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    Even if we're talking about the games Platinum > Silver

    Join Team Sun when you come back
    Oh I love Molly! She is such an adorable character. I really like how she transforms herself into two older forms via the Unown.
    So he didn't really get anything then lol =p
    well i finished the essay, but I was too tired after studying to read lol. and I'm really busy tonight, so ill probs have to wait until the weekend. :/

    I had my first major club meeting today with my politics club, so i didnt get home until late. But it was great!
    Thats great.

    Pokemon Adventures just came in today. Im trying to hold back from reading it and AoT vol 19 I ordered, otherwise I might now complete my essay due tomorrow. xD

    So before I open it, is the art style or story writing realistic?

    It is! It relieves some pressure because they can make up the points if you fail to hit a spare or something.
    nice! Is it compatible with video games? That is, it wont melt?

    I have heard pokemon adventures is much more violent.

    Bowling is a ton of fun! I'm on a team, so its even better haha.
    I just bought the box set of volumes 1-7 of Pokemon Adventures, so all of Kanto with Red! I also bought volume 8 of Watamote and volume 19 of Attack on Titan. They should be here by Wednesday, so Im psyched.

    I had a bowling game today, which was pretty fun. I beat my record! :D
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