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  • It's a bit like learning to ride a bike or drive a car I guess. You never really forget how to do it, you just need to perfect it again.

    Already having the experience from one person and being able to apply it to the next would be extremely helpful I imagine. I just thought what with everyone being different that you'd always have to take a different approach, but then there's only so many options you have to offer.
    It's alright! It happens. :P Thank you.

    With my pharmacy being retail, it's not so terrible. I usually work a closing shift from around 12:30-9pm or so. I alternate weekends, so I have most of them off.
    OH, that's right... :x Awkward, but since we've last spoke, I've become a little more open about my sexuality. I'm actually engaged to another man, and yes, I'd like to think we're both rather lucky to have found each other. :] We've been together for over five years now.

    I'm a registered nurse by trade; I work in a pharmacy and do medical review on the side.
    I had to read that a few times before I remembered what that was all about... haha...

    Yes, doing quite well these days. Done with college, working, and just proposed. :>
    holy moly I'm not sure youre around but hey wanted to say hope youre doing well! I've though about your art recently aha
    Yeah Bounty is the same really, both lovely and a nuicanse at the same time haha. In total Ive been playing for over five years, but I stopped for a few years to focus on school and now Im picking it up again. I forgot a lot and Im quite bad but its all coming back pretty quickly.

    Thats a really awesome source of motivation to want to head in that direction. Support other peoples' goals is always a job wothy of a lot of respect, because it requires you to focus on individuals rather than mundane tasks, so it means you will rarely do the same thing twice and in my opinion that is a lot harder than many jobs out there.
    Mostly I've been pushing my apprenticeship forward, and I've picked up the violin again, and I'm working towards progressing that enough to play in a rather niche area for violins. Outside of that I've got a cat haha.

    That's pretty awesome that you got the job at the gym you've been going to. You'll be in familiar surroundings which is always nice. How did you get to wanting to work in a gym from public speaking, which is what you were doing before, if I recall correctly?
    Yeah things have been going pretty well lately :)

    Three interviews in a week sounds promising. What did you apply for? And I didnt know you were engaged, congratulations! What kind of place are you looking for?
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