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March 9th, 2007, 11:53 PM
Once again, this basic brainchild of mine rises from the grave. Intended for one last sparkling blaze of glor- *downpour starts* Nevermiiiiiiind.

The basis of the plot is your typical Pokemon journey role play; you should all be familiar with this scenario. Young people start out on their quest, almost certainly grouping together, but not strictly necessary. With their first Pokemon in hand, they set out to achieve their individual goals, whatever those may be. We begin in the small, almost rural town of Viridian, in the now, heavily forested region of Kanto. We can be natives of viridian, or from the moon for all that it matters, the fact is, this is a convenient place for our groups to gather, and begin on their epic journey to reach their end goals.

In the last few decades, Kanto had settled down tremendously, with the formation of the International Pokemon League. Looking for additional industries, the Viridian Forest’s lumber was seen as a key export, and of course, was spread greatly. But as time went on, and Kanto slowly dwindled, becoming more rural with only a few major cities, the forest spread freely, and now covers most of the free space in the region. This has had a large effect on the climate, usually resulting in a cooler, more temperate climate, and vastly increasing the range of Pokemon that find the region comfortable. This is our story, as people linked with Pokemon, seemingly doomed to the mainstream, but determined to make their mark in one way or another.

Rather than being oriented on a very constructive plot, I want to set the basic background, and allow the interaction of the characters to build their own plot, as the best role-plays I know of were actually completed this way.

However, there is one key difference between this and most role plays of its style. Characters may have a special quirk or ability which is not normal among humans. It can be shape changing, a curse, the ability to make curses, being able to speak with Pokemon, etcetera. Just about anything, so long as it's not overpowered beyond reason. If you're not sure if what you have in mind is okay, feel free to PM me.

I intend this to be a serious role-play, but with extreme key elements of humor, therefore I encourage the best of your role-playing ability to be used here, and I reserve the right to remove anyone from the RP who is not able to play nicely with the others.

Now, the form:




Starter Pokemon: (Just about any basic Pokemon. Legendaries aren't to be tolerated except under special circumstances. If you think of some special circumstances for you, PM them to me.)




One last note, please, try to use quality in this form. It reflects on how prejudiced I am against you for the rest of the RP, and how long you'll last, probably.

March 10th, 2007, 11:09 AM
-squee- This looks like fun. <3

Name: Raven Zion
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Pokemon: Shadow (Umbreon)
Shadow's History: Shadow was given to Raven by his birth parents before he can really remember. The little Eevee was the runt of a litter and was given out for free to some sort of home so the owner could get rid of the poor thing. Raven's father saw the ad and bought the otherwise unwanted Pokemon back home to his precious little one. When Raven was seperated from his parents a week after his ninth birthday, Shadow unexpectedly evolved and has taken over where the boy's parents left off, becoming more a parental pokemon than a subordinate pokemon. He's taken his share of Raven's outbursts and loves the boy none the less. He can be considered ridiculously overprotective of the boy but it's no wonder considering the history the two of them have together.

Appearance: His eyes are quite simply the most stunning part of him. Bright Amber eyes with a touch of florecent yellow that draw in one's attention all the while making it hard for one to turn away; to break the intense gaze that hardly ever faded. He has long raven-tinted straight hair that comes to a rest against his shoulderblades. The soft scaring on his cheek is in the shape of a seven rests and extends from his cheek to just below his left eye. He doesn't like to speak about it.

As far as a more genreal apperance goes, the male is quite short, only five foot seven and seemingly enjoys the fact he's short and uses it to his advantage. He prefers to wear his purple jumpsuit if circumstance would allow it but because this tends to draw more attention to him then he likes, he tends to stick to his black cargo pants and a plain purple or golden (Colored) t-shirt all of which is covered by his purple hood-carrying cloak which hooks onto his simple shoulder pad amour. For shoes he wears simple black combat boots that give him two extra inches in height because while being short gives him some advantages in the world, being tall gives one more advantages, especially in intimidating unliked individuals

History: Raven can't remember his hometown, much less his home regoin beyond the fact it was somewhere near Mt. Silver. He remembers his father's scent and his mother's voice and nothing really beyond this without stiring up bad memories.

The gist of what happened is rather simple. A neighbooring village, for whatever reason, exploded at Raven's and a fight ensued that caused both villages, aside from several children, to phase out of existance. The children were rescued by the Pokemon G Men when the rescue unit finally arrived to quell the fighting and all except for Raven were placed into new homes. For some odd reason, Raven couldn't handle being coddled or hugged and refused to speak, too scared by the nightmares of his village's destruction to even think about trying to rebuild his future. When he turned twelve, he was given the option to journey out as a Pokemon Trainer or continue going from home to home in an attempt to find some sort of normality. Raven obviously chose the Journey, thus why he is on said journey.

Personality: First of all, Raven can not stand neither men nor women. Due to past experiences he has seen the worst in both and trusts neither, thus pushing him into a lonely little corner that he seems to enjoy being in. He's very quiet, almost never speaks unless he's spoken to or unless somebody's being entirely too stupid. He doesn't like to get involved in other people's problems as he believes this will draw attention to his haunted past and to his own hidden child-like heart that he struggles to keep hidden when matters like "boy friends and girl friends" arise in conversation and Raven has trully no idea what either of them are. He is however, extremely protective of any friends he does make.

It's somewhat hard to think of him as anything but a lowlife angsty 'emo' type of person because he really doesn't speak. He sticks to the sides and observes the chaos unfolding with a mature sense of responsiblity and then, when all hope seems lost, he quietly takes over and fixes the problem without a true conflict. Certian types of people can draw him out of his shell but again, it's not a common thing and the reaction those certian people get is one of two reactions. The first reaction, mostly given to hot shots who constantly push his buttons in an attempt to get a rise out of him, will recieve his anger. When he unleashes it, it's frightening. He can completely lose control of himself and using either words or, at times, physical violence, he'll get his point across by force and then most likely go off to mentally beat himself up over losing control over his emotions.

The second reaction is much less likely and is the side of his inner being. Raven was forced into maturity too quickly because of the incident when he was younger and his innocence is locked away within his heart. If a person were to unlock that innocence by prehaps being a persistant stubborn individual determined to discover what was beneath his emotional mask, they would find a sweet tender child who enjoyed long walks on the beach and garabage like that. He rarely shows this side to anyone, even people who deliberatly go after it, because the catch to his innocent side is the memories attached to it. He's not the type of person that likes his past dug up in the least and it's not all that uncommon to see him flip from the second reaction to the first if he's pushed that extra little inch.

Special 'Quirk: Raven can understand Shadow's thoughts and, in extreme cases, the two of them can switch their physical locations in a sort of human and pokemon version of baton pass.

March 10th, 2007, 11:31 AM
Name: Aiden McCormack
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Pokemon: Maj - Milotic; Aiden found a small Feebas in a pond not far from his home. As far as Aiden could see, all the other pokemon in the pond ignored the little Feebas, so he decided to raise her. Eventually, all of Aiden's attention caused the little Feebas to evolve into a gorgeous Milotic.

Appearence: Aiden has shaggy, dark brown hair that falls over one eye. Standing at 5'10", he is not short, but he is not the tallest either. He is on the skinny side. He prefers to wear ripped blue jeans, a white t-shirt under a dark blue jacket, and a blue headband. A simple pair of white shoes are worn as well. On his back he carries a leather brown pack with some of his most important belongings.

History: Raised by his mother since age four, Aiden has a very small recollection of his father. He grew up in a large city with his mother and younger sister, Amy. His father left when Aiden was four because he believed that his family was holding him back from becoming a powerful gym leader. Not having a father has only made Aiden stronger.

Personality: Aiden may seem like a quiet, lonesome guy, but once he feels comfortable around a person, he lets his unique sense of humor show. He is also rather intelligent. Before he got his first pokemon, he learned everything he could about them from books and other trainers.

Special: Aiden has grown such a close bond with his Milotic that he is able to feel whatever emotions his Milotic feels. This is helpful becuase Aiden is able to tell when he is pushing is Milotic too hard, or if his Milotic disagrees with his decisions.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 10th, 2007, 11:32 AM
Name: AJ Valentine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: Mudkip

Description: AJ is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead. He wears Black leather pants and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' he wears black boots with iron soles. He wears a white trench coat with another cross on it, this times black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a ponytail. He always wears an engagment ring.

History: AJ had a pretty normal past, nothing special happened. He spent his childhood at the shooting range, and became an excellent shot. By age eight he was in love with a girl named Misty, he took up violen lessons with her and she took up shooting at the range with him, they were two lovebirds. He finished high school early, and is currently engaged to Misty but before he could go to colledge it was required for one year of pokemon journey, but four months ago he was mugged and drugged with an expiremented drug that will alter the growth harmone at an extremly fast rate. The chemicals that do this activate randomly, and not to often. Being reduced from Seventeen to Seven can be a major inconvenince.

Personality: Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy.

Special Quirk: Random Age Regression

March 10th, 2007, 11:49 AM
Name: Cain Ritham

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: Torchic

Appearance: Cain has black hair that is so long that he keeps it in a braid that goes down to his sholders. He has a black leather jacket which has an inside pocket He wears black gloves that both have a white triangle on the top of them in the middle. He has grey jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are white sneakers with black laces Cain is very slim yet he doesnt care about his weight

History: Cain was born in Pallet town. But when is father tried out pokemon training Cain always wanted to do the same. But when his father came back and told him he was dying this only made Cain's carrer set into stone. Once his father died he went over to Professer Oak who gave him a starter. He ran away from home and made it to Viridian city.

Personality: Cain is a quiet outgoing individual. People belive he has a flaming personality since he can get mad quite easily and always wants revenge. Yet he doesnt like to show weakness. Because of this he is very brave and strong.

Special Quirk: Cain has the ability to almost merge with his pokemon in battle. Meaning when ever they are in battle Cain and his pokemon always know what he is thinking and what he is saying.

March 10th, 2007, 12:27 PM
Hi there! This rp looks like fun! I now don´t have the time to post my charakter, but two questions: 1. Can you hold me a spot, and 2. can i be a pokemon of one of the trainer? ^^

March 10th, 2007, 12:36 PM
What, no RP Sample? XD

Name: Maurizio “Rex” Morrison

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: Sandshrew

Appearance: He’s the stereotypical looking person; looks just about the same as any other new trainer. This gives him the appearance of a newbie, and really, he is pretty new at this. He has tan skin, mostly darker on his legs. That’s why he wears pants so no one can see his legs. His hair gives off reflection, making it look like he was wearing gel like hardcore, but really, that is just how his hair always looked like. Top that off with the orange-ish tee shirt, trainer equipment and shoes that were meant for walking on any sort of terrain, and you have yourself a newbish looking trainer.

History: Maurizio (who likes to be called “Rex”) was given no sort of training at all to prepare him for his journey. He just woke up one day, found that all his friends were gone on a journey, and decided he wanted to go on a journey too. Because of this, no one would give him a starter. Instead of looking for a trainer liscence, he went out with his father’s Beedrill and searched far into the Viridian forest. He was surprised to find a Sandshrew there, but got over it and had Beedrill weaken the Sandshrew so he could capture it. That took awhile, considering he didn’t know how to do so, but it was worth it. He then managed to nab a fake license, and was now just about ready to start his journey (with parents permission, of course).

Personality: He goes through with everything he promises. If he wishes for something to be done, he’ll get it done. Eventually. When it just doesn’t work, he cusses to himself silently at a level where no one can hear him and just moves on, putting it on the list of things he’ll eventually do. It isn’t that hard to make a friendship with him, but you have to be the one to come up to him; not the other way around.

Special Whatev: it is not something that he has that is special; it’s in his Sandshrew. He sees something in his Sandshrew that just doesn’t seem right. He feels it all too well, and he is slightly scared. This feeling is warning him that the rest of the journey was not going to work out well at all. Something was going to happen that was going to screw him over big time if he stayed with this Sandshrew. That’s impossible though; what could possibly go wrong?

March 10th, 2007, 1:26 PM
Hi there! This rp looks like fun! I now don´t have the time to post my charakter, but two questions: 1. Can you hold me a spot, and 2. can i be a pokemon of one of the trainer? ^^

OOC: I need to go to work now, but when I get back, I'll probably start this. LAte sign ups can always be accepted.

1: Certainly, and 2: I don't see why not, if you can find a trainer that doesn't mind. I might even be open to the idea.

One last note, it seems like an awful lot of people are telepathic with their pokemon. not that this is a problem, just thought I'd point out this amazing coincidence.

March 10th, 2007, 6:28 PM
OOC: I need to go to work now, but when I get back, I'll probably start this. LAte sign ups can always be accepted.

1: Certainly, and 2: I don't see why not, if you can find a trainer that doesn't mind. I might even be open to the idea.

One last note, it seems like an awful lot of people are telepathic with their pokemon. not that this is a problem, just thought I'd point out this amazing coincidence.

So Shiney are we accepted?

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 10th, 2007, 6:46 PM
Looks interesting, I'd like to sign up.

Name: Chase Gorvat

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: No-Name (Quilava)
Apparently as a Cyndaquil, No-Name was orphaned when a Tyranitar killed his mother. Miraculously, he was saved when a lightning fast Pokemon picked him up and raced him to New Bark, dropping him right at Chase's doorstep. His father took him in and taught Chase how to care for Pokemon. A few years later No-Name evolved into a Quilava.

Appearance: Chase is kind of short for his age, but very athletic. He has short, brown hair, blue eyes and reasonably tanned skin. His face is covered in little freckles. He usually wears a white shirt with a black panther on it and yellow eyes behind it. His grey shorts come down to his knees and his runners are white with three blue stripes. He has a red backpack that he carries with him.

History: Chase was born in New Bark Town, the Johto region. He has been learning about Pokemon since a very young age, when No-Name appeared on his doorstep. That same night, the same Pokemon that took No-Name there appeared at Chase's window and granted him a very special gift. At the age of ten, his family moved to Viridian City in Kanto.

Personality: Chase is generally pretty friendly. Occassionaly he can be a bit stubborn, but not very often. He is caring and loves Pokemon more than anything. To people he is just your average Joe, nothing special. Whenever he's training his Pokemon he tries his hardest to train with them.

Special Quirk: Chase is able to understand Pokemon speech. This is how his Cyndaquil got the nickname No-Name. He didn't know what his name was because he was so young. Chase was very young when he was given the gift, so he didn't know it wasn't normal until he told his father, who told him no matter what to keep the secret to himself.

Cosmic Tyrant
March 10th, 2007, 7:40 PM
This one has a lot of potential, I can feel it! I'd like to join too...

Name: Nicolas Sky

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: Houndour

Appearance: Nicolas Stands at 6'4 and weighs at 250 lbs. and has a good muscular build. he has Spiky black hair that seems to shoot out everywhere. He has a crude skul pendant on a chain that he wears around his neck. he wears a black muscle shirt wit a black trenchcoat over it, black jeans with chains, studs, and zippers on it, and, black boots. Accesories include black leather gloves, a black diamond studded earring in his left ear, a silver hoop ring in his nose and two in his right eyebrow, and contacts in hi eyes that make them appear bright red. he has molotto skin, and always carries is electric guitar with him, which is red, silver and black.

History: Nicolas was born in an unusual setting. His parents were in a submarine cruise in
that one lake near slatepotr harbor, when his mother went into labor, so Nicolas is literally from the bottom of the ocean. He was raised in Mahogany town, Jotoh, where pretty much all of his problems rooted, particularly when he was four, when he got severly burned on his back by a jerk of a trainers vulpix, and the marking, as blurred as it first was, resembled a skull with horns when, it set in as a scar. when he was eight, he took this as a sign, and went to the dark side of life. now seventeen, he sets off to varidian to "find himself" or something...

Personality: Now, Nicolas is a goth, not that you diddn't know that, but he does have his nice side too. not that he's a saint or anything, but he does have a sense of good in him, it's just drowned out by all the hate and sorrow that has filled him. He enjoys the company of other people, but his way of making friends is questionable, he is a great leader, and he plays his guitar almost flawlessly.

Special quirk: Nicolas, as hate-filled as he is, is quite sane. but when he reaches a certian point of anger, he goes into a weird state of mind like hes posessed or something, where he can preform upon thousands of hexes on anything he chooses merely by grasping onto the pendant that hangs on his neck. not that I'd try to take it off, mind you.....

Hope this is acceptable...

March 10th, 2007, 8:01 PM
Name: Jason (Jay for short)

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: Steelix

Appearance: Jay wears clothing that no one ver notices. He wear a black huge trench jacket with a big hoodie. The over-gigantic clothing hides everythiong except his black running shoes. When in battle, he takes off his hoodie and opens up his jacket which reveals a few things. He is dark-toned, wears braids, and wears a red beenie to protect his head. His shirt is red and shows a weird pokemon around it. His lower clothing consists of bagged jeans for qiuck speed. His fingers are wrapped in bandages and his hands are covered in fingerless gloves. A long silver whistle appears on his chest as it seems he used thin string to put it around his neck.

History: I will reveal this whenever he is asleep and get momories when in battle.

Personality: Jay is a silent person that has never trusted anyone to hear his true voice. He will reveal it to someone that he will trust enough to keep that secret quiet.

Special: Jay uses a high pitch whistle that only Steelix can hear to give him commands.

March 10th, 2007, 9:16 PM
Holy crap! Sorry I took so long to join Shiney! X_x; *has been busy all day*

Name: Lindsey Rivers

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Starter Pokemon: Absol

Appearance: Lindsey is a tall lanky teen, standing at about 5'7", with shoulder length blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She wears a blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans with a floral vine pattern embroidered on the legs. She usually carries a sort of black messenger bag.

History: A young artist from Cerulean city, she had always dreamed of traveling with pokemon, but instead continued to sell paintings until she finally decided she'd spent enough time in her hometown. She told her best friend, who gave her a baby absol that she'd found injured near her house. A pokemon that had been watching Lindsey later gave her her gift.

Personality: Lindsey is generally quiet, but will be silly and spontaneous around her friends. She tends to be obsessive and analyzes almost everything, often worrying until she knows the truth. She daydreams a lot, and often prefers to be alone than with anybody, but would take a bullet through the heart to protect anyone she really cares about.

Special: Lindsey can sense weather changes and even things like earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes long before anyone else, as well as dangerous events like time bombs and even just people with evil intent by feeling tension in peoples' voices and the presence of electronic devices.

March 10th, 2007, 9:25 PM
OOC: Okay, let's get ithis thing started. Everyone is provisionally accepted, but expect to be booted quickly if you exhibit very poor skills. A note, my sign ups are going to be a little short, but I'm working on playing these two characters off of eachother, and I have only so much time tonight, so I'm rushing.

Name: Robert Price

Age: 14

Gender: Changes based on circumstance

Starter Pokemon: A special arcanine that was touched by Darkness, resulting in a multitype Pokemon.

Appearance: In his normal form, Robert stands at a decent 5'10'' has deep brown hair, always cut short, if unkempt. As well as matching brown eyes, on fairly medium skin. He usually dresses in simple T-shirts and jeans, along with dark brown work shoes. And for his outer layer, he wears a full black leather overcoat, and a matching Panama hat. In his other form.. You'll see later.

History: Robert had a fairly basic childhood, and began as a pokemon trainer "Illegally" early in life, prtnered with an arcanine that had more than a little houndoom blood in it, influencing it's abilities greatly. However, he only recently got back from a trip to china, where he picked up his curse, and finally began his legal start as a pokemon trianer.

Personality: Robert has two shades. His outer shell, which is just that; a shell. He's not unkind, but he makes no moves to befriend or conform to others perceptions of him, only accepting what comes. And then there's Robert as a person, who is only shown around the few people he calls friends. He's open about himself, and who he is, and often makes unusual jokes around them that few people understand. Still, he doesn't conform to other's perceptions, since friends should be able to accept who he is.

Special: With his curse, whenever robert is touched with cold water, 'he' becomes a 'she' and it can only be reversed with the touch of hot water.

Name: Toklata

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Starter Pokemon: Vibrava

Appearance: (Yes, I know I'm using a picture. If I find the time to describe it, I'll add in a text description later.) Appearance (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/AIVAS/Toklata.png)

History: Beginning her life as a trapinch orphaned in the nest, Toklata never retained much memory as to how her powers began, but she could always assume a human form somehow. And she's used this, masquerading as a human orphan whenever her life as a pokemon was in danger, either of loss of life, or capture. However, recently in her travels, she's settled down in viridian, intrigued by it's inhabitants.

Personality: Rather hateful ajnd disenchanted with humans in general, paticularly me, Toklata seems standoffish and a loner to most, but to the few people she considers friends, she's still aggressive and standoffish, but she's a valuable ally.

And we begin! LAte sign ups are always allowed.

IC: I sighed as I walked up to the fountain, where most of the trainers in the city gathered. I didn't have to worry about people trying to report me any more. I was a legal pokemon trainer, and Arcanine sat in his pokeball. I grimaced to myself as I reached the vicinity of the fountain though, not going any closer than ten feet. No, I didn't have to worry about people reporting me, I just had to run like the wind whena rainstorm came up though. I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice the rare desert pokemon, Flygon flying above me, before settling amidst the trees in the surrounding forest...

March 10th, 2007, 9:40 PM
Lindsey walked nonchalantly down the Viridian City street, followed by a young absol. She had just arrived, and it seemed rather nice. Up ahead she could see an ornate fountain, and a single person standing nearby. Absol ran past her trainer toward the fountain, very thirsty from the duo's journey through Viridian Forest. Lindsey ran after, and reached the fountain just in time to be splashed as absol leaped in. She wiped water droplets from her face and watched as her pokemon continued to splash about. It never ceased to amaze Lindsey, how un-absol like her absol was. It was too playful, but that was a good thing. Lindsey sat on the edge of the fountain to rest as absol pranced about in the water.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 10th, 2007, 9:46 PM
OOC: Ranma 1/2? ;)

AJ's phone went off, the usual sound of " You thought you were there to guide me, you were only in my-" AJ quickly answered the phone and the tune ceased. " Hello?" He asked into the mouthpeice of the flip phone, he was greeted with a enthusiastic " Hi darling!" I was Misty, his fiance, his love. AJ instantly smiled and with passion said " Hello Misty, I've missed you for the longest time" he could tell she was giggling on the other end.

" I love when you talk like that!" she replied off the other end, AJ noticed by the backround sound that she was in biochemistry right now, she was in her last year of high school. " Misty, knowing you. Your about to drop sulpheric acid into carbon chloride" AJ said to his future wife. A gasp and then " Good call, well I gotta go, love you!" She said to him, he said goodbye and closed the phone, there was a young boy up ahead, he almost looked down. AJ went over to him, ignoring the girl with the crazed absol, " You okay there, little fella?" He said soflty to the not small but still adscolent boy.

March 10th, 2007, 9:46 PM
OOC: Good guess for my inspiration, Also, was the boy supposed to be me? If not, I'm sorry.

I blinked in suprise as the absol, then the girl ran by. I jumped when the absol splashed in, but relaxed when none of the water reached me. "Hey there, I haven't seen you before." I said, over to the girl, hoping she wouldn't think it strange that I didn't come close to the fountain. "Can't get wet, CAN'T get wet, not now." "Are you new here?" I turned as I saw another guy come up, and shrugged. "I guess, I'm not really a fan of getting soaked. A gigantic understatement.

March 10th, 2007, 9:51 PM
Lindsey smiled at the boy who had addressed her. "Yeah, I'm new." She felt something odd from this boy though. He seemed nervous. About the water? "Why are you afraid of water?"
Isn't hydrophobia also known as rabies? She thought, chuckling to herself. She put her hand into the fountain. "It seems alright to me. OW!" She pulled her hand back after having it stepped upon by absols sharp clawed paw.

March 10th, 2007, 9:53 PM
I blinked, then jumped backwards at her cry. "Are you all right?" I asked, peering at a distance, rather than coming close like the gentleman I normally was would. I'd rather have a bad mannered image, than an image as a freakshow. It's cold water, no way I'm getting close. No. Effing. Way." "Looks like your friend there is pretty playful." I said with feigned happiness. "If that thing splashes me..." I took another half step backwards, just as a rpecaution. Then I realised what she had said about water. "Eh? I'm not afraid of water." "That water is definitely cold, there's no way I can go any closer..."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 10th, 2007, 9:54 PM
OOC: Yeah it was you, :) and Hydrophobia is an effect of rabies, but also a normal fear of it self.


AJ could sense a disturbance in the boy, Was he, afraid of the water? AJ asked himself silently thinking about it, No wait, that doesn't sound about right, maybe he's hiding something he thought once again, tempted to just push him in the fountain or something. Then again, I almost feel an attack coming on, I'm probally just paranoid but turning into a child that looks like he could still be in diapers wasn't a pleasing thought at all. AJ thought remembering some of his other times, he most likely wouldn't feel the transformation and then would just akwardly be a kid.
AJ looked back at the boy, he was talking to a girl his age, Mabye love birds? AJ silently chuckled.

"Hello, My name is AJ, AJ Valentine." He said to the pair.

March 10th, 2007, 10:13 PM
OOC: Man this thing started? Oh and Aquaphobia is the fear of water


Cain walked through the gates of Viridian city. His Torchic was on his sholder as usual. His Torchic aparently was afraid of everything. Even itself.

As Cain walked through Viridian. he noticed a tall ordinate fountin. With an Absol jumping through the water. Cain thought how unusual this was.

Cain walked over to the fountin but took out a pokeball. Since Torchic was tired and feared water.

"Okay now you return to your pokeball."

Then Torchic disapeared in a flash of red light.

Then Cain went to the fountin and sat at the edge of the water.

Cosmic Tyrant
March 10th, 2007, 10:34 PM
(OOC: Wow, this thing is already underway? Better catch up...)

Nicolas trudged through Viridian forest without thought of anything other than himself and his loyal friend, Houndour, which he had proudly dubbed "Singe". "Ah, tis a beautiful and overall sickening day, right, Singe?" Nicolas uttered with mixed tones. Singe only responded with a cheerful yet gloomy howl, and that alone was enough to tell Nicolas that he agreed. "Heh" He chuckled with a sinister feel "You know, Singe, sometimes I wonder what I'd do without you." Singe looked at him,and smiled. then he stopped and started growling. "What is it, boy" Nicolas asked with wonder. the bus in front of them starts to rattle. Singe barks loudly, then the bush stops shaking. Then out comes a pokemon. th pokemon resembled a spinning top with two bars on top. Nicolas automatically recognized it as a Baltoy. "Hmmm" Nicolas pondered without much emotion. "What's a Baltoy doing here in Viridian forest? No matter! Singe, Bite! Singe proceeds to bite the Baltoy, which flees after impact."Hmph!" Nicolas mutters with disgust. "I guess that Baltoy just couldn't handle yuour awesomeness, Singe!" Singe howled in approval. After about 20 minutes of travling, Nicolas notices three people standing and talking. "Hm" Nicolas scoffs "They look cool enough, mabye they'll understand me." He goes up to them and vacently says "Sup?..."

March 10th, 2007, 10:45 PM

I held the Pokéball at arm’s length. This ball was to be the ball that held my Sandshrew. Only, I felt it wrong to have Sandshrew be in there. Instead, Sandshrew was standing right beside me.

Last night, when I was dreaming, there was a…disturbance. In my dream, I was warned. It wasn’t face to face with some object of some sort, but it was warning nonetheless. What it meant, I wasn’t too sure. When I woke up and was leaving the house, ready to begin my illegal journey, I felt something digging inside me. It was telling me that I was in danger from something. It told me to release Sandshrew or I was going to regret it.

I followed this voice and did as it asked. My Sandshrew stood in front of me, innocent looking and all. So, why did I still feel that I was in danger every time I looked at him? It had to be something else that was bothering me; there was no way I was going to not use Sandshrew as my first Pokémon. I wanted to start my journey now, not after I got my trainer license; it was the reason why I went through all the trouble of getting a fake license.

Now I held the Pokéball at arms length. Why was there another voice inside my head telling me to destroy the thing? What was that all about?

I shrugged and clipped the Pokéball back on my Pokébelt. Whether that was a good decision or not, I wasn’t sure of.

As we continued walking along, I found myself getting towards the center of a more public area; more specifically, an area with a fountain in the middle with what appeared to be a few trainers around it; about three or four. I was too lazy to count correctly.

I stopped before I entered this public area. I looked down at Sandshrew, and he looked up at me. I’ll tell you now that it was like meeting a puppy down the street with those eyes of his. Only, not many would think him as cute as, say, a Pikachu.

“Your call, boy,” I said to him. Maybe I should try naming him; I didn’t like just calling Pokémon by their species name.

So here I stood, alone with Sandshrew. In my mind, I felt alarms swinging from left to right. Something was clicking; something was telling me to get the heck out of there. Something was going to happen.

You can call it stubborn, or whatever you will, but I did not heed these warnings. They were not important to me; and if they were going to, they were not yet important. I had to start out fine with Sandshrew, and Sandshrew had to show me something that I believe would be enough to actually believe I was in any danger at all.

March 11th, 2007, 4:37 AM
OCC: Hi hope that i am not joining too late. Here is my sign up. If something isn´t right, just tell me, then i will change the details!

Name: Katmai

Age: 5

Gender: male

Species: Pikachu

Appearance: Looks like a normal Pikachu at the first sight. But if you look more carefully you can see that Katmai is a very strong Pokémon. His speed and strength are already be meted at Raichu measures but his defense should be trained more. The strong electrical sparks and thunders are the result of hard training and work. Katmai is has a darker fur than other Pikachu and his back stripes are more jags than straight-lines. On top of that he wears an earing and red scarf.

History: Katmai was a very little hopeless Pichu back then. His friends decided to follow trainers or were catched by them so he has lost contact to each of them. After a while many other Pokémon laughed at him and his weakness not to be strong. But he didn´t like the way the future was leading him so he decided to train by himself. He trained and trained and got onto different places. He found a power station nearby a town called Viridian and was accepted by the humans who did lead the power station. He could train by himself, he had a home and he got new friends. They even teached him the human language. This beloved feeling turned out that he transmuted into a Pikachu. He trained about a year and now he is one of the less electric Pokémon who don´t need a thunder stone to evolve! He is strong enough to evolve by himself and he has reached nearby every limit a Pokémon of his level can reach. But before he wants finally evolve into a Raichu he wants to find a trainer. Now he is nearby the Viridian forest, relaxing from the training he did all the years.

Personality: A Techno, electric energy and machines loving good trained Pikachu. He loves to make jokes and annoy people and Pokémon around. He is self confident and very clever. He over thinks much situations and he has worked out special battle tactics for combat. Katmai is searching for friends who accept him as the Pokémon he is and doesn´t like people who think they are high-ordered than others. The rest of his personality i will show you ingame.

Special: Two little abilities if you don´t mind. First, he can talk in human language, and second he can transfer his electric abilities by contact to humans or other Pokémon. So if they stay in body-contact with Katmai, they can use his electrical attacks.



It was a clear and sunny day in the Viridian forest. Once again the bird Pokémon were flying around and the sun did shine in Katmai's face. He felled the warmth, and he enjoyed every second of it. He loved the warm feeling while laying on the grass next to a tree. He looked up to get to his little meal he had found a while ago. A very tasty looking apple. "Looks like a very good one... what the... uh, i meant pika!" he said to himself noticing that he again spoke in human language. He was so used to it that sometimes he didn´t watch himself in which language he spoke. [Ah, don´t mind Katmai. Just enjoy relaxing...] he said and bite into his tasty red apple.

Some voices were heared. Katmai stood up and went to the main street not far away. Some human child's were walking to Viridian City. [Trainers... already a new wave... Perhaps i should look into the city.] Fast said, fast done. He wandered through the deep woods, knowing this place well. He followed the sound of the main street and the young people long enough to know that the town was right in front of him. He went out of the bushes and the secure wood into the streets of Viridian city. Sometimes he was here back then in the past. He liked the town very much, and he knew some very beautiful places.

He arrived after a while at a fountain. Some trainers were already standing there and talking to each other. What did they wait for. Didn´t they already get instructions from a professor or something? He knew that the kids needed that, a human friend from the power station had told him. He didn´t care if the trainers would see him, so he wandered around the fountain until he had found a nice place to sat down. It was a little barrel, standing at the wall of a house. He looked at the trainers with their Pokémon. Seems that this is their first journey. he thought. He sighed seeing the happy absol playing around in the fountain. He never had a friend or a trainer to have that much fun. Playing video-games with Kyle in the power station was one of the few moments he had have fun with the engineer. Kyle was such a nice person back then. he thought and sighed again.

March 11th, 2007, 6:07 AM
After exiting the pokemon center, Aiden realized what a nice day it was. He decided he would let his Milotic, Maj out of her pokeball. But first, he should find some water for her. It was at that time that he noticed a group of people gathered around a large fountain. Since he wasn't exactly familiar with the city of Viridian, he decided to join the group in hopes of making friends. He reached the fountain and released Maj to let her enjoy the beauty of the fountain with him. Being kind of shy, Aiden decided to wait for someone to approach him. Plus, he didn't want to come off as pushy.

Crimson Arcanine
March 11th, 2007, 7:11 AM
OOC: PM me if its unacceptable (or for any reason really...). I'm willing to adapt my character to whatever is good for this roleplay :) EDIT: Gah it double-posted! Fixed that...

Name: Vicki Termia

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Starter Pokemon: Rattata (Female)

Appearance: She is very small for her age looking like her growth had been stunted, with long chestnut brown hair and sapphire blue eyes. She is rather pale skinned, unusually so. She looks rather fragile for a girl due to the traumatic experience(see History). She tends to hear clothes that are comfortable rather than fancy, so she never wears dresses. She likes to wear colour that match her pokemon or failing that green clothing. She likes to have her hair in pigtails (using yellow ribbons) but will leave it straight if she is travelling through some areas.

History: She has lived in Viridian City since she was born with her mother and father, who worked as an exterminator. Her first few years were rather peaceful and blissful. She displayed intelligence unusual for her age and a maturity that was slightly above the norm. She began to show interest in pokemon at the tender age of 4, which back then was not to any pokemon in particular. She grew frustrated when she tried to learn about what her father did. One day, when she was 8 years old she decided to find out and somehow stowed away in her father’s van, which drove off to the house that he was to fumigate. She bypassed the protective cover over the house to explore and find out why her father had covered up this place. In the roof of the house (a pull-down stairway installed in the trapdoor ), she found two scared pikachu, just as her father started filling the house with the chemicals. When she smelt the chemical, she panicked and hastily tried the escape the house with the pikachu, unfortunately she was exposed to the many chemicals used to fumigate the house. The exposure to the toxic chemicals killed the two pikachu, one of which was a ditto transformed before she made it out, suffering from toxic shock and numerous bites scratch and shocks from the pikachu and ditto. She was rushed to hospital, barely alive. She stayed there for over a year, only her will and the work of the doctors did she survive and recover to the surprise of both doctors and her parents. Reports that the doctors made indicated blood abnormities.

By 10 years old she was back at school. However something had sprung up during that time. She had become obsessed with rodent type pokemon, especially Pikachu. She began finding out all about them and learning at about them. Eventually she decided that she would become a trainer of rodent pokemon. She doesn’t really have a big drive to become the best trainer, only the best rodent pokemon trainer.

Personality: She is a caring and brave person, but sometimes reacts rather foolhardily when some bodies in trouble. She is rather quiet and shy around people but is friendly once she trusts an individual. She is also a rather cheerful and happy-go-lucky type as well as very strong willed. She gets rather withdrawn and annoyed when she is asked about her past. She can get very emotional when her pokemon are hurt or when shes very uncomfortable.

Special: She can transform into any rodent pokemon(or any pokemon that has evolved from a rodent pokemon, such as Azumarril and Typhlosion) partially or fully.

There are many restrictions to this ability. First she can only take attributes from any rodent pokemon she has touched before or has been touched (including attacked) by. Secondly, although she has control on how much she transforms directly, if she gets emotional she may start transforming involuntarily. Thirdly, depends on what part of her and/or how much she changes she can use the pokemon’s abilities and attacks and gains the various sensory levels that the pokemon she changes(partly or fully) no matter if they are better of worse than her own. She can only communicate with other pokemon if shes either over half transformed or if she transforms the necessary parts used for communication and cannot communicate in the human language. Fourth, she cannot transform two different areas into two different rodent pokemon neither can she change from one type to another. She cannot transform into any other pokemon, unless she hasn’t transformed in the last 3 hours, if she does try, instead she will change attributes with the rodent pokemon she transformed last instead. And lastly, even thought she can stay transformed for any period of time it becomes harder to change back the longer she stays transformed. She may not change back fully straight away if she’s been in pokemon form for extended periods of time. The transform doesn’t cause any pain except aches but will induce a fever state when activated (She will look like she’s coming down with a fever, minus sweating).

She starts not knowing her ability, and will only begin to find out once she starts getting emotional. She begins with Pikachu and Rattata forms.

Other: I’m a bit worried about her ability being overpowered, its why I’ve gone into so much depth. Feel free to delete if it’s totally unacceptable, or PM me if I need to include more detail, remove some or change it in any way. Current Status: Accepted.

March 11th, 2007, 8:21 AM
OOC: Very good sign ups, both of you,. I'm put to shame with my rusty-ness! XD

I blinked, looking over at the gathering people, pausing to think. "It might be a good idea to get moving, before traffic gets bad." I turned slightly, only to see a Pikachu calmly walking around with no human near it, sitting gently on the fountain. Instinctively, my hand twitched towards a pokeball, from my "illegal" training, but my movements stopped with a loud boom of thunder overhead. I looked up, and sure enough, it was starting to get darker as deep, angry clouds began massing above us. "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaap." I thought, and made a living dash for the treeline, barely entering the safety of the thick foliage roof before the potent storm unleashed one of the infamous spring downpours. At least I hadn't gotten wet...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 9:02 AM
AJ heard thunder and sighed, " Summer rain is unpredictable, Oh well. Atleast I have an umbrella" AJ murmered unfolding an umbrella and holding it above him, he was interested to see what the "hydrophobic" kid would do, the rain was about to start pouring and then he started to hear the pitter patter of rain on his umbrella, this almost hypnotized him, he ignored what the boy would do at the rain and just closed his eyes. I'm so relaxed. I feel like all the pressure is gone, like nothing lies on my ability to do anything. Like...like
AJ was silent, and then he groaned "Like a kid" he mumbled quietly and he started off fastly, he could feel himself regressing already, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and then he had regressed completly, "Seven" he said out of breath in a small alley as he grabbed for his bag, he retrived a suit of clothes exactly like the ones that were now around him and put them on. He slowly made it back out, hoping to be able to get to his car that was a little beyond the fountain, " No one better see me" He grumbled.

March 11th, 2007, 2:27 PM
Well, I pretty much was doing nothing at all. I sat down and let Sandshrew come over me, trying to get on me but falling over every time. I laughed. This was exactly how I had pictured a journey to happen. I loved it. I couldn’t believe that I once thought that this would be something boring.

Alright, you asked for it.

That one sentence right above this one was the words that slipped my mind when it was trying to tell me I was in danger.


First of all, the thunder was not loud. At all. That added to the fact that the short drizzle like rain poured down upon all of Viridian. How ever, that was not the case for me. For some reason, the rain was harder where I stood. It wasn’t a downpour of water where I stood, but it seemed to be more forced at me specifically.

“Ah, stupid rain,” I said to myself. I held Sandshrew’s Pokéball. I was ready to return him back to his Pokéball, but I again got the same feeling that I shouldn’t be doing that. My mind kept telling me to just drop the ball; get rid of it. Maybe I would have listened to it if it hadn’t been telling me to get rid of Sandshrew at the same time.

“Come on; let’s get out of the rain,” I said, guiding him near some shade. This was how it was all going to be. This is how the life of a trainer always stood. I don’t think that’s too hard. All I need is the right stuff. I was pretty sure I had everything I needed. “So, what do you say we start today; right now?” I asked Sandshrew.

He shrew’d in response. It was the body language I kept the close gaze on. This seemed to be a ‘yes.’

“So, what do you want me to call you by?” I asked. This was always a good thing to do; I didn’t want to call him by ‘Sandshrew.’ So I let Sandshrew think for a moment, then respond in a happy tone his own name. I chuckled a bit. “You want ‘Sandshrew’?”

Sandshrew shook his head, and tried again. I would never be able to understand exactly what he was saying.

“Come on; let’s go, boy,” I said. As I was walking, I left the shade with Sandshrew by my side. The rain had become a drizzle where I stood. See, now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

We continued, and headed for the Viridian Pokémon Center. Here is where I was going to wait, just incase the weather decided to make an unexpected change. This would always happen due to all the forests around the area and such. I could wait it out as long as I wanted; as long as I was a trainer, I was happy.

March 11th, 2007, 2:57 PM
I never really disliked the rain. I always found it sort of....calming. Also, Milotic absolutely loved the rain. She always seemed to get happier whenever it rained. However, I did not have a different pair of clothes to change into, so I decided that I should try to stay dry. Since I didn't have an umbrella, I decided to follow the kid who went under the cover of the Viridian Forest. Milotic was obviously having a fun time so I decided to let her stay out of the pokeball, but she still followed me into the forest. I sure hope this rain doesn't keep up all day.

March 11th, 2007, 3:30 PM
Absol leapt out of the fountain and shook, water from her fur flying everywhere. Not that it made any difference. She jumped into Lindsey's arms, and Lindsey stood up. She felt such strange things coming from everyone...It was too weird. The kid who she'd talked to was running into the woods in fear, and now she was feeling something strange from someone passing by. It was the same as the vibe, or whatever she was always feeling from people, of someone who'd gone by earlier. This time was different though. It was..distorted or something. Younger? MYabe he had a kid with him. Absol felt this too, as she suddenly jumped onto the ground and shot off in that direction. "Absol come back!" Lindsey shouted, once again having to chase after the unruly pokemon.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 3:38 PM
AJ slowly made it past the fountain, he didn't even try to make contact with the water fearing kid if he was still there. AJ felt a compulsive feeling to splash around but tried his hard to ignore it, when he regressed it was just his body, but sometimes he would feel instinct of that age, " It's dreadful" He murmered walking almost past the fountain by now
and the parking lot center was almost in veiw, AJ moved slowly for a reason. Moving fast in rain is a bad idea, I'll slip and get wet he silently thought to himself admiring the water around him. AJ was now past the fountain when he saw an absol coming with a trainer coming after it, the absol knocked him down and the pavement made a small cut on his left cheek. AJ just cursed angrily and decided to ignore it.

March 11th, 2007, 4:09 PM
Lindsey put absol back into it's pokeball as she reached down to help the kid up. Where was the boy from before though? She felt his presence. "You okay?" she asked, "Sorry about that. Absol still has a lot of training to do, and she doesn't know her own strength!" A powerful chill ran down Lindsey's spine and she saw something like a flash of light behind the kid, but it was gone in a millisecond. So much energy..Was someone watching them? Her mind went blank for a moment before she remembered what she was doing. She grabbed the boy's hand pulled him up out of the water.

March 11th, 2007, 4:12 PM
OOC: Man this thing goes lightning fast.


Soon the rain started. Cain never liked rain. He didnt like being in it either. But since he wasnt wearing a hat or anything supportive like that he ran out of where the fountin was. He looked around for some cover and found viridian forest much more sutible then some building. Since the forest he could escape through and if he went under a building or something he would be stranded.

Once Cain ran towards the trees he noticed a few people already there.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 4:22 PM
AJ almost blushed as he let the young girl help him up, he shivered from being wet and let out a sneeze but no damage done. " Thank you." He mumbeld to the girl and then " I gotta go, goodbye little girl." He said to her and then regretted it, he wasn't seventeen right now, he was seven and that wouldn't make sense now would it? AJ started to back away slightly and then began walking again, cautious. He started into the small parking area and flashed out his key and then remembered the girl, he waited for her to go away so he could get inside his nice dry warm car and wait the regression out. She didn't look like she was budging from what he saw so he found his car and layed against the oppisite side waiting.

March 11th, 2007, 4:39 PM
Lindsey stood and watched the kid walk away. "That's him. That's the guy I saw before." She smiled and waved, and walked back toward the fountain. Time to find somewhere to get out of the rain. The pokemon center. The soaked trainer walked long the sidewalk, her pantlegs dragging in the water and making her ankles cold and wet. "The rain should clear now.." she thought, and was right. A large clear spot opened in the clouds, and the rain became a light drizzle. Usually Lindsey loved this kind of weather, but it was too cold now to hang around outside. She continued on, and finally found the red-roofed building with a pokeball on it.

Inside, she immediately sat down on a large, soft sofa, and released Absol from it's pokeball. "Stay close absol, don't chase anyone."
Lindsey closed her eyes. How strange...That guy's age had changed. So what was with the guy who'd run into the woods? She felt something strange about him too. And nearly everyone else around the fountain...Something weird was going on. Most definitely.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 4:51 PM
AJ sighed with relief as he saw the girl leave, he got inside his car and tried to relax and he started to feel a different sensation, a good one. He quickly stripped from the child's clothes. He sat there naked for a second and then he started to notice it. " 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17!" AJ said counting the ages, finally his own age. He opened the bag and pulled his regular stuff out, he quickly got dressed and found a towel to dry his face off a little, by now the scratch was nothing but a forgotten memory. He turned on the car and started to pull out, he decided to head off to the pokecenter to get some hot chocolate and pokechow for Muddy, when he reached there he parked and went inside to see the girl from earlier. He knew she wasn't bright enough to put two and two together so he went over to her. " You look cold, let me treat you to some hot cocoa" he said to her, " I need two hot chocolates!" he said.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 4:58 PM
Chase was runing at full speed, desperte to get out of the rain. Though he didn't mind it half as much as No-Name did. He was racing just in front Chase, zigzagging left and right to avoid the massive puddles. He was constantly slipping over in the mud, but quickly getting back to his feet and getting ahead of his athletic trainer.

Chase looked at his Quilava and breathlessly said 'You OK No-Name?'

A chattery reply of Pokemon language came back, but Chase heard it as {S-s-so... c-c-cold... s-s-so... c-c-cold...} The two of them finally reached the top of the hill overlooking Vermillion, but they kept on running. They ran right through the doors of the Pokemon Center, where they stopped and welcomed the heat that the building provided. No-Name shook himself dry, soaking Chase even more, then took a deep breath as he lit the flames on his head and tail. {Much better} he said satisfied, as his unimpressed trainer start shaking his arms in an attempt to discard the unwanted beads of water sitting on his skin.

'You're kidding me!' Chase said in disbelief as he noticed the rain stopped and the sky began to clear up. No-Name just laughed at his dripping wet trainer.

March 11th, 2007, 5:46 PM
I decided not to let the rain ruin my idea of trying to make friends. I knew that my time in Viridian would be much more enjoyable if I had someone to spend the time with. I saw the kid from the fountain who fled to the forest just as it began to rain. I decided that it was now or never. I approached him and spoke in my friendliest tone, "Hi, I'm Aiden."

March 11th, 2007, 6:06 PM
Lindsey looked at the door and watched AJ walk in. Absol looked like she was ready to run to him, but Lindsey looked at her and the young pokemon remembered her instruction to stay put and sat back down, looking disappointed. Suddenly the boy approached them and offered some hot cocoa. Lindsey was about to say yes, but he ordered some before she could say anything. "Hey, I saw you earlier but we never had a chance to talk. My name's Lindsey!" she said, "And you are?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 6:12 PM
For a second AJ thought she meant about their encounter just a few moments ago and froze up but then remembered that they had met at the fountain as well. AJ smiled and replied to her " Oh, AJ Valentine." He said to her and then he felt something dribble down his face, his scratch was slightly bleeding, " Oops" He muttered as he grabbed a tissue and wiped the blood away, such and inconvience. " What is your name, little girl?" He asked her, he always called people younger then him little and sometimes that leaked into his regression which wasn't good.

March 11th, 2007, 6:20 PM
"My name's Lindsey, I just told you." A chansey arrived that moment with two cups of cocoa. Lindsey thanked it and looked back at AJ. She could sense his nervousness, but didn't say anything about it. "What happened to your cheek?" She asked, she knew but didn't want to let AJ know what she knew. "Did you get hit with a branch or something?" She sipped her cocoa.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 6:30 PM
AJ tensed up again but attempted to play it cool and calm, he took his drink and replied " Um... it happened while shaving this morning" AJ knew this sounded pathetic but as said before he relaxed knowing that this girl probably wasn't to bright. AJ sipped his drink and almost burnt his tongue it being so hot, he put down the drink and tried to relax. " So, what grade are you in. Sixth, Seventh?" he asked her trying to stay at ease. He was relaxed with the fact that since he just had an attack he wouldn't have another one for a while, unless... a quick instant regression attack could be triggered by embarrassment which usually never happened to him, considering he wasn't a klutz and the only other instant way was tea or alcohol, so he was fine.

March 11th, 2007, 6:40 PM
Lindsey gave him a sort of glare. "I am 15." She sipped her cocoa again. "I don't look THAT young, do I?" She could tell he didn't think she was smart either. But to say that would give a few things away. "So. Where are you from?" She asked. "I'm from Cerulean City. I left just a few days ago."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 6:47 PM
AJ chuckled to himself, " Fifthteen? You don't look a day older then thirteen" AJ said almost tauntingly. " I'm about Seven" He mumbled and then noticed his mistake after a few moments and frantically added " Teen, seventeen" AJ was obivously distressed. He then answered her question, " I'm from Blackthorn" he said to her and then continued on " Before going to college I have to complete one year of pokemon activity, and then I'm in which is good since I'm already a year ahead of my freinds, this way we'll be together. And then after college me and my fiance will finnaly get married, how happy" He said playing with his engagment ring.

Crimson Arcanine
March 11th, 2007, 6:53 PM
OOC: My first post. Sorry if i'm not as good at posting as I am with sign-ups

Vicki Termia – Viridian Pokemon Centre

I sat down inside the Viridian City pokemon centre, watching from my seat the rain falling outside the glass doors of the pokemon centre. A few other people entered the centre as I watch, but I ignored them, too eager to leave. My mother had dropped over here, she had had kindly shown me around the public area, telling me about the centre and its many services. Too bad for her, I already knew all that. My mother was sometimes a little too motherly for her own good, but she had supported my decision to become a trainer, unlike my father who I had overheard one night, voicing his displeasure over the decision. But now that was all behind me, all I needed to focus on was the future.

I rejoiced as I noticed that the rain had almost died down. Now was now time to leave. I picked up my backpack, which I had sat beside my seat, slung it onto my back and exited the centre. I ran as fast as I could down the street, heading towards the Viridian Forest. I knew Pikachu lived in the Viridian Forest and I wasn’t going to waste any time in getting one, even if it meant facing some icky bugs.

March 11th, 2007, 7:00 PM
"congrats on your engagement!" Lindsey said, smiling. "You look really nervous, though. Sit down before you have an anxiety attack or something." Lindsey felt sorry for the man, but had to take another sip of cocoa to keep herself from laughing at all the irony. She then looked through one of the large windows behind her. The clouds still lingered but the rain had stopped. The rest of the day would be warm and sunny, Lindsey could feel it, although the clouds would not be gone until about an hour from now, at one in the afternoon.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 7:11 PM
AJ smiled at her words, " Thanks, I can't wait til that day, she's a lovely woman, maybe you'll find love one day, when your older." AJ said to Lindsey. " I'm not nervous, I'm just a little out of it, you wouldn't understand" AJ said falsly chuckling as a nurse showed up with a cup. " Hello sir, did you order this?" she asked AJ holding up the cup, " What is it?" AJ asked the nurse examining the cup. " Oh it's um... Tea! Yes that's what it is" She giggled, AJ paled and nervously said to the nurse " no, I didn't" He pushed the cup away.

" Oh that's strange.. it's no one elses." The nurse then turned to Lindsey, " Would you like it? It's already paid for, and no one else wanted it." She murmered extending her hand with the glass in it. AJ piped up, " I don't think she would want it"

March 11th, 2007, 7:20 PM
The nurse ignored AJ and asked again if Lindsey wanted the drink. Absol growled and lunged at the nurse, sending the cup flying and it landed on the floor about five feet away. "Absol stop!" Lindsey shouted, running toward her agitated pokemon and picking her up off of the bewildered looking nurse. What did absol know? Why didn't Lindsey feel a problem with whatever that was? Absol calmed down as Lindsey held her in her arms. "Sorry ma'am." she said to the Nurse, who walked into another room, looking frustrated.

"that was weird..." Lindsey said.

Cosmic Tyrant
March 11th, 2007, 7:21 PM
Nicolas just laughed manically as the storm started to get rough. Even Singe, who is a fire type, couldn't get enough of the gloomy weather. He just howled very content-like. Nicolas pulled out his electric guitar, and asked Singe if he was ready. Singe nodded and let out a huge howl. "Good" Said Nicolas, cause I'm in the mood...... for metal! He started to play a demonic tune, with many fuzz-wah riffs and disoriented riffs, while Singe threw in a few Howls here and there, to make a disturbing, yet harmonic tune. And the thunder really helped with the musics overall creepiness, too. Nicolas diddn't care what the others thought of his music or him and Singe, as long as his music sounded good, and he was certain Singe agreed. He knew he could take the lot of them out if they tried anything funny, so he kept on playing, and Singe kept on howling...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 7:28 PM
AJ heard some heavy metal outside and sighed, it was demonic and he was a preist. This was disturbing in a way, But your not going to go insane like last time, that gun is staying in your glove department he thought silently to himself. At the same time he was also praising the absol, having that tea around was dangrous, he didn't want to be a little kid again, so soon. He looked at Lindsey again and thought of something, " You've been looking at me almost strangly this whole time. Care to fill me in?" He asked the girl.
" Come on little girl, whats so... Amusing?" He continued, did she know or not? That was the question.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 7:33 PM
Chase slipped his still-wet shirt over his head, and said in a muffled voice 'Remind me again why we went on a wild goose chase into Viridian Forest.'

No-Name answered {Because we thought we saw a strangely familiar Pokemon, but it ran too fast for us too keep up. We'd run so far we got lost, and just to top it off it started raining on us.} Chase groaned as his memory came back to him, and shook his head. Then No-Name gave out out a large sneeze, which caused him to breathe a few balls of an Ember. They almost hit a nearby Absol, which wasn't impressed.

'Shoot! Watch where you're aiming that No-Name.'

{I could... couldn't... at... atch... ATCHOO!} No-Name sneezed again, with more Embers coming out of his mouth. This time he hit the back of a chair that a guy was sitting in.

March 11th, 2007, 7:42 PM
Now Lindsey was nervous. "I have? Well, you seemed really stressed. I was just wondering what could be wrong, because you wouldn't tell me. That's all." She looked over at the 'tea' on the ground. "What's that?" She asked. "Why'd you freak about it and why did absol attack the nurse? Do you know?" She was wondering what the stuff was, as well as whether to tell AJ what she knew or not.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 7:58 PM
" Yes you have been, and there is nothing wrong with me. I'm just a little nervous about... the weather" AJ sleekly lied to lindsey. " As for the Tea, it makes me little." AJ said and then catching his mistake again continued " sick, little sick. Tea doesnt go in right." AJ said now reaching for his drink again, sipping it. It felt warm against the back of his throat, soothing, AJ put the drink down and started to answer the other question. " I don't know why your absol reacted like that, maybe it's a tad slow" AJ said choosing his words carefully. He felt a hot sensation at his waist and looked at it, the chair had burnt but he was okay, he looked at the culprit and scowled. He then felt the drink take it's effect and he got up, " Be right back, need to use the washroom" He said walking over into the bathroom.

AJ thought to himself. She's on to me, even if she's just curious. if she dropped one droplet of tea in that drink, I'll be reduced to a mere seven year old, a toddler!

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 8:09 PM
Chase watched as the guy headed towards the washroom in the Pokemon Center, and shouted 'Hey! Sorry about that! It was an accident!'

He sighed, then looked down at his arms where he heard a little {At... atch...} and spun towards a blank wall, where No-Name coughed up more Embers from a sneeze. {ATCHOO! Man, maybe chasing after that Pokemon wasn't such a good idea after all.}

Chase replied 'Well, it was your idea in the first place.' He then realized he was still in the presence of another person, thinking he was busted for sure. He quickly covered up his tracks by saying 'Good on ya, Chase. Shouldn't have been playing in the rain like that. Brilliant idea.' as he slowly backed away, making it look like he was talking to himself. The Absol was glaring at him, making him feel a bit uneasy. No-Name coughed up a couple more Embers, which hit the same spot on the wall as it did before.

March 11th, 2007, 8:09 PM
I sighed with relief as I enterred the Pokemon center. There were some advantages to this though, no one would recognize me. I had very pale brown hair, bordering on blonde, kept into a short and spiky sideways ponytail by a small hairband with light blue and red orbs on it. My black coat and Tee shirt had warped somehow, into a teal shirt that hugged the small, but noticeable chest a bit too tightly, right above a pair of similarly tight shorts, with a large studded belt. At least I was wearing regular sneakers still. I sighed as I walked into the pokemon center, drenched. "I need to find some hot water to change back. I'm sure Arcanine can help with that." I thought, being careful not to let my now cyan eyes meet the gaze of anyone else as I passed them by...

OOC: A visual representation, to help your concentration. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v215/AIVAS/mistytest.png

March 11th, 2007, 8:14 PM
Lindsey felt the boy from before enter the Pokemon center, but when she turned around, what was going to be a 'hello' came out as 'HOLY CRAP..Ahem..hemhem...hm.' What a day. This must have been why the kid was afraid of water. The energy he gave out wasn't at all different, but he looked, obviously, like a different person. Lindsey looked away and tried not to be noticed after her loud outburst, even though almost everyone was now staring at her. After seeing this guy, er, girl, she forgot about AJ almost completely. Absol just lay asleep on AJ's chair.

Crimson Arcanine
March 11th, 2007, 8:25 PM
Vicki Termia – On the street, halfway between the Pokemon Centre and the edge of Viridian City

Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to the weather long enough before I ran out towards Viridian Forest. As I slowly got to the edge of town, the rain began to fall harder and I heard thunder nearby. And something else… sounded like heavy metal? Very freaky and odd. It sort of scared me Now I was stuck between two choices, both of which I didn’t like. Head back to the pokemon centre until it passed? Or head out to the forest, even though the weather could get worse and the trees might not protect him totally from the rain? I pulled an umbella from my backpack and opened it up as I thought about my choices. Eventually I decided that I’d be best returning to the Pokemon centre.

I walked back slowly, feeling like a fool for a while. When I caught sight of the Pokemon Centre however, my mood brightened. ‘Now this time’ I thought, ‘I will wait until the storm is over.’ As I quickly made my way up to the entrance and closed my umbrella. As I entered the pokemon centre I noticed that there more people here then I last checked. I sighed as I sat down in a nearby seat. This was going to be a long day, but hopefully the storm would pass soon.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 8:28 PM
AJ came out with more releif and saw a girl that had just came in, she was actully pretty beutiful, she reminded him of Misty, in a way. AJ was suprised that he didn't just melt into a seven year old right then, but acting cool, calm and collective he sat down with Lindsey. In a diffrent chair obviously considering the little pest of an Absol had taken his seat. Without even considering the consequences he started to sip his drink, no one was gasping so that must have meant it was tea free. And I worried He thought silently still watching the girl, she was familiar. in some way, and then she left. AJ felt almost sorry for her in some way so swallowing his fears he bought a cup of tea for her and grabbed his drink, he carfully brought them outside to her. " Here, Have some tea" AJ said to the girl, she still looked depressed and then thoughtlessly yelled "Cheers" banging his glass against the tea he had putten in her hands, little did he know that a few drops had clashed into his drink.

March 11th, 2007, 8:33 PM
How strange. So much going on...Maybe Lindsey was going insane. Maybe it was a dream. Then again, she had an odd ability too, although not so...Odd. But then again, nobody else that she knew of could sense things like she could, other than absol, but absol was a pokemon..So she was strange, but was it okay to say she was strange in a different way? But how was it different? Lindsey sighed. If this kept going on she'd panic. She didn't want that...Not again. She took a few deep breaths. Usually things like these got to her much quicker...But she'd somehow been able to keep calm and cool when she met AJ. Maybe she had not really believed it. So many thoughts...Augh.

March 11th, 2007, 8:37 PM
I blushed, and hated mysself for blushing. "This is NOT how I'm supposed to feel. Bad brain, BAD!" "Th-thanks." I said cautiously, not making eye cnotact with the boy. I definitely wasn't comfortable with the feelings, or the orientation that came with the curse yet. I blinked, looking down at the glass. It was hot, perfect! "I've, umm, I need to go." I said, and turned, quickly slpping away into the halls...

I walked out again, dry, but my eyebrows seemed to have a slightly singed quality to them as I secured my hat. "What a storm." I muttered iin a casual tone. "I barely got here in time." "Thank god I pulled that off, that would have been.. akward, if anyone saw." I paused, noticing the storm clearing, and grunted. "I ran all this way at tops speed for nothing?" I whined, watching the sky open up again, sunlight pouring down. Arcanine padded up beside me free of his pokeball, and placed a paw roughly on my shoulder. "Okay, food first, then well continue." I said, sighing. Satsfied, arcanine went off on his own to raid the center's supplies for snacks that he liked. This way, I assumed no responsibility...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 8:46 PM
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March 11th, 2007, 8:49 PM
Lindsey forced the stupid thoughts from her mind. This was reality. She wasn't going insane, these people were real, and they all had weird stuff going on with them. Big deal.

Resuming her cool outer attitude, Lindsey watched AJ go over to the girl who had just entered. She laughed to herself as she watched him give her tea. She got up and walked toward AJ. "I thought you said you were engaged." she said sarcastically. Absol trotted up to her trainer and sat down next to her, a sleepy look on her face. "Well, I'd better be off..Absol needs training and I can't stand to stay in one place for too long!" She thought about telling AJ that she knew about his problem, but she knew he'd already figured it out, and if on the off chance she was wrong, now would be too sudden. The automatic glass doors glided open as Lindsey and absol exited the Pokemon center. Next stop, Pewter City.

March 11th, 2007, 8:50 PM
Right as soon as the rain cleared up, I was on my way. I kissed the Pokémon Center good-bye, Sandshrew doing the same, and we both left. It wasn’t sunny by any means, but it stopped raining. There was no sunlight to shine on me today. Oh well, it wasn’t like it really meant much anyways.

I turned to Sandshrew, and laughed. He looked back questioningly; I just felt I had to tell him the reason. “I think I found a real good name for you, boy,” I said.

This of course, made Sandshrew get overcome with joy. I could tell he was anxious for my answer on what his name should be. I had to smile again; it was just so satisfying to see a Pokémon act like this. Another plus to why I should have been a trainer a long time ago.

“I think I’m going to call you Slash,” I said. There was that questionable ‘why’ expression on Sandshrew, so I decided to elaborate. “You know, when you evolve. It makes sense, don’t you think.”

There was a short silence, but then Sandshrew nodded and spoke in his own language what appeared to be an approval. Another smile for me, and yet another reason for wishing to be a trainer much earlier.

So we were off now. We trailed far off, leaving Viridian behind. Where was I going? I was going to Pewter, hoping to meet the first GYM leader. Of course, I had to train Slash so he could win the battle. How hard could that be?

I decided it would not be hard at all, and continued with not a fear or care in the world into the forests, hoping to reach Pewter soon. I had a long ways to go.

March 11th, 2007, 8:52 PM
OOC: I did, however, due to errors in the timeline that would have caused with your post, I deleted it, and added a new segment to allow it to go with the flow.

IC: The sun was out, and by now I was uncomfortable arouns so many people, any of whom could have a bottle of water hidden somewhere. "Mind if I trail along? It's not like there're a lot of options as to where you can go, so chances are you're heading to Pewter too." I said, trailing after the girl. One was better than several. "I'm Robert, by the way."

Slowly, I circled above, miserable from the storm, and growled low in my throat. Who was that girl Robert was following around like a puppy?! I shook my head slowly though, and got control of myself. Killing wouldn't solve anything, except that it would have made me feel a LOT better...

March 11th, 2007, 8:59 PM
Lindsey looked back and saw Robert coming. "Yeah, you can come." She replied. She wasn't going to play mind games with this guy. "How'd you get to be a girl, you know a little while ago?" She asked, hoping that Robert wouldn't get freaked out about this question. She almost told him about AJ, but if they met again, he most likely wouldn't be too happy about it.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 9:02 PM
AJ sighed as everyone left, " So lonley" He mumbled to himself as he put a top on the foam cup and decided to take it to go, he also bought a few glazed doughnuts and headed outside. And he saw her, " Misty?" He asked heading closer, she was on her motercycle.
" Oh hi AJ, I was looking for you." She said getting off the bike and heading over to him.
" It's spring break... so I need to use your Viper" She said to him, AJ was speechless, " What? Why?" He asked her.

" So me and my freinds can go to the beach and stuff." She said to him snatching his keys.
" You can use my motercycle" She said giving him the key and helmet, AJ sighed and put the helmet on and got on the bike, he put his stuff into his bag. Misty came closer and they kissed. " I better be going" AJ said revving up and heading off. " To Pewter we go" He mumbeld already reaching Viridian Forest.

March 11th, 2007, 9:05 PM
I blinked, my face going red. "Y-you saw on your way over here, I guess?" I said, lstaring at the ground. I may as well be honest, who knew what kind of stories she could spread... "Long story short, went to china, went somewhere that I shouldn't have,m got cursed, cold water does it to me." I said, not noticing that halfway through my explanation, a water drop most have fallen from one of the trees, touching my hair, and causing me to change. "GAAH!" I yelled, covering myself, even though I was fully clothed. "S-see?!" I yelled, looking around, glad that seemingly no one had noticed. But arcanine walked up, nudging me after her, trying to encourage me to keep moving.

I chuckled from inside the tree. I hadn't even needed to make any noise, just landing was enough to shake water loose. Maybe if he stayed like that, he could stay out of toruble...

March 11th, 2007, 9:11 PM
Time hadn’t really changed at all, and I just continued to walk deeper into the Viridian forest. Slash kept up with me, walking right near me. Occasionally, he would go farther in front of me. Then there were the occasional wild Pokémon jumping out for a battle; or, most commonly, the other way around. In truth, I was battle hungry with Slash. We pretty much were dangerous to all wild Pokémon in the area, beating every single one that came into sight. I knew that Slash was getting stronger by the minute.

So why did he look so weak?

Slash began limping, and I saw it in his eyes that he was feeling sick. There was something wrong, and I had no clue what it was. I tried talking to Slash, trying to get his spirit up, but he just kept on being down. We fought a couple of more Pokémon, and Slash became even sicker.

And then he fainted on the ground in front of me.


I had run back to the Pokémon Center with Slash in my hands instead of him in his Pokéball. That was a bad idea; he was just getting heavier. I didn’t pay attention to the heaviness though. It there was one thing I had to keep concentrated on that day; it was that I needed to help Slash.

At the register, Nurse Joy told me the problem. Poisoning. Opps, I forgot about that one.

“You need to carry potions with you,” Nurse Joy was telling me. “Maybe even some berries. Didn’t you learn this at wherever it was you graduated from to get your license?”

Heh, it wasn’t a good idea to tell her I never actually went to a Pokémon Training school.

“I’m sorry, I guess I snoozed off a bit,” I said, smiling.

As soon as I was done there, I went ahead and bought some potions, then continued back into Viridian. To think I had gotten so far and so close to Pewter just to go back because I was so stupid and didn’t know a thing about poisonings. So here I go again; let’s hope this time, I make it through.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 9:27 PM
AJ had passed a kid carrying a sandshrew, how strange He thought to himself trying to keep his eye on the path. Was I supposed to go on a road or something? He asked himself questioning if he would get in trouble for going directly in the forest.
AJ liked the feel of the motorcycle, it was relaxing. Calming, " No it isn't!" AJ said scolding himself making sure not to grow young, not on a motorcycle. Defiantly not AJ thought passing some metapods and caterpies, the forest was a beautiful and then he passed the two, the two girls. He stopped and looked at them taking off his helmet, " Where you two heading" He asked looking at Lindsey and- Err.. What was the other one?

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 9:30 PM
Chase walked out of the Pokemon Center with No-Name nestled in the blanket in his arms. He'd stopped his sneezing, coughing and Ember spitting (mainly because he was fast asleep), so the coast was clear for the moment. It wasn't Chase's brightest move, walking into Viridian Forest with no active Pokemon to protect him, but he wanted to get on the road as soon as possible, even though he had no idea where he was going or why.

As he walked he heard the rustling of grass. He turned around and saw nothing. He just shook his head and continued walking, but then stopped when he could have sworn he heard something whoosh past them. He looked up ahead and saw... nothing. The noise that came after creeped him out worse than ever, like it did every other time he heard it.

A quiet, yet solemn voice whispered {Pewter City...}

Chase froze, and said 'Who... who's there?'

The voice just continued, {Pewter City... Boulder Badge...} Then there was silence. Chase looked around the forest, but all he could see were Pidgey and Caterpie. He then looked at No-Name, then at the road ahead of them. Pewter City? Boulder Badge? Chase decided not to question the strange voice and just simply followed the road.

Crimson Arcanine
March 11th, 2007, 9:35 PM
Vicki Termia – Viridian Pokemon Centre

As I sat there, waiting for the storm to blow over, I looked around the centre at the trainers and their pokemon who were taking shelter as well. I didn’t recognize anyone here, then again I wasn’t expecting to. However the pokemon there were here were more interesting. And then I saw it, the Sandshrew. My eyes sparkled as I looked at it, but before I could approach the Sandshrew and its owner, they had started to leave. ‘Oh well… theres always tomorrow…” I thought as I prepared to leave the centre. I packed away my umbrella, stepped outside and inhaled the air. I loved the cleanness of the air after a good downpour. After a good 10 minutes, I checked mt backpack for spare pokeballs and sighed in relief when I saw them, my mother had definally made such I had what I needed for the start of my journey, just the basic stuff, pokeballs , potions a few antidotes and paralyse heal, but I was thankful for that. Confident that I was ready, I started off on my way towards Viridian Forest at a comfortable pace.

As I reached the edge of the Viridian Forest, that guy I had seen with the sandshrew burst out of o the forest, running with his sandshrew cradled in this arms. The sandshrew itself seemed to be in bad shape, but before I could call out to him, he was out of earshot. Seeing that, didn’t fill me with much confidence, but I wasn’t going to back down, not now. I quickly began my descent into the Viridian Forest. Time for me to go find a Pikachu.

March 11th, 2007, 9:41 PM
Lindsey looked up at AJ. "We're going to Pewter City. I'm guessing you are too? You can come with us!" She smiled, and looked down the path. "This might be a good opportunity to catch new pokemon!" Absol, hearing this, gave a happy 'Aaab!' "There are a lot in these woods, and you can't really get too far walking around with just one pokemon." Lindsey took notice of AJ's motorcycle. "Nice bike" she said. "Also, I need to tell you somethi-" She stopped. She couldn't let Robert know about AJ. Not yet anyway. "Never mind."

March 11th, 2007, 9:48 PM
I shied away, seeing that kid from earlier. Maybe I could get away. I didn't want to face the world like this, I just wanted some hot water, and get to normal.. I started to back away, but I yelped sharply as I felt myself being hauled up. Arcanine had positioned himself under me, and I rode astride him. I felt my face flushing, but I leaned forward slightly, supporting myself with my arms as well. "Thanks, Arcanine." I said, as he paced close to the others. hopefully, Lindsey wouldn't reveal anything... I wasn't ready for this, not yet...

March 11th, 2007, 9:48 PM
Pretty much, the same routine happened again. This time though, I took note when the poison type Pokémon were around. Usually, they were just Weedle. As a matter of fact, I began to think that the only poison type in the area were the Weedles. How very dangerous they could be; I decided that capturing one would probably take a great effect to my team.

So here I was, in a battle with the smallest insect you’ve ever seen, determination in my eyes and ready to have Slash beat the living crap out of the Weedle. Only thing was that Slash would literally do just that, and I wouldn’t get the chance to catch the Weedle. Oh well, at least Slash was benefiting from this. He seemed to be enjoying this.

Oh god, not now. I felt the warnings again.

“That’s it; I’ve had it,” I said aloud. Slash looked at me strangely for awhile, and then I continued talking to myself. “There is nothing wrong at all; Conscious mind, just leave me alone already! Nothing bad is going to happen at all with Slash!”

God, it was just so annoying at the feeling I was getting. I felt that this feeling was just a little kid telling me to be careful. I got annoyed at those situations. This little kid didn’t know any better, so it was best to just yell at it already and show it right from wrong. I mean, what could possibly happen that could be so bad?

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 9:49 PM
No-Name awoke from his good, long rest and jumped out of Chase's arms and the blanket. He looked around at the new scenary, with no idea of where they were. Chase continued to clutch onto the blanket, he was looking tense. This was the next thing No-Name noticed.

{What's up with you? You look like you've seen a ghost.} He laughed. He stopped when Chase didn't answer. {Helloooo! Earth to Chase!} Still no answer. {Houston, we have a problem...} This time a smile crept onto Chase's face as he chuckled at the joke. {What? You think it's funny to ignore me?} This set Chase off even more as he continued laughing. No-Name crossed his arms, not believing how funny his trainer thought it was.

'I'm sorry No-Name, it's just I haven't heard that one in ages.' Normally No-Name would have given him a smartass response, but he was dead silent, and had cocked his head to the side. He was actually acting like a normal Quilava, which in the same sense wasn't normal. 'What's up bud? Meowth got your tongue?' He then turned around and saw another trainer, one unaccompanied by a Pokemon, a little bit away and instantly his mood dropped. 'Oh...' the two of them turned and continued walking, not saying anything more to each other.

Chase looked around the forest as he heard the chatter of Pokemon. To normal ears it would be normal 'Pigey!' and 'Pieee!' but Chase heard things like {Isn't that Pokemon out of place?} and {What's a beginner trainer doing with a Quilava in Kanto} Chase shook his head, still not sure of why they were saying such things out loud. Don't they know that people can understand Pokemon?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 9:51 PM
AJ looked closely at Lindsey, she was hiding something which in AJ's opinion was bad, Oh well he thought to himself and decided to forget about it. " I would love to go to Pewter with you." He said and then somewhat jokinly added " I geuss you need someone to babysit you" He chuckled considering if he had a regression he wouldn't be talking so big. " Thanks, This bike is mine and my Fiance's. We share it and my Viper which she so "Really" Needed." AJ murmered. " I don't think I really need anothe-" AJ started only to be interupted by the sound of a "Pika" and there was a Pikachu, laying there on his bike, starting to take a nap. AJ sighed and decided to be freindly, he picked it up and put it in a pokeball to rest, " Oh well.. I geuss another one wouldn- Achoo!" And AJ sneezed. Must be from the fall in the puddle earlier he thought. He saw the other girl nervously get on an Arcanine, " Whats wrong with her?" I asked Lindsey

March 11th, 2007, 10:24 PM
Lindsey smirked. "What's wrong with her? Oh, she's just weird. Got some funky stuff going on upstairs. She's crazy, really, but don't tell her I said that!" Lindsey was having too much fun. A few moments later, though, she glares at AJ. "Babysit me?! Don't be such a hypocrite, quit with all the kid jokes, it's annoying." She then realized that she'd called him a hypocrite out loud, and hoped that neither he nor Robert had noticed.

March 11th, 2007, 10:31 PM
I however, was much more concerned with being called crazy. "H-hey! Crazy?! No way, don't listen to her, she's got some weird stUWAAAAH!" My rant was cut short, as a large flygon came swooping in between the trees, literally snatching me off arcanine's back. Arcanine paused for a moment, then sat down, and blew a set of smoke rings at AJ and Lindsey.

"Well, hello Toklata." I said, my face a flaming red as I found myself pinned to the ground by the silver haired girl above me, far away from the path we were travelling. It was bad enough that I had to have my orientation alterred by my changes, but like this? I definitely felt more than a little freakish, and she was the one who wasn't human...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 10:31 PM
AJ paled and tensed up for a second, " What... do.. do you mean.. by.. by Hipocrite?" AJ asked Lindsey. And then in a more unnervous mannor " I'm seventeen, Going to college next year, grown up" He said to her and then realized it could be different, I'm Seven, Going to first or second grade next year, just a little kid AJ realized that he could stay that way, shaking it off he started off again, " Well I hope your crazy freind is alright" He chuckled " I'm not making any kid jokes, Just telling it how it is. And the funny thing is, I can tell kid jokes, I'm an adult."
I noticed the girl get swooped up by a flygon " thats something you don't see everyday"

March 11th, 2007, 10:37 PM
Lindsey was about to reply to AJ, but was cut off by Robert's shout. She looked up and saw him being carried off by a flygon. She almost Yelled his name but realized that not only was it pointless, it'd give him away. Lindsey looked back at AJ. "Then why are you so freaked about being called a hypocrite and why do you need to remind yourself that you are seventeen? Look, I knew from the start what's up with you, but I won't say a word to anybody. Okay?" Even if it is rather obvious.She thought to herself.

March 11th, 2007, 10:45 PM
I sighed as I straighened my hat, adjusting my coat. "It doesn't have to be BOILING water, Toklata." I said, trying not to make contact. "Would you have preferred to stay Robin?" she asked, and I shook my head. "I guess not, what brings you here?" "I chose to tag along. You'd get lost if it wasn't for arcanine, and I don't even trust him to keep you out of trouble." "Oh, lord."

I felt a vein pulsing in my forehead as Robert made his introductions. We walked back onto the ath, and I couldn't help but glare at the other girl. I didn't like people. Of course, I considered robert slightly, if only just barely better than human. His introduction, though... "Hello again Lindsey, and mystery person. This is my Ex-Girlfriend, Toklata. Toklata, this is Lindsey, and someone I don't have the slightest idea about." Honestly, he just HAD to say it like that, didn't he?!

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 10:57 PM
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AJ glared at Lindsey " I'm not afraid of beign called a hypocrite, Because I'm not one. I don't need to remind myself I'm seventeen. Everybody knows there age, even if they don't act it" He said to lindsey. " I don't know what you think you know, I'm your everyday average adult" AJ said to her and then adding " Anyway-" And then being cut off by a male coming in, AJ remembered him. It was.. Well he didn't remember the name but still...
" What do you mean you don't know you stupid little brat! I met you at the fountain, before it started to rain!" AJ rambled on, angrily. AJ told himself to calm down and he reached for a doughnut and started to nibble it.

March 11th, 2007, 11:04 PM
What came next was just plain uneventful; I just kept battling, and trying my best to get closer to Pewter. How far away was Pewter City anyways? I knew how long it actually was, based on what I had learned about the geography around Viridian, but I never actually walked to Pewter. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever actually left Viridian before until today.

This brightened me up; to know that I was finally moving away from Viridian. It was just me and Slash, on our own, hoping to get to the top. Nothing could go wrong. So, I continued walking and battling. Eventually, I got tired and decided it would be best to rest.

So I found it right to sit right next to a tree stump. Slash came next to me and rested in what seemed to be a comfortable position to my right. Another smile for me.

Why don’t you leave?

Oh come on; it was the voice again. Why didn’t my conscious just leave me alone already? I was doing fine, and I was going to do fine for as long as I took this journey. Why wouldn’t my inside self leave me alone?

Go home; you are going to regret staying. This is your last warning.

Yeah, big deal. A Journey wasn’t hard at all; I could take it. The stupid voice was just trying to get to me. Nothing was going to happen. I was fine. I was okay. The rest of my journey would work out just fine. Just okay.

The conscious never came back; it stayed inside, and I could finally sigh and feel better. This was better than being bothered by the voice. Now I just hoped it would stay that way forever. It gets annoying when something inside of you just insists that it knows better than you.

“Well, I’m better than you,” I said aloud. “I can take this; I can take anything and everything! I’m a trainer, and I’ll be an awesome trainer. I can hear it now; no one will be able to stop me. Battle after battle, with Slash by my side. Right boy?”

Only, when I turned to my right there was a large flash. Then I don’t remember a thing.

March 11th, 2007, 11:04 PM
Lindsey had not expected this response. "Look, I know. You know what I know, don't deny it, or you really do seem immature. No big deal, okay?" She then turned to Robert and his apparent ex. The ex gave off the same feel as the flygon. Things, like she'd been thinking before, were just getting weirder and weirder. Absol sniffed at Toklata's feet, and gave her a rather strange look.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 11th, 2007, 11:10 PM
AJ gave Lindsey a strange look, and then summoned his acting powers " I really don't know what your talking about, care to fill me in?" AJ asked her in a voice that said he knew nothing about what she was talking about, " What makes me immature? What am I hiding that you know of?" He went on " I just don't understand..." He sighed and looked clueless, He then turned to look at Roberts girlfreind, " Nice score kid" He mumbled noticing something almost off about the white haired girl, something almost strange, it looked like Absol was investigating her for something. AJ shugged and ate another doughnut.

March 11th, 2007, 11:21 PM
Ow, what the heck was that all about? Just a flash and then…absolutely nothing but a pain to my head. Wait, where was I?

I looked around, but the place just didn’t seem familiar. Everything seemed to be red. It looked like a room I was in, but whoever constructed it really needed to check back in the physics books. It looked completely crooked and unstable!

And then the hug. I looked at the unexpected embrace, and then I spotted Slash, hugging me. Aw, how cute. Smile number 10,000. Reason number 10,001.

If only everything else didn’t have such a really funky nightmare-ish feel, this would have probably been the best things that could ever happen to me. I loved it. So this is how it felt to have a good dream.

Wait, that was it! This was a dream.

Oh wait, no, never mind!

It was too late; I already noted it. Quickly, everything faded, and I was back at the tree stump, Slash lying next to me. I looked around the area. Nothing really happened; just a cute, very short dream. Well, at least that was a good sign; having a good dream as the first thing when you leave your home town for a long time is always a good thing.

But what was up with the flash? It seemed as if the flash was the cause of the dream; really, I didn’t feel tired when I had the dream. I just needed a little break, and then get back on the road.

Oh well; it wasn’t important.

If only I had listened to my conscious; this was the first in what would become a journey I would wish never happened.

March 11th, 2007, 11:26 PM
I blinked, suddenly hearing a deep growling sound. I turned to Arcanine, expecting him to have been upset by the absol, but he looked quite calm. I looked over, and Toklata was indeed growling, grinding her teeth at the older kid. "Tokie, no killing. Please, not now." I whispered, unknowingly slipping into the Pet name I used to use. "Shut it." She said, and suddenly, her hand was next to my throat, well within strangling range. "Yes'm." I said. Thankfully, she seemed to be content with just fantasizing with the guy's grusome and painful death. She was so preoccupied, she didn't even notice the absol, which could almost certainly smell her secret.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 11:29 PM
Chase and No-Name continued on through the forest, although Chase thought he was going to go insane. The constant chatter of the Pokemon of the forest was beginning to irritate him, it was as if he was deaf because several of them were eyeing him as he walked past, making comments about him. Most of them weren't good. He had no idea how No-Name could just let it all go over his head as he walked by.

The two of them soon approached a Sandshrew sitting on the lap of a trainer, who appeared to be either asleep or out cold. Chase slowly walked up to them, carefully gathering his wits to make sure he didn't blow his cover. He remembered that he wasn't supposed to let anyone know, even though he knew everyone could understand Pokemon.

As he got closer the trainer stirred and awoke, and started hugging the Sandshrew. Chase stopped and watched from a distance, smiling, and leant up against a tree trunk. It was moments like these that reminded him of why he became a trainer. From the things the Sandshrew was saying, he sounded pretty happy. He wanted to go up and introduce himself to them, but didn't want to ruin the moment for them.

March 11th, 2007, 11:42 PM
“Alright Slash, let’s get moving,” I said, getting up and brushing any leaves or dirt that may have gotten on me in the short unexpected nap. Slash stood, ready to leave. He looked at me with pleased eyes, ready to knock a couple of wild Pokémon senseless. Or, at least that was what I thought he was thinking.

“Come on; let’s find some more wild Pokémon,” I said, and he followed me once I started walking. Though this journey had barely begun for me, I felt that I was too alone. I knew that this is how a trainer lived, but the silence is something I didn’t want to take. I was glad I had Slash, but I really wished that I had a human companion. Or, at least a companion that spoke the same language as me.

So as we got ready to continue our journey, I fantasized having a companion of some sort to be with me. It was pretty stupid, but things were getting boring. I had to think of something to humor myself.

“Alright, where do you want to go, Slash,” I asked, rubbing friction on my palms. Slash made a gesture that seemed to be just about anywhere. I guess the best place to go was to Pewter.

Then in the corner of my eyesight, I saw a trainer. If I had to know one thing about trainers before I left, it was this; when trainers gave eye-sight to each other, it meant battle. I did not know how strong this trainer was, but if he were to come up to me and ask to battle, then I’d take it greedily.

“Slash, do you think you’re up for a trainer battle?” I asked, hinting loud enough for the hidden trainer to hear.

Crimson Arcanine
March 11th, 2007, 11:45 PM
OOC: Very active here! I'm having problems keeping up :) Not a bad thing thro :)

Vicki Termia– Viridian Forest

Drops of water still dripped from the leaves as I began my descent into the forest. In the soft light I could see a few caterpie around the trees, but I ignored them, All I was looking for was a Pikachu. After all, I wanted to be the best rodent trainer. And there was no way I could be one without a pikachu. I grabbed the pokeball with my rattata inside. “Come on out” I said sweetly. My rattata came out in a blast of white light. “Rattt..ta…taa!!!” my companion screeched. “Ok” I said to my rattata “Stay close.” It looked it she agreed “Raat!”

I carefully made my way deeper into the forest, checking out for signs of any Pikachu. Time pasted and I hadn’t seen a sign of any Pikachu anywhere. I began to feel a little discouraged. I was just about to give up and just head through the forest, when I finally found out. Finally! Now to catch it! Unfortunately I had disturbed the wild pikachu and it had started to dart through the treetops. I gave chase on the ground, trying to catch up. Suddenly the pikachu I was chasing darted in a different direction, and I was about to find out as I went off a steep hill! I screamed as I sailed through the air, hit the ground, feeling an explosion of pain and began rolling down the hill a bit. Darkness consumed me and the last thing I heard my darling rattata crying out.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 11th, 2007, 11:50 PM
Chase stayed up against tree, watching the trainer and his Sandshrew getting ready to go. But then Chase heard the trainer say something loudly and clearly. And intentionally.

'Slash, do you think you're up for a trainer battle?'

The Sandshrew replied with something that sounded like {Always!} Chase looked around the forest for a minute, and noticed that there were no other trainers around.

He looked back at the trainer and the Sandshrew, then down at No-Name, then bowed his head and said, quietly enough so the other trainer wouldn't hear, 'Ah, shoot.' He stood up, stretched, then made his way over to the trainer. 'I'm guessing you want to battle. My name's Chase.'

March 11th, 2007, 11:58 PM
“Nice to meet you Chase,” I replied; “Just call me Rex; it’s a nickname I grew fond of.” I looked down at Slash. He seemed to be ready. This was going to be my first time actually battling a trainer. I wasn’t about to mention that though; if you have a trainer license, then you must’ve battled at the trainer school. Since I didn’t go, this was my first battle. Still, why not bluff it? “I’m a little rusty; Slash however, is ready. Right boy?”

Slash agreed in joy. Did I have to mention my facial expression again? It was pretty much repetitive already. It was something I just couldn’t stop; Slash just made me smile. That was cool.

“So, how many battles have you done?” I asked. It was always good to start a conversation before a battle; Slash was getting in his position to attack already. The only thing he was waiting for were my orders.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 12:06 AM
Chase smiled at Rex as No-Name jumped in front of him enthusiasticly, and said 'I've had my fair share of battles. But it's been ages since I've battled a trainer. Lately they've been wild ones.' Rex and Slash looked like pretty confident trainers, despite their lack of recent battling, so they were not to be underestimated. Chase and No-Name were at a type disadvantage, so Chase just hoped that Slash didn't know any highly damaging moves.

{Just say the word} No-Name said.

'Alright, let's do this!' Chase clenched his fist in preparation for the battle. No-Name lit his flames once more. 'Since I'm such a nice guy, and you're 'rusty' I'll let you make the first move.' He smiled confidently, along with No-Name who braced himself for anything that should come his way.

March 12th, 2007, 12:12 AM
“I may be rusty, but I’m not that bad either,” I said, confident smile abroad. “Alright, let’s do this Slash!” it was at that moment that I realized I had absolutely no idea how I should start the battle. It only took a second to decide what the first move would be, and I believed this one would dearly help me incase something could happen while we were battling. “Sand Attack, GO!”

Slash charged like no tomorrow; it was right when he was at the closest point to Chase’s Quilava that he nabbed the ground with his claws and swung his feet in front of it, making a large amount of dirt fly over the Quilava.

Okay, this was a good start.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 12:16 AM
Chase smiled, 'Let's throw that strategy right back at them No-Name! Smokescreen!' Though blinded, No-Name opened his mouth and let a massive amount of smoke pour out, shielding him from Rex and Slash's view. 'Then let's go with Quick Attack!' No-Name used lightning speed to run towards Slash, but with his eyes still gritted with sand he had his eyes shut and charged right past him. Chase slapped his forehead in disbelief.

No-Name heard it and cried {You try running around with your eyes shut!}

'Turn around and go a little to the left!' No-Name swung around and started heading back towards Slash.

March 12th, 2007, 12:23 AM
“Slash, careful!” I wished I could have been more helpful, but not even I, being on the other side, could see where the Quilava had gone. Still, I had to think of something else. So, I thought of the most common thing to do.

“Slash, if you see the Quilava, tackle it!”

It may have been an easy order, but in the mist of the battle, where Slash could not see a thing, it was a whole different story. Unfortunately, Slash was hit at his back. As he was pushed, he tried with any sort of fast reflexes he could accumulate at the moment, and did what seemed to be a Seismic Toss, but not quite, by grabbing the Quilava and trying to toss it away.

Note on trying, as in, failing, and slipping, having both fall to the ground.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 12:29 AM
Chase could just see Slash and No-Name as the smoke eventually cleared up. It seemed to him that Slash had tried a Seismic Toss but failed and caused both of them to fall to the ground. Perfect, Chase thought, let's see what he thinks of this one.

'No-Name! Use Flame Wheel on Slash while you're still down!' No-Name let all his energy rise to the surface of his fur and soon he was engulfed in a ball of fire, while still in contact with Slash who was also caught in the flames. It's a good thing the smoke cleared up... Chase thought to himself once again.

Around the field of the battle he heard several more cries of Pokemon, {What are you doing?}

{That's lame!}

{You've gotta be kidding me!} Chase was starting to get a little distracted, as he put all of his energy into concentrating on the battle.

March 12th, 2007, 12:39 AM
Well, the good news was the smoke seemed to clear up. The bad news was that I found Slash on the ground with the Quilava, and then the order from Chase only seemed to make said situation worse. Uh oh, now what?

Fortunately, I didn’t have to think to hard. Instead, Slash acted upon instinct. He seemed to jump, swinging himself to the right position that was not so near the flames. I would have advised to not go near the flames again, but he was too quick for even my words; he went ahead and tried his best at a slashing upon Quilava’s burning body.

Two wrongs here; first wrong was that his claws were not fully developed to create a large amount of damage; the second wrong was the fact that the Quilava was still at a dangerous heating level, causing Slash to get inflicted with a burn.

I had a burn heal in my back pocket; I could just reach for it and use it. So why didn’t I do that?

Instead, these were my exact words; “Slash, dose the flames with another Sand Attack!” It was a smart move, but Slash still needed attention to his burn. The dirt flew all over the Quilava yet again.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 12:44 AM
Quilava put his paw up to protect his eyes, but the flames from his attack died down. Still, it was not without cause, Slash had been burnt. Why isn't Rex healing his burns? Unless he doesn't have anything to heal him up. No-Name got back to his feet, with only a few irritating grains of sand in his eyes, although that wouldn't stop Slash from kicking up more.

'No-Name! Smokescreen again!' Chase ordered. As No-Name administered more smoke to the battlefield he muttered 'This time we're gonna try something a little bit different.' No-Name looked back at his trainer, waiting for the next order.

The caws and cries of Pidgey and Caterpie all around them was now really ticking Chase off, he was struggling to keep his mind focused on the battle.


{Cheap!} Shut up! Chase massaged his temples, getting a headache from the surrounding spectators. Isn't this bothering Rex at all? Can't he hear the things they're saying?

March 12th, 2007, 12:55 AM
OOC: Got to go; just do the finishing blow, and we'll continue tomorrow I guess. Phew, that was fun. This was the first time I ever RPed a battle. XD


More smokescreen. This was almost the exact same thing as the first move Chase had played, with me accompanying with the previous Sand Attack. Okay, at least this time I kind of know what to expect.

Just as I was getting ready to give an order to Slash, I noticed through the smoke of what little I could, that Slash was getting weaker. It struck me odd again; I knew he hadn’t been poisoned. What was wrong this time?

A little flicker in my sight, and I remembered. The burn. Why the heck did I buy Burn Heals? They were to heal burns. Why? Because they can really screw you over if you leave it at that. Now would have been about the right time to heal Slash, but due to the fact that I didn’t go to a trainer school, I had absolutely no idea how to call a freaking ‘time out’ to heal. I just stood there with the Burn Heal in my hand, waiting. This waiting was enough for whatever the finishing blow the Quilava was going to give, to let happen.

March 12th, 2007, 1:14 AM
Lindsey crossed her arms and shook her head.

"What makes me immature? What am I hiding that you know of?" AJ had said.

"Well, first off, this silly little show. If you were a real man you'd just accept the fact that I know what's going on and move on, instead of lying to me. I can tell when people are lying. Guess what? I can sense things just like my absol can. Don't believe me? That's your problem. But if you'd like, I could just tell everyone right here and now what you're hiding!" Lindsey smirked at AJ again. "Also, you've no right to call Robert and I 'kid'. or 'brat'. You're just as much of a kid as we are." If not more.
"You're only seventeen, the brain does not fully develop until about age twenty five or so. So you're just as liable to act stupidly and childishly as any of us! So stop being so freakin' full of yourself!"

March 12th, 2007, 1:54 AM
I paused, looking down now that he seemed to be suffeciently chewed out. I could finish him later. That Absol, though.... "Shoo." I said neutrally, not caring that it was in the language of pokemon. None of the Humans could really understand what I was doing anyway. I blinked then, hearing Robert say something about never understanding women. I sighed as I leaned up against him to put an arm around his shoulder, pulling out a small flask, and dumping the contents over his head, reverting him. Maybe that'd help him control his mouth. "You know, if you stuck like that more often, I might not have rejected you so quickly."

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 2:13 AM
Chase noticed Rex had a Burn Heal in his hand, but that was just it. He was just standing there blankly with it, like he had no idea what to do with it. Maybe he's rustier than he thought, Chase thought. So he decided to show him how it was done before he finished him off.

'No-Name! Back towards me!' No-Name turned around and raced towards Chase until he was clear of the smoke, then he turned to face the black cloud. 'Now, set the Smokescreen on fire with Ember!'

Right then, the pair of them stood staring at the smoke thinking the same thing - Yippee-ki-yay - before No-Name blew out several balls of Embers, striking at the smoke and setting it alight. It turned into one big blaze of fire, and Chase began to think he'd overdone it, when finally it all cleared up, and Slash was left standing. What?! There's no way he could have survived that, especially with a burn! It was at that moment that Slash collapsed to the ground.

All around them, the Pokemon of the forest gasped and began chattering, {Oh, my...}

{That was something.} Chase smiled. Yeah, that's right, looks aren't everything. That'll teach 'em.

He walked over to Rex, smiling, held out his hand and said 'That was a great battle. I haven't had fun like that in ages.' No-Name trotted over to Slash to help him up off the ground.

March 12th, 2007, 8:25 AM
I actually thought that the burst of flames had ended Slash’s life. I felt my arms go limp at the sight, not able to make him out in the burst of flames. I thought he was gone.

Fortunately though, I saw him still standing. “Yes!” I cheered. Then he fainted. Uh oh.

The trainer came up to me, telling me that it was a good battle. Okay, that was cool I guess. But I still needed to tend to Slash. He was still on the ground, fainted, waiting for assistance that I needed to give. So I said, “Thanks; hold on for just one second.”

I ran to Slash and began to spray the Burn Heal like crazy all over Slash, then grabbed at my potion. I shook for awhile, then told Slash, “Drink this boy; you’ll feel better.” I think.

It worked out just fine; Slash opened his eyes, then sat up, looking at the surroundings. Ah, smile again and again. The same thing as always. I hugged him, and he seemed to do the same back. “You did good,” I said. The embrace was still for quite awhile, then we let go. I turned back to the trainer I had just battled.

“You’re right; that was a good battle.” I stood up and walked back to him, Slash following by my side. “So, you from Johto or something?” I had asked that question because I had noted his Quilava. Quilava weren’t native in Kanto.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 10:08 AM
AJ was nervous no longer, " Yes that may be true, but a person is considered an ault when finished with highschool or has turned eighteen" AJ said to Lindsey.

" As for what you know about me, One; I want you to tell me about it, I dont care what you say about it, whatever it is and number two you have no proof of whatever it is you know about me. I have the constituional right to call you a kid, or I geuss Teen. Kids just easier to sa-" AJ had gone on only to be interupted by "Roberts" transformation, " What in the-" AJ started but then he started to chuckle, well laugh really. He wiped his eyes and went on " So Robert, your the girl from earlier? Robertina?" He stopped laughing but kept that grin and went to his bag for his drink, muddy was in there for some reason by the drink. " What is it boy?" AJ asked Muddy as Muddy knudged the drink that tea from earlier in it, " I cant understand poke speak but there must be something wrong with this drink.."

March 12th, 2007, 10:41 AM
OOC: POV blending is fun, especially when the characters have their own goals, seperate form mine.

I felt my face reddening, and I stared down at the ground. I couldn't take this. I just wanted to be normal, but here I was, the epitome of freak. I wanted to try to run off into the forest again, but Toklata's grip was like a vice, and I wasn't exactly at my strongest in this damned body... I looked over, confused. Normally, Robert would have strangled him for those jokes, but he seemed timid, beaten. I heard his Arcanine growling though, not too pleased with the insult to his friend. "Firstly, Robin is much more likely." I said, making a dismissive gesture, not bothering to let go of Robert. "Secondly, you might want to know who you're messing with before you run your mouth." She said, the gesture having loosened my sleeve just enough to reveal a gleaming dagger strapped to my wrist. Why wasn't Robert DOING anything? He wasn't like this normally...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 10:51 AM
AJ smiled, " Robin Eh?" AJ asked quietly gathering his thoughts, " I geuss that does suit him more, I mean her more. Now doesn't it?" AJ said smiling, almost mockingly, "A Boy that turns into a girl with water, thats strange." and then added " It's not something you see everyday." Yeah, but an adult cut down to a preschooler isn't very common either, now is it? He asked himself silently. " Does more water change her back?" AJ asked chuckling and reaching for a doughnut, he put the doughnut down and reached for his drink. It was still warm, but then he noticed her dagger and he smiled bitterly. " A knife?" He asked, and not waiting for an answer went on " Well then your screwed!" AJ said pulling his Custom Magnum Revolver from it's holster.

Cosmic Tyrant
March 12th, 2007, 10:52 AM
(OOC: wow, this rp really exploded, better find myself back into it...)

Nicolas, and company thriving as he was, had a very low tolreance level. Everyones hapiness was crushing his spirit. Singe started to bark at him as if to ask "What's wrong" Nicolas only needed to take one look at Singe to make him smile in satisfaction. He always did love that dear Houndour, and he was positive Singe loved him, too. then Nicolas startet to cough, a little too rough. Mabye he spent a little too much time in the rain. No matter though, as long as Singe was fine, and he howled a nice healthy howl to show it. Nicolas, was starting to get impatint now, as he usually does, so he started to tap hio foot as if to say "Colme on already, lets go!"

March 12th, 2007, 12:03 PM
OCC: @Soulflame: Looks like you try to catch me huh? Well, let´s see if you can handle that... ^^

Katmai was wondering about the trainers. Everyone of them seemed to have only one Pokémon. One of the trainers reacted like trying to catch him, but since no pokeball flew into his direction he didn´t feel any danger. [The weather plays crazy...] he said to himself looking into the sky as much clouds gathered highly above him. He smelled the rain before he saw him and got ready to get into something save. [In the pokecenter never a trainer catches a Pokémon!] he thought out loud. [There i should be save...] he noticed that the crowd of humans came to the pokecenter too. Katmai went with them into the main hall of the center and greeted Joy. She knew the Pikachu because sometimes he overdid it with his training and was brought here. Sometimes he came here to help out Joy if the Pokémon center had problems with the electricity. Then he lend his power to the energy converters to give enough power to hold the medical machines online. Then Katmai heard a noise. It wasn´t in the Pokémon center so he left it again. He looked down the street into the direction he came into the town. There was laying a human with a rattata on the ground. He seemed to have fell down the hill. Katmai remembered the first time he felled down this stupid hill as he hadn´t pay attention to where he was going. The rattata was crying nearby the trainer. Katmai went over to him to see if the trainer had any wounds, but no, he wasn´t injured. He was just nonsentient. For usual he didn´t want to help trainers but this time he decided to do it. He went up the hill to get a special plant. He rolled it at the ground and mixed it with some berrys. Then he went to the trainer again. [Hey you...] he said to the rattata. [He isn´t hurt. Just let me lent a helping hand...] with this words he hold the porridge of berrys and the plant to the trainers nose. The porridge mixture was a strong "awakener".

March 12th, 2007, 12:42 PM
"W-Warm water does." I said, looking down at the ground still. but I felt toklata's hand under my chin, guiding my eyes up to the guy, and I blinked in suprise, a glint of mischief entering my eyes as I saw the situation. "So are you, if you want to get down to it." She said quite calmly, as a loud buzzing announced the Vibrava behind his back, at neck level. "Now, how about we all chill, so that e don't have to attract nuisance pokemon by the smell of blood?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 1:12 PM
AJ actully smiled, the smile was bitter and mischevious. I know that this kids got a weakness, A pretty funny one to. AJ thought to himself chewing on the last doughnut in the box, it was tasty, Very tasty like a sugary filliment. AJ finished the doughnut and swallowed, he then wiped his mouth with a napkin and reached for his drink, still unaware about it's condition and then picked up Muddy. " Muddy, is there any tea in this drink?" He asked, he remembered doing cheers with Robert or namely Robin. Muddy sniffed at it and chirped, probally meant is was tainted, AJ smiled at the small pokemon and offered his drink to Robin. " Here it's hot, it has tea in it which is sorta... bad for me." AJ said.

March 12th, 2007, 1:26 PM
Lindsey saw AJ's smile, and could tell that he found Robert's condition rather funny. "See, told ya you were a hypocrite!" Lindsey said happily. "And want to know what else I know?" She took a breath as if she were about to start an important speech.

"I know that you become a 7 year old sometimes. I know tea is one of the triggers, but it seems that all of the other times are random. Am I right? Don't worry, it shouldn't be a problem that Robert and this...Fantastic person here, know about you now that you know about Robert. Don't lie to me, other people might believe you, but I can tell. I feel tension in your voice and I can tell how you feel. So there, now you know about me too."
She crossed her arms, a smug smile on her face. "If anyone happens to see a kid with a tattoo on his face and hair like yours, it's obvious anyway. Nobody's that dense."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 1:31 PM
" How exactly would you know this?! There isn't a shred of proof you have!" AJ yelled beating her at her own game, this was going to be easy considering the options; If he were asked to drink tea he replied he was allergic, if he were asked to drink Sake (Alchohol) he would reply that he was underage and he was rarely embarrased, to him it was a win-win situation, nothing against him. AJ smile didn't falter as he went on " I just don't know why you think I become a seven year old sometimes, I'm seventeen. And I'm tense most of the time because I'm a little jumpy, thats all." AJ finished crossing his arms.

March 12th, 2007, 1:38 PM
"Okay, whatever. I know though, so I suppose it doesn't matter. However, like I said, you look rather stupid laughing at poor Robert. His problem's no stranger than yours, so don't be a jerk." Absol nodded in agreement. "See, even absol here knows. But again, whatever." She looked up at Robert and Toklata. "Well, I'm leaving. Hope y'all can work out your little er.. Problem or whatever." Lindsey turned and began heading North to Pewter again. Something was wrong though..Something was very wrong. She could feel approaching danger, though she still could not tell what it was. A lot of people...A lot of damage... Lindsey could only wish that she knew what was going to happen..But it was too far away now..

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 1:45 PM
AJ shook his head and laughed, he had outwitted the girl he handed Robin the drink and got on his motercycle, he had better things to do then hang out with a bunch of little kids. AJ started off again towards pewter passing everyone, he enjoyed the scenary as he sped through the forest, how relaxing he thought to himself as he rode fastly, he was about maybe three miles from the exit when it happened, he regressed. " I must've relaxed to much." He sighed in his high pitched little kid voice, he put on the kid clothing and leaned against his motercycle waiting for the childhood to end, " I swear, if anyone see's me" AJ mumbled closing his eyes and leaning against a tree, he quickly fell asleep. Little did he know, even by the time that he awoke, he would still be seven.

Crimson Arcanine
March 12th, 2007, 1:53 PM
OOC: Won't be extremely active the next few days, depends, but i'll be around from time to time. Nigma, my character's female, but meh no probs. Just wanted to say that.

Vicki Termia – Deep Viridian Forest

The first thing that came back was the smell… It was unlike anything I’ve ever smelt before. I tried to stir but I was still not quite ready to rise again. However, I had the strength to open my eyes. My sight was blurry for a second, but as it cleared I saw my rattata watching me with what looked like concern and… I gasped at what I saw. It was the pikachu that I chased earlier! What was it doing here? However, but I could say anything I was set upon by my rattata, in a display of affection. “Aw…stop it…I’m fine” I giggled as I endured my companion’s antics. When rattata had backed off, I then looked over at the Pikachu standing and then down to whatever was lying before me. It looked like some of mash made from berries.I looked back at the Pikachu. Had it helped me to recover? I thought as I continued on look at the Pikachu that only a while ago I was sure I was chasing. I pushed myself up into a sitting position. Even through dull pain ached in my body, I still smiled. “You helped me?” I said blankly, as I continued to look at the Pikachu. I wasn’t actually sure that it did, but who else could make something to help revive me? And even if it didn’t, it wasn’t like the mash of berries got there by magic. ‘Maybe it has a trainer that helped me?’ I thought as I sat there, waiting for the pain to dull a little more.

March 12th, 2007, 2:01 PM
Lindsy sheilded her face from the dirt and mud thrown up by AJ's motorcycle.

And here I thought he was cool. Ha! He's just a cocky idiot.

She continued on, eventually having to carry her small absol in her messenger bag. The mud that had splashed onto her clothes and skin began to dry out in the sun, and so she was constantly dusting herself off. Other than that, though, the warmth was nice. Absol was fast asleep in the bag, and had begun making soft snoring noises. Lindsey stopped and looked ahead. There was a spearow on the ground looking for food..She pulled a pokeball from her back, waking up absol, but then noticed something else. AJ was asleep by a tree--A kid! Aha, now this is just fantastic. Lindsey thought. She decided she could catch pokemon later, and walked up to AJ. She leaned over and looked him in the face. "Hello AJ." She said, hoping to wake him up.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 2:08 PM
AJ stirred as Lindsey spoke but didn't wake up, and then his brain soaked up what was happening and who was there, he didn't remember regressing so without really getting up he mumbled somewhat clearly, " Look Lindsey, I don't have time for little girls. I'm a very busy person, lots to do." He still wasn't aware of his regression, he opened his eyes slowly looking at the girls face, " So I would appreciate it, if you went away. Children shouldn't bother adults." AJ said at her, very mockingly. He then realized something, " If you excuse me, I have to take a leak" He mumbled blushing.

March 12th, 2007, 2:08 PM
Occ: Wow, you look at that.... i mean... i knew your charakter is female... ;-)

Katmai looked into the girls eyes. She was a trainer for sure, and looked a bit confused. "You helped me?" the girl asked him. The pikachu had to smile a bit and looked to the rattata. [See your trainer is alright now...] Katmai said to the rattata. Then he turned back to the girl, looking at her with a smile on his face as he said in human language "Yup, i think i have helped you a bit. But for the next time look out if you run through the wood like hell..." with a short laugh, Katmai turned back to the town and started to walk in the direction of the pokemon center. He walked a few steps as he stoped. He turned his head to have a look at the girl. "You didn´t try to chase a pokemon, did you? If you tried to chase me, you have to fight me Mrs. Trainer..." I saw it in your eyes. I saw that you hunted me. But are you the right trainer? Perhaps you are... then i will follow...

March 12th, 2007, 2:35 PM
Lindsey laughed as she stood up and watched AJ stand. She turned around and waited for him to figure out what was going on for himself. Absol was about to follow AJ, but Lindsey said 'Let him have his privacy.' The spearow from before was hopping about searching for seeds still, just in a different spot this time. It looked up at Lindsey, and back down at the path. Lindsey kneeled and watched it for a bit. The dumb bird immediately took it as a threat and charged, attacking her head with it's tiny but vicious talons. Absol leapt at it immediately and took the spearow in it's mouth, and it flailed and squawked. This little guy might be strong..Lindsey pulled a pokeball from her bag once again, and tossed it at the trapped spearow, waited, and watched as the ball twitched and then stopped as the creature inside gave up. She'd caught her first pokemon!

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 2:42 PM
AJ groggily took care of buisness and then picked up his stuff, it felt heavier for some reason. AJ shrugged and climbed onto the motercycle, Why couldn't his feet reach the pedals? Why couldn't his arms reach where they needed to be? This was strange, to strange. AJ looked over at Lindsey who looked like she was obsessing over some stupid sparrow, AJ started to laugh and then stopped. My voice isn't that high. He thought to himself now fully awake and aware of his regression, time to play it cool. AJ adjusted some metrics on the bike to accomedate his height and revved up, " Time to go, if I'm not normal by now. Somethings wrong." He mumbled and then to Lindsey, he couldn't help himself from saying it. " Seeya little girl!"

March 12th, 2007, 2:49 PM
Lindsey heard The motorcycle start and watched as the shrunken AJ rode off. Wow. Lindsey picked up the pokeball containing spearow and shrugged. AJ didn't need to be her problem, but she really hoped he wouldn't be hurt. Suddenly the fearful feeling from before hit her. Chaos...Crime syndicate...Evil..It still wasn't clear. She wished it was so that she could warn someone, because it was coming closer...She didn't want it to be too late when she realized what it was..Well now her main priority was simply to get to Pewter. That's all that needed to be thought about now, she told herself, continuing along the path.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 2:56 PM
AJ had started to change back to normal, he followed the regular procedures and made it out of the forest. " Probually the last I'll ever see of any of them." He mumbled as he rode into Pewter, it was a quiet little town, this relaxed AJ. AJ quickly parked his motorcycle at a pokecenter, and got himself a room to stay for a little while, after preparing his room he went out to enjoy Pewter, it was actully chilly out there, he found a small hill that overlooked the town and decided to take a rest. Help himself figure out why he had two transformations in one day, AJ sighed, Maybe it was just a bad day. AJ layed against a large tree and released his pokemon to rest with him, the town was pretty and he could finnaly relax.

March 12th, 2007, 3:13 PM
Lindsey finally reached the city of Pewter. It was lovely! Old buildings lined the streets, and up ahead she could see a large, grand structure. The famous Pewter Museum? Maybe. She took absol out of the bag and put her on the bricked ground. Lindsey love museums, they were very interesting and usually inspired ideas for sketches and paintings.

Lindsey and absol entered the old museum through a new, revolving glass door. The building was very big, and light filtered down from an enormous window at the front, catching dust particles in it's golden beams.
Photos and paintings lined the walls, and cases containing ancient relics and fossils stood prominently in the middle of the room, or were small and accompanied the photos on the walls. One thing really caught Lindsey's eye. A large glass case with a magnificent prehistoric pokemon skeleton stood in the room's center. It was a fossilized aerodactyle, and it was incredible. It looked slightly larger than a charizard, and just as fantastic. There was a plaque inside the case which read 'Donated by Oak Laboratories' and a sign outside it which has a picture of the pokemon and various facts. Lindsey climbed a staircase to the second floor. The ceiling here was a large window itself, and the second floor seemed to be newer than the rest of the building. There was a rather large model of a space shuttle and various space exhibits, as well as magnificent, realistic statues of the legendary Palkia and Dialga. The stories of these two pokemon were on a sign in from of them. It was said that Dialga controlled time, and Palkia controlled space. Lindsey looked up for a moment at the blue sky above the clear museum window. Enormous clouds calmly floated past, but something else caught her eye. It was another flash like the one she'd seen when she first met AJ. Again, it gave off an overwhelming, but soft energy..Indescribable, really.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 3:35 PM
AJ had been relaxing until some flash had gone off, he rubbed his eyes and looked around anxiously. Something was wrong, well maybe not; I'm just paranoid He thought to himself standing up, " Maybe I should get going" He mumbled walking down the hill.

AJ found himself corned by some thugs, He cursed silently as they raised their bats. " Give us da money, or else." came a hoarse voice. AJ smiled and pulled his revolver from the holster, " You better ask yourself" He said pointing it at the thug leader. " Do you feel lucky punk?" He asked his finger near the trigger. The thugs got the message and raced off, " Just as I thought" AJ said putting it back.

AJ decided to go site seeing but before really getting anywhere a black viper raced in front of him, the windows rolled down and Misty looked outside the window. AJ smiled and got inside the passenger seat, " Why are you here?" He asked her.

" Sight seeing" She mumbled chewing gum, she then gave him a plastic cup filled with something. " Your coming with me, lover." She said putting her foot on the peddle.

" Where?" AJ asked looking at the glass closely.

" Museum." She said adjusting her mirror.

" Okay, Whats this?" He asked her almost knowing the answer.

" Coke, drink up." She said smiling mischeivously.

" No, I Don't think so." He said as they pulled up at the muesem.

" Spoil sport" She murmered getting out of the car.

They headed for the door and went inside, they held hands as they walked, going to a corner exhibit they started to kiss eachother.

Crimson Arcanine
March 12th, 2007, 3:58 PM
Vicki Termia – Deep Viridian Forest

My rattata had now wandered back over to the pikachu. I watched curious as the pikachu exchanged a few word with my rattata that only they could understand. I always got curious when pokemon communicated with each other. A few years ago, I always wondered what they would be saying to each other. But then, something that I was totally not expecting happened. The pikachu spoke to me.

I was shocked. Nowhere in any of the books that I ever read had they mentioned anything about talking pokemon. If fact it was clearly stated in those books that many pokemon wouldn’t have the capacity to talk, yet here I was listening to a pikachu speak. I knew that being out there wasn’t like how they said in the many books I’d read but this was totally different from any book on pokemon training I’ve read. As the pikachu turned away, I felt both very guilty with myself and the urge to challenge it. It had proved that it was more intelligent than I expected and something told me that it knew I was the one chasing it earlier. It turned its head back to me, almost like it was expecting something, and at this time I felt a familiar hot flush. It was something I often felt when I was sad, angry or overjoyed though I don’t remember having such flushes before my ‘experience’ as I preferred to think about it as. I couldn’t stand it, I had to let it out. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry that I chased you earlier…” my voice trailed off and my rattata looked at me oddly. Hopefully that was enough to rid me of the hot feeling, afterall the doctors had toldmt parents and I after I had recovered from my “experience” that getting to emotional could be very bad for my health.

March 12th, 2007, 4:07 PM
I sighed as I checked the map, ignoring the vibrava and flygon hovering far overhead. "Lemme seeeee..." I said, looking around me. "This is pewter, all right." I was back to my male self, thanks to arcanine again, and I wasn't backing down. It was probably a good thing I had left my Banshee sword at home. "Okay, a quick rest at the Pokemon Center, then the gym..." I muttered, walking towards the familiar building. At least the Gym was probably open Twenty-Four hours most of the time in a city this size...

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March 12th, 2007, 4:12 PM
Lindsey descended down the steps to the first floor of the museum again. She saw AJ and Misty on her way out, she was glad that AJ could be with is fiance. She found the idea of their marriage strange. It was sad that AJ could not be cured..And she was afraid for him. Today he seemed to be giving off more of the energy he'd had in his kid form than before. She didn't know much about his problem though. It was probably the norm. She adjusted her bag strap over her shoulder and pushed through the revolving doors and out into the city once more. Absol and spearow (Whom Lindsey hoped wouldn't be too stubborn to train) needed to become stronger and learn new moves before taking on any gym leaders.

March 12th, 2007, 4:41 PM
I started towards the gym after my brief rest. IT was aready getting late, but I noticed Toklata flying down at high speed. She panted, even as she became human again. "Rockets, over a hundred, coming from all around." She said, leaning over and resting her hands on her knees. I released arcanine immidiately, looking around. There weren't that many places to be safe, either the pokemon center, or the gym. But I didn't have the time to decide. As she had said, over a hundred black clad figures came tearing through the foliage from all around the town. They all had at least one pokemon with them, including a large number of foreign ones, and ones that I didn't recognize at all.. Just what did they want with Pewter...

OOC: Have a blast fighting rockets, but the general idea is, the oncoming onslaught will force us to retreat into the gym.

March 12th, 2007, 4:45 PM
Name: Walter Ziege Baulregard

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: Darkrai

Appearance: Walter stands at about Six feet without his boots on, with his boots he stands about six two. He's not the skinniest person, but then again he's not huge, he's just a bit chubbier than most people. his skin is somewhere between white and dark cream, and he has shoulderblade length, black hair, and forest green eyes.

He wears baggy, purple pants, with black smoke swirls all over them. He also wears a black coat with purple designs similar to that of his pants. He always carries a necklace with him, usually on his neck, but not all the time, it is a white gold chain, with a sapphire encrusted locket, that contains two pictures, only his pokemon has seen the locket...and of course the person who had given it to him. Under his coat he wears a white T-shirt with flashy art of Darkrai, Walter is a big Darkrai fan.

Darkrai Description: Unlike most other Darkrai, the Darkrai that is Walter's partner has Red hair plumes and red eyes, similar to it's red Collar Plumes.

Darkrai/Walter Morph: This form looks like a Darkrai with legs, and a bit more muscular, the legs are red, and where the feet would be are three claws each black as midnight onyx.

History: Walter was raised in a village near Pewter city, he had been fascinated with pokemon all his life, and the day he finally was old enough to leave, he did so, to find his own pokemon and have his own adventure. But unfourtunately for him, the day he got a pokemon, which was a young Murkrow, it was badly wounded by a pokemon hunter, and it died. On that same day, right before Walter had planned to kill himself, a myterious, dark pokemon appeared before him, with telekentic powers. Darkrai, it had told him that the baby Murkrow was resting in peace. That day, the Darkrai offered to become his pokemon partner, and Walter accepted, since then, Walter and Darkrai have been inseperable. Walter has had Darkrai since he was 12, and is somewhat experienced in pokemon battling, especially with the ability he and Darkrai harness together.

Personality: Walter is withdraw if anything, he has a hard time opening up to others, and an even harder time keeping friends. Those friends that Walter does have, he holds dear, and would gladly give his freedom for. But to people he does not know, he is silent, cold, very withdrawn from the world.

Other: Theme Song for Walter-Still Frame, By Trapt
Theme Song for Darkrai- These Walls, By Trapt

Special Ability: Darkrai and Walter can fuse their bodies and souls together to become one being (Pokemorph)

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 4:49 PM
It had been about thirty minutes since Misty had left, she had given AJ his Beretta PX4 Storm since she didn't have a lisence to carry a gun, AJ had waved her off and went to relax in the city, of course it's never just that easy.

AJ was about to head off to the center when the rockets surrounded the city. AJ wasted no time, deciding that picking them off one by one wasn't a good idea, he headed towards the gym, but on his way found an unexpected freind.

It was Lindsey, he didn't know what she had been doing or whatever, but one thing was clear. She couldn't stay out there.

AJ grabbed her hand, looking into her eyes he started to speak, " Lindsey, lots of rockets coming. No time to explain, to gym. Now!" AJ said cutting up words in the sentance.

March 12th, 2007, 4:59 PM
Walter sat on a tree branch, resting, his head down, chin resting on his chest. His stomach rose and fell casually, Darkrai doing likewise, but in the shadows. It was nice, breezy, quiet and calm, yet, they both felt something was wrong, they were ready for something to happen, but not exactly what was about to happen to the both of them......BLAM Both Walter and Darkrai fell to the ground some twenty feet below, the branch they were both on had been shot, by a fireball, and a Salamence flew from the brush with a Rocket Rider on Back.

"Well...well....what do we have here, a lone, and delusional Rocket?" The Rocket cackled as Darkrai got up, behind him four more pokemon of the flying persuasion rose from the brush, a Mukkabird, a Flygon, a Charizard and a Skarmory, all with riders, all of them rockets. The look of confidence once on Walter's face, now long gone. "Oh...I see...well...in that case..." He stepped back, and then looked over to Darkrai, who was already glowing deep purple, he held out his arms and stood straight, in a 'crucifix position. They both began to glow, and right before the Rocket's eyes they were one.

"Well...this makes things a little different now, doesn't it?" Said the dual toned voice of the new being. The Rockets, all amazed, withdrew guns, which looked like net guns. Rocket #1:"Catch Them! Catch Them, Catch It, We can use that!" Just then, the body of the new being disippated into a fine blue mist and they were gone, reappearing some hundred yards away, dashing towards Pewter, both of them speaking at once, yet to each other within the same body. So...how do we plan on getting away from them, Walter? Said the voice of Darkrai. "I really don't know...let's just get to the gym...I'm sure their leader can help us...he's helped out village out before..." With that said, they dashed through the path that entered into Pewter City, their bodies shifting, back into two beings, Dakrai floating, Walter Running.

March 12th, 2007, 5:45 PM
Lindsey shouted in surprise as she was grabbed by AJ, and ran as she was pulled along. "What do you think you're doing?! Let go!" She shouted. "You don't have anything to do with this do you?! She pulled her hand out of AJ's grasp, and stood staring angrily at him. The energy of all of the Rockets was mixed and too strong...She couldn't tell if AJ knew anything about this or not. "Look, I don't know what makes you think I need to be protected, but trust me, I don't!" But when she looked back, she could see the enormous number of Rockets. Confused, she stood looking into space for a moment. She wasn't strong enough to preotect herself, but she couldn't just leave everyone like a coward.."I need to stay here." She said. Suddenly she saw the same flash of light from before, and a glimpse of something...pink? Floating above she and AJ. But now she felt calm. Not scared. She was often afraid, but had been taught that there was nothing that would be thrown at you in life that you could not handle. "AJ, we both need to stay. We need to fight." Absol agreed happily, and there was another flash before the feeling that it created was faint. Lindsey and absol immediately ran toward the crowd of Rockets.

March 12th, 2007, 5:52 PM
I was running now, towards the gym, flanked by Arcanine, and Toklata in her natural form. "This is bad, this is the opposite of good, and getting exponentially worse." I muttered to her as she flew alongside me. I saw lindsey running, and yelled out to her. "What do you think you're doing?! Get inside, we can defend the building easier than we can being surrounded out here!"I continued running, hoping she'd get the idea, but I stopped in front of the gym, seeing an old man in brown pants, an orange shirt, and a green vest. The garish colors contrasted sharply with his age, and sun darkened skin, and long grey hair and beard. He held a walking stick, but it was plain that he didn't need it to move around. "Listen. Old person. Rockets coming. We need inside to help defend the Gym's entrance. Comprende, Senor?" He seemed to be ignoring me quite effectively...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 5:55 PM
" Damnit!" AJ yelled going after her, she would be massacred.

" You can't do this on your own." He yelled at her, this was a lose-lose situation for her, her absol couldn't take on two, let alone a hundred.

AJ unholstered both of his guns, his magnum and his beretta, he was determined to keep her safe. She was like a sister to him, AJ didn't exactly know what to think about that. She could a big sister, and a little sister.

AJ noticed the light above but didn't care, right now. It seemed as if time was slow. But my bullets will be fast

AJ aimed his guns at two rockets, " You hurt her, and I'll kill you!" AJ yelled, his hand near the trigger.

AJ knew he wouldn't pull the trigger, unless he had to.

AJ didn't want to kill a man, in front of an innicent girl.

He couldnt, but he would if it came to.

March 12th, 2007, 6:02 PM
Lindsey stopped. She picked up Absol and turned to run to the Gym, but was grabbed by the four powerful arms of a Machamp. Lindsey immediately let go of absol, and yelled for her to stay with AJ and Robert. She kicked and screamed, bit and scratched, but nothing worked as the muscular pokemon made it's way to a large black van with an enormous red R on the side. She was thrown into was looked like a small cell in the back of the van, and could do nothing but hopelessly wait in the dark for her fate to come.

March 12th, 2007, 6:08 PM
I growled, whirling as I saw that she had been snatched. "That's it." I said, but recieved a rabbit punch to my throat for my troubles. That old guy was fast. "Hold on kid." He said in a calm voice. "If we do this, we'll do it right." Just then, massive pokemon burst forth around him. A Steelix, a Kabutops, an Omastar, an Aerodactyl, a Golem, and a Dainosuu. Though I had no clue what that was at the time. The appearance of the Mountain Man of Pewter, Brock, caused the rockets to falter for a second, but they began advancing again, as did the Champion of Pewter's pokemon. "The van! Clear a path to the van!" I said, rushing off in that general direction. Arcanine and Toklata stayed with me, and the golem Followed us as well, albeit with a lumbering gait...

March 12th, 2007, 6:12 PM
Lindsey felt the van rumble as it started and then the wheels scream on the pavement as it suddenly sped off. Lindsey sat pressed against a wall, trying hard not to fall over or be hit with a box or whatever might be in this pitch black van...For all she knew it could have anything in it.

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Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 6:12 PM
For moments AJ was blank but then something snapped inside his head.

He scowled and bared his teeth and started to repeatifly pull the trigger.

" Absol, Go to Robert!" AJ said aiming at random rockets and then running towards the truck.

AJ was ballistic, but still in control, he ran towards the driver and opened up the door, he through the rocket out and put the magnum to his head.

" If you want to keep your goddamn brains inside your goddamn head you better goddamn do as I goddamn say? Got it *******?" AJ barked into the rockets ear, he pushed the gun further to show he meant buisness.

AJ didn't notice as a rocket came up behind him and put the barrel of a small handgun to his back.

AJ was fast, and so were they.

AJ got shot, the bullet went straight through his chest, missed vital organs.

AJ was captured and thrown in the back of the truck.

Needless to say, They needed a new driver.

March 12th, 2007, 6:35 PM
Lindsey fell over as the van came to a sudden halt, and someone else was thrown in. The door was opened so briefly that he could only see the other person's silhouette. "Hello?" Robert? AJ? Who are you?" She asked. If it was AJ she expected to be screamed at or something for being such an idiot.. But other than that, all that mattered was escape. The van started and sped off again abruptly, causing Lindsey to fall in the opposite direction of where she had before. She heard something roll out of her back and grabbed it. Spearow's Pokeball! She still had a pokemon, even though absol had been left behind.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 6:40 PM
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AJ couldn't see Lindsey, but that didn't really matter. She was safe, that was all that mattered.

AJ was breathing heavilly, his chest was on fire. searing pain but he would be fine, as long as he tryed not to move around to much, the bleeding wouldn't kill him. Hopefully.

AJ was feeling the blood soak his entire shirt, big spot and the back as well. His trenchcoat had a hole and had blood on it to, this wasn't going very well. AJ summoned up his energy and aloud said; " Lindsey, are you alright? We're going to be okay." AJ was lying about himself for the last part, he would probally not make it. Stop thinking so negativly he told himself relaxing.

March 12th, 2007, 7:15 PM
Lindsey could feel his pain. He was going to die if he kept losing blood. "AJ you're going to be okay..." She said, holding back tears. Why do that? It was dark...Just came naturally, she guessed. But now AJ was in such horible condition...She felt like such a jerk..."I'm sorry for before." She said. "I wish I could help you..I really, really do..." Tears streamed down her face. Why did she have to be so sensitive...It wasn't going to make anything better...She just sat at AJ's side while the van kept going on it's way to it's destination..wherever that was...Lindsey couldn't think about even escaping now. All she wanted was for AJ to be okay.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 7:26 PM
" Don't beat youself up about it" Was all AJ could say in the darkness of the situation.

" These things happen, and if you blame youself... well then it gets more complicated. I'm going to be fine, and so are you. So stay calm, I'll tell you what to do, and then you do it. Okay?" He asked her softly, they wern't going to become Rockets toys.

" Okay, if your listening I need you to take the guns I have from there holsters and then take my bag and find two black hollow cylinders, their called silencers. After that I will need you to attach them and then aim for the door, where the line would meet when they are closed and in the middle. Shoot and if we have luck, that will be the lock coming off. Then we escape." He rambled on.

Then with a more upbeat attitude he started on " Then we can go back to are little game of you proving that you know about me." " Sounds like fun." were his last words to her before falling unconcious. It's up to you

March 12th, 2007, 7:44 PM
Arcanine and Toklata continued to fight, but I had been taken out of the battle by a stray water gun attack. Thankfully, in the chaos, no one seemed to have noticed as I stood close to the gym door, drip-drying. With the addition of the super-trainer's pokemon, even the massive rocket forces began to waver, then fall back. We had won! Toklata had, likewise stealthily returned to human form, and sighed, looking at me. Didn't she udnerstand that I couldn't DO anything like this?! However, before an argument could start, we were both cut short as we felt a hand in places where no hand should be. "That was entertaining, now how about a victory celebration, girls?" He asked, putting his arms over our shoulders, and onto our shirts. Toklata punched him a clear ten feet, as I tried to cover myself, even though I was clothed.

"Release the secret weapon!" One of the many officers called. And slowly, as they fell back, a massive shape revealed itself. towering at Nearly nine feet, the massive pokemon looked similar to a Rhydon, but different at the same time. It was black, and plated with red rocks as well, and seemed covered in extra bits of armor over it's hulk as it lowered itself, roaring as it charged. "Well, that could be a Problem." Brock said, but still retained his cool manner as the strange rhino pokemon charged, his own pokemon lining up to try to stop the Monster.

March 12th, 2007, 8:18 PM
"It is my fault and you know it." Lindsey said, wiping her face with her sleeve. She then took AJ's guns and attatched the silencers. She put one hand on the wall of the van, then moved over and put her other hand on the other wall. They were about seven feet apart. She positioned herself and aimed the gun at was was most likely the middle of the doors.

As soon as the gun was fired, the doors flew open. The van was still speeding along the road, and the doors were swinging slowly back and forth, but the force of the moving van did not let them open all the way. "How will we get out?" She asked AJ, who she could now see. He was bleeding as much as she'd thought, but was unconscious. Lindsey swore under her breath. Now what? If she jumped, especially while trying to take AJ, they'd both be killed. Another blinding flash appeared. "WHAT IS THAT?!" Lindsey shouted. She thought she was either being spied on, or going insane. Suddenly time seemed to stop. Or at least, began moving very slowly. Lindsey was as confused as she could possibly be, but she would not lose this chance to save AJ and herself. She pulled him out of the van, and dragged him to the side of the road, trying her best not to let him acquire any further injuries. As soon as the duo were on the roadside, everything continued on. Cars sped past, and the Rocket van continued to fly down the road, doors open and swinging subtly.

The sun was beginning to fall toward the horizon, and the sky was becoming darker. Lindsey could see a single star, which seemed to be in the middle of the sky, straight up. Now she and AJ were in the middle of nowhere, all that Lindsey could see was the freeway and fields of long, swaying grass ending at smooth, rolling hills on either side.

Lindsey pulled her only occupied pokeball from her bag. She wished Absol were here. "Will you be nice?" she asked the ball before releasing her newly caught spearow. It gave Lindsey a look of loathing, but turned and saw AJ. The small bird cocked it's head and looked back at Lindsey.
"He's dying." She said. She felt more hopeless than ever.

She stayed sitting on the side of the road until the orange sunset faded into darkness. The sky was littered with more stars than Lindsey had ever seen, but that didn't matter to her right now. It was over...just..over.

The flsh from before. Again. Stupid thing.. Linsey screamed as a childlike voice said 'Hello.' "What was that?! Who's there?!" She shouted, looking around. Suddenly a pink, catlike creature simply appeared in front of her. It's light blue gaze was beautiful. Mew had appeared to Lindsey.

'I've been watching you.' The little pokemon said telepathically. 'I like you. Do you want me to fix your friend?'

Lindsey stared angrily at the little creature. "Couldn't you have done that before?!" she said, tears falling down her face from relief and anger. "Yes, I want you to fix my friend."

Mew looked confused, and flipped upside down when it cocked it's head. 'Okay.' It replied simply. It floated down and sat on AJ's chest. 'Wake up.' It said, eyes closed.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 8:25 PM
AJ could see light, which hopefully meant they wern't dead.

AJ tilted his head to Lindsey and tears rolled down his toned face. He was smiling.

" I told you, we wouldn't die." AJ knew it was kind of a lame thing to say, but he knew it had to be said.

AJ could feel himself have another regression attack, was this the third one today? Must be all the stress was all he could think, he had been prepared and boughten clothes that adjusted to any height and weight and still appeared loose. Good thing to.

" Lets go to Pewter." Was the last thing he said before falling asleep.

As said before, it had been a stressful day.

March 12th, 2007, 8:32 PM
Lindsey hugged AJ as he regressed, just happy that he was alive. She wanted to thank Mew, but it had gone. Or maybe just become invisible. Lindsey thanked it anyway. Spearow had fallen asleep in the grass and Lindsey woke it up. "Come on, we've got to go." She said. Spearow seemed to care. She could feel the spearow's calmness, he was no longer afraid, and he was aware that Lindsey did not intend to harm him. He knew that they could be friends. The small bird jumped up and landed on his new trainer's shoulder as she benk over to pick up her friend. He was healed, but exaughsted. This was a convenient time for him to have shrunk, otherwise he'd be too big to carry.

Lindsey looked down each direction of the freeway. There were only a few cars now...She remembered which way the van had come from and began to head that way.

March 12th, 2007, 8:52 PM
I watched in amazement, and looked over at arcanine. "Get ready, try the dark fires." I said, not even thinking about how helpless I was like this. Arcanine nodded, and the air around him seemed to shimmer with living shadows... But the massive rhino pokemon continued it's charge. Steelix was the first to be passed as it headed straight for the gym. It literally hooked it's horn in one of it's segments, and charged right under it. Golem wasn't so lucky. It was literally knocket out of the way, flying. Kabutops and Omastar were trampled, and Aerodactyl was grounded a long ways away. "I feel the sudden need for an "Oh ****" Declaration."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 9:03 PM
AJ woke up silently but didn't open his eyes, he enjoyed being carried. It wasn't totally from being lazy or exausted, but every woman and every man liked to feel there troubles go away at times. To basically be babied a little bit, not to the point of being diapered and given a pacifier, that was disgustingly strange. But to just relax. AJ felt himself fall back asleep on his own and decided that maybe, being a little seven year old toddler. Wasn't always so bad.

OOC: Speeding it up a bit.

AJ woke up again, and looked ahead. Pewter city. He tried his best to talk in his exaustion; " Pokecenter... Room." He mumbled slowly, he didn't realise how tired he really was. It was strange, but then again...

It had been a stressful day.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 9:09 PM
No-Name ran back over to Chase as Rex shared one of those moments of happiness with his Sandshrew. Chase smiled at the sight, it always made him feel happy to see Pokemon getting along so well with their trainers, and it made him burn on the inside when Pokemon were being mistreated. Eventually Rex got up and walked over to Chase.

'So, you from Johto or something?' he asked as he looked down at No-Name. Chase looked down at him as well, then back at Rex, and scratched the back of his neck.

'Well, I grew up in New Bark until I was ten, then I moved to Viridian. I've been living there for the past six years.' Chase replied.

{It doesn't seem like we've been living there for six years.} No-Name said cheekily. Chase looked down at him, with one of his shut-up looks, but No-Name didn't follow. He just kept going on in his Quilava speak. {I mean, seriously, how is it possible that you could get lost in the forest just outside the town you're living in?}

Chase realized that No-Name may have just been acting like a noisy Quilava to Rex, so to shut him up, and so he didn't blow his cover out of irrational anger, he picked No-Name up and said 'You hungry pal?'

No-Name cocked his head to the side and said {What the...?} but was cut off by Chase.

'Yeah, that battle was intense. Now I'm hungry too.' He smiled at Rex with one of his cheesy smiles that usually told people that something was up, but not exactly what.

March 12th, 2007, 9:24 PM
“Ah, I see,” I said. I rubbed my stomach as if to show that I was hungry too, but I was just playing along. I wasn’t that hungry, really. “Pewter City should have some sort Diner when we get there. Oh, by the way, were you going to Pewter?”

It was very easy to get carried away and just assume that this person was going where I was going. It was better to ask first, though I failed to do that and instead asked last.

I looked down at Slash. He seemed to be better now; much happier too. “Well, I’m going to Pewter anyways. You wanna come along?” Normally, I wouldn’t be the one to invite. However, I felt bored going alone. If Chase was going to Pewter too, I guess we could be bored together than alone. At least that was something better.

Yup, that meant I was currently thinking more about what was to come than what was on Chase's face, because if I had looked, then maybe I would have spotted that sign that something was up.

March 12th, 2007, 9:32 PM
Upon arrival in Pewter, Lindsey could hear a battle raging near the gym...She wanted to help, but had to get AJ to the pokemon center now. She hurried past the scene and ran inside the pokecenter, placed AJ on a sofa and asked for a room from the nurse at the counter. She gave Lindsey a key, and Lindsey took AJ up to the room. She would leave him there to return to normal while she helped Robert fight.

As she headed for the door, though the nurse stopped her. "Where do you think you're going?!" she asked sternly. "You can't just leave your brother alone here!"

"But he's-"

"You're responsible for him aren't you?"

Lindsey almost said "Not really",but that would have come across rather badly.

"Yes, but-"

"No buts! Either take that child with you or stay with him!"

"But I lost my absol and-"

"NO. You have to take him with you if you leave."

Lindsey swore under her breath.
"Fine I'll stay."
She sat down on a sofa and put her feet up, hoping AJ would wake up and get his 17-year-old butt downstairs so she could leave.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 9:38 PM
AJ sighed in relief being on the now larger then life bed, to comftorable for words.

AJ was about to go to sleep but decided to thank Lindsey for all her help, He changed into less bullet holeish clothes and got his ponytail more managble.

He then continued on slowly walking downstairs, trying to keep that smile plastered on his face.

What would he really say, walking down seven was proof enough; she might win this little battle. But I don't care, I just really don't care. One person other then my family and fiance knowing wouldn't hurt.

AJ was now fully downstairs, he looked both ways around the room. Not seeing her on the couch. AJ shrugged and decided to go back upstairs. " Oh, well."

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 9:40 PM
'Yeah, I'm heading to Pewtwer City so I can get the Boulder Badge from the Gym Leader.' Chase said, he then muttered under his breath 'I'm assuming I have to challenge a Gym Leader for it.'

{Duh!} No-Name rolled his eyes. Chase gave him another look, then he heard some Pokemon in a tree behind him.

{That kid can battle, but he's not the brightest crayon in the box.}

{Nope. He looks like he needs to go back to school, and I'm not talking about Pokemon trainer school.} Chase turned away from Rex, gritted his teeth to relieve a bit of anger, then turned back with a casual smile. But then he heard something else.


'Huh?' Chase looked around, as did No-Name. Both of them could hear it. The It was that voice again, coming from a hidden Pokemon.

{Listen to them... train your mind...}

'Great,' Chase muttered. He then looked at Rex, and said 'Did you hear that Pokemon?'

{It howls.} No-Name said to him, {Tell him it was howling.}

'Uh, it was... oh, never mind. It was probably someone's dog Pokemon or something.' He then turned to the road and said 'Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get going.' He gave Rex yet another smile, except this time it didn't let anything up.

March 12th, 2007, 9:44 PM
Lindsey sat up and saw AJ going back upstairs. "Hey!" She shouted, how're you feeling?" She was glad that he was awake. Even after the encounter with Mew, Lindsey had not been able to help worrying about AJ's condition.

OOC: Shhooortpost ><

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 9:49 PM
AJ blushed, " Umm fine." He mumbled, Did she have to shout so loud?

AJ then started to twiddle his fingers " I just wanted to say thanks." He said to her a little too quietly.

AJ then started to think, Why don't I have a hole in my chest? What happened to the wound? AJ Decided not to ask, but decided to think it over something nice and warm, Like a bath? yes that would do it. AJ smiled.

" Well, Goodnight!" AJ said about to rush back upstairs.

March 12th, 2007, 9:50 PM
I listened for awhile, but did not hear anything. Well, whatever it was, Chase was probably right about it being a dog Pokémon or something. I didn’t really pay much attention to it (how could I? I didn’t even hear it).

“Alright, come on Slash,” I called, to which Slash followed right by my side, coincidently right by Chase’s Quilava. It was then that I realized I did not know if the Quilava had a nickname; I hadn’t paid attention to what Chase had called it in the battle.

“So, does he have a name?” I asked, hinting with my fingers that I was talking about the Quilava.

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 12th, 2007, 9:59 PM
Chase looked down at No-Name, then back at Rex and said 'Ah yeah. Well I grew up around Pokemon with nicknames, so I thought every Pokemon had their own individual name, just like you or me. Quilava was abandoned on my famliy's doorstep when I was just a baby and he was just a Cyndaquil. He didn't have a nickname coz he was wild, so I just called him No-Name. When I was old enough to actually understand the concept of nicknames I tried to change it, but he'd grown attached to it, and wouldn't respond to anything else. So it kinda stuck over the years.' Chase looked down at No-Name and smiled, No-Name smiled back.

Chase then looked down at Rex's Sandshrew, who was trailing between them, and said 'So how'd you come up with the name Slash? That's a pretty cool name. Heh, Sandshrew's a pretty cool Pokemon.'

March 12th, 2007, 10:04 PM
Lindsey didn't ask him to come with her. AJ'd probably get hurt in this state around rockets and so many pokemon.. Lindsey felt so helpless now, though. Robert was probably going to die, or be captured or seriously hurt...She just rolled over onto her stomach and hoped for the best. Suddenly she was somewhere else. In a place much like where she'd escaped from the Rocket van, but there was no freeway. Only moonlight, countless stars and the vast fields and hills. A cool breeze swept the grass, making it ripple like a calm sea of green and silver. Lindsey looked around, looking for Mew. She looked up, and saw Mew hovering playfully above her.
Upside-down seemed to be it's favorite levitating position.

"What's going on now?" Lindsey asked. The small pokemon turned right side up and floated down in front of her. 'You can't help Robert. It's simply not supposed to be.' These words sounded strange in Mew's childlike voice. "I am supposed to help him."

Lindsey looked confusedly at Mew. "What do you mean you are? Are you going to make it look like he did it all on his own?"



"Don't question fate. It is how it is. You'll find out one day."

Lindsey was about to reply, but she suddenly found herself back in the Pokeon center's lobby, no Mew in sight.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 10:16 PM
AJ went on up and started the water flowing into the tub, nice and steamy he thought to himself stripping and slowly going in the tub.

AJ relaxed right there, enjoying the bubbles he had put in and playing around with the small yellow duckie, God if any of them could see me now he laughed to himself, " Mum, Dad, Misty and now Lindsey" He mumbled putting some of the bubbles in his hair, it was fun.

AJ soon got out of the tub and drained the water, he dryed off and got dressed. He carefully put his ponytail back together and then continued to heading downstairs for something to eat. He ordered a large salad, large platter of fries, large milkshake and some doughnuts. When his order came he took the tray and continued upstairs.

" Young man! Wait, who's paying for this?" the nurse asked sternly.
" Put it on my sisters tab" I replied.

She might've won the battle, but she hadn't won the war.

March 12th, 2007, 10:18 PM
I grimaced, as a huge line of blue fire spread from the ground around Arcanine, forcing the Rhino to hault in it's tracks. The flames didn't seem to hurt it, but it didn't want to cross them. "Oh, he-" I said, but was cut off sharply, every muscle in my body tensing as a pokemon, invisible to everyone, slipped itself inside of my back, melding inside of my body. "You know, you really should get used to this form. You will spend half your life in it." I heard the thoughts, but I couldn't react. "Arcanine." I said, though I wasn't the one to say those words. I leapt on his back, though I didn't make myself leap. The flames were released, and immidiately, it began chasing after us. We led it off only a short ways off, my body had him stop, and whirl around to look. As it came near, the ground slowly started to collapse, as a full fledged sinkhole appeared, sending him falling down. He wasn't defeated, but he wasn't going anywhere fast... "There, that's better. Remember what I said." And suddenly, I could control myself again, as the pokemon left me.

March 12th, 2007, 10:35 PM
A nurse walked up to Lindsey and said "Your brother ordered a lot..That will be thirty dollars."

Lindsey gave her a strange look, and remembered that the nurse had mistaken AJ for her brother. "I'm not even related to that kid!" She said, frustrated.

"But you said you were responsible for him." The nurse replied.

"But I'm-"


"Never mind...Fine, I'll pay."

She got out her wallet and counted thirty dollars, then placed it in the Nurse's hand.

"There! Happy?" Lindsey said, turning and walking away before the nurse could say anything.
After carrying him down a freaking freeway for an hour or som ,this was the thanks she got from that brat? ..er, jerk?

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 11:00 PM
AJ chuckled silently to himself as he enjoyed his food, delishious he thought to himself as he finished it, he still had his box of doughnuts though.

AJ decided to go out for a walk with his doughnuts, eat peacefully under the stars. " This is almost the longest time I've been seven at a time." He muttered to himself and then reminded himself, " better enjoy it."

So packing up his doughnuts with him and then putting on a diffrent outfit, PJ's AJ slowly made his way downstairs.

Once reaching the bottom he looked both ways and headed towards the door, He was in the home clear.

March 12th, 2007, 11:13 PM
Lindsey had totally forgotten about her spearow. The curious thing had left her shoulder long ago, and was exploring the Pokemon center until he saw AJ leaving. HE has flown out the door above him and landed in a tree, watching the boy as he went for his nighttime walk. He then spotted the doughnuts. Spearow continued to follow AJ until he was at just the right angle to steal a snack. The bird swooped down from his tree and took a doughnut in his beak, landing nearby with an innocent expression on the parts of his face that were visible from behind the doughnut, which was roughly the size of his head.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 11:20 PM
AJ cursed loudly " Damnit! Stupid Goddamn bird, stole my damn doughnut..." AJ shouted giving the bird an obvious death glare and then remembered something. " Thats Lindseys bird!" He mumbled angrily to himself, he would show her! He angrily stomped his way back to the pokecenter, and walked in.

AJ spent a few minutes looking for her until actully finding her, needless to say. AJ was pissed. " Your goddamn stupid-ass bird just snacthed my goddamn doughnut!" He yelled loudly at her and then adding; " You owe me, three damn bucks!" AJ yelled at Lindsey. By now considering this was a lobby, people were staring. Wondering what would happen next.

March 12th, 2007, 11:28 PM
Lindsey sat up. She'd nearly fallen asleep on the sofa. She smiled as people gave him looks of surprise.
"No, I don't owe you three dollars, I just payed thirty bucks for you're freakishly huge dinner. You could at least say thanks." Spearow hopped in after AJ, and upon spotting his trainer flew over to hear and landed on her head, a smug expression on it's face. "Whats up with you? I practically save your life and you're treating me terribly. Just drop it already, we don't need to fight anymore."

March 12th, 2007, 11:33 PM
Toklata had read a number of books on training, and it was simple, really. Maybe she could get the old robert back... "That was amazing!" She said, forcibly dragging her along with an arm in a vicegrip around her waist. There, behind the pokemon center. the windows were all empty. Plus, it might be fun to freak him out... "T-tokie, what are you doing?" She grinned, and fairly confident that no one was aound, pulled 'him' close, and locked in a kiss. Panicking at her current gender status, Robert tried to flailto get away, but flying built up excellent strength. He couldn't escape. Poor Robert.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 12th, 2007, 11:44 PM
AJ pouted, but then sighed. " Fine, I'll let it slip just this one time." He muttered.

" Oh, and you better find yourself another room, I'm not sharing one" That being said he headed back upstairs to his room, he opened it up and went inside. He put on his other clothes and got into bed. He would most likely become seventeen again in his sleep.

AJ quickly fell asleep, his dream was strange. He had been seven and everyone he knew had treated him like a seven year old or younger; The whole dream had been a nightmare and he was glad to wake up in the morning, very early to see his rugid seventeen face.

He gave the nurse a note to give to Lindsey.

The note said this;

Dear Lindsey;

We are even for now, One to One.
Maybe we'll meet again.
I doubt it though, I'm a very busy adult.
And your a very immature little girl.
Two to One, me in favor.

Sincerly, Valentine

AJ knew she would get a laugh out of this, he paid for the room he hadn't used and bought some doughnuts. He then rode his motercycle to Brocks Gym. Time To battle.

He knocked on the door and it opened fastly, it was a man. Kind of old, he knew what AJ was there for an shooed him in.

The inside of the gym was amazing.

" No time to waste youngster. Go Geodude!" The man yelled sending the rocky pokemon out.

AJ smiled and brought out Pikachu first, AJ knew that rock and thunder wouldn't mix so he decided on a classic. " Quick Attack! And then Slam" He yelled as the Pikachu took down the weak geodude.

The man smiled broadly, " Go Onix!" He muttered sending the rock snake out.

Pikachu was defeated in seconds.

" Go Muddy!" AJ said sending the mudfish out.

" Use Water gun!" And the battle was over.

" I went easy on ya" He mumbled handing over a badge.

It was time to skip town, maybe.

March 13th, 2007, 12:05 AM
Lindsey didn't care if she had a room or not. She'd been dozing on the sofa down here in the lobby all evening anyway, so that was where she slept.

The next morning, the nurse at the counter addressed Lindsey.

"Some guy gave me this letter this morning." She said.

"What guy?" Lindsey asked.

"He looked like he was related to that kid you were with. Did he have a brother?"

Lindsey stared for a moment at the nurse, not able to believe her incredible ditzyness. She took the piece of paper from the nurse and read it. Jerk She thought, amused this time.
Suddenly something hit her like a ton of bricks. Absol was gone. Had she been taken by the Rockets when she left her with Robert? ..Lindsey remembered the scene last night with 'Robin' and Toklata. Meh, they had their own silly little thing going on. But did Robert have Absol or was she gone? Lindsey suddenly realized that since absol had been gone, she hadn't really been able to feel anything out of the ordinary...No 'sixth sense'.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 13th, 2007, 12:12 AM
AJ was doing some last minute touristing when something bit him on the leg, " Crap" He muttered as he felt it tug and then he saw it, fysty little tyke.

" Arn't you?..." AJ wanted to ask it, but asking a pokemon something was stupid.
" Yes, I think you are" AJ smiled picking it up, it was a pup, an absol pup.

AJ wanted to take it back to Lindsey but didn't see how he would, " Just take him back to her" He said to himself, easier said then done. Once he was there she would try to do something.

AJ came up with a plan, he wrote a note and put it in Absols mouth and then led him to the pokecenter. " Through the doggie door" He said to the small pokemon.

The absol did as he said and went into the pokecenter.

AJ smiled, his note had simply said; Three To One.

March 13th, 2007, 2:29 PM
What a strange girl! Why did she excuse for the hunt? Wasn´t that just something normal? Every trainer would try to catch a Pokémon he wants. Katmai turned around to have a complete picture of the girl. He walked to her until he was standing right in front of her. "Hm, you didn´t expect that i can talk like you huh? What are you thinking about? I just can´t understand you trainers. Everyone wants to have rare Pokémon, but if somebody looks at me and what i can do, everyone don´t want to catch me anymore..." he looked a bit bored to her feed. "What do you really want? A normal Pikachu? I am not a normal, i am special. I have trained a lot to become strong and to gain abilities, but now nobody wants something like me. Erg..." he changed his direction to the Pokémon center again and walked some steps.

Katmai wasn´t sure about the trainer. What was she really after? Did she just want an electric Pokémon to win in a gym battle and then leave the Pokémon alone or something like that? No... her eyes told different meanings. She wasn´t like the other trainers. Was she something special too? Katmai couldn´t think about it. Suddenly he felt a known pain in his chest and his body begun to glow. [No... not again... not now...] he hold his chest and kneeled down. His body did want to evolute, but he wasn´t ready now. He didn´t want that. The glowing become stronger and the pain was difficult to handle. [Grrr... argh...] Katmai felt down on the ground hoping that the glow would stop soon.

Crimson Arcanine
March 13th, 2007, 5:04 PM
OOC: Hehe, you made me think very hard. +1.

Vicki Termia – Deep Viridian Forest

The Pikachu turned just after I had said my apology and started to walk up to me. Then it proceeded to question me with what looked like a bored look on its face. This didn’t make me feel any better at all. I was now starting to feel guilty for feeling guilty. It then began to walk away. I was stunned. This Pikachu was not annoyed at the fact I tried to catch it earlier. It seemed like it wanted to be caught. But then it stopped and it began glowing… ‘What the?’ I thought, as I watch it hold its own chest. Whatever was happening, it seemed with the poor pikachu was in some pain. I ran over to it when it collapsed. It looked and sounded like it was in considerable pain. I went over to the downed Pikachu and went to pick it up, but when I touched it

*Flash* I saw a raichu in a battle stance, it curled up its paws into something like fists, squeezed its cheeks and let loose a powerful thunderbolt *End Flash*

My eyes sprung wide open as a fiery feeling pulsed once thought my body. It was odd, I had felt that same thing when I had patted my rattata for the first time…

I waited in my bedroom like my mother had told me too. She said she had a surprise for me. I waited eagerly for my mother.

She entered the room, holding a wrapped up box. ’Funny’ I thought ‘Is not my birthday today…’. My mother indicated to me to open the box, so I did .Inside was a pokeball and a trainer card with my name on it. I hugged my mother. “Thanks Mother.” I cried as I looked at the trainer card like it was made of gold. “Well, why don’t check out the pokemon your father caught for you?” My mother stated as she watched on. I released the pokemon out of its pokeball and a rattata revealed itself in a blast of white light. “Raaatata…it cried cheerfully. I went to hug my new rattata but as I touch it. I saw something in my mind and felt a fiery pulse flow though me once.

*Flash* A rattata was eating a half of a Sitrus Berry. It squeaked in pleasure as it finished the berry and then quickly ran back into the long grass behind it *End Flash*

I blinked as I stoppde, wondering what the hell happened, What did I see? Why did I see it?
<End Flashback>

Now I knew what was happening to the Pikachu. It was resisting evolution.

I looked down at the pikachu. My touch seemed to have lessened the glowing somewhat. My guilt shifted to worry, and I knew I was getting too emotional, but I couldn’t help it. A feverish feeling stole over me as I watched. At least the pikachu seemed not to glowing so much, but it was still in pain.

March 13th, 2007, 5:51 PM
Lindsey watched absol enter the pokemon center. She immediately ran to her pokemon and picked her up.
"What's this?" She asked, taking AJ's note from Absol. Why didn't he jut bring her to me? she thought, but suddenly felt AJ's presence outside. Things were back to...Abnormal!

The automatic doors slid open when Lindsey walked outside.

"Thanks so much!" She shouted, hugging AJ. "But why didn't you come inside?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 13th, 2007, 5:56 PM
" Oh Lindsey... Maybe when you grow up, you'll understand." AJ said slowly getting out of the hug, but still smiling.

" As for your absol... He was no big deal, he's small. Easy to carry." AJ murmered getting on his motorcycle.

" You should probally go get the badge from the gym, trust me. It's easy." AJ said to her revving up the cycle.

" Anything before I go?" AJ asked and then added, " No, I'm engaged. And your a bit young for me." He joked ruffling her hair.

March 13th, 2007, 6:16 PM
Lindsey fixed her hair after having it rudely messed by AJ. "Understand what? Is something wrong with simply bringing my pokemon back to me?" Eh, it didn't matter. "Well, thanks again." She almost added but really, you need to stop being so hypocritical. But kept it to herself. "See you." She added, walking off. Probably to look at museum exhibits, maybe to th gym, maybe to train. She didn't really know or care.

March 13th, 2007, 6:25 PM
"H-H-HELP MEEE!" Came a shout from out behind the pokecenter. I dashed around, heading towards the other two, not noticing Toklata easily jogging behind me. "S-she's crazy!" I panted, leaning over to support myself on my legs, not noticing the clear marks of black lipstick all over my face, and neck. "Spoilsport." Toklata said calmly, as though this sort of occurance was completely natural. I didn't even want to think about what the others would make of this, but right now, I was just relieved to be out of her grip... And have my mouth to myself again.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 13th, 2007, 6:30 PM
AJ smiled at her and started off, where would he go next? Mt. Moon. Yes, thats where he would go.

He looked behind him and saw Robert with his creepy girlfreind.

He stopped and yelled back at them, " Robert! You scored well, but she's creepy as hell!" AJ was now more fufilled.

AJ checked his map, he just had to take a left there, and a turn there and he would be in the caverns in no time.

AJ reached the pokecenter up ahead and stopped, and geuss what he bought?

Yep, more doughnuts.

Now he was ready.

March 13th, 2007, 7:05 PM
I blinked, geniuinely confused now. "Creepy? what do you mean?" I aske, not getting what he meant. "She just wouldn't let me go." Toklata shrugged, apparently, not feeling the childish insult. "I think he means that I'm freaky because I'd smother you with my affection when we're.. On the same team." I paused a moment, then remembered myself, and suddenly, as I realised what she meant, my face became a bright red with emberassment. "Don't blush, it clashes with the black lipstick all over you." My blush only deepened as I tried to imagine how it must have looked.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 13th, 2007, 8:03 PM
AJ was at a rough angle here, Should he go into the cave with his motercycle, fastly? Or go through slowly on foot? And what to do with the cycle.

AJ's problem was fixed when he saw... Brad?!

" Hey AJ! Long time no see." Brad murmered walking out of the center, he was real tall for seventeen. About Six foot Three.

" Hey Brad! what brings you here?" AJ asked the tall adult.

" Just some sight seeing..." He mumbled as he started to scratch his head.

AJ saw through his ploy, " What do you want?" He asked him.

" I need to borrow your bike... My car broke down" He mumbled.

AJ sighed and handed him the keys, " Thirty bucks. And only across Mt. Moon. I need it back in ceriluan." He told him.

Brad sighed and payed up " Fine I-" But before he could finish, AJ was already inside the cave.

March 13th, 2007, 8:14 PM
“Well, I decided it to be right to name him after that famous Guitarist, Slash. You know?” I smiled, then laughed a little at the lie. “Nah, I’m just kidding. I named him Slash because of his evolved form, ‘Sandslash.’”

That was the last thing I remembered telling Chase. After awhile, I said my good-byes to this trainer and continued on my way to Pewter. This proved to be a bad thing, considering I eventually got lost, and had to stay overnight out in the forests.

It wasn’t so bad; I had Slash next to me. In the night, I tried catching more Pokémon in the night, but continued to fail. The good news was that I got Slash to a higher level each time I fought with a wild Pokémon. This went on for awhile before I finally decided it would be right to sleep. We slept next to a large tree, undisturbed in the night.

Until my dream came.

I was dreaming that I was still falling asleep, so I didn’t know I was already asleep. There I was, Slash lying next to me. I loved the way his breathing calmed the area around us. The night was good.

There was a sound, and I just had to look around. I stood, careful not to awake Slash. I looked around the area, finding nothing. I didn’t know what I expected to find; wild Pokémon of some kind maybe? Nope, there was nothing.

When I turned around, I didn’t have time to react; something came right at me and slashed from my throat to my torso.

Before anything major in the gory department could happen, I awakened. It was morning. I didn’t realize how a short dream could take the entire night, but I was ready to continue. The dream did not bother me as I woke up Slash and continued walking; I wouldn’t allow it to bother me. Instead, we both continued to Pewter.

Finally, we reached the entrance of Pewter. I didn’t know what I expected to feel; happy I guess, but the mood I felt was grim. Still, as I promised myself when I woke up, I wasn’t going to be disturbed by the dream.

“Come on Slash,” I said, as I entered the city limits of Pewter.

March 13th, 2007, 8:46 PM
In hiding...that's what Walter and Darkrai did best, even though their power was formidable, they weren't ready for such a fight. After all the chaos had ended, they both left the safety of their hiding place, looking about. After some Fifteen Minutes of walking around, both Darkrai and Walter noticed the ground had begun to shake, and loud smashes and roars were heard, some ground about twenty yards away shattering and falling.

Out of sheer curiousity and boredom, both Darkrai and Walter walked to the sinkhole, looking down, Walter Falls backwards and Darkrai flies upwards in a diagonal retreat, the larger than average Dosaidon, roaring and causing a fit, but once it caught eyes with Darkrai, it immediately somehow got a burst of energy and jumped out of the hole in one leap, standing it's ground a few yards from Darkrai, Who looked back with the same, fierce glare. Walter was still very dumbfounded, but he got up, an Ultra ball ready in his hand.

"This...will be our first attempt at catching a pokemon Darkrai....this is weird...why are These species of pokemon in this region?....they shouldn't be here....what are the Rockets doing?" Darkrai nodded, and they both began to glow, again, their bodies flashed and they were the one being again, glowing deep black, like burning flames from hell. The Dosaidon didn't even look phased by this, and charged them, it's two horns drilling like mad, making a metallic whirring that filled the whole city.

The being jumped, dodging Dosaidon's first attack, and turned, just in time to see the second horn still spinning, and the Dosaidon jumping upwards, smashing it's horn into the being, the being made a noisey screech and flew at least twenty yards back, a wound bleeding in it's side, but the dark matter that made up it's body quickly healing that. It got up, wheezing, holding up one arm, the other hand holding it's wound. "Dark PULSE!!!!" A Huge black ball began to form as the Dosaidon began charging at full speed, the whole city shaking from it's footstomps, this would be a dangerous collision indeed.

March 13th, 2007, 8:52 PM
I looked around, sighing. "I need to find some hot water..." I muttered, going for the purse that appeared, to make up for my lack of pockets in this outfit. Toklata just sighed, shaking her head. "You're just not as fun anymore, Robert." she said, getting an evil glint in her eye as she looked at lindsey, seeming to notice her for the first time. Noticing every inch. "Well, maybe you could liven him up? We could both go into his tent one night with a bottle of cold water. It'd be like a slumber party, but fun." "HEY!!"

March 13th, 2007, 10:01 PM
"This...is going to--" BLAAAAAAMMMM! Both Dosaidon, and the Being, that was Darkrai and Walter flew back, at least a hundred feet, Dosaidon smashed into the corner of the pokemon Center, cracking some of the building under it's massive weight, Walter and Darkrai sepereated, smashing into the Gym wall, since the gym itself is carved out of the rock that once stood tall there, they just bashed into and fell to the ground, Darkrai and Walter barely conscious.

Dosaidon was still conscious, he got up and roared, beating his chest, he began charging them again, Walter got up, withdrawing a super potion, spraying down Darkrai, who slowly started recovering, Dosaidon was night a few yards away, ready to bash Darkrai, who was almost healed, Walter had a flash back right then.

A Young boy, no older than 12 was running around in the forest, training a baby Murkrow, laughing, and cawing between the both of them in sheer happiness. "Murkrow! I love you! I promise to take good care of you!" The Murkrow cawed happily. "Mair, Mairkroooowww!" It replied" The Flashback fades out for now, The younger boy standing where Walter Stood, and Darkrai where the Murkrow had been in the flash back, Walter's eyes began to stream with tears, not wanting to have this flashback now. It's later in the same day the little boy and the Murkrow were training, Murkrow was resting on the branch of a tree, Walter lieing down right under it, much younger than the Walter Now, he got up and began to reach for Murkrow, who had a shocked, and pained look in it's face. It gave a weak caw and fell to the ground, it's back bleeding horribly. In the background, in some bushes, was a man with a Gun, The young Walter Fell to his knees, crying, holding the Murkrow, who nuzzled him back affectionately. "Kroooo---" It coughed and lay there in Walter's Arms Dead. Young Walter Buried his face into the Young Pokemon's plumage, crying loudly.

Walter's body began to tremble, the Dosaidon getting Closer, Darkrai still to weak to be able to dodge, and definately way too weak to take Dosaidon's attack. The Flashback faded into sight again. That evening...at the bridge somewhere between Mt. Moon and Pewter, Very high, down to a very rock river, Walter stood on the railing, the baby Murkrow had been buried earlier, he Closed his eyes, thinking, and took one step forward. "I'm sorry Murkrow...I'm sor--" Just then, a voice was heard. Don't jump! "Huh..." Walter Stopped, and looked up seeing Darkrai, he gasped out loud, and Darkrai began talking, but his voice was muffled. The Flashback finally ended, And Walter Did it without thinking, yelling out. "No, Not Again!" He jumped in front of Darkrai, who looked surprised, and Just before Being slammed into, silence, Walter Looked up, Dosaidon stopped, as if dumbfounded by Walter's Actions.

"Graannghh?" It muttered out, as if asking what Walter Was doing. Darkrai forced himself to get up, and spoke to Dosaidon telepathically "He cares about pokemon...unlike those that probobaly raised you from birth." Dosaidon dumbfounded, spoke to Darkrai, this conversation lasted a few minutes, before he finally became silent, Darkrai looked to Walter, and gave a reassuring nod. He will join us...he has never seen humans act so kind, and wants to be able to fight alongside you, you are a strong opponent, and he is sure you will be even more honorable as a master. Walter smiled and said quietly as he looked up to Dosaidon in the eyes. "I'm not your master, I'm your friend, Dosaidon, your new name is Hurrican, and Darkrai, I think you need a name now...we'll call you Shadow, eh?" Both Pokemon Nodded, and Walter held out the Ultraball, Dosaidon nipped the pokeball with it's nose, and gave itself to Walter, Then Darkrai smiled. "Now...what should we do next, eh?" Darkrai just floated alongside him as he walked towards the Gym.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 13th, 2007, 10:27 PM
AJ heard his motorcycle roar and he sighed, he now for sure would have to walk through the lonely cave, unless...

AJ started his walk back into town, " Might as well see if other people need a ride as well" He murmered walking towards a car rental.

( Twenty Minutes Later)

AJ had a car, not a flashy one. But a decent one non the less. AJ put the keys in and turned the ignition, time to get out of this little city and into the larger city of Cerulian.

AJ went down the road, he would try to pick up Lindsey, Robert and maybe his creepy girlfreind. If they wanted the ride, AJ first saw that he was coming across Robin and her girlfreind, well his.

He slowly stopped and rolled down the window and sighed. " You guys need a ride?" He asked them dully.

March 13th, 2007, 10:41 PM
I blinked, looking over in suprise as the guy came up again. "Wow. You really are everywhere, aren't you?" I asked, slowly wiping the lipstick off with a tissue. I couldn't be seen like that. To Cerulian? Sure." Toklata said, and literally took me by the arm, and dragged me into the back seat besides her. This wouldn't end well, I knew it... But strangely, she didn't make any hostile movements towards me, just looked over towards Lindsey. Maybe I did need to start standing up for myself..

March 13th, 2007, 11:30 PM
Lindsey watched the car pull up to Toklata, Robert and herself. AJ was driving, and asked the trio if they needed a ride to Cerulean. Lindsey had'nt gotten her badge yet though...Ah, whatever. She could always come back. After all, she'd get to go back to her hometown for a while. "Sure, but why did you come back?" She asked, "I thought you were going alone."

Absol immediately leapt into the car and sat down on the seat next to AJ. Lindsey picked up the pokemon and set her on her lap when she sat down.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 13th, 2007, 11:42 PM
AJ looked like a dumbstruck child, " Well. Funny story really." AJ mumbled.

" Lets just say... I knew you guys were to lazy to go across Mt. Moon, Children these days" AJ said to them, mumbling the last part really to himself.

" So lets see what I've found out about the people in this veichle." AJ said aloud as he turned into a major highway that would get them to cerilian.

" Were all... Weird. Lindsey can detect danger, Robert can become Robin, I'm a heart throb to the extreme and Roberts girlfreind is just plain creepy." AJ said to them in an almost jokingly mannor.

But this is serious AJ thought to himself as they arrived at the city outskirts, he drove through.

"Misty should be down at the point." AJ mumbled as he parked at a pokecenter.

" Everyone out." He said, " I've got stuff to do."

March 14th, 2007, 12:47 AM
Lindsey climbed out of the car thanking AJ and looking around. She hadn't been gone very long, but still, after all that had happened just so far it felt rather nice to be home. She looked around before deciding to head for the Gym. Absol followed along close behind, her navy blue claws making small clicks against the pavement. a group of wingull flew overhead, fighting over a scrap of something as they went. Bicycles were leaned against almost everything. Bikes were a very popular mode of transport here.

Lindsey passed by her house. Mom wasn't home. Working, most likely. She opened the garage door and searched around for her bike. Aha! Lindsey pulled the pale blue bicycle from behind a lawnmower. She wondered why she had not brought it with her in the first place!

Cheeky Typhlosion
March 14th, 2007, 1:42 AM
'Cool, OK then. I guess I'll catch ya later!' Chase and No-Name left Rex and Slash to go their own way, and continued towards Pewter City. They were wandering around for ages, completely uncertain of where they were going until...

{I could have sworn we passed this same tree branch three times already!}

'No! It's just that every tree branch looks the same in this forest!' Well... this situation pretty much explains itself. Yes, Chase and No-Name had been walking around and around in circles for a good hour and a bit, and it was getting dark. 'Well, I suppose there's no point walking around the dark, it's not like we're gonna do any better.' Chase pulled his blanket back out of his back pack and lay down by a bush. No-Name crawled under the blanket and snuggled himself under Chase's arm on his chest. His warmth kept both of them warm and they soon fell asleep.

They slept soundly through the night and woke up to the sound of a Pidgey flock. After a good stretch they got up and looked around. After only a moment they saw the outline of a very familiar Pokemon. It had an ocean blue aura emminating from it. The Pokemon gave them one look, then turned and started running.

'No! Wait!' Chase swiftly picked his backpack as he ran past, and took chase to the Pokemon. No-Name quickly caught on and followed, but began struggling to keep up with Chase. The Pokemon was making easy work of them and was merely jogging ahead of them. Before long it began racing ahead of them, almost out of sight. 'Oh, come on.' Chase breathlessly whispered to himself. 'You go... to the effort of finding us... only... to run away again?'

{Your destiny awaits you directly ahead.} The Pokemon suddenly disappeared in midair. Chase kept running for a few more seconds, as if he thought it was still there, then just collapsed on the grass. Despite how fast Chase was, that Pokemon was faster. He lifted his head, disappointed he didn't get a good look at its face. When he looked up he noticed Pewter City right in front of him. No-Name trotted up next to him and looked down on the city as well.

{So this is where we're meant to be?}

'I guess so. That Pokemon helped lead us here.' Chase looked around, hoping to be able to express his gratitude, and to his surprise he saw it again. It began to run away again. Chase felt like he was in a trance, and began to follow it again.

{Hey... hey, where are you going? Pewter City's this way!} No-Name looked back and forth between his trainer and their first goal. Eventually he decided to follow after his trainer, who was running off, once again, in a completely different direction. Away from Pewter City.

Cosmic Tyrant
March 14th, 2007, 10:13 AM
Nicolas and Singe were walking what seemed like days around pewter city. "Man, Singe, I don't know what to tell you, but I'm lost." Singe let out a deeply depressing howl. Then Nicolas heard a familiar voice say "Hey, Nicolas, Is that you?" Nicolas turned around and saw the man who helped him learn how to battle when he was ten "Hey, Brock!" he said with a sort of hapy tone "What's up, man? Still doing that gym leader thing here?" "Yeah" Said brock " It gets to be a handfull at times, but it's fun!" "I'll bet.." Nicolas replied "So tell me..." Said Brock in a wondering tone "What brings you to pewter city? Here to challenge me?" He asked with a cocky attitude. "Nah" said Nicolas "Sounds like a good offer, but I'm actually looking for some people. "Okay, then, suit yourself" Said brock as he headen back to the gym "But call me later!" "You got it!" Said nicolas, although truth be told he forgot brocks number. so the two go to mount moon, not knowingly of course, and somehow managed t not know they were in mount moon all the way to Cerulean city. Singe then let out a disturbing howl at the limits of Cerulean. Nicolas smiled to hear such sorrow, then spotted someone familiar. A girl wearing a lot of blue. "Say" Said Nicolas with a pondering tone " I remember her! She's the one who could feel vibrations or something." Singe Barked in response. "Well" Said Nicolas, "Let's go!" He approached the girl in blue and said "Hey you!" with his usual lifeless tone "You're that Lindsay chick, aren't you? the one who can sence peoples auras or something? cool, then I'm sticking with you!"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 14th, 2007, 10:26 AM
AJ drove away from the group, he wasn't gonna be giving out anymore rides for a while to three teenage girls, err two and a boy.

He drove up on to the cape, determined to spend some time with Misty in the sun as his regular old seventeen self. No childish antics.

AJ reached the point and parked, and then can you believe his luck? He shrunk, AJ sighed and decided to go anyway. He put on his childish bathing suit and ran out of the car, unaware of what lurked everywhere.

AJ saw Misty up ahead, but before he could go he felt a large chill and stood frozen. A haunter had just possesed him.

AJ gave a large grin and ran up behind Misty, he put his hands around her face. " Geuss who?" He asked with a giggle. Misty laughed and murmered, " Hello.. Er, AJ"

AJ lifted his hands and made a " Thats wrong" Sound. " Nope, It's Super Mini Perverted AJ The Great! Defender of Justice and Bikini Babes!"

Misty groaned, " That's not that cute AJ..."

AJ just laughed and from behind put his hands on her chest.


" Little children shouldn't do that" She smiled both amused and angry.

March 14th, 2007, 3:03 PM
Damn. What should Katmai do? Nothing. He couldn´t do anything. He was paralyzed from the pain. Indeed the pain had gone somewhat as the girl had touched him and he was thankfully to it. But now he was laying on the ground and could do nothing. Helpless, catched by the body wanted evolution of himself. He didn´t want it now. It was too early. He had to be caught, but not as a Raichu. Katmai looked down the street, preparing to release a decision. "... hey... you...." he stuttered. "I don´t know ex... exactly who you are... please... bring... bring me to the... the next pokecenter... i don´t want... want this pain anymore... you have... have to go to the next... town..." It wasn´t easy to speak. But he did decide about his future now, that was quiet important. "... if you... can handle... can handle that... i... i will... uh..." the pain in his body didn´t want to get off. "I... i will... follow... you..." That were the last words he could tell the human. It was like a nightmare, not able to do anything... "Pikaaa...."

Crimson Arcanine
March 14th, 2007, 6:20 PM
OOC: She got too emotional ….now she’ll find out that she’s not ordinary :)

Vicki Termia

Something was wrong…I could feel it. But I had to not worry about that. The poor thing was in trouble and it felt like a stab to the heart thinking of just leaving any pokemon lying there in trouble, especially a rodent type pokemon. I had to do something. Then thought all that pain it must have been suffering, it spoke to me again but it was struggling to get the words out. However it was still understand, and I knew what I had to do. I scooped up the Pikachu carefully and started running towards Pewter City as fast as I could. “Don’t worry” I promised quietly “I’ll get you there no matter what happens.”. Quick I began to feel nausea, and the feverish feeling increased strongly. I saw the edge of the forest. I’m also there! I thought Must keep going. But as I made it to the edge of the forest, that’s got even more weird.

A fiery burning entered my body, causing me to cry out in pain. My vision began going weird, and my other senses started going haywire too. I continued running, but after a few metres, I tripped over on something and the world seemed bigger as I look back to see what I tripped on…

My own pants…I was shocked! The world wasn’t growing! I was shrinking! Rattata looked at me, sniffed and started to shiver… And I started to panic…which didn’t make the fiery feeling any better. I struggled to pick up Pikachu, who hag seem to be become slightly heavily and continued on, but many own clothing had become restrictive and my shoes were hurting my feet. I had to kick them of and that’s when things started to make sense in the weirdest way possible.

My feet! They were long and think and covered in fur! I recognised what sort of feet they were. Raichu feet. I ran into a bush and remove my clothes and turn to look behind me and saw a shorter version of Raichu tail sticking out behind me, twitching. As I watched in panic, it grew! My rattata burst into the bush to face me, shivering. <What’s going on? What happening to you?> Rattata chattered in fright. I looked back at Rattata, surprised. For some reason, I understood what my Rattata had said perfectly. I tried to voice over something but a sad and garbled “Raiii…” escaped my lips. I tried again and this time its wasn’t garbled “Rai, Rai….”. The fiery feeling began to receded as I began to realise.

Somehow I had turned into a Raichu…

I came out of bush holding pikachu who was still in great pain and resisting evolution. I felt hopeless. But then I remembered something that I had promised. I had promised that I would get this pikachu to a Pokemon Centre. I wasn’t going to let it down, no matter what happened. I felt determined as I got my backpack(which was heavier and bigger than it usually seemed to me) and tried to put it on. I succeeded, but it was heavy and hard to keep balanced.

I started to run into Pewter City, concentrating on getting to the Pokemon Centre there. My new tail was swinging and twitching behind me as I continued. The combination of carrying a pikachu and wearing a pack was taking a huge toll on me, and by the time I reached and entered the Pewter City Pokemon Centre, I was exhausted. I cried out hoarsely to the nurse at reception there, who looked up with a bewildered look on her face when she saw me with a backpack nearly as big as myself on my back, with a pikachu in my forepaws and a rattata following me. But suddenly I was tired…too tired…I couldn’t stay on my feet. I placed the pikachu on the floor carefully, swayed side to side as I got up, moved my tail to the side and collapsed on to the backpack I was wearing. I was even too tired to remain conscious any more.

OOC: Difficult to do this one, I had to think about how her ability/quirk worked in some suituations that i didn't think would come up. Sorry if it seemed rushed, even thought it took me ages to do.

March 14th, 2007, 9:16 PM
I sweatdropped as I heard the conversation, but made my way off to the gym, with Toklata and the others in tow. Luckily, I found hot water on the way, and entered as my usual self. The gym was comprised of thin planks, barely suspended over a giant pool, but alas, there was only one person left in the Gym, and he was on his way out. "Well, you decided to abandon me and head here, didja?" The Old Man Brock said, grinning. "Well, you won't find me, or Misty here. I'm heading off to Vermillion for an emergency meeting, and so is Misty, as soon as she finishes some urgent business. If you're looking for badges, you can catch us there." He said, heading out the door, but stopped to look over his shoulder. "By the way, don't head up to the cape. Misty's already gone there to try to get to the root of the serious problems recently, and you could get caught in the middle."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 14th, 2007, 10:57 PM
AJ rubbed the red mark where the slap had taken place on his face, his left cheek.

" Geez Misty, you have no sense of humor. Don't be such an old witch..." He murmered still rubbing the place on his cheek.

Misty gave a frustated growl and then replaced it with a mischevious smile, " Ya now what, maybe I am to old. I'll get you some younger ladies." She muttered taking his hand and dragging him across the beach.

The haunter spirit had left a long time ago, he had been seeing how far he could get.

" Misty, look I'm sorry." AJ said to her trying to get out of her grasp.

Misty giggled, " To late for that, Oh girls! I told you I would find a baby for house!" She yelled at a bunch of ten to twelve year old girls and one twelve or thirteen year old boy.

She put AJ down by all of them, he was much smaller then all of them and any of them could easily overpower him.

AJ wimpered slightly, the others smirked.

" Okay, now we can start. Hudson is the daddy, I'm the mommy. All the girls are sisters and... and.." The girl started to point at AJ.

" His name is AJ" Misty said smiling.

" AJ is the baby." The girl finished, " Anyone object?" she asked.

AJ rose his hand, " I'm not going to do this." He said angrily.

" To bad, your the only one small enough to fit any of the baby stuff." She said hands on her hips.

AJ looked over to Misty pleadingly, she shrugged.

March 14th, 2007, 11:24 PM
Slowly, a misdreavous hovered around the poor AJ, considering the child. Maybe it should help. Plus, it might be funny to see the results.

As the ghost enterred the poor boy's skull, it began infusing him with it's strange, ethreal powers. Not only that, but also imbueing a few.. Funny shades upon the kid's personality. The kid had stiffened up momentarily, but then, under the influence of the ghost, he shouted triumphantly, "It's the return of Hyper Mini Perverted AJ The Rad! Pursuer of Peace and All Womanly Curves!"

March 14th, 2007, 11:45 PM
BOOM!! Brock's Steelix smashed into the Inside of the Gym Wall, the form of Dosaidon pounding it's chest coming into view. It didn't even seem phased from the past two pokemon it knocked out. "So...give up yet, mighty Pewter Leader?" Walter Asked Brock, who only smirked and replied. "I'm surprised you tamed that pokemon so fast, one would have to think you were with those Rockets!" Walter looked taken back and pointed at Brock, exclaiming Loudly. "I'm not one of those Murdering Bastards!" He clenched his fist. "Send out your next pokemon, Dosaidon, go all out!" The evolution of Nosepass revealed itself, and seemed ready to fight.

Dosaidon roared, and charged the pokemon, who stood it's ground, as if expecting the full frontal attack. Brock only stood, arms folded, calm as the day he became a leader. Walter smirked and called out. "Quick, convert over to Earthquake from your Takedown!" Brock Gasped, and the pokemon under his control seemed to lose face, and began to run to the side, as fast as it's stubby feet would let it, but it was too late, the ground beneath Dosaidon and Everyone in the Gym trembled and shattered, the earthquake was felt all the way to Vermillion City. And that's how Walter defeated Brock.

Now, he was halfway through Mt. Moon when he had encountered some insane trainer who wanted to look at all his pokemon, the trainer had a Sinnoh pokemon too, it was a Donkarasu, it was easily dealt with by Darkrai, but the strange sightings of all these Sinnoh pokemon was beginning to confuse Walter, they were'nt supposed to be here. He sighed and kept going on through Mt. Moon, he could see the exit from where he was, he could also hear voices of Trainers who were lost, and possibly groups of other teenagers who had come here to hide and do stupid things.

March 15th, 2007, 12:32 PM
OCC: Soulflame, i think you are doing a great job! I like to roleplay with you! ^^

Katmai woke up, laying in a medical chamber. What did happen? He tried to stand up and hurt his head on the glass chamber walls. [Ouch! Ohhh...] he tried to have a look at the right side of his chamber. A Raichu was sleeping in a bed next to him, the rattata from the trainer he remembered was by it. The Raichu was female, Katmai could smell that. And the backpack from the girl was standing next to the bed.

That´s odd... he thought. Sister Joy seemed to have brought them here. He went out of his chamber, a bit dizzy on the ground. He didn´t know how, but he made it to the bed of the Raichu. He tried to climb up the bed, but he was still too weak. The healing machines had done great work, but he still felt sleepy. Some minutes later he climbed up the bed and prodded the rattata to wake it up. [Heeeyyy...] he said, dizzy and confused from the medicine. [Wha... where... ish your trainer? I thought... he... i mean... she brought me here?] His look wandered to the female Raichu who was still asleep. [Who is she? Did your trainer caught her?] he tried to wake up the Raichu by changing his polarity of his electricity and giving the Raichu some soft thunders.

Crimson Arcanine
March 15th, 2007, 4:39 PM
Vicki Termia (in Raichu form) - Pewter City Pokemon Centre

My unconsciousness turned to sleep and dreams haunted my sleep, most of them vague and many of them bad. But one stood out. It was an odd dream, a dream where I was stuck in an electrified cage, but the electricial shocks are strangely not hurting, but instead they were energizing in a weird way. Then it ended as quickly as it started.

I stirred a little, but I wasn’t quite feeling like waking up. That shook me from the realms of sleep and I slowly opened my eyes to see the face of the pikachu I had helped to the pokemon centre. My new heightened sense of smell told me that that pikachu was male. Strange. I didn’t know that pokemon could tell their genders by smell, well at least not Pikachu and Raichu.

I got up slowly, and looked down at myself. I was still a Raichu. How long would I be like this? Was it even permanent? Questions floated in my head as I flopped into a sitting position on the bed, with the end of my tail in my paws and a scared look in my face. <Why….Why did this happen to me?> I mumbled as I fiddled with my tail. I looked back at the pikachu. My face was a mixture of confusion and worry. <Please, you got to help me. I helped you by carrying you back to here. Something happened and I became like this…> I exclaimed, trailing off at the end. I hoped that he could understood who I was, but I guessed I might need to explain more later…But hopefully I wouldn’t need to. I needed to work out why I had changed into a Raichu and the quicker I found out, the quicker I could find out how to reverse it. But it also felt as natural as being a human… Very strange…

Rattata's POV
I was napping on the end of my trainers bed when i felt prodding from a small. I yawned and got up to and as met with that pikachu. The pikachu who after we met made my day just freaky. <Wha... where... ish your trainer? I thought... he... i mean... she brought me here?> this strange pikachu asked, still rather sleeping for the medicine the nurses had treated him with, he then turned his eyes on my trainer, who had for some unknown reason turned into a pokemon. <Who is she? Did your trainer caught her> he asked. I look sadly at the raichu in the bed that was once my human. <That is
my trainer...> I replied with a small hint of fear in my voice.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 5:31 PM
Misty growled frustrated and slapped her forehead, " Not this again!" She growled grabbing AJ by the ponytail and pulling him toward her.

" Look AJ, If your going to act childishly, then I'll treat you like a child!" She murmered now holding him between her right arm, " Don't worry kids, I'll bring you your baby back. Fully dressed and in the baby mood." She said heading out towards her car.

" No! I am Super Mini Perverted AJ the rad, Persuer of peace and all womanly curves!" He yelled resisting as much as he could, to no avail.

" Stop flailing and maybe I'll spare you." She said as they reached her car.

" No! I am Super Mini-" AJ was interupted by the slap across his face.

" UGH! Thats it!" She yelled frustated as she threw him into the backseat of the car, " Now strap yourself in." She mumbled pointing to a booster seat, " But-" He started. " You know the law, all children under 4'9 must be in a car seat." She interupted.

She planned this! AJ thought to himself, the misdrevious had left when slapped.

Misty started up the car and they drove to her condo she had gotten a room in nearbye, they went to her room.

" Okay AJ, I'll give you another chance. You do as I say and your off the hook, otherwise your going to be spending the rest of your day a slave to a couple of kids while wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier." She mumbled pointing to some clothes.

" Anything! Just not that." He pleaded to her, on his knees.

She smiled.

She's enjoying this! he thought angrily to himself.

" Your task is to... to.. Run nude all around Cerulian city, two times around the city." She said to him with a smirk.

AJ gaped, " What?!" He yelled, " Hell no!" AJ shouted at her.

" Okay then." She mumbled gathering the items.

You can geuss what happened next.
Back at the beach.

" Okay, now we can start." The girl from before announced happily.

" Hello Honey!" She said to the husband.
" Hows the baby?" He asked trying to mask his voice to be deeper.
" I don't know, I'll check on him." She said walking over to AJ as he layed down on the beach looking at the sky dully.

" Is baby wet?" She asked mockingly, " Hell no!" AJ yelled at her as he reached for his pants and trenchcoat. " I'm out of here!" He yelled starting to run off, he quickly put the pants and trenchcoat on.

" Oh no you are not" The children yelled going after him, AJ smiled and pulled both his guns. " Oh yes I am" He said.

" Those are fake!" The boy shouted.

" No they are not!" AJ yelled shooting into the water a few feet away, the kids backed off and AJ ran off. Towards his rental car, very carefully he drove to the pokemon gym to just relax until transformation.

March 15th, 2007, 9:42 PM
Lindsey decided she should probably try for a gym badge. She hopped onto her bike and pedaled east to the Cerulean Gym. Absol had never been in a real battle before, and neither had Lindsey. now was their first chance, although Lindsey highly doubted that without some battle experience they would do very well at all.
Lindsey could see the building now. There was a large dome on top, an energy saver when it came to lighting. She also saw AJ's car. When she got close to the gym, however, there was a note on the door. Lindsey didn't really care though. She hadn't had much confidence in her battling ability anyway... But why had Misty gone to the Cape? Come to think of it a rather weird feeling was coming from the Cape.. She turned and headed North.

Nothing seemed to be wrong at the Cape, but there was a powerful, strange feeling about it. There was something invisible at work here..

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 9:44 PM
" Hahaha... Teach them brats." AJ murmered as he leaned against his car, he was bored and knowing it may be a while before changing back he started to fiddle with his magnum. He started to take it apart and rescemble it, it was actully very entertaining. He then took out the .357 rounds and only left one, " Sorta of like russian roulette." He mumbled as the spun the chambers, he then pointed it at a tree and pulled the trigger. Click was all that could be heard, this wasn't the chamber with the round in it.

He took the round out of the magnum and spun the chambers again, instead he had put in a small leaf. He put the gun to his head and pulled back the hammer.

March 15th, 2007, 9:56 PM
"Look, I swear I didn't do it." Toklata said with exhapseration as she followed me, as I paced along the cape. "Why should I believe that? You've been doing nothing but mess with me since we started this!" I was dressed in a black Bikini, with no straps on the top, it simply went around my back. And a matching black sarong around my waist. It had suddenly appeared for no reason, and of course, I suspected Toklata, since she had been unnefected. "Look, I apologize for everything I've done, but this isn't one of them." I blinked, having suddenly paused as the sun began to set. In the fading light, dozens... No, well over a hundred figures appeared, all around the coast. Ghost pokemon, hoardes of ghost pokemon! "What.. In the name of-" I said, but cut off as a ghastly appeared from behind me, slowly doing circles. "Sense of impending doom, ri- GAH!" I said, feeling my 'shape' suddenly alter, fitting the bikini much better than it had before. "I'MGOINGTOKILLYOUAGAIN!" I shouted, dashing after the ghost pokemon as it flew away...

March 15th, 2007, 10:19 PM
Lindsey watched as many. many ghost pokemon showed themselves. She did not even seem to notice Toklata and Robert. "Err..eh..I'l just...be going now.."

The pokemon were watching her. A mumage floated out from behind the throng of ghosts and hovered over her. It's stare literally petrified Lindsey. It looked her up and down with it's glowing golden eyes and catlike grin. Lindsey shouted "ABSOL COME OUT NOW!"there was a flash Lindsey's bag as bsol emerged from her pokeball and peeked out of the bag. At the dight of the ghosts, she immediately ducked back down, shaking inside the bag. "Absol the ghosts can't hurt you!" Lindsey said desperately. She knew that dark type moves were effective against ghost types, but she wasn't sure about ghost attacks against dark types. "Absol just bite the stupid mumage!" She shouted irately.
Where was a random legendary pokemon when you needed one?
Absol leapt from the bag and tried to attack the witch-like pokemon, but just before it could mumage's golden felineesque eyes flashed brightly and nothing lay where Lindsey had stood but a pile of clothing. Absol immediately dashed to it, sniffing the pile of garments as mumage backed away, looking satisfied with it's victory. A fuzzy brown ear poked out from under it.

Lindsey pushed away the huge shirt that lay on top of her. She could see absol and Mumage, and the horde of ghosts still.. but Why were they all above her? She stood up, immediately falling forward. When she put her arms out to catch herself she felt different once her hands hit the ground. Hand..Where were they? Strange thought to immediately pop into her head when she saw paws, but that's what it was. Her mind then caught on. Paws!

"WHAT THE F-" She was knocked over before she could swear. Mumage and the other pokemon laughed. She could no longer feel their energy....

Lindsey ran as fast as her new legs could carry her to the water's edge, and looked at her reflection. It was distorted by the ripples, but she could still make out the face of an eevee.
Then everything went black as Lindsey fainted.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 10:40 PM
AJ pulled the trigger and he felt the tickle of the leaf, if that had been a bullet... He reloaded the gun and leaned against the car.

AJ decided he would go back and apoligise to Misty for being a little perverted, he holstered his magnum and got back in the car, he turned the igniton and pulled out, he in no time reached the Cape again.

He got out of the car and headed over to see that Misty was long gone, her car was gone and so was she. AJ sighed and shrugged, heading off to the beach anyway. He could use some sun.

AJ went a few feet only to find that there were ominous figures everywhere, one tryed to charge AJ, AJ pulled his magnum and blew a hole in the figures chest.

" Teach you a goddamn lesson" AJ muttered as he reached into his pocket for a lighter.
He looked at the figure crumple into a bunch of clothes. " What the hell?" AJ murmered sticking a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it, this was usually a stress releive thing, not to often. He then saw that Lindsey was lying on the ground, AJ ran towards her and checked her pulse. It was normal, good. Just unconcious.

He also saw Robin and her freind, he shrugged. They were to ditzy to notice that AJ was the seven year old in what AJ had been wearing, with a diaper underneath, white ponytail and cross tattoo on forehead, with a cigarette and two guns.

AJ aimed at more ominous figures, ready to blow them away.

March 15th, 2007, 11:25 PM
Lindsey's eyes opened. She gagged and coughed from the strong smell of cigarette smoke and looked up. AJ was sitting near her, pointing his guns at...ghosts? What was going on? She suddenly remembered. Had that been real? She tried to stand up and fell forward onto paws once again. Yup, it was real. "AJ?" She said. Her voice was the same, yes!

"AJ what's happening?" She asked. AJ seemed huge from the viewpoint of an eevee. Lindsey was still terribly confused. Absol was gone again.. Lindsey hoped desperately that this was only a dream. She'd hoped that many times before, however, and was always proven wrong.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 15th, 2007, 11:44 PM
AJ looked down at Lindsey to see, " An Eevee?!" AJ was startled to say the least but tried his hardest to keep cool and calm, he blasted another hole in a figure and they crumpled into nothing, AJ puffed a little on the cigarette.

" Okay Lindsey, I know that you must have your own personal life and all, and I'm probally a square for askin, but why the hell are you an eevee?" AJ asked her as he switched to his Beretta PX4 Storm for it's large amount of ammo, he would keep everyone safe, for now.

" And wheres your freind? Did she come with you or what?

March 16th, 2007, 12:26 AM
OOC: Hanna was edited out of that post :B I have no idea whatsoever why I tried to bring in a new character >_>; Also, the english name for mumage is mumagius (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/429.shtml). I think it's easier to pronounce and remember so yeah xD Gonna use that. Sorry for the confusion, for anyone who was confused~

Lindsey was surprised at AJ's calm question. "Well I'm not sure why or how, but I know who's responsible! It was a mismagius...But...I can't see him...her..it..anywhere.."

Lindsey's long, vulpine ears stood up when she heard absol cry out from among the mass of ghostly creatures. All Lindsey could do was watch them and hope that nothing would happen to her beloved pokemon.

March 16th, 2007, 12:51 AM
It had been awhile, but Walter and Darkrai had come across the coast full of ghost pokemon, they all were weary of both trainer and pokemon, for they knew that Darkrai wasn't a pushover, and they knew that it was a dark type. Walter scanned the coastline, making sure that there weren't any rockets, or Sinnoh pokemon, but his eyes caught the Mismagius. "Another one.." He stopped noticing a group of ghost pokemon picking on what looked like another pokemon, He simply closed his eyes, Darkrai instantly getting the message, before long, they formed together, into the single being (OOC: Who from now on we'll just call DW)

DW Charged down the beach, it's claws throwing back sand, it held both hands back and began to focus it's dark energy. Purple flames seemed to grow from DW's body, Ghost pokemon making odd screeching noises and backing off immediately apon feeling the aura of the dark type. By the time DW had gotten to Absol, it was pretty beaten up, On the inside, Darkrai felt pain, having to see a pokemon endure so much like the little Absol did, gently it picked Absol up, moving over to the two people, glaring down at the one with the Guns. "Stop shooting the pokemon...they have no conscious, it isn't their fault that they derive pleasure from stunts such as this..." He knelt down next to the Eevee, staring at it a moment. "You aren't a real pokemon..." He sets Absol down in front of the Eevee and turns, looking at the Mismagius. "Well...you're a rude one, aren't you?" Muttered DW.

He held both arms back, glaring, the red eyes of Darkrai flamed with the anger of Walter, Dark pulse growing savagely between it's hands, like a Ball straight out of one of those Weird martial arts movies, getting stronger and bigger by the second as DW Spoke. "Lift the curse on the girl, and get out of here...I don't feel like having to knock you senseless..." The Mismagius seemed a bit dauntered at this, but began floating back and forth, speaking in the pokemon language, from here on out it was telepathic between The Darkrai half of DW and Mismagius, after a long, drawn out arguement, Mismagius grumbled and softly glew a faint blue color and Lindsey turned back into a human, with her clothes on, of course. Then, all the Ghost pokemon disappeared...but of course, they had plans to appear again and be mischievious little buggers.

Both Darkrai and Walter Changed back into their normal form, looking between Aj and Lindsey and the Absol. "Why didn't you have your Absol fight for you?" Uttered Walter, almost coldly. "It could have been fatally hurt by that gang of ghosts..." He stopped a moment, Darkrai giving him a sort of glare. "Sorry...are you all alright?" Walter Asked, As Darkrai moved over to the Little Absol and levitated to the ground, placing it's claws over Absol and small, black rays began to move over it's body, healing it bit by bit, a sort of 'Dark Recover' if you will. Walter still awaiting an answer from the party.

March 16th, 2007, 8:55 PM
I growled as I noticed the central conflict. "Okay, this takes priority." I said, disreguarding my enhanced figure. "Arcanine!" I said, grateful that my pokeballs retained attached to my sarong. He appeared in the sand, and sniffed at me cruoisuly. "Don't. Start." I said to him and then turned to Taklata who had just fallen onto the ground in uncontrollable laughter. "Shut it. Let's go." Toklata grinned. Maybe there was hope for robert yet. Even as we began nearing, the ghosts began to dissapear as night settled in. "What the hell happened?" I asked, looking around. "Well, it looks like you managed to keep too much chaos from happening." Said a voice by my feet, and I jumped back, yelping. "Thanks, you were standing on my hair." Said the young woman, with long, flaming orange hair, buried up to her neck in the sand. "Would you mind being a dear and helping me out? I'm Misty, leader of the Cerulian gym, by the way."

March 17th, 2007, 1:31 AM
[Your trainer? I] Katmai answered confused. [She is...] the the Raichu awoke, speaking very creepy nonsense. [She is... i mean you are...] he said while he was looking at both. [His trainer? You brought me here? You are a human?... i mean... the girl i met before?] The medicine in the Pikachus body was nearly gone. Katmai was realizing that he got red in the face while talking to the female. [Uhm... eh... Perhaps you have transformed because...] he answered to her question [... because you got hurt earlier, or because you became excited in some way.] For the moment he cursed the decision not to evolute into a Raichu. He had mixed feelings about the situation and this Raichu. He had promised to follow the trainer if she would help him. Technical the trainer hadn´t help him but the Raichu did. But because the Raichu seemed to be the human trainer... damn!

Sister Joy came in with a smile on her face. "Oh, you are feeling better already? That´s fine. I was wondering why a group of Pokémon is wandering around with a backpack. You sure want to give it back to it´s owner. Aww, that´s so nice. You should get up now. But i would have a question here. Why is a Pikachu like you-" pointing at Katmai "- in an evolution status WITHOUT a thunderstone? That would be nearly impossible... But now, i don´t mind. I have to do much. Perhaps we meet later..." she said, and walked out.

Katmai looked at the human Raichu. She was looking worried so he made another decision. [OK, now listen...] he started, still a little bit red in the face. [I´m gonna to help you twice. I will help you getting to your normal human form, and i will accept you official as my new trainer. It´s just fair, you helped me twice before.] He got up and went to the side of the bed, turning the head into the rattatas and the Raichus direction. [My name is Katmai. What are your names?]

Crimson Arcanine
March 17th, 2007, 5:10 AM
Vicki Termia (Raichu Form) - Pewter City Pokemon Centre

The look in the Pikachu eyes I somewhat expected. Confusion. He looked at my rattata and I. When he turned and started to talk to me, I could see his face beginning to turn red a little….was he blushing or embarrassed? I don’t know, but my face was beginning to become red just thinking about it. I nodded afterwards. <Could be, I was getting too emotional….and everyone warned me that I shouldn’t…> I was cut short by the sound of footsteps and shortly after the lady I’d seen to the reception desk, just before I had collapsed, enter the room, with a sweet smile on her face. I stopped talked, a little afraid. I stood here listening to the woman, thinking. My thoughts for some reason were being interrupted by something so I just stood there looking at the woman.

When she left, I turned back to him and I tried to smile. But I was too worried to be, since I was uncertain of my future. The pikachu was still a little red in the face. Then what I heard almost melted my heart.

He walked over the side of the bed, turned his head in my direction and spoke to rattata and I. <My name is Katmai. What are your names?>

I smiled blissfully at Katmai. I couldn’t express the thankfulness I felt at the fact he had decided to help me. <I’m Vicki> I said to Katmai, a happy smile on my face. <And I’m Dash, because my mother says I can run as fast as an Arcanine!> Dash exclaimed, jumped of the bed and ran around bit. I must admit that Dash was fast, for a rattata, but I knew rattata are usually. I walked up to Katmai, feeling very happy. <Thank you…agreeing to help me> I exclaimed. I wish I could of hugged for some odd reason, but I restrained myself. I continued <I think I know what caused it. When you were fighting to stop evolving, I picked you up so I could carry you here, and I felt some of that energy flow into me, just a little bit, and you stopped glowing as much. Then I ran with you in my arms and I was so worried and suddenly I felt feverish and few minutes later I was a Raichu…Or I I’m just dreaming…I don’t know, I’m confused at the moment…> I looked at Katmai, Funny how he looked different than when I was human but yet didn’t look different.

March 18th, 2007, 2:45 PM
[Nice to meet you both, Vicki and Dash. Well, at least i should tell you something about me before we start to explore the world. I am not a normal Pikachu. You´ve heard that i can speak human language. Also i can evolute without a thunder stone. The last 2 days i am fighting with it, but i think my body will give up forcing me soon.] he explained. [I have had a hard training to be that strong i am now.] He listened to Vicki and his ears winced as he heard "dreaming". Indeed Katmai didn´t like dreaming, because he had nightmares of the forcing evolution reaction.

[I don´t think that you are dreaming... i think you should try something. Try to concentrate and think about your human form. Perhaps you can manage it to transform again. I don´t know if this is working, but you should give it a chance.] he said seriously. [But now let´s get out of this pokecenter.] His body started to glow up again. [What the... hhrr...] he concentrated and made a strained face. Then the glowing stopped. [Phew... ok... at least i have some hours left...] he said. [You should return to your human form before my next reaction starts...] he added. His body was softly shaking. He was afraid of evolution somehow. And the pain every time he tries to control it...

Crimson Arcanine
March 18th, 2007, 4:14 PM
Vick Termia (Raichu Form) – Pewter City Pokemon Centre

I watched on in worry as Katmai began to glow again but this time he managed to suppress it. But I could see that he was shaking in fright. But I had to try and change back, I faced the little table by the bed I woke in, so I could not see Katmai, for some reason I felt that if I was looking at him, I wouldn’t able to change back. I concentrated as hard as I could but worrying thoughts floated through my mind, distracting me. But I was not ready to give up yet. I focused even harder, my eyes looking determined, my teeth clenched. I felt a hot feeling around my cheeks It’s working! I thought, but why was I still feeling the worry? My cheeks began to spark with the effort but I kept trying. But I was wrong, I wasn’t transforming back.

A moderate sized bolt of electricity arced from me to a vase that was on top of the table, the vast shattered from the electrical shock and the flowers got heavily singed. I turn back around and began to turn red from embarrassment. <Uh… sorry about that. I didn’t know I could do that…> I apologised. It was amazing…as a raichu I could even do electric attacks, I was totally like the real thing, too much so. I sighed <Its not working…> I said sadly, my ears drooping.

Then something hit me, my emotions! The concern for Katmai was actually holding me back from changing back! And then an idea flashed into my head <Mediation…that’s perfect> I exclaimed as I grabbed Katmai’s paw <I know what to try now, but I need to find somewhere quiet like…> Then the image of a forest flashed in my mind, calm, peaceful, quiet <I need to head back intro Viridian Forest! Come on lets go. I know its going to work!> I was pretty sure that my new idea would work, if what I knew about mediation from my mother was correct.

March 19th, 2007, 11:51 AM
Katmai watched how Vicki tried to concentrate to transform back. She was trying so hard but the only thing that happened was the fact that she released an electrical bold and destroyed some flowers. Her face had turned red and she apologized. He was happy that she hadn´t released her full potential. Even if she was a shape shifter and could copy a Pokémon, she would possibly not reach the strength he could reach. But he didn´t know what she really was able to do.

Then Vicki seemed to have an idea. [Viridian Forest?] he replied. Then she grabbed his paw and went out with him. Katmai´s face turned red like an apple. [I]Good that she doesn´t look at me now... he thought. Was it because he never had a girl friend? Was it because he didn´t know how to react to a girl like this? Why do i have to feel like that? he asked himself. If this Raichu girl wouldn´t be a human... But he was used to a bad luck like this. Past time all girls always went to the strongest Pikachus, so nobody had interested in him. They even ignored him! That wasn´t fair. Now he was strong, but the first Raichu girl he meets is a shape shifter human. He cursed his life...

Crimson Arcanine
March 19th, 2007, 3:48 PM
Vicki Termia (raichu form) – Heading to Viridian Forest

I hurried out of the pokemon centre and headed towards Viridian Forest, holding Katmai’s paw. I didn’t stop running until I made it to where I had first transformed. My clothes still lay in those bushes. ‘Good’ I thought ‘They’re still there’ I let go of Katmai’s paw. Funny that I never noticed I was holding his paw and I dimly remembered it. Why did I do that? I turned back and looked at Katmai, who’s face was very red. Thoughts sprung to mind that were So strong, So handsome…At this moment he was the only thing I could think of…and my face began to reflect this. I summoned all my will and blocked such thoughts out. I couldn’t be distracted by him. I winked at him. <I’ll be right back, this idea I need to do alone.> I turned to Dash <Stay here, it won’t be long> I asked of her as I gathered up the clothes and headed into the forest.

It didn’t take me long to find a quiet clearing. I tied my jumper around my waist and sat down under a tree. I close my eyes and emptied my mind of thoughts. Then I thought of my normal self. A feverish surrounded my body and I felt shifting and stretching of my body. Only after the heat had vanished did I check myself. It worked! I was normal again and hungry now. I also jumped for joy. But them a panicked bug catcher ran past yelling out “Beedrill swarm! Run!” I got up and looked in the opposite direction, hearing the buzzing of the Beedrill to see twelve Beedrill heading straight towards me, stingers positioned to impale me. I screamed in fear and panic and ran towards the edge of the forest. An explosion of heat erupted from me and I find myself running faster than usual. I looked over my shoulder, to see the beedrill steadily keeping up, and the raichu tail waving around while I ran.

I had transformed back into a Raichu because of my fear and panic.

I burst out of the forest, the Beedrill still following my and saw Katmai and Dash still waiting. I screamed in terror <Help…There’s Beedrill after me!!!> as I ran towards them in fear

March 20th, 2007, 2:54 PM
Vicki headed straight to Viridian Forest. Oh man... that feeling isn´t good perhaps i should just evolve... Katmai thought. Then Vicki stopped suddenly and looked at Katmai. Because he was still red in the face, he wished to be a stone. He could see on her vista that she was thinking about him. It was so embrasing... Then she said that she had to do something alone, and asked Katmai and Dash to wait here. He looked at Dash. He didn´t know if Dash had noticed the situation Katmai was in...

Then he heard a scream after a while. [What was that?] he asked. Vicki came out of the forest, panic in her face. She was still in her Raichu form. [Help! There are Beedrills after me!] she screamed. Then Katmai saw the Beedrills, almost twelve. He ran into their direction, passed Vicki with a grin and got ready for battle. he shouted and evaded the first beedrill. After he evaded, he jumped up, in the face of the second to push himself with a kick into the direction of the third beedrill and gave him a beat with his tail. With this action he had secured the attention of the swarm on him.

He prepared himself for a areal attacking shock. Now he had to evade. Above, behind, evading to the left, evading back and right. He used his fast attacks not for attack, he used them to evade! Then he was surrounded by the Beedrills. But he had waited for that. He released a huge amount of electrical energy to the area the Beedrills were in. The power of the thunders destroyed some stones and burned some trees in it´s range and the thunder wave knocked down every beedrill.

Tired but with a smile he got ready to come back to Vicki, not noticing that one of the Beedrills was still awake. As he was passing it, it attacked him with it´s poison attack and succeeded. [Augh! That hurted!] Katmai shouted and shocked the last beedrill. The fight was over and he got to Vicki and Dash. [I]Should i tell about the last attack of the beedrill? Ah, no, that doesn´t matter... he thought. [I´ve trained for such battlings... i don´t think that we have to be afraid of them now...] he said to the Raichu girl. [... perhaps you should try it again, whatever you´ve tried. But if that concludes a beedrill swarm again, you shouldn´t do it...] he laughed. [Actually i feel tired from losing so much energy. Perhaps i will do a little sleep here...] he said while he walked up to a tree and sat down, awaiting Vicki's answer.

Crimson Arcanine
March 21st, 2007, 11:14 AM
Vicki Termia(raichu form) - South Of Pewter City

As I ran towards Katmai and Dash, Kaimai saw the beedrill and dashed past me with a grin on his face. As he dashed towards the incoming Beedrill, he shouted <I´ll show you what a trained electric Pokémon can do!>. I stopped running and turned around to watch Katmai battle the 12 Beedrill. I stood there, making a face like an excited fangirl. He was, or at least to me, rather graceful in battle. My mind was in turmoil, I was having thoughts I’d never experienced before and I was feeling rather confused. My rattata came up to me while I watched Katmai eagerly <I’ve haven’t seen that look since my mother talked about my father before that bad man caught me…> I turned to Dash <So?> I questioned? <I know rhat look, you got a crush on him!> Dash replied mischiefly. My temper flared for some reason <I’m not!> I retorted. <Oh yes you are!> Dash replied, a twinkle in her eye. A heated argument as epic as the battle unfolding started, but I wasn’t in the mood.

I turned and saw a powerful blast of electricity shock all the beedrill, which dropped to the ground. I was impressed, not everyday did I see a pikachu take on not just one but twelve beedrill and win. Katmai turned to head back to me, but as he passed one of the beedrill stirred. I was about to cry out a warning when the beedrill took an opportunity and stung Katmai. The shout of pain from Katmai bought up my fighting spirit. I turned to the last remaining beedrill as sparks started flying from Katmai’s cheeks, sparks flying from my own cheeks. My own bolt of electricity flew out as Katmai’s did, both shocking the last remaining beedrill frying it badly.

He came over to Dash and I, looking tired and a bit in pain. When he mentioned about me trying I sighed <I can’t now…I’m a little worked up> Unfortunately I couldn’t but help sounding like I was covering something up. I’d always been bad at lying. I was still worried about Katmai, and for some reason…when I was worked up about him and I tried to transform back, I just couldn’t. When he mentioned he was tired. I began to notice that I was beginning to feel hungry. <Maybe we should get your wound, that was a nasty sting you received….> I said, concern etched on my face.<But if you want to rest, I’ll make sure that nothing bothers you.>

I knew something had changed in me. Something had awoken in me. Something which was buried within me. Something which dug up painful memories that I‘d tried to forget. My face turned from worry to pain as I heard a cry of a pikachu in my head, but unlike the other times when this occurred, I could understand what it was crying, and it was a cry of help…but to what? Tears bean to flow from my eyes as I tried to suppress that particular memory. When I managed to I wiped the tears from my eyes and started to cheer up a little. But it wasn't all bad, something in my spirit had changed slighty I could feel it, but something told me it would help in the future.

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[Uh, eh... the sting wasn´t that... oooohhpph...] Katmai had to hold his stomach. What the... the sting concluded poison? For a short time he was frozen in fear. The last time he got in touch with poison was like hell for him. He just started to remember. A snake Pokémon had bit him and held him in it´s struggling grip. He feared snake pokemon... [Uhm, i gotta check something out, OK? Perhaps you could get us some food from the apple tree over there...] he said while pointing in the direction of a huge apple tree.

He rushed into the forest, in search for some healing berrys. He had to use them as an antidote. Until now his tail hurted badly, already toxic infected. [Ough... that hurts...] After some minutes he found a yellow berry. [At least...] he went slow to the berry, holding his stomach. [That... that will do...] He ate the berry and went back to Vicki. [I]I hope that she doesn´t think too much about me, acting strange and such stuff... he thought. I think she should transform back. I wanna go to the next gym with her. I think traveling around with her and Dash will be fun... and i got to evolve... After a while he went to the forest to reach Vicki and Dash while collecting berrys. [Hey there! I got some tasty berrys! Did you found anything?]

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March 22nd, 2007, 6:09 PM
AJ took down all the surrounding figures and they stopped coming for the moment, AJ sighed in relief but kept the firm handgun glued to his hand. Ready to shoot at anything that came his way. " Okay, I think they're backing off." AJ said to Lindsey in her new form, it was kind of funny really. To see her as a pokemon. AJ giggled and put the handgun in it's holster.

He took the cigarette out of his mouth and felt the back of it, it was warm and moist, the front he didn't dare touch, as it was still hot. He dropped the white burning stick and stomped it out, he then swiflty took out another one and got out the lighter.

" Man... Today just keeps getting weirder" Was all he could say as he put the cigarette in his mouth and lit the front, he breathed in and started to think. What in the hell is going on... He thought silently puffing on the cigarette, only slightly.

" Anyways, So you said that a ghost pokemon did this to you? That's real strange." And then with his own twisted humor he put put his ear down to her snout and said " What is it Lassy? Timmy's in the well?" He couldn't help it and he burst out laughing. " Soory bout that." He mumbled purposley using a british accent.

" So what's it like being a little furry pokemon?" He asked smirking, and then grimly thought to himself Hows it like being a seven year old runt in a diaper? Yed this day had been a weird one.

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March 23rd, 2007, 5:21 AM
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Vicki Termia (raichu form) – South Of Pewter

After Katmai left to “check something out” I looked up at the apple tree. The tree looked much taller than it usually would be, but for some odd reason, I was not scared, in fact something inside me knew just how to get up there. ‘Was it instinct?’ I thought as I climbed up the apple tree, and reached a branch with quite a few ripe apples above it. I picked several from the tree, and started dropping them to ground, the smells of ripe apple making me salivate. I never thought the smell of apple could be so sweet. After I dropped some down for Dash and for Katmai(when he came back) I grabbed one from above me, and took a large bite from it.

The favour that hit my tongue was different from when I last ate an apple, it was sweeter but in a nice way. It made me feel happy. I finished off the apple, but my stomach wasn’t satisfied yet so I plucked another apple and began to eat as I watched Dash eat one of the two that I dropped for her. I didn’t rush on eating this apple, I wanted to savour this apple. And I did.

After I had finished my second apple I plucked one more from the tree and climbed down. I decided not to eat this one until I changed back. I sat under the tree and waited for Katmai to come back. I didn’t have to wait long.

Katmai came back with some berries. He looked a whole lot better, which finally eased my worries. <Hey there! I got some tasty berrys! Did you found anything?> he called out to Dash and I. <Yes> I replied, beaming with happiness <I found some ripe apples> I continued talking and pointed to a pile of clothes <I think I can change back now. But I want you to promise something, please teach me how to battle…you don’t need to show me now…but later on down the track…> I sat back against the tree a little nervous, waiting for Katmai’s response

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IC: Lindsey watched the strange dark creature put absol in front of her. "Eh, thanks?" She looked up at AJ, who was being his usual pigheaded self. "You should talk." She looked at him. "I've helped you through so much and all you can do is make fun of me? You insist that you're mature, that you're some sort of macho guy who's better than everyone else, but you're more annoying than a little brother, and you constantly lie to yourself! Wake up and smell the reality, just as I've said before you're no better than me, and most definitely no more mature. However, you would be if you'd act 17, and not like the seven year old you fear being so much!" The fur along Lindsey's back was standing on end, and it flattened as she sat down and calmed down after her frustrated rant.

She looked over at what was now two separate entities, a boy and a rather ominous looking pokemon. "And who are you?" Lindsey asked impatiently, still using a stern tone.

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March 23rd, 2007, 8:44 PM
OOC: AJ, Pigheaded? How dare thy! Lol. I feel like torturing my character

AJ just glared at her, obviously in a pouting way. " I... I..." He started, not knowing what to say, his frustration showed. " You have only helped me... Twice!" He shouted at her, accidently holding up three fingers, and then referring to himself swiftly he aslo said, " And I have helped you out twice!" This time accidently doing four fingers. This just frustrated him further and he stomped his foot on the sandy beach. " No! No! No!" He pouted falling on the ground and throwing a temper tantrum.

By now he wasn't even trying to supress his childlike behavior, He flailed on the ground and whined. " You are so selfish and dumb and stupid and... AHGG!" He just stopped, he was out of breath.

He then saw another guy, and just as Lindsey had said, he yelled. " And who the bloody hell are you!" AJ yelled at him, even more frustrated. He didn't even notice that the belt of his pants was loose and his pants were slipping. The leather pants completly fell off, he felt the wind and looked down. He blushed and pulled them back up, reattaching the belt. He started to back away slowly.

trainer mimi
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Starter Pokemon: pichu

appearence:tamanna stands at a little under 5'1. she has tanned skin and jet black hair which she keeps in a ponytail although 2 strands always escape to either side of her face. mimi has brown choclate eyes and is always seen with her trade mark hairclips which keep her fringe at bay. mimi wears light tan cargos with a white blue rimmed v.neck tshirt.
she has a pokebelt across her waist and wears a white hooded jacket with fluffy pompoms. and dont forget her black fingerless gloves with pink wristbands. mimi likeswearing her white k swiss trainers.

history: like evry kid she has wanted to be a pokemon trainer. mimi got her license at 11 but her mother didnt let her journey until she was 13. now she is setting off to the kanto league to try and win1 but her rival muda is alos heading there.

personality: shes headstrong and can sometimes be dense. BUT her spirit and confidence is outstanding. no matter what she will get to the top!!!!!!

March 24th, 2007, 5:01 PM
Walter only sneered, he bothered helping people out, and they acted just like they were, people. Walter Didn't think of himself as a human anymore, because of his ability to fuse souls with Darkrai, so he called other people. 'human'. "Fine then...stupid human...next time you're in trouble...let's see you get help..." He looked down to the little Absol. Darkrai nudged him, and they both began walking towards Cerulean again, not saying another word, his arms folded, Dakrai assuming almost the same position, except he was floating.

Walter and Darkrai stopped at the edge of the beach, where many logs were, a great place for sitting, and at least a five minute walk away from the rude, unthankful trainers that they helped. Walter sighed and digged in his travel sack, tossing a box of pokefood to Dakrai, he called out Dosaidon, who accepted his food likewise, Walter then sat there and stared out at the ocean, thinking to himself, ignoring his growling stomach.

March 24th, 2007, 5:24 PM
Lindsey watched the flustered AJ have his tantrum and make a fool of himself with a blank expression. "See, I rest my case." She said as he realized how silly he looked and backed away. She heard the stranger's comment and turned to him to apologize, but he had left. It's AJ's fault. went through Lindsey's head briefly, but then she realized she was the one who had snapped. Peh. May as well go and find the guy who'd saved absol. But first...Where was the mismagius? The ghosts had all disappeared. Crap. Lindsey hurried over to the spot where her transformation had taken place and picked up the strap of her messenger bag in her mouth, dragging the heavy thing behind her. Stupid ghosts...Usually her mind would have gone on yet another tangent about how strange everything was, but she was used to it by now. The only thing in her head now was how to find the stranger. and a colorful stream of frustrated language.

Absol, who was slightly larger than Lindsey's current form, put the blade on her head through the strap of the bag and slung it onto her back, the strap still over her blade should it fall. "I'll take this."
Lindsey looked up at her pokemon, surprised, but no so much as she would have been had none of this ever happened. She didn't bother with the 'You can talk?!' nonsense, and merely replied to Absol, "Thanks."

The duo strolled through Cerulean City, getting looks from passers by, though only Lindsey seemed to care. The shimmering sea soon came into view, sailboats could be seen floating lazily past, as wingull rode on the wind with not a care. Lindsey had always loved watching flying pokemon..She then saw the stranger and his pokemon sitting on the sand. She ran to the beach and stopped in front of him, Absol close behind.

"Look mister, I'm sorry for before, eh, that guy was being a jerk and I was pissed, so like yeah..." She didn't say any more, partially because she was out of breath from running.

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March 24th, 2007, 9:18 PM
What Lindsey had said made him more frustrated, this was beginning to be a stressful day, a little two stressful. He started to breathe heavilly, almost hypervenalating to the whole thing, latley he had been easily distressed. He sat down, feeling the cool wind through his hair, his silky smooth snowy hair. This made him smile, and yet this was quickly broken by the shadows of people by him. Oh no he thought to himself as he looked over, the kids and Misty. " We figured out that you probally had fake guns, using special effects." The male kid said smiling.

Misty glared at him with an evil smile, and said aloud. " Isn't that right AJ?" And then AJ noticed something strange, Misty has a heart tattoo on her left arm, not her right! AJ looked at the doppleganger strangley and proceeded to running. Were they the ghosts? and as he searched his thoughts, the doppleganger had been the only Misty he had met on the beach.

He ran to the edge of the beach and he was out of a place to run, he saw Lindsey in the corner of his eye and regretted what he was about to do. He swiflty unholstered both of his guns and aimed for "Misty" this shocked her. " What... What are you doing?!" She yelled as the kids also gave puzzling looks. " Misty has the tattoo on her left arm. You lose, Checkmate." He merley said as he pulled the trigger of the revolver.

And with a Bang! She screamed and fell to the ground bleeding. Wait, Bleeding! AJ was now scared. " What the hell..." He mumbled looking at the girl hold her bleeding shoulder, " Very observant little boy." She said, her blue eyes turned a dark crimson and her hair turned a pale white. Her face paled and withered, her finger nails grew to claw like preportions and she grew about a foot. Her tounge became that of a snake, it was truley strange. The kids just went to the right, and stood there.

AJ aimed the revolver and started to pull the trigger simitaniously, five sucessive shots, to the heart. She screamed but still went after AJ, " Crap!" AJ yelled jumping to his left, he aimed the Beretta and placed four rounds into the beasts head, unaffective as well. The creature started to laugh, the kids were smiling! And AJ knew what he had to do, but if he was wrong... he shuddered and aimed for the beast again with the beretta, he also quickly loaded the magnum and pulled back the hammer. He aimed closely and fired, his arm had swayed quickly and the powerful .357 round had plunged into the chest of a girl, three more bangs and three other girls were dead. Leaving the original girl and the lone boy. AJ shot the girl and glared at the boy.

" Your smarter then I thought." He mumbled darkly as he changed as well, becomming more dark looking. " We will meet again, Mr. Valentine." He said starting to walk off.
" No! You wanted to play? Well I'm not done playing yet!" AJ yelled pulling the trigger and sending the last bullet at him. The boy snapped and the beast that had immitated Misty took the bullet, and died.

AJ just fell to his knees, What in the hell had just happened? He panted and watched as the boy disapeared. This day could get weirder. And it had.

March 25th, 2007, 3:44 AM
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<I think I can change back now. But I want you to promise something, please teach me how to battle…you don’t need to show me now…but later on down the track…>

That was a sentence Katmai never would think about to hear from a trainer. I have to teach her how to fight? A trainer? A trainer wants to know how to fight like a Pokémon? he thought. He had stopped walking and just stood there, looking at the Raichu girl with an unexplainable expression. What should i answer? Why does she wants to learn that? I thought she is a trainer, and we, i mean the Pokémon are going to fight... He noticed that he had looked for some very long moments at Vicki. [Uhm... errr, why do you want me to show you something like that?] he was more confused than ever.

He walked to the apple she had brought him and started to eat it. Indeed he had a very strange feeling. I never thought that i would have to train a trainer... that´s odd... He looked up in the sky. The beautiful blue sky remembered him to a situation.


[You are never able to have friends like me. You never can handle that much energy as i. I will always be superior to you...] the scary voice told him. It was Raven, the strongest Pikachu in the clan. He had crushed Katmai, who was a Pichu at this time, and beat him up a lot. He couldn´t feel his legs. Why was this world so cruel? Raven walked up to Katmai, kicking him to the side. [And you thought you could be friends with her?] Raven shouted. [Raven, what are you doing? Katmai just wanted to...] a female voice screamed. [Shut up! I will teach him a lesson...] Raven thundered. He grabbed the little Pichu and lifted him up. [Listen Katmai... If nobody would look here at you, i would get rid of you...] Raven whispered into Katmai´s ear. [... you are a stubborn little mouse. And i shall give you something. It´s a little present...] Raven said, and powered up his energy level. The shock Katmai received from Raven was immense and Katmai nearly lost consciousness while thunders and sparks flew around, tantalizing his body. The thunders hit everywhere, rocks got cracked, plants got burned and some trees broke in pieces. Katmai couldn´t move after the shock. His breath was hard. A voice near by his ear. It was Raven. [You never can manage to get THAT strong, and you aren´t able to train someone else... So, leave and never come back...] Than Katmai was alone. Alone in the dark forest, the rain which had started was freezing cold. He couldn´t move. Why did Raven do something like that? [I swear...] Katmai whispered. [I swear i will come back, stronger than ever. I swear... to have friends... i s... swear... to find a... trainer...]

~~~Flashback end~~~

Katmai had finished his apple. He took a long breath, turned his head to look into the girls eyes. [Of course i can train you! I promise you to tell you every needed tactic you have to learn to win a fight against other Pokémon!] he said smiling. Of course his eyes told another story, a story of a hard and cruel past. [But you promise me something too, Mrs. Trainer Raichu Vicki... If we start our journey in some minutes, and i get ready to evolve... accept me... accept me and my existence. Accept my friendship. That´s everything i want to hear...] he said, slowly getting serious, awaiting the trainers answer.

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March 25th, 2007, 5:30 AM
OOC: Vicki changes back to human form in this post.

Vicki Termia (raichu form) – South Of Pewter City

Katmai looked a bit surprised at such a request. I began to think it might of have been a bad idea to ask such a request, but I knew there was some reason for all this happening. Not only that, it would be an experience that I couldn’t pass up on and maybe I could understood more about rodent pokemon this way, after all I was a raichu right at this moment. He looked at me for a while with an expression that I could not fully recognize, but I could see some confusion written on his features. No surprise there, I’d be confused if I was asked the same thing.

He finally asked me why, looking rather confused. I decided to be truthful about it. <I don’t know how or why I become like this> I spoke slowly and carefully, pointing at myself <But I can’t just go on like this never happened… I just cannot… abandon it. Also...I think it would be…> I paused for a bit, trying to figure out words so I didn’t sound like I felt attracted to him. <It would be wise for me to learn. Just in case.>

I watched him eat an apple. He seemed troubled, which made me feel a little unsettled. It made me think about some of the less great times in my life, like when I first told my parents I wanted to be a trainer of rodent pokemon. My mother, bless her heart had supported my decision. However my father on the other hand, did not. He look it poorly, trying to convince me why it was a bad idea to be a trainer of such pokemon. Funnily enough, he caught for me the rattata I owned now, but when I came along with Dash in my arms to thank him, he looked furious and disgusted. It made me sad to think about it. Why did he hate the idea of me being the best rodent pokemon trainer?

I was snapped back to reality by sound of Katmai, drawing in a deep breath and turning to look into my eyes <Of course i can train you! I promise you to tell you every needed tactic you have to learn to win a fight against other Pokémon!> he said to me, but something in his eyes reminded me of the time in my life where I was fighting for my life. <But you promise me something too, Mrs. Trainer Raichu Vicki... If we start our journey in some minutes, and i get ready to evolve... accept me... accept me and my existence. Accept my friendship. That´s everything i want to hear...> he told, his face slowly growing serious.

I looked at Katmai with a smile. Why would make Katmai think that I wouldn’t accept him, his friendship and his existence after all he did for me and the help he had given me so far? Even if he did evolve <Of course I will, I promise> I replied, smiling happily. I then continued as I gathered up the clothes round me that I lost in my first change, found when I came back here and nearly lost when the beedrill attacked. <I best change back, like you said earlier, I’ll be right back>. I ducked into the bushes with my clothes.

About half a minute later, after a slight burst of heat radiated from the bushes, I walked back out, fully transformed back to my human self and with my clothes on minus mt shoes and sock, which had went missing. However, they smelt somewhat of raichu. I reminded my self to take a bath when I reached a good river or some dorms. I smiled with my now human mouth at Katmai and Dash. “Gets go and pick up my bag and think about a strategy to beat the gym leader of Pewter.” I said happily as I prepared to head back into town.

March 25th, 2007, 12:18 PM
Katmai was very eased as he heard that she would accept him. He didn´t know why he had asked her such a strange question, but he knew that it would have some reason. Vicki than disappeared in the bushes to transform back into her human form. Katmai went to Dash. [Say Dash, do you think that everybody should forget about bad things that happened in the past? Sometimes i try, but i can´t forget what happened in my life. So, i just wanted to ask...] Then Vicki appeared again. [Woaaah! Was she that tall all the time?]

She got ready for the journey and she said he should think about a strategy. [Then i should know what Gym leader awaits us and what Pokémon he has...] As Katmai finished his sentence he bit himself into his tail. Of course she can´t understand me know. I am that stupid! "I mean, you should tell me something about the gym leader we are fighting..." he said in human language while walking up to Vicki. He climbed up clothes to reach her shoulder. "I have the feeling that this adventure is getting more and more interesting. I never thought that i would find a trainer like you as i started yesterday...Strange... By the way, i saw a lot of new trainers, heading for the gym we are heading to."

March 25th, 2007, 3:59 PM
Walter looked to the girl, the one he tried to help earlier, and her Absol. He sneered for a minute, then Rhyperior and Darkrai got up and moved away from the group to go do their own thing. Walter sighed and looked back down to the girl, cocking his head to the side. "Yeah, you're sorry, I hear you." He winced a bit, his stomach rumbling again, then he kicked a bit of sand in the opposite direction of the two.

"You came to appologize...that shows you at least have a sense of maturity about you...unless it came from your Absol." He joked. "Yes...your comrade was a jerk..." He stopped himself from saying more, watching Rhyperior and Darkrai fumble about in the sand, training. He chuckled a bit, then looked down to her. "I'm not sure, but maybe Darkrai could change you back into a person..." He looked over to Darkrai, who looked happy, training, most pokemon weren't like that...Walter chuckled, then looked back down to the Girl.

"I'm Walter, That's Darkrai, and that's Rhyperior. For the past few days, I've noticed that Team Rocket has been using pokemon from the Sinnoh region...you wouldn't happen to have any idea why, would you?" He was sure she didn't have any answers, he was also pretty sure she wasn't familiar with the Sinnoh Pokemon that had been appearing, his eyes looked off into the ocean, as he awaited an answer, arms still folded, he blushed in emberassment as his stomach growled again, but he kept a straight face.

March 25th, 2007, 4:22 PM
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"Well they've obviously got some operation going in Sinnoh right now, or they wouldn't have those pokemon. What it is, however, I don't know." Lindsey sat down, curling her tail over her feet. "Anyway, my name's Lindsey, nice to meet you." She looked up and smiled. Suddenly something pulled her onto her back by the ears, and she heard laughter. "Who did that?!" Lindsey shouted irately, immediately getting back to her feet. She saw the form of the mismagius floating overhead, swaying it's bell like body playfully as it giggled. "You're funny." It said, coming down to eye level with Lindsey. "Can I come with you?"

Lindsey scowled at the ghost pokemon. "Why? So you can bother us more?"

"Bother you?"

"Well, yes. You're a bully!"

"Really? I was just playing a game.."

Lindsey was confused as well as frustrated now.

"What kind of sadistic game is changing someone into a fuzz ball?!"

"I was gonna change you back but your friend scared me..He had loud metal things.."

"Guns? They can't hurt you, you're not solid."

"But they're loud!"
The naive mismagius had a pouting look on it's face.

"Okay then, if you wanted to change me back, change me back already!...And don't forget my clothes!"

Lindsey found herself on her hands and knees in the sand, and her shirt on backwards.

"Happy?" Mismagius asked flatly.

"Sure, but you.." Lindsey didn't bother telling the pokemon about her shirt. She turned it around and stood up, dusting sand from her pants.

"You can come with me." She said finally.

Mismagius smiled and the jewels on it's body glowed flourescent pink.

"Thankyou!" It shouted, floating left and right in a sort of happy dance.

Lindsey picked her bag up and pulled out an empty pokeball.
"Would you mind living in here?" She asked. The mismagius stared at it a moment and nodded. "but not right now. I wanna stay outside."
Lindsey put the pokeball away. "Fine."

March 25th, 2007, 4:45 PM
Walter Remained silent after she mentioned her name, then watched the whole thing between her Eevee form, and the Mismagius. He mumbled softly, then got up and whistled for Darkrai and Rhyperior. Both pokemon came over, Walter looked to Rhyperior, chuckling a bit. "I wonder..." He said to himself, as if he forgot Lindsey was there. "Darkrai...Teach Rhyperior how to channel his energy, I want to see if he and I can become one..." Darkrai nodded, and began to hold a conversation with Rhyperior. After a few practive tries, Rhyperior was Ready.

Rhyperior held it's hands together, as Did Walter, Rhyperior began to glow a deep red, as did Walter. Both of them closed their eyes at the exact same time, and they both turned into a red energy, the two energies formed together, and there stood a form that was both Walter and Rhyperior. Taller than Walter, Shorter than the original Rhyperior. He was mid sized, muscles made of stone, sort of a mech looking Rhyperior suit on a human body, which was of course Walter's. The head was Walter's, with a Rhyperior Helmet on, his body like a stone suit, a drill on each arm, and a short, tail with a drill on the end. His stone skin was the same as Rhyperior's previous. The new form and grinned. "Woah...cool." He uttered. Darkrai looked impressed.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 25th, 2007, 5:27 PM
OOC: I used to think telepathy was said like- Tel- I- Pathy

AJ looked over to see Lindsey transform back into a human girl, " Whatever..." He murmured to himself as he looked towards the sky, he could feel himself slip away and his memories upon him, yes. Of Course. He had been so blind for so long, under effects of a amnesia. Letting himself feel normal, unscathed and still pure. To be so wrong.

September 18th, 2001. The year my life changed. I had been part of the MPD, Myanna Police Department, in the special STRIKER team. Being so young and unexperienced I was an investigator, a detective. I was Dubbed BlackStriker. That was a year and a half before though, way back in December of 1999. Anyways, throughout the last two weeks, there had been some peculiar disappearances. Some strange murders happened as well, and then on September 18th it became clear, they looked like zombies but were still alive, and some grew fangs and claws. One thing was clear though, they were hungry.

I was sent out to investigate with my trusty Beretta PX4 Storm and a combat knife, I had to pick a few off in the streets, it was strange though. It was like they weren't feeling pain. But some did and they screamed as they were shot down. I quickly found that a majority of them wore lab coats and held either common handguns or Uzi's. Not to long I came across a police vehicle, the cop inside was dead, I took his break action shotgun, along with anything else. And continued. I came across something new, what looked like a pterodactyl, it had black leathery wings and wasn't very big, atleast not to big. It attacked me and I killed it, Continuing I soon found that most of the people in the city were dead and in Myanna sqaure there seemed to be a large hole in the ground, after going in I soon found out that it was an underground area with a series of labs. A scientific metropolis, and then... and then...

AJ couldn't remember beyond that point at the moment, But he knew there was more to it all. It didn't make much sense though, considering it had happened then and he was seventeen now. He should've been nine when he would've joined and eleven when he had survived the city, but he remembered himself being Fourteen joining and then nearly sixteen in the city and- " I need to try to relax." AJ told himself as he holstered his guns and sat there, he started on his way back to the car. He let himself transform and he got changed, a little diffrent attire to throw off suspicion. He had left it in the bottom of his bag, and since his little memory loss forgotten about it. He pulled out the MPD outfit and pulled it on, he noticed that there was no blood stains in it. " Well thats good" He mumbled as he started to drive the car, soon reaching the spot before.

He got out and went over to Lindsey, " Hey, Do you need a ride?" He asked her, he had a few questions to ask. He then looked over to who she was talking to, Walter. He left his glare there for a second but trailed back to Lindsey.

Notes: MPD Costume looks like this- http://www9.yatego.com/images/4238288c30b217.1/resi_leon_kennedy.jpg

Crimson Arcanine
March 26th, 2007, 2:13 AM
Vicki Termia – Entering Pewter City

I grabbed the last apple off the ground. As I thought, changing back did make me feel hungry. If this was to happen again, I’d have to make sure that I had heaps of food in my backpack. Speaking of that, I needed to pick up my backpack from the pokemon centre in Pewter City. As I prepared myself, Katmai spoke in his native language. He must have realised that I couldn’t understand him perfectly anymore, so he switched back to speaking the human tongue. "I mean, you should tell me something about the gym leader we are fighting..." he said to me as he approached me. “Well…I started “If I remember correctly, the gym leader in Pewter City is Brock. I don’t know much about him but it’s rumoured that he uses rock type pokemon…”

I stopped there as Katmai climbed up my clothes, up onto my shoulder. I smiled as I felt his weight on my shoulder. Katmai continued to speak. "I have the feeling that this adventure is getting more and more interesting. I never thought that i would find a trainer like you as I started yesterday...Strange... By the way, I saw a lot of new trainers, heading for the gym we are heading to." I chuckled as I heard that. “And I guess that we are going to be ready for anything.” I said with a grin.I hoped to meet some of these trainers up ahead, but only time would tell. I headed towards Pewter City but before I got far, Dash started to rub against my leg, trying to indicate something. Luckily once before Dash had done this so, and I knew what Dash wanted. I crouched down and picked up Dash, who snuggled into my arms as I walked into Pewter City, walking straight the Pokemon Centre.

Now was the time to get my backpack back. Then to the gym I would go!

Dash's POV

I was a bit suprised when the raichu rushed into the bushes with some human "Clothes". I had felt a small amount of heat just after she entered the bushes. Katmai came up to me while I was watching the bush. <Say Dash, do you think that everybody should forget about bad things that happened in the past? Sometimes i try, but i can´t forget what happened in my life. So, i just wanted to ask...> he questioned me. I turned to him <Well...my mother always said that if you forget something important, it will continue to come back and haunt you...> I replied <...until you acknowledge it and somehow deal with it...> I trailed off there as Vicky can from the bushes fully human and clothed. My trainer was back! I was prompty stroked behind the ears by Vicki as she past by and started convering with Katmai. We all headed down to town.

I began to feel left out, so I nudged Vicki's leg, my indication I wanted to be picked up <Let me up please>. She couldn't understand my language now but she could understand my actions. She lifted me up andI settled in her arms and she walked into town.

March 26th, 2007, 2:48 PM
After about an hour, Vicki had reached the town she headed to. Katmai had enjoyed the "ride" if you could call it like that. He never was on a human shoulder. He felt like he could sit there all the time. "Brock is the trainer? And rock type pokemon? That won´t be easy... Because i am electric, my energy won´t work against it that good. But i have already thought about an option to defeat this gym leader..." he started to tell his strategy. He couldn´t evade grinning all the time by thinking about that. Rock types! Man, i think i could get messed up, but that´s how the fun starts!

He continued talking. "Do you think that he has strong pokemon? Perhaps i´ll find some other weak points... but by the way, is there something other interesting in this town? I mean, except the gym... I don´t know much about human towns, you know?! I raised up in the woods and in an electricity building. I think human call it... uhm... power plant! Yeah, that´s the word!"

Katmai indeed loved to talk. It wasn´t because he had trained talking in human language and such stuff. It was because the many years of beeing lonely. He sniffed at VIcki. He got a bit red in the face as he smelled something about a raichu. That again. I shouldn´t stuck my nose in such things...

March 26th, 2007, 5:47 PM
I sighed, deciding to follow misty back to vermillion., Most of the gym leaders were gathering there for an emergency meeting of some sorts, and I for one wanted to be there. I was back to normal now, checking a small map of the area. "Let me see..." I said, ignoring Toklata's stressed look. "If we go north here, we can curve around, then down again toswards the south, then a slight west turn, and south again..." I yelled out as her tail wrapped around me, and she hefted us into the air, flying directly south toswards saffron. "Or, you can just hitch a ride." She said, and I sighed, trying to ignore that her tail placement wasn't entirely proper. "All right, all right." I said, knowing this would be the fastest way to Vermillion, and that she'd get her way no matter what I did...

March 26th, 2007, 8:54 PM
OOC: This is my last post in this Role play. I hate it when people's characters get like AJ's character, first ignore my posts, and when someone he wants to rp with is in the middle of rp'ing with me, get get's pissy. (Need Reference? Look at his last post.) So, for all that I've rp'd with, Which actually isn't a lot, but for those who I did, Thank you, I had a great time, I hope this rp goes well for the rest of you.

IC: Walter felt his body surge, this feeling, it was rage built up within Rhyperior, the two of them diffused, and Walter Recalled Both Rhyperior and Darkrai. He looked at Lindsey, Absol, and then the little boy with them, trying to glare him down, he just gave a smirk, turned and walked off towards the route to the next city, not feeling he needed to fight the gym leader of this city.

Walter's body seemed to vaporize, and he reappeared as the Dual form of himself and Darkrai, then he disappeared in a plume of shadows, the shadow itself flying down the route, trees and grass swaying with the breeze, and before long, he disappears, never to be seen in the Kanto region again.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 27th, 2007, 4:01 AM
OOC: What? What do you mean? Just because I chose to ignore the fact that you turned into a rypherior hybrid thing? Chose not to show shock? Well thats pretty much what happened in my posts a few back. You think people would be a little freaked out about a seven year old with guns 0_0 shooting people who bled. Well anyways, thats your choice. Whatevever

Crimson Arcanine
March 28th, 2007, 4:28 PM
Vicki Termia - Pewter City

As I continued to Pewter City, Katmai started to talk with me about the gym leader. He seemed to be eager to face him. I listened to Katmai carefully, as I approached Pewter City. He started to explain a strategy to me. I did know that electric pokemon didn’t do too well against rock type pokemon. But of course that wasn’t going to stop me that easy. And definably wouldn’t stop Katmai easily either. He continued to talk to me. Katmai seemed to be happy just talking. “I know a little about Pewter City, if I remember there’s a museum there as well as the pokemon centre , the Pokmart and the gym of course. “ My mind wandered after I heard about where he was raised. I wondered how it would be like for an electric pokemon living in a power plant.

By this time all three of us had entered town and had made it to the pokemon centre.I put Dash back down, and she grumbled about it, but if I was going to get my bag, I couldn’t have my hands full. I walked up to the reception desk, with the nurse that had been there when I’d entered the centre as a raichu. She smiled, “Welcome to the Pewter City Pokemon Centre. You’re Vicki right?” I was a bit shocked for a second. “Yes, miss”. She continued to smile “This was bought in by a strange raichu.” She pulled out my backpack from under the desk. “I believe this is yours.“ Her face darkened. “You have to be more careful with your belongings in the future.” I look down for a second. I couldn’t tell her the reason why I couldn’t take care of my bag this time. I had left it at the pokemon centre because I knew it would be safe. “I will, thank you” I exclaimed as I received my backpack from the nurse.

April 5th, 2007, 1:37 AM
Katmai looked at the nurse. He came near Vicki's ear. "Perhaps we should continue to the gym leader. I don´t like if the nurse has such a darkened face..." he whispered. He shuddered a moment. That reminds me of the power plant leader. He always got very creepy if i slept again on the high voltage dynamos... What a strange guy. If i hadn´t put my tail into the electric main connection, we would still be friends...

The day he got his tail into the connection was a terrible day for Katmai. For usual he recharged if he got connected into any electrical connection or stuff like that. But the day he connected to the main conduit, he couldn´t know that there was a new energy source which got added to the power plant last night. The new voltage number which flew into Katmai´s body paralyzed him this day and he couldn´t get out of the connection. His tail got some kind of burned and he couldn´t feel it for days.

But this day was important for his power too. His ability to produce energy doubled that time and his speed increased. Badly that the new source got destroyed because of the interruption of Katmai's tail.

He shuddered again. "Could we get out of here Vicki?" he looked at the exit of the Pokémon center. "I want to fight this gym leader. Perhaps we could train outside or something like that, but let´s get out of here..."