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Moonlight Silver episode 78--The Afterpost

Posted June 28th, 2017 at 5:07 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, what is supposed to be a relaxing day turns frustrating when Brock catches a cold.

The biggest change to the episode was cutting Team Rocket and adding in Ethan and Lyra. This episode was one of the episodes that worked very well as a plot even after Team Rocket was taken out. By adding in Ethan and Lyra, I could add in some character development to Lyra by having her play nurse, change the TV channels, and switch on consoles for Brock (only for her to catch Brock's cold in the end)

Brock's first dream sequence foreshadows his minstrel costume he uses in the Fantasy Stage during Pokemon Shine Diamond (which he ends up using for other shows in other regions) Both dream sequences are changed to better reflect his character change in the remix to a musician and storyteller.

At this stage Ash's remixed Johto team is completed:


In original drafts of this remix, he was supposed to get an Espeon (a reference to when you meet him at Mt. Silver in the games), but I decided to save that for a sweet moment in the BW remix. Brock's Geodude was also supposed to be replaced with a Sandshrew, but I decided to leave Geodude in, change the name and gender (so as not confuse his original name with the Rockruff he currently has in Alola--Rocky), and move the Sandshrew to Houen, as the polishing gag wouldn't work as well with a Sandshrew.

Next time, Misty tries her luck in a power Pokethlon!
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