View Full Version : A Day at the PokePark: Find the Hidden Characters!

February 18th, 2006, 5:30 PM
A long time ago you noticed a giant water tower had sprung up in the middle of a construction site. But this water tower's a little different--the top of it, in addition to being black, also spikes out a little, very much like Ash's hair.

Months go by, and as you pass by the construction site, you see the beginnings of a theme park taking shape, the likes of which have not been seen in a very long time. Rides are being built, paths are being paved, and staff is being trained behind the scenes, anticipating the day when PokeLand will open to the public.

Finally, the big day comes, and a giant cap is lowered onto the "head" of Ash Tower (the name of the giant tower), heralding the grand opening of PokeLand!

As part of the festivites of opening day, you have been chosen to participate in the largest hidden picture game ever, The Grand Hidden Character Hunt! Whoever can find the largest number of Hidden Characters in a single day wins a special commeorative item.

What is a Hidden Character? Hidden Characters are defined as the likeness of a Pokemon character (or something a character owns, or the voice of a character) hidden in an unexpected location. Ash Tower is an example, as it is the largest Hidden Ash in the park...but that's just one of the thousands of Hidden Characters waiting to be found?

There are several different kinds of Hidden Characters in the park, but how many can you find in a single day? Meet at the park entrance and get ready to play!

Sign up here with the following info:

Physical appearance: (You may include a picture, but can't be just a picture)

(When everyone meets up at the entryway, I'll give you a count of how many Hidden Characters there are in an area or on a ride/show, and a general hint as to where it is)