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  • My mods take up about 26 GB of my page file, which is... problematic.

    It seems like it's fun.
    That's part of what I like about it. I've got nearly 47 hours in it the last 2 weeks. I'm gonna need to install more RAM if I want to keep adding mods and assets like I have been, though.

    I don't have much exposure to it outside of some time with the Pursuing Perfection game, which was fun. Been meaning to try for a while, just lazy about it.
    They're very interest specific (School Idol Festival games), older (Pokemon Go), or on a fanbase's shitlist for being expensive gacha (Masters), so that's not surprising.

    I did not. I'm not really into Final Fantasy much.

    I did just start playing Cities: Skylines again for the first time in a year.
    IDK, my brother played the hell out of it and he never lost interest in the franchise.

    I play Pokemon Masters, do daily sign-ins for School Idol Festival, and periodically sign into PoGo and School Idol Festival All Stars.
    I have a normal Switch. Bought when LGPE was announced. Shield's the only game with more than 10 hours into it for me on the system, though. Just didn't have the time or energy for LGPE and only played any of Gen 7 at all last summer.
    Literally hundreds of vTubers now. It's a crowded field these days and agencies are expanding their rosters crazy fast.

    Although, for a best girl from a series, I don't own a whole lot of merch of her. Relative to the size of my collection of merch from the series, anyway.

    I did play Gen 8, but I played Shield. Creating the cards was fun, wish there was more outfit variety.
    Not really Kizuna Ai. Think more members of the Hololive vTuber group like Minato Aqua and Ookami Mio. Also a few Nijisanji vTubers like Sasaki Saku and Otogibara Era, and a few independents like Shigure Ui and Kagura Mea. Not really all that interested in Ai's content compared to these others.

    Yazawa Nico, followed closely by Tsushima Yoshiko.
    I'm doing alright. I have fallen deep into both the Love Live! and vTuber rabbit holes since we last exchanged messages.
    Strict and suffocating? You think so? :O I guess I don't have any comparison point...
    As for the enthusiasm, again, no comparison point but the internet just isn't the same anymore. I know what you mean though, people were different back then.

    We just talked about the past and present of forums, really. It's really interesting to think about, and i'm sure the questions will continue long after the inevitable death of forums as we know them
    Lol, you actually sparked a rather long conversation between me and my friends (well, not you directly) about how they are so many old PC users and PC circles we'll never know. I think it's cool to think about. How was PC's culture way back in the day?
    It's been 5 goddamn years. I don't even know how to navigate this forsaken site anymore
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