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  • Lol but once you master RNG, you can breed all of these guys yourself xD Hadn't thought about that. Don't forget the egg moves on whatever you decide to breed!
    I'll probably head out after I trade you the starters. There are 14 in all! So take your time and don't rush.
    I'll get the clones back next time I see you ;)
    Sounds like a plan. I'll be chin-chillin on wifi when you're all set. :o]
    I used to RNG myself. It's fantastic...And so impressive that it works. What's your cloning method? Yea you've got quite a few to to so take your time
    I'll send those starters your way. You just need to clone them for yourself. And that sounds great! I can wait on the Shroomish and get it later of course.
    We're snowing over here too! It's pretty new to me. I just moved to a snowy area and I've never had to deal with it in Florida.

    Free to take care of some trading? :D
    oh, I forget the copyright rule is strong in western country
    I have a cracked one but barely use it
    but everyone suck at their time. Took me ~6 months to do the basic stuff (first, because English is not my mother tongue, second is I don't have much thing to do with PTS unless it's to troll my friend selfie photo)
    oh well, g2g now. Can't believe I didn't know anything 'bout Breaking Bad 'till yesterday, need to finish season 2 right now
    I can probably go online right now. Im not sure if the network is stable enough tho. I need them cloned back too ^^
    sorry for making you wait
    oh, that make me wonder... is it legal to change the ability of the pokemon and breed it?
    or maybe RNC has one
    Ah, then I'd recommend playing the game first!! Y is a ton of fun, and you're going to love playing through it! Shiny hunting can be a fun thing you do afterwards, haha. SRing the Kalos starters can take forever - I'm at 4382 Froakie on mine, and it takes like 5 minutes for each SR, so I think you'd be better off just having fun and enjoying the game first!

    I don't know too much about horde hunting, but Paulthagerous could probably help you out a lot more with that. The dude got like 30 shinies in a month!!
    I think horde hunting would be cooler than DexNaving anyway! If I were you, I'd probably start off looking for my favorite Pokemon!

    Do you have X? I usually SR on the second game I get, since I always am super excited to play through the games the first time. Kalos might just be the best region!
    I'm doing awesomely, thanks! How about you?

    I'm hunting in the Fiery Path in Emerald right now, 1256 encounters in. I'm kind of looking for a shiny Numel, but Torkoal or Koffing would be awesome too. What are you hunting?
    Some of those might be worth your time. Especially The Dark Knight--2nd of the Batman movies =]

    How's life been for you today?
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