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  • Bro. Just so you know, I like Richard Spencer more than Donald Trump. Trump is 4-8 years, but the alt-right is forever!
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    Oh well. I guess we'll see where it goes. I'm enjoying Super either way. :)

    I'm talking about these two (so technically, yeah, the Trunks that came from the future).

    And yeah, Vegeta is pretty good too. I really don't dislike anyone in the series though, just wish minor Z Fighters got more time to shine still.
    Hm... not exactly. Overall I like Goku, but I think Future Gohan is one of my favorites, as well as Future Teen Trunks.
    Things are OK!! I was like on a self imposed afk lol

    But yea I have a lot :(

    How are you??
    Apologies for keeping you waiting, was on my phone and its hard to write up a proper reply on it, and since you've taken the time to respond properly to me it's only fair I take the time to respond properly to you.

    You talk like a typical right winger, particularly the bit about "flowers who let everyone off" as that is usually a logical fallacy the right throw out in lieu of a more structured analysis of the debate. I can see from our messages here that you do in fact understand the debate and what the (majority of) the left are opposed to.

    I mean of course the police are going to have to use force, thats not the problem. It's the level of force, the reasons they used it and the aftermath that shows a massive issue with police culture in America. Mistakes will be made too (The Tamir Rice mess) but again, accountability was lacking there, even though the actual police force looked to charge their own officers. I don't even think racism plays as big of a part in police brutality as a lot of the left believe. I think a lot of these jerkwads who abuse their power would treat a white person just as badly (BLM mentions this in their goals, that police violence and brutality needs to end against white Americans too) but the system itself is racist. You're more likely to get into trouble for shooting an unarmed, non violent white American than you are if you shoot a black American.

    Ultimately, America needs to train not just their police better, but their judges and legal aides too.

    You'd be surprised at just how many guns are actually in Europe.

    You don't need to say you're on the right, it's heavily implied through your public statements. Down playing Police brutality is something only the Right Wing do for instance.

    "It is also usually ineffective" might actually be a culture thing, sure. Australia and Britain put tough (in comparison to America) controls in place and we both saw a noted drop in gun crime, but I suppose the counter to this is we never had such a noted gun culture as you to begin with. It's still pretty easy to get a shotgun here, a lot of people are just not inclined to. People who like shooting tins and targets and crap for a bit of fun and not a massive hobby use air rifles, airsoft guns or CO2 pellet pistols (I think you call them BB guns?) and those are easy to get so people seldom end up bothering pursuing actual firearms.

    Maybe this whole thing comes down to how wildly different our cultures actually are. If the Micheal Brown thing happened here, the cop that decided firing off 12 rounds because his pride was hurt would be doing time for manslaughter and for endangering the public with a firearm.


    Here's a good example of what I mean by how the British police work the majority of the time. Moat had killed one person and shot two others, including a cop, who he left blinded. The Police, instead of just shooting him without fair trial or due process, attempted to talk Moat into surrendering, then attempted to disable him with a taser (which missed, likely due to how new and unused the particular model was to the British police). Moat, regardless of their efforts, killed himself anyway. But that's the real difference in training. The police only would of used their firearms, even against an armed and dangerous individual, if that was the last and/or most reasonable option.


    Here you can see how few times the Police here have had to resort to fatal force. This doesn't account for every shooting however, as the police will maim or disarm where possible.

    The key differences between our police and your police are training and accountability. I mean if the Tamir Rice thing happened here then you better believe the cop who shot the kid would be in for murder, because our Police are taught that they are enforcers of the law, not above it, not the law itself and certainly not immune to it.
    What makes you think criminals cant get guns here? Aren't you guys on the right side of the spectrum always saying that gun control only harms law abiding owners?
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