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  • Even with criminals like Brown there is a line. Brown was unarmed, so the cop thought it was appropriate to fire TWELVE shots into the street, with only six making the target. How is that not excessive in your eyes? What if one of those six bullets that missed brown hit someone else? At the range they were at, why did the cop feel it was smart to empty near on the entire magazine? Why did the cop not face any punishment for this?

    I'm not even gonna start with the situations like tamir rice, the pastor who was shot for breaking down (although for a rare change, the cop who murdered him actually faced the law herself) or the dude the NYPD literally choked to death or any of the other numerous cases where the victims were completely innocent.

    That doesn't happen here, our cops are able to routinely disarm dangerous people without killing them, without throwing concussive grenades into groups of unarmed protestors, without shooting 12 shots into a public street at an unarmed felon. Its not hard.
    "fee fees"? Baby, you're the one who's so triggered that he has to keep making up statements because you cant put forward a real argument to existing statements lol.

    No one said there should never be any deaths at police hands, they said there should be no deaths at the hands of excessive police brutality. This isn't a remotely hard concept to understand.
    "So, if you'd like, you may continue to discuss how police should not use violence, but should instead be flowers who allow anything."

    This is hands down the most asinine post I've ever read on any forum anywhere.

    I mean I cannot fathom how much cognitive dissonance you must indulge yourself in to make a multi-layered complicated discussion about unreasonable force into "SHUD CUPS B OK 2 B VIOLTN 0R SHUD AL B HIPPIES?"

    Maybe the round table isn't the place for you.
    That sucks :/

    I dont have a 3ds, either. I use a 2ds instead cause I only use it to play pokemon, so why pay for more if I'm only playing 1 game?
    Feel free to search. The cheapest price for the .ni domain may be cut down in the future. Stay tuned. If u can't wait, just purchase.
    listening to music and finishing up homework. as well as keeping a close watch over the elections

    ya, i need to sleep as well. I was sick, so its probably a good idea. and i got school tomorrow :/

    Idk why, but I'm really interested in jobs right now. probably cause i just started working haha. what do you do?
    This was my old account that I never remember making way back when and then I merged my newer account with this one so now it looks like I've been here forever. :D
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