View Full Version : I do not take kindly to people frouding my work... however I have returned!

March 5th, 2006, 2:36 PM
This is a warning to a post I got from Rune about a guy with a cyndaquil avy...


( this is in no way flaming, just gatta defend my art ya know?

I dont see why you would do so anyway =/ just pick up a pencil and do it youself, its not THAT hard to need to be a froud ^^;.. Specialy my style, I have tutorials out there that can teach ya how to draw like me in 14 days ! Why steal and possably spend 10 years in jail if the risk is possable?

And no , nobody but the ownders of those drawings can take them for thair own use =/ I dont care why ya need them inless you tell me something or place their goin' and I DO take requests cause I STILL draw to this day XD I'm just booked for the season thats all ! ^_^
And to help in aiding you guys in NOT believing him ever again with that art style. The reason it's so different is cause I learned to draw by myself, no teachers,no lessons, no skill before computer art..

I work hard on drawing and even to this day I am compleating the requests I have sadly fell behind on, I will post them but before I do you all need to understand this art style with a little reload...

I work day in day out on those projects and thanks for the comments I saw on that new users thread... But I wish I wouldint have become so busy to alow that to happen.

And before "I post these I must warn you all too( though I trust all of you very well:


Cause hes new I will not hold it againced the cyndaquil avy boy =/ or els he could have been handing over 300 for the fine and for the first set he showed it would be 30$ a piece( equaling about 125$) and the second round of drawings for 15$ apiece(45. Causing him/her to be fined a total of 470 dollars US cash.

And now that thats all out of the way, here are all my artworks posted in two photobucket acounts.

The top here is when I started

This is as I got better

And this is me now.

" other images are not shown due to not being uploaded yet or the fear of OTHER frouds lurking in the shadows =/.

And my 3D work

I hope none of these will be found around here without my name again for quite some time ^_^.. But sorry for not being here for so long to alow it to happen this time.... I'v been having alot to do at home here, I am now admin and super admin to 7 oekakis, I own two forums and one online catalog=/ so it takes awhile to get back to original foruming.. I'm still freenaturearts at Gmail and aim but now I've got [email protected] and I'm also found at www.smeargle.pokejungle.net alot more often then e-mails and Messangers.
sorry again for being gone so long... should have known you guys would have liked my work enough to book meh for the season xD!!

Thanks though and thanks for not posting in his thread=/ . I promis to get the requests all posted asap.

And though you cant take the drawings for use without permission ^^ you are still alowed under "some" cases to reuse these drawings as long as you Pm me first.

C&c is welcome btw on all these for those of you who want to comment again or just want to say hi =3. again so sorry I left for a season. I'll be back more often now ^_^.

March 5th, 2006, 2:43 PM
I'm sorry to know that your artwork has been a victim of theft, FNA, really, I can understand how upset you may be. Sadly there will be fools out there who would go about stealing other peoples' hard done artwork and they've only themselves to blame for such thing, and upsetting the artists in which their work gets stolen from. It's terrible...

Anyways, I'll always be a fan of your artwork, I love them all, especially that Totodile, it looks so adorable =3 Your talent seems so bold and refreshing, that I look forward to seeing more of your works.

Forest Grovyle
March 5th, 2006, 2:54 PM
I'm really sorry you had your art stolen, FNA *hugs* It's a horrible feeling - I know from experience, as you know - and I hope it never happens to you again!

Your art is awesome as ever! ;) I agree with Siggy - I really like the Totodile! The shading is so smooth on it! Keep up the good work! Those 3D models are also awesome! You have so much talent!


March 5th, 2006, 3:29 PM
Thanks guys ^^ I'm glad I at least still have some friends here ¬¬ I wonder why Darksoft did that, still warned her about it though ^^ so whenever she comes on I hope she gives us some insite as to why people like her steal =/.

;huggles Sig and Nicola: ^_^ I'm glad to be back =3 thank you for posting ^^ And I'm very touched on what you guy's said =D.

As I say in my deviant signature * as joke but half true* Tallented isint just tallent, it's determanation! ** goes to run off and hits a wall *... uhhh ^^; Sorry been eating my sisters birthday cake ! mmmmm.... Red velvet...

O.o btw what is the artstravaganza doin' this month?! I missed last month due to a prolonged period X_X... I will post more artwork tomorrow! My sis wants on right now heheh.

March 5th, 2006, 4:19 PM
I really do despise the annexation of the fruits of one's labor -_-
Or to put it in lamens terms: Getting your artwork stolen and discredited really, really SUCKS!

I apologize for your travail, once again, so allow me to give proper critique and credit to the one who merits it.

However, since I'm lazy, I'll just post what I had to say before, aside from your new works :p
Recherché work you have here, your style is considerably unique I must say. The Pigeot and Nintales are especially well-done; your way of shading is what makes them stand out the most. As for your Typholosion, aside from agreeing with the others on its color, it appears to me that you overexaggerated on the flames projecting from its neck. They're flowing wildly into various directions within the page and make it seem as though Typholosion is wearing some sort of fancy cape. A little too quixotic, in my oppinion.

Now for the negative aspects of your work. You, apparently, suffer from the same problem as most artists- anatomy and proportion. For example, your Dragonite's body is awfully small for its capacious, or large, head. I don't think that it'd be able to get off the ground with a noggin that big and wings that small. Its tail is also too short, though it isn't ordinarily that long, your tail is still falls under the limit of general proportions. It isn't just the Dragonite, your Mew and Typholosion also suffer from the same weak points. I suggest practicing more on the physique of the Pokemon, getting down their basic body structures, and looking to some pictures for reference.

Overall Good job, just keep practicing.


Your shading on Looking Glass from Clouds story the Stalion Returns and A Touch of Realism for White Heaven is superlative, it really captured my attention. The technique that you used is unique and somehow refreshing from the plethora of anime fanart that we're used to seeing. I love to see artists expand beyond what is considered the barometer.

Your Totodile is definitely one of the most affable that I have ever had the chance of viewing; and your three-dimensional pokemon are astounding coming from the pespective of one who has no talent in that area whatsoever :p

Though, the only critique that I have to say on your drawing aptitude is that you lack, specifically, in the line of anatomy and proportion. I'm suppositious that the way in which you draw your Pokemon is a style that is exclusive to only you as an artist, but in pictures such as Plusle Minum Tag, you've made the most common anatomical mistakes: such as large bodies and little heads, or littler heads and large bodies with over-sized limbs. I suggest that you start replicating the actual anime pictures, for practice, to improve your technique, and you, also, may want to practice drawing the physique of actual animals that are similar to Pokemon (dogs, cats, birds, ect.).

Keep up the good work (once again) and keep practicing.


March 5th, 2006, 11:01 PM
So beautiful...How ever...Your title is kinda disturbing...
Broken english and are you sure those are Copyrighted?

March 6th, 2006, 2:16 AM
=0 very nice work, are you aspiring to become a 3d animator?
my fav out of those two are quilava and zubat =D
i have no cristisism yet.. as i cannor find any and i havent really got any 3d progs to critsize them as ive heard its hard to do ^^;
nice gallery add more =D

March 6th, 2006, 6:57 AM
I'm sorry to hear this FNA.. i have no idea what it's like, and quite frankly I hope never to (lol i don't think people would wanna steal my doodles anyhow ^^;) Please becareful...are you artworks copyrighted properly in anyway. I don't know how the US system works, but people just write copyright on a lot of things, and i wonder if this is correct. On top of that with and without copyright, there is still a large chance of theft and you pic being used with you not even knowing. That's why i like DA, it's got the copyright and you can't save the pic (though i know there are ways around that...i found i had to use them when my old CPU got frazzled to get all my old work back). Also you do realise that if that works within the US, it may not actually be upheld due to rules in other countries differing, and not being affected by US law. I'm not saying this to scare you, just make you more aware. It's lovely showing people your art, but there are always risks wherever it's shown. It's a shame to be able to show your beautiful work (and you have some truley stunning new pieces) you have to take this risk. I hope things change in the future, but please becareful. I always sign on the main character in my image so that you'd have to crop it signifcantly beofre even thinking of stealing..it's not alot, but it's enough to put lazy people off. No artist is protected, i just hope that you never have to deal with such an experience again.

Anyways with that out of the way, i'm so pleased that even with your ordeal, you choose to show your beautiful artwork..thankies for putting it up, it's really made my day seeing so much of your beautiful work.

Flaming Quilava
March 6th, 2006, 7:59 AM
Awsome work you have there. I asulluty love that totodile. So cute. ^_^
Oh, and sorry to hear that you art has been thefed.

March 6th, 2006, 8:50 AM
Aww, sorry, FNA ;-;
It must be horrible; you never know when someone is claiming your art for their own, and people are believing it ;-;
So sorry to hear that your pictures have been stolen recently, it's not right ^^
So if I ever see your artwork being stolen, I'll report it to ya ;)
It must feel horrible... I mean, think about it, anyone could be using your artwork right now, claiming it as theirs ;-;
You should get a little crew to be searchin' for thiefs *Ebil laugh*
The 3-D artwork is amazing! I have to agree with everyone else, the totodile.. it's great! ^^

March 6th, 2006, 9:20 AM
I'm really sorry for the are theft. It must feel horrible that someone just took your art and claimed it as their own. I don't know what thoughts go through the heads of people like that, but I have to say I loath them >.>
They think they can take someone else's art and claim it as their own just because they are too lazy to grab a pencil and do it themselves >.<
I'm horrible at drawing and not that great at digital art either, but it doesn't mean I can just steal somethign someone else has spent a lot of hard work on and claim it as my own >.<[/MORALITY RANT]

I adore your coloring style. Those pictures have an oil painting-ish feel to them (which is by no means a bad thing) _^^ I especialy like the Ninetales, it looks evil somehow, but yet graceful ^_^ Your 3D models seem good too _^^ The only thing I have to say about them is that the Porygon2's beak thingandwhat's it seems to be a little bit on the flat side.

You clearly have talent and I hope to see more of your art soon.
There will always be art thieves out there, but don't let them discourage you. They'll be caught sooner or later anyway, and the reason why they steal your art is probaly because they are jealous of you.

Live Update King
March 6th, 2006, 10:24 AM
I'm really sorry you had your art stolen. Hello never seen you before.

rpg pokemon
March 6th, 2006, 10:37 AM
I hate it when people steal my work! Somwe people are computer noobs and dont really understand what hard wrok goes into making it.

Lt. Surge's Raichu
March 6th, 2006, 10:45 AM
man, your art is great XD

how do you do it??

March 6th, 2006, 2:04 PM

Thanks for the C&C they are very helpful and I will see more into my perportions, The drawings of the dragonite and some of the others where mainly done that way cause I never liked sketches X_x hopefuly I can redo them soon cauee I lov ethe Dragonites colors!


I copied that with a few typos * I'm known for that sadly X_X* From a sheet of paper I have here that says it in writing by the law for the copywrite and signature styles of FNA ( Free-spirtited/natural-impacked/art's-Illistrations.
Thanks for fixing some of them X_x I was still pretty ticked at the time.

its emo time!!

Actualy I'm going to try and get into Pixar animation studios =D The poekmon have helped me along quite abit. But my brother is a TON better and his art gallery can be found at Anim8or.org.

My full out dream job will be to first work wiht pixar till I make enough money, then take the money and everything I learned to open my own motion picture studio. About the ways and some documentaries of wild animals and plants threw the world of 3D animation so that it catches more people's ettention then a normal documentary. That way my cash profit will be turned back into my own rescue and release animal reservation that is at the moment well on its way =D.

My 3Dementional object may be a bunch of pokemon from last summer, but to show animation and practice on fish, I'm making guppies and bettas this summer for a in home docmentary on "the land of the mongolian lagoons" Which these two fish orgininated from X3 I've already got meh suspected creatures to work off of, my Betta Valgain and my 7 strong school of guppies ranging from names like Aron to Soralie =3.

It's hard for the first year but after you get a hang of all the projects main shaps, it's one of the easiests to do XD yakes me longer to draw! lol

If ya want to try it out, you can downlaod the same program I used and it's manual on how to use the tools easier and modle faster at www.anim8or.com =3 hope thats not considered advetisement! this site has no forums.

Hey I know a few peopel who would have liked to get a hold of your Lord of the rings one O_O, and yes, though I typed it out quite horibly XD I do have it writen on paper! =3 I'll try to scan it some time cause it haas some pretty other things on it and a proof of document shinny ^^.

I'm glad my artwork has helped you feel good =D I have somewhat forgiven Darksoft and I am in no way on the banning payrol for her X3. She didint meen anything by it and has apologized a ton oO;
My artwork thankfuly has signatures that are hard to erase most the time from the images, but I trust this forum mroe then any other, even for thair guests o.o. Might not be here to often the last few months but I feel this place is trustworthy more then any others too.

Flaming Quilava

Thanks ^_^ I glad to see ya here =D been watching the forum and you seem pretty active, I hope darksoft wont do it again ^^; but I think after this she has learned her lesson.

yeah, Its kinda underestemating people when the person steals from a artist o_o I feel bad for DS because she didn it in a forum that knows me mroe then any other forum and all those drawings where done in are very own oekaki ^^;;

I will look into doing that though, having poeple to help keep theft off the art street would be a good thing to do before I post much more o.o Thank you so much for keeping a eye open for me ^^ it meens alot . XD evil laugh eh? yeah I know XD and thansk for the comments on the artwork. I try my hardest every time I draw O_O even if it's a doodle or small modle like zubat.

Pats your shoulder: As long as we all keep cool this shoudl be a pretty easy matter to blow over o.o but I wonder why people whould be jelios X3 I know I'm good but still in shock here ! * shields from brick* XD I still feel like a newbie!! And here I am with a lap of requests and all these kind comments from you guys o.o. however I wouldint be li9ke this if it wasint for all ya guys ^^ so in a way your even good a drawing cause you've helped alot too o.o.

Well Hello =3 never seen ya ether but I'm very VERY pleased to always make new friends, welcome to pc btw, and I hope you can find a comfy area ^^:huggles: Thanks for the consern, it meens alot ^_^

rpg pokemon
Sadly it seems veen those who are pros with computers still steal, its almost like the moral of it some some but I think this was a popularity issue. o.o I'm not to sure though.Thanks however ^^

Lt. Surge's Raichu
Welcome to pc new one =3 If ya want we could be friends ^^ just let me know!
And thank you X3 its so nice to here from people who just joined on such subjects, I'm not to sure how I do it myself but I've been making a ton of tutorials of different styles and ways of my work o.o so maybe if ya want, I could mail ya some? ^^ that is if you want =3
I mainly make them to find out for myself how I do it o.o alot of times I just look at a sketch I make on a long day and think " huh I could do this color" Maybe a little tone there? How about some shading behind the neck? And I continue doing that XD untill the piece makes me happy o.o about a hundred different tools colors and styles are all jumbledtogether to make the kind of chibi realism I go threw X3.

Thanks so very much everyone for your conserns, your care and your ever admiring comments and crits, alot of you look derectly at the detail and feel the emotions put into my work and thats just what I try to make ^^ i hope the drawings I do in the future and the requests I'm finishing up give the same happy or better mood that these ones hav given you. And hopefuly but not surly, we can finaly put art theft to a stop in pc o.o? Thanks so much for everything everybody, it meens alot to me :hugs all:

Sorry for typos X_X busy day and I dont have time to spell check.

March 6th, 2006, 2:14 PM
I think that maybe thieves are thieves because they want the glory ;-; They are the ones who just want all of it to themselves. BUt really there's no other reason to steal, unless.... *Shrugs* You want people to think good about you. But you will get found out some day, everyone will get found out for their lies ^-^
I just really don't get it o.O

March 6th, 2006, 2:43 PM
I agree, when people do that and they get away with it, it can even become worce because after you get a forum of people to trust you, and suddenly the owner of the drawing or someone who knows it's stolen comes acrossed. The poeple who trusted you and thought you made them become harsh and you can be in deeper trouble. Many times it can get them banned on a first acount.

Thats why I'm glad darksoft was only found after the second day of her posts, at least now she has a chance to recoop her losses and actualy repair her reputation ^_^.

Although, I wonder sometimes why they do that since one way or another they know they will get cought too, why they wouldint just put all that hard work into drawing before they lie. That way if they find out in the same amount of work it takes to lie. That there actualy pretty good at it, they can happily tell the truth and be proud of their work ^_^.

There was a point and time when I traced and still called it my own, but thats many years ago and if I didint adventure into doing my own O-o who knows, I might have been in her possision. ^^; But I got bored of tracing and started feeling I could do better then the original artist, so I adventured into some drawing programs and books and tought myself dinosuars *my favorite past animals* and after that I got into animals, then pokemon came around when I was 12 and it whent uphill from there X3.

March 9th, 2006, 12:48 AM
Hey I know a few peopel who would have liked to get a hold of your Lord of the rings one O_O, and yes, though I typed it out quite horibly XD I do have it writen on paper! =3 I'll try to scan it some time cause it haas some pretty other things on it and a proof of document shinny ^^.

I'm glad my artwork has helped you feel good =D I have somewhat forgiven Darksoft and I am in no way on the banning payrol for her X3. She didint meen anything by it and has apologized a ton oO;
My artwork thankfuly has signatures that are hard to erase most the time from the images, but I trust this forum mroe then any other, even for thair guests o.o. Might not be here to often the last few months but I feel this place is trustworthy more then any others too.

Get hold of my LoTR piece O_o *huggles her fell beast extremely tightly, it turns round and tries to nip her as she does so* OW

Good, I'm very glad you feel safe. To be honest, even if it never happened again, if it had effected you in a way that you would never show your art again, I for one would be devastated. I'm just so happy you feel you can put your artwork up still, and are comfortable in doing so. I'm pleased you feel you can trust us here, and i very much hope that no one else here causes you any concern.Can't wait to see more artwork from you. MAke sure you enjoy it always! As we can truly see the emotion, time and effort you put into it! Your an amazing artist and we'd all be very lost without you. WB *hugs*

Egyptian Sphinx
March 9th, 2006, 8:08 AM
I love your artwork FNA and specialy the 3D art of some of the pokemon

March 9th, 2006, 10:32 AM
Your art looks great!! You might not know me, but I'm a friend of Runasutaru, and she keeps telling me about how fantastic your art is, so I decided to stop by and take a look, and I am really happy to have found this! XD

Like the others, I'm really sorry that your art has been stolen, and may it never happen again, and some of those pics are really great!

I love the Totodile, it's perfect, and it's gorgeous to look at! =D

Keep it up, FNA! XD

March 9th, 2006, 10:38 PM
Frouds? Do you mean frauds, or stealing? x.x;

Yeah, it's a horrible thing. Your artwork is lovely. <3 Please come out of the shadows! All your fans will unite and catch that art thief. XD And art thiefs are baaaad. u.u They take someone's hard work and claim them as their own for what reason? It's credit they don't deserve! when in doubt, ask for permission! -goes off ranting to self-

But yes! I love the one with Totodile. x3 How did you do the 3D ones? With a program?

March 10th, 2006, 8:13 AM
Hey FNA ^^

Awesome art as usual

Good luck with the Pixar thing :P

March 10th, 2006, 9:09 PM
People who steal your artwork should be burned at the stake for the ill-deeds they have done! Well not really burn them... just make them REAL sorry fro taking your work as their own :/ Its really sad that peopel stael others art when they can just try to draw themselves, but it seems they just want fame and steal a famed artists work...

Your work is really lovely, tis a shame that happened though v.v

I hope to see more of your work, and I just adore that totodile ^^

March 11th, 2006, 3:50 AM
-pokes head in- Hey FNA!! ^^ Great to see you're still at it! Wonderful work m'dear! As for the theif I will eat his soul for you if it would make you happy! xD

March 12th, 2006, 1:14 PM
you works looks awsome especialy the 3d pokemon
it would be so good that someone would start 3d pokemon request threat

March 14th, 2006, 10:16 PM
You've improved a lot. I really like how you color, and I'm glad you're still drawing and painting things.

I have a question though, you say that you're now selling these drawings? Your fanart is a copyright infringment upon Nintendo, Gamefreak, and every other respective owner of the Pokemon franchise. However, because you weren't making a profit off of it there was no issue. It is illegal however to make a profit by selling pictures of characters that are not yours.

I just thought it was interesting giving your whole legal spiel about you seeking repremands of up to 300$ for people using your art, in court you wouldn't recieve any settlement because your art is fanart, and the people who were using it weren't doing so for a commerical purpose.

I thought I would add these basic rules involving copyrights, I posted them in another thread were someone was complaining about similar things.

DO NOT claim your fanart to be original. - That statement is an oxymoron. Nothing you create that's based off something that already exists is original. Just because your fanart puts the character in a different outfit, or your fan story uses the same thesis but a different setting does not make them original.

DO NOT claim your fanart to be your property. - Fanart is a modification of a copyrighted image. Thusly, fanart is NOT YOUR PROPERTY. Claiming that your fanart is your property is a stricty copyright violation.

DO NOT sell, auction, make any sort of profit, from your fanart. - AGAIN, fanart is NOT YOUR PROPERTY. What is not yours, you cannot sell. For example... Someone is holding an art auction. I like Cowboy Bebop and can draw the characters well. So I draw a picture of Spike that looks just like Spike and then auction if off. That is against COPYRIGHT LAW. You CANNOT make a profit or even USE a copyrighted image without written consent of it's creator(s) and/or owner(s).

March 16th, 2006, 10:42 AM
The style is what is sold Auro, not the pokemon. Some of the drawings darksoft posted and was going to post where not pokemon realated and where just my animal drawings of which no one owns. As for the pokemon drawinsg they are for sell =/ but it's a small amount and I've asked pojo about such things already and have goten the info needed if I'm ever in question.
But thanks for the comments on the drawings.

And thanks to everybody els who posted here since I last did , sorry I havent posted here for awhile but alot of storms blew in and now that it's over I'm back to normal activity =D New drawings are coming up in just a few hours.

And btw people have been asking laitly about GIMP and why it isnt popping up for them? Does anyone here use GIMP for there drawing purposses from www.TheGimp.com?? or Gimp.com in genural?

Well heres a little something I'm working on for the contest this month =3 just started it after Forest gave me a desktop wall paper she did of Quilava for me ^-^ Thanks again! But there starter pokemon evolved o.o hope they still count ^^;


We jump and hop and play all day,while best of dreams are on there way
The life of art is one so pure,Nicola and I are but very sure
We started out as little kites, Ready to soar to newer hights.
As are minds take wing on such light, are days of art is now in sight
Professions are what we scale to be, and the world is all but ares to see
as are tallent takes us far, and the crits leaves but a scar.
We continue on with great stride, as are work fills us with pride.
Better and better is what we are, a team with dreams that take us far.

With still much to go, this is possably all we know.
Are comments, insperation and care
Are Hurt and scares and dream we dare
and are loyalty and joy in life is but a Tip
For one dear thing we know as true Friendship.

This is and will be my Collabed contest entery not by anyone other then I for personal matters, but a collab of my poem and Chibi drawing of starter medium pokemon, Grovyle and Quilava.

I've been idoling her since I joined with Claire. But now that the days go on and on . I see we are close to being of the same popularity. And for that I feel that she is no longer just a idol of mine, but a friend that I wish I had met a longer time ago. With Claire we could have drawn together at Dadragonz

March 21st, 2006, 3:22 PM
Remember me?We talked a lot about 3D pics a long time back.Anyway,I've still been using the other programs I was using last time we met, but now, like you,I'm using Anim8or.I haven't done much but I need your help.I'll PM you.Anyway, your art is great!Keep it up!

March 21st, 2006, 3:54 PM
'Frouding' isn't a word, just to let you in on that. And it's 'drastic,' not 'derastic.' :) That whole shpeel sort of rubs me the wrong way, but to each their own. Honestly, I'd be endlessly flattered if someone stole something of mine, whether it be art or writing. They can't do anything with it, like sell it or copyright it (which you can't claim to either, legally, BTW), and imitation *is* the sincerest form of flattery. I dunno, just seems like you're making a huge-uber-gigantic deal out of it. Not that I condone it, theifs can go to hell, but be calm, hun.

Anyway, I'm not sure why you posted a whole gallery of non-recent stuff. O.o;; As someone who likes to concrit, I'm not too hot on sifting through legions of old stuff that isn't the greatest thing I've ever seen just to find your recent works. Can't you simple link to another gallery and say 'here's some older stuff, for those who are curious?'

I dunno, the whole first post smelled strongly of some kind of conceit, and, IMO, it's a tad silly. I understand you're upset, but I do have to wonder: if someone is simpleminded enough to steal in the first place, will they really read all of that? And will they care? Isn't a bold warning enough, if you feel the need to lecture tell all of us you were, in fact, plagiarized?

Anyway, your *new* stuff is amazing. I'm entirely useless as far as digital art goes. I must admit, I like you're 3D stuff a lot better than the drawing of the pichu, although the totodile is great. For some reason, you see it alright to upload billions of old stuff but no new things (becuase, you know, people wait around for *you* to upload art so they can steal it), so I can't really comment on anything else. Sort of stunts my opinon capabilities. Nonetheless, your digital art is gorgeous :) I don't really have any comments on that x). Good luck with more stuff! And that job at Pixar-- it's great to do something you love.

March 21st, 2006, 4:36 PM
I just read that you want to work for Pixar!Me too!I love pixar!It's awesome.I plan to make money at pixar by animating, modeling or directing.

Forest Grovyle
March 21st, 2006, 4:38 PM
Awwwwwwww FNA! ^_^ I hadn't checked up on this thread for a while, so when I did that was so sweet to find that pic of Grovyle and Quilava awaiting me!! ^^;;; Awwwwww...everything you said was so kind and sweet! *huggles!*

I can't wait to see that pic finished! :D I know it'll look awesome! ;)


March 22nd, 2006, 3:27 AM
I may sound like an arse for saying this, but having your art stolen maybe something to be partially proud of.
It means your art is that good, and people actually want to reproduce it without permission.
This is my thought on things.

Regarding your art, they are great as ever!
They all have "FNA feel" to it.

March 22nd, 2006, 5:14 AM
Hey, sorry it took me so long to reply to this, I hadnt really been on the site in a while to see what all was going on. All i can say is ZOMG, i mean stooping so low as art theft... I cant believe soem people. Anyway, good to see you back on your feet and drawign again ^^

March 22nd, 2006, 1:02 PM
:blushes @ Nicola: erm =3 well I... uhh... Heheh ^^;; I ment every word :blushes: X3;;; I'll finish it with the grovyle I'm making in gimp as soon as I get to the weekdays.

:nods: I remember ya sketch! O.o althought your panguin sign is uber cute . :pokes: heheh ^-^
yah! I got your message and I'm ganna try and simulat animiation into a t00t to help you with that issue ^^. It sounds like you are having some issues with Collection polies to move and change color, have you got the hang of the material box ? It looks something like this:

although the statistics are defualt X3 thats just my option for quilava's hair.
Glad ta see you want to work there too =3 maybe we can team up or something to get eachother in that derection! :glomp: heheh ^^

And act, I promis my posts will have new stuff ^^; that totodile is a few weeks overdue, and I have a Sheezyart acount I'm uploading my work to cause photobucket is filled up and wont let me upload more =/ " hense also the use of no new drawings X_X"
That first post btw, I was very Severly bothered and what I say ends up half the time being a part of what makes me random O-o I admit it was silly cause its a chance they wont even look XD but oddly enough Darksoft read, apoligized,and ask things in ceriosety making this one silly time that paid off with respect ^^;
And I reposted old work for new users that never saw Fna, there has been a overlaod 40%+ of are members here in pc and 15% is new artists that never saw my work, I posted a bunch of my old history so that if for any reason I have to leave again, people can refer to this thread and know that the sign is FNA for a reason =D And so that the people who new me before can get a little refresher ^^; which in the way of my 3D work has helped cause the first time I posted my 3D work in the other areas of this forum they didint see comments by you guys O.o So it helped both the artists and me comment wise ^^; .

however I still apoligise for no new works, that will change the moment my sheezy art acount is uploaded.

:Kohei: The Fna feel I hope can stay =D Thanks for that comment Kohei!, and I know XD after the fact I felt quite honored to be stolen and have sense tried to make peace with darksoft * which is going pretty darn good so far =3*
I hope to get Sheezy working this mornin ^-^ I've got all sorts of requested drawings unziped and Ready to upload and hand over to there happy true owners =3..

:mateoYesh I feet like drawing again X3 heheh. only playin! *gets bricked* X-X;
But I'll post your work first off the moment it's uploaded to sheezy * possably just upload this post*

I'll also upload it to talk more about what act was saying ^^ be back asap though with 5 Truly new works =D Never before seen by there owners or buddies of other forums ^^.... er, other then sheezyart the moment it's posted O-o But ya get the idea ^^;

March 22nd, 2006, 1:21 PM
Ya, I know how to do some of the features like choosing the color.Still messin around with it a bit.