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July 17th, 2007, 3:30 PM
Here's my first Rp,hope y'all like it!

The Plot: Team Galactic has failed in their plan to capture Palkia and Dialga,and their leader was furious,but soon died of all the anger that was storing up in his body. Now,they have a new leader,Galacticus.Galacticus fired Mars and Jupiter because he needed a better army,then one day,it hit him,he`d get Team Rocket,team Magama and Team Aqua to join him!

Galacticus contacted the leaders of Team Magma and Aqua and team Rocket and told them to meet in Mt. Coronet,because he had a very special proposal for them. When Archie and Maxie and Giovanni arrived,they were met by Galacticus,who asked them to join Team Galactic along with all their grunts,and he would make them admins.

He told them their plan was to hatch the Manaphy egg,which he had stolen from an ancient sea temple, and them control it with a special device and force it flood the world,but to do this he needed Dialga and Palkia's help,so he would assign Archie and Maxie and Giovanni to capture them.

Two more years had passed, and not a peep from their new commander since since. Then, people started spreading word about a new rumor. A new evil team was forming, and people knew about it,but they didn`t know when they would plan to take over the world once again.. Team Universe, With three new admins: Archie, Maxie, and Giovanni starting planning the final phases of their plan. The surely knew that what they were getting into was gonna be big. and the worst part was that Galacticus was the leader, and that he wasn`t patient and started killing his own men because they told him the plan would take longer than they thought. They had no idea how to hatch the egg,it had been months and still no progress. They tried cracking it open,heating it,burning it,freezing it but still nothing would work. Can anybody save the world and defeat the new team Galaxy once and for all before they hatch the egg!!!!!

1: No god-modding
2: No legendaries
3: No more than four pokemon at the start. you can catch more, but please heed to rule no.2
:4 No typing L1k3 th15
:5 No obscene randomness: this is a serious RP
:6 please respect all other Pokecommunity rules

Now for the sign-up sheet:

Nickname: (If any)
Gender: (If any)
Obtained: (How'd you get it?)

Here's mine

Name: Alex
Appearance: Alex is very tall for his age and is about 6`1 and weighs about 150-160 pounds. He has Green eyes,light brown hair which is covered by a blue baseball cap. He wears a gold chain with a cross hanging on it, and wears a light blue undershirt,which is covered by a dark blue vest. He wears Green gloves,and has a green bag to carry all his stuff. He wears dark blue jeans and clear white sneakers that never seem to get dirty(O.o) Alex`s upper body and along with his arms are pretty strong from working out with his pokemon,and lower body is slightly weaker. He also has a change of a blue headband,blue sweatpants and a blue shirt for when he`s working out with his pokemon.
Peronality: Alex is very nice and most people like to be around him. He is very lazy and doesn`t like cleaning up and changing his clothes every day to train with his pokemon. It`s very easy for Alex to get angry,so you`d beter not mess with him,although his rage only tends to last a little while or so anyway,although sometimes he may not think,and regrets what he does later. He really enjoys company but not when there`s too many people. He like to travel alone and battle a lot. Alex`s peronality would be: Headstrong.
History: Alex`s father was one a gym leader,but gave up that job when he found out his wife was pregnant with Alex. Alex was born in Kanto and later moved to a small house in Sinnoh,Sandgem Town where his grandma raised his,along with a Turtwig and Chimchar his dad caught for him to play with and to keep an eye on him while his grandma was busy.

Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Charizard is much like Alex, it tries to copy olmost everything he does,it is also sad when Alex puts it back in it`s pokeball.
Obtained: Prof: Alex caught it as a Charmeleon in an ancient foest for fire pokemon that were being protected by a Shiny Chazard. it thought it would be more safe with Alex.
Other: None

Species: Donphan
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Personality: Donphan a pretty decent pokemon. it also loves to eat and play with small pokemon,even at it`s huge size.
Obtained: Alex was on Stark mountain fighting a Magmortar along with it`s two minions,Donphan and Golem. Alex,after making it faint, rescued it from it`s horrible life and caught it.
Other:Donphan is shiny.

Species: Torterra
Gender: Male
Personality: Torterra takes great pride in it's great power and Earthquake attack. It also likes to sleep and try to stand up on it's hind legs time after time
Obtained: Alex recieved it as a Turtwig (read history) and it evolved near the ocean,then evolved again into Torterra after fighting Chimchar.

Okay that`s it for now. We`ll start after four more people join.
Start posting you apps!

July 17th, 2007, 4:29 PM
Name: Ace Neon
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs12/300W/i/2006/264/b/d/The_Manager_by_tabagista.jpg
Personality: Ace loves pokemon battles, as much as he loves playing his guitar. He attends catching contests daily to sharpen his skills. He also likes participating in the Battle Stadium. Whenever he's not battling, or playing his guitar, he's usually lying around watching TV or playing video games somewhere.
History: Ace grew up in La Rousse city. Around so much technology his life was a paradise. He competed in the battle tower while he was young, and eventually bored of battling the same trainers in the same old city, so he set out with his Whismur,nickname Elvis, on a quest throughout the world, earning himself more, and more titles. He eventually decided, there should be more technological cities like La Rousse, so he built Neon City!

Species: Exploud
Nickname: Elvis
Gender: Male
Personality: Exploud has always enjoyed listening to Ace's music. It's calmed him down ever since it was a little Whismur. Exploud loves battles, but enjoys nothing more than relaxing.
Obtained: Caught as a Whismur in the wild.
Other: Exploud knows how to play the guitar.

Species: Ampharos
Nickname: Amp
Gender: Male
Personality: Amp is rather Rash and is easily excited. Amp isn't exactly what you'd call "smart", but everyone loves him anyway!
Obtained: Caught as a Mareep at the power plant.
Other: Ampharos enjoys instant ramen.

Species: Chatot
Nickname: Busta Brown
Gender: Male
Personality: BB loves singing and is one of Ace's favorites for some reason. Chatot, like most Chatot talks alot.
Obtained: Caught in the wild.
Other: Chatot is nicknamed "Busta Brown" after the DJ because he talks so dang much! He also joins Ace in singing practice.

July 17th, 2007, 4:35 PM
Animehero-Hmm Animehero,you need to work on yours a little bit,it`s not bad,i just don`t think it`s right for this RP.

PKMN Trainer Max
July 17th, 2007, 5:50 PM
Appearance:Max is about 5 ft 9 and has black hair that spikes in every which direction.He wears a blue tee shirt hith black or blue jeans.[depends,just threw that in to mix it up!XD]He also wears a black bandana around his neck.
Personality:Max is very open,and loves to make friends.He likes to make rivals too.His energy is qquite low outside battle,but in battle he is as energetic as a hyper pichu![XD]
History:Max grew up as a swimmer.He always loved the water and always will.This lead him through many hours of sea diving,and just plain swiming.His pokemon reflect this,being mainly water types.

Personality:Very funloving,likes to explore
Obtained:Caught as a yound Carvania.

Species: Dragonite
Personality:Adventurous,very protective of friends.
Obtained:Max caught it as a dratini.
Other:Likes to be near water.

Personality:shy,kind of afraid of new pokemon,yet she loves to battle.
Obtained:Caught as a fineon.

July 17th, 2007, 6:13 PM
PKMN Trainer Max- it doesn't seem to have much info and you didn't seem very serious in what you wrote so far,right now it's very poor but ill give you a chance to write more and fix it up a bit -PENDING

Cosmic Tyrant
July 17th, 2007, 9:44 PM
Alright, I'll have a go at this; I'd be pretty upset if I get declined lol :D

Name: Nick Orton
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nick is a little heavier than most men his height. he stands 6'6 and weighs 275 pounds, but his body structure is muscular. He has molotto skin, a well grown goatee, and a large tatoo of a seviper with a pair of dice both showing the one's where the eyes should be on his back. for his ensamble, he prefers classy clothes. He dons a dark grey pinstripe fedora hat, a white T-shirt with a deep red tie and a dark grey pinstripe blazer jacket, dark grey pinstripe slacks, and black leather shoes. Miscellanious objects include black leather gloves, and black studded earring on his left ear, two silver chains (Necklaces) and a black cain with a golden bulb handle.
Personality: Nick is a bit of a snob, but that part of him only concerns his clothes. For the most part, he's nice, but don't cross him. He's vengeful, and unchilverious to boot. He dosen't care about age, color or gender; if you get on his bad side, he WILL get you one way or another. but most people don't get too worried, as it's harder to get him angry than most people. but other than that, he enjoys the company of others. He's also a HUGEfan of Alternative music.
History:Nick grew up in the glistening lights of Vielstone city. and thus, has formed a habit of gambling. He enjoys playing the slots, as that's were most of his payout comes from. but he only goes there once a week. His job keeps him away from the game corner most of the time. He's a professional bobybuilder, which is why he's so big. He spends a lot of his time in the gym pumping up lots of iron. He can bench up to 450 pounds with out even breaking a sweat. but that doesn't necessairly mean he's the greatest at pokemon...

Species: Prinplup
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Pirpnlup is much like Nick in the fact is that it loves being around others. It finds music very soothing.
Obtained: Prof: Rowan's lab. (Piplup)
Other: Prinplup is shiny

Species: Sunflora
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Personality: Sunflora can be a little rude at times, but on the whole is a pretty decent pokemon. it also loves to eat.
Obtained: Nick was on his way to Vielstone after viewing a contest and found it being attacked bu a wild Ponyta. Nick and his then-Piplup rescued it.

Species: Honchkrow
Gender: Male
Personality: Honchkrow is very vain. It takes great pride in it's smooth feathers. It also likes to sleep.
Obtained: Nick caught a Murkrow in the lost tower, and decided to evolve it afher leveling it up.

July 17th, 2007, 9:58 PM
Name: Pat

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pure black shoes. Light blue pants, and a white shirt that extends over his belt area, and dark blue wristbands. Light brown eyes, and a red hat that symbolizes the top half of a Pokeball atop light brown hair. He stands at about 5"8', and he is on the thinner side, weighing about 112 pounds.

Personality: He has a joking personality, though he is serious when needed. In bad situations, he can make a small joke about it. He tends to trail off when speaking, usually forgetting what the subject of the conversation is about. However, he can also be caring, might flirt a little bit with a girl, but watches his manners, stopping quickly. He also carries an iPod with him, that he usually has out at most times, and a butterfly knife in his pocket that he uses to get out of nets that he gets caught in if it is a trap.

History: Pat started out his Pokemon Journey when he was 11 years old, catching a Pidgey at Route 1, coming from Viridian City, family living in Pallet Town. However, ever since then, for some odd reason he has an incredible talent for Pokemon Battling, coming in Third in the Kanto Pokemon League. Even more hate was dawned upon him when he came in First in the Johto Pokemon League. He has developed a sense to get in a fight with whoever try to anger him, though he tries to keep his anger under control. Though all the hate he has received and all the anger he has stored up, he has made friends with Pokemon at the oddest situations.

Species: Charizard
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Very confident of its own power, easily the most powerful member on the team. Boasts if its power, though never goes against a command. A joker like Pat to, it is serious in the most intense situations.
Obtained: While Pat was traveling through Kanto, he ran into a wild Charmander, bullying other Pokemon with its power, after Gym 2. Pat battled it with his Pidgeotto, catching it with ease. Later during the day, they trained. It already had enough experience, so it evolved into a Charmeleon. During Gym Four, Charmeleon was losing, but it evolved into a Charizard, not wanting to let Pat down, winning the match.
Other: Knows when to stop in a battle.

Species: Absol
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Absol can get angered very easily, but never gives up in a battle. Never too confident, even if winning a match. Absol may tend to show off its power.
Obtained: After Pat won the Johto Championship, he decided to go out on a night in the town hi rejoice. He went to a place to have a soda, and he got some dirty looks, mostly from the male trainers, a few girls admiring him. Someone got in his way, but he moved right past the person, then he bought a soda. The person smacked the soda away, then Pat rose up, both wanting to fight now. Two more people come up and throw him out into some trash cans. Before they charged at him, an Absol rose out of a dumpster, threatening to use Razor Wind. Absol and Pat have been best friends ever since.

Other: Loves to battle.

Species: Scizor
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Never serious, not even in battle, but usually manages to win battles. It does'nt know when to quit in a battle, keeping on no matter how weakened. Gets very angry when its pride is harmed.
Obtained: While Pat was in Kanto, he went to the Safari Zone, looking for Pokemon to catch. A Scyther attacked him, but he quickly caught it before it could harm him. While in the Johto Region, Scyther was battling against some Team Rocket members, but it was losing, due to being severely out numbered. It was attacked with a Flamethrower, standing through it, but in an immense amount of pain. It was hunched over, eyes barely open after the flamethrower subsided. Before it was about to be attacked again, it glowed, changing form with rising power, evolving into a Scizor. It quickly took care of all the Rocket member.

Other: It has the meanest Metal Claw one could ever feel.

July 17th, 2007, 10:17 PM
Finally,some people with good apps!

Here i go!
Cosmiclefairy:hmm it doesn't seem that good Declined no im just kidding you passed with flying colors!-ACCEPTED

Hiro Scout: Nice job it's pretty good and i like the part where you Absol comes out of a garbage can :laugh::laugh: -ACCEPTED

PS Cosmiclefairy there are some matters i have to discuss with you (don't worry your not it trouble,in fact you might be kinda happy!) So whenever your not busy i might send you a pm.

Okay we got our first two members,and there are 2 more spots open until we start the RPG. =)

July 17th, 2007, 10:56 PM
Im in I have a good char now
OOC: The I used on comsical fairys Rp but some diff pokes XD :P.

Character Sheet
Name: Kam Hashi
Gender: M
Age: 13½

Appearance: Wears an Orange vest and a Black Tee-shirt Orange shoes and a Orange hat his pants are black and he also has a Backpack where he keeps all his important items. He also has a pendit that his mom gave him when he stared his journey and a Orange cap to go with his orange and black outfit. Like every other teen Kam likes to have a style all his own. He also has a pair of sunglasses that are usually on at all times. He is a little lighter then Brock.

Personality: Some might call him too trustworthy. He’s always helping people weather it be old ladies to grown men. He thinks that everyone deserves at least one chance of trust. He is an extremely optimistic individual who see's the good in everybody. He attempts to see things from other people's points of view, including cold hearted teams such as Team's Rocket. He doesn’t have a problem with speaking his mind also, if he thinks there’s a problem he will speak his mind.

Backgound Story:: Born in a very warm community. He was always able to talk to everyone as if they where his faimly. It may also be the reason of him being to trust worthy.When he went to Viridian city he would always go to see if the gymleader was in but never was. Thats when pokemon contest opened up and he was really amused by them so until the gym leader of Viridian got in he went to master contest in all 4 regions. When he finally seen that the gymleader was at his gym he went to make his challenge but was sidetracked, by the many grunts he had to fight off. So today he wants to finish his battle with the Gymleader of Viridian.

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Name: Golduck
Species: Golduck
Gender: M
Personality: Mello It hardly says anything and Can speak Human Lanuge since it can use Psychic and Conusion.
Obtained: Met on a boat trip with his parents it saved his life when Kam fell over board and challenged him to a battle to get capture and has been with Kam ever sense.
Other: Has a diamond in the middle of its forehead instead of a sphere.

Name: Sparky Jr
Species: Pikachu
Gender: M
Personality: It Likes to be like its Idoles Richie and Ash's Pikachu seen out side its Pokeball.
Obtained: Starter Pokemon Since Ash achived many things with his Pikachu they where givein out as starters Pokemon in Kanto.

Name: Trust
Species: Altaria
Gender: F
Personality: It a fast learner and it very loyal. Is a very sweet and peace loving pokemon.It the nicest of all kams pokemon.
Obtained: Kam found its Poke Ball lying around 2 months ago.he reported it to the police and waited 1 whole month and no one cliamed it so kam decied to keep it.

If you want me to add more I will.

July 17th, 2007, 11:27 PM
Wow lots of people are signing up and it hasn't been on for more than....5 hours..

X-Files-You did an awesome job. it seems olmost perfect to fit into the rpg but you need to add just a tiny tiny bit to your appearance,you know,the basics and all that stuff! so for now...hmm i would have to say that you are PENDING/ACCEPTED

Good luck everybody! =)

July 18th, 2007, 6:23 AM
OK, here's mine. ^_^

Name: Alex Dark

Age: 15

Appearance: Alex wears all dark blue. He has a dark blue jacket over a dark blue t-shirt. He usually puts up the hood of his jacket, so no one can see his face, but when the hood is down, he almost always puts on sunglasses. He also wears dark blue jeans, and running shoes so he can run around a lot if needed. Alex's left ear is pierced and he has a small tattoo of a Gallade's head and the word "Blade" on his shoulder. Since he usually wears the jacket, most people never see it.

Personality: Alex usually likes to hide his feelings around most people he doesn't know. He is usually quiet, but he speaks out when he is around his friends, or someone he loves is harmed. He is loyal to his friends and his Pokemon, and would give his life for them. He usually hides from most people, and can somehow sneak around without being noticed, like a spy. He likes running a lot, and runs whenever he is mad. Alex also has a temper and gets mad easily, but almost never gets mad around his friends.

History: Alex was born in Cerulean City, with a rich family, and was cousins with the Gym Leader, Misty. On his tenth birthday, Misty gave him a Lapras. Alex decided to go out and go on a journey then. Alex found another Pokemon, a Trapinch. He raised her and soon she evolved into a Flygon. Then he flew on her back to Sinnoh, to find his aunt, also Misty's aunt, to go live with her. He found her in Canalave City, but also found a Riolu living in the alley. The Riolu was abandoned by its trainer, so Alex decided to catch it. About a year later, it evolved into a Lucario, and Alex decided he was strong enough to go on another journey to get all the Gym Badges and fight the Pokemon League. He easily got all the badges, but was stopped before he could fight the League. His aunt fell ill and he had to go back and help her. About six months later, she grew healthier, and Alex went to find the Pokemon League. He was again stopped by Team Galactic and they tried to steal his Pokemon. He then realized he had to stop them, and went to find trainers who also wanted to stop Team galactic. In the middle of his adventure, he found a Ralts, and it evolved into a Gallade.


Species: Lapras
Nickname: Frost
Gender: Female
Personality: Frost loves Alex, and is a bit overprotective of him. She is loyal, and hates anyone who tries to harm him. She usually goes out of her own Poke Ball when he is in danger, and tries to protect him.
Obtained: From Misty, on Alex's tenth birthday.

Species: Flygon
Nickname: Dragonfly
Gender: Female
Personality: Loves flying, and as a result, is happy to fly Alex around anywhere he wants. Dragonfly is brave, and knows right from wrong. She was almost stolen by Team Galactic, and Alex decided to stop them from trying to do it to any other trainers.
Obtained: Caught as a Trapinch in Kanto(yes I know there are none there).

Species: Lucario
Nickname: Aura
Gender: Male
Personality: Aura is usually quiet, but he is brave and also hates Team Galactic. He loves Dragonfly and is loyal to her as well as Alex. He is a fierce battler, and as a result, won him many badges.
Obtained: Caught as a Riolu in Canalave City.

Species: Gallade
Nickname: Blade
Gender: Male
Personality: Blade is kind of like Aura, only not as quiet. He hates Team Galactic, and would do anything to stop them. He is now wanted by Team Galactic because he is incredibly strong.
Obtained: Caught as a Ralts.

mew three
July 18th, 2007, 9:20 AM
Damn WootyMcWoot beat me to it!!!

July 18th, 2007, 9:27 AM
Please do not spam Mew Three. You can always ask if there's another spot that can be opened for you, but that was a needless post.

July 18th, 2007, 11:11 AM
All right here i go.

Wooty Mcwoot: Your app was acceptable,but maybe next time put a little more info for apearance ACCEPTED

Oh and Mewthree,that was a poiontless post; it was spamming -.- you could have just asked if you could send in an app after we started...but i'm not so sure about that now.

Anyways,for everybody else that has been accepted we have 4 members now, Hiro Scout, Wooty MCwoot,X-Files and Cosmiclefairy,so we can start at any time,im just still waiting for the right time =)

July 18th, 2007, 11:15 AM
Meh, you can start, I'm not so good at starting things. The others aren't on yet though.

July 18th, 2007, 11:22 AM
yes the others aren't on so i don't wanna start yet :nervous: don't pressure me lol!

Oh ya and remember since this is an alternate seqeul to the Rise of Heatran,when the other sequel,by Cosmiclefairy comes out,you don't get to keep the pokemon that you got in this RPG.

Oh and by the way guys,i don't want this one to end in 3 days like Rise of Heatran did :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

July 18th, 2007, 11:33 AM
It might since we have some of the same Role players from CF one. Also this can we atleast fight the admins last time hawk made us leave b4 we where about to fight them.

July 18th, 2007, 12:28 PM
Ok well i'll start it up then after this post you guys can start posting also

Alex walked along the sandy beach of Sandgem town,his hometown along with his Donphan.

"Donphan,it's a beatiful day,but we don't care about that,do we? We just wanna find a tough trainer and battle,right?" Alex said in a cute voice to his Donphan
"DON-DON!" Donphan replied with a big smile on his face
"DON! DON! DONPHAA!" Donphan roared as he couldn't stop jumping around and smiling.
"That's a good boy,Donphan."

Suddenly,the water started rising from the beach and the sky turned black

"Whoa,what's going on? an eclipse? I...don't think so" Alex said over the roaring sea
The water was creating huge waves of water and splashing everywhere as lightning struck down on a huge tree where many hurt bug and flying pokemon fell out.

"Donphan! Grab those pokemon and start heading back home!" Donphan started running at full speed but soon the sand from the beach rose into a huge sandstorm and Donphan couldn't see anything.
Donphan was running to the pokemon even though he couldn't see,then a tree branch came and knocked Alex on the head....everything went black

(Team Galaxy was torturing the Manaphy egg trying to get it to crack open so the sea in Kanto,Johto,Hoenn and Sinnoh was reacting)

July 18th, 2007, 1:19 PM
((I changed my character's name to Alex, because you told me to >_<.))

Alex smiled. He was standing next to the entrance to Canalave Town, about to leave. He was going on a journey to fight Team Galactic. Alex let out his Lucario, Aura, to walk with him. He was looking for a strong trainer to battle. He looked around. A few trainers were there, but they all seemed to have weak Pokemon. Alex sighed. This seemed to be the downside of having lots of badges.

Aura folded his arms and said nothing. Alex decided to call them out. "Attention, everyone!" he said. "If there's anyone who thinks they have Pokemon that can match my Lucario, come on up!" Aura smiled.

"I will," said a voice. It was a girl. She walked up to Alex. She was wearing a green T-Shirt and green shorts. She smiled. "Name's Kate." Alex smiled too.

"I'm Alex," he said. "Don't hate me when you lose."

"I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon," Kate said. "Go, Froslass!" She sent out the Snow Land Pokemon.

"Froooslass.." it slowly said.

"Froslass, use Ice Shard!" Kate said. Froslass held the ground with its hands, freezing the soil around it. Then it quickly flew forward, slamming into Aura. Alex smiled and laughed.

"Aura, use Flash Cannon!" he said. Aura smiled whiled the Froslass was floating above him, then he shot a pulse of light at it, instantly knocking it out. Alex laughed again. "I told you I'd win..."

"Grr.." Kate said. "Fine. You win.. You're a pretty strong trainer. Froslass, return!" She summoned Froslass back into the Poke Ball. "So, what are you doing around here?" she said.

"I'm about to go on a journey to stop Team Galactic." Alex said. "Why?"

"No reason," Kate said. "I fought those Team Galactic guys before. They tried to steal Froslass. I beat them easily with Blizzard." She smiled. "I bet I hate Team Galactic as much as you. Can I go with you?"

Alex sighed. "Fine.." he said. "Just don't get in the way."

After the battle, Alex and Kate walked to Sandgem Town, and went to the Pokemon Center overnight. The next morning, Alex was woken by a thundering sound. Water was flying everywhere outside. It seemed to be a hurricane. But the high winds whipped around, making the sand fly into the air. Soon, there was a massive sandstorm. Alex ran out of his room.

Kate walked out of her room. "What's happening?" she said.

"I have no idea.." Alex said. "But apparently nothing good..."

July 18th, 2007, 2:04 PM
"Pika Pi Pika pi Pikachu" said Pikachu. "Whats wrong Pikachu" I said. Pikachu jumped off my head and onto the sand and started glareing at the ocean.

Suddenly,the water started rising from the beach and the sky turned black.

Pikachu come lets get outta here thats when Pikachu started running right twords the ocean. "Pikachuuuu" I screamed while running after him.

I let golduck out of his poke ball as we both started running into to the huge water not knowing what was going to happen.

July 18th, 2007, 2:09 PM
Pat is in the Sinnoh Region, walking alone though Canalave City, headphones in his ears with loud volume from his iPod. The song being heard by all near him is Bleed it Out by Linkin Park. Everyone walks right past him. He looks over at a clothes shop, seeing the exact same hat that he as for sale, however its black and not red. He wonders sometimes if he should under go a new look, but he stops thinking about, seeing how peaceful the sea is. He reaches into his pocket, dropping out a Pokeball, letting out a timid little Espeon. The two look at the sea, waves silently crashing down at some rocks. He is tempted to jump in, but he decides not to. All of a sudden, the sea and the sky turn black. One though goes through his mind; What the..? He returns Espeon, and starts looking out for any other trainers who might want to venture out to sea.

July 18th, 2007, 2:11 PM
Alex woke up and saw the storm was clearing up.
"Urgh" Alex woke up and felt a bump on his head
"What happened?" he looked around and saw a familiar young boy with a girl in his hands so he went up to her
"A-Alex? That you?" Alex could barely say
"Yo,what happened here?" said the other Alex
"Better question--who's the hottie?" i said with a grin on my face. The girl semmed to blush a little bit on her cheeks
"Alex,focus here" he said back
"All right,all right i was on the beach with my Donphan and all of a sudden there was this big storm and lightning hit many pokemon,then there was a sandstorm here,on the beach and that is all i can remember before a branch hit me in the head." Alex said
"well-"Alex was about to say
"Why don't you go asking around what was going on and maybe talk to the police? I'll stay here with this girl......." i said cutting him off..

Then my grandmother came and said
"Alex,come here! Quickly"said Alex's grandma
"Grandma?"i replied
"Quickly! Go Charizard! can you fly us two to canalave city?"
"CHAAAAAAAAAA!"it replied with a mighty roar
"I'm flying on my grandma's Charizard to a city i've never been to for a reason she wont say why....Just great"

Cosmic Tyrant
July 18th, 2007, 3:45 PM
Nick had just gotten out of a gym in Vielstone. He was sweating bullets. "Well, Let's see" He said while staring at his watch "It's around noon-ish, What say we get something to eat" He asked his Prinplup. "Prinnnn!" It squacked with an intense tone. Nick could easily tell that Prinplup was starving. He could only assume that Sunflora and Honchkrow were hungry as well... After the four ate their fill, Nick made his way back to his house. He then got a message from an old high school pal. "Nick, are you there?" The trainer asked. "Sure am. Wow, It's been a while since I've heard from you. So what's up, Greg?" "My theory is what's up." replied a rushed Greg "Oh no" Said Nick "Don't tell me you haven't given up on your conspericy theory on the old chateou" Greg sighed a little and said "That's right! And now I have proof! Look in the Canalava library on the third floor. There's a book that will explain everything in the section K-R." Nick looked sceptically at him "Yo MUST be joking" "I assure you that this is serious" Said Greg, and with that, he signed off. Nick just shrugged. "Oh well, Might as well go" He grabbed his mountain bike, then went off to Canalava city...

July 18th, 2007, 5:48 PM
" Are you awake" a voice said. Come on Carrie we should tell the Officer Jenny.

"Cough cough" I cough up a little water and see two people in front of me. "Who are you wheres my Pikachu and Golduck?" I demand. hey kid is that how you treat the people that just saved you the boy said. The girl just sat there stareing at me.

"Saved me" I then remeber what had happen eariler. Are my Pokemon ok? "Yes" the girl says and "my names Carrie" she contuined. "My names Jerry whats your name?" he said.

"My name is Kam and Pika" I was cut off by my Pikachu running twords me. "Hey buddy wheres Golduck" I then see Golduck sitting on a rock beside me "Oh" I said.

"So what happend to you" Carrie said. "Oh I was haveing fun on the beach then my Pikachu ran in to a huge wave of water we seen and ended up here" I anwsred

"Well your lucky we should go back to our place so we can find out if any info is on the news" Jerry said.

July 18th, 2007, 7:19 PM
"Grandma!! Either drop me right now,or tell me what's going on!?!" i said angrily
"Oh,stop! I'll never be able to explain to you without the book!" the replied with an irritated voice
"Just tell me what's going on!?!"i couldn't wait any longer
"Why don't you just shut it,your giving me a headache!" she replied with such anger in her voice
"DROP ME,NOW!" i said in a sharp tone
"No,i can't you have to see this." my grandma said back
"Fine...lets battle,if i win you tell me what's going on,if i lose i shut up,deal?" once we arrived on a field we began battling.
"Charizard,GO!" i said as i took out Charizard's pokeball
"Hmm. Charizard,can you still battle?" grandma said to her Charizard.

"Charizard,Overheat!" i said
"Charizard,dodge it and use wing attack" the said to her Charizard,who hadn't done a single thing the whole time.
"Alright,fine,Charizard,let's show grandson our power. Ember!" her Charizard's ember attack made Charizard fall to the ground!
"Charizard,come back" grandma,i'm sorry i got angry,but can you please explain to me what is going on?...I know that you know something about the storm,correct?" i said
"..Just-Just wait a few more minutes until we arrive at Canalave City,all will be explained..." she said

We arrived at Canalave city and grandma took me to the library..when we got there,i saw many books...
"Alex,this library holds so many legends in it's books. Come,meet me top floor in about 10 minutes. Don't get lost,no acceptions. 10 MINUTES,Alex." she said..

July 19th, 2007, 9:43 AM
((Rei, the second to last post you did, I'd call that character control. It's fine for you to just bump into me, but don't control my charcter, and make him talk.))

"Who was that?" Kate asked.

"That was.. Alex," Alex said. "About six months ago, I went on a journey to Stark Mountain to stop the Team Galactic Leader from awakening Heatran. He almost destroyed the world, but we saved them."

"Wait a minute, who's 'we?'" Kate said with a blank look on her face.

"Me, the other Alex, the Elite 4 Champion Cynthia, and some other guys," Alex said. "Now let's follow those guys. They sais they were going to Canalave." Kate sighed.

"Fine," she said. "But do we have to walk?"

"Nah, we can fly on my Flygon," Alex smiled. "She's great at flying through sandstorms." They walked out of the Pokemon Center, to see that the winds calmed down a lot. "Huh," Alex said. "I wonder what that was all about. Go, Dragonfly!"

Alex got on the back of his Flygon, and they started to fly to Canalave City, following the other Alex.

Cosmic Tyrant
July 19th, 2007, 11:58 AM
Nick had biked a long way, Picking up a lot of water as he went from one city to the next. But by the time he got to Oreburgh, he was completely wiped out. "Hoo, I wish there was an easier way to get to Canalava city" He said with exaustion. He decided to rest near the pokemon center while his Pokemon got some fresh air. After about two hours he decided that he was ready to go back on to the road. He went to Jublife city just before he realized something: He diddn't have a sufficiant way to get past the water. "Dang it! of all the rotten luck!" Stated Nick. "Oh well, might as well look for someone to give me a lift." he said as he searched Jublife. As he searched, He saw several clowns near the TV station. "What in the world?" He thought to himself. well, I can't let that bother me. Then he found a lucky break. an older fellow said he's help Nick get to Canalava city, for a small fee of course. Nick gladly accepted.

July 19th, 2007, 12:43 PM
"grandma *cough* this place is so dusty...grandma are you here?" i said
"The sun is going down. you see this book?" said grandma
"It's...all..there's no writing!" i said to her
"Wait," as the sun was slowly going down,the book started shining with light
"Don't stare,READ! it will explain everything! but quickly,you only have until the sun goes down!" the said

.....10 minutes passed and i could see the writing no more.
"Manaphy...this pokemon...is an egg? and it controls the sea?" i asked grandma
"Partly....the sea wouldn't be this angry unless somebody took the egg from it's resting and is trying to make it hatch.." she said
"But how can you be so sure!?" i asked
"I'm not sure...all we can do is wait....i suspect some greedy adventurer that came across the ancient sea temple somehow and..stole the egg." she said
"Come,let's go outside,get some fresh air and train,after all,whoever has control over Manaphy must be really powerful"
"....." i couldnt't think of anything to say.


"GO,Donphan! Stomp!" i said
"Charizard,dragon claw" grandma said
"Rollout!NOW!" i said
"Charizard! Are you okay?" grandma said to her tired Charizard
"Rollout,again!" i said
"Again!"i said to Donphan who seemed like he wanted to sleep
"Charizard,come back." okay that's enough for today.

(since my grandma is an npc,we can all control her,and she's gonna help later on. she won the league championships four times when she was young and her pokemon are: Rhydon,Charizard,Pidgeot,Arcanine,Torterra,typhlosion =)

July 19th, 2007, 12:45 PM
"Mom where home" Jerry and Carrie said. "Hey honeys Oh who is that you got with you?" She said. This is Kam he washed up on the beach after trying to save his Pikachu from a huge tidal wave" Carrie replied. "Hes a lucky by then you guys want anything to eat" she said. "Yes" the three of us said in unison.

After we ate lunch we turned the TV on so we could see the news there where no reports yet so I said just forget about it.I was
about to leave when they asked if I could go with me on journey.
"Sure if its ok with your mom" I siad. Thats when there mom came out and said it was ok as long as I keep them safe she said with a smile.

"Hmm next I think I should goto Canalava City so do you guys have Pokemon?" I said. "Yes I do come on out Mantine and Cyndaquil These are my two but Carrie doesnt have any" he said. "I know Carrie I can give you some Pokemon Staravia,Pichu,Elekid and Beedril I just caught from the Johto region so you can have them" I said. After we went to to the computer we went back to the ocean and start on a way to the Canalava city.

Trust we have some new friends so lets hurry so we went off to Canalava city not knowing what was going to happen.

Carrie and Jerry are NPC so control away.

July 19th, 2007, 1:01 PM
Pat had been running around for an hour looking for other trainers to go out to sea and possibly figure out what the disturbance was, but everyone seemed to be to chicken. He decides he should quit, so walks to the Library. Once there, he walks straight past anyone who is in the way. He walks upstairs in the library, grabbing two or three books what would seem useful. Though he wasn't in Sinnoh at the time the Region was saved from the enemy Heatran controlled by Team Galactic, he still remembered it on the News, but he decides he should keep more focused on his books. He begins reading, and with his supposed towering height at 5"8', he looks rather nerdish for the moment, with head buried in books.

July 19th, 2007, 1:36 PM
Alex was walking along the city looking for somehting to do,but then decided to have a battle.
"Anybody up for a battle?" i asked among the croud of people near the ocean.for a moment,nobod seemed to notice then a teenage boy with black hair stepped out of the croud and said
"Let's make this quick,i can't keep my fans waiting"
everybody seemed to be intrested in their battle and were watching from a safe distance
"Go,Blaziken!" he said
"Go,Donphan!" i said back as i took out Donphan's pokeball
"Earthquake,Donphan!" i said
"Sky uppercut,Blaziken" he said
"Wait,Donphan cancel earthquake and use Rollout to hti Blaziken!" i told Donphan. We both returned out pokemon.
"Go,Magmar!" he said
"Go,Torterra!" i said "Earthquake!"
"Magmar,are you okay? Use flamethrower!"
"Torterra,no! use Stomp!" i said to Torterra who couldn't take much more "flamethrower,again,Magmar!" he said
"urgh,Torterra,come back!" i said as his Magmar started glowing silver and then evolved into a Magmortar.
"Go,Charizard! Use fly! Now use blast burn to knock magmortar down!" i said to Chairzard
"Maagmoo" said his Magmortar as he was hit by blast burn
"Now,Chairzard,land with an earthquake and use dragon claw!"
the boy's Magmortar fainted after all that.
"Now,Gallade,come on out! Use psychic!" he said to his pokemon
"Charizard,get back up!"
"psybeam,Gallage! right on Charizard!"
"Gallde,use shock wave!"
"Charizard,come back! Good battle!" i said to the boy with a smile as he left without saying a thing...

July 20th, 2007, 11:33 AM
Alex and Kate were standing in the crowd, watching the other Alex's battle. Alex smiled, seeing that his friend had gotten stronger in the six months since the Heatran incident. He walked up to the boy. "Hey, do you wanna battle?" he said. He turned to Kate. Then he turned back to Alex.

"How about we have a double battle?" he said. "Me and Kate versus you and that kid you just beat. I'll put out my first Pokemon. Go, Gallade!" Alex sent out his Gallade, Blade. He smiled once more. Blade had gotten Alex through many situations, and had since gained a bond with him. Blade had trained for a while, and was a fierce competitor. For this reason, Alex chose him first. Alex turned to Kate. "Put out you first Pokemon, Kate," he said.

"OK," Kate said, throwing a blue Poke Ball. "Go, Froslass!" she said. Froslass was Kate's first Pokemon, and she had caught her as a Snorunt. Froslass had defeated the first few Gyms easily, and she was Kate's only Pokemon for a while, but some time after she had caught two others: Magmar and Electabuzz. They were both also strong, but Froslass had the most training. Froslass was an obvious good choice in this battle.

Alex and Kate turned to their competitors. "Put out your Pokemon," Alex said. Gallade emitted a battle cry. He seemed very ready to fight. He was waiting for the trainers in front of him to release their Pokemon, so he could win.

July 20th, 2007, 12:25 PM
(isn't this battle going to be hard??? because we can't conrol each other's pokemon???????)

"What do you say? You up for it? I'm sure you alone could defeat them!"i said to the boy
"Pfft,yeah,exactly why i don't wanna battle" he said
"..Chicken? Fraid you'll lose?" i said to the stuborn boy
"...Gallade,beat these fools." he said sounding calm
"I...umm..err?" it was hard choosing pokemon "Go,Donphan!" i eventually said
"Gallade,psychic" he said to his Gallade who seemed to be very anxious to fight
"Woah! Froslass! Get out of the way! Phew! Powder Snow!" Kate said to her Froslass
"Gallade,don't bother dodging that girls atack Now use Psychic" he said to his Gallade who wasn't affected by the attack
"No,Froslass! you were supposed to move out of the way! Are you okay? Can you keep on going?" she said
"What's the point of asking,just tell them to get up and they will.Now,Psychic." the boy said
"NO! Frosslass! How can you hit a pokemon while it's in my hands? and i was just about to return it!" Kate yelled at the boy
"Wow,umm what's your name? that was an awesome fight!"
"The name's Orange. Now i beat this little sissy and now i'm out of here."

(OK now explain to me how our fight is going to happen,because we can't control each other's pokemon so....)

Ok you now what i'm thinking about ending this rpg...been two days and me and Wooty seem to be like the only ones that are posting,and vert little so i'm not sure...it's been a long time since X-Files wrote something,and Cosmiclefairy...im still thinking about it

July 22nd, 2007, 11:33 AM
"We made it" I said looking down at Carrie and Jerry. "It looks like theres some commtion lets go see" Jerry said.

"Oh its Alex and the other Alex" I said. "Who is Alex" Carrie said in a low voice. they both helped in the fight agstint Hearten 6 months ago. "I knew I saw you before you where on the news and everything Jerry said.

"Yeah that was me but it seems like there about to battle you guys wanna go see" I said. "Sure they both said as we went over to watch both Alex's battle.

Sorry for not posting ive been on the fourm it just that I could think of anything at the time of me posting.

Im leaveing for Disney worlad on a four day trip this thursday so im going to be gone all week so ill try to get on the computer if I can thoe.

July 23rd, 2007, 12:50 AM
Alex decided to postpone the battle for a while and left
"Good luck,Alex. Kate,would you like to come with me? I'm flying to Orenburgh City!" Alex said nervously to the pretty girl
"Sure,Alex! Bye,Alex!" as she was hopping onto Charizard she mouthed to the other Alex "He's cute"
"Kate,look the sun is setting,we might not get there today,Kate,we might have to camp out here in the wood." Alex tried to sound sad but just the thought of the two hugging each other in the middle of the night,kissing made him happy
"Oh,that's fine,it will be fun!" she said to Alex while holding his waist. For a moment,Alex felt as if she was trying to hug alex,but wasn't quite sure if she should. a few silent moments passed and she wrapped her hands fully around his waist and she laid her head on his back and sighed. Alex was so worried he might do something wrong and ruin somehting.
"Okay,Kate,we made it! Ahh! The great smell of fresh air! this is where we camp!" he said and with that they started setting up and ate soup together before sleeping.
"Hey,you know,this one of the places the great trainer Ash Ketchum first camped at!" Kate said to Alex while sipping her hot soup. they talked a while longer and soon decided to check the place out. Alex found a sleeping pokemon behind some bushes
"Craane!Crane!" it said when it woke up and saw him. Alex pulled out some food and said
"Are you hungry,little guy? Do...do you want to travel with me?"
"Cranidos!" it said and Alex put it into a pokeball.
"Hey,Kate,come here!" he said and Kate rushed to Alex
"Kate,can i battle you with my newly caught cranidos?" Ales asked the girl whos cheeks were red from running.
"Cranidos,finish Magmar off with Zen Headbutt!" Alex said.
"Wow,that Cranidos is really strong! it wiped out all my pokemon in just a few hits! hey,whats wrong with it?" Kate said
Cranidos was glowing silver and suddenly evolved into a hige Rampardos!
Alex was sleeping but something woke him up,for no reason whatsoever.
he walked oustide the tent and saw Kate sitting on a stump while looking at the stars.
"Hi,Kate"Alex said
"Hi. Come,sit with me." she said sounding very calm. Alex sat with her and their hands "accidentally" touched and they both withdrew their hands and looked at each other....moments passed and they got closed and closer. Soon,their lips were touching each others and they kissed under the moonlight.
they both stayed up that night,making food and kissing time after time. Alex tried to get her to sleep with him but she wouldn't do it,but eventually she got tired and went to bed. The night passed slowly and Alex woke up to see Kate making food.
"Hi,Kate,last night was wild!" Alex said yawning half way.
"Yeah,i...really enjoyed spending time with you." she said
"Let's just go back to Canalave City and meet up with Alex" i said and soon we were on out way.

At this point i would like everybody (whos still in) to make a trainer card and post it along with their next post. Ill take care of all the npcs trainercards for now.
http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/2980b22f8903e92e0e45e19d0e07d918.png that's mine
http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/f680267365252f3d27ecd84ad9077d38.png That's Kates
http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/6d7cd8940aeda1db6d0273151ab00d3e.png There my grandma the pokemon master (shes Dawn),she's only slightly better than me.
http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/c0c91604544da1537a78728ee553de54.png There's Jerry (hes quite weak and might not be much of a help,you know =/,but he did manage to beat the first gym leader,which Carrie couldn't) http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/e2dd3a0149fcf485ce73e942644ec055.png and finally,there's Carrie,Jerry's sister. She also quite weak but i made her catch some extra pokemon in the short time that she had,they may not be good cause she just got them but she needed some others not just Staravia...
http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/6ab65372575ec70a387ab576c2f889eb.png and last but not least....Cosmiclefairy's wierd scientist friend! Yay! But i dont know his name -.-

July 23rd, 2007, 11:07 AM
((Kate is my NPC and girlfriend in the RP, you can control her in battles and stuff, just don't take her xP))

Alex yawned and looked at the two flying to Oreburgh City. He wasn't jealous, he just knew that Kate wouldn't really love the other Alex. Alex sighed, letting out his Flygon and following them. "Go, Dragonfly!" he said, letting her out of his Poke Ball. "Fly us to Oreburgh Town!" Dragonfly nodded, happy to fly him anywhere.

Soon, they were halfway there, when Alex looked down and saw something. There was a Growlithe being threatened by several Houndoom. "Wait, Dragonfly!" Alex said. "That Growlithe needs our help!" Dragonfly nodded, and flew down, landing in front of the Houndooms. "Dragonbreath attack!" Alex said.

"KYUUUUU!!!!" Dragonfly screeched, shooting flames from her mouth, scaring the Houndoom away. They all barked with fear, running as fast as their legs could take them. Alex smiled. The Growlithe barked. Alex and Dragonfly turned. Growlithe tackled him to the ground.

"Hey, what was that for?!" Alex shouted, but the Growlithe started licking his face. Growlithe wanted to go with him. "Oh, you want to come with us, Growlithe?" Alex asked, getting up. The Growlithe barked and nodded. "OK, then," Alex said. "I'll name you Blazer. Welcome to the team." Alex reached into his pocket and found an empty Poke Ball, and caught Blazer. Then he looked back up to Dragonfly.

"OK, let's keep going," he said. "We've almost lost those guys. Come on." And he got on the back of Dragonfly and kept flying.

Soon, he saw the other Alex and Kate stop. By now, it was almost nighttime. They must've been camping out until they got to Oreburgh. Alex hopped off Dragonfly, and returned her to his Poke Ball. Then he silently tiptoed near their tent. Suddenly he jumped in front of them. "A-HA!!" he shouted, only to find them kissing.

"Hey!" Kate shouted. She stopped kissing the other Alex, and got up. "Uh.. I can explain this."

"You don't have to.." Alex said, walking away. He stopped several yards away, sitting behind a tree. Kate followed him.

"Wait up!" Kate said, running behind him. She grabbed him shoulder.

"Stop following me," Alex pouted. He turned his head away from the girl who he thought liked him. "You're obviously not my girlfriend."

"But Alex..." Kate said softly, turning his head back. "I am." Then she kissed him. Alex saw now that she actually did love him, and he got up. "Let's go," Kate said.

"Where are we going?" Alex said, when Kate grabbed his hand and started walking away.

"To finish our trip to Oreburgh City," Kate said. "Let out your flying Pokemon. I know you have one, because you got here so fast."

"Um, she isn't exactly a flying Pokemon.." Alex said, letting out his Flygon. "Go, Dragonfly!" he said. "Fly us to Oreburgh City." Dragonfly was only happy to oblige, and Alex and Kate hopped on her back to fly away, leaving the other Alex in the dust.


"I didn't expect Pokemon to be so romantic," said a female voice. "Why aren't you that romantic?"

"Uh.." said a male voice. Two Team galactic members were hiding in a tree. They had been spying on Alex and Kate for a while, since they met each other, and they wanted Alex's Gallade. "Let's just get back to business, Crystal," the man said. "Let's follow those two lovebirds, and get that Gallade."

Crystal nodded. She took out a Poke Ball, and let out a Yanmega, getting on its back. "Come on, Silver," she said. Silver followed, and they silently followed Alex and Kate, leaving the other Alex alone.

EDIT: Here's my trainer card.
http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/0bb7f584f86b93fe0d9dcfdb35542099.png He catches a Skorupi later.

http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/ddc5fe2605b1a1da9988440830df149a.png This is the female Galactic member, Crystal.

http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/758c1f5c76cfeaafca7f21719ff5d896.png This is the male Galactic member, Silver.

July 23rd, 2007, 1:07 PM
"Well it seems that everyones going to Oreburgh City so we should try to get there" Kam said.

"One problem with that I need a flying pokemon said Jerry.

"O yeah I thought about that maybe somebody in the pokemon center willing to trade Pokes with you lets go see" I said.

After an hour of searching still nobody wanted to trade with Jerry maybe if we make you look cooler Carrie said. 10 mins later Jerry looked completey different and thats when a girl agreed to trade him her Pidgeot for his Azurril they agreed.

Then we headed off to Oreburgh City we saw everybody setting up camo and it was pretty dark. "Man I cant sleep Houndoom and howling I went off to go find the noise maker and it was a Houndoom all alone howling at the moon I then took a closer look and it looked very skinny I offered it some food and then ask it to battle

"Golduck Use Water Pulse" I command as the Houndoom got hit by it I threw a poke ball and clicked. "Know I can go back to sleep" I said. When it was morning everybody started off agian to fly off to Oreburgh City.


and how I look is in my sig.

July 23rd, 2007, 2:42 PM
alright now it's my turn (Wooty i'm getting the impression your charector hates me?? O.o :paranoid: )

Alex decided he wouldn't kiss another girl for a long time.
"Boy,Rampardos,what did i get myself into?" Alex asked the giant pokemon
"Alex liked her?Her? She liked Alex?....Well why didn't she say anything after the first kiss?....Well let's go to Orenburgh i guess....Go,Charizard! Come back Rampardos!" Charizard and Alex were flying to Orenburgh so fast Alex was getting a headache.
He had a burning desire to see her....to see Kate again.
"Woah,Charizard! What are those two doing!? They seem like their spying on Alex and Kate! Hey you two! Bug off,newbs!"Alex said angrily to them.
"Hey,we are so not noobs! GO,Gengar!" said one
"Go,Arbok!" said another and all three of us landed to battle.
"you can't beat us,two vs one!" the one with Arbok said
"Go,Rampardos!" Alex said completely ignoring the fact it was 2 vs 1.
"Arbok,Toxic!" it hit Rampardos,who didn't even have a scratch.
"Go,Gengar!Shadow Claw!" one of the trainers said
"Rampardos,use flamethrower!" i said as the shadow claw hit Rampardos,who wasn't hurt again. Both pokemon fell from Flamethrower.
"Go,Noctowl!" said one as the other pulled out Yanmega.
"Go,Chimchar! Flame wheel on yanmega!" Alex said
"Yanmega! no! How can this guy be so damn strong! Go,Nidorino!"
"Chimchar,use Blast Burn to wipe out Noctowl!" as Chimchar made Noctowl faint,it started evolving!
"Wow,Chimcharr! Your a Monferno! Well,i guess you can keep going,Mach punch on Nidorino!" Monferno hit Nidorino but got poisoned. "No,Monferno,Flamethrower!" Alex said and the Nodorino fell.
"Crystal,we have to send out all of our Pokemon! Go Tentacruel!"
"Right you are,Silver! Go Nidorina&Crobat!" said the other.
The three pokemon surrounded Monferno and they all jumped at it to Nab it,but it got out of the way to quickly.
"Monferno,now while their stunned! Blast Burn!" Alex said as the three pokmeon fell fainted.
"Good job,Monferno! What!? Don't tell me your evolving again!?" Monferno was starting to evolve again into an Infernape!
"Infernaaa...." it said slowly to Alex.
"Awesome! Infernape,come back! So,you two,what are you doing? trying to kidnap them?" Alex asked the two people.
"*LOL* No,their useless! it's that Gallade we want!"
"Well,too bad for you,all your pokemon are fainted and need to be healed at a center,but for now you can't fly off this island!" Alex said "Charizard,let's go,these two losers aren't going anywhere." after a long hour of flying,he thought he could see Alex then he got nervous and turned back.
kate slowly turned her head to see Alex flying away from them on his Charizard,but she didn't say anything. Then Alex (me) turned his had to see what they were doing,and he saw Kate looking at him. Their eyes connected for a moment until Alex turned away and started flying in their direction....

July 23rd, 2007, 6:57 PM
((Well, my character hates yours now, since you took Kate, lol.))

"Wow, the other Alex seems to be a good battler," Kate was saying, staring back at him. Alex was looking forward, paying attention to Oreburgh Town, which was about a hundred yards ahead of them. Then he heard what Kate said.

"What did you say?" Alex said, turning around. Kate turned to look at him. Alex was surprised to see the other Alex following behind them! "Oh great. He followed us. How are we gonna get him to stop?"

"I have an idea!" Kate said. She immediately reached into her pockets and pulled out two guns, pointing toward the other Alex. Alex's eyes grew wide. He hated the other Alex, but he didn't want him to die.

"Holy crap!" Alex shouted, pushing away Kate. She emitted a battle cry, then let loose a fury of bullets, destroying everything. But the guns were pointed downwards, since Alex had pushed her. "What the hell was that?!" Alex screamed. "Are you always that extreme?!"

"Um, sorry about that.." Kate said. She looked away. "Hey, we're here!" Alex turned too. They had arrived in Oreburgh Town. "We're one step closer to beating Team Galactic."

"But the other Alex is still back there, flying toward us," Alex said. "What do we do about that?" Dragonfly landed, and Alex and Kate got off. They turned to see the other Alex land on his Charizard.

"I'll handle this," Kate said, starting to walk up to him. Alex grabbed her arm.

"Not with the guns," he said.

Kate looked down. The guns were still in her hands. "Oh. Sorry," she said. She handed him the guns. Alex nodded, and Kate walked away to the other Alex. "Stop following us," she said. "I'll challenge you to a battle. And if I win, you don't follow us ever again. If you win, you can follow us on our journey to beat Team Galactic. What do you say?"

((You get the picture. Beat her and come with us.. >_<))

July 23rd, 2007, 7:45 PM
"Pfft" Alex said
"What!? You wont battle?" Kate said
"Oh,please. It was my idea to come to Orenburgh in the first place,now you say i'm following you."
"You are!" she said
"Whatever,Kate. I beat you with 1 pokemon before and i can beat you with all six...I'm off to the Orenburgh Mine. Tell Alex i say hi.."
"...But..you..CHICKEN?" she said. Alex paused for a moment,turned around and said
"Oh,cry me a river little girl." and with that he left.
"...An aerodactyl fossil....awesome! Rampardos thank you for all your help crushing the rocks! It makes mining for fossils much easier. Let's get out of here! I bet people around town will be surprised i have a Rampardos!"
"RAAAMDOS" it said slowly.
Alex was walking around town finding poeple to battle and then he saw Kate and Alex holding hands and feeding each other ice cream. They both saw him and Alex (me) tipped his hat and said hi.
"Chicken" she called after Alex
"Slut" he replied to Kate,who gasped
"I'm not a slut!" she said in an angry whisper.
"Yes you are...your switching between a 4ft 5in 17 year old midget and a 14 year old,normal sized guy."
"Okay,that's it! We're battling!" she yelled at Alex
"sure. follow me! ----later--- Rampardos! GO!" Alex said
"Electrivire!GO!" Kate said
"Rampardos,flamethrower!" Alex said as Kate's electrivire was hit
"Brick break,Electrivire!" Kate said
"Rampardos,dodge it and use Zen headbutt!" Alex said
"NO! Electrivire!Come back.Go,Froslass!" she said
"Rampardos,we can keep on going,use Zen headbutt!" Alex said
"Froslass! Are you okay!? Use powder snow!" Kate said to Froslass
"Rampardos,get up and use Head Smash!" Alex said
"NO!! Froslass! Return! You did great,Froslass! GO Magmortar!" Kate yelled and pulled out her last pokeball.
"This should be very easy...Rampardos,Zen headbutt!" Alex said
"Magmortar! Dodge and use Metal Claw!" Kate said to Magmortar who wasn't able to dodge the atack
"Okay,wrap it up with earthquake!" Alex said. The earthquake made Magmortar faint,and Kate fell and hit her head on the pavement.
"NO!Kate! Im so sorry! Rampardos doesn't know his own strength Alex said as he picked her up,but when she got to her knees she fell again and looked up and said.
"Oh,Alex. You saved me,honey. Let-Let's go get something to-to eay! Send our dragonfly,honey!"
"Dragonfly? I don't have dragonfly!?" Alex (me) looked up at Alex (other one)...."Dragonfly.."
Alex brought Kate to the clinic to clean up her scrapes but as they were entering,Kate said
"I'm fine,don't worry."
"Kate,your not youself,we need to clean up your-" but Alex was stopped because Kate had kissed him.
They held the kiss for about 10 seconds and Alex started lowering his hand down her waist but then realised what they were doing and pushed her away.
"Kate,i'm not Alex...well,i am but i'm not--" Alex said
"A-Alex? It's you. Oh no,i did something terrible didn't i? i got confused between you two and kissed you...Alex..I"
"Yes,Kate i know. I like you too,but Alex is your boyfriend,there is nothing we can do." Alex said as he opened his arms for Kate to come into them and started crying. Alex was holding her tight but then said
"Kate...Alex-he might see us and get the wrong impression."
"*sob*...I-I can't chose right now! Why did we have to share that kiss. I like you,but i love Alex. *sniff* Im not feeling to good right now. Alex hugged her even tighter and said
"Shh,it's alright,your still hyperventilating,it's best if you don't talk. Look,here comes Alex. Kate,maybe we should stop hugging.."
Alex soon arrived to see Kate all over Alex in what appeared to be a kiss but he soon realised that Kate was crying and Alex was hugging her. Alex let go of her and she looked at Alex,then Kate ran away
"Kate! Come back!" Alex said as he looked at the newly arrived Alex and ran off.
Alex just caught up with Kate,who was sitting on a stump.
"Kate,don't leave.Please.I-I need you,Kate.I love you,even if you are Alex's girlfriend,I always will." Alex sat next to kate and tried to kiss her,which Kate let him do for about a second before the moved her head to the side and started crying so Alex tried to kiss her again,but she wouldn't do it.
"I just can't right now,Alex" she said as she kissed Alex for a second time in the last few seconds.
"Alex-please-don't make this harder for me..." she said as they kissed again.
soon,Alex (other one) caught up with them and Kate stood up to talk to him
"Alex,please,don't get mad. He's just conforting me...."...
http://img451.imageshack.us/img451/3898/7888d1b719d4d2496c4a26eig1.th.png And here's Kate one more time *finally finished*

July 23rd, 2007, 10:11 PM
((Lol, this is getting dramatic.))

Alex nodded. "It's fine." He looked at the other Alex. Then he looked back at Kate. "Are you OK?" She wiped her eyes and nodded.

"Yeah.." she said. "I'm fine." Then she collapsed on the ground, passed out.

"Oh, great," Alex said. "Let's go back to the hospital." He turned to the other Alex. They picked up Kate and started walking away. Then suddenly a voice stopped them.

"Hold it right there, brats!" said the voice. Alex looked up. Silver and Crystal were in a hot air balloon shaped like a Glameow. "We're back, and we want your Pokemon!" Silver said. A Glameow was sitting in the balloon basket next to them, staring down at the trainers and the unconscious girl.

"I thought we only wanted his Gallade," Crystal said to Silver.

"The more, the merrier!" Silver said, smiling. "Do you think the boss would be happier if we got Gallade, or if we got all their powerful Pokemon?"

"Hey, they're getting away!" said another voice. It was the Glameow! The Glameow was talking!

"Oh, we don't have time for this!" Alex said, carrying Kate away as fast as possible. He stopped suddenly. "Wait a minute. Did that Glameow just talk?" Suddenly the Glameow hopped from the basket, landing softly in front of Alex.

"Yes," said a feminine voice coming from the Glameow. "Do you have a problem with that?" Alex was standing there, dumbfounded, staring at the talking Pokemon. "What?" Glameow said. "Like you've never seen a talking Pokemon before?" By now Alex's jaw was at the floor. He thought he had seen it all.

Alex shook himself off. "We have to go!" he shouted at the other Alex. "Come on!" And he ran back into town. I did NOT just see that.. he thought to himself, hugging Kate tightly as he entered Oreburgh City, running into the hospital doors.


Galactus was in the Team Galactic base in Eterna City, sitting in his room. "I bet those kids think I'm dead. Well I'm back.. And now I know my next plan."

"Galactus sir!" said a Grunt, running in. "Alex Dark has just been spotted!"

"Alex Dark?" Galactus asked, knowing he had heard the name before, but not knowing who it was.

"The boy with the Flygon, sir," the Grunt said. "One of the kids who foiled our plans six months ago. And he's been seen with another one of the kids, and a new girl."

"Hmm.." Galactus said, thinking. "How do you know about our plans? You're just an intern!"

"But sir!" the Grunt said. "What do you plan to do about these kids?"

"Send.. the Exterminator.." Galactus said.

"Yes, sir! Right away sir!" And the intern left as quickly as he had come.

"If those damned kids think they're going to foil my plans with Manaphy, they've got another thing coming.." Galactus said to himself. "The Exterminator will handle them good." He then started laughing evilly. "I just hope they don't learn about our hideout and get here before he can find them..."

July 23rd, 2007, 10:46 PM
Alex and Alex waited a while outside waiting for the doctor to say Kate was okay.......
Alex was pounding the wall with his fist and said he needed some fresh air,but the other Alex didn't seem to notice.
"Look,dude i know your like bummed out about me making out with her but i'm over her." still he remained seated and said nothing
"Fine,whatever i'm leaving for a soda or something. You want anything? Hot dog,chips? Whatever i'll get somehting for Kate then" when Alex said that he got a look in his face that said "Keep away from my girlfriend."
Alex came running throuhg the hospital door and just made it in before a huge explosion exploded (lol) on the doors,apparently somebody was trying to kill Alex.
"Nobody move." a man dressed in black said as he pulled out a pokeball. "i want to battle you two." he said. Just then the doors flung open and a doctor came out and said
"Im sorry guys,but...she's...Kates...might not make it. She's lost too much on her head,and even if she does,she'll have pain for the next few weeks..."
Alex and Alex looked at each other then winked at each other and pulled out pokeballs,then both turned around at the same time and sent out their pokemon to battle the exterminator..

July 23rd, 2007, 11:18 PM
OOC: OMFG so much has happen

"Where here everybody if you two Alexs dont mind I'll check around the city because I need stuff so ill leave you to what ever happen and meet you to at the hospital" I said.

After walking around the city for almost and hour I got bored I went to the hospital to check up on Kates condition and both the Alexs what I found was that the Hosi[tal was on lock down by some grunts.

"I know you guys your the same from 6 months ago I thought I took care of you once and for all I guys its now or never Go Groyvile and Pikachu" I said. The grunts sent out a Wooper and a Onix.

Pikachu use Quick attack on Wooper and Groyvile use Leaf Blade on Onix. Both of the pokemon got hit head on with the attacks Onix then used Rock Blast On Pikachu but Groyvile took the attack for Pikachu and then started shining a bright color Groyvile evolved into Sceptile. "Sceptile use Soloar Beam on Onix and Wooper" I said. Both pokemon got hit and fainted know that your out the way I ran into the hospital to see both of the Alexes about to battle a man in a deep black coat.

July 23rd, 2007, 11:44 PM
Alex looked at the other Alex, and smiled. He pulled a Poke Ball from his pocket, and let out his Pokemon. "Go, Aura!" he said, letting out his Lucario. Alex looked up at the man who called himself the Exterminator. He had black hair, and also wore all black. He was tall, and had muscles under his shirt. He wore a dark purple cape that made him seem more threatening, and always had a mean expression on his face. He also wore a Fire Stone on a necklace.

"Go, Umbreon!" the Extreminator said, sending out one of his Pokemon. He looked at the boy he was battling. So this was Alex Dark.. He didn't look that threatening. In fact he looked like a poser. With the sunglasses and the dark clothes. Exterminator almost laughed. These were the trainers he was supposed to exterminate? "Umbreon, use Faint Attack!" he said. The Umbreon ran forward, vanishing every few seconds only to reappear somewhere else, and keep running. Soon, he slammed into Aura, almost knocking him down.

"Grr," Alex said. "This guy's good. Aura, use Force Palm!"The Lucario ran forward, outspeeding it, and slammed his palm into its side. Umbreon fell back, weakened. "Now finish it on, with Aura Sphere!" Alex continued. Aura jumped over Umbreon, and shot small dark balls at it before it could turn around. The Umbreon had fainted.

"Dammit!" Exterminator said. I shouldn't underestimate that kid.. he thought. I should finish him off with this.. "Go, Nidoking!" He sent out his drill Pokemon. "Nidoking, use Earthquake!" Nidoking stomped on the ground, starting an earthquake, shattering the glass of the hospital windows, and breaking furniture.

"Aura, dodge it and use Dragon Pulse!" Alex shouted. Aura jumped up, not affected by the earthquake, and shot a tornado of energy at Nidoking. It was slightly weakened, but not by much.

"Nidoking, use Horn Drill!" Exterminator shouted, and Nidoking obeyed. Nidoking ran up, faster than a ground Pokemon should be, and stabbed at Aura, knocking him out instantly. Yet another Pokemon fell at the hands of Nidoking's Horn Drill attack.

"Dammit, return.." Alex said. "Go, Frost!" He sent out Lapras, his first Pokemon. "Frost, use Ice Beam!" Frost jumped forward, close to Nidoking and shot a thin beam of icyness(xD) at him. Nidoking dodged somehow.

"Nidoking, use Thunderbolt!" Exterminator shouted. Nidoking jumped behind Frost, and shot several bolts of lightning at Frost, knocking her out in one hit. "Haha, your Pokemon are no match for my Nidoking," he said. "Put out your next one so it can get destroyed as well."

"Go, Blade!" Alex said grimly, sending out his Gallade. "Use Psycho Cut!" he said. Blade ran forward, so fast that not even Nidoking could dodge, and slashed at Nidoking with such tenacity that Nidoking was almost ripped apart. Nidoking fell back, blood gushing from its chest, unconscious. He had fainted.

"Damn.." Exterminator said. "But I have a spare. Go, Nidoqueen!" He sent out Nidoking's sister, Nidoqueen. "Nidoqueen, use Megahorn!" he said. Nidoqueen rushed forward, jamming her horn into Blade's chest, knocking him out. She had avenged her brother, knocking out Alex's next Pokemon.

"Go, Dragonfly!" Alex said, sending out his Flygon, who was slightly tired from flying so much the night before. "Dragonfly, use Dragonbreath!" Dragonfly flew around in a few circles, confusing Nidoqueen, and then stopped in front of her. She waited a few seconds, then let loose a torrent of flames upon Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen was weakened, and almost fainted. All Dragonfly had to do was finish it..

"Nidoqueen, don't give up!" Exterminator called. "Use Ice Beam!" Nidoqueen looked up at Dragonfly who was still hovering above her, and shot out a frosty beam at her, knocking her out instantly, and freezing her. Exterminator laughed. "Running low on Pokemon?" he said.

"Grr.." Alex said. He had no choice but to put out the Pokemon he hadn't trained at all. "Go, Blazer!" He sent out his Growlithe. "Blazer, use Flame Wheel!" Blazer ran up quickly, and jumped into the weakened Nidoqueen knocking her back into the Exterminator. The Exterminator gasped and jumped back, and his Fire Stone necklace snapped off, sliding across the linoleum floor to Blazer.

"No!" Exterminator said. But it was too late. Blazer touched it and glowed white. Soon he was evolving. He had evolved into Arcanine. "Return. Go, Crobat!" He sent out his Crobat. "Use Confuse ray, and then Poison Fang!" Crobat flew around quickly, almost a blur, and then shot a pulse of sonic waves at Blazer. it seemed to do nothing, then Blazer fell over. He got back up, cross-eyed. He didn't see Crobat coming. Crobat tackled Blazer hard, and bit into his flesh. Blazer fainted instantly.

"Aw, man!" Alex said. "Damn.. I lost. Blazer, return. You did good." He turned to the other Alex. "Looks like it's your turn to fight. Then he walked to the other side of the room where all the people were watching. He saw Kam in the crowd and wondered when he had gotten to Oreburgh. He decided to go to Kam and ask if he wanted to go with them.

EDIT: Here's the Exterminator's team.

July 24th, 2007, 12:57 AM
it was Alex's turn to fight
"Go,Rampardos! the other Alex you fought was tough,but he could easily be beaten by me! Rampardos! Thunderbolt on Crobat!" he yelled. Thunderbolt his crobat,making it instantly faint
"Grr....Go,Houndoom!" The "exterminator" said
"Rampardos,use earthquakew!" Alex said but the Houndoom had already jumped many feet into the air,landing on Rampardos' tail"Now,use bite of it's tail!" he said to houndoom
"No,Rampardos,Shake it off with tail whip!" Alex said. The houndoom fell to the ground where it used an incredibly stong flamethrower and then a flame wheel to make ramardos faint.
"Come back! Go,Torterra! use earthquake!" Alex said breaking yet even more furniture but yet again,Houndoom jumped onto Torterra and used flamethrower on it's shell.
"Torterra,use aura sphere!" Alex said to his pokemon.
"Houndoom,get up or im giving you a cold shower today! Use Blast burn!" the man said
"No,Torterra,come back. Okay,no more playing around. Donphan! come on out! use Rollout!" the mans Houndoom was hit many times by rollout,managing to only barely stop the last one with it's feet and use Fire blast on it's snout. eventually Houndoom and Donphan both fainted from the pain.
"Go,Infernape!" Alex said as the man took out his last pokeball.
"Weavile,use mach punch!" he said. The weaville moved to fast nobody at the hospital saw it move!
"What the!? Infernape,seismic toss!" Alex said but weavile had dodged it already and attacked Infernape again with mega punch.
"Grr,Infernape,use Blast burn!" Alex said but Weavile yet again dodged and used thunder fang.
"Omg! Infernape! Come back....Go,Charizard!" Alex said
"weavile,atack formation-w.o.i. V1 No2!" tha man yelled,obviously this was a combiantion of attacks. First,weaville cornered Charizard and used double team,then blizzrd while it was confused and then an ice beam on Charizard's wings which it used while getting behind charizard with it's incredible speed.
"Charizard!NO! this weavile is unbeatable! That's it! use Flare blitz and fire everywhere!" Charizard attacked weaville a number of times,making it faint,bur Charizard fainted out of tiredness.
"Ha! I beat you!" Alex said
"Grr....send in secret weapon no1." the man said. and the grunts took our a purple pokeball and handed it to him.
"Go,Palkia! This should beat you!" Team galactic had power of Palkia....
"No! Uh..Go,Lapras! Please do this for me,Lapras,your our only hpe! use thunderbolt,Lapras!" Alex said
"Grr..Palkia use Spacial Rend!!!" time stopped for a few second and when time started flowing again,Palkia was standing and lapras had fainted...
Kate came out of the Hospital,looking great and challenged the man after Alex told her everything that had happened...
"You-you beat my boyfriend(s)? You'll pay. Go,Froslass. Blizzard." Kate said in a tough tone...somehow...she had transformed from hitting her head....she semmed...tougher.
"Palkia,Spacial rend!" the man said
"Not this time..Froslass,quickly use ice beam" Kate said. Ice beam hit Palkia,who feel back even though the attack didn't do much damage.
"Dangit,Palkia,use shadow claw!" said the exterminator
"Froslass,move left and use hidden power." a huge blast of energy shot from Froslass' chest and hit Palkia on the side as it fell to the ground.
"Palkia,you useless pokemon!Spacial Rend!" said the exterminator to Palkia,who couldn't take much more.
"No,Froslass,don`t let it use spacial rend you ice be-``but just then time had stopped and when it started again,Froslass had fainted.
``wait a minute...Palkia has the ability to stop time! Thants not possible!`` said Alex
``froslass,return. Go electrivire. Use thunder of Palkia`` said Kate,who was now one of the toughest trainers imaginable.
Palkia roared as it fell from the last thunder attack...
both Alex`s came running to her. She hugged the other Alex but the whole time she was,she was looking at the other Alex.
``You did great,Kate!`` said Alex
``Yeah,but you guys did a lot better. Especially you,Alex. That weavile must have been realy hard to beat.``
``hey,guys,the reunion is over,im destroying this town! Actualy,Galactus is!``he said
``Galactus!!!!! He`s dead,you fool!``Alex said but the exterminator was already out of the hospital....the world could be in great
danger if Galactus is still alive....

oh and yeah here`s my final trainercard. (im getting obesessed with them...) Ps,Wooty,my char is now going with u two to beat team Galactic
http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/5815/33d635d1aebd6c506a86e8fuj2.th.png (http://img241.imageshack.us/my.php?image=33d635d1aebd6c506a86e8fuj2.png)

July 24th, 2007, 9:04 AM
"You guys are good" Kam said. " So I guess this has something to do with Galactus I'll go back to where we last saw Galactus to see if there are any clues" Kam continued. "Were going to Herten Liar" said Jerry. I heard there were many strong and abondon pokemon every sense the eruption maybe we could catch some Carrie said sure thing so Alexs I go and if I find anything I'll send Jerry will send his Pidgeot alright guys where going to Stark Mountain I said walking out of the hospital.


"Is that it up ahead" yelled Jerry. "Yeah we can land now" I said. As we all landed we split up and started searching for clues. "AHHHHHHHHHHH" a femine voice screamed. "Carrie I said as I started running twords the noise thats when I saw Giovonni holding Carrie by her arms. "Carrie me Jerry and I screamed.
"I'll save you he sent out his Quilava who seeing Carrie in danger evoled into Typlosion alright Typlosion use Fire Blast Giovonni the put Carrie In the way of the attack thats when Ponyta ran in front on the attack and use take down on Giovonni who let Carrie go as she fell on the ground the Ponyta then lifted her on its back and ran twords us.

"Jerry you take care of Carrie I'll handle Giovonni" I said. "Giovonni of the Viridian Gym I challenge you to a battle" I said. As he got up he said he accepted but it has to be a two on one I'll use one and you can use two "alright then bring it on" I said.

"Golduck Sceptile go" I commanded. "Go Mewtwo" he said as a Pokemon in Cyborg like amour came out. "Wha wha wha whats a Mewtwo" I said nervously. "Battle me and find out also your two friends over there can help at anytime they like" he smiled with an evil look on his face.

Golduck Water Pulse Sceptile use Soloar Beam A ball of water went stright for Mewtwo and hit it made it stagger back. "Impressive" Giovonni said. then a blast of Sloar engery went stright for the pokemon agian but it lifted up its finger and stoped it in its tracks "hmm its a psychic type Huh" I said.
Sceptile return Go Houndoom use Crunch and Golduck use Psychic Golduck Psychic lifted mewtwo up while Houndoom went in and crunched Mewtwo arm and broke its armour there. "Wha no ones ever been able to do that" he said. Mewtwo lets end it use Psy wave Houndoom get infront of Golduck and take the blast since it wont affect you. the blast went right for Houndoom and golduck but what happen was that it hurted Both pokemon Houndoom are you alright you can retun for now Pikachu go use Volt Tackle I said. Beedril use Posion Sting Carrie said right next to me. "Typlosion use Over Heat Mantine use Confuse Ray" jerry said. "Ponyta use Fire Blast" Carrie said. Golduck use psychic to combine all the attacks I said. as all the attacks went head on the made a huge explosion after the smoke cleared the pokemon was on the ground and Giovonni looked confused I guess you all win fair and square heres the badges you all may want as he threw 4 badges on the floor one was the badge from Viridian.

Finally I can goto the pokemon league in Kanto I yelled we should Go back to Oreburgh City to tell the Alexs what we found as we head for Oreburgh City at a VERY FAST pace I couldnt contain myself that I could finally challenge the pokemon league.

http://cards.pokecharms.com/create/5acd6aefdc731a082d0111c81e33b9a6.png Carrie gotten Better

July 24th, 2007, 12:12 PM
Alex smiled. "You did good, Kate," he said. "You actually beat that guy. I think we should go to the Pokemon Center and stay for the night. Let's go heal our Pokemon." Kate nodded, and they went to the Pokemon Center. "Come on, Alex," Alex said, turning around, then he left the hospital.

"You sure you're all right?" Alex said to Kate, when they walked into the Pokemon Center across the street. "You hit your head pretty hard."

"I'm fine," Kate said, putting her arm around Alex. They entered the building.

"Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Center," said the Nurse in the front. "May I help you?"

"Yeah, we need you to heal our Pokemon and stay the night," Alex said. "Here." They gave the nurse their Poke Balls, and she out them into three machines each.

"OK, this will take a few hours," the nurse said. "You should go upstairs and sleep." Alex nodded and they went upstairs. There were several rooms upstairs. Alex went into one, and got into bed. Suddenly he heard a scream. Alex ran out of his room. He heard the scream again. It was coming from Kate's room.

Alex rushed to Kate's room and opened the door. A Skorupi was sitting in the middle of the room, its claws raised toward Kate. Kate was standing in front of it, terrified. "Alex!" she said. "Get rid of the Skorupi!"

"Ok," Alex said, smiling. He reached into his pocket.. "Oh, dammit, my Pokemon are downstairs with the healing lady. What are we gonna do now?" The Skorupi turned to Alex. "Oh, that's not scary. It's just lost."

"I don't care!" Kate said. "I'm scared of bug Pokemon! Get rid of it!"

"It's not even a Bug Pokemon.." Alex sighed. "Fine.. Go, Poke Ball!" Alex threw a red Poke Ball at the Skorupi. It shook once, but the Skorupi broke free. "Crap!" Alex exclaimed. "What is it gonna take for me to catch this thing?"

"You have to use a better Poke Ball than that, stupid!" Kate said, still cowering a few feet away.

"You're right.. except about the stupid part," Alex said. "Go.. Great Ball!" Alex threw a blue and red Poke Ball this time. The Ball shook once.. twice.. and three times.. and finally it was caught. "Cool, I have a Skorupi!"

"That's great, just don't let it out near me!" Kate said, slightly less panicked. "OK, I hope our Pokemon are healed soon."

"They should be," Alex said. "Because I know where we're going next. Eterna City. I was there when I fought Gardenia a couple of months ago, and there was a Team Galactic building. That means we have to go there."

"OK, cool," Kate said. "But first we have to wait the night and heal our Pokemon. Goodnight," she said. Alex stood there. "Well?" Kate said. Alex still stood there. "I'm not going to change while you're in here, now get out of my room!" She pushed him out. Alex sighed.

"What's up with her?" he said to himself, as he walked into his room with the newly caught Pokemon.

The next morning...

"OK, your Pokemon are fully healed," the Nurse said the next morning. "We hope to see you again!" She gave them their Poke Balls.

"What does she mean, 'We hope to see you again?'" Alex said quietly to Kate. "Does she hope to see our Pokemon hurt again? That's kinda weird.."

"Oh, Alex, stop being paranoid," Kate said. "She just hopes to heal our Pokemon again. Even though they don't get paid for it..."

"No, no, Kate," Alex said. "I think I'm on to something. That's the last time I go to a Pokemon Center like this one. Those nurses are up to something.. I just know it." Just then, they saw Kam walking by. Alex didn't know what adventures he must have had, but he wanted to know. "Hey, Kam," Alex said. "Whatcha up to?"

July 24th, 2007, 1:55 PM
"Hey Alex long time no see I think something up to be honest I went to Stark Mountain yesterday and I found out the Giovonni was still there he had this wierd looking Mewtwo he also said something about Galastic still being around" Kam explianed.

"So whos that my name is Kam" I said to the girl.

"Hi im Kate" she said.

"Anywho I think Galatics is back I dont know where we should start searching and before I forget these are my friends Carrie and Jerry. I said.

"So you got any ideas on where to start" I said.

July 24th, 2007, 2:09 PM
Since your story already started, I'm not sure if I can join or not. But if there's an open spot, can I be in it?

July 24th, 2007, 2:52 PM
(((Rank1, you'd have to PM rei, and he isn't on. But pm him anyway.))

Alex smiled. "We're going to Eterna City," he said. "That's where their temporary base is. It might take a while, and six people can't fly on Dragonfly's back. Kate and I will fly on Dragonfly, and you guys can fly on the other Alex's Charizard. "We shouldn't waste any time if Giovanni is here. Since Team Rocket disbanded years ago, the Rocket members must have joined Team Galactic."

"Yeah, there are probably hundreds or thousands of members," Kate said. "How will we even have a chance of winning? I'm not even that strong."

"But you beat Exterminator," Alex said. "And we both got destroyed by him. You're probably the strongest one out of us. But we can't handle a Mewtwo."

"You've heard of Mewtwo?" kate asked. "None of us have any idea what it is. What is it?"

"It was rumored to be the most powerful Pokemon.. well before Arceus of course," Alex said. "If Giovanni brings it to Galactus and gives it to him, Galactus will be the most poweful trainer in the history of mankind. We have to stop them. Let's go to Eterna. Dragonfly, go!" He sent out his Flygon, and got on her back. "Come on, Kate," he said.

Kate got on Dragonfly's back and Dragonfly flew up into the air, about 30 feet above the others. "Alex, send out your Charizard, so you can follow us," Kate said. "We don't have much time if he's right." Then Dragonfly flew off in the direction of Eterna City.

July 24th, 2007, 4:08 PM
"...." Alex stood there the others wondered if Alex was going to send out Charizard...
"Fine,but Charizard can't carry four people....maybe two of three but four is too much."
"i guess carrie will go with you guys and dragonfly" and they were off.
Alex was easily catching up to Dragonfly with Charizard.
Hours had passed and they arrived at Eterna City.
"There,it's the building. Wait a minute....i hear something!"
Alex broke open the dorrs with Charizard and saw a magnificent blue ball of electricity torturing the legendary pokemon Dialga.
"Dialga! I'll get you out of there!" Alex ran and tried to break it open but he just got pushed back by it and skidded across the floor.
"Ouch!" Rampardos,Thunder attack!" even Rampardos's giant electric attack couldn't open it.
"DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!DIIIIII!DIIIIGAAA!" Dialga screamed with a mighty roar, then suddenly, four familiar men appeared,Archie,Maxie,Exterminator and Giovanni.
"Hello,kids. beat us in a battle and we'll let Dialga go,but that doesn't mean we wont catch him again!" The all laughed evily
"Not with the microchip we implanted into Dialga! Hahaha!"
"You guys make me sick. Okay,we choose our four best. Me,Alex,Kate,Kam. I guess im up first. Exterminator,i have a score to settle with you! Rampardos! Your up!"
"Go,Palkia!" the exterminator roared.
"Charizard,dragon claw! and the battle will be won!" Charizard eventually beat Palkia.
"*pant* o-*pant*kay. Ale-*pant*hex. You up."...
Alex was to fight Archie...

July 24th, 2007, 4:30 PM
"Haha.." Archie laughed. "You'll never defeat me as easily as your friend defeated the Exterminator! Go, Sharpedo!" He sent out his Sharpedo, the one he had been using since he was a child. He had come to love the Sharpedo even with his evil, cold heart. "Now send out your Pokemon, so I can defeat you faster."

"Shaaaarpedo!" his Pokemon agreed.

"Go, Aura!" Alex shouted. "This should be easy. Aura, use Aura Sphere!" The Lucario ran forward, and shot tiny dark spheres of energy at Sharpedo, he dodged most of them, but two hit him, almost knocking him out.

"Sharpedo, use Skull Bash!" Archie shouted. Sharpedo was floating in the air, since it wasn't in the water, and it flew toward Aura like a bullet, smashed him in the chest. Aura flew back, out of breath.

"Aura, don't give up!" Alex called. "Use Force Palm!" Aura ran up, jumping over Sharpedo, and slammed him palm into Sharpedo's back, knocking him out.

"Grr, you'll pay for that, kid!" Archie shouted. "Go, Mightyena!" He sent out a wolf-like Pokemon. Mightyena looked very intimidating, but Aura wasn't scared. So far, he had a type advantage over all of Archie's Pokemon. Aura didn't even wait for Alex to order him to attack, he knew what Alex would say. He ran up, using Force Palm. "Hah, now, Mightyena, use Payback!" Mightyena used an attack that would normally be incredibly weak to Aura, but since it was after the Lucario attacked him, he did plenty of damage, almost knocking him out.

"Aura, use Reversal!" Alex commanded, and Aura obeyed. Aura jumped up, and stabbed at Mightyena with his palms, then grabbed it and swung the Pokemon around, slamming it into a wall. Mightyena was out.

"Damn.." Archie said. "Go, Toxicroak!" He sent out Toxicroak. "Toxicroak, use--" But Aura immediately fell over, knocked out. "Haha," Archie said. "Your Lucario is tired. One down, five to go."


"Frost, use Thunder!" Alex shouted to his Lapras. Frost floated forward, and shot several large lightning bolts at Kyogre. Archie's Kyogre fainted.

"Damn, you're good, kid," Archie said. "Return, Kyogre."

"You aren't supposed to be impressed!" said Maxie. "Oh, screw this. You're going down!" He pointed to Kam. "Go, Camerupt! Send out your Pokemon!"

July 24th, 2007, 7:51 PM
"Hm lets Golduck go and use Waterfall on him" I said to the Psychic duck pokemon.

"Camerupt use Take down" Maxie commanded Golduck doge it know use Water Pulse before Golduck could send the attack Camerupt Tackled Golduck into submission alright Golduck return go Shieldeon use Skull Bash Sheildeon Ramed his head into Camerupt and it got ko'ed."Next" I said.

"Go Magcargo" Maxie said. "Pikachu your up use surf pikachu jumped off my shoulder and right in front of Magcargo and put his hands out and a powerful blast of water came with Pikachu surfing into Magcargo which almost Ko'ed him. Magcargo Earthquake he said. Pikachu was down for the count with that move. You did great Pikachu take a rest as i pulled out my Next Poke ball which had Shieldeon "Headbutt" I said. It koed Magcargo.


Sceptile use Solar beam On Groundon A blast of Energy went soaring twords Groundon only to put a dent into its health. "Groundon use Fire Blast he said and it alsmost Koed my Sceptile Sceptile return go Trust use Water Pulse as it summond up enough power to faint Groundon.

"Kate that makes you next" I said giveing her the thumbs up.

July 24th, 2007, 8:25 PM
"hey,Giovanni,ive been waiting eagerly to fight you!" Kate said
"Ah,such a pretty face,a shame she'll be destroyed along with the rest of the world.Mewtwo,rise my pokemon!" Giovanni said
"Dusknoir,your up! Use shadow ball!" Kate said gracefully as she took out her pokemon.
"Mewtwo,stop it and send it back with shadow wave." Giovanni said as mewtwo stopped the shadow ball with him palm and emmited a huge wave of darkness that hit Dusknoir,making it fall back and return to it's pokemon.
"Dusknoir,good job. Your up next,Froslass! There's no time to waste,use Blizzard!" Kate said to froslass,who was jumping around to dodge purple blasts from Mewtwo's fingers.
"Mewtwo,careful. Use Flamethrower!" Giovvani said to Mewtwo,who didn't seem to be very affected by Blizzard.
"Froslass!No!" suddenly Kate got angry
"froslass,use ice beam!" Kate said
"Woah,Mewtwo. earthquake!" Giovanni yelled at Mewtwo for not dodging the powerful ice beam
"Froslass,jump and use ice beam." Kate said
"Argh! Mewtwo! How did that Froslass get so strong! use psy wave!" Giovanni said.
"Froslass,get back up and use Ice Beam!" Kate was now angry at even froslass.
"Mewtwo! You useless piece of Junk! Come back! NO!! They beat us!!!!!....Okay guys,were going to have to use our last resost! Release Dialga!!!!!!!!!"....

July 24th, 2007, 9:03 PM
Kate smiled. "This should be easy," she said. "Go, Froslass!" She send out Froslass.

"Don't underestimate his Mewtwo!" Alex said. "Remember what I said! Mewtwo is one of the most powerful Pokemon! I doubt he'll put it out first though.."

Giovanni stepped forward and smiled. "I am the most Powerful trainer in the world, and this is what you send me? I can easily destroy this little girl with one Pokemon, as I would've you, if those brats didn't step in." Giovanni pointed to Jerry and Carrie. "Anyway, I can destroy this slut."

"Why does everyone call me that?!" exclaimed Kate. "Now I'm pissed! Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!!!" she screamed a loud battle cry, as she pulled out her guns and started shooting. Alex jumped and pushed her away, making her drop both guns. "Alex, what was that for?!" she shouted, angrier than ever.

"I told you not to mess with those guns!" Alex said, getting up, and reaching out to help Kate up. He would never say, but he had enjoyed doing that. "Now beat him.. with your Pokemon!"

"Hah, yeah, that'll happen!" Giovanni shouted. "Go, Drapion!" He sent out the evolution of Skorupi. "Drapion, use--"

Kate screamed. "It's a bug Pokemon!" she said, backing away.

"I told you, it's not a bug Pokemon!" Alex sighed. But Kate didn't care. If it looked like a bug-type, she wouldn't get within a 10 foot radius of it. "Fine..." Alex sighed, taking out a Poke Ball.Arcanine came out. "Blazer, go!" Alex said. "Even if it's not a bug type, I'm taking care of it with Arcanine. Blazer, use Flare Blitz!"

Arcanine ran up quickly, and erupted into flames. Soon, it slammed into Drapion setting it on fire. A few minutes later, the fire went down, and Drapion was OK. "Drapion, use Cross Poison!" Giovanni said. Drapion ran up, and slashed at Blazer with both claws, weakening him.

"Blazer, use Extremespeed!" Alex shouted. Arcanine zoomed up, tackling Drapion, and knocking it out. Alex turned to Kate. "OK, he's gone. You can go back into the fight." Kate nodded.

"OK, Froslass!" she said, since Froslass was already out. "Use Ice Shard when he outs out a Pokemon." Froslass nodded, and got ready to attack.

"Go, Crobat!" Giovanni shouted. Froslass flew up, and attacked Crobat with an icy attack. Crobat was weakened. "Crobat, use Confuse ray!"


They were both on their last Pokemon. Giovanni had just sent out Mewtwo, and Kate sent out Magmortar. "Magmortar, use Lava Plume!" Kate said, and Magmortar obeyed. He jumped up, and shot fire at Mewtwo. It hit, but it didn't seem to do much.

"Mewtwo, use Shadow Ball!" Giovanni said. Mewtwo charged up a black ball of energy, like Aura Sphere, only much larger, ond only one, and shot it at Magmortar. It was a direct hit.

"Magmortar, use--" Kate started, but she was interrupted by a loud voice.


"I say.." Alex said. "We're giving you a head start. Run, cuz we'll be following you the whole way." He smiled. Galactus smiled also.

"I LIKE YOUR COURAGE, BOY," Galactus said. "I WILL BE GOING TO THE SEA TEMPLE NOW, AND SO WILL MY MINIONS. YOU HAD BETTER TRAIN ON YOUR WAY, BECAUSE THE BATTLE OF YOUR LIFE WILL BE WAITING. WE WILL SEE YOU THERE." And Galactus walked off. Suddenly the lights wentout for three seconds. They came back on, and all the Galactic members were gone.

"But Alex..." Kate said, concerned. "We don't even know where the Sea Temple is!"

"We'll find it.." Alex said. He was determined to stop Galactus once and for all. "A place famous for hiding the Prince of the sea, Manaphy, couldn't be that unheardof. Let's go. We have to ask around where the Sea Temple is."

July 27th, 2007, 2:14 AM
"Galacticus! Wait!" Alex roared as he was escaping. Galacticus stopped for a second.
"..Yes? Boy,what do you want!?" Galacticus said in a smug voice
"I-I. I will aid you on your quest to obtain Manaphy. These losers can't even defeat me,let alone the both of us.!" Alex said
everybody gasped at what he had just said.
"...Come along,then.." Galacticus said without turning back,or stopping. Alex started at the others with a wink,then as Galacticus turned around to see,his face changed into an evel smile.
"Sir! It's been located! the sea Temeple!" said a fat man.
"Great,now i have no use for you anymore..." and with the pushing of a buttom,a trap door opened up and the man went flying,falling,and eventually dying. Alex cringed and let out a little whimper as they landed.
"Ah,This is it. I finally know how to hatch Manaphy's egg. I just simply place it in the rock pillar under the one i took it from earlier,and leave it there for 24 hours. Why don't you go explore the cave Alex..."
-----EVEN LATER------
"I'm telling you,guys! It was just a trick to get him to take me here! I'll send you guys the location on your pokenavs. Bye,and Kate...Star with Alex"
"AH HA! I knew that was the reason you joined me! Now i'm going to kill you once and for all! Go,bring out your worthless Lapras,Torteraa and Chimchar! Batlle Me! Go,Salamance!" Galacticus roared from the other side of the cavern,which made it shake for a few seconds.
"Oh no,that Salamance looks like it could obliterate only one pokemon! Go Donphan,Infernape and Lapras! Lapras,dive into the water for now,Donphan rollout onto Salamance's back, and Infernape,use flamethrower!" Alex said sounding very nervous.
"Salamance,block his flamethrower with Hydro Pump! Yes,that's right,my Salamance knows Hydro Pump! MWA!Hahahahah!!!" Galacticus replied."
"Lapras,come out now with ice beam!" Alex said to Lapras,who was still hiding underwater.
"Salamance,block it with your wings and use Hydro Pump on Donphan!" Galacticus said back
"Quickly! Infernape! Blast burn! FULL POWER!" Alex said
"Salamance,end it all now with EXPLOSION!" Galacticus said to Salamance,who was growing very tired.
There was a big explosion and all four pokemon fainted.
"Salamance,you fool,get back up!" Galacticus said,but Salamance couldn't get up. suddenly,it rose angrily,hurt and tired,but it still got up.

"OH NO!" Alex screamed as Salamance tried using flamethrower on him, but he hid behing some rocks,which soon were burned through.
Just then,all the others were arriving,looking like true hero's coming to Alex's rescue...

July 27th, 2007, 12:30 PM
"Woah we got dis by Alex as I was laughing I looked over at everyone well we could sit here looking dumb or we can all try to go after them I know someone who can get us to the bottem of the sea and search around" Kam said.
Hey Mr. Boaty I need to ask you a favor we need a Submarine to look for something and if I remeber you still owe me a favor" Kam said "Aha you are correct it just so happens I have a sumbmarine that could you and 2 snorelaxs" he said with a laugh.

After an hour of searching we got a message from Alex telling us where they were. "But you said you where switching sides why should we trust you" Kate was saying. "I'm telling you,guys! It was just a trick to get him to take me here! I'll send you guys the location on your pokenavs. "Bye,and Kate...Star Alex".

I see the sub we can load on from the bottem of there sub with out being noticed Mr. Boaty said.
"Well well well Alex I think your idea has worked" Kam said.

"But the whole stronger thing got me a little tick so Galatics ready when you are as Kam and Golduck where pointing at Galatics.

"Alright Golduck use" the sumbmairene started rocking "whats going on" I said.

Galatics started laughing "we are here at the Sea Temple now my wrath will truely be unstopable he said.

As the lights flickered agian he was gone.

"Alright guys and 2 girls we have to stop Galatics at all cost he insane if he destroys the world hes going to be destroyed to hes unsmart.

OOC: Done

July 27th, 2007, 3:20 PM
"I'll go with Alex,Kam,you go with Kate,Jerry&Carrie,you two go together.GO!" Alex said as they all split up.
"Ok,Alex,I chose you because me and you are the strongest here.WAHHHH!" suddenly,a large Swampert appeared from the water along with a cute Mudkip.
"SWAAM!" it said as it tried to floor the two with muddy water,which Mudkip tried to copy,but could only get a few bubbles out.
"Go,Charizard!" Alex said "Earthquake on swampert!"
Swamper fell to the ground,then Charizard used Dragon Claw on it and it fainted..

((and X_Files,your posts need to be longer))

July 27th, 2007, 9:10 PM
"Aw man, why do we get attacked by Pokemon?" Alex sighed. He took out a Poke Ball. "Fine. We're lucky we have you.. go Frost!" He sent out his Lapras, and she was happy to help them in this time of need. Alex took off the backpack he was wearing, that had adventure items in it, and pulled out two mechanical devices. He handed one to the other Alex.

"Put this on," he said. "It'll let you breath underwater. Ok, let's go!" They got on the Lapras and dove underwater, not sure what Galactus would do. "We have to catch that crazy guy at all costs," Alex said, with the machine covering his head and giving him oxygen. "He's already at the Sea temple, and we might be able to catch him before he get's to the top floor. I wish my Flygon could fly up there underwater..."

Just then, Alex's Lapras began swimming upward, toward the top floor of the tower. "Oh," Alex said sheepishly. "Good idea." They flew in one open window at the top floor. They landed in the hall of the tower, and several doors were there. "OK, let's find Galactus before he finds Manaphy," Alex said.

They got off Frost, and started swimming down the hall, and soon saw a huge door at the end. "This must be it," Alex said, reaching toward the doorknob.

"NOT SO FAST!!" said a deep voice. It was Galactus. He was wearing an air helmet too. He had come prepared. He was riding on the back of a Gastrodon. "IT IS I, GALACTUS, WHO HAS COME TO AWAKEN MANAPHY."

"Yeah, we figured that out a while ago.." Alex said flatly. "But it's two against one."


"Nope," Alex said, smiling. "Go, Lucario, Flygon, and Gallade!" Alex let out his other three Pokemon. They were all wearing air helmets just as the humans were. "I came prepared too. All you have is that Gastrodon."


"Wait!" said a voice. The door quickly opened. Manaphy swam out of it. "Stop fighting. I am here."

July 27th, 2007, 9:51 PM
"Here these are for the rest of you these mouth pieces will let you breath underwater and help you move around more freely" said Mr Boaty. "Alright Jerry and Carrie take care of your selfs" I said. "Kate you ready" I contuined. As we swam threw the under water Palace we searched around Kate then pointed at a chest we then swam over OMG gold we both looked at each other and started to lift it up thats when Archie saw us and grabbed Kate I then let out my Golduck and had him use confusion which made Archie let her go. "Lets go I said looking at Kate she was still trying to grab the chest when I told my Golduck to use Psychic to lift it as we kept swiming up to the top floor where we saw both Alex stareing at something when we got closer in we saw that there was a Manaphy .


"Carrie come on" Jerry was saying as they swam around the sea temple. Carrie then saw a Luvdisc she then closed her eyes and threw a net ball at it when it was captured she let it out of its poke ball and it started pointing twords the top of the sea temple Carrie told Jerry to follow her as they both swam to the top then the lovdisc stop right behind Kam and Carrie giggled before noticeing what everone was looking at. "Carrie check this out this is cool" Jerry told his sister and she swam up to see Manaphy the prince of the sea.

July 27th, 2007, 10:08 PM
"Maaana!!!!" Manaphy yelled as a huge wave of water threw itself at Galactus.
"Manaphy!!! YES! You have awakened! Dialga,Palkia,My beautiful Pokemon! Come out!" Galactus roared with happiness ((his pokemon are:Dialga,Palkia,Salamance,Entei,Aerodactyl,Dragonite))
"Dialga and Palkia! Oh No! We're all screwed!" Alex said. Suddenly,a pokeball with the name Alex on it fell from the sky.
There was writing on it...
"You were meant to have this pokemon,Alex." it said
"Go,pokeball!" Alex said,wondering what was inside. Moments later,a huge,gigantic Charizard 10x bigger than any other one appeared and went on a rampage knocking Plakia&Dialga to the ground with a hyper beam,then it burst open a hole through the top of the temple and flew out through it.
Everybody was shocked...nobody knew what to do next..

July 27th, 2007, 10:20 PM
((Galactus always speaks in caps >_> lol.))

"Whoa.." Alex said. "Was that a Charizard?"

"It couldn't be," Kate said. "We're underwater. That makes no sense..."


"I told you we were underwater.." Kate said. Galactus's Pokemon started to drown. Galactus raised the Poke Balls and clicked on them. "Poke balls don't work once you open them underwater. You have to get out of water and completely dry them first. Now what are you gonna do?"

Galactus looked at the kids that somehow defeated him. "FINE. YOU WON THIS ROUND.. BUT IT'S NOT OVER. I WILL STILL RETURN FOR MANAPHY.. AND YOUR LIVES AS WELL!" He immediately started laughing evilly. Then the light from the sun seemed to disappear. It was as dark as the sea floor.. which they were close to anyway. Then the sun came back out. Galactus and his Pokemon had disappeared.

"How the heck did he do THAT?!" shouted Kate. "Makes no sense.."

"It doesn't matter," Alex said. "We have to follow them to their new base. Let's go, guys." But a small hand stopped Alex when it touched his arm.

"Thank you," said Manaphy, in its tiny voice. "Will you be back?"

Alex smiled. "You can count on seeing us again. We'll protect you from Galactus. Manaphy nodded. It seemed to be a very smart Pokemon. Alex let his Lapras out, remembering what Kate said about not being able to let his Pokemon back in, and they swam back to land..

July 27th, 2007, 10:36 PM
Alex looked at the sky.
"Alex,are you okay?" asked Kate
"Yea,you look a little worried!" said Jerry.
"Alex!? Are you sure your not overreacting!?" Kate said
"KATE,SHUT UP! I'M LEAVING AS OF NOW!! iF YOU TRY TO STOP ME,YOU CAN ANSWER TO CHARIZARD!" he said as the giant Charizard flew back to him and carried him so the sky..
"He's a fool if he thinks he can defeat all his men and Galactus.." said Kate
"No,he can do it. He might just be one of the toughest trainers i've ever seen.." said Jerry...
They all watched as Alex dissapeared into the fluddy clouds..

July 27th, 2007, 11:15 PM
" I swear im getting tired of being called weak it makes me wanna puke I remeber 6 months ago he was just starting he still has that fire when he wanted to help stop Heatren he was one of the first to say he would help I do beilve he could do it but im worried what if he cant do it you know how Galatics like to play dirty" Kam said. "Yeah he is tough but I still think we should help him and since he thinks where weak I think I know a place where we can train it will take a day but our pokemon level will in crease 10 fold and if we start tonight tomorrow in the afternoon we should be ready " Kate said. "Where is that" Jerry said. "Where im from its called the trainer top ten challenge its where most beginer trainers go I heard the trainer Richie had been in there when he started also she contiuned. "Well lets go guys we need to get stronger to help out Alex other Alex if your comeing where following Kate.


Eletabuzz use thunder Punch Carrie said. Cool trainer "Noooooooooooooo" I lost to someone who doesnt even have any badges I suck. As he walked out of the room Carrie I think your ready Jerry said. "My turn" said Jerry.
Pidgeot use Areo blast woah your Pidgeot knows that Jerry he must be stronger then ever.

~The next Day~

"Ok where should we start looking" said Kate. "I know excatly where to start looking before he left off on that charzard i placed a tracker device on him so we can follow him on that. As I took out my Poke Nav I checked it to see where Alex was but it wasnt responding. "Ok etiher he found it and broke it our its WAY way out of range wait did he tell any of you where his grandmother lives maybe we can ask her" Kam said looking up at everybody.

Jerry and Carrie Stronger version



July 27th, 2007, 11:34 PM
Alex finally caught up with Galacticus
"Leave here,boy! Or your about to experience a whole new level of pain!!!" Galactcus screamed
"Shut up,I know your afraid of me. With this Charizard,I am now the most powerful trainer on earth. You saw it destroy you Palkia and Dialga,two legendary pokemon with one attack. Now bring it,give me all you've got. This is the final battle,once i destroy your pokemon,you hand Palkia and Dialga over to me! Go,Charizard!" Alex yelled to Galactus who was now whimpering at the sight of Charizard.
"Alright,boy!" Galactus laughed "Go,Dragonite,Salamance,Aerodactyl and Entei! Show him the true power of team Galaxy!" Galactus said
"Aerodactyl,aeroblast,Dragonite,thunderbolt,Salamance,hydro pump,Entei,earthquake!" Galactus said to to all his pokemon,and they all attacked the huge Charizard at once,and even though all the attacks were strong and some super effective,Charizard remained undamaged.
"WHAT!!!! NO!! IT CAN'T BE! THAT CHARIZARD IS STILL STANDING!! I MUST HAVE IT!!!" Galactus roared as he saw the amazing Charizard.
Alex soon ended the battle with explosion,which of course hardly affected Charizard,but made all the other pokemon faint,although Galactus was laughing! Suddenly,he saw a hige metal container grab Charizard,and it tried to burn through the metal,but was unsucessful. Galactus was laughing harder this time...and then--all of a sudden,he felt something cut through his stomach...He was....he was..dead...or at least he thought he was dead,then he fell unconsious to the ground....Galactus was laughing as hard as possible....

August 1st, 2007, 3:47 AM
"Beep beep beep" The scaner went off. "Guys I think I found Alex but we have to hurry and with our newly strong pokemon we should be able to help him" I said. "But we havent finish our training Jerry said if we dont go know we may not find him agian or worse he might be dead" I said.

"Theres Alex" yelled Kate. "And theres Galatics looks like we just made it and look his Charzard is captured" said Jerry.

"Alright Carrie get Charzard out with Thunder Punch from Eletrabuzz" I said. And Kate go over and see if Alex is ok" I said. TThen all a sudden Galatics had something stabbed in his stomach everybody look in aw at what happen then everyone looked at the person stabbing Galatics and it turned out to be.

August 1st, 2007, 7:32 AM
Alex. Alex had stabbed Galactus with the sharp dagger that had pirced him. Tears streamed down Alex's face,he has been stabbed through the stomach.
"G-Galactus,you-y-you shall ne-never hur-hurt a p-pokemo..." Alex said as he and Galactus fell to the floor yet again.
"B-Boy,I knew you could do-do it. Y-You are my so-son after-after all." Galactus said through sobs but Alex was already unconscious.
"You-des-deserve-to-to li-live!" Galactus said as he took out his walkie talkie
"Call-Call off all the attacks-and-and r-rush Alex to the hos-hospital" he talked slowly
"But sir-!"
"Listen to-to me..." Galactus said but he had died,he was stabbed too harshly,but Alex had a chance.
Kam came down and lifted Alex's head.
"There's a pulse! Quickly lets get him to the hostpital!!" Kam yelled to the others. Charizard managed to break through the metal container and roared. It flew all of them within a few seconds to the hospital.
"Nurse-we-we need him rushed to an emergency room!" the other Alex said
"But-" said the nurse but she had no time.
"We need him alive" said Kam.
Alex walked out out of the room after three days and greeted everyone.
"Hey,Alex,I've been waiting for a battle!" said Kam
"Sure!" said Alex although he was still in his hostpital clothes.
"NO!You need to keep out of battling for a few-" but the nurse was cut off once again.
"Okay,Donphan! GO!" Alex said
"Wow,Kam,you have gotten a lot stronger! You actually beat me this time!"

The years passed and the other Alex married Kate,Alex becoming the league champion and Kam a famous pokemon researcher,Jerry and Carrie being his students..

If anybody has anything to add,add it within the next two days or consider it closed.

August 1st, 2007, 10:12 AM
Um.. and who the heck are YOU..?

August 8th, 2007, 3:26 PM
Well, rei173 said I can join around the middle of when you guys were retrieving Manaphy, so I'll just post information of my character and start writing the other stuff later.

Name: Light
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Usually wears a black cloak that hides even his face, without the cloak, shows a 6"3 kid weighing 129 lb (whether this is underweight or overweight does not matter, if he's underweight, he still is in tip-top shape). He has black hair covering 1 eye (as many Pokemon Trainers do nowadays, like Falkner for instance), black eyes with no sign of a pupil in them, wears a black sleeveless shirt w/a black jacket, also has black pants w/ an iPod Shuffle (the latest one) stuck in his ear almost all of the time. Has an average body build, not muscular but not skinny, but his feet are stronger (and faster) than his arms.

Personality: Usually quiet, but when he's with his most trusted comrad, is VERY talkative. Very loyal to comrads yet treats enemies w/equal respect, except if they torture Pokemon. When battling a Gym Leader, he wants to keep the battle short, and when battling a trainer from the streets, likes to drag it out to the point when he sees the Pokemon and its Trainer's strategy. Very intelligent, as his childhood was forced studying. Also respects Lance of the Kanto Elite Four and Johto Champ, and Cynthia of the Sinnoh Champ. Also shy when girls hit on him (experienced it twice), but reacts VERY violently when a gay person is around. He treats all Pokemon with passion, even an evil one, trying to dispell the evil instead of destroying it.

History: He was born in the Hoenn region, but moved to Kanto's Viridian City at the age of 3. His childhood was an experience of a nightmare, in which he needed to study for a long time. By the age of 8, he surpassed a lot of 8th graders in academics, but disliked it. He wanted fun and Pokemon and especially to train one. His parents hated Pokemon, however, and wanted him to focus on academics and slight athletics, as they recieved 3 PhD's each.
But while walking home one day he found an egg. He showed it to Proffessor Oak and in his (somehow possible) free time, instead of heading to the Celadon Library (just imagine they have one) via Diglett Cave (new secret passage that had no Digletts), he went to Pallet Town and took care of the egg, which hatched into a Pichu. Over the next 4 years, he took care of it like a brother should, in time which it evolved into a healthy and hyperactive Pikachu. Some time he spent w/Pikachu was sacrificed for the library, in which instead of hitting the books, he read several myths about Pokemon (particually about the legendary Egg and the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon), and "How to raise Pokemon-basic steps", along with "Guides to Stealth" (books that I made up).
Once he was 12, he felt that he was responsible and ready enough to defy his parents and he put the latter book to test as he snuck out at 12PM, with a note explaining what he has done, and claimed his Pikachu officially, with the usual Pokemon Basic Equippment, and took a boat to the Johto Region. During his 2 years, he had recieved over 15 Gym Badges and had traveled through Johto and Hoenn, met Lance and battled w/him (but obviously lost) and recently arrived in Sinnoh, already gaining 3 badges. Also caught over 200 different species of Pokemon, but is always in a different lab. He recently battled several Team Universe members (not knowing their names) and returned to Jublife City collecting info pronto after hearing the Legendary Sea Egg.


Species: Raichu
Nickname: Raikira
Gender: Male
Personality: Extremly loyal to Light, is almost never quiet and seems like the opposite of Light. He can understand human speech as if he was one, and the reverse is true to some degree. He hates Pokeballs, always walking on its own feet, some Pokemon food and for some reasons, prefers curry.
Obtained: He hatched from an egg he found that was abandoned, and was officially claimed w/its detested Pokeball when Light was 12.
Other: Once it hatched, showed the natural ability of Volt Tackle to some degree, and was never claimed by a trainer or declared lost. Evolved into a Pikachu when Light's journey began, and evolved again after they lost to Lance, knowing that the evolution will get both of them to be stronger.

Species: Dragonair
Nickname: Ryusaiga
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a peacemaker, detesting violence and loving the quiet, but is a ferocious battler. He loves to be out of its Pokeball, but does not mind either way. However he loves to challenge himself, whether it is a race or a battle.
Obtained: He was found newborn at the Goldenrod City, being put for sale unwillingly until Light won it. Since then he put his loyalty before everything else.
Other: He evolved during a battle against Jasmine, the Olivine Gym Leader. He is yet to evolve again, but he feels he is very close.

Species: Lucario
Nickname: Enigmaru
Gender: Male
Personality: Happy most of the time, but gets angry very quickly. Very prideful yet extremely loyal to the degree that he'll abandon his pride if necessary.
Obtained: He found a Riolu when he arrived in the Sinnoh region almost immediately, being attacked by rouge Murkrows and Dustoxes at the Eterna Forest. Apparently the egg belonged to Cynthia, but during their short encounter at Hearthrome City, she let him keep it.
Other: He can speak and understand both human and Pokemon speech, and when Light cannot understand his Pokemons, is his unofficial translator. He evolved during a battle against several Team Universe members who was patrolling Solaceon Ruins.

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Umm Yes,about that,this RPG will be finished if nobody posts by tommorow

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"So this is where Dialga and Palkia landed up into."

I was looking at the Poke Balls of Dialga and Palkia that Galactus captured. Then I released them back to their own dimension and time.

"He won't be needing these 2 Pokemon anymore." I muttered.

'Why'd you do that for? Why didn't you just keep them?' My Lucario, Enigmaru, asked me.

"Relax. I'll catch them fair and square. Besides, they're not for just anyone, you know."

"Chu, raichu rai rai raichu (Heh, I knew he'll do that)." My Raichu muttered.

I buried him at the edge of the Sea Temple, only engraving his name onto his tombstone (which I made by taking a part of the stairs in the temple and getting my Pokemon's help in carving the name).

"Come on, Ryusaiga (my Dragonair). Let's go. We shouldn't bother these Pokemon any more."

August 14th, 2007, 11:55 AM
"Come on, Ryusaiga. Let's get off here."

I found Giovanni and his troops. He was gathering his Team Universe members in the old Team Galactic headquarters in Veilstone City, where I was ambushed after I won my 3rd badge.

"Let's go."

I entered the Galactic building, with my Pokemon behind my back. As soon as I did, I was surrounded.

"Hey, kid. This is a restricted area. Leave now or we'll teach you a lesson." a Universe Grunt warned me.

"I don't intend to leave unless you're disbanded." I told them.

"Hey, this kid was the one who took us all down with his Lucario!" another Grunt recognized me.

"So you remember. I feel honored." I sarcastically commented.

"Watch your tongue kid. We might cut it off after we defeat you. We have stronger Pokemons now." another Grunt told me, and others agreed.


Giovanni finally came out.

"That kid is no pushover. He won the Silver Conference League and the Ever Grande Pokemon League. He is out of your league."

"But boss..." some Grunts whined.

"Don't worry about it. I'll get rid of him myself!"

"Yeah!" all the Grunts seemed happy to see his boss battle.

"Is this a criminal organization, or a cheerleading squad?" I asked jokingly.

"Quiet, boy! You may be strong, but I'm out of your league!" Giovanni yelled at me.

"Let's see about that. Let's go, Raikira, Ryusaiga, Enigmaru!" My Pokemons got into a battle formation

"Those Pokemons are weaklings compared to my Pokemons. But I'll only show you a portion of my strengths! Go, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres!" Giovanni released 3 Master Balls, revealing the 3 legendary birds.

"They look impressive. Let's see which one of us is better, you, or me." I told him.

"After you're rid of, I'll re-establish Team Universe, with me in charge! I'll carry on Galactius's work!" Giovanni declared.

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Okay,yeah I'm kicking you out because I WAS STILL ALIVE,AN YET YOU BURIED ME AND THREW AWAY MY POKEMON although i like ur style of writing. GO JOIN ANOTHER RPG ~Kicked~

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I re-edited it so he didn't die and I only released Dialga and Palkia. He seemed dead because the Naruto Ninja guy killed him off. Wait, YOU'RE Galactic?

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rei told me that he doesn't care what I do on here, so I decided to finish the battle.
"Articuno, use Mist now!"

Giovanni's Articuno created a powerful mist that disabled our sight for a few seconds. Once it cleared up, Giovanni and his grunts were gone, except one who was heading up to the roof.

"C'mon, guys. Let's follow 'em." I told my 3 Pokemon and we rushed up to the roof.

When I arrived, there was a thick mist that I just couldn't see through.

"What's up with the mist, Giovanni? Too scared to fight face-to-face?" I called out. Then a Flamethrower was shot out of nowhere that was aimed for my Enigmaru, that he dodged with ease.

'He's using this mist to cover up his attack. This isn't good.' Enigmaru told me.

"All right then. Enigmaru, try to use your aura to sense them out." I told him.

'Articuno is at the far back, creating a huge mist while applying Mind Reader to allow us to be targeted by Zapdos and Moltres. Those two are right next to us.' Enigmaru informed me.

"All right. Raikira, face off against Zapdos. Ryusaiga, go up against Moltres. Enigmaru, get Articuno." I commanded. Then I told them what to do and when to use an attack and they took off.

Almost in a second, Zapdos used Thunder on Raikira, who took the hit and absorbed the electricity, being an Electric type itself, then he used Giga Impact, while releasing all the eletricity that he absorbed from Zapdos, and attacked him head-on, causing it to be paralysed from the impact.

Meanwhile, Moltres used Flamethrower on my Ryusaiga, who dodged the attack and then used a combination of Hyper Beam, Dragon Pulse, and Water Pulse, which took down Moltres to half strength.

Articuno tried to confuse Enigmaru's vision by strengthening the Mist and adding Blizzard in it. Enigmaru was taken off guard for a second and Articuno used an Aerial Ace, which was right on target. However it didn't work because Enigmaru used Detect to be alert and countered with 3 blasts of Aura Spheres, then finished it with a Hyper Beam.

The mist cleared up and showed that Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres were weakened severly and was on the brink of defeat, with Giovanni examining them. The grunts were surprised at the result.

"Return them to their Poke Balls, Giovanni. I'll show mercy to your Pokemon so take the advantage and give up, or I'll finish them." I told him.

"Give up? I will not give up. I'll just use my ace Pokemon. You WILL tremble at the power that this Pokemon possesses. Let's see if you can defeat this!" He returned his three Pokemons and instead released a single Pokemon.

"Go Mewtwo! Destroy this pesky boy and his weakling Pokemon!"

September 3rd, 2007, 9:35 AM
Appearance:Green Cap with pokeball symbol on it,green poketch with star symbol on it,blue jeans with tear on right pant leg,blue jaket with a black shirt under it.
Personality:cocky but nice,easily angered,hates to atmit defeat.
History:Born in ecruteak johto moved to Sandgem Sinnoh when he was 5 to get away from the Team Rocket scare.His dad is a bug type master but left to the sinnoh leage to train under thhe elite 4.His moth is constently at home taking care of his little brother and pokemon eggs.

Personality:Sneaky and loves to battle
Obtained:Saved as a chimchar from a rampaging steelix
Other:can sniff out trainer by their urge to battle =)

Personality:Arogent rought twords others
Obtained:found while serching for an rare candy
Other:Shiny shine

Personality:Love always ready for a fight
Obtained:Evolved from a baby bonsly

Personality:fun loving but when in battle ready to protect his friends

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