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  • I'm playing it as we speak xD Taking my sweet time with it too. I'm doing some exploring after the fire challenge and really enjoying the game so far. How bout you? How's the new 3DS bundle?
    Haha yea it really has! Not much new on this end but mostly been taking a break from Pkmn lately. I had the same thought--Sun and Moon will prob have me playing again too =] I'll be at my town's midnight release and getting really excited from all the good news I've been hearing about it.
    As of now there isn't, but it really is too early to say, I hope some thing will though.
    I been doing good and you? I not playing pokemon go much, it's sorta boring.
    I got a little bored myself and am waiting on the Sun and Moon as well, can't wait.
    First you know me, no cussing, but yeah it's all fine, I think both of us got tired of breeding all the time, but I still here and if you need any thing, just let me know, did you at least keep up on all the events?
    I've been doing pretty good. Been busyish and trying not to melt in this heat we're having...lol. How about you?
    Wassup man? Don't forget to grab your free event Jirachi! It's the Mystery Gift via Internet until Apr 24th =]

    Hope things are well on your end!
    Doing pretty well! Happy to have a couple days off work and I've been so completely absorbed in the new Fire Emblem =]

    Whatcha studying?
    Don't forget to grab that new Celebi event that released form Mar 1-24th! It's Mystery Gift via any internet so it's easy.

    And how are things on your end non pkmn-wise? :-] Finding time to relax from work?
    The shop (I need help with the doc, cant get it done that fast on my own). I have those two eggs if you want to trade now.
    Haha no worries man. It's been the same on this end getting in super late. I haven't been on since the 6th. We'll trade soon tho
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