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Shine Diamond episode 53--The Afterpost

Posted February 20th, 2019 at 11:26 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang sees first hand just how dangerous Team Galactic is.

The biggest change to this episode is removing Team Rocket--they have no reason to be in Shinou at all. That, and this episode could reinforce that Galactic is much more dangerous than Team Rocket would ever be.

I decided to name the meteors that Galactic is going after to make them more meaningful (plus reference some real life science news in their background) I also expanded on what it is that Galactic is doing (reflecting that this is your first major confrontation in the games)

Saturn's Toxicroak gets her name from a type of poison dart frog--in the remix, Kage only battles her if he has to (albeit offscreen, in this case.) I also had Tarina join the fight (to show off her bravery) and Brock use Mega Evolution to showcase how powerful the gang is at this stage.

Next time, Brock inspires a magician's Pokemon with his storytelling skill!
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