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March 7th, 2006, 8:19 PM
Inspired by the Looney Tunes cartoon "Duck Amuck"...

Here's what happens when one of Misty's comics gets out of control.

"Brock Amuck"

(We see the inside of a Gym, with its stands packed full of people. A spotlight comes up on the Ruby side of the Poke Ball, where Brock appears, to thunderous applause.)

Brock: Thank you!

(He steps out into the arena....but it suddenly disappears!)

Brock: Onix! I choose--(notices the arena is gone.) Huh? What's going on? (glances around the blank screen) Am I going to have to get my agent?

(Now Brock notices he's in a barnyard scene) Old MacDonald had a farm, e-ai-e-ai-o... (he walks into a winter scene) And on...this...farm...he...

(walks off for a moment, then reappears in winter clothes.) Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way... (he enters an island scene) Oh...what...fun...

(walks off, this time reappearing in his Paradaisu attire.)

Come on now, la la la, it is so wonderful! La-la-la la la la, hear the word's beautiful sound! (he dances into a blank screen) La la la, and it is la la la, and..it..is...

WELL??? Are you going to draw this picture or not? I've been through three different costume changes for three diffrent scenes! (As Brock is ranting a pencil appears and starts erasing him!) If you're going to draw something, pick a mmph mph mmph...

(Brock is redrawn, then the pencil draws an acoustic guitar in Brock's hands...but when he plucks one of the strings, no sound is heard)

Brock: Sound, please... (plucks one of the strings, making a Pikachu cry be heard....he tries again, only a train whistle is heard...the third time, wind whistling is heard) Okay, GUITAR sound, please... (plucks the string again, this time a guitar note is heard) That's better. (He starts playing a simple melody, to which an offscreen audience applauds when he's done) Thank you.

(covers his mouth when he realizes he said "thank you" in Ash's voice)

Brock(in May's voice): Thank you... (covers his mouth again, then speaks as Pikachu.) Pika. (covers his mouth again, thens screams in his own voice) AUGHHHHHHH!!! Please, may I JUST have some scenery?

(the pencil draws a simple sketch of a city)

Brock: Some color, please... (various neon paints splash onto Brock, leaving him a wild mess of neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, and neon orange)

(The pencil erases the wildly colored Brock up to his normally colored head)

Brock: Why did i ever decide to do this? I just want to entertain the audience... (as Brock is musing, the pencil adds on Geodude arms, a Hitmonchan's body, a Raichu's feet, and Vulpix tails with tiny flags to Brock's head) I want to make them laugh...but now I feel...different... (a mirror as drawn before Brock, who takes one look at himself and screams! The pencil promptly erases him)

(Brock is redrawn normally)

Brock: DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!! Could you draw me as a sailor, please?

(the pencil draws a wand before Brock. Brock picks up the star shaped wand, and he begins to transform! We watch as piece by piece, a Sailor Moon like costume appears on Brock. When he finally poses, he looks down at the costume and sighs.)

Brock: I didn't mean that kind of sailor, I meant the boat kind! (the pencil obliges and draws Brock in an elaborate captain's outfit) There we go...Over the sea, let's go men... We're shoving right off, we're shoving right off... (notices the lack of a boat) again? (falls into the ocean)

(We cut to an island, where Brock is redrawn normally)

Brock: I'm ready for my closeup....

(the pencil crops the screen down to a tiny portion of Brock's face)

Brock: You call THIS a closeup?

(the screen suddenly zooms up to Brock's face, squishing him against the screen)

Brock: Not that close... (peels himself off) Look, could you at least honor my requests? I do all these things for you, and this is my thanks?

(some blackness falls on Brock)

(Brock tries to hold the blackness up, but to no avail. The pencil tries to help by drawing a stick, but that doesn't help either. Finally, Brock tears the blackness to shreds in frustration.)

Brock: There... (wipes his brow) Let's get this show started!

(Suddenly, the curtain closes, and the credits start to roll...)

Brock: NO, NO, NO! (pushes the credits away) I haven't started yet!

(Brock starts to dance...but as he dances, the screen begins to split, until Brock's bottom half is on top, and his top half is on the bottom.)

Brock: Waiiiiit a second... (the bottom half on top steps down and becomes a second Brock) Who are you?

Duplicate: No, who are you?

Brock: I just asked you!

Duplicate: No, I asked you!

Brock: Why you... (rolls up his sleeve in preparation to deliver a right hook to the duplicate, but the duplicate is erased, and Brock spins about as he punches the air!)

(Brock is redrawn flying in a plane. As he flies about, he looks down at the ground below...until he crashes into a mountain, sending him flying!)

Brock: Good thing I remembered my parachute! (pulls the cord, but a Snorlax appears) ...or not.) (falls to the ground, where he lands with a crash. We see Brock on the ground, with mini Snorlaxes with wings flying around his head!)

(The Snorlax is replaced by an Electrode, which begins to glow...)

Brock: Uh oh...


(Brock is covered in soot, so he quickly shakes it off)

Brock: Okay, answer me this: Just who are you, anyway?

(a door is drawn before Brock...he's about to enter when it slams in his face!)

(We see Misty backstage at the drawing board--apparantly enjoying all the mayhem she's made)

Misty: Aren't these magic pencils great? (sticks a pencil behind her ear as the scene fades out)


March 10th, 2006, 4:44 AM
I haven't seen that Looney Toons episode in years...

Yet, I can remember it clear as day, and you definately hit all the points. If you remembered the episode, good job on recreating it!


I wonder how Daffy Duck would respond to this?

March 10th, 2006, 5:37 AM
This was my inspiration for the Misty comics on "Ash and Pikachu..."

March 14th, 2006, 12:16 PM
Heh! That was great! I love that Looney Tunes too. ^-^ Heh heh, Vulpix tails with flags coming out of his head. Too funny. The best part about this is having to imagine all of it happening. Plus remembering the original cartoon as well. Nice job EmeraldSky! ^^

March 14th, 2006, 1:05 PM
Thank you!

I hope I can do more (that is if I find another cartoon to parody)