View Full Version : Looking for a shiny Chatot

June 16th, 2007, 4:23 PM
I'd like to get a shiny Chatot. If anyone will help me, I would appreciate it.

My offers:

Froslass lv30
Glalie lv32
Metang lv33
Honchkrow lv37
Weavile lv33
Feraligatr lv33
Squirtle lv1
Manaphy lv25
Charizard lv42
Typhlosion lv37
Infernape lv47
Dusknoir lv100
Xatu lv100
Rampardos lv70
Pupitar lv30
Armaldo lv100
Blissy lv100 (639 HP)
Garchomp lv48
Dragonite lv55
Torterra lv38
Meganium lv37
Bulbasaur lv1
Seviper lv70
Cacturne lv100
Drapion lv42
Phione lv1 (x27)

And if you prefer, I'll do combo trades.

PM me if you have one and are willing to trade.