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  • Oh cool! :)
    I've seen on the "rate my signature" thread but I haven't seen in which other thread :P
    Oh really? Recently?

    We have another common point! Your username is really close to my IRl name! (just change the "t" for "d"!)
    Oh really? Well I have boxes full of bred pokemon that I was going to giveaway for Wonder Trade Wednesday so I'll check to see what I have that has it's HA. And there's no real "better" it really is preference and how you expect to use it. Sap Sipper makes it immune to one of it's weaknesses and raises it's ATT one level with every grass move used against it, while Huge Power doubles it's Att stat and Belly Drum boosts it 6 levels (or 300%) in one move (and then using Aqua Jet as the priority really makes good attacker.
    I don't have any handy but I can breed you one tomorrow. Are you sure you don't want Huge Power instead of it's HA? Either way it will have Aqua Jet and Belly Drum as it's egg moves as that is what my male has, so I'll just breed it with a female with the HA
    I have literally every HA pokemon except 5, so yes, I very likely have any HA pokemon you need! *Britto asks solely for the 5 I don't have*
    Okay, going online now. If I don't start the trade with you, start it with me (because I don't see you) my IGN is Padraig
    Just went to add you, got a notification that I need to update. Will let you know when I'm going online. (Gosh I miss the days when I could turn on a GAME console and not have to update everything constantly!)
    I did let you know when I could get online, I have your message history and everything. IT was 4am UK time and you said you were kinda sleepy so you would message me teh next day when you would be available to trade and I never heard back from you. Anyway, looking for Life Orb, Scope Lens, Rocky Helmet, Cell Battery, Assault Vest, Zoom Lens, or Power Herbs. Thank you very much! Any berries you might need by the way?
    If, btw, you wanna battle now? Just for fun, I have never done a 6vs6 battle before
    That's a lot of effort, dude!
    There should be at least a shiny if you got a shiny charm or breed with pokemon from different regions
    It's good if you had an old Chemistry teacher who is actually badass AF
    Jk, it depends on your taste. I'm waiting season 3 of Breaking bad atm but I personally prefer How I met your mother to B.Bad (my most favorite show, I've been watching it every weekend for the last 2 years)
    Hi there, I sent you a PM 4 days ago about having your Munchlax ready and just checking in to see if you still wanted it
    And I can EV train. I'm just lazy though. xD Once I get the last poke I'm looking for, Shroomish, I'll go on an EV training spree. It's not difficult and much less tedious compared to IV breeding
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