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March 10th, 2006, 6:52 AM
This RPG is about a gang of eevee who have to survive in the big city. Their lives are horrible and there are many gangs of both Houndour and Growlithe who try to eevee. Since you have one thing different then other eevee you aren`t permitted in other gangs.

So we all live together in our group and try to live out our lives. They must survive while fighting other packs that are much stronger and larger than them. They must also live through life while trying to avoid becoming a broken bucn of losers in a dumb eevee pack.

Yes there can be romance. this is why we need as many male as female eevee. But there is one catch, you can`t just buzz right into that either. you have to toy around first. Flirting, impressing the other eevee, things you would do in real life to get someone to like you. These eevee are alike us only they`re eevee.

Also, yes you are allowed to evolve but your evolution must be after at least 10 posts. Not trying to be mean but you cant just go for your first post: (Note: Using a fake name that came to the top of my head for the eevee)

HingyLynn(lol) walked around. noticing a weakened nidoking he attacked it and won. then he evolved to a vaporeon. Now happily evolved, HingyLyn walked away to find the rest of the group.

Thats kinda stupid don`t`cha think? I mean, yes it could have happened but still, you cant just go bang and find a weak nidoking to destroy, let alone just evolve after it! Things are bound to happen before you evolve.

Also, you may add an extra character but it must be another eevee. I am thinking of using both Ginger and Restren but Im not sure yet. Anyways, join up Please!


age: ( 5 months- 5 years)
background: (how did you join the group?)
the 1 thing that's diferent about you:

This is mine:

name: Ginger
age: 4 years
gender: Female
personality: Ginger is just as hot headed as her body is hot.(Not like prettily hot but shes fire type XD) She bursts flames at the first person to mock her. If she isn`t decently treated, she will (literally) Try to attack or kill them if they get to much on her nerves. Ginger`s got temper often results to:

Fire shooting out of her everywhere, Ginger becoming a huge fire ball(yes It is possible for her and her brother Restren)
The next person to cross her path when she is mad will get fore shot in they`re face. Ginger`s temper is a hard thing to master on her accound. She has needed to settle down for over three years, but after losing her brother at the age of one, Ginger is about as happy as three potatoes stuck in the dirt.(XD)

There is only a two weaknesses to Ginger`s temper, powers and feelings. Number one on her list is, boys. Like almost any other girl eevee, Ginger is obsessed with boys. She giggles and laughs whenever she see`s another boy looking at her. Although, it doesn`t really matter if she blushed as no one can see because of the colour of her fur. Ginger has been looking for the right type of boy for herself for almost two years.

Ever since her and a meowth names Persies met. Persies taught Ginger the ropes. How to get a boy to like her, to talk the right way(Although she doesn`t do this correctly right yet) and even how to act like a real girl. But most importantly, how to show the correct attitude and how to pretend she didn`t care. Ginger knew she needed Persies help from the start. Now Ginger tries all she can to find her guy.

Number Two is, Water. She can`t stand water. It brings her pain all over. Ginger isn`t sure if it is just her, or her type. she hates her bloody guts when it comes to cleaning her fur. Even her own salive hurts when it gets on her skin. Ginger wished she was normal. She knows now, after licking herself many times, she will propably never be able to mate.(Because he can`t lick her. It would sting him too. Also, her firey body burns the fur of other animals when she is upset, angry or in her flirty mood. Ginger hopes her fire powers would go away so she could just be a normal, fire coloured eevee.

Background: Ginger was born at the edge of Virdian Forest with her twin brother Restren. She lived with him only for one year. Then on Restren`s and her birthday, Restren and her got seperated. They`re mother got killed by a hunter and the two eevee had never seen each other again. Ginger now is trying her best to take care of her new pack. She tries to fit in all she can and make sure she keeps an eye out for The Pack Destroyer. Ginger had heard of the Pack Destroyer from her Mother shen she was only little. That is why her mother was all alone as a mother of two. Ginger`s father had been killed by the Pack Destroyer(Sorry,Raposa Dalua. But can it be like a relation to Sangue or something? I can`t think of anything else XD)

People and characters joined:

Kokobean22: Kiki(female) and Baka(male)

Superd188: Sonic(male)

Bell: Shina(female) and Komoron/Skar(male)

Raposa Dalua: Sangue(female/Pack Destroyer) and Luahana(male)

Kakashi and Sasuke Lover: Fang(female)
Barboach: Pyro(male)

March 27th, 2006, 1:01 PM
Name: Kiki

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Personality: Kiki's sweet but then again all babies are. She's curious and gets into trouble a lot but always seems to make it out in the end. She hates to be left alone and cries easily as well. She's also smart for her age.

Background: Kiki was an egg alone in the forest. Her mother had dissapeared and the egg knew something was wrong. It wiggled dissapearing and then appeared in the city where it was found by the other eevees. Scared she began to cry so they let her in and she's seen them as family ever scince.

The 1 thing that's diferent about you: When Kiki cries the wail is supersonic and confuses and defeans anyone near her. SCince she's little she cries a lot but it's only when she starts to bawl and cry really hard that the tears really flow and the sound gets supersonic.

((Hope this works ^.^))

March 27th, 2006, 1:14 PM
Cool may I join

Name: Sonic
Age: 8 months
Gender: Male

Persianltiy:Sonic likes to be left alone but he is kind to all eevees. Sonic can get really stubborn and jealuos. He will never give up on a mission he sent to do. He usally quite around most pokemon but if he has an idea he will state it loud and clear. He is noy very brave but he will do an easy mission and never give up on that. Sonic is mostly like a tech guy he is very intelligent but not the strongest eevee around. Sonix loves to run though he is very fast thats why they call him Sonic. Sonics heart is big but he hinks he just a coward.

Backround: This little guy was born all alone in the forest. But he had found a group of pikachus who took him in. He was always made fun of by other pikachus because he had found goggles that were yellow and they fun of him for like human items. So Sonic left to city to find a group eevees who took him as one. When he first joined the group he was unsure he was in the right place but after a long time he thinks he made the right descdion.

The 1 thing different: He loves human items esspecaly the goggle found he found in the forest. He loves to make stuff and be around human tech and loves to work on stuff like that to help in missions he is always your eevee if you want smarts

If that is not enough just let me know.

March 27th, 2006, 2:56 PM

age:3 1/2 years


personality:Shina is a hardcore eevee, liking battles over most anything, and will often be the one to start a fight. She is otherwise calm and serene, but when riled, she can get as angry as a Salamence, and her patience is ever so short, it's as if it doesn't exist. Shina's eyes are sharp, and can see almost every movement of her prey. She's quick on her feet, and has a quick wit, but her attitude often supresses her desire to show-off, instead, pushes her to bring the opponent down as fast as possible. Shina is not the eevee you want to mess with.

background: Shina was one of the many eevee's who were pushed out of their own packs, for picking fights within the group. She was unfortunate enough to pick a fight with the pack leader, a moody Jolteon who decided that he would no longer tolerate her attitude, and showed her who was boss. Tail between her legs the other's pushed her out, and she went on solo. She found it was unsatisfying when she collected prey, with no one to share, and fight over for it. And so she found the band of renegade eevee's.

the 1 thing that's diferent about you: She's a shiny eevee, and her 'too-good-for-you' attitude didn't deal well with the other packs.

Raposa Dalua
March 27th, 2006, 8:14 PM
Name: Sangue

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Personality: Sangue is a hyperactive maniac with a bloodlust. She has nothing against stealing for the sake of living, killing for the sake of fun, and fighting for the heck of it. She's generally nice to those who are nice to her, though she can get annoying sometimes. Sangue is sarcastic to a fault, and has a love for teasing others. She's insulting, and enjoys making just about anybody enraged. She can be rather blunt with her emotions, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She has very little tact, and tends to make bad situations even worse. It is rare to see her feel guilty or try to help others, but there are just some times when she feels she'd rather befriend someone than kill them. This process is completely random. There are points where it will seem like Sangue has a very large amount of patience, and there will be other times where her fuse will snap almost immediately. It depends entirely on the situation and the people involved.

Background: Sangue is a pack destroyer. She fights, flirts, and/or forces her way into new packs and picks them apart from the inside. Be it lying, cheating, or just pulling down any male she can, she tricks the other Eevees into not trusting each other, and the group falls apart. Her signature, the sign that her work has been finished, is usually the deaths of the male and female leaders of the pack.
Note: Okay people, time for some common sense. Yes, I have produced an antagonist, yes she might (or might not) try to destroy this new pack she has recently joined. However, I must ask that your character(s) not recognize her for who and what she is. They can hear rumors about a pack destroyer and such, but they cannot recognize that Sangue is the pack destroyer until she messes up, whether it be purposely or accidentally. Who knows, she may actually try to fit in with the group rather than tear it apart. It all depends on how the other characters treat her. (Of course, Sangue might not be accepted into this RPG, and then you wouldn't have to worry about her at all. But, where's the fun in that?)

Difference: Sangue's fur is pitch black, except for the tufts of fur around her neck and on her tail tip. Those are midnight blue in color. Her eyes are a deep, foreboding blood red. The odd thing about her is not her coloration, rather, it's that she expells an aura of innocence. Nobody ever suspects her of being up to something unless she makes it obvious.

Name: Luahana

Age: Around two years or so, he's not entirely sure...

Gender: Male (yes, you did read that correctly)

Personality: Kind and caring by nature, Luahana is about as free-spirited as they come. He lives for the simple enjoyment of life, and thoroughly enjoys just existing. To him, the best kinds of days are the ones spent running through flower fields. He's a little lacking in the brains department but is always willing to lend an ear (if it suits him) and offer his words of wisdom. His optimism, coupled with his seemingly short attention span, causes people to either be amazed or annoyed as hell with him. In addition, he has a deep rooted love for flowers and plants of any kind, and makes a point to befriend any grass type pokemon he comes across.

Background: Luahana hasn't got much of a history beyond being bumped from pack to pack. He was considered to be weak overall, and since the others never gave him a chance, he never got to escalate beyond the status of the omega, or the most weak and useless member of any Eevee pack. Regardless of how he is treated, he simply wishes the pack his best and moves onward, looking for a home he knows he probably won't ever find.

Difference: Luahana... is extremely feminine looking, right from his girly, attractive, aqua colored eyes down to his fragile little paws. His pure white fur is silky soft and very clean looking, and the fur around his neck and on the tip of his tail is a pale, carnation pink color. This poor kid has probably attracted to himself just as many males as he has females. His scent holds no key to showing whether he is male or female, and the only way you can really find out is if you walked up and asked him.

_Mighty Mawile_
March 28th, 2006, 1:39 PM
This sounds like fun, may I join? Please?

Name: Zippy (Zip for short)

Age: 3 years

Gender: Female

Personality: Tom-boy, very sweet, is a bit clumsy except when someone is picking on her or anybody else, and she can get quite cranky if someone tells her to go away! (When she evolves into a Jolteon, her spikes will turn knife sharp if she gets mad!) She can get alittle bit hyper when she eats: carrots, chocolate, candy (anything that starts with "C" XD) She HATES baths.

Background: She always got picked on because she was a loner and never had a home. She then stumbled upon the group when she was running away from a pack of slugma and koffing who were picking on her.

Difference: Her fur is chocolatey white, with brown paws. Fur turns lavender- purple with a brown stripe pattern when she evolves. Her eyes are blue, red when she gets angry!

March 29th, 2006, 1:33 PM
Okay, I`ve read all these and here are the people who are accepted. Sorry to the others. (Mostly people who are lacking a little information) Yes, I will be editing my form to fit a more perfection of form. Also, there will only be one(yes only one) More female spot. We need as many male as female in this rp so if people want to make a male character like Raposa Dalua, then it will be fine, even perfect. I will be making a male eevee character and some bad guy characters. (Other than Sangue that is, yes, she is accepted ^_^ we need bad guys too.) Anyways, I shall chose some random people when we have enough people and PM them to tell them they can create a bad guy character. I`ll PM them the form and they PM it back to me filled out. Then at any random time, they become they`re evil person. no one will know who (Or if you are an evil person who else) is evil. Thats the fun about me, I`m very mysterious ^_^ anyways, here is the list of ebilness, accepted or nots!XD:


Superd188:Rejected(Sorry, nice character but I think I will need a bit more info. I`ll see about letting you in if you edit your form)


Raposa Dalua:Accepted (Very nice form, clearly you are a great Roleplayer. Your form is very good, Lots of detail. I couldn`t reject you ^_^)

Might Mawile:Rejected(If you make your form a bit more detailed, then you might be able to join ^_^)

If you didn`t make it in, try editing your form until you think it is detailed enough. Oh and don`t say: "Well look who`s talking! She hardly has anything at all!" Because I had to rush. I had to go and I had just started to make this rp. I will add all of the accepted users to a list on the first post. By the way, for a good discription, I might try making sprites for characters and make a blog to put in signatures. It will propably be a linky/banner type thing to put at the bottom.

March 29th, 2006, 2:19 PM
Name: Fang

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Personality: Fang is VERY anti-social and self-conscious. If she can get out of hanging around the gang at any time, she will. She mostly just enjoys spending time by herself. Every night Fang will get away from the others just to walk around the park or something. But Pokemon aren't the only things Fang doesn't like. She despises human beings. Whether kid, nor adult, she will not go near them. If one tries to go near HER, then she will not hesitate to attack at any cost.

Background: Fang grew up in a lab just off north from the big city. She never knew her parents, and had no friends either. So she grew up by herself, in the holographic nartue room. One day she decided enough was enough and broke out of there, with nowhere to run but the city. She lived off at the edge of it until she met the gang of Eevee that were just like her. With nowhere else to go, she accepted them as 'partners.'

Difference: Fang wasn't born into the world as many of the Eevee were. She was, so she calls, 'mutated' instead. Born in the lab, she has no ealier memories then the one where she was lying on a steel platform in a very dark room with machines and scientists all around her. when she grew up she later found out that she wasn't like normal Eevee. Every little hair on her body is pitch black and her eyes are a ruby red color. She also has an abnormal personality. Fang is a carnivor, willing to eat any other Pokemon, whether it be one of her own kind or something else, in order to survive. Her attacks consist of only shadow attacks too, next to the obvious like tackle, quick attack, etc. One of her most favored attacks is Shadow Twister, in which Fang runs in a circular pattern, turning the weather dark and summoning up a mass tiwster which is then blasted toward the foe.

Do you need an rp sample?

March 29th, 2006, 2:48 PM
No I don`t need an rp sample. I know your rp skills from The Land Of The Umbreon. Your AcceptedBTW, I agree with you. School Sux XD

Anyways, thats our last female. Now I shall only accept male eevee. If you want to be a female now, its to late. Anywho, I have decided that I will make the banner when we get enough people.

March 29th, 2006, 2:49 PM
OOC: I'll play a boy eevee if you'd like.

name:Komoron (Skar)

age: 5 years


personality:Skar is an aloof eevee, who doesn't like conversing with the others. He's very skilled at hunting, and rather violent. He is very loyal and protective of the people who manage to become close to him, and despises anyone he doesn't know who treats the people and pokemon he loves with anything but utter kindness. He has a sort of mute kind of attitude, but speaks often when he feels necessary. Skar fights and/or hunts only when he feels that it's worth his while. Otherwise, he won't do anything but sit and bark commands, if even. He is very patient, and is violent in a calm spooky kind of way, which usually gets him his way. Skar treats nearly everyone with indifference, and all around, a very serene and quiet guy.

background: Skar is and always will be, Shina's greatest brother, companion, and friend. He never leaves her side unless she wishes it, or if he wants some time to himself. He protects her when necessary, though this is rare, as she is already very capable of defending herself. Skar is like Shina's mom, dad, and the rest of her brothers and sisters all rolled into one eevee. The scar that runs down his left eye, blinding it, was given to him by Shina herself. His and Shina's mother and father were captured by humans, and the rest of his brothers were scattered around the region of Kanto, him being the only one patient enough to take care of a 1 month old baby eevee that had been raised by 3 aggressive brothers, 1 boyish mother, and 1 brother that ignored her most of the time. Skar never saw his father very much, because he was constantly out in the world, but every time he saw the Jolteon, Skar felt slight hostility, at the fact that the pokemon would single out everyone of his children except for Skar. His greatest ambition is to evolve into a jolteon, and prove that old fart who's better. Many of his scars except for his most prominent are from his dear father and brothers.

the 1 thing that's diferent about you: Skar has more scars then he can count, all over his body.

March 29th, 2006, 3:40 PM
((I'd like to make another if that's okay...))

name: Baka

age: 5 years

gender: Male

personality: Baka is a secretive loner who likes to take a run on the wild side. Black fur around his eyes makes him look like he's wearing a mask adding to his mysteriousness. He knows almost nothing of his past before he joined the group so is always staring at the sky wondering who he once was. He's also got a constant fear of losing his memory again and see's Kiki as a little sister seeing as how she always clings to him.

background: Baka joined when he was three years and 7 months old. Noone had wanted him for his mysterious coloration around his eyes as they found it to be scary. He was found when he was being chased by a houndour because he had stolen a piece of bread and had his out in an alley way.

the 1 thing that's diferent about you: Whenever there is a plant near by it seems to grow a little larger and follow Baka. He's realized that if he tries hard enough he can control plants with his ears and paws. He's worked mostly with roses and always keeps one nearby.

March 29th, 2006, 4:41 PM
((Ya I did it on purpose. I've been watching Several cartoons in Japanese recently and one that sticks out is n Inuyasha where she's all mad and screams Baka. So scince I couldn't find a name I decided to choose that.))

March 29th, 2006, 4:59 PM
Fine I shall edit it but I think it is very good already.

March 29th, 2006, 5:07 PM
name: Pyro

age: ( 5 months- 5 years): 4 years

gender: male

personality: He is usually shy and timid, although he has an outstanding side to him. He likes to be around others of his own kind. He likes berries and sometimes the occansional leaf. He is serious when he has to be, but sometimes mostly friendly. If he is battling another pokemon, he is totally opposite from shy and timid. He isin't an annoying over spoken type of pokemon, he talks very little. Pyro is sometimes sure of himself, but is mostly wrong.

background: (how did you join the group?) He has lived and Thrived in many places, he is like a drifter. Pyro was on his walk around his favorite route, that had some of the most lusious berries and finest growing leaves in the region. He looked ahead to see a pack of his own species of pokemon, so he decided to join them. Pyro wanted an adventure, or at least something like that, to cure his boredom of walking around by himself.

the 1 thing that's diferent about you: He is unusually red in color all over his body, he has black marks on his hind legs and front legs. His ears are allinened with black marks in the shape of a lightning bolt. His eyes are in an emerald color, it looks like he keeps his eyes open forever. He can't see well in Dark places, even when his eyes adjust to the Dark he still can't see. He has won many races, and has gotten usually berries for a reward. That is why he loves them so much. Pyro has gotten to like the members in the pack. He is very skilled in fire type moves, and can even make an orb of fire float in mid air. A.k.a. Will-o-Wisp. Pyro enjoys showing off his Fire talents to other pokemon. His favorite attack is Fire Missle. He blows fire infront of him, then tackles it with his flame resistant body, which makes the fire fly faster. It then hits the foe at ferosious speed.

Edit: I hope i make it in! :)

March 30th, 2006, 1:09 PM
Now, for the new rejected/accepted page! For people who edited they`re forms or just joined! Lets see how the odds are this time:

Superd188:Accepted Its got enough info now. Your in now.

Barboach: Accepted

Edit: We now have five girls and five boys. We can start now. I need to think up an idea for the first post so it will be a little while before I start.

March 30th, 2006, 2:26 PM
okay ill be here waiting! ^^ o and u know my characters name is pronouced like the fire element Pyro

March 30th, 2006, 2:54 PM
"What are you doing?" Shina asked as she plodded up to her older brother in a considerably good mood, after bringing down the most recent run-in. A feast fit for, well, an eevee! An unwary ratatta of unspeakable size had the unfortunate fate of falling prey of the silvery eevee.

As for the eevee's brother, he sat calmly and silently next to a placid lake, staring out at the smooth and glossy surface. He didn't reply, but Shina knew the answer just by looking at his body language. His plain appearance was nothing compared to the true and virtuous person inside, and if it wasn't for him, she'd probably be out on the streets scavenging for food. Though it didn't look it, he was a fierce fighter...when he felt like it of course.

"O-kay then. You do that." Shina said sitting down next to her brother and squiting her eyes at the lake as well, trying to see what he saw. The little kindness and emotional part of Shina was reserved for her brother, who at the present moment, was apparently listening to the story of the little waves that rolled upon the shore and crawled back again.

He was very in tune with his surroundings, unlike Shina, who after awhile of unsuccessful straining to hear or see anything remotely interesting Shina sighed in a sort of this-is-so-overrated kind of way and stood up, walking away "This is boring."

Skar let a smirk flicker across his passive face for a second and returned to listen to the stories. They told of a ratatta becoming a fearow's lunch, and of an unfortunate pidgey's struggles to fly with a lame wing. Skar narrowed his eyes as though to see further across the waves, and saw nothing more then the treeline on the opposite shore. And the stories were over.

He had to tend to Shina anyway. With that, Skar stood up and padded after his sister quietly, stretching his eye to it's widest extent then narrowing it until he could barely see through the slit. He did this often, to sooth the muscles that constricted around his scar, but only when nobody else was around. He may have been silent, but he was very self-conscious.

March 30th, 2006, 2:57 PM
OOC:Yeah ^^ Okay. I think I have an idea now. Its not as long as I wanted my first post to be but I can always think big when something big is happening.

"Okay, here I am waiting around for something to happen. Now what? none of the others are back yet so I still need to wait for about a half an hour. Should I raid a butchers shop or just sit and wait?" Ginger sat on the ground looking around for something to do. She noticed a man walk by looking at her smiling. Ginger hissed at him. her fur stood on end like a cats did.The man ran away as fast as he could in fear of getting rabies.

March 30th, 2006, 3:14 PM
"Bakun I'm hungry!" Kiki said lookign at Baka her eyes sad. They had left for a bit as Baka had some buisiness but were now returning to find everyone else.
"What do you want?" Baka asked looking down at the tiney Eevee. She was delicate as his roses and had tear droplets in her eyes. Sad from hunger.
Kiki shrugged, "What is there?" she asked sittin gdown to scratch her ear.
"Kikichan the sky's the limit. There's a bakery over there." Bakun pointed to a nearby baker guarded by a young female growlith. It glared at the two of them almost as to say 'don't come any closer.' but did not move.
"What's in a bakery again?" Kiki asked forgetting.
"Breads and cakes and other things." Baka said the wind lightly blowing the black fur by his eyes and the sun causing a mischevious glimmer in them.
"Okay Bakun! What should we do?" Kiki asked looking up. Her eyes were full of hope.
"You can stay here. I'll only be a moment." with that he ran off towards the bakery the growlith stopping him.
"Be careful Bakun." Kiki whispered.

March 30th, 2006, 3:30 PM
Pyro laughed as he ran around with flames all around him. He loved to do this and it scared all the pidgey away. He ran at the flocks and they flew away.
He looked to the side to see ginger just sitting on the ground. He blew out the flames and they made a flame hiss sound. He walked over to her. "You look bored, want to raid the butchers shop?" Pyro asked. He looked at the shop and saw an attack growlithe. "Hmm, it might be a problem to slide by the growlithe." It stared at them with a menacing look.
Pyro then looked back at ginger.

March 30th, 2006, 4:03 PM
"Dangit I can never keep it flat!" Fang quietly complained to herself as she continuesly groomed her black fur. "It always sticks up..." She trailed off and picked up her head, looking out at the vast, clear lake. Getting up off the ground, Fang stretched her forepaws and, getting to the edge of the water, jumped in. She swam around a few times, then got out again, shaking the water off her body. "Thats a little better.." She whsipered, licking her left paw and dragging it over her ear.

Fang's concentration broke as she heard a rustling in the thickets in front of her. A normal sized Ratata appeared seconds later, chewing on an Oran berry. It hadn't seemed to notice Fang yet.

Crouching down on her belly, Fang silently crept foward. As she got to the edge of the weeds surrounding the lake, she crouched lower, brushing her under fur on the grass and making sure she stayed hidden. Suddenly Fang's ears perked. Silently moving back a little, Fang looked up at the sky just to see a nearby Spearow flapping down toward the thicket. 'Woah, that ones huge..' Fang thought as she swiped her tongue over her mouth. 'Now if I can just get this right...' Fang watched on as the Spearow shot down in a flash of light and, using it's sharp claws, closed down on the Ratata. In a quick flash, the Ratata was dead. 'Now!' Fang shot fward and leaped up, biting the Spearow's neck and dragging it down to the ground. The spearow stuggled madly, flapping it's huge wings. "Uhhn.." Fang held it down for a split second with both her forepaws. She then shot down again, biting the back of it's neck. Seconds after a light snapping was hear, the Spearow was dead. "Yes!!" Fang smiled under the Spearow feathers as she dragged it back to her sitting place next to a medium sized Oak, which was next to the thicket. The dead Ratata was still in the Spearow's clutches. "Two for one, not bad.." Fang said confidently as she sat down at the base of the Oak, placed the two in front of her, and began eating...

March 30th, 2006, 4:19 PM
Sonic was in the back all alone looking at two other eevees called Ginger and Pyro. Sonic was a little scared by Pyro because he was fire Sonic was thinking he would someday evoleve into a Flareon. Sonic slowly walked up two eevees. "Umm.. hello my name in Sonic" as sonic said quitly. "I hope I am not inturupting anything".

March 30th, 2006, 4:24 PM
Skar's sensitive ears, his right one split on the end from an unfortunate run-in with an ursaring, pricked up as he heard the dying cry of a ratatta, and the cawing of a dying spearow. His eye's blinked once as he slowly turned his head. THe waves told him that there had been two deaths, and Skar shrugged it off. It was probably on the opposite shore anyway.

He looked ahead to see Shina waiting impatiently for him as she found meager ways to entertain herself before her brother finally got moving. She knew better then to anger or rush her brother, for the last time she annoyed him, she'd given him his scar, and he'd sent her flying into the middle of rush-hour traffic, for her to fend for herself.

And he made no effort to help her as cars rushed past her at top speed, not even noticing the quaking eevee in the middle of the road. After that, she never tried to attack him again, because even as she faced near death, Skar still sat peacefully on the edge of the sidewalk. He didn't exactly care about her so much as to risk his life for her. She was his burden, and she now tread lightly around him.

And yet, Shina wished very dearly she hadn't given him his scar in such an obvious place where she could be reminded of rushing cars and flashing lights all around her so easily.

Skar stopped in his tracks, much to Shina's annoyance, and turned around to face the lake again. He wondered if the waves would tell of what pokemon had summoned the two unwary pokemon's deaths. But as they splash upon the sandy shore, they told him nothing more, and Skar let his ears droop a little before turning back to his sister, speeding up as a frustrated expression crossed her face.

"Back to the city?" She asked her ears perking up in a happier way then Skar's had. He nodded, and she sped off toward the outskirts of the city, to the murky alleyways he and Shina now spent their nights. Skar made no effort to run after her, instead walked calmly after her, at his own pace as he slowly plodded along the beaten trail.

March 30th, 2006, 4:59 PM
Pyro looked to the side to see a little Eevee, with a scared look on his face. Pyro waited until he finished talking.
"No need to be afraid of me little buddy, and no your not interupting anything." Pyro said, with a smile. He got up to his full height and shaked off the dust from the dirty ground. "We could of gotten some meat at the butchers shop but theres an attack growlithe standing in the doorway." The growlithe was still looking at them meanacingly. Pyro made an orb of fire float, he made it do loop de loops and twirls. Conectrating on the little orb, Pyro made it dissapper. He looked at Sonic, intreged at how tiny he was.

March 31st, 2006, 3:41 AM
The growlith arose as Baka got near.
"I don't want to hurt you." it said, "I've had good friends who're Eevees."
"Good then allow me in and I'll be on my way." Baka replied walking foreward a bit more.
"I'm afraid I can't let that happen." the growlith finished. It snapped at Baka causing him to jump back.
"Ba-kun!" Kiki cried. tears began to stream down her face and she bagan to cry.
"Perfect." Baka said again having that menacing look in his eye. Kiki's cry got louder causing 'the cry'. The groelith plugged her ears which were in pain from the sound allowing time for Baka to run in and snatch a loaf of sweetbread for everyone. He ran out chased by the baker. Kiki stopped crying and ran with him until Pyro, Ginger, and Sonic were in site.

March 31st, 2006, 12:55 PM
"hey I'm not little" said Sonic." Just because you are bigger than me well size dosent always matter I'll bet I'm way smarter than you and faster but you may be stronger" Sonic said in a gorlish voice. Sonic put down his goggles to his and was prepaid for anything to happen.

March 31st, 2006, 1:01 PM
Pyro blinked. "Hey, I didn't mean that in a harmful way. But I'm sure you can run faster then me, I'm more of power and strength, not so much agility." Pyro smiled at Sonic's Courage. He looked to the side to see three other eevee coming their way. "Looks like we got company," Pyro said. "And they snatched some food."

Pyro made another orb of fire float, for he was bored. He caught the fire orb with a deft snatch and it made hissing noises, then slowly died away.

March 31st, 2006, 1:07 PM
"Thanks for the apoligizing" Sonic smiled and relized this was one of his first times to stick up for him self. Sonic looked at the other three eevees coming our way. "Anyone know who they are" Sonic said quitely so they woudnt here. Sonic looked at the Eevee and some of them looked very different than normal Eevees.

March 31st, 2006, 1:11 PM
"Nope, I have no idea." Pyro saw a can and decided to practice. He blew fire infront of him with his mouth, then tackled it. The Fire went very fast. It hit the can with a bullet noise. "I still got it." Pyro said. "My favorite attack, Fire Missle." The noise seemed to distract the growlithe, but then he went back to guarding.

March 31st, 2006, 1:22 PM
"Bakakun I'm scared." Kiki said hiding behind Baka as she saw Pyro spit the fire.
"No need Kiki-chan. It'll be alright." Ba-kun replied setting down the sweetbread. He picked it back up again and walked closer to Pyro, Sonic, and Ginger before setting it down again.
"Here. I snatched some for all of us. I figured we could use something sweet." he said the wind again blowing the black mask like fur around his eyes.
"Nu-uh Ba-kun! It was my idea I wanted sweet bread!" Kiki said scowling at him. Tears welled up in her eyes and she sniffed a bit feeling upset that her friend would take all the credit. Baka noticing she was on the verge of crying pulled a rose from nowhere.
"Don't fret Kiki-chan Im sorry!" he sweat a bit handing her the rose. Kiki smiled taking a small piece of the bread and then the rose.

March 31st, 2006, 1:27 PM
Pyro turned around to see the three of them. He looked up and the bread and then looked at the Eevee's. "Hey, we owe you one, I didn't reconize you at first. You must be a part of the pack?"
Pyro tunred around and looked at the fallen can he just hit with his favorite move. It was on the ground, tiny bits of smoke arising from it. Pyro smiled and looked back at the three.

March 31st, 2006, 1:32 PM
"Ya. Me and Kiki-chan here." Baka said taking a bit of the bread himself, "And if you ask me I don't think you owe me anything for the bread. Maybe for getting her to not cry but not for the bread." He smiled closing his eyes.
"Ba-kun your so mean!" Kiki said looking down.
"Relax Kiki. I didn't mean it." Baka replied still smiling. Kiki looked back up at him and smiled but didn't say a word to Pyro or Sonic as they still scared her. She was young and the only person calming to her was Baka. She then began ti eat her little piece enjoying the taste.

March 31st, 2006, 1:37 PM
Pyro closed his eyes remebering the day when that eevee came in with the sonic cry. He shuddered and took a piece of the bread. "Well, thanks anyway." He said, putting the bread into his mouth. He swallowed.
"I could gather some berries for us, but the so called poochyena pack owns that place as 'Territory' So even if i set foot there they'll come out to attack me." Pyro said, looking to the side to see a poochyena hiding behind a tree and another hiding behind a building wall.

March 31st, 2006, 1:43 PM
"I used little Kiki here to get past the new growlith at the bakery." Baka said with a shrug, "But I don't think she'd like it if we used her like that." Kiki shook her head in agreement. She walked out from behind Baka and analyzed the ash from the can.
"Why can't the two of you fight 'em. They're just Poochyena. It's not like they're houndoom with long range attacks." she said knowing Baka's power very well.
"Think about it Ba-kun," she turned to him, "You could ensnare as many in a cage of vines as you can and Mister..." she turned to Pyro forgetting his name and gave him a quizzicle look.

March 31st, 2006, 1:50 PM
Pyro looked back. "There is so many of them and the get all over you and bit you, there just like ants.." "Theres about 30 of them back there, although we can't see them." Pyro saw another Poochyena and sent a Will-o-Wisp attack at him. The poochyena yapped and went behind the building again, Pyro snikering at this.

March 31st, 2006, 1:58 PM
"Thirty? Ba-kun is that a lot?" Kiki asked Baka.
"Ya. Too much for just us. Maybe some other time okay Kiki-chan?" Baka asked. Kiki nodded.
"Alright then. So now what?" Kiki asked taking a bit more bread.
"I dunno." Baka replied at a loss for words. He stood and looked up at the sky, thoughts racing through his mind as they tended to do. Who he was, where he'd come from, how he ended up in the streets and why he takes such good care of this little eevee. Kiki looked at him concerned. He'd do this when he couldn't do anything else and it worried her.

March 31st, 2006, 2:14 PM
Ginger looked around. "Fire moves are pretty swift Pyro, we could raceover there and make a giant flame ball sheild to block them or something. Though I can`t grab the berries as they will melt and burn from my firey touch.." Ginger was once again trying to sound tough and more leader-like.

Ginger sighed and lifted her front left paw. Sure enough, there were small black parts on the ground encircling where her paw had been. She placed her paw back in the same spot.

"Or I could attack the growlithe over there. I`ve had a lot of practice attacking those guys and its not easy when you are eaqually typed. Urgh, I think I`m going to go kill a magicarp or something. I like fishing. Plus, the water can`t burn. It will damage my health but I can kill some magicarp by leaping into the water. Now, before I go, is everyone here? I think someone is missing." Ginger sighed looking around once again. She needed everyone to come back before sunset which would be coming soon.

March 31st, 2006, 2:18 PM
Pyro looked at Ginger. "Hey no problem! My body is flame resistant and when im using fire moves the only thing that heats up is my belly." "Thats where my fire is." Pyro looked down at his stomach. "We could do it, I just have to grab the berries, and you could cover me with a fire sheild." Pyro got ready just in case if Ginger said yes.

March 31st, 2006, 2:20 PM
"I wouldn't know." Kiki said with a shrug. She smiled at Ginger as Female Eevee didn't scare her as much. However the whole fire thing creeped her out.
"I think we're still missing some. There's ten right?" Baka asked. He counted shaking his head.
"We're missing five. You can go ahead fishing though I'll stay and keep watch." Baka said sitting down and eating a bit more bread.

March 31st, 2006, 3:02 PM
"I`ll go fishing after we get the berries. Fishing takes much longer, c`mon Pyro, we have some Poochyena butt to kick!" Ginger exclaimed looking over in the direction of the poochyena territory. There were propably berries galore there!

March 31st, 2006, 3:29 PM
Pyr smiled. "Well, alright then." He made a dash for the berrie tree. Ten poochyena came out to stop him. "Too slow!" Pyro said, as he backed off some of the poochyena with a flamethrower attack. "C'mon Ginger! I'm gonna need some help!"

March 31st, 2006, 3:49 PM
Shina darted to the top of the hill and saw the pack attacking poochyena. Many poochyena. She frowned in disappointment and sat down.

"Poochyena are boring." She commented to Skar, as he calmly sat down beside her.

"Then don't fight." Skar said monotone as he also stared down at the group. He turned his head back to face the lake and cocked his head "Stay with the group." Skar said standing up again as Shina stared at him in confusion, her ears pricked up in confusion. He quietly padded along the trail for the third time and was once again at the shore. Skar stared down at the moist brown sand before letting his right paw sink into it. Walking further and further off the shore, it was very soon when the waves splashed upon his paws. He looked down in mild interest, though no one would ever guess.

His gaze turned upward to the bushes on the opposite side of the shores. Slowly, slowly he made his way to the bushes. Once there, Skar sat down in front of them, not bothering to find his way around the bushes to find Fang. It was as though he expected the bushes to move themselves, but eventually he sidestepped the bushes and silently advanced. His right eye narrowed as he caught sight of Fang, eating the two originally dead pokemon, and he sat down calmly. His left eye ached again, like usual, but he disregarded it, examining the killing job done on the spearow.

From his angle, the wing looked bent from impact upon the ground, but one could never tell from his distance. He'd really only seen Fang so many times, as it was rare she would stay with the group when he was also staying with the group. His eyes blinked twice before he tore his gaze to the ratatta. A simple pounce and swipe it looked to him as the dead rat lay before the black furred eevee.

His eyes jammed shut as he rubbed his paw against his deepest scar. Oh how it bothered him so. It seemed never to let his conscience rest about the fact that he'd nearly killed his sister, and that he often forgot his appearance was to rag-tag and torn. Nonetheless, he was still as silent as a mute, which he technically almost was. An eevee would sense another soon enough though. He brushed off this fact as though it was nothing. He was seen coming and going too often to care why he did things anymore.

OOC: If Fang wasn't on this side of the lake, just tell me and I'll edit.

March 31st, 2006, 4:34 PM
"Ba-kun I'm bored." Kiki said looking at him. and laying down.
"No you're tired. We'll get some sleep a little later." Baka said chuckling a bit.
"You mean I'll get some and you'll go off like you do at night. WHat're you looking for." She asked a quizzical look in her eye.
"You really wanna know?" Baka asked.
"Yes yes! Please Ba-kun!" Kiki said excited. Her eyes were bright and glittery.
"Fine. You know how the little girls pass us by and say, 'he looks like he's wearing a mask.'? Well I was thinking I could get a nice cape to match." he said with a shrug.
"Really? That'd be cute! But I still feel like you're hiding something from me Ba-kun." Kiki replied looking down.
"I'm not." he lied reassuringly. Kiki believed him though and rested her head tiredly.
"I'm done with the bread. If you want anymore." Kiki said pushing it towards him. There was about a quarter of a loaf left but Baka shook his head.
"No thanks. One of the others can have the rest."

March 31st, 2006, 4:48 PM
Sonic looked at the bread. "Thanks" said Sonic taking a pieace of it and eating it. "Um hello I'm Sonic the super smart Eevee". Sonic stared at Kiki."Um I hope I don't scare you" said Sonic

March 31st, 2006, 5:09 PM
"Hi Sonic. Nice Goggles." Kiki said with a smile after taking the time to look up.
"Hello." Baka said. He spoke no more but instead continued back to stare at the sky and wonder those many thoughts.

March 31st, 2006, 5:11 PM
"Oh thank you" said Sonic as he blushed a little."well if you exsecus me Im going to the electronic store to see if there is anything I can steal to mess with dose anyone wish to join me" said Sonic who was now looking at Kiki.

March 31st, 2006, 5:22 PM
"Oh Ba-kun can I go? I want to get something too." Kiki asked. She always asked as Baka was liek a father/brother to her.
"Alright but be careful and get back soon." Baka said. Kiki nodded getting up and turning to Sonic.
"Let's go Sonic-san!" Kiki said with a smile. Baka was just glad she was happy as he didn't want to hear the supersonic noise of her cry.

March 31st, 2006, 6:03 PM
Fang's ears twitched ever so slightly as she continued eating her prey. After she was done, Fang got up and swiped her tongue over her mouth then, drawing one paw up to her mouth, licked it and drew it over her head. 'That was good...' Fang thought happily to herself, though something bugged her..

The rough fur on her back bristled, and not from just her fur type. Fang placed her paw down and looked left to right, her ears drawing back. 'Something...is here..' Fang's fur continued to bristle, her tail fluffing out like that of a cat's. Fang turned her head left and then right. 'Best to leave...' she thought. Her claws dug into the soft ground as she made her way swiftly through the long grass at the lake. Pawstep after pawstep, Fang slowly weaved her way through until she got a good distance away. She slowed to a stop and sat down, looking back at the tree she was sitting at previously. Her eyes slightly widened as she took notice of a brown ball of fur in the undergrowth. 'What? Another Eevee?' Her back fur bristled again. Agitated, Fang leaned down and quickly licked her dark fur flat. When she looked up again she squinted, noticing the light patches of fur on the brown furball. '..Is he one of our pack?' Fang thought silently as she gazed one last time before quickly turning away. "It is none of my worries.. I must get out of here..." Fang whispered hurriedly to herself as she broke into a quick trot, heading toward the other side of the lake.

Raposa Dalua
March 31st, 2006, 6:24 PM

She hovered just under the surface of the water, clinging to the reeds in the shallow end of the lake so as to prevent herself from resurfacing. Patiently she had been waiting, taking gulps of air from the reed she had sticking out of her mouth as she scanned the sky above the lake. A white fish with orange patterns and a particularly menacing horn on its forehead swam past her; the fish had seen the Eevee long enough to figure that she wouldn't be attacking it anytime soon. Still, the Goldeen figured a display of power would be the best course of action, as it would definetely discourage any thoughts of eating that the Eevee might've had. It sped for the surface, its horn poised in the air. The Goldeen then lept out of the water, performing a double flip as the water it had upset sparkled around it. However, the beauty of the sight was lost on this black Eevee, and though her blank expression did not change, her blood red eyes let out the tiniest glint of victory.

As the Goldeen was showing off, it was spotted from up above by a particularly hungry Pidgey. The bird dove in for the kill, trilling happily as it spotted what it thought was its dinner. However, this just was not to be. Just as the Goldeen was realizing its foolhardy mistake, the black Eevee pushed off the ground under the shallow water, spitting the reed from her mouth and tackling the Goldeen. She positioned herself just right, and the fish that she hit sailed over towards the nearby shore. The tan and brown bird that had dove downward was still in a state of semi-shock, and it hovered near the water just long enough for Sangue to complete her plan. As she traveled back down towards the water, she wrapped her forepaws around the leg of the Pidgey and dragged it with her. The tiny bird struggled, though its flimsy wings were rather useless under the pressure of the water in the lake. It wasn't long before the bird ceased struggling, and a steady stream of bubbles flew from its mouth. In its panic, the bird began to take in large amounts of water, which soon filled its lungs to the brim and decisively drowned it.

Sangue then resurfaced, taking in large gulps of air. She dragged the water-logged Pidgey to where the Goldeen had landed; the fish itself was not too far from the shore. Sitting herself next to her meal, she looked happily to the bird and pressed her right forepaw into its chest. She pressed downwards, and a small stream of water spurt out of its half-open beak. The black Eevee then moved her paw from its stomach to its beak, and adjusted it so that it looked like the beak was opening and closing.

"'Would you like a drink to go with your meal ma'am?'" she voiced in, pretending to be the bird, then made as if to reply to it in a very proper, mocking sort of voice, "Oh, why yes, yes I would. But, just something simple like water would be fine for me, a-thank you. 'Very good, ma'am.'"



He skipped along the path, a bright expression adorning his face. Then again, there was rarely a time when this little white Eevee wasn't positively brimming with happiness. He remembered the fire Eevee, the one who burned lotsa things, she said that they needed to meet 'somewhere' before sundown. And yet, for the life of him, he couldn't remember where that 'somewhere' was. This information did little to discourage him; he figured he'd just wander around until he spotted at least some of the pack. Even just finding one of them would be okay. They all probably had a better memory than he did. And maybe, just maybe, this clan might need him. The fact that he was told they all should meet up together told him that these Eevees might actually want him around, no matter how he looked. And so he continued on, happily searching for his newfound friends.

The few creatures he passed either stared at him or kept their distance. Not a single one of them could tell what gender he really was, due to his being feminine-looking from the start off. His scent did nothing to help in this case, and he often had to explain to people just how he could smell like vanilla when he clearly wasn't owned by any sort of trainer. Luahana just simply told them that he smelled like a certain flower that smelled like vanilla itself, and that was his distinct scent. Most of the city pokemon who had any vague idea who he was either kept their distance, or were simply just polite to him without getting too close. After all, it's pretty hard to fit into a society where one can tell which gender the other is just by catching a wiff of their scent. But, he didn't really mind. Or at least, he didn't seem to notice that people thought him to be strange.

His thoughts were brought back to reality as he suddenly found himself unable to move forward any longer. He had absent-mindedly walked himself right into a tree, and he let out a tiny yelp of pain as he tumbled backwards. The blue flower he had tucked behind his ear fell out of place and drifted to the ground as he rolled over onto his side. He struggled dizzily to his feet, his aqua colored eyes spinning in and out of focus as he attempted to find out what had caused him to fall back in such a manner. The tree loomed innocently before him as he regained his bearings, and he smiled up at the tall plant before him.

"Silly tree, getting in my way like that. S'not very nice, ya know. I've already been told lotsa times that I don't 'need to incur anymore brain damage,'" he chuckled, his childish voice not taking on a distinctly male or female tone, "I suppose I'll have to forgive you this time, but next time you might not be so lucky."

He smiled kindly at the tree as he trotted around it, picking up the flower that had fallen and doing his best to get it back behind his ear again. Once he was satisfied with it, he continued onward. He saw up ahead what he hoped were three Eevees that belonged to his pack: two males and a female by the look of it. The younger two out of the three appeared to be getting ready to leave again. This struck him as odd. Why would they be leaving if we were all supposed to meet here? Still, he didn't question them. Perhaps they really were from a different pack, or maybe he missed the meeting, or maybe he had more time to find his pack than he originally thought. It's hard to calculate just when sunset is, anyway. He made his way over to the group, positioning himself near the youngest of the Eevees. Luahana immediately noticed the goggles perched on Sonic's head, and proceeded to poke them once or twice before grinning.

"You, sir, definetely know how to pull this look off. I've always thought goggles were kinda silly, but yours suit you nicely, uh..." he cast his gaze towards the ground, apparently trying to think very hard, "Geeze, I'm so sorry, but I can't remember any one of your names..." he wracked his brain, searching for some inkling of the memory, but could come up with nothing.

March 31st, 2006, 6:50 PM
Kiki looked up at Luahana the smell causing her to get excited.
"I'm Kiki. I'm not good with names either...." she wanted to mention the deliceous smell of vanilla, her favorite smell but was nervous. Then before she could stop herself she let it out, "You smell divine! That's my favorite smell in the whole world!" she smiled not realizing what she had just done.
Baka gave that look desperate anime people give when they have the sweat mark and sighed.
"I'm Baka. Masqued Eevee of the rose. Please Pardon Kiki-chan here." he said gesturing to Kiki, "She's a bit eccentric. Vanilla is like catnip to her."

Raposa Dalua
March 31st, 2006, 7:32 PM

The young female Eevee seemed to be positively bursting when she introduced herself. It was as though she wanted to say something and was desperately holding herself back. He braced himself for the usual "Dude, what the crap is your gender?" question and was surprised when she yelled out something entirely different. Vanilla... was her favorite scent? That was what she was holding herself back for? A sense of relief and bewilderment flooded through the white Eevee as her older male companion stepped up to apologize for her outburst. Maybe, for once, he won't have to talk his way out of awkward moments and questions.

Luahana grinned when Baka introduced himself, he found his self-made title oddly amusing. It was as though he was making a reference to a foreign cartoon that he hadn't seen in quite some time. His name also sounded like it might be an inside joke, but he figured he'd better not make any comments about that. He had to admit though, Baka's title fit him to a letter. He didn't understand the rose part though, just the mask part. Perhaps this masked Eevee had just as much an interest in plants as he himself did. He tilted his head to the side as Baka finished speaking, then spoke up himself.

"So, Baka and Kiki then? I'll try to keep better track of your names this time," he laughed, turning his aqua eyed gaze in Kiki's direction, "And it's alright, what you said about my scent. I'm actually quite flattered that you would like it as much as you do. It tends to scare most others off, as they have a hard enough time telling what gender I am anyways, even without my scent interfering," he smiled and continued as though the words he had just spoken were completely normal.

"I actually smell like a kind of flower. I think they grow on... uh... cactuses, that's it! They're white flowers, they grow on cactuses, and they only open up at night," he nodded, as though he had to confirm these facts with himself, "I'm not too sure though. I've been jostled from pack to pack for so long that I don't even remember which one my parents were in, or where it was," he stated, though his expression was more contemplative than it was sad, and his tone didn't indicate any sort of regret. He seemed to be fine with this, and looked up at Baka, "You said you were the 'Masked Eevee of the Rose.' I get the masked part, that comes from the fur on your face, but what about the rose part? What do you mean by that?"

March 31st, 2006, 7:35 PM
The Poochyena came out in ten's. Now there was all thirty of them, standing in front of Pyro. Pyro smirked and turned himself into a fire ball. He then ran at all the poochyena, the fire around him making hissing sounds. Some of the poochyena tried to attack but got blown back and burned by the fire around Pyro. He lunged at there leader who was a mightyena. The Mightyena swiped him to the ground, not flinching at the fire damage. The fire went out around Pyros body. The mightyena put his paw on Pyros chest as he lay down on the ground, injured.

March 31st, 2006, 8:00 PM
Skar's head was lazily craned to see Fang as she left, his eyes bored and his face slack. He snorted at her reaction to seeing him, pulling his head back into a natural position as he stood up from his spot. He shook off some leaves and twigs that had managed to catch themselves upon his fur as he trotted in the other direction. He needn't ask her the question he was going to ask her, as she'd already given him her answer.

And with that settled, he padded to the edge of the lake and listened for the last time that day. It told him that a magikarp had become a different pokemon's meal, and that the stories were done for the day. It was a strange ability of his, to listen to what nature around him had to say. Sometimes he sat all day next to the lake, trying to get in tune enough to hear the information passes on by the rhythms of the waves, and sometimes he heard nothing but the annoying splashing of water against his drenched paws.

He turned from the lake and walked the opposite direction of Fang, or at least, what he hoped was the opposite direction. He hadn't quite spent enough time to notice exactly which way she was going, but he knew he was headed for his sister. Skar was surprised to see Shina still sitting at the top of the hill, relaxing as she sun bathed. He calmly sat beside her and waited for Shina to finish her daily session of warming up after playing in the waters near Skar.

Her silver hair shone brightly, though she was unwary of it as she stared up at her brother in a bored way "What?" She asked turning her gaze to where Skar stared unblinkingly.

"...Nothing." He mumbled, though he made no effort to tear his gaze away from whatever he stared at. Shina raised her brow in confusion and sighed as she rolled over onto her back.

"You're so weird." She said simply "All you do it stare at something all day, and nothing else." Shina's eyes widened though when she saw a set of sharpened claws in front of her face, a calm and quiet Skar still staring at whatever as he held his paw above her. "All right, all right, no more words." She said grudgingly as she rolled back over onto her stomach silent and Skar's calculating eyes glared into the distance.

April 1st, 2006, 5:40 AM
Fang stopped as sheb noticed nearby another dark Eevee eating a Pidgey and a Goldeen. Her fur bristled with anger and frustration. She gave a short snort of disgust. Her claws holding on to the dirt, she yelled across "I didn't know the Eevee in this group were suck COPYCATS!" And with that said she climbed the ditch that led up to the city, paws scrabling on the induvidual rocks. Once she got up there she ran across the grass and hid in a nearby bush tht lined the sidewalk. Twigs and leaves clung to her ruffled up fur as she unsteadily sat down. 'You're just upset, Fang..' She thought reassuringly to herself. 'There are just too many Eevee...thats all..' Nervously glancing around, Fang hopped out of her hiding place, shaking her dark fur out and trying to get the tiny bits of leaf out of her fur, but to no success.

Her dark red eyes scanned the towering buildings and allyways around her. She had only spotted humans where she currently was. No Pokemon, except for the occasional Pidgey of a trainer's Pokemon, but not what she was searching for.

Giving an uneasy sigh, Fang trotted stiffly foward, trying her best to avoid the tall people around her. When no cars were heard in either direction she bounded across the street into a nearby ally. It was dark, with only a few wooden crates and miscellaneous pieces of paper that lined it. Thats when she heard the voice; 'But don't you think you would be happy hanging out with someone from your pack? I mean, you lived with them long enough..' Fang looked around, red eyes flashing with anger. "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!" She yelled. Her voice echoed through the ally. Claws unsheathing, she aggrivatedly scratched the side of her head. '**** it! I might have lived with them, but have I even hung around long enough to actually KNOW??' Thats when she perked up. 'Thats it....' She thought cleverly, fur lying half way flat again. 'Stick around..' Sure Fang would stick around, but not in ways the other Eevee would do so. Her claws retracted and she began trotting down the ally, looking around it as she went. "Nobody seems to be.." Fang stopped short. Her eyes widened and her fur fluffled out to it's max. A deep, savage growl sounded in front of her. The allyway cut into a three way path, with a pass to the left, right, and in front. In the right allyway a huge shadow emerged, drawing nearer as the growling got louder.

A short silence was heard. Then, taking quick steps, Fang dashed into the left allyway, just catching a glimpse of a really huge, and possibly really hungry, Mightyena behind her. Dust flew up from Fang's hindlegs and hit the Mihgtyena square in the face. The Mightyena yelped out in surprise, then scrambled blindly after Fang. Fang looked back in stress, and saw the Mightyena beginning to regain consciousness. She turned her head foward and kept running through the allies, looking for a spot to jump at. She finally found one when she spotted a nearby windowsill in one of the side walls. Fang leaped up, claws outstretched, and clamped on to the sill, glazing down at the mighty dog before her, a horrified look on her face. 'Ok..ok just stay calm..' Fang brought up her to forepaws and rubbed them together, creating a shadowy orb in front of her. She turned and looked down at the Mightyena, still barking and trying to jump up to where she was. "Take this!!" She cried as the shadow orb suddenly grew twice the size. Fang lifted her right paw and sent the orb crashing down to the Mightyena. The Mightyena did nothing but bark and try to jump up and get her, and that was his loss. The orb crashed into it, creating an explosion around it. Fang bent her ears down to prevent hearing the boom that went with it.

When the light died down Fang sighed in relief and looked down. The Mightyena was now dead, she did'nt even need to check it to see from the looks of what the orb had done. Casually, Fang leaped off the sill and trotted onward...

April 1st, 2006, 6:27 AM
"Alright lets go then" said Sonic. Sonic raced off with Kiki through the ally way."Man this going to be fun don't you think" said Sonic putting on a soft smile.

April 1st, 2006, 10:07 AM
"Bye!" Kiki called to Luahana and Baka as she left with Sonic. She turned to him while they walked answering his question, "Maybe. I've never done this before. Ba-kun ususally tells me to stay where I am and be safe."

"Oh yes the rose." Baka said. He again pulled one out of seemingly nowhere and jumped up throwing it behind him. The rose shot like a dagger and stuck into the ground rooting itself into the stone itself.
"I can control the growth of plants but the rose is my specialty." he explained. The rose he had given to Kiki now lay dying on the ground causing Baka to look over and twitch his ears. it then went from the brownish dying color back to deep red filled once more with life and rooted itself as well.

April 1st, 2006, 11:01 AM
"Don't worry If youare with you shall be fine" said Sonic. Sonic was very quick on his feet but he small too so he was racing past mostly everyone. "Come on we don't want to miss the good stuff" said Sonic laughing.

April 1st, 2006, 11:33 AM
OOC: Superd, I believe there is a 4 line minimum rule. And another thing, I'll be gone April 3rd to the 9th, and all night tonight.

April 1st, 2006, 12:02 PM
Kiki nodded at Sonic joggign a bit to catch up. She had never done this before and was surprised at Baka's decision to let her go howver though she was afraid that she might not be able to protect herself. She kept going though determind to prove she wasn't the weak little girl everyone saw her to be. The runt of the litter.

April 1st, 2006, 2:17 PM
Sonic was dashing here to there when they arrived at the electonic store."Alright are you ready Kiki" said Sonic is rushing voice. "Make sure you keep very quite so no one heres you okay" said Sonic nerves.Sonic was scared becasue Kiki had never really done this before and might mes it up but Sonic decided that they would be alright."I'll try to protect you as much as I can if you need it".

April 1st, 2006, 4:13 PM
Kiki nodded staying silent. She'd follow directions and do whatever she could to prove herself.
Meanwhile Baka sat with Luahana nervous about Kiki. He just hoped shge didn't get hurt and that she'd be back in time for sunset as nocturnal Pokemon were dangerous and an eevee as small as her shouldn't be left out with just Sonic.

April 1st, 2006, 10:46 PM
Pyro lay on the ground, injured.
The Mightyena still having his paw on Pyros chest.
{This is it,} Pyro thought. {This is the end for me, it's all over.}
Pyro's eyes closed slowly, he was about to get slashed by the Mightyena.

April 2nd, 2006, 8:25 AM
"I smell trouble. Be right back." Baka said to Luahana as he rushed off. He ran into a tree and stood from a high brach overlooking Pyro and the Mightyena. Thinking quickly he threw a rose the the large dog like pokemon having it scrape the beasts shoulder just slightly before sticking itself into the ground.
"Why don't you pick on something your own size." He said flipping down in front of it.

April 2nd, 2006, 8:32 AM
"Alright we are here" said Sonic quitely. Sonic started to move slowly to the back. "Come on there is a back door we can use". Sonic got to to the back door to see a secrutiy garud. "Great they add a extra protection now how are we suppose to get in". Sonic was in deep though and then looked at Kiki. "Now I got it humans have senitive ears I think and if you can cry a super sonic whaile it should knock him out" said Sonic pleased with him self. "But don't do it for long because we don't want to start a commotion".

April 2nd, 2006, 9:01 AM
"Are you sure about this? I can't cry if there's nothing to cry about." Kiki said. She was right. She was happy getting to prove herself but if she couldn't use her power what good was she? Baka said to be careful and get back but the sun was setting and thats what did it. It scared her. That she wouldn't be able to do this, that she couldn't prove her self and then, she let out a cry. The wail. The high pitched supersonic sound that always seemed to come from her crys.
Baka heard this and was concerned for a seconed but he was busey right now. He was sure she could protect herself and so focused on what was happening in the present with Pyro and the mongral of a Pokemon Mightyena.

April 2nd, 2006, 9:09 AM
Sonic covered his ears and looked at the gaurd he was on the ground out cold. "ALRIGHT THATS GOOD" Sonic screamed. Sonic ran into the store to find anyone in there also knocked out." Wow nice job Kiki" said Sonic. Sonic started to looked everywhere for a certin piece but could not find it. "Man where could it be" Yelled Sonic.

April 2nd, 2006, 10:55 AM
Kiki's cry changed to a sob.
"So I did good?" she asked walking in.Her eyes spotted a purple CD player.
"Ooh! Neat!" she said walking over and jumping onto it's shelf. She sniffed it confused as to what it was. The store amazed her with all of it's gadjets but it also confused her. She had never seen such strange objects and therefore never knew what they did.

April 2nd, 2006, 12:42 PM
Pyro's eye's opened to see Baka.
"Baka?..." Pyro muttered.
{Don't give up hope, even if the odds are impossible!}
Pyro kicked off the Mightyena and blew fire infront of himself. He tackled it and it hit the Mightyena with ferosious speed. The mightyena skidded back and hit the wall. It was apperently knocked out. Pyro walked over to Baka. "Hey thanks for stalling. If it wasn't for you, I would have been killed. Thank you." Pyro's ears perked up. A sonic cry could be heard. "I guess she's in trouble?" Pyro said, as he raced in the direction of the sound.

April 2nd, 2006, 1:23 PM
"Not a problem." Baka said running with Pyro to find Kiki. His ears twitched realizing that her crying had stopped. He wondered why but kept running determined to make sure she was okay.
"Kiki-Chan!" he called.

Kiki's ears twitched hearing Baka's voice.
"Ba-kun!" she called back happily jumping up a bit. Then the shelf slipped falling down with Kiki on it.
"Ba-kun!" her voice had changed now to scared.

April 2nd, 2006, 7:14 PM
OOC: Danyelle, what time of day is it? And I'll just not post an IC, because there's not much for me to do right now, but it'd be nice to know the time and if the whole group sleeps together in one place and if so where that one place is.

Pokemainiac +
April 8th, 2006, 1:34 AM
this is my first time doing a rp, so blame me if its rubbish


Age: 8 Months old

Personality: Dante is normally quite a shy and timid pokemon, he is very young but also very energetic
and has a short attention span. he battles fiercly to protect anyone who is extremly close to him(trainers, friends,
other pokemon) apart form all this, he can be pretty carefree, prefering to sit back and relax when a major problem
arises. He has a mild pshycic side to him, wanting all the time to evolve into espeon but, he is afraid that nobody would
like him if he does. his perfect mate would most likely be an umbreon as he feels that him as an espeon and a female umbreon
would go together extremely well(like Ying and Yang).

Dante has only one big weakness, the way he acts around girls, he cant really do much because he is so shy about being around them,
other than that, Dante can cope with anything else, even stronger Pokemon!

Background: Dante prefers not to think of his past as this brings back bad memories, but on certain circumstances, he will.
His father was gary oak's own eevee which had soon evolved into jolteon and his mother was Bill's own Vapoureon. he was born on route 25
(south of cerulean) outside bill's house, Dante left with his father and mother for the hoen region but a grave tradgety was to happen, for
when groudon and kyogre awoke, Dante and his father were surfing on his mothers back. Groudon, not realising they were there launched a
devastating hyper beam, catching Dante and his parents in its wake. Dante awoke to find that he was alone along a riverbank in an
extremely large city, that is when he found these stray eevee's.

April 9th, 2006, 3:11 PM
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April 10th, 2006, 10:51 PM
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April 15th, 2006, 5:40 PM
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April 15th, 2006, 6:02 PM
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April 16th, 2006, 4:21 PM
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Pokemainiac +
April 23rd, 2006, 7:27 AM
why has the story stopped for so long? (yes, i am still here)

!!!!!Epsy,Dante,Hiro,Happy,Ayane and Dupe All Rule!!!!!!
Go Eevee, umbreon, espeon, flareon, jolteon, vapoureon
(i have them all)

May 2nd, 2006, 8:08 PM
hey, yeah... those sprites look cool!