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~What If?~ :: Questioning

From daily life in the astral planes to tutorials and creativity showcase, this blog documents the thoughts, feelings, and everything Kurui x3. Comments appreciated!
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~What If?~ :: Questioning

Posted January 19th, 2013 at 6:33 PM by Kurui

"There is definitely a reason why we happened to meet here."



It's been months that I've gone without much aches and pains, fainting and teetering, twitching and jerking. I've not taken it for granted. I've been going out more than ever, and expanding my skills that I've wanted to practice on for so long though I'd been unable. In the process, I've let scab over the wound of losing Kageroza-kun to untimely fate, losing an ex husband to his own greed, and losing the chance to be with a warty Cockney to the hands of an unworthy minor. I've learned all along that there will always be someone greater, and that shouldn't be a set back, but an inspiration to drive harder, forward, with anything I pursue. Really, this healing has been an all around healing, not centrally located to one region of life.

And now, my health restored as much as it could possibly be, I'm on a 'what if' journey again. What if the medicines suddenly stop working? What if I'm not able to regain all of my skill or memory? What if they won't hire me because of my diagnosis? What if there IS a such thing as a second soul mate?

What if?



Perhaps one of the better parts of recently is becoming close to my master. Having befriended his faithful servant, I quickly fell head over heels for Masuta's minion, but as fate would have it, I somehow ended up dipping out of the pockets of my master himself. A little odd, as Kitty-chan has professed him to be her one and only, truly, deeply, madly do (or what have you). But after her multiple infidelities (as is the case in every one of her relationships), the wee little tyrant quickly became all more chatty with me. And while he and I grew closer, my targeted object of interest seemed to back away.

Now later on I realized the servant had a bit of a thing for master. But only after it was too late and I had asked Masuta if I could serve him forever as a lover. Thankfully the relationship between Glum-san and I has been mostly repaired and while I pine for him, my heart belongs to my master eternally, so the rest goes without saying.

And my master IS such a beautiful boy. Awesome as well (and he will let you know it). When prompted to share work fairly between members of my team, he made quite a comeback. "There is no 'I' in team," I told him to which he replied, "No. But there is a 'M' and an 'E'!"

I love to draw my master. I actually did this one with a laptop fingerpad. Yes, I am that insane.

Master has cute ways of trying to be dastardly evil too, although he fails at it, being cute as he is. Once in a frisky mode I just told him "We need a baby~. It can be another of your minions and we can raise it to follow your every order without question. So". After rapping his fingers together and looking slyly around, he replied with, "Brilliant idea! Now....from where shall we steal this baby?". Oh, Masuta, so evil that you don't make babies, you steal them. Hardcore.

Despite his massive ego and.....Evilly evil ways of doing things, and the fact that he thinks I'm not cool enough for most anything he digs himself into, Master is a beautiful boy and one of the best things in my life at the moment. I just hope I get to cherish him forever.

So now I start to question, this feels.....Pretty close to as unified as I did with Kageroza-kun. Could there be a such thing as a second soul mate? I just have to wonder.



And of course I just keep drawing and drawing now that I am able to consistently. I've gotten rusty but hopefully I catch up now that I have that chance. I did get an opportunity to join DA: Hooray! I've made a frick ton of new friends that I talk to and hang out with as well. But this past month has been full of drawing (I posted most of my doodley ones on DA), modeling, game programming (one of the bigger title games I did concept work for was released last October *bet nobody can guess what THAT is XD even if obvious is obvious*), and more.

I did decide to quit all of my bigger game teams and finish out my contracted work to focus on a newbie team I want to build from the ground up in media making. Maybe it will go somewhere, maybe not, but I'm going to love this ride and milk it for all it's worth. <3

So yeah, life is good, for now. :>
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    Kura's Avatar
    It's great that you've been treated for all that stuff and you're better now! Are you looking to get off disability and start life again? :3
    Posted January 20th, 2013 at 7:38 AM by Kura Kura is offline
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    Oh yeah, I forgot that you never seem to reply to any of your comments lol!
    Posted January 21st, 2013 at 5:34 AM by Kura Kura is offline

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