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  • Okay thank you!

    Now I really need to know what these images have to say, because I did try SMS the number that was provided (similar to how WeChat expected me to do it), but it was invalid when I tried to send it to that number.


    I did try to use QQ International on the latest APK, but when I tried to register, I just got redirected to the QQ official website in Chinese, so I'm unsure if QQ International is even supported anymore

    As seen here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1F5XhneCYxnJWHMx8
    Unfortunately, it seems the Google Play Store no longer has QQ International anymore, as clicking on the Android download brings me to this page:
    Yeah, I'm actually really interested, and that's really awesome! ^^ Not sure if I really have a personal homepage, haven't really noticed ^^;

    Ah awesome! I didn't know there was an international version of QQ, I'll try to find it~ ^^
    You're more than welcome! ^^ I'm really happy to make new friends x3 You're Chinese? That's awesome! ^^

    It's all good~ I completely understand you very well! ^^ And that's okay too x3

    Speaking of Chinese stuff, I did have a WeChat account a few months ago under the ID "PlatinumLucario", but after I switched SIM cards, somehow their system deleted my account and I've tried contacting them to get the account back, but they only recognise the new one that I accidentally made and I'm locked out of it due to their automatic account security due to "suspicious activity" from accidentally creating a second account. I'd love to get my account with the WeChat ID "PlatinumLucario" though. Even when I did have access to the new account, I couldn't change the WeChat ID to "PlatinumLucario", and said that it was already taken. If there's a way to help get my PlatinumLucario account back, it would be super helpful!
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