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天 (Caine)
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  • Yeah virtua is pretty cool I never got into that series though.
    King of fighters was pretty cool though I love crossovers too
    Nah I only have the first two on SNES lol
    I like mortal kombat but never really got into it like tekken and SF
    Yeah Karin has always been fun for me to play.
    Ken has basically my personality so I've always loved to play as him lol.
    Dudley is just badass
    I'm just doing stuff in my spare time. If I want to further the hobby, I'd need to get myself a deck or some wave oscillators. The only Sports games that I do have are baseball, though haha! I'm a Dodgers fan, but off and on. I don't religiously watch the games or jot down stats and what not. That's a hobby bye itself.
    Other games? Gosh. Right now I'm really digging the game Sheltered. I mean, it's all I've played this week aside from Pure Chess ohohoho! When I make a list of what I own, I'll shoot it to you first. I think it's just easier to say that the only games I don't really play are Sports games.

    My Username? Just... JD Jacket... hmm... It does what it says on the box. No hidden meaning or anything. Right now I'm trying to get Soundcloud to work with me, but it's getting frustrating.
    When I play Street fighter 3 I tend to use Dudley, Ken, Ryu, and Ibuki. (i'm terrible with everyone except Ken and Ryu).
    Alpha 3 is just Karin and Ken tbh
    I thought about it, but I have other games I want to play. I can't remember my first RPG, but I know it came out way before Pokémon did though hahaha! Geez. Good times.
    I've been playing Pokémon since the very beginning. Ghost types are good, but I think I like Psychic Types more, although I don't know why. Probably just that there's so many typings with Psychic. Heck, we even have a Psychic/Normal Type. Too Bad Ghost/Normal isn't a combo. I'd like to see that ohohohoho! It eliminate's Normal's weaknesses and adds more STAB for the combined type to use. A Ghost Type with STAB from Hyperbeam? Yes please.
    Yeah, sometimes it's just enough to play on your own. You don't need to play against others, especially when there are so many cheaters out there. It's unfortunate, but there are. I think I've only ever lost one battle that was a random challenge from just walking around online playing Y. Malamar is an amazing Pokémon, if you haven't already you should check them out sometimes. What's your favorite Pokémon Type?
    Not yet! Just looking to use Ingrain on the community, because Leech Seed is no fun ohohohohoho! You can never have enough friends, am I right?
    Wow you're right, these covers are really good. I like how the artists put their own touch to the songs, even if most of them are quite similar to the original version. Cheers for the nod mate
    I've seen the movie but haven't checked out the soundtrack actually. Isn't it a covers album?

    That's a decent cover tho, Mark Lanegan is a great vocalist.
    Oh no, I was talking more about this. That looks really fun too tho!

    I really have too many to choose from, but right now it's 'Fourth Time Around'. Just something mystical about that song that I love. Album wise I absolutely love Blonde on Blonde with Highway 61 and Another Side being close seconds.
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