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  • Wow, you have a Pupitar in your Friend Safari! Awesome!
    Thanks again and I have edited my review.
    And yes you can go offline now. (:
    Oh, you just need to stay and do nothing! (:
    By the way, I'm done writing a review and you can also go offline on PSS as well, hahaha!
    Thanks again!
    Aww, you went offline already. ):
    It's alright, haha. -writes review-
    Can you please stay for awhile?
    I need your Friend Safari for my X version! XD
    Okie dokie, see ya on PSS! (:
    I thought the Mawilenite's not gonna make it, haha.
    Oh and don't forget your own review thread.~
    I don't wanna sound like I'm rushing you, but lemme know when you're up for trade. (I'm perfectly okay for trading as long as I'm online here!)
    The Shroomish sounds fantastic! =D Thank you.

    And I'm a long range kind of guy. I play sup, adc, and mid. Some of my favs are Luz, Ziggs, Malzahar, and Cait
    I'll check them out here in just a bit, got a cloning request to finish first.
    Fantastic! Okay, so I would love 2 Assault vests, Scope lens, Rocky Helemts, Life Orbs, Brightpowders and 1 Expert belt please! When do you think you would be available to trade? would 1pm UTC/GMT -5 hour work for you?
    I only need 4 Icy rocks now, in addition I am looking for multiple Assault Vests, Scope Lens, Rocky Helmets, Life Orbs, Brightpowders, Expert belts, Focus Sashes, or one Weakness Policy. Do you have extras of any of those? And speaking of items, do you happen to need anything? I have extra Damp Rocks, Mental Herbs, berries and even a few extra evolution items
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