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  • Yup! A little Hyundai. I love it, and of course Nick does too. It's like, our first big purchase together as a couple and :') so proud of him.
    Haha, don't worry, I'm probably not getting the new gen consoles for a long while. Who knows, we could probably play it together cause by the time I buy one you'll be well into college lmao.
    Yeah! I actually went out of my way to steal it from one of my friends lmao. But yeah DmC3 was like, one of the best games I ever played seriously. Still though, MGS4 > DmC3. I can't help it. Besides, Snake would destroy Dante.
    But! I'm totally going to rock MGS5/Ground Zeros. So don't worry Nick's not getting all the action. ;)
    I only ever played DmC3, which was.. omg so good. And Nick just wrapped up this years rehash DmC. Which was equally as good. Now we're moving on the 4. Yay for Christmas money and video games!
    Haha, sorry that was kinda a joke. Nick bought a new car yesterday, so when he booted up DmC4 and saw Automatic vs Manuel is was like, lmfao wat is this. But yeah, totally know that Automatic will run concurrent combos. Don't worry. ;)
    I personally though they could have done without the panty gag. The race was plenty enough for the joke as it was. The organization name of the group the homeroom teacher is a member of is positively ridiculous.

    Code Geass is something I struggle to take seriously.
    Aha I'm watching SÃO right now :( it's not amazing but easy watching xD I might give Kill another go next time I'm bored. :P.
    Yeah I've tried One Piece and eventually gave up. I prefer a errr... Cleaner art style? If that makes sense. Kill la Kill looks sketchier, animation was a bit jumpy and simple. Saying that I only watched episode 1 :P.
    I think you misunderstood ;O I like HxH! Just saying that an anime is 'unrealistic' is well... unrealistic XD
    I can't tell if the armor is lampshading the "less is more" armor trope for females or if it's playing it straight in Kill la Kill. That's really bugging me.

    I'll probably still watch everything as I am someone who likes to watch every part of a series.
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