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    Okay, so we're going to have you watch Clannad. It's going to be different from what you've watched before. Of what you've watched, it's most similar to Toradora, but definitely not the same.
    I'll get you a contract series tonight. Tempted to make it one of the Pokemon series, but I think I might find something more interesting than just going with the Pokemon anime on a Pokemon forum. Your tastes are pretty railroaded into a specific path: video game/card game anime adaptations, so I'm trying to think of some introductory anime.

    For fine-tuning my recommendations, what didn't you like about Full Metal Alchemist? What about Fairy Tail? Also what did you not like about Sword Art Online?
    Quick question: does Zexal need me to have watched any of the previous series to understand what's going on?
    (By the way, I just wanted to let you know that the YGO Club thread has been moved back to the Anime & Manga section again!)
    OMG CATMAN IS THAT YOU??? How on earth did you transform into a Birdman Junaiper now? xD
    Yo Catman or should I say Juniper (what the heck have u done to ur name :P), Amazing Race Finals, come on Vote man.

    Pika Pika :chu:
    Did you get my PM? Please go vote. We wont have a majority if you dont.
    Hey man if you're still online we can do the challenge that's up on Amazing Race PC now.
    Hey there! You are free to make your own log of that challenge you posted in (since the owner seems okay with it), but please don't sign up for a challenge in someone else's log. If you have any other questions about that subforum, you're more than welcome to ask me. Thanks!
    We lost again; its time to vote someone off. Lenniefrost and I have immunity
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