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    Just wanted to say that name certainly stands out (y)
    you forgot the italics. it does look good, though

    and yeah I love the icon, it's one of those I might keep for awhile! actually I can't see myself changing for a bit yaay accomplishments


    I like the username Blue btw. random but yeah
    it is passionate and lurrrv it. n__n;

    yes we went out at 12:50 and got back at 2:40 or thereabouts lmao. kill me

    "over time" meaning you are keeping it or what? (what would it look like with a supporter name omg)
    oh it upsets me a whole bunch so carry on.

    no sexy time, it is 4:30am and I am too exhausted from walking ten miles with the cousin!

    yes indeed. it doesn't look terrible on posts though, eh.
    Aw, thank you! I plan on making more blog posts like that in the near future but right now I'm going to focus on more important things like school (pfft). Anyway, sorry for the late reply :3
    The superpower of love, right?

    Sure you can spend a year away and remain on staff! Let's just make a usergroup for you called mascot and your username would look intense, haha!

    Awww you're such a sweetie. You give me such nice and fuzzy feelings.
    Yeah I know but I'm being professional. Besides, crediting you is fun. You're like, a badass gfx God and being able to say "hey, I know Derozio/Sakazuki" is kinda prestigious for me lol. Call me fickle but you're my super star and I wanna plug your work even if you can't make anything new at the moment.
    You did Raiden once right? Yeah because we did a MGS2 collab I think.

    Oh, speaking of which, I want to get rid of the Oekaki in the forum splash, and I was thinking of using one of your tags to represent it. Obviously I can make whatever changes necessary, but naturally I'd need your permission to do so. :3 I just think that piece is so, so perfect for A&D's splash.
    Haha, nah I know there's no way Dante would lose and I accept that. But, Snake would be able to stalk him pretty damn well until he dies lol.
    Oh **** yeah Nick finished the Sunny last night, so don't let me forget to send pics to you. The car too, you gotta see it. It's so perfect for him omg ;w;
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