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February 20th, 2006, 9:29 AM
Alright, here's what I have for a Pokemon fanfic...don't spaz on me if it's awful, for this is my first stab at writing Pokemon. I welcome criticism though. Anything to make my writing better. ^.^ So...that's all I have to say...here it is...



~*~Dark Memories~*~
PG13 Action/Adventure

Chapter One:

The night droned on, black, cool, perfect for the task that was at hand. A girl crouched in the brush, dressed in a black t-shirt with a pale bluish-gray unzipped hoodie over it and baggy black pants that fell over worn tennis shoes. Her face was hidden in the shadows of night as she sat still and unmoving, watching a large dome building that sat among the thick trees of forest. A yellow Pokemon softly sneezed beside her and the girl moved ever so slightly, glancing down at the Pikachu as though to silently say 'bless you'.

A siren sounded in the distance. The girl's head snapped back up and her Pokemon's ears twitched with annoyance to the high pitched sound. The Pikachu darted up to perch on top of its trainer's brown ponytail, staring out through the trees at the dome building as a line of odd looking cars proceeded from a large door that had opened seconds before. There were three of the machines, and they scattered, two moving off to the left and right of where the girl and Pikachu were crouching, one heading straight for them.

The girl swallowed and stood up, biting her lip and looking around frantically for a place to hide. Somewhere, anywhere. The Pikachu on her head leapt from its trainer and motioned to a nearby tree before scrambling up into the branches and disappearing into the leaves. The girl hesitated, but only for a moment before following her Pokemon and sitting on a low branch, drawing her knees up to her face and making herself as small as possible.

The car stopped below the tree. The girl held her breath, closing her eyes and hoping that her Pikachu had enough sense to stay still until they left. Two men and a woman dressed in blue uniforms stepped from the car and looked around for a few moments, shining flashlights in every direction. "Hey Lil, come over here for a sec," one of the men said, bending down and picking up something that was on the ground before straightening and holding the item out to the female thug.

"What is it?" She turned and snatched the object from the man with impatience, examining it in the crude light radiating from the crescent moon. "Give me a flashlight...there." The girl in the trees swallowed again and touched the top of her head where a blue bandana used to sit. There was only tousled brown hair to be felt by her trembling fingers. "Heh...it's the little girl's bandana. Not like she'll be needing it anymore..." The woman turned to the two men who were standing behind her.

"She can't be far, Miss," one of the men said, hesitantly, almost timidly. The woman nodded in agreement.

"Search the area." The two men pulled Pokeballs from their pocket and threw them into the air simultaneously, a Poochyena and Mightyena appearing in front of them. They darted off in separate directions, growls soon fading away into the night. The two men followed their Pokemon and the woman also left the place where the girl was hunched in the tree with her Pikachu. After a few moments of silence, the girl could feel her Pokemon slide down the tree onto her head and she let out a slow breath, lowering her legs and sitting with them crossed in front of her body.

"I don't think they're gone yet, Sparky," the girl whispered to the Pikachu as it relocated itself into her lap. She wrapped the yellow Pokemon in her arms and looked out across the dark forest. Soon the sun would rise and she would surely be found out. The Pikachu shivered slightly in her arms and she gave it a quick squeeze. There was a rustle in the trees next to them and the girl took in a sharp breath, turning to look into the thick leaves and praying that it was only the wind.

A black Pokemon launched itself at the girl, nearly knocking her from the tree. The Pikachu leapt from her arms and perched on a higher branch, cheeks sparking angrily as its trainer hoisted herself back onto the branch with difficulty. The Mightyena growled below the girl and leapt into the tree, landing next to where she was sitting, rubbing her scratched and bruised cheek. "Sparky, give it a Thundershock," she said through clenched teeth.

"Pika!" The yellow Pokemon gladly obeyed and sent a blast of electricity spiraling toward the black mass that was the Mightyena. The dog-like creature howled and fell off the branch, landing on the ground with a satisfying thud. The girl slid from the tree and stood over it with a smug smile on her face, her Pikachu leaping from its perch and sitting on her shoulder, bluish-brown eyes filled with anger and hatred.

"Poochyena, Tackle." A gray ball of fur slammed into the girl and her yellow Pokemon, knocking them off their feet. The two men and single woman stepped from the trees with smirks plastered across their faces.

"I think you dropped this," the woman said, dropping the girl's bandana at her feet.

"Gee, thanks..." The Poochyena standing on her stomach growled. "Get off me you flea bitten-" She tried to push the Pokemon away, but it stood its ground, nipping at her hands aggressively.

"Where's your little side kick?" The woman continued on, ignoring her comments.

"On vacation in the Kanto Region." The Poochyena bit her arm when she tried once again to push it away, and she kicked it off of her, biting her lip and wincing in pain.

"I always knew your reckless and stubborn attitude would get yourself into trouble one of these days," the man whose Pokemon was the Mightyena sneered. The girl shot a vicious glance at him.

"If you were half as smart as you act, maybe the Boss would give you a rank in this organization," she retorted. The look in the man's eyes showed very clearly how much he wanted to slap her senseless, but he made no move under the icy stare of the woman thug that was standing in front of him.

"That's enough chatter. Give us the Pikachu and we'll consider letting you go."

"Ppth...like I would give you Sparky?"

"Whatever you call it!" The woman was losing patience and her voice rose in pitch. "I don't care what its name is! Give it to us!" A huge electric shock hit the three uniformed persons and the girl seized the moment to stand up and bolt away into the trees, her Pikachu running close behind. "Don't just sit there! After her!" the woman yelled frantically, heaving herself to her feet and staggering over to the car. "That little traitor isn't going to get away."

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Wow...I love the first paragraph! It made me want to read on, as it should! You seem very talented...keep it up! 9/10

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Yayz...a reply. ^.^ I guess it's off to a bit of a slow start...ah well. Hopefully this'll speed things up a bit.


Chapter 02:

The last of the twigs that had been thrown together into a crudely made fire disappeared into the flickering, dying flame. Four figures lay around it, asleep in sleeping bags that kept out the cold of the night. A pale yellow Pikachu opened its eyes groggily and looked about, ears twitching. The Pokemon wiggled from its trainer's sleeping bag and stood up, stretching and looking into the forest that surrounded them. It glanced back at its trainer, a boy with messy black hair, and watched him sleep for a moment before scurrying up a nearby tree and staring out across the ocean of trees that stretched in every direction as far as the eye could see.

Movement among the still brush caught the Pikachu's eye and its gaze flickered to the area where the activity had been. The Pokemon frowned and climbed down the tree quickly, bounding back over to where its trainer lay asleep.


Every slight noise in the night air made her jump, every long period of silence made her uneasy. There was no comfort in any direction, only fear and more uncertainty. The brown-haired girl paused to catch her breath, sitting down heavily in a pile of felled leaves. She jumped when her Pikachu appeared, slipping out of the vegetation silently, then reached out absentmindedly to pet its silky fur. "What now Sparky?" she asked it, asking the question more to herself then her Pokemon. "What now..."

She stood up, and, taking Sparky and putting it on her shoulder, once again started walking through what remained of the night.


"Mmph...what is it Pikachu..." The yellow Pokemon was shaking its trainer awake, filled with growing consternation.

"Chu." The boy opened his eyes groggily at the sound of his Pokemon's voice and, sitting up, yawned. The Pikachu jumped into his lap and tugged at his black t-shirt that had on it a red stripe running horizontally across his chest.

"Pikachu, it's the middle of the night," the boy whispered, rubbing his brown eyes tiredly. The Pokemon frowned and looked around before jumping out of its trainer's lap and grabbing his hat between its teeth, running off into the night with its prize. "Pikachu! Come back here!" The boy jumped to his feet, slipped on his shoes and a blue hoodie, and started after the runaway Pokemon, his three human companions asleep and unaware of the commotion.


A twig snapped somewhere ahead of the girl and her Pikachu as they walked through the thick trees. They stopped, listening, Sparky scuttling down its trainer's back and making its way ahead of her a few paces, ears twitching. Another crack and a rustling noise met their ears, and a yellow ball of fur hit Sparky, both Pokemon tumbling back to land in a heap at the girl's feet. Startled, she took a step back. Sparky pushed the other Pikachu off of it and growled, cheeks sparking angrily. The girl glanced down and frowned. The other Pikachu was holding...a hat.

"Pika..." The other Pokemon shook its head from side to side and stood up. It looked first at Sparky, then at the girl, starting and taking a step back.

"Pikachu, what'd you do with..." the Pikachu scrambled up onto its trainer's back. "My hat." The boy stared at the girl with a confused and suspicious look, and Sparky took its place on her right shoulder, glaring at the other Pikachu with an untrusting eye. The boy opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the sound of an engine that was growing in magnitude every second.

Sparky's glare melted from its face and the girl looked around in horror. "You'd better get outta here," she said severely to the boy that stood in front of her, reaching down, picking up his hat, and thrusting it into his hands.

"What? What's going on?"

"Look, kid, you don't wanna be seen with me. So get out of here while you still can." Her green eyes were fierce as she turned away and disappeared into the trees.

"Hey, wait..." The boy looked at his hat, questions bubbling in his mind. "What just happened, Pikachu?" The Pokemon shook its head. They stood for a few moments, thinking, listening to the night. A deep boom sounded in the distance, and not too long after came rustling behind the boy and his Pikachu.

"What was that?" Two boys and a girl stepped up beside him. One of the boys was older, his hair brown and spiked, attire consisting of a green t-shirt covered by a zipped orange and brown jacket and a pair of pale brown pants; the other boy was younger, eyes covered by glasses that seemed too big for his face and clothed with a green t-shirt and brown shorts with matching tennis shoes.

"It sounded like an explosion..." The younger boy peered through the trees, squinting slightly. A billow of grayish black smoke was rising through the air a few meters away.

"We should go check it out."

"Ash, maybe we should mind our own business…just this once?" The girl standing to the boy with the Pikachu's left folded her arms in front of her. Her blue eyes were filled with hesitation. "Besides, we don't know what caused that explosion..."

"But there was this girl..."

"You were out here with a girl?" the older boy asked quickly. "And you didn't wake me up?"

"Oh boy..."

"Pika!" The Pikachu leapt from its trainer's shoulder and bolted off into the darkness.

"Pikachu! Ugh...here we go again..."


**Five Minutes Earlier**

"Come on, it's all set...let's go!" A siren sounded somewhere nearby and a red flash lit up the area. The girl smiled and punched in a red button before backing away from the computer that she was standing in front of.

"Alert. Alert. Security breech Level Two A. Self Destruct activated. Evacuate immediately. Alert." The automatic voice of the computer rang throughout the dome shaped building, scrambling the blue uniformed thugs that were stationed in the halls.

"Sparky, let's go." The Pikachu nodded and sent an electric shock coursing through the controls, jamming them and locking the self-destruct. It raced after its trainer, the two of them not slowing down until they were out of the building.

"3...2...1..." An explosion rocked the night as the whole base was leveled. Just making it to the safety of the surrounding forest, the girl and her Pokemon dove down to the ground behind a tree and covered their heads. Breathing heavily, they slowly stood and brushed dust off of themselves before cautiously peering through the debris filled air at what used to be a building.

"I wonder how many escaped," the girl said gravely. "You can't get rid of them that easily."

"How right you are." The girl whirled around and saw the three thugs whom had attacked her before emerge from the dusty trees.

"You again." The Poochyena and Mightyena were out of their Pokeballs and had their teeth denuded, growling softly. "It'll take you guys a while to get back on your feet. When you do, give me a call."

"I'm just about fed up with your sarcasm. Houndoom, show her how much we hate sarcasm!" The female thug threw a Pokeball up into the air and the black Pokemon with white horns and a bone plated back pounced on the girl, clawing at her face with unrelenting claws. Sparky leapt onto the Dark Pokemon's back and shocked it with a surge of electricity.

"Sparky, get out of here!" the girl squealed, but the yellow creature was trapped in a shockproof container faster then it could react. "Let him go!" The girl staggered to her feet, only to be knocked back by a Night Shade attack dished out by the Houndoom, who had recovered.

"Team Aqua!" The female thug and the two men turned in surprise as four kids ran out of the trees. "Pikachu, Thundershock!" His Pokemon paralyzed them long enough for the boy to run past and kneel by the girl who he had met briefly before.

"Combusken, let's go!"

"Forretress!" The Pokemon appeared and threw their attacks at the Poochyena and Mightyena, the battles not lasting long enough for their trainers to react. The two trainers recalled their Pokemon before running over to help the boy with tousled black hair that now sat under his hat.

"Ash, is this the girl that you were taking about earlier?" the older boy asked.

"May, come help me out will you? This thing won't budge!" The younger boy was trying to free Sparky to no avail, Ash's Pikachu also helping out with a few electric attacks aimed at the capsule.

"Coming, Max." May frowned down at the other girl who looked to be a few years older then she before leaving to help them.


"Hey Brock..." The older boy turned at the mention of his name as the girl that they were hovering over opened green eyes groggily. She blinked, recognized the younger of the two.

"You! I told you to get out of here!" She sat up tenderly, wincing and pushing Ash away when he tried to help her up. "I was handling everything..."

"Yeah, I can see that."

"The girl has some sense. Now you aren't going anywhere." The kids all turned to face the three Aqua thugs, who were on their feet, Houndoom growling and radiating with Dark energy.

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Again, a great chapter. Ash meets...the...girl. -.-;; We'll find out who she is soon!

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Is there something that I'm doing that's...wrong? Heh...it's alright if no one likes this...but if you don't comment then I won't know how to improve my writing...so even if it's something negative, could you please write it? I don't get angry at people for constructively criticizing my work...writing's an art, and the only way that you get better at anything that you see as an art is by practicing the art, watching others who are better at the art then you, and listening to what others say about your own works. I suppose I'm just sounding desperate for comments now, hehe...so I'll post the next chapter.

:t334: <--SO CUTE!


Chapter Three:

"Give it up, Lil! It'll take you guys ages to rebuild all that's just been destroyed, so why don't you just go do that and leave us alone for once in our lives!" The girl was on her feet again, body rigid and trembling with the magnitude of her anger.

"That shack was nothing. Besides, my little kitten, your pathetic effort to break us didn't even make a scratch." The woman reached into her uniform pocket and pulled out a computer chip that was about the size of a human fist. The girl swallowed, a bitter taste coming to her mouth at the mention of the nickname that she hated.

"What is that?" Ash demanded.

"You copied it?" the girl whispered, the feeling of failure washing over her like ocean waves to a vast, sandy beach.

"This is a waste of time." The woman nodded to the two men behind her, and they climbed into the strange looking car. "Take your little pet. We don't need either of you anymore. Ta ta..." She jumped into the machine and the three of them drove off into the night.

"Hey, get back here!" The look on Ash's face was one of confusion mixed with anger as he whirled around to face the girl, who was releasing her Pokemon from its prison. "What's going on?" May frowned and walked over the girl, peering into her eyes.

"It was all for nothing," the girl muttered, eyes moistening. The Pikachu patted her cheek reassuringly.

"What was for nothing?" May asked, her voice calm but strained.

"I suppose you're wondering what's going on." The girl took in a breath. "I guess I should start with...my name...it’s Katya."

"Alright, now we're getting somewhere." Max pushed his glasses up on his nose.

"That's my younger brother, Max," May said, not even looking at the boy. "I'm May, that's Brock, and that's-"

"I'm Ash." The boy let out a tired sigh. "And this is Pikachu." His Pokemon smiled and nodded at Katya.

"Pika!" it squeaked.

"Yeah. This is Sparky."

"Pika!" The four persons in front of her stared at the Pikachu on her shoulder, taking a good look at the yellow creature. Its fur was duller then a normal Pikachu's, and it had a tuft of fur tousled on its forehead between ears with jagged black markings on them. Its back had three jagged brown markings on them similar to those on its tuft of fur that sat like hair on its head, and two lightning bolt shaped marks were located beside its brown-blue eyes. The girl smiled, frowned, sighed.

"You'll want to know the story then." She looked around at the kid's dubious faces and leaned back against a tree, sliding down it into a sitting position. "It's a long one, so I'll summarize." Katya paused for a moment, collecting her thoughts. "It all started five years ago. Basically Team Aqua is searching for the Ultimate Pokemon...like other organizations similar to it. Since no one's found one yet, they've decided to make their own."

"Sounds familiar," Max muttered, remembering Jirachi and his action-packed week with the Pokemon.

"And they've found a way?" May asked, quizzical. Katya turned her emerald eyes to May's azure ones.

"Yes." There was an uneasy silence among the five of them for a moment. "That computer chip that Lil was holding is the key to creating the Ultimate Pokemon. I was trying to stop them before they could do anything with the data, but it was all for nothing. You know the rest of the story."

"Now you're going to go look for them?" Brock inquired, deep in thought.


"Do you know where they're going?" Ash asked her, a familiar look coming into his eye. Katya glanced at him, a similar visage spreading over her features.

"I have an idea. Why?"

"We're goin' too then." May let out a massive sigh, and Katya let a smile form on her lips for a flicker of a second. She reached into her hoodie pocket and pulled out a Pokeball.

"Do you have any Pokemon that can fly?" Ash frowned, wishing that he had Charizard with him right now.

"No..." Katya stood up and tossed the Pokeball up into the early morning sky. The sun had already begun to peek over the trees, its ardent rays warming the cool skies and lighting the forest with dancing golden glimmers. She caught the Pokeball after its contents had been released, and the green Pokemon that had appeared spread green-red wings, stretching.

"Twister won't mind carrying two of us...but the other three..." She frowned, and, gazing at her Flygon with a contemplating look, sighed. "I suppose we have to walk, then."

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I think that your writing is very formadible, and I enjoy reading it. Keep it up!