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  • Same to be honest.. that's why I am here replying to you now. I had a dream about this place last night lol! thought to check up on it!
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    That's awesome. Game testing is actually more complex than it sounds. I'd say it's been good, but I've finally left. Progressing onto uni now.
    That's pretty awesome man. Wish you the best of luck. What kind of job role is it? And yeah, I just like those catchy phrases that appear with the username haha.
    Yeah, I only remembered you when I stumbled across your profile admittedly. But I've been alright, a little stressed with college work, but surviving. You?
    Besides the Charcoal Black and Shimmery White, the Galaxy S5 will arrive with two extra colors at launch ? Electric Blue, and the aforementioned Copper Gold that you can see in the pictures - See More: samsung galaxy S5 unlocked
    Yeah, I'm not actually a fan of her... which kind of sucks considering the username and all. :[
    It doesn't get a whole lot better, honestly. The tutorials don't stop until chapter 10 or 11 (out of 13, I believe) so you don't get to choose your party or customize much until then.

    The story does pick up a bit but the gameplay is frustrating until everyone's all together. After that it's a ton of fun, though. If you like what the battle system is teasing you with now, you'll absolutely adore it later if you put the effort into getting there but otherwise, I just wouldn't really bother haha. <_<
    Pretty sure I've said so before. ;x

    Yeaaah. But alas it doesn't seem like they will despite the changes that they had made like a new character and such.
    Ahh, Tales of Symphonia is not for the PS3 (though there are rumors that they might remake it or report it for that system). It's for the Gamecube. But if you wish to get a Tales of game for the PS3 there is Tales of Graces and Tales of Xillia.
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