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Careful With That Axe Pichu!
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  • Oh nice n_n Yea, doing those programs is always a lot of fun. Sure kept me busy though so I didn't have much time to do anything besides schoolwork while I was there :<

    Yea, for sure! Hopefully that'll be sooner than later! Do you still come on here often, by the way?
    Oh, sorry ^^; Mexico has states though, right? That's pretty awesome though, hope all goes well in Yokohama and all!

    I went to Kanazawa Institute of Technology! It was sort of like a sister school to the one I went to in the States, so it takes exchange students from my school every year and vice-versa.

    I've actually looked into it a bit! I plan on going back there one day, to the same school I went to as an exchange student, for my grad studies, and maybe teach some English on the side :) So what do you do while you're back in the states? Are you a teacher full time?
    The best new release I've seen recently was Creed. Really, really, really good. I hadn't seen any Rocky films, but that didn't seem to matter.

    Also, I read this, and didn't realise I'd made that much of an impression! Reading back through our chats, it's also verrrrrrry clear that four-and-a-bit years can change one's opinion (i.e. I now love the shit out of Persona)!
    あ、なるほど。楽しそう!私もそんな仕事できたらいいのに〜 日本が好きだった? ^_^
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