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  • ooh nice. i've been thinking about maybe getting a second small tv so my sister and i can both use a tv if needed. then we can use the ps3 for netflix and ican play my ps4 games if i wanted or vice versa haha. buuut there's other things that are higher on my priority list of things to buy first. no security cameras here but we do have dogs that have ~scary~ barks so works well enough to keep people away i suppose hahah. i also live basically in the middle of nowhere.
    Oooh ouch yeah definitely fair enough. Thankfully I don't have that problem since I only live with my sister and anything I buy is mine etc etc. That and she's not a big video game person (though she does play on occasion) so I don't have to worry about anything like that. But yikes @ your disc drive hopefully you can get that figured out! I have my PS4 and Switch connected myself and if I don't feel like plugging in literally one cable to play the switch (or if my sister is watching something on the PS4) I just use the switch in handheld. Though IG i'll be playing KH while she's at work pft.
    Probably not I have like one friend on my PSN hahah I'll be sure to add you tomorrow!! I'm not a huge fan of digital so I still try to buy physically when I can. I was going to buy 1.5 and 2.5 for PS4 (even though I had them for the ps3) but good thing I held off since Story for Far has it all nice and comfy in one place for me! KHI and CoM are the two KH games that I never fully beat so I'm definitely going to try to beat them fully this time around now that I'm not planning on disconnecting my PS4 anytime soon lool. I could always go back to my PS3 file but I think starting over from the beginning sounds like a better idea. That sucks that you lost everything but I'm sure you'll get to re-completeing .2 when you can!
    I actually popped in KH 2.8 (since i have 'The Story so Far' from a while back that I never opened until now lol) today to start watching the Union X movie. Maybe after that I'll start doing a KH Marathon in order but like... chronologically so next would be BBS and then KHI haha. Maybe finally I'll actually beat KHI who knows! Of course this'll all be between playing Vesperia and soft resetting for a Shiny Piplup on Platinum so I can do some kind of challenge run with it lol. AND YEAH SAME HERE. Oh Nomura.
    Haha yeah I have one friend who absolutely hated it and never going to play it again. I understand why she didn't like it but ehh I personally really enjoyed it and was okay with some of the issues she had (which was mostly gameplay lol). The biggest thing I agreed with her on was how they treated Kairi yet again in this game. AND RIGHT??? we see what you're doing there Nomura lol.
    Hmmm.... i want to say mine was corona but thats prob cause tangled is my fav disney movie how of the worlds we had in khiii lol. And oh god i cried plenty of tears especially at the end!
    Awwww thats cute!! Arendelle was fun except for being tossed down the mountain like three times THANKS ELSA lmaoo
    Yass i really like the game myself! I beat the game and now im probably going to play it again on proud and try to get and do all the side stuff this time around too! :D
    Hey hey!! long time no talk!! did you enjoy the game (and have you beaten it yet)? :D
    Toy Box was really good! I loved all the different sections of it and there was so much stuff on the walls and toy boxes and everything to just read and look at.

    I liked the Dissidia display hahaha
    omg, so many issues. i would've been so paranoid about my ps4 not lasting through the game. XD I hope yours does hahaha

    and yesss! that was my fave world, not just bc Marluxia was there and he's still my fave, but Tangled is my favourite Disney movie. :D Plus it was so prettyyy
    Oh no, lol. I've yet to have any problems with my PS4, knock on wood. ;A;

    I usually get digital now too for my import games since no shipping AND getting it at exactly midnight is way better than paying like $150/game for fast shipping like I used to, lmao. Only issue is the games I want so rarely go on sale on PSN there so I ended up just getting a hard copy of 1.5+2.5 on ps4 when I was in Japan last year bc it was like ¥2500 cheaper lol. So I guess I'll always need the blu-ray reader on mine. :P

    Also I beat the game last night aaa :D
    Ahaha, aww, that's sweet.

    I've been enjoying it a lot. I have almost no faith that they'll manage to resolve the plot satisfactorily, but the game itself is so much fun and that was probably an impossible task anyway, so I'm happy with it so far ahaha. xD; But I guess we'll see how it goes!
    So am I and that coupled with the fact that I'm too used to the X/O swap in JP means I'm importing. T_T;; At least it's on PSN though so it can be preloaded instead of waiting for shipping.

    And ahhh that sound stressful. D: I hope your hours can pick up soon. I'm just bumming around at my parents' houses so at least I don't have rent or food to worry about but student loans have to be paid off soon so I really have to find a source of income urgh.
    I'm terrified of spoilers. T_T So I'll probably rush through it (sort of) and avoid the internet while I play and then replay for a complete run once I've actually got the story down.

    Hope your job picks up, though. :( Free time isn't fun if you have to spend it worrying!
    Breath of the Wild is amazing so I don't fault you for prioritizing that ahaha. I just beat twewy the other night and I'm going through the report completion now. Got looots of free time since i'm job hunting lol. @_@

    KH tho aaaah so soon. I gotta find a job quick so I'll be there long enough to actually take a week off or something when kh3 comes out lmaoo.
    :D Yay, welcome to switchdom! I'm just finishing up the story of twewy tonight lol. (well, maybe tomorrow.)

    YOU EXCITED FOR KH3??????????
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