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  • Thanks for your feedback.

    Well noted for number 1 and 2.
    Though I see someone video in YouTube and this website that exp share available in Colchicine market.

    I did try to extract mega stone but its said cannot since I have one already.

    Again, thanks for your effort in this game.
    Looking forward for your new hack.
    I am fan of your hack.
    I am playing Pokemon Mega Power 5.62 and have something to ask.
    1. Why my Panpour cant evolve with Water Stone? When will it evolve?

    2. I cant find Exp Share in the Colchicine market. It somehow show Razor Fang instead. After desperately searching for cheats code, i found that the item that supposed to be exp share turn out to be Razor Fang as well. Could you please advise?
    Its hard to grow my Charmender without this item and I absolutely hate to restart the game from 0.

    3. I cant store item in the computer. It says Access Denied because I have Mega Pokemon. It still happen even after I fo the Anti Mega.
    Will gen 9 be included on Pokemon nameless? I saw a yt video saying that in the future updates gen 9 will be there
    Hello! I'm playing Nameless and messed up. I got Celebi but picked up the item behind it with a full inventory, so now I can't play the mission. Can you tell me how to fix this please?
    Hi, just wanted to say I absolutely loved your rom hack Mega Power which I finished last year. It was the first ever rom hack I completed in fact. I'll now be playing Victory Fire and then Resolute, to get more insights of the stories of these three games. Thank you for these amazing rom hacks!
    Hey dude, I wanna start to play all your hack games and they seem like theyre all connected...how can i play them all chronologically?
    If you don't mind me asking, what is the file name of your Emerald ROM? Because Trashman ROM seems to encounter problems upon being patched by Mega Power.
    Excuse me for asking, does any of your hack have the Physical/Special/Status Split?
    Just checking in my boy.

    How have you been? Just wanted to say that replaying your hacks at midnight with beer and stuff is an absolute great feeling.
    Hello sir, I am working on a game with my team. Would u like to help out. If u do sir, please download or get Discord and Add Friend "SaberTooth/Probolter#4951". Ty for listening and we hope u join our team sir. TY
    A glitch in Pokémon Resolute:

    I can't fight Falkner, the game acts like I have defeated him, even though I never battled him. I defeated Whitney and Bugsy already.
    I must admit, 1158, that you have a trilogy of hacks that you can be proud of.

    Even if the first two still need polishing and the third is in progress.

    Speaking of the third hack, out of curiosity, will the Rowlet, Litten and Popplio lines replace their Johto counterparts in Mega Power?

    And is there the possibility, whether miniscule like a Muk that has minimized six times, or the size of a Wailord, of a prequel in which Jacob and Siena are player characters?
    hey, i'm playing pokemon resolute and i absolutely love it. though i wish i could have had another starter as a female. Mienfoo and Mienshao is EXTREMELY weak. it has good speed and attack but the defenses suck. one hit and it's fainted.I really hope you can fix that.
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