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March 18th, 2007, 7:42 PM
If this goes well there will be a sequel.

Long before there were humans, long before there were Pokemon, long before they were legends, there were Ferors. Ferors were only six in number, each representing something different. Tu, bringer of land, Inna, lord of water, Ilmatar, singer of winds, Xipil, noble of flames, Dusa, the soul, and Shachar, life. Together, these six beasts brought to the world everything that made it a world. First, Tu created the land; hills, mountains, plains, stretched out as far as the eye could see. Next Inna stepped up, bringing rain and oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Then Ilmatar gave the world winds and air, which blew the rain across the land and gave later creatures flight. Then Xipil gave fire, a force to destroy but also a force to create, fire renewed the land. Then finally, Shachar stepped forth and brought life to the world, but it was empty life, so Dusa provided the creatures with a soul, from the greatest of legends to the smallest of insects, life received eyes to see by, a soul to guide it.

And with their tasks complete, the six Feror left the world, never to return. Where they went is unknown. Perhaps their spirits wander space, perhaps they passed away, or perhaps they travel from world to world, bringing life to the places they touch. It is unknown, but their names and deeds live on in the legends of Pokemon, providing entertainment to youngsters, and a topic worthy of deep thought to elders.

The date is only fifty years from the present day, and the legend that has been passed down for so many ages is about to play a major part in the world as it is known. But the events that will take place will be unknown to the people and Pokemon of the current world. The only ones who will know of them will be a greedy legend named Achar, seven kids brought by fate, their Pokemon, and the six beasts that gave the world its start.


A young and rash Celebi named Achar has long grown bored with its task of guardian. He wants more. He knows the legend of the six Feror by heart and he longs for their power. But getting it seems almost impossible. Beasts powerful enough to create the world will not be defeated by a simple Celebi. However, Achar is smart. He comes up with a plan that will give him the power of a Feror, only one, but one is enough. He plans to take the power of the Dusa, the Feror who gave life its soul. With this power he can control anyone he pleases as well as hold the threat of a punishment worse than death over his enemies.

It will take him a long time to reach the time of the Feror. Although he has the power to travel back in time, his powers can only take him so far. It will take him ten jumps to make it to the time of the Feror. He will have to recover for at least two weeks before he can make the next jump through time. For safety, he waits for two weeks to prepare for the first jump.

The day has finally come. He is ready. But just as he begins his travel, seven young trainers, drawn by the sound and light of time travel, appear on the scene and are caught in the jump. The time travel transports them over so many decades that they fall into a kind of coma. When they finally awaken, they are countless decades away from their time.

Achar took them halfway on his journey, his anger at them coming with him on his first jump led him to drag them to an age where no humans exist and an unknown war is raging. He left them with the knowledge of his plans and of their location. He also gave one of them the ability to sense when he jumps through time. He does this to force the humans to suffer while he moves forward with his plans to gain power.

The seven trainers and their Pokemon must travel through a land unknown to them, and a land full of creatures to which they are unknown. They must find some way to stop Achar from achieving his goal, and the first step is to find a way to travel through time. But in this time of war, finding a legend willing to help strange creatures that have never been seen before, will be almost impossible.

Rataki Emera, 15; Played by Alana
Ryan Lockson, 16; Played by Key
AJ Valentine, 17; Played by Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
Chelsea Mellis, 14; Played by Phanima
Rudy Verity, 15; Played by Random_Fan
Daniel Larson, 15; Played by Danny-Boy
One position left

1. No flaming, no spamming, no power playing, no godmodding.
2. Do not try to steer the RP in a different direction. You can create minor events, but let the person who knows where this RP is supposed to go control the major events.
3. Only six people can join.
4. Try to have at least 4+ lines per post.
5. You can have a maximum of two Pokemon, no legends, no made ups.
6. Only one person can sense when Achar makes a jump through time and that person is me. No exceptions.
7. Have fun. ^_^

Name: (First and last)
Age: (12-17)
Gender: (Male or female)
Pokemon: (Only two, no legends. Choose carefully.)
Description: (What your character looks like, at least four lines.)
Personality: (How your character acts, at least four lines.)
RP Sample: (A sample of your Role-playing skills.)
Other: Anything else that doesn't fit into one of the above categories.

Name: Rataki Emera

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pokemon: http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/059arcanine.pngArcanine, female, Azar
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/330flygon.pngFlygon, male, Niyol

Description: Rataki is slightly taller than average for her age with rather tanned skin from her long exposure to the sun. Her long hair is brown with a streak of green in her bangs. Her sharp eyes are bright crimson with a small patch of electric blue in the right one. Her outfit consists of a red bandanna tied around her head, dusty looking jeans with an embroidered belt that holds two Pokeballs, and a black t-shirt with a Ho-oh rising from flames on the back along with plain black wristbands. She carries a simple red backpack slung over her shoulder and around her neck is a thin black cord with a cracked Pokeball hanging from it.

Personality: Rataki is very energetic and loves to have fun. She is usually pretty levelheaded but sometimes acts rashly, especially when she's angry. She doesn’t usually get angry, or at least she doesn’t appear to, and only snaps on rare occasions, usually when she is very stressed. The knowledge of her situation has changed her personality a bit. She’s jumpy and she hates sitting still for too long. She paces a lot but works hard to keep a calm appearance while around others but occasionally snaps and becomes very agitated. She tries to comfort those who are suffering while fighting to hide her own emotions at the same time.

Other: Rataki can sense when Achar is making a jump through time.

March 19th, 2007, 3:41 PM
Name: Ryan Lockson

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Nickname: Skarm

Nickname: None

Description: Ryan Lockson can be described as a good looking guy. He has jet black hair that almost has a blue streak to it that is brushed forward where bangs rest just on top of his matching black eyebrows. His eyes are a deep blue color that goes well with his silky hair. His body type is rather slim yet his legs are rather stocky and strong. He likes to wear a green sleevless shirt that has a triangle printed on the front. Within the triangle is the word 'Go' in black. He wears khaki cargo pants and comfortable tennis shoes. His black backpack has one large opening where he places everything from potions to flashlights.

Personality: Ryan is a happy go lucky person. He tries to remain positive in all situations so he can give others the support they need. His optimism and charm grant him many friendships and a good connection of people. However, if too much pressure is placed on him, he can crack under the pressure. Usually his "glass half full" outlook keeps him from losing his constant cool, but if something extremely huge is at stake there's a huge possibility it will not end in his favor. He's rather flexible and doesn't settle until everyone has made a compromise.

RP Sample:
All he could remember was the horror.
His eyes showed him everything, but his brain was stuck in a complete stupor. Even when he tried to move, the shackles binding his wrists defied him of his wish. Every part of his being, his very soul wanted to break loose; but to no avail. He could stand the scene no longer. He closed his eyes and wept at his horrible captive state.

The situation that Ryan was forced to watch was a gruesome one at best. Both of his pokemon: Skarm and Swampert were strapped down to a table while being whipped horribly by two masked thugs. They were technically poachers, but in Ryan's eyes, they were murderers. The Poachers had captured Skarm with their eyes set on his valuble armor. Ryan tried to fight back with Swampert, but they were forced into captivity as well saying that they couldn't guarantee what would happen to Skarm. When they reached the poacher's headquarters, they commanded Skarm to get in a vehicle but he absolutely refused. Skarm was strapped down as were Swampert and Ryan who were trying to struggle out of this horrible mess. They both started to get whipped until Skarm or Ryan gave in; and it was working. Their iron wills were breaking as the pains of the whip struck Skarm and Ryan was just forced to watch.

Ryan was just about to give in as he yelled at the Poachers to stop. They turned looking at Ryan with faces filled with greed and a malevolent grin. Quite unexpectedly, Skarmory filled the room with a screeching echo. The men both covered their ears to halt the assault at their ear drums. Swampert took the opportunity of the moment and performed a powerful Earthquake that caused the men to collapse as well as the tables binding them. Swampert then continued by slamming the two poachers to the ground. Skarm flew swiftly where Ryan was held hostage by the shackles and cut them easily with his razor sharp beak. Ryan was suprised at the quick turn of events but quickly returned to his normal self.

"Nice job Skarm! You too Swampert. Now let's get out of here! Skarm, blow a hole in the wall with Hyper Beam!"

Orbs of energy began to gather around Skarmory's mouth. Enough energy had clustered together until it formed a powerful blast which broke the wall with almost no difficulty at all. They ran out of the opening together, with Swampert swiftly at their heels.

"Together now! Hyper Beam and Hydro Pump!"

His two comrades obliged and blasted their beams towards the building. After a few moments after the powerful impact, the building crumbled with the Poachers trapped underneath the rubble. "Their poaching days are over." added Ryan to his two partners.

Other: N/A

March 19th, 2007, 4:07 PM
Very nice profile, Key. You're Accepted. ^_^

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 19th, 2007, 4:19 PM
Alana, If Rulio ( Prevo of Lucario) Considered a legend?

Sign up:

Name: AJ Valentine
Age: 17
Gender: Male


Togepi: http://www.bmoviecomic.com/board/images/smiles/TogepiNormalSprite.gif
Nickname: Sunny

Glaceon: http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/pokemon/471-m.png
Nickname: Star
Other: Due to being the only fight worthy pokemon on his team at the moment, Glaceon is a bit stronger then other glaceons... It's them special wheat thins! ;)

Description: is a medium sized Hispanic teen, He's about Five Foot four and weighs around 130 something pounds. His eye's are a Cloudy blue that seems to reflect innocence, frailness yet his eyes are very deceiving and his teeth are nice and pearly, He is wearing an earing in his left ear, It's in the shape of... well a cross, a golden one with some rhinestones on them and has a tattoo of the cross on his forehead, it's a eerily white tattoo making it look strange, but still well fitting. He wears tight Black leather pants that seem to shine slightly and a black shirt with a white cross and the words 'Judgment Day' on it. He wears onyx black boots with iron soles that seem to be good for kicking people. He wears a long white trench coat that goes down to just above his ankles with another cross on it, this time black. His hair is grayish white and styled in a medium sized ponytail.

Personality: AJ has a fixed personality, he is serious and strict in a situation but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments. Averagely he is a layed back calm kinda of guy, real outgoing. Even if you get on his nerves he will be willing to help you but if you really Piss him off your going to regret it, big time. AJ sounds like your average everyday teen and doesn't care what anyone thinks, so he's never really depressed. So overall he's a layed back humorous yet strict and serious kind of guy, Don't get on his nerves and your fine and that concludes are little segment on his personality.

RP Sample: Misty stayed alert while sneaking upon the random buildings of Pallet, she saw some spell driven cultist. " Try to divert attention" She mumbled to her group as she kept going, keeping low and quiet and then Snap! "Sh|t" Misty curses as she stepped on a large twig, and as if it was an alert about twelve cultist started to surround them, almost moaning as they sluggishly raised large metal rods or bats. Misty nodded at her team and pulled out her Thompson , she pulled the trigger and almost dropped the machine gun as it unleashed an unholy spray of bullets onto the targets in front of her. Ratatatatatata the sound was deafening and her ears were starting to ache as the figures flew back, blood dribbling from several bullet holes in each one as they crumpled. Misty pulled her finger off the trigger and the sound instantly stopped, Thank god she thought to herself as she looked at the big ass pile of bodies.

"Move out!" Misty yelled as she kept going, while she was running she switched the magizines out for her Thompson . This was going to be a long night.

Arcana Tower

Dillon rubbed an orb made of crystal, and smiled. " Aww yes... Cain and Sol have made it to the destination, though it looks like Cain isn't coping as well as I thought as he would." He mumbled deeply and then grimaced, My children are dying though but his grimace was replaced with a bitterly sweet smile, They're indispensable though. He thought to himself slightly chuckling. " Master, you shouldn't have sent a boy for a mans job" a dark voice interrupting Dillon's thought. " Do not worry Lord James. They are indispensable , no great loss." Dillon said, his voice was smoothly sour.

The door burst open without warning as medium sized Caucasian bust through, obviously excited about something. Dillon frowned at the interruption , " Lord Dillon! The Magician wishes to send you a mess-" Dillon cut the man off. " Did I say you could come in? Did you knock? Obvious such manners can't be accepted." Dillon grumbled as he clenched his fist-
and the mans right eye exploded. Blood started to dribble down his face as he screeched in pain, " Shut up!" James yelled as he ripped the man throat out, cartilage and the gleaming shine of bone as his throat exposed, the man gave a final blood filled cough as he fell to the ground. Dillon smiled at James " Thank you. I'll dispose of this nuisance ." Dillon said grinning as the body and blood disappeared . " We have business to attend to." Dillon said his voice fading.

AJ was waiting for the answer he wanted, the reason for the mans appearance when he remembered something. " Barry, where is that Sandslash ?" He asked anxious, Barry replied with a shrug . " Damn, where'd he go." AJ mumbled looking around.

Other: Can play the violen

March 19th, 2007, 4:22 PM
There are some people who say it is and some who say it isn't but I consider it to be a legend.

March 19th, 2007, 4:43 PM
I'll post a sign up later but I'm just going to say , even if you believe otherwise , that Rioru and Rukario are not legendaries , even if Rukario was the main pokemon in the move they are still not legendaries. Proof is that Legendaries cannot evolve. And they also cannot breed except Manaphy. But manaphy's egg form , Phione (or fione) still can't evolve into Manaphy because it's a legendary.

March 19th, 2007, 4:46 PM
*shrugs* If Manaphy is a legendary and can breed, then Lucario can be a legendary and evolve. I still consider it a legend and always will. He's just too cool to toss aside. *hugs Lucario*

March 19th, 2007, 4:47 PM
Name: Chelsea Mellis

Age: Fourteen (14)

Gender: Female


Dragonair (Female)

Clamperl (Male)
Description: Chelsea has long brown hair that is often tied in circular braids that hang above her ears. Her hair is tied back across her head into each braid, leaving a loose fringe over her forehead. Each braid is tied by small cylindrical clips which hold the braids in place across the sides of her head.
Chelsea wears an open short-sleeve red jacket that reaches just above her naval. It is embroiled with a golden trimming that lines the borders of the jacket’s body, sleeves and collar. Underneath the jacket, she wears a tight black top that also cuts across her abdomen, exposing her stomach. A paw print logo is also printed across the front of the top in a bright red scheme.
Chelsea also sports a ceremonial red cummerbund that she ties around her waist, covering the top of her pants. Her pants are a matching black to her top and end right above her shins. Two red bands line the side of each leg and tie to the ends of her trousers’ hemline. The hemline of each trouser leg is also tied across each calf.
Chelsea also adorns a pair of traditional Chinese martial art slip-on shoes. The shoes are black in colour, matching her top and pants, but are lined around the base above the sole, in a red and gold trimming. The height of the foot-hole reaches just below the ankle bone.
Chelsea’s favourite accessories are her golden bangles. She wears two bangles on each arm and has never removed them.

Personality: Chelsea is a very open person who will speak her mind regardless of the situation. Because of this, she often gets into arguments and can become very stubborn if opposed. She will fight for what she truly believes in and will not concede defeat on any level until she has been proven wrong.
Despite her upfront and brash nature at first, Chelsea is a very kind and fun-loving person, underneath all the fluff. She enjoys being with her friends and family and supports them whenever necessary, as they do for her. However, partly due to her comfortable upbringing and lifestyle, Chelsea has become slightly spoiled and unnecessarily sarcastic. This tends to annoy those associated with her, as it tends to provoke her initial stubborn attitude.

RP Sample: Two figures dressed in long ceremonial robes, stood high upon the embankment that lined the great Yuudai River. The first stood with arms crossed as he stared over the river and its path. The second had taken a seat upon the ground and appeared much more relaxed than her suiting partner. Both figures gazed into the river’s current in silence. The river itself, lined the outer wall of a small country village known as Yuudai, the village of the ‘Great Hero’. The village was also the two figures’ next target.

“I’m bored Hiroshi,” the second figure began, breaking the sullen silence. “She must be in there by now.”
The first figure known as Hiroshi remained silent. His eyes narrowed over his exuberant partner, causing her to retreat from the argument.
“I was just saying…” she continued, giving her sombre partner a playful wave. “It’s just so boring waiting, that’s all.”
Hiroshi returned his sights to the river as his partner fell back against the ground. Seeing her casual attitude preceding their mission irritated him. She had been assigned to him under their leader’s orders, but he had serious doubts that she would be able to assist him in any situation, let alone a mission of such a calibre.
“Oh, is that her, Hiroshi?” the second figure piped, quickly sitting up and pointing to a young girl entering the village. Much to his displeasure, Hiroshi looked up to see that his partner had indeed identified their next target. Heaving a sigh, he nodded and stretched out his arms, before creating a path through the river. “Yes, that’s her. Let’s go, Kaede.”
Smiling, the second figure known as Kaede, leapt to her feet and followed her partner through the Bent river.

Striding through the village’s gate, Chiharu entered Yuudai’s bustling marketplace, renowned across the Earth Kingdom for its valuable antiques and accessories. It was also rumoured that the Avatar had visited Yuudai’s market during the One-hundred Year War, to purchase an assortment of items and knickknacks. Chiharu however, had decided to travel to Yuudai for the experience and not for the rumours, despite how much she was involved with the story of the Avatar. And this was her next destination, the village of the ‘Great Hero’.

High across the outer wall, two figures stood side by side overlooking the village. Both dressed in long ceremonial robes that covered their individual uniforms, the two figures entered the marketplace through the traffic of the crowds.
“Find her and secure her,” Hiroshi breathed to his partner, as the two strode through the crowd. “She cannot be harmed.”
“I know, I know,” Kaede cheered, giving her partner another wave. “I know what to do.”
“Do not get distracted, Kaede.” The first figure finished his sentence before turning his back and disappearing into the crowd, leaving his partner in the centre of the marketplace.
Pouting, the second figure continued along her path until she saw her target, the teenage Firebender, Chiharu.

Other: Nothing

March 19th, 2007, 4:54 PM
Very nice, Toomi. You put much more effort into your description than I did. *ish lazy* ^^; I also know that you are a good role-player so you are definitely Accepted. :D

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
March 19th, 2007, 5:02 PM
Posted sign up, Okay........

March 19th, 2007, 5:23 PM
I feel so dumb being the only one who doesn't know how to use sprites. >_<


Name: Rudy Verity

Age: 15

Gender: Male



Description: Rudy is an average looking teen, complete with short hair, a small shag he needs to shave off, and sometimes just a bit too much deodorant. He has green eyes and a bit of a broken lip from a previous fight in town not involving Pokemon that had gone horribly wrong. To go with his looks comes his brown long-sleeve and jeans; even boots that he should not have bought due to the fact that he is now regretting it from the pain of just walking around the house. He won’t show his pain though; even in the moments when he really needs to, making people make up things about him that are not true such as the bad “he is a mean person” and the compliment “he takes it like a man.”

Personality: Rudy’s personality is almost a complete match to his description. Really, it all depends on the light you see him in. He can sometimes act like an idiot without knowing it, even sometimes taking it to being a real pain. He isn’t the kind that knows when he crosses the line, but when it is pointed out, he will back off. He isn’t afraid to say he is sorry, and knows when he has to say it. Sometimes, raw emotions really tick him off. He won’t say it aloud to everyone; he’ll keep it within himself. After all, you never know when he’s going to be in a situation when he needs someone to hold on to.

RP Sample: It was very simple; go, and come back. That’s all I had promised; I promised I’d return. Never, I had said. I had said I’d never go on a journey. My father made it clear he didn’t want me to go. I planned on following through. Unfortunately, the time came when everyone but my sister was gone; they had all just gone and promised to come back. It was me and my sis. Then she got sick; very sick.

Why wasn’t I paying attention? Why didn’t I see her leave the house? We were out in the secluded area; there were no other houses near ours. I should have kept an eye on her. But I failed, and now because of that, she is sick with a very dangerous poison. My parents? I don’t know when they’re coming back. I could phone the hospital, maybe! No, wait, I forgot we just moved here. Why was that a problem again? It was because I didn’t know the address yet; I never bothered to learn it the very first week, and figured I would by the third. It was the second week, and I knew nothing. I had to help my sister.

Who was to accompany me to get the medication, cure, or even help for my sis? There was no one but my Dad’s two remaining Pokemon he had left behind; the Charizard and the Sandslash.

Quickly, I snatched the balls from their protective shelves, then went to my sister’s room. “I’ll be back with some help; don’t move,” I said. I didn’t show that I was scared; I showed that I was determined. I planned to stay that way as I got help.

The hard thing to do though was to get my Dad’s Pokemon to listen to me. I didn’t have any experience with them. At all. I had to somehow ride my Dad’s Charizard, Fazer to the town miles away, and get help. So why did I still take Rave, the Sandslash? I had no clue; maybe I should have left him; after all, what if there was a break in? As unlikely as that sounded, my Dad had always told me never to rule out what could be unlikely; it just may be the one thing that could happen.

But no; I just brushed it off. Fazer was out; now I just had to calm him enough to take me to town. How was I going to do this? Ah, who cares, as long as I got there!

I assumed that since I was the Charizard’s Trainer’s son, that he would let me ride him. This proved to be wrong. And very difficult. Finally, I was able to get on him. I pleaded with him, as much as I didn’t like to plead. It was all I could do at the moment. And then sympathy seemed to come from the Pokemon. He let me get a good grip. That was the good part.

Now if only he hadn’t freaked me out with the force of the winds that hit my face as we began our flight.
Other: Nothing other than what has already been said.

March 19th, 2007, 5:52 PM
Name: Sasuke Hiruta (last name)

Age: 15

Gender: male

Umbreon , male

Espeon , female

Description: He is a black haired teen with pure white teeth and a great smile. He has a light skin color and wears a white and gold vest that obviously has pure , real gold trimmings on it and wears a white t-shirt underneath. He has blue eyes and has gold markings on the sides of his arms. He also wears a small chain around his neck that has the symbol of Omega and one of Alpha. He also has these marks burned onto his back somehow (freaky huh?). Sasuke wears beige cargo pants and wears white and blue Addidas (Note that he's not really a big Christian but he loves how it has a kind of cliche in Omega and Alpha. You know , how Omega is the end and Alpha is the beginning?). His hair is frumpy and he wears a circlet on his head too.

Personality: Smart;energetic,active and has a lot of love for his Pokemon. He always vows to never give up and is cool with the fact that they're in a game. He always tries to do the unthinkable and the unexplainable when nobody is looking. He is very smart mouthed. When he was young he saw a Gyarados kill his best friend and his brother , so he became scared of gyarados' and he has an obvious tint of hatred burning inside him. He hates to be wrong and hates everything that reminds hims of his best friend's and brother's deaths. He'll go berserk when he sees something that reminds him of that time. He is very sensitive in the case of his mother's death because it wasn't a murder scene , it wasn't an accident , she had cancer , a heart attack , and a stroke , which killed her in the next 24 hours. He will break down about that moment if someone reminds him about it.

RP Sample: "Lancer what the heck are you doing!? Don't go .... You'll die saving her!" Lancer's sister said. ".......Then I'll die trying............." He jumped into the pit that was called the underworld , but was really nothing but lava , that's why he had to save her or she , the one that he loves , Shi , will die and he would not be able to bear it ...... That's when he saw her still falling."SHIIIIIIIIII!" he yelled. He had sent out his Salamence to save her. When it caught her though , it missed Lancer...... and that's when hope was about to be lost.

Lancer woke up in a hospital bed , all wrapped up with bandages and chanseys and blisseys trying to heal him. They told him he had burns on his right arm and was seen hitting boulders while he was falling.Thirty minutes later he was let out and saw Shi there. "....Shi" he said with tears swelled up in his eyes. "I will never leave you again , I promise." "Thank you , Lancer-kun" then they had a passionate long kiss that made Lancer feel happy again.

But that was 2 years ago ..... Shi was dead now , and he would avenge her death by doing what the murderer did to her , kill him , and he knew who it was it was..., "Lance......I.....WILL.....KILL YOU!!!!" he shouted angrily and crazily. He decided , he wouldn't kill him , no, he will take the place as champion back ...... and then he'll have granted the wish that Shi wished for , for him to become Champion.

Other: He hates wasabi and loves cake!

March 19th, 2007, 5:55 PM
ash jr., Good sign up, you're Accepted.

Random_Fan, very nice RP sample and character. Accepted.

Lightning Rider, it's not bad but you need to work on your grammar. The extra spaces and lack of spaces make your sentences hard to read. As of now, Pending.

Only two more people can join.

March 19th, 2007, 5:57 PM
Name: Andrew Pali
Age: 16
Gender: Male
http://pokemonelite2000.com//sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa475.png Gallade, Male, Mooñ (moon-ya')
http://pokemonelite2000.com//sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa282.pngGardevoir, Female, Suñ (sun-ya')
Description:Andrew has shiny black, short hair. His eyes are a sparkling, sapphire blue. He has a thin, lanky figure with a strong upper and lower body. He has a black under shirt with a comfy, loose, wite shirt. On the back of his shirt he has the symbol of Shima Island, which is a whirlpool. On the front of his shirt there is a picture of his favorite Pokèmon, Lapras. He has blue pants that match is glowing eyes. He has sparkling clean, white running shoes. He stands tall at 6'3". He has a thin, confident, face.
Personality:Andrew is very outgoing and makes millions of friends. He has friends of all ages. He is a very competitive trainer and will never give up. He has always been helpful. He is loving towards all of his Pokemon old, and new. He isn't a sore loser or sore winner. Andrew is very smart. He usually has a smile on his face. Andrew is very energetic and active. He is obedient and very observent. He doesn't get mad too often. He always thinks before he acts. Most people think he is fun to be with. At first he appears to be a know-it-all, shy kid. But when people get to know him (which almost everyone does), they find that it isn't true. At times, he tends to get stressed. He always acts calm, no matter what. He is definately and optimist.
RP Sample: http://pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=76923 Read my posts and it will make since. the posts less than 4 lines were when I just started RPing...Gees I was bad at it at first...

I can't think of anything... Can the above link be one?

Here a Pokèmon battle done in my RP. I play all of the charactors in the post, just to let you know.

"Chimchar! Use ember on Minun!" yelled Luther.
"Turtwig! Use razor leaf on Plusle!" yelled Robert.
Chimchar breathed embers on Minun. Minun dodged most of them, but did get hit. Turtwig's leaves on his sprout turned white, and started duplicating. Then Turtwig started shaking his head, sending the duplicated leaves flying toward Plusle. Like Minun, Plusle dodged most of them, but still got hit.
"Minun! Plusle! Use spark!"
The two pokemon held hands. They closed their eyes and generated electricity. Then all of a sudden they yelled,"Mine!Plus!" and let out sparks of electricity.
The sparks hit perfectly on target, but Chimchar and Turtwig didn't faint.
"Okay! Turtwig, use razor leaf on Minun!"
Turtwig went through the same process again. Minun had used a lot of energy to use the spark attack, so it wasn't ready to dodge the attack. He used little walls of electricity to block the first couple of leaves, but then was too tired. He let the leaves pound on him, and finally fainted. Lee sent out Luxray, getting more serious now.
Turtwigs whole body then turned white, and started to transform. He was evolving into a Grotle.
"Chimchar! Use ember on Plusle!"
Chimchar used ember on Plusle, and Plusle was also weak. Plusle was weaker than Minun, and just let the embers pelt on him. He fainted, too, like Minun. Lee swithced it out with Ampharos.
Chimchar aslo started to evolve. Now, a Monferno, it is mutch stronger.
"Okay, kids, it's time to get serious. Luxray, hyper beam! Ampharos, thunder."
Both Pokemon used their attacks at the same time. The hyper beam and the thunder mixed, and created an electric hyper beam. The attack hit hard, and made both Monferno and Grotle faint.
Robert and Luther had just lost their main powerhouses. But the battle still was happening. Robert decided on Pachisiru, and Luther decided on Magby.
"Magby! Use flamethrower!"
"Pachisiru! Use super fang on Luxray!"
Magby blew his flamethrower towards Ampharos. It was impossible for her to dodge it, so it hit her hard.
Pachisiru started runing towards Luxray at full speed and bit it. Luxray lost exactly half of it's HP.
"Luxray! Ampharos! Use discharge!"
Both Pokemon used the attack at the same time. Magby survived it barely, and Pachisiru regained health by getting hit.
Luther gave Magby a super potion.
"Pachisiru! Use spark on Ampharos!"
The Pokemon tackled Ampharos, but with a jolt of electricity. Amphoros almost had no HP left, and Lee didn't have any potions.
"Amphoros! Return!" Lee held out her luxary ball. In a beam of red light Amphoros was gone. This counted as a loss.
"Come on out Manetric!" yelled Lee, "Luxray! Manetric! Use discharge on Magby."
The two Pokemon did the horrifying attack, leaving Magy fainted.
"Ruturn!" yelled Luther," Come on out Duskul! Duskul! Use shadow ball!"
"Pachirisu! Use treasure on Manectric!"
Duskul threw a shadow ball at Luxray. Luxray has just a little HP left and can't continue.
"Ruturn Luxray! Good job!" Luxray returned into his Pokeball, while Lee sent out Pachirisu.
Pachirisu used the treasure attack on Manectric. Manetric still has a lot of HP left.
"Manectric! Use thunder on Duskull!"
"Pachirisu! Use charm on Pachirisu!"
Manetric sent a jolt of electricity through Duskull fainting it.
Lee's Pachirisu made a sweet look on its face to the other Pachirisu and Robert's Pachirisu fell in love. Robert's Pachirisu refused to attack anyone on the other team.
"Come on out Mankey!" yelled Robert,"Pachisiru, seeing as you won't attack the other team, return!" It counted as a loss.
"Mankey use cross chop on Pachirisu!"
Mankey used cross chop, and fainted Pachirisu. Mankey stood no chance against Manectric.
"Manectric! Use thunder to finish this off!"
Manectric used thuder, and electricuted Mankey.
Lee had one a battle.

Other: N/A

March 19th, 2007, 6:34 PM
Your characters personality is more a list of things he likes to do than how he acts and your RP sample needs to be longer. Work on those things but for now you're Declined.

March 19th, 2007, 6:52 PM
okay, it's edited. I'm not too good with RP samples, but I need an Idea... but I'm good with RolePlaying

March 19th, 2007, 7:57 PM
I added the description and the Pokemon. And if you're talking about the RP sample it was from a long time ago in another RP from June 2006. Yeah hopefully I'm accepted.

March 19th, 2007, 8:32 PM
Name: Cain Ritham

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa159.png Crocanawhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa253.pngGrovyle

Description: Cain's hair is black and is so long he keeps it in a braid that goes down to his sholders. Cain's clothing consists of

One red hat which is set to the front of his head

One dark red leather Jacket complete with inner pockets.

One pair of dark jeans complete with a chain and smaller pockets down near the knees

2 Sneakers on both feet with black laces.

Cain's pigmentation is pale yet still retain's some tan. He is 5"4 with 150 pounds. His body build up is slim

Personality: Cain rarely talks to people about his problems. He is usualy talkative but he usualy forgets what he is talking about and keeps changing the subject. The only one who doesnt get annoyed with him is his pokemon. He feels that his pokemon is the one thing he can relait to. He loves to talk to his pokemon about how his day was or how he could beat the next trainer. His basic personality traites are bold, adament and hasty. Yet Cain does show his cowardly side occasionaly. But mostly he is either planning something or charging in head first not knowing of the things ahead

RP Sample: (This is the roleplay sample I used when I joined The star in the sky if thats okay)

The clock's red numbers changed from 2:40 to 2:41. It was AM and Cain was tired. His mom had told him to study as much as he could. But he didnt think he should study this late. It was 2:41 AM and he was searching up infomation on rock pokemon. Let me see Geodude evolves into Graveler. Graveler can evolve into Golem. The picture on the next page had a picture of a Golem in a battle ready stance. He yawned for a very long time and continued to read. Golem one of the strongest rock pokemon has a very good fire resistance. It can resist even a Charizard's strongest breath and still continue to fight. Cain then closed the book that had the title "Encyclopedia of rock pokemon". He put it down and took the book "Encyclopedia of Fire pokemon." He looked at the heading Torchic. Torchic is chick pokemon. Because of its size it stays close to its trainer and fears most pokemon. However upon command Torchic can and will fight bravely. Once its relationship grows Torchic creates a bond between its trainer and may evolve. Then the page said See next page Combusken. Cain closed the Encyclopedia and started to think. Torchic, the pokemon I asked Professer Oak for. He said that Professer Birch may have one and would ask for one. That was one week ago and maybe he will have it today. I hope that I can be a good trainer for it.

The next day however Cain walked over to Professer Oak's house. He went to the professer and asked "I would like a pokemon Professer". He turned around with a grim look on his face. "Im sorry Cain but something has happened. For absolutly no reason all the pokemon in the world have... passed on." Cain looked very dumbfounded. "WHAT???" Professer Oak went over to his computer. "look i got an email from professers all over the world. Their pokemon have vanished from the face of the world." Cain was still looking dumbfounded. But he knew this would not stop him. "Wait you mean the Torchic I requested is... gone?" Professer Oak answered "Yes im sorry". Cain then ran back to his house. His dream was shattered into a million pecies. But this would not stop him from traveling through Kanto. He went up to his room and put on his brown jacket. He zipped it up with the hood down. Then he went towards the Jeans he had placed on his chair the night before. He took off his sweat pants and put the Jeans on. With the belt all ready he went to his backpack. He placed a spare change of clothes and a few other possesions. Then he went to his dresser and took a bandana off it. It was a black bandana that he occasionaly wore on his head. But now he decided it was time for a change. He put the Bandana on his neck and tied it on the back of his neck. Okay, I do not have any pokemon. But I wonder if there are pokemon still alive out there.. Then he took off his white socks and placed his black ones on. Then he took off the boots he put on and placed on his old sneakers. He had these sneakers for a month now and they were worn and broken in. After putting this all on he went to the 2nd floor stairs and started to walk down them.

Other: Anything else that doesn't fit into one of the above categories.

March 20th, 2007, 2:46 PM
Wooper, your personality is still a jump of things he likes and your RPing skills, while good, still need some work. Maybe next time. Declined.

Lightning Rider, you still need to work on your spacing. Your personality is also more of a short history and your RP sample leaves much to be desired. As of now, Declined.

Grim, hmm. Well, I know you're pretty good though you need to make a new paragraph when you change speakers. Also, I wasn't really planning on a Ranger...though there's nothing against it. I can just see too many ways the powers can be used to godmod in a way. ^^; I'll have to think a bit before deciding whether or not to accept you. Pending.

Still two spots open.

March 20th, 2007, 5:46 PM
Wooper, your personality is still a jump of things he likes and your RPing skills, while good, still need some work. Maybe next time. Declined.

Lightning Rider, you still need to work on your spacing. Your personality is also more of a short history and your RP sample leaves much to be desired. As of now, Declined.

Grim, hmm. Well, I know you're pretty good though you need to make a new paragraph when you change speakers. Also, I wasn't really planning on a Ranger...though there's nothing against it. I can just see too many ways the powers can be used to godmod in a way. ^^; I'll have to think a bit before deciding whether or not to accept you. Pending.

Still two spots open.

(Note: I wish you would include History on the signup. But my character is a former pokemon ranger. He still wears the uniform however but the only advantage is that he has some basic pokemon training from pokemon ranging)

March 20th, 2007, 5:57 PM
Okay, edited again. Hope its fine...

March 22nd, 2007, 6:29 AM
Grim, the Other section is for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else in the profile. That means it can be used for history. It doesn't have to be for a comment like "Oh yeah, and he's psychic with lots of martial arts training." I never require History because I don't like writing it. And I still don't think a former ranger is a good idea. Sorry, Denied.

Wooper, try practicing more. You'll get better. Still Denied.

March 22nd, 2007, 12:45 PM
Can you tell me what's wrong with my RPing skills?

March 23rd, 2007, 1:59 PM
OOC: I'm going to go ahead and start this. Two more people can still join.

IC: The air was warm and the sky a deep blue, giving the day a relaxed and cheerful feeling. A small group of people were clustered at the edge of a lush forest. One was a girl with brown hair dressed in a black shirt and faded jeans. She was slightly apart from the rest, apparently deep in thought.

Rataki sat with her head propped on her knees, her eyes closed and her face blank of expression. Thoughts swirled around in her head, most of them bad, but she was still in partial shock from the knowledge of her predicament so she wasn't concentrating on anything at the moment. The only thing that stuck in her mind was a kind of numb hopelessness. She couldn't see any way out of the trouble she was in, or, moreover, the trouble her time was in.

Why did this have to happen? Why couldn't we have just ignored the light? She wrapped her arms tighter around her legs and sighed. Wouldn't have mattered in the end. At least we know what's going to happen, and when. This thought didn't cheer her up in the slightest. If anything, it made her feel worse. What good was knowing what and when something was going to happen if nothing could be done about it? It seemed to her that the only speck of light at the moment was that she would never have to see her world suffer at the hands of Achar.

"Or maybe that's worse. Imagination can be worse than the real thing." Another sigh escaped her lips as she tried to push more bad thoughts out of her mind. There has to be something we can do...

OOC: Sorry for the horrible post.

March 23rd, 2007, 2:46 PM
The stunning change in scenery was rather shocking to Ryan. After the whole incident with Achar, being ripped away from home...all that happened was that they ended up surrounded by a nice day with a warm sun. They being a group of random teenage pokemon trainers that had all been itching with curiosity. Ryan looked around at everyone else's faces and saw that their faces all seemed mystified, shocked, or worried. He was slightly worried himself, but since they were in no immediate danger, why not just enjoy the sunlight and figure out what the next step is. He didn't want to speak first since he wanted to add on to what everyone else had thought, so he thought about what was going to happen now.

Well, first we probably have to find a city or villiage or something, then after we're in a secure location we can decide our next move. Sounds like a smooth plan so far. Perhaps we should even do some observations of our surroundings so we don't run into the unexpected anymore.

Ryan then came to, and noticed that no one was speaking yet. They must've been really spooked

He noticed that one girl in particular was huddled away from the rest of the group. The instinct of wanting everybody in good spirits started to kick in. Ryan walked over to the crouched girl and gave her a small pat on the shoulder.

"Hey. I know we've all been through alot but we need to stay on our A game if anything nasty shows up. Cheer up. It'll be ok. Actually I was thinking..."

Ryan than proceeded by telling her everything he had thought up just moments ago.

"Well, what do you think?"

OOC: I wasn't sure if we all knew each other before the whole fiasco, so I went ahead and made my character unfamiliar with everyone else rather than being friends with someone etc.

March 23rd, 2007, 10:26 PM
OOC: Alana my character is no longer a ranger if that suits your needs. I really want to join another roleplay since most of them are dying out.

March 24th, 2007, 5:38 AM
OOC: I know what you mean. There are a lot less new role plays than their used to be. If someone else doesn't join after a certain amount of time (not sure how much yet) then I'll let you join.

On the subject of whether or not we know each other, for realism's sake most of us will know each other. I'm going to have Rataki be a stranger so I'm leaving it up to you to decide who knows each other and who doesn't.

IC: Someone patted Rataki on the shoulder. Slowly she removed her arms from around her legs and lifted her head to look up at the boy who was now speaking.

"Hey. I know we've all been through alot but we need to stay on our A game if anything nasty shows up. Cheer up. It'll be ok. Actually I was thinking..."

She listened silently to his plans then shrugged when he asked her if she thought this a good idea. In all truths it didn't, but she didn't want to tell him that. She remembered the words of the legend who had left her and the other six stranded in this world.

You humans have interfered, though not greatly. However, you have interfered and I do not like that. I could have killed you, but I spared your lives so that you could suffer in this world. Desolate, dangerous, devoid of your kind, it was the perfect choice...

The brown haired girl sighed and leaned back on her hands. "I don't know," she said finally, turning her head to look up at the boy. "There doesn't seem to be much else we can do." She pushed herself off the ground and dusted off her jeans. She considered the area around them, turning her head left then right, before fixing her crimson eyes on the boy. She didn't know him. This was no surprise as she didn't know any of the people around her. Well, now was as good a time as any to make introductions. She offered her hand to him and managed a small smile. "I'm Rataki Emera."

March 24th, 2007, 2:13 PM
OOC: Heh, I couldn't think of anything to keep writing, so it's mostly just introductory information on my character and the environment. Pretty, no?

IC: Chelsea looked around at the group of other trainers who had landed beside her. She had not seen any of them before and quickly found herself feeling very out of place amongst them and their new surroundings. Pouting as she placed her hands on her hips before looking around, Chelsea soon realised that much to her displeasure, what Archar had said was true. The rogue Celebi appeared content in making her and the other trainers suffer in this new world, as a form of punishment for being caught up in its jump through time. Chelsea however, did find their particular punishment that troublesome. Despite the fact that she had no idea on how to get home, her new surroundings were very accommodating, for a world lost in time.
The sky was a deep blue and the grassy field that they had landed upon was a lush green and still moist from what appeared to be rain. The forest that surrounded them was tall and crowded, but also provided a calm and serene atmosphere, where the sunlight shone through its treetops, causing the damp air around them to sparkle. It was a place that could sooth the roughest and toughest of creatures and people. It was almost like a paradise, according to Chelsea that is.

“It’s pretty, no?” she said aloud, as she fell back onto the grass. “It’s like one of those fantasy book places, you know, except this is real.”
Sprawling herself out on the ground, Chelsea closed her eyes as she breathed in the damp forest air. Despite her current predicament, being trapped in a time unknown to her, and the case of the power-hungry Celebi that was jumping through time to attain ultimate power, Chelsea felt quite comfortable in this new time.

March 27th, 2007, 3:01 PM
Name: Daniel (Danny) Larson
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon: While Danny doesn't give nicknames to his pokemon, he treats them like partners...

Metagross, Male

Dusknoir, Male
Description: Danny is kind of a shrimp when it comes right down to it. He is of average height, but his build isn't impressive at all. Every ounce of muscle of his body comes from puberty, just natural accumulation that builds as the body gets older. He does pride himself in having nearly not jiggly fat on his body, making it look like he's an athlete.

Danny sports a close cropped mop of brown hair, and is usually seen wearing a black, track-style jacket, with the Marsh Badge of Saffron City on the back. Underneath that is usually a white T-shirt. He is fond of blue jeans and tennis shoes to match.
Personality: Danny is a real "Shoot for the Stars" kind of guy. He believes that anything is possible if you work hard enough. This comes from how he obtained his Beldum, since it literally fell from the skies! He tries hard, but is somewhat of a wimp, who refuses to fight unless its necessary (or if it's a pokemon battle, those are ok!). He is overly sensitive, and has tough times forgiving himself if he hurts a person's feelings, especially a girl's.
RP Sample: (Hmmm..I'll do a Battle Scene for you guys..k?)

"Metagross! Hard left!" Danny cried from the sidelines. A rock slammed hard into the ground as a giant bulk of moving Metal whizzed around it. Metagross, Danny's prized pokemon (and his first!) was in a fierce battle. The attacking Steelix belonged to Rachel, Danny's closest friend. The two had a long standing rivalry between their Steel-Type pokemon. Unlike Danny, who worshipped Sabrina's Mastery of Psychic types, however, Rachel carried a senseo f pride for her Steel Types, idolizing Jasmine so much that she raised a Steelix of her own.

Now wasn't a time to think too much, however, since Steelix was on the move again. "Rock Throw again, Steelix!" Rachel ordered, and another rock bullet whizzed at Metagross. Danny wasn't scared, he was ready this time!

"Metagross! Psychic!" he hollered, and the boulder was caught in mid air, Metagross raced forward, fligning the boulder at Steelix, knocking the snake-like pokemon off balance as Metagross came in for a hard Take Down. The Steelix toppled, but a quick thought from its trainer brought the move to a Stalemate.

"Iron Tail, now!" She ordered, and as it fell, Steelix used the falling momentum to swing its tail at Metagross, sending the pokemon flying. The taxing battle showed, as both pokemon fell, out for the count.

"Darnit! I thought I had you that time, you puny twerp!" Danny cried, kidding of course. Rachel was a full three years younger than him, so it was irritating that she raised a pokemon as strong as his in such a short time. They joked around all the time, but a loving relationship sat below the surface...

(That good enough?)

March 27th, 2007, 5:06 PM
Looks good. ^_^ You're Accepted and can post any time.

March 28th, 2007, 10:32 AM
[Hmm..I suppose NOW is in the realm of anytime...so here goes!]

Well..I DID go looking for it...I guess its only right that I found it... Danny said, pushing through the brush around him. He heard voices not too far away, so he figured there must have been other people being curious too. Danny didn't know exactly why they were curious, but he had his reasons for hunting out a rogue Celebi...

Danny had a passion for Psychic and Ghost type pokemon. It all sprang from the fact that he grew up in Saffron city, where Sabrina, the teenage pyschic, was the talk of the town. She had never been beaten, until some kid showed up with a Ghost Pokemon many years back. It is said then that Sabrina began keeping Ghost Pokemon with her. This stemmed a rumor that Ghost Types were as powerful as Psychic types, if not more!

Naturally, when it was time for Danny to become a pokemon trainer, he wanted a Psychic type so he could be as good as Sabrina! Unfortunately, he was left empty handed, because all they had were fire, water, and grass types! The same night, during a Meteor Shower, Danny got his wish. A Beldum.

The pokemon was rather worthless at first, using the same move over and over...Take Down. It seemed, however, that Beldum had an incredibly hard body, so it never took recoil damage like most pokemon. Using this to his advantage, Danny trainer hard until he had raised an expert Metagross, and a series of other pokemon, all unique in their own way...

Now, however, he only carried tow pokeballs with him. The rest were still on the ground in the tent he had set up in the woods. Danny had been hunting Celebi for weeks, since it was one of the most powerful Psychic types in existance! If he had a Celebi, he could rival Sabrina's greatness! Unfortunately, all it got him was a trip to some weird forest in the past. These thoughts filled Danny's head as he stepped through the brush and saw the group of kids, seemingly talking...as if nothing were wrong...but Celebi wasn't there.

"Are we truly trapped here?" He asked to nobody in particular. He had pokemon that would get hungry if they weren't found in that forest soon! Even if they were...somebody might steal them! He glanced down at his two pokeballs. His two most powerful pokemon, and the two he had owned the longest, were still with him...that was good.

"If we are, then there is only one thing to do!" He said with a hint of glee. "We have to catch Celebi!" He said, again to nobody, more for himself that time. His hunt would have to start over...but Celebi had to be weak after that jump...they could catch it!

March 29th, 2007, 6:21 AM
Hey before I post my sign up... If I choose to only have one pokemon... can I have Lucario?
I swear I wont overpower, or GodModd him... :'-(

He's like my fav. and if I cant have Lucario can I have Riolu?

March 29th, 2007, 3:00 PM
Ryan saw a look of doubt in the girl's eyes after his speech, but he didn't blame her. They were in a pretty bad predicament after all. Nonetheless he took her hand in his and replied with alacrity: "I'm Ryan. Nice to meet you Rataki."

He turned abruptly to face the others and was bummed that no one had yet stood up to say anything to the group. Before long it was starting to get almost awkward, yet there were a few mixed emotions in the atmosphere that Ryan could feel like the first sprinkles of rain. He knew that if no one had stood up by now, he was probably the only one with a particular plan in mind.

Now regretting his decision to speak to everyone as several pairs of eyes turned to face him, he felt a familiar stage fright kick in. However, this time the circumstances were quite different from when he read a paper out loud in grade school. No, this was a matter of survival and bigger things were at stake here.

"Well, um let me just start by saying that sitting here all day is probably going to get us nowhere. We're in a pretty bad situation and there are many things we don't know. Since know one had spoken up, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Nothing special about me makes me a leader or anything, and I suppose you guys could ignore me but I'd like to see all of us get out of this alive. My proposition is that we set up camp here and then scout the surrounding lands. By making these observations maybe we can learn something about wherever it is we are. Of course we have our pokemon partners to help us here as well. After that we can travel until we find a town or village and then we can come to our next step there. Well um... that's all." he finished lamely.

He dismounted the rock and looked around as the people thought about what he had just said. He'd let them decide for a leader. Ryan wasn't all that great of one, so he decided to leave to go get fire wood. He called out his Skarmory and stepped into the bramble. Skarm was extremely quick in chopping and sizing the logs to the point where Ryan felt like he was doing nothing. When they had gathered enough firewood for a huge bonfire, he called out his Swampert to help in the lugging back to the would-be campsite.

Well, that's one thing down.

March 31st, 2007, 5:49 PM
OOC: Time for a bit of info. The group has woken up two weeks after arriving in this time so Achar is about to take his next jump. The whole journey will take place over the time period of about two months. I'm hoping this will be in role-play time, not in actual time. The first of Achar's final five jumps will be in this post. Remember that what Rataki sees isn't seen by anyone else. Achar is very far away to make sure none of the trainers hitch a ride with him again. The information about the trainers' location will be revealed shortly. A bit of it has already been given. Now on the very long IC.

IC: Rataki smiled and nodded, giving acknowledgment to Ryan, then moved aside slightly to stare off into the trees. Before long a few trickles of rain began to fall from the sky and the warm air turned cool and damp. She didn't mind as long as the rain remained light. The occasional splash of water on her arms and face felt good and helped to wake her up more fully than the warm sunshine had done.

Time passed and the young trainer suddenly became aware of movement and then the sound of Ryan's voice. She turned to see him standing on a rock, addressing the small group before him. She listened, her head cocked to one side, her crimson eyes bright and alert.

Ryan was repeating the same plan he had voiced to her earlier. Make camp and look for a settlement. It seemed like a perfectly good idea to her and she followed him to gather firewood. She checked beneath trees for pine needles and small bits of wood that could be used as kindling then began to place them into a neat pile to be lit.

"Azar, mind helping me out?" With the flick of a Pokeball and a short burst of light, the Arcanine appeared to breathe a few embers on the twigs. Rataki slowly added wood until a small fire was going then stepped back to allow Ryan to wait for Ryan to come back with the larger pieces. The rain had stopped. "Make sure the flames don't die, okay Azar?"

'Right, Rataki,' the canine replied in the rough voice only her trainer and other Pokemon could understand.

The brown haired girl nodded and stepped back to survey the woods again. An odd feeling was creeping over her. She couldn't explain what it was but she was sure it wasn't good. A moment later her suspicions were confirmed. Instantly the trees vanished to be replaced by a burst of light. Music filled her ears, very familiar music. She knew what it was and tried to call out but her voice wouldn't work. Laughter cut through the sweet melody followed by a voice inside her head that sounded like a mix of her voice and that of someone else's.

Human, half of my journey is complete and with this jump I shall be even closer to my goal. With six jumps down, including this one, I have but four to go. Within two months I shall reach the Feror and your world will come under my control.

But enough about that. How do you like your new home? Have you discovered its charms yet? I find it quite delightful and it is a pity to have to leave it. But no matter, I'll come back in a short while and if you give up your soul to me willingly, then perhaps I'll take you back to your own time. Be sure to relay this message to the rest of your kind. Have a nice day.

The light and music intensified then the colors swirled and everything went black.

Rataki gasped as the trees and the smell of smoke came slowly back into view. She crossed her arms over her chest and hugged herself, trying to rid her mind of the voice and the laughter still ringing in her ears. Wild eyes found Azar, still tending the fire as though nothing had happened. The canine's concerned gaze met hers and she realized that the fire dog hadn't seen or heard anything out of the ordinary.

'Are you okay, Rataki? You're shaking and very pale.'

Rataki suddenly realized that she was kneeling on the ground and lowered her hands before looking around. "Didn't you see that? Or hear it?"

'See what? I only see you, and saw. Are you sure you're okay?"

She looked around, confused. "Yeah, maybe I'm just having a flash back or something." It didn't seem like that, though. I swear I was seeing time travel again. I swear it! She sighed and shook head before pushing herself to her feet. Though she wasn't sure whether to believe what she had seen or not, she couldn't help muttering to herself, "Four to go..."

Edit: Sorry, Lucian, forgot to add info about yous. :P No, you cannot have Lucario. Like I said to ash jr. earlier, I consider Lucario to be a legendary and you are not allowed to own a legend.

March 31st, 2007, 9:59 PM
Name: Lucian D. Wolfen. Nickname- Wolf
Age: 17
Gender: Male
http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/anime-adict/Pokemon/Trainer%20cards/389.png Dotaitos [eng-Torterra], Gigas, male, Extra large size, no special powers, just bigger [So i can have lucian sit on him.}

http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/anime-adict/Pokemon/Trainer%20cards/418-f_002.png Buoysel [eng-Buizel], Retto, male

Description: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/anime-adict/Pokemon/Characters/Aaron.png Yay! pretty picture.
As you can see, Lucian wear's a "unique" outfit. [Yes it is Aaron from the movie] The outfit serves as pure asthetic instread of wearing a normal pack like most trainers Lucian wears a small brown satchel around his waist to hold his items. He wears a gre body suit, covered by a blue tunic, and gloves. He also has matching boots. The cape makes him look cool sohe wears it. and the hat is the only item left from his father, he keeps itonhim to inspire him and to remeber what he fights for.

Personality: Lucian is a very inward person. He doesn't like to show his emotions, and other's ignorance displeases him. Altough he is a very stubborn and strict individual, you can sometimes see him playing with retto and gigas in or near a lake. His playful and happy side is masked by the stubborn part of him, this is partialy due to the fact that his father was taken from him when he was only a child.

RP Sample: [from a riecent RP about pokemon] “Where is this?” Lucian looked around, “What am I?” He was delirious and shocked, as he looked around, everything was green, even him, but he was wet. “Am I dead?” he looked down at his hands, they had wires connected to them, he then realized he had a metal plate in his mouth. “Now I think I remember, I’m in TeamRocket’s Base.” Lucian was floating in a giant glass tube, suspended in a green fluid. “Hey! Let me out!” Lucian began to freak out, slamming on the glass, pulling at the wires. “LET ME OUT!” Lucian bellows, and smashes the glass, the liquid pouring out. Lucian rips out the wires and removes the plate from his mouth. “WHY AM I HERE!?” Lucian roars as hetakes on the traits of a beast. “You are here because we need you, and that’s all you need to know.” A shady figure stepped out, it was Lucario. “WHAT!?” Lucian looked around surprised, “IM TALKING TO A POKEMON!?”

Other: Lucian always carries around a mysterious looking staff, it doesn't seem to serve any purpose other then to help him walk.

April 1st, 2007, 7:59 AM
OOC: Ok, couple of things to point out here. First, there's no need for a larger than average Torterra because I'm pretty sure it's about the same size as Venasaur. For your description...it just seems very unlikely that anyone in current or future times would wear that outfit as an every day thing, but there's nothing wrong with it, I guess. Your personality is too short but it could pass. Your RP sample, however, is pretty bad. You switch from past to present tense and jumble everything together. Try practicing a bit more and work on your grammar. Denied.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
April 6th, 2007, 3:15 PM
The cool moist air pushed against his face as some wind picked up, coming in waves. The sound of the grass crinkling, the whoosh of the tree's branches as they swayed in the waves of the wind. The sun's warm rays mostly blocked out by the swaying treetops, the feeling of relaxation as he walked.

Garden Of Eden It was a single thought coming from a Hispanic college student, white hair, almost platnuim on his head, a ponytail going down the back of his neck. His eyes gleaming, one an angelic blue while the other was a crimson red, a trenchcoat hanging down to his ankles.

The college student felt himself relax as he sat on a stump, he was in such a place. He didn't even try to remember what had happened preveiously. He didn't care.

He had heard voices, familiar slightly. He let some memories flow back to him, Seven people, Attracted by a paranormal light and that would be their end, they were sent back. AJ looked into this, he had been seperated from the group. But not for long.

He fought his way throughout the green, finally reaching a small desolate area where voices came into play. He pushed his way in, and without a second thought he let himself blurt out, " Hello."

April 6th, 2007, 3:49 PM
When Ryan arrived at the campsite, he felt an unusual feeling of uneasiness surrounding the atmosphere. He relaxed his arms by releasing the pile of wood and went over to Rataki. She seemed to be in a deep trance, lost in thought. Her eyes reflected a amber glow of the fire before her. At that very moment, Ryan knew for sure something had happened. Curiosity creeped through his mind but he didn't want to press her on the issue.

Ryan then went back to his partners and ordered them to drop their pile of logs by the small fire that seemed so ordinary compared to the phenominal journey and the events that had happened thus far. He sat down a little ways away from the fire but still close enough to the group of people. Thoughts were overwhelming his mind that he just blurted out to Swampert and Skarm: "What if we don't get out of this place?"

Skarm seemed to think about the abrupt statement by looking to the sky and did not respond. However, Swampert answered gently: <We will, we may be in a bad situation right now, but we can pull together in the end.>

Ryan appreciated Swamperts wizdom and motherly comfort which in turn caused his mind to stop racing. Yet in the end, Achar was a greedy pokemon and also happened to be of legendary status. If it came down to a fight in the end, it would be the hardest battle Ryan would ever encounter. He then looked over at the fire and saw that Rataki was still staring into the dancing flames. Instinctively, Ryan stood up and went to her. He then plopped himself down next to her and said: "I'm going out tomorrow morning to survey the surrounding area. Do you want to come with me? I could use the company and I don't really want to go alone."

April 6th, 2007, 4:19 PM
Rataki allowed her eyes to flick towards Ryan as he sat down then focused on the fire again. It was soothing to her, something she needed at the moment. The memories of her vision, or whatever it had been, were still fresh in her mind and they made her very uneasy.

Mutterings from where Ryan was sitting caught her attention for a brief moment, but she didn't look over. Azar wandered over and gave his trainer an affectionate nudge. She leaned over a little to show him she knew he was there then drifted back into her thoughts. The fire type nudged her again then trotted a short ways away to lie down.

"I'm going out tomorrow morning to survey the surrounding area. Do you want to come with me? I could use the company and I don't really want to go alone."

The brown haired trainer jumped and jerked around to look at Ryan. She hadn't heard him approach, too engrossed in her thoughts to pay attention. "Uh, yeah, sure," she stammered, blinking to light from the fire out of her eyes. Should she tell him about what she had seen? There was no knowing if it was real or not, but weren't Celebi psychic types?

Eventually she decided to relay the information, just in case it was real. "Listen, this is going to sound weird, but a little while ago I saw Achar teleporting. Only, he wasn't here, he was somewhere else. I can't explain it. Have you ever heard of people having psychic visions? It was like that, I think." She went on to describe what the corrupt legend had said to her.

She could sense Azar's bright eyes on her. The Arcanine was very interested in what his trainer had said. The brief moment when she had fallen to her knees and gone into a trance had been confusing to her.

Rataki finished her short story then waited, with a slightly apologetic grin, for Ryan's reply. She turned her head slightly, unsure of whether or not she had heard someone call out. She thought she had. It sounded like a male voice coming from the trees.

April 6th, 2007, 4:58 PM
Ryan stood silent for a few moments, taking everything in that Rataki said. Her story amazed him, it seemed so unbelievable but nothing seemed impossible anymore. Everything she said did make sense. Celebi was a psychic type so it could use telepathy and being legendary can probably enhance those powers to unthinkable levels, yet he revealed his plan to her. That's the only part I don't really get...

"Well, first off I'm glad you told me all of this. Secondly, Achar made a very foolish mistake in revealing his plot to us. Now we can be productive in creating a plan to defeat him. In the meantime, we need to do what we can now instead of worrying about the future."

He then gave her a reasurring smile and looked to the tiny dots of stars that were starting to envelop the darkening sky. It was hard to believe that a pokemon had the power to traverse through time and space. Is my world there? Among the stars?

Snapped by his thoughts, Ryan looked back down towards reality. Rataki had suddenly cocked her head towards the forest. He could hear a voice coming from near the trees. He was a little spooked at first after all this talk about Achar but it only turned out to be another one of the teens that fell through time and space.

OoC: I wasn't sure if Ryan would hear the same thing that Rataki did so I went ahead and made him hear it too. If its Achar or something Ryan didn't hear, let me know and I'll edit.

OoC 2: Wow, I officially feel dumb. XD

April 7th, 2007, 6:02 PM
OOC: It was AJ saying hello. Ic now.

IC: Rataki smiled and leaned back on her hands, deciding to ignore the noise for the moment. She followed Ryan's gaze skyward and felt a sense of calm. The stars here were no different than the stars in her own time. There seemed to be the same amount, they still sparkled, and she was even able to pick out a constellation or two. "I'm not sure what we're going to do about Achar," she began thoughtfully, "but at least we know what he's going to do."

There was a moment of silence, then Azar padded over. 'I can smell another human scent. It's probably one of the others that were with you when you ran into Achar.'

The brown haired trainer turned to the trees again. "Get them to come over here. We don't know anything about this time yet so it's not safe."

The large fire dog nodded and trotted off in the direction of the boy's scent.

April 18th, 2007, 9:28 PM
There is a time and place for everything. Have you ever had one of those days where you just knew you did probably the most stupidest things in life, and there was no way you could redeem yourself? That was probably the thing that was happening to me.

I was just trying to help my sister. I planned on not going very far at all. So to be dragged into this mess caught me off guard; now, I was not taking care of my sister and I was probably never going to see her again. My parents would get home to find her sick to the sickest and I would be nowhere home, because I decided to do the stupid move and go find some help when I could have just stayed and tried to take care of her to the best I could.

Yeah, now I was in for it. I had no one here; only my Dad’s Pokémon to talk to. I knew no one. There was no way that I was going to talk to any of these strangers just yet; I first had to get my bearings on what had just happened. This would prove to take a long while as I tried taking in the whole, “taken to the past” thing. I can easily say now that a Celebi is not my Dream Pokémon as I would think one would be; even though it is a legendary.

Maybe Achar found it offensive to be called an “it.” I was not too sure, but if by any chance it did, then I would go to my farthest lengths to continue calling it an “it.” That was just the way I was; always trying to put the blame on someone, completely forgetting that it was my fault for leaving the house anyways. Even if it was for a good deed.

And again, I found myself telling the world off under my breath as I still tried to make sense of this all. I had strayed away from the others, but not very far. I was still within sight of the blaze of fire that had been set. At least they found something to do; I was still stuck in the whole, “we just got transported to a different time stream” thing screaming in my head.

I sat on a rock and faced the campsite that had been made. I would go back when I saw that everyone had settled down. I could tell from looking at them all that they were almost at that point, but I wanted to be sure. Strange how I found it fun to be the loner sometimes, and then at other times, hated it. Well, at the moment, I just wanted to be alone. I just stared at the others as they spoke words with each other.

Eventually, I would go up to them all. But for now, I was going to enjoy the quietness of sitting on top of a rock all alone. I mean, it couldn’t be that bad anyways.