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  • Yeah, my favorite moth has to be the Regal moth it and it's caterpillar are really cool! Although my favorite arthropods are spiders.
    Hi! I love your profile picture! did you illustrate it yourself? If so its amazing! I also illustrated mine.
    Hey! Idk how much you search for cards online but I've noticed a LOT of fakes recently appearing for VMax cards.. Have you noticed the same? Think we should drop a small announcement just reminding people to buy from reputable places?
    Etiquette is just handle the reports in your section alone unless it's s spammer, bot, or someone joining to advertise leaving a damn mess all over the forum. Then bam them and delete the threads. But usually the section mods will handle it in day or so (especially The ROM Hacking since their thread approval system is nuanced, things take a bit longer there).

    If a week goes by and nothing's happened, just poke the mod via PM or make post in the text box on the report page WITHOUT closing the report! I cannot tell you how many times I've done that lmao. They can be reopened but it's still embarrassing hahaha.. ( ;´Д`)

    TLDR: stay in your lane unless someone be really making a proper mess of the forum..
    Dude, thanks for being a cool bro.

    You getting that hang of modding or do you have any questions? Always here for ya! (´∀`)♡
    missed this message oops

    you've stood out for a while, so I'm glad you're on the team now! (heart) the staff discord may move a little fast at times depending on the channel but hopefully it won't be too overwhelming for you with time :D
    Congratulations on your promotion Icycatelf! Welcome aboard our ship of fools :)

    How do you like being on staff so far? I have noticed that you have been involved in the mod lounge as well as knowledgeable in TCG as always, so it looks like you're off to a fine start. I just thought I'd check in with you though to see how you were doing, and make sure that all is well. Take care! <3

    Ever since I saw your Pokemon you've seen irl thread, I always pictured you'd be a moderator here. So, congratulations.
    Pssss--- I see your posts/threads a lot and I wanted to let you know that the detail put into them and subjects are pretty cool.
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