. Julian smirked, seeing this as the perfect point of weakness, and he dove forward and prepared to strike upon the boy's unprotected head. As his blade neared the point of contact, a large mithril spear swiftly maneuvered into the path of his sword, sending the young boy toppling back, off balance.

"Enough!!" roared a deep voice, directed straight at Julian, now on the ground.

"Julian, I will admit, you are indeed a skilled fighter, but you must learn to control your abilities! Young Markus has been in our ranks for only what, 3 weeks has it been? Perhaps less!" The figure stepped out of the sun, and was revealed as Leon, the new instructor of the trainee camp. He was old, with grayish white hair, and sagging cheeks, but the majority of his body was finely toned - walking around and marching to battle had made this old
man a powerhouse, his arm muscles more defined than many of the young swordsmen now enrolled in the army. The knight pointed at Markus, the victim of Julian's vicious attack. The boy was sitting there, silent tears running down his dirty face, his emerald green hair clumped up at various places, making him look very unkempt. The boy sniffed, and stood, his eyes fixed upon the ground, his youthful tears splattering on the ground. Leon walked over to Markus, comforting him with his gnarled hands. The boy sniffed once more, and began to hobble away.

As he limped away, Julian saw how much damage he had really done. He was bleeding from his left arm, and he appeared to have a deep gash somewhere on his right leg, which he was limping on tenderly. Leon shot a dissapointed glare at Julian before accompanying Markus to the Infirmary. Julian looked around, and saw the other recruits staring at him cynically.

"I.. I.." the boy stuttered, but he couldn't make the words come out. He dropped his blade, and walked out of the fortress into the night air.

I didn't mean to hurt him.. I just got so into it..

Julian tried to reason with himself, but the look of sadness and guilt upon young Markus' face after being defeated so horribly remained in the front of Julian's mind like a bad itch. He stared at the newly waxing moon in the sky, and sighed, the steam billowing out of his mouth like so many doves.

February 6th, 2006, 10:11 PM
Wow. Naoko-chan has like the longest Rp sample i have ever seen. Very interesting it is.