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  • Sorry I missed ya. I've got a late night at work tonight but hopefully catch you when I get back :D Thanks.
    I forgot to say in my last message, would you happen to have a crit up item like razor claw or scope lens? =] I could use one for my super luck absol.
    Ok what is the infernape event? And let me get what I am going to get from my codes first and I will let you know about yours, did you get any good IVs on it?
    All this talk of food is making me incredibly hungry xD I'm about to make a trip out now for something unhealthy. Luckily, I unicycle to get places. It's a fun mode of transportation, plus I can unicycle off ALL the pounds! :D
    Good call. I do love our nachos! Sadly, the staff can't have the steak or chicken fajta skillets but that's one of the best things to get as a customer. Also the carnitas (fried pork) is where it's at. I even come on my days off to eat it :-]

    Got any other fav foods or desserts?
    Lol, that is true! But all you need to do (like I mentioned in my last message to you) just pick a time that works for you and as long as I know when that is in my time zone I will be available
    Hey there, so in addition to all the other pokemon I sent you the list of, I also (as extras from my own breeding) now have a HA Shuckle, HA Growlithe and a HA Ponyta, bringing your total to 19 HA pokemon now. Pm me when you have some time, that box is starting to get pretty full! :D
    You would love our food then xD The kitchen makes everything fresh every day. Guac, chips, tortillas, you name it. Got any favorite dishes?
    And we've got a very good downtown location so it's one of the busiest places in town. Kind of annoyingly busy sometimes xD
    We serve Mexican food like tacos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas. But really our version of Mexican food so I wouldn't call it authentic. But it's incredibly tasty and I do get hungry being around it all day. You think I'd get sick of it, but I don't. They feed us at the end of the shift and I'm always ravenous =]
    It is pretty decent money. :-] Glad you have good coworkers. That really makes all the difference in any job. And jeez you work late nights my friend.
    Oh hey, thanks for the Shiny Snivy. :o Yeah it took me this long to realize, since I didn't pay attention when taking off the Mawilenite. @//w//@
    Roughly $20-30 per night depending on how busy it is. It's such a rough job Friday and Saturday nights. Got overrun tonight actually and I'm so incredibly tired.
    Lucky! I look younger than I'm supposed to. So I guess that'll work out in my favor when I get older. But for now, it's a real pain in the ass. xP Get decent tips?
    Lol that's awesome. I work in a restaurant hosting and bussing tables. Our bartenders are pretty busy. Here, you gotta be 21 to serve alcohol. That's not the case where you are though. Right?
    Haha no worries. I'm in no rush. Really. :-] Whenever I catch you online is fine. I'm keeping busy with work and online grad school. But so lazy right now. Not wanting to do any of it.

    What do you do for work?
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