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February 24th, 2006, 9:37 AM
Nine moons of the Moonchild
Pg-15- for violence

Plot and History

A world known as Acroven is situated far from the earth’s galaxy, in a galaxy of its own, for the pure reason that the world itself has nine moons. These moons all have their different meanings to the species of Acroven, and are all viewed upon as gods from their point of view. The Acrovanians’ lives, all revolve around these nine moons, and every month, strange things will happen to the occupiers of Acroven due to the mysterious magic of these nine moons (which will be described in detail later on).

Now the rulers of this world are called Moochild, and by ruler, this simply means that they are top of the food chain and are the ones that these moons have power over. Though there are many species of animal living upon this planet, Moonchild are the only intelligent life, having being able to talk and walk upon two legs. In appearance, they look very much like human beings, though they are born with unnaturally long ears and sharp eyes, required for hunting down their prey to survive.

All Moonchild are born under the neutral moon, which means that they take their natural form and this moon has next to no effect on them, it is a kind of holiday where Moonchild celebrate the birth of their kin and have a months rest from the heavy duties of serving their Gods. Yes, you see, every moon requires the Moonchild to provide them with sacrifices and pretty much whatever they wish for.

It is said that long ago, there was one who defied the God’s wishes in an attempt to free his kin from the heavy task of having to see to their Gods’ every command whenever a new moon dawned. The Gods did not take lightly to this and descended from the moons to claim not only his soul, but the soul of others to prove that defying the Gods was a very foolish mistake.

Those few people, whose souls were taken, still remain on this planet to this day, as a reminder of what happened those many years ago. The Gods made these few beings immortal so as they could live forever, and one was placed on a high stake at every portal to a moon, so as every night, the Moonchild would have to pass their soulless corpses to make their offering at the moon’s portal.

Now, more about the offerings and the moons portals:

A ceremony would take place every week, so that the Moonchild could make their offering to the Gods, be it an animal’s corpse, fruit or even gold or some other form of valuable item. This is a time in which all Moonchild fear, as all the Gods have that in which they are a favourite of. If the gift displeases the Gods, the Moonchild who presented that gift would be cast into the portal and lost for all eternity.

The portals take the shape of volcanic pools of the moons representing colour, for example, if the moons colour was red, then the lava in said volcanic pool, would be coloured red. Totem polls and shrines of the representing creature of that moon surround each portal, making it look beautiful and pleasant in the eyes of anyone and anything else other than the Moonchild, for all they see is death and the life of a slave.

These poor creatures spend weeks upon weeks hunting down abnormal quantities of food and digging for valuable items in the mountains or near lakes, some are even forced to give family heirlooms as a sacrifice if they are unsuccessful in acquiring a decent gift for the Gods, thus leading to heart throb and depression. The only time in which these beings are happy is when the dawning of the natural moon is upon them. But this holy moment only comes once a year.

Now you may be wondering what happens to the Moonchild upon the dawning of a new moon. Well they gain the ability to transform into the creature that represents the dawning moon. For example, the creature that represents the Kasai (fire) moon is a Dragon and thus the Moonchild gain the ability to transform into a Dragon on occasions, or use the abilities of a Dragon to capture prey. It is also a symbol of them being slave to their Gods wishes.

The life of a Moonchild is harsh, and they have forever wished that this torment would come to an end someday. They forever wait the dawning of the sun, which was said to have risen every day long ago, before the moons made themselves present and threatened to kill off the entire race if their wishes were not followed. But it seems those days have been all but forgotten…

Or have they…?

You are a group of Moonchild, determined to find out the truth behind your slavery and a way to get back your freedom. You one day stray away from your group and make your way towards the portal of Kasai (fire portal) early, before the ceremony is to take place. You find that the portal is still active, and curiously you walk through, unsure of what is on the other side, but determined to think that anything, even death, would be better than the harsh torture of this slave life.

Your journey begins upon the moon of Kasai, a moon which to you seems abandoned, butt here is much more that you do not yet know of this place, but are more than willing to find out if it means the release of your kind from this harsh punishment.

Your mission is to find out the true meaning behind the Gods and their presence in your galaxy. You are to bring them to their demise and return peace to your world and the re-birth of the sun, the symbol of peace and tranquillity in your world.

You will need to use your powers gained unwillingly from the Gods to blend in well with your surroundings and find the truth immediately before the Gods catch on to your game.

Is this all a hoax for these so called ‘Gods’ to rule over your planet with force, or are they really higher beings, who could easily kill you as soon as look at you if they find out your true purpose for sneaking your way onto the nine moons?

And what exactly is the deal with the Neutral moon?

All of this and more is waiting to be figured out by your characters.

Time in Galaxy of Acroven

The time in this Galaxy is not hard to understand. There are still three hundred and sixty days in a year as there are on in real life. But each month lasts forty days and there are only five days in a week. This means that the ceremony for sacrifice to the Gods happens eight times a month.

The Moons

Below will be given a description of the moons and the Moonchild’s powers during the time of said moon:

Moons name: Neutral moon
Creature of worship (God): Unknown
Appearance: Unknown
Element: Holy
Moons description: From afar the moon appears a beautiful glowing white. The surface is covered in craters and gorgeous flowers sprout from many cracks upon the surface. There doesn’t seem to be any life living there at this moment.
Enemies: None
Moonchild’s powers: None, all Moonchild return to their natural form.

Moons name: Kasai
Creature of Worship (God): Shikon the Dragon.
Element: Fire
Moons description: The moon is blood red in colour, and the surface appears to be barren, with no food, water or any vegetation. The only known life on this moon is a city of red stone towards its centre. The does not show any sign of development, it seems Shikon still likes to live in the medieval times from which he came.

Drakes: Small dragons that have not yet developed into their full draconic selves.

Dragons: After Drakes have fully developed, they take their stronger and more masculine look. Though there are very few as Shikon does not like the idea of being overpowered.

Fire Serpents: These are large snake like creatures that guard Shikons lair. Red in colour with a yellow underbelly, they have no arms or legs, but slither around warningly on their rough scaled stomachs.

Larvae: Unlike that in which we have on earth, these bugs are human size with a playful but dangerous attitude. Amber in colour they can crush a moonchild effortlessly under their weight.

Spitfire Moths: The developed form of Larvae, after emitting from a cocoon, the Larvae take on this powerful form. They look and act like any moth you would find on earth, only these dangerous creatures can spit fire.

Shikons minions: They take on the appearance of dragons, but can walk upon two legs. They are able to wield weapons and talk in draconic tongue.

Moonchild’s Powers: The Moonchild gain the power to transform into a Dragon, or half Dragon. Half dragons look like Shikons minions, making it hard to identify a Moonchild after they take this form. The Moonchild also acquires the ability to spit fire and fly by sprouting wings from their backs.

Moons name: Denkou
Creature of Worship (God): Tsuno the Unicorn
Element: Lightning
Moons description: Denkou is light yellow in colour, and is a barren land which plays host to a continuous thunder storm. There are countless cracks and craters in the moons surface and the only known life is a lightning tower in its centre.

Horned Eagles: These are thunder birds with wings that are made out of pure electricity; the metal horn upon their heads prevents themselves from being shocked through acting as a lightning rod. They are capable of unleashing menacing electric attacks.

Metalclaw: Mole creatures which live underground. They possess huge metallic claws that are capable of dealing heavy damage to an opponent. Their capability to live underground allows them to perform multiple surprise attacks.

Rhino: An ordinary Rhino encased with metallic armour, making it hard for weapons to pierce through to its skin, capable of dealing heavy damage.

Tsunos minions: Tsunos minions are all Unicorns, midnight black in colour, which lack the ability to use any thunder magic. Instead they are simply there to heal Tsuno when he is low on health.

Moonchild’s Powers: Unlike other moons, Denkou does not give the Moonchild the ability to transform. Instead a horn appears atop each and every one of their heads and all are given the power of healing.

Moons name: Mizu
Creature of Worship (God): Leviathan the Sea Serpent
Element: Water
Moons description: The Moon is pure water. All its life lives undersea and its appearance is what one would expect under the sea to look like, legions of Coral reefs, bizarre creatures, caves and shipwrecks, a large undersea city to the north of the portals location.

Sharks: The Undersea wouldn’t be complete without them, only this time our large toothed friend has a little addition to its appearance; armour as thick as rock lines its most vulnerable places, making it an even harder foe to defeat.

Spitting seahorses: They sound and look rather weak, but don’t let their vulnerable appearance fool you. These seahorses can spit highly toxic poison from their mouths, which could bring even the biggest of Sharks down easily, be careful when dealing with these.

Jellyfish: One of the most common of enemies in the sea. They look harmless, but like the seahorses they can emitted highly toxic poison from their stingers, again be careful when dealing with them.

Eels: These enemies normally lurk around in case or holes ready to leap at the first thing that crosses their paths, be careful when passing holes in the walls or when you’re passing through dark caves.

Leviathan’s Minions: They are basically mini versions of the God himself. They possess all his powers, but do not stand up to his strength or his height.

Moonchild’s Powers: This moon gives Moonchild the ability to transform into one sea creature which most suits them. They gain no abilities, as it is not certain whether or not their transformed selves would be able to control the powers in which the moon could present them with.

Moons name: Kaze
Creature of Worship (God): Kuchibashi the Gryphon
Element: Wind
Moons description: The moon is made of high mountains and seemingly bottomless holes. To survive here, you would need to fly, as it is impossible to travel on foot here. It has no cities or villages, only caves dug deep into mountains. There are few trees or vegetation, and only ponds atop of flat surfaces of the mountains.
Moonchild’s Powers:

Moons name: Tsuchi
Creature of Worship (God): Erufu the Drow
Element: Earth
Moons description: A moon completely covered by forest, there is not one inch of its surface that is not covered in some sort of vegetation. In this forest are countless lakes and trees as high as the sky, this is the most beautiful of the nine moons and also the most dangerous to travel in at night, no one knows what lurks in the shadows.
Moonchild’s Powers:

Moons name: Aisu
Creature of Worship (God): Tsume the Sabertooth
Element: Ice
Moons description: A moon which has never seen a day without snow. Its paths are ice covered and its fields coloured in white, it’s hard to keep track of where you are going here as all its surroundings look very much alike apart from the odd tree or two. Tsume roams freely here, so good luck trying to find him.
Moonchild’s Powers:

Moons name: Kuro
Creature of Worship (God): Kumori the Vampire
Element: Dark
Moons description: A moon black in colour, covered in a purple fog. The land is home to many gravestones, which cover nearly every part of the moons surface. A huge castle lies in the centre of the land, surrounded by a lake of pure darkness, which would consume anyone who sets foot in this unnatural substance.
Moonchild’s Powers:

Moons name: Unknown
Creature of Worship (God): Unknown
Appearance: Unknown
Element: None
Moons description: This moon is unknown to anyone; in fact, the portal to the moon has been closed of for centuries. No one knows its purpose of being there. The Moonchild when this moon comes, simply just lay in wait and worry that if they do something out of place, that the God will make himself known to them.
Enemies: None
Moonchild’s Powers: None

(The last few will be enhanced when we come to them)

Sign ups:

The transformations you take on will not be needed in the sign up; I will allow you to describe them in the actual RPG when you take that specific form.

I will need at least the following:

Name: (The Moonchild are Tribal creatures by the way)
Age: (18 +)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Description: (Remember Tribal)
Weapon: (Swords, bows and arrows ext)
History: (Just a basic History of your character in slavery of the Gods)

I will post my sign up later; I worked my butt off on this x_x

February 27th, 2006, 12:27 PM
Name: Ichigu (ish-ee-goo)
Gender: Male
Description: Ichigu being the youngest in his tribe was very short standing at 4ft 6. He wears a tatted red vest showing that he was of lower class compared to his tribe. His coal black trousers stood out quite evenly against the red vest. His hair was all matted and a dirty brown colour. He had scars all wear the rips were in his clothes.
Personality: Ichigu is a very timid young boy. This was mainly due to the beatings he recieved when he tried helping out in the tribe. He is very hot headed and isn't to be taken lightly if he is attacked.
Weapon: A dwarven made sword and an elven made bow and quiver to carry the arrows.
History: Ichigu was beaten and tortured during his slavery to the gods but now he is getting stronger and he is feeling mentally stronger as well. His parents were killed because the refused to work under the gods. He has refused to work under them leading to torture but he still carries on living. He swears to get his revenge on the evil people.
Other: Not Available

March 15th, 2006, 2:04 PM
Name: Black Soul or Kuroshii
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Description: Black is a tall young man, standing nearly 6'3". He is broad shouldered with a well built body and pale skin. His eyes are a fierce crimson, matching perfectly to his unruly red hair that spikes out about his head. He often braids a single strand that grows longer then the rest on the left side of his head. Black's face is sharply defined, a feature that he and his father share. His body has been honned from his constant work, mainly with hunting and defending his tribe. His attire is simple for the most part, generally a loose knit grey shirt and black trousers or a dark green tunic and trousers and black boots. When he hunts however, he wears only tight fitting trousers so that the fabric does not make sound to give him away. On his body are several tattoos in black, mainly around his navel. They represent each of the moons that he worships. A set of large tattoos run from his shoulders down his back, stopping midway down. They were given to him by his father and their meaning is known only to Black. He looks to be a carbon copy of his father, Serinos, other then his eyes which are his mother's. Along with the tattoos his body has a few battle scars from various hunts and from a few of his sacrifices to the gods. They are not too large, nor noticable unless you go hunting for them.

Personality: Being a silent young man who barely responds to anyone, Kuroshii comes off as cold hearted and at times rude. He accepts this role however and does not seem bothered by it at all. Despite his silence and his distant personality, he is a hard worker and an excelent hunter who would do just about anything for his tribe. Very little is known about his feelings and his thoughts because he has errected a wall of ice around himself that no one seems able to penetrate.

Weapon: His main weapon is a black Halberd ( A large metal staff with a black blade on the end), but he often uses a small dagger or throwing knives rather then the larger weapon. It was passed down from his father to Kuroshii shortly before the man's death.

History: Black was raised by his parents until he turned thirteen. His parents had disappeared from the world without a trace, leaving behind the orphaned boy. Rumors were that before the incident Black was a happy child who was talkitive and outgoing. That is definately not true of him now. He is generally disliked for his coldness, but is a trusted provider for the tribe. Despite his regular contributions to the Gods, he seems to be coldest toward them, and because of his spiteful attitiude toward them it was also rumored that he bears the weight of a curse...
Other:umm...he hates onions?

April 1st, 2006, 1:04 AM
Name: Dark Angel or Scottura
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Description: Dark is a tall young man, standing almost 5'6". He is broad shouldered with an almost well built body and slightly tanned skin. His eyes are usually golden brown but can turn red with rage if he is angered. His hair is pure black and spikes out abit on the top. Dark's face is smooth looking and a bit adorable, a feature that both he and his mother share. His body has been honned from his constant training and, hunting and defending his family and tribe. He wears a dark grey shirt with a silver dragon on the back, black pants with matching sneakers, he wears black fingerless gloves on his hands and around his neck he wears a pendant of a small dragon, his sisters have the other parts to it. When he hunts, he wears black tight fitting pants and a black tight fitting t-shirt, so the fabric doesn't make sound to give him away. On his body are a few tattoos in black, one on his chest, one on his back and one around his arm. The one on his back represents Kasai, the one on his arm represents Kuro and the one on his chest is in an ancient language only his family knows. A large scar runs down his right shoulder blade to his left ribcage. It is unknown how Dark got his scar, only that his sisters and he know what happened. He looks to be a carbon copy of his uncle, Darkeridus, other then his golden brown eyes which are like his mother's. Along with the big scar and tattoos, his body has a few battle scars from various animals. They arn't too big, nor noticable unless you could see inside him.

Personality: He is the quite type, though he talks rarely to people he has met. The only people he ever really speaks to is his two sisters and his mother. He doesn't question people about their lives and their history; as long as people don't question him. He is very adept at reading books on anything, so he knows alot about things most of the trbe don't. He has no friends except for two sisters. He speaks his mind, but considering he is a quite person, it's a bit hard to here him. When he does make friends with people, they can find he is very trustworthy, yet he does seem to infuriate them alot. He never picks a fight with anyone, it's usually someone else picking a fight with him. Most people find that when they're around him, if he's angry, that they sense a dark aura coming from him.

Weapon: Dark's main weopon is a black handled katana. He also has a device which he calls a wrist blade.

History: Dark was named after his uncle because of his uncanny look-a-like apearance to him. He was raised by his mother and his six older brothers. He is a trusted provider for the tribe, considering he is one of the best hunters. He only worships two gods, which people think there must be something wrong with him considering he worships a dark god. There were and still are rumours about him and his sisters being related to some monster because of the way they can apear and dissapear without any one noticing, and how they can move silently when everyone else is heard.
Other: His sisters and he are triplets and they look alike except they're female and he's male. He has an annoying talking bird and a small furry wolf like creature for pets.

April 30th, 2006, 6:37 AM
Name: Spar or tet'espa

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Spar is a rather tall guy, about two meters in height. he has deep sea blue eyes whom stand for the living but also the dead.his hair is as white as a sheet. he has a blue jacket up to his knee's( like a matrix coat but than in blue) covered with dark sign's. a white undershirt and white loose pants wich carry along in the wind. a neclace around his neck with a enchanted sapphire as the core.his arms are covered in blue/greyish tattoo's. his bracelets are two ripped iron schackles. because he rarely shows his face to the world, his whole body and clothes are engulfed in a white druid hood.

Spar is a calm guy, who prefers to avoid unnecessary slauther. he rarely speaks, so talking will end up, as if your're talking to a wall in the most cases.
other than that his words are told with deeds and facial expressions.
friendly in all sittuations, but as cold as ice against the ones he hates the most.

Weapon: a tridant with a fork on the top and a swrod at the bottom.

as a young kid his father died because of slavery. he was aiming for vengeance on the one who did that. he ran to the mine and saw how his own mother was chopped in half.
the murderer said: "if you say something, you'll lose your life aswell"
from that day on he sworn to his dead parents he would find the one who had stolen there lives, but he never spoke again.
through the years his broken heart sliced in two, the kind and the careless.
later on he found out that his family was a race of servants. so he got an other objective;
to find the master of his race.

Other: the only creature that gives him some piece is his snowy owl he carries along on his shoulder.
the owl has a same kind of necklace as his master does.

May 10th, 2006, 4:29 PM
Name; Ashelin {Nickname; Ashe}

Age; 19

Description; Ashe is average height, standing at about 5'5", but her long arms and legs make her seem taller than she really is. She has pale, almost white skin, covered in smears of dirt from working all day to please the gods. Her eyes are black in color, dull and washed out from all the years spent in slavery, and her hair is the same, reaching to the center of her back, matted and tangled at the ends, making her appear scruffy and washed-out. As for clothing, she wears a black no sleeved shirt, along with camoflauge colored cargo pants, and a pair of tattered black boots. To finish off her outfit, she wears a pair of faded fingerless black gloves, and a small metal collar around her neck.

Personality; She has always been an outcast in her tribe, this due to the fact that she disliked many people for reasons unapparant to them (though obvious to her), and chose not to talk to them most of the time. Though Ashe is rather cold towards others, her quiet demeanor hides an inner strength, rebellious and wild, fueled by a desire to finally be free. She harbors steel cold determination, and a will of the same. When she talks, she is usually very blunt and to the point, though she has been known to occasionally start a conversation when she is bored.

Weapon; Two small silver daggers attached to a belt at her hip.

History; Ashe has lived a normal life thus far, living with her father in a cottage to the north of the planet. Only did she get the idea to rebel when she was old enough to start bringing sacrifices to the volcanoes, and saw the others' carcasses. So, her father told her the story, and she has been plotting her escape ever since.

Other; She has a very weak immune system, and as such, she gets sick quite often.

May 11th, 2006, 7:04 PM
Name: Sypno

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Description: Sypno is a 5'10 foot tall, 155 lbs 22 year old from the Loies Tribe. He has one mechanical arm from when his other was burned off. He has tribal tattoos on his back and arms. Mostly crosses. His head is shaved, eyes a light blue, and his body muscular. He doesn't look like much but he is one of the strongest in his tribe.

Personality: Sypno is a very upbeat person. Though a slave, he tries to make the best out of his life. Since he lost his fiance to the Fire God, he has been falling in his task which get him in trouble. Alot. Though normally a person you could turn to. His heart now runs cold with hatred of the Gods.

Weapon: He carries to machetes and a bow and arrows.

History: When he came of age in his tribe, Sypno had to go through 3 harsh challenges. He had to climb a a mountain with a dagger as his only protection. When he arrived back to the village, he had to fight a demon known as Lose Desa. He was a fire demon and has killed many of the tribe. When he completed that challege, he had to face off agianst Lose Lesa. The stronger fire demon. He lost an arm in the process of fighting him

Other: Uhh..no comment.

May 12th, 2006, 7:55 AM
*drags herself out of the Pokemon RP section* XP

Name: Haelamara or just Haela

Age: 21 (OMG! I get to roleplay my actual age! XD)

Gender: Female

Description: For a woman, Haela is quite tall. She comes at a height of somewhere between 6' and 6'6'', which means she towers over many of the boys. She has lovely long blonde hair that hangs down to somewhere near the small of her back, and short-cut bangs that stop at her eyebrows. Her eyes often jump between being light blue and light purple, depending on how her mood is, or what she's wearing. For someone who works a awful lot, she does seem quite clean and tidy. Her skin is a medium peachy color, though it is paler than most others. As for what she usually wears, Haela is happy with her usual pale, cream-colored dress. It hangs down to halfway between her knees and ankles, and is beginning to get frayed at the edges. It also comes with a hood that is nice for when it begins to rain or is particularly sunny. She often wears a simple, white gold necklace, and several silver rings on a few of her fingers. Her plain slipper-like shoes are older and tattered, but she really doesn't have the money to fix them.

Personality: Haela's not very shy, and she often speaks to people she doesn't know. She's quite friendly, and enjoys the company of others. Though there are quite a few men that find her height too intimidating to deal with, she ignores them and figures that its their loss. She is generally kind-hearted and concerned with the well-being of others to the point of ignoring herself. Unfortunately, she is quite ignorant and naive about the things of life, and so many consider her opinion useless and won't listen to her. This doesn't matter to her though, for she always tries to see the good in people, and she realizes that a few mistakes in your life do not make you a bad person. Sometimes that philosophy can get her into big trouble. When she interacts with someone for the first time, she can come off as sounding a bit childish and stupid, but she is actually much smarter than a child, though of course, naive.

Weapon: A medium-lengthed broad sword that has a purple gemstone embedded in the hilt.

History: Despite her kind and warm attitude, Haela has led a life that is not unlike everyone else's. Her family was one of the many in her tribe that routinely gathered things for the Gods' sacrifices and offerings. Her parents were very kind to her during her childhood though, and tried as much as they could to shield their daughter from the wrongs of the world. Their tribe was one that is very very dedicated to serving the Gods, they tell stories of the Gods to their children, and severe punishements are given to those who do not obey, even when they're as young as three. Haela wanted so much to appease the Gods; they seemed so huge and important to her. She would gather, dig, offer, do whatever they wanted her to do. She only wanted to please them. Her father died one day when she was 11 as he was out gathering food for the Gods in a horrible snowstorm, and even after that, Haela still wanted to do her best. It was when her best friend, Imbira, was forced to search for a certain fruit, failed to find it, and was killed by others in the tribe that Haela began to question the whole culture surrounding her people. She wanted to please the Gods, yet why must they have to endure torture and punishment for all of their deeds? Haela's mother always used to tell her that her soul was too kind for all of this harsh work and slaving; and those words began to ring true in Haela's mind. She really did love making the Gods happy, but she couldn't find the reasons for all of this hurt and death. So she wants to find out more about these Gods, and try her best in her own way to solve the problems of her people.

Other: When she laughs, she tends to snort.

May 12th, 2006, 9:13 AM
Well I made this late February, but I really did want to start this up again, but now that a few have joined in at this moment, I can carry on with it ^_^

Ill check your sign ups soon as well as post my own, and we can get started =D

May 13th, 2006, 6:02 AM
Oh wow... I didn't even look at the first post's date! XD I hope some of those people who first signed up are still around! ^-^;;

May 13th, 2006, 8:00 AM
I am still around. Then again I just posted mine.

May 14th, 2006, 8:31 AM
Haa, I didn't check the date of the first post either >.<
Kind of oblivous of me, *lol*

May 27th, 2006, 1:46 AM
i'm still around aswelll

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May 27th, 2006, 2:15 PM
Are we going to start sometime then? ^-^

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June 4th, 2006, 5:16 AM
Are we going to start sometime then? ^-^

*pokes Bloodfire in a friendly manner*

"yeah, let's get this party started." Shadowfuse siad, quoting on Light_Azimarill's post.
He looked at her, as she was still poking Bloodfire.
He sucided to join her in her poky-ness. :3

June 13th, 2006, 8:45 AM
>>; I don't get it. DX Ah well, guess that means no joining for Kayota, eh?

June 18th, 2006, 5:28 AM
Can we get this RP starting then? Some people might start dieng of bordum, or sumfin'

June 18th, 2006, 11:48 AM
Can we get this RP starting then? Some people might start dieng of bordum, or sumfin'

*dies*....................................no really let's get started.

June 18th, 2006, 2:18 PM
Can we get this RP starting then? Some people might start dieng of bordum, or sumfin'

*Yawn* Yeah, but Bloodfire never said who was accepted and who wasn't..

June 18th, 2006, 10:48 PM
True. Well I 'spose we could start without him? For all we kno we could all b excepted.

June 19th, 2006, 6:56 AM
True. Well I 'spose we could start without him? For all we kno we could all b excepted.

But you cannot start a roleplay without the starter. I think he's still around. Are sign-ups still open, or am I just a passer-by in a private roleplay?

June 19th, 2006, 11:47 PM
Yes I think sign ups are still open. The starter hasn't been here yet

June 20th, 2006, 2:36 AM
I'll join then :)

Name: Mia
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Description: Mia was the most beautiful girl in her tribe. She had tanned skin, long legs associated with powerful kicks. Her pink thigh-length hair was once shiny and smooth with pale magenta highlights. Mia's eyes had a shade of cerulean blue and lovely double-eyelids. But on Mondays that was all history. Now, although her skin was still tanned, her hair is no longer the smooth and silky hair she once knew of. It is sometimes tangled up now, as a result of slavery for the Gods. Her eyes are a dusty contrast of navy, and her legs, still powerful, had some bruises and cuts on her rough skin. Mia was not allowed to bath on Mondays, as her tribe was cut to working alone that day. On other days of the week, Mia was amazingly clean for soembody who's so industrial and lazy at the same time.

At every other day, Mia will look all refreshed and elegant again. Her lovely skin had smooth complexion, and her eyes would often transfer between shiny blue and pale pink.Haruka wears a silken dress with transparent sleeves. When the sunlight shine on it, the sleeves are represented as different rainbow colours. Her minidress is divided into two parts, the top and bottom.

The top is pretty simple with transparent sleeves and cutting lining. The sleeves is made of sequin and the dress is soft as down. However, the bottom is more complicated. It is, at the same time, an impression of a miniskirt and ninja dress.To the right, there is a deep cut through the hem till Mia's waist .The colour contrast's white-blue. Mia wore a dark, polo-neck suit under that dress. It is made of cotton to prevent heat from entering. In that way Mia can move freely around without worrying as the body suit covers from her neck to her shin. Mia's footwear consists of small, dainty boots with dangling bells . She also have handpatches.Mia's hair is quite long. It reaches her and it usually tied high up in a ponytail by a white hairband with bells on it. When tied up, it's still thigh-length, but shorter. She also has a straw hat but it hangs from her neck and cascade down her lean body now.

Personality: Despite her situation, Mia is still optimistic and cheerful. She is somewhat carefree and expresses her opinions on outlook lazily. Mia ,being happy-go-lucky, cannot sit still for 5 minutes unless she's reading a book or playing. Hyper and lovable, Mia wants nothing more than fun. Usually humourous and oblivious, she can be found grinning and guffawing. However, times come to times, when her beloved companions are in danger, Mia will do anything at cost or risk to save them. All her senses are sharp, especially her ear and eyes. When she's serious or angered, Mia can be really dangerous to fume. Her strongest point of body is her long, tanned legs. Mia uses her scream for good and useless reasons. Other than her serious moments, Mia is a pretty, dainty joker. She's friendly and treats everybody equally.

Weapon: Mia's adroit at archery. Seldom will she miss her targets. She is agile at handling the bow and is able to shoot three arrows at the same time.

History: "Flowers are the most beautiful thing in the world..."

Mia was bornt , srrounded by beautiful patches of flowers in a circular ring. Outside was dominated by tall weeds, but the Mother Nature's concern could still be felt. Mia's mother, Jenna, stroked her newborn lovingly and placed her on the fresh grass as she weaved a garland of different flowers for Mia. In a flash that fateful moment happened. A tornado came swishing and swirling from the aqua lake. A sepcial tornado. A WATER tornado. Jenna screamed with horror. The tornado carried them off, carried the whole village off... For the Gods... The garland was carried away, on little Mia's dainty head.

"Just a little while more..."

Mia's mother once told her that. Believing that everything will soon be back to normal, Mia 's work attitude was very industrial. She thought that the Gods will soon relieve her tribe of pain, of work, of grief and despair. Mia and ehr companiosn found happiness in their work in a way or another, trying to enlighten up the situation. The tribe was very warm, and there werer no such things as strangers in it. Everybody helepd out one another... It's a feeling Mia loved.

However, when her Aunt Amethyst was killed because of rebel, Mia' whole tribe walked the same road. They were secretly planning out for a major rebellion. Mia's tribe believed that there was no need for Amethyst to be eliminated, and that the Gods couldn't care less about them. The Gods sees them as little ants, slaves, lifeless puppets.

Mia was one of bold and reckless girls sent to rebel at a young age. The whole tribe will pretend to be obedient as usual, preparing for the ceromony, but Mia will run away and activitate their ultimate plan. Mia had been waiting for this day.

Other: Mia has a special, pale pink choker on her neck. It only appears when she is fighting though.

June 20th, 2006, 5:42 AM
Wow, I'm surprised that so many are still interested after all this time! Come on Bloodfire, let's start! XD

June 21st, 2006, 3:26 AM
Wow, I'm surprised that so many are still interested after all this time! Come on Bloodfire, let's start! XD

Yup, the plot is really great. If Bloodfire isn't here by tomorrow, I hope somebody can PM him/her. Because it will be real to let such a good plot go, ^^

June 21st, 2006, 9:12 AM
If Bloodfire isn't here by tomorrow, I hope somebody can PM her. Because it will be real to let such a good plot go, ^^

I already did, but I didn't get a reply. Maybe she is just too busy?

[EDIT; Sorry 'bout that Bloodfire! ^-^']

June 28th, 2006, 4:31 AM
I think so... Let's just hope she will be online soon! When is the last time she is online anwyay?

EDIT: OK, now that she is back.. Let's just wait for the roleplay to start then.

June 29th, 2006, 2:45 AM
Chill, dudes. I have been away for a while on school trips and my Duke of Edinbugh. I know I haven't been on at all much lately, but I wanted a rest from the place. So not that I'm back, lets get one thing straight: I'm FEMALE.


Shylocke: Your grammar is a little off. I would suggest using more commas than full stops in some places. I would also ask you to lengthen your sign up in Description, Personality and History.

Xhaiden: Accpeted.

Scottura: Accepted.

shadowfuse: Read what I said to Shylocke. Also use capital letters and your appearance does not suit that of a tribal being.

Graix: Accepted. I would like it if your appearance was a little more tribal though. Your appearance seems a little too modern day.

Randall: Accepted, but don’t let your character seem over powering, like you have said he is one of the strongest.

Light Azumarill: Accpeted!

Kris: Accepted.

Remember people that this is a tribe, so make your appearances a little more tribal. At least think lord of the rings and Zelda.

Name: Kali

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Description: Kali has pitch black hair that descends to her lower back, the main thing that stands out against this raven hair is the streak of dark orange that runs through its middle, matching that of her eyes. Bangs are held out of her face by a matching head band of the same raven colour. Her eyes are a deep orange colour, representing the spark and determination that makes up her character. Her skin is rather pale, but has a sort of glow to it that makes it look alive and not deathly pale, it has its fair share of scars from heavy duty work and it of course has tribal markings running from her hip all the way up to curl around her left eye. She wears a simple black tunic and belts around her waste to hold two daggers in place. Another belt wraps around her chest, but this one holds two twinblades in place, her main form of protection. Upon her feet are heavy black boots with silver clasps and accessories include that of hand made bracelets and a silver pendant given to her by her mother.

Personality: Kali has an unnatural spark about her. It is one of determination and a will stronger than any other. Once her mind is set on something, she will gladly work day and night to make sure it is finished, and finished properly. She is a natural born leader who would do anything to protect those she loves and cares for, but this could also mean her downfall as she would jump into almost anything without thought.

Weapon: A pair of Twinblades and matching daggers. The twinblades have the same sort of tribal marking as her own body engraved into the silver of the blade.

History: Kali has found it hard ever since her mother died of being over worked only about a year ago. She thought it was hard after her father had been taken by the gods for failing to present them with a decent gift, but the death of her mother made life even more unbearable.

Ever since she had spent most of her time tryingt o find a way in which she could lead to the downfall of the god’s rule over their planet, but of course she has had no success as of yet, but she has not yet given up hope.

Other: Kali has an unnatural liking for Fire.

I'm still not ready to start the RPG, so I think I will move this to the RPG cafe and start he RPG in a seperate thread when I am ready.

And yes Sign up's are still open.