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February 11th, 2006, 1:41 AM
The results of the January Sprite Contest are in. We shall provide you with comments on each entry plus a rating on a scale of 1 - 10 from each judge. Which entries placed in this contest was merely out of what has been favoured by the judges.

Please note that I have given the judges a lot of time, though they have actually had some lapses, so you'll find that one or two of them dont comment on each entry, the host of the contest failed to judge in the time limit I have given him. But I, myself, has commented on each and every entry.

I shall be double posting due to the Image limit.


1st Entry - Santa Groudon by coreystranick


~Dragon~Master: Gah! A recolor! It burns my eyes! Try to put some more effort to you work. Also there is no Shading in the boots,bag.- 2/10

Kai the Master Basicly its just a Groudon holding a bag and a wearing a santas hat.Nice try though. - 1/10

Signomi: I can't really say much about this sprite, a Groudon sprite with just a few little add-ons. They could've used some work, for instance, the bag in which he holds, you could've added shading to it rather than just coloured it, you could've atleast tried to anyway, it increases the quality of the sprite. The hat doesn't really look very nicely designed, try not to only use black for the outline and again, it could use some shading to it. The boots seem as if the legs were just recoloured, plus the boot on the left of Groudon seems out of it's anatomy (body). So there isn't much else for me to talk about. My advice would be to practice shading, it will make your sprite stand out a lot more, simply colouring it would make it look flat, wouldn't really impress me all that much. Bu thanks for trying, anyways. - 2/10

Second Entry - Christmas Sugimori Pikachu by Dragonfree


~Dragon~Master: Amazing! Just amazing! Theres just one flaw, the scarf looks like its going into his mouth. - 9/10

Kai the Master Very nicely done!I love the santa hat and scarf.Wonderful job again. - 10/10

Signomi: Beautifully done, perfect anatomy, it looks very well done. But this is my own personal perspective: I don't really like the look of the eyes, because of that, it makes me think that the scarf around it's neck is actually choking Pikachu, thus making his eyes bulge out a bit (this is a good time to call me weird if you wish :P) The shadowed area on the tail of the hat caught my eye often, looks a bit like a loose pixel, but that's my opinion. But overall, it's a very nice piece of work, though as I keep looking at it, it does give me a bit of a wrong impression. - 9/10

Third Entry - By Arrogance


~Dragon~Master: A kind of fusion and recolor.Good, but the scarf looks kinda wierd.And one more thing,The ball at the end of the tail is bi weird for me.- 7/10

Kai the Master Many flaws.A little scratchy around the hat nice job with the scarf and tail.Good try. - 6/10

Signomi: A cute sprite, though it's major problems lie on the hat and the scarf. The hat: lacks proper shading, it clashes a bit with the Umbreon's ears, which is a little hard on the eyes, I'd recommend shading it so it doesn't give that effect. The Scarf: I can't really see much of it, just the blue stripes, again, that too lacks shading, and because you used a very light grey on the outline, it almost looks as if patches of the scarf aren't there. My first impression was that it looked as if the Umbreon had a collar around its neck which links to a nice pair of stockings. I liked the fact that you implemented miniature wings close to its hind quarters. The tail doesn't really strike me that much, it looks like a scarf itself, in my opinion. And it looks a bit long and thick aswell, try thinning it and making it a bit shorter. But overall, a recoloured sprite, in which I'm not particularly fond of, but nice little add ons, it just need shading in certain areas. - 4/10

Fourth Entry - Slowking santa by [email protected]


~Dragon~Master Gah another recolor! My eyes burn! Anyway you should put a bit more effort. - 3/10

Kai the Master I'd have to agree with Signomi on this one.Sorry. - 2/10

Signomi Just another recolour, so not really much I could talk about. Main problem lies on the bag, its anatomy looks rather distorted and the shading looks wrong, perhaps adding more detail to the back may do the trick, I also see a lot of excess pixels on both the hat and the bag, in which you might need to erase. What bothers me quite is the shading on the bag, it looks flat, plus it looks as if Slowking is dragging along a large potato (I've weird imagination, don't rub it in ¬.¬) so you might want to reshade it, make it look as if there's items in the bag (like having presents in the bag stick out a bit) and perhaps add a hint of dithering (dotted shading) aswell. Overall, pretty much a recolour, add ons don't seem to appeal much to me. But thanks for trying anyway. - 2/10

Fifth Entry - Christmas Milotic by shadowfuse


Kai the Master Beautifully done!I love everything about this sprite! - 10/10

Signomi ...Recolours recolours...many of these recolours. I'm pretty sure it said in the rules that no recolours were allowed. But to the commenting anyway, for a recolour, it looks quite nice, I like the snowy look you gave the Milotic, though what seems to bother me is how the hat seems a little large, especially the oversized fluffball at the end of it. I like the implements you used, like the cherries on the tail and neck, and the colours you used on the body, the whole thing looks good enough to eat. - 5/10

Sixth Entry - Christmas Vulpix by ¤Ho-Roudon¤


~Dragon~Master Amazing peice of art. Just amazing. The only thing is that the blue light bulb is a bit shorter than the rest. Anyway i give you - 9.5/10

Kai the Master Marvelous!Love the Christmas lights around the vulpix's neck. - 9/10

Signomi Marvelous, a beautiful entry. Lovely pose, and lovely implements. The fact that this was made by scratch arouses me. Though the first thing that queried me was the hat, I did infact see your hatless version of this Vulpix, the hair on its forehead should've been large enough to make the hat a bit more bulgier on the top. The lights around its neck is a cute idea, though the blue light looks as if it's raised above the others a slight bit. I could see a left over pixel on the dark brown outline that began cascading up its left leg. I love the Vulpix's expression, really cute. Again, lovely entry, good work, just a few little things caught my eye that made me knock a point off - 9/10

Seventh Entry - Santa's Helper/Elf by Blazikenlvl100


~Dragon~Master Well the pose is to stiff. You should have made his legs and body more frexible. Anyway the shadings a bit weird but in other words it doesnt looks like something exploded right in front of him, by that i mean that it looks rushed. - 5/10

Kai the Master I have to again agree with Signomi.But I downed the points more.- 0/10

Signomi Doesn't really look that appealing. It has that stick like figure with a symmetrical layout on his lower body. His pose doesn't really make me think much of it. The shading looks a little rushed and unsure. Try to focus on the light source, for instance, where is the light coming from? Because according to the shading, there are multiple light sources, try to keep your light sources to a minimum and maximum of one light source. You might want to work on how you shade aswell, the shading on the artwork looks crinkly and out of place. Plus you have a few excess pixels about, even on the shading. Try to revise through your entry and make sure it's neat and tidy. The neck seems to be a little more to the right, making the left shoulder a little more longer, the outline on the shoulder looks rather untidy, before colouring your entry in, make sure your outline is spot on, without any excess pixels, and try to perfect the anatomy a bit, the upper body looks much more presentable than the lower body, for the reason that the lower body looks symmetrical, a few extra pixels in between his legs, and one leg is more in width than the other. The shoes look flat on their base. So overall, nice try, but you've many things that you might want to work on. - 4/10

Eighth Entry - A Very Merry MegaChao Christmas by MegaLightBlaze


~Dragon~Master An OW. Never expected that. Anyway your chao are good. But some attacks like starlight or snowflake are a bit to light. Anyway nice job.- 6.2/10

Kai the Master Very nice.One of the best sprite sheets that I've ever seen!But you could try not saving in .jpg,I suggest .png. - 5/10

Signomi: Eh. A sprite sheet. Not really what I expected for an entry :P Though I have to admit, nice chaos, though in my opinion, they could use some shading. I like the first part of the sheet, the Slay Rocket and Ammo Reindeers, it seems rather amusing when I come to think about it more. Snowflake is a bit hard on my eyes, since the use of its aqua, try settling for a more skybluish colour for the snowflake, rather than aqua. My main problem on each chao is the lack of shading. But otherwise, cute work, though I'm not going to give ratings for each and every one of them. - 6/10

Ninth Entry - Christmas Igglytuff by Omega Latios


~Dragon~Master A nice and good entry. But the sadings a bit off in like a shaky way. You should fix that and it would be better. - 8/10

Kai the Master The shading is the main problem.But other than that its awsome. - 4.9/10

Signomi: The shading and the outline of this entry looks shakey. I'd recommend using the Circle tool as a place holder for its body, so you won't have to construct it manually by yourself. Pillow Shading on the body, also looks untidy, the area shaded with the semi-dark pink contradicts the fact that the body must look spherical, it should actually cascade all the way until it reaches the tip of the hat. The position of its mouth on the face looks quite awkward when comparing it with the feet, the mouth is on an odd position on the body, I'd recommend edging it a bit more to the left. The feet seem too close together. The shading on the hat looks rather rushed and unneat, it also looks flat. The swirl on its forehead looks symmetrical and edgy, perhaps using the Curve tool would've been essential in making the swirl. The hat also looks as if it's clamped onto its head. So overall, it looks quite rushed. Try taking more time in making your entry, and before thinking you're finished with it, look closer at it and see if you can adjust certain aspects of the artwork to see if they can be improved. - 5.5/10

Tenth Entry - Wise Elf by Allstories


~Dragon~Master Nicely done. I like the expresion. Theres only one thing, the legs. They look very skinny for the body. That's the only flaw i could see.- 8.8/10

Kai the Master Lovely,marvelous!What more can I say?! - 9.5/10

Signomi A nicely done entry. Though what mainly puts me off about it would be the excess dithering. The legs look a bit flat with the way you shaded them. Not typically fond of the shades of green you used, but that's just me. I like his expression though, good entry, but there are a few things you might want to consider revising, mainly the large amount of dithering. - 8.9/10

Eleventh Entry - By KageSora


~Dragon~Master Gah! What with the recolors? Anyway there a couple of other things. If you look on the baox.. There is no shading! Also the hat doesnt fit the Raichu. - 1.5/10

Kai the Master Raichu's hat is off,Pikachus' present has zitto shading. - 4/10

Signomi Recolours. Plus the hat on Raichu doesn't really match with the outline of the body. I don't really like the look of the present either, just a coloured square basically, without any shading to it and such. Overall, just plain recolours with plain addons. Nothing much. But thanks for trying anyway - 3/10

Twelth Entry - By Spoony~Chan


~Dragon~Master A good simple fusion. Nothing special but a really cool looking. - 6.5/10

Kai the Master My oh my!The first fusion that I've seen yet.Nice idea! - 5.3/10

Signomi Togetic with Venomoth wings and a Shedinja's halo. Cute. Though a pretty simple fusion, parts to it recoloured. So nothing too fancy, though, cute idea. - 2/10

Thirteeth Entry - Christmas Pikachu by Celebii22


~Dragon~Master Couple of things i see wrong. The legs look like flippers, The mouth has pionty corners and look like a traingle.Anyhow nice.- 7.5/10

Signomi I believe I told you a great deal of my comments on this piece, so I shall tell you them again, there are familiar flaws that still hasn't been taken care of, it still looks as if its right arm is directly joined to its stomach, the mouth looks rather awkward, if it's mouth is supposed to be open, then it doesn't give me that impression, make sure the mouth is shaped like triangle rather than that, since it looks like its tongue has taken up a great deal of its mouth, the eyes still look rather narrow and close together, making the face look narrow, try making the eyes look like mere circles rather than ovals. The feet look somewhat like flippers. But otherwise, nice work - 7/10

Fourteenth Entry - Christmas Cane coloured Pixel Ponyta by Wolf_vee


~Dragon~Master Very nice. The only thing is that the legs look a bit shaky.- 8/10

Signomi Lovely looking Ponyta. I like its pose, but what strikes me would have to be the the black outline on the ear, I think the colour could've been replaced with a darkish purple. Plus the hind left leg looks rather thicker compaired to the other legs; aswell as shaped a bit unusually aswell, but that's what my eyes could tell. Besides the colours, I don't really see how it truely relates to the theme. - 7/10

February 11th, 2006, 1:41 AM
Fifteenth Entry - Stantler Reindeers by ~Enu~


~Dragon~Master Gah! A recolor! Its creative but still a recolor. Also Latios has no shading.- 3/10

Signomi Nothing really much to rate here, stantler sprites and a coloured Latios. First off, the entry was saved as .JPG, in which ruins its quality, I'd recommend that you either save your works as .PNG or .GIF(for transparency); Secondly, The rope that ties the Stantler together seems poorly done and rushed. And I don't really like the colour scheme in that recoloured Latios sprite, so overall: - 2/10

Sixteenth Entry - Christmas Maxie, Hiker and Archie by 1nintendofanZ


~Dragon~Master A plain recolor and add un! Put some more effort into your work next time.- 1.5/10

Signomi Can't really say much, they're just recolours with hats. The thought of the idea is nice. It shows Christmas Spirit - 3/10

Seventeenth Entry - Santa by Draik


~Dragon~Master Cute, i like it. I dont think there nothing wrong. - 9.9/10

Signomi Nice heavy edit, though what puts me off about it would be his left leg, any reason why he's somewhat lifting it up? And he's not exactly properly grasping the cane, but nice attempt, it looks quite good - 5/10

Eighteenth Entry - Christmas Chao by matlee


~Dragon~Master Cool, but the wing looks a bit to far back. - 8/10

Signomi I believe I've given my thoughts on this entry in the discussion thread, but I'll say it again here. That tree was not made by matlee, the only things that are his are the chao. This fact is frowned upon by me and has urged me to give it a rather...low rating, nice chao, but the stolen tree made this entry fail in my eyes - 0/10

Nineteenth Entry - Rapidash Unicorn by JBCBank


Signomi I don't really see how this entry has totally anything to so with the theme. Simple recolour/fusion but still looks nice. - 3/10



Sixth Entry - Christmas Vulpix by ¤Ho-Roudon¤



Tenth Entry - Wise Elf by Allstories



Second Entry - Christmas Sugimori Pikachu by Dragonfree



Thanks all for participating! :)

February 13th, 2006, 12:23 AM
who came 1st 2nd and 3rd?

February 13th, 2006, 12:25 AM
I believe the winning entries are right above you.

February 13th, 2006, 12:28 AM
sorry about my little brother, thanks for rating mine, now i can improve.

February 13th, 2006, 12:29 AM
sory, i didn't see thm signomi

Weatherman, Kiyoshi
February 13th, 2006, 1:18 PM
I respect the choice for my entry.
I'll try harder.
I just knew the vulpix would win!
it's so cute. ^_^

February 13th, 2006, 1:47 PM
I knew mine sucked. Maybe i should go an redo my feb entry. *scurries off cursing himslef for being an idiot*

February 13th, 2006, 3:46 PM
Wait a minute... Mine got 9, 9 and 10, but the Vulpix got 9, 9 and 9.5 and the elf got 9.5, 8.8 and 8.9. How come I'm third but have the highest average? o.o

February 13th, 2006, 3:52 PM
That was weird, maybe a mis calculation my judges?

Flaming Quilava
February 15th, 2006, 5:35 AM
Umm i believe Dragonfree that your in first, Horoudon is second and the elf is third. Ill as signomi to fix that.

February 16th, 2006, 2:20 AM
"Which entries placed in this contest was merely out of what has been favoured by the judges."

Basically that. The ratings didn't really play a role in determining who placed and who didn't, just merely showed how well you've done your entries.

But in the current contest, those who place will be determined on what mark they get.

February 16th, 2006, 2:56 AM
Ah. The way I understood it, I thought that meant exactly that it would be taking the average of the ratings, so it got me confused.

*scuttles off to make entry for February contest*

February 20th, 2006, 11:08 AM
Gongrats everyone that won, the vulpix is AMAZING, ive never seen such an awesome sprite before.