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Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
October 31st, 2006, 9:11 PM
Okay, this is one of my babies, so please be decent at criticism~

Go back if you just love mainstream
Go back if you don't like deep poetry
Go back if you're too lazy to read it all
Go back if you don't like Peeshu
Keep reading if you think I'm being sarcastic
Keep reading if you think 'sarcasminging' is a real word


A man, like a crazy star
Longtime gone, he traveled far,
Supernova, take me there.

Sometimes visions strike unwanted,
But in the after we’re enchanted;
Supernova, take me there.

Will we burst in projections, of dreaming and wonder
And detonate silence to fade into thunder
Like the man that never knew,
Outer distances from you.


From faraway, his pallid light
Changing specters, drying night;
Supernova, take me there.

Death has not been but a faraway flare
Cruising as wildfire, and burning despair?
Supernova, take me there.

But if a sun once withers, a black hole will rise;
And laughter and dithers will nothing reprise,
Outer distances from you,
Dimly human, tired and true.

The man will so wander, through space with derision,
He then wore a farewell, with sudden precision;
His voice was well not to be spoken again,
Words will not stay, for wisdom remains.


But called to come forth, the whispering sage
Did his voice then shatter, this gone moonlit cage?
Supernova, take me there.

And trapped in the crossfire, of treason and bliss
Will the man strutter at distant blue seas?
Supernova take me there.

And so our gravid beauty will never have a use
But don’t steep universe, did not kill your only muse
Outer distances from you,
Stands the man, now cold and blue…


Whether now meteors will then stand alone,
To caress the face of a man once undone,
Supernova takes me there.

Will he remember the way until home?
Diction and sanity threaten to come,
Supernova takes me there.

Now greatly aged, the man glares at no sky;
Nothing he wanted, will never we cry...
Supernova, take me there.

A loss of bold health, and grieving away;
His fat old sun died trough decades’ delay.
Supernova took me there.

Nothing else will now remain?
And stars are sharply born again,
Supernova, fade you out
Never space will cry your drought.


November 1st, 2006, 8:30 AM
Awesome. :D Incredibly good, especially considering the length of it.