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  • only logging back on here after almost 2 yrs aha... I pop in from time to time (well.. year to year? XD) when I randomly remember the good ol' PC days... hope you've been well!
    Heyyy! I am doing alright. I am turning 30 next year and I feel old! How does one handle the bad knees and achy back??

    How have you been?
    Girl if I had powers that strong I'd have vanished from the earth long ago. Nobody would have heard from me ever again lmao
    3 years since those messages! It really is true, the older you get, the quicker time flies. :( I normally drop by when something randomly pops into my head. Like now I've got a sudden urge to play a ROM hack on my phone haha, you never grow out of some things.

    I hope you and your family have stayed safe and healthy during these crazy times.
    Ayyy you got me there in the end! :D Are y'all in a state of lockdown overseas? I can't speak for many places in the US but at the very least I live in Massachusetts where over 80% of adults are vaccinated so that's a silver lining :x

    I always find it bananas that you're into gamedev, that's a dream of mine. You able to say who you work for now? And for me? Same shit different day lol. I know that's not exactly the most glamorous answer but thankfully the pandemic didn't affect my work too much - I can't remember if I ever told you what I do but I'm and education director for a nonprofit so I keep the kiddos safe and entertained in my surrounding communities, we kept in-person service throughout the entire pandemic which was…interesting to say the least lol
    Build quality of multi-unit places is pretty subpar the world over for the last decade. Developers have been in too much of a rush to get these things up to start selling or renting units, even though we absolutely do need more than what's getting built.

    VTubers are just streamers using Live2D avatar rigs usually designed in parts by their agency (if they have one), the streamer, and a few different artists - usually one for initial character design and a few for the 3D models. Generally the community is positive, but the English communities have a strong Twitch chat flavor to them and the Japanese communities sometimes have the far more unhealthy elements of Japanese Idol Otaku culture flare up, both of which are problematic in their own ways.

    That early "no masks needed" stuff pulled in various forms was really poor form and backfired horrendously, even if here in the US it was meant to ensure hospitals at least had some available. I've been fortunate enough so far to not know anyone who died of covid. It does seem that vaccination has drastically helped reduce hospitalization rates among the vaccinated, albeit with case surges in the US still around, it's not been pleasant since ERs are still very full. At least so far we've been fortunate enough to have the vast majority of hospitalizations in the US be among the unvaccinated, which appears to mean the vaccine is at least helping.
    That's good! I do think I'll miss living in a big city, you've basically no excuse for being bored and it's just filled to the brim with new people to meet.

    I enjoy doing it, I'm a fullstack developer which means that I do front and back end and I think I prefer doing backend. I can mostly just keep to myself and build systems, whereas with frontend I feel like I'm constantly arguing with designers. They all seem to design it as though it's a PDF. Like sure it looks good in your design, but what about old Mable who still uses her 800 × 600 from 1997?

    I had a similar problem, not quite as bad as London but Greater Manchesters house prices have rocketed because so many companies were relocating up north. That combined with how many people are now working from home full time a lot of people have moved up here purely because it's cheaper. We ended up choosing a suburb that's just on the outskirts of Wigan because it meant that we could each have an office and a garage since my boyfriend has motorbikes and didn't have to sell multiple kidneys for it haha.
    I was a bit warey about being so far out at first but honestly, after seeing the view from the front door I was sold. We live right on the canal and the other side of it is just fields and when the sun is setting it's like a screencap from a movie.

    More people were actually buying houses during the pandemic. The government put a hold on paying stamp duty (basically a big tax you pay when you buy a house, mine would've been around 2k) on any sales completed before September so everyone has been jumping onto it. It's why house prices have also rocketed recently ):
    Wild enough I actually thought about you about a week ago holy shit. Like LEGIT actually thought about how I knew someone that at one time worked for Sega and shit and literally had your face in my head.
    wtf kinda voodoo is happening lmao
    Thanks! And I suppose so, although I was going to be even more globe-trotting last year... alas.

    I suppose so! A common link binds us all :v

    I'd certainly like to! Hopefully sooner than later.
    Hey hey! Hope you're doing well!

    My memories of like 2011 and earlier are fuzzy lately (anxiety fried my brain) and I was like "did I interact with Kura much?" when I saw your thread ??????

    That said your avatar was a blast from the past. It's iconic!
    Those prices sound wild. You don't see that kind of pricing here unless you're actually getting a decent amount of house or are getting a luxury unit. That lower figure can still get you an 2000 sq ft detached house in a quiet neighborhood within 10 miles of downtown easily here around Minneapolis.

    While I've fallen off the wagon of actually watching anime, it's because I just kinda got dragged into virtual youtubers because YT's algorithm kept recommending me subtitled stream clips and short skits on their actual channels when I was on YT watching/listening to other content, which, alongside character merch collecting in general, occupies my current favorite anime related thing.

    Covid hasn't really changed my routine a whole lot since because of my role I'm one of the few who still has to go into work every day (if I'm healthy) at my office even during lockdowns since my employer is in food processing, so for me, outside of taking away the ability to play Pokemon TCG in person every weekend, it's not really been much of a change.

    I have been fortunate enough to not catch covid to my knowledge, but very early on, in February 2020, I did catch a flu (at least I thought based on its short duration and its similarity to all previous bouts with the flu I had), and then caught a sinus infection in June of this year (this one I actually confirmed was not covid via testing).

    Good to hear you've been healthy!
    OMG wow I'm a clown lmao. Are you still in London!??!?!?!? Wow our VMs were pre-pandemic, oof. Uhhh not too much is new with me other than last year I got into cycling, and now I try to ride several times a week. The heat is pretty intense here, though, so that makes it trickier this time of year. I'm also rehearsing a play right now!
    Hi!!!! It really has been 5 years, which is crazy!

    I think PC always finds its way of bringing members back to be honest - I'm actually only recently back from leaving PC myself!

    I've been doing OK, it's definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster but I think we're on the up yeah. How have you been keeping?
    Life is chugging along for me. I do IT helpdesk in a Tier 1/Tier 2 hybrid type role and have been with my current employer in variations of this role since 2013.

    As for personal stuff, I recently moved back in with my parents to preferably save for a house of some form. I also got certified as an event organizer for Pokemon and got a TCG league started at a local store shortly before covid exploded across the USA. As you may be able to tell from the style of my avatar, I'm still pretty deeply into anime and anime-adjacent subcultures, as well. And that's the super basic overviews. Nothing crazy adventurous and a lot of routine mundanity.

    How've things been for you?
    You finally made the big move! You were living in Bristol or somewhere before weren't you? How're you liking the big city?
    And I don't look at anything from my previous time on here. I don't really fancy cringing myself into oblivion reading the things teenage me thought was funny ??????

    I successfully completed uni (thank god), I dropped the teaching part because it was making me want to jump in front of a truck. I now work as a web and systems developer, currently woring for an online perfume retailer, and I try and help out with the development here on PC when I have the time. I haven't really been able to do much recently though because I've just bought a house with my partner ?????? We're moving in this weekend after months of back and forth and "sorry for the delay we've been super busy recently" solicitors like to throw at you nowadays lol
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