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  • Alguien me puede decir como ponerme en contacto con el creador de Pokémon Flora Sky alguien tiene algun correo o whatsapp para ponerme en contacto con el
    Hola mi cordial saludo te escribo para decirte si me puedes dar los permisos necesarios para traducir Pokémon Flora Sky al español espero pronto tu respuesta
    i know you r one of the best hacker .... thing is , seems to me it would be great to play a game where gym leaders will be replaced by frontier brain ... is it possible ??
    Hi! i'm FraynSebas, i come to ask permission to translate your Hack Rom Pokémon Flora Sky to Spanish. Thanks.
    Hi 12345

    Sorry If Ill ask this request, but my comembers in the FB Group wants to play your game with mega Evolution, so May I ask your permission to add Mega on your Hacked rom?

    Looking forward for your response :D
    Hey i have a ask can i use this for i yotube series i will give you credit to you in the series . Can i use it or not ? its extra publicity .
    Sky,the first time I saw your game is was like" Cool that look like a nice game" I started playing it then I TOTTALLY LOVED IT I played the complemented or sum thin like that version I'm playing main Good Luck
    Hey, for some reason I can't get the "Flora Sky" hack to work on my PSP, I tried many base ROMs, tried this, and even downloaded a patched ROM from Youtube. Can you help me out? Or guide me to someone who can?
    Your Flora Sky hack is amazing! You get that a lot (: A famous YouTube named Munchingorange is playing it right now & he mentioned your name on Pokecommunity so I'd thought I could tell you that. He likes it too.
    Hey Sky. I loved your pokemon Flora Sky hack (both versions) but I would like to make a request. Can you please make a new hack with mew as the main legendary, the ability to walk with your starter, and the three starters being the three elemental monkeys (but just as an option can you add a fakemon third evolution.) Thanks for hearing me out!
    Hey Sky.,I likes your hack and since I thought you were so good, I should ask you,some
    questions. First off, how did you change the animation for surf and muddy water. also, how did you create the world map and then insert it? Thanks!
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